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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, The Inspector general report on the Hillary email investigation is out, and President Trump looks great as a result. James Comey was corrupt in the sense of objectivity and duty, and he’s been exposed by the IG report. Comey usurped the authority of Attorney General Susan Rice by deciding to not indict Hillary. The IG report shows Comey used his personal email for FBI business, so no wonder he was so soft on Hillary. Obama is ultimately responsible for all of it; he failed to stop both election interference by Russia and his own Federal government, and it didn’t bother him in the least. If Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election, we wouldn’t have learned about any of this and that is frightening. Also, the acting Attorney General of New York sued President Trump, his children, and his foundation for illegal conduct by the Trump Foundation that directly aided the Trump Campaign. The Justice system has become the plaything of the left, a political operation that abuses the rule of law, which is the definition of tyranny. Later, when an illegal alien is caught at the border with a child, the child is temporarily separated from the parent while their lawlessness is addressed. This was an Obama-era policy that continued under Trump, so why is it an issue now? The left would rather allow every illegal alien with a child into the country rather than protect our borders.

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Anybody might hear our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one: five hundred page inspector general report from the Department of Justice I've been going through. It. And there's a number very, very important thing cited in this report and I hope the the intrepid
journalists over at sea and in an msnbc actually listening. It is a big deal. It confirms a great deal of what we know and it also adds additional information, and before I get to it, I just heard the FBI director speak and he disgrace, nobody is attacking the institution of the FBI, except Mister call me and the people who worked for him nobody's attacking the institution of the FBI. Except for the reporters and the left us who always attacked the institution of the appeal. I am attacking the corrupt officials at the top of the chain, many of whom have now been forced out
Now, unfortunately, I have to listen to network news at the top of the hour and it's a disgrace. I know these people so called reporters haven't read this report. I've gotten for about three slash, four of it, and still the information is stunning and you know who comes our best in this report. You know comes our best Donald Trump. I read this and will get into the details, we ve got plenty of time. I read this and I think to myself, how is it that Barack Obama didn't fire James combing? Well, the answer is simple: James come he was doing his dirty work. Better fact, he was during the dirty work of the Democratic Party the inspector general- lays out a damning case, a bias and then
as there is no evidence of politics, will then what's the bias, what it all these texts me now, among other things, It appears that MR call me. Was using his personally males for FBI. Business now Under he was soft on Hillary Clinton, the FBI directorate is for hidden from using his personal emails for FBI, business. Because his personal emails are not secure and there sir, they not secure enough there Port states what we already know in this sense, but it underscores it that the FBI directorate combing usurped the authority of the attorney general when he decided. Hillary Clinton would not be indicted.
He had no authority to make that decision and so Democrats and Hillary Clinton run around and say they call me sank her election. That's not what happened. He saved your campaign, even in the final days. When they brought out the emails related to But then in winter he still rushed in the end. Save her campaign any still thought she was gonna win. The report underscores the FBI director my words obstructed Potential legal action against Hillary Clinton, inner violation, Syria violations the espionage. He decided in this of twenty. Sixteen, as we know not to act against Hillary Clinton. Then they essentially announces it in July. Twenty sixty he watered down.
He wandered down the original case. He was gonna make against her in order to protect her, and it is also the case that Obama's name has been mentioned in air, That he had an exchange with Irish Clinton of emails, any remove back to any remove that to the director of the FBI. Stops at his desk as Harry S, Truman you're, used to say he oversaw a staff. The report calls culture of leaking that repeatedly leaked. He licked his deputy late and others. Wait. And not only that. They regularly receive the Lakers free handouts from the media.
And that's what you want to talk about collusion. There was collusion between the pro Hilary FBI and I speak of the people's data and the media. Sometimes they would get a free dinners sporting events things. So that's all I've ever heard anything like that. You wonder why the media hate trump working with these, these crooked FBI agents, that's what they were working with these crooked up. Agents these crooked people in the media to try and take out candidate trump and try to ensure Hillary Clinton selection. How can you ask what other conclusion can you read. And, of course, call me oversight staff that was a tie, Trump airtight Trump.
Call me violated long standing rules and procedures of the Department of Justice and the appeal and he was fired. He was fired, not by Barack Obama when most of this occurred, but by the incoming president, Donald Trump call me was fired for cause. He was a bad cop, as I've said over and over again he was a bad cop. He was fired for cause in the media which work with the other bad cops at the up Gave the meals gave em it took
sporting events. The media relied on those bad cops to be bad journalists. Cnn. Tens. This report says nothing nothing new here, nothing new year. There's plenty new here, but what if there wasn't anything new here, is in a bad enough. Mr Kohl me should be investigated criminally. Call me should be the one who receives a subpoena enforced reappear in front of a federal grand jury. Not the president. Mr call me one on a bookstore he's made millions from his book There's not a major media outlets in this country that didn't help promote him, Noddy
nighttime comedy show that didn't help promote a new economy was corrupt. I don't mean corrupt in the sense of money. I mean corrupt in the sense of objectivity and duty. He was exposed before the Idee report now he's been exposed with the energy report. Others, a sense of irony out there to see pray Gouty. Now, all over tv news beard this week when his hair combed on the other side, bitterly disappointed with the FBI. The same tray gouty, who is on tv a week and took a week or two ago defending a spy at the FBI, an informant, don't you
Why do we want to hear from trade counting? The report makes clear that there was significant bias in the investigation of Hillary Clinton, that is for her and there's something rather rim compelling in this report. Rather really, I mean really incredible in this report. This guy Peter stroke he's not just an FBI agent. He was the head of the Counter intelligence unit. He was a big way. He was a senior guy. He led the investigation against Hillary Clinton, such as it was.
And he led the investigation relating to Russia and the inspector general makes abundantly clear that he treated one investigation much more passively than another. He couldn't wait to get to the rush, investigate which is one of the reasons, but not the only reason it took them. So on to look at those emails, those Aberdeen Wiener emails, because there are out to get trump? Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Stroke, Mr Stroke needs a visit in front of a federal grand jury too
You ve heard the line you ve heard the back and forth from the text. They now infamous text between page and struck were struck a shores page that trouble when, but even if he does, we were quote, stop it unquote. That is stop the trumpet like whose obstructing what, ladies and gentlemen, now, why didn't Bronco bomb of Fire James coming? Why didn't paraca bomber fire James coming for market didn't know all this? He knew some of it because Brok Obama liked what James coming was done.
I have said from the beginning: Barack Obama is ultimately responsible for all. He failed to stop the Russians from interfering in our election and, of course he failed to stop as on government from interfering in our election, and I don't think that bother him in the least Doesn't bother him now when he gets all round up, he heads over to twitter and tweets he's not tweeting today is he now is not the victim in this whole case was Donald Trump, its Donald Trump, who looks the absolute best as a result of this side report, As far as I'm concerned will be right back
others much recovery, the daily collar is just one of a piece, but this is how they address this issue of a hand out to journalists and by the don't you love it. When these journalists on TV so called tell us that they stand for freedom of the press, how did they stand for freedom of the press? What do they do to protect the the objectivity of the present nation, and so they write the Department of Justice Inspector General identified a number of instances where FBI employees regularly spoke with members of the media and received a number of free perks from journalists, Including meals and tickets, the various events on pay.
