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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, more millennials would rather live under socialism than capitalism due to historical illiteracy. Not knowing or not caring about the gulags of the Soviet Union that vanished people and their lives. Today our media uses similar strong-arm tactics to erase careers since they don't imprison like government can. Sadly, American-liberals have embraced elements of Stalinism. As a result, people now blame America instead of blaming our nation's enemies. They are devouring our institutions and the Democratic Party is the bulwark for the radical left in our institutions like the media. The modern mass media is no longer a check on big government, they are not about freedom, and they are not about speech! A mouthpiece for progressivism just like the NYT was the mouthpiece for Stalin. Also, Chuck Todd was rude and abrupt in his interview with President Trump Sunday and wouldn’t even let him finish his answer. Then, Jack Hunter maligns Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro inaccurately saying that they were irritated that Trump didn't bomb Iran. After, investigative filmmaker James O'Keefe calls in to discuss his latest release regarding a whistleblower from Google on their intentions to censor Trump and influence the 2020 election.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented podcast, as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now, and it's a hundred and seventy fifth year here, There is a truly independent institution where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening. And my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run only underground the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of unarmed script. Building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven three April, thirty, eight thousand one hundred and eighteen, eight hundred and seventy three. What did I say? Eight hundred and seventy
three hundred and eighty one, three hundred and eighty one, one hundred and eighty seven, seven thousand three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven sorry, probably a pizza place, don't call the other one. There's a wonderful piece in the city journal by Harry Stein, spring twenty nineteen, the red decade, redo Megan into this with you, because it real cuts across so much what's going on in this country and, as I give you a few excerpts from this peace. You ve been watching the media this weekend you been watching the Sunday shows you been watching. The fish interrogation of the President reporters interrupting him all pushing the same agenda with its immigrants. Climate change and so forth what I Friday get across and on freedom of the press. In your notice, the cover is read for a reason.
Is that this is a very, very, very dangerous thing. The media in this country are doing and then, Forests being progressives hard core left us. They attack people who disagree with them, whether it certain house on Fox whether it's me whatever it is. Not enough to engage it's not enough to debate, they wish to destroy. And this has been a long time practice of the left it's happening in the media today. So in this peace Harry Stein Rights, Eugene Lions who, by the way, happens to be in my book to in a book he wrote a nineteen forty one called the red decade. And he writes in part, looking back a time when, according to surveys, more millennials what
Live under socialism than capitalism, its apparent Author Eugene Lions was document is not just a historical moment in nineteen. Forty one, but also a species of historical illiteracy, is on aging as it is poisonous it utopian ism. The flourish only at the expense of independent thought. Also wrote in America in a moratorium on Dr Issues, alternative views were defined, is not merely mistaken, but morally reprehensible and among Each who dominate the cultural sphere, deviance from approved opinion, were subject to special abuse. Of course, having lived and worked in soviet Russia, lions made distinctions about relative abuses of power. Understanding on this item Dissidents were liquidated or vanish. Good luck, the amount and left can only liquidate careers and disappear reputations. It's not
rising during those desperate depression years, the programme of the Communist Party USA, would have held such wide open. Especially among the young who have stood up so adamantly or at all, against Jim Crow, who stood so fearlessly. The front lines would labour against the power rapacious big business, capitalism. What other party spoke passionately for peace and justice. Soviet rule, there was nothing less than the future of humanity. They are all were free and equal poverty and oppression banished in food lodging in health care guaranteed sound like the democratic left, folks, A screenwriter Richard Collins would later recall of his time in the party. Communism was for us to devote tease a cause of faith and a viewpoint on all phenomena. A one shot solution to all the world's ills and inequities. When should be thinking about You talked about over the months about the media and so forth.
I doubt surrounding this article that it was A colossal fraud was hobby. All along or should have been for anyone. Going to see Stalin's Russian Paradise was a total. It horror show you got only by hit Third Reich for all the regimes, numerous apologists in the press led by the near Walter Durante, who won the Pulitzer As for his efforts, orderly- This state of affairs in Russia was not They come by because by the mid nineteen thirty's reports on the great family, the planned exit, Lucian by starvation and millions of recalcitrant ukrainian present the peasants were to pay Destined to ignore, without sustained effort now we ve talked about that, and I read about this member. The New York Times was behind them So too were those of systematic state thuggery culminating in the confessions by torture, veteran Bolsheviks and the perch trials team, thirty, seven and thirty eight and in
Spain, in the guise of fighting fascism. This system elimination of rival left this parties by soviet secret police and by the time he published the Red decade Lions, a rare journalist, a rare journalist given too damn the consequences. Honesty had come to know when subjects exceedingly well, that is Stalinism and miracle, liberals so ready to overlook it savage immorality having from Russia as a small child and grown up and the poverty, the jewish lower? You stand, he came of age, emitted leftist and added as he later acknowledge when he returned to the land of his birth and nineteen. Twenty eight is a thirty old correspondent for the United Press. His aim was to use the privilege perch to promote the Russian Revolution
It was on this basis that in nineteen thirty, he scored a stunning journalistic coup that brought him worldwide recognition. The first ever interview by a western corresponded with the recluse of Stalin. The subsequent shame he joined. Other leading report is a mostly running cover for the regime, including on the famine that slaughtered Ukrainians. I move on. Yet at least, is troubling the lines as the reality. This we had Paradise was the refusal to face it that he encountered in America on his return. To that Tray ran up against an almost perverse eagerness to embrace every fabrication in its defence and cast ours is hostile to all that was good and true, stuff, this message, even if even acknowledge often met with tacit approval
Was it not true that foes, the revolution were plotting on all sides, reactionaries Trotzky, each other class enemies and the New York Times Anti famously summed it up. You can make an omelette without breaking a few eggs yap that, during this depressed, these depressed here's, the legions of story and steely I'd included a disproportionate number we now call millennials was unsurprising for the realistic emotion, driven young hard questions always easy solutions, and even times, there's no competing with the romance of the left, but what lines found for More unsettling was the credulity of those in the Vanguard of Progressive thought, leading figures in academia, entertainment publishing, media and I asked councils of government from New York to Hollywood and everywhere and between these were the powerful and influential
the men and women who shape public attitudes and opinion while among them were many convinced area logs. More numerous still where the careerists are those simply following political fashion sentimental. Drawn the causes by the magic words, justice, democracy, peace. An alliance, well understood this seductive power, the call for fundamental social transformation, but he also new asked a few others that is invariably led to the naming of enemies in the doling out of retribution and the unspeakable more chaos and, moreover, that it didn't even work in there Decade in nineteen forty one lines charted how so many in positions of power and responsibility had come to think
Say idiotic and often dangerous things with great seriousness, again be thinking of your media, how America lost such faith in itself and its guiding institutions leaving capitalism for all its attendant faults under siege, as the collectivist ethos game greater currency? His was a clarion call. The sanity and a plea that to I need some be seen for what it was before it was too late, and I move on over the course of four hundred pages lines covers the cultural landscape, alighting. In turn upon all the capitals of progressive his at each point, eggs limiting the behaviour of its most celebrate celebrated deserts when it mattered most There were the men and women of letters almost all dedicated foremost status within their own insular universe.
Smaller number? Their impact on a nation's mind is subtle and incalculable. He wrote they set the styles and not thinking at one point. It did It's a petition signed by nearly a hundred and fifty the days most global writers, artists and composers, asserting court. Weight of evidence establish a clear presumption of guilt, unquote of the soviet Purge defendants and cheering them. Critics essential to the preservation of progressive democracy, in other words, defending Stalin's genocide. Were the professors and administrators at its steamed universities, then, as now, given the political correctness in every particular hero college teeth, slain at their lessons the match the latest views out of Moscow and met with a communist faction among students in conspiratorial carcasses, much as he false young people for the susceptibility to socialism appeal lines, faulty
the more the grown ups observing that views are the young are always crudely coloured by undefined emotional urges, which leaves them perfect raw stuff for demagogic, moulding the glorified of youth. As a modern development puts. Premium on lack of experience, mental fuzzy ness and intuition as against intelligent Maturity and now you know I Bernie Sanders is focused on wiping out college debt and college for all. This is what the left does. The marxist left Hardly lease there were those in the left of centre media who are literally assume the worst about their own country. Well, America. We executed people for murder and for holding unorthodox political views as he quotes the New Republic defence of the Moscow Purge trials, but in Russia they execute people for a bit.
Think positions of high responsibility are official. Rifle squads of the check anymore. Depressed to the morale of the workers than the higher cossacks. The american mill towns, where they anywhere then a near police quote unquote. The new republic. You hear these parallel today, Vienna, when people Blame America, rather than a rain, Lion Joan World of book and maggots. Publishing was so dominated by leftists that formerly and she turned against the party, de moral monsters and turncoat could be made a set essentially to evaporate from mainstream view. He must know few I'm thirty writers who suffer their fate during the intellectual red terror, including if thou underscore the point for contemporary readers, such now, largely for Former luminaries has MAX Eastman Joe those Passos James TEETH.
