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On Wednesdays Mark Levin Show, Rep Trey Gowdy is very popular today for claiming that the FBI did the right thing by planting a spy in the Trump campaign, and we're all supposed to follow him. It’s very slippery and convenient when he says that Trump isn't the target of the Robert Mueller investigation since they haven't found anything on Trump. Why did Trump Inc. have to turn over thousands of documents if Trump wasn't the target? It’s unbelievable how easy these phony civil libertarians overlook the unmasking, spying, and concealment of this investigation from congressional oversight for over 8 months. The Left has what it wants thanks to Gowdy, another putative Republican, retiring so he’s free to, speak his mind, such as it is. Also, the media takes the word of a porn star and root for a genocidal regime hoping Trump will fail. Yet we still don't know what happened in the January 5, 2017 meeting of Obama Administration officials Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, and Susan Rice. We still don't know what President Obama knew about this investigation or when he knew it. Later, Rosanne Barr should be condemned. But you need to be careful with these people in popular culture that were once leftists, especially before you hitch your name and reputation to them. Despite Joy Reid's vicious homophobic tweets she's still employed at MSNBC. DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison has mislead us for years hiding his association with racist anti-Semite minister Louis Farrakhan. Why isn't Farrakhan condemned by the left, the Democrats, or the NY Times?

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building we once again made contact with our leader. Everybody Margo then hear our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one While trade Gouty is was very popular today,. Popular and all the wrong places popular among the lid media, he's been quoted on every National NEWS programme tv and radio Democrats or lording him everywhere,
and you see we're all supposed to follow trade shouted because he's objective he's a former federal prosecutor. He said but then everybody else and he's drawn a conclusion. Something wrong. With this FBI format, the F B. I did exactly what the F b I supposed to do in the american people. And, of course, trade. Gouty knows that the american people agree because nobody speaks for the american people. Like trade golly, I suspect fight his endless appearances on television. Only Lindsey Grand beat him out, of course, Ninety eight percent of the american people don't even know who he is since thirty percent of the American. People can't name one branch of the federal government, but me, patents very excited about trade, Gouty, LOS Angeles, is very excited about trade gouty dire grid.
Village, I think they're gonna have a party for trade Gowdy and same with us San Francisco. But a tray Gabby say that so worthy of national attention and personal acclaim. What did he say? While he was on Fox last night with Martha Maccallum and then the sport He was on C b, and this is what he had to say. One Go Chris rain. Roads and sign of at least made it clear to us. Donald Trump was never are you did investigation he's? Not the current target in the investigation now keep my back in order. Depending on what a witness says, but as of now on a cruise Reynaud, Rosen Stein are John, whenever people think crop is the target of their investigation, I'll even opened them how to brief the present. Let's stop a minute. Let's stop wisely saint trunk. The target in the investigation.
Now there was a long ago that Mr Gallagher, I pointed this out for five six weeks ago. I think it was. He said: there's really no difference between a subject in a target. Since the former federal prosecutor, is really no difference between a subject in a target. I said why: what does he taught me a Arthur? no difference between a target and a subject course there is, but he said there was and how telling us Trot was never the target of this investigation. That's very slippery. Just slip in far lawyer, of course, Tromp was the target in the investigation they just haven't, found anything on Trump. An effort was the targeted. The investigation or gates are Papadopoulos, say that ten times fast, Lieutenant General Flynn. When we talk about
our world, the Trump campaign, the trunk translation, the Trump presidency who the hell are. They think the target of this is now. That said, there is nothing on tromp. Is there but they'd like nothing more than to get something on trumped up? Do you think, they're taking Manfred to the gallows day in and day out What do you think, Mr Gouty, MR former federal prosecutor, they ve interview virtually every single. Person has ever work for Donald Trump, whether in the campaign that transition are in these administration. Why is that Mr Gouty, your former the prosecutor, what an interview all those people. Why we're ever? Let them subpoenaed, it would appear before the federal grand jury. Why did Trump Trop Whitehouse Trump ink have to turn over hundreds of thousands of pages of information if they're not trying to get trump? Mr Gaddafi, former federal prosecutor, of course, dimensional
I should continue dimension now or you don't understand, are just trying to find the Russians now where's the easiest place to find the Russians incident Trump world. Now, B and C didn't the Russians hack, the dances emails, The we heard have we heard over and over and over again just investigating the Russians, the American paper support what the F b I did when I tell you about the FBI, we're talkin about call me later: Mackay Leaker, also criminal referrals that Mackay Stroke gates and there The people who actually work at the FBI aren't even involved in this other. This arose cabal that the New York Times alerted us to accidentally, of course,. What you don't understand there dressed investigating Russians? What did they have an informant a k, a spy. But b and c
down the Russians who are hacking: the deities emails, no, if they're trying to protect us and the candidates in the election from the Russians, as we pointed out last week, why weren't turn formats and Joe Stein? campaign or Hillary Clinton campaign are Bernie Sanders campaign well are brought one since the former federal prosecutor That's continue with this fascinating interview that has the left and the media one and the same all twitter. If you will go ahead, you're talking about right now. Is that strengthened when you went into this briefing last week? Yes, I am. I am even more convergence that the yacht did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they God and that it has nothing to do with an old troll. While it has nothing it with now cause. I didn't find anything, but they should Taliban trying has
a thing to go or Donald Trump, that special council who wants to bring take us to the brink of a constitutional crisis, with forty nine areas of questions, anyone Stash Donald Trump Card, a rough hunger door? What Donald Trump? When all we got patrol Russia amazing? Is Everybody is glad you now say this about Gouty. Mr Gatti, I worked at main justice. You never work there, you are? U S since the attorney sure you're the best the: U S attorney the world arena, but the FBI's Dunstan, In this case it I've never seen years that I worked at, the Justice Department is chief of staff to the attorney general and I'm not the only one. I know a lot of former federal prosecuted. You think exactly the same thing. Firstly, although thing Craig out, I cannot touch if this was trash. Rule.
And it's no big deal as my body gambling Juno points up, while some He needs to ask Trey Gowdy: why did the FBI, Mr Commie, conceal this information, conceal it from the congressional oversight ranking members and chairman for eight months and yet its linked to the press? Is that what the american people want, the apparent almost without me, I don't think so. It doesn't matter. The left has what it wants. Another putative republican retiring, so it's free to speakers. Mind such as it is, but he wasn't done so excited where the media that they found trade that trade Gouty disagree, there's not a spy here now and then we have people
inspire agencies in the past for Obama involved and spies area here, human resource individuals or their informants. As I explained yesterday, The semantics are irrelevant, but what's an informant take an example. The mob take an example, the mob and inform it's a guy who's been with. Been mob that for years and years and years any becomes an informant for the federal government informed on his former colleagues. A spy is somebody who is inserted into a situation and gathers information. This guy helper, the Yale professor. He was not part of the trunk campaign, He was just asking questions your right going up to the bar, I think, be the senior, didn't China set on fire going up to the barn popping up people? What's the big he's, Rep. But under the F B, a big deal, all these phony
several libertarians, all these phony quasi slip and for lawyers. How easy it is for them to dismiss The tyranny of a government out of control- it's unbelievable when you put this stuff together, the unmasked that took place but face application, the dossier, what Hillary Clinton Dnc funding it, the endless lakes Russia's. What the american people would want. Puncture now then he's on CBS Cbs this morning, haywire, they rose while outshone other story, Nora, O Donnell, cut to go. Was there a spy that is.