Twelve! In the report, the idea says the department court identified numerous FBI, employees at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media, were nevertheless and frequent contact with reporters. The idea expressed profile, concerns, I'm calling about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel that we have uncovered in our reveal it's funny in March of twenty seventeen, when I spoke at length about the efforts, the espionage efforts against Well, I said most of this was coming from the FBI, who else would come from? They were leaking the contact between them, Agents in the media extended to receiving quote improperly receiving benefits from reporters, including taken to sporting events, golfing outings drinks and meals and admittance to non.
Public social events, so the media were paying for information. They had informants, who were FBI agents within the FBI, giving them information. And when the following paragraph, the idea implies that such benefits could have encouraged various agents to leak information to the press, the harm caused by leaks, fear of potential, X and a culture of unauthorized media contacts is illustrate. It in trappers, ten and eleven of our report, where we detail the fact that these choose influenced FBI officials. Revising call me on consequential investigative decisions and October twenty. Sixteen, the report states When they were really ginning up the russian investigation. So this wasn't about Hilary. This was about Trump, the ideas forceful in its opinion,
the problem with leaking is not quote with that. The FBI's policy, which we found to be clear and unambiguous instead The leaking phenomenon appears to be a cultural attitude among many in the organization putting the charts provided in the eye jeez report, one reporter had contact with twelve FBI officials, including an FBI. Zack active and unit chief, another reporter contacted an assistant director did they achieve some FBI employees, special agent contact with multiple reporters with one specially. Toys were in contact with multiple reporters with one special agent taking various journalists. Thirty two times. As such a finding by the eye G help shed light on how various information has reached outlets like CNN or the New York Times throughout the criminal, investing
asian the former Sectaries Data, Lurie Clinton. One of the striking findings from the report is how senior officials, within the organisation had no problem. Speaking with the media and breaking department policy possibly receiving goods in exchange for that information goods. I think we used to call us bribes. Now Clinton and won the presidency. You wouldn't know one damn thing about this. Nothing bad is frightening. You wouldn't know a thing about this. If some individuals in Congress anyhow
full of individuals in media one in particular, and talk radio hadn't been pressing, you wouldn't know any other stuff, none of it. Here's a couple, a bottom line number one Hillary clinton- should have been invited. The fact is, the fact is that James call me so her from an indictment but number two. If James call me had not made a recommendation, the ultimate recommendation would have gone to Loretta Lynch, the attorney general. She would not have supported an indictment. So mark. Why do you say she would have been indicted? Number three.
Matter should have been invented through the public integrity section of the criminal division where they have very solid career prosecutors who are used to public corruption. That's why I feel confident she would have been her. Violations of the espionage act are not in dispute there, not debatable. So most of this was done to protect her, who else where they trying to protect. The president at the time for Iraq, Obama I'll be right back and on a pot, I just a patriot and on a thought: I'd Jeddak, constitutional. Lest you can reach him at eight hundred and seventy seven. Three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven. Jeez report. We have collusion, we have obstruction and we have insubordination.
Collusion among between reporters and FBI agents, these FBI agents would leak and in many cases in exchange for their leaks, they would get meals, tickets, the sporting events and so forth, and so on. We have ups Call me decided in the spring or twenty sixteen, not the act against Hillary Clinton, and he waited till about the June twenty. Sixteen to announce that he wouldn't know we ve been subordinate. Coma usurp the Authority of Department of Justice prosecutors and the attorney General power, so we do have collusion
direction and insubordination we're Peter Stroke, Peter Stroke, who decided for political reasons? Is there any other reason you can think of. To protect Hillary Clinton and the turn all the FBI His investigative resources he could muster against Donald Trump. This report is Made it doesn't even get into the spy Pfizer. They cling campaign in the deep. Laundering money through law, firm in a former british spy to concoct information,
fabricate information against Donald Trump with Kremlin apparatchiks, which was used. To get a face, oh aren't, doesn't he may get into that, because I wasn't part of the investigation. Doesn't get into the unmask ing. American citizens by the Obama administration doesn't get into that. So this is the tip of the iceberg. Now what else have we learned from this? We have learned the american media as a whole there's some exceptions, but I'm talking about rule and it has a significant role are mostly horse for the left.
The reason why so many in the american media did report on the appeal eyes because they were colluding with the FBI which reporters we don't know which media outlets which reporters in which media outlets gave gifts, FBI agents for information which, once wise, had a secret. Was it CNN individuals had seen it was it MSNBC individuals had MSNBC? Was it meet? The press was a good morning. America was it. The today show what was who were there. Was it the morning schmo and these soon to be message, Shmo
acquiring minds want to know. This isn't a matter being disappointed. As the current api director said,. It was very monotone, he talked about all the great things: the FBI, doing you don't need to convince patriots, the FBI's doing great things. We know that where the one should defend the FBI, these people have sought to destroy the appeal. Turn it into something: it's never supposed to be a political weapon and a political weapon. It goes one way against Republicans, aren't specifically against Trump. So now we have a special counsel investigating what it starts with call me right. He said he leaked
To his law, professor friend, who then leaked to the New York Times, because he wanted a special council to investigate Trump look at the absurdity of this its kafkaesque. So the major perpetrator of the abuse the FBI under whom there was collusion, obstruction, insubordination, lawlessness, absolute lawlessness. He gets the trigger the appointment of a special council rod, rose and steam. Appoint a special council turn
ass the gate non crimes to investigate matters. He can't even identify with any specificity which crimes which individuals incredible James call me who know about the application for the face. A warrant. James call who know about the dossier says he never asked who funded he just assumed. It was Democrats, follows that amazing, James Commie, who had to know there, was a spy in the trunk campaign.
And you see, ladies and gentlemen, this is why you cannot trust the media. This is why the media are worse than fake. They hate America, so many of them do not care what Wolf Blitzer says if they loved America, they wouldn't conduct themselves, that's why they call it straight and they write it straight, but they know the media I condemned in this report. Nobody sang it needs to be said. The media are condemned by it. Creation in this report. There is simply no question about it and, as I say, this is why, when you Some two CNN and Emerson, see or individuals from
There are times when the washed imposed these Sunday shows with them. This is why they all sound the same cause. There are doing the same thing and they share an ideology. They absolutely do so a trump cause. This professor, a spy. You notice how they attacked him so viciously. That may well mean us, but you have no evidence, you no proof events over the river and computer. Anybody who dares to stand up and be counted in question. What's taking place and defend the president in this regard Is attacked a cook the current director, the FBI Re, says, they're going to have intense training for every single FBI agent to ensure that they conduct investigation.
Objectively we now. Ladies and gentlemen, I have to tell you. This is fascinating. The inspector general said that he is unaware that anybody was driven by political motivation, even though his massively. Is laced with examples of bias and even uses the word bias or buys for what are they bias against women? Are they bias against men? Are they bias against Jews? They bias against Christians. Are they bias against Muslims? Are they bias against gay people? What are they biased? Against course, it was politically driven how stupid when this, but what is training every single FBI agent to be objective, have to do with anything. As far as I'm concerned, the vast majority them our objective facing down real criminals, real terrorists trying to protect the american people. The best
their long before FBI ever came to the Justice Department. These are the rules need to the procedures and the policy to the FBI. They were there. When I was at the justice. Parliament and they were their long before I ever came to the Justice Department and their there right now. So when you went Say we're going to train everybody, you diffuse the responsible me and accountability. You don't need the train, everybody! You need to halt the people who violated this standing roles of the FBI to account and here's the problem Congress can hold them to account and inspector general can hold them to account not criminally. How can it Be that way of a special council roaming around in the shadows, working for crimes to charge. And we have a lawless activity by our own federal Government- the Obama administration it behind
levels of the FBI and our intelligence agencies, and that does not warrant a special council look. I am not a special pleading for special council. Their special because they have to really appointed an extremely unique situation and they have to be appointed traditionally, which means a very specific mandate? A criminal issues, specific people, specific organisations, not the kind of appointment Mahler, got. Which essentially a blank sheet, because that leads to widespread abuse, but who exactly going to investigate the FBI and the Justice Department with absolute independence.
