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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Paul Howard, an Atlanta prosecutor, all but tried his case against the police officer in the Rayshard Brooks case on TV. It was shocking that such a spectacle even occurred. This flies in the face of justice and due process; no citizen should ever be denied these fundamental rights. Then, just two weeks ago this same prosecutor charged six cops (five of which are African American) with using a taser as a deadly weapon. This case is clearly not about race and the prosecutor has no basis for such charges - especially before the final report of the shooting from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Later, former National Security Advisor John Bolton is positioning himself as a super patriot for being disloyal to the country in name of selling books. Selling his notes and insight of private discussions with the President is just as bad as what James Comey did in this leak to the New York Times.

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for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run them only underground command, both in the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader law, America Mark Levant, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one that let me tell you what's going on, I speak to you.
People who want to force me off the air a record. This programme. And what they're going to try and do as anything I say, will be spun. As an attack on a group as an attack on an individual, whatever it is, it's an Wouldn't that you listen to what I say. If you want to hear the recap and the replay you can go to Mark Levine showed outcome and not the interpretation. People would websites that are funded would left. Wing groups had have as their purpose the destruction of this programme and programs like it. Now let me get started. Two big subjects: I want to talk about John Bolton and what Took place in line with the with the prosecutor I want to start with the latter. I tried to call things as I see them,
wedded to the rule of law. I am wedded to the constitution and I believe in justice and, I believe, in equality for all. I've spent my entire adult life. Embracing these positions and promoting them. With a serving as an elected school board member, when I was in law school. Serving in the Reagan administration, including in the Justice Department,. On radio. In my. Talks. This is who I am. This is what I believe I. Leave in the words of the declaration of independence. I have no desire to be a special pleading for any individual. Any organization period I don't seem to be a provocative tour. And yet sometimes it appears that people,
Want me to be a provocateur not interested in more hits and bigger ratings, the show Cancun any bigger than it is. And I explain myself three hours on the radio, Five days a week in books on television. I don't need people interpreting for me. I speak in plain English. What that prosecutor, the County Atlanta, Georgia,. Secluded did today in that press conference was shocking. Trying his case. Trying his case, making it virtually impossible to have a and untainted jury. He had big photos you showing he had.
Parking points on board, it was shocking. Because they defended, in this case the officer. Does not have the ability. The resources. Investigative tools within three For five days to even Spot. And what happens in a situation like this, and this prosecutor knows it. Is that the media will regurgitate every The prosecutor says without challenge and that's exactly what's going on. It is shocking to watch these media spectacles shocking.
When the vast majority, the talking is supposed to occur in the courtroom, that's called just that's called due process and that's what one for everybody, regardless of Her position in society, regardless of race, regardless of religion, regardless of sex period. That's what happened today,. And this prosecutor wasn't challenged asbestos. I could hear I couldn't hear everything, but especially I get it wasn't challenge once. About the format, he was using what particularity. About what he says took place, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation hasn't even finished its investigation.
So why did this prosecutor move so quickly will ease up for reelection? That's one reason and opportune: doing so well in his re election. But there is no need for that. The office is not a flight risk. That's number one: no, Citizens should be treated this way by anybody. Certainly not a prosecutor number two. There is absolutely no basis. To charge this officer with felony murder, which is, Death penalty chart. Now it can be life imprisonment without, for all that, can be life imprisonment with pearl.
So he charges him. With felony murder. Which, I might argue, doesn't even apply in this case, even listening damp without challenge, without any other information doesn't even Why, in this case,. But he charges him anyway and with ten other felonies. This is appalling, absolutely shocking. Absolutely stunning to me. And so far people in my business broadcasting. Have barely said a thing about Barely said a thing
And then you listen to how the the argument is made by the prosecution. You listen, how the arguments made by the lawyers for the family, this without any Contrary argument maybe designate the fence right. He does have a defence. And what else is interesting as these websites in these news outlets or but a handful? I ve been tell us who radar Brooks, as we know, nothing about Ratio Brooks accept what the lorries for the family, the prosecuted, tells us well, isn't there more about the man. Well. There is more about the man. Yet they go to the daily mail. Hardly a conservative paper or outlet quite liberal, the daily mail.
Four p m eastern time today Sclusively the headline racial Brooks was on probation for for crimes including cruelty to children and fair, going back to prison if charged with a d you, Found asleep and intoxicated at Wendy's drive through could Be a reason why. When the officer was trying to hand coffin was bring him here Physical. Of course, it could be a reason why why didn't I ask you to mention this today. I gotta go. The lawyers for the family mention this they're not going to. The media at the event today raise it cause. I didn't work. Why hasn't there's been re since I've been watching on a single network or cable news show as its
for almost two and a half hours, because I don't want to. Oh, it's gonna be raised with a jury, is irrelevant. This isn't some right wing website. It's, a foreign website. A liberal media, And it says re short Brooks: was Probation and face going back to prison if he was charged with a DUI daily mail dot com can reveal. These are public records. The New York Times could have revealed the Washington Post could have revealed it. Msnbc and CNN could have revealed it. They can't look at public record. They're, just gonna sit down right with the Scooter says regurgitating.
They want, after that kid, from Kentucky. At the Washington Mall Without any information whatsoever, they say this: Twenty seven year old was shot and killed by police after we have found a sleep, it away drive through in a land on Friday June twelve. He was come Why would cops but after a fail, the field sobriety test and blew a One zero, eight, where breath Eliza, Suddenly resisted what cops tried to caught him, this is them riding. Rocks were shot twice in the back ass. He tried to make a break for lady. Listen just shot twice in the back ass. He tried to make a break rate, turned around and shouted stun gun or whatever they called taser. The charges to which Brooks pleaded guilty and for which he was still on probation, dated back to August twenty fourteen. It was Victor on four counts: false imprisonment. So
battery slash family battery. Simple and funny cruelty cruelty to children, had not been in trouble since twenty sixteen and let until last December, when he went to Ohio without informing his probation officer the case was dismissed the case against him for not informing his probation officer. How come the prosecuted in mentioning this today. How can the family attorneys didn't mentioning this now, though, be a trial, A jury what the side with a jerk Be tainted. Since he's already been tried on television by the prosecution. Will it be
Yet due process. This is the same de whose being criticized for charging six police officers five of whom I believe, or african Americans. It was considered extremely sloppy investigation. What's the hurry. Don't you wanna do justice, you know the job of a prosecutor isn't to prosecute unless. There's a basis for an in order. Determine the right kind of charges to bring. And whether the bring charges at all. In any case, you need to conduct a thorough investigation. Will. Why did he jump ahead of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation today, Wednesday. The incident, occurred Friday Friday. This is of the George Floyd case.
Is a whole right up on those Six police officers and what this look attorney, charge them with and how he conducted himself had conservative review under Daniel Horwitz from several days ago. You won't find it anywhere else? Five of the six, our african Americans. This isn't a race matter. The charge against the five of the six or the six at all, that's not about race. What took place The Wendy's isn't about race, In fact, in this daily mail peace, they tell you: One of the officers kicked Mister when he was shot down on the ground, that's what the prosecutor says. No, a chicken here on the video. According to the daily mail.
