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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Dan Bongino fills in. Liberals are triggered, enraged and they suck and want your life to suck too. Soccer player Megan Rapinoe is protesting and not acknowledging the flag even though she plays for the U.S World Cup soccer team. Then, the furniture company Wayfair is supplying beds to the detention centers housing children at the border as they await detention. But the liberal employees of the company decided to walk out in protest because they don't want the kids to have beds because they are addicted to misery—your misery. Conversely, conservatives are happy to debate because there's more emphasis on logic so facts are fundamental, while liberals are addicted to emotion. So they'd rather have kids sleeping on a concrete floor than. Also, Robert Mueller will testify to Congress in July and Jerry Nadler thinks that bringing in a disbarred Watergate lawyer will make it look like an impeachment proceeding.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented podcast, as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now, and it's a hundred and seventy fifth year here There is a truly independent institution where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills down by their sponsorship now run only underground, bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steel of a non, describing we once again made contact with our leader. No, no! You have made contact with your leader, you have not Markel Venice out. Today, you can tell
the voice. No one can replicate the fine voice of our leader mark of it. It's thereby GINO, oh yeah, its debray he's back, spend a little bit what's enrich, spent a long time spent a long time it span maybe six months, but I am happy to be, back on the airwaves, I love more love. His audience got Richie we produce. The rich in air. We got the whole policy and here today and I got a stack show for you now, as I say often when I first how do when radio in Philly stuff some guy tall music, a radio guy said, listen now tell you what you gonna talk about cause you may not get to it, care. I hate radio rules swamp. Tell you what we're gonna talk about, whether we get to it or not. I wanted put up today talking about how do I phrase this up in a bullet points how liberals generally suck
and they are not happy unless your life sucks to riches. That sum it up, you think that's a cute little part thank liberal suck are not happy with your life sucks too Liberal there is one big enormous, argued of misery and they are not happy unless, but he around in your pocket of misery is equally stock. In the misery to showing it to get to that this week, definitely get through to. I want to get to the Mahler thing, because there are some very serious questions as Bobby all Bob, Bob. I am such a great guy, not listen, give me your service to the nation bomb all or I mean that Side of that, you did an awful job in your which on- and there are some really Syria questions to ask Bob. So am I get that you and I want to get to the immigration stuff, but we'll see how Are we go because I can get lost in topics, because I love them so much. Let's start out liberals
live to make you miserable. This is what They do liberally is synonymous with misery, with rage with being triggered all the time with anger. I wasn't even open the show with this, but I was driving back. I said the boy the producer rich, it was five o clock by PM an hour before the shall we connect. We do our thing body aid, they wanna connection, good. My dad here comes running. She goes a bad, I gonna work. Ok, of course I have to my daughter to work. I just get back in time, but I'm in a car, I'm listening to the five and a top becomes yeah I had an unlike serious and a topic comes up about. Did the soccer thing did the lady. What would repeat? No rapid, oh, what is it for penal rap on so we have this abuse s olympic team player, Megan, wrap it up. Arap, you know what I don't know where you the way and that China like mess with our name, purposive, really don't follow women sock. Maybe I should I dont rap.
Now I think Self MR producer were taken MR produces Wrap in us. We're gonna go wrap it up. So MRS Rap Amiss rap on. Oh here is on the team and is decided she puts out this little right in the middle of the? U S world cup. By the way she puts out this statement that gets caught on video where she says, and obviously due to F c c rules. I cannot repeat the whole thing she said I'm not going to be. Ring White House, it rhymes with I better go. Say what it rhymes with you get. The point will keep it up. We friendly shop, but the word starch f and ends. Energy, I would you say that one putting cares you play for the? U S olympic team and nobody cares when you it's not about you, it's not about you. Why do I always think that a world the Apis Centre of the UN
Our globe is their home. Nobody cares. I only talk about, not because I care about Megan Rep Ray Pino Rapid. No, I dont care because Megan Repine thinks you care about her and this is epidemic of the entire liberal attitude. Were liberals. It's not it's bad enough. TAT, Megan, Rapid O, is miserable in her own life. She hates the country. She doesn't she's protesting that she's even know what she's protests thing: she's wife for the? U S olympic team, she won't even acknowledged, like you're, not playing for a private team, you're playing for the United States, you're protesting what the comment. Equality watch, your gear, your protest thing, you're your privilege or something you play for the: U S, olympic team, you're gonna get a multi million dollar sponsorship deal when you win, but liberal bathe in misery and wrapping
is not happy unless your miserable to Jimmy. You oughta be miserable, so right as the, pick the? U S, actions! We world CUP team to be precise, the of the women's world Cup- is planned playing well by the way We annihilating all their opponents. They had one squeaker, but I'd say, There are no putting game. There was a deep one like thirteen, nothing that come from. I swear like a pen cap just dropped from the sky. That is. Did you hear that rich? That is really Here, that's just came from nowhere, she's, not happy unless she puts out a statement in the middle of the tournament. Sure you all miserable will not go into the White House create nobody. Aren't you there who cares? Why do you have to ruin it for everybody else? The answer is clear: Liberals need you to be measurable now enough on that, because I can
bring it on that old bear. We have a lot more to add on that other than this is so stupid. They have to constantly it's like a magnetism, of liberalism and misery. They it's like a liberal misery magnet come in come in. Get em in the misery magnet not only that for our headline for this segment, liberals like to make you miserable, aren't happy unless your miserable with them. What is going on with this wayfare protest now for those you may have missed it, have no fear, I will fill you in wayfare is selling furniture and things like that, betting in guess, couches. You get the point. Wayfare has a headquarters in Massachusetts, so liberals, the same:
by the way who are complaining about the deplorable conditions in some of these immigration facilities allegedly complain only complain when they d her trumpet that's a whole other story, I'll get to win a minute, but there were. Some conditions that were pretty awful in some of these facilities. There, children are not asleep on floors. Now, listen they came into the country illegally. There are put in these facilities. Facilities are not designed families in these cases, children I now impugning the motives of anybody in the government here they ve, been dealt in on a couple hand, but that doesn't It's not a real problem. It clearly is the problems we really do want it. You know kid sleeping on a bunch of concrete floors, whatever it may be, so the trouble ministration tries to fix the problem and does what they do. Sigh they're gonna go out and do the right thing and get some bad these facilities for these kids off to sleep on a concrete for what is the left you because they in the misery magnet daily.
Misery. They need you miserable. There is like an infectious miserable pre on or virus that infects the whole population. Anyone near the left. They want to make these bees protestors, who work at wave in this facility start cleaning out there, they're gonna walk out. If we fair, actually, cells. The government, through some profit these beds for the kids to sleep it process? What I just told you for a minute. I listen! I'm sorry the conservatives listening, but I've gotta ask you to dump about thirty iq. Points to understand this. Retreat, act to your neanderthal days for a moment drop about thirty forty iq poised to understand liberalism, you picked up a little p lips than I best a little bit. You gotta drop thirty four A few points to understand the massive stupidity of the left, their attacking trot for a problem has been going on since the Obama administration, the Infantry
of our southern border by people who choose the not come here legally, therefore have to be detained. Coming here in numbers we can't possibly handle because of it tentative set out by liberals by the way a problem been going on since Obama was in office. Truck tries to fix some of this. A poem by getting some of these facilities outfit in a more appropriate way to house kids and when Trump cards to fix the problem by get beds for the kids to sleep in the liberals, protest the buying of the pain. I know, you're scratching your head right now and going this can't possibly have happened this way cuz. This would be so stupid. It's on! Listen to me. It did that's the way this went down the liberal, misery magnet, is in infectious virus get away from any. If people you're right, it maybe contagious. There
I got a call tedious level six at the highest level of tedious trumped arrangement, Sidra, there's no higher than level six. It's been document, and I am sure that is the top level level six level sick infections are everywhere they are outside of the hot, so they have get out into your communities. We need to get kids beds. Yes, we do- You are absolutely correct: ok, let's go by the bats Watson. By them beds, let's not by them. Protests. The breadth, keep those kids on the floor. Cape of honor, for this is that, their mess all the time you got these kids sleeping on a concrete floor and clean up their mess, all the type you got, these kids sleeping on a concrete floor and liberals like it. They want a mere paid, only
you want this company could sell them bed. So I can sleep in an actual bed. They don't want beds, they don't want immigration charges, they don't want a border wall. They don't want new facilities, They don't want to fix Flores. They don't want to fix asylum. What they want is misery. What they want is misery. They lock misery, they worship misery. Bernie, I see by hey Crew, Kamel hours, paid love, misery repay no day what you miserable coming joy soccer how low care to join soccer. I've gotta protests the nationally in front of a national audience crap all over awfully nice job. You Even when the World CUP, the Saki mess of liberalism, is so unfathomable, large, it's hard the process through this radio MIKE
Yeah, I'm so Peter. I can't stand these people anymore. You can't fix anything. Can we play? soccer game. What are you crap on a flag? Now we can do that. Can trap, invite you to the widest listen. I worked in the White House. I gotta. Picture with Obama. When I left, when I was a secret service agent, they should go into the white ass. You get your family photo. He was the president. I have no problem with it when their sailor guy? Mr Prodi, you really suck you What are you shake their hair, the fight, your political fight like normal, civilized people? That's not what they are there not civilized. They want kids on concrete floors They want to win a political argument that civilised we want no more nor for Theirs bird it will not solve this problem. Other Donald Trump, this guy's tear up all these people. Solved this problem onto Donald Trump. This guy's tariff already people ale,
all of them totally destructive forces. They don't want to see squat zero? They love misery. I'd say I feel a little bit better. Now don't that was a cathartic moment, and so he took me from a ten dollar nine. But I'm still furious about Jack kid sleeping on concrete floor. We can't even sell beds the people without these lunatics haven't a twitter meltdown. How do you yourself in a mirror and say I am a liberal and proud. Don't be really don't be I mean you have nothing to be proud of sorry, If you want to give us a call, eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven at eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven but you know infer Mark, would be ban since its found
eighteen forty four hills, they'll call. It has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus the free monthly speech, digestive hailstone college in primacy indicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published in nineteen? Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job. Issues like free speech. The regulation of big tech meant, The onus on the american medical insurance system and because a man as founding principles are so important. Hills, though, offers Primus. Apps free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for Free here's. What I want you to do,
I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's an Primus. I, M p. I am I S dad. Still that. Eighty you welcome to Helstone, The gray one market made by the way have you checked out his book. Listen to this: listen all thou wouldst movement you hear that all that is my copy of March book. You may not here, because all the pages are dog years. A lot of it is called on freedom of the press. It is the finest book media, buys you will ever read. You cannot be and inform conservative in this movement and be able to talk informative without that damage. The practice- and I love the free press, so this mark, but there be stupid, and this is in encyclopedia of this stupid. It's called on freedom of the press chapters, ex about the New York Times is worth the price of admission. If you haven't read March Book, you are not enough
what about? What's going on? I'm sorry, it is a debate, Compilation of the just stupidity of the media: over the decades you will ever read on freedom of the press by Mark Levin pick it up today, the number one like forever now by let's keep it number one. Go to Amazon, Barnes and noble bookstores everywhere. Mark events on freedom of the press- please pick it up is worth your time and my personal favorite again chapter six on a New York Times are, but that is my copy: there? It is back in my hand, so before the break, I was talking Liberals. They live to make you miserable. We want to fix this image crisis at the border. There, a kid sleeping on concrete floors. Clearly problem. The trap administration wants to fix. It wants to get these participants. Please excuse me up. The snuff wants to get these kids in facilities where we can build out the properties we can build a wall. We can stop the this for coming you we can get kids and beds rather than force and liberals our natures, it they're not interested. They want to protest the purchase of beds for kids.
