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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the Democrats called the invasion at the border a manufactured crisis now they're calling it concentration camps. They've accused President Trump of using children as pawns, yet they support infanticide. What have they done to help the country? The inaction of the Democrats has caused this crisis to exacerbate. Also, Carl Cameron, an ex-correspondent from the Fox News Channel, was once a Conservative now he's released a video trashing Fox News and Trump. It’s another example of the media taking on the role of a social activist. Later 'middle class' Joe Biden has earned millions since leaving the Vice Presidency and is now living in a huge Georgian-styled home worth $4.2 million and a $2.7 million vacation home. He comes into Congress with nothing and leaves with millions. Finally, Iran is in full propaganda mode; trashing National Security Advisor John Bolton and personally trashing Trump.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now in its hundred and seventy fifth year here, there is a truly independent institution. Where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening. And my sincere appreciation to Hills, Dale Brother sponsorship now run only underground bows bunker somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one now to me
Thursday and Friday I will not be on the air behind this microphone, we will have wonderful. Guesthouse will always do. I'll be back on the Monday in Wednesday next week from Israel, and we always take off July. Fourth enjoy fifth, so over the course of the next two weeks, you hear me life twice after today and then I'll be back in this seat. In the great USA,. On July Mark, I can't follow. This is my last day this week, I'll be on Monday, and when say next week I mean a great guests. Great care, Two years ago I did a show from Israel and you folks loved it. I think you'll love this winter And then, and then I'll be back,
on July. Eight makes sense. I think, at this Carl Cameron, lots to cover. There's always car Cameron was a correspondent for the Fox news. I was in best friends with them. I didn't know well, but from time to time I will go to verse small functions. We conservatives so two years ago and Karl tended to be at them, and he was very nice. Guy use very conservative. As I recall, was even during the Clinton impeachment period and subsequent to that, and then all of a sudden, a year or two ago he makes an exit from Fox NEWS. Not on a why. He left Fox news, but he says it's because you know
Fox is no longer a new station. I don't believe that for two seconds. I don't know I really left, but I don't believe that at all. And so I watch play out and I see how easy it is to manipulate the Democrat Party Press. They manipulate themselves. Well, it doesn't sound right, doesn't mister they position themselves, which is exactly recur, commons doing is trying to start a basically. Left wing website akin to the drudgery. But you'll never be another draft report left wing right wing whatever it is. It's one of a kind. And so he puts out this this video an honest to God. He sang things on their that he would never have said, and the rest
as I saw him, hard nobbing with conservatives, he would go to events that where there were conservatives as a conservative and now he says the following cut, one had Tipp NEWS go on Karl Cameron. Some know me as campaign Carl Guy on Fox NEWS cover elections in presidential campaign, since, like forever was a former Fox guy doing here on front page live partnering with progressive. What's about facts, not partisanship? I was one of foxes. First hires, the idea of fair and balanced lose appealed to me, but over the years a right wing house drowned out straight journalism with partisan misinformation. Allegest operate that this is the typical line that you here and I miss NBC and seen in from those who attack the Fox NEWS Channel. This is the typical line you here and it's pretty damn outrageous
These purposely playing that crowd and I predict tilby, be very unsuccessful. Go ahead. I left I have unique inside an understanding of how the right operates and literally thirty years of covering damage, or you have no idea how I operate and I'm a conservative none whatsoever. And it bothers me a great deal than in individual, like you were Ernie's the annual salary and be given a platform at a place like the Fox NEWS Channel, It's the only channel out there. They countess, what's going on in the media in this country. Well, that's not true. There's a handful of, but the most successful. And then you would use these relationships over the years. People trusting you people talking to you too You know from the inside how the operation works, I'm no stomach for people. I Carl Cameron. None go ahead,
France, a con man. He didn't collude and coordinate with Russia to get elected to encourage them to intervene in a twenty. Sixteen campaign see I've desperate, desperate, desperate buffooneries truly has jumped the shark in its a great white shark. That he's jumped go ahead We all saw recently he said he'd, except their help again, because he sees nothing wrong with. We saw that too and yes, he is still helping Russia by refusing to take strong action to protect us from our future. Cyber. I see, that's why the Russians have a battleship in in Cuba's and in a dark near Havana right now right. That's why the Russians kit cigarettes public enemy number, one! This is a new new site, the suggest more propaganda from the left and wonder whose funding it go ahead.
This is a state of emergency, our next elections and democracy, a state of emergency. When a state of emergency, because trumps present, doesn't sound, like one of a million hacks and Congo line of hacks Said his MSNBC and CNN exactly is new hosts car. Exactly I knew the Carl Cameron's offering nothing except he's a chameleon, a chameleon, and I'm telling you this, I saw him with my own two eyes. I heard what my own two years, where he was the things you say and now this transformation is a but it is a lie. Go ahead. Are risk my job. What I do is informed make your own decisions may ask folks that it sound like for the first few minutes of this study was informing. You. It's on the way to you, rich
so like. He was informing me that you folks go out. Please accurately accuracy and forward three hundred and twenty thousand Abuja. That's where we are right now, who have a copy of on freedom of the press in one of its various forms are encouraged to look a chapter one Chapter one lays out really: the media are in this country, philosophically ideologically terms of party alignment and in terms of social activism,. And one of the things you ll find it. I read this on the air, but if you don't read the book, you don't have the full flavouring context for all this. Is a study? The first hundred days of the trunk presidency there was conducted by the Harvard Schoenstein Stein School Median journalism, ah hardly ache preventive or right of centre organization. Just an organization and em.
Oh may, eighteen, twenty, seventeen that you should a comprehensive analysis of news coverage of the first hundred days of the trouble administration. Those we who have the actual hard cover book page twenty six and twenty seven- and I pointed this out to you before- but I can't pointed out enough, given what people like car Cameron say. Such trumps attacks on the press have been aimed at what he calls the mainstream media. Six of the seven. U S. Outlets in our study see the CNN Nbc New York Times Wall Street Journal, the washed imposed are among those who Attack by name all such portrayed, trumps first, one hundred days in highly unfavourable terms- CNN and embassies courage where the most unrelenting negatives, It is about trump outpace, positive ones by thirteen, the one on the two networks, trumps coverage. Once, We have succeeded in ninety percent negative mark, so three of them over. Ninety percent trumps coverage
it eighty percent level, the New York Times, eighty seven percent to be precise, Washington, post eighty three percent to be precise Wall Street Journal below that level of seventy percent negative largely attributable to the journals more frequent and more favourable economic coverage. And I heard what he said about Fox right. So Harvard shorn Steen. Centre on media politics and public policy says, and I quote, This was the only outlet we're trumps overall coverage, nearly crept into positive territory. Fifty two percent of foxes reports, where a clear tone with a clear time were negative. Forty eight percent were positive. Foxes coverage was thirty. Four percentage points lesson give them the average for the other six networks. So the only one that was even relatively balance was fox.
And they gonna say trumps coverage during his first one hundred days was not merely negative in overall terms was unfavourable on every dimension. There is A single major topic were trumps. Coverage was more positive than negative now one, that's why Carl Cameron's gonna fail CNN is rated, is fairly. Its ratings are dead. Its ratings, her dead, MSNBC is failing. Rachel matter was knocked out o the top lot by our Hannity, and it's been that way for months for months. The New York Times had to be bought out in part by Billinger South south of the border The Washington post was saved by basis the richest man on the planet, nine go on and on so
Cameron is launching car Cameron, not only with a lie, a fraudulent site. But he's doing exactly the wrong thing. There's another piece here by left wing cycle axioms x, I o s- and here they write Trump slump- hits big media to stick with me on this, Top news executives tall acts, YO said a real trump slump is hitting digital, cable and more. The shock factor on present trumps, unplanned announcements, staff, departures, talk, Tweets and erratic behaviors wearing off so new site immediately but he's a scrambling to find their next big money maker. Now this is damning. Aside, from again their hated tromp, which is par for the course here. They are telling you they need a big moneymaker. Now that trashing tromp isn't working out like they hope people are getting bored with it.
