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On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Nancy Pelosi takes aim at President Trump and locks horns with a reporter before he sharply called her out on it. Trump noted that Pelosi is not the same person she once was and has problems. Clever reporters with stupid questions pursued a line of questioning around treason being punishable by death trying to box Trump into a corner. The reality is that Trump is not involved in the legality or prosecution of the law, so it doesn't matter what he says. Bottom line: the media has been no friend to Trump and turns a blind eye to all of the Democrats despite their misgivings. The American People must go over and around the impediment that the press has become. Then, Wells Fargo and TD Bank have announced that they will honor the Congressional subpoena for Trump's bank records. Later, former GOP chairman Michael Steele sat with Chuck Todd to push the impeachment agenda. Also, Christians are nearly extinct in Iraq. Rev Rashar Warda blames the UK church for not rebuilding after 83% of Christians have perished or been displaced from Iraq. He blames the weakness of the European church for not calling out this Christian genocide out of fear of being called politically incorrect.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now and it's a hundred and seventy fifth year here There is a truly independent institution where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening, and my sincere appreciation to Hills Dale by their sponsorship, now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steel of a non description. We once again made contact with our leader, Nancy Bellicose. Nancy said delicacy You heard it here pass it down through the ages. Highmark living in our number, eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven.
Eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven okay. You know why I call her stretch because it's obvious. I want a pin cheer and little pinch their pull at back. They all look at my eyes. Look so much better by. Why am I anyway Nancy Stretch: bellicose, Okochee, diction demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight belligerent, hostile, threatening, pugnacious, truculent, confrontational, quarrelsome, disputations, contentious, militant combative Nancy, delicacy I could do Bela Lugosi. You know that was missed, reducing if the lockdown up. But Nancy Bela, Cosy, Pronoun Nancy Stretch Bellicose, you take it, Mr President, you can take the bellicose if you like, stretched sticks with me.
No. We do a lot of research for this programme and then all of a sudden, its bladders against the wall. That's because Nancy Bellicose goes to them FIFA, and by the way they can mark Tromp Oliver least. He knows how to talk, incomplete sentences, Nancy Bella, Cozy, I mean she's, sir. She she sounds. I Catherine Heparin and our worst days. I met a chest he by having so now stretch bellicose in a press conference today cut seven go so that again stormed out? I think, stop, In pound the table he didn't storm out. It didn't happen. There were actually witnesses. Their Nancy Pella Cosy is also Nancy screw a cosy in the head.
Something's not right anyway, go ahead, but walk out that door next time Had the tv cameras in their. Why have my say? work for him either she shall coherent EU. Ladies and gentlemen, issues on medical marijuana or something I think Mr Pollution, I don't know, but she sounds to me like, like Joe Biden quite frankly, go ahead this time, another ten tempered tantrum. So you see the game over his temper. Tantrum he's unstable he's on. It seems to me circles around these people while they try to destroy him teams she's the one having a fit and a nervous breakdown house to explain that the twinning she reminds me of the commander. You ever see those ping Panther movies.
And the commander or the sergeant the police force how he such twitching. Inspector clue somebody's upset of an inspector clue. I any start treating all about his eyes. Oh God has his gaze. Getting these that's who she is Galahad again I pay for the present. The United States. I wishes family or administration, no staff would have an intervention will go to the country. What an idiot. As for personnel events, g That wasn't contrived wasn't, ladies and gentlemen, I don't think so. What do you know that NATO is not smart enough to do that off the top of her head. A tree continues cut. I go, and then and intervene, and I support his family and his aren't you something. Aren't you special
in any event should in no way and in their nets up to his family, sampling, buddy hack, it that's what it is. Let's find an old audio buddy. How could I not put you on the spot mystery? Let's see how fast your war will work on an old audio, Buddy Hack, a new Tommy. She doesn't sallied Buddy Hackett Nancy Bela, Cosy Guide, and then at intervals dies up to his family and his English. Cabinet and his staff in the White House. This is not behavior, that is rising dignity at the office of High representative, Steve he'll, bring and fried chicken in the year. The house can any room and putting that at the chair, the table sitting there and eating their that- that's that's! That's great behaviour are all more or tallied to bigots and anti Semites. Now that's great yeah, but he had yet.
Ok get guy is hunting for ducks he's not reform. The doktor, the animal or I can, I can write shoot. You got a golf ball Lahti. People want to conserve ducks Are you worried issued joining a joke gap can really die. Now, let's hear her. Having said that, I write a dozen cheese, buddy hack, it so Empty Bela Cosy is the body Hackett politics yet yesterday assumed by the Czech Republic's guide. I actually I urgently pray for the president He knows shut up, you don't pray at all. What are you talking about party averred, fantasy plants to pray for she pray a bustle hit the president. We all know this guy had
Sometimes we talking to him he's Greece and then I said more time who's in charge here because you agree and then all the sun, changes, Like you on the border, your position changed. Like that, you know, maybe you need an intervention. Go ahead. Who's in charge he says he's in jars and I suspect, He may listen to these ramblings of hers. You no one else how but the professor Erwin cord. Maybe she sounds like Professor Aaron Corey, I'm starting to think to AIDS had taught she began. Find him. Would you he's? Eight is cut she's, toss between Buddy, Hackett and Proof, to Urban Coy who will find it a minute guy she may be even more since yesterday, because I don't think that any responsible
The president of the United States can you do what he did yesterday? You see, ladies and gentlemen, she's trying to convince you of that. There's something wrong with the press. He needs an intervention. He's praying for his health. Has mental health as her dentures are slipping out of her mouth. She's put together with a screws and glue toothpaste and yes- and I just hope that therefore, to permit this. You know somebody's gotta help us with ESA something's, not right now. Here's professor
Irwin, Corey. Guy knows some question. We question why why plaguing memoriam? That's it love this guy. He get a far more than that
the elder. Why moment we went on my body for the sake of brevity elderly. Why do we not only understanding where your Taiwan's Remit and where's bunny happen again? Let's Craig anybody haggling. He'll conservationist, I'm sure your fuel vegetarian associates sign of the cross between Professor inquiry and buddy Now, let's listen to her small, go ahead
Do not raise this or not you you have brought into his excuse was neither reason that he did the issue. That was an x use for him to do that and, with all due respect, your question merit of this report: I had you on my back pocket Kelly, O Donnell NBC knew you you're not supposed to be asking questions Kelly. Yes, yes Kelly, alas, hopefully asking questions like that. Do you know one speaker, the House pick, you know who else she sounds like daffy duck anyway, guy
not honour my oath of office, nor do my colleagues in the House of Representatives to honour our oath of office to protect and defend the constitution. Why you're gonna halibut job of protecting in defining the constitution? I think all of us with constitutional is out. There would have to agree that they support, I'll. Tell you what they are saying. Upholding the constitution and interests of the House of the Democrats in getting to the bottom the true Russia scandal, other there really upholding the constitution and the They are smearingly attorney jaw their opponents of the constitution and her colleagues in the Senate, there was no way they want. After cabin our man there upon the constitution are day. I don't know about but when it comes to left wing radical crackpots, like crackpots policy, I always think, while their appalling a constitution she's appalling that we have a constitutional crisis. Now we have a constitutional crisis with these
the separation of powers and again the american people understanding history is an assault on the constitution. While we understand the constitution better than you do Nancy Bellicose see, we understand the constitution very well. You said the other day that the president was obstructing justice. If you weren't the speaker, deserve respect and weren't treated as the honor, I would say, you're eating them remiss because you can't obstruct just as it's not a criminal vest ear be obstructing Congress. But who knows he's a little details going?
