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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Professor Steven Calabresi explains his opinion that the appointment of Robert Mueller by Rod Rosenstein is unconstitutional because it violates the Appointments Clause. Mueller is more like a principal officer than an inferior one since he's not nominated by the President and confirmed by the senate. Additionally, four attorneys reporting to Mueller claimed to have "Special Assistant US Attorney" status which confirms that Mueller has "Special US Attorney" status confirming that he is acting as principal officer without nomination by the President or the advice and consent of the US Senate as the Constitution requires. Later, former New Orleans mayor, Mitch Landrieu, was presented with the JFK award for removing Confederate statues. We are now destroying our own history and giving awards for it. These statues help us remember history, good or bad. Finally, a good friend of the show Clint Walker passed away at 90 years old. He was a former merchant seaman who became an actor; he was best known for his role in Cheyenne and the Dirty Dozen. He was a solid conservative and very supportive of President Trump.

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Now. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody marshal of anywhere. I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven three one. Three one one Well Fortunately, I just learned a very good friend of the show very good friend of ours passed away, Clint Walker. We would have Clint walk round the programme from time to time. He was ninety years old.
Let me tell you a little bit about Clint Walker, because the first time I saw him was in the movie the dirty does, but he had a lot broader, acting career than that. That's one of my favorite movies, but say former merchant seamen, real life deputy sheriff, The New York Times Report she wrongly West, as a towering, solitary figure on Cheyenne. First Erelong Western on television. Apparently he passed away last night and Grass Valley California, his death, hospital was confirmed by his daughter, Valerie Walker. Love very much who said Cause was congestive heart failure. He lived grass Valley about sixty miles northeast of Sacramento walk also appeared in the dirty dozen and other and other movies, but he was best known for Cheyenne, which was
Maybe see from nineteen fifty five, two nineteen sixty three know many of us many You're too young to remember, but that was an absolute block Esther programme, a massive hit. And he was born a Norman Oklahoma. He was renamed Clint by Jack Warner at Warner, brothers. Played shy and body hearted man who perform good deeds in full. Bad men in his wanderings, he was six six. Very, very strong man. She was among the first television series produced by Warner brothers and it had the lavish look of a big screen movie shooting the first shows. Season began. Mr Walker confessed to the crew it even though I have a great deal of experience on horseback. He later recall the response. HE good writer a dead one. There are few times I wondered which, when I was be, he said many
call for Mr Walker to be shortlist, revealing a body builders. Forty eight. Many belt is forty eight and chest thirty french waste and on screen moments that if you're, not a central, the plot help make the handsome blue eyed. Mr Walker, a star six six. This time, not only in the saddle, one reported joke that he has snow on his shoulder. Six months of the year is eyes, forced them to restrict its movements to stay the camera range, which could be it. Drawing on screen fights, but he pressed for more of those. I feel action is what I owe the public. He once told an interview when I see a hero, yuk yuk yuk and I lose all interest. One. Fifty eighty walked off the eight in a dispute over money and movie work, but right replace giant until the series ended its run for five years. It was apparent on Cheyenne when it began making films, including Fort Dobbs, with Virginia male, how
Thompson, revealing that movie for the New York Times call them about the biggest finest looking western hero ever the saga horse. With a pair of shoes. Was rival in king colleagues. Mr Walker also appeared as a guest. Are numerous television shows, including the comic, turn on the year. Lucy show as Lucille I love interest. It supporting roles and send me no flowers and one thousand nine hundred and sixty four comedy with Rock Hudson and Doris Day and none but the brave in nineteen sixty five war movie with Frank Sinatra, who also directed the dirty dozen. Released in nineteen sixty seven, he played the Meek, Sampson Posey logs they prove harden military convicts played by Lee Marvin Earnest Borg, nine in brown and others. Who did for an assassination mission behind german lines during world war? Two
last, film was Joe Don T, small soldiers and ninety ninety eight about It take soldiers, soldiers they gonna rampage, so forth. Now We discuss some of this with the Clint on the programme. He came close to dying in a freak accident on ski trip and nineteen. Seventy three when he stumbled and a ski Paul pierced his heart. He survived and recovered quickly. The next report, The television and cognac better ask a law man, but the show was short lived Menu, Jane Walker, a k, Clint Walker. Was born on May thirty, nineteen, twenty seven in Hartford Illinois he quit school at six, define jobs first and local factory than on river boats. Before the king his way to the merchant marine where he worked, the or ships that ply the great lakes and by the way
Says where he got his strength and his muscles and so forth, he taught me. Working on these ships was enormously hard work. One forty eighty married Verna garb, they added But her Valerie, the family, moved along beach. California, with Walker worked as a port security guard in a nightclub bouncer. Then the laws Yes, where he was a deputy sheriff providing security, the sands hotel. It was there that the active Johnson suggested that explore acting. Mr Walker later recalled thinking, I'm not going to get that far carrying a gun and a bad, make some pretty good money, plus the bullets aren't real Clinton Vera Walker divorced. Nineteen sixty eight, Mr Walker Marriages, our hands. Eight, Mr Walker, marriages, L, Hennessy and nineteen. Seventy four she passed ninety ninety four to his daughter, he survived, buys current wife. Susan
The very very lovely lady, as well as that, half sister in a grand sir. Hollywood did not initially embrace the newcomer. But he did Lana small and credited part in the Bowery Boys, film jungle, Janshah. Nineteen, fifty four, then offer the chance to me were sessile, be de Mille about the mills coming epic, film, the ten commandments. On his way to the studio he recalled he stopped to help an older woman change. Attire. Mr Walker told the story when he got to the meeting the mill said sternly. Young man, Mr Walker, recalled thinking. Oh my career has ended before it began. He explained, and he had stopped to help someone on the freeway to which to mow responded. Yes and all about it, that was my secretary
and Mr Walker appears in the film is captain of the sardinian guards the movie, the ten commandments. So You should also know he was a very solid conservative when we talk turn both on and off the year. He was very supportive, a present a trump he liked very, very much. He was also a kind of a health. Now wasn't mister. It was also a kind of a health. Not wasn't. Mr Perdition He was always worried about what I was eating. He's worried about what I was eating. In fact, at one point you sent me a little care package a few years back of all kinds of crackers and stuff and so forth, and so on. And we were more than happy to have on the programme talk about his website. In his movies- and and he was more than happy to talk about the issues that were taking place today.
But I just want you to know he was an extremely decent kind. Man to me, Mr Producer Rich, to call screen at the time guns at just a very, very nice, general man. And and We missed by us. Very much will be right back Ben, Ladies and gentlemen, I want to pick up where we left off yesterday morning a wonderful gas scheduled schedule, because sometimes people don't show up at the bottom of the professor Stephen calibration of western law school and a good friend of mine. We worked together with
turning general. It meets the Red Justice Department. And I wanted him to speak to you directly about his opinion. At the appointment of mothers unconstitutional an opinion that I strongly agree with and then expanding upon myself as we as we speak northwestern a school is where he is. The professor. There was an art. Will they came out in political, which is really quite remarkable, came out politico late yesterday and Are there saying that. Well, it undermines Manfred lawyers. Arguments in front of that judge, ts Alice the third in the Virginia courtroom, because up Well, listen to what they say. Several court filings indicate the when lorries for mothers Office appeared in federal court in Alexandria early this year. They did so nano representatives in office states attorneys,
Actual assistant United States attorneys attached to the United States attorney's office there, while so basically the equivalent of assisting? U S attorneys Matters I'll get to that in a second. A special assistant. U S attorneys! They are not confined to the scope of the special council with the special council, as acting under they confidential you have the ability go outside the scope of all the powers and abilities the justly regular yours attorney would have now. This is the key. Before individuals that they're talking about our Listening to Mr Mulder, a special council, they for individuals have a dual appointment: as special assistant United States attorneys. That gives them
but her power, that's why they got those appointments You can look into things beyond the scope that is provided for in the original appointment of Mr Mahler. Please don't let your eyes curl up. Stick with me. Now, according to political, because I don't understand the constitution and according to- it's her commenting on this in the article because they don't understand the constitution enforced Mr Mahler doesn't understand the constitution. The fact is that this proves the point. Mr Mulder, is an unconstitutional appointment. You see these for individuals report, Mr Mahler. Ultimately they to get MR mullahs. Approval To receive expanded authority, a special assistant United States attorneys there his reports they report to him. And Mister Molly would want them to have an authority which is
They got involved in thank fraud, wire fraud, federal agent reporting issues back to two thousand three in two thousand five and so forth, and so on as part of the special council is investigation, because these four subordinates who report to Mahler really have the authority of an assistant. U S attorney! So what's that make Mr Mullay? What's that make Mr Mulder. Mr Marinos, authority is enormously brought. As I pointed out yesterday. His initial appointment was very broad, no specific, criminal statutes, no specific individuals, no specific organization which makes it quite different than past special patterns. Asked Independent Council under the independent council stature, which has since lapsed. He's interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people he's reviewed.