Driving the news executives tax years, the Trump fatigue is very real interest in look I'll coverage overall is down which is sparing investments and other beats like Acknowledging global economy. Democrats don't appear to be the lifeline. Media companies are hoping can fill the gap for diminish trump interest to hear that this is a confession: that many, if not most, of these media outlets, which are run by people who are aligned with the Democratic Party in the progressive movement, have been trying to appeal the Democrats which, exactly what I'm saying they ve been trying to appeal the Democrats, but the Democrats are getting bored then take much Executive say they expect this week's debate. Rabies be nothing like the ratings for the twenty. Sixteen trump debates will, I won't be watching we'll get clips. Remember my god. Can you
psych watching twenty somewhere homeless people or a big The Politburo, Russia, digital demand for trot lady content, number of article views compared to a number of articles written, has dropped twenty nine percent, which, in the first six months of the trunk press and seeing the most recent six months according to data from traffic analytics company parse Lee It's the trumps social Media STAR power was also beginning to wear off surface last month, when axioms reported that tweets were receiving less than half the engagement that they got when he first her glove snapped? The trumps ratings are down at that were that interest in Trump is down.
This is exactly the transformation, the evolution that I told you would take place, but it's happening faster that people are going to reject the current mass modern media. And are going to look for other ways to inform themselves they're going to reject most of cable tv most of these programmes. These hate trump programmes they're going to reject most internet sites to do exactly Same thing, they're gonna reject more more than near times in washed imposed when is your business model to attack. Half the people in the country to play to half the people in the country even worse. To play to the base of the democratic party. And it have people like me, my voice, my book, pointing it out,
american people on their own watching it in listening to and reading it you'd destroying your own, so called Fashion president, isn't the government is- and you are that's the whole point of on freedom of the press. Traditional meeting settings in many a time CLO Meredith carpet, let loved. Whatever name is taught axioms during a panel at S X, S w that the papers subscription Trump bump ended in the mid twenty eighteen. In other words, their attacks on Trump are just not pulling the subscribers that they used in December meeting research, firm, Moffit, Nathan's and found that live news network ratings were down in the ten to twenty percent range for the better part of twenty eight overall the firm found that rating Round tv news coverage overall began to decline after the twenty sixteen election. Yes
you're out of the closet, social activists, progressive Democrats and half the country's fed up with you, and they have that you thought would follow you. Their board with you to cable tv networks which still reach majority of Americans. Would political news coverage began, pulling back on trumped campaign, always late last year because they were driving rabies corner to political. Well, that's a lie. Whenever Fox has life coverage of trumps rallies, their ratings go through the roof. What're you gonna put down lemon on their hats when the ratings goes through the floor,. Very very interesting things happening in this field, Ladys in June, The field, a media, the modern S. Media is starting to crumble, freedom of the press more and more his starting
reveal itself I'll be right back then, since its found in eighteen, forty four hills, they'll call it is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus the free monthly speech Digest of Helstone College in primacy, dedicate educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First published and Nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job issues? Like free speech, the regulation of big tech meant they almost and the American Medical insurance system and because a merry, is founding principles, are so important hills, though often
Primus, absolutely free of charge. To anyone who requested that's right, you can subscribe to Primus for Free here's. What I want you to do, I want you to visit in I must add hills, they'll, dad. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's an Primus! m p r. I am I S dad still that EU welcome to Helstone some money here today. Yesterday tomorrow is contrived his manufactured it wasn't there many months ago, when the Democrats in the media and the a crass out of the media were telling us that what was going on on the border was manufactured, was a manufactured crisis. You don't hear that anymore.
There was an effort today in the House of Representatives to increase the number of administrative law judges in the immigration area by just one hundred had them down near the border to deal with these cases of asylum. Keep lotion. The Democrats refuse to bring it to a vote on the floor, two months ago, when the Republican sat down with the Democrats in the Senate, we're trying to work out some kind of deal gratian. You recall the Democrats, actually wanted to reduce the number of detention bed. You remember that MR bidders they wanted to reduce. The number beds in the media told us These are just caravans. Mr president. Mr President, why are you talking about an invasion? Why you turn met an invasion? I want to address
this after the bottom of the hour will be right back. You know our nations oldest colleges, refunded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vest majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of politically correct, They no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting the idea of objective truth. They pedal and cultural relativism. Thankfully, None of this applies to Helstone College, for all. Two centuries hills. Dell has remained true to its original mission, to prove Sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and Just liberty and intelligent piety. Hills. They'll celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include The online courses, the publication of its free.
Speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington DC and its bar a charter school initiative which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen, forty four. This is hailstones college and, let me add, I think so much of Helstone College. I don't. In original copy of a compilation of the federalists papers which sit today, as I speak at the curb Centre- Hills College, America's com. Africa's most powerful conservative voice. Denmark love then show dial now eight. Seventy seven three aid, one three, eight one, one immigration member the days when we had a manufactured crisis on the border. Ladies and gentlemen, these are members.
Congress in the media, who been around Washington DC a very very long time they have had power over. Immigration, they ve had power over the border. They ve had power over detention centres. They ve had power over the budget for people coming into this country, complete power, complete control and propaganda, I want to remind you back in January, not that long ago, by my calculation about six months ago, a montage of manufactured crisis had Tipp Hannity, go president must have holding innocent people hostage like stuff it's actually a crisis. This president just use the backdrop office to manufacture a crisis for the present as manufactured one heck of a political crisis, form cell of manufacturing and national security crisis. You want to hear you say that this is a manufactured crisis. It's not a national security crisis. The big scan the whole address. Wasn't there
crisis. There is not a crisis of the notion that we have a crisis. Their security crisis is absolute, Nonsense: it you're amazing Seville, shut down all around saying all about nothing. What happens when there is a real crisis when there is a real emergency? Does it take to the Airways? We give him the airwaves you'll leave him. There is not a crisis at the border. It's a manufactured crisis for the president to get a political. And these are turning to convince you. There is a crisis at the border, even though and intelligence official tells you quote. No one is saying this: is a crisis, accept them and there's a lot more actually, so the president was on top of this. The present was warning. The country, the press, I was trying to act within the law, but unilaterally to do something about it, since he was being obstructed by the Democrats in the media and since the Republicans, where little
I'm good about it when they are in control of both houses. A Congress in before this president was president. So little Durban of Illinois little Dick as we factually com, he's on the morning. Schmo show another May I say little anyway: let's listen to how their propaganda has changed, cut three go Harry Truman was right: the buck stops here when it comes to the president. It's his decision. Look at his record lily. Firstly, started this with a muslim travel ban, many eliminated the darker programme protecting seven hundred ninety thousand people. Then he said no protection for those under temporary protected status. Then they took two thousand eight hundred, maybe mission in a city it go on and on and on about matters that have no relevance to the That's going on on the border today. I nothing and I've got no problem with anything the president did in there
let me that you heard from little Dick of Illinois Durban. It doesnt says the present United States has sought repeatedly additional funding. Detention centres. He sought additional funding from personnel on the border. He has sought additional funding for security. Physical barriers on the southern border, doesn't get into that that he has invoked national currencies acted. Nineteen! Seventy six, because Congress would neck he's, move funds around lawfully. No accounts in order to try and deal with the security border, the press this told the american people over and over and over again, including at the state of the union speech what was going on in the border, but it's different when you have a media like Jim Cost and CNN, and the others who are over ninety percent negative when it comes to this president, through which he to filter his message. Often when he's not on Twitter.
I had them lying about lying an ending up in order to advance the Pretoria Guard, big government, Democrat progressive agenda. And so determined goes on and on so now it's the President's Falk that certain he's wearing down on the border wanted. The president has been banging the pots and pans did even gets worth Hakim Jeffreys. This idiot he's all over tv so also press conference today and, of course, the media show up, is very important that we hear and Hakim Jeffreys has to say. That's gonna cut skip the cut five MR producer go ahead. The president should be ashamed of himself for using children as Political points, how is the president using children is political points he's been talking about this forever,
he's been trying to do something about this. How is the president, using children As pawns, at least, he believes in children is not part of a party that believes and infanticide and notice. How came Jeffreys doesn't get all worked up about infanticide or late late light light light term abortions. What the hell is hot came, Jeffreys done about the situation in the border he's been in Congress long enough, we're all his bills, whereas all his or for children illegal aliens, children. What the hell does he propose in fact, what the millennium propose? It's the open borders. I forgets whether they admitted or not effectively. That's their inaction. That's what it results in who are causing these situations, but they're good little
point propagandists how they turn this? On the present, the United States, just like Chuck Todd that client, just like Jake Tapir, that clam real reporters, don't you know Guide, has to end this week. So today the House of Representatives will pass a humanitarian aid package in excess of four point: five billion dollars. What took you so long? Where have you been? I thought I was manufactured crisis. They do not say it's a manufactured crisis. Hello, hello, go ahead with a strong democratic vote, but we are urging our colleagues on the other side of the Isle too,
Some decency, yet at a here you clam Year, the perpetrators year, the perpetrators. That's why there's victims year the perpetrators on the left, then we have rosy, o Donnell Absolute, not absolute, not picking up on this concentration, quick campsite, crap Andy Cohen, show any use to be with them, be see I don't if he still as are not cut sex, go rosy. You're gonna be doing a vigil hub lights for Liberty July twelve, demanding an end to the aid of tension. So let us just that these two things you do a people who come here illegally or who claim. Asylum status, you release them or you detain him to try.