The term I've ever usually criminal justice system under cover and form a genius genius kings. It is a counter intelligence investigation. It was not a criminal investigation, Hallo Trade, former federal prosecutor. That is a word that they use. However, on a counter intelligence, a larger and it was The counter intelligence investigation Pfizer? It's not part of a criminal investigation. It's part of a counter intelligence investigation, the informant a word that you do use spy word you don't use. Spy is often used in counter intelligence, investigate
guy had a form of those are all words unfamiliar with I've, never heard the term spot you. So when the presence has spy gate, that's not what I meant. What does it mean? He's never heard the term spy used as it's a joke. It is this a joke. It's the proper nomenclature that people like me and others who have heard the term used apply. To somebody who is used by the FBI, ire and other federal department or agency. Spy on other individuals and provide information to the government, I remember her about using the criminal justice context, we're not talking about the criminal justice context. We're talking about this guy sit damn metrology, Canadian I've, educate him now wondering retiring now, I'm going to go on a bigger and better thing. You know: go.
I in inserted into the campaign, have you seen any evidence of that? Have not, as it is being urged term there's not a law enforcement cause. It's not a law enforcement investigation. At that time,. O my lord and, of course not. O Donnell their leading questions in the former federal prosecutors. More than happy to be let go ahead. The FBI acted properly in this matter. But what I have seen I don't know what the f b I could have known or should have done, although then run out a lead that someone One way connected with the campaign was.
Research is about Russia. I would think you would want the FBI to find out whether or not there was any validity Mr Accounting submits together. You want the FBI to find out really you're talkin about Papa, doubtless, Mr Mr Gouty, that would have taken a two hour interviewed by the FBI and you damn well. No it a two hour interview. It wouldn't require a vice application than a warrant, require all that took place within Obama, land, as no curiosity whatsoever about what Obama New and when he knows no curiosity whatsoever about a January fifth meeting that took place January. Twenty seventeen meeting that took place presently United States device presently United States, Sally AIDS, the deputy attorney general, MR call me the direct, The FBI, Susan Rice, they had of the national states but advisor to the present, a United States is no
Kristen, knowing what took place there and a lot took place? There is no interest in knowing. Politics is the art of no one off the pr could a ban. I just don't know any of you, Mr Papadopoulos, and be done with it. Mr Papadopoulos has pledged to making a false statement. The federal investigators one count he isn't pledged to any espionage, isn't pledge any espionage. The words by Mr Gaddafi is used in the espionage world and the counter intelligence for them. That's where this began Mister Gallery, MR former federal prosecutor and that's the whole point in form. It is used in the criminal context. Spy. Is you
in the economic context and Mister Harper, choose me professor Harper would not have been in and around the trunk campaign gathering information, but for the fact he was working for a paid for the Obama administration and working directly for the FBI. But don't worry, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Gouty is now our Northstar, our guide star. How do I know because he's being praised by sea main stream court quote media, don't you like the way they call themselves mainstream now hours on free bash, graduated. Now we're on sea Bass, graduated from cable. I'll be right back
regarding tell Us Congress has been investigating Russia's enough election now for about a year and a half give or take so what actually, did the Obama administration due to confront it it wouldn't hurt. I haven't heard a faint mister, What exactly did the FBI do under the great leadership of call me in a cave? What did they do when we found out Russians were interfere in our election? shaking down Trump people, she strange anybody over me. Tell me: why did Mr Brennan over the CIA. Do when the Russians were interfering with our election or how about the late great James, the clap clapper? What was he doing.
One of the president of the United States and the vice president of the United States, to what did they know During their administrations or why we investigating anybody related was taking place, administration, so why we investigating anybody related to tromp, Mr Gouty Waller American Pay, but would expect the Europe we are not. Of temporary administration was actually in charge at the time. You know that, don't you know I don't know. I don't. And the fact that there was a spy, because Mr Gouty backs into that. Both he doesn't even realize it inform it criminal cases, spy, counter, intelligence cases? This was a camera intelligence case at the beginning, the fact that there was a counter intelligence spy That's what the american people expected the FBI, but why didn't we know about if the guy
not a spot. Stay human resource personnel type, though what's the sacred. Why keep the secret from congressional leadership just more bs, ladies and gentlemen, and the fact that some Republican to participate in this shouldn't. Surprise. You in the least include Gouty I've been warning you about him for for a year, fake, phony. I'll be right. Back most powerful conservative voice. Demark love then show dial now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Now I don't these lip of news, so called journalists and new, so called platforms quote me because I disagree with That's why I've been right about whether or not you can indicted sitting. President. Mostly,
have been wrong. I've been right that the president should not. Comply with a subpoena that demands his appearance before a federal grand jury? Most of the you ve been wrong. I've been right that Mr Mahler, if challenge but the defendants or somebody who's, subpoenaed or a witness, give, the nature of his original point and given the nature of his investigation, that his very existence, violet The appointments clause of article two of the constitutional right about that too. So, I want the media call me and by the way I know they're not. This is not an ego thing with me. I M showing you what the media are, because they disagree with me. Finally want to debate me so nice, they'll trade, no quote trade shouting and he's the only one there's others out there to say Senator Chris Coon's Democrats, Delaware on CNN today, there very excited very excited by tray. If that is,
John Merriment, dumb as adults, By the way, he's the host cut forego. This was a stark, almost stunning state from congressmen, Gouty who know. I wasn't now he's a gadfly he's a gadfly had into a sea the intelligence behind in over the fact that this is confidential source or sent to talk to trunk campaign officials, Republicans and president in saying we aspire on. We were spied out. We were spied entre, Gouty saying what do you make of it? No John. I'm grateful that congressmen, trade, Gouty Republican of South Carolina see that they can't this labyrinth trade out. Republican sat they don't like trade Gabby, they think he's a knucklehead, but these are public and of South Carolina man and I'll. Tell you what now Quote the hell out of a just like they hated commies, guts, Hilary and there
for them. Shermer Pelosi re. They all blame him for Heller is lost, and I told you As it happens, the minute trot fires, all of a sudden, Commies God, my God Macross, one and trump- is dirt. Now. Try Gouty, who they hated over Benghazi, now loosen the trigger. But can South Carolina much like Lindgren. What's going on in South Carolina anyway, then what what? What is it anyway go ahead or it may this, Horton statement. He certainly demonstrated some partisan leanings in the past when he help run Benghazi, here not anymore, tray is by partisan trays objective because he agrees with them. Trade, the man we love tray, go ahead. The partisan against them. A secretary of State, Hillary Clinton in this matter. I think he's stepping forward and putting into rest
baseless allegations by President Trump. I remind you on fire and mind you, u Schmo they're, not baseless allegations by president Trompe didn't make them up their right there in your favorite those paper the Holocaust denying New York's lives there? I was brought up in a You just had an ex limestone lakes coming from the Department of Justice and from the FBI, all American, However, they would like the idea tat, a idiots all of them. But don't worry tray is a Republican that train Is everything he's a report, Can they weaken believe in because true I agree with them- wow he's not partisan any more go ahead a long history of you Idiot as they smell anyway, now.
My way: Delaware was our first date. Did you know that, MR producer, EL where's, the size of accounting and most state. Did you notice. Size of a county, most state ones, ass, they made a decent senator from dollar seriously. Now, there's jokes Barbara. Ladies and gentlemen, the man of deliverance with bulbous knows no offense out when I see and of course, the beautiful. Mrs. What's your name o Brzezinski, cut five go you're, freaking out anything godless. Regarding for saying, goblet lit! Listen to these fools, like play, their wedding themselves of tray, thank God tray. We ve been waiting tray. Thank thank thank you.