Tens of thousands of documents because he's he's drawing wide nets. Looking for stuff As I said, is investigating bank fraud wire fraud issues more than a decade old, having nothing Do this original appointment, but it doesn't matter because he's a roving. U S attorney! If you will. He's looking into matters involving numerous countries just Russia. So he's a roving. U S attorney of fewer that's the way! I see him with enormous and now we know that at least for the individuals who report to him are effectively assistant. U S attorneys. We learn that
today. That's the icing on the cake. What do I mean by that remember? The appointments clause of the constitution requires what we call Principle officers Lena, Page government to be nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate. That's the appointments clause of article two of the constitution. Mr attorney was appointed by the Deputy twenty general. The United States had no authority to create such a the position, twenty general. The United States had no authority to create such a powerful position, and it makes it an appointment to somebody with such power as a roving. U S attorney as they Our Mr Mulder has developed over time. The extension the authority for his subordinates, getting essentially
since the Eu S attorney status. Moving at all, kinds of areas and so forth and saw not particularised areas make it, Finally, clear to me that Mr Mulder is a- Principal officer not an inferior officer, you know the federal bureaucracies we d, slash night is filled with hundreds of thousands of inferior officers idle mean inferior. People, but they considered and fear officers who do not require nomination by the President are confirmation by the Senate, but number of officers. Do all you Sauternes as an example, the attorney general. The debt the attorney general, the associate attorney general in every assistant attorney general again, requires nomination by the President, a confirmation by the Senate assistant secretary of the culture assistant secretary of Energy and up the deputies and, of course the heads of the agency's cabinet, Cyprus, all are considered principle off
those who require nomination by the president and confirmation by the sun. What is it this matter. Matters because what tests recalibration organ when I'm arguing and an extension of what he's written That means Mr Mahler, as it turns out his. Point men is unconstitutional. He's a double officer is enormous power in his power just keeps expanding as do the power, as does the power of his subordinates, which is his responsibility So it started off as a very questionable proposition. The nature of the investigation of the lack of specificity of crime, specificity of individual specificity of anything and it's only got worse. So I would.
Point out that he is akin to a roving. U S attorney, of course it's not a perfect definition, but is good enough. And so it does not undermine the ultimate position, a matter for its wars or the other lorries. Have they grasp what I'm saying yes, They can go to the issue of scope. They would lose that potentially, but based on the presentation that Mr Mulder and is lorries have made to judge Alice. It severely weakens their defence under the appointments cloth and to me, that's the kryptonite and they ought to pursue it when I come back, professor calibration with a daily fake news, Don points or your tv, mobile phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, sir, Tis suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this stuff?
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recast, Levine Dotcom, Brick House, Levin, dot com offered code Levin! You turn off your radio and open the window. You can probably hear him straight from the studio. Call Mark Levin at eight seven, seven, three aid, one we aid one one it's a pleasure to have perfect their Steve, only show here? How are you Steve, very well Mark, I want to ask you a few questions here. Steve Keller Greasy and I worked together with the attorney general at me in the regular administration Stephen ought to be a professor at north western law school over the way. Can I believe, a wiser may be Friday. You shared with me and a handful of others and opinion. You rode up very compelling when, in my view, that the appointment
Robert Mahler violates the appointments clause of the constitution. Can you summarize what you mean by that? Yes, the constitution was appointed clause, sets up two kinds of officers: principle: officers who do important things and must be nominated by the press by the Senate and inferior officers, horror subordinates, who can be- appointed by the head of a cabinet department or by some other principle officer. My argument is special. So Robert Mauler is more like a: U S attorney. Who is the principal officer who has to be nominated by the present and confirmed by the Senate? Then he is like an assistant. U S attorney! Who is an inferior office And so I think the deadly attorney general rod rose and steal come,
a grievous mistake and violated the constitution's appointments cause blatantly when he appoint Robert Mauler to be a principle officer when Mahler had not been nominated by President Tromp, nor confirmed by the Senate. You go through your analysis here, because we ve had passed special council Pass Independent Council in Europe here is not like Mower Here's that his error is a responsibility. Investigation are so broad and getting and I'll make the argument. If agreement in getting broader by the day so they can go even further afield and your point, its special assistant? U S attorneys form them so they go even further afield and your point is given the facts, you look there, each case. Given the facts of this case. There's it's not possible. He's an inferior officer go had make your point we're so
There have been in in Morrison against all chief justice, Renquist wrote an opinion setting out of four part asked to determine whether someone was an inferior officer and under part to that task. Inferior officers can only perform certain limited duties and under part three, a test- the officer must be limited. Injurious jurisdiction, and against the officer- cannot exercise too much power. For one crime and that's why renquist upheld the prosecution and Morrison on former government official TED Olson was being prosecuted for one crime and that's why renquist upheld the prosecution and Morrison against us More, however, is prosecuting ten to twenty people, including third in russian citizens and three russian corporations for a multitude of crimes,
some of them related to Russia and the campaign, but some of them having nothing to do with Russia in the campaign at all, and in fact, Mahler is behaving like an officer who more powerful than any of the ninety six? U S. Attorneys is also more famous than any of the ninety six years. Eternities air go. He has to be a principle officer. He has to be nominated by the present term by the Senate and since he wasn't his appointment as you, now? There was a peace and political earth thinkers this morning, I have had a chance to read it, but let me just summarize it I summarised it for the audience early and, basically, what it says is look the argument that was made in the Eastern District Federal court to judge her ts Ellis? The third was as Mr Mulder is violating the scope of his appointment
their sponsors know is not. In fact, we have for special assistant. United States attorney, save this dual appointment from the eastern disk. The? U S attorney's office, so they can move far afield now, while that made defeat the scope argument, Professor Coward Creasy, It underscores the point about the violation of the appointments clause does not. I think it does underscore core the point about the violation of the appointments clause and the fact is that those special yours attorneys are being directed and controlled by Robert Mauler, who is an unconstitutionally appointed officer, and I think that all of the actions that smaller it's taken a searches, he's conducted his referral of Michael Collen Manner to the U S, attorney's office in the art, I think all of it is unconstitutional and the evidence is obtained from
searches and the referral to New York are all fruit of a poisonous tree which should be excluded from the federal courts? future prosecution. So all null and void. Everything is done. Everything he's done since May. Seventeen two thousand seventeen is null and void and that information needs to be restored to its private owners as fast as possible and, frankly, after such an egregious violation of the appointments clause, where the violation of attorney client privilege that it went along with it. It's my view. They, president Tromp, should fire deputy attorney general rod rose and steam, because I think this is the most Gross abuse of power that I'm aware of in the history of the Justice Department, since it was set up after civil war, very interesting. Now, who would have standing
They have this out for the audience who would have standing to challenge the appointment. All the defendants all the witnesses. Anybody who subpoenaed receive or an indictment from smaller or as a result of mowers. Referral of the micro column battered to New York can raise this issue and raise the constitutional question and bring it before the federal courts, and I think this has got to the Supreme Court. I feel quite confident that the Supreme Court would hold Mars appointment to be unconstitutional, like our beloved former boss attorney general niece. I think the President in Congress also have a responsibility