Find out who they are and what their legal status and so forth and so on. So, if you don't support detaining them, you support nothing that people should walk freely into the country and off they go off there. Whether it's up to Boston or Philadelphia or New York, Washington, rich men, whether they go to Chicago Illinois Weather they go to LOS Angeles or Sacramento, or San Francisco or San Diego, maybe they'll head over to Houston, Dallas Waco, who knows they're just free to come in. So what they're arguing for it? Listen to this. It's important, no detention, that you are not the detain. People who are coming in here illegally you're, not who they are. You not ask them if they are actually the parents of these children. I want you to think about what their arguing for no detail
concenters means no detention, where you gonna, put em all Beverly Hills and Palm springs, and the happens so now there against ice, which is the federal government's interior enforcement mechanism on immigration, eliminate ice. They say any limit, detention they. So this is the insanity of the radical left, their anti american, their inhumane, their appetites citizen. Well, what would you call it? Let me be abundantly clear, so even lower
Joe Scarborough, can understand what I'm saying so even low Iq Chris Cuomo, the dumbest other family, can understand what I'm saying so even smirky snarking stupid. Why, anyway, so fell in the black? If there are detention centres, then you can't detain these people. If Congress doesn't fund these centres, then there aren't diapers and too Do you understand that truck Todd you clown? While you were rude, the president of the United States, the understand that Jake Tapir, you moron. While you were rude.
Vice president of the United States. When you meet with the richest country in the world, we need to pay, doesn't matter for the richest country in the world. If Congress does an appropriate fact, these guys now this, they know it go ahead and tracing games save another lotta controversy about the word, but actually legitimate scholars who have studied genocide say yes, these are in fact the criteria for concentrated, unanimous scholars who have studied genocide. Yes, these detention centres. Ladies and gentlemen, they qualify as concentration camps, even though people their temporarily, even though people are pouring into them voluntarily, even though little kids do in fact get toothpaste and have their diapers change or getting formula, even though they get three square meals a day, even though they receive medical treatment,
are released into the Interior, the United States, its just like that Third Reich and concentration camps. Don't you. Because they're slob rosy, o Donnell said so, go ahead with them we're a hundred thousand camps in nearly every state. There there's a hundred thousand camps in nearly every state, MR producer there's a hundred thousand camps in nearly every state. This is sick, good job. Cowan NBC, really good. Then we have governor J instantly Vassallo state. I could do this all day I don't want to, but the Congo line of insane morons on the left is just unbelievable. This guy wants to be President is barely governor. Washington state is obsessed with climate change, man, climate change
flying all over the country talking about, may make climate change. Probably a heavy duty on the flageolets, go ahead. What happens if you win what what what we first of all is not going to win. Everybody knows he's a moron, but go ahead. What theirs there will continue to be an issue on the southern border. What we do about it we will follow the law which is to allow people to have asylum requests. We will provide stop. These stupidity is beyond belief. The governor wants to be present We will follow the law and allow people to have asylum requests. So if somebody comes in with an asylum request, they can here illegally. They don't have any place to stay
Do you have any money? Let's say they come with two or three kids in a spouse. What he'd do them governor? They? Let him go Ladys and job they. Let them go into your communities for your local government to handle for your local town and council unmarried handle freer local law enforcement to handle your local hospitals and and community doctors to handle your local schools to handle the federal government once complete control over immigration and in doing so it All the responsibilities in the vast majority of costs on local communities, these people have no idea for letting criminals in here. These people have
no ideas and let you separate the children from the adults in order to question them in the first place. What's going with these adults in these child. They have no idea, none whatsoever and they make these arguments and their there said to be compassionate, that they care for little kids, that you're not getting toothpaste to children. What, if they're being molested Jake Tapir? How do we find out? What have they been kidnapped? Truck tired Can we find out we'll get to the toothpaste in a minute Can we find out who they aren't? You supposed to be we're, though, and if you don't put. The detention centre where they only a poem in Georgetown, Washington, D C. I have an idea what about CNN and I met somebody say I'll, be right Every human being has a common problem. How do I live with
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I've- and if you take this recourse from Hills, Dale and he'd Aristotle's advice, your life will change for the better. You can learn how to lead a good life justice, every hills. The college student does it's yours for free at Levin, for hills down that calm, that's EL! Even I am for hills down that come. I would ask rosier dummy and all the other dummies out there who keeps thrown around the words concentration camp. Tell me how many people ever broke into a concentration candlish to produce anybody The body break into the third Reich in order to go to a concentration camp, can you think of any? I can't think of any. Because it never happen, and you have people breaking into our country who know that have to go to detention centres as a matter of law. This is how the process and the president increase
This law Congress created this law long before he was present in the United States, is trying to Do something about this, but what he's come to learn is that the democratic want to do anything about it. In something shocking happened at sea and end today, something app really shocking. Finally, a truthful report by John King. I couldn't believe it so shocking just for them see ya to get it. I don't know what the journalist Emprise is. Maybe it's a booby prize, John King on CNN today, absolutely stunning, a piece of journalism in a field of propaganda cut I go, and so I just for my people that, under President Tribe Democrats, felt like and he says about immigration. He's had problems with his own party on immigration, but this particular issue is not new. I just wanna go back. This is an interview going back to twenty fourteen with they then Democrat.
Presume, United States, her son under the table and say trunk created this crisis. This is all about trap. Maybe ask me, under front the numbers shortly higher the trumpet. This has been a problem. The United States government has had to figure out a solution to for a very long time. The problem is that under current law, once those kids come Cross the border there's a system in which were supposed to process them, take care of them until We can send them back to the way the we don't come. Our message absolutely is: don't send your children on accompanied on trade. Or to throw a bunch of smugglers, that is our direct message to the families in Central America do not send your children to the borders if they do make it they'll get sent back at his five years ago. This week as five years ago this very week in this sense it again the other there's a current divide. The current president evokes emotions among Democrats,
a progressive sward happy with that President President Obama, they call them the reporter in chief about this is but this issue been unresolved, different pieces of it for twenty plus years. While I mean that shocking, let's take a photo of that transcript of John King good, one John would see if you can keep it up. She wouldn't get a pattern of objective. True telling that would really be cool, but the hopes brings So you see, ladies and gentlemen, all the other crap, on CNN and MSNBC by the Democrats. By the other media figures, all propaganda also thoroughly dishonest The president is trying to deal with what he inherited and the Democrats don't want to fix it. They don't want to fix it. That's why there's suffer I'll be right, back,
now run only underline the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living near our number. Eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three one one. Get into this Emmett Solomon? Those judge in Washington DC clearly does not understand the constitution subpoenas they might. This clause and the rest, an unfortunate for the president. This is the judge whose ruling, on these cases he's been around a long time this judge and sometimes is sometimes a wrong, but he's really wrong now, and you really be taking on these cases who's. He
as I do they just don't like this president Rulings are capricious. Then we'll get that in a minute but Joe by lunch bucket Joe me, the working people manner. The union's this is always been a year, a phoney depiction or characterisation of Joe Biden itself perpetuated. Through his own media and marketing. Activities over half a century in the wind, then compost and most of the media really dont want Joe Biden as the nominee. I very much do they don't, because they're looking for their next Barack Obama, there. Once the poor senator Middle Class, Joe Biden has read millions and income since leaving the vice presidents.