That the price, the police officer, who shot Mister, Brooks. Was giving him cpr and begging? for Mister Brooks Debrief. Please brief! Mister Brooks Mister, Brooks breathe. The prosecutor didn't mention that how come. And there's a lot of this? Which is why you don't do what this prosecutor did his press event. And try your case in the media, absolutely Not just on professional, unseemly, disgraceful. You have a case bring it. But you don't do this. And first degree felony murder, cap up now.
Not even close, back then, at hills.
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two weeks ago. Those currently charging officer Guy Ralph in the year re shrub, case. Two weeks ago, he said in another matter where he is I urge police officers were aggravated assault Hung about those police officers- I just mentioned to you, six of them, five of whom were african Americans. He said there you of a taser quote. A taser is considered a deadly weapon under Georgia law. That's not what he said today. That's not what you said today, MR producer, you can bet that court, But the run any serious reporters there or anywhere really who raise these things. He gives a speech, He has his graphics, Talking points or on poster Board and that's that.
And you're not supposed to conduct yourself. That way you can splain the charge is broadly and so forth thence they will see in a court of law. I can't really Publicly it's on ethical, some professional. You know we have to see the jury and so forth, but but will deal within a corporate. That's not what he did. He's running for reelection he's in trouble, brings these charges in five days time before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is even done and even The issue of the taser two weeks ago involved the prosecution of these other prosecutors police officers Court pacer is considered a deadly weapon under Georgia LAW on court. And what are we ve been hearing? Taser, not a deadly whip. This is a very, very problematic what's going on here. That's nor base a google search. Little Google search.
Georgia, bureau of Investigation- this is may fourth of this year opens per, but for the poor Howard over use of non profit funds. I think it's like a hundred seventy thousand dollars. As Mr Barroso a lot of money. Here's one February this year, former top aid sues Fulton Dear alleging gender discrimination, there's another one And therein the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Administrator ledges D. Paul Howard sexually harassed her. So that's too! That's too. Number: twenty: six: twenty nine thirty. Now he's got a sexual harassment allegation. He's got a gender discrimination. Gender discrimination allegation he's got an allegation that criminal investigation The lens, when it MR tailoring Tasering
two weeks ago, always prosecuting six police officers. That a taser under Georgia LAW is a deadly weapon, is a lethal weapon and today He basically said the opposite. Very very problematic. Just base a Google search, basic search of the public record. You know about Mister, Brooks you no more today than you did yesterday. You know the prosecutor you no more today than you did yesterday create the public record and I didn't create the lighted Journal constitution articles either none of which brought up law be brought up at a trap, was brought up by the prosecutor. And when the officer off giving him CPR what you heard the prosecutor say today as they were. Two minutes to inhibit their attitude after it
Mister Brooks was shot was very, very problematic, while their attitude was they were scared to death. Apparently, and mister Was doing CPR until the year till the end. That's right and he's heard On the video saying, Thing to the effect please breathe. Mister, rocks breed, Mr Brok. So why would the prosecutor give a different take on that The media used to be very very soon, Backed and cynical, but now it's just So ideologically driven. And I want to move to another issue: John Bolton, I read the article in the Wall Street Journal that John Bolton himself wrote. I
the peace in the New York Times that Peter Baker, whose a real trumpeter wrote and there are others, do Post and so forth I want to tell you folks something. When you serve as a if person to the president or to a cabinet secretary. You are entrusted with a position so. The the president, the cabinet secretary, can talk with You can can freewill ideas. Can have others in their talking openly and so forth, and so on. From the truth, I truth of any of this, which I get too in a minute. When you're taking detailed notes every day. You are already
daring to use those notes. If you don't get your way or if you become disgruntled the principle for whom you work. That's a real sleaze move member, call me he did that any claim. Those notes were his and a court ruled no. Actually there not yours. Or John Bold, did that in spades. Molly took enormous amount to notes. No doubt self serving and they kept them. And the media wants them. Of course they won his book. And John Bolton's already violated federal law. Jesse, you understand, he hasn't sources lawyer truck Cooper humble opinion because having waited for the clearance, whether they think, taking too long or not that's their problem. By the way the governments not required. Give clearance at all.
It reviews the material, but Here's the second point I want to tell you. Jump oldest taking notes on the most sensitive discussions with foreign leaders had affect our farm policy in our national security number elected John Bolt, the dog catcher He's not free to affect policy. The future of the country to effect an election, Because he decides in his righteous indignation He's got things to say. He's not free to take the law into his own hands. And he's not Frida harm our national security and foreign policy by What a president may have said in coffee, To his national security adviser or that the set
Her state or the sector, defence or others may have setting confidence. To the present a while he sitting there or to the National Security Advisor Damage this starts to the office of the presidency. Any press the damage this does. The national security and foreign policy is unimaginable. Is unimaginable the attorney general, the United States Bill BAR who's, been attorney general twice now under George, Hw W Bush now under Trump. Take the position that I am here. I have to defend the office of the presidency. That a staffer cannot be free to conduct himself in such an unethical, immoral, and Technically illegal way, I just can't turn the other way This is serious edge, because John Bolt wrote a book and got two billion dollars for reportedly and
because he took notes clearly what premeditation. Doesn't mean what he writes is the gospel. Of course, the president's enemy in the media and its enemies in Congress. You're gonna call at all about and bogs counting on it. The Balkans, counting on them, Mr Barroso, I want you to invite John Bolton on this programme. I want you to invite his lawyer Chuck Cooper on this programme. These are people with whom I worked at the Department of Justice under at me said the President presidency, Ronald Reagan,. I don't know what Bolton wrote. I read somewhere today that he said the president and others wooed him. Nobody would him. He was on the phone with me Robbing me, and not just me, Hannity and others.
Try and persuade the present United States to hire him as the National Security Advisor nobody. Would him There are always some issues with John: he had difficulty getting along with some people anyhow, had a enormously explosive temper. John Kelly a couple months ago, came to his defence. Will that's funny General Kelly, Because he hated your guts used to complain about you to me, but it doesn't matter. Because the targets trump. And so he turns his differences with the president of the United States. He doesn't get the set policy. The present us in this scandal. As an ideal because he wanted to get reelected, the president, the present This that and the other.
Present. I was reckless. I dont know that there's ever been a national security adviser to a president is a relatively modern position, half century, but I don't If there's a ribbon and national security adviser to a president. Who got a multi million dollar book deal. To write about his her, Activities, knowledge role. In administration, that still exists with a president who still working on matters of foreign policy,. So nobody's done. Anything like this would John Bolton is doing here, is beyond anything call me ever did. And John, I know you're listening come on the show, tough guy same what your lawyer, trucks
but come on the show you not go to sixty minutes and that today show and all the rest. Not be honest with you, His publisher, Simon and Schuster, Simon in history, as a conservative unit, Within it, sir, when its corporate structure called old books and that's where written for book, accept men and black. Then I sent a message. Into Simon and Schuster that I would prefer If they would give me my advanced back for my next book and allow me to pick another published so far, crickets. So far I haven't heard anything I'd tell you everything, I'm telling you now.