Folks. This is really happening. We are now living through peak stupid with levels infected tedious, infected individuals out there who hate the president so much that they would prefer children sleep on concrete floors. I'm not care Google, with story of goats I don't want to use Google I gotta be into web site. This story yourself and read it? If you have any doubt what I'm telling you it's true, they want to see kids on diesel, and why is this? This is an important point ritual here. This again, if you listen to my shoulder covered. Did you hear it again? I'm sorry to you, but some of you may have heard this right, but this is partners a reason. Why memory you remember a tombstone illnesses. Campi is like one of the greatest why I love that movie. Tombstone recur, No thinking whatsoever, is like the camp version of the wider historic? You have wider, be at the famous value.
We're doc, quality, member dot, comedies characteristic and at one point the it's not revenges after its reckoning distance. What do I promise date all want to fix the problem. They are like the dumb dark holiday. There are not too cool Dakar Frontier, the dumb darkening, it's a reckoning for them. They want a reckoning with books. They want a wreck, they want make sure you suffer for your historical grievance, your historical you're you're you're injustice of electing a better ways of electing Donald Trump. They want to punish you. They are the dumb Doc holiday. That's what this liberal class that, once kids on concrete floors, that's what they are there, that there, the dopey talk holiday, they're, not the cool, I'm your huckleberry! Dare not that time the other dopey Dakar, it's a reckoning, that's what they want. They want to punish you for voting for trouble, but they're, not
honestly knew their punishing these kids because they won't even light this company by these kids beds too because it may be perceived as some sort of Trump victory on believable, unbelievable the absurdity of this garbage. Dan Bongino with Mark Levin. You want to give us a call, eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three hundred and eighty one, one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven. Three hundred and eighty one When my you know our nations oldest colleges were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vest majority of them have abandoned their missions. Locked in the grip of politically correct They no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting the idea of objective two. They panel moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully None of this applies to Helstone College for almost two countries Hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to prove
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Labelling lie a national seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one: yes, we're back down by GINO aid for Marco been taken little break a great one. I told you before the less economic cherry pick up his new book on freedom of the press totally completely worth your time are the best I've ever read about the possible media. I said I'm I make huge first amendment advocate their repressive, great love. It there also free to be dumb. Unfortunately, they take us up on the offer. Just about every time, something back opening, where our so bad liberals, he just can't stand you. They live in
misery magnet and they have to make sure that they think they they it's a black hole of misery that they suck everybody else into their miserable, where every they're not happy. Unless misery is contagious, it's not good enough that their miserable they need to make you miserable by taking your money. They have that we have this lady, with the: U S Olympic, that they would be the soccer team. She's gotta, you know, that's just not sing. National backwater. Why has poured period? Who cares? Nobody cares? The whole world doesn't have to be miserable with you don't go to the White House, I dont care. Nobody else does either don't go. You have hard working women on their team who actually care about their country, or maybe you want to go to the White House. You have this thing with the
creation beds imitate now they want kid sleep on floors, liberals concrete floors, but why? I read this article: Miss by David. Our society in a New York posts is really good, definitely worth your time to article the gist. If it is it, is it pet folks follow me on this one go anywhere. This is worth your time covers this. Recent research study are now. You need research study. You want tobacco, they stay within this research study where they but he'd attitudes. Liberals have about conservatives and conservatives have about liberals and they keep this. Research is by the way, are not right wing folks, these hurry. If anything, either left, wingers or or moderates, they came to the conclusion that the left has a really difficult time. Understanding us now. Some of you may be sand.
Bungee? No great thanks. We already knew that now. That's not the point it gets better gets dont wishes hold on, We already know liberals don't understand this ever we already know they think we're awful people, and they just can't stand that what's fascinating, and I mean fascinating about this research study is that the effect is more profound, as liberals get more, not less educated. Think about what I just told you let that sank in for a second What'd by air wave, radio frequency us most is second to your cerebral cortex. As liberals advance in their education go from high school to college, to graduate postgraduate work, liberals become more
misinformed about who we are ass, conservative weight that doesn't seem to make sense. No, no! It makes perfect sense if you understand, what's at the heart and assets of modern liberalism, let me sum this up for you in one little golden nugget of truth. Take with you everywhere. Conservatives get liberal we think there are people with bad ideas. Their ideas on taxes are awful. They heard economic growth, their ideas and immigrants. Awful, because you said we can have open borders and a when a welfare state. It doesn't work the economics of it don't work. It's just the fact. School choice works because parents know much better for their kids. This isn't something confusing about this. We think liberals who oppose this, though, have really bad ideas and
by conservatives are really good at debating, because we're obsessed with facts and data. Well, what happened when we cut taxes before, but we can look at TAT the Reagan years. What happened? Ex revenue in the bushes what's happening now in the trumpet ministration, we can look at the effects of school choice and we debate these liberals, but we debate with them on even keel, moral ground and other We assume that about, or sometimes you know, we can go after a little bit if they say downstairs. He was so when you're talking to someone out there. You know their motives may be fine, but they just don't know what you're talking about that. Not with they do to us. Liberals. Thank you. Are bad people with ideas. You get it this this, thanks in, don't ever forget this, and it allows make sense. We think they are people with bad ideas. Liberals think we are bad people with ideas, which means what the ideas, don't matter, we're bad people and we must be defeated. We must
heart we must be spent on like Eric Tromp was spent on last night in Chicago. We must have p is written about, as I covered a piece of legal insurrection earlier today about this professor from Sunni old way. Very or this writer whenever it is who wrote the design and it be happy until he sees white people begging for food. What way? What why you sick? Are you ok and ahead? This is the liberal mindset. They think you are bad people with ideas. Therefore, the ideas don't matter because bad people must be stopped. Their words become violence when I thought those words, no its violence, because it gave him a conserve its. What that's even make sets it does to the liberal, because they think you're bad people now. What does this have to do with the fact you would think, as they get more educated.
