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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Brian Mudd of WJNO fills in for Mark. Where is the spike in suicides coming from? Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain get media attention when they commit suicide but the CDC is reporting a 30% increase in suicides since 1999. What happened around that time? With respect to our schools, the Department Of Education began in 1980 and the U.S at that time was second only to Australia in education, today we're 17th. The eradication of God and values in the classroom was around that same time. In 1999 Columbine shooting took us by surprise, and now we have a generation of people that have grown up with social media. Could it be morality or the lack thereof? Why aren't we looking at addressing the root of this evil? Consistent decline in outcomes in education since 1980. Later, Trump is at the G7 today. He blasted other countries for imposing high tariffs on the US for decades. Finally, after the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school shooting; bump stocks are gone, their manufacturer is bankrupt, and the State of Florida has introduced new mental health safeguards. And interestingly, gun owners are more law abiding than non-gun owners. Guns don't kill people, gun-bans kill people.

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Now, let me underline that the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a non described filtering we once again made contact with our leader awaited. I was able to make it through their time, and this is the true was my faith in God. I knew that one day he was going to bring me out and I live my life within toward one. They walk out of those doors, a free woman and the day that I get the news. It president drop it granted. I clemency and give me a second chance in life was a best day of my life. She's the key word and she's
tromp in the same breath. I think it's worth side to the left these days. By the way you think God is more propane or or do you think, tromp is a little food for thought by the way. I any any folks intellect welcome to us to call on eight seven, seven breed one thirty, eight eleven Beatrice it to get your thoughts on now want dd, bigger profanity. Is these days God or or tromp? I'm gonna walk you through the key Spade Anthony Boardgame suicides the spike in suicides generally the lack of morality in our schools, the lack of Marie In our society and tied together, what's been going on with the violence in our schools, the violence in our society, the spike in suicides- and if that sounds a little convoluted, I don't think it is so we're gonna get to it, but
First, you own. Who is this guy? I am I not in an underground bunker, I'm a barely above sea level in West Palm Beach. I am Brian Mud. I do a morning show W Gino in West Palm Beach. I do a midmorning show them you, I o D in Miami, and it is always an honour and a pleasure to be in for the Gort Great one. Markel then he's like that. The babe Ruth he's they'd the clean up at her and Diana. If all the shows, all throughout the day of nothing, has been said it a matter of the bases are loaded or, if nobody's on he's colony, shot he's not now the park gonna get me as I could not pre all star version of bins. Everest is like having to statistic of an opposition somewhere he'll do stuff it'll work out so like that that serviceable utility I mess. We can look at me and, if you're not familiar with my work, shame on you, because that means that you ve missed Markel events show previously and I'll get me forgiven, provided that you never.
Again, but just gonna set you up with a way that I work on and analysed by train and I work on some concepts are very strong opinions, but all based on fact, you'll hear me say that there are two sides to stories and one sided facts and I base everything off of a premise simply put it. The premise of anything is false. Alien built on that programme be false to, and that's where I'm gonna walk you through. How? I think a lot of what's wrong with our society is related. We take a look at the you know. The high profile suicides are really sad suicides
Kay Spade Anthony Boardgame and you go while you know these people had it on. You know they have problems. You did you hear about their histories, but it's not just. Then they get the attention when it happens, because they are being tat, their celebs, whose interest was just yesterday. I was working on a story off of the ceding see research showing a spike of thirty percent in suicide since ninety ninety nine thirty percent, since nineteen. Ninety nine minutes a lot, isn't it what happened around ninety nine, that change everything. So it's not just them now. I mentioned something about the schools. When did things really start to change in our schools? Think back in terms of violence,
It was ninety. Ninety nine wasn't it combine. Maybe that's a coincidence. It potentially as but various and underline story here, let's walk back a little bit further. You go back to the creation of the Department of Education for a minute Paragraph nineteen, seventy nine went into effect in nineteen eighty happened to our education, this country, since nineteen eighty, when that happens the education was created when it was created. The United States was second in the world said, only to the office and outcomes and average outcomes. Where are we today, most recently, where at seventeen to pray Department of Education We are second in the world, in average education outcomes. We have this blasted department of Education,
and we have been on a thirty eight year losing streak, during your Lucy Threeg now who's. Thirty eight Europe Lucy stricken today to do the same thing ass, like stuck on stupid right to the first thing, is we're stuck stupid when it comes to the way that we're going to better education system, but this since so much about the excess and owes and about the actual scores or how much knowledge kids have criminal school right now. Talk about then that is related to life and the lack of morality, because what was it that the Department of Education aside from said, is sitting down this path of poor education outcomes? What else was it that they began working on the eradication of God, our values of morality from class right started in the eighties by the Ninetys. It really took off one the things that dawned on me.
Besides I've been doing this just over twenty years, I remember very early on in my career, I to talk about the business negative, but I mean we are taken a lot of the values that are good our schools? What are about, you see, what's changing in terms of the education, then in the curriculum back. That's not gonna be good and so it was like this thing to wear for years. You would say it and you would almost not see. Has been real. In recent years, I realize holy cow. What I was talking about, what a lot of folks we're talking about back then it's here, it's real, but one of them and better because we always focused on the education outcomes. It's about morality and it's about violence. Here's the deal, the key word Alan Johnson, brush off of her pardon by
president drop oddly enough, based on a meeting with Kim Kardashian at Whitehall speedily. As an aside, I mean I was like one of the most awkward put a walks ever came gradually, standing next to present from sitting down and the oval office. Just as an aside, but as we know it, to be a very productive meeting. Aloes Johnson ends up being pardoned. Ok, any here what she had to say. She never gave up here you half oaks, like Spain like boarding but everything battling the Roan demons Maiden ever come it. There's a woman. One drug charge been in prison for how'd he hears and what did she do she praise? She believes what happened? Look at this right. You see the difference, and this is the thing about God, the gray one he's jewish May on cap
actually, I'm being honest borders closure. I, like part time, catholic and part time, evangelists it in advance, really it is. I was like culture shock and you can ask my wife actually about it, but the thing is: you can be an atheist being atheist, the values and the morality that come with God that come with leaving something bigger than yourself but good for our society. It matter. If you speak, Golly agreed with judeo christian values if they were even expressed in the classroom the values under lying them, good, poor society, good for young people in the classroom now ninety nine com
Fine, we didn't realize what was really going on TAT point because combine happened and then see me. They wouldn't have a proliferation for a little while, yet ok, well, there could a reason or several behind that. What have we seen? Ok, so we was creeping crud to wear. We removed morality from the class, at least the way it had been once upon a time. What what he is, the inverse of that funds can be em around me right. Ok, so suddenly you open the door combine happens and you have this whole generation of young people that have now been raised in schools and are being raised in schools, the current generation, because you go back to ninety nine, who are those people, Urban born under the people graduating over the past couple of years right when we got all the school, but I don't think about that. But what else has changed? Well, we see the proliferation of social media.