The FBI or the Justice Department. That's the problem if there was ever a case for a special council its now. So, don't call me and say, can they be charged with this charge that until there is an individual who is in charge of an investigation, who has the authority to bring criminal charges, there will be no criminal charges. There should be an active federal grand jury. As I speak,. In Washington DC, where Mr Combing, where Mister Mc Cave where Miss struck where Miss page at all the rest of them and certain individuals at the department of just this, the former attorney General Loretta lunch. Yes, Sally Yeats, the format but the attorney general throw a wide blanket. Just like Mr Bala. Does he process blanket everywhere? But in this case,
A very very serious violations very. The intrusion into our election by the Obama administration using the entities, the instrumentality, the federal government is a hundred times worse than anything. The russian state- and I have nothing but contempt for Putin's and one of the few radio talk shows and one of the few host who has been consistent in my contempt for Putin's unlikely code, pink Republicans and as I said, it is rather remarkable that the administration that failed to prevent
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so our July twenty sixteen he leaked as we well know He oversaw staff that the idea said had a culture of leaking. It is as others at the FBI and certain FBI agents also receive benefits. Quid pro quo as a result of their leaks, gifts. Meals, tickets, disporting, sporting event me this atrocious. Any oversaw staff. There was a tightrope. Anybody know a senior person at the FBI during this period. Who worked for call me who was pro trump. Isn't an interesting, can you name one? I can't name one. Can you any pro trump texts now I don't see any proton text to you. Any anti Hilary texts, though, at times
attacks. I mean they're, not even in this five hundred page report. Isn't it fascinating and Peter Stroke told his girlfriend LISA page who was concerned. The trumpet When basically says don't worry, we will stop it, meaning the trump election. That is really I opening, isn't it The idea also says that he prioritized the russian probe.
Were the Hillary Clinton email case, which is why that case receive far less attention than the Russia case because of his animus for trot, but it wasn't political matter. I was just born with this animals for tromp. You understand it just happened. Trump fires call me: he had every reason to fire. Commie Obama didn't fire. Call me why not as you like we're coming was doing. Coming was doing the dirty work and the media, the media in this country, slobbering all overcoming slobbering all over his books is, but rather whether Jimmy came our Stephen CO bear up and down feeding train of the media in the culture he's my
tromp in her lap and up every bit of it. This man is worse is the word FBI directive, we ve never had don't gimme jail. This is the worst FBI director we ve never had because, unlike over this, guy, actually interfered in a presidential. Action I'll be right back. Now run only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one.
Somebody tell me why a federal grand jury was not an paneled in the Hillary Clinton Espionage Investigation case. It's a rhetorical question that would be in know. Typical way. You would go about investigating a fairly broad manner and in the recommendations the inspector general says that you now had. On paraphrase, we really shouldn't have a witness sitting on Simeon on an interview of another witness really now that's post ever witnessed sitting and on another in an interview of another witness, so to make their recommendation. It's really quite amazing. I think. Now I want you to hear how the Democrats respond to this, because the Democrats, the media and the bad
option the FBI there on the same page, because they're protecting Hilary ultimately and protecting Barack Obama. But he never asked what did Barack Obama nor when did he know it, nobody even cares. I care I been bringing the substance day. One. It was his administration. I believe it was called the Obama administration. Here's Chuck humour on cap on a hill. Today, after this, I e g report comes at an I guarantee hasn't remnants over five hundred pages. He would have to sit there. I mean it would take a long time, not just a speed read through but actually digest. What's in it and he didn't do it he didn't do it almost as soon as it came out, he ran to the Senate floor and gave a canned speech cut. Five So we now know the long awaited report from the inspector, has been made public Several things are crystal clear. First, The foremost anyone who is
hoping to use this report to undermine the Mahler probe or probably distance of a deep state. Conspiracy against President Trump We sorely this. What does he talking about? It doesn't have to use the phrase deep state conspiracy, but there no question smiling conspiracy. It was. People who were acting openly among each other. We have a haleran against Donald Trump. Now, of course, as I said, he didn't read this report or somebody wrote this speech and instructed under gnaws. And undermine the Mahler probe. What's the purpose of the Mahler probe, I mean good. Lord call me was fired for cause. Call me was fired for cause so trumped in obstructing
go ahead! Those of us who are interested in the truth, however, a pleased to know that the UN's After general, road time and time again that when it- into the Clinton De Investigation quote no. Since that thief, no Everett The conclusions by department- security can't even read the speech that was written for go ahead fact it by vice or improper transacts, not correct. The inspector general says not met multiple times that there was buys, he doesn't say, there's political bias, but he says: there's box.
Specifically, as applies to stroke and struggles and some big players. Stroke was the lead FBI investigator in the espionage case as well as they Russia case. Oh, he says: there's bias, he may not say there's political bias, which has rather bizarre quite frankly, but he certainly points out that there's bias Go ahead, no evidence that the conclusion before him prosecutors were effected by vice or other considerations, really report added in the case Lisa page and Peter Stroke in the text. That's where we're stroke, as is. His consoling pages, where the trumpet win, and he says we will stop it stroke or text back. The idea report.
Said their potentially indicated. We created the appearance that investigative decisions were impacted by bias or improper considerations, snugly indicative of a biased state of mind, but even more seriously implies a willingness to take official action, the impact, the presidential candidates, electoral prospects. This is anti. To the core values of the FBI and the Department of Justice. That's from the report go ahead. Rather, we Included that they were based on the prosecutors assessments of the facts, the law and pest in practice they were not based on the prosecutors assessments. Call me stepped in, and at that she will not be charged Hillary Clinton and, in the report,
inspector general uses the word as we used here. Coma usurped. That's the word usurp the authority of his superiors, including the attorney general, so shimmers on the second floor, lying through both of his teeth. It's incredible absolutely line. Guy. Plain and simple couldn't be plainer the more strong repudiation Those who wish to say that, was bias in me in the the smaller investigation. I that's what this this is a related specifically to the Mahler investigation. So what is he talking about this particular. The investigation, I believe, is doing. Others relates to the investigation,
of the Hillary Clinton violations of the espionage, not Mahler, go ahead, Director call me the FBI in the OJ handle the public aspects of the investigation into Hillary Clinton. Female correctly course. Not. We Democrats said that then inspector general makes it clear now You're commies mishandling of the publicity around the collision email campaign all accrue to the benefit of then candidate comp. Not the other way around again and the reason it didn't accrue to the benefit of candidate Trump is because the obstruction that took place here was coming and his associates, who
to make sure that no charges would be brought against the democratic Domini and I've talked about this before, and I want you to think it through. Hillary Clinton violated the espionage tat she conducted herself with gross negligence or material issues. That's why she set up this private email system to get around the secure official state department, email system and a sectoral state. Everybody knows that going to receive and send classified information, everybody knows. We're supposed to play along here and pretend that she didn't they Europe than ensued with our lawyers, official and unofficial, and the Idiot OX statement she made about wiping emails? Oh you mean like with a rag the extensive efforts that she and her son
its went through to conceal emails to destroy emails. I mean that's typically, what gets people charged with crimes Imagine if anywhere in the trunk team did so were the f went along with this. They did not in Panama grand jury, which is exactly what they should have done when they crashed into Hillary Clinton, was a couple hours very quick. Out, I don't believe, there's even a transcript of it and it didn't matter, but Hillary Clinton said because in the spring, of twenty? Sixteen, as we well know, and as the idea underscores call me had already decided, he was going to cover for her that they would take no legal action against her. Oh, they were very busy changing the words in the memo that they were preparing. That is essentially his speech in order
Damn it down and watered down as much as possible, then that's what they did. And so shimmer is just part of the process. Ladies and gentlemen, shimmer supports tyrannical government as long as he thinks it's in here Parties favour or his favorite. These are not principle. People. Hillary Clinton was the democratic Domini, And she should have been indicted on multiple counts, a violating the espionage at, and we ve since learned from two committees in Congress that in fact, we learn this today that, in fact, Hillary Clinton emails, certain very emails were accessed by foreign entities by fine in it
That's a big deal is which is exactly why she wasn't supposed to do what she did. No mentioned by Mr Schumacher of the collusion. Between the media and a dozen FBI agents oh concern whatsoever for Miss. Humor, that some of those FBI agents receive gifts for media companies, further leaks, I'm sure. Otherwise, why were they get gifts? he's not concerned at all, because Mr Schuman doesn't care. No concern by Mr Humour that combing usurp the authority.