Liberals go from high school. The college to postgraduate graduate work that they would become more informed and understand that our policies are based on a love of liberty, big our God. Given rights, respect for the dignity of every human being freedom of religion, you would think they would get that day. As liberals get more educated? They get Dahmer about who we are a matter of fact. The study indicates. This is an unbelievable that a post graduate liberal with a postgraduate degree of education is three times. More likely to be misinformed about who conservatives are then a democrat or liberal with I school education. Now you may be say, and I don't care how come as they get educated. They think we're worse and worse and worse and are totally misinformed the best it makes perfect sense when you are in a liberal with a post graduate degree, you are, as you go up,
the education reckons most of the time, not all of the time, but most of the time that educational degree of attainment is corresponds to a higher level of income anymore elite amusing. The dreaded air quotes here for this not only to me, but it is them social circle. In other words, you can hang around with the rich and connected people. So, as these liberals get wealthier and wealthier, their social circles shrinks to these other liberals with these degrees, who all are convinced that US conservatives libertarians had we don't believe in liberty their conveys where just really awful people, so they become entirely informed about who we are what we represent, meanwhile think about it. In my again, I don't wanna make broad brush stereotypes, like liberals do due to us, I'm speaking no interest in generalities in general, a high school diploma, you're gonna be in a difference
of job opportunities and ones that require a college degree or postgraduate I mean that's obvious- is not the ninth tautological to say you're in The requires a medical degree. I have nothing respect by the way, and I'm not one of these. Like virtue signalling these, I mean it because I come from a union labour household people who got eyes. And become electricians and plumbers like in my family? God bless you I'll take, as I saw that movie within seven days and Entebbe. When there are fifty revolutionaries only worth one plover that is a slight ever your darn right I'll. Take one plumber over fifty liberal revolutionaries any data- we God bless you, but when you're in when you have a high school degree, Europe probably in a social circle where you can't self icily you're going to work. Maybe in a building your bill than a building? You maybe Putney electric lines in you're dealing with people who were conservatives who were liberals? Who who knows Communist Seward? You don't liberty,
and I don't know- but you don't because of the that you're a your exposed to other people's ideas, but as you get richer and richer, these liberal self segregate into these smaller and smaller social circles, where they all feed back in a stupid loop. It's a loop of stupidity. It's a feedback hope of stupid, where they all tell each other conservative sock. Now they really stuck there really awful. What did you do to hurt? Conservatives I on monetarism, gray, wonderful. What did you do? I walked out and protests of them buying beds for migrant children have that's great what a greater and they all reinforce each other in this feedback loop of stupid. This study makes perfect sense. If you have ever been subjected to this, I did when I ran for office. I used to go, do interviews in DC and I'm not going to save what now
but it was chock full of liberals because it is a bit rich. That's like every network Firefox, so that now as it down to every network on the planet put fox, but I used to do interviews there and I ll never forget they sit there and they all talk about stuff. If it's their ideas about how often we are as if its back, I remember, sinner Pennsylvania Avenue and I was doing interviews out about the secret services protection of the of the route. The camera men are all these people are talking at this network and you're talking about something it just happened with. It was a firearm incident and are all talking about awful. You know conservatives in these second amendments, borders. Have we just don't get it and we're never addressing any of the facts and data the fact that gun ship in America's up dramatically and crime rates or down gun crime rates.
Now to the data doesn't matter to them, because you are a bad people to them with ideas, the ideas, don't matter, it's that you are bad people, your motives are horrible. They don't like you. This is the genesis of the liberals desire for you to be miserable all the time they are the dumb Doc holiday. It's a reckoning. They want a racket they want you to feel it. They want you to hurt. They need public shows of disdain for the United States. Let me go to the World CUP cave Let me make sure everybody knows by me. Not acknowledging our national anthem. Let me make sure in a public show for my own good everybody. But how much I can't stand this country, Megan repeated We put. Let me get it on tape, I'm not go into the black and white House. Let me
Actually I say that in the Middle EAST to make it about me to make sure everybody else's miserable about the soccer game, to liberals with the bad situation whereby it beds for kids and migrant facility. Rigour, protest, wayfare here, but the kids wanna bet. I don't care what women who cares just don't care baby, the kids to Sir everybody has to suffer. Everybody suffers because we're not going to give the there's no matter the idea that we can actually fix the problem by getting kids beds, which is to say
The thing to do has never occurred to the modern liberal because they hate you. They can't stand you you doubt any of this go on to rich. When did you join twitter producer? Rich? Ok, printed, MR produce a rich joint. Three months ago I tweeted out his account said followed his cat he's got like ten thousand plus followers. Now, what's your hands, I am, I know just tell me, because I went up at rich cement. The follow rich he's been on twitter, but I can tell, but I see richest tweets a lot because I follow back, I think rich sometimes is genuinely floored at these Sesar pool of hatred. That twitter is. It is raised it my rich, I'm not crazy right It is a black hole of venomous, hatred and stupidity. You may say, Why are you why? Because rich and I are in this business, you have to be on it. You have to get your shows out there.
Your content. You want to make sure right. It's a fight. You gotta, get in a fight, you can't just walk awake is the battlefields ugly. Now, if I wasn't in this business, I tell you and down no question about it. There is not a chance and eightys I would be on there. It is full of the most vile liberal. They hate you, I'm not. If we can't let s night, I know if they commit kissable last night, lay in bed. I just finished its appearance on Hannity demolishing breaks. I promise I'll get to that too. Don't go anywhere. I get some reports of on that, but I just want a chill out. You know at night it I just want to take it either so I put on usually mindless television. It's like a already show that requires no thinking at all night, so I can just kind of chill and my phone going crazy liberals, art
me on Twitter, getting fired from a job. I don't even work, I'm not get folks about making this up. I don't even worked there. I have not worked here. Six months I left at liberal celebrate, celebrate their bar judo got fired from it or a tv I did. I will give our would laugh at the start that make this is crazy. I've got fired again from a job. I have reflected from the four is a basic they want to see. You heard they need you in paying all the time, because you are bad people, they will put kids on concrete floors. They will put out a statement in the middle of the work of our not go into a black and white House because they want miserable to every body has to be miserable. Member like it is, sir of life. This is the circle of misery they are holding up like you, member here, the likening holds up the little lucky. Guess kid: what does it somebody I remember this is that it's the circle of Misery
they're gonna, happy. Unless your miserable look at these people, did you get this democratic debate tonight, which will become a litany? of why of reasons why people can't stand America Bernie Cobble Harris people to judge all of us. I don't whereby they may be. Elizabeth Warrant who's ever on tonight. It doesn't matter that here's, the genesis of other argument data, like you, data, like the country, They are tedious level, six infected trumped arrangement syndrome infected folks, and they will do anything to tell you how much they hate the country and they're gonna they're gonna fix the problem. Gosh its frustrating been fine. It's it's amazing like the third time from the taking of misery. They love it up, thereby GINO in four mark of it. If you want to give us a car, I will get your cause. I'm gonna get the smaller stuff
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Should I get a call it in the first hour: let's go to Jail Bay Let me in Brooklyn New York by brothers name is Jimmy. I love Jim, it's a great name Jimmy. What do you got for us? Buddy, the socialist and communist movement? Their goal is to get control of the means of production and to control society and control the government worldwide. They decided that, in order to win this war, the Marxist decided to get control of the means of education, the means of information and the means of communication. Through those controls there Elections election and hand when the war now we can, that is not true. Socialists are like Denmark. Ok, this clearly about Jimmy Government programmes and doing good things. You don't know what you're talking
Controlling these productions is knowledge. Problem right, as every famous economist and in human history is ever pointed out, is nailed the issue. The government doesn't have the expertise to run a business if they did, they be ambitious and not in government The means of production is a knowledge problem right, as every famous amidst and in human history is ever pointed out, is nailed the issue. The government doesn't have the expertise. To run a business if they did they be in business and not in government? That's the issue with these people there that they can't get past that knowledge problem ever if they were smart enough to be in business. They be in business be in government here. Bernie Sanders has failed in every single thing. He's done, accept being politicians and spending other people's money. This guy is gold medal winner at spending other people's, though when it comes to building is,
business and things like that, however, Bernie Sanders in a far different place, these people are total, complete frauds and hypocrites. It's embarrassing that I pretty much some that up for you here, you did a great job in our part of the nation is right on that. Listen when you say that liberals and left wing that economic policy and what they are pushing for that will collapse our economic system, but that they go You have all socialism to America has collapsed and they're all united on that's Jimmy a man brother, that's what they put. Did these people kid stand for liberty, big our God, given rights, I can't stand it is disturbing. I dont thereby GINO it for Marco may give us a colleague, seven seven, three One three at one.
Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steel of a non described filling. We once again made contact with our leader, Markovic Gamble, GINO Info mark at a great worse now, our region. Sure I'm? I was talking about how liberals just generally live in this controversy universe of misery that they are not content unless your miserable to whether its repeal for the? U S, soccer team at the World CUP wants to make sure I'm not gonna white out whether it's you know that did this.
The controversy over beds for children. That's not a controversy in all any illiberal say I want these kids their beds, these immigration facilities, they just seem to enjoy misery. I hope you caught that because it was an important segment I wanted to at the end, as well This study about, I was liberals, get more educated, they know less and less about you tellin me because they finally me social circles and they stay away from conservatives because I think we're bad people. They just can't stand here, but I want to move back as this is an important topic. We At last night, when I was on a year, it is doing in appearance on John had he shows poster debate her although over immigration I always love. Those debates has arrived oh there always are yeah. The deaf car level goes up right away when it's an immigration debate with a rather but change the topic last minute because it was breaking news it Bob Mahler. It appears now is to testify, July seventeenth, I've been getting a tonic questions. All day about, why here the Democrats doing this. What are their motives? Mahler
already Sandy's? I can testify to anything outside of the four corners of the report. I want to address two things number one why I think matters doing it. Not be a satisfying answer to you but number two, and this is important. I want you dress how this is going to blow up speck hack. Your in the Democrats face tat big number one? Why is Jerry Nobbler? The far left radical democrat chairperson? committee that want smaller there. Why is he doing this because Natalie is possibly the worst politician in american history. He knows nothing. He has mishandled so completely the case from day one that nothing he does can be, Value waded through the context or the lens of assain rational person. You you think I'm making this up Matlock thinks it's a good eye. To bring John Dene from the next.