Look? I know their place that he's out there the show that it can be used for a lot of good right. However, Facebook, for example, average adolescent that Its face book and a lot of them these issues in cigarette snap more than than Facebook, but pact remains and how many of these shooters in schools, by the way how many of them have had very long and traceable facebook pages and integral account. So we could see the writing on the wall. The average person deals worse after visiting them than before. They went there no question its harder to be apparent, no question its horns. To be a student today than ever before and poured the reason for that. If, for no other reason you you take those that are the most vulnerable you take, those that maybe were bullies
themselves or bullied people than have problems. What's gonna happen. The negative any doesn't see go back to our time in school and it matter if you did there was the kid been Boyd, at least at the end of this year, there was the kid being Boyd, at least at the end of the school day, it stopped at least stopped until the next time they went back to school and unhappy more there does it. It continues all that because it's always they aren't social. Maybe it's always there in line and all we do. We spend more time with it. So, what's going to happen or naturally and all the research shows this. It exacerbates the extremes, and so you get so this reaction Now, why is this all important. We're having a conversation about
number of different issues in our society. The proliferation of suicides. According to the CDC thirty percent, thirty percent spike since ninety ninety nine thirty percent spike talking about proliferation of violence in our schools. What really is the focus? Thereabout anyway, talk morality or the like, the people simply focus on gun control or simply trying to control the evil I mean yes, there are plenty of things that we should do to Horner. Schools enhance call security, unlike sure, but that attempting to control evil. I mentioned the premise: why is there were not really looking at addressing the root the premise of the evil, and why People who used to just gonna, be those kids are now the kids that she'd have schools, that we have plenty of people that aren't celebrities in stars.
Commit suicide in numbers that they never did before? Why is it that we don't talk about? What's really at the root cause of all this negativity in our society, and I'm gonna pick up there I'm Brian Mud and for the great one month ban ordinary people that nobody knows like ours yesterday I got him God there was great rejoicing brought Alice. The my attention Alice was so brave, add the way she left the jail and the tears and the love, but she has whether family I read to me that was better than any celebrity
I can pardon the President Trump as he was getting ready to head out to the g7 and that's a whole other story. We'll talk about that. A little later in the show all kinds of fun Activities had taken place bear in in advance if it is well above the catch up to speed if you're joining us Brian might end for the great when mortal ban and without reliving too much history here bottom line. If you go back to the Department of Education creation, one thousand nine hundred and eighty, we have seen a consistent decline and outcomes in education, but the only thing that that It was not just of the education outcomes. Also the removal of God, the removal of morality from schools from our society generally, and we have seen a pro the not just of violence in schools, but also in suicides, and if you take over from the high proof profile suicides, that's one thing in that's, really tragic and really sad, but that is not really the big.
The big story city sees reporting yesterday, two sides of thirty percent. Since ninety. Ninety nine, I think, not Coincidentally, the year the Columbine happened. That kind of kicked off this whole awful era. Or in, and I think there is a lot of this- their ties together. Now, what I left off saying was that we talk about controlling evil It is about gun control, its about hoarding schools. It's about school security, so of the ideas of which have lots of legitimacy to a bizarre and fix the problem. Order was trotting evil wanta be nicer. We we just have as much evil when it be nice. People thought there was an answer better and they didn't look towards suicide. We have a lot of catalyst for change, but the guns are not new guns been around on beef.
I mean I'm yeah, you got a proliferation of of mental health issues in yes, we have evidence that Digital Adam, Asian, to specifically social media, kettles beyond an ok but still teenage angstrom stress stress in our society, nothing new. But what is different? What really is different in our society and that's why? I back because the things that have changed in our society, what has been taken out of it, the belief in southern that's bigger than you believe and in a better way a path forward, and I say again, you could be an atheist in the values the morals implicit with God, with faith with those boys is good for society. So it would be one heck of a coincidence.
If right in lockstep, with the adaptation of the Department of Education, we went on a thirty year, losing three eight you're losing strict. There were still on with education outcomes, at the same time. They remove a sense of of God in faith in it. Thing bigger than oneself with our young people and we the proliferation of violence with the subsequent generations in the classroom. At the same time, we see a proliferation. Of suicides in our society, with a hallmark of some. The really high profile suicides is all that whence it acts, I'm sure somebody would say yes, but again a lot of things. A lot of things would have to come together for that to be true and here's the deal is it getting any better? Are we placing a higher priority on morality in our society, always spent
the less time on social media, are we becoming more physically active aged in talking to people? Rather, just sit around and eggs and that's my concern is that we are working towards real answers, I'm Brian Mud and for the great one. Margo, then cast your vote for more today for the National Radio Hall of Fame, you could vote by text and email text than about five hundred to ninety six thousand and vote radio vote dot com, they try to act like well. We fought with you in the wars with they don't mention the fact that they have trade barriers against our farmers. They don't mention the fact that their charging almost three hundred percent tariff, what it all threatens out
I'll, be in love again, there's gotta be in love again, you know, there's always entertainment there. By the way he met little press before he hopped on air force, one to go to the G7 today had putting a material I mean it was. It was many parts, entertainment you get your popcorn ready kind of material, but then also instructive, because one of the things that comes about with what President Trump has been doing with this whole tariff talk with his tweeting about terrorists, he's an educated people. Helping people knew really that we had tariffs all over the place by other countries impose on us most people, still probably there are fairly uninformed, think that Trump invented modern tear
not by a long shot. Oh, we idea at all kinds of things by all countries that have been imposed on them for a long time that, when a unfair trade people say well, what's unfair trade while he's telling you anything, educating you along the way and because we think in screwed all these years and these other countries have been benefiting now- their upset because it s so buddy. You is willing to do something about it and I don't know how the story- and I prefer free trade, but free trade kind of goes both ways right and hear something else. They had been told about the whole trade situation, so you know that we got the tariffs have gone on steel, aluminium.