Turning general, whether or not to charge Hillary Clinton. He just mad that the former director, the FBI, had these press conference that he wished that he would have obstructed these investigations, but have done it quietly. That's his complaint is that I mean that's what a basically boils down to We'll be right back pretty amazing, where this inspector general report Chuck, Schuman, isn't one centimeter he's not move once and with no problem for their at the airport, except to the extent that it heard Hilary, otherwise everything's fine. As wondering how the Democrats would play this, you know
On the one hand, they need call me they need to prop up, because he, the fundamental basis for the appointment of a special council. On the other hand, they detest call me because they need Excuse for Hilary loss other than the fact Was Hilary in her ideology and so forth?. So they have to walk a fine line and they seem to be doing that because both positions cannot be right. They base camp both be right through incongruous, relax, and so you should ask your democrat, liberal friends were witches, it commies a good guy and he should not have been fired. And therefore good that we have a special Obama or call a bad guy.
Have been fired because he heard Hilary. Then, of course, is another question. I ask here what say Barack Obama only Obama and call me Tommy, the January five meeting in twenty seventeen. Just a couple weeks before the new president will take over very chummy call me almost came to tears, he really loved Barack Obama really really like each other. The question that you never asked is: if Jim Commie real did sink. Hilary Clinton's candidacy. Why didn't Barack Obama later fire him on the way out could have been impeach dreaming Elsie what had just left
now. I have also been saying all let their these bad cops these leaders and the intelligence services and so forth, and so on. They thought Hilary was gonna win. They thought there was. Away? Tromp was gonna win and all these so called big money was on Hilary, but she lost Do you realize if Donald Trump elected president and Hillary Clinton was we wouldn't know anything about any of this. The corruption at the high levels of the FBI, the corruption high levels of the intelligence agency. Do you know we wouldn't know any of this, isn't an incredible. The media wouldn't get to the bottom of the media that protect freedom of the press, while they're giving too it's too FBI agents for taking
I a presidential election and other gifts that media that protecting the fur, remember tat. We would know any of this. Those of you who ve been with this programme for a little bit of time, at least since March seven march of last year,. You saw how the media reacted. They couldn't believe that somebody would get behind a microphone pull together the articles they had written, which ITALY were based on leaks, primary From the fbi- and I set it at the time We know all the stuff you happy eyes at the crossroads and to be so. Viciously attacked in such a concerted way, we're onto something we're innocent and we were
and it's only got worse since all right. Let me take a call here, sir. We have sorry I'm trying to clear up my computer and get to get the summit folks I'd. Let us go to Larry Chicago oil. An eye on the mark. Levant go Larry, go let's. Jeff Toledo, our high on the mark, Lavigne Power, you Jeff, Mr Klaus Gruner. What's the problem let's go to MIKE, retired FBI agent. How are you, sir, I'm good I just want to echo what you just saw were sail a while ago retired agent twenty years my foot there was an agent was killed liability. You were saying about the majority of AIDS, there's still
there just a few bad Laughed at fatality, that bravery and integrity that our motto used to say- I just don't want like you for echoing in other. There still solidarity taught there, I'm My mom pass away about two years ago, and I am almost think, is a blessing that she didn't live to see that What what? What do you make of the current happy? I directly I found an enormously troubling, gets up there any end in response glad he's gone, but I am glad you haven't lived to see this going on What what do you make of the Karen FBI directly? I found an enormously troubling gets up there. And in response to a question. As I recall, he says, look You know what you gonna do and respond we're gonna have training for all of our age and agents agents on the necessity of objectivity. I thought to myself. That is outrageous.
More could you said earlier is spot on the people to join. The idea that they know what's right and wrong they're, just a few bad apples there that then I their placement was so high that they didn't get checked and I agree with you that the training of unnecessary it the people want limit. But let me ask you this MIKE. I mean, on the one hand, say he says, don't condemn the entire FBI Y know, I'm not, then. On the other hand, is he not condemning it by saying everybody has to go through the ridiculous training about objectivity in your investigations, more than that on their share with those guys, we have a few guided dance in their gun, followed out or some stupid like that. But for the most part, Only that training MIKE I wanted Thank you for your service, I'm sorry about your father's death.
He died and your mother's recent there. Thank you for calling. God bless what we re, trying to reach more drama air colleague that eighty seven seven forty eight one, forty eight one one more glove in radio show continues. You know you don't know thousands to the IRA. Still you probably not so you don't know the depths of depression. Sleeplessness an exam My listener endoored, before taking my advice and calling optimum tax relief he owed over forty thousand dollars. That's right, forty thousand dollars to the Irish would know at to pay much less the interest and penalties that compound daily. He was an irish crosshairs. Aggressive collection calls threatening,
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And they will do everything they can to help you so join with them. Hundred four nine nine sixty three hundred optimum tax relief. Alright, let's take a few more calls here. Let me see what we have here on a one second, here we go Gary Knoxville, Tennessee exam saddle, Go where you were taken, my car mark and say yes, sir, looking up. Thank you for looking over this idea report and bringing out the important aspects of it, which I know the fake news is not gonna do so. I do We state that bug pet, particularly those news, particularly those so called news people, Sir, who were giving gifts to these people by it. Bizarre how the inspector general seems to be taking a pay data? They call me investigative report guidebook again
pointing out how homie has all the evidence uncleansed in the world? Well, maybe not pointed out, but all the evidence is that when you take the kids gloves to her and then on tromp there's no no evidence. He takes the boxing gloves. I would lead weights in it and I go so far as to say it seems as though the FBI manufactured connection between Russia and the Trump team, and then he says that that's not political bias that just it just stinks that the same thing was done when Comey did that to Clinton with all the evidence and exonerated her. It make me believe that all this is leading than not them exactly a big fat zero, because there's nobody in a position of authority that is willing to take on the Clinton's and Obama for that matter, because he is responsible for all this this to do so. They just me
they feel like not been gonna happen again. Well, unless we get a prosecutor, has actually charge of this doesn't have any ties to these people and I will continue to push for this and I have been for a long time regardless of you may not like special council. Neither do I will mark your hypocrite. You said there unconstitutional. No, I didn't, I said mullahs unconstitutional because of the defective way in which rose and steam gave him his mandate and appointed him they're, not all on constitutional, but in this case it certainly is the case. Are I, my friend, very good call Cathy Scranton Pennsylvania, the Great W tee, our w go. I love you so Marcie so informative. Thank you are you're are ya goin. We need to our goal
Libya has police powers in is not accountable for anyone it today with the idea report Horwitz there was this thing without their points. That's the way I look at it. The F B. I knew what they were doing. Their work Obama, and they knew what they were doing and made the very very way, and let us not forget they really important by points arising again right I mean we're out without really wasn't part of this particular investigate but you're, but we don't you're exactly right. They didn't bring up the spies they bring up the the abuse of the face, a court, they didn't bring, the dossier, they can bring up any. Let's hit those Barack Obama tattoo. You them made Langley. I go along by the Brits. Maybe you should do a book. I appeal:
Maybe it would be a good one, because you know what I say I got a call. We know them go to grant him so the crap now they got clapper Brandon and that all the time they knew and we should limit. Let me ask you a question. Let me ask you a question any pro tramping until Hilary texts from any these agents, Grab me, I haven't seen any pro tromp Anti Hilary texts have you at of all the texts that have been released. Have you seen any Now, let me let me ask you this Cathy, which among he's FBI agents involved in this matter was programme exactly none of them around trot. Not a single, proud, tromp text, nothing about pro drop in the eye jeez report.