Arrow. He includes himself on that list because they goal is to blame out. Opposition destroy Fox, destroy Talk. Radio, may I say, destroy me among others, another figure who may. Brief appearance in the red decade is screenwriter more risk in her lap and no son out. Terrific no example speaks to the influence that is left. Foes would continue to wield years after the Red decades publication, even during the black tears of late forties in the early fifties wanted industries, most successful writers, he had numerous credits running for them Ex brothers, animal crackers and a night at the opera to my man, Godfrey Stage Door, Riskin broke in nineteen. Forty, seven, by testifying an open session against communist influence in the film industry, while we are proud of my testimony, he'd right in his memoirs I shot and an elephant might but Jonah's. I was consistent. Three assignments for everyone. I accepted, and I feel
They turned down on the average at least three assignments for everyone. I accepted, and I feel they ve been saying. I was welcome at every studio town after I testified against the Hollywood ten communists. Gender receive one single offer from any studio for all its capacity to shape opinion in Lyons time. The power wielded by today's progressives is either or malign for its heavy and is all but unconstrained by countervailing forces. For one thing, seventy or eighty years ago, organise religion. How much sway in America that even it had left this understood. It could be derided only behind closed doors and while they were prominent clerk men who fought hard for the progressive line. They usually it should do so only as private citizens. Even they wanted this, this does lunacy the possibility that one day not only their congregants, but entire religious orders might be widely characterizes dangerous zealots by adhering to traditional beliefs or that age
she's a government would compel them to violate their most deeply out spiritual convictions even more so this industry stood is bulwarks against fundamental threats to the ways Americans thought about themselves and the world nineteen duties. Radicals were realistic enough to seek what he's getting to here is their devouring our institutions today which they failed to do to me in the nineteen thirties and fortys, which they failed to do. Eighteen thirties and forge, and then he makes appointed the end that I've made to you one of the most striking difference. Between the world of the nineteen. Forty lines described in the one we contend with today is no longer a tiny, if disproportionately disproportionately influential political entity waving the left banner. It's one of two major parties. True enough, the Democrats have long cast themselves.
The party, the dispossessed and policies have steadily move. The country left word in its also that cases lions recount the doing who deal years leading administration figures like Eleanor Roosevelt. Unknowingly service props is communist, sponsored events advertised for the year, and knowing served as props. But today the Democratic Party is the bulwark for the radical left. Progressive is the media, academia, Hollywood, certain religious orders. What does all this mean I'll explain further, when I return shit
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Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot? Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and Primus m p. I am I S daughter. Still that EU welcome to Helstone, I think This could be happening without the willing support and in fact the promote, they modern mass media today and it's all around us. Modern mass media is not a check on big government; it is the Praetorian guard for big government. The modern mass media is hostile to those who seek to reduce it, contain it in holiday. Anwar by that I mean government there,
passed out of those who seek to reduce government, contain government and whole government accountable? They are exactly as lions wrote about other institute. And as the city journal writes about lions,. That is there not about freedom there, not about speech, they're, not about a healthy press. There Mouthpiece for Progressive ISM. Just as the near I'm was the mouthpiece for stolen, and this is the a point of on freedom of the press. Ass, his away with a great deal, including self characterisation, not anymore
You know our nations oldest colleges were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions. Locked in the grip of politically correct, They no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting the idea of objective truth. They pedal and cultural relativism. Thankfully, not This applies to Helstone College for all, two centuries hills. Dell has remained true to its original mission, to prove sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and just liberty and intelligent piety. Hills. They'll celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty, these include free online courses, the publication of its free,
Beach, digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington, D C and its bar a charter school initiative which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen forty four, this is hailstones college and, let me add, I think so much of Helstone College. I don't. An original copy of a compilation of the federalists papers which sit today, as I speak at the Kirby Centre, hills a college America's COL.
Nobody says a debtor mark Laverne with important locked with. Nobody could say I better call. In now I read seven seven, three, eight one, three eight one one chapter would drop on meat that the press this week in this will explain to you in part how this works now. Gimme the historical perspective, a goin to on freedom of the press. It brings it up to speed as well as addressed his history of what's going on with the media. Today and you're gonna see Todd has an agenda its to interrupt the president, make the present a look, bad and drive his agenda Chuck Todd as a Democrat, Chuck, Todd's wife is a Democrat she's, a consultant Democrats.
It doesn't matter, because this is the way the modern media work. It's not about a free press, it's not about a free press. It's now, about gathering information and presenting it to U treating you as respectful intelligence It is, since you can draw your own conclusions. It Ramming their agenda down your throat, perfect example: cut forego they were trying to provoke. You know, I don't think so, and I think it is very important that they ran out of either you don't think they intended to get you to respond terribly condom use, shattered shattered. So what's the messenger inflation is through the roof? They ve never had the highest in the world right now, worse than any place their living knock. Well. Do you want to do a separate with IRAN, or do you want to get every
involved and the same day, the Russians to China. I don't care which what kind of a deal could be separate or it can be told the one on one talks. You always wanted. One talks you any. I told her resonate here's what I want anything to get you to the result. They cannot have a nuclear weapon, not about the stretcher, alot of people covered incorrectly than ever mentioned. They cannot have a nuclear weapon, they use it and then I can have a nuclear weapon did. Reuters is reporting that you sent a message to the Iranians saying Groundwater war, and so I want to talk. I did not send a message. I didn't answer them s agenda
I don't know who would have sent a message ran out of the stake sentiments to drain out of me. I told you wouldn't be much different than that message, which is I'm not looking for war. There is it'll, be obliteration like you, ve never seen before, but I'm not looking to do that, but you can have a nuclear weapon now even putting the substances which we don't, but just for this. What do you think of that folks? What did you think they're pretty? Damn outrageous, I thought that's good
at five, more chuck tub with the President go ahead. We just meet Eminem Ruby was that your border numbers are worse than about no because the people coming up, because our economy is so good deploring up, because the economy, so good, oh Mamma, lousy economy was dead. Economy of our economy is really struck a chart. The unemployment rate. I rang, stop you know what you're a real punk chuck tat. You are a disgrace. You you're pathetic talk to a president. Like this. I mean notice how the present school to so now he wants to trash the president, respecting the economy, so ran is transfer, even though we know about a ran over its history. Obama funded it.
Now the economy has turned around, and now they were, he wants to show them the abominable trot the bomb charge on the economy. You get my point. This is nothing more than a progressive operation, Idiot logically driven appendage, the democratic, no, no, don't get me wrong during the debates last some tough questions. They got three hundred twelve candidate big deal. That's just stay here, that's just a facade camouflaged for the real goal here go ahead. You're colonies, great honour scientist, not break this recovery started. In the twenty eight months and you've been present twenty eight months of Obama's presidency, the average more new jobs then you're. Actually it was. He started off with such a bad base. I mean it's just not there. He makes a brilliant point. So when you look percent of genuine it gets so bad.
Add that when you increase it, it looks much better. Go ahead of you have said, nobody is working. The whole place was a disaster, and I don't never take that away. Ok, but it's very easy because one that turnover they prompt a tremendous amount of money into the economy, you all sort of Federal Reserve person who kept the interest rates low. I dont do you feel, like you, you feel like you have raised and far too fast, for it is important to de modems knapsack. Why she'll. Let him answer a question. You ass. This isn't me This is the way reporters are supposed to conduct themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, you ve got it.
The generation of the young hack Democrats, who are trying to present themselves as aggressive journalists. You're learning nothing from their show cause. He keeps interrupting. The president is not interviewing. The president is be raiding the present, and promoting himself cause he's a low. I q dim waited hack. But even more he's a Democrat he's. A progressive unease is social activist. The whole point of my book on freedom of the press go ahead. Then tat I didn't threatened intermodal there's been some talk that you might do modem to the number to slide
to do that and I wanted, but I haven't suggested there is not a threat that just a reality, and I have the right to do that, but I haven't said that what he's done is fifty billion a month in quantitative tightening, that's ridiculous. What he's done? That's? Why do you even know what that means? Chuck tat? You know that means you. Ve got no educational back when you got no real world experienced even know what that means. Go ahead. These interest rates to fast memories reaction. You can count on me. So strong role through a humble evil cut six guy one ask what's goin down with the least the children in these migrant camps. Stories are formal. Mr President, you have
without their parents, you have kids taking care of kids way well. Well well, well, well, well, why do you start their truck? Why do you start there? We have hundreds of thousands of people. Point over the border. Everybody knows it's overwhelming our system. The president knows it's overwhelming our system. The Democrats actually wanted to cut the number of the tension beds. Ladies and gentlemen, Chuck won't mention that he's talked about securing the border, stopping as many people as possible from coming here illegal having an orderly legal immigration system. He's talked about this over and over again talking about an invasion when, when Jimmy Cost was trying to correct and that its a caravan.