For forgetting everything so confused and mumbled jumbled spies, no spy. The F b I did with the american people, want the FBI to do traces, so how's trade tray, thank God, thank God for Trade Gouty start from the, the redhead place, you haven't freak out anything godless. Regarding for saying this, the F B, I didn't find the FBI data by the book com. A Laker Mackay by Laker Mackay, the criminal referral stroke, the wife trader, pay That has been chaytor. That text is they stated by the book that see I by the book that five sharply
Asia by the book, the unmasking by the bar the book of the Kremlin, it's the book at the old soviet it's a book of you well of a fascistic third world Banana Republic, but that's ok, bye, MSNBC and, of course, low. I q deliverance. Joe Scarborough. Who else is he praising in this magnificent edification of his fourteen viewers? Go Smith, saying the F b I did it. I ve Shap says it not venture to criticise Shep because I'm part of a family now, but only can criticise everybody in the family. Now that said, if ships mess which, by the book what greater authority could not possibly be, then ships miss, go ahead. Who else does
praise, confirming that Fox NEWS says the F B? I did it by the bizarre faction, no says they Kush captures the F B. I did it by the book. Thank you, ship US go ahead. Judging APOLLO Kano sang the F B. I did it by the book. This senior judicial, I was set at the former New Jersey Superior courtyard. Very nice man. He said the F B, I did it by the buck. He's got the Diminish you wrong about a sitting president got the memo can feel hey, hey, try one two three four! five major mistakes is ok, my book, it is it's. Ok, Now we have the galley ship, the sea, engineer judicial as there was no spy.
What the New York Times said. It's no big deal. An informant actually for a criminal case? But this is a kind of talk case, so that would be a spider man. Are you don't understand just a little chat, ear and they're, just total just reporting back to the FBI? What's the big deal, Why would you expect the FBI to delete this guy Papadopoulos who was drunk somehow somewhere some way he's with the austrian ambassador he hears from talking about Russia and of course we have this big America waiver, which savagely involve John, carry the sectaries stay that allows it marriages, the ambassador to talk to the epic. What's the big deal, what's the big deal air civil, libertarian so quiet about all this by the way the American Criminal Liberties Union a k, a the icy you where they learn things on the quiet Don't say anything you no big deal, although
only civil returns worth about where all the libertarians. You know him well, hey, no, where Ireland, whereas all the freedom of the press press concern about government central, Gunnar, And our liberties where'd it: where are they there were thrown in with this theme that all but don't worry, tray, Gouty Northstar, apps and the senior judicial analysed. Thank God for all. Thank the Lord. There was no spy. Ladies and gentlemen, so it's been declared. There was no spy. The fact that this professor who we were told just a few weeks ago, member MR producer doormat region.
Name should mark or have you heard sources? Men are all that they can get the guy killed now as names the big deal, What's the big deal is a professor: he just asking questions while he's on the. Its parallel. What do you expect the FBI to do so? They keep his named secret. Take because he's not a spy he's an informant but he's not an informant. He just a guy asking questions but what I expect the F b I did a woman is not just a guy asking questions. You reportedly appears guinea pig, gotta tracked down this Russia thing or how we didn't track down and the Hilary campaign or the Jewel Stein campaign. Right, the DNS Shea or with Obama and bag, and all the rest of you want to try down the Russia thing. They were in charge of the federal government. They went,
law enforcement and the intelligence agencies, what did they do? You want to know about should interference who know about it. What is it on investigating trump? Now you must be a right wing, spare seed delusional cook. Didn't you hear what shape said? Shap said there's no by well. If she said it by my god. It must be true, Why do I have a dream? What trade Gabby says or why do you give a damn? What triggered a gouty says in the media limit, because it undermines crop
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There should aim for a job on CNN says, he's gonna be out of work. So you think he's another one of these guys who wants to be a media guy, well, we'll see you know, that's where they're all seem to be headed these days. Does it we were remark. I my brother, thank you mark Denver, Colorado, serious satellite go, I think the trunks very publicly ask the FBI what other campaigns they spied on in the past and current, I think you should ask that I'm sure tray Gouty, the intrepid former federal prosecutor, has asked all over the place, because, but I have a different question: Mark Has the F b, I interviewed anyone in the Obama administration, as too they didn't take effective steps to prevent Russia's interference in our election.
No, I mean we keep hearing our hey all. They want to go and find out what the Russians were up to Olaf, the president, at the time. For your call. Isn't it amazing? The trunk campaign had nothing to do. With russian Interference in our election, ministration. That was there at the time that was supposed to protect us and protect our vote. Was the Obama administration that Democratic Party? What did they do No, but I think the European, whether you ok, Andy San Francisco, California, the great cares, if I go to remark here, dedicate Irene, certainly by an alias in San Francisco. The good I arise, slowdown power rather than you go on and on just tell us what you think. Ok, you have a gouty you're gonna do worn. Two things when he leaves Congress he's gonna go and he said he wants to be a practical. Also either go back the South Carolina the dew slip and thought
What are you going to hang around Washington? Do high profile. You hang around Washington to do high profile, stuffy the meat bodies and trends. Happy at me, I see any other places are going forward. I wouldn't harm. I'm not saying our constitutional matters, I just wouldn't my friend. I have dazzled you at my genius. Let's go to kneel Austin Texas, skiff busting out Ex M satellite go they mark. I gave way of things about how grateful I am for what you do. So I just got to my point them I want to make two points are if I got time, but first one if you offer refer to these guy, they scatter like rats, these were pure pure begins. When not the light come on in everything gets revealed it's more than that they're, like all judges with their heads in the sand. They miss every opportunity whenever there interviewed what did they say,
we have got on for a year and a half, and today there has been no evidence of collusion, whether in terms of evidence of collusion they with every opportunity to go off against the Democrats in, and the Obama administration and talk about evidence that that day of collusion everywhere, but at the trunk campaign. So all they do is played. This answer me miss every opportunity. The point I wanted to make is these judges. These vital judges body on a cable network. God bless him, but it gives you give these guys. These judges a break there, not stupid people. Why now their culpable? Why the first one to call him who went on tv and said that they they the power to to conduct contempt, hearings to fight why material omissions took place and I'm so the applications on the on the face, a warrant lemme.
Legal foundation? I'm not the present anymore, I'm the chairman, but our body, a PETE Hutchison they filed with that judge. The original judge, a motion to tunnel. Dodge about what was taking place and encourage the judge to conduct investigations. She did absolutely nothing. So yes and that's why I said the whole face a court system that was started in nineteen. Seventy nine, as I recall, My eyes were eliminated and figure something else out, because it didn't work here alone. God is monitored for work and really afraid we have faced a court port now face Why are we got the beyond just ask some questions were expect them to do all kinds of good step going on there I'll be right back
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, ladies and gentlemen, I have a question for other than the trunk campaign serbian Nother campaign in american history were the FBI and lets. Is the language of the Gulf had an informant in the campaign we know of one, but I told you about yesterday, thanks to our body Jeff, Lord Elmwood NEWS, busters they'll be J.