They were singularly for Hilary and singularly against Trump. That's pretty damn amazing, don't you think, good God or chrome? I'm a little farm, but not now and not in the mood. I Cathy thank you very much. Will yes and happy birthday! Mr President, I think the president will have for his birthday dinner. What I get for my birthday did pretty much. You noted, as MR producer. A well done stake we catch up. That's right, I, like it Gregg Port. An hour again on the market of in Paris trademark, slow start with you again. I appreciate what you do. It's no reward over oil, My comment today was a there's,
asian gone on for a glass fifty years in America and it started in the sixties on our college campuses. I will left us indoctrination spur producing less the leaders and we have today. I think it, sir. It's just leave the fruit that movement way back then in its unity. Worse now. I dont disagree with that at all, and I also thank you see in the media in this country. Exactly it's what did and copper through the media even corporate Amerika in ways and it's all the way across society? So it's a big problem and we just need to stick to the truth, stick to the facts in and outside the EU, fine. I appreciate your on your way, In that area campuses, has it facilitator moral degradation and moral relativism for the last fifty years. We need to fix. Now in academia? Conway
I think it's become. An ideological monopoly has become a financial monopoly. We just pay and pay and pay and send our kids to these places. You know one day. I'm gonna have to really think this through I've talked about that in a few years and write about and see if we can't figure out something because you're exactly
They say the Soviet Union is dead. It is except on our college campuses. Are I friend good call? I appreciate it now. We have this New York attorney general, or is she a temporary attorney general philosophy today against the Donald Trump Foundation? I'm reading this from Fox for alleged illegal conduct and quote unlawful political coordination on quota benefit personal and business interests, trawling, a harsh twitter rebuke from the president. Now I know it's been said cause I have ie males people saying this to me that the Hilary and Bill Clinton Foundation have never received this country and, as I recall, their based in New York with all the money. That's come through that entity. Russian money, Middle EAST Money-
Now the shoe was brought today following, I am reading from Fox a month's long investigation led by disgraced in trumps words, former attorney general Eric Schneider Watson, everybody's, where it he was a woman, beater and sexual abuse, or is a sick, sick man, a pervert acting attorney General Barbara. Reading from Fox a month's long investigation led by disgraced in trumps words, former attorney General Ericsson item Watson, everybody's weren't, you a woman, beater and sexual abuser is a sick, sick man, a pervert acting attorney General Barbara, Underwood file. A lawsuit today over the foundations, alleged quote: persistent illegal conduct, unquote, which occurred overcoat more than a decade. Unquote. Now I've had occurred over more than
decade: why did they wait until now to bring the losses. If it occurred over more than two decades. What we the answer to that. Don't we, ladies and gentlemen, because in so many ways are legal system are so called justice system is the plaything of the left. Attorney general's office in New York is among the most despicable the way they treat private business there are not on their side the way they treat nonprofit groups that are not on their side, the way they treat individual setting out on their side. It is a a loathsome in many ways. Backs political operation which abuse It is the rule of law again, that is the definition of tyranny. The suit alleges that there was extensive, unlawful political coordination would trumps twenty sixteen presidential campaign and alleged violations of basic legal
Negations for non profit foundations, but the president fired back on Twitter. Asking the lawsuit and Schneider men for never having the guts to bring the suit while he held the Post press and said- and this is why many of us really like Donald Trump- he doesn't just sit there and take this stuff. If he had been one of these are the Republicans they be talking through their lawyers. We do not believe that the presence and respective violated the laws of New York And- and we intend to refer to two- really confront this and fight this in the court's. Thank you. President tweets the sleazy New York Democrat and there now grazed and run out of town Agee Eric Schneider men are doing every They can to sue me on a foundation that took in eighteen million eight hundred thousand dollars and gave it
to charity more money than it took in ten million two hundred thousand dollars. I won't settle this case. Trump tweeted Schneider meant. Ran the Clinton campaign in New York never have the guts to bring that this ridiculous. A switch lingered in their office for almost two years now. He resigned his office in disgrace and his disciples brought it. It would not settle. Tromp added the Sioux claims that Trump use the foundations, terrible assets to pay off his legal obligations, promote trump brand hotels and businesses and a purchase personal items. The suit also claims that the foundation quote illegally provided extensive support to his twenty sixteen presidential campaign by using the foundations name
Funds it raised from the public to promote as campaign for the presidency. Ok, how so how so you know p these these when they put out these charge sheets and they put out these press statements that go with them. That's only one side speaking you do. You realize that, but the media loved the media, don't care, because the media want trumpet his foundation of beginning no criminal justice reform for the President and his family law. No endless due process rights like you get if you're a mass murder and you're on death row for twenty nine years, no due process rights as if you're a terrorist or mark he gets due process right yeah he gets
He called due process right, but I'm not even talking about that. I'm talking about the trashing of the president and the trash and his family with a file and like this. The should also seeks to ban present a trump from future services directive in New York Non profit for ten years and Ban Eric Donald Trump Union of Vodka from service for one see its intent humiliate and embarrassed in many ways it's a pr stunt. The problem is it brought in New York. It's brought in New York and, depending on the judge, could be a very liberal, trumpeting drudge, because judges anymore and so many respects, not all but too many are just as political, the political hacks who appoint them I'll be right back.