Canada and with Mexico, but with the EU, but here's what you pray hadn't heard anywhere. In fact, I wouldn't know it. Unless I read the executive orders myself did you know that we actually worked out? Aluminum in steel deals with Argentina and with Australia about Brazil. Now again, I mean the grave gay with its not the biggest deal with a woman omen. Steel. Certainly the EU can Mexico? Yes, bigger deal, but the point is it already has worked. His tactics have already worked with Australia, Argentina and Brazil. Nobody talks about it anyway. I digress. So we will talk a more about the festivities going out with the g7, but are the foreseeable Are the show cut a walking you through the violence in our schools and the connection with suicides? The connection with the department of educate and how educational comes, have gone steadily down hill, but also,
lack of morality, storming in the classroom but generally in our society, and how there seems to be a connection, at least in timeline, there's deadline. Connection. That's beyond dispute in all these things come together, resulting in a proliferation of suicide, resulting in a proliferation of violence in our schools, And people that want to talk about gun control on people, I want to talk about controlling the evil by other means, rather than actually go hey. You know what we some real issues in our society. We have some people that are doing really bad things that didn't used to react as way, given that the same similar circumstances. So what has changed in our society who actually want to fix a problem you gotta get to the bottom of it right. This is the bottom of it which change panda. First up we got Mr Davis from Jersey City. Go you'll have to know. Mr Mulder, you don't worry thing do very well pressure. You are taken the taxi whereby some experience in the schools only
I've, been in a bit of education about twenty years now, but specifically in the area of the plan, the behaviour in the public school system for about twelve to fifteen year. So you know what you're talking about: Moreover, in an end, the lack of spirituality, especially the end the public school, Schools in general, But you did you know because Dino coming up being student with then the boy of education myself. You know from the eighties, of course, you know you saw how you know they took away prayer out of schools. You come crane things in nature, specifically, you know, but I think that there is definitely a gap of spiritual gap. Now, with the advent of social media and the internet, a physical all,
emotional gap has been created as well. I had to go blind. I may need you take a look at what is for in our society that something that is different in our society and our thanks for sharing your purse. Active Brom be inside and delicate oh to Chris and Eureka. California, rest scope I was raised by twos, very professional school teachers and the state California, Michael, We are told me when I was a small boy in the seventies war teenager then he was being paid. The real hard to get out of teaching and the EU must be impartial, real hard because he told me that the liberals were taken over this is what we are doing here- is that they're trying to take over the public school system, so they can take over my political party. My father was a conservative democrat. Any the way they're going to do it. Cuz they're, going gonna, stop teaching kids, how to think
and they're gonna start kitchen of what to think along The whole thing is all that negative garbage that these poor kids are fed in the public school system about the fact that you can't caught it demands gonna, keep you down, you noticed all the shrill negative staff. In my experience this day and age, like I said I was raised back in the sixties in the seventies, and the public school system was scour. There were great teacher said I I just can't say enough about him and I watched it deteriorate because my wash teachers and I used to tell me all the time you're what was coming, and I tell you they were extremely bright because everything that they taught copy is a child about the public school system. Come to fruition? Well, I appreciate the perspective in Tirana may need there was a road map and it's been executed in, and here we are and imagine that we have problems around. The question is: what do we do
about a mile. All they want to do try to control the problems or that seems like a really bad idea in and by the way, doesn't seem like it's working by the way. Star there crest. There is actually something that I do for my local shows about protecting our police, because Image is something that is related to other elements in our society, its different but related. Talking about the difference terms of having respect an authority. It isn't just the lack of respect by many young people. And by certain folks, in society based upon the lack of values that is taking place in our schools is taking place without police all across the country, right so the things I do, and I've done this ever since column Copernican his merry band of ignoring ingrates end up in the flames of black lives matter, and we continue to see more and more violence towards cops
started doing a segment each week that highly and we do have one negative cop store its national news right. We have the dust up in Arizona earlier this week looks like that might have been a bad deal, some cops. They were bad actors, give final, So now is right: we had the dust up in Arizona earlier this week looks like that might have been a bad deal. Some cops our bad actors give final findings, but that was borne out national news right. How many hundreds of thousands of cops this wing everyday got up went. Keep us safe so worse in your doing what we're doing right now we're or is it the Heroes and oh by the way. Where the stories have sacrificed so one the things they do for perspective. Last year, twenty seventeen we lost a hunter in twenty eight police officers, in the line of duty hundred twenty eight last year, Only those you really care about and by the way you many of those are murdered, because nearly thirty percent,
the cops died last year, they re murdered. Why? Out, when I talked to folks law enforcement, you'll have people that we spent law enforcement away. They used to why well take look again as society, the lack of values, the lack of morality, though no lack of right and wrong. We that sixty six police officers. I'd and twenty eighteen, and hear something that you would think would be national news, maybe because it pertains to nine eleven. You know we ve had three first responders, to any York City, the nine eleven that have died in the past two weeks. Here's and they are probably have never heard before his name trooper First Class, Walter Green, Fifty one year old, trooper in Connecticut, there was onto the same on nine eleven one wanna many folks that ended up.
Obtaining illness a battle for years, fifty one he passed away this week
did illnesses from being a first response or nine eleven coca. He was a marine before he was the trooper from the time he was eighteen years old. He serve this country. Never do anything else, never anything else. When straight from school servants, country purse, Responder nine eleven- and you didn't hear word one right same the other folks week in week out. Sixty six have been sacrificed. Fisher I'll keep us safe, but it's all part the perspective and again, if it's about what we don't value in our society, I let's go to Jim in Louisville. Kentucky go Sir back to serve the morality. Elevator Ankara man without the ten commandments are lessons to being a pizza. Humor me. If they don't want those are met.