The georgian style home from a front from the front, a brick version of the White House. Once belonged. Alexander, hang the former sector estate state. Nestled on a wooden lot and Maclean, the nearly twelve thousand square foot Residence has five bedrooms. Ten bathrooms no element must reduce five bedrooms: ten Beth, how many bathroom stayin We all know not lucky have as many as you want. I'm not saying the government should do anything. Well, you know I would Joe there's a lot of crap. All us, maybe that's ten bathers, marble fireplaces Jim in sauna. Rounded by Washington, elite and sitting high above the Potomac River. There is an undeniable grandeur in the design of this home said the british accented agent in a video released. When I want I in twenty fifteen. I just wish the wash Proposed which chased on the Obama's and see what they're up too lightly, you know they live in high or what post? Why
Why a white house at my tough on the Obama's this p. Pretty makes an imposing statement with parking for over twenty cars and crazy, perfect setting for the most lavish of events, This may have already been the residents to a very important person. He continued, but I suspect, will be home them anymore. Now. Let me just stop here. This is the difference between a Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Donald Trump, has gone into the presidency: a multi billion air, making any money off of his office job I didn't when in office, would nothing and now a multi millionaire. He had. They want all trumps records because he was successful before became president, but he cares about eurobonds record. Nobody it's about the Obama's records and which is worse enormously successful in the private sector and then becoming president or having nothing.
And then leaving the press This year, the vice presidency and now all of a sudden becoming worthy fortune like Al Gore hundred fifty million they Clinton's collecting a quarter of a billion that where the cronyism and the crookedness is not I'm coming and offers these people leaving office and becoming incredibly rich mapping. Their smart, most of them are stupid, not be further because their experienced in anything other than talking and and raising our taxes and and raising the debt. These are pay off after the fact is currently. It is currently home to Joe Biden, heinous wife Jill rented it after leaving the vice presidential quarters at the Naval observatory, twenty seventeen, the house, The purchase for four point: two five million in June: twenty sixteen they mark in a wealthy venture capitalists who lives next door.
I'm points out on the presidential campaign trail that he was often the poorest member. The Euro Senate for at least a decade has referred himself, his middle class, Joe. No, no, it's no class Jonah Middle Class drew But since leaving office, he enjoyed an explosion of wealth, making millions of dollars largely from book deals and speaking fees for as much as to hunt. Thousand hours per speech, public documents, first, who the hell would listen to this guy. I two hundred Thousand dollars speech, he can't even speaking complete senses, travel the country for announcing his presidential campaign this spring. His sponsors provided VIP, hotel, sweets, town cars and professional drivers, charter flights and travel expense, reimbursements for some of his appearance reached at least ten thousand hours per according to contract. Obtained by the Washington Post through public records, requests.
Suppose family sixty five instances in which bind gave a speech, her appearance at a book event ITALY's tenant then says he did not take a fee, although in some cases he was reimbursed for travel expenses. Will that's ok, I'm sure that the New York Times near reporters flying around. I don't pay out of their own pockets. I'm just guessing campaign studies given less than fifty page speeches, but it declined to pay. You be more specific about her He delivered her. How much he earned in total. Let's say he got a hundred. Fifty thousand a speech he gives. Fifty speeches is paid for forty of them multi millions Now they declined to comment on the record, for this report binds campaigned. It appears to have taken care to avoid the backlash that haunted Hillary Clinton going to twenty sixteen democratic primary. She faced questions about it, speeches the Goldman Sachs another Wall Street interests. He appears to
limited as parents, the less politically sensitive venues, public documents show since leaving the vice President Biden has run the Maclean Home and purchased a two point: seven million forty eight thousand square for Vacation house near the water and robust beach, Delaware to go along its primary residence, the nearly seven thousand Square Foot Lakeside arm he built more than today, it's a good Wilmington Delaware bind each among presidential candidates eaten connect with and represent the middle class are let let's just stop there. Terrified world than when he formerly occupied a lamentable petitions are wealthy by these new circumstances, run the risk of cutting against the core message of a campaign. The unique On presidential candidates you can connect with and represent the middle class. Aren't let let's just stop there. Let's just stop there
daddy, uniquely, can connect with the middle class. Ladies and gentlemen, connecting with the middle class. What does that mean? For the washed and posted means, more government. The distribution of wealth, free college. Wiping out student loans connecting with the middle class. Job. I never really connected with the middle classes, has always been a myth. What is he an exactly in half a century. Some detail, about binds circumstances remain unknown. Binds campaign said the former vice president was paying substantial monthly rent for the Maclean home, but were not discussed. Additional information about the financial arrangements. Interesting, isn't it probably get? I was tax returns Finances as bank I gotta there's gotta back out of his native post
demanding the same of any democratic running for president demanding the same of Joe Biden fine released as tax returns in the past, but has not done so since twenty sixteen is. Last year's vice president, has vowed to release the current ones as part of his campaign. A finance. Disclosure required a presidential candidates would have prevented the first window into the financial boosting receive since leaving the vice Presidency, the deadline for that document was set for Psmith Abiden filed for an extension until July nine. Then it goes on. Let's see here, he asks for all kinds of stuff as a condition of giving a speech battle, all kinds of stuff, and The good manners ass much just that he likes raspberry sorbet MR produce.
His dressing room when he gives a speech is to be stopped with bottled water, Coke, zero, regular Coca cola. Orange Gator, eight and black coffee. It needed a full length, mirror six straight back chairs and one portable steamer. Some contracts included at least ten thousand dollars for travel, which was the agreement of the universe to Utah other contract. Like the one of the universe. You Buffalo included, that stipulation freight town, car professional driver forbidden and each of his companions By an initially provided a discount rate of a hundred thousand of the universe to you to a body later wave the fee, the originals during his appearance, he flew commercial Miss? He to the very speaking engagements Biden. Had some specific requests? couldn't a summer riders to his speech. Cod tastes, you wouldn't know the truth about this. I get invitations to gifts,
It has all the time and I'm offered a lot of money, and I only use speeches and I don't give a lot of them- two groups I care about and for causes I care about, I don't do doing corporate speeches early on, I did a few, and I said what am I doing. I stopped altogether finally, the last time it and paid for his speech. I Norman these different books now, but I will take money for speeches. Can you remember any time rich, maybe once like ten years ago or twice, I don't remember what I said. You know I despise me, I'm not gonna do it and I could- It meant a lot of people on this business. Do that I do people pay for my travel and I want to pay out of my pocket to give it. You no credit country and to give a speech or something of that sort. That's true! I do that. I do that.
But I don't take any honorarium. They call it any money whatsoever for giving a speech you're, making appearance. But I have to say some of the things the vice president is asking for our outrageous in summer. Not I mean he needs protection, can see the vice president insisting on flying first class. I mean I'm just being honest with you. I can see ask me for town cars. I mean he's not asking for rolls Royce or anything like that: a town car big car. He wants a big cars arrogance it with his wife and prowling adviser too. I guess I'm just guessing. The kind of drinks he likes and so forth. Why would you pay him a hundred and fifty two hundred thousand speak honestly? I
not much to shut the hell up I'll, be right back if you have a moment, I want you all to go to brick. House Levine, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star Reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver, I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens what a great product. Thank you, brick ass for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and you're welcome Steve and subscribing a smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic some probiotics, plus they offer
a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back gotta. Brick house Levine dot com or call eight three three ring be age and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with promo code love in that's brick, house, L, av iron, dot, com or call a three three ring be h: N Promo, Levin Adrian Karel de Jean Pierre. This is the predominant even clear what she's, accusing the president of in terms of a sought are. You must Vanessa trying to get to the bottom of this as much as I can, the reporting has been outrageously sloppy. And when you listen to Ms Carol, it's not clear what took place exactly
the media are desperate to believer in desperate to have her speak certain words which apparently she won't speak. So here we go again: she's not Your which year that it whatever it is occurred, I believe it was whether to ninety five, ninety six, ninety seven, ninety eight and recall They all seem to line up on Cooper, show missing. Cooper. Shirts, amazing thing. For Daniels Anderson Cooper, Adrian Carol, Anderson Cooper, the head of the New York Times toil decision making on the news page. He said you know we have covered this enough I feel very angry that the New York Times hasn't done enough
another case where there is absolutely no evidence of any thing. None whatsoever. No corroborating witnesses, or at least nobody's come forth released media haven't sought any that sort. I don't know anything about the lady. I don't know anything about her background and neither do the media, but it- the matter trump. And so here we go again. He says he never met the woman learning about. And I know how much more you can deny something- never met the woman, don't know anything about her twenty five years ago. We wanted a broader, had lots of specifics. She even had a friend who she confided in after she was raped by Bill Clinton.