John Boltons Gall here is to take out Trump and Electro Biden. That's his goal. And you'll see he's promoted all over the drug report and drudges go can explain, it is the take up tromp intellectual by. Must have offended these guys and somewhere. I worry about the country. Not my feeling not tweets, I worry about the country. So bold rights, this peace- we'll get into some of this. The next segment in the next hour, because I do want to walk us through this. There's no escaping it and I'll be
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in every other walk of life. That's what people do when they hear when they want to protest Maybe that's what they do and what I'm trying to get across here is you? Don't have a press conference like this in ache criminal case where somebody's life is literally on the line, could you charge him with a death penalty charge? You don't do that. You don't create a spectacle you dont, taint juries,. And the media have been abhorrent. In failing to remind the american people that we believe injustice. Outcome as the outcome. We have even have that here yet stretch. What this prosecutor was saying. Like the underlying assault, are crime for the capital affair. Is that the bullet.
Went through somebody's windshield. What, let's folks, trust me on this It may have, but that's absurd for capital charge. Five day investigation, not even five days, why so fast. And again, two weeks ago, he immediately try really very quickly six other police officers. He didn't give you all the facts today. He simply didn't what offers a real actually said. So his goal is to attain a jury, pull his took, always to upset people about Lana. Oh boy, tire,
Such we have a minute or so left in this segment. In this hour, we will get to John Boldness, some detail next hour. And is very important that we discuss this together and go through it. On how individual supposed to conduct himself, who has been really blessed, they top position in the government. And John Bold thought all these things that he wrote in his over five hundred page, but why did he resigned earlier? I dont understand I'll, be right back from the west. Would one podcast network.
He's here now run casting a monopoly underground command both than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader wine within our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one soon. I know a little bit more about Mister Brooks. We now know a little bit more about Mr Howard. And maybe the median this control actually do its job. Don't hold your breath. We had. I rely on a British. Site the daily mail, a liberal side too, a public records and report about Mister Brooks and why he turned aggressive, violent
Because, according to the daily mail, if he been charged with DUI. I hear Likely had to go back to prison he's got a violent record. Prosecuted in tell any this today prosecuted and tell you. At the officer who shot mister looks was actually quite upset. Giving him CPR afterwards That's what the audio and video shop. Said he talks about an officer, kicking Mister, Brooks on the ground again. This is why we don't do. Soviet style show trials. Just appalling, and I said before the break and I'll say it again: I'm not telling people what to do and I said before the break and I'll say it again telling people what the do far be it from me
but if your police officer in Atlanta, your fair game, black white asian hispanic, Interracial done manner, and I don't Maybe there needs to be some resistance there in terms of, or maybe you shouldn't show up fork. They want to defend the police Ok how that goes for awhile, look, I'm not encouraging it. I'm just talking allowed my audience now a bring in the professors and all the experts who don't know a damn thing. But I'll tell you what to think and how to think and again this. I ask you to two weeks ago in prosecuting six Atlanta officers, five of whom are African Americans stated it's on the internet. Ladies and gentlemen, right there. Can't run from it on a video state
The tailors were deadly weapons today, not so much not so much I John Baldwin. You know you, though. Throughout history there been figures like this ban: Donald. John Dene, although there's no criminal issue here. People who are turned on their president. Some people turn on their country, Algeria, Hiss. One degree or no that's how John Bolt will be remembered. His fame cord unquote quote you'll be a flash in the pan. Left will use them to em, up and spit em out, want nothing to do with maybe I'll, get a job at sea and enter MSNBC. I believe that I truly believe that.
And John apparently is positioning himself as the Super patriot, the guy, The right idea is true: Does the sell Cared about was his re election should impeach for a whole other buncher reasons, and I think the myself will you sat on your ass for seventeen months. If you really believe that. Why wouldn't you resign the first time you thought he should have been impeach? Why wouldn't you hold a press conference rather than cut a book deal and why wouldn't you willingly appear. Impeachment here, but he didn't do any of those things. He didn't do any of those things. What he did is assassinated on character. And I resent it because you. List a number of us.
To try and help him get that national security job. And so he uses paper, that's what he did That's me a whole bunch of people. And in fact the Department of Justice should throw the book at him, because you cannot have a national security advisor. Who attempts to enrich himself Three queries fired by revealing all kinds of information. I am not even talking about classified information, just confidential information we are discussing with the present the United States when you work, President you're on the government peril. Just like we call me you know: belong to the government. Yours I belong to the government And you sure, as Hell You're sure, as hell aren't free to try and sabotage the commander in chief with whom you work, while he's still commander in chief, he didn't even weight and told Trump. Office. One way or another didn't even way.
You weren't a why MR producer, But because he wants Trump held accountable, because you to defeat him and he wants to maximize his profits on this book. This was his paternity. And I dont know this for a fact, but I keep hearing the number two million dollars. For two million dollars, you better have a lot of dirt. Or at least create out there so take Look at how the media come near at hand, Peter Baker, Tramper but pretends to be Rapporteur John, Our Bolton, they form a national security adviser, says in his new book. That the house, in its impeachment increase, should have investigated President Trump, not just Pressuring Ukraine to incriminate is domestic foes for a variety of instances when he sought to intervene in law enforcement matters for political reasons,. So the National Security advisor.
Gives comment on what should have happened. The attorney General United States, obviously doesn't think so? The debt The attorney general, the United States, obviously doesn't think so and down the chamber. John Bolton think so Well, then that's news Mr Bonde descrie several episodes where the present an express willing to willingness to hot criminal investigations quote to an affair Your personal favours to dictators he liked unquote, so cases involving major firms in China and Turkey quote the pattern, look like obstruction of justice as a way of life which we and accept Mr Boden rights, adding that he reported is concerned to Attorney General William BAR. But your concerns obviously were merit less And obviously you had, in the back your mind, to write a book and A lot of his conduct as a result of this, ladies and gentlemen, become suspect, suspect.
Mr Balz, MEDS dragging new allegation. By saying that Mr Trump overtly link trade negotiations to resolve, Medical fortunes by asking prejudice engaging ping of China by a lot of american agricultural products to help him wind farm stay in this election year, Mr Trump, he writes was pleading with g to ensure he'd win He stressed the importance of farmers and increase chinese purchases of soya beans, and we in the electoral outcome. Ladies and gentlemen, it just so happens. That from a national security and american economic point of view, sense for him China,. By more of our farm goods, but when as the president was pleading with g. Let me ask a question folks. What you think she wants, reelected choosing,
elected as President Trump are binding. So this doesn't even ring true. Why do? I love the media, now everybody and there and there a mother in law, is now being asked and everybody and the homeless guy on the corner, what they think about the charges against the officer in a land sea this that that's not justice,. Gotta love our media, the up the room where it happened, was obtained by the New York Times in advance of its schedule. Publication next Souci that given to them by Balkan by Baldassarre Cooper or by the publishers, Simon Schuster, Pleasant obtained lake, in violation of federal law. Obama were president, Mr Baker. You be basing prosecution right now.
