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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the Bill of Rights affords all of us due process including the President of The United States. Special Counsel Robert Mueller gave his opinions in his report and in his statement today. Not a single prosecutor in the U.S is permitted to editorialize their findings, yet Mueller had no problem in doing so and rejected calls to answer questions to the media or Congress. Mueller’s statements have well exceeded his report in a last ditch effort to give Democrats the ammunition to impeach the president. Impeachment was always his original intent. Mueller's unwillingness to answer questions from the media and from Congress prevent his report and conduct from under scrutiny by the Senate Judiciary Committee and others. These actions are an affront to our Bill of Rights and are far more divisive than anything Vladimir Putin as ever done, and every serious citizen, lawyer and prosecutor know it! Then, Lindsey Graham needs to subpoena Mueller so he can defend his report findings and the last-minute smoke bombs that he threw into the report. Finally, "Unfreedom Of The Press" debuts at number one on the New York Times Bestseller List.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now, and it's a hundred and seventy fifth year here, There is a truly independent institution where learning. Surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening. And my sincere appreciation to Hills Dale by their sponsorship, now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eighth, seven three eight once three, eight one one announcement in a moment,
big announcement in a moment thanks to you, but I'm gonna hold off on this because, at least for the future, there's something I want to get to hear. I watch this round smaller today and I was grinding my teeth with every word that came out of his mouth. Every word. Well then, afterwards, listening to the legal analysis, I was grinding my teeth. Even more, I'm gonna tell you what I What's going on here and then we'll play some of the audio. Because many of you actually work for living. I've heard most of this. First of all, let me start this way.
In this country will have something: that's called the bill of rights and the bill of rights, her intended to protect us as individuals from tyranny every last one of them. And the bill of rights apply to a present of the United States, is a citizen to and their other factor.
Tat- are taken into consideration when dealing with the present the United States, such as he's the head of the executive branch and needs to protect the executive branch. Now. The fifth amendment is what provides us with due process in this country. The sixth amendment is: what provides us with a writer jury trail. The fifth six than fourteenth amendments are what provide, Thus, with presumption of innocence and, of course, none of those applied against the presence of the United States, because he is the president of the United States, as you know, because.
Broken here. First on tv and radio couple years back, there are two memos produced by the Office of legal counsel: the Constitution office. If he will of the Department of Justice. One prepared under republican administration, one prepared under a Democrat administration, going all the way back, almost half a century makes abundantly clear that it is the official position of the executive branch through via the Department of Justice that you cannot indicted sitting president, not because he is above the law, but because you. And I'd have an unelected prosecutor of which there are thousands of federal prosecutors in this country. Removing one third of the government. And you now see how prosecutors can conduct themselves.
And there are so many of them. Can you imagine a present the United States with ninety the United States attorney's office and literally thousands and thousands of assistant. U S attorneys to respond to all of them having to testify before all of them I heard a an analysis on my favorite channel. It was exactly wrong. That's Mister Waller was being disingenuous, said, of course, he can bring an indictment subdue the attorney in order to decide whether or not to pursue it. That's not what they memos say. Memo say: president com be indicted, not that the? U S turning can indeed or a special council can indicted and the attorney general can reverse course. That's not what it says that would undermine the entire argument of almost a century in these documents. So that makes no sense.
Whatsoever? Moreover, they do make it abundant clear. They mean an indictment of any kind, a sealed indictment kept secret till after he leaves the even discuss this that it statute of limitations runs than the statute of limitations runs. I just which people would read these memos before. Waving them around? So I wanted to clarify that. That's a footnote. Mr Mulder said in part you'll hear some of this. We had had confidence that the present Clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. Is there another person in the country Which a common area prosecutor can editorial lies in that fresh nother isn't. If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so
Why would Mr Mahler say such a thing? It's not his job to say. Such a thing and why would he say it now chosen a press conference, the press? therein they wrote things down and they took pictures and they took video. Mr Mann Said they can ask any questions. This would be the same prosecutor who insisted on asking the president questions here I know you can ask me any questions. Media. Even said more, he said he has no intention of testifying before Congress that this report represents his testimony again.
Presently United States couldn't fall back on such an argument that my public statements represent my public statements, and you can question me about them from Mr Mahler. Who we were told over and over again as an inferior federal, employ he prosecuted. Just like you, this attorney? We were told be questioned by the media, can be question by Congress, and I report is the beginning and the end, but it wasn't the beginning. In the end. And I want to tell you why today in eight to nine missed the minutes, Mr Mahler went further than is written report on collusion and obstruction. That's why the meteor so excited. That's where the Democrats were so excited. They are pushing this coup.
Mr Mulder was always about impeachment. Never about indictment. So why did Mr Mala beyond his report today? Why did even speak today for eight or nine minutes before he went off into the sea? said into retirement. No doubt broker a Florida listened rate care. But it may cause you're gonna, hear people repeating this, but this is a result of how my brain works, based on experience as a former chief of staff to an attorney general. Mr Mahler made a statement today and went beyond his report because he wanted to give the Democrats everything they wanted today, because his report didn't go far enough and the Democrats were very upset.
This report, and so Mr Mulder went beyond his report. Why did Mister Mahler go beyond his report to give the Democrats what they wanted today. Because Mr Mahler doesn't want to testify in public before Congress and the Democrats call these committees and the House of Representatives specifically the Judiciary Committee. Why does Mr Mahler one will appear in public before the house, judiciary, committee. Because Mr Mahler doesn't one is investigation to be scrutinised. Mr Malo doesn't want to be cross examined by the Republicans. He doesn't want any questions about his hirelings. About its decisions about his conduct about the leaks About omitting Hillary Clinton The dossier, the top level
The FBI And is causing would call me. About whether or not as office leak about Mr Weissmann, Their Mahler doesn't want to answer any of us No one questions that would be pose to him by the republic on the House Judiciary Committee, so he gave the Democrats what they wanted today. They didn't thinkers report, one far enough, so he went further today. Contradicting not only himself, but they Only general the United States and Mr Mahler know that the Democrats would turn their guns on Mr Bar, so this deal was cut.
An unspoken deal body, English, Lincoln and maybe more for all. We know this deal was cut some kind of deal directly or indirectly, can an otter or something more. I will give you Democrats what you want, but I do not wish to testify about my conduct, the conduct of the people in my office to have our investigation. Second guessed by the Republicans. For those of you who watch Mr Mullay. Did he seem sharply? You did. He seem like he was on his game. Did he
did he seem like he was on his game? Did he have trouble somewhat reading through his written statement, looks like Mr Mob is a little bit feeble to me. Looks like in many respects Mr Mulder may have been a figurehead, for Mr Vice meant. But definitely he didn't want to testify secondarily because he wouldn't proof very well, not worry. Now, let me say this: this man done more damage to our constitution by turning our justice. Slim inside out by vice
giving our Bela rights by undermining this president. Then Vladimir Putin could ever hope to do, and I am not a fan of Lattimer Putin's as you well know, but what Mr Mulder has done. This country help the divide. This country servers inoperative for impeachment from day. One is unconscionable, it's more It's an outbreak and ivory, serious prosecutor knows it and every serious FBI agent knows it every serious lawyer knows it and every citizen knows it. I don't give a damn what these people running for that required nomination have to say.