Bearing all war. But do you know of any in modern times you know, Jager Hoover's is much hated by the left by the media. Lotta things he did, he should have done. And yet look how the media reacts here. Look how we have republican spinning. I sure, as hell hope you watch my shoes, on Sunday at ten p M life liberty and live in Albania, Mccarthy and David limbo. And we're going to get into all this, and we are three bodies but yes, we're gonna get in all of this. The I situation the face application all of it Cause you hearing a lot of bs if the FBI having an informant or more in the campaigners,
presumably knew that they, Hillary Clinton campaign in the DMZ paid for presumably knew that Christopher Steel had gotten information on verified by the way by Kremlin, apparatchik once the F B. I knew about the dossier We knew that they Hillary Clinton campaign in the DMZ paid for prison. We know that Christopher Steel had gotten information on verified by the way by Kremlin apparatchiks that they put an informant in the hills. Went and campaign? Did they put an informant in the day she was the FBI playing it by the book. Now we know they weren't plaintive by the book, because a whole history, how they let Hillary Clinton off, rather than give charger sera violations of the F B, they employed by the book
and this folly nonsense they want to know about. Russia interfere in our campaign. They control the whole. Damn government that Democratic Party, the Obama administration, combing, Brennan, Clapper Lynch they had all been thing: every intelligence agency, every federal law enforcement agency They own it- and here we are talking about tramp tramp tramp tramp, who did nothing he's the victim, the victim It just shows you the tolerance for tyranny on the left, the media and some of these clown Republicans.
I just heard somebody say, and I won't embarrassing the government s informants all the time, but the government doesn't have informants in presidential campaigns all the time and so the. Question is what did the f b I do about russian interference in our election. What did it do exactly? We know that the Cyprus
The current team at the White House was told by the National Security adviser quote: stand out, do not prepare and options memo for the President of the United States August. Twenty. Sixteen, that's a big deal why, at the very same time they have an informant in that trunk campaign. At the very same time, there are masking american citizens, and yet when it actually comes-
the Russians interfering in our campaign. We are never told what the Obama administration did to stop it to address it, to confront it to control it. They didn't even TAT Congress about it until a week or two before the campaign and if an informant was placed in the trunk campaign or was hanging around the trunk campaign and the girl was not to investigate trot but to investigate the Russians that I have a question for you. Why didn't MR combing tell the incoming president of the United States about it? You know we didn't if Trop wasn't an unfair invested if his campaign was bought under investigation. As Mr Gouty insists it was the russian tour under investigation
Mr senior judicial, analyse insist as Shep insists. Ok, then explain to me why they didn't tell them. Incoming president of the United States that they had an informant map? The purpose of investigating him not for the purpose of investigating this campaign, but for the purpose of protecting its campaign, one of them said and for the purpose of finding out what the Russians were up to. Why did they keep that information from Trump. And why weren't there more informative and the other campaign, if that was the goal, and why and why was the cyber security if, at the White House told to stand down when he approaches rice and told her look. The Russians are interfering in the campaign, stand down and dump prepare a member for the president.
This is why Gouty is our fraud? Is an intellectual lie way. This. Is why no, I will not rely on ships, myth or the scene judicial analysed and I'm not putting them now. I'm really not, but if you're going to present yourself and make your argument, you better back them up. And this is why you don't trust the media in this country. Can. It will take anything by any republic. By anyone a porn star, a phoney Arthur, a muddy professor and run with it for weeks at a time and run with it because they hate trump their rooting for Kim Jong on against Trump.
Their rooting for the north korean regime, a genocidal regime, a man who kills family members against Trop. They want trumped affair, which means Kim Jong, I'm will retain clear warheads, and I should be aims that threat not. But that's, ok, because you see the fight is over politics, not national security. As far as we are concerned, there are nuts, and so it is incredible. So almost two weeks ago, first thing we did it on our best OSHA Memorial Day. The New York Times has this explosive article, which is intended to protect the leakers,
attacked the rogue agents at the FBI, protect the Obama administration and yet a revealed an enormous amount of information. We spent ninety minutes gone over and there were some some blockbusters and cloning, the enforcement, and so now we ve had two weeks of propaganda propaganda, we're you're supposed to believe the informants, not a spy or you're supposed to believe the FBI's planned by the book. We're supposed to believe what else did you expect them to do, and now we're really supposed to believe it because Trade Gabby says so throughout trigger you don't mean anything to me. Why do I believe in a trade gouty or the other two cares? What he has to say. Facts are facts. The laws, the law, tradition, is tradition and no, we do not
have informants in political campaigns, reporting to the FBI name, another one Lyndon Johnson at disgrace. Name another one. Oh you can't, while they're just tuna by the book folks, just by the book I'll be right back I'll, be right. Back but I have to state this from time to time. Let me state areas in which I disagree with president, although there are fewer and fewer, but there are areas in which I disagree with president the more he does. What I consider to be conservative things, the more he deserves credit and pray.
He's farmer, conservative, in my view than George W Bush, was or George W Bush, with some exceptions, but not a lot with some exceptions, but not a lot than ever. Trumpeters aren't conservatives per se their aid, tromp. Now this issue the why I'm so passionate about this issue about these efforts to topple the president. For me, as a constitutional matters,. Now the great thing about being on radio is, I speak three hours a day living tv. I speak almost one hour day there now with a factual, so my comments, my views, my approach, there's no reason be confused by them and there's no reason for people who despise me to try and spend them. My problem with this is all the lawlessness
Coming out of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party supported by the media, my for the people like it or not, Donald Trump. As a duly like to present the United States and from day one, they ve been trying to depose him. He was elected democratically and through the electoral process, through our constitutional. And they are trying to use extra constitutional if not unconstitutional means to remove. They want to remove him. Then they should be waiting like everybody else, for the election cycle and run the best candidate. They think they have, but that's not what they want to do. First, they attacked electoral college member that We gotta get rid of it like somebody like Trump, but now it's more than that they brought up the twenty fifth amendment. Twenty fifth amendment has nothing to do with this
and I have tried pointed it out day after day for about three weeks- they dropped the twenty fifth amendment. Then they got their special council. The appointment of the special council, in my view, is unconstitutional because of the breadth of his charge. Ace em, a person who works for the President of the United States cannot confer upon another person, more powers. Then a person's allowed to confer on them without going through the appointments clause of the constitution. They are again these
judicial analyse doesn't always talking about respectfully. So I am concerned about the attacks on the electoral college at the beginning. I am concerned about the political effort to remove this president. I am concerned about the special council. I don't care if its Donald Trump Donald Duck to me. This is a defence of republican government, smaller republican government. For me, this is a defence of the constitution, and of people cannot put their politics aside their hate for Trump aside there, never trump ISM aside, then now with their thrown in with a tyrants. That's what I'm coming from. I do not believe it is usual, traditional, ok for the appeal,
I haven't informing and a political campaign. I absolutely do not and adapt play that trying dumb down the american people is an outrage and absolute outrage to try and get the president on perjury obstruction and false statements when you have absolutely no criminal basis for even interviewing. It is an outrage and absolute outrage, and so that's what I'm coming from Mark hasn't changed at all period. This is my view, This has always been my view and always will be my view. Constitution first country first, and it just so happens that lines up behind tromp in this case, and so you never trust and you hey,
properties in your left us out their scroll. You you're, not constitutional lists. You're, not civil libertarians, you're throne, and what the mob them MSNBC, CNN Amy CBS, NBC New York Times washed and post their them up. That's what they are. And now I will not throw and with them the fact you gave a guy like ray Gouty pop and orphans. I'm supposed to follow trade galley When I follow tray Gabby for these knucklehead? Why? they want to be praised by the liberal media. They their own agendas. Craig out he's a politician