It was obtained by the New York Times in advance of its schedule, publication next Tuesday and has already become a political lightning. Rod in the thick of an election campaign. Of course it is six. What he wanted and what you want in the New York Times a number one best seller and Amazon. Even before it it's the bookstore, to produce a how many times have. I had a number one best so on Amazon before its hit the bookstores and they never that up. They never write it up, they don't rivulet? They don't pretend it exists, The Justice Department Fatah last minute loss it. It's not a last minute lawsuit they had to file law suit. To react to what boatmen is law were doing. Against Mr Boden this week seeking to stop publication. Even as MR trumps. Critics complain that bulk and should have come forward during impeachment proceedings. Rather than save as a Catalan, Mr Baker stop playing games.
What people are saying like me, as if you really thought the present, the United States had committed multiple unimpeachable offences? You should a testify rather And wait to get it two million dollar book deal and affect the outcome of the election, that's perfectly russian perfectly rational. That said that add. The Justice Department has an independent duty today and the constitution and the office of the presidency, which is it Finally, what is done the books by journalists, lower level former aids and even an anonymous senior official had revealed much about the Trump White House. Mr Boulders volume is the first tell on my more by such a high ranking official who pike supported a major farm policy events and it's a lie: time of conservative credentials stop right there. That's the point. Your chief of staff,
White House Council, your national. Security adviser positions like that. And you leave administration or have your ass kicked out of administration you're, not free. To reveal secrets. Financial conversations with the presently a knife states. The only. Head of the executive branch- because This becomes a president, ladies and gentlemen,. Is impossible for a president to do his job And John Boldness done grave damage to the exact. The branch grey the damage to the constitution. Grave damage to american national Security. It is a withering portrait of a president ignorant of even basic facts about the world system: The boat, transparent, flattery by authoritarian leaders, manipulating him and prone to false statements found
they were options had snapped decisions at age. Try to manage a reverse like Lyndon Johnson. But he hasn't done any these things. He hasn't sold out to any authoritarian leaders. He hasn't taken any positions that endanger american national sickly, so none of this has happened. Mr Trump did not seem to know, for example, that Britain is a nuclear power and asked if Finland is part of Russia Obviously, the President New Britain is a nuclear, but you know this is just. John Balding sitting in his. In its three day, all the underwear in it basement eating a peanut, I'm no, what I'll do I'll say this
Mr Trump did not seem to know. For example, Britain is a nuclear power and asked if Finland is part of Russia. Mr Boden rights. He came closer to withdrawing the United States from NATO than previously known, but he didn't. Even top advisers who position themselves as unswervingly loyal mock him behind his back, Mr trumps, twenty eighteen meeting with North Korea's leader according to the book sector estate, prepare slip, Mr Bonanno disparaging the present say he is so full of blank. Ok Bolton, Could not stand palm pale baltic COD, Stan John Kelly Bolton, could not stand madness. I know this is a matter of fact. He told me these things and then vote Couldn't stand the present Souci Bolton didn't play nice which was an issue.
A month later, Mr Boden Rights, MR prepared, dismissed the president's North Korea diplomacy, declared that there was zero probability of success. And what was balanced answer, what to knock them. I don't know. I'll. Tell you a little side story. I would normally take this, but I'll tallow side story president decided to withdraw from Syria and This, of course, resigned over there and other things. I was concerned about. It was not that too for being withdrawn, but I was concerned about the the border with turkey And I was concerned about the Kurds in this. All public knowledge even talked about it here Rarely call the present, but I did.
And I said to the president- and I am worried about the courage and so forth and in the office. Was among others, John Bolton, retorted. This MR producer. Never some telling the whole world, so the It puts us on the speaker any central, John Bolton's here John. What do you think of marks position and here's. What Mr Hawk said well Mark wants to go over to Syria and fight. Then he's free to do so. I thought: wait, a minute I would have sworn I didn't know that you would have agreed with me on this. You get my point, Mr Bittacy so One of the present the United States- he was, he was too In the position of the president, which was ok apparently but will mark calls,
and I put on the speaker again, I had no knowledge what John was gonna say I never and didn't. I didn't consult with its well of mark. Believes that than he can put on the uniform and go to syrian fight, and yet, in this book. Currently those types of interactions. Where John was far more ameliorated,. I guess that's the word I would use in this circumstance. I could use another, but it is public radio. Here I'm sure he doesn't right that in his book me when I return I'll, be right back then
see, Bob is already under attack by Adam Shift, and I have to say rightly so. Ship is saying you know we called you. We come before the house. You, The court to block it The president did too, but the president did for different reasons. He's defending the office of the President's you went to court to be, get. Instead, you saved all your information for a book. Now they're gonna use Bolton. I told you this before. This is what the left us they'll, never forgive him now. This. They love him for this, but they know he's backed himself into a corner they're, going to use this to trash the president they're gonna site, Baldwin. And then they get a trash balkan. Because, in the end. Boldness afore.
And its unfortunate its unfortunate. He's very dishonest to a lot of people. There is more, This peace, I want to go through a because, even though the new slime and Peter Baker think. Hey! This is really good stuff. We can you actually it's pretty, happy stuff. The new Amargosa job I am a rose so bold and I like that, sets hunger. Dear mister producer. I think it does. I think, at this or how about this John, Deep Throat, Poland, I like that one too I'll be right back You know the corona virus pandemic is turn economic expansion upside down. Up until recently, we had seen significant job losses fellows and pay cuts, all of which slammed household finances
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eight nine hundred ten, twenty eight, that's aid aid aid nine hundred eighteen, twenty eight, or go online to american financing dot net when using animal S, one two, three: four W W W, not animal s, consumer access not or fasting now just kidding I let's go back to the Peter Baker. Tramper who writes for the New York entail just briefings with the president reports on the balkan book, which apparently has been illegally distributed? We're way, the time called since much of the time was spent listening to Trop rather than Trump. Listening to the brief, resent Mr Trap: is there anything positive. He says about trumpery, nothing. And there he was for seventeen months. MR trumps likes pitting staff members against one another by the way so did Abraham Lincoln. Just so, you know
point telling Mr Boden, that former sectors state Rex till her son had once furred did Nicky Hayley than the ambassador to the EU and by a sexist obscenity. An assertion Mr Boden seemed a doubt but found telling that the present it would make it now. This is the iron. This book is full, of course, quote telltale information right. Mr producer. But he shot. But the president were mentioned. Something that tell us and may have said about next year. That's the absurdity of this, but let's go on. Because it's a number one New York Times Amazon Book Mr trumps said so many things that were wrong or false, that Mr Boden in book regularly includes phrases like called the opera. The truth and following some quote from the President, Mr Trump telling has no overarching philosophy of governance for foreign policy, but rather a series of got driven instincts that sometimes mere Mr Barton's but other times were, in his view, dangerous reckless.