They want an easy path and they know Mahler just help them. I don't give a damn what Gerald meddler and any other mobsters you run. These committees have their say. They ve been pushing the removal this president before he was president. I can only imagine what the founders of this country are thinking today. What the framers of the constitutional thinking today. I can only imagine what great jurists like Joseph Story, among others, learning, and I can only imagine what their thinking today and then the listen to the legal analysts is the icing on the cake. These politicized attorneys these buffoons, who present themselves as experts to walk you
the process mania them former federal prosecutors who don't know a damn thing about the constitution, not constitutional scholars. Half I've never help help handle pellet cases, telling you what to think what the believe. You know what to think- and you know it to believe when I, turn. I will further unravel, listen just let you know something. I've never done, but I've agree. Do I will be on Hannity again tonight on Fox at nine thirty pm eastern time, six, thirty pm pacific? I'll be right back then, since its found.
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I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's an Primus! I. M p r. I am I S daughter was there that EU welcome to Helstone. Well, I was short segment here. I want to continue where I left off right after the break, but here's what I want to tell you. Turns out, we are going to be number one on the New York Times best seller list, and that's not thanks to me. That's thanks to you because I guarantee you they didn't want to do this given chapter six of the book. And again, thanks to you, we beat some very, very heavy competition. I am they mark. What do you want to be in the New York Times by so unless, when you trash the New York Times, ladies and gentlemen, isn't that the point isn't that the point rich?
You think they like me putting their name on my front cover of a book. One on chapter six says the New York Times betrays millions. I guarantee you there's a lot a pencil breaking over there. That's ok, Again, thanks to you, we were so far ahead. There was nothing they can do about it, but this is a lie. The term battle. They get this message out of on freedom of the press in your sing it right now with impeachment with Mahler there's no escaping this. There is no escaping this battle. This is why we need to confront this. We support freedom of the press. They don't we support innocent until proven guilty they'd out. We support due process they now We support the outcomes of a of the outcome of a legitimate election. They don't. All roads come through the media The modern mass media do not believe,
freedom of the press and that's the pocket book I explained in the book, and we should stop ourselves and our country and our future to be defined by them. That's not the purpose of a free press And so the more of you who join this movement, you Thomas pains out there and by what is or I urge us read at the library this pamphlet that I call on freedom of the press, the better, so we can spread the word and it's an important word to spread so did this. I want to thank you and the irony is not lost on the near times or me or you, because one of the
The worse news organisations, the nineteen, thirty nineteen fortys and now from others, cartoons about the Jews and truck, is the New York Times company they're, not alone, but it certainly the worst. In my view, if it's not the worst its among the worst again Thank you, Amazon's ere! You can pick it up there. Any book store any warehouse store. You look good nights, unbelievable, unbelievable, I mourn com I'll, be right back folks, many of our nations, oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up Is good but sadly many have lost their way locked in the grip of political Agnes, they no longer allow free and open discourse and instead pedal their moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully theirs.
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now Don T, you slash admissions to plan a visit and learn more that's hills, Dale DOT, EU slash admissions marked were then show is tomorrow's morning show you could reach Mark now at eighty seven, Twenty one. Thirty, eight one one. What do you think of my points, ladies and gentlemen? Mr Mulder would do anything not to testify to have the conduct of his operation exposed to have serious questions asked about the nature of his investigation. It really amazes me here, saying nobody's above the law the present, and it is about nobody's above the law, really what would appear that Mr Mulder is above the law and he's too every to the democratic time and again, whatever they want, and despite the fact that vine
This report was an outrage to begin with. He went further tonight. There's, no other explanation for this. This was a totally gratuitous event, not taking any questions. Any Wilma testify Does Natalie seem upset? The Mr Mahler announced that he has no intention of testify. It doesn't seem absurd in. In that light, came out with a prepared statement, almost immediately thereafter just seem so choreographed me Ben, even if it's not stir logically flows. I believe Mr Malerba, at least to me, seems rather feeble and I believe that would become apparent if the click later on the nations watching some of these republicans are quite good question. Most time, but some are he
shines the light against Lumbar delivers attorney journal bar, delivers him right up to the Democrats as they wish delivers the president's up to the present and up to the Democrats, even references and peace, Does he used the word by references it exactly what the Democrats want and then off into the sunset? He goes, I'm not taking any questions, and even if I would testify which I don't intend to would just be within the four corners of the report, but he went outside the four corners of the reported INA. Yes, he did. He went outside the four corners of the report and now we're not supposed to question. No, I don't think that's the way it supposed to work. Do we have any liberal callers? Let me start that way, Mr Barroso, who do we have.
On the mark Levant George, in New Mexico, what do you think George George you're on? Who else do we have. Fernando Syria, Satellite Massachusetts: what do you think I don't mark of Canada? Viktor you mustn't like what are you saying to Europe? Yes, greener. I've been waiting all day for approach, first person to come out and say this, what you just exposed and why Molly did afraid it is so obvious economic upswing, Lucifer out. I would even call into Hannity who's gonna, be the first person to exposes. I'm sure sounds like it was an agreement between a democratic than him, because all of a sudden nobody's cornplanter get subpoenaed by the Democrats and also make a point. The Democrats have the house, the Republicans, have the Senate wide onto republic
Why wouldn't nay subpoena Bob Mala Lindsey Grants, for example, ass all the tough question I hope they will but the actions of the House Judiciary Committee. That's where the impeachment action is and so there, while the sunny can do that the the House Today Committee, where the focuses I understand what I'm saying Marcus Lindsey Graham stated that he was gonna, do an investigation. Then one bar took over as he always does he backdoor. What I'm saying is why don't they call him in separate from the impeachment that the house will probably go through in question and on the cuff questions than nobody's asked them. Yet when did you know when you do know, there was no collusion in. Why didn't you tell the american people? That's what gets me the most right their mark it. It's been a cool like you said it. So obvious in I'm, just
It is not enough and not enough strong media conservatives saying the truth, I'm just justice. Listen to this. I can speak for everybody else, I'd Fernando! Thank you. My friend Judy Aspirin Virginia their great w. I may I go market. Can thank you not for your book in the year of years, I'll I'm a terrible reader. I learned with Dick and Jane, but I finished your book in less than a week governing over market up. It's incredible, and I want to thank you for that, but the other thing I want to talk about today. I listened to what Mahler said. I listened to the whole thing under the mail, this more
and the first thing I thought is: why does it somebody say Mauler is a coward he's afraid to talk to their public. He doesn't want to be asked. I just did that. I'm sorry! I just did that. I know I know your last. How are you said at the beginning of your show and that's what I got so excited somebody. Family said what I now here's here's my mind. Works may be much like yours. You're a singer. What's goin on here I see, what's going on at the surface low, I can expect a real analysis for most These news operations in their phony legal experts what's goin, What is it the mullah once out of this is just a hack. Well, he's a hack. But he does not want to be exposed. He does not want to be cross examined here. Not one his staff to be questioned. He does not want his investigative techniques,
the question you know the Swat teams and everything he doesn't want to be cut. About what he said, investigate. He doesn't want to be question about who wrote the report why they included aspects in the report. He doesn't want to be question about prosecutors, ethics. What goes on in a court room and outside a car courtroom. He doesn't want to be made mincemeat of which he would and so. He gives us karma. He gives us this. Really bizarre event, no questions in which he he goes beyond, what is report says, even though he says he's he's gonna stick with. The four corners of the report, any leaps.
Ok, so what are the motivation? The motivation? Well, I think, figured just figured. That's that's why I'm Lane amount- and you too, I think, he's just he's a mouthpiece for by I dont think he could say anything in EU pointed out earlier today did- would give we notice how he was struggling to read from the report. I dont think Mahler was involved in this hall. Stop at all, and this is me independently thanking, but but where I hear from you, you, you confer the my beliefs are correct, that the other way round minutes behind a lot of death and Molly could not testify in port of Congress without Weissmann sitting I mean, and I can think of a thousand one questions as a guy. Can you yeah like any, doesn't want answered, he doesn't want. Come up. Another wasn't all. I worked up about it,
Didn't say: meddler did you know this guy thinks she's above the law. He can't just make statements and walk away. Now we have an obligation. We have oversight here in the house, Judiciary Committee now he said you know: ok well, Mollusca what he said next that Trump all right. Thank you for your call. I appreciate it, but that's pretty much what's going on here. I think what do you think? I'm just testing theory here, because I think it's more than a theory- Sean LOS Angeles, California, liberal, eight. Seventy they answer go you mentioned earlier that neither provides more than talk. You know more than Putin's modern purity. Thanks for your car guys, not even listening enough. He sober.