He said. It's a human disaster to catastrophe. When the media were repeating what the Democrats said. That is a crisis this present is trying to do. With it and do something about he's the only one in Washington DC, you is. And he had listened at how this guy talks to him go ahead. These reports, I know people coming to you. I know you think this is the Democrats problem. Well, forget it. Why are you doing some of your first of all? Is he reporting light, gentlemen is eliciting information, or is he argumentatively? What is he doing here? Exactly Is he providing any information to the public anybody know anything as a result of this. No, they don't go ahead, are in terrible shame
Mr President, down in Homestead Florida, that's where I grew up the conditions- and here I agree and in that way for a long time, something and President Obama, Automotive, ok, ok, hence diskiver become a my show must release you right and back on the programme and keep this particular recording with you. Ok, these particular eclipse. Go ahead when they said that I built them, and then it was nineteen fourteen which do not make a right. There was twenty fourteen chapters, listen for a SEC separation. President obama- I took over separation, I'm the one that put together. What's happened, though, are the cartels and all of these bad people using the kids. It's almost like slavery and punish the deals more work. This is happening. The kids are getting punish me right and it's been happening. I tell you
italian, ladies and gentlemen, media is just so destructive, I don't know Chuck enemy the people or friend of the people. I know this place well. I know this place well in your social peace. I know this place well at home your wife? I know this place well into the little Babo you live in, but you are, drawing the very professions such as it is you claim to defend, you'd disgrace and I d but we want you to come on my show desperately. The president had enough guts to deal with you. You have enough guts to deal with me, go ahead
what we ve done is with me. It is that we stand a separation under President Obama separation. I was the one that ended. It now said one thing when I ended it s a huge, what's going to happen more families are gonna, come up and that's what's happened, but they're really coming up and economics, but once you ended the separation, but I ended separation. I inherited separation from President Obama. President Obama built they call him jail cells. They were going to talk about opening out your administration and underline the recreation argument. Schooling, these kids anymore, you ve, gotten rid of that- is a lie on many fronts: That is a lie on many fronts. Number one sounds like these are concentration camps. Doesn't he. He sounds like a even though he dismissed her these.
Families are risking their lives and the lives of their children to come to this country before they even step forward in this country. Today, most illegal immigrants legally enter our country. Excuse me illegally enter our country and they want to immediately surrendered to authorities what in order to be admitted into these facilities? Why is that truck? The short period during which illegal immigrants are in them mark the very first time in their lives. Many them have ever seen a doctor. Many of them have had three square, Ilsa day of wholesome food, have slept with clean sheet or been dressed a new clothes. You now. They weren't issued clean sheet to new clothes and three square meals and outwits. Of course, it's not perfect.
An unprecedented surge of illegal immigrants, thanks to the Democrats, banks, the billion extra funding front groups thanks to all kinds of forces out there. So we should be ashamed of what our people are trying to do on the southern border we should be proud of them is a temporary. Facilities and then they are released into the centre of the United States where their face was stomach racism. I guess right, Mr Bit is such a fraud. So ignorant is checked hard about this issue. What can you do something? What can you do? What can you do just thinking you know, there's politics: what can you do have again His questions are irrational. They don't even addressed the problems truck. Why don't you addressed the problems, We have so many border security, so many ice we
please send so many troops to the border to buy food formula change diapers to wash sheets, but now you think is anybody at NBC doing it? Anybody NBC Gorazde course now, but Oxford Democrat and sows his wife there Democrat so than ever, going to point the finger forget about that? What are you doing, Mr Brett? How much time do I rich. Cut seven go as it is one thing Nancy Policy has held off her impeachment cock.
Because I think she feels that I will be much easier. I mean I've been told by using impeachment good politics for you. I think I win the election easier, but you know I'm not sure that I like having it. I didn't think I was spied on. What they did to me was illegal. It was illegal and the other side. I did nothing wrong, so impeachment very unfair thing, because nothing that I did was wrong and if you look at the Mulder report, there was no collusion. This was all about collusion. Nowhere where there's you think. Of course there is not a single over this report of yours collusion. There is one place, it is nothing to stop. Then you are illiterate. Reed volume, one, happen in volume, one chuck, no collaboration. A conspiracy not by a single American does amount if the were collusion is used. No conspiracy, no collaboration, not a single and die
of a single American related to collaboration or conspiracy with the Russians, not one Chuck Todd doesnt. One is all needs to know that once this hasn't one is honest and no Bacchus go ahead. Word. Conservatives me, I was ready and nobody ever mentions Russia anymore since the Mauro report that are mentioned. In all fairness, nobody mentions Russia anymore, and it was about a Tommy Chuck. Where was their collusion? Where did Mr Mulder fine collusion. You said you read the first volume. Where did he find collusion and who is colluding, he's a collusion denier Loretta,
Can I go ahead? There was a hoax nasty. This campaign wait wait. I want to give you the timing and what hopes it was a hoax. The russian hopes with may delay. I had nothing to do with the Russians and say there rations didn't in fear and the election that was under Obama. You genius. He said there was no collusion, of which there was none and by the way you sound like a hyped up on something. What's going on, pow you're talking fashioning Chris Matthews, yes, sound, like your hyped upon something was inhaling your own ego. You creep up here back, then every human being has a common How do I live well?
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from Hills, Dale and he'd Aristotle's advice. Your life will change for the better. You can learn how to lead a good life just as every hills. The college student does it's yours for free at Levin, for hills down that calm, that's EL, even I am for hills doubt that come. I can, I think, of another president who would sit down with a hostile posts likeness this monitoring. Second one now and so calmly deal with it, but I can't think of another one another one, Obama, was strong flowers and chocolates by these host. Cars are Democrats, the progressive- and he was there man so that this first I have tried to pull everything together for you, the excuses of the media. Hollywood
academia and so many elites for what stolen in the New York Times covered it up. The New York Times led the way my book on freedom of the press, which really probably the most extensive examination of the modern mass media. Today ever and then an example of it all with truck top. Treatment of the present, the United States, but even more ill treatment of the public, the american people He is a rare position here. Said NBC News and look what he does with it I'll, be right back
now run them only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight, once three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one president's doing some effective things. I think, with respect IRAN and I'll get into them in a minute. I read to you something that appeared rather, Can we in the Washington, examiner by fellow by the name of Jack Hunter, you don't know Jack Hunter is, but I do, and I will tell you more about Jack Hunter during the course of the hour here.
I have a different take one around and some people, no, I dont say refer out war, no one, not a radical interventionist, none of those things I do feel there should have been a military response, the president's the press, I'm not presently United States, I'm a commentator. And he's chosen. Otherwise, and he in the end. The way they were under reckon they where they are by the Israelis the way they have been in the past, because this is a very vile regime that is killed, hundreds and hundreds of Americans That around needed to be punished, the way they were under. And they were they are by the Israelis the way they have been in the past, because this is a very vile regime that is killed, hundreds and hundreds of Americans and Marines? I choose me: Army.
And Marines. It is a vile regime As I call in Islam or Nazi regime, because it is non friends with President Trump, I consider to be a great president and I defend him. Jack Hunter is IRAN, Paul Guy, even worse, as you'll find out when I'm done, but here's what he writes at the washed in examiner The american conservative entered it now. This is a website that is really repulsive to me. They used to trash libyan too, many and other stuff. It's not a traditional conservative website, in my view, and neither is Hunter Hunter pretends. He isn't he's not More all right than anything else is you'll find out later there's your final later
And he was, he had to Eve Senator Paul staff, even twentieth and after having helped him right. Is book he's a former a lot of things does the american conservative attitude Jim Mantle Rights, Thursday night was the night Donald Trump became president. No, it's not. I'll trumpets done many good things in over two years. If it's not the night, he became president, but you you understand. I'm dealing with these code. Pink radical left wing exude me all right idiot. Although they sound very left wing. You can imagine the hyperbolic poseners
What had been song of tromp had gone ahead with his plans strikes against IRAN, adding to the list of undeclared presidential wars, steady, pulled back, Hyperbolic Hassan, as indeed who have led this pro course. Conservative, pundits Ben Shapiro Mark Levant. But it was leading a pro war chorus. Am I not on the radio? It will not hear me with their own two years. Is this programme put all my websites a big one, go back and listen. Mr reducing sulphur free did I specifically point that we should not have an all out war, and that was necessary that we should send in five hundred thousand troops but order to engage in debate when you have a low. Q and when you're in a dialogue or right type, you ve gotta, create strong trade.