we can walk into doubt down at the same time work. What would you do that you too good sounds like her visa taxis? Does it didn t just say we can walk intrude down at the same time you wanna triplane. Again. I think she should. We can walk untrue, dung and again, at the same time, I'm pretty sure she said that and I believe she can't walk into down. At the same time, I bet she's capable of that ninety bellicose guy implant on the constitution of the United States. We can walk into doubt government this Carter. Yes, I did Carter,
right back then, since its found, Eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call! It is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus the free monthly speech Digest. Of Helstone College in primacy, located to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First published and Nineteen seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have addressed issues like. Free speech there. Regulation of big tech, mental ill and the American Medical insurance system and because America's founding examples are so important hills now offer,
Primus, absolutely free of charge, anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for Free here's I want you to do. I want you to visit Primus, Dad hills, they'll, dad. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and Primus. I m p r. I am I S daughter still that EU welcome to Helstone wanting to jump the gun that we can walk untruth Donga, weak stun gun. Mr producer Paley, that's a big thing in the democratic clause we can walk, untrue, Tonga, Can you play again, we can walk into doubt Gama Duncombe that some very unhealthy to me I want to congratulate Nancy Bellicose. What we
done now. It will leave handed her to our mumble or less, let's take a less guy. What are they can it got a funny? Only the goal struck the Heaven because when you pay just good you game, we know the whip bringing you s own troops from and and and the the way is. Finally, what Both of us of what I said about the budget would resist, we might, we must- and we will much about that- they commit a warrior- the that it was
another that they look. Why am I didn't? If we, if we We can walk into doubt all democrats of one sort or another but an eighty Pelosi wasn't done in an answer might give you some advice may be. There can be an intervention by me to help you, but I do this for the country of course Nancy. Maybe you should stop accusing people of criminal conduct who have committed crimes? Maybe you should stop trying to get into their. Bank wreckage and their financial records of the tax returns you're the spin golly behind the scenes. We all know this, that's you you're responsible for this and Nancy
Cosi. Why won't you and your husband, Paul Bela Lugosi, release your tax returns and your bank record ginger financial records and I'll keep risk. But Nancy Bellicose. He wasn't done, ladies and gentlemen, what kind of my answer cut? Ten go. Lighthouses is crying out for me. That's why he flipped. Yes, this is part of their strategies, so if they decide to pursue a peach but to say what we're doing with the President one she thinks you're so stupid, she thinks you're part of their base. A part of her base in San Francisco were much smarter than that they're so used to talking down to their voters. When they talk to us, they need to talk up to our voters. They need to look up at us we're smarter than then go ahead. He was hoping somehow you all have a story that isn't real. You ve, wonderful, these. It is all this,
using simply using the chance. Now they are data like the Rockets and the carcass room dance. Unlike Rockettes, may I say that I think I will there all on the same page with Taliban and more and after their all, on the same page, radical crackpots go ahead, respect for the diversity of opinions and the diversity of a bit. That's like the diversity of opinion in the barely politburo after the Russian Revolution between Linen and trotzky and stolen than that ilk. So I really a diversity of opinion. You started nuance tuna go ahead and diversity is our strength is power and we have an issues, makes use me what'd. She got a chinese restaurant yesterday and have a couple of fortune cookies incorrect them open to all.
Firstly, as our power unity is wherever, while may have some more orange sherbet. Please I'm here, I back folks. Many of our nations, oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up good, but sadly my they have lost their way locked in the grip of political Agnes. They no longer allow free and open discourse and instead pedal their moral and cultural relativism, thankfully theirs, those Dale College since its family in eighteen. Forty, four hills Dell has remained true to its original mission, to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent, piety and his heels enters its one hundred and seventy fifth year. Their goal is simple and you're profound to help stew understand what is no bless him best in yourself and the World Hills dealt
Judges, liberal arts, education and vibrant campus community help students form a foundation for the rest of their lives, a truly life defining experience. So, if you're, looking for a college that prizes learning and values intellectual enthusiasm, Everyone shares a strong sense of meaning and purpose. Welcome to hills, College, please visit hills, they don T use lash admissions to plan a visit and learn more that's hills, Dale DOT Edi you slash admissions new american revolution starts here, Clear then show caller at eight seven seven, three, a one three, eight one one. Now I'm not done with Nancy Bellicose the suggestion, but have you noticed all these reports now measles, and how these diseases.
But whatever you say, it's not illegal aliens. It's not massive immigration from dirt poor countries. Manner. Now Scott the Orthodox Jos, because they don't vaccinate. That's one thing. I heard no, it's gotta be this movement in California. They don't vaccinate said other one iron, but we have hundreds of thousands of people coming from all over the world, particularly south of the border they that they did not. Actually we don't now. What do you see? public. I don't even know what that means in a good word for scramble, while you're xenophobic. It can't be that can't be open borders and endless immigration that we know why couldn't be People come in here illegally. That means do not check. We don't know what their health is. Some go right in the hospitals are very ill. That can't be it because I listen to the news reporting
measles we'd go have all these diseases, it's like they. We deal with this, fifty eight years ago and take care yes but they're back. Why climate change climate change, you didn't know, instructed the measles years climate Tank- Professor Nordic, there, at the: U N, he says like climate changes responsible for measles and and and and whooping cough and all these other things get really. Yes. Unbelievable. What were allowed to happen in this country really is humbly ally. The talk about course, which I do are you
The same are really me. What am I trying to say when you have dirt poor people escaping dirt, poor countries coming into our country unchecked? I think we got a caravan watch, a caravan, it's not an invasion. I noticed Jim accosted told us this. It's a caravan coming into the country and we're not able to check the health. People coming into the country and the coming from poor countries where there's all kinds of diseases and illnesses and that she wouldn't logic tell you that might be a problem. Now, of course, not he's our future democratic voters. One of the problems we have is we get politicians like Nancy Pelosi. Who's been in Congress were better
written twelve years, Chuck Shimmer same thing really low. I q nasty people who are in power trip. We get politicians like this because we all have a true press that keeps them in check, and this is the truth. So the lower the press gets the lower the politicians get in the lower the politics. Death. And that's part of the big problem today and I want to tell you something: I'm not to get into numbers, but you folks live in nights, patriots who care deeply about this country who revere the declaration in the constitution who revere the first amendment and freedom of the press, you're doing what I knew you would do.
An enormous number of you have already purchased a copy of on freedom of the press, cause you're worried about the future of this country, and you want to spread the word like the early pamphleteer Many many many many of you understand the Import of Thomas Pain in his pamphlets and that's you. You want to spread the word outside and around the usual media outlets. We need to speak at the dinner table. We need to speak to our friends. At restaurant
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honor of a few. Mr Adler, it's all yours. If you shall go after I get my high level when we look at the box tax, they have it. So I go to the books are wholly macro, stack, stack stack of book, it's not very busy in there chicken costs in the middle of the day. On a Thursday, I guess there were two stacks of my books. One was a full stuck in the other, was about what three force empty. All the other ones are stack up. You need to go on. The market of inshore facebook. Mark Levin show Cheerios, assessing Yama. Take a picture is hope, nobody recognises. May it's gonna. Look like a little goofy at night. I took I pitch I should assigned, and probably But I want to get a hot dog and move on you know, so I'm sending you this photo because it's incredible all the other stacks of books,
It doesn't look like anybody born in maybe they bought two or three. What are they stacks of Tuesday Ex my book was really almost gone, you're gone and Pasco you're, going Barnes and Noble you're gone in books, a million You're gonna Walmart Target SAM's club be Jays. Somebody tormented AIDS in their it in their grocery store. You're going into your local stores, were hearing and, of course,. You're going on Amazon and those of you who are commenting with the five stars. I can't thank you enough. You're, like the ones it's the usual low lives, go in there having read the book or trying to drag down the book. Look at the five stars. You have any questions and its forty percent off to a good discount there. So I just point out to you:
And I think you're gonna be really really pleased with the book and I'm pleased when you are because it takes me twelve. The fourteen months sometimes lawyer, to write a book. It was a very tough year. Writing this book or the tragedy that occurred in the family. The were zones, I couldn't write and zones where I did, but I was committed. Getting this out. I just feel the countries at a point where we really need to push back. We really need to push back. This needs to be a movement now. A moment where we demand reformation of the press, that they don't get too just guarantee. And lecture us and yell at us and talk down to us and call us names. That's our press. We alone those companies, but a tar press. If they continue to act that way, they ought not be treated as the press. They are the modern mass media different than a free press. And you're sending a message.
You're sending a message by ordering this book you're sending a measured by signing this book by reading this book by discussing this book by posting about this book, and that's the mission there, the mission. They need to know that those millions of you out there. These millions of you out there smarter than they are and work more committed to this country than that and we're more committed to freedom of the press by far than they are you'll, be shocked at some of the stuff you read in this book it will also be well informed about history, but you'll know your instincts had been right now. Some of you may not like Terry. But this is a pretty easy read quite frankly, but it's all go out there and audio just say no, but it's a pretty easy read again. Look at the five star comments on Amazon high check him out.