Joe Debbie Phd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Harry user Mark Work report the answer on: how did it cannot always what, when you come on? Thank you work that was the most cowardly dissertation from a God will spend it got with wonder. I have ever listened to all mauler accomplish that I was the drive and where the wedge deeper and deeper and our political differences and support. I didn't do more than that he's pushing impeachment and you have to ask yourself what guys motivation other than ideology, and his motivation is. He is scared to death of testifying he left hanging mark. He threw it out there that there's there's something very serious with what Russia's pampering it's up to you to find out an and guess what it is. It could have been Hilary campaign that was these. That was the benefit.
Your area of Russia, had that's my point. He would have been questioned about these things. Can you see Jim you're, not their questioning him about those things? This guy was supposed to be a half FBI. Guy he's a wine, so farmer marine with again a Republican. They who cares about all that The fact is we're dealing with what he is today right, yeah wording wherever they go wrong now, where did he just border? He loses his thoughts. I my friend, thank you. We'll be right back, every human being has a common problem. How do I live? Well? Our happiness and well being depends on how we answer that question hills. Dough college President Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's Nick I'm making
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I am for hills doubt that come from Mr Mulder and throws a molotov cocktails another one in the United States doesn't want to be questioned about his combat, not by reporters not by Congress. Goes further than his report in delivering the Democrats. What they want, the democratic control, committees and their in no hurry to talk Mr Mulder in front of the american people because you see, ladies and gentlemen, there controlling the narrative Democratic Party media Funny legal lasts, the Democrats run into the microphone. Republicans are playing decent. We're all playing defence, because we want to get our hands on Mr Mulder to question him.
And now Mr Mahler he's is not going to be questioned fairly. Not yet. And so they continue to put their narrative. Mahler said this Mahler said that Mahler said this semester. Mothers credibility goes unchecked, no cross examination. No questioning. Because Mr Mahler would be destroyed with even semi. Opening questioning by Republicans, he would look like a fool not only because of his feebleness. But because there's a lot of problems with his investigation, so the democrats- One effect that narrative you hear the Democrats running for president. I don't want to hear anymore from all other- get everything they wanted from Mahler, especially today and mother got what you wanted from them, which is a pass. Now, if you hear another human being on radio and tv say that you know you heard at first right here,
can see other media operates. Is God just in a marsh? Nobody cared away? Was nobody knew who he was now they're celebrating them again Because she had a town hall meeting, what send our cameras and why? Because he hates me That's why I, by all means so the cameras is a nobody. He's not even I want a big that's how low down the list the guy is, but it doesn't matter as a manner. To Taylor Bethesda Maryland the Great w I may I go through them Taylor, is you speak to me? Please pay I'm so one day I want to point out is tromp was and currently is, surrounded by time. The peoples If you would sue argument obstruction, someone else would have been on it
son, mauler statement. He said war tromp has immunity, but no one around him does big I'll, be fine. You just now and been prosecuted, it's funny you should mention. I could live in tv, which I taped a few hours ago in your right on brilliant point. I said that too, which is but you're right on you cited here. I said you're right you so where we're going there could be. Other people involved an obstruction yet like who who's been charged with obstructing investigation. May one person there isn't there aren't any people the elephant, and no one year? You're right a tailor, don't hang up, I'm gonna send you a signed copy of on freedom of the press. Have you no tailored to it's the number one New York Times best seller. So smile when you hear that. Because the irony is is thick. Thank you. Don't hang up MIKE
Ah me Maryland the great view I may I'll go this way arbitrary, too good things and more lie to the american people today, regarding obstruction of justice by our president, should he be indicted for giving force information, then he always step is bound by saying that the fact that he could not be I know that the present speaks for itself I made in my opinion this guy lied. He perverted everything that he said prior he should, indicted, he should be thrown in jail at six p m tomorrow morning, right out of his ass. These guys, no good for America he's a disgusting being paid wise here. He is easy! No more than the lowest person! I've ever met my life. So that's my opinion of him. You should be locked up immediately, for why Could american people look at a contradictions? He came out soon. I would have
there are. If I could this balance, this ban is a lunatic, then a thief. How much money they walk away with my friend. People are angry. You have every right to be angry, because this is an back on you, it's an attack on the justice system to attack, President, you elected, and you and I Oh now now we're gonna have the ear here at least what up till the next election month after month of this kind, this pseudo phony crack, that's exactly what it is and their plan us as fools not for we know exactly what's going on I'll, be right back
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our to our number, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one: three women so Clown representative, not well. Ok, A swore well, he has like a giddy look on his face. It's hard to tell of the faces. The pit well constipated looking mercy, but their various.
I did now you see and that's just sit back and look at this present United States. He gets elected in immediately. They call for his remarks. His campaign spied on upper echelons, the FBI's trying to destroy his candidacy and then his post election pre presidency and his prey. Have you ever seen? Anything like? No, you haven't has anything ever happen like this. American history, no, not even Nixon. The house has no chance. Of succeeding in removing this present, all they can do some peach,
day in and day out, the media play along and give voice to the loudest miscreants in the Democratic Party The media have played catch with the leakers, the FBI, the intelligence, agencies in the Department of Justice, and I would argue, the White House so they're not going to expose the police state tactics that they themselves are contributing to. And then, of course they they redline they're not going to cross. The red line, if it changes there narrative that is, that its trump you see its trump who's, the problem. They can't have Him testify that is smaller because it changes the narrative. Not I want you to think about
on and on and on four months. The president should testify tamales team. Are they just want to straighten out a few things? So they were true set em up for obstruction, and yet in Canada, sitting president, so why are they trying to set him up for obstruction while they say because you know there could be other people who. It may involve instruction who are immune like the present this and as the college sad and you'll see I'm Leavin tv, wait a minute, there's not a single person who was charged with obstruction, and none of them have immunity around the president when it applies to this investigation. So what's he talking about storm and nothing he's looking for an excuse, a pretext. Now I eyes here on the mark: Levin shall have been wide open when it Somalia and the entire purpose of this process.
And my bodies will replace tv and see our in particular. They sent this clip to us, which MR producers downloaded. This is smelly two years ago June, twenty twenty seventeen months oh after Mahler, was appointed just four five weeks. What's the purpose of this employment cut one guy he's gonna write a report one day. Which he knows, which call me knows which Schuman knows and are all friends. Those three there are tight will be used as the basis for impeachment. It's taken when the House of Representatives Mr Mulder may be investigating individuals and somewhere, but his pervious, Rebecca each against the present United States is making. As for impeachment lot indictment. This is great Important to understand this,
the Democrats, who saw enthusiastic about him in particular, and about that position And why they wanted as broad as possible. This is the player. This is the plan I dont down for a minute and the Republicans allow that to happen, I was on this radio programme on June to is twenty. Seventeen. Tat evening. I was on Hannity on Fox NEWS Channel for the second or third time trying to explain the present United States cannot be indicted. What's the purpose of this cut to go? had a debate. The last several weeks as a result of the gym call me a legal leak through his law, prefer. The body to the New York Times that the suggestion is that Donald Trump obstructed justice. Now you and I know in any body with with any
In its knows that the United States Natalie didn't obstruct justice, can obstruct justice. That aside, this has been a delay for weeks obstructing drastically by well. Well Mahler investigate him up. Has investigated. That's not the question. That's me. Insanity, The issue is: why would Mahler investigate a sitting president at all criminal matter, because it's been The United States Department of Justice under Republicans and Democrats, seventy three memorandum, and in October memorandum, under the Clinton administration, You must not cannot indicting sitting president that that this prize, would be that's not my point as a matter of constitutional interpretation for forty four years. That's the position. Environmental justice. We ve law, professors homeless, people would be law professors all tv and radio talking about obstruction of justice, we ve had meaning.