Bourbon and weave, and all the time right Our trade out has to say: are it take a call her Let us go to MIKE in Brunswick main they grow, w g A and how are you, sir, marked by torture? Do contrary more common? Of course, we can bring about my God bless you. Thank you. While they gave it off but Let me die. Our mission was a go The banana meter toy recovering, I will come back and deliberate and keep your mouth shut wicked. But down, there seem to have a hell of a problem with today, and I got a question per tree: Gouty I want to know a bit, bothered him, but the FBI, the image,
the CIA, they all burst, Pakistanis Am almost eighty members of Congress for years now remember to a gouty debate, ending the servers from democratic committee. Does it outstanding points? There is a serving in the same. Damn building go ahead. I mean it's unbelievable. The scandal goes on for years out, just how many members push or compromise with this situation, the boy they came. The bury this story. I'm telling you, what does it all gonna ok, what all the corruption go on out at the FBI, the CIA to take MR breathing mark Thank you. Thank you. So much they were murdered- allowed chastened club. They must at all,
Let me ask you something: also: we ve had multiple committees, both houses of Congress conduct investigations, the Traditional committees and the intelligence committees we have had, we ve had Mr Mahler over a year now and his happy group of Democratic, security looking everywhere and it anything we ve had, Media in this country, if they could just fine one syllable to nail- trumps head. They would do it in two seconds. They have found nothing, nothing, nothing whatsoever. And yet let me say this to you MIKE there looking in the wrong place, if you want to wonder why there was Russia Interference in our election? U s tail I'm administration that did nothing as the Hillary Clinton campaign in the day and see that paid for the dossier that involve the russian. If you don't look right rock you're not going to find the right thing. That's why
It has been a scam, a set up day, one that has as its purpose the removal of a duly elected president of the United I will not stand silent for that. I will continue to speak out about it, no matter what people say. Thank you for your service. Ran I'll, be right back My colleague Mr Right, Mr Conservative, bad Mr Constitution, but You can call a mark at age, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! You know for financial aid for college. It's a really really horrific You believe in families paid five hundred and
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it's between my idea, care from the other guys they talk, my idea cared delivers an you need top tier identity recovery and my idea care will stand by with their guarantee. You in your kids need protection. Rely on the government to protect a gunman can't protect its own date in its own records. You need I d care, learn more and get fifteen percent off just go to my idea: care dot com, Slash Mark Promo code Mark my idea, care dotcom, Slash, Mark Promo code Mark one more time because of very important. My idea care dotcom, Slash, Mark Promo Code, Margaret went. A few other things here today to you know yesterday, when this rose hand bar stuff was going on, it's still going on today, like the world, gives a damn. Quite frankly, I condemned what she posts.
But I never really embraced Roseanne by Roseanne borrower had been left us years ago. In other words, again, I'm not trying to pile But these people in the culture- and you have to be really careful if you a hooker. Yes, your reputation, your name, your belief system to them, and I, We're how excited people were getting from me, New rose and bar show how it underscored there. If system enshrining a watch, it no offense- I just didn't, but it's Just Roseanne bar look at all the left wing kooks out their absolute cooks and Hollywood. But I also pointed out that Louis Farrakhan and the Democratic Party have a love affair. And why is this so secret? Why do the Democrats not condemn Lowest Erica
in fact, what are they take one of his acolytes, this key facts and make him the deputy chairman of the DMZ. This guy Keith acts you should see past yes case, anti Semite go ahead and sue me see how it works, but that's just my opinion. You can go on Google and being and all the rest time and check him out, but we know it fair, kindness. I've talked about in my entire radio career. We ve played enough clips. Talked about on the other day, joy read her vicious, a fallback tweets way over the top
don't work and MSNBC. Why is she still working in MSNBC I mean carrying on a year a campaign here, curious. Why she still at MSNBC more than that lies in. Mitchell, asking her to comment on Rosa BAR and by the way why a sharp. Working in MSNBC, given his past well Mark, and why is it. Joe Scarborough are talking about them. Why isn't anybody said? Joy reed is a homophobic, bigot and cheese Before I didn't hear that lecture from Shep or anybody else, why not I made if we're going to clear
The landscape ledge clear the landscape over the Daily Collar Peter Hassan, has a piece. They need our times whitewash. As Democrats ties to Anti semite, fair, and I would remind everybody and eyes I have many times the New York times- also whitewash the holocaust. Now, how can you be the paper of record we're all these clowns columnists wanna work, including these fake conservative? How could you want to be a writer whether on the new side or the opinion side for a newspaper that did everything they could to cover up the Holocaust,
say that's worse than anything. Any body has done are set on tv lightly. In effect, holocaust deniers, the New York Times and now look at this more on the denying side the New York Times whitewash several Democrats ties to the nation of Islam Ellida Louis Farrakhan in an hour I and Wednesdays newspaper wednesdays. Today. I do not think it's a coincidence that yesterday I was trashing. The Democrats ties the fair right, MR producer, some immediately. The New York slimy comes to their defence. Fair kind as a notorious racist and anti Semite, who is praised. Adolf Hitler is a very great man called white people. Devils plain Jews and Hollywood for gay marriage and describe Jews, satanic, several congressional democratic
eyes affair can and the leaders of women's March have publicly declared their support for him. I recall Commies family, his wife and daughters were in that March. Now the times article today focused on democratic congressional candidate, Leslie Cockburn, a former journalist running to replace Virginia Republican Tom Garrett, Virginia Republicans, have accused Cockburn. Anti Semitism over an anti Israel book. He offered in ninety ninety one the near type portrayed the accusations against Democrat Cockburn, is emblematic of a larger battle on the left quote for the democratic party. Miss Cockburn and to see could come to represent more than a single. How secret report is Tom, Kaplan and Michael Attack at the two reports? this one on the painting misleading picture of democratic ties to Farrakhan. They said that democratic national
he's deputy chairman representative, Keith, Alice of Minnesota spent years trying to get beyond, the with Louis Farrakhan, anti semitic leader, the nation of Islam. But conservative news media continue to try and tar Democrats by linking them The fact that he is like the Farrakhan, you liars and mister A used, his Middle EAST policies, I drive a wedge between jewish voters in the democratic party. Listen to these sick minds, even jokingly, anti semitic candidates in Wisconsin, Illinois and California run for offices, Republic. That paragraph was misleading in three ways: rights. The daily collars Peter Hassan first, as the daily collar reported in its unwashed imposed fact check confer Alison, actually misled the public for years about its relationship with fair, come then
at Times depiction that Alison spent years trying to get beyond past associations with Erika resembles Alison's own spin. Here's. Alison answer questions about its ties: I in December, fourteen twenty six appearance on MSNBC morning, Joe this scar bow, such a sleaze bar Talking about something that happened and ninety ninety five said Keith Ex Alison. This was the year that the millionaire March took off. People were attacking the march at the time and I'm telling you back in two thousand six and beef. I disavowed them. That's the ridiculous thing about this. We kept on having managed to this kind of stuff, washed and postal orders that claim for Pinocchio the worst possible rating in the d c papers, factual and by the way, their rating as a joke. So when their doing this talisman
You take notice. Second, the New York Times claim that conservative news media continue to try and tar Democrats by linking them to Mr Farrakhan and linked to a d c and F article. The near times did not reach out to the De Cnn daily Collar for common endeavour. Spawned a request for a comment on this report. In addition, Impugning this reporters motives citing any evidence whatsoever that times portrayed reporting on Democrats, Farrakhan ties as it can do a smear, the New York Times. I mention that Democratic annoys representative, Danny Davis, praised American in three different interviews with reporter in February and March, including large five interview where David said he wasn't bothered by fair cons, answered to current quote the jewish question: Davis, his home town paper, the Chicago Tribute Slam congressmen for Israel?