And so she, in a very strong case in the media, really held off. They covered it up for as long as they could as long as they could, but they couldn't covered up forever. Towards definite bless, my remember that now with b C news, of course,. Hillary Clinton. My remember that the women in my life. If somebody had done this to them. Wherever this, the democratic women who supported clean. They may recall that, but probably not. So here is a gene Carol with a book coming out a blue which go. I second. But coming out July. Second, now. The women in my life if somebody had done this to them wherever this is and is not yet clear to me what she's accusing the prisoner of
They wouldn't waited for book twenty five years later. I can just Tyler TA, raises questions. None of us were there Assuming there was a there, there them you throw this in front of our face and then were not allowed to talk about it. We agree that her out Asian is accurate, but if you ask rational questions, it said that. We must support this kind of behaviour. We get this all the time with those of us who actually think with our heads. We get this nonsense all the time she's presenting herself, make money on out a book. In which this has dropped in to her. She's, honey, pre book, promo tour, I'm sure. Ushers paying for that wants her out their fine
Ok, she's air, so now she's a public figure where asking questions, but something happened. Last night on CNN, which really is. Travelling to me, which really is pretty damn outrageous. Especially from somebody who who up alleges that she was What does she alleging which she was molested summer but alleging rape, because people are asking a specific questions related to mean going one ass, the types of questions I'm hearing on the air, because idea. This is accurate man. What's Neither does anybody else in the media run with this.
The New York Times since it hasn't covered it fully enough haven't covered what fully enough squarely in a book. So here it goes cut. Fourteen You don't feel like a victim. I was now throw round and radish which the war rate carry so many sexual connotation. This was not this one. Not sexual for suggests it hurt it just what just you know, I think most people think of, as it is a violent. Malta does not, I think most people say that rape is being sexy. For bringing the fantasies. Don't even think of rape is being sexy. They think of the fantasies. Are you kidding me? Go ahead If you talk more tat morning, neither side fascinating. To talk to this
to be the weirdest thirty seconds in broadcasting history in broadcasting, history, rape, Being sexy, people think any and they think of of the seas in your fascinating to talk to I mean this is really strange stuff I thank you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel bloated, tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit? but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right, how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of greens. Every morning before I start my day, just one scoop of filled agree as a full, serving a real USDA, certified organic fruits and vegetables helps boost immunity using antioxidants, probiotics and probiotics. Now
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been on CNN, been all over tv. Your account says it needs to cover her more thoroughly that it didn't do a good enough job. Ok, an alibi Twenty five years ago were not sure she's not sure what year it is, she's, not sure exactly what took place. The president's has only been over this woman is I am unaware of any corroborating witnesses at the time whether she told anybody and then she cracks that weird statement about rape, almost almost giddy in her in her in her appearance, running Anderson Cooper and rather than really dig in as a reporter. He immediately goes to a commercial truly. One of the weirdest things I've ever heard on television or seen truly. But stick with me, I want to read something to in a moment.
Twenty twenty will be the most important election in our lifetimes big issues or on the ballot. The border, the second amendment late term, abortion, freedom of speech and conscious. Mostly, bent over the more healthcare because Liberals are pushing for a plan, they call Medicare fraud and we know that fraudulent because they wanted Your programme seniors had paid into all their lives and are open to all comers even the children of illegals. It should be many care for none, because seniors will be forced again in line with people who pay nothing into the programme. It's wrong it's unfair and destroy the world's greatest engine of healthcare innovation where's, the European all this one. Lobbying hard to stop their raining? there, the rating of your Medicare, while we know why there in the tank so the same, a Our pay, their back Obamacare No, that's. Why merging all of you to joint aim ACT now, because, unlike the a r p M Mack, while fight hard against this, this
Who called Medicare for all? Which is meant to care for? None? Because. Member of AIM Acta? U S like! I am it's a m, a sea dot? U S! The stakes had never been higher. B, with an organisation that will back you, they have tremendous discounts, tremendous benefits, a MAC Dot; U S. A sea dont? U S, joined today, check him out check out their website. I mean they have. They have great, as I say, discounts and benefits, but also their in your corner. This is what I wanted to tell you folks. You just heard the covered klutz played again very quickly. Let's turn to two: the cut of urban Bob. What is your name, MR producer e g Carol on Anderson Cooper shall go ahead. You don't feel like a victim. I was that's all round and round radish, which were raped, carries
how many sexual connotation this was not. This was not sexual, for it just hurt it. Just what I just you know. I think most things ripened as a immanentism, violent assaulted. I think one single say that rape is being sexy: social, bringing the fantasies, women, great bravery, if you can surrounding yeah yeah yeah, I gotcha mumbles, we gotcha. You know when I decided in on freedom of the press to dig in the stuff like this, this chapter took a long time, an enormous amount of research, quite frankly on the show they call collusion, abuse of power and character.
One in it are advised me to remove it. What does it have to do with the press has said it has everything to do with the press, we'll talk, we tawdry s it. It's not my fault. And again those of you who have the book on freedom of the press, your informed about this in this very important when you listen to something like this, the current news give a context that other people do And here's what I Samp page to eleven for the rest of you whenever DOT press? in May or may not have done in his personal light before becoming president. Would. Men of intense interest of the Democratic Party press there has not been any Nepal Glimmer immoral in probity, her faithlessness When a service in the oval office- and I question the accuracy of this allegation too by the way absolutely do.
But not so as several of his more recent predecessors, John Kennedy in Lyndon Johnson tops among them, which was ignored by Mass media. So you see the media very, very desirous of promoting this ladys book and her allegation. Very, very desirous of it doesn't have any the independent, factual information doesn't matter, doesn't matter. President Kennedy at scores of extramarital flings and affairs spoke before him, while he was president with actresses secretaries merit, men, friends, mobsters girlfriend, etc. Perhaps the most concerning such instances involved an alleged east german spine a nineteen year old, enter meal. Talk about this. Professor Larry saboteur, you ve seen him on tv,
he wrote, enjoy nineteen sixty three FBI director J Edgar Hoover informed Bobby Kennedy that he knew about the President S relationship with an alleged german spy named Ellen row much. The wife of an army officer had been assigned to the west german embassy rummage, supplemented or income by turning tricks for Washington's best and brightest. Can you met her people a high profile Senate aid named Bobby Baker, who a close eyes to Lyndon Johnson Elaine. August nineteen sixty three Rome Tisch was flung back to Germany on Eu Us Air Force transport playing at the behest of the state. Could it author, Seymour Hirsch, she was accompanied by. Burn, Duffy, Wanna, Bobby Kennedys. Colleagues, from his days on the Mc Clellan Committee, records related to Rome, Pashas Depot
Station, of either vanished whenever created in the first place. Then there was Kennedy seduction of a young in turn who had just arrived at the White House. Avatar wrote that the well supported story, Mimi offered a nineteen year old White House in turn at the time of her environment, would Kennedy his impasse not overlook. Initiated in a J F K sexual world just four days under her internship, Alfred lost generally to Kennedy Ass, he conducted what can only be called a deeply inappropriate affair with a young charge. It even include they Kennedy directed episode. I can read this sense- can write it but carried this behaviour barely hidden from others within the White House and involving government resources to Shuttle Alfred, the nineteen Odin turned to and from the travelling president has caused some question: Kennedys Basic fitness for the high office. Many have tried to reconcile his high minded skilled public persona
sleazy, reckless private self, innocent Impossible to match up the two sides rationally right sabotage. And it is certainly inadequate to say that the rules of his time or sometimes empty marriage permitted or justify these escapades. In a private citizen with modest responsibilities, would be condemned for them in this process J F K risk is White House tenure, the welfare of his party, his power. He calls and everyone he supposedly how dear nonetheless, ladies and gentlemen, even after all these decades, all these decades. Let's not talk about. Instead, we ve never seen anybody like Donald Trump before ever. Lyndon Johnson, I write was no better gallic another offer. Right said, although Johnson had a referential regard for the presidency, he didn't see
Personal crookedness is demeaning the office. As throughout his Senate vice presidential years or remain in exhibitionist in Philander, who didn't mind flaunting his conquests. When a woman reporter to private session with several journalists, estimate tough question, he reached down and pull this crotch and said: well, I don't know he was scratching himself. It was terrible. During his vice president to the press, called a Senate offers the Nicky room. He a beautiful women working for him in view them as fair game laws. Bird Shut, her eyes and ears to some of this behavior. What she didn't know acknowledge, preserved her from painful offences. Just some of what's and on freedom of the press. Has I corral the scholarship in the era of Trump
And so now we have Adrian Carroll, who has a book coming out. Based on something she ledges twenty five or twenty six years ago, she's not sure what year took place, not exactly one hundred percent sure what took place. I am still waiting for a corroborating witness her somebody she spoke to after the fact, contemporaneously. Perhaps. Any note she may have taken anything. There's nothing in the New York Times says: well, we haven't covered. This is aggressive. Layer is appropriately as we should The same New York Times, ladies and gentlemen, who hed most of Kennedys affairs and Johnson's a care fares, the same New York Times, there was a mouthpiece for Joseph Stalin, a mouthpiece for Joseph Scar, Stalin through guarantee.