I'm talking about it. We ve had members of Congress talking about it. It doesn't matter the official commissioner, the Justice Department is, we charges sitting president with a crime we, charge a sitting president with a crime- and I heard somebody say today- will of course we can. Prosecutor can origin with a crime, and it's up to the attorney general to reverse it. That's not the official position of the Department of Justice, and they were some of the people on TV would start to pay attention to what is actually going on there to Clara by half. The memos are clear. And so that means for: U S, attorneys and grand juries. You cannot indict A sitting, president. Under the position of the union These department of Justice for forty four year. And the reasons are laid down there actually quite irrational. I used to believe you could years ago but I've changed my view on that. I changed my view sometimes or because it trap,
in my view some time ago, and that fact I think the bizarre, the department over the last forty four years is really so thoroughly accurate. None of the arguments. I've heard counter make any sense. Well, it's not enough. Constitution really. Can we were U S attorneys or in the constitution show me where assistant, U S attorneys or in the constitution, show me where Your councillor in the constitution show me where the sudden for good New York is in the constitution. Show me where district judges or in the constitution should we're a pellet judges or in the constitution. Congress has authorized to create these entities. The president has authorized to sign off on them. That's how we get legislation, that's how we get the judiciary, act and so forth, and so on and so are playing in the play box of statute and statutory interpretation as it applies to the constitution. Now.
Let's go to smaller today, Scooby painful, but you may well do just fine Mahler today cut three go the order. Appointing me special counsel,. The rise. Does anyone diabetic? First of all, we are hearing now these these Cairo on TV mothers, bombshell remarks, This is our push up. The ratings push up the hype. Really push up the hysteria. And so we gonna get what another year this crap mothers Bombshell remarks start from the top. Please cut three go the order. Appointing me special council authorized us to investigate actions that could of struck
instigation and we conducted that investigation and we kept the office of the acting attorney general apprised of the progress of our work and as set forth in the report after that investigation. If we had had come confidence that the present and clearly did not commit a crime, we would have and so now that is so outrageous. That line will go down in history as exactly you do not do what you do not say. If you're a prosecutor, it is shameful that this man said go ahead. We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the present didn't commit a crime. The introduction to the volume two of our report exe,
that decision it explains that under law you hear his voice here, how weak this man is not time a week of of conscious and tone of his voice, its weak. He sounds feeble to me. He doesn't want to be grilled in Congress publicly much easier to do this. You say: go ahead in the farm policy. A present president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office that is unconstitutional, even if the charge is kept under seal and hidden from public view. That too is prohibited and he's correct about that. That's what the memo say and anybody who says otherwise isn't literate
they're, not reading the information, that's their in black and white, no indictment period. That's what it says but go ahead. The special councils office is part of the Department of Justice and by regulation it was bound. By that department policy charging the present with a crime was therefore not an option. We could consider its true cut forego parliament's written opinion explaining the policy makes several important points that further formed our handling of the obstruction in Belgium? Mr reduce you hear what I talking about his voice. He shaky and He's infirm, I don't mean mentally infirm, I'm saying he's weak. The things he sang I mean is the very weak voice. Can you I join him was standing.
Nine ten hours, a growing from serious report guns with serious questions. He doesn't want any of it go ahead. Those points are summarised in our report and I will describe two of them for you. First, the opinion explicit explicitly permits the investigation of sitting press because it is important to preserve evidence while memories are fresh and documents available among the things that evidence could be used if there were a co conspirators who could be charged now, but there aren't co conspirators and nobody's been charge because there wasn't this conspiracy to obstruct justice.
Do you realize that a single person on television has made this point unbelievable, go ahead and second, the opinion says that the constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting. President of wrongdoing and areas where and seeing impeachment so he picks to add a ten points made in these memos and very references impeachment. You see, that's the money shot for the democratic right there. That's why they're gonna give a pass. I think that's the money shot but their quoting that as well as another sends earlier, go ahead. Beyond department policy. We were guided by principles of fairness. Then, and now you weren't, there's nothing fair about this. It's all tyrannical go ahead. It would be unfair to potentially.
It would be unfair to potentially accuse somebody. Canada red is no cars when there can be no court resolution of the actual charge, so that was just a department policy, those where the principles on which we operated and from them we concluded We would would not reach a determination, one way or the other about whether the present committed a crime. Now, that's quite outrageous for, reasons one, the attorney general's testified on March Fifth, at three times he and the depth attorney general asked there Senor, not making a recommendation or you didn't take action is because of these memos. And they said he definitively said no you see, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats have been troubled by that early on.
That's an hour Mahler says: well, they are in fact a problem, and But I'm done making my statement on leaving town, not a damn thing into about. That's what he sang course we can't subpoena, but you get my point go ahead. That is the that is the opposite final position and we will not on any other conclusions or hypotheticals about the present? That's it. Ladies. Gentlemen. I kind of common any further already brought up impeachment back handedly. These were the principles on which we operate here from then we concluded that we would not reach a determination one way or the other about whether the President committed a crime. That's that. The opinion says: the constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting. President wrongdoing does Congress, the House: does the house not know about impeachment? Did they not.
You're talking about so why would he reference in here because I wanted him to they needed him too?. You see this man is above the law. It is he who is above the law go ahead. We conducted an independent criminal investigation and reported the results to the attorney general, as required by department regulations. But what was not required by departments regulations was what you reported to the attorney general. Not the fact of a report volume to wasn't impeachment red really not intended for the attorney general, but intended for the Democrats in the House of Representatives and intended for the Democratic party media go ahead. The attorney general then concluded that it was appropriate to provide our report to Congress and the american people, that's not the way work. He didn't give it to the attorney
And on he decided was appropriate to release it. He testified long before you provided him with the report. Who's going to release as much of the report is possible. So you know in advance that the vast majority what you were gonna put in this report will be least to the media and the Democrats or capital hell. You knew that, which is why but what you wrote guy had at one point in time. I requested that portions other report be released, the attorney general prepare a preferred. Make that and prefer. Making endear this guy mumbling around MR pollution. Can you imagine him in front of this committee for eight nine ten, our answering tough, serious, substantive, important questions, I'll be right back
I only have a minute and have here, and I want to continue after the bottom of the hour, in time folks excited around here. We're looking at the New York Times list now and unfair The press was number one not only in hard cover, nonfiction betting, combined print and E book Nonfiction on Friday. The press was number one. Howard Stern comes again was number to the pioneers when number three c stories number four educated number: five, lemme see Michelle Obama and the top five would not care of you, see much of this in the news. Ladies and gentlemen, a lot of silence about this hasn't their other than me and on some of the programmes my friends on foxen, and some of our wonderful lamb, bloggers and sites, and so on,
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I mean Sean Hannah at the top of the list, but PETE Exit and grief. A dire their morning show unbelievable Jesse waters, just terrific judge, Janine, wonderful, wonderful, brine, kill, Mead, who else was on, oh well, who else is on that programme? Mr bloom? I am so time I minors gaieties guys. Don't now aimlessly. Deuces, always terrific and try to remember, I don't want to miss anyone, because I certainly wanna be will, but I want to thank them all.