kinship, with fair caught in an editorial that was cited by the Daily collar democratic, and it are brine shouts of Hawaii called Fair con unacceptable in a Es Coalition or any political coalition march, eight after fair, Can accuse Jews of secretly controlling the FBI to persecute black people that same democratic, South Carolina representative James Kleiber declined to condemn fair Anti Semitism in a city In addressing why he shared a stage where the nation of Islam, leader Kleiber in the number three democratic, the house still as yet, it announced Erica. It took Davis just under six weeks to distance himself from fair cons, Anti Semitism. Praising the nation of Islam leaders and outstanding human being in February five interview with this reporter. Third, the times you
fringe anti Semites, denounced by the Republican Party to downplay ties between fair Khan and long time, democratic members of Congress. The paper note it openly isomeric candidates in Wisconsin, Illinois, California, are running for congresses Republicans, but did not inform their readers that Republicans have denounced and condemned. All three Anti Semites, none. I have a serious chance of winning an election. Meanwhile, that democratic politics, to refuse to renounce their association where they prominent This is an anti semite, remain influential members of Congress, so the near time steps up yet again.
And defends the worst of the work and the Democratic Party refuses to condemn, far gone. His racism is Anti Semitism and the organization he leads absolute crickets. Why is that? What is fair and get away with it wisely condemned on CNN wise, any condemned on MSNBC, wisely condemned by the New York Times? What's holding them back? Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, we save this, for when I come back, I hope you'll stay with us. I really want to hit something very, very hard related to this I'll, be right back Ben
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But unfortunately the aid, the hours its known, has been taken over by a left wing radical who was a special assistant to Paraca Burma, and his name is John then Green black, so the radio board of directors made a horrific mistake in appointing a left wing, radical and Obama eye of all people. They had the tide? Defamation like that would be the same. Barack Obama who aspire on the Prime Minister of Israel, the same Barack Obama who. Spying on members of Congress and Jewish- organizations agents. I would be the same Barack Obama, who not only so that our country, but our allies, bout eyes and Israel to IRAN, and so they take His special assistant footing, in charge of the anti death. Like no, why my bringing this up today because they- To be the National Security Council chief of staff very good man who I happen to know
No security advisor to the present a United States, John Bonham selected as the chief of staff. They wrote that tight defamation leg, this is the eighty hours press release today strongly criticised the selection of Fred flights. To me the National Security Council chief of staff fighters does the senior vice president for policy programmes at the center for sick. Pretty policy an extreme hawkish think tank that promotes the false conspiracy theory. America is under threat from islamization and that the mutation of islamic law is imminent. This area it runs, Type defamation like she s p, is spearheaded by frank gas. However, the years has promulgated a number of anti muslim conspiracy theories, including the falsehood that the? U S, government, has been infiltrated The Muslim Brotherhood and that a number of
extreme american political figures have shadowy ties to the group? Isn't that fascinating so years a guy who's bringing the White House when members of the Muslim Brotherhood Revisiting the White House blind as a bad, apparently it this guy heads this jewish organization, this is what I mean about the left like jerks, like this great black, its deeply disturbing concerning that the national security adviser would choose someone from Csp. First if a staff, so this I still am Obama guy, you see so he's trashing, Daphne is organization to Standing organization. Why just seeing your leadership role with the centre for security policy and its likeness Lama phobic, he must be running the not the adsl must be running care, maybe. Should automatically disqualify him for a shut up. You idiot, you don't speak,
Rob choosing assurance how to don't speak for me, a tight defamation leg, Europe, defamation. This is declamation, so they take this Why I'm from the Obama White House who sits there were the stump up his nose while Obama's Sellen out not just our country, that allies like Israel and make They had the idea, he's the one who said Qualified he's the one who should be removed right back.
Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader here. I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one every here, Michael Eric Dyson, Professor Georgetown. This guy is deplorable. This guy is awful. I want you to listen to this he's talking about you, the trumpeters out there at ten go.
People can say, look I'm not for a guy you, if you pull them they'll, say I'm against racism against anti blackness, but then they are attracted to Donald Trump. So the question I will ask here: are you putting your consideration for taxes and the constitution in your understanding of the conservative life above the reality along with that comes a vicious repudiation of a large segment of the american public. Actually, sir, they would be you you're, describing yourself Viciously repudiate a large segment of the american population. I think that would be you go ahead. Clash with the ideals of ourselves? We truly are, so America maintains a kind of collective delusion about its own reality when any very anybody talks about collective delusion and groups. Have you it together, because it's really good short hand for the promotion.
Bigotry and hatred, and By density and so forth are to be dismissed now academia, they get tenure, they become a professor and they come popular on MSNBC and CNN. Guy doesn't know you. He knows nothing. Yeah he doesn't know me, he knows nothing about me. He really doesn't care go ahead. If there is the truth What we can do is to argue with each other, have conversations with each other, so this becomes explicit. So we can put the poison outside of us and begin to negotiating. For any doesn't mean us. He means you, he doesn't have any poison he's the leftist on how many points so you need to be open about your bigotry and racism she's me. So we can resolve this latest engine.
So says Professor Michael Eric Dice than we have Professor Don lemon because CNN and make just as much sense and so He will condemn any one who voted for trust for all people who voted for tromp where support him, Basically you know you say your against racism. You say you're here against anti blackness, but of as we know it. You are Europe's putrid in a racist, I think you are, but obviously I could. You voted for trouble. Don Lemon on CNN yesterday know this should be fired. If we're going to run firing people, then this guy should be fire can eleven. We know what down from things we know what Roseanne barred and things it's time for us to stop playing around with words.
Oh well They're saying insensitive things: No, it's raises very, limiting racist behaviour and far too many of our fellow american citizens agree them? Ah, I see. I see, and shall we say that about you, say about you: were racists. If we say you sound like a raving lunatic by calling all these people, millions of US racist. Can we say that we were not allowed to say that I see the left one. Be the speech police. They want to be the statue police, they want to be the book police they want to be the culture police has. Let me call for joy, read to resign to be fire because of her outrageous poisonous homophobic
comments, even though I believe his announce it he's gay and, of course, he's a black man she's, a black woman. Has he done that? Does anybody in office. Has he done it? Did he do more than once? If he did it, I don't believe so, but maybe I'm wrong, but if he did it, it's quite the secret now she's leftist. So what does that make on women who tolerates such. It should go ahead until emboldened to say out loud that things at. Wouldn't have dared to say in public just What are you talking about you idiot talking about a whole group of Well, you don't even know these people, you don't know me, I don't know any these people, how dare you put words in our mouths and thoughts on our head? How dare you,
hell. Do you think you are some jerk on CNN who gets no ratings? Are you gonna burn up crap like this goal in the corner, soap box and do it, but the idea This guy gets a national television show to do it and is encouraged to do it by the corporation for whom he works is appalling. Go ahead in America, where reasons have happens every day in our neighborhoods in our workplaces. In our schools in a Starbucks teach me this is the Hate America's racism happens every day in America. Folks we are the most tolerant civil society on the face of the earth, despite our enormous diversity in color in religion and sex, what we do with our genitalia we're them.