Through guarantee that I write about an explained in the book to, I think the reason this book on freedom of the This is so powerful. My audience is because you can link it to all these every day. Current events and other events that are taking place now and you can unravel what's taking place. You can see what the media have done in our doing whether its climate change, whether its rush, collusion, whether its abuse of power, whether its character, whether its propaganda as news Whether its pseudo advances news, whether it's the bias, the social activism, the progressive isn T the attachment to the Democratic Party, it's all undressed in this book, all of it all of it, He had the media pretended doesn't exist. Tell me something, and I pushing this? I don't want to do it just tell me something: why do you think
This accuser is all over the media. The New York Times thinks it should cover more. And yet I have a number one New York Times best seller that is selling more books in any other nonfiction book. No, I won't go on forever. It just doesn't and they pretended doesn't exist. They coverage itself what they celebrate What they denounce, what the old men are censure or ignore. Tells you all you need to know it tells you all. You need to know. I am challenging today behind this microphone the time Editors of the New York Times to read chapter six of my book and explain themselves and explore themselves. Don't tell me have already explained yourself about the Holocaust. I addressed that nonsense and you better.
The address what you did was stolen in the genocide against the Ukrainians. I dare all the media reporters put me aside: the media reporters to go to trap the six of my book and read Iran, I dare them. I don't care the cable channel, that cable show the network whatever it is. I dare them the collar, there are times in demand some answers, or at least and a response they're not going to do it. I call on truck Todd and Jake tapping to do exactly that. Have some sulphurous some professional accountability in your business, some standards, but they won't do it, then it wasn't written for them.
Because I don't believe they're capable of reform and I don't believe they're capable of circumspection. Quite frankly, it's like this guy car camera. Another member, the modern mass media, thinks what you want to do is jump in both feet on trumps throat. That's what they viewers journalism! That's not journalists. It's not journalism today wasn't journalism yesterday and I won't be journalism tomorrow and then they wonder why their rating stink, they wonder why they can't sell subscriptions to Newspapers and magazines: it's not just the change and take them but you that's a piece of it. It's the content, it's the content of people believed in what you were doing if they believe in the accuracy, at least if they believe in your attend
accurate, seen objectivity, you'd ever bigger audience. He'd have a bigger subscription base. You wouldn't be rightly accused of being what you are, but you won't and you dont so now I've put this allegation. Some perspective haven't I Anderson Cooper. Capable of it he's in a dialogue I'll be right back with a daily fake news, dont pouring through your tv mobile phones, Computers, you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism scientists affected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this study discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and vegetables
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President out of office, and so they go back twenty five years, regardless of who making an allegation credible incredible? It doesn't matter This is just the latest we ve had a cycle of these over the two plus years said he's been present the United States I've had a cycle of these. We were a cycle of thee. He's mentally we ve had a cycle of it, of course, Rob such as it goes on and on and on its incredible- and we know, almost Nothing about the vast majority of candidates. Be debating the next couple of days on NBC when almost nothing about seriously. What do we know about Coy Booker's background. What do we know about Coy Booker's back? What do we really know about Camelot Harris's background Eric swore well.
Or the vast majority of those who will be on two stages of the course of the next year. What do we really know about these? Be western Obama was running. What did we really know about Obama? It took really pushing hard to get to the bottom of it and the guy that push the hardest to be perfectly honest with you was Hannity On Jim right and all those connections, and so. The media and want to tell us about them. And how come early learning now about all this Joe Biden stuff turbines been running for office, since he was a four months old. I mean he's a ran for the Senate all over and over and over again I got elected all over and over and over again and he was challenged by you know by Republicans from time to time how come the You need to tell us all this stuff about Joe Biden. I mean we always mocked him that some of the obvious stuff, but how come there digging in the Joe Biden Outline interesting posies.
They don't think you can win he's too damned stupid any looks exhaustive, but that's beside the point. They could against this background, when he was nominated for vice president of the United States, but they were Obama when that's why it's that simple. I'll be right back he's here now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one,
wanna. Why stand corrected? Ladies and gentlemen, we heard I just can remember her name, a gene Caroline your name is aging Carol, whether allegation that some people fantasize about rape sexy, that's pretty sick. To be honest with you But she certainly right about one person. The Bernie Sanders rape, fantasy essay, explained. May twenty, nine twenty fifteen in PR national, pubic, radio, Danielle, Kurtz Orban, congratulations, Mother Jones dug up a nineteen. Seventy two s say that Bernie Sanders wrote for the Vermont Freeman This would be all over the debate stage:
an alternative newspaper. The article called man and woman is a commentary on gender roles to also caused a stir. As is bound to happen a time a candidate mentions rape We have been following the hubbub. Gone fray run down of what the controversies all about. So what did Bernie Sanders right in what you say about rape. Yes, I'd buy the Rembrandt Vermont Senator, who officially kicked off his presidential campaign. This week has always run for president. Isn't long only a page warning the bit about Ray Comes at the very beginning, as does some not totally safe for work, language. Quote this. Is your man Bernie what he wrote? And goes home and blanks his typical fantasy, mangoes, home and blanks his. Typical fantasy begins with an m and I'm not going to get into it.
A woman on her knees, a woman tied up a woman abused. The sustained a woman enjoys blank, whether man ass, she fantasize being blanked, raped. By three men simultaneously. The man and woman get dressed up on Sunday and go to church or maybe to the revolutionary political meeting, have you What did the stag man hero? Tough magazines, on the shelf of your local bookstore? Do you know what newspaper with the articles like girl, twelve rate by fourteen men saw so well to what in us are they appealing, and this is what Sanders rule. Saunders then goes on to explain his ideas about gender roles and eventually gets at a sharper point that. National gender roles hub, create troubling dynamics in the men's and women's sex lives.
Many women seem to be walking a tightrope rights as their qualities of love. Openness and gentleness were too deeply enmeshed. What qualities, dependency, subject Events in my truism. He had said men likewise confuse what is it. They won from a woman, are they fall? They perpetrating this man, woman situation are they oppressors six stuff. Really. I don't even know why read. The essays had sanders was doing in ACE, supremely ham handed way, my journey Stu Everyday draw the reader end with an attention getting lead. Then get to the meat of the article on the middle, throwing only Thanks to his larger point for three paragraphs before getting back to his fictional couple,. And in the USA, with an imagined conversation. His way round, and I and she said you wanted me not as a woman or as a lover as a friend, but as a submissive, woman or.
Miss unfriendly submissive lover any said: you're Fulla blank. They never again made love together, which they I'd like to do more than anything or never. So each other one more time now, that's kind of sick. Isn't it one Irish vanishes fiction, very deep pray, Freud he's. He's so far above everybody else, you're free college. Their own families, nice sends like a thug, sounds like a a communist mobster. They get their rich I'm here for the workers, similar workers, I'm no, I represent the workers. Now you don't you create in Europe can anybody he writes. Fantasy about right, let's when he did Anderson Cooper,
I am sure that tie on your list, alright, let's get off this- makes me sick just thinking about, let's go to IRAN. While there is another one. Iran is in a full propaganda mode against the present, the United States, but there are also a full propaganda mode against John Bolton. And as an awful lot of relative. Intelligent people who are unfortunately regurgitating that propaganda, IRAN, Does not one John Bolton anywhere near the present in the United States, just like the left and just like the code pink Republicans. And so they trash Bolton see here, the power behind the throne, that's what IRAN wants you to believe. What the fools in Washington wants you to believe.