Teach one lesson: one wants an outbreak, the golden rule. Do I do others? You would have two hundred you not do underwriters split by its a good point. Any in the point I gonna goes hand in hand with that. Is you don't even have to be a believer. You can be an atheist in morality that the teachings the value system there has merit society will ultimately be better for you. Will that one golden rule others people about what he would never ever break any that take a manage any between life as a human being, appreciate a jack? Now I let's go to term who is in L a literally may God bless. You might ask you to pay all good. I wanted to speak on a point by one year earlier collars and that technology Social Media is something that really needs to be acknowledged here,
when you get over involved in that it really promote descent of narcissism minute build up that wall, and Really dehumanizing people- and I think those are two things that really need to happen in order to enable these type of occurrences to happen. So I think that a real important thing, and that also feet and what you're saying about them, we ve when you remove God, you're gonna, replaced them with something else, and that's the thing that this creation at last I do have my generation. Is livestock joy? Consider myself a millennium honestly, this bizarre smoking. If you will well into your point to your point. I have combined the ideas of what's been going on in our schools that violence along with suicides and what happens when you don't believe that there is something else
out there, something that is bigger than oneself. One aspect of that is that you carry out. Evil and violence towards others, the other piece of that so you take it out yourself right. Forty percent in Greece and suicides since ninety ninety nine. I mean that doesn't just happen now. I don't think so either I well keep up the good fight better n allay. I know how hard it is. My wife used to live there and get a sister law over in the other. Oh say so. I understand our idea comes up, get a couple. Things that are the tea up or you, including by the way I want to remind you, be Hall of Fame boat for the gray one Markel then do what I've done are you? Can to mark Levine, Show Dachau by the way and check that out and go and bone right there in the homepage into its listeners. That will determine whether or not the gray one ends up in the radio Hall of Fame so go there, do it boat, I'm Brian Mud, and for
they want more ban? who, for the last twenty years, has been the Senate. Intelligent committees, sick, pretty director had tens of thousands of communications with at least three different reporters. I think the most troubling allegation is that, on the day he received classified information about Carter, page, obviously, a central figure in the Trump Russia collusion instigation and potential five abuse matter here eighty two text message: communications with one reporter in particular, He hoped. One of the things they kind of cool about just hit. Hearing representative John radically who has been involved in the committee investigating Mister, if, among others, and the Obama
yours and administrators is how cool he is yeah. You know why hearers what we found Abused the access to information and three different reporters ended up getting, information I mean this is like boy, crap, cunning formation, radiologist, very matter of fact about it, and. Also in speaking today about any Laurie to an end, you know some of what you do with her server. You know how you have been thinking Justice is not gonna, be served here that for all the lakes, for everything that happened with with Lynch with call me- maybe even with Mahler, going all the way back to twenty one everything happened within the the justice the FBI, all of the stuff that stinks has been out there in plain sight,
but you know, is wrong. If you're gonna get away with it or is it possible, is it possible that this is the domino? It might be possible that this is the domino James WAR, big deal, former security chief, but the Senate Intel Committee goes down to India, I mean this is significant and makes a very different reporters on me. What if this is the start of something really big, it's possible that justice might end up being served after all, throughout the course of this. Our we ve been talking about be proliferate. Violence in our schools be suicide, that's been taking place, and so the connection with the lack of morality that started with the department education, Willie, coming into play into the eighties Let's go to so right here in my leg,
it's a sou in bugger it'll go here I just wanted to say that I am in total agreement that, but you know a nineteen sixty two and sixty three when I took up prayer and Bible out of a school. That is what our country started to go down down. And arms, so that point I wanted to be made, but the other point is is previous social media? To me, it's like it's really the parent who's, the parent. Today, in all my son, I'm apparent I pay for them. On I pay for everything and he's not allowed to be. I know my son older now, but at the time you know, I think we need to learn to start to take control of what our kids are doing. And that's the problem, and we are allowing the kids to get away with thing. They should never get away with an parents need to start to step up and start teaching respect manners wonder when the fly goes by. You put your hand on your heart when an elderly person
in a walks in the door. You open, you know you stand up you up. We ve lost that whole art of of respecting our elders, respecting when somebody gives you something you say. Thank you. You're welcome just a little sympathy, like that. We had year your lives, the gods, Yazoo Thy Gay and I'm sure you got a somewhere else. I actually held a door for a young woman last week and she was offended she's like no don't hold out. For me, I've got it and seriously: hey you're dvr, by the way for life, Liberty and Levant Fox NEWS this Sunday at ten the scientists and leaves Evelyn, I'm here I might in for the great
now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader. I'd never want anybody to be above the law, but a part, a very positive thing for president. I think you see the way I'm using that. Yes, I do have a right to pardon myself, but I'll never know it, because I didn't do anything wrong. As everybody knows it, there's been no conversion, there's been no obstruction. It's all a made up fantasy, which I know colors. You know you know nothing now. The Democrats have had massive collusion, massive obstruction and nation
investigate. It will was, what's speaking, a mess of nonsense. Here's the massive none it's for your gun, violence, gun violence. I've still been waiting and in trying to figure out how an inanimate object can do so how against violent. In a wee, my wife and I were gunners and our guns. They they sit there. We wait for them to do that, because you hear about Dunbar, since any you hear about how d as they are and we look at them and they ate up I've, maybe have really well behaved guns because they have yet to go off on the wrong. It's a fascinating thing, a higher I'm brain mud in for great one tonight, and I am not in an underground bugger fact. If I try to do that, I get wet very quick, barely above sea level and West Palm Beach for.
I do a morning show on W Gino in West Palm Beach midmorning show on w I o d in Miami, and it is always, an honour and a pleasure to be in for the gray one here with you now in the first hour, talked about a lot of the ills in our society. From a point of morality, specific. How you can trace back the timeline to the creation of the Department of Edge haitian, what's not only has put us on a thirty eight year, losing stricken education where the United States, when for number two The world outcomes in education number two only to the office to seventeenth and falling, and yet we process amazing, but we just need more money going. We had more money, but the other biggie, the other big. Yes, we're talking about the eels in society, morality, because the department of Edges
yours there, what they ve done and in terms of not educating our kids well, are you the it has been the removal of values from the classroom, removal of God the look at that more generally throughout the course of our society. What's happened when at a proliferation of violence, proliferation of suicide CDC send two sides of thirty percent. Since ninety nine Maybe, coincidentally, when combine happened, the kicked off this holier ok, so we talked about all that last hour. Switch gear slightly different, but related talk about gun control. Now, on the south border and you probably are familiar with community by the name of parkland. Now you know the name there's a good chance
Unless you are in sound forty, I don't know where it is. It is suburban, Fort Lauderdale, its suburban poor Lauderdale way West very nice community by the way, but that's where it is. And the reason why people know, of course, is the shooting and Marjorie stolen Douglas on Valentine's day, and the whole school year that the rest of the way I mean it's been dropping and by the way we had a down here and most of us without power, we are without power for five days in our house and alive. Schools were out for in a way to two weeks It was a mass, so bad happened during the course of the school year in then Yeah ended up adding in the shooting it still Douglas and the last couple of months. It's kind of Ben, like you know how near the end of a baseball season, you got a really big game and go into that game.
You're jacked up, because your poor of your team, it mattered skinned out a crunch time and then that game goes to extras in the tenth goes by. The eleventh goes by the twelve goes by, and you get to the point where you're exhausted your fatigued proteins have one dry and their benches At that point, even though the game, the outcome means every bit as much as it did, when your jacked up in the first he's gonna wanna TAN click. Ok, that's exactly what this guy you're spotlight down here, everybody's exhausted. It ended wait I and II. It's one these things where it's just like what thank God, that's done, but something that happened in the wake of it was gun control, but we haven't had comprehensive gun control at the federal level. The president has taken. Executive action I'm stocks and wild. They aren't officially bandy there, like still, I think, technically, under the one hundred eighty that day review to be eliminated. The big
furthermore, a bankrupt, sewed spring much a moot point. This point: that's the only thing that what has happened at this point, but Sox are premature, no go anymore in this country, but we actually in Florida and by the way as purple as we are when it comes to presidential politics, we're quite red. When you get down to stay politics, we have set the joys of Republicans and the state house on both sides. Our republican Governor Scott and in this purpose That is rightly mean an very liberal South Florida, the momentum inside about week after the shooting, a mortar stomata, goes led to comprehensive gun control being passed, and in this state we ended up passing the age of twenty one to purchase any type of gun. We ended up passing many mental health provisions. Now, among those
mental health provisions. If there is someone who is diagnosed or suspected have mental health issues, there is now a provision in our state law where law enforcement can go detained the guns of that individual and a judge, sides whether or not they get them back or when they get them back. That's one of the new changes here Among many other things in my point is how quickly things can develop and how quickly things can happen in some other way by the way I agree with as it Gunnar. I do think there has been room for in some sensible reforms on policy, but that's not really here nor there back to his gun violence thing. One of the things I ve been promising a lotta folks down here for a long time, so we talk more.