White House up there to testify because what does he want to do? He wants to make all show, fill in the beginning of that the prefix adjective there he wants them. It looked like an impeachment proceeding, even though its not because the american public has no appetite for the impeachment of a President elected Donald Trump. The Democrats would be destroyed at the elections, but now learn, needs and impeachment proceeding. So he's been engaged in this endless charade against Trump and at every single opportunity. He has made a strategically awful move that is made him and the Democrats look like complete imbeciles. So he brings John Dene up there from the Nixon White House to give it the feel of the net of out and at the Knicks in Europe that there was, of course he resigned. He wasn't a peach nature, but to give it that feed there was an impeachment looming, but what happens? dean who has made a career out of accusing every single,
a book in present literally made a career. He makes money of being worse than Nixon job being goes up. Their makes a complete jerk of himself They answer a question about anything about the case, because he has no subject matter, expertise on the case and it clearly comes off like a stop who. Work is traded that happen Jerry Mather, who cannot remove head from his rectum, because he's just that dumb, we follow it up with a subpoena for whole picks who doesn't even work in the White House anymore. Hope Hicks was Donald Trump Communications director and during that ridiculous, absurd hearing there Democrats want to take pictures, whether another, which is just creepy creepy,. Not only want to take pictures whether natural keeps referring to who is a professional cop wish woman as not mistakes
but, as Mr Lewandowski Miss Lewandowski, where's that come from no folks, apparently matter is a rumour. Male guy and just likes them, he engages in these massaging the comments to foster rumours about hope, Dixon? What relationships you may or may not have had, while there we cannot have come off more terrible than he did that hearing even know He had already screwed up at the John Dene hearing, Nobbler, isn't it he is not, please do not review any of the actions of Jerry Nether and shift the atom Schiff through the lens of it. Television purse. I know it's hard you like well. How do I do that? I'm a smart guy. You are you listening to the show smart meds, women listen Mark of Egypt, I'm asking you again to dummy. Down and remove thirty IQ points for a moment and try to view this through the lens of an area. Then you'll think Now why Nablus doing this because meddler thinks this is
Huge political win because strategically he's a political dope is blue. Up in his face from day one, but he needs to keep it going. That's number one! Why is he doing it very simply because he's in it, but there's a second take away from this? It's gonna be a little bit more important. It's gonna be a little more layered detail when Mahler gets up there. This is going to blow up in absolutely spectacular fashion on them. How Mahler has not been put under the spotlight at all. The Mahler probe was a disaster, as I have repeatedly said. Thank you for your service to the country. Mr Mulder, you did an awful embarrassing terrible job in you grotesque witch hunt you and that hack, Andy Weissmann against the present United States. There
a litany of questions that under oath Bob Mahler absolutely needs to be asked. It's called through those question: shall we question number one Bob Waller was hired to investigate russian collusion in our electorate. Ass it? Was he not to listen to the lips listening because I know- listen, Marcia you're always welcome the call in eight seven, seven, three, eight one. Three, eight one when we haven't had a lid collar, yet they ate up, which is fine, but Welcome the call in we will put you on the air. You're welcome, all in and challenge anything. I say here you won't because you don't know what you're talking about, but I'd love to see you try so for the lips out there. That is this stated reason for Bob Mothers Appointment correct. Is against anything. I'm saying inaccurate. I know lives, I get it, you don't lie
gosh you hate us, you hatred, but try to think rationally for a moment. Put that anger ass. I try. I know it's difficult. Bob Mahler was hired as a spur. Your council, because allegedly there was interference in our election that interference needed, a special independent mine to think it through and investigate Molly was hired the initial scope memo cod We lays out he supposed to investigate Russian trying to interfere in our election. Very simple, not complicated. Maybe four lips. But why didn't Bob Mahler investigate the fact that Christopher Steel, who was Hillary Clinton? source for information that they later passed on to the FBI to spy on our trump? Why did the mother team never investigate the fact that steel cold, the State Department, told them? Ladies and gentlemen, there is a note from the state
department official that took denotes while interviewing steel. Why didn't? Why didn't they investigate the fact that steel told the United States State Department before The warrant was issued that he's sources were to Russian, this information specialists, Oh! Oh! Oh. Yeah that one's gonna sting a little bit lives than I Anything I just said: I dare you to call and challenge what I'm saying you want. Investigate russian collusion fairytales by down Europe completely exonerate Donald Trump, one hundred per then exonerated exotic headed by a legal system on all charges that drives liberals crazy at I love it. I love that drives you nuts, I loved exonerate, has its out exonerated exonerated exonerated exerted
you'd love it. I love it. I know that drives you crazy. I tweet tat like ten times a day when I can, because it drives. You that's cure that it drives you crazy facts and things like he was exert, never applied that if they want have clear time of year, imbecile, that's not how the justice system works, go get a law degree go become a cop for ten minutes this day. Court of justice in America is not not guilty. You tops right and did they charge. You know that in charge he's exonerated exonerated on a related on that, the exonerated fairy, like the tooth fairy visit your house, that I drop I appeal to my fellow pillow Mahler was hired to investigate Russian
Lucian and the real rush inclusion is already on file. It is the Democrats. Source for steel, working with Hilary steam and the FBI to get information from two Russians who are ignored. Is this information specialist ones Why does love jerk off the others? Aims blackish, like a receptive to block off trip Nick off and circle to a poor trading guys. They sources. For Christopher Steel, look at the State Department own me Oh under interview would steal. They were actual russian Putin connected people shoe on that. Where's the Mahler investigation of that I thought we were investigating, collusion nano we're not investigating Hilary collusion. Why? That's? Because it's real is that why we're not investigating Hilary steams collusion and the FBI Steel is a source who already told them. He was dealing with russian disinformation specialists.
Ladies and gentlemen, one of steel sources the russian circles actually wrote a piece actually wrote peace is covered in news we talking about. The Russians get caught into our brains screw with our election system over here all by another little TED bit about search off their source, he was involved with a russian technology project was accused by our intelligence community of stealing military secrets or who supported that technology process hold on. Let me think, let me think of me: destroy all year. Hillary Clinton supported that technology project. So, Michael, the EU. Does it sound, like collusion? Do that bill quit five hundred thousand dollars from a russian beg connected to the uranium one day, while his wife for Secretary of State sounds like collusion and may folks. Bob getting answers. Questions Bobby yesterday, Bob, you listen and Bob. Are you someone in a car with Bob Mahler turn a radio up and ask him: Hey Bob: did you
about Sakharov, Joe about Europe. Nick off, you know about the scope of our project, you know about it five hundred thousand dollar fee from a russian bag connected to uranium. One. Did you know Hillary Clinton, team paid steel who already claimed he was dealing with Putin connected Russians to get information. Bob where's that in a report Bob did we miss that I thought you were Scary collusion. I know we have good members of Congress up their gay. Jordan Meadows Debbie newness and others. Creation on the air, though, because are going to ask Bob that question. I have to get an answer from Bob on that, but I thought you wanted to call it. Seven seven three one three one and liberals you're, welcome to call and challenge anything, get ready for utter humiliation on the air, though, because I'm telling you facts are on our side, not yours and thereby GINO Info Mark with it will be
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Have you picked up a copy of Mark Levine's latest book? If you have it, you are making a big mistake. It is called on freedom of the press and use We cannot talk about this issue. One in matter. Without this, what is essentially an encyclopedia of media malfeasance check this book out. I love it read it cover to cover, as I said before, their six about the New York's lines is my favorite. It is called on freedom of the press by mark within it is most popular book in America, Barnes Ennoble, bookstores everywhere on freedom of the press by mark of it, it is worth your time. Ok, Tibet this year we talk about the Mahler probing questions that should be asked about Mahler now that we can know he's going to testify in July. Seventy- and it is gonna blow up in on freedom of the press available on Amazon, Barnes, ennoble bookstores everywhere on freedom of the press. By mark with it, it is worth your time. Ok, getting back to business,
we're talking about the Mahler probing questions that should be asked about. Mahler now that we can know he's gonna testify in July seventeen and it is gonna blow up in crap tackled fashion. In the Democrat, they think this is gonna, be some big boon to them. This is right. This is terrific. We got Malerba we keep this go all I promise you this is going to be a train wreck for them of historic proportions. Self I mentioned you that question but one should be. You are investigating russian collusion Bob. Why do not investigate Christopher Steel colluding with to russian disinformation specialists, who are right hand, man for Vladimir Putin. Why didn't you do that? Well, we didn't know I've. How did you not know we all know about it? The state department took notes about it trip. Nick often, sir whose names were there, you didn't know that you're an investigator right Bob. You had like what thirty million dollars, my twenty agents five hundred plus search warrant? You can figure this out,
you and Weissmann. Your Paypal pit pulleys, like a poodle Weissmann, this Weissmann, another complete train wreck, don't give him a pass either. That's question number one: why didn't you investigate the real collusion, which is real by the way amongst Hillary Clinton? paid hatchet man, Christopher Steel and the Russians, he already told us about why. Because they didn't want the answers. That's why here's question number two I hope, someone up on a hill and his staff has taken notes because we gotta get these answers. Question number to your pitfall. Eighty weissmann discredited hack the worst lawyer in America, Andrew Weissmann, who is been on the receiving end of criticism on almost every significant Casey's ever worked because he's an awful human being and people Oh met. Weissmann told me not just to see a crap lawyer he's just a generally awful here being a general Andrew Weissmann as well wise
what was writing a book by the way, and did Andy Weissmann tell you what he Already knew about the information, trained in the dossier way way way way time out. What do you mean then? I take a break, probably get it. This is a fascinating little recall that I'll bet you all Bobby, I'm doesn't have an answer for it, wise, whose is lieutenant than this, which, on investigation, finds out in August of twenty six teen. That the dossier is a political document paid for by the Clinton team, in other words it's up or research: it's not legitimate intelligence. What what's the problem with that ladies and gentlemen, what is possible or hired May Two thousand seventeen for liberals have a tough time. Man math, that is almost a year later. Weisman is known for a year that ca is garbage and Mahler continues to investigate it. It's
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and I ve been Florida, my studios in Florida and I, of course, in Florida you have to wear shorts everywhere as its you, no ninety, three, freeze on Christmas in love it greatest State union conservatives move down here, please we love the place its autumn. It is greatest place on earth, but You have venomous mosquitoes this thing, I'm Paul it you gotta my wife's outside the door. There's a mosquito in here what's a bit me like seven times? How is this thing Some may have the capacity to even fill up with a volume of my blood. Am I I'm not even kidding, like all my gosh find this thing, someone please think of empire mosquito all right enough about my issues, but they are many. They are legion. Getting back to the topic at hand, questions for Bob Mahler. So what about what addressed before the break Babo
gonna, testify July. Seventeenth, I told you about the real russian collusion has to be asked about, which is Hilary team, which is on the record. There is no doubt now that they colluded with the Russians non mothers just avoiding it. Secondly, when exactly did your body you lieutenant Andy Weissman, discredited, hack attorney. When did he tell you what he knew about the dossier? Basically, that was a political document and not legitimate. Tell us! When did he tell you what why does that matter, because Weissmann knew before he was hired. Did he tell mother, they were investigating the biggest oaks in american history, When did he say that we want to get the sum in your calls to in this hour, eight seven, seven, three one three, eight one one queue up Moses by the way has not yet, but just tell him we're ready role. I like this are likely to see a there. My like what you put parentheses air nice appeal to my ego perfect, but tomorrow's than a second. I want to get this version when question number three for Bob Mahler Wendy
to find out collusion was a hoax. I want an answer on the record. When did you I now collusion was a hoax. The best way, the best We have heard this summed up had Tipp congressmen from, cornea Devon Nunez who's been terrific on this, Nunez was on Maria barter. Roma's we can show on was a while ago. Maybe I don't know three four months ago, not really sure. Forgive me, and he said this line. It was great about this. He said at some point. Would Bob Mahler was hired in May of twenty. Seventeen keep the date shriek, as this will make a bunch of sense at some point when he was hired, he had acts, clearly to the FBI's entire file on their investigations, Donald Trump and his team, which I've been going on, ladies and gentlemen, since October of twenty sixteen, the FBI had dedicated it's it's its capabilities, its full powers to investigating the Trump tee, so its clear at this point that they must have a fight.