the constitution- and so I think the president can fire rod, rose and steam and Robert Mauler, rather than waiting for the matter to be litigated, but certainly anyone who receives a subpoena or is indicted by Mahler has standing to challenge the gallery of Mars with pointless. While the present it's gonna wait. Obviously the political considerations and the peach minimum limit. Let me ask you this question: why is the appointments clause so important, and why is rose and stiens violation of it so grievous. Well, reappointment clause is one of the critical powers that the constitution gives to the president in that, under the
payments clause principle officers have to be nominated by the President subject to Santa Confirmation and the framers at Philadelphia had considered allowing Congress to elect Cabinet secretaries, your to elect officers, and they deliberately decided that would weaken the president too much, and so they put in the appointments clause and gave the president the power to nominate executive principle officers and judges. And the Senate the powers to advise and consent and confirm them, and when one undermine see appointment clause, one undermines a key presidential power
shown in Buckley against lay out a campaign. Finance law case Congress originally, provided that the Federal Election Commission would consist of two members picked by the president to members picked by the speaker of the House of Representatives and to members picked by the president. Proton pray, the Senate and the Supreme Court tossed that out is unconstitutional and said that undermine the appointments clause, which is a fundamental protection of presidential power, and so that's what I think is implicated here. What can be inferior officers who are appointed by
department or one of the principal officers, but as just a Scully explained, it has been to guess United States to be an inferior officer. You not only have to have a boss, but you have to have a boss who is supervising interacting your work, and here, as best we can tell deputy attorney general rod. Rosen scene is not by design supervising interacting the work the Robert Mowers doing, which is why Robert Mahler is more like a? U S. Attorney them You asked attorney and therefore why his appointment as unconstitutional- and you know I am- I shared your peace with the doktor Larry when presently Helstone quality has very impressed with any Shatrak a twenty thirteen quote from Scully in an interview he did it was in the New Yorker magazine and the Scalia said the most wrenching decision for him,
Was Martin verses? Also remember I explained the yard is the nineteen eighty eight decision it was Billy was eight one. There was its. There was a One Scalia. It was the only descent justice. The chief justice Renquist wrote the opinion. And that was the decision upholding this independent council statue right and- and you are correct- that was much more narrow than what we have here with the special council, but Scalia said It was very wrenching normally because Renquist wrote it, he said Brennan could have written opinion same opinion. Railway Brennan's opinion would have made. It may have actually been better, but he said The problem here is your taking the power a prosecution away. Can the president of the United States and handing it off to some citizen right. It would be as though somebody took president trumps
Archer veto or his commander in chief power and gave it to Robert Mahler. You just can't do that under the constitution I mean the constitution, place the veto power and the commander in chief power with the president and pay. It places the power to act as, U S attorney arrogant, officer either in the. U S, attorneys are in the deputy attorney general and not in some private citizen, whose an inferior officer to the principal off Sir, whose deliberately not looking at her supervising let the inferior is doing. I think you ve made a major contribution to the republic. My friend I've been pressing. This point that you wrote, if you don't mind an expanding on certain aspects of a two way are going to add linked to it Oh my social sites, I've asked our friends a conservative heap review to posted as well, and I hope all over the
country? This is done so we can make this case and press for. Your point is look what's going here is disastrous for the president, but its disastrous for the republic. We continue break down these walls, the walls of separation between the branches of government and undermine presidential authority here totally undermined presidential authority, also harass and impose enormous legal bill. On innocent individuals who had the misfortune of having worked in a presidential campaign for Donald Trump, and also we ve seen violation of attorney client privilege, which is one of the sacred civil liberties that we have always held to be of central importance and deputy attorney general rows of sixteen has completely destroyed. Attorneys climb,
privilege, by referring them taking them all a referral and passing it on to the southern district of New York and that's a huge loss which the acl you ought to be complaining about, but is not because it's a republican president's ox is getting gourd this time around. But this is about. If we don't want to set for the future and that we need to undue and its one. That I know are mutually mired former boss. Joint attorney general means would very much want to see corrected Professor Stephen calibration of the union, western Lascaux, much appreciated my friend. You take care of yourself. Thank you very much to supplies your to be on your show, steep godless, pretty clear, I think. Don't you think, MR produced. And you won't get that on any other talk shop and that's why we dig deeply here. This is,
very very important will be right back. Erin. A link to professor calories, whose opinion in a moment put it up or Mark Levine, Show Facebook Mark Levine Show Twitter, so you can But I hope you will read it and I hope your share with everyone. You know, because I think it's crucially important while Mister producer. I would love to do a lot read right now. The problem is my: damn, computers is screwed up. So, if you can hear me, could you please send it to me. He just did ok hold on everybody just one moment, I'm looking for this, I need to do business. We are in business.
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professional, the only ones who fully understand this politico basically gushing their wait. A minute that Judge Alice in Virginia. He said he wondered if Mahler Head and his surprise. We have gone beyond the scope of their appointment and we have now learned that four of these prosecutors got a dual appointment, that their special assistant United States attorneys with special appointments. From the eastern District, U S attorney's office in Virginia. While then they're they're free to go much further afield. Then the actual scope that the deputy turning gave. His special counsel. Now, the problem with this, ladies and gentlemen, is that these people to Mr Mahler he's there boss, they coordinate. Him. He makes the final decision mister. Although the special council, so at least
for at seventeen prosecutes said Mahler specifically personally hired they act as if Well, assisting United States attorneys, as special assistant United States attorneys. Therefore, Mr Mulder is going not just and the scope of the original appointment, but Mr Mahler and his appointment by Mr Rosen Steam, more importantly, violates the United States cut to show the framers your constitution didn't want. Such powerful individuals to be so easily appointed they were, The president involved and they wanted the Senate involved. The case of Mr Mahler Mister, rosenstein. You surf the power. The president and making the appointment that strike number one and strike number two is that this
it has never had an opportunity to confirm whether or not confirm Mr Molly. The position. That's my position, I agree was Stephen Calibre easy. I've taken it a few Perhaps further, let's just the way it goes: and I'll be right back
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code, Levant now run only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. I mean here our number, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one when we have linked ES, recalibration opinion peace, Mark Levin, show face, but Mark Levin Show Twitter and you'll see that I've expanded from that as well, but to really brilliant peace. He's also written in the hill and much more shorter pays truncated pace he also mentioned something else. It's interesting did you know the President's George Washington,
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson all gave orders to federal prosecutors to bring prosecutions. The Thomas Jefferson order prosecution stopped. Did you know that now president trumpets and ordering anybody to be prosecuted. And he's not order than any prosecution stop all President Trump did, as he met with his deputy attorney general his FBI director, and insisted that they investigate activities that took place in the executive branch. Of which he is in charge with Greece. To his campaign in this transition. He is clearly freedom. Do that all this howling Buffoons in the media, all this house by the buffoons of the Democratic Party
Like Sally Yeats, buffoons like James, the clap and the rest, you need to understand how outcome all over the edge, these people really are partisan, logical, hacks filled with vile poison, hate. And if you follow them, you'll follow the republic right over the edge soap. Students, George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Those are our first three presidents all gave orders to federal prosecutors to bring prosecutions and Jefferson Ordered a prosecution stopped down I'm not doing any of that again, Just for the slow of hearing liberals out there. Donald Trump has an ordered any prosecutions any as an ordinary prosecution. Stop he's told the FBI and the Department of Justice.