Shannon Bream and night. That's correct and our radio affiliates, I'm telling you we have the greatest radio affiliates and the local hosts absolutely stand up and outstanding and other television programmes coming and I'm sure a missing people, and I want to apologize. Oh yes, of course, or people ablaze, tv. All over the internet website organizations and so forth. I want to thank you all. I want to thank you all, but most of all I want to thank the american people when I feel like it's. My bar mitzvah dilemma. Barnett.
I let's, let's get back to it more on Robert Mahler today, and this is what caught my attention more than anything else, listen very carefully cut six go now. I hope and expect this to be the only time that I will speak to you in this matter. Choose me I mean you huh We expect your inferior employ. Everybody keeps tell me you're an inferior ploy. Like a: U S, attorney, you don't get the dictate. I hope and expect. You got a lot of explaining to do pow you're bringing president are trying to use this? the business of the nation, your mouthpiece for the Democrats and you're dressed up as a prosecutor. I hope and expect hope and expect nothing show a little bit of the carriage one tenth of percent of the carriage I've everybody of dragged in front a grand jury go ahead. I am making that decision myself. No one!
told me whether I can or should testify or speak further about this matter. Has discussion about an appearance before Congress. Any testimony from this office would not go beyond our report: say I say I'm not answering questions beyond. What's all republic. How do you get away with that? The Republicans must and allow this Lindsey. Graham you, the treatment of the Senate Judiciary Committee. This guy needs to talk he needs to be. Subpoenaed he needs to be put under oath. He won't come. He needs to talk and public. I mean this country belongs to us, go ahead. It contains our findings and analysis and the reasons for the decisions we make. We chose those words carefully
And the work speaks for itself and a report here in red Sun, so the report speaks for itself at set he's done that set the reports, be for itself. You by thy, ladies and gentlemen, go slowly. I would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before Congress, say I'm not going to answer any we'll make em take their position. Hold him in contempt, give this guy a but a taste of his own medicine. That's what should be done be done. In addition, access to our underline underline work product is being done. I did any process it does. That does not involve Jesus mumbling and fumbling, or what this is. What I'm talking about, both substantively and Why is he he just doesn't want aware? He doesn't want to be grilled, he does
I will and people, but he doesn't want to be real. Go ahead. So beyond what I have said here today and what is contained in our written work, I do not believe it is appropriate for me to speak further about the investigation or to comment the man throws Molotov cocktails in every direction and he doesn't want to speak any further pal. Let me tell you something: if you are conducting yours, of thy way. Originally, that would be a problem that wouldn't be a problem, but that's not what you ve done. You put out four hundred and fifty pages four hundred and fifty pages you can't say, while that shit I've spoken, You just had a statement, eight and a half minutes long and what you want beyond your report, you went further than your report to give the Democrats What they wanted, the propaganda they wanted and to give the media the propaganda. They wanted
Showed everything I'm going to say: that's it I'm gun within the four corners, a fair of the government, see later, Sorry now pass the microphone guide, the actions of the Justice Department or Congress, and this very reason I will not be taking questions today as well. How about that? We ve never had anything like this that I can think of Surgery Adler. I guess he's feeling better. Now, almost immediately after cut seven go, although departed Justice policy prevented this special council from bringing criminal charges against the president. The special counsel us We demonstrated that President Trump is lying He's lying about this, I really didn't. Has this guy I really to test the sky
he wants to gather more information? He acts like a fact finder. This is a very. Very dangerous man. Who has an enormous amount of control, go ahead. Findings lying about the testimony of key witnesses in the special council's report and above all, lying in saying that the special council found no obstruction and no collusion statement. This morning, special council Mahler reaffirmed his report. It found substantial evidence that Russia, our political system outlaw who was in charge back then dummy your party go ahead in vain benefited from russian interference and get the hell. No, that's not correct Trump campaign didn't benefit from russian interference. The Hilary campaign benefit
from Obama. Interference go ahead. The trouble those around him repeatedly welcomed Russia's support and that throughout the subsequent. That's not what the reports this guy's such a liar- it's unbelievable, humble they never have to be, objected to the same rules and the same threats that they, subject everybody else too. There are multiple efforts by the FBI to concoct scenarios in which the Russians were making entreaties to trump people. There were also actual efforts by the Russians to make entreaties every single one of them found every day and one of them- and this guy gets up here lies in here it can people, nobody is nobody's parsing his words today on tv are they? Nobody is a fact,
hey Natalie over there. The washstand compost are, they know, they're not go ahead from shore to have time and time again, Trump didn't seek to obstruct anybody. You jerk not time and time again never and never did he attempt to obstruct anybody which is why Mahler was able to do what he did and they all this guy Mahler out, like he's, got go ahead. One special council did not exonerate the president of the United States of obstruction of just it's not his
to do that. You jerk, and you know that damn well go ahead through obstruction of justice by the way is an amazing. How quickly at us talking points and everything was put together like actually knew what was coming right, MR producer, how could he not. Go ahead of Somalia found substantial evidence is a serious crime. It strikes if he found no Syria savage ants that there was a crime that strikes the core because he didn't put that Inside of the attorney General United, so you know, but for these member I think the president should be indicted. Is that anywhere in the report is now
are in the report. It comes out of this big mouth of matters go out of our justice system. Three, the constitution points to Congress to take action to hold the present accountable ways: misconduct now they constitute, she doesn't point to Congress in this instance. There is no misconduct. Man, oh man was this has set up from day one you and I Ladys and Joe. We saw this a mile away. They desperately wanted a special council, they pressured Rosen Stena Gutless, wonder he appoints a special council. There's no criminal, predicate he wants to take the heat off of himself. Then you have a runaway train. People. Mahler hiring doesn't want to be question about any of it. They put out a report they're not supposed to put out that. Is it supposed to be concise statement? What wasn't what
done. Not opinions on the innocents are guilty of any individual. That's six of this and half a dozen of the other, but he wrote it. It's an impeachment report. That's why I wrote it. He wrote it for the Democrats. With a presently united States. It didn't collude presently United States who didn't obstructed. Presently United States was a victim who is spied upon while the man in charge of that government Obama he's off making ten the millions of dollars doing whatever the hell he's doing so raided by the media, does They answer a single, damn question. His dirty work has been done for him by a surrogates and his cohorts and he sits back any smiles at it. Sal Rageous I'll, be right back.
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For them they should be excited. I've got now my six New York Times number one best seller, all of them, but on the New York Times, but there you go. If true, I've told by a reliable source of true there's your censorship, that's how it works right. There are. Let's take a couple calls here this. This is a very very troubling day, would Mahler very, very good day with us, but the smaller thing cannot go past with.
Some more aggressive unravelling. As far as I'm concerned, let's see I'm looking at this unlocking. Let's go to Kelly Waterford Michigan on the mark, Levant Power you mark. Thank you! I'm Congrats hang a book. I want to say that I think you're gonna be ok over what mauler has done, because the right part found the right where you to back stabbing, innovate trail, but the last isn't used to this, and now they ve been a ban I am aware of the problem. The problem with this is there's a lot of people in the outer suburbs and others. This kind of stuff influences them, and that's what the Democrats now and let me tell the game players. I discuss the is to drive down his ratings to the MID thirties, and then move on impeachment right now is to popular.