I'm harder on myself than anybody is on me when it comes to writing a book when it comes through radio show or tv show. Moist Think about what I'm done, this radio show used to call my dad and my dad mom they're, not there to talk to my wife while also think about it was a good show. Did I handle it right when you write a book? It's all. It's all out there, all the research, you're writing style words that you use arguments you make thoroughly quite a deal and it's not the easiest thing for most people to do it's not that it's easy for me. It's it's just something I feel is very, very important to do Anyway, you Thomas pains out their eleven live. I want to thank you, those of you haven't done it, yet you can jump right in with all the rest of us on freedom of the press. This week
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I am for hills doubt that come MR producer. You want to be Jays today where, where what which beaches pj's io sees your town Heights New York and they have a big table of books, you know like costs Gunnar, they write correct and how is the book doing there. The book was non existent. It was not there, so they knew and have the book. I wonder whether that would be that kind of weird, very odd K. Well, folks of your stores, not carrying the book, you might ask them why I mean right now: it's I believe the hottest book in the country. I could be wrong about that, But that's kind of weird and the weakens coming.
And I want to remind you that this Saturday will be the first book signing this very Saturday. We're gonna becoming too rigid New Jersey bookends And the book signing will start at one p m and you can contact that store, bookends and pre purchase your book so can go faster. Pop right in line town by the way and then come right for the signature. Wonderful, If you live anywhere near Northern Jersey, it's a beautiful little town. By the way, I very much like it, it's a wonderful bookstore. You might want to check it out. It's my first book signing when this book, So I want to remind you: it's bookends, this Saturday May twenty fifth one p m Ridge would New Jersey to one one: EAST Ridge would avenue, probably better. If you pre purchase your book,
They can get in their early move faster and then for yourself and and of course, I'll sign it if you just show up, and anyway, combined then and sign at so. That's, that's not! You know, that's not the end of the world. If you dont come one come all we want to see as many of you as possible, and so I decided this week in that I would come up to a rich with New Jersey, the next day Sunday may twenty sixth Sunday may twenty six one p m. I will be going to Huntington New York on Long Island neither wonderful local, bookstore called book reveal and that's on three one. Three New York Avenue Book Review Long Island hunting to New York. May twenty six one p m, my Brody o kill me. It's gonna, be there too, so that'll be a lot of fun.
So those are the two big book signing Saturday and Sunday on Monday, we won't be on the air. Obviously, will do best of yesterday show, I think, and then the rest of the week, of course here here and the fire Saturday, not this one. The following one get ready: Barnes and Noble Thyssen's corner it Maclean Virginian. I ought to tell you that the signing a book and some buck reveal our sponsored in many ways by our friends, W B C. In our signing it Barnes. Nobody Maclean Virginia Thyssen's corner June. First at ten, a m, our bodies, it w e mail, so we're gonna have a lot of fun. Wonderful people show up. And you should tell you where I don't know the shore might be right, just come and then go to the shore or do what are we going to do, But we have a lot of fun. Only do this every other year, only
this every other year, I don't do a lot of them. Sometimes you see these people who write books I'm gonna be in Florida be, and I remember it goes off. Like eight months, you notice and MR producing eight months do a shower stand on my head. There now wait till you see in a spin on my foot. It not now it's you and me for book signing, that's it and the Reagan library sought out so really there's three now bookends Ridge would New Jersey this Saturday, one p m. I can't wait to see you folks. I really can't wait next day Sunday, the twenty six one p M book review hunting to New York. I can't wait- and I say media to we're gonna be doing a judge Janine on Saturday, Fox and friends Sunday on Sunday.
And my show what am I supposed to do, MR, but if it's gonna have the weight marshals, gonna have to wait till the next hour. Why cause I blow it? That's why What's a k and those sites are no worse- were posting them on Facebook and twitter. For those of you who care to come, I hope there's a lot of erosion of a blast. I'm so excited about this. I really am, I think, more excited about this book than any book sensor. Rescuing sprite really And liberty and tyranny and been excited about all my books. Don't get me wrong. They're, all your children, but this one so crucially, important and timely on freedom of the press got time to take a car. Let's take a call here, let's say I'm working on it more cannot, Mr Bin.
Gimme a collar exam satellite, John, no Mexico go mark Remember the old movie go a finger, of course. There were no wider urinary while applying church, but I think the new name pornography should be although she go are underlying purpose here you go like mine, I'm an old family, the cure all Murray launder on active beauty, of course, but God bless you retired. I guess I'll bet you sick internally, What's happened under the present in this country arches, Sure am I'm with you, I'm with you. Thank you, John. You take care yourselves, lock. Last crisis, New Mexico, beautiful
place, we got a lot more. We just got started. I hope you stick with us I'll, be right back. Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader. Everybody Mark Levin. Here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one see the problem. The Democrats having, as the american people don't want impeachment impaired. People are sick of these investigations, but the damage,
basis not representative of the american people, their irregular Americans, their crackpots, their bases been radicalized by the media, quite frankly by CNN and Emma Sellers D in the New York Times their estimates. They won't take no for an answer. So the trying to figure out we ve got our rapid base and that we have other men they're, not sure to go with the rabbit base or other American. So what they're trying to do is drive down the president's Paul numbers and if they can get him down like thirty five thirty three percent, then they face They a shouted impeachment without having backfired. But you see, ladies and gentlemen, what they're not taking into account as you, they list
Rami they listen to just in March. They listened with. It then are representative of you. The establishment were whacked jobs and so forth. Now Donald Trump reply to Nancy Policy and I'm not gonna play online when I'm in a place but because he is a right to respond to her cut fourteen go. You will read it perfectly just the way she said it very, very short of an I see type statement, but I will say this: she will I walked into the room right next door yesterday, Mckenna, shuddered screaming and yelling, just the opposite. Just the opposite. Because I know that they will always say that even if it didn't happen because this happen once before I walked out. I so calm you
Tommy minutes later hours at this conference as extremely come. I was probably Also in that room, so I walked into the cabin a room, the add the group cry and chuck crazy. I tell you what I've been watching her and I have. I have been watching her for a long period of time she's the same person. She's lost. It is right about that. Cut, fifteen go many people, a lot of people say deep state that don't say deep. So we have a lot of bad people and I think they are being found out. I think right now, I saw where call me is blaming the Swan and Brennan's blaming another one and they go into Each other and clapper- I think yes, it may be, is blaming President Obama so surprised to see that happening. Collated, bad people get a lot of bad people and
It's a shame, but I said to everybody before I walked in, so we com, because as I don't want them going out to the press in saying that I was anything but com, so is extremely, come very much like em right now and it was dad when I watch Nancy all moving the movement in the hands and that craziness and I watch it that's by the way a person is got some problems but want to watch that. Then I went over to Ireland, national cemetery for very beautiful, with the first lady, but I watched it this morning in this is the narrative they want to put out. I think it's pretty said when they have to play that kind of narrative. Think it's a very sad thing for our country and then cut Sixteen go, why do you want anybody wants to be impeached but I'll tell you what we went through two years of Bob Mahler with eighteen people
hated, Donald Trump. Many of them can fitted to Hillary Clinton campaign, one of them in particular Weissmann, clean price rises, FBI aid this all over the place: five hundred interviews, one thousand for hundred pages of documents that gave Thirty thirty two hours, I never once said I could have stopped and very anxious not to want what ask our so to speak. I don't want Sarah Huckabee including the council, As council, I let him speak for thirty where's as they tell me. Thirty thirty, two hours of a once said I could have stopped and reaction said Diana want one house counsel to speak. I dont want Sarah Huckabee to speak one up. There also, I believe everybody to let any of em go now. Maybe I would allow us to court. I doubt it everywhere tells me. I had total but power to have that stopped with all of that after two years, no collusion
and findings are strongly led, a great attorney general to be able to rule no obstruction tall. True, this whole thing is: is a scam. The whole things been a scan from day. One push by the Democrats rush. Collusion- and I told you I was on the bream, show last night. Then, as I expect. Her in the audience, and I told you the few hours earlier these Obama. Judges are really off their rockers, absolutely off their rockers subpoenas and so forth, and I'm glad to see our Dershowitz agrees with me. He is a piece in the hill. He says when I came of age during the nineteen fifties. Liberals and civil returns were deeply concerned about the abuses of the congressional investigations. I'll keep Amanda gray with among all this, but I want you, listen tricks those communists and fellow travellers, republican Senator Joseph Mccarthy, was using congressional committees to do his dirty work.