You need to find out of his campaign was spied upon. And any other shenanigans that may have taken place or worse, of course, respect those campaign, so you should feel very comfortable and knowing that what the president has asked and directed is well within our present Shall traditions and well within our constitutional system? what was done to him and his campaign are not or not. Now you can see. In our discussion yesterday and today about the appointments clause, how thoroughly abusive This whole process has been the president thoroughly abuse. In my view, there is no question: they don't care about it, they don't care about these. How Robert Mahler is a constitutional illiterate, how James Oh me is a constitutional it right now.
In my view, there is no question: they don't care about it, they don't care about it. These are bureaucrats. These are men whose their entire lifetimes. Pretty much. As federal investigators. Your bureaucrats. Their understanding. The constitution relates to a handful of clauses in the bill of rights, pretty much and at a relatively superficial level, its approach. Thus they go through. You know: probable cars due process supply, no one's job is fine, none of them know a damn thing about the appointments clause. None none of them know a damn thing about the impeachment clause certainly haven't taken the time to educate themselves. Robert Mahler, does not have the power under the Department of Justice,
opinions to indicted sitting president. Nor does he have the power. To force a sitting president in front of a grand jury as no power, The killer is even attempted. The thing with a presence in the United States. Nor does he have the power. Use a jury to convict a president of the United States. Mr Mahler no prosecutor, for that matter, has the power circumvent the constitutional authority granted to Congress. In determining whether president remains an office or not, specifically, the Senate. Isn't it and the Senate has never removed a president They do not have the power to usurp the power. The constitution, which grants. The Senate, and only the Senate, no other body now
individual method, the power. To remove a president and the Senate, has never removed a president. Mr Miller has taken us to the brink, he's taken us frank, which is why he needs to be fought. He needs to be opposed every step of the way, every step of the way. So, in addition to the impeachment clause of the constitution, which the where's, actually took a lot of time on and there were focused almost exclusively on the presidency. Not Principal officers in inferior constitutional positions, there are focused on the president and the president. They would be shocked and what's taking place here,. The second point, the fact of Mister Mallory Existence as a special council under the under these.
Circumstances of this matter which MR rose and steam gave him essentially a blank slate. He continue to expand their blank slate. He does not really oversea thee the debt activities of Mr Mulder, a special council. Mr Mahler, really only report. MR rose and steam. Really it's a paper report in terms of ok. I, like spare. My investigation any has a rubber stamp stamps. It. The fact that he can be removed Mr rose and steam is not good enough and assistant many general can be removed by an associate our deputy attorney general. That's not the test. The test is The actual power being exercised by this official. Mr Mulder is exercising more power that has more direct effect on the presidency of the United States than all the United States at combined
Moreover, we now know that four of his subordinates this could not have happened without his approval fact. He probably promoted the idea have had their power expanded, By receiving a dual appointment. A special assistant United States attorneys in Virginia Decent District of Virginia, whose turn it off. Mr Mulder did that with this for subordinates, so he could further span their power. Their ability to investigate man referred bank fraud. Wire fraud, whether we registered or didn't as a federal agent and on and on and on none of which, of course, is in the scope of his appointment, but then politico And perhaps this judge Alice Walter subside down. I come to the wrong conclusion. Their conclusion may well be well. Then you see the scope is so broad they really it doesn't apis, all these things, and course the
by mothers offices. Look. I got these four guys there. Also. Actually assisting United States attorneys and, of course, they can investigate these things. What the judge needs to copy and I don't know very well- I don't know that is particularly smart. What, then? needs to comprehend what the lawyers representing these individuals need to comprehend. Is this underscore. The unconstitutionality of Mr Malerba point Given how he's exercising extraordinary power- and how MR rose Einstein is not really effectively or substantively managing him. The initial appointment of Mr Mahler was broad enough. Specific statutes, let alone criminal statute knows terrific individuals. Yes, they broad right to look into stuff.
And then it's gotten broader since then, and now we know that four of his people have in fact been. Appointed, a special assistant? U S a trains and have even more power, so direct challenge to Mr Miller's appointment is certainly in line. The professor calibration things that would rod rose and stained. It is the gravest violation of the constitution that he can think of any official who asserted Carbon of I'll be right back I am going to be on hand you tonight I'm thirty p m time. Six thirty pm, Pacific time,
may come and discuss this issue, and I will at some length We want to push this issue up, so that more and more people in the country are aware of it Members of Congress can start asking Mr Rose and steam, and attention to it with Mr Mulder. I spent said a long time ago now, the president, the cards. Tunisia is the president's friend here the constitution is the President's friend, and I mean it is his friend He's on the right side of the constitution, in my opinion,. And if you understand the constitution, you study and a lot of federal prosecutors do not outside what they do every day. Former federal prosecutors do not. This is what I do
What some others do. You know we all me skies who worked in the Meat Justice Department, the ring administration, when I'm so stupid. No we're talking about, we know what we're doing, Emma Leto came out of the Justice Department same Ellida. Aunt Scully came out of the Justice Department. John Bolton came out of the Justice Department. A number of people who litigated in the two thousand election on the Charge and so forth. Chuck Cooper. Famous literary, came out of the Justice Department again justice. Temper tat also came out of that Justice Depart. Again, the Reagan Justice Department can start, came out of that Justice Department so any federal judges at the district and circle,
levels came out of that Justice Department. And so, when I talk about these things, these are the kinds of people. I doubt whether these are the kinds of people who we would debate. Can afford a number of issues, those of whom those who might new Dugan work for a long time. He was a circuit judge and want in Washington DC headed the Anti Trust, a vision. I could go on and on and on just a remarkable group of not just lawyers but originals thinkers scholars. Became judges and professors. One case Atocha post, but you get the point. And so it's very interesting is, and I hope that Mr Flynn, lorries are listening. All the other,
People who been dragged into this real this this nightmare, this absolute nightmare. The president's worse with the present slurs, among others. I hope there are listening miss suggest to you. They are Let me suggest to you that the case. They were making, starting yesterday today, with professor calibre Pc I'm pushing out o my social sites. Upon conservative review right, scoop. Cs dot com it show up on every single conservative site should be showing up on the drudgery poured losing an and all these other major site. I don't know that they are living just to you that this is the strongest best argument because its constitution that can be made and has been made.