Tolerant beneficence nation, on the face of the earth, and yet a guy like this spews, this hate spews, this hate, it's disgusting, the left is disgusting. The way they talk about this country. Minorities are treated better in this country than any other country on the face of the earth. I don't care what kind I don't care. What continent you're talking about. Look how they treat each other in the Middle EAST? Look how they treat each other in Asia. Look how they treat each other in Africa Look how they treat each other in central and South America people
literally, to come into the United States of America. If America is as time lemon says, if America is as Michael Eric Dyson says, then why, then, why are people literally dying to come into this country and if we had If we had the desire to desired related, everybody who wants to come in and we'd have a billion people coming into this country from every corner of the world. Why is that. Because there's racism in America every single day, you damn fool your ripping down the greatest, country on the failure to you even realize it. One guy going on and on about racism is a professor at Georgetown University. If there was true racism, he wouldn't be a professor at Georgetown University.
Another one going on and on about racism in America he's a tolerable. Host on CNN, if that were true racism in America, he wouldn't be a television house on does that mean racism doesn't take place? Of course it takes place. Does that mean I pay? Semitism doesn't take place. Of course it takes place. Does that not mean that there Hey cries: black or white wine on black honour. Of course they take place, but America as a whole is a spectacular, a fabulous society and a damn. Well know it, and we are doing well moment Go ahead arc an air be Inv. What is it. You gonna do about. It To allow long we do about Why go ahead going to do about it? When are we going to stop pretending?
that every into oh, this is just one incident always says one there's one. This is. One example: listen to this guy. Listen to this. In our schools are Starbucks. What's an air BNP by the way we are doing and what the hell is, what is it? I mean no one, you run a house, ok, there's races, every everywhere. America really is an awful place,
coarseness solution, ladies and gentlemen, and that is to adapt radical progressive. As you see, that's the solution adopt radical progressive as adopt their agenda of open borders, adopt their agenda of trash. The cops adopt their agenda, anti private property rights, adopt their agenda, confiscatory taxes against the most successful, adopt their agenda, their race.
Centric sex, centric socialist centric agenda. Then, ladies and gentlemen, we have utopia or better put a merit opium and, of course, we won't, while the police state with horrific human suffering Don lemon, never talks about liberty. He never talks about individualism, including individual, opportunity or responsibility Don lemon never doesn't show on our magnificent entrepreneurs of all races. Never
Don lemon, never does a show and our magnificent constitution and whites magnificent, never everywhere. He turns there's races, Starbucks AIR B and be in a park in our school system. I don't doubt there's racism that exists when you have three hundred and twenty million people with all kinds of backgrounds and religions and beliefs, systems and all the rest. There is no perfection. There is no perfect society. We are the most perfect society and on lemon, doesn't even understand its incomprehensible to him. You want to Why? Because he's in eighty a and is filled with poison and hate, and so he doesn't even observe the magnificence of this country each and every day.
Doesn't observed that didn't go in to a Walmart or Carrasco or a Starbucks, and see people of all colors of all religions Of all races, somewhere in jewish star somewhere in the across some wearing a muslim garb and so forth, and so on and there's no fighting, there's no killing There's no abuse at all. You can go to a sports stadium, same thing, pay of all backgrounds and colors in ages and religions they're not killing each other. They get along quite well, as a matter of fact,. Every school system in this country same thing, those kids get along quite well. As a matter of fact, the United States military.
Those men and women in uniform get along quite well as a matter of fact, and yet there is time limit taken any taken in need. I'll be right back they, oh Diana like doing this, but you know you gotta know. What's out there it's this kind of vile vicious phony speech by the phoney protectors of the poor
that really is dividing this country harm in this country. People like Don Lemon Dyson Chris Math. And the more on morning, Joe and MRS Moron here is meeker. Our morning, Joe cut twelve go. You can you, Social media also has a lens, and you see in Reno, fast Restaurants, in public places, people taking video of racist incidents, and you can see the way people laughed and maybe they a licence to act. That way, because this president, I will quote was quote statement- is a stone, cold racing He does not, while I'm sorry, very vivid how live somewhere else- and I arrived I, but I have been the right by it we shall stand by. Isn't she brave, I'm sure Greenwich Village will be very difficult for them to have
Sunday brunch there given her position that tramples a stone, cold, racist I'll, keep something a month. Two years ago, a year and a half ago, they supported Trump. These two bowser. The morning Schmo a mishmash supported trump. They kept bringing him on trying to jack up their ratings and he couldn't get the ratings up, that's how much their destiny and their detested internationally. As I say, over and over again, the only people that really like their show or the generals in the north korean army. Sovereign S, LSD. You have these two frauds. These two phones The this mouse, Mr Michel,. And now they think proposition call racists, and yet these two back.
And they called Steve Schmidt. Why do we care with Steve Smith has to say Steve at this clown was, however, MSNBC run in his big fat mouth. He knows nothing. A political operative he's a hack who used to work for Mccain. Oh, I repeat myself so there's maker, and she has claimed that the transistor called racist, this month he was mentally ill and we needed to invoke the twenty fifth amendment right, Marilla stuff, They get lower and lower in the gutter. The media. Now make a parisian scare reporter or an opinion maker, which is what is it.