And he goes on later my law, professor mentor friend, at that time, tell for Taylor the chief prosecutor at the Nuremberg war crimes trials after World WAR, two wrote a masterful critique of these bogus congressional hearings entitled grant inquest in He provided an extensive history, the misuse of hearings for partisan and any purposes he called for reform, including initial oversight of congressional excesses liberal lawyer, name, Abner MIC Vital later became a distinguished federal judge, wrote a glowing review of the book, though we criticise telephone, going far enough and not being enough of a true civil, libertarian, quite fair, to say that pact tat, virtually all liberals and civil libertarians led by, ACL, you wanted to impose restrictions on the power of Congress to investigate subpoena in question individuals for partisan or radiological purpose. Now the issues on the other foot, the Democrats who are abusing their congressional.
Investigations for partisan, illogical purpose, the Democrats, her pudding for the phoney arguments about legislator. MRS, such as the need for new laws and congressional oversight? It's the Democrats in there so determined and misused or legislative power to gauge advantages in the upcoming elections announced the Republicans were crying for. This is the thing he does. You know in order to explain his own history and pass it he's always been on the correct side. I look pass that. Isn't this article and then he hits the point Decision by judge aim it matter to authorize broad congressional investigations of the Trump administration and present Trump himself, going back to well before he was a presidential candidate. Easily been written. You says by a right wing judge in the nineteen. Fifty can help himself.
But it swallows whole hog, the claimed legitimate legislative purposes put forward by those committees now led by the Democrats. Goes even further and suggest that a court has no power to probe the real motives behind legislative investigations so long ass, the claim motives are plausible, under this decision that goes against civil liberties Congress, could investigate any person for any reason. As long as a tends to be doing so for a legitimate legislative purpose. The decision is an open invitation for abuse of power and, of course, even Dershowitz and bring himself to say this is an Obama appointee, and I told, the same thing. The other day this George, you gotta. Judging, see a judge in New York. Obama appointees are absolutely activists of the worst kind. They are Democrats first and judges sex,
no Congress doesn't have the right to oversee everything, no how doesn't have the power to subpoena everything? there are citizen or whether it's another branch of Government Congress as well. Three branches, the house's half of one branch. If the house is right, if these judges are right,. You will never have an independent presidency again because a subpoena away for anything and everything they want. Yes claim that they have a legislative purpose and- I ll be good enough. That's the pressing set being said here, truly the distrust The separation of powers where they want to force presently United States to report to the house a record. This is one of the reasons I stress only disagree People who say that you can indicted sitting president I used to take their position, but even be
Donald Trump was presently united States I'd, say some time about five or six years ago, when people were talking. I don't I said now. Why is that? Why is that? We have ninety three: U S attorneys! We have thousands and thousands assistant United States attorneys you can indicted sitting president. Can you imagine what will be done? Is the notion that all prosecutors right mission Milo environment in there Stir them in that office are noble. They're, not gonna, be political, is that what happened when nine hundred former federal liberal prosecutors A letter, and so are we want a prosecuted em. No, that's too much power in their hands. Of individuals who have to stand for election or not to be held accountable
already been a constitutional farce and an injustice. Another imaginable unimaginable miss injustice. The I meant a robber Malo in the first place was defective. It didn't mean to. The regulatory requirements there was no criminal basis whatsoever. His report. The way he wrote it, what he said this report, an abomination that was not the intention of the regulation. What's being done now, these phony subpoenas. The president's private life, basically is, businesses is bank accounts and server, and I want you to know something Wells Fargo and other banks were already turning information over to the house. Two representatives. Let me tell you what I'm gonna do I read this today. Let me tell you what I meant to do tomorrow. Get down my whilst Fargo Account
to shut down my Wiles Fargo Account put my money somewhere else. That's how you send a message. And I would encourage all of you to do the same thing. To pain in the ass. I know that excuse my French. But it is what it is appropriate to do at next week's and some busy this week. But nonetheless, it's gonna get done. You want to know why, ladies and gentlemen, they didn't even put up a fight. And when I have my bank records at a bank that won't even put up a fight when Rabbit Democrat. Mobsters in the House of Representatives. When I see the president's bank account information. Well, that's enough! For me: I don't trust that bank. I don't trust that company to protect me And their such cowards, they won't even put up a fight
Those of you who believe in your own privacy of your bank accounts in your bank information to watch. This bank fall like a cheap ten in a congressional subpoena when they should have gone to court and fought it well. That sounds to me like their antitrust, but more than that, their tie their customers. If they're not going to protect, our bank accounts from rabid, mob Democrats in the House of Representatives that I'm moving along I'm over my money away, Ben I used to be hard, multiple job side, stacks arrests, amazing, confusing review process, but today, going to easy
And you only have to go to one place to get it done: Zip recruited, dot, com, Slash Levine, now easy! I am zip recruiter, send your job. Over one hundred of the webs leading job words, but they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology, zip recruiter scans. Thousands of resonates to find people with the right experience and invites them to applaud your job, zip recruiter so effective that four out of five of implores hoop stones, zip recruiter, get a quality candidate through the site within the first day and right now my listeners, you you can try zip recruiter for free at this exclusive web, address, zip recruiter, dot com, slash. Then alleviate that zipper coated outcome, Slash, Levine, Zip, recorded dot com, slash, live in zip, recruiter, the smartest way, the higher the same media. The same Democrats were dragging us through
Through this mess, as they continue to push their agenda, I want to remind you before too much time passes. For all the years Donald Trump has been It is right and on freedom of the press, the man Media have been fixated on a story line that had no basis. In fact, the Donald Trump colluded with the Russians during the twenty sixteen presidential race to defeat Hillary Clinton. To this day, and after all, this I'm despite congressional criminal media investigations, there's nothing but democratic Party, press, innuendo, supposition and dissembling. Dish and a special council Robert Mothers Declaration of no collusion between the Trump campaign in Russia. In February seven, twenty nineteen Senator Richer Bert. And what of the Senate Intelligence Committee told CBS News that if we write a report based upon the fact that we have, Then we don't have anything that would suggest. There was collusion by the trunk campaign in Russia
Eric, emphasising that the supposed plot was in fact launch. Are they Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee? It would be this in people and the same operatives who are involved now in trying to drag and the presence of the United States they ve just moved on to the next phase and they had assistance from the Obama FBI and the Department of Justice. In short, as the federalists explain, Perkins coin. International law firm was directed by both the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign to retain full can t PS in April of twenty sixteen to dig up dirt on then candidate, Donald Trump Fusion, GPS than hired Christopher steal, a former british spy. To compile dossier of allegations that trumpet his campaign actively colluded with the russian government during the twenty sixteen campaign? The Democrats, Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, a cabal personal lie on the american people
Though many the claims that the dossier been directly refuted, none of the dossiers allegations of collusion had ever been the verified and they John Solomon discovered, that that dossier was provided the FBI by at least six different people, what connection so they Hillary Clinton campaign and informed mission from the dossier, along with a new story planted by steel with Yahoo, Michael ISAF was. By the FBI and the Department of Justice to expand a counter intelligence investigation aimed at the trunk campaign and businesses. And a secure successive surveillance warrants from the face of court. Just remember Hell us began remember how this began so committed to this plot had been the media that they actually played an active role in these investigations. John Solomon,
It set fire to be official Peter Stroke. It is alleged paramour, former FBI, Laura LISA, page text, it frequently about leaks and the media affecting their cases and even suggested the F b I was buying some of them at the deputy director answer me, hey was fired for lying about one media, leaky, authorize FBI, secure face a warrant against tromp campaign adviser paid back another medialink It goes on and on and on the media have aided and abetted this from day one, and yet they claim that they represent freedom of the press. They are destroying freedom, other I'll be right back.