Sub Shapiro and live in one present trump. This I did not strike after being informed, we could potentially kill a hundred, and fifty civilians was Civilians used. Maybe I don't remember that, but it does to me. He land on twitter. Ten minutes before the strike, I stopped it not proportionate to. Running down an unmanned drowned, a decent wanted Shapiro, tweeted, play see he's obsessed with Shapiro Levin? Why? You think this I have been a stalker literally for years until wiped himself out, but the washing examiner has breathe new life into it here, prepare a disproportionate response to attacks on. U S ass, a very good way of showing our enemies, they we will mash them if they can t Escalate? U S doesn't want war, you know,
he doesn't want or even more the ayatollahs who find themselves quite dead of workers to exactly right. Even the president says something like that today. In other words, right Hunner, because you're too stupid you c est, uninterpreted interpret it for you, mash them to show these pesky foreign countries. We mean business. Is that what Shapiro? Paris? It's a pesky foreign country, because such Teach a military and intervention, including regime change, has always worked out so well for us in the past, thanks against Moroccan Hillary Clinton worked out well on the third Reich. I think that you must have been worked out well with Toto's Japan. Just pointing it out as a matter of history,.
Levin was similarly irritated. Trumped instruct and was an irritated he might have been more upset. People were picking on John Bolton, There is now a clear campaign against John Bonham sure China, Russia, North Korean, around love it when they hear people trash. John Bout, that's a fact trombone. As a great patriot and he's been a great patriot When he served as our ambassador to the United Nations, down the enemy when he served in it as this department doing the ring in administration and now this NASH, Security advisor to the present president, look I've got advisors of all stripes. I make the decision and that's where and the rest of them are really dismissal. The intelligence but the presently states, he's them final decision maker. Let's see here,
Its defence of the National security adviser alone on this last it please speaks volumes about what kind of concern impulses. The talk show how still has when it comes to foreign policy. Oh tell me: what's that no issued fine George W Bush is presidency more than the Iraq war after the majority that country Most of our veterans eventually came to the conclusion that the toothache The three Eu Us invasion of Iraq had been a colossal mistake. Our veterans was there, a pole taken, that's settled fact, would help set the stage for them Ex republican president, who would reject the entire Bush trainee GNP brand in no. Prompt said there should be no more nation building. Who is tat? about nation building. For God's sakes, talking about risk
To an attack by the by the Iranians, but he can't help it he's, got a great strong men. No more policy regime change, but Trump does want regime change in IRAN if they won't come to the table. Where do you think these? make sanctions or about what do you think Sanctions now on the eye are GC commanders and the Ayatollah him. So what do you think they're about their up? Our regime change. And by the way, what would be wrong with regime change against a country that keeps talking about? Put nuclear warheads on their icy be aims to shoot at, among others, the United States, their enemy marked and not really gonna. Do that? Let's see here, however much the president has actually stuck to his Promises in another debate they to say this is not the kind of thinking that appears
the foreign policy preferences of Shapiro live in. First of all, you talking to yourself dummy. Explain what my policies are all the time Our major advocates of the Iraq war and, unless I am mistaken, remain unapologetic about it today. Much true the closest Levinus come to saying the Iraq war was wrong, appears to be that we should have it they ran instead in the first, but why don't you Pension Hunter, that I believe we should attack Libya that I thought we had our kadavu exactly where we wanted him. He was in a cage he gave up his nuclear plants. Why? Don't you mentioned that? You can't mention that, because you are a disgrace Neo Kansas is wise, focused on Shapiro Levine. Do you understand what I'm saying she were? Neo counts were Jews words reduce and explain that later too,
and some respect perhaps appear and Levin should be caught, some slack advocacy, Defence of Iraq. Tobacco had defined the Republican Party from the entire agar. So this guy is a code pink quasi republican IRAN. Poor guy. I hate America, first sky and these hate America. First guys are not that different from the hard left and you can read the rest of it. If you want cuz, I posted it. I posted it for you read cuz! I want you to read it, but you should Google, the guys name, Here's a piece from the Washington Free Beacon and I'm pulling up July twenty to twenty two. Thirteen Fortunately, people commenting on my social sites didn't connect, one article with the other, while all you have to do is look three articles in try there by Alain Goodman The confederacy loses again a club,
Day to Senator ran member. This is six years ago, so co authored the senators twenty Levin A step down following weeks, a controversy after his decade, long career as a pro confederate shock, chalk and secession advocate. After Washington Free Beacon, reported on his provocative statements. Paul family, insider and social media director Jack Hunter Does resignation in an email to the daily collar on Sunday cause he was closed around Paul before I'm not going to be the whole thing, but I did posted so you can read the whole thing. Hunter back then was thirty. Nine was known as the southern avenger when now defunct South Carolina Rock radio station, from ninety. Ninety nine to two thousand. Seventy served as a chairman fray chapter, the League of the South in NEO Confederate Group that advocates for supper. Secession of the light. Nineteen nineties.
Paul hired hundred courageous twenty ten book. The tea party goes to washed and Hunter than worked as a strategist and political blogger for represent Iran pause twenty twelve presidential campaign. He was but in senator ran pause offices. The social media director in the fall of twenty twel goes on. The free beacon recently obtained a c d, a pro confederate and racially charge commentary that Hunter recorder, while working as a pro the session is shocked, Jack. You can read the rest, it gets worse and worse and worse, which is why posted. This is the clown. That's riding at the Washington examiner more than happy to debate? My DE as with any body with anybody, it comes to foreign policy. I wrote an entire chapter present in the tyranny that on watchword is prudence,
I've decided on the air prudence every said relation is different, but you still look at history, etc. Fine parallels, but in the end every situation is different. Finally trashing the present in the United States on his decision. This is an MSNBC or CNN, and these frauds, but from time Time there will be a disagreement from time time, there will be a disagreement, so be it. This guy's a wrong Paul, ran poor guy. I don't even know if a backdrop and twenty sixteen. I had no idea- and I don't care but but a red? What this guy has written in the past and who he is, then? I I, how does this guy get to write for a mainstream conservative publicly? I have no idea No, I did now you know more about Jack Hunter, but you should learn on your own. Just Google, I'm an open book.
Everything. I've ever said is everywhere by choice or by not, but one guy. Like this crawl out from under the rocks. Well, maybe a little bit of sunlight, a good thing. What do you say, Jackie. I'll, be right, back If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brick. House Levine, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star,
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I'd love, em, my social site jump in with this ran past ramp. I'll just said that the shouldn't, have gotten rid of the nuclear they didn't like that. We gave all the money up front, but we should build on the nuclear deal He doesn't care for the additional sanctions he believes that we ought to try and talk to the Iranians any scene, He's George Keen and he said, he's a big fan of George Keenan, those no, that was he was a soviet thrown about content. Meant and so forth just so you know Ronald Reagan rejected the any rejected, George keen in any wanted to defeat the soviet anyone about The feeding the Soviet Union any did defeat the Soviet. So he rejected this
idea, contain any thought it was a week country economically and he struck at that. Not militarily, but otherwise, and so. Ran pause embracing- and this is what happens when they radical libertarians, they kind of embrace the all right than they. They they embraced the progressive since a real mix of an odd mix in advance Strengthen United States is national security in the least. Whose criticising the President now who's. Deciding the president now ran paw and his acolytes and his acolytes So they don't care for more sanctions. And I very strange we want want to talk All around doesn't want to talk to us. It's not like North Korea,
Islam or Nazi leads, IRAN is a killer. He is a religious is I'm an idiot lock. He doesn't want to talk So people who I want to sit down and talk with him, I ran pulses. We we oughta, we oughta info. Diplomacy at its it's almost like, like they. They have there there living in their own unreality, George Canaan in containment, directed by Reagan and Reagan, was right and ran past sites him because Grandpa is is addressing this from an logical point of view. I am not. I am addressing this form of prudential point of view. You gotta look at each situation. There are historical, samples and parallels again, you need to learn from that, but they're not perfect.