About what's real and what isn't bad? Ironically enough gunners happen to be more lawful. The non gun owners to fascinating thing. I did the under told store and I have been singing this tale for years- but there actually was a really well done- peace by the Federalist recently, which for my money. The federalist does as good to work the journalists excite day in and day out as anybody any more but the headline eyes like two weeks ago, guns, don't kill people but gun bands. Do here's an excerpt from the story, it's for more carbon for Americans to use gone to defend themselves or others against violence than to use guns. They commit violence, its form
common for Americans to use guns to defend themselves or others against violence than to use guns to commit violence, and just in Haskins the author of an ass do whose lives matter any sites for information. According to data from the Department of Justice from a thousand seven through two thousand eleven there were two hundred and thirty five thousand seven hundred victimization, where that dummy used a firearm to threaten or attack and offender tutor, If I thousand seven hundred, that's pretty incredible right in one hundred and three thousand instances people you a firearm to defend their property against an offender that means over a five year period. There are more than three hundred and thirty eight thousand instances in which many people defended themselves with a firearm about sixty seven thousand instances per year, how NATO
you hear about in the nose. Many researchers believe those figures are too low a far reaching obey conducted and the nineteen, it, is by or to state University found that there are two point, one to two point: five million defensive gun uses and by the way, as an aside its non this article, but the content ministries in a few years before that actually found that there were at least one and a half million instances per year and think about how many thousands you're Talkin bout per day that you never hear about, but bats.
There was a separate study. That's been done in recent years, specifically of concealed carry permitted holders, and what we found is that, in terms of those who own inquiry forces non gunners gun owners are fifty percent less likely to commit any kind of crime. Fifty per cent less likely to commit any kind of crime, and then you take a look, the actual statistics, the amount of defensive action best saves them saves. Others saves a situation and we talk about gun violence which is stupid and its construction, because by
definition. It cannot do that. I'm gonna be violent. It is an inanimate objects, but that's not the only thing. I mentioned the situation here in Florida. This was fascinating and this head last week, borders crime rate hit a forty seven year low, as concealed carry permits. It record highs shut, the front door. Now, remember I told you I'm back in what happened: a martyr, Stomata Douglas Highschool. We pass comprehensive gun control here and for, however, he found out that we have had a forty seven year low. While we are more people but own guns in our state than ever before. In fact it this bear
nine one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine new guns in border on average per day per day. In this they now we have over twenty million folks are inspect stake, but one that mean by definition, if there is gun. Violence in fact, is a thing. If guns make people violent Dave and maybe that's what happens. If we are nearly two thousand guns coming into our state every day not necessarily mean that there would be war crime and more violence every single day and are saying I mean yours to potentially just say stands because they came out here import. Last week I mean somewhere along the way that should be discussed. That should be accounted for. I mean they were weren't, tells him thinking, people right, crickets are now. One is well right sure this is the first time you for
even for folks in Florida, unless you ve, listened to me over the past couple of weeks down here. First, I'm you put it as well. A guarantee doesn't get reported that the most pervasive form a bias. This is true, especially in media, but it's definitely true and schools which we ve been talking about, as well as our mission. It's a mission yeah there's a lot of bias and media gathers bias and education, but what you are presented with. In many cases you can diagnose it. If your programme presented was something you'll least, can analyze it if you're never told something. Well, isn't that a much more effective form of bias? And that's what's going on and we're gonna pick up on guns leading to If our communities, next I'm Brian Mud and for the great one-
we certainly his memory is very popular now, a big it about Mohammed Ali, I'm thinking about that very seriously and some others and some folks substances that are there, but I am thinking about Mohammed Ali now wasn't even the most interesting idea I came up. Today's begin, pardons as the president was gentle pressure as you ready to board airforce way, one on his way to the G. Seventy in Toronto about that. The more interesting anyone will you thought, Kim Kardashian meeting with the president and the oval office was interesting. What is the next time around? It was common capron. It say what,
I called on about Cabernet Gay is like trying to subpoena the present array, nails part his whole collusion yeah. He is we'll talk about them more coming up next hour. By the way president indicate you know what us into these guys your protest in a valley should be seen and for the anthem. But unless it do, you guys have you. Folks that you know or but you know better. You know like a legitimate victim of this system. That's what you're protests less into so that was gonna like a shot, the front door and a moment there only count, ok, so I say: Miss Tilney about gun safety. We hear about two gun violence which of does make sense, is not possible, but nevertheless the lack of Any kind of intellectual ism in that term, notwithstanding mentioned, that in forty in particular night I did this because, while we just ended up hitting a forty seven year low in crime, forty seven,
low crime in this state. Ironically enough, recently passed gun control be stats, pre date but we just did in gun control in the state and the wicked shooting and Stroman Douglas in Parkland Florida, but the other piece of the story here, waiting get to a forty seven year low in crime in Florida overnight?. Every single year from two thousand eight Seventeen according to the Fort Department of LAW and for and every single year there was a declining crime. Now that Burma, because what I hear well come on. Nor in the recession during that time, yards right. The Ukraine goes up and recession right, always goes up, but it didn't eight went down Yeah crime went down a border during the recession and it kept going down every single year still is going down, make a hotel
Well, how about happened? Oh here's, something for you mentioned that one thousand nine huh and ninety nine additional guns are entering for every single day. Get this among concealed, carry horrors. You now many opponents, Took effect during their tenure window of time, two hundred and fifty six percent in Greece, there are two hundred and fifty six percent, more concealed Gary orders in our state then there were wind crime was still on the rise every single year, including the recession it went down and now that might be one of them things that Mexico, because you put it together with the other information, the stats that I share, that. Illustrate, according to a study, affords a university two point, one to two point: five:
million defensive uses of a guns annually. You take a look at the other research that indicated that the average concealed carry permit holder is fifty percent less likely to commit any type of a crime and all the sudden, you got something you got something that might make you think that wow wow, maybe guns on violent. After all, maybe the problems actual people. Maybe the people that legally on guns well, maybe they're good people that will do good things with guns. And crazy right, on the other side, I'm Brian Mud and for the great work Why a national at eight seven, seven, three, eight one three large labelling. The show lie a national at eight
Seven three eight one, three, eight one, one humor is a guy. He complains, but he doesn't know anything humours, a guy who is it a structure? He can't do. Anything I can do is all they have to do, is call us and will draw a bill that gives us great border safety and security at his fair, because I don't like the children being separated from the parents are alike. I ate it, but that's a Democrat will that we're enforcing changing it one day, one day, all they do is come and see US our eye. One day can happen emigrations been back on the table this week. Anything happens there now beginning he's holding their breath, but there are a couple things that are relevant about that particular topic and if I'm doing my job, I am giving you information that you ve not heard before it's my little one a little place in the world- and this is one of all
on the immigration topic. Ok, so if we have fewer refugees coming in a few illegal immigrants coming then what happens in this country? We are we doing think about that the application now, if we are going to automatically assume that everything works out as well as can be expected, in other words, even Where's, the illegal immigrants other and the fact that their federal those are being here and there a law abiding they get here. I mean that I talk about the premise that the premise of anything is false and aid they built on. That, probably is too so. I'm embracing a false premise by saying that you have law abiding illegal immigrants, but then I was getting. Let's say that they do end up becoming productive, burst of society illegally. What are they doing on the war can write refugees. Refugees