Can you tell me folks one thing the present it is done in this area, national security and foreign policy. That is dangerous and reckless has not. President, been prudential and extremely careful. This is a complaint. Madison, hey! Let's go I'm here now, I'm not doing that says the present. Bob goes on. His thinking was like an archipelago of dots. Individual real estate deals leaving Rest of us to discern a great policy that its pros and cons. Nasty cheap shop irrelevant to Mr Bonde, Is a complicated, controversial figure? It tells us Peter Baker Peter have a nickname, MR producer, Peter Peters, good enough
a former official under President Ronald Reagan, George Bush and George W Bush arose to you and ambassador. Knowing was the acting ambassador because he couldn't get confirmed, spend one. Vocal advocates for a hard line, farm policy in support of the Iraq war. Who is Reed possible military action against road states like North Korea and IRAN. You forgot Venezuela Like MR tell us in another officials who want to work for Mr Trump believing they could manage him first of all, who works for present. Or a cabinet secretary to manage them. You go is to give them the best information. You can and carry out their decisions. Mr Boden agreed to become the president's third national security adviser in twenty eighteen thinking. He understood the risks and limits he green.
To become his national security. He begged to become as lady I was there, he begged he lobby. He contacted everybody who knew to contact the president here to be the national security adviser, even though he knew his opinions and views were different than the president's she's? Ok, if you are- Stand that trap as the President and you're his staff, let me go but unlike some of the so called access of adults, soap, by whom ass he could MR tell us an informer secretary defence, Germanic, hee, hee, they tell us. Alt hated, tell and hated madness the access of adults. Don't you know who tried to minimize what they saw. The damage of the president's tenure, Mr Ball,
Sought to use his seventeen months in the White House to accomplish policy goals that important to him. Like withdrawing the: U S from a host of international agreements, he considers flawed like therein nuclear deal, the inner It range nuclear force a tree and others did the president do those things president campaign or getting out of the IRAN's nuclear deal but none of this matters John sold out for two million dollars that's what people are going to remember. List of all thought. Mr trumps, diplomatic flirtation with the likes of North Korea's Kim Jong on. President Vladimir Putin's Russia were ill advised and even foolish. Instead, much of his tenure trying to stop the president for making what I deem bad deals, he didn't make any bad deals with either. Since you ve left, he has made any bad deals with either of them. He was too from Putin, then Obama,
North Korea, whether you agree with the present its diplomatic approach or not. I I'm trying to figure out what the alternative is. Eventually resigned last September. Mr Trump claimed he fired him after they clashed over IRAN. North Korea, Ukraine, in a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan, they don't give trunk credit, he wants a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan, but we don't peace deal yet, but he wants. Get the troops out. And as recently as a couple weeks ago, the Taliban there was going on the offensive got one by the United States. Airforce. Mr Bonde did not agree to testify during the house. Impeachment angry last fall saying he would wait to see if a judge would rule that former AIDS like him, should do so over Whitehouse objections if the House impeach Mr Trump for pressuring Ukraine to publicly announced investigations in the Democrats, including former vice President Joseph Biden
That's not what happened Peter Baker, but that The work of the New York Times why what's holding security? Mr Boden offered a test to find the Senate trial of Subpoenaed. Center Republicans black calling Mr Boden as a witness, while they blocked them for one main reason. Because you didn't go through the impeachment process in the house and they didn't additional witnesses. And of course there was the corona virus. Of course, I'm sure everybody was concerned about it back then The book confirms house testimony that Mr Borg was where all along the president's actions with regard to Ukraine and that Mr Trump explicitly link security aid to investigations involving MR binding Hillary Clinton, Wolden boldness, a liar there's no, Contemporaneous evidence of this they pray. The Ukraine says now The foreign minister of Ukraine says no. The sectaries States has now.
So bold would have lied under oath and right. On August twenty Mr Boden Rights, MR trumps City, wasn't in favour of sending them anything It's all the russian investigation, materials related to Clinton Unbind have been turned over mister rights that he, Mr Pompiers Sector Defence Mark Esper, tried eight to ten times to get missed. To release the aid. So what so? What. And yet none of those other people say what Bolton said. None of them. And lighthouse or who is the trade ambassador another piece here. This goes on and pretty much done with a robust It's about China talks about Lighthouse Lighthouse, her put out a statement today say: that's not true! That never happened.
Bold right to peace in the Wall Street Journal I'm right wing paper that is. And the sub headline is John in these scandal of trumps China policy, here's the sub headline the present pleaded with China leader Jeez ping for domestic political help. Boarded a national security issues to his own reelection prospects and ignore Beijing's human rights abuses now hold on folks. Nobody's been tougher on China, and any president I can think of then Donald Trump. Nobody. That's number one number two, as farce,. China's human rights abuses. I'm not sure what he expected of the present of the United States. But Trump has been has done more to take them on trade to take them on their stealing of our of our epoch.
I'd Terry corporate information of stealing of our intelligence information, he cried the space force. I don't believe that was balanced idea and really confront the Chinese and the Russians killer, satellites and so forth, he said perfectly increase defence spending. Even before Bolton got there, he is are our navy into the South China Sea. Before Bolton got there. And we all know the Chinese went by a half their appease her. You a strategy for the people's Republic of China rights. Bolton has rest, for more than four decades on two basic propositions. The first is that the chinese economy would be changed irreversibly, but the right prosperity caused by market oriented policies, greater foreign investment ever deeper. Connections with global market, some broad acceptance of international economic norms. The second is
As China's national wealth increase so to inevitably what its political openness. Both were fundamentally incorrect in the present and knows that. One of his advisers. Maybe informal advisers Michael Pills, bury who we ve had on the show, and I've had on Fox correct right, MR producer, and he has said that he was wrong. Kissinger was wrong. The bushes whereon Nixon was wrong that tropical First, president, to understand the threat that China is and the ins two policies to effective. It's a strange thing that he's attacked by Bolton on China. Politically, China moved away from democracy, not toward it doll you think in June, we China has its most powerful leader in its most centralized governments, its MAO Zedong Ethnic Unreal, Just for we know all this.