There's no power behind the throne. The president's the present he's is all men. Have we learned that by now. So now the the misfit the Islam or Nazi president of IRAN? They do not, Will the president retarded today, Mr Barroso,. We can really play the audio because we all know Farsi calls the prisoner retarded today. First of all, you can't even use that word. Doesn't know that you can't use that word. But apparently among the Islam or Nazi mullahs, reaching themselves off the backs of the people there. In the name of religion. Divine, I mean, after all, they slaughter gaze. They slaughter anybody who challenges these. Or anybody who believes differently than them. No big deal no big deal
no! What in doing that they made their biggest mistake yet. You understand what I mean rich. They just pissed off Donald Trump. They just piss them off male use. I work. I think I will. Bernie Sanders can use other words. I can use that word. They personally attacked the presence of the United States. That is a big mistake, I'm being quite serious about this. He gave them a pass. The core, pink Republicans, the Hate America Leftists. The hate, America media. They gave The Islam or Nazi regime in IRAN a pass. They keep flooding. Our knows they keep.
Had been killing our soldiers killing our Marines blowing up stuff, destroying countries. They want I C b aims. They want nuclear warheads on the icy, be aims, but now I think they made a big mistake. Now you keep hearing, ladies and gentlemen, about the great IRAN deal now hearing basically telling about the great around the course the ran Paul types. Chip off the old block ran paw. Of course. We all look too when it comes to national security. Well, you know America as down. But the Arandia. Ladies and gentlemen,
Ran deal, how magnificent was- and you know it had IRAN in a box- that's what they tell us. Iran was adhering to the wasn't a problem. I read this at the american conservative, weird name for that. For that magazine their website builder. The foreign minister and around promised us that they're following the rules? Ladies and gentlemen, it's the the war Hawks in Washington led by John Bald there, the problem, not the Islam or Nazi mullahs, none of its John Bull he's the problem and if the president. Strikes back in IRAN and some in our technical way, Then it's on him, then its Baldwin Tromp, all of a sudden, the trunk supporters at your hearing, Pegana dumper, but are they were ready to dump on there
our poise they were, they were getting ready. They were warning him. You, you strike boy way we're gonna work, gonna come after you. Well, this IRAN deal was phony from day one nobody. It gave enormous sums of money to the enemy which. Enemy is used to advance its nuclear technological activity and to fund its conventional terrorist activity. This IRAN deal was a fraud from day one, but you wouldn't have known it. Reading a newspaper. More on this, when I return I'll, be right back
Let's take a look at this wonderful. Around here that the Democrats are running may say they would reestablished. Let us remind ourselves how this was cover. I'm telling you picking up on freedom of the press issue after issue after issue is addressed and uniquely addressed. This should be your handbook for the and upcoming election. In my humble opinion,. I point out one twenty one, a modern illustration of this, Propaganda and action was the selling of the Obama administration around nuclear deal. Five twenty. Sixteen we remember here in a long file piece in the New York Times Sunday magazine prison. Morocco bomb as deputy national security adviser Ben roads.
Bragged about his ability and success in deceiving the american people with a complicit press. The article, was title quote the aspiring novelist, who became Obama's farm policy guru, how Ben roads rewrote the rules of diplomacy for the digital age unquote and was, by David Samuels, who was seemingly both amused by in approving of roads is propaganda techniques. Samuels Road in part, the roads is innovative campaign to sell the around deal. Is likely to be a model for how future administrations explained. Foreign policy to Congress and the public. The way in which most Americans have heard the story of the reindeer presented that the Obama Emit Listen carefully, very important that the Burma administration began seriously engaging with iranian officials in twenty thirteen in To take advantage of a new political reality in IRAN, which,
Because of elections that brought moderates to power in that country largely manufactured for the purpose of selling the deal. And your factored by the Obama administration. And whose surrogates and the media. The main argument for negotiating with the iranian regime was actively misleading and regurgitate whose main regurgitating by journalists who wanted to support a policy As neckties reporter same NO said in an area that road shaped story of the around deal began and twenty thirteen when so called moderate faction inside the iranian regime, led by Hassan Romani beat regime hard liners in an election and then began to So a policy of openness which include
A new found willingness to negotiate the dismantling of its licit nuclear weapons programme. The President Obama's set out the timeline himself in his speech, announcing the news deal enjoy fourteen twenty. Fifty today the two years of negotiations. He said the United States, together with our international partners, has achieved something Decades of animosity has not, and while the president's statement was frankly accurate there had in fact been two years of four on negotiations, after the signing of the J C p away. That's the IRAN deal it. Also actively misleading, because the most Meaningful part of the negotiations with IRAN had begun in mid twenty twelve many before the so called moderate Ronnie and a moderate camp. Chosen in an election among Canada. Hand picked by the IRAN's Supreme Leader,
taller Ali Khamenei yeah idea that there was a new reality in IRAN was politically till the Obama administration? I quote, but it was a flat out lie a flat out lie. Indeed near tyres? Reporters Samuel seem to find virtue in the Obama administration, successful propaganda campaign, quote he wrote by obtaining broad public currency for thought that there was a significant split in the regime. The administration was reaching out to the moderate minded Iranians who want a peaceful relations with their neighbours and with America, Obama was able to eat Aid, what might have otherwise been a divisive by clarifying debate over the actual policy choices that his administration was making unquote. The whole thing is a sham.
And, as I point out then came the Congo line of experts, who is appearances, were orchestrated and statements were scripted by deputy national security adviser roads who bragged about the ruse quote. We created an echo chamber. Roads admitted when I to explain the onslaught of freshly minted experts cheerleading for the deal. They were saying thing That validated, where we had given them to say, said, wrote so roads would plant the administrations. Talking points would journal. Some of whom would repeat them verbatim quote in this endeavour, meant wrote reporter Samuels roads has become adept, at Ben Trills, equalising many people at once: net price roads assistant, gave me a primer on how it's done. Listen to this Easiest way for the White House to shape the news he explained is from the briefing poems each of which has its own dedicated press corps. But then
sort of these force multiplier. As he said, adding we have our compatriots chat to a couple people, and you know I wouldn't want to name them: media Audrey's also known as journalists who were it logical saw mates and willing to report the administrations message as news. Symbols and price are insiders who know how to poor again. The game is play. The same ills replied the price. I can name the reporters. I said ticking off a few names, a prominent washing reporters and colonists, who often tweet in Sync with White House messaging price, laughed I'll, say: hey, look Some people are spending this narrative that this is a sign of american weakness. He continued, but but what. Symbols entertained by all. He interrupted fact, it's a sign of strength. I said chuckling price. Can
You'd I'll give them some color in the next thing. I know lots of these guys, meaning reporters are in the dot com, publishing space and have huge twitter, followings and they'll be putting this message out on their own. That was the around here, but the Democrats are running on again. It was a fraud, was a scam. It was alive from day one on freedom of the press we pointed out, we remind you, we underscored we who the hell's we I do in the book. And that's why I say this book is a very, very important powerful. Force in the lead up to this election, because the as an it's not running. Just against the Democrats he's running against the media, the median the Democrats and you'll see during these two so called debates
the moderators, while some of them anyway, with some other questions, will trying trying Tell you that the real journalist dont be fooled. You know who they are? You know what they are, and you know what they're up to name a few favorites Stage, are not going to reveal them to you, but you will be able to figure it out if you're reading on freedom of the press in your watch in these debates right back, If you don't trying to reach my coming here, call me back eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven Mark Levin Radio show news to you. I wish that double chin would just disappear news Flash. Ladies and gentlemen, people look at your draw. A line simply tells your age and here's Robin from Lubbock Texas,
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or or genocide that come get your to free gifts and free, express shipping call. Eight hundred skins so for or go to genocide that come that's genocide, dot, com or eight hundred skin. Six, oh for the national debt. You know I wrote an entire book on this issue and they tributary tributaries only to it and from it called plunder and deceit. I wrote in twenty fifteen, so it's it's more than four years old. And I try to draw much attention to this, as I possibly could stood alone, their entitlement specifically I dressed, the overall national debt. And I really wrote the book for younger people. So they could understand that this is the grave threat that faces them there Duration and generations yet born.
And it's only got worse without democratic proposals. So what I've decided to do for life liberty and live in another actually decided this earlier today,. You're going to have a special guest farce. Lucas heavier Lucas Oil, MR producer, while that farce. Lucas, who started from absolutely nothing who never went to college. And created a trucking company and then later an oil company, particularly with this special additive that he made, which assists in the end in the use of oil. She actually need I scarcely an oil as you use your vehicles as a result of what he he came up with, but it's more than that. It's a show about capitalism versus socialism, liberty versus tyranny.