Mark Laverne show the pool feed for the conservative media diver. Now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one NBC News first reported that well Fargo turned over a few thousand documents to Maxine. There's committee and she's already told you over and over again that she wanted to impeach the president's Do you know the purpose of that? A tv bank prevented a handful? I don't have any money tv bank. But I'm hoping all of you Levant nights out there, all of you who believe in the rule of law and the constitution. So we consider moving your bank account from Wales Fargo and you go into the general manager and you should say locomotives something your executives decided to turn over. The president's private
bank information to Maxie Waters and the Democrats on her committee. I don't trust you to protect. My bank accounts from anybody. You gonna do that to the present United States. Imagine what you're gonna do a little. I mean, MR and MRS Citizen, I'm quite serious about this. And so will be shutting down our wealth Fargo account again, it's a pain in the neck, limestone gonna. Do it. This is how you you operate. Grass roots. This is what the left us, oh, if millions of you take your finds out a wells, far gone put them someplace else, you'll be sending a message to other banks to fight the fight to protect your private bank records. Then I'd like to talk about others, a federal law from nineteen, twenty four that requires the IRA to turnover tax return, such a joke
there is no law that requires a bank to turn over the president's documents, thousands of documents to a committee just Cause Congress issues a subpoena, doesn't mean it should be honoured. Their illegitimate subpoenas too. There was Fargo chose not to fight at summits for political reasons, team. Provided a handful of documents, I dont know what to make of that. Personally, I don't want any bank termed turnover any my documents, anybody, let alone politicians in Congress, let alone Maxie waters reprobate. So I hope you. Try me in this. That's not a campaign of my leaning, a boycott, I'm just saying this is what else farmers dawn and pull on my money on YO to do the same thing and tell them why.
It is not even a trump thing, although I have to say you're giving the president's records to Maxie waters. It said I want my privacy protected. If we ever get a subpoena it none are. I expect you to fight it. Is an abuse of power. Ladies and gentlemen, by these committees, setting a precedent world Congress once Bank records from you? States citizen, you Congress, what but I get it. How do I know because that's basically what the above my judge said he Congress, once Congress get, I never heard of such a jackass rolling up my life. That's not how Where actual Congress wants Congress gets I want the constitution says now, that's what an Obama judge said. So there Let's get him that means had been collecting these documents for a while. They couldn't push him out fast enough. I mean the present
an appeal this case when it didn't matter too well Spargo, they turned over the records anyway, I don't want my money in a bank like this. I get these corporations that buckle like this France, one wrangling over I'm sick of it. That's their game that unemployed somebody else's backyard, not mine goodbye whilst Fargo done unawares, you'd think with hard evidence from Mahler that there was no collusion, that the Democratic party media would have backed off. Now you and I know better than that- the radio there never gonna say it's over. It's never over for them. Well we're ready to fight over eleven tv in the blaze tv network.
If you listen to my shows online tv or on Fox or behind the microphone. Many lent the time you know, I'm unapologetically pro constitution programmes, the values and Pro America have always told you. When I'm about to break down the stories. We talk about philosophy, economics, history and we bring them all together, which is where they belong. The media are furious at what we're doing over live in tv, the meteor furious when I'm doing with on freedom of the press. There are much like me and are much like them, so where does this end. Then, when you say enough is enough, come check. Out on live in tv. By going to the blaze tv network right now, you can get a full thirty days Watch every shown the network absolutely free, including Levin TV, and, if you side to stick with us and use
The code Levine Hell Evie Iron you'll get a four year for less than eight bucks. A month start your free trial. Now in go to blaze tv that com That's blaze, tv that com or you can use our toll free number and our folks are. There call eight four for love in tv. That's eight for four l e I and tv all right. Then I planted the president, Mr Barroso. I think I did write. What did I play, which cut we'll? Let I didn't. I cut him off. Our let's go that I cut off sixteen sorry folks, let's go to seventeen. This is the president. Today go trees is possible. My views, your adversaries of treason. Who, specifically, are you accusing me help the reporter? First of all that.
As it is not involved in the prosecution or the sentencing dim when somebody could be guilty of treason and not put the death. But these are clever. Reporters was stupid. Questions. Go ahead, but I think a number of people- and I think what you look is that they have unsuccessfully tried to take down. The wrong person, you look, it call me if you look at me cave if you look at probably people people higher than that. If you look at struck, if you get his lover? Lisa pages, wonderful lover, the two lovers: they to openly you know they did. Use their private server because they didn't want to get caught, so they used to government server. That was not a good mood. He talked about the. Cures policy, just in case crooked Hilary loses and that didn't work well for them. So you look them they wanted, ensures policies, so that should she, for any reason, loose, remember one hundred million to one.
Let said one hundred million to nothing, but true she lose, will have an insurance policy and we'll get this guy out of office but they said unless what they meant, that's treason is treason. Couldn't win the election and that happen and that's what's happening right now, because without the trees in word, I guess, but that's what happening now, they don't feel they can win. The election monitors I find it amazing. The press has caused the press, the enemy of the people, because people treasonous. I want to ask you, ladies and gentlemen, given what the press has done to us the last two and a half years and with the press is doing now, given the make up CNN and MSNBC, given they through the New York Times the Holocaust. Denying New York Times in the Washington Post is the press, the friends of the people
When the mass modern media is destroying freedom of the press, what is it, what is it? They're, not repress the modern mass media. If they were the free press, they wouldn't conduct themselves as well. Firstly, a thought, no independent thinking. No real new what's going on here. It's all about hit. Ratings and all the rest, you, I'm gonna exercise freedom of the press. Freedom of press, doesn't mean you have to own a cable company or radio company or any other company. You not freedom of the press, as you know what they meant by that you exercising your free speech, today we would say exercising a free speech, the broadcasting such as radio tv, but also access.
As in your free speech, the written word, the pamphleteers, that's what they were thinking about newspapers and pamphleteers people developing their own newspapers and there pamphlets, citizen, communicating with citizens, citizen grass, root activities. We have allowed this. Modern mass media to come between you and me and big, come between facts and figures. We need to fix this in order to fix a we need to talk about. There's no ten, point plan for fixing this. That's not how we function the more people who fully comprehend the problem and are helped with our new pamphlet on freedom of the press. The book, the more idea that will develop the developing somebody's home, the developing somebody's community, we'll get new technologies, new platform new ideas in them
Time CNN, stuck with CNN. I wouldn't want to be in their position. Would you. The Washington Post, stuck with a washed and posted on down the line there. This models are in trouble and that's a good thing. That's a good thing, because, in order to have a truly free press, there needs to be truly serious competition. And those that have a different agenda. However, they dress it up. Those who have a different agenda should die on the vine, I don't understand. The New York Times has survived this lot. Given its repulsive history doin cost in the slaughter, the Ukrainians, no other business would have survived. Now these people in the media, you would think if
and a half years? They might look in the mirror, but should be wrong because the radio ox, because they have participated in this activism on behalf of the left. I said the other day. Where was I An bream show maybe on their shove mother shows are coming together. Maybe both. And you think of a single leak to them at times of the Washington Post that has been helpful to positive about the presence of the United States. I can't. Can you think of a single story? Maybe there's one somewhere that has been positive about the president. Conversely, can you think of a single story that has been critical of anti policy are asked for her tax returns or a bank accounts, rather than any kind of investigative examination of. How can you think of one? How about our children the way
Children have been treaty, we don't you know the names of her children like other Joe Biden situation I've been in government almost fifty years, they ve nothing, they ask him he's changed positions, some very radical positions he held at still holds. Serious financial questions about his son Hunter and whether or not his father Oh interfered in a positive way to assist. Is I mean these are out there? There not been covered and when Rudy Giuliani dare to talk about them, he was shouted down. Now this isn't a free press. This is a serious press. These are press spokesmen, press activists for the Democrat party and the progressive moment that's what they are so it communicate among ourselves. We need to take a look of what's going on in our country.