He says I saw these developments as a threat to Europe's strategic interests and to our friends and allies. Bomb administration, we basically sat back and watched it happen. Drop in some respects embodies the growing. U s. Concern about. China appreciates the key truth that political Military power rests on a strong economy. Trump frequently says that stuff China's unfair economic growth at America's expenses, the best way to defeat trend militarily, which is fundamentally correct. Now, first will notice. The arrogance were now bolted. Sang trumps businesses, which is fundamentally correct. And we did that were sometimes it's not correct. Real question is he writes what Trump does about China's threat? his advisors are badly fractured. That's not unusual and you're, supposed to be
clear, revealing what his advisors are saying and who stands for what you are literally undermining the cabinet structure, your literally undermining the ability of a presently united States to function to function. When you sit in the cabinet rule over the rows of our rumour, the oval office, and you Your colleagues, well by raw sir Rob alike, Light Heizer IRA, Peter Navarro COD, lower whoever it is managing I can notes on everybody. How's that president supposed to get the best advice possible, Bolton. That would be the meat like me, as chief of staff, to the attorney general sitting there taking So what everybody was saying, holding So when I get write a book I can I can go away, the people who I disagree with a disagree with me. Trade matters were handled from
day, one any incompletely chaotic way. Favorite way to proceed was to get small armies of people together, and then the oval office arose about rube target these complex, controversial issues, that's good over and over again the same issues without resolution or even worse, one Come one day a contrary outcome. A few days later, the whole thing made my head irc. Well, Man, I was gonna, do quite the singer there, MR producer, but I think I'll take a break I'll, be right, would ban as I read. Balkans are bad, I'm done with it for you folks, and then I read this Peter Baker, peace at the New York slums, the Holocaust denial New York's limes,
I come away with this a number of things with old, but I also think he was over his head. I really don't think he knew how to become a national security adviser to work. The other cabinet secretaries in the other staff with people who disagreed with him. I told you a lightning fast temper. I don't think he knew how to work with this president, so these are many flaws, his own flaws in his own character and his own inability to adapt to a job to this job. And so were, and so it goes in itself point he decided that he was going to monetize us all the note he took the longer the government, justice Commies notes belong to the government. Anything! That's in that book that of classified information if he revealed it without getting Clarence. That is a crime.
Much as Hillary Clinton emails, if they use classified information, would be a crime. The law applies equally to everybody. I believe it, sir. Supposed the bigger crime to me is not a crime and the criminal code. The bigger crime to me is the damage is done to the office of the presidency as an institution. The damage he has done and is doing to our farm policy in our national security as Tend to be a hawk. Well, he has weakened our country. It is embarrassing our country all the things he was concerned about didn't happen. They haven't happen. Summers here, everyone a sum aware We're all shorter, remember and Germany is celebrating with you a sale to remember as well hurt me talk about this wonderful sponsor for years, but a lot of you haven't triggered gets time right.
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become an utterly selfless job, utterly selfless and what's been done in Atlanta today, in my view, is a massive miscarriage of justice. A political exploitation impossible to actually determine it. Proper investigation in the face of the writer from the West would one podcast network
now run casting a monopoly underground, the members than the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We have once again made contact with our leader. My mark labelling. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one three One one: do we have that Paul Harvey Audio again, MR producer We played this the other night and. You folks really really liked it linked to it on my social sites, I live in Show Facebook Mark Levin Show Twitter. I want to play it again. I want to play it again because. This situation, this prosecutor in Atlanta, Real Has completely changed everything.
For the city of land for the nation, and for police officers. And I ll be the first to say: we need a police officers or law enforcement bill of rights. Mr producer, that's what we need. People are listened to statistics; they want to keep pushing their agendas, we need it. Any day. A law enforcement bill of rights Apparently thee actual bill of rights don't apply. While not gonna sit here quietly, I've spent my entire life fighting for the justice system. Writing about speaking about it. As a lawyer, as an individual running a non profit organization is a chief of staff to nor attorney general, the United States. Very few people who have the courage to speak out right now very few.
Because he's a dire types. But we need a year. A law enforcement, Bela rights, I'm calling on TIM, Scott to Hell pull together. TIM Scott should help us pull together and if- comes in the programme. All asked me about his proposed bill as well as that, but he won't. He wanted to come on with his book, but he doesn't want to come on to discuss the stuff. I don't know why, but I don't really care And so I am calling for a law enforcement bill of rights where they due process to where they can't be fired on the spot unless Lester extraordinary circumstances, like the the George Floyd case,. A law enforcement bill of Rights, We're due process has honoured gravity
his compelled. You know it's not being discussed here at all criminals. Mister Brooks was a criminal, tell me about this event that took place, but Mister Brooks had a criminal record. And as the daily mail pointed out, not media matters, not media I'd, not the drudgery poor, but all the rest. Is the daily mail pointed out a british website the newspaper. They went looked at the public record and if he were, if he had been arrested for do you, I might have to go back to prison. That's I they surmise, and I think rightly he became physical. Will the police officers had no idea about this. And so now one police officers charge with a capital, Fence which has as maximum sentence. The death penalty can you make,
and putting that officer to death. Ladies and gentlemen, life in prison. By a prosecutor has a sexual harassment claim against them. Discrimination claim against them and is being investigated by the Georgia, Bureau of investigation where possible, misuse of a significant amount of. Not profit monies and that's it the telling you under investigation dad this public skeptical of a prosecutor. Land out his case with videos and photos and withholding information from we, the people training right, the impression that Guy Rauf really had it out for Brooks. One of the officers who actually kitten and what are you Play which is part of the public record buddy chose not to play it Was officer off give
Cpr to Brock's right up to the time that the ambulance came, the emerging personnel. And sang breed Breathe MR books, please breathe. Because he knew everything was at stake here. Political environment it take, Good and honest people with integrity. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I speak out to speak up one. George Floyd is killed the way he's killed and speak out when a price Elected democratic prosecutor in a Lana can some south. The way he conducted himself today speak out. Fridge Justice, wherever the truth. False. Regardless of race, regardless of position. I'm calling on the Republicans right now with your bill. We pushed him Scott out front.
I want to see a law enforcement bill of rights, or I oppose it. Because we saw what this prosecuted did today, and leave it to a court. Couldn't leave it to a jury now he'd rather stir people are particularly the media. I got the death penalty. And I'm one of a handful of people speaking up, where is everybody out where the hell is? Everybody scared to death? and then we have the never trappers in our own country bill Crystal
George Conway. Many many others and Culture Matt Drudge, Barely now Matt tenacity and his free and I will be using that anymore. I don't think. John Bolton joins a group of very serious people. You know Matisse matters But Madam said was inaccurate was false, buddies, Serious purse again history. Lincoln fired seven generals. I guess they were serious people to very serious, but you know There are very, very credible people, ok their credit
people so bad. And if your binds elected you can thank. These individuals, by name. And you see they have a plan, they want to create a new future Republican Party in a new conservative moment, and they ve got it figured out and Trump stands in the way you see, Trump is in a way. And their certain he'll be defeated this time and with their help he might be. But even if he wins, will pave the way for another. Four years will work with our friends in the lid media who just love us, and we will. We'll change wholeness. We have the real. I guess where the smart ones will will create a new republican Party in a new movement. I can see it now. We'll be fantastic.