But their hoping the drumbeat will bring him down, bring em. Now that's what policies waiting for that's. Why will investigate and see where it leads investigate They know they have the the Praetorian Guard media in the back pocket, which is exactly why I wrote this book on freedom of the press there working with the media. The Democrats are hoping to pay, down as ratings pushed down his popularity and then they plan to strike. Ok, do you think that my worry basically wash its hands of this? He said circus ball and let the planet they need a drag. His ass back into the United States Congress you some of the language they use with bar, you know, will arrest him. Ah handcuffed were put him in the cafeteria there very jail, will do whatever we have to do that. Mr Monti is going to testify and I think the reply against, must demanded
We cannot allow this narrative the stand. That was the whole point of this spectacle today, to help the Democrats and for Molly to escape scrutiny. Bs go out the Democrats holding Mandatory cap and expose this whole thing to the american people, that's what the Republicans must do, I'll right back with a daily fake news dump pouring through your tv mobile phones computers- you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal, saw metabolism scientists a spy. Did a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this study Discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and vegetables,
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Leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three one, while the ladies and gentlemen, we have to continue. I know you don't want to lose some of this, but we must because otherwise, who else is going to stand between the present in Congress, Bananas Matlock couldn't be quick enough to the microphone today. That's gonna cut nine. Mr producer go ahead. Want to was some of this, but we must because otherwise, who else is gonna stand between the present in Congress? But Us Matlock couldn't be quick enough to the microphone today.
That's gonna cut nine MR producer. Go ahead for ceilings. Let's stop! I should have done a better job with building a foundation which is this. When should listen to this so called reporter pushing impeachment pushing the edge now, cut nine go hungry proceedings and even would Mauler Cleaning report says, although we support to testify with respect to impeachment question at this point, all options on the table and nothing should be ruled out. Council Molly said loud and clear today for the american people sends a peacemaking in, and I like he's Muzzle Lenny. Little muzzle Laney from now on that say that Adler little muzzle, leaning go ahead. Little Muzzle Laney President Trump is lying,
when he says no collusion, no obstruction was exonerated. If Malo, to exonerate the president from having committed the crime. He would have said so in tat dummy prosecutors, known exonerate? I don't know how many more times we have to repeat this skies either dead, always a little motherly. Maybe both go ahead. He says he would have said so. Instead, the special so makes clear that obstruction of justice, which he found six and show evidence of is a serious. It strikes at the core of our justice system and that the constitution points to Congress to take action to halt. The present accountable exactly what we will do, while tough guy, you didn't answer my question about Mahler: a subpoena Mamma. He has, I guess, not.
Let's go to cut eleven. We have Nancy Pelosi. She was at the Commonwealth Club the day before she started with this stuff she's busy, producing her family members who were present at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco beautiful event, Now we have to get it on for the public, but none the less and for the Congress, by the way They'll say to me: I will show you and us last night at the American They want the whole report for the american people. Ladies and gentlemen, you know the four five senses it must be really unbelievers Stuff must be all hidden behind those sentences. You see, and this is probably the same Nancy Pelosi, it's hard to tell her voice dropped a few octaves who was very disappointed. The president is agreed,
to release all the other information related to her party go ahead. Will, you can show me and then I'm down bound by caught, classified the rules of the house, not to tell anybody know nobody has doctor this audio right. Mr producer nobody's doctor this audio. And she still sounds like an imbecile. You don't have the doktor there. He sounds like an imbecile on her own. A full bread imbecile, luckily plan I didn't know that she was an imbecile. She may not be with us. That's gonna cut ten. Please go ahead. This glory indicated he did say if you saw evidence that the president was not
what was innocent. He would have. Let us know if there's. This is incredible. Looking for evidence that the president is innocent, who are the fascist here, ladies and gentlemen, we have a row prosecutor who is dragging this country away from our constitutional system, we're looking for evidence that the president is innocent, Go ahead, the evidence that the president was not guilty. He would have let us nobody didn't he didn't. That was very, very important. I bet you did. I bet you thought there was very, very important. I bet you did and I was a very, very important why you propping up the special council, unwisely propping you up, We know. Why? Don't we, ladies and gentlemen, This is all a charade or, as they like to say, MR,
loose district, a charade. This all charade. Ike Senator Girod he's a charade: go ahead, this respect for him and thank him and his team for presenting the shut up. You idiot you, rambling, by phone sex, what you all that they washed and compost what you beautiful, clothing, cheese, where one right? What one Nancy Reagan was wearing beautiful clothing? They want to know how much was it where'd you get it from what about the homeless people, this woman she's? the biggest pearls in the world hanging from her neck. Better backers bent over she's got all kinds of expensive clothing and other or look at that a fashion play. They do the same thing with them. Michelle obama- and you really have a true knockout in the first lady Now- and they don't talk about it unless something negative. All eyes were Nancy pillows. Is this a joke? She's quite the fact
with their Yoda. He ninety Pelosi officer where's that big I mean husband, hers Paul course No, we don't know anything about Paw Pelosi. I gotta pee. And his investments in his real stay dealings, not not don't ask or her children back. Don't ask other back a kidnap other financial up that its Nancy Bela Lugosi Right now we have paid PETE Egg, whatever the hell. His name is even the Democrats Column Mayor PETE. They don't help mayor, PETE, watches, there's a Buddhist egg booted, but I dont know be used. De I e g, I e g. Yale
he's in the crowd they all are. The Democrats are very excited, cut, twelve, go the message really is over Congress with a lot of people were waiting to see smaller would charge the president what he reminded everyone was he's part of the deal J thanks for nothing, then we have come a Harris who, we always know, is very sober thinking very sober, Comma Harris has accomplished as a senator, exactly nothing just like Obama. Disliked Biden which qualifies her to be paid the democratic it cut, thirteen go and, most importantly, what we learned is that the special council did not turn an indictment because of that the memo they also learn Babar,
any turning general who use the lie, common law and other professional wars and the Department of Justice who probably hadn't worked on it. Burma Clinton campaign should probably hadn't donated to a bombing Clinton. Luckily none of them were name vice meant that they concluded otherwise. Does it bother Comma Harris The Mr Mahler violated rules a professional ethics, not in the least the ends justify the me go ahead in other words, but for that memo. I believe the affair inference from what we heard from Bob Mahler is that there would have been indictments return against this precedent. The lesson and how this is discussed, but there would have been indictments that could have been indictments. There should have been in that, whether indictments, whether even efforts to end now, but there were cut a shudder
And this should include a water, and I and I want to put a shudder- luck. It is in general, when you're talkin about removing presently United States, which is the purpose of the impeachment better, have some really serious stuff on this guy, like Clinton who did commit crimes. You better have some really serious stuff. They ve got nothing. So they're trying to manufacture it and they ve got lapdog journalists so called who are promoting this? This, justice? Then we go to Eric swore well, with the famous swell high wire act and swell while who was not well Eric, not well I am Ass Alice Day. I'm sure this will be absolutely brilliant cut. Sixteen go work. Did that?
nine minutes statement from Bob Mahler. What what did you do for calls from from folks in your party? Those calls for I say this is this: is what passes for journalism today? That's Craig Melvin sounds like an idiot. What did that to? He knows what you will Annabel Hyper intensified. It that's Not well go ahead. It, certainly that I think will amplify those calls its road that I have always said that we're gonna beyond and end up at an. Why lad not well as Nostradamus, so you get these left wing radical cooks. Back to the old Soviet Union. When the House Traditionary Committee, which is a star chamber led by this mobster,
political mobster nobbler, whose a hypocrite and fraud- and he has been from day one like I predicted idiom predict. This was the plan. It was always the plan. Now I had taken a step backward, we'll take a lot of steps back. And get out of our face now that Sir not well shaken, see the Congo line of left wing Democrats in and out of the media, that's it. Actual Mahler wanted to create no pressure for him. The testify. No pressure for cross examining him, none of that he's after retirement he's after retirement
I wonder where he's going to retire to Mr Produce weren't Florida while I go what's our place in central Florida? What's it what's the name of that the something or other fill in the blank How I ask you guys, you don't know any other stuff, you know where a lot of senior citizens go. I never mind be right back the villagers robber I was going to retire, is going to go to the villages and another.