You know phone books DEC on the information they accumulate. I'm not saying it's information, that's in any way indicative of any guilt around just saying its information. If you week, if you investigate your neighbour As you know, and you are an FBI age. You think your neighbors evolve in a bank robber, any isn't you're gonna go out, get a social media histories, emails phone records months and loves rubber the old days. This is what we did at what point this part our after retired sit down with Peter Stroke in these FBI investigated? Who have this? genuinely investigating trump for months on a hoax. What does he say to them? This is Nunez sameness. Give me what you got, Gimme watcher got me what you ve got your memory. Maybe not, but he would opportune own Robert in here before you were crazy at widespread but before the new Euro losses, my Appetito, he walks into the club to talk to that source he's got that is going to do.
Your God. Did we want to give you what you got PETE at some boy, the FBI vascular, sit down with Bobby I'm in his team Weissmann. Discredited, lack attorney and clear They lay out what they have, which is what nothing nothing How do we know? It's? Nothing, don't take my word for it: the about Gmos, Word Peter strokes own tax to his girlfriend FBI. Lawyer, LISA Page where he'd literally texts are. I would do but there's no there there his words, not mine,. So I'm sure some entrepreneurial, Congress has taken notes on all this stuff and it's gonna. Data, Barbier Bobby. So, at what point? Do you down we're Peter Stroke whose taxing his girlfriend about others know they're there and get the information he has, which indicates that there is no
they are there and your investigating a hoax. At what point did you do that Bob? Are you don't have a good answer? Bob way is that all you know text about no there there. Maybe let's go to LISA Page and her on the record, testimony and capital oil. When she's asked about the dead, the progress of this by the time bomb, Alors hired, and she says by the time Mahler was hard and I quote it still could have been literally nothing meaning the case at what point Bob? Did you sit down? with your discredited partner in crime. There, Andrew Weissmann, at what point to use downward Peter Stroke in them and say you guys have intervened. Getting for six months. If there's no there there. What are we doing where's the file gimme, what you caught and they had nothing.
At what point did you realize it was a hoax? That's question why three Y got more for Bob where this is it We take a call. Let me go to Moses in North Bergen New Jersey, Moses Good, to hear Nobody. What do you got for us? So damned aid is great. I thought you my brought. I love when you do. I want you to carry on doing it. Every single day, my man, then this isn't a hoax right. You no doubt going to turn round to go and I really hate it was only way to get on here. This is a real call right now at all, not an I am a former marine and I'm a former whole may appear should go myself are not here to answer my look at this. I look at this from a military aspect, because all I know is it Devon. Nunez warned about the russian activities back in twenty fourteen and twenty lifting, and what I want to know is that the democratic clocking point, and especially the democratic candidates when President the Aki say the same exact, talking point
our country was attacked and our democracy was attacked so now. What I want to know is it. This is the case, our democracy, with attacked where the hell was Arthur fence. How is nobody asking Joe Biden? Why were you asleep at the wheel? Will you asleep at the wheel thing, this attack happened and now I want to know the same way that a marine who sleeping on post aloud and attack the happen. Who is supposed to be held accountable right now election of duty that yeah? I love this guy, MR call screen greatest call ever yes, Moses, you just nailed it. You can. I been saying this for that trying to take credit for your call. Europe. All is fantastic, but I have been hitting on this forever. You can't have it both ways: either the questions were a grave threat. Despite Barack Obama, saying hey, met an idea, if call them what their power policy back either Russia was a grave threat and open.
And by MS, you accurately pointed out completely dropped the ball or they, current, and this is a total hoax. There is Option see: there's no one see now Moses, you're, a smart guy and God bless you for your service to this country. Man. I mean that brother two times and Marines and end up working in one, for God bless you man, but the our common sense questions, and this is the mistake. Your make you're looking at does a rational human being and that is not what we have in the media, that you know that the throw March book at their March whole book is about. That's how the media is not about the facts there about gas lighting it about pitching narratives and story. The media narrative is Trump sucks and we have to hammer trop, no matter what so we will flipped back and forth tween these stories, Russia's a threat. Russia, is not a threat, Russia's a threat, Russia's, not, however, we can do it to paint trump in a corner. They are not interested in the church, but Man Moses. Thank you for the call brother, you just mail
greatest call ever he's right. You cannot have it any other way either. Russia was an enormous threat to this country, and Biden and Obama drop the ball or they did not. Thanks for the comments that was really awesome there. It is anxious Biden gonna be asked about this on a debate stage, Someone's gonna ask em, I'm not going to say I m a job. Lobby job? That's what I call. I know they call him sleepy Joe creepy Joe Floppy Joe Whenever I call him floppy jokers he flipped flop, flip plop flip lapse on everything. Could I ask floppy Joe that Joe was: was Russia a huge threat to our democracy? Yes, they were. You do anything about it. Folks, you know they tried this before right. You know they tried this before. MIKE we'll come back on to talk about this later. What mark, when my closer my book release stay put
You know this whole Russia thing is not new writer Some of you have seen a viral video. I did when I talk about this as millions of views on it where this not knew the Democrats try this against Mccain and others. None of this is new Tropic, just the first one given the double barrel middle finger and fight back. None of this is new, we'll talk about than another dead, but I promise you. The evidence is all over the place. They ve tried this before again question from dollar: when did Devon Newness said appropriately? When did you see down with the people investigating Trump and get what they had, which was,
nothing according to their own words, it was a bunch of useless information pointing to trumps innocence and its teams innocence, not their guilt. When did you do that at losing track of my questions, I may have a number for whatever number five: how come in your up at peace, known. As the Mulder report. Ladies and gentlemen, the Mulder report is not a serious document. Ok, if you if you believe that I'm sorry I you know, I have a bridge over here and Stuart I'll sell for you- super cheap, Dounia Florida where I live. I'm sorry. You believe that that you think this is some kind of a serious document. I have read the Mulder report. I've written two books on this case, I understand the facts and circumstances of a great sources. In this case you go back and listen to my shows from a year and a half ago. You would think they were recorded. Yesterday we nail this thing from day. One.