The head of the Movement Bill Crystal. Whispering in his ear. I buddy Jonah Goldberg. George Conway he'll, handle all legal issues. Of course,. Press sectarian Coulter when she be swell. I have a big internet guy, Drudge, we're all set and there's more we're all set. There will be great. Actually Bolton joins a list with call me and Mahler and women and on and on and on the list he giants. So far as I'm concerned. So we have Joe Biden out there,
These people are rooting, for and he does absolutely nothing these six years in the Senate eight years, as vice president. As I heard record, he'll never run on his record. Four bossing against bussing working with segregation is not working with Segregationist Fort of crime bill against a tough crime bill. That's Joe, Right side of the brain tug of war with the left side of the brain areas in Pennsylvania today what we have to say cut one go- still on haven't. We need When it comes to rapid results, testing contract can track. Contact tracing capacity. Widely available personnel, protective Equipment for them or clear nationwide guidance instead,
president from four is dangerous. That said, I I can't I can't I just can't. However, we hear from somebody who is a good person. Whose long gone, but it was a great radio host, as I promised at the top of the air Just can't listen to this job, I is a full and a buffoon. I guess that's the same thing here. Is Harvey, go policeman, A policeman A composite about all manner, I guess mingling of Saint in General and the other car, statistics wave of the van over stinkers, their score instances of dishonesty and brutality because they are news. But that really means is that they are exceptional. They are unusual, they are not commonplace. Buried under the fraud is the fact and the fact
is the less than one half of one percent of policemen miss fit that uniform and that Is about our average Then you'd find among Treasury What is a policeman He had all manage at once the most needed, most wanted. A strangely nameless creature, who is, sir to his face and pig or worse behind his back. He must be such a diplomat that it can settle differences between individual so that each will think he one, but. If a policeman is need, he's conceited, if he's careless he's a bomb if his pleasant he's a flirt, if he's not he's a grudge He must make instant decisions which would require months for a lawyer, but if he hurries careless city is deliberately lazy,
First to an accident infallible, but the diagnosis he must be able to start breathing, stop bleeding ties, Blanche and, above all, they show that make them goes home without a limp or To be sued,. The police officer must know every gun draw on the run and hit where it doesn't hurt must be able to whip two men twice the size and have his age, without damaging as uniform and without being brutal. If you hit him he's a coward, if he gets you he's, a bullet policeman must know everything and not tell. He must know where all of the sin is and not partake. The policeman from a single human hair must be able to describe the crime, the weapon, the criminal and tell you where the criminal deciding but Catches, the criminal he's lucky. If he doesn't these adults.
Begets promoting as political pool. If he doesn't he's a dollar a day The policeman was changed, bomb leads to a dead end, stake out ten knights to tag one witness who saw it happened but refuses to remember. He run Files and rights reports until his eyes ache to build a case against some Phelan who will get the yield out by a shameless Seamus or an honourable who isn't. Honourable the policemen must be a minister of Social worker, a diplomat, a tough guy and a job for man course, you'll have to be a genius because you'll have to feed a family on. These months, salary I'll be right back then.
How do you know any thought he was still out? There is still out. There masks, no masks open, glow protests in protest out good Lord, Protests or fine, particularly one, Mostly peaceful riding whip. Further to wear masks we think about it. Maybe not right distance Don't worry about it. Now are about a police are more dangerous than the virus. These are the scientists. That they prayed on television. Their Pereda morons then trump. I'm gonna have a rallying Tulsa, maybe twenty thousand people I got.
Joe Biden likes to say how many little by little movement were put, my god. How can he do this. There's not proper, distancing no masks. Rubber gloves, no calashes no rank. How can they do this and are gonna be. Not mostly peaceful but actually all peaceful. Suffered spreads, its trumps fall. Not the righteous writers who are burning, alluding and killing, but mostly peaceful. Not the left, wing, cooks and anti the militia anti semitic symmetric, Bialik Movement, May I say I think I will add, is blocked lives matter movement. Yes,. The virus only is spread. By conservatives.
Quickly, evangelical, Christians and Orthodox choose Yes, it's true and people of white privilege. There are the ones spreading the virus. Thought it started in China, dont say China. Russia, China,. What's wrong with you, oh thought it started in war. Hot, don't say what are its covert? nineteen covered Take covered night, ok,. Now Joe Biden is infinite. Idiocy as said, nearly a hundred fifty thousand Americans have died and he blames at on trumps. Lack of leadership we stolen have enough testing have allowed Testing. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to get tested, get tested. That's not even an issue anymore. That's how fast In the private sector.
Working with some of the agencies had turned this around. But I want to tell Joe fifty thousand people died really people frail people in nursing homes and a living facilities, direction. Of many of them are obviously of governors and mayors who were democrats. True democrats, You know those democratic cities with alluding, mostly peaceful, looting, mostly peaceful, burning, mostly peaceful writing is occurring. Yes, Democrats too,. Democrats. Look in the mirror, Joe Molly away looks into, but you know what I mean. No, it's trumps for we leadership. Yes, Joe jumble helper. But you get a page on button. I guess He's gonna get paid for speeches to I'm just guessing, with his new friend Bill Crystal what a joy
Gas, that guy is man or manischewitz Ladies and gentlemen, I shall return and others a young gentleman out there who I respect the lot I won't mention because I don't want to earth. My saying too much going the show Mr Bloom, I dont think. And he hasn't been in this business too long. But he feels like he's not properly recognised very much wants to be recognised, And so he blames everyone in everything around him. Talk, show host. Of the conservatives billionaires, why don't they they take on the left,
You know, ladies and gentlemen,. You would never hear me talk like this. It's not a matter blaming everyone else and everything else. Why don't you just get off your ass and do something about it? Buddy than ripping everybody else and turning them down I for one was planning on making radio profession or tv. I was a guest. I will provide information people liked it. One thing lead to another. I work extremely hard every day to bring you the best program. I can. I don't just sit here and pontificate. We get in all kinds of an eye
When I write a book, I spent sixteen months average on a book, We weaken right Two three in the morning. Every holiday The family pay the price for this. But I believe in these things. I believed in it when I was a young man. Served in public office, I believed in and when I was young man and worked on the Reagan campaign and seventy six and eighty I believed in when I worked in the Red Administration for a year, I would join the hip with the tea party with The internal had no idea that that book would be such a hit or that it would come out at that time, but it did what happens when you think when you work when you advocate, when you're motivated.
I don't need billionaires to step in and why don't they do this? I want on people, bring us up through the farm team. Are why do people do this or that we have had many shows that we ve spawned off the shelf. Many excellent. Substitute hosts before they had their own radio, show, spend Shapiro. Damn bond GINO. I can't even think of all them. Mr produced many. And I'm proud of each and every one of them. When somebody reads a book. Who's in college or law, school or high school or an electrician are a plumber and motivate them Do a thousand different things? That's what matters! That's what's important. So I understand its hard work.