Reminder that our have nine thirty pm eastern six, thirty pm Pacific time I will be on Hannity TV on the Fox NEWS Channel. I hope you'll join us discussing much of what we ve been discussing on the earth today and hopefully by then I will actually complete my review as I've been looking at during the brakes of this over five hundred page document I doubted by then, but I've got through a hell of a lot of it, much more than trucks, rumour that you'll, never guess my Faye replaced the set on your tickets, while of course. I said you're no place like where, in my car no and on a sofa, my living room. No, actually it's at my desk. Where I'm talking to you right now,
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Ok, let's take another call, hear me, pull this up. Morocco watch chest or New York. The great W Abc Go market mark is finally to be going coincidence that the news about the lawsuit against the term foundation happens a comment on the same day that the inspector general report is released. I mean this investigation supposes the known after two years, And I heard the attorney general to say that the way to bring the until they had enough evidence. Well what a coincidence image on the day that the inspector general happens to Louis his report, while you're exactly right and she's a hack? she's a career, appoint who care so a stroke, so as page so as my cave, just because somebody's. Rear appointee or career. A civil servant. Doesn't mean they're, not political, most or not. That doesn't mean she isn't MAC fact. She did exactly what you said, which exposes
good point Rocco? I shall return now run them. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one so the inspector general finds Jim Comical have been insubordinate. Among many other things in the inspector general referred, the former deputy FBI directors case. They came to the: U S, attorney for as a criminal referral
So that's the number one and two at the FBI and the Democrats think it's no big deal democratic, just keep yelling all day long. The idea found no pull The compromise found no political, bisphenol political by and not just the demo That's the media, that's what so incredible to me. Well, There are no political, but he found a lot of bias. What kind of biases it I dont understand. Then we repeat my question. So the back mentors tomorrow can regurgitate it. I have now look through I've read three fourths of this report, but I've looked through all of it and I cannot find a single reference to a text. To an email to a document that was pro trump by these FBI. Officials.
Nor can I find one that was anti Hilary. I can't find a single top level FBI person who was pro Trump and Anti Hillary. What do you think of that? That's pretty incredible, isn't it And then they tell us: well, it's not political. What are your time? The FBI, man, I've, never attack the f B. I am attacking these bad cop said the FBI cause that's exactly what they are. Their bad cops. But the media has played an enormous role here in perpetuating the objectives of the bad.
In perpetuating an ideological agenda. The political situation, in my view of the top levels of the FBI, Cover up of these activities it's just incredible. Most of these media personality sound, like structure. So many of the same things absolutely appalling. There's an issue out there and I I need to get to it before the end of the programme and its these separating kids from their parents. When illegal aliens commended the country- and I keep scratching my head when did when they this become an issue- Why is it an issue in the last three weeks? Things don't just happened. There's not just coincidence is out there. So these these left wing ethic our group's they push this agenda. They push it into the same media that
b I used to go after Trump. They push entity. End the phony media, its pushed into Capital Hill. The Democrats repeated, then the Republicans by repeating and all of a sudden. We have this issue now the exam same processes were in place under Obama. You never heard a word about and what happens if somebody is coming into this. Country illegally and that somebody is apparent and they bring a child, the parent, to be detained and processed and in some cases, depending on the parent. If there's a record in Theirs unknown record, or if this is, if this is a repeat performance by the illegal aliens, their separated from child for the child doesn't go to a detention centre, so the child those to the nearest relative or twelve.
Oscar home or as some way protected while the parent is dealt with. How is that inhumane? What are we supposed to do. What are we supposed to? Do I say to the parent: our I'd find you have a child come on in what do in the case, and I bring this up all the time. When we have american citizen parents an amount. And citizen children, not dreamers, of course, and only applies to illegal aliens, children at the age of thirty one Do if apparent, are both parents or convicted of crimes? What do we do with the kids? Do we say you can't separate the kid from the parents? He can't separate the kids from the parent.
While mark they ve had a trial that well, let's say they didn't, have a trial. Let's say: there's been an arrangement than their dangerous and keep him in jail and so forth into that happens. All the time do you ever ever ever hear news reports about going. Soft on a criminal parent whose an american citizen, because they And be separated from their children. Have you ever heard of that? I've never heard of a story like that. Now all of a sudden when Somebody comes in here illegally and adult, and they What they're doing they need it's illegal and they bring a trial just as an example and their separate because the goal of separation isn't to be a horrid country. The goal of this separation is to protect a child Why are addressing the lawlessness with apparent? What is it
these new politicians that there's no issue with these politicians. What is it that they propose? We do. I want you to listen to. One of them is name happens to be Paul Ryan, Speaker, the House colleague MR producer go. Are you comfortable with hurries Howard policy, hearing things separated nor enough. This is because a court ruling- and so this I do think oughta be addressed. We believe it the addressing immigration legislation. So what the mortar and the separation of parents and their children the court ruling. That's why they legislations necessary point. This is actually happening. Four zero. There's also call really involves, so this is something we think should be addressed and leaders last stop. Let's stop course, its trumps for what the trumpet ministration is does is enforcing existing law
If that a change in policy from the Obama administration, then so be it, but wooden. Mean that the Obama administration was lawless, doesn't but he can you. Nobody cares anymore programme the victim socialism, Marxism, that's the name of the game, the car Petitions in the way screwing if the rule of law in the way screw it go ahead? We don't want kids to be separated from their parents. I think I just made that really clear and we because of the court ruling. This will reach not just a court ruling, Mr Speaker and you damn well. No. It wanted tell us exactly how you would address it. The ways you stop. This is by securing the border. So these irresponsible foreign parents
I'm doing this to their own families and their children. They make it like we're doing it like trumps doing it, which of course, is nonsense. Go ahead gang, that's it and then we have Nancy Stretch, Pelosi and Paul Ryan and she pretty much agree cut. Nine go What they're saying as well will find a way not to separate them one their ways not to separate the children is not to let them even seek asylum, which is right, the people in the world. To seek asylum that's not a solution. Solution is not to cheer children from their parents. Don't he's up here no stone, sticking your ear. What is it that they don't get about? How do and wrong moral and immoral. In the conference of visions,
they see now she sites religious group Besides her religious group comes to religious people, making cake. She don't want to hear about it. When it comes to religious p who agree with her, then she embraces go ahead. I, by the way, what do they say about abortion, Nancy Policy. They say it's a sin, and yet you supported my she's detestable go at its core. Asylum is an instrument to preserve life rights, to generals. Recent decision elicits it concerns me nicely just reading and I don't want to hear it, but this you gotta hear cut ten when we had a hearing on a subject related to this I'm seeker, refugees, etc, the Association of Evangel COS The image telecles testified that
refugees in science. They called it the crown of America's material, as I don't have any problem with people legitimately seeking asylum. If they can demonstrate that there that they are fleeing from it recital regime, it's the left that always had a problem, particularly when it came to Cubans. As a matter of fact, it's the left that had a problem, particularly during the nineteen. Thirty, came the Jews we can service do not have a problem with Siecle people seeking asylum if they can show that really, it said absolute human necessity. However, we are talking about here. Go ahead. Tool of american humanitarianism and to do away with that found you're doing away Children their mom. Oh my goodness, she never said a word during the Obama administration, even other