For a fact. I'm just assuming that, because he says he's done is retired and off he goes well done while Dunbar may I call you Bob there's a lot of other things. I've been calling you into my breath, rich dollars for a junior thy, great w em a our goal. How to speak with you mark a just a quick heads up. I work in the area. I've got your book on freedom of the press as relevant. Now as it ever could. Be you been right we step along the way I started. Listen to you. I write about one broke out and but the parting shot I'll. Even a lotta collars back down the parting shot. I ll leave it there. All mauler report conference this week day today was its decision. Furthermore, the alleged russian criminals get better treatment from the legal system, with the presumption of innocence than does the President, the arab states, women now I think he's guilty, but we can't prove it so let me, let me ask you a question rich,
did Mahler say we had evidence of a crime that met the probable cause standard, but we couldn't indict the President Dini Santa Rosa. No, he didn't say that invent amazing and as we discuss curly did. He say we had to question the president obstruction and thereby, found others would obstructed in charge them with obstructing this investigation teddy sailor? You hear that either no, I didn't hear that either is an amazing slaughter towards yandah and well. Exactly was the purpose of his statement today. Why was it necessary Thus this was more water for the Democratic, Adler and Nancy Polo. To an end? tell me tell me which warrant they negotiating for his testimony world. I think they would be disappointed if it I got on there now because he said he wasn't wouldn't and if he, if he did correct me? If I'm wrong is the coarseness doctrinal scholar, wouldn't he had proper.
His evidence or lack thereof. While he could certainly be asked about it, he doesn't want to be asked about it. Does he rich I know I don't know where it raw. So so so the Democrats have their narrative pushing impeachment. Why would they want Mahler to be grilled up, thereby Republicans. Well is. It would just proved their narrative and maybe they ask him. Questions like have any members of this committee ever been in touch with you. If they ever referred. Anything to you have you ever leaked when your members are really I mean I can think of a zillion questions for the sky. Couldn't you or you boys? We need you oughta laughed asking Malo those questions. Well, we need to get Mahler and disseminated feeble. Do you always Oh yeah, I sounded about his bed, is now people are cheap and sound, and I was just going to say: Nancy Pelusium Drag, or vice versa. But our men are making a gruesome. Due to I reached thanks for your car. Thanks for your call
You're gonna be more furious, with the press now than you were before today: And I really want to secure our heads around this. I really want to deal with this, I really want to use alternative platforms, and it is. Well, you can view my on freedom of the press as a sort of mullah report in the press. Maybe you folks in the press might like that, but it really is a book Yoda red. It's a wonderful book for fathers day book to read and share with your friends and family. Your co workers, ready should go on, Amazon dot come next break and I want you to look at the five star ratings, Ninety seven percent of the ratings are five star Is a verified purchasers of the book, not the little hit jobs it go on there and we'll go on there and say the things that they say about you and me forget about them. It should read the five stars: you know it's one to be a fan of mine, but you're not sink offence. You don't just do I'll do it mark.
That's not you, that's not you and that's not what I would certainly want. You're smarter, Smarties smartest audience. Sciences in America. One should to look at those five stars. I don't know if I'm allowed to say this, but we have sold hard cover books, audio and e when they caught the e books Almost one hundred and fifty thousand in the first week now that's all heard of. I wasn't on meat, the depressed or bad morning, America or nobody she's C morning or any though show I wasn't on any the comedy shows I wasn't out their trashing tromp in order to try and hot books. This is us. Conservatives here on Fox and other other parts of the year.
The media communication thread and so forth. The old fashioned way And so were I wanna strolling, urge you to take a look at those Amazon ratings, read the comments and if you jumped in yet we need, as many people jump in his paws. Why I'm hoping wing get a million people to jump in MR bidders? Looked at Amazon you should all the Mulder report is ahead of on freedom of the press. I'm not worried about that. These things, up and down, I'm just not sweating. It. And that's winning any of that period. I just want to get the word up. I don't have time to go anywhere. So when I went have time to take a car, what we're gonna do when we come back as take some your calls, you very upset and frustrated what's taking place in this country. I dont disagree with you
the very best we can hear we, u, together in about an hour. I will be on Hannity, nine hundred and thirty p dot m Eastern six hundred and thirty p dot m that's two nights in a row at very rare, but this was necessary. I'll, be right. Back well then grow most popular conservative. All here Amerika call Angela Merkel. Events show now heading seven. Seven three eight one, forty eight one, one Since getting my ex chair, I love spending time in my office. I never realized how uncomfortable my old off his chair was till. I sat in my beautiful exchequer and now I have the comfort and support my body needs and because of that, a more productive than I ever imagine
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finding its your purchase for as little as thirty dollars a month go to Exchequer Levine. Dotcom right now use code ex wheels and you receive a free set of the new ex wheels with your chair to actual of com or give them a call. One eight for four four exchequer aright, let's see here, Rita Alexandria Virginia the great w I may ass. Well, Debbie! I may Alice wide awake. Go I mark thanks for taking account. I hope you don't really like you did rich. I did what The smaller speech today and here here are my thoughts on it, but it seemed like it was, will slip they call me. July, I think, was two thousand sixteen and I'm looking at this and I'm thinking over that one call me and mauler, and I'm wondering how did either of these guys.
Feed in their jobs. Producing that quality of work and I was watching Mahler and, like you said he was stumbling over his words and it it seemed like They were his words, yeah. You know he spent a lot of time going over those words proper. Those words He wanted to make a splash he he would make a splash. He knew he would with the media. He said exactly what he wanted to say exactly what he wanted to say was highly partisan, highly political answer: the purposes that Democrats were not happy with this report. Now. We're happy with him again the meteor happy with them again, because he went further than the report and then he left the stage, and now they just don't care. If he s answers questions. Why it almost seemed like maybe those words were written by somebody else and he's being well. Who knows? But the point is that
I'm out of his mouth yeah Ah, I Rita. I appreciate your car, my friend, thank you very much. Lamar Centre. Point Iowa serious Satellite go remarks again, the deal J says you can't indict setting president okay. We understand that, but they do say you can investigate one and presumably that's to preserve the case and the evidence. What he said. Why into the future? Them production is that they wouldn't, I e the president once he leaves office well in order for this to occur, The the termination of a crime had to be made, and there wasn't one made by my mother. I bet bar and time determined there was no crime, so there can never be an indictment. That is another great point:
what you're saying is. Let me let me try rephrase one second you're saying is ok. In stolen died the individual after their present a United States, but you chose to turn question over the attorney General United States that he, the deputy attorney general and their professional civil servants. They have said No, there's no adaptable offence here. So you If Mahler really believed there was, why don't you just wait and every believed there was then why would this not be considered sick? information. I lay there goes too far doesn't thereby they give a fine point in your original point and I think it's an important point Tell you what lombardy of a copy of on freedom of the press don't be scared, yes or no! No I'm going to send you a signed copy. So don't hang up
and just so you know it's a New York Times number one best seller, I'm sure that persuade all of you not ok, let's go to Edward. Dallas Texas, the Great W B, a p harry you re here, take em I'll call you back! I'm open! You can answer a question for me. Let's say you ve been accused of a crime that you didn't commit you're totally innocent of that kind. Money laundering, but you lie to the investigators ain't. You encourage your family and plans to lie to the investigators, even though you are innocent, because you don't want them to discover that you are indeed drug trafficking. Is that obstruction of justice? Yes, ok, so you were accused of a crime, the investigator they ve, never
cover the drugs you'd, never tired with crime. You walk away innocent, but your struck, the justice. That's what you're saying. Why is it not the case here with what prompted? Why do you think? I think it is. I think you data struck us. Isn't it wouldn't there's no crime? You just gave me an example of one crime verses, another there's no crime. Here there is no, nobody also obstructed justice. Prosecuted when the prosecutor said well, you know investigated him. You know just in case you some. There was never anybody else, because nobody obstructed anything. Mahler did his thing. The present!
wanna to fire. Mallory would have far more to the point and no one else obstruct a jerk. This is because they refused to follow up the president's commands like good while you're doin began. Now, that's not correct. The president said he never told me again to fire. Besides known as bars, see you typical lip places bar said That's not what the president said. Even according to the report, the President said that Mueller was conflicted based on all the liberal democrat donors. Eddie picked That was the reason why he wanted to remove him. The president is free to do that president didn't say: I want to remove him to kill the investigation. You understand the difference. Yes, now you understand, that's called me, educate You are right. Let's go to stave great falls Montana.