we have fewer than there were bringing into this country. What does that mean? I'm probably means that there are not going to end up using a lot of work to do. Entry level work by the way on this thing, makes you gotten so what I m sick they're out, there is not a bit tease and in just a few moments I will bring home the information to this all altogether about how our great jobs economy, but in a lot of them there have been long term unemployed and underemployed them go back, the untold story, the under told story about how it be traced directly back, at least in strong part. Two. Problem: Ministration bring it in your refugees and stopping more. Illegal immigrants from entering this country, but our first go to. While we were talking about morality, we ve been talking about guns in society and how they, actually, if you look at the stats and can be in Truth-
only to safer societies by died, Jack wanted to way and Jack in Detroit go my with regard to suicide. It seems to me I suspect that the lion's share, if not the totality of that thirty percent increase, is in fact you a citizen if it grew up during these cultural and institutional changes, but it seems at least theoretically possible that some of that the baby, boomers or older, who medical technology has permitted to stay alive. Worse stroke or heart, disease or cancer have taken and, although that might be morally, we objectionable to most still it wouldn't be a tightly so the sort of eighty asthma nihilism it's been shooting through our society. Ok, it's an interesting. And this is my honest moment with you- I'm war
on digging through that report, I was going to a dual follow up for my shows locally on Monday to gather deep into it to see it and what will definitely do a follow up on that which, by the way, as you want my information, my taunted my analysis, I put all my content not necessarily people that are look in to ask themselves due to the Tipp depression or the lack of morality that otherwise has been discussed so interesting, and what will definitely do a follow up on that which, by the way, if you want my information, my taunted, my analysis, I put all my kind every day, you can find it a w Jane Oda comes Brian Mud. W Jane Eau de Gondi you'll find my stuff, and I will be doing that follow up on Monday. Let's go to Bruce, in grand rapids. Go again. I organ You got a new plan, now appreciated couple. Things are Morality issue. I think you look back there
I beg you stopped really caring about children it's ok, you know better. We lost luggage, when you have a human life and I beg you- will get a vacation, he'll do and how to children in respect adults I could argue, the point where the I'm not gonna be the person as there's going to travel down that particular path, and this is something killer that becomes complicated the moment you bring up the word is arguably difficult to get through debt to anybody. Then the g word, because we to be very closely We have very set a penny. About these particular topics and most people are not willing to obtain more information now one the things I will tell you about being every support time gap Lincoln, our time evangelists dick is that in my own life, I'm pro life from the point of governance, I
more libertarian minded when it comes to social issues. I'm not necessarily a b b mindset bed. We should be. Putting the government and the crosshairs of these particular issues. But I agree with you from a point of morality: what's happened over the course of time, and then I believe this is true as well, for example, with very different institutions in including marriage, for example? Well, if we see any value in them, and then we give government can over them. What ultimately happened anything that might Ben moral or decent or just may be put you in a more constructive frame. It's been taken away, the idea that gun has anything to do with. Marriage is absurd. Right if your faith based persons, especially because well in a week, it's supposed to be a bond with your God, so we have
nor those lines so many ways over that it. It has. I think gated morality, issues and conflict of interest with things like abortion, it so people that Well, I can I at least believe in choice in some circle dances. If not our protests. Well would now we have made difficult in people might not installers values into their kids, even if otherwise, Bade might be. Morally maybe upstanding individuals themselves, so interesting, precision and let's go to Courtney in Phoenix Courtney. Go. I urge you to take em, like all I'm a guy all of this together with the implementation of the theory of evolution into public schools when you took the personal God out of society they three duration to go. You got a series of grandparents, you gotta to a group of people,
you got a group of children who are seeking to have children who have been taught that your random you're creating the image of God. You don't have a uniqueness to you and there Are you do value humanity? You don't fear death anymore. You dont have if you if you don't get to the point where you don't have anything to live for, then there is really no point in death either. So a person can kill themselves. They were sub ordain today spade the school shooters. You know they all have this devalue of themselves and they don't value others, because they don't see that God values them. So it goes back to a randomness. You know you're talk to SIRI in school and it does hold up in the air in the end and asked the logical manner is. You just let me down a trip through memory lane it was a
Physical science class in school and our number on the test: multiple choice, test, Doreen elements pertaining to evolution and there wasn't an option for intelligent design. In other words, you have, the white answer was, simply going to be evolution malaysian alone and by the way I do leave and tenants of evolution, but. There is no element for anything and I reject the premise. I was that kid: even I've, always a person in. So I ended up pushing back on the teacher when she eventually doubt not happy, but she did eventually back down now a couple things how bad it honey and I'm not going to too far down the evolutionary path. But this is, one question always throw out there for folks: simply want to say evolution and nothing else. Ok, go I'll, walk! You back and I'd, say
a big bang in single cell organisms right what what happened to you, if the big Bang and the single cell thing that we'd rifle from, now for me in and tell me, are you and what will have a different conversation, the truth as well? faith in something right. We all have faith in something. Even atheists have faith that there is nothing because again prove it no different right Oh yeah, you could be an atheist and morals and values that are implicit in faith. Obey are good for society, so little food for thought there now refugee story, be illegal immigrants story that I was teasing. Here's the deal we just had the lowest unemployment rate in just over eighteen years, but also we have the lowest the unemployment rate in seventeen years now, if you're in economic dork, then yet you're familiar with the? U six
in reality. What is that? Well, you have. The folks are be forgotten, posted in the long term unemployed said they don't like unemployment it affects anymore, but there still unemployed and they still one work. Ok vague when two that bucket, then you take a look at the folks, are what are called marginally attached: the workforce. Typically you people that are working odd jobs there, not on unemployment, but the work the jobs to make ends meet in want regular employment and then the under point bugs your your folks are working part time now want full time, employment now the real unemployment rate, or that you six numbers literally double literally double two point: eight percent number that you here: ok, fine, What does any this main? Here's the deal. We just had the lowest rate and real Employment is seventeen years at the same time as being lost overall unemployment rate in eighteen years. The refugees and the illegal immigrants a walkie back last year,
United States admitted twenty nine thousand twenty to refugees, is down for ninety four thousand. Eight hundred in thirty seven the year before it was the fewest ready, these we ve taken enter the United States since two thousand one. Ok, talking about just under seventy thousand fewer refugees. Ok, that peace, the conversation here now. Let's talk about illegal immigration, we are waiting for the wall. What else is happening? Well, according to the border patrol based and we ve been averaging eight hundred thousand illegal immigrants entering the United States per year. Eight hundred thousand. Ok, now. What happened last year, while border patrol ramp their efforts start thirty, eight thousand on average, per month from entering the United States- you think about that. For a moment. Thirty, eight thousand
we're talking about numbers well in excess of four hundred thousand over the past year. At the same time that we ve got about sixty. Five thousand plus fewer refugees coming into the United States and guess what all of US folks, the long term unemployed, the marginally attach the underemployed that had been Sitting there not begin Well, they're going to be occupying work that shooting way down now. What kinds of jobs are the folks at Refugees that are coming in here going to occupy and if we have illegal immigrants and otherwise law abiding once they get here. Where are they going to be doing well are going to be occupying work. That probably Bob said, Already the most in need of work would be occupying.