The Mulder report is not a serious document. It's a four hundred page opinion. Peace by Anti Weissmann and dollars team to make the president look bad. What do I mean by that? And how does this leads to another question for mother. Mahler includes in his document a series of lorries? Narratives data points that granted reflect poorly on the Trump team, but they reflect poorly on the Trump team, because the context of what happened is left out. And key points are left out to make it appear that what happened in there was of justice or collusion when it wasn't? What do I mean by that? I know that was a little bit complicated. First on the obstruction thing he leaves out the above
charging charges pure utter nonsense. Trunks been exonerated. I know that tries to liberals crazy, he's been completely exonerate. The case would be embarrassing and court. Ok, there are some key Points about this that he leaves out of the document number one he leaves out. Extensive testimony by FBI, officials, Mckibben others about obstruction of just you say way way way way way. Let me get this straight wrote part two of the Malerba notice, the Mulder report. He wrote part two about obstruction and left out. On the record, testimony of FBI officials actually about obstruction? Yes, yes, he did. He left the details out. He left him out. He doesn't go into detail about Andrew Mackay, FBI, deputy director and acting director. One point two
defying to descended remarks. Rubio. You could see yourself on you too, testifying under oath that there was quote no effort to obstruct the investigation. Why? that would be kind of key to put in the rapid? Would it not if you're writing it bed piece about obstruction to actually put in there that the deputy director The case there was no effort to obstruct its investigation motherly. The circumstances in the details of that very opaque because he's writing it up at. I got more. I'm gonna talk about more this on the other side of the brain. Give me give me a call eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven liberals welcome to call in two hundred and eighty seven, seven hundred and thirty, eight one thousand three hundred and eighty one when I'm Dan Bongino for Marco, then we'll be ban you wake up and
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I am dot com offer code, Levin Motorbike Remarkable, showed their Bonn GINO in remark always enjoy being with your it's been a long long time. So it is good to be back here before the break. We're talking about Mahler questions for smaller and this July. Seventeenth, where hearing where he supposed to appear and I'm a little myth, you can probably tell because we had a liberal who dare to call in eight seven, seven three country it by one and he hung up? It was your moment to shine body. It was your moment in the sun and you blow it. You drop the ball. He called then realize you know what I had the beer muscles and hung up right before we get it, but we an open line, not many eight seven, seven three at one three one when I get to your calls regardless liberal conservative, but I would like to hear from someone on the other:
area, who would dare question the facts in this case, because the facts not lie, liberals do so before the break. I was talking about how aunt ok, the deputy director? The FBI, has already testified under oath Marco Rubio? Look it up yourself lips. I know. That's tough for you, facts and data and seven: oh, you been immunized to that kind of stuff, but he is already testified in the case that there was quote no effort to obstruct this investigation, when you again that the Bob Mahler opinion peace notice. The Mulder report is a disgraceful sham smaller conveniently leaves a lot of this information. Out of his analysis on is fake, obstruct
in charge for a crime that never happen, but there's it even worse angle. To this, not only did the FBI deputy in an acting director running the case testify under out. There was no effort to obstruct this investigation trump. Actually, asked Jim call when he was the FBI. Director asked him himself, not from my notes Sunday about Gmos. From commies own notes. Trump asked him to investigate any one of his quote. Satellites that may have been involved with any kind of collusion with the russian Saying code would be good to know that, ladies and gentlemen, how in your right mind if you're a sane thinking human which isn't a lot of liberals. Unfortunately, I wouldn't you right mind is the deputy director. Saying underwrote, there's no effort to obstruct and
president of the United States asking we derive. Through the FBI to personally investigate his team. We thought you were any of his quote: satellites involvement: how is that obstruction? Where do we go like this is a tedious level. Six infraction level six b highest level of trumped arrangement syndrome for you too, We need this kind of stupidity. It is clear as day this obstruction thing is an even bigger hoax. Then the collusion hopes and thankfully Trop has been fully exonerated. I love that tries to crazy, fully exonerate, isn't that great, like now, but Molly caught a charge of, but he didn't but he didn't charge him. Why? Because he had nothing and Molly knew it. He wouldn't dare Bob Mahler, their drag this case at the court, because Bob Mahler and his team
of legal hacks would have been humiliated in court on this nonsense, obstruction charge. I've got even more on that done yet more questions for Bob Butler and his team of liberal Albion Bongino, thereby GINO Info one in and eighty Give me three one: three women call it. If you want to join, now run underground command, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steel of a non, describing we once again made contact with our leader back up their budget only for Mark Levine folks. By the way there is a new Levine tv tonight so be sure to check it out and do not miss more
I have it on tv, your because some thousand selenites not home, and I watch it right away, but do not miss life liberty of in and P M Sunday night on the Fox NEWS Channel Marco, more tapestry. What's his name rich farmers, but a pull up your email, so rich email me earlier, because I'm looking forward to this to our forests Lucas and are going to talk about socialism versus capitalism. My favorite topic ever in the history of topics, don't miss that life liberty and then ten p M Fox NEWS Channel on Sunday. You know up somewhat before we were talking about Mahler in these questions about this ridiculous mullah report. I was going to testify in July seventy than how the whole thing is a scam. His report is a joke. It's a four hundred page appeared opinion peace designed to give the Democrats material to move
Within impeachment trial against Donald Trump, that was the whole purpose. Mother didn't run a legitimate investigation. So I'm giving you a bunch of questions that, hopefully people will ask, will put out there to their congressional representatives to to get asked of Bob Mahler when he's up there in July. Seventy brought up a couple face. The wife how steel was dealing with Russians? Why that russian collusion was investigated? Why no one's addressed the fact it Andy Mikhail set and the role that there was no effort to obstruct why Jim Commies memos indicate that Donald Trump personally asked for his team to be investigate, If there was any russian collusion, doesn't sound like an obstruction charge to me, but here's another ringer for you, folks, Jim Baker, s I could go on all day about I've forgotten more about this case that I think Bob Malo even knows it's embarrassing how awful their opinion peace was. How can you say that because this stuff, not in his report, Jim Baker, FBI lawyer personal friend, Jim combing. He has asked
under our storing his testimony was Donald. Try tall deep, is personally under investigation. This is important. Don't forget this one. And bakers, says something amazing. He says no, not only was he not pull that that he was under investigation. As a matter of fact, he was told the opposite that wasn't under investigation? Folks, liberals try for a second to let these facts penetrate your six inch thick skulls. This is important. So now we know the deputy director, the FBI is said under oath, that there was no effort to obstruct this investigation. I read that the Mulder report you, Mr Cook, decided there. You really without a little trouble asked Jim call me you investigate his quote satellites. Anybody who may have been involved in this, but we now know that tromp was told he wasn't under investigation.
How can you invest the obstructive investigation that you'd only thank you the subject of what he was dropping investigations into others that might liberals while there that's all she was obstructing someone else's investing. What do you mean resting, usually ask Jim call me to investigate you mean that one, the one I just told me why you're. Really getting confused now lives right. Your heads are spent in right now, it's the the of the flaming Elmo of Fire Diffee on Twitter, you We don't know where to go now. So not only these Donald Trump ask Jim call to investigate anybody at his team who make up the something nefarious trappist these not personally under investigation, and you still think he was an obstructing investigation. The someone else why? I'm all painlessly, asking that someone else to be investigated that probable? makes sense. The liberals, if you're an imbecile, liberalism is the religion of the stupid. It requires you to take facts and put them on the shells and worship
golden calf of stupidity. Spock Mahler going to be asked that question here, but you know Jim FBI. Lawyers testified underwrote that Donald Trump was told he wasn't under investigation. How did we have shown that investigation. If he was told he wasn't under investigation, can you can you walk as true that Bob to take as much time as unique Bob. Maybe your body, the wise woman could tell us about that.
Well, I've got more, I'm not gonna. Let me take this call the eight seven seven three one three moment: if you wanna, join, let's go to tailor in Athens, Alabama Taylor, you run with the about you know what you got for us. Could question number one: how can we haven't heard a single act, the moaning about on an wife never to why is my mother so hesitant to testify, because politics, even though it then it all report that he actually you two important fell number democratic, pointed rather mauler to stay for the entire reputation. Why did they not believing that there was no evidence of coups in which warrant mother actually set under out before the committee? ok. Let me addressed as a good questions. Let's go one by one, so you first is: why is it wise men up their testify? Taylor, bingo excellent question? Andrew Weissmann was the lieutenant in this case. Andrew Weissmann is thought to be the
genesis of these ridiculous legal theories? They used to fabricate this bogus obstruction charge? Why is he not up there? I don't, a good answer to that he should be up there. You are right, he get an awful job. Andrew Weissmann embarrassed himself and the legal profession oral question. You asked about the report. What was in the report Smaller, not familiar with. What's in the report, all wise, proper mauler actually had the catastrophe pretty. Yeah. I know, but you answered your own question you. What were you so I don't think he's a familiar with what is in his own report. Taylor. You nailed it. I think you you answered euro I should not sure Mahler is. Is the what's the best way to This. Is the monarch of this thing he companies name is on it. He comes off like king, like he was running this thing, I think Weissmann die
In eight of this investigation from the start should be called the Weissmann report. I think you're right, I don't think Mahler is intimately familiar with the details of the case and is afraid to be embarrassed. I think that is the reason and for you brought up one final question: what is the lessons of good sort of China weighted down? But you are, there was listening to your question about quickly number three, while democratic pointed guy complicate Robert Mauler honour. Why problem? Although what bear guy yeah yeah yeah yeah, are found tat honour our competitor committee, no avenue preclude even go to turn about at point. I gotta tell you: why is it that the democratic doping working collusion when Robert Modern felt that dared nine? Well, because their crazy, I mean, as he did? They really did there so infected with this eighty trump, and They don't have anything. I think they have to hang there had on something for the last two years they ve been promoting a conspiracy theory. The trump colluded with the Russians. They dont have
the US is nowhere else to go. Trop has been fully exonerate on all counts. They will not prosecuted, any charge. Cuz there's no evidence there why? Because they don't they just don't have anything they ve tried. Everything tell it thanks for the call of this great questions, I appreciate but I want to bring up one of the thing just kind of piggybacking off. Tell us call there. They ve tried everything. The Democrats have tried promoting collusion. It fell apart, tried to promote obstruction that fell apart. Exonerated on both counts, so now they're trying to promote through Bob Mahler after is ridiculous press coverage. This theory: only reason the president was prosecuted for obstruction. Bob mother said this absurd press conference. Where Because the oil see office of legal counsel, guidelines prevented Bob Mahler for measuring indictment against. Present wrong again Bob Bob told multiple witnesses in the Department of Justice who stated on the record. They had to issue a clarification later that the, Elsie guidelines were now
the reason he did not attempt to indict Donald Trump. The reason they didn't it can't die. Donald Trump is because he was exonerated. There is no case for obstruction. That's why. Mahler must have forgotten. Is Taylor pointed out what he question too, there's more you know what's in his own report, mother must forgotten himself that he told bar each all bill bar the attorney general and multiple witnesses that the policy guidelines had nothing to do with it. I heard one it was on fox- and I repeat this talking point again- it is categorically false. They issued a correcting statement later. That is not the reason Bob Bawler did not try to pray.