We need to go around and over and under this impediment to freedom of the press,. And we have to start using the language and stop allowing them to intimidate us by. So while you must hate frequent, no, we love the free press. We have a problem with you. I'll be right back The so called restoring Douglas Brinkley was on cable right now, pushing his book on the American Moon shop When he's on MSNBC and CNN, he says the most loathsome things about the present United States, so come on Fox and present himself as this
Straight arrow, historic, he goes on those other channels. He says loathsome things. I have a whole list of the things that they been it can the president on what they call him in the book he's one of the ones. I just want to point that out how this works doesn't get past me. I can see the first born now when you ve got a five mile commute or your road tripping across the country. You know you want to feel secure behind the wheel too big that's a lot of pounds and that's why you need extended vehicle protection from Carshield. Carshield makes the process of fixing your car for a covered repair super easy you're, going to have your favorite mechanic or dealership. Do the work? It's your choice. If your car is five thousand one hundred and fifty thousand miles it doesn't mean you have to pay high repair bills, carshield administrators of pay close to two billion dollars in claims and the ready to help you save yourself. Thousands of future car repairs,
they cover by the ultimate in extended vehicle protection like I did call their new toll free number, eight hundred car, six thousand eight hundred car six thousand a mention Co. Levanter visit car shield that calm partial dot com on the internet and use code, Levin and you'll save ten percent in the way that eight hundred car six now men should code Levanter Visit car showed that come use code Levin to save ten percent deductible may apply. This is an outstanding vehicle protection plan and car shield is an outstanding company that makes good on its promise eight hundred car six thousand mention code. And truck TOT on my cell S day yesterday, Scott Michael steal, the former head of the Republican Party, whose a complete seller
It's amazing! What money will do that's here, this cut five unease is complaining that Republicans are not calling for the Astor Donald Trump, go Michael Steel. I do feel as if careful trump has it in his head that this is just If he can basically do a continent, I know he has this in his head, but everyone going along with us like new careful catch in this car for this reason and thinking it, it's really like so much. Up there. So he repeats exactly what Nancy policies that the President's begging for Mp he said that I know is not, and it always now who would nobody wants to go through their so chucked hard is manufacturing news, Chuck Todd. As a journalist, you see said democratic.
Democrat background. His wife is a democratic activist. He show no evidence of non partisanship and care how many people, how many clown Republicans he puts on his programme. But he sing exactly the same thing: Jake Tapir said the day before we're all the Republicans weren't they trying to get. In a rally the mob why they weren't they calling for the linking of Donald Trump. How come all of we, journalists and Democrats can see this? How come all of our paid Republicans can see this and how come of course, crackpot marsh can see this in the great Mitt Romney, where all the other Republicans they want to go down with a ship to others that sound like a reported Does that sound like a reported to you or democratic consult? Go ahead, it's only just another let me run these gonna have an open mind.
Doing. It seems like your plan with matches near a gas easy. There see you Republicans, you're playing with matches near a guess. Type, what's wrong with you help us take down your president. Please now are they gonna? Take advice from truck tottered Democrat destroy whatever is left of the republican base, Beyond the base do something that is absolutely unjust: take out a sitting press whose done nothing wrong and it was duly elected. Under our constitution too, No one would maxim waters and Gerald meddler. That's what tat is insisting on
any has a buffoon by the name of Michael Steel who will be bought, not bobbing his head up and I'll go ahead, but there is a great deal of difference between the man in the gas tankers burn out for now and in the calculation is that the Democrats aren't gonna be able to get the many closer than they are at the moment and a kind of plays into what we were just talking about. What is that narrative? What does that coalescing narrative behind which democratic gonna go to the american people and make the case for impeachment that doesn't come off wholly political and wholly sort of anti trompe l? And that's that's the sweet spot that tromp is in right now, knowing that his Republicans aren't going to Rio? Let's I understand that, but what's that a republican and have one on John Kennedy, I mean my god it that's enough! I'll be right back.
Now run them. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Everybody marked living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one: Bbc news iraqi Christians or close to extinction, how can that be.
Christians are almost non existent in the Middle EAST. There are entities in the Middle EAST that want Jews to be non existent in the Middle EAST. How did this happen? The first religion was Judaism. The next was christianity in the third with Islam, the archbishop of Herbal, the capital of iraqi Kurdistan, has accused Britain's christian leaders failing to do enough in defence of the vanishing christian community in Iraq in an impassioned address in London, the right ram. Bashour warder said iraqi Christians now faced extinction after one thousand four hundred years of persecution. Since the, U S, light invasion top of the regime of Saddam Hussein in two thousand three said the Christian can,
Did he had dwindled by eighty three percent from one point, five million to just two hundred and fifty thousand? Christianity in Iraq, he said one of the oldest churches about the oldest church in the world is perilously close to extinction, Those of us who remain must be ready to face martyrdom mean meaning there getting slaughter that getting white that referred to the current king threat from islamic state jihadis as a final existential struggle following the grid, Initial assault and twenty fourteen that displaced more than one hundred and twenty five thousand Christians from their historic homeless. Have you heard this anywhere else. Why isn't this blaring news on Tv- and I mean it just unbelievable This, I don't see no matter anymore, did
the New York Times back during the third Reich, when it doesn't seem to matter too many outfits at all right now our tormentors confiscated our present. He said, oh shit, why back our history destroy our future in Iraq, there is no He dressed for those who have lost properties, homes and businesses. Tens of thousands of Christians have nothing to show for their life's work for generations of work. In places where their families have live may be for thousands of years. Isis known as the in the arab world is danish, was driven from its lead stronghold Syria, in March, if you're, my said national military campaign. Or that had already been expelled from Iraq. Second city in more of muzzle, enjoy twenty seventeen but church
monasteries in homes belonging to christian families have been decimated and thousands of families have not return? And this week the archbishop wanted to what he said where a growing number of extremist groups had asserted that the killing of Christians and help to spread Islam. The archbishop went on to accuse Britain's christian leaders of political correctness over the issue. He called the fairy to condemn extremism. Can saying they were not speaking out loudly enough to fear for fear of being accused of Islamophobia cheat on. We know we have continued to condone. This never ending organised persecution against us. He said when the net Wave of violence begins. They hit us why anyone on your campuses hold demonstrate Kinda Gary signs that say we are all Christians Philip Mount to stuff.
The chairs. The independent reveal the foreign office, his response to the persecution, Christians worldwide said. I think the archbishop is right- that a culture of political correctness has prevented western voices from speaking out about the persecution of Christians I think, though, this is mainly due to a reluctance born of postcolonial guilt. Is the New York Times are they taken another pass. I'm just curious about the Washington Post. Heaven all those news anchors on seeing a particularly this Chris Cuomo he's a troll. Do you know that MR producer, Chris Cromer, I used to think the governor only arc. Andrew Cromer was the domicile now convinced Criss crossed the dumbest, although he is the brightest teeth, I must say that could drop their bishop. Mount Stephan maintains that christian persecution needs to be viewed from a global perspective
when as multiple causes, we only considered in the light of islamic militancy said We that a lot of other people off the hook, who should otherwise be held to account so horrible horrible thing, that's happening too missions in Iraq and all over the arab world. It's just a disgusting thing. I want you to hear from a gentleman is actually not again Who is giving a speech, I'm looking for the cut MR producer a university recently. Cut eighteen and what he had to say and part of this is wiped out for me, what is his name? You know Stephen Thrasher he's adulation spirit and why use convocation and he's a professor,
I want you to listen to what he sang at the Convocation N Y Use, convocation cut eighteen go. Many of us have been together occupy Wall Street and black lives matter, protests and marches again. Fascists in the White House. That would not allow fifty six different countries across borders and be together and setting like this I hope, you'll join jointly annoy you twenty nineteen Phd Facebook Book Group that I started so that we can support each other in the years to come, and I am so proud. So Proud of Anwar use chapters have students for justice in Palestine and yours, voices g saga and of the anyway. You screwed up government and of my colleagues in the Department of Social and cultural analysis for supporting the boycott
Sweden sanctions movement against the apartheid state government in Israel. Can you, professor, giving a convocation speech? Happily radical, not job. This is what's going on our college campuses. You reduce student, your conservative student, who need Angelica student you're in danger. You're endanger what was his clowns name again. I can't see it on my paper here, Stephen Thrasher. Listen to the hate you wanna want. You wonder why anti Semitism is on the rise in this country, air tight She is on the rise in this country, your hearing it these are the propaganda Cedric. Professors who get tenure and you
It's only their academic freedom, the counts, maybe my xbox gonna beyond the academy and am flirting with it. But you know too busy with this one cause. It's crucially important. Pretty shocking, isn't it. And then Lionel Omar takes the floor of the House of Representatives hoping open her big, bigoted mouth to attack Christians and orthodoxy. And others who oppose abortion. I thought many Muslims dead cat nineteen go Religious fundamentalists are currently trying to manipulate the laws in order to impose them believes on an entire society. Excuse me, so state passes a law that trying to impose their beliefs on an entire society. That's not how it works. Knucklehead. You must be. Using these states with the activists from the supreme.