Respecting Mister Waller, MR rose and see. Now some of you have written and said well, if it so brilliant in summer. Why didn't you say so early on Ottawa, Because you had to see how this appointment developed, you have to see how these people conduct themselves, so they keep expanding their authority. Other authority has expanded for them in to determine whether or not because, in that case, to refocus on one defended It's a violation of the appointments clause because remember, there's two kinds of appointment: he print while officer and inferior officer and the supply court in a nineteen eighty eight case, Marston verses, also upheld the independent council statute and can but that the independent council was an inferior officer, because in that case to refocus on one defended and one factual situation. That is not Robert Mahler Not Robert Mahler Robber Mahler has no effect of oversight because-
we as a condition of his appointment, Rosen scene has appointed a special council. And he's not can interfere I don't know the rose and seen as rejecting any request from the special council expand as a third headed these four prosecutors under Mahler. Come to expand their authority by getting a dual appoint monopoly. His prosecutors the Eastern District of Virginia. How did they get those opponents Mahler pushed for? They could have gotten us points without Mahler wanting them to get those appoint and if they are effectively assisting United States attorneys on Mr Mulder is effectively United States attorney, And every single United States attorney has to be nominated by the as to the United States Senate and confirmed or not. By the United States Senate the depth. Turning general, whose the act
attorney general for these purposes, since the actual attorney general accused him, so he doesn't have the power to do there. He's not the president he's not the Senate. Now this should bring in clear focus the outrageous and the absurdity. Of members of the set of particular republicans. Several of whom have voted to court on called Protect Robert Mahler. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, whose not a lawyer has been there since you know since Cicero was in Rome transgressed he was one of the ones. One of the four voted to protect remote from the present, the United States not only is that. An absurdity a clear violation of separation of powers miss Gradually have no power to tell the President now to do that. So do you
and business. As a matter of fact,. They seek to protect Mahler. Who is undermining our constitutional system. Whose undermining the impeachment clause of the constitution and the appointments clause of the constitutional. Mr Grass, leaping around a long time how many terms in seven, put his left hand on the Bible, raises his right hand into the sky and swear Nepal, the constitution, to be faithful to what he needs to understand the constitution in order to uphold it and be faithful to We suggest you right now he does not want. Care such ludicrous vote en publicly in the house or sent Oh you here say we need to vote to protect Mahler. Is undermining the appointments clause the constitution and the impeachment clause of the constitution
as they are cowards and there, in their constitutional illiterate. In fact, Congress should be doing the opposite. As I wrote several weeks ago, my social sites Can we should be holding hearings into institutional questions. In there earth witness should be Mr Mahler in their second witness should be missed, arousing disdain and they should be forced to explain the impeachment clause. Constitution in those two members of the Justice Department and for explain the appointments clause of the constitution. I'll be right back our global Michel. Why a national
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It did not want any of this to come out. The only reason we're knowing any of this is with pride it out of them. What now, who prided private yeah? That judge said he wants to know that scope our angered in court? We, as I don't think, know any of us. If you haven't. I agree: what do you think they were so on They make that information publicly free get to your question because I think part way were reflex. A big stayed operator. Infuriating for me there is a third of them I can't know what a prosecutor being trotted workers sir Charge is absurd, absolutely absurd. I mean they still public officials, what's the big secret the apparent on your left us and you believe this. I want your question
and I remember the firm partner moon, Dawnchild left us the path into the darkness. But other left if they would go along with a prosecutor, has a secret mission. How are you a leftist or libertarian left hurried down like actually a marked with, but at any rate my question is yes strange, doesn't say I really like you long reading the passages, I fell in love, that's the item. But I'm going to send you a copy, rediscovering Americanism say, can read them my long passages, and there too, but anyway go ahead. Ok and my question, you may not want to go away, go right to the other side, but I'm curious how you would expect them to answer the conflict. Another issue that you're raised by my own group would be that it would turn on what constitutes
I think what they were trying to do is downplay his soup sized authority trying find him as an inferior off? sir, I think they would also try to spin. Some, the Supreme Court decisions, particularly the decision of Martin Weir is also the nineteen eighty eight worthy court. Included in March. The independent counts was an inferior officer as to your point about supervision. Luck there's always gonna, be supervision and assistance turning journalist supervised. Already that the exercise- and so I think it's a winner for the argument on making, because you can do mister mole, They are supervised in a way that is daily basis on aid detail basis on a regular eyes basis, and also you look at the facts at hand. In a particular case, the kind of authority that the exercise.
And so I think it's a winner for. The argument that I'm making- because you condemn Mr Mahler, is more it can do a U s attorney than he is too an assistant. U S attorney and more akin may be turn assistant secretary of the centre, the other and the power that he exercises. It turns out is quite enormous. The question of supervision: isn't that clear cut a lesson like its, it is actually fairly clear cut, for instance, an individual who a secretary A year a depth assistant secretary reports to the assistant secretary after their meetings every every morning in every evening to go with her their schedules and so forth and so on. That's an pretty employer chief of staff right, I'm alone people, the guy I An individual special council who was appointed for the purpose of being independent from the Justice Department.
Who is overseen by an individual who basically rubber stances. Workin is not involved in the particulars of his of his investigations and prosecutions. I think it is pretty pretty straightforward. I hope, you're right, I'm not lying about the guy. I can't control judges whenever the hell it anyway. Guy had no real Africa like the failed Lisbon applied to all of us, and this is a tremendous watson The world, can you imagine what people willing your theory very quickly when they see those mood. Rising up against the secret police. Library Brennan rate over the coals and why they haven't been raised over the costs on a one second that they have not been raised over the consummate effect.
I would think what they're saying is America does not really have an independent media of the kind that are contemplated in the first amendment fact that we have what I nomenclature that I use is a praetorian guard me. So I think what they would say is what the hell the United States do unto itself a kind of this agreement. Broken long, but you're a marxist her. So you know we think differently, like a suitable. Don't hang up, don't hang up Let's try and do a little bit a re education, not of the sort the Chinese are doing. The Muslims. Have you read that MR producer, The Chinese are rounding up Muslims by the tens of thousands Putting them in re education camps, a k, a concentration camps, forcing them to eat pork, forcing them to do that which their religion rejects.
And you know it's interesting: there hasn't been a single meeting You and Human Rights Council condemning China now one. Why is that? Do you think. Bob belonging to North Carolina, serious satellite hurry, you mark the real honour Ivan, listen you since you unhandy back best, two thousand a long time ago. Time ago right, but the old, The integrity and guide and we discovered america- I division college caused by the potential that, like each happened, how your college teacher I would if I was out there like you, I would teach those courses. Thank you welcome to a question I will. I say a special prosecutor, constitutional. I looking archiving your time, your ingestion, eighty eight weren't, you.
Yeah. That was the end of it, but near the end they have a seminal one. Why inquest in school? why was the chief justice rancorous? There was the martian verses, also decision and nineteen eighty eight and the only dissenter was Scully. I may be mistaken number your correct. What your question well was that one is a special, come back. There was that this that, under the there was a challenge to the independent council statute by ten wholesome who at that point was approved. Citizen Morrison was the independent council in the issue The constitutionality of the independent council was litigated and the Supreme Court ruled seventy one that its constitutional. They have three decision, figure out how they came to the conclusion, and they came to that conclusion essentially be Martin- was investigating one person, one suppose it act. That is a fairy and over documents and so forth, and I feel bad for TED
Because he will really was in a target here, just abused and sore, but that's beside our point here So you look at that appointment and you look at what she martians responsibility. What her responsibilities were we're? Ok, that statute has lapsed and I don't agree with that Supreme Court decision, but it doesn't matter Then you look at this appointment of a special council there is no specific statute, provided, let alone a cripple statute. There is no specific individuals that Mahler in his in his assignment Was given to investigate very, very broad areas and those areas have got an even broader and then on to For that, as I said, you look at these for officials, we found out the just in the last several hours who have dual appointments, who act in effect as assistant yours attorneys. They com special assistant, yours attorneys, so this really factual,
Speaking almost has nothing to do with the Supreme Court decision. Nineteen eighty, except when they defined inferior officers and the chief justice rank, was gave four elements of that. Two of them are relevant here that do apply, and when you apply those two elements to Mahler he's a principle officer and thereby requires a conference, the nomination by the president, confirmation by the sun, airborne one question yeah yeah. Now my regiment was the scream portraying the Congress had the right to appoint a special prosecutor without within their her view, the constitutional Congress didn't appoint a special prosecutor. They roto statute in in laid out a process by which a special prosecutor would be appointed, but Congress doesn't do they know.
We want more. However, the court did and what Scalia said this special court that was set up under this what school said rightly so, as you ve just taken the power prosecution away from the president and given it to another and I believe he was quite right, but that that process that let them does not exist today go ahead. Not I was walking. Thank you very much Please appreciate that and I will all my progressive bread. I always tell them without you be up to conserve. I say I make. Would you Individual liberty, personal responsibility, private carbon Well, you're very kind. They got well. That's not really go sinister. Oh yeah you by half an hour, I Bob psyche freak My friend we'll be right back.
You know one of the things we never talk about. I never hear anybody took. Is present a civil liberties. You know he still United States citizen right. Let's touch on that in a little bit, Has I've had my share mechanics calling me: They found something wrong with what needs placing when I've taken my car for an oil change Those are surprise, high repair bills are quite terrible. Aren't they specially, when you're not covered by manufacturers warrant in your paying out of your own pocket to fix them Why I recommend extended vehicle protection from commercial? If your car, Five thousand to one hundred fifty thousand miles car shield can save you paying for high repair bills placing your engine replace an engine. It's a lot.