Again why I thought it was ridiculous to try and take out Gaddafi one cut off. He was actually working with us, so those are the radical interventionists and what happens with, people like Jack Hunter, in addition to being an absolute crackpot, is they triumph? Each of these broad brushes I never said anything that he would suggest Stemmer Mackay night or for that matter, in Rubio Camp I thought we should have militarily intervened in Libyan. I never understood that So the present, the United States, Yes, sir, not only is pardoning senior uranium guard commanders and the Ayatollah himself with further economic sanctions, which I fully support, also hit them with cyber attacks, apparently and hurt them. Let them significantly. We believe
in terms of their computer networks and their their capabilities with respect to during the missiles, including the missile that hit our drown. That's a perfectly good response to an excellent response, but if they hit I suspect this present it will hit the militarily and then you will find the on Paul Code, Pink Bernie, Sanders Wing of the Republican Party attack them The United States, rather than the enemy I'll, be right back with a daily fake news Don pouring through your tv, mobile phones, computers, you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism scientists a spy, did a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this study Cover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and vegetables,
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It's got a brick house, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levin, dot com offered code; Levin s band you from a show. We have a special number. You can go to reach him page, seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one, one: Many these same voices were dumping all over. The president. When we launched a tax and a serious error that there are threatening the president, should he attack IRAN for attacking. Drawn I'm just waiting to watch how they react. It does pull the military triggered. Some point basin went around us, they claim to be for America first, no! Actually, I am for America
This is a regime that is killed thousands of american trip. This is a regime that threatens my family in yours once they get the technology to lob a few nuclear missiles into our country. That's really a deep, deep misguided idea that that country is incapable of it at some point or won't. Do it at some point. Really give a damn. What these other people think when it comes The nuclear war, he seems to think that This regime is incapable of it at some point this entire society rests on their ideology, which is preposterous. Presently the United States said today they will not get nuclear weapons. So what? If they don't come to the negotiation table, one if they won't give up their nuclear weapons they wouldn't give up their nuclear weapons in exchange for a hundred fifty billion dollars.
Ran Paul says the year of the other deal was working. Of course it wasn't working. So what is it This entire society, To your children and grandchildren based on the ideology of a few cooks. Urban Don't prudence and realism. Well, I know what I choose. I know what I choose. Regime change, sometimes right in its sometimes wrong. Sometimes it's right and sometimes it draw sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't. But I know isolationism in the face of an enemy depend on what that enemy is and how they threaten us and so forth.
Is not an ideology that I want to embrace and I don't think you do either There are over two million burglaries reported every year. That's one! Every thirteen seconds, one in five homes have security systems that that's why this number so high. Companies don't make it easy to get a security system? That's probably why and that's why simply safe is my top choice Please say: protect your whole home every window, room door with twenty four seven monitoring for just a fraction of the cost. There these dispatches up to three and a half times faster because they use video verification, there's no contract. No, Irish, no hidden fees, no fine print. Prices are always fair and honest around
monitoring is just fifteen dollars a month. It simply save dot com. Slash live in that simply If dotcom slash ill easy, I am you get free shipping and a sixty day risk free trial. You ve got nothing to lose. Don't be sure you go to please safe dot com, you Levin so they know our show sent you there their import that Simply safe dot com, Slash Levine, simply saved outcome, Slash, l e g, I am Jack. Vernal, you tat the great cavy Iago remarked back. I really want appreciate our stuff. You do for a country I was very upset The way to guy retain the present you don't deserve to have the opportunity.
Down in front of our presidency. Are pressing is done more for our country. Do a lot president of Lithuania, along with all of you, my king ought to start the mainly in that regard I mean. Would you treat? about. Where were you do that way? Would he tree Bill Clinton outweigh Hell? No note now, the guy, the guys deserve to microphone interview president, and you know that no, I agree. I am thankful. Do you have a copy of on freedom of the press to wake up? by a banana and I'll. Send you a signed copy was was my point, so I think Chuck TAT is in the Book And there's a reason is in the book. Because he's a mattress and he thinks he's an hour. Armies are no nothing. Thank you for your car We don't have, or do we have here, the jail tapir intervals, the vice president. We not have a rich guy. Well,
when Jake Tapir was interviewing the vice president on Sunday he was equally disgraceful on particularly on climate change and Jake Tapie. Here. More than able to call under this programme out. Debate on climate change is: has the climate scientists have concluded the dna and whereas in the administration that. No, you are man made climate change, cinema emergency, not course what he doesn't says that these are Obama hold over, that he won't say. Jake, I'm going to introduce you to hundreds hundreds of individuals with advanced degrees. Each deeds, some of the more than one in physics. Meteorology climate policy and so forth, How you that man made climate change doesn't exist, the man made climate change. Turn it exists is of little consequence The earth may beginning a little warmer.
But men and women have nothing to do with it, but tapir doesn't want to do with that. That's his position that truck tides position. So either of them should feel free to go this programme and discuss this with me. This is their feet. This is what they concluded on their own because they cherry pick. Just because the government puts This information, you wanna well who in the government, put out this information and why we know who did it. And so on so many levels. This is wrong. It's not reporting, it's not fact based there. Provide the other information. That's that's readily available to anybody, wants to finding go right on the internet and find it in these Thar caitive court sources.
They don't tell you that if we sign up to these deals that of course, the Chinese and the Indians and others they will continued to pollute pretty much all they want they don't tell you as the governing effect and that's the real intend here that there is such great distance, now between you and your government and your ability to influence your government. Imagine if this this issue, air water, really life itself. Is delegated to an international organization, we have absolutely no say in anything: it's extra constitutional. I would ask Jake Tapir I'm reading from one twenty five of on freedom of the press. I would ask you, Sir: do you know who s Fred singers. Well, let me tell you what the National Association of Scholars right about as Fred singer is a leading scientific sceptic of
proposed centric global warming is an atmospheric physicist. And founder of the science and environmental policy project, as e p p, Nor organization that began challenging the published findings of the United Nations Intergovernmental panel on climate change nineteen nineties, this group a star Which the Leipzig Declaration a stir, men of dissent, The ninety ninety seven Kyoto Protocol that has been signed by over one hundred scientists and meteorologists. We established the non governmental international panel on climate change, which. Two thousand I published climate change reconsidered and two hundred and eighty page report on scientific research that count takes the models of man made global warming. And singer believes that global warming exist, but that human contributions to it are minimal. Senor said he believed his efforts in the last twenty years have been successful in disproving the notion that science is settled now.
Todd dismisses all experts, Jake opera, nor this man and he's not alone this Patrick Michael. So I've had my programme Finally of the University of Virginia now, George Mason and the Cato Institute, there's Richard Lindsey, formerly MIT and a Harvard the national economy of science is a member of fellow of both the american meteorological society. American Association for the advancement of science. He doesn't agree with Jake Tapir. He doesn't agree with Chuck TAT. They act like you doesn't exist. This Roy Spencer Phd Meteorology University was Madison. He was there, small research scientists at the university Alabama, Huntsville It was a senior scientists for climate studies at NASA Marshall, spaceflight center. I mean folks. This is the tip of the iceberg. May I say.
And they act like these people don't even exist. They don't even expose their audiences to people like this again, that's from on freedom of the press. I hope, you'll get. I hope your spread. The word. On Amazon dot com, its forty percent off. It really is a remarkable by Pat, by the way, as I told my Levin tv audience,. I'd like to go to cost go from time to time, because I get in the mood for one of these big, a hot dogs MR produced and sold for a buck. Fifty d ever go there for two may have been a buck. Fifty like for ten years.
And I put the golden mustard on low, but a catch up on their. I know don't throw up, but that's what I do, but fifty so go in there. I guess it was yesterday and I go to the book section ever couple table in the books all seem I'll start, but I can't find my book- and I said I know they have the book. They assured publish are there in all the stores and ate, and they ve plenty. So they have. So then I saw the sign of my book. It's got the red cover. Somebody put three Michelle Obama Box on top of it. S like this is the crime of the century, but I'm just telling you what are these people and third grade these liberals who grew up to a book table the cover up another book. I have never done that. In my life there had been putrid authors with putrid books, make improve putrid cases as far as high
I can remember, but I dont go into cost, go and take a book and put it on their bach. Do you do that? Rich there, these left wing haters. They went to pull down statues. They went to burn box in my case. They want to cover it. It was the only book there was covered by another, I'm just thinking about somebody in third grey was a set of you. You an idiot well too great book for the sun It's a great book to read. I really hope you will really hope you well because this is where we are up against its, not even the Democratic Party so much it's not the holly. So much is the media and the media wanted defeat. This president, the media wanted.
The? U the media, one who impose upon you, the president that they want and then I'll treat that president with respect. They want in Iraq that president to protect that president, because the media are about big government, big, centralized government, big activists, government, Progressive ISM, that's what they're about this book has taken off, despite the fact that not a single network programme has talked about it, not one despite the fact that New York Times hasn't reviewed it they trash anyway. But it would give me an opportunity to use them as a file plus they'd have to explain chapter six, which is all about them. Damn reviewed it they're not going to get, seen it on a single Sunday NEWS programme, because it talks about the news. Yemen sing it on a single,
Morning, shell of the today show good Morning American CBS, wherever they call Foxen friends, of course, has been wonderful, CBS Sunday I show where they call c b a Sunday morning or something they always have a particular book there. I'm too controversial Howard Stern is not, but I am. I am not complaining, I'm just explaining how we might, Above all, it is how remarkable at is that hundreds of thousands copies of this book in different forms. Then purchased. It's amazing because other than my radio show and the other radio shows that have had me on in shows on Fox You know about it, I mean there's other others too, like our did see beyond Brody and others. I don't get me wrong, but it's amazing. It's also amazingly talk, show host, don't talk about it, isn't a rich.