On the mark? Levant go more! Thank you for taking my call. I don't understand why smaller happy sanction for is agreed just prosecutors behavior. I think. Candy ever somebody tried, I don't know somebody find anything with the various bars that he may be a member of. I think, there's some serious question about it. I've got sale attorneys in my small town get sanction for far less so I think I think it should be attack that way. I my friend, I appreciate your call. Let us gotta MIKE Exciting New York harm there are two commie o, the great The way we see, how are you thank? You I appreciate you been our interpreter because we could never understand this democratic bs I think now is the time to strike, because and his heart did then a tribal do their work at all.
Ok until they could strike, they have one common with these african prejudice that they look there. They smell bad and they act like dead. That's what they're going to strike the minute they can so I think our church now is to apply to back, would better subpoenaed, em and to lie on the road. I my friend, I appreciate your call. Let's do some blind calls here: let's have some fun collar number three to whom, my speaking, who are you, sir? Madame number three who are you are very well. What is your name, sir? What is your name, and where are you from Pennsylvania? Can you prove that, sir? Yes, some from primary law,
doesn't exactly prove it. Can you hold your license up to the mouthpiece, please right, sir? You get to go ahead, so I think this political thought police to be connected to the culture. But why is it that we doubt, as conservatives going our comments to the contract of culture such ass, some account you could show a collage up the democratic, so called culture on a split screen next to the Republican I'll answer
Culture and say these are people I mean I can in future. I could make the video myself and say: where are we going with its wackos compared to where we should go with sensitive sought for people would eat? There's a place called cranberry pit? Did you say cranberry pencilly? Yes, where is that our North of Pittsburgh, right western Pennsylvania and what's the main product in Cranberry Pennsylvania, the main priorities, commerce, beautiful, Serbia, s money. Why don't they name cranberry? They used to grow cranberries, yes, really our age or do you know? I don't like cranberries delay, cranberries like media,
Maybe I pleasure the medium pleasure like he can live without them. We're gonna open. Freedom ride. My friend well, thank you we'll be right. What then This whole thing was orchestrated today. If not, will it was a grand coincidence in the grand coincidence myself but too much fits in place at all, The Democrats had help smaller trashes. The present the United States. Let us go to Michael George Town, Delaware. How may I help you, sir? Why would like or thank you Mister Oliver incorrectly representing their speaker, what it was
as well as nothing more than a lack of evidence indictment against president drought and that's all I've heard on the radio all day is how does there's nothing more than what was in the speech from all the Cunha report, but that, clearly, clearly, not true and either Republicans really need to push to try and forces man to testify, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, while talked about that Lindsey Grand but more importantly, ha begins in the House of Representatives because go ahead, Biography, Lanka, ground something about it, where there are doubts or doesn't come regarding some tears. If erratic control for law enforcement to you that on involvement horsemen like eight as much I found a warrant with what I said at the outset to making isn't it, sir, and hopefully will set it nothing nothing of what I've seen in the last two years. No age, Africa and in the media could care less. Now, if you did that they be all over you
Thirdly, the first boyfriend expert Louis you now the Philadelphia fire with the would take care that wouldn't be foolish. My friend be safe out there. Now, if you ve, already made the choice, the ditch the Democratic party media, and sign up to watch live in tv on the blaze tv network, you can turn the south. You ve already seen the difference first hand between what we're doing and what the so called journalists are doing. On democratic tv, if you haven't tried out blaze. Tv are wonderful, yet network get and watch the Levant TV programme. You shouldn't wait any longer, you may have. My brain new book on freedom of the press just came out gee. I think you did well. You made a number one do the same thing on live in tv I go through just the media devolved into its current state. Why you need to find alternatives, and that includes
Blaze tv dot com. The news is beholden to ratings. Now, not the truth. There, twisted in soundbites that will hook viewers and won't offender, their left wing advertisers, on leaving tv we're doing our homework we're bringing you analysis of the stories that matter we're about a man. Kennedy, patriotism and constitutional ism, the good isms. These are the tools that we use on the programme survey now you can get a free free, thirty day, trial Place TV and live in tv I started off by saying that you're innocent until proven guilty, but then he went on to imply just the opposite me and I was just wondering if someone like that could be I do a programme at least three days a week, sometimes more so I hope your watch us. We also specials on the programme on the year on the tv as well-
Let us go to David Sherman, Texas, the Great W B, a pay go mar career. Okay. Well, Mr Mauro started off by saying that you're innocent until proven guilty, but then he went on to employees. We opt for me and I was just wondering if unlike that, could be disbarred for malpractice. Here's how this process works! People can file a complaint with the disciplinary committee of the of the register directions, its overseen by the Supreme Court of the state. People who review this are almost always: lawyers, lorries, judging lawyers, their staff to thee, reviews and then there are pellet their peace processes, and I suspected
tamale wouldn't have a problem getting through the if there nothing? No, yes, actually, I'm wrong. The Republicans needed drag him up there and grill him get to the bottom of this and put him under oath and maybe do with these various democratic congressmen have been suggesting. Maybe we could have Have him to a chair instead of a Bell bar member all that people are insane our eye David. Thank you for your comments, friend, Dustin Evans, Ville Indiana, the Great W g bf go. Today marks are I thank you. I wouldn't get only. Smaller ebon cried idea the Congress and am testify I would ask him all kinds of questions about what did he know what information. Was he didn across the board from Democrats?
tax coming from Russia, yeah, and what do we know? What kind of contacts were those well they say about it. You know it all stop it. Hilary had gone on it uranium and all that other stuff. You know, listen, information there. They were definitely support me. The hell campaign and not drown there was collusion there, only a boy both now this one other thing I would even taken a step further and I would I would tell everybody that the United States is open. Organ coconut all Gretchen collusion Russia, Russia, Russia, you know There were around right now. There allies saw you keep poking. I dont want wants to many times you can get better parents are thanks for your car, not sure you mean. I have no problem poking dog because I dogs poker in us.
It's fine in our airspace over Lascaux of California, Opponents are very bad guy, a very, very bad guy. How much time you are rich Don, Daytona Beach Florida go right ahead, sir. I mark how you do it our eyes. I am in full agreement with you to bring Mueller in front of the house. I bought it. This is a the report came out, ISIS, ok, mauler. What's the difference between obstruction of justice and somebody defending themselves wrongful prosecution? Can you please tell me that, and- How do you choose the team that you chose the work that that second questions very important I remember he doesn't want to answer that question
and there are so many other questions, what a wonderful group a call tonight. We appreciate it. We salute armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel, see it through. The minutes on Hannity TV on Fox nine, thirty pm eastern. Please get a copy of on freedom of the press. Those of you who have. I cannot thank you enough, spread the word. The message that in the book
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