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real knucklehead, in my humble opinion, with all due respect Jim Book, salesmen combing aura John. I voted for a Communist Brennan radio. Or even if you listen to some Republican, somehow they talk. My Craig out in the past in our funeral Aren't you shouldn't only problem where none of you, I will on him. As my lawyer, would you we'll knucklehead am I Humble opinion, with all due respect. President has civil liberties to a matter of fact. This was pointed out. That's why. The decision was made, at least as I interpret in the department of interpreted on impeachment. That president is too busy to act. Effectively defend himself and too raise the provisions of the constitution that protect all citizens with its due process? Subpoenas problem. Cause for warrants.
Media trial and so forth and so on when you are preparing to defend your liberty, your life, your private property against the state against government. You need to be focused. All the time And, of course, when you're presently United States, you need to be focused the time of being present in the United States now what's put Golly invidious here. What particular pernicious here is that this unconstitutional prosecutor, Mullah appointed constitutionally by the deputy attorney general rose and is doing everything possible To distract the present in the United States, the media, the lap dogs of an unconstitutional prosecutor, the media collectively reveal.
Themselves as embracing tyranny, tyranny. The media are doing the same thing: everything they can. To distract the present United States extremely dangerous. I'm not saying President's who violate the law should be held to account to interfere with a court case. A civil court case where they are the defendant, should be held to account not saying that in the least But this president didn't do anything. They ve got nothing because he didn't do anything. He didn't interfere with a civil case, while he was president on the civil side. It so.
Clear heating commit any crimes. They came a name, a criminal statute that their investigating related to him. They just throw up phrases like obstruction of justice in the most absurd, Manner involving at present and exercising his usual duties- and I want to repeat to you, as I said, is Faster calibre, easy points a pc has on the hill. I want to repeat, the President's George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, our first three presidents founders all gave orders to federal price. It is to bring prosecutions Jefferson, ordinary prosecution stopped. President Trump hasn't ordered the prosecution of anything or anyone, and he has an ordered any prosecution, be stopped.
He asked his deputy attorney general. His FBI director. They report to him to get to the bottom of what took place in the campaign against his campaign. Has every right to ask. And yet, if you listen to the media, Sally Yeats, the who was deafening attorney General United States? Its frightening isn't James Clapper, whose barely articulate. Whose sounds like he's in a constant state of drunkenness. Even I'm not saying he is, I would it would never say that- are John Brennan in there light, looks very much like lightning. In my humble opinion, in Jim call me, private we, the dumbest sky, ever to be directed the F B. I truly says the dumbest things: does the domestic. Presently, United States as an impotent
American citizen, who is presently United States, is required because he's present United States to ignore which taken place. Moreover, the president, as president, is required to ignore what taking place within his administration. What took place in the prior administration, nothing the present, time- has died as on tore his unseemly, let alone on ethical. I criminal I'll be right back.
Now run only underline commander in the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. I will be on a handy tv on the Fox NEWS, Channel nine, thirty pm eastern six, thirty pm Pacific. I want to know the numbers have come in for these Sunday night programmes and once again life liberty in love in ten pm eastern thanks to you all. Was a number one in its slot beating CNN and MSNBC combined
and really one of the most popular shows, certainly in them night prime time on Sunday on Fox reed, I reported anywhere- you won't see on any websites anywhere, but I'm letting you know that the urine, in the show your watching the show and I'm enjoying the show- and I want to thank you very, very much very much for your participation in it. I want to get a few other issues here too. I saw this the other day and I the circle back piece in the year in the loathsome Boston Globe. Former New Orleans mayor, presented with F, K award for removing confederate statues. I Danny Mcdonald, a son of the Deep South who removed icons of the confederacy from a city, was
Honoured as politically courageous, last Sunday night at the John F Kennedy Presidential Library, museum. Form. A new Orleans mayor Mitchell Andrew, was listen to receive this year's John F Kennedy Profile, encourage ward. Four spearheading. The removal of four confederate monuments in his city. Or to by members of the Kennedy family, Donner, J, F, K after nineteen sixty three assassination recognise and celebrates quote the quality of political courage that he admired most court into the John F Kennedy, presidential Library, a museum I got to thinking about this. I was over in Israel, and somebody brought this up to me and I can remember who, but I did get the thinking about it too. There is an enormous amount of history. I think my friend deserve brought it up,
An enormous amount of history in Israel, much of the history is horrific. What the Babylonians did to the Jews. Later, with the Romans did the Jews. What was done? The Christians. And we have these archaeologists work throughout the country of Israel. Looking for an ancient remains the history of the place, and it goes back. Thousands and thousands of years. You know, folks, it's one thing of conquering armies strong cities and destroy statues and do all that sort of thing.
But it's very unusual for a country to start destroying its own history would destroying our own history, whether it's good bad, indifferent, the good, the bad in the ugly. Were destroying our own history and we giving awards the people for a carriage who are destroying our history. It's incredible to me To watch these statues in these monuments being destroyed or removed or covered up. Doesn't me we will put him up today, but it doesn't mean you take them down today. It doesn't despise them all. So what? If something that took place over a hundred hundred fifty years,
the girl. You don't start destroying these statures, ok Mark, while some of these were printed. Nineteen, twenty thirty, forty, fine, May we will put him up today, but it doesn't mean you take them down today. It doesn't mean you destroy them. That's american history. Now I radically and oddly enough, the figure, Do they take down their statues there? Their likeness is in the fourth and seventh, that's all we hear about. You taught history now, universities and colleges. Robert E Lee Stonewall Jackson, on and on and on Longstreet. That's all you care about. And yet you know I to look at it here we have
the former mayor of New Orleans Mitchell, Andrea, didn't, do Courageous was gutless, takes time for confederate statues and he gets the John F Kennedy: a word from the presidential Ivory Museum, the JFK Presidential Ivory Museum for destroying history for destroying history. Do you know why most of the camps- Germany, Poland and other countries in Europe most of the death camps? Certainly most of the more active death camps are still in existence in those countries to remember the history. To remember what took place there and the survivors.
Their surviving victims. Those who insist that they remain so the world never forgets that we come to our country and we have politicians We're being what politicians are political and they're getting awards for being courageous for taking down, parts of american history. It's incredible its. It is grotesque to me absolutely grotesque something else that I guarantee is not being discussed. I mean I can't listen Ali show some time about in the so called mainstream. Media which is not mainstream Unless we're all left wing cooks, it is the abject ray,
tourism and racism tied the violence that has reared its ugly head again in South Africa, but this time it's different, it's different weather, hundred farmers from South Africa have applied for humanitarian visas and Australia after allegedly suffering attacks were being white. Into the australian Home Affairs Ministry, news reports But earlier this year of these families have been there for His government approved a new law allowing for the conference. Creation of their lands, which will be transferred to black citizens. And it goes on- and you heard anything about this- absolutely defending the apartheid that took place
South Africa or any other part of Africa for that matter. But now. Some of these families have been there for five hundred years. Bores is what they're called their ancestry, but this let's get even stuff. Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, South Africa today in anyone, want to talk about you're not even allowed to talk about. Racism is racism, ladies and gentlemen, and racism tied to violence as racism tied to violence. And so these people are having to escape many them for their lives. They could They ve elected a new era. Nicole, Marxists government in South Africa, as they did in what is now Zimbabwe.