So. We suddenly see an increase of over eight hundred thousand fewer people that are in that category of the marginally attached, the UN void and the long term unemployed. Now that could just be a coincidence to write so there's another, connection that you can draw between these two, it's not just that banning illegal immigration is the right thing to do because we are either a country of borders and we have laws or were not at a certain level. And I never understood why we import as many refugees as we do when we have it's my eighteen percent of Americans living below the poverty level when it makes sense to try to get them out of poverty before bringing in all kinds of other people. In this country to live in poverty and on government assistance for an average of five years, which is what happens when the average you Jane. They end up on government assistance for five years.
But we also help the people who need it and need a most here. So it's all a big part of the story and working that conversation coming next, I'm Brian Mud info, gray one March ban. We are talking about something unprecedented if they, in fact, as is being reported, that the inspector general finds a fault potential misconduct with the former attorney general, the United States, former FBI, director and former assistant FBI, rector representative, John Rackliff, with some well mom, today, as he's been partly house investigation here, we end up getting the I mean that goes down a James Wolf who had been in Senate intelligence for
like twenty nine years, and then you end up here And by the way here are the things were working on with like the entire Obama team and that that would be like unprecedented and of a big deal, and just so cool calm and collected- and I will say again: if you ve been sitting on the sidelines as whole, I'm just frustrated day in and day out that their get away with it, the are get away with it. The name state there get away with it could be that the dominoes are about to fall as a big deal. What happened with the indictment of James WAR it's a big deal when Representative John Rackliff is talking about right there to stand by me. I know nothing by the way I'm observing this happen as yours,
worrying about it happen, but it it's happening we'll see how far this goes by cautious optimism is definitely definitely in order. Now. Just talking about the connection between, refugees being taken into the United States pure since two thousand one a dramatic crack down. On illegal immigration at the border resulting and ultimately, the biggest increase in long term unemployment and the under employed the marginal attached. All those folks had been sitting there, the forgotten people in this employment picture we ve seen the biggest one year increase in. Well over a decade and now the bad hole you six unemployment rate lowest level in seventeen years, not just at the wheel, unemployment rate is or the
unemployment rate, the base rate is the lowest in eighteen years. Now you always here that there are jobs that people don't want to do. It's always been bull right, beside oranges. Howling Americans are gonna line for five bucks an hour to pick an orange, but if we're thirty dollars an hour, think there are some folks, I go out there and pics mortgages point is that there is a price that always has been in the market helps determinant. Here's the next piece, the story that drives at home parted the reason even seen, wages go on because as we are seeing people being paid more in those entry level. Jobs under one percent of people now make minimum wage. And we got a lot more to that story is well come up. We're gonna talk about carbon capture, Dick
Mary band of ignoring androids s, neck spry mud in for the great
he's here now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with lead people to recommend me: that's what they have worked as people that they think we're unfairly treated by the justice, and I understand that and I'm going to ask them to recommend me people that were unfairly greeted friends. If there's people that they know about- and I'm gonna take a look at those applications, and I find that my committee finds that their unfairly we will hardly them for at least let them out who self about one common holy cow
I mean he had all kinds of material out bear when he was getting ready to head to the G7 earlier today, you imagine, could you imagine column gap, ethnic and the oval office talking justice with Donald Trump? I mean That's the governor conversation we're having now. Is it I always do the reason their programme. Since these ETA players, it's about injustice and I'll, take a lesson rather than there and then Talkin and Talkin about and whatever else in the protests, Ameer Ali or what you have to say, you know people out the old to unto me. Let's say And, as we know, credibility this after timber? ass. She and right What she ended up, worn off, so a couple things. One he's gonna call their bluff kind of called their bluff
here. You have column Gaffer Nick in his merry band of. Of ignorant and grades that are trying to sue the league, the owners and the president himself more collusion against cabinet they'll, never mind the fact that hey, he was abandoned quarterback, and that's when he decided that assembly. Gonna, be the social justice warrior it's funny when he was to start quarterback that social judge. This was an outbreak of an issue, but nevertheless they get the whole should they won presses, ok, we'll call it go on down and all the other guy seals The records of the same power now dad I'll, listen, think about this for a moment, and I guess maybe it's a by product of our prayers, having the background in entertainment that he does but think for a moment about what counts gap, ethnic rose and bar.
Dennis Rodman came guard ass. She had conjured west about Samantha, be what did they all have in common Something in the news about Donald Trump: fascinating: isn't it fascinating how we ended up getting wherever their story started, to hear We really have been seen anything else like this and you know I know you No! What's next, now one of the things. What are the things about? Donald Trump? You know him our talk and in every now and then he'll say so and he's making a lot of sense is making a lot of sense, he's, making a lot of sense. It keeps talking and they go. What what did you just say and it seems like he goes off the rails. It always seems like you, take something a little too far right, but then- every now and then it comes through take this, for example,. As recently as Monday, the president we did this
in many ways? This is the greatest economy and the history of Amerika and the best time ever to look for a job, ok, due to the president's, you know, tendencies to stimulate, take things, to four months that way right, however, not so not so In fact, when you dig down a little further, what we I am is that what should we do end up having the best jobs economy ever for folks that are looking for a job for the first time in the history of this kind, The Bureau of Labour Statistics said that their actual more job openings. Then people looking for work point: seven million current job openings six four million unemployed Americans. Now member, when you say about wires, adapt trunk down.