You drop out of structure because there was no case. He was exonerated. That's why Rosen Stein bar looked at it. There was no case the cases, a joke. It was a hoax and that's why now more questions for Bob, here's, a duty So we found out due to the excellent reporting of John Solomon detail a couple of weeks ago. I covered this extensively by the way that one of metaphor metaphor, when a modest targets, Mahler can't stay. Notes of mothers web, which aunt into manifold and others is, he goes aftermath of Fort repeatedly in the Mahler up had noticed them. There shouldn't be any in yours either. Would not be in jail right now, if it weren't for his political police. He attached to the Trump team that.
A reason that in and of itself is a disgrace and in a barrel mature democracy. No question about that matter would not be in jail if it weren't, for the fact that he was alive did Donald Trump. Now, what a more interesting notes of mothers. Web witch hunt into manifold and others is, he goes after a ITALY in the mall rob, had noticed the Mulder report for his Conti contacts. It she's me with a guy by the name of Constantine polemic. He constantly impugns thing character and makes reference to man afford this alleged collusion with Colombia, because culture it is alleged to have ties to russian intelligence. Now you be listening on Withdrawal Dan? What's the problem? If man affords contact this guy polemic who contact with Russians, then you know: mothers investigating russian collusion there. Are you claiming you have an issue that I don't
I have an issue with and the next question for Babylon enough, this question six or seven whatever were up to now. Is: why didn't you know in your mother report that Constantine Calumnies served as a source for services source for oh this state Department under Parag Obama yeahs. So let me get this straight bob constantly column makes contacts with Paul man, our grounds for your impugning, the man riding him up in a report as if he's a russian collude, but you leave out the fact that this, same guy constituting polemic. Your alleging is some russian polluter. Also a source of information repeatedly for Barack Obama's State department. None of that collusion matter did it Bob. Is anyone going to ask that question I would
I do not think so, because the site is brigades, seven, seven, three one three one went up, thereby GINO Infer marketing ban. Margaret showed their loves. You don't feel from our greatest gentlemen. Have you failed to pick up marks book on freedom of the press has been number one on the New York Times this seemingly in perpetuity, because it is an amazing book. Go pick this up. Is a stunning indictment of the media malfeasance we ve been subjected to in this country for decades. The title the book is on freedom of the press. By mark or love, Then those middle name is. It began with an hour mark our love it on freedom of the press, chow there's six my personal favorite about the New York's lines? This is: much red book for the front lines of freedom,
you want to know what the media has been up to this, and we will do their rights to a free press? But if you want no, what they did with that defence of freedom. We provided for them read this book on freedom of the press is that's my copy right. There previously were advance copy that might lead to say that a site. So I got to read it. I guess, because I just did and no one but the zoom out of that on freedom of the press. Go check it out: Amazon, Barnes, ennoble bookstores everywhere when the best books I've read this year and that's the reason it still gonna be number one in New York Times excellent work by mark of an ok. Getting back to my questions for by there are a bunch of anomalies in this entire Russia hoax, which is a big scam. It is the biggest scam in political history. Thankfully, the press has been exonerated making fools out of liberals everywhere conspiracy, We hope to meet. How do you watch MSNBC anymore, how Mister
How do you turn on CNN Msnbc watch it with a straight face? I may think about a right you're in this business. A long time not so long, but long enough. If, on my show, every single day I can now with a conspiracy theory that the world was going to end on December fourth, twenty eighteen there, Going to be an alien evasion, I was sure of it. I had government, documents laying out the invasion is gonna, be like battlefield, LOS Angeles. I knew where every alien was going to go. I have the documents I have a source. This is, Claire. I am stating my credibility right. If I were to do this on my shop and December, Twenty eighty passes and there is no alien invasion? Are you with a straight face if you're a person with even a modicum of dignity tuning show again triggered lips lovers. Mr producers. I paid love getting trigger. That is their thing. They bathed in being
They bade in this anti trump animosity and even know MR producer. They know that No, they ve been lied to because the alien invasion never happen essentially, the russian collusion. They all told us was real, was the biggest hoax. Moroccan history with not a shred of evidence that it happen, these watch the show, because you are right, MR producer is correct. They love, the Tunisian even know their lied to because they loved the year going back to the first hour. Do you like it? We try to because they think conservatives are bad people with ideas. We think liberals are people with ideas, so they tuning, even though they know Rachel mad cow the CNN crew has lied to them, George bands CNN. They know unreliable sources, Ho Brian and otherwise no k, George, you state that a great job and Seinfeld he's amazing.
They have been telling you this forever, that this collusion was real and when it was determined they were promoting the biggest hoax in american history. Lib still care they just now. Madhouse ratings have taken a severe but she still amazingly gets viewers who watched this toll. Complete clown show? It's a clown, show shows like unreliable, so nobody actually watches that that audience has tens of people tens of people. How can an airport? Nobody said, even on the weekend of some day, read you remember where you stand Do you remember what he said a Markov envisage conspiracy theories for saying there was a Pfizer Europe, reawaken there's a pull that war that was Grey was epic, So what are the finest moments in television watching could on CNN humiliate himself by saying? No biology ever Mark Levinus,
piracy tears for say it is a fine nope, no apology. Custodians is proud of himself and you're right. All these jobs will turn into a show the tens of people in his audience. I'd swear by take my youtube, gets a bigger audience? Think stanzas show on CNN he's decades that bad it's? Why do you watch these people? They have lie to you for ever they are making this whole thing up. They have. Up from the start and on the other side of this break, I've got a bunch of questions still for Bob Dollar, kind of a wanna, because this is an important one there is a critical meeting that happens right before the first Pfizer warrant, Pakistan's said, didn't happen and Mark called accurately about a month before at first Pfizer warning. Sign. There's a critical sitting at the State Department, with Christopher Steel
He destroys and decimates his own credibility, and it turns out people the F B. I knew about don't go anywhere because remember this is their source. They used to spy on the twenty. They knew. This guy was not credible and they ran with it anyway. I'm thereby GINO it from our common give us colleagues, seven seven three, eight one three one month right back. Yes, it's true Marshall event is the fastest growing radio show in America at all, events show always on that. Eighty seven seven three, eight one, three eight one one now I welcome back the mark of in showed them by GINO, The great one big, surprise, big, surprise, no enough for me for Mark its mark shown up
mark will be next week will be broadcasting from Israel that should be solid. Looking forward to that, don't miss the shows Mark Levine from Israel. Next week to produce has been doing a great job set that up nice job hat tat, Mister producer and the staff over there? You guys are all great thanks for having me now. It's been a while I've always happy to be back. I haven't spoke to marks terrific bodies in the lungs that he has the most loyal audience. Everybody Really I mean the people listen eleven. I get whenever amount there at events like I go do speeches, sometimes people really really really love mark and it's been an honour to com, a friend for a while now riches, while a rich video there too, it is a great deal- ok. So before the break, I told you I had a really astonishing piece of information. You will not see anywhere in the mainstream media because they are Kneedeep neck deep invested in the russian collusion hoax conspiracy theory, even to this day,
and I said we gotta- ask smaller a bunch of questions. I think this July. Seventeen testimony by mothers prepared to give is gonna, be an explosive bomb enough for the Democrats before the Republicans I dont think truck. Many member of his team should run away from this. This is good to be a disaster for the Democrats, because Bob Mahler won't have the answers to the questions I ve been discussing throughout the area can listen marketing the pod gas three one. If you want to hear the other stuff I mentioned. Here is an interesting question from other some mothers source for this information and the FBI source and Hilary source, which conveniently is all the same person Christopher steal. This now discredited former british intelligence Aden, who puts together, which noticed describe it in a leading, liberal terms, ripe. He puts together this dossier, its discredited of garbage, nothing it? It is factual other than the fact that Carter page has been to Moscow, which is not, in fact a crime and entirely irrelevant towards telling the story so he produces stock.
This risk Theo makes the mistake, though, of going to the State Department in the beginning of October, and he talked to a woman over there by the name of Kathleen Cavalier, who takes extensive notes on her briefing interview with Christopher Steel, Christopher Steel. Again, Who is the right now? As far as we can tell the primary source of information for this in I gave drama on the Trump team right? I'm Alors investigation do we know he was investigating parts of the dossier which, to this day, is entirely deposited discredit he tells Kathleen Cadillac about two three weeks before they, the first phase of war and a sign that Michael Cohen trumps lawyer went to Prague to coordinate this whole collusion thing to make. Some cash payments is important. Follow me here, because I'm gonna tell you how Christopher Steel discredit himself and if the F B, I would have done basic home.
Basic homework on this case, they weren't interested, they would have found out right away that their source was a liar, so steel tells cavil. I can she takes a note on it. That Michael Cullen went the Prague to coordinate this whole thing make some payments this Russians and they were going to get information on the Dnc Hilary and all the southern garbage or what's the problem, the problem is in a memo only a few days later that compose it said that that's pieces of the day. The memo the dossier is basically seventeen or so memos, one of the men was written days after that meeting Christopher Steel. That is source told them. They are unsure where the meeting occurred. Well, how is that just ten days earlier, you told capping.