Not a word about, because not only doesn't anyone in the United States give a damn about it. If you bring thus sal you they deserve what they're getting they deserve it again and yet and yet When the apartheid government eventually fell the argument, the promise, the belief was there, a democracy with a rule of law respecting the rights of people regardless of color and that's not happening. Is it and nobody gives a damn? Do they no, they don't I'll, be right back,
people are asking people are surmising colonists and others this surveillance of Trump world actually begin The surveillance actually begin and people are trying to figure this out. One more clever than the next summer. Are actually clever trying to figure it out. People are concluding had to be before the still dossier was even presented. And here's what I'm telling them off the air. I don't know full ever no, but I can tell you how we would now. We go back to this on masking issue. The tall butts but ignored.
The fact of the matter is in the last two years: the Obama administration. There was a frenzied effort at surveillance. And the unmask king of american Citizens John Solomon Rota, incredible peace on this. Looking at the statistics. Amber let's Lieutenant General Flynn. They unmasked him telling Tat he had actually had a discussion with the russian ambassador. I don't know the will ever know, but the fact is that this started a counter intelligence operation, because there was no criminal product. That Susan Rice was announced. People Samantha our at the! U N was I'm asking people In the Obama administration, I'm asking People we ve never gotten to the bottom of this. This is an area that kind of collecting dust, and yet it
one point: we talked about it a great length endeavour. Nunez was raising it too, but it seems to just sit there. So let me put my marker there. What I'm trying to say is from my own experience as a former chief of staff for an attorney general The amount of on masking was extraordinary in the amount of ins and that no amount of oversight is rather limited like a face, a warrant as much joke as those face a where there's still that process, but it is an all that difficult. If you're working for the present, the United States reached a senior level at the, U N or senior level in one of our departments, to unmask, even though its postal, B, you supposed to show some self restraint. So I think this is how that began
And that's how the Russia Collusion story started. They heard things they try to put things together. They tried to manufacture and fabricate things terms over drawing closures about collusion, or what have you done? It involves Russia because they heard. From discussions with Russia. The unmasked flint, among others later on. If they had heard discussions about the Ukraine would have been collusion with the Ukraine if they ve hurt a lot of discussions with the Saudis or would have been collusion with the Saudis. This is why I am fairly well convinced that whenever this started it started through that process and through That process is how we got where we are today these.
Counter intelligence eavesdropping. Espionage activities wiretaps in some cases, which do in fact occur. Well before the dossier was known about and well before this Sub Papadopoulos issue came to the fore. Five were betting man and I am a better man. I would tell you, though, that it is that it is that from which all this spring and the UN masking the back door, Surveillance of american citizens, the backdoor surveillance of trump officials. And again I don't know the will ever be able to figure that out, but I am quite convinced, That those are the circumstantial having trouble with this micro
We able to hear me mister producer boy, oh boy, I feel it I feel like this, was put together by the North Koreans. I are a band AIDS and paste in everything to put this thing to go. So that's my bet on one. This all first started. Can I can't be hundred percent certain, but I dont my house newly declassified memos detail, the extent of improper Obama Ear and NASA an essay spying, John Solemn, today, They not today. I pulled this together. This is from what is a joy, twenty fifth, twenty seventeen and I pulled this out again related to what I'm talking about now. You know the greatest the administration had the most aggressive efforts to violate. Civil liberties of Americans was the Obama, and now he did
Praetorian Guard media fail to report on the pretoria. Our media continue to protect him and his administration higher people from his administration who have fingerprints all over the place, they have John branded NBC to comment on what John Brennand it then to criticise, but the trunk people doing there they hire the sky James, the clap, a k, James Clapper, to do the same thing. They hire a national security adviser to pay Obama CNN As their national security reporter, I Remember the guy's name: what's his name does matter. You can look all over the media same thing really cried incredible. Trillion quite disgusting. Quite frankly, aright Let us go to Milton Rosebud.
Our again serious satellite, how are you very well marked very well. Thank you for, taking my call, can you hear me? Ok, yes, Sir mark which alarming to me, it is my hope I can articulate is correctly. Is are you gonna trumped, should look at this as an attack not on him, but on Three american citizen, if this some sort of president Mark then we could have a prosecutor could be given. Listen? I'm yeoman unbridled, To investigate any american a crime based upon Terrified fallacious information, then come that unverified fallacious information not only investigate him for a possible crime, but his friends any spraddled. How do we know in the past? Mr Mahler hasn't done this as United States attorney embossed, and how do we know that Mr Commie hasn't done? This is united.
Bates attorney man had I'm starting to wonder about these guys on the record, They need a real, careful look at Careful examination to see how these guys conducted themselves in the past, I have a feeling that Much of what you say probably occurred, I mean I don't know, but that seems to be the way they conduct themselves doesn't will act like that What concerns me as if this This is out in the open ended, said some sort of president, then every American taxes to the arrest, roughly fifteen grand and he could. Because now they're frozen ever be alarm two. But are to ideological. Are I might I think it will be right. Back to have the voice fear most you can call mark at eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven
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I need to put your irish crisis behind you. One call can start the process to Salvador com. I trusted friends at optimum tax relief. Here's the number. Eight hundred four nine nine sixty three hundred Hundred four hundred nine sixty three hundred that eight hundred four nine sixty three hundred don't forget. One hour from now nine thirty p m You still time I will be on the Fox NEWS Channel on Hannity TV, Sean Davis over the federalists. Reporting that the email show FBI Brass, discuss dozy. Eighty a briefing details was CNN. Newly revealed email show that former FBI deputy director Andrew my cave was keenly aware. Of CNN internal understanding of a secret briefing about the, infamous Miss dossier Day before she and published any stories on the matter. Meaning they were receiving leaks. The email
which were obtained by Senator RON Johnson Republican Scots and also reveal a top officials use coated language terrific or to the salacious and unverified allegations made by steel in the dossier for FBI, director James Homey Bree, Then present in the Like Donald Trump on January, six, twenty seventeen, as you know, or at least one unproven allegation contained instills dossier, which was jointly funded by the Hilary Clamp pain in the DMZ. Now CNN broke this About the dossier on January ten, twenty seventeen touching off firestorm of hysteria. That culminated in not just the firing of call me, but by tromp, but the eventual appoint of department, just a special council, Robert Mahler. Call me claimed that he was compelled to brief trump on the dossier because quote CNN, had it looking for a hours before coming,
Tromp FBI, chief of staff, James Ride, Becky email. Daphne combing quote, is going into a headquarters briefly now for an update from the sensitive matter team. Unquote. Just as the same officials dubbed the Clinton email investigation them You're examined the anti Trump Counter Intelligence investigation, US fire hurricane also use various phrases using sensitive to refer. Publicly to the dossier. Today's have the briefing on January, twenty seventeen former FBI, deputy director injure me came who early this year was fired in their referred for criminal prosecution by the Department of Justice Inspector General for Positively lying about media leaks rodents, to top it be officials with the subject flood is coming. Flood is coming.
Seen in his cloak, this is a quote: quote: CNN is close to going forward with the sensitive story, Mackay wrote to call me right, Becky and to others the trigger for them is they know the materia was discussed in the brief and presented in an attachment court. Unquote quote didn't detail highly came to know what in its trigger was for publishing the dossier. Briefing story. Let me just to you as he knew because he spoke to CNN and that's probably the condition that they provide it. I don't know that that's my speculation. Although the January ten story from scene and also claimed that tromp was presented with the two page summer, the dossier which was not part of the official intelligence community assessment, given a trump chromium, Plato claim that he did not give the two page document Trump Raising COS. It's about whether Mikhail himself was a source for CNN assertion that trumpet given the attired to page document during the briefing
words who was leaked? The CNN that there be a two page document briefing but come he didn't give the two page document. Shortly after sending you email to call me another appeal, officials, Mackay, be male than deputy attorney General Sally, H notice. How her name keeps popping up. Deputy Matthew, Axelrod and other player. A cave used to subject lie news in his email to the d o J officials. He wrote just is an why and as expected it seems CNN, is close to running a story about the sensitive reporting court on quotas, my clear how Cape came to be so familiar was seen an understanding, the dossier, its briefing or how close seen as well reporting on the matter, and I go but I think we know the thickly. That one of the reasons CNN never wants to get to. The bottom of everything is because scene and as a participant in much of this.