Why is tat? Well, the media the couple months up, one side, on the other on him right in what, We find out how to empower Carter, page wires or tat. But again we continue to see that some of what he says there seems a little too far and just right in the end, be the of Kim Kardashian. Going to the oval office to talk to the present about apart, and we find out about Alice Johnson seems like a pretty great woman, is turned her life around right. Just right, you had this entire NFL fiasco. That's played outbreak, two years and who is losses, deal Fianna fail, has twenty percent your viewers than they did two years ago, nor any other business would be an absolute crisis mode. They lost twenty then at their customers and years, but the other
They gave Roger detail more money and they just carried on about it. This is? And here we are we're talking about everything still, but actual football as it pertains to Vienna fell, and earlier this week the president over point his hand. Yet a lot of the usual suspects on the way to better waiting in the wings were the opportunities? I you know that job yeah, he he really blew this time, Philadelphia! Eagles, I mean they weren't, even one the teams out their protest kneeling and when they were protest, because there are like doing the first thing, but nevertheless hope just as you got folks certainly on the left, some the usual suspects on the right, the press, blow at this time. What has he done? He's called the bluff of every single protests in and it fell player if you're just doing it, because you are that guy
you gonna, be exposed and if you're actually serious, if you actually mean that their real people out there that have had an injustice. You have your opportunity to make that case to the president. The United States to free those individuals, pretty incredible right. It's fascinating out time and again, it seems to come around this way and by the way, as we're talking about the President couple thanks everybody's tracking, the poles anymore, because we are now more than half way through the primary season. Just for months away now from the actual mid term alike, since themselves and their couple things that people need to keep in perspective. We have a great deal of history and we tend to be extremely extremely predictable. And what I mean by that is
Never had a full term. Democrat succeeded, I and other democratic separate Truman after at the hour, and he inherited that seat So here is what we have known. Historically, if you have a full democratic president and the history of our two party system going to get a Republican. That was something that was discounted, Heaven, and they twenty sixteen election cycle. But it's not Joe. In presidential election cycles that we are extremely cyclical. You take a look at the mid terms. Ok,. We have had thirty nine mid term elections and the history the two party system, as it sets Democrats Republicans, b average. Term election cycle average you get Synod seats lost for the presence party and thirty seats in the house. That's the average, if just the average happened, Democrats take back control, the Senate and the house,
that's the norm. Now I'm going to work this so hang type, give twenty two seats in the Senate: twenty four in the house, so history- this is add in for Democrats, but here's the deal Donald Trump, the Republicans, including despite their their best efforts, is screwed up talking to you, Paul Ryan, there actually are foreman right now big time I'll performing, give me the label and how hot is it for the President's party to actually pick up seats. There's only been three times in history: Tampan, one thousand nine hundred and thirty four if Europe's first term thinking who deal hearing and great depression. Ninety during Bill Clinton. Second term, that was the Humiliation of the impeachment ever in two thousand HU during George W Bush is first term, of course, after nine eleven those are the only three times and
the two party system that the Presence Party has gained net seats in Congress. In other words, once again we have a ninety two percent number. The night. Two percent probability. That Democrats or gain congressional seeds. This year the court then becomes how many and here's the deal lotta people they are the generic bowed. So you can't look about well, you should because in the Abbey Appalling de Janeiro, now, it is like home field advantage in generic validate. Whoever has had the advantage whichever party on election day has always performed the best okay. So did the in all beyond now, in fact, for the average election across the country, it's off by three percent. Obviously, the candidates in a given election matter. Obviously the issues that involve those kids, It's in those elections matter. There are about two thirds of question more important than the generic ballot, but certainly a temperature check nationally it does matter so don't ignored and what are we see?
over the course of this way grew up. We ve seen that demographic average by midweek only around a three percent led right now, you're in the neighborhood three points. Now here's something to watch the wave election that the Democrats are counted on. What do they need to have on the generic ballot historically to be in a position to take everything back to have a potential wave? Anything in that eight percent plus range you get away and Democrats in twenty eighteen have anywhere from three to a twelve percent laid terrain, are there near their smallest lead as were more than happy. The primaries and we are hidden a really in focus towards these mid term elections, here's the first thing to know, even though Democrats have an advantage. It's already smaller, tory smaller than the norm, and if the Democrats have any and be four percent or under range in terms of an advantage on election day.
Are they will not ring game, can the house, let alone the Senate, in fact, at a three percent number on the generic ballot democratic, or only likely to pick up about twelve seats. The Republicans would probably pick up one seat in the Senate. So once again you see the present people writing people cherry pick poles. They talk about it, Look at him aunt I trump and everything else, and even when you take a look and you see a generic bout out there, and it shows the Democrats with an advantage, the president once again is right where he needs to be outperforming and by the. If you take a look at highly engaged butters, there are far more likely to approve at the president. Over the past week present, average approval writing just forty percent, with adult only samples boarding, nine percent with likely voters. That is a big part of the rest of the story.
I brought mud in for the Great White Van I don't like what I'm going to do. Is I'm going to say to them that, above all, we have a great country, you should stand for ordinary. You shouldn't go in a locker room what our national anthem live. I seriously step away from emotion. The politics have been for a moment how bad crab crazier some people in this country, bad, the national aunt became controversial ledges that is stuck on stoop. I just such nonsense by the way,
favorite headlines of the whig does from NBC News headline the Philadelphia eagles are now America's team. As one of those where I saw that I am one since a b to Mississippi something about that seems exactly the opposite, walk with me mentally for a moment. Andrews, I'm not! Since saying that what I'm saying what I mean, and it is the case but Let's say that I am brace the premise advanced by and B C news in this article Philadelphia Eagles, our american, so you have almost the entire team that we get the president of the United States host. The entire team rejects the present. Now, if I'm going to
grace, the premise that the Philadelphia Eagles by their actions are the barometer in one way or when that actually make them like literally the entire matter taken out there I be irony, was interesting. Speaking of ironic on the president's tweets as we are getting ready for the G seven he said, send it ironic getting ready to go to the G7 in Canada to fight for our country. On trade. We have the worst trade deals ever made, then off to Singapore, to mate with North Korea and the nuclear problem, but back home we still have the thirteen we Democrats pushing the which, among other things, that he ended up twenty now this one. This was a little laugh out loud and moment for me yesterday how good Jeff, like
who is setting record low point numbers in Arizona and was therefore humiliating, lay forced out of his own scented seat without even a fight. They are running for office, even a lower one. Let's face it, he's a flake well done, and this one is kind of a big deal. Our justice Department must not let a WAN and Debbie Watchman shot off the hook. The Democrat I t scandal is a key to much of the corruption we see today. They want to make a plea deal to hide. What's on their server. Where is this server really bad? And then we ended up having the Wolf indictment ha things that make Kickapoo something else that it up being conical, despite all the wrangling over the wrangling g, seven, the meetings with Prime Minister Abbaye yesterday, I mentioned earlier, the show something you haven't heard, which is oh by the way we actually worked