it is said, there's a change in policy. There were parents who were separated from their children doing the prior administration. An eighty Pelosi didn't give a damn. It's like Nancy Pelosi, didn't give a damn on Barack Obama drew a red line in Syria. Ah hell broke out, any did nothing just like now. See Pelosi didn't give a damn when they, people were rising up there in the early part of the Obama administration and ran trying to seek their freedom and they were shot? The streets never gave a damn. Yes, like Nancy Pelosi, never gave a damn about the people in gulags, North Korea, but now, all of a sudden, she claims that she does. You gotta call a left out and exposing folks go ahead
I just I don't know why there aren't uprisings all over the country, maybe that risings all over the country. You know when there was an uprising all over the country uprising with the peaceful protests. The tea party Nancy Pelosi condemn them so she's calling for an uprising, a wonderful in a violent armed uprisen go ahead. Realize that this is a policy. They defend its. Are the same That's enough we'll be right back
I gotta get movement folks propounded around a little bit, but these are issues that have been around the last day or two that I've been meaning to get too. So I want to get it in the United Nations, we went out standing a bastard Nicky. And there was a resolution to condemn Hamas, a resolution to condemn Hamas, and I got a bare majority, which means it lost, but a third of the member countries abstained. A majority of like to support it in the vast majority,
and then the rest opposed. They voted not to condemn Hamas. Actually, the vote was: let's see the result of the voters in favour. A hundred twenty sorry against eight abstentions. Forty five vote not to condemn Hamas cannot vote not to condemn Hamas Nicky Hayley at the? U n. Yesterday,. She had this to say: cut thirteen MR producer go. The nature of this resolution clearly demonstrates that politics is driving the day, it is totally one sided. It makes. One mention Hamas that out. So they d like this This is a resolution that different resolution in which their condemning Israel, but not Hamas and that's what she is addressing, go ahead keenly and the shades violence in Gaza,
Such one sided resolutions at the: U n do nothing to advance peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Everyone recognizes that, but advancing peace is not the goal of this resolution. I suspect, even my turkish friends know. The passage of this really resolution won't change anything, but that it looks good for the people back home to think they're. Doing something that is. Politics. So now she introduces an amendment. It should remain a member to condemn Hamas here she is again cut. Fourteen go are met rightly condemns mosses indiscriminate firing of rockets. Israeli civilian communities it accurately. Hence the diversion of aid and resources from civilian needs into. A cherry infrastructure, including terror tunnels. Is to attack israeli citizens. It just
expresses our grave concerns about damage done to border crossings. That are hindering the delivery of desperately needed food and fuel to the people of Gaza. This is a modest amendment that reform the minimum truth is going on in gas and it was rejected it open. Say- and I agree that why are we in the United Nations I've said since I've been on radio fifteen years, we should start a new organization of of democracies and republics, or even countries that are close to being democracies and republics. This this is a a fraudulent
entity and absolutely fraudulent entity. We sit down with our enemies. We sit down with the wood genocidal regimes whose most of their resolutions are aimed at attacking Israel. They have nothing but contempt for us, the United States. We make no progress here, we go. I don't even understand its purpose anymore, certainly isn't peace and understanding and communication. So why don't we set up something different, something different, a union of of republican and democratic insight? oceans, and I mean those lowercase are lower case. The trauma that I mean, I understand to be a much smaller organization, but so be it. I have no problem with that.
But it's not gonna happen. I don't know why doesn't happen. I don't know why we put up with this right. Let's see, what's going on. Oh great, my call screen is down MR producer, who shall I go to build Charleston South Carolina GO part beneath your speaker here they. How can you hear me? Yes, go right ahead. Yes, my comment is basically I'm trying to figure out how many p, Classified information. Welcome his personal email. While the ideal report doesn't suggest there was any. However, there still f b, I business on the personally meltdown the case- a Hillary Clinton. There is a news report out today that in fact, her emails in some instances were seen by a foreign actors: corn uncoiled intercepted by foreign actors, including at least
one classified documents seems to me like a slammed on case against her. Doesn't it to you are absolutely without question. As a matter of fact, I believe there are special access programmes. We're ban on our email, which I am familiar with and case education should be in jail, while she certainly should have been charged and, of course, the people one of constitutional crisis will now the Democrats, We have had a somebody else. They were protect her. They were protecting Obama. This is, This is a massive scandal on the course the media are involved in it. Now we knew it before we knew why, before and now even the idea points out that yet. Media organisations, giving gifts, FBI, agents, FBI agents in turn were giving information of the media organisations. That's third world crap I'll, be right back.
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Easy in free hills, deal that come? That's Levine, Free hills, deal that come SAM, Akron, Ohio, Ex M satellite GO mark of all. I love you. I will live with your Barbara fifty years. You are the best you're, the smartest about us now that you're about for me, I'm an american power, filling up pay out your Raven Brooklyn, New York or love with countries that I've been overseas to the West Bank over eight years or guide
things there that you haven't seen before in your life is: rarely is the israeli government and the West Bank? The? U S and the israeli government is trying to make peace with an entity, meaning Hamas at the past and the authority that don't want peace, we're! Ok, I understand that you are making peace with people who don't want peace. Eighty to ninety percent of the palestinian population want peace with Israel. Ok, the people who are running the show over there do not want peace, So why don't wait? What are they trying to overthrow them are? What's the answer you can't you see what so what's the answer sail the answer is to get rid of these animals were running the government and see what I was Phineas, I agree with you. How do you do it? You guys,
a policy that American, like me, or anybody else who have dual citizenship, who own property over their who'd like who would love to have peace, palestinian Authority members do not own property in the West Bank. They ve come in denying these from other countries and have used the West Bank and Gaza as a problem. When I'm a little confused go ahead, West Bank, where you talking about today, I'm America agenda, scenario, cattle, why? Why do even Palestinians called the West Bank? Why are you jordanian available? But what MRS I was a little baby. Ok, I don't like it I'll just be: could Jordan called at the West Bank doesn't mean we have to call the west by always called the holy land? Ok, I think you you talk to power thieves who aren't is very proper. Whether it is really fit is for you to ask them. Do you? Would you want to today a scenario they fear hell. No, I love. I love Israel. We educate Israel gives me,
I'm not gonna. Let me let me tell you some same too too quick sores number one, but two years ago I was in shopping somewhere. My guy comes up many says: I'm gonna tell you something: I was born in America, my parents or palestinian. I love you and I love your show is tell me exactly what you said: the palestinian people. They want peace but Hamas. Once war, And the Palestinian Authority is corrupt, I said ok, so what can we about matter what you gonna do about it. That's number one number to take then I'll? Sam? I was in a cab. I may have told me about this when I was over there last month. I think it was for very brief period of time and again in the car and the in the in the cab driver. Couldn't wait. Two taught me was egyptian. He was muslim and he'd been living in his right leg. He said thirty. Thirty five
Years and he is what he said to me SAM, I want to know what you think he said he loves it there that is treated equally there and If the palestinian regimes would have peace with it, They get everything they want. You agree whether you are That's what he said, I'm calling you right now, eighty to ninety percent of Amerika, you, one hundred percent of Europeans, want peace. Eighty to ninety percent of Palestinians, all over the world want peace. We are tired. I was ready that prior to I know you ve got tired, I'm an american limit. Let me ask you something: SAM
what about these movements on these college campuses that are led by a lot of these radical left organizations, some of which represented by Palestinians and are very hostile, has some of these people haven't how their real job in their lives? This is their job. Their job is to create chaos. I'm create left wing. God knows what, for people continuously argue what would happen? What do you think? The fact that parliament has never made peace in the Middle EAST for the past fifty years If those people would be out of work by now. You know it SAM. I like you. What do you do? What our podiatrist by trade? Really? Yes, I am- I was worried. I keep I try to contact trumps. Lack of good given way to white ass. Lack of making bodies are either. We ve heard of my wife. It is well gee. I wonder I mean it. He proudly as five million messages a week. You know you got a column fella.