They take information out of it typical back benchers, but say, oh by the way, your check this but they're not gonna. Do it's! Ok, it's! Ok! It's ok and only certain shows on Fox have had any interest in the book. That's interesting too. My body, Hannity and severally owes a been wonderful kill. Me do see painfully Jesse Janine here, South and the team, Shannon Bream Practical of myths, somebody I apologise, but other butlers, the primetime chosen server, the new shows OPA Brett. The bare has been very wonderful, but that's it. That's it. So it's amazing, so word of mouth has been big.
I hope you will continue on freedom of the press. This book doesn't get old fact if anything, it's early because we have a huge battle. I had all your tea party activists are invention of state activists. This is your time. This is the time to spread the word while you're spreading the other word right back. Then you wake up and morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel bloated, tired and out of shape eating healthy, as I have but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right, how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of greens. Every morning before I start my day, just one scoop of filled again and as a full serving a real USDA. Certified organic fruits and vegetables helps boost
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It is outrageous. It's like a national Enquirer, a left wing headline, I'm not mad at Trump at off that he didn't shoot. First ask questions later. It's a bad is deceiving as he gets it CNN MSNBC in the New York Times and washed and post. Absolutely unbelievable. Shameful. You know demand letters from Arrests are hitting the mail. If you owe back taxes, you may receiving one soon- and when it arrives, you'll have questions like. Is it true that the arrest and garnish. My paycheck iris really take my home and bank accounts, and can I get my retirement savings? Yes, the Irish, can do that and a lot more but there is a way out. It's called a fresh start initiative, an official government programme for tax status. And nobody knows more about their fresh start initiative, it winning experts at optimum tax relief
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King of pseudo events. Self censorship, biased by omission and outright falsehoods are too often substituted for old fashioned. Objective fact. Gathering a news reporting A self perpetuating and reinforcing mindset has replaced independent and impartial thinking, In the american people know it thus there, The ability of the mass media has never been lower. Unlike the early pay, it press? Today's newsrooms and journalists are mostly hostile to America's founding principles, traditions and institute they sure as Hell, are that's from the introduction. Get your summer reading right here on freedom of the Prescott, Amazon, dot com, any major bookstore can see if books are hiding it on the stacks, and so, lots more when we return I'll be right back.
Now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building? We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight Google whistleblower, Google insider about how Google has a plan to prevent Donald Trump. From getting reelected, maybe you ve heard about some of this today. James O Keefe will be on this programme at the bottom of the hour, who runs project our task very verrier patriotic. Courageous young man.
So, let's listen first to the Google insider and then Jen Jenna, nay. I guess head of responsible innovation for Google, among others, cut nine, go
There is more solar counterpart chimera toss, because people need to know what is actually going on his side during what we are actually doing. What we are actually seeing inside the company is different model is the source of information on various things. We boys
Is brands on another muttering somebody what don't come to power? My boy, one thousand unclose small, something those to be sold to the american public, anything else, inventing Linux he me read you some of this. There was little unclear.
The Google insiders says the reason I came to project very tosses, because people need to know what's going on with Google. What they're doing is different Now he had a responsible innovation for Google. He has the recording the reason we launched are a I principles is because people were not putting that line in the sand that they were not saying. What's fair equitable, so we're like. Well, we are big company, we're going to say it. People who voted for the current president, who Not agree with our definition of fairness got that. Google insider says: they're not objective, not objective, source of information, then because software engineer there are things which are called M. L fairness: you need to bear and then the head of innovation again. We are also training our algorithms, like. If twenty sixteen happen again, would we have with the outcome, be different.
Google insider they are a highly biased machine, then I'll, never letting a person like Trump coming to power. Again. Can the of innovation, Google, twenty twenties on the top I old organization, trust in safety top of mine, I ve been working since twenty. Sixteen she's is to make sure we are ready for twenty twenty. We got caught in front of Congress multiple times they can pressure us, but we are not changing, Elizabeth worn is saying we should break up Google and, like I love her, but she's. Very misguided, like that will not make, better? It will make it worse because all these smaller companies, You don't have the same resources that we do will be charged with preventing the next trump situation. It's like a small company cannot do that. That's pre gaming stuff so well.
James, O Keefe will be on the programme and about twenty minutes or so to add additional context to what you just heard. I think that's pretty incredible stuff, which underscores the problem. Underscores the problem- and I think the way out of this is more technology more platforms, and I think that's where we're going down the road with a Google and Facebook all the rest of them. Twitter, like it or not, discuss, Cause we have done a lot of course, David Dallas, Texas, the Great W B a pay go work, earthworm color, Tunisia. Actually, I just want to say they attacked from Trump.
Because I can't believe what they ve done, this privilege, which were by whom are you talking about you talking about the liberal media? Writing a man feel B, C, whatever and went over the media right alphabet. Media Anna Building is: is the is the average American really easily brainwashed spies, finance and the other left me the truth, the average American doesn't watchin and they have no ratings. Seen in his effective with tee it's in Washington, D C in the elites in New York and that's for influencing the same with MSNBC solar power. Is not in numbers, their power is in their geography and that's the problem. But when you look at the troop railways there is numbers there are numbers there, no quest
got it. There's no, no question about it. It speaks volumes. It speaks volumes and I hope it holds up because. There's a lot of people on the other side to when they voted to last time. It was a very close election in terms of the popular vote, so we always had the play like were behind. We shouldn't convince ourselves at this is gonna, be easy. We need to turn our big on railways. We need to turn our big period while career. I did not vote last term, never vote and from factories. Listening to you, I am going to vote for the first time in fifty two years Well, good, for you, that's important and you're gonna get me well. Thank you. I'm going to send you like signed copy of on freedom of the press. We read it if I send it to your serving written, read a book in years in that direction.
And would read that look I'll. Tell you what I'll send you an audio? Would you rather that the boy I actually republican order the green related. You know you don't have very many republican art, one, dad was one but euro. Yes, sir, so David thing he's artwork wonder! Thank you. Don't hang up we're gonna? Send you signed copy the book. I much prefer people read the book than lesson of the audio because it's you know ten interesting point. It's a totally different experience when you read a book Not saying don't, do you want you endlessly audio you're in a car, your truck driver, it's a longer. I got it. But the thing about reading a book is, you can actually stare at some of the words stared some of the information and it really just kind of. Chiseled into your brain in many respects? Josh. California Marilyn
mark Levant. Aren't you lucky, sir? Yes, sir: quieter yes Thank you, Miss eleven would call. I just I made the point that Let us recently that our weapons, dog immune in areas caper. He ideas, don't really get. That's the media or academia. Oddly enough, should be challenged as one Hollywood and then take it the Senator hundred guy that you talk about you, mean never been Jack, Honneur Jack. Yes, Sir Jack honoured didn't bite among your show as many times you want you, but he would never come on the show because I invite him on the shaggy man audience he's caper, he craves for an audience, that's different. Yes, he's a reprobate, in my humble opinion, just my opinion. No answer
fifty dead is what they said. That's the exact quote, not civilians, and you know that's on them. That's not on us Josh's now at night, and I added I would like to know: where are you getting reparation from? Doesn't matter the guys in ideologies that he is a Because I had a rather anywhere that's thought they sent a hundred and fifty casualties did they say civilians nodded ended, they said casualties, no one special, By the way. A hundred fifty dead is what they said. That's the I quote: not civilians That's on them. That's not on us Josh's now at night, and I added I would like to know: where are you preparations are: does a man and a rise in ideologies that he is a you know these guys? Who pretend to be first american type, some of them their last american types? It's always America's fall
hey. There is a warmonger Munger establishment that mothers and not now I mean they're, putting down our military now they're, putting and people who have served this country magnificence. Lay like John Bolton in my palm peo. They give the Iranians pass. If we we sit down with the Iranians and talk to them diplomatically, I mean I don't know when it comes to foreign policy ran pause, not the guy look to each is not now when it comes to economic policy. Maybe ran power and poles and outlier. And recycle our man and God forbid, did areas and is no mystery. What could I do when I get a new and they said it and many times four and I'm. So so. Why do these the these, these They just pretend otherwise, at the great question, and God forget what do actually goes off that target
intend to you. I can only imagine these people stand on the sidelines say why didn't you do anything? Where did your? Where were you? If you knew it, why don't you do anything, as this is ridiculous, I my friend, I appreciate your car while there back then Let us oh two, Patrick, it's not dealt in Alabama Denton right is dealt with in Alabama, really not allowed. How are you, sir, to open the door, but I beg you re mistaken. We call it a low carb lifted up your light where you thank you, sir. Listen. I'm about IRAN and God bless him. I would thank the silver curly.