But go ahead I'll with complete disregard for voices and the rights of american women. Really Some american women support. That's being done. Many american women support which being done in these in these states. As a matter of fact, supports, supported the most, but can't be heard the female babies. No, yes, go ahead with an effort. Like the sheriff you idiot, I don't even know why the hell, I'm playing you You know why I put you on the air you're a left wing throwback, that's it. Exactly what you are: a Jew aid or anti semite. You break that cultural rights in this country. Refuse to assimilate into our culture, that's what I mean Philip Bumpo, whether at the Washington Post. That's what I mean ADA Lisa
Quinn over there and pr and all arrest EU plans. You like this. I'll be right back I want to listen to the commencement speaker this professor again and then I want to say more about this. Guy got eighteen go. Many of us have been together occupy Wall Street and likewise matter protests and at marches against that fascist and the White House. That would not allow fifty six different countries across borders and be together in a setting like this. I hope, you'll join. They annoy you after twenty nineteen Phd Facebook work group that I started so that we can support each other in the years to come.
And I am so proud so proud of Anwar use. Chapters have students for justice in Palestine and yours, voices of geese at the end of the and why you schooner, government and of my colleagues in the Department of Social and cultural analysis for supporting the boycott divestment in sanctions movement. Hence the apartheid another view: Haider, taste, Semite bigot an army goes trumpeter and, of course, no controversy. No police needed to protect him. Nothing and our friends over the three big They point out in twenty eighty Northwestern University name, Thrasher, it's a normal, Daniel H, Redbird chair and according to an announcement from North Westerns middle school of Journey some media integrated market in communications. You want to
You wonder why the media are what the media are today. Thrasher well quote: focus on social justice and reporting, with an emphasis on issues relevant to the energy Bt Q committed. This is what I keep explain. This is what I explained in my book. This is the new journalists which has no journalism at all. This is radical, left wing progressive, any illogically driven propaganda. The guy is the chair. He gets a chair from north western middle school of journalism, media in a great and marketing, communicate. I'm not done a campus news, Perry Paper storing following them, outsmart stated: Thrasher hopes to quota stably programmes and classes that examined media coverage of sexual engender minorities. Washed and free Beacon contacted northwestern School for its views on thrashers comments about the
yes, movement declined to comment and during the convocation ceremony, Thrash replaced his political causes at the center of the universe is mission. This is what we are called to do. He said this is our and why you legacy that we are connected in radical love, a thrasher previously received, is bachelors degree in dramatic riding in film tv production from end, while you in the interim I want to listen to me. He worked as a journalist and at em, see Saturday night line. He worked as a journalist
BC cited here, live exactly what I'm explaining the book on freedom of the press. It's incredible! Isn't it let's go to. Somebody is actually saying you know this attorney. General bar is so good he's just so good. I'm a could not be more proud of this man and he speaking the american law instead- the other day, and he said some very profound things and since you're not gonna hear this on tv, I wanna play some of this for you tonight, no better than on the show with this stuff. Really matters to all of us does not caught one go these days, clashes between Congress and the executive steal the headlines, as I know very well, by clashes between the judiciary and the political branches.
Are also very weighty, and while the framers had concerns about the unelected judiciary, encroaching on the prerogatives of the political branches, Hamilton promised and the Federalist seventy eight that the least democratic branch would also be the least dangerous branch, because courts have quote no influence over either the sword or the purse neither force nor will but merely judgment today. That assurance does, still much confidence. We have seen: overtime and expansion of judicial willingness to review executive action and then combine that with the strategies of sophistical
public interest lawyers and the growing use of nationwide injunctions and legal community in the broader public should be more concerned, particularly about this trend of nation. Wide injunctions where one federal district judge can reverse the president's decision, or we reverse even Congress and impose his or her will throughout the country. That's new, the aggressive nature of doing this is no theirs
There are eight hundred of these judges cut to go to district judges in California in New York. Nevertheless, issued nationwide injunctions against the decision that is effectively requiring the government to reinstate the non enforcement policy in Dhaka. Notwithstanding the president's contrary exercise of its discretion, appeals have been ongoing for nearly two years and half the injunctions remain in place. This saga highlights a number of trouble and consequences of the rise of nationwide injunctions. First, these injunctions have frustrated presidential policy for most of the president's term, with no clear and inside were more than half way through the
students, time and the administration has not been able to rescind the signature immigration initiative of the previous administration, even though it rests entirely on executive discretion. The Justice Department has tried for more than a year to get the Supreme Court to review the lower court decisions ordering us to keep dock in place. But the court has not. Did any of those requests and they languish on the conference docket. Unless the court act quickly and decisively
are unlikely to see a decision before MID, two thousand and twenty at the earliest. That is right before the next election Tartu. Imagine a clear example of the stakes of nationwide. Injunctions cut three place. Second, these injunctions have injected the court's into the political process. The first injunction from the northern district of calling for new came down on January nights, two thousand eighteen in the middle of high profile legislative discussions hours earlier. That day, president Tromp had allowed cameras into the cabinet room to broadcast his negotiations with by partisan leaders from both houses of Congress over the dream, act, border security and broader immigration reform, and most people at that point thought it all. The pieces of a grand compromise were on the table, which would involve
one hand concessions on the dream act and, on the other, increased border security, but of course, wants a district court forced the executive branch to maintain doc nation wide for the indefinite future. The president, last virtually all the leverage in negotiations with congressional leaders who wanted him to maintain darkened nationwide, our let's stop there after the break. Our explain at more, but Dhaka was not legislation that is not in the constitution. Dhaka was issued by the Secretary of the age ass at the direction of the prior ministration, so this administration should be able to reverse course. The Obama judges will not allow and they put in place a nationwide injunction. They did that many
president's actions with respect to immigration with respect to the environmental protection agency. These are the radical Obama judges coming at a loss, schools and other places for abuse In their power and undermining the will allow nobody is Jan Robe Patton Magua even show now heading seven, seven create one. Forty, eight one, one. Since getting my exchequer, I do love spending a lot of time. My office, I never realized how comfortable my office chair was until I sat in the next year. I have two of them now I have the comfort and support my body needs and because of that, a more productive than I ever imagined possible.
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This code ex wheels and you'll receive a free said the new ex wheels with your chair to its acts, chair Levine, that com or one eight for four four exchequer perfect time to do it right now, Brent, LOS Angeles, California, eight. Seventy, the edge of the great k are allay where we live and national GO mark. While Americans should be calling you the great one, I think Americans, you should be calling you get all her door, a great one at the generation, oh boy
Thank you, and I were I'm calling you could ever happened undeniably, after all the good for alaskan, I'm just kill anybody s, but I'm calling because what you are talking about with Wealth Fargo, I'm terrified by what I think is wealth, Barghouti, ACT of treason by happily donating Trump Bank records to the congressional corporate collectivist coup and the many implications that this is just beginning behold: corrupt can our banking system be could be, is corrupt as corporate silicone, dart and dark, and a new players are now going to turn our data over the politicians if they do not stay with me breath. I want you to think about this. Amerika you get a subpoena from whereas, whilst Fargo does- and they ve turned over thousands of pages of the President's personal private banking information to damage
That's a House Finance Committee chaired by Maxine water. Now I want you to think about that. Not the IRS snow. In these investigative agencies, you're turning it over to Congress, you're turning them over. The politicians and the bank didn't even wait for an appeal. The bank didn't even resist. You're. Damn right, I'm taken my money at a Wells Fargo. What the hell I put on It must put it in my mattress. I only had Brent you I'm seeing this, as is in parallel with Google and Facebook and winter. I would never it I mean they. They each have their issues in your time at a corporate conspiracy. That's not what happened here. These corporate executives.
Then a board room, they weren't thinking about Google and Facebook. They didn't pick up the phone and call you know Zuckerberg absorbers name is this is on whilst Fargo. Now I'm not saying that I'm clean if the same mindset laughter if they're in Silicon Valley, but what is this get us? I'm telling you to be an activist right now. If you have money well, Spargo, take it the hell out and Marco fearful that other banks might follow suit, like Bank of America, they might think and guess what then we drop them to a lot of banks out their major and I think of another. Thus do this! These banks, you're gonna, get the message Look, the president is an appendage of the house, the banking There was not an appendage of the house, our taxes an appendage of the house. If a rug part of the government now it's not, the president The House of Representatives and federal district judges- let's be clear, There is tyranny afoot, there's tyranny of footnotes.