Seen in as a participant in much of this in the two ethical conduct of the state, the targeting of Trump his surrogates and his campaign and that's why you can see that CNN is. So vicious and partisan in their attacks on trumpets, constant friendless. One damn fool thereafter, another you know Don Lemon accuses the present it being races, because the present has been particularly critical. Don lemon done. Nobody's criticising you because your race were criticising you because you're a moron and left winger, Nothing to do with your racist. Don't hide behind that it's what's between your ears, that's the problem: mush mush Dave, pleasant, caliphs
Yeah pleasant, not Pleasantville, eight. Seventy, the answer: how are you our mark? Hey, All the details- and I have been able to get it would seem some point in time in the lead up to the election. Ok, Barack Obama decided it was more important. By on trumped as an agent around or a dupe of the russian government than it was before. They tell tromp hey somewhere maybe trying to infiltrate your campaign and I think Obama, justice the trunk, didn't love America, I'm really not following this I'm a decided trumped in Love America, so Obama doesn't tell trumpet somebody's infiltrate following. Why would you spy tromp himself. Why wouldn't you cause you weren't, because you wanted to see him. Is there some other rational? Well, if you were gonna, get something
it would have to be hey the right you know we are working with the Russians, and that would mean the tromp was selling out his country made maybe I am looking for what could be a hundred other things that they're looking for Mamma, if one of the spy in the trunk campaign came up with something else, that was at least they thought is damaging to his campaign. Thanks for your car, ah conquerors, New York, the great debut ABC, go my great tell you Are you a good question? How the whole thing started that, unlike you, I can afford a conspiracy theory conspiracy to you. In my opinion, we looking at the russian intervention in less than a legislator. I didn't ask how this thing all started. I said people are asking me when and how this may have started and I might
I suggestion was, it would have been part of the current talents. Activity that routine and when they were on masking Americans, practically people in Trump World and they might come across something and used as a pretext. That's what I said I wholeheartedly agree, but My opinion Ask yourself in question This would put not know about. How much would it would would have been watching as it's his face, people and part of it and the point being, what the point being that the russian intervention into our I turned and it all politics is exactly. We're talking about he don't know. Actually I'm not. We know about the russian Interference in our election. We know that the Obama administration to Damn near nothing about it,
We know that the Russians are enemies, impudence her enemy least. I do what I'm talking about it. Interference in our election by the Obama administration by the CIA by a national intelligence by the FBI of course, the Hillary Clinton and Dnc campaigns working through cut out with the Kremlin. That's what I'm talking about you still talking about the same thing: I write, sir, thank you for your call. Am I missing something? I think I am TIM, A Post Florida, the Great W F as Ex GO mark. Thank you. I just wondered figures. With the confederate statues of torn down how it's a disgrace and How were really is going just to perpetuate history repeating itself, and I want to say to another, Is that a threat? I look, I don't know several perpetuate history, repeating itself
I don't think we'll have slavery again or anything like that. My point is its history. You dont, struck you dont, destroy history. Go ahead, I look at it is art not History is art, so you don't also destroy our. I don't think most people look at those statues is. Are they cut up, they weren't put up with Sir said, Sir, we don't make absurd arguments. These states you weren't put up with all the pigeon crap on their heads because their art, we know why they were put up in some Kay They were put up the honour these generals, but it does matter to me- why they were put up their history. By the way that some are should be taken down fits ugly I have no problem with that. Ok, what
like the Vietnam WAR? What happens if in the future is by Marina Vietnam TAT came back, they weren't respected and that now we have a wall. What have you not Sunday, there might save a that. That's gonna have to come down, they might, but not because its art, but because it's our history and you're right, we need to defend the the not defend that that we believe in what was done in aspects of our history, but to find the right for our history do exist right right, sir, thank you ok we'll be right back you know your shower brush your teeth, Make your hair like presentable, here's some good news.
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ingredient. She can get too so check it out all out. A dollar shave club that calm, Slash, Mark dollar shave, club that calm, slash, Mark, that's dollar, shave, club, dot, com, Slash mark right: let's continue MIKE Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The great WMD pay go for it you're. Welcome from amendment that we carry Pennsylvania. Well. I used to live there and I emphasise the words used to that's what it's still great want, I'm a retired! U S! Probation officer! In years ago I had my specialty was precinct investigation. I investigated a corrupt FBI agents and our office recommended the maximum penalty and the judge s why in chambers equally call it, then I say your honor. If the police are corrupt, the people out there
Competent coming to the FBI, if the FBI's crop there is nowhere to go and tell I feel now, there's no, where you go, the president is absolutely justified in taking the action is taking with a good at a country and for the for the integrity of the constitutional state, value completely correct and the these same crowd whether there in the media, the Democratic Party that had been really chest Chasing this president attacking those press- from day one. We should be listening to them about the constitution and how it works and so forth. There not the cause nutritional is anyway. Are they No, not at all I mean that you did what they're going to trying to cover up what he's trying to uncle and in fact a lot of the media were participants was were finding I've seen in particular correct Gatwick. They're gonna, Brazil,
Nobody, but, but even more with this dossier and seen and was getting leaks from the FBI, is frightening, and I think of all the twenty seven years on a job in the everyday going to work out in the open I took the same oath is the president. I think the ambiguous, who hope here That is what Europe you wanted a voice in the world we live in, and I applaud the president for for speaking to return- now you're very kind. Thank you. My friend, Well we're near the end of the programme has a good piece of news and ice piece of news. I thought you'd want enough in the washing compost Millions of EU citizens don't speak English to each other continuing decades. Long rise is an swell the call Millions of EU citizens do not speak English to each other, and this is decades long rise who doesn't say.
Open borders who says open borders? Don't work Who say we need more and more immigration without assimilation, I mean that should be the my crap mission statement. Our immigration without assimilation. Balkanization is here to stay. If you dont have a common language. Ladies and gentlemen, you dont have a common culture. It set simple. And here I am behind the microphone data's impasse. When I talk about the constitution, that we can debate the words in the constitution and so forth. If you don't you, English, you don't understand English than you. Don't get the constitution, the text or no text. You don't understand your rights, you will understand the limits on government. Capitalism, all arrest of it. If you don't speak English. The incidents underscoring key fag rights, the compost about modern american society. As of twenty, sixteen
thirty five million Euro citizens over the age of eighteen or more than fifteen percent speak alive but other than English at home. According to your senses what or the census. Data show that the link between you, a citizenship in english language has been, growing steadily weaker over the past few decades, but that's not because newcomers to that, The tree a less likely to be proficient english speakers than their peers and earlier decades of anything, english proficiency among non native speakers is increasing, see expected this, but here's the difference and you'll never get this from the washed and compost thy word assimilation. A hundred years ago when people came to this country from Russia, the you grain from Ireland choose me from China. ITALY? What have you they wanted to assimilate into the american culture? They wanted to assimilate into the american culture today, people
discouraged from assimilating into the american culture even I can citizens are discouraged. From assimilating into the american culture. Instead its attacked her history. Attacked our belief systems are attack their attacked, and so people come to this country from other kind. And they see the left us in this country attacking our own history attacking our own country, attacking, this attacking that well, you know sets an example. Doesn't. Our people are told you have a right to free this, and you have a right to free that, as if it's in the bill of Rights, Surrey. Foundational right in the declaration and so far no, you don't write anything right to get off your ass and work at however, I do and that's a big right in this country, because a lot of countries you don't example than as well,
I'll see on Hannity literally in thirty minutes, I hope you'll join us. We're gonna have a lot of fun on rare and ago we salute all you heroes out there. Thank you for listening tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, as each and every one of your freedom.
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