Please you and it's not like. I can pick up the phone and call mark. I know you're you're, you're unhappy. You keep saying the same thing, but not all. And says this year put your foot doktor, that's what you know I could use to you about. A month ago by point, when I was born and advocated, compares can't you, I would never have the same fame things. I've been living the West living today and tomorrow. I believe me out of my Right SAM. I ride my friend, you call again you're welcome now, what's gonna guy in north, I would California eight seventy. The answer is rarely, how are you a guy. Good. How are you work? Good, SAM, Sound, like a pretty guy did you think. I think he is right about every word. That said, yes,
and it's on fortunate to know that this is the righteous people act around the world instead of trying to achieve something, they want to destroy, what's he saying Hamas and the than the old piano have their their hands around the throats of the people in these areas this is how they live in policy each one of them, and now the rest of the people are highly and little to eat. Something They never third country places so unfortunate. Every time that even put their hands to a piece. Becoming people they become exactly my travel unfortunate. I my friend house wrong with my computer again. Oh here, we go good. Lord, doesn't matter how many new computers I get, how many people again in the damn thing.
It's me. I bad luck with Zeke, Orlando Florida, serious, satellite harry you, Sir Morbidity remark. I weren't you protect. My call really do not call with, because I believe, there's gotta be a morally and ethically wall with away these prosecutors would be given unlimited power, an unlimited money Go out and basically bankrupt people I mean we ve blown up in New York and wealth and jobs in New York, or they know that you can't even more part of our bankrupt co when they try to bind Robin Other general. They try to bankrupt a man a quarter to render just to clarify for everybody. What you're saying as witness the president does not have a pardon power on a state, a fence which is true go ahead. Yes, sir, gets her just ass, just appalling to me that they have all the money of the state that all governments to go. After always people they did. It was good or maybe
And they just Peter force you to take a plea, roughly bankrupt, you think they're trying to back up and by the way and ninety percent of time it goes one way doesn't against Republicans what appear to be the case, but I want to talk about such a true. Why, when you talk about going on hold their you spoke about, But the law with illegal areas in the modern stop. I got yes, this guy Rhine once you want to make a lot. We already have laws to involve a child in a crime measurement and children serves to awaken view. That's true, isn't it We already have laws, and you know you can borrow China. Crime endanger child. So why don't they?
For what why why all of a sudden are we drawn to deal with this law? Because the left pushes the agenda, it always does, and so they always wrapped their agenda in babies and children, except, of course, when it comes to abortion than babies, are a choice and it's a matter of a human right to kill a baby in the warm I'm sorry, I don't let that say that, from a religious perspective, I saved from a scientific perspective to our ideas, Thank you for your call, my friend, that's gotta, Brine Eastern Pennsylvania. The great W Abc go blush remark. You teach us about the constitution. And then- and I just wonder how many people listen Tom Airport He's probably an asteroid now he's got a big day tomorrow. I gotta get up bail hearing listener
actors more for thirty five years in Northampton, County Pennsylvania out of all our lives and our worries you have it's gotta, go out that Montgomery Box Schoolgirl Bergs Manuel than all around there and then there's a big deal is called prosecutors misconduct, and I don't I everybody raising that kind of defence after this report, after the investigator generals report, so give us some guidance on.
Because I think, if I want to try and problem the problem that they have is number one. The judge in Washington Dc Liberal and she is not really listening with both ears to their arguments. Number to this report from the idea does not directly impact the Mahler case and the agents working on the Mahler case. Now that said, there's a report today, it's important that they Mahler team had to drop one other point
secures because that prosecutor had texted another one of these texts about the you know, Vive LA resistance or something to that effect, and they won't tell us the name of the prosecutor, which is amazing, its America. Why won't you told that's a public official we'd like to know the name of the person what they did exactly, but that was leaked out there. We don't know much more than that. I think the best thing that Malta can do is make the case The excuse me that the man, if we can do, is make the k, in addition to Duke in and out of every one of the counts, as you know, is a lawyer is to make the case that this point was unconstitutional, not because every special councils unconstitutional, but because this one is given the incredibly wide a mandate
that rose and state confirmed upon him, in violation by the Department of Justice regulations and regardless of what this district court does, take it to the public or take it all away the Supreme Court to make your case in a bomb Mcdonald here in Virginia He was, he was the governor, they prosecuted him successfully in district court here on the ethics violations and so forth. Technology, the Supreme Court. I believe one, ninety zero, that that the way they turning the bribery statutes and the ethics statutes were just so broad that you know virtually any politician to get caught up in that and that's the sort of thing I think the manifold gonna do it. The constitution is in jail, family and dry no have you heard of any other talk, show host Talkin about these abuses. I don't know. If listen a gilded, almost doesn't even matter to me at this point, I am concerned
and about the way this prosecute has been conducting himself, whether it early morning raid on the guy's house, when he's in bed with his wife for ten hours, condominium apartment or the things that he's doing. To add that the things I ve done to his his representatives. Their press representatives and some of his own lawyers. They they have now turned apparent his son in law. His ex son in law turned his ex partner. It's obvious what they're trying to do to this guy just squeeze the blood out of him, and it is a horrible thing to watch. You have a case bring your case, but what are you trying to do to the guy I Brian thanks for your call I'll, be right back
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easy I'm tv, a mention this add to get three years of sea our tv for the equivalent of five hours and fifty three cents a month. I don't think we can do any better than that. I spent a lot of time working with the exact around here and we finally came up with that and I hope he can take advantage of it and, by the way, your set up that its quick and easy you'll be ready to watch in five minutes and we have a great live in tv tonight, tonight's, the great night, to start so give us a call again, eight for four Levine TV were their mortgage all set up in five minutes. That's eight for four l e Vienna tv. Any questions. They'll be more than happy to answer with a wonderful wonderful customer service team, David LOS Angeles, California, eight. Seventy they answer go I mark. I really enjoy your show. I was so happy to hear the previous posting in Kohler, and you asked the question
How can we make the Palestinian Crooks Hall, and I wanted to tell you, the palestinian government, the pillow and Hamas? They keep the Palestinians miserable on purpose, so they can get funding from the EU and from there European Union and from the? U s the only way to make their government fall is to stop funding them You know we should stop giving money to do and as long as they found the Palestinians, we should freeze people supporting the Palestinian because it's a terrorist cause and that's the only way to stop them. While there are another, fifty two hundred thousand people, just the palestinian police allowed their all connected family connected relatives, cousins of cousins or who are in the pan.
Opened the world of the refugee camp. They want to show the people how miserable the Palestinians are, so they can get hundreds and billions of dollars every year and the combined eco, straighter, payroll and crooks banks accounts. They have billions of dollars. The payroll there. I don't owe their fifty two hundred thousand people, just the palestinian police, along their all connected family, connected relatives, cousins of cousins or who are on the payroll. Yes, that's my opinion. Well, let me ask you this: how do we stop the Europeans who fought for this all the time and, of course, the american media right? First of all, it is about
Most people don't know this. You know there need to be very simple questions. As, for example, why do we have refugee camps in Lebanon for Palestinians? Why do we have a refugee camp in Israel? Why? I'm not sure if we still have a refugee camp in Israel? I think we do in some areas. It closed up, and- and at that point everybody sees the truth. How do we stopped here? in you be pressure that we have always we have ways of. I am unaware of refugee camps in Israel, I mean I. I was there. I didn't see any refugee camps anyway. Thank you for your comments, friend. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personal checks, Levine TV tonight and watch Hannity on the Fox NEWS Channel. I will be there in thirty minutes nine thirty pm eastern six.
Many CM pacific goblet.
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