My pleasure if oil- but you know all the year, nor that up in a conservative are these men and I had to live with this thing to go out there and by your book forgave out the course like do other raggedy things in district court in the judges about men in black Africa to eight year, thereby menstruation about liberty. A to g was after you know, but I had to do there at the witnesses Dave, but I must make yourself about both if they are going to do this for me by his point of view, but at the reading your book, it enlighten me a lot of pain, but have the thing at the fear. What took tat day yesterday by death president the way you do. I gotta go about his book when you Let us listen to me. I thought it was really outrageous. We didn't learn anything. There was no serious information,
the way they treated the way treated. The present really was quite contemptible. Was it not the horrible? I mean the president already of other people today wow you wanna go horrible Ebby. I think these guys. They they have it a rather of a bad weather, How will you in a way that makes it you know their rather set this up? I mean you know, but after after watching this yesterday I had a bad. If we get a barrel are getting worse. Cbs news you last PBS long ago, was turned off the fast now because we have all about you been in, in order to give you that demonstrate they dont put any other opinion, go emotions into any of it. Here's the thing you want. If you want opinion, you know to watch her opinion. If you want straight news, you know the watch frustrate news, You can really say that about MSNBC, much or seen and much more you can. I mean in these days
therefore different way. My grandpa my grandfather, swore by Hurley Brinkley Applin hardy. He's more about LEO Brinkley Little like waiting to hear that their winter hardly led to sell. You know left rock at an altogether youth. Pretty much doubt why can they be seen moving away? But our view the girl, but I am a life- is our president, though I was, I thought politically correct: the hidden invite the apple We were at it with the true he didn't get angry with the czech tat day. He put him in this place. You never get away with it. He did here like a big step, a novel it ain't gonna, do that by a bankrupt female alone. We have faced the nation when he goes with that have come about that
He had been opened the nation yet leave gotta get radicals. Rabbits bomber went to her wedding, yeah, see welfare. Things are followed by clear inquiry made me when I read the so thin, and things far follow these people caught. They know they were in a big, but then I thought you know they go out and sell hardly disrespect here because of his parents. Do not that beside the point you the President, the United States of America in the manufacture of furniture, for he lay. Everybody knows that we would go about. It has almost all about form, an adversary, the heels right that evil know what's happening because he doesn't telegraph anything. You don't come gratitude because they know that their thereby remember, but he will not lose what you Oh, oh, oh, how they had done. I fully appreciate the bite at you wrote this book, I'm gonna go get! It could be to have better clarity on an elaborate I'll. Tell you what
very giving mood tonight. Don't Patrick will. Give you assign copy too, must reduce ragout assign more will you send me remind me to do that police. Get him out tomorrow to thank you, Patrick, don't hang up, please don't hang up Rob LOS Angeles, California quickly, eight, seventy, the answer, the great care allay go mark. A great show. I get my biggest problem with Google, Facebook and Twitter is mostly tech company, if God TAT, who set out to grow and start their businesses and those tax within it came at that, asked the subsidy from all taxpayers, not just the liberal fact, I'm not aware that they get subsidies, they had a special statutory protection from lawsuits. What subsidies did they get well. Let's take Amazon, for example, they do when I turn my Amazon now return and about the the platforms.
You're, talking about like Facebook and Google and so forth sure they get all kinds of tax incentives to keep their businesses in California in New York and all those kind of violence and those in those taxes. From all other, only Hollywood, while they don't come for me because my state eyes so for a while now we're gonna be subsidizing Amazon, but Facebook is and the rest were not here as far as I know, but Mark like Hollywood, although there Captain Hollywood anywhere, you want to shoot a movie in the United States. You get a tax incentive to do. That's true, that's true! All right! rob we'll be right back.
Mark an event radios principles. Patriot call now at eight seven, seven create one three eight one one view things can in your life can change your entire outlook on the day. Call from your boss, s new to work the weekend early can fracture went out said your bedroom window in the morning. You wanted to sleep in la these around your day about when you're check engine like comes on. They usually means. Thousands of dollars and repairs? That's why I have car shield on our twenty ten Camaro fewer cars. Five thousand your hundred fifty thousand miles it doesn't mean you have to pay high repair bills. Car shield administrators have paid out close to two thousand claims and they're ready to help you don't let your check in like change your life get covered by the ultimate in extended vehicle protection like we did, call eight hundred cars, six thousand and mention code leave them
our visit cars, Yoda common use, code, Levine Alleviation and yours. Ten per cent either way. That's car shield dot com code live in our car. Eight hundred car six thousand mention code live in a deductible may ply James O Keefe? How are you my friend, hey Mark, thank forever? this very important historian and issue when we played the audio, tell anybody about the story. Whites important and update us with some breaking news, Yes, so the story, this is quite a bombshell report and, as the whistleblower inside Google who came to me. He was I argued eminent silhouette and he was telling me things that we also expect it to be true, but never were able to prove and raped. The most bombshell of all is the secret recording of this global executive
genuine eyes or name, and she talks about how Google need to stay big, so they can implement between twenty election and prevent the next. To quote trumpet duration. Shockingly these documents talk about algorithmic, unfair and the weight of changing reality that unfair Google's. It gives to define what is fair and unfair, and other is a little bit of breaking news genji I just responded. She she wealth is article on the. Medium dot com? This is the executive, Google one she sang, I'm a quarter. Ear quote: I was having a cat. Chat with someone at a restaurant and use and imprecise language project there tat got me well done. She also right. I was explaining how Google strengthen safety team is working to help prevent the types of interference and happy than twenty,
so you just landed apparently on airplane coming from Ireland to San Francisco, she is just landed, turned on her phone and got bombarded with a bunch of requests for common market stories I'd better. Can I can I just love your parliament understand her point, which is you guys got her. She wasn't really talking about tromp. She was talking about interference in the election. Will it will know? What does she mean? You guys got her well, but that the great question I think we just got here and there further for her to say right. The story is that it's not just a whistle blower, it's not just documents. Its recordings of executive and this is working order. Tell about I mean this is this: is the more and more powerful than anything else, because Google can tinker with their algorithms to define what they think it's fair and make it political
Guided insider googled, Hillary Clinton, the emails and many Google Donald Trump emails and what he showed me was that it doesn't auto correct on one of them. It doesn't correct on Hillary Clinton. Females who doesn't completely sentence like it does with Donald Trump emails when everybody is is, is googling. Hillary Clinton, also, there are actually able to tinker with the algorithm and he proved it. This is a huge Your remark. I have already heard from members of Congress They want to hold hearings, they wanted chinese videos, it's all kind of breaking today and I think or should moment, because the thing other whistle blowers are coming forward and they have already come forward to me in the last few hours. So Google based on what you're saying and what hearing wants participating, though the election without saying they're real. Participating the election against Donald Trump. As am I right, that's right. The word from you not just
nine. As video a quote her. We all got screwed over twenty. Sixteen everybody got screwed over, so we want to prevent again, we want to train our algorithms to have a different outcome. Her words. Words and she's a bigwig head of Google's innovation. She is a high level executive and this document to read from a document. This isn't a document given to us by Google whistleblower. It says quote: in some cases it may be appropriate to take no action. If the Google sis accurately effects reality, one other cases it may be desirable, how we might help society reach a more fair and equitable state. The intervention sounds like something out of it farewell novel, but it's actually a direct quote from a confidential and privileged Google document ask your question. You're, like one of the few real investigator reporters out there are you treated by the rest of the press. Like you, remember the press
What funny you imagine at moments before I came on your show, a New York Times reporter was attacking me, the near EAST. Charlie wars. On twitter thing that this video is contacts bless and does not be taken seriously. I tweeted back at him. I said he Charlie you guys at the New York Times make your in our bread and butter off, quoting people anonymously, or we can the or hear any of their voices Ernie Context at all and this guy Charlie says other attacks against me. An idea you criticise and you don't critical, the network news broadcasts restated video pieces are one minute, the forty five seconds long. You criticise us, because that is your prejudice against us. There is more complex marking and twenty five minute, video that all the network news broadcasts, combined and they have one job enough to ask one question, because they're saying there are interfering in an election and some
what what did he mean by what she said and they won't even do that so marked? No, I think citizens have to do the journals, Meidel big. We can depend upon the blue check, Mark Brigade They create mainstream price. We have to know how to do it. You know Jameson, amazing about what you say, because I am now that I've read my book on freedom of the press I went back to Holocaust, this line about buns stand created an out of context. What do you know they use that throughout the Holocaust? I believe it And they didn't report on the Holocaust, the extent they did they pushed into the back pages. They used the same arguments, your handing them a tape with words on it? Twenty five minutes that any transcription? and and few to come on the show and perhaps other shows and play it for the world to hear this one reporter to say you know it doesn't, have come
tax? We're not sure what was meant by this in southern sown, the lack of curiosity, the lack of any interest, Sovereign following up is really. It says, It just says it all about the New York Times and I I'm just so on the record that your audience notice, they may not know. I have been I dont settle water routes. I litigated a recent case all the way to a jury, trial, one on a directed verdict. I was the defamation case. I never misquote people. I never take people out of context, but because I'm not a credential journalists. They think that the first amendment doesn't apply to me. But let me tell you something: I will go under open design these recordings. I will not give up the insider, but I go under oath to descend? Didn't I never take anybody out conduct this person has responded. This Google executive just responded and they got me, though, with the name, one added or something I've printed, that was false
Dumping untrue that name at the New York Times your border, Charlie, workable, don't look at me. Do I do Jobs and do your job as Google questions but they're afraid mark, They are either in fear or favour, as they like to say the rather afraid of Google. Or there are in favour of what they're doing and that's not journalism. That's not that's not journalism We have to do the job and my call to action for your audience is. If you're on the inside of you source, retail, guys, don't complain about the media reach out to project girl there. They upset proton male dot com and our work with you. I must make this a moment: let's have a water. A moment were sources in insiders can blow the whistle and tell the truth about. What's going on key bad, a baby, done a great job. We much appreciate. What is your overall website address project there at that Our idea is dot com project bureaucrats got com, is the website and death.