Sir representatives and in a number of these court chambers. Thank you for your call, sir and where's the media. They love it. I read you a story about this too vision. They don't mention that these are Obama judges. Why not are acting like Obama, judges right, Mr Chief justice, wiping out the chief justice wake up? Not u him your wide awake. I am too go to Esther in Brooklyn New York, the Great W Abc. How are you Esther? Ah, not ok, I'll call about about the typhus outbreak in LOS Angeles Miuesov outbreak and in Brooklyn. Iraq. When kelly- and I forgot to mention that Mr Call screener tuberculosis is up in New York, state typhus outbreak
from illegal aliens in LOS Angeles, tuberculosis, and been up for several years now under George patchy. They actually use the post. The tv rights per county in New York- and they stop doing that, of course, and the measles, the measles story with the measles is- was buried in a back page, a few years ago and in english language. Israeli newspaper that I like to read and the story of measles outbreak started in Israel and have but every but nobody is pointing the finger pointing fingers where they belong, jihadists The West Bank and Gaza believe that the Omar shot causes sterility. So there you think to allow. The madrassas are going out to imams are, are forbidding the followers from getting
Anger, kids, the animal shot. Well, that means these kids carriers and these they Bob and they are circulating among the jewish population in Israel, and People, don't realize that they come here and that's how it's been spreading. There has been, thankfully, a very big push for free measles vaccines. They are giving him out There is one particular community in Orange County which have like, I think, a ninety nine point. Seven percent vaccination right, I tell us about typhus. Scandalous- is being spread. Its first of all be having a massive problem with public are urination
and application. It is spread by many ways the how and when the hell we last night we had a typhus problem in this could well my father used to talk about it. Tommy story when you want to get out and about concentration camp vanquished. Are I my friend I appreciated Esther. Thank you for your call. Let's see who else is out there Shelly. I think we shall not a regular Americans, calling that's a good thing. Pete, say
Yeah go California on the mark, living go peak, go Marta low, yes, PETE speak! Please we're running out of time. I have to tell you you gave me a personal. Thank you on my notes, you on at me, and I appreciate that so much. Thank us and I wanted to say that this whole thing is a travesty of mockery of a sham which hold which wanted we tighten up. I I have to say that the wealth Argo thing is. I manage financial, petroleum, my clients and I got Malta, that a couple years ago, they are a rap accompany and I'm surprised at present Trump had anything in that company. I don't know all that. Gonna go there for people have their own experiences with various
he's an I don't wanna besmirch companies because of one experience or something like that. This is different. Ok this isn't about somebody's personal experience, a crap. This is about a cow we need that is decided that they are going to abandon the privacy of one of their customers. A big deal a president and give his private bank information to the Democrats to the politicians in Congress headed by Maxine Waters, this committee and that well Fargo knows what they're going to do. This information, therefore, I will no longer be a customer of Wells Fargo period. Thank you for your copy. Of long Island New York that Great W Abc go higher, from one island mark just about to see, surrounded by the way. Thank you. Ve got a book already and I'll, probably by another one get it's fine.
The deal about far spread. The word baby, given both to somebody else, asked I'll give it to ten people of forty people hundred people. The deal well tartar with that, I believe, are being blackmailed by the Waters Committee because of the credit card fraud that the bank has committed work. People at the bank emitted a couple years ago, and they will call on I do, though, one of the different committees worthy what how committees and I think that being blackmailed- and I think there under the gun and they feel I have to releases information- that's what I think, is going on so why don't know that for a fact, neither of us- but I do know for a fact that their coughing up thousands of pages adopting An end of it doesn't matter to me what the reason is I know, but as a former bagger I can tell you private customers, information is, is paramount and This is an extreme injustice to the president to anybody can I can talk for hours about. As I know, you don't have, that kind of time
gonna. Do I'm right to be disgusted by this right. Disgusted will always love by this. This is terrible to me. It is now Members are cause they're. Turning over to the democratic opposition research thanks again You know all the walls are breaking down because they're after Trump and. Notice how the media does it really dig into the banking rules. On their supposed to keep their customers information. Confident you don't hear a damn thing about it. Do you know you now say: It's very very sad highway. Yes, I have one more point if I can make one what yeah appropriately on sunday- but you know there was a speech by J F K right after he was elected, it was called, society speech School K entitled it the President versus oppress its on Youtube I encourage you if you haven't already well, that's fine, but the press loved him now they loved him, but he went after them
in a very romantic way, so to speak, have Darwin after them, but they still loved him Obama one afternoon, but they still loved him. No, but it's an interesting thinker. But you understand my point: absolutely they're not gonna, take down a president if they go after them, they agree with, and I look forward to seeing you thank you. My friend we'll get the summit call us when we come back I'll, be right back Hey man, maybe twenty We will be the most important election in our lifetimes big issues or on the ballot. The border Second Amendment Lane term abortion, freedom of speech and conscious, the constitution itself and the most expensive of them all will be healthcare. The left are pushing a plank
Medicaid for all- they want to take a programme seniors paid into all their lives and open to all comers. Children of illegal aliens to be called Medicare for none, because seniors will be forced to get in line with people who have paid nothing. Into some government run centralized programme wrong. It's unfair it'll destroy the world's greatest engine of healthcare, innovation. Where's the a European on this a wired they lie. Being hard to stop this rating of your Medicare, we know why it's the same: a r p that backed Obamacare. That's I am urging all of you to join a MAC right now, because, unlike the a r p M, Mack will fight Art against many care for all. That's why I'm a member become!
member of a MAC. But U S? That's a m! A sea! Not U S! The stakes have never been higher. Is an aim? Acta? U s enjoying today, I'm quite serious you're sixty rolling take a look at this, a m ac! Dart! U S and today I would say everybody should take a look at this to remember the a r p. Why they're not looking up your best centres and by the way a MAC has great discounts. Great bargains, great benefits, a great magazine. It really is a stellar organization in it shares our belief system. Our values are principles, so joined them. Now I m a sea dot? U S, you can check out their sight, a MAC dot. U S! I am a member and I am proud member
Ah I, let's see here, that's gonna. Iran should cargo Ellen, I the great WS country. How are you, Sir Gawaine? Thank you for taking my car. I prefer your book I can't thank you enough for turning me around into not not her being a liberal, but just from making me aware of the political climate. Thank you for everything. I have lost my opium epidemic. I'm sorry! I just want you to know that, You ve really open my eyes and I can't thank you enough. Thank you. I am so sorry run I'm so sorry that I am brigade. I will do anything to save my country everything you are remarkable, human being your remarkable human being, and God bless you and my best to your family, good Lord.
Can't think of anything worse. Quite frankly, let's go Suzanne, Chicago Illinois, also WS country. How are you, question about your book on freedom of the press and freedom of the press. Yes, yes and parenthood, are you were aware of any correlation there? No okay cuz. I you mention the target store a couple of times my money. What are you? What are you trying to get it? Let's get to a before we run out of time. I could be wrong if you can fat check that target and dieback both financer parenthood I have no idea, but that is nothing. Do me encouraging you to embrace liberty and freedom of the press? I can't control these outlets. I don't know who
Amazon funds. I don't have a Barnes, noble funds, I don't what target funds I don't know. I just can't do everything out of my basement. You understand. I understand why I do believe plan parent hood. DE funded. I dont understand that they act like it's a part of the government plan. Parenthood should be de funded, although this I want to fund it go at it promises they left it contribute even to their own charity, so they demand that we pay for everything It was- and I very much appreciate your car- take care. Can go anywhere and get the book whenever you're comfortable, with whatever you're comfortable with. And maybe your local bookstore, there always good. I love local bookstores John quickly, San Francisco, California, the great chaos. If I'll go out. I have a question.
Executive action, I'm wondering if the Republicans can immediately challenge an executive action to a friendly circuit court. Before the Democrats can't we can go into a circuit court. You gotta go into a disk, could enhance your question. They need to get a lot better at adopting the prompt prop problem. When trumps president, you and I really suing tromp, because we like as policies, you know, one obey as president or somebody like him. That's a definition. We shall at our armed forces police officers, firefighters, emergency person, now live at nights. But I am as on that come what are your copy of on freedom of the press? Go to cost GO they're all out there will be back to.
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