And why do we care what she has to say: she's the daughter A very nasty failed, pathetic individual, the late Zbigniew Brzezinski, Zbigniew Brilliancy. When I say that, of course, with all due respect now, I'm at sea here we have Chris Matthews. I know its painful, isn't but that's why I expose them for who they are and what they are. We ve Chris Matthews on Marcello STI, whereas I like the calm I'll, have another drink Matthews and I but he just disappeared. I thought he was with us anymore, but he's back cut fifteen go so far
the Republican Party is opposed to most American. I think I'm going to have to translate our training read that Wall Street Journal Play golf and talk about prose ports demanded, especially, are all programmes a certain way. They don't have so many outliers. We can say all behave, pray basing this aim right, Margo you're laughing. You must play off the only time. You must why sports and talk about different value most and what else we do also journal. I believe the opposite page. You can see the the these spittle dripping down. His Isabel Mouth, onto his loafers, he's such a fool. He such a clause. All you Republicans out thirty plague off How begins at the DE read the Wall Street Journal. I say this the Wall Street journal- I don't love- was around or in the Holocaust or not, but I dont believe it was a holocaust. Denying newspaper like the New York's lines,
see how they attack you attack. You attack you these two watch, CNN and MSNBC you're, all races, Oliver You all play golf: it's just its growth, This is why they are not defending freedom of the press are defending their big fat mouths I'll, be right back This is where Hollywood liberals come rehab. Moving showers back banquette, Seven, seven, three aid, one three: one one, nine, so many people love me in the media, in Hollywood Democrats
I began cause. I call him as I see him, I don't put your own and I call our people, people who want to be very bug, Blake and say very public things in the. Yet pat on the back of the head. That's right, you so that and so forth, and so no they deserve to be challenged. I'm challenged all the time. But this is why I not part of the its social seen and I would never want to be part of the washed and social scene or the New York social scene or the allay Social see whenever the healthy social scenes. I I'm perfectly happy with my family, my dog. I close friends had set, I don't mean anything else and you the army of Levine. I sat there millions of you I am an fm radio on the market. An app on the Iheart Radio, app million
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Just thought. I'd mention that too, were very, very grateful. Ferrara, our sponsors. They are terrific. Let us gonna buy Detroit Michigan Harry user Mark work. Thank you so much. I appreciate your so greatly at sir astounding. How could be that you, you were put in so much to get to work. You are the somebody like me could talk to you and I could tell my wife about you and tell her about you. I'm got the radio I now when I come over to the laughing it up about the course as with the normal cell, if you're, really really good market comment About dreams clapper absolutely hours the american people and admission that he knows for a fact. Donald Trump is innocent. And on top of it,
Structural policy, what's they are asked him. I shouldn t be happy. She had this Media knee, No strong reaction. Absolutely? You should be happy happy happy. Unless she, how could he be happy that this investigation blessings their sight met. But he said he can't go I can say not said you should have been or should be, but then, Yeah maybe you're his shirt, let the Bob! Let me ask you a question even watching clapper. Now, since you left, the Obama administration had been watching Brandon since you left your family, three by watching call me, since he left the Obama this isn't a chilling to
Come on, man held these incredibly powerful positions and they have no judgment. No temperament is chilling to me. You know what my biggest complaints about all of us. The history of the United States has been lost this Henry Clinton, no half of the work of the State Department from our point of view and how can doubt, these people are not absolutely against Donald Trump. Like clapper call me, they're not dynamic, They can't let that happen when they a a presidency, has to have the history What might have happened before he got their story can be prepared for his job because these are saboteurs. That's what they are. They use the power of their positions. Which is what happens in these totalitarian regimes,
some of them are harder than others. Some of them are softer than others, but call it what you will. These are a who sought to influence the election, expect the Russians to do bad stuff cause Vladimir Putin's a bad person, but we do not expect You know the top levels of the FBI and the CIA National Intelligence and all the rest too. Interfering in our election in such a significant way. This is why I am so furious with the tray gouty These commentators on our favorite cable network. They just blow this stuff off. They have no comprehension really. What they're talking about they don't see? What's going on on the horizon, this an extraordinarily dangerous thing that took place in this election and to the bottom of. It has proved to be extraordinarily difficult because the very people, who did these sorts of things have set up? arguments and processes that have as their purpose, Can you to conceal them? I want to thank,
for your call, my friend of my best, your wife, I hope she still listening. I appreciate it. Let's go to Gary LOS Angeles, California, eight. Seventy, the answer, the great k, R L, a go! I've mar thanks so much for. Let me I've been a couple years by talk there. All right, then I'll call you when you are whole for an hour and twenty four minutes. Forty two seconds with your ear p said: oh, no, no! No! No! You really get to listen to and focus for changes that are being distracted well. Thank you, sir. I appreciate it. Now when I was on a couple of guys before, was Michael certain Afghanistan I wanna take, might for his service. I would say that, and I remember him: it's still there. He about then you transition from the russian hacking then stop too well to fairer cod.
I got a great will exert if you don't do that now. Make sure you're pretty we're going to run out of time, make your point my browser go ahead: Aragon, comprehend Bow It follows the rise up and you're policeman insurance. After that, a bunch of assassinations and mass killings happened. I want to give that year, producers to the EU having a copy of the exit I thank you for your car with evident. We don't do production on the air if you want to give it to the producer, should give it to the producer and will take a look at it, but I can't I can't honours for honour stuff, and I, No, what sources using! I don't know any of this and try to put down the gentleman. I just don't know you have to understand behind a microphone their minds of listening, the stranger coal. And, of course, the media was thrilled to be used by all bomber, as they are always throw to be used by the left, because they are the left, so there's an HBO documentary. I don't know if you ve heard this the final year and about
he was the deputy national security adviser. The man was a failed novelist. I believe his brother run of the networks I forget, which one and he was very proud of himself. He was bragging. To one media source one day about the ran deal and how he basically you the media to advance their propaganda and, of course, the and he was thrilled to be used by Obama, as they are always throw to be used by the left, because they are the left. So there's HBO documentary. I don't know if you ve heard this the final year and Obama's last year in office and there's an exact moment when he found out that Hillary Clinton lost the president's and a hat Tipp to Twit, which is an excellent site to an here then roads in all of his baluster cut. Sixteen go scheme outside it
Alice, watch process. I can't even yeah I mean I I can I can. I can I didn't words I had. No other words are no one. It failed Maoist. Now we laugh at this, but you know what this is. This is an explanation, This is an explanation. Why, from the more Donald Trump was announced as the wine
the presidential election, that his ilk Ben roads and the others were determined returned to reverse the results of the election they couldn't he met and they do not accept it and they do not accept it to this day, and that's why he was speechless, because there were came tumbling down, not a lot to lose an election. If you're left us to a man like Donald Trump, they had Obama's third term ready, All these people hope to stay in office would have enormous influence. They thought they were. No transforming America. Here they were in the process of doing exactly that. Turn him into a second rate country, not because the american people believed in that, but because they control the institutions of government
I had it all figured out and they had more big plants over the EPA over the Department of Education. They had more bathrooms deregulate, more Jim's to regulate them. Sex assignments to hand up add more cars to destroy trucks, to destroying jobs, to destroy not to make us Gee Independent, but to make us energy insufficient. They had more borders, they wanted open, more leftwing judges. They wanted to appoint. More allies. They wanted to sell more enemies. They wanted to embrace more time sister raise more redistribution, more centralized government. They had an already go even Michel's organic garden, which had never really worked. They had it cemented in place. There were never gonna lose another election latest, they figured they had the who
I am saying rigged. So Ben roses. Incoherence is illustrative of their mindset. That they had determined from that moment forward that they, Would not allow the selection the stand. And so his mumbling his ink here it is actually quite profound and I'll play, or you want more time. You Understand the left and understand wise mumbling Sixteen go came outside it. Try to Russia, all watch process I can't even
I'm unite I can. I can. I can I didn't words. I had no other words. I do right back then those folks hills, Del colleges offering their free online constitution one or one course again, but only for a limited time, sir, stir right away: Levine for Helstone that come hills, those the authority on teaching the constitution. You can take the course based on the same correctly.
That he'll still students use taught by the same great professors close to one million people of registered haven't you really should announce the time. I know this research from above. The shared as and apply to you, my beloved audience, but did you know one in three Americans can't they may single right protected by the first amendment, and only twenty five percent can aim all three branches of the federal government, but get this Eighty three percent can't name any branch of government, not even one so look. We need to help make sure our fellow Americans understand not just those facts, but our constitutional rights to constitution. Wanna one provides the perfect overview so registry Lavigne for hills doubt that come l e, I am for a hills doubt that come now. Ladies and gentlemen, there are other reactions by hosts at sea then, in MSNBC, on learning that Donald Trump had won the presidency go ahead, MR, Can I get a funny? Only the goal struck the Heaven I
because when you re just good you game, we be withdrawn, Bringing you S, creek troops from and and the the we way is. Finally, of of I say about budget would resist we much. We must and we will much about that, be committed. I'm a warrior. You know that it was In this work,
this was why didn't we? If we owe my there were beside themselves literally one beside the other, so this is why they keep condemning you, the american people who voted for Donald Trump. They hate you. They hate him. They hate what you did to their project: dress a project they figured. They owned everything they own the media, the almost to the court system, the the owned Congress. Even with the Republicans the very progressive institution in terms of statism. They only universities most of our public schools? They figure there's no way this guy can when anyone and they don't like it, to reverse the election. We salute our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emergency person out of sight
tomorrow on the radio gamblers.
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