Cutting incredibly viral and do, you need donations and support from the onward. Where tax deductible package, Charitable organization we can have no average There's nobody puts pressure on us. Oh yes, we could use your financial support centres, ten bucks, a hundred bucks, a project, VERITAS, calm and common and will keep going. MR producer put up on my social side support project their task that come sleeved at that people will go into the way. Hopefully support your activities Thank you, sir. We much appreciated. Thank you mark be well. This guy is is fearless his knee and I think he needs our support. Quite frankly, absolutely fearless. I'm glad he's out there like a huge difference
see here: Derek Red Ban, New Jersey, the Great W Abc go right ahead grieving mark. I can't believe a moment the great one, what an honour those I've read the bank. I think I red man? I'm sorry! Ok, I don't want you to be honest I am a dialogue listener. Before I get my point. I just want to quickly say I boy on the day you dad died broke my heart. Before. I even knew that I actually bought six of his book. That day, you were out for a week. At that point, I had a bad feeling I kind of felt like I knew what was happening. I believe, the out three of the our police, three of the proverbs, gave it to my nephews. My daughter, and you know I just want to say what it would agree family and we have a very long history of family or there is everything the family I come from found a police officers. This means a lot to us and I am beyond it
revolted by what I see day in and day out in the media and hold the day after played, equip about Chuck Todd before you even cut back live, and you ask us what we thought already working out and actually doubled? My heart rate, I was, I was going into a fury because they see this every day. Not only does he cut off the president, but then he gave them a directive problem now tell them now. Giving me Milburn row asked about if he could ask a question was asked a question in they rose garden and not only with the chest I buy or bomber himself when he finally came to a pause. The queen. But then you know the other report is beaten down and I'll. Take you with everyone out of the question again, you know it's just Reach is how we see the one sided manoeuvring of nature of his absence. Having treat okay here. Look how the New York Times retook! If you want to talk about contact about one they play the, they were fine people on both sides,
out of contact with abundant in my forty seconds out too that we know where we denounce this beside that their tiny quaintly support Joe Biden wants. This is his presidential run on that? Are you kidding me that it be a pity me out of context? You know I can't watch. I can't watch beneath anymore. I wasn't a mark within I pick and choose a few other sources. I get you on the app. I get your answers to them. My mom has been telling me for years. You gotta listen to this guy mark within you know, I'm slowly acquiring your books and what an education- and this is place, we're gonna, get the real news and real information. What relevant it is astounding. What I? What worries me about this and I will keep an and other things like Professor Epstein, had brought up.
That not only Google has out. Would we d never been allowed to happen again, not only in Google, manipulating their searches and end. You know you tube is is a thousand confirming that the press we know, isn't covering any of the bad stuff. On the other side, it is our onto what an absolute onslaught of leftism and how are we going become that I'm? U we just have to state. How could be diligent, you know we have to keep getting the word. I voted for the maximum amount of time than the holiday and thank you. I honestly don't think. I think this is your only shot after this book. There's no if he would ever get an again- and you know I'm just greatly honoured, I'm glad I was able to reach you. This is my first I'm calling the show. I love the upon Oh my god. I think it's great that you had in substitute on and now I become a big fan of his and he'll he'll, be in again this this coming week as well. The other guys you dance, the wonderful friend, is a tremendous broadcast.
Really clearness of my great grandparents came from gashes Germany over the great country and immediately my great grandfather served in both were one Anwar bored. So forty years a servant, he painted his house, but the with Navy that the same gray painted the user name, ships, that's how much he loved the country in London observance and then we had generation after generation. Ok, my brother was over. Receives two weeks after September, eleventh and I'll. Tell you something what I see happening now, the way they denigrate the military, the way they denigrate our police when it does not suit them. The way you know they crashing depend on the way they quote the Foreign Minister of a ran. I mean I'm a you kidding me. Are you exactly? I mean no one. Put it on the great want a veto. I am at a loss for workers and actually realizing that I am speaking to you took over that law. I'll tell you why don't hang up a minute, send you assign copy of, and freedom of the press, call again, you're tremendous, incredibly articulate. I really appreciate you and your patriot family. What
right back then I always democratic talking about Medicare for all when they're not talking about Medicare at all, These centres do this. I guess it was yesterday only about a government run national healthcare system with a very deceptive name, and this is They do they lie likewise. Here the term binding arbitration sounds pretty good right for drug pricing. No! It's not I want it sounds like binding arbitration. Is a cost focused, not care focused system when unelected bureaucrats Its will decide for America seniors who rely on Medicare for drug is too expensive for them. Now that your binding arbitration, the effect will be the permanent
binding price controls have been warning. You about, like the European Socialist Healthcare models, binding arbitration will deny patients the latest and best treatments mad a nightmare of having an elected government bureaucrats, deny your sick child apparent that drug that would save them because it was deemed too expensive for it the Americans have access to the most innovative drugs. Up. Until now we ve had a free market but of dumb ideas, government, set price controls or imposed, we won't binding. Arbitration is drug, controls the same bad idea under another name. Get the facts. Gotta true healthcare, facts, TAT, come true: healthcare, facts, dot, com, that's true! Healthcare! Facts, dotcom, berry Donaldson Florida, the Great W S K. Why? How are you? Are
mark and God bless you. Thank you for your book, your sign book. I really enjoy it now. I have a very long memory was Eric Schmidt. Did your Google, who would on the very day election campaign, so often It was ready that he had an office there providing their worthy analytics and all of them Rapporteur and all the incursion said they made into our personal life and then Obama's people's political people sector. There were, were called Junior for what they did on the ground. Tat boy, I'll tell you when I first saw them Hey Ray Land area, to view that guy Mr Cramer, from Chicago who help who organized all the on trunk.
It is worrying that America guy got them all. I agree with you. Thank you bury usual good call, my friend. Kelly Denver Colorado, the great! Can? U S, country go right ahead. High market you so much for taking MIKE, I haven't So so much from you, you are absolutely brilliant tonight to appreciate. I really do I, like you. I just want to say, is regarding Short Todd interview. I honestly, I that really wasn't an interview is more of an interrogation and the only thing that was missing was the spotlight in him being water hoarded. I did very disrespectful and very disgusting and honestly was working at any other company. He would get fired for that kind of conduct. It was just absolutely wrong. He hates the present Tommy. He hates the president has nothing but disdain and that something else the media, if you really hate somebody you
shouldn't be reporting on that personnel. Should you absolutely I completely agree, and I checked out, he gets his absolutely no character and you he's at least really just that. Guy he's a Democrat. His wife is a Democrat she's, a paid democratic concern, and none of this matter standing about except us exactly and thank you I know that everybody is talking about Google end, but I also want to make a comment to force regarding twitter amount of time, but you know what you're great call MR cars please get Kelly's number will call her back tomorrow. Folks? We salute armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emergency personnel Harry your copy of on freedom of the press? You see everybody is talking about, I'm not asking them to its very very crucial I will see you tomorrow,
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