This business is hard work right. This is hard work, but I love it. I love it. All. When you're relative newcomer don't come in and trash everything before you sound like a leftist, sound like a left us- and I know you're ratings aren't great. I know they're, not MR producers. Writing, because you know who it against me. And I say this is as good advice is friendly advice. Nobody likes a winner. Like a door statesmen,. So, keep working at it. Stop burned down everything in front of you, then you know better than the other side and stop Seeing other people to do things for you do them for yourself and over time you might See you might not with that attitude, but it
As in any other walk of life and athletes, teacher professor, a plumber trucker. It's not up to other people to make you it's up to you to make your it's called personal responsibility entrepreneurship, creativity, content Respect for your audience and if do those things and on have those things may be just not gonna make it back no you're talking about- I don't like you do most of you, but The person I am talking about May but that's good advice, generally, nobody You know, despite all this white privilege, staff and. Most of us are born into privilege. Well, that's not true Two born into America, you're born in a privilege, cause a privilege to be an American. But apart from that, most people.
Things are and handed them they workforce and they card and they follow the law and they their country and the respect the police officers, and I appreciate the fact that their there that's most of us conduct ourselves and what we? watching for the last two weeks or more. Is how most of us do not conduct ourselves. Regardless of our race or religion, are backgrounds, even our politics. Most of us do not conduct ourselves way. Most of us don't have time to most We peacefully protest during the day most of us have no interest in riding at night and no Most of you are not people a privilege, most of you, a blue collar workers. If you don't, their work, you don't get paid. You don't pay your mortgage, your rent, your family doesn't eat? You make your opportunity you expect anything from the government anything from anybody else, nor do you asked for it.
And our police officers Deserve our respect. The bad ones will be dealt with. But the good ones need to be supported. They need, I respect, they need to be paid right and they need Be protected from a mob, Well, it's our universities or whether in the street. Well, it's the media are whether it's the Democrats. Well, there you have it. Mr Petition, All right, let's take a call here, I don't have the screw others the screen, let's see who we have. I'm doing that now here we go Let's go to Miriam Brooklyn are the great debut ABC Go. That's very. My husband and wife tv officer jobless go and he was like me to face two points. I guess
The liberals do not care that we are working with the job. Now they don't get. A crime is rising in a city that you can all care later, they'll care later, when their mugged, I promise you they will ok. So he says it's so important. A vote out all the liberal progressive, the AIDS An attorney general's, especially those that are backed by George Soros. The problem is Miriam many there areas of the country or keep voting Democrat. And that's why they're being depopulated people don't want to work there. They dont want to be in the police force there, the fire department there they don't want to teach their. They don't want to, businesses ere. They want to get the hell out of there, I fear it is so important that people start voting the city, at the calm, you you gotta, say how can a company, Even if you're left us, how can you elect such competent before and they did twice,
It's beyond me. I don't understand. How do you go from a Giuliani? Do that to this. I'll tell you how in part, because people are leaving. And they come to like my state and screw it up or they come. Like flawed and they were hey, I'm voting democratically, but you just ask I dont care it's in my blood and they ve. For the same morons in another state, Why that's? How the private you're doing a great job we enjoy listening to assessing my eighteen year old, Hang in there. I know it's tough carrying out of it. I tell you What right I love the unwise pithy whenever I come to New York to just terrific terrific people and God bless. You knew be well. I best your husband Toby, crest in Iowa on the mark of an apple former police officer, our user. You mark all right, thank you
First, I thank you for all your support for law enforcement. I wouldn't Twelve years my uncle has been in there for over forty, my brother's, been in it for twenty two years, and then I had a cousin in it for about four years. So he got so we had shot period, he got shot the upon duty. Is he all right? he's out on his part, Wanna go out on disability, though, so Recently back November, It's pretty reason, effort How is he struggled he struggled with it. I got to him he's alive mirrors that he's just the traveller. Isn't it funny how cops are human beings? You wouldn't know that watching tv now, would you and we are, we are, I mean most definitely in I'm. Just gonna tell you that for the first time after watching the prosecutor Del Georgia on you, where he today or the person. I call my brother, my uncle said when they can get out
I'm just I more fearful for them from a rope prosecutor and ruining their entire lives. By being able to judge Decision you gonna be charged with a death sentence- crime right, I mean it Does that not shake you to your core? It does and he should have done grand jury and let twelve or how many eyes look you notice. He went past the grand jury, he went by ass, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation anymore. The trigger as fast as you call it could on a death ITALY Charge and my brother was really upset about backing them. He attacked regards Keep your eye on that occasion that it had to be completed and all the officers. I'll wait. Then we wait the prosecutor, to let them, but the investigation that before any procedures were profit. I just think it is very difficult. You know a few police officer and a big city today and you ve put in a number of years- and you have you benefits of your family- it's
So easy to leave that become a truck or leave that become electrician. Those are those who are also professions had take extra work and so forth. People agreement really have to think about how much they want to stay in these big city police forces, because It is dangerous, it's not just dangerous on the street. You're not going to be backed up. No, no! not at all in, and that's the point that out the criminal doesn't get you the prosecutors. Gonna get and that's what. Others made the ass a curse. Another call my relatives every chance you can get out. My rose at six and a half years actually mile. He's going out in October, so I'm thankful for that. But but here's the thing also. Everybody knows the bad from a good cop. Everybody saw what took place with joy Flawed but everybody saw what took place in Atlanta too I just know what they can do any more, and what do you think about all these people they bring on tv? You ve never been a cop who ve never been mug
And what do you think about all these people they bring on tv who ve never the taser is deadly, I mean you know, you got a problem, cop in that town, my brother brought that point up exactly to me. Just confuses I just now they can do any more Do you think about all these people they bring on tv who ve? Never, A cop who ve never been mug, not they don't live in an heavily crime, infested communities necessarily, and what are they do? What are you Think of this, Well, who cares what they think of it, there. I lived, steady decline, live in an officer shoe fortnight and realize they got a mean. Happen now happen All my best, your family, will be right.
Then, let's see we have rose rose bushes Their let browser you there you're our ok. Will you just caught up just wondering Wanting to fail the prosecutor Lana yeah I think the jury poor and I Overcharging he's done one of two things: one Inevitably, hopefully, you'll lose in court. But setting the prior if priming the palm, around a rioting nationally
Where do you think that's the way he sounded when he was well, who is doing what he was run. Other word you're saying and if and if the police officer is found not guilty. Because of the imaginations of this prosecutor he's They create an eye, is going turmoil right, right, right, while there is a possibility, if you, when they become fur the new heroes of the laughter There's this problem is at a very tough re election. He's under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation investigating whether or not he misused funds from a non profit he's been accused of sexual harassment in one case engender bias in another. These are all recent. Within the last five or six months and so were. The guy is is, is is very much Petition,
I agree with that. But what, distraction. Perhaps then but the you know what this is so far over the top to charge a police officer under these circumstances and in in one of the charges, which has a potential sentence of death, I don't know- I think all these local police unions and other union need to get together and figure out there their strategy for protecting police officers and and for being heard politically and otherwise, because its get very, very bad out there. I want to salute all your police officers, military firefighters, emergency personnel, all you folks, God bless you thanks for standing with me and I'm standing with you and I'll see you tomorrow from the west. Would one podcast network
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