Like you, we sure that Cohen met this guy in Prague. Why what Hap think it through folks think it through for a second. Kathleen Cadillac during this meeting is checking the travel histories and our state department, computer. The people Christopher Steel is telling her about. She's checking the travel histories of a couple? Russians you! So how do we know this because she's taking notes about her checking their travel histories. There's a portions notes that are blacked out. What do you think is in those notes? I am almost positive with underneath those reductions are her checking Michael Cohen's notes are checking steals, knows about Cohen travel in finding out the coins never been to Prague. In other words, Christopher Steel is making it up So what does he do in a component of the dossier later he submit? Another Another memo, that's
oh they're kind of unsure about the location out folks. This I was making it up and when the information was checked by a state department represented who's, not even a criminal investigator was checked at a basic level. It was found that that this guy was a fraud even worse Steel tells collect the State Department official before the fire during the interview that this Fire thing is being coordinated out of the russian Consulate in Miami. What's the problem with that statement, ladies and gentlemen. There is no russian consulate in Miami which Catholic indicates in our notes. Their source was garbage When did Bob Mahler find out that christoffersen?
as a source the FBI was paying, was full of you get the rest. Let me take a call and I want to get to one final thing after the call one other component and Malo leaves out of his peace, maybe two why bathed in question said conveniently left out of the mother opinion peace known as similar port? Let's take dug from Huntington California dog you're out there, but you know what he got for us Dan love to talk here. Hey. Let me get right here in the Mulder report, He claims that the intelligent on Papadopoulos came to them on May sixth yeah, but the downturn meeting the aims omitted Rachel may tenth yeah. For that yeah. You know where I met with George out in California not long ago me and my wife had.
Dinner with him and Simone, and I asked him about that. It is made ten, that's confirm, desserts folks say when the dog s a pretty detailed knowledge of the case. Obviously I got it. I don't go anywhere, but What is the problem in the Mulder report? There are clear errors. It says a meeting that George Papadopoulos had happened on May six. It did not folks, it happened on May ten. One of the mysteries out there, which Doug called about it. Why is at an Doug, I don't good answer either either does either does George are the only thing I can think of. Is it either it's some kind of a clerical mistake because it was so obviously there. Some theories out there about what is motives may a bit, but because we need, I don't I don't believe them, because its an obvious mistake, you'd get caught on that you'd. Mothers motives were not good either was Weissmann are not defending Mahler but they're, not dumb. I mean they're, not gonna. Put that thing. It makes such an obvious glaring mistake on purpose. I think it was just a mistake, but
shows the shoddy incredibly terrible work. They did for it. Team of supposedly elite investigators and lawyers, but I don't I mean what the What do you think? I don't know why? I have no good reason why they would have done that sexual was when he got that invitation to meet downer from Erika Thomson. Yak enhance and she was. She was posing as downers aid money back. She was She was australian intelligence, yeah George S, interesting theories on that too, but I gotta die it's a great question. I really it's a fantastic call to. I took it first, It is it's another anomaly. I just don't have a good answer. I appreciate the collar dog, excellent call and again another problem with them all airports. Hopefully, when he's up there on July seventeen we can get that that answer what you know-
Did you screw that up and how do you get the date Rog of the one meeting that supposed to be the scent sphere target? I let me take another copy women older for a long time. We take MIKE in Fairfield, California ring it up Ray MIKE Europa there much you know when you got for us there thanks here, take my car and thanks for your serves to this country. God you paid for buddy. I appreciate, but thank you very much and I see to say that I thanks a lot with Ebay Retarget about James Baker and emails. It was brought up it. Baker wasn't it Union Hilary, should have been indicted. Yes, who ruled that had to have been call me because, remember the we have just this head, Loretta Lynch at the time already said by the time. This go that she's gonna take the opinion of call me which, by the way, is not even appropriate for her to do target decisions. My are always made by
remit lawyers they are not made by age. I was when I was a federal agent. You don't get to walk into the government attorneys. We call me His assistant, United States, attorneys and United States attorneys. We don't say to them. Here's what we're gonna prosecute you you're, not you can make a recommendation but Loretta Ledge fitted her power are ready to do. That said I'll. Just take the advice of Jim call me, which says to me that who overruled Baker and had to have been Jim call me don't see. Any other way call me gets out of that countries in the world the trouble by the way, but that has to be but you're right Baker did say that that he was the opinion, and I'm not I'm so sure about that by the way that he Of the opinion that Hilary should in fact have been charged- and I think. Evidence against service absolutely overwhelming, and you know I can't get it bakers head, but Just don't see that squaring with the true improvements can be a quick reason. Why, MIKE bakers really tight, which comedy FBI director very tight.
Maybe he said to one point: hey Hilary looks guilty. We should consider this ever really hard time. Believing He really push the case. Would call me, I think, call me when I heard about so. I appreciate the call, though, make another great question callers and Mr Cost reader nice Nice work very solid tonight. These are a plus calls very, very well that yak chop it. I said I the tube two more questions for Mahler, but to try to squeeze them. Maybe we'll try to give you another culture when a pact, the last fifteen minutes to the shop, another thing by Mahler conveniently leaves out which he should be questioned about. Is he talked at length about this infamous Trump tower meeting between these Russians and Don t you he goes on and on and on any reports everything in there I mean it. We
He was details. You don't need to here to make it appear that tantrum Junior was guilty of some kind of collusion, despite the fact that Donald Trump Junior's been open and honest about this meeting he released. Because he has testified up on capital on my killer. You deleted or thirty thousand euros, but that's a story for another day. So, to be clear, Mothers, opinion peace notice, the Mulder report, he talks about this transfer, meaning that the russians- and it's always through the lens of out nefarious. This is meeting with these evil. Russians is russian lawyer and this russian connected intelligence official, but Bob Mother leaves out a key point again, which I'd love to have brought up at the hearing body. You want to answer why you out. The fact that the russian lawyer that showed up to that meeting that you claim is so nefarious or try to appear in the character of Don trumped Junior, that russian boy was working for the company working for Hillary Clinton to gather gather up negative information on track. How about that Bob? So let me get this Meeting with this russian lawyer,
and exchanging no information of value whatsoever is worthy of but nine ten pages in your mother rapid, but the fact that very same russian lawyer, it saying is a really awful horrible mean person actually was working. For the team higher by Hillary Clinton and met with them before? After that's not worthy of even a page, a sentence, how bout a word anything Bob, the answer is no, because mothers, peace is garbage. It is a broken horrible up at peace, where all of the key facts in detail which our scope, a Tory towards Donald Trump, Team are conveniently left out to make him look bad and that's why I laugh when people like fake libertarian, just a marsh republican congressmen for Michigan, says I read the report. I did read the report its. What's not in the report that even worse, maybe you should read the facts by folks. Omby Amby, GINO Info marketing
we'll be back here, says, ban the fact that passes the twitter turn a break up, thereby GINO word for work with it, and I was like a cable can eighty sad twitter followers are in our trump campaign. Spokeswoman are using carry on fox, and did you know the damn That debate is happening just in a little while tonight, the democratic, their contenders for the presidency, and it looks like besides there's more shrub support, there's like a trap rally, airport shrub supporters outside of this debate- that I Their Democrats, it's a baby kitty is all but your people
right socialism Chad's great, like really nice. Just one thing about trust me: you know he loves me, can't stand them whatever, but gas trump supporters are loyal. They will show up it really funny. Go check that I worked you time, checker out onto an eye this in one last point here I want to make about the smaller Testimony he's about to give on July. Seventy please listen. His whole show. I have a bunch of questions I laid out. It is a road map to dismantling the Mahler which, on he will not be able to answer the questions. I propose, because the answers will reflect very poorly on him and his investigation,
one final thing, the reporting of John Solomon over the hill is excellent. Is worth your time. You don't follow him on Twitter on at the hell. You make a mistake. He is fantastic, any noses stuff. Solomon reported a few weeks ago that there are a couple of documents. The F b I used to butchers their case to go, look out and spy on basically trumpeting. That dossier was one of em but another document. Another document they used was this alleged allege or not. It was an actual ledger, but Davy the truth or or falsity of it was always in dispute. This ledger showed a series of cash payments, diplomatic effort. When I go into the details, because I'm short on time to many of the bottom line is, these were suppose the illicit CAS illicit cash payments and these payments were document on this document in Us Ledger, and his ledger was being used to investigate metaphor, who was one of mothers primary tar
ok. What's the problem, what you pay for that! Well, someone! She s Bobby somewhat, should ask Bob Bob: when did you find out that the Ukrainians, who gave us that ledger about these illicit cash payments? To metaphor, when did they tell you that those that ledger was was a fake document that document was, it was not real, was not genuine result authentic. When did they tell you that the document it's like the dossier was another hoax. Ladies and gentlemen, yes, another hoax. One in a led me of hoaxes hoisted on acts of FBI, agents by Hillary Clinton connected officials working with you, Romanians and other Russians to hijack our justice system? They get an investigation into Donald Trump, going with shady evidence that was never authentic,
verify whether small or going to tell us about that rich. We have time for a quick question here. When collar I wanna take Bob. Let's make a quick are, let's take Bob and Neptune been old and Bob Neptune New Jersey around with thereby GINO Bob make a quick. I got about a metaphor, but what you got here there s this all investigation, which started because the Russian sat the elections openly. Why? I would like to know why, the most important question for Mallory. Why did the f b I never and why did Mahler, never examine the Democrats. Computer service yeah yeah, MR calls greater again platinum level, work Bob! Thank you for your call. Another
one question: why did Jim call me when he was asked under oath again I've written two books on ass? I have this library of stuff in my head. I have to get it when he was asked under what's the best way to analyze the server. If you can say that the and see serve was actually said. Well, we want the servant. Regional. What why don't you get that one they never looked at the DMZ server folks ever despite saying it was the best practice to do so biggest scam ever suckers believe in this collusion oaks, suckers dopey a sucker. This is a story, told the idiots who, sadly believe in this not says so cool So completely ridiculous others, the music, the show of already rich she's, my gosh, my radio muscles- are a little voucher feel a bit I do in our am. I shall modestly
Folks, you want to find out more about me. Go to bomb GINO. Dachau would be sure to pick up mark of its excellent, fantastic, wonderful new book on freedom of the press.
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