Did I do something that I've never done on a programme life liberty. Eleven. I opened a show of my own monologue see I dont want to use this prototype, because virtually every shown Fox does that, but I needed to do at this time. And so you'll hear monologue at the beginning of the programme, are less about twelve minutes, give or take and then we're gonna have an interview with this. This wonderful entrepreneur who started from nothing so there's real flesh and blood. The people can see real person. Who was poor and is now wealthy, not because of socialism, but because of capitalism, not because of government, but because of individual initiative And we ve got explain this more with gotta use actual examples more to get through to as many people as we possibly can to. I think you're gonna try. Enjoy, if not be fascinated with life
many and live in this Sunday. Ten p m eastern time, seven P M Pacific time. I really think you're gonna, like a chicken Anita Mark that down, I won't be here Wednesday, Thursday friday- remind you, I believe, are a wonderful guesthouse. Will. And I won't be here to remind you about getting your copy of on freedom of the press. Have you ever beginning one for relative or a friend or classmates Co worker, who are whomever ever very, very important- Summer time read his we gear up now for the battle I had. This is a crucial bow And this time, rather than only engaging the radical Democrats, we must engage their mouthpieces in the media that the purpose of on freedom of the press, so Those of you who have been in the tea party movement who were in the convention of states, move The Reagan revolution or you just comes
and about what's taking place in your country and all the lies and propaganda and funny stuff you sing and hearing this is, for. You have not taken any calls today, MR produce honourably by half. Shame on me. Well, I don't know my call screen up who do you recommend, sir. W I beseech a new jersey, go walk. Your new book iron I'm about to- and I also bought the audio and I'm gonna- go through boating. I think the iranian situation is an absolute disgrace. What what basically, both a lot of data and then to followed by the other guy Obama bomb. At a wonder, created this out on mass and basically Trump is doing his best to clean it up. I know not Sure when you look at All these years, so much has been neglected in the Middle EAST.
On the immigration and everything else that mean it's. It's an absolute it's an absolute disaster watchword. I'll straightening out at you by your correct? I mean not normally do Burma appease IRAN. He funded IRAN. I mean. Never Chamberlain didn't even do that with Germany he not only appeased IRAN. He opened the floodgates a cash to our, I mean we ve, never seen anything like this and history iron written Tromp is trying to deal with the same with North Korea. He didn't bend his finger to try and address North Korea that These were building these fake islands of the south. China sea Obama did nothing about that. You know this is all on buying. This is why I'd love to see binders their nominee president can hold back on these substantive issues. They nominate the dummy and then unload We are also looking over one. Are you all, but looking one on official Biden got to.
We are the red wretched. No Biden did not. His son got one point- five and we're gonna dig into that very very deeply in the future, because you're right that needs to be exposed for what it is. What do you call over ten million Ukraine and whatever waters me, I agree, let me Here's something how come there, not on the capital held, demanding hunter, binds tax return. How come you're not demand his bank records and by the way I need to get to this. I need to get to this. Thank you for your call, John. I need to get this judge Emmett so then who who really is say a mess as far as I'm concerned, if I can find it in time here it is its unfortunately short Bloomberg report, but I'll do the best. I can Democrats get go ahead to pro President's finances and loss it I'll keep my mind. This judges, a federal district judge.
Nothing more, nothing less his how they write it. Donald Trump lost a bit too hot, a lawsuit brought by two hundred one congressional Democrats who, when he Washington federal Court, to require that the President seek approval from lawmakers before accepts any financial benefits from foreign governments. This must be the idiotic emoluments clause, losses and a pair of. Orders issued by the same judge today, yours district judge, Emmett Sullivan, denied trumps request to halt the lawsuit he could immediately appeal Sullivan's earlier refusal to dismiss the case. The decision means to twenty seventeen lawsuit led by. U S, Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut can proceed. Do you know? That means the judge, deny trumps request to halt the loss, or so he could appeal the matter to the circuit court.
Structured! Now. It's here go ahead and do your discovering get the information you want Pre Dan Outrageous- put the brakes on it and let the president go to the APOLLO level Eventually to the Supreme Court, but there's judge can I met Sullivan decided. Otherwise. This is why support term limits for judges. In a separate order. The same judge said lawmakers can begin collecting evidence to support their claims on June. Twenty eight that Lord second Start collecting information on the president's businesses and his finances any effectively is blocked as appeal. The legislators assert trumps receipt of benefits through his far flung business holdings. Does. This is what I meant early in the programme. You look at the far flung business activities of the Obama's and binds and Gore's and Clinton's
The prior permission of Congress, the president, is not receiving emoluments from foreign governments. Shame on you, judge, Emmett, Solomon. Shame on you for allowing these clowns turn your court room in a parliament, barely circus. Shame on you! You know what the hell you're Monument clause says: some us never used, but he knows what it says: presidents, not taking a title for many foreign government, their present it's like getting. We knew Moravian from any foreign government he's got a business not only that american President's from accepting so called amendments from foreign governments without the prior permission of Congress. That president is not receiving emoluments from foreign governments. Shame on you judge, Emmett, Solomon. Shame on you for a lady maize clouds turn your court room in a parliament, barely circus shape.
On you. You know what they hardly emoluments clause says some us never used, but he knows what it says: presidents, not taking a title for many foreign government. The president is not getting renew migration from any foreign government. He's got a business not only that its inconsequential. That the people who are staying there from foreign governments. You saw my short life liberty and Levine last week, where I was with the former judge and what did he say? Mcconnell prick some Mcconnell. He said it's a ridiculous argument. What is it Mr President, as a mutual fun
or an eye array and its invested in some foreign enterprise, or some state run company somewhere else than he make some money from it. That is violating the emoluments clause, in other words it so Distant from what the framers had in mind when they emoluments clause- and this judge emmets- element. Is no genius, that's for sure, and he's no expert on the continent. You shouldn't let alone the emoluments clause makes this pathetic political rolling cause. He doesn't like tromp, two of them on the same day, on the same day,. Disgrace I'll be right, back
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Team to ninety two percent and twenty twenty nine and a hundred and forty four percent and twenty forty nine them ever in american history,. You know we have to be the most selfish generation in american history. What we are doing, DORA kids in our grand kids and generations yet born is a disgrace. Its unconscionable We're living off the work of babies yet born We are stealing their future There is no way they can pay off this dead, no we don't pay it off the left in this country, in particular, is the most selfish Narcissistic generation in american history. Not only will they not address current entitlements, current spending, which has brought us to this point
They are demanding far more spending in exile. Of trillions in trillions of dollars and they want Believe all we need is higher taxes and I'll fix it. Gentlemen. There's not enough real money on the planet earth to deal with the debt that is rising. Currently And the increase in debt being proposed by virtually every different, not virtually every Democrat running for President who you will hear they will come up with this proposal, that proposal next tax plan that tax plan, it's all phony. We have the worst politicians the worst the most gutless, the least statesmen like politicians- or I don't know- maybe it's american history as well. They lie and they lie relentlessly.
This is a one day story for the media on the debt, because the Congressional Budget Office issued a paper on it maybe in everyday story- everything proposal for spending every single time. Every single time Ceiling, it ought to be confronted rather than being asked down into the ground to keep quiet while they Can you to do what they always do? This happens Democrats and Republicans how long the Republicans control the entire Congress in Greece decades, long enough to try to address this, or maybe it's just our generation really two generations ago they did storm the beach of France.
They did fight the battle, the bulge they did fighting, which even Guam and Guadalcanal and go on down the list before that it was well worth one before that was the civil war before that many wars, but the revolutionary WAR since World WAR to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, again many others? And yet what do the people here, country, do they not care for their children and our grandchildren. I pointed out and plunder and deceit. Do you not love your children and grandchildren? Would you not do anything for them? We do not take a bullet for them and yet look what you're doing to there to their generation, your destroying them. This is why I have nothing but contempt for these crash running for president in people like Mitt, Romney and others who undermine really
fritz by conservatives to address these issues. They talk about more bending and then they lie about how they're gonna pay for well you'll just pay more time. Ladies and gentlemen, there's not enough wealth in this country. Giver. Are our gross domestic product, eighteen trillion dollar, our fiscal operating that today's twenty two trillion dollars our unfunded liabilities. Promised entitlements over two hundred. Fifty trillion dollars quitting raise taxes on. I remember now I'll be leaving the tree, bigger heading to Israel. Believing tomorrow, I will Back on July, seventh, back behind microphone here. The home base on the eighth, but I'm gonna be cast from. Therefore today, so I hope you listen when thank all of you very much. My boy it audience. I hope you'll get your copy of unfair,
the press. I won't be here to remind you and be well be well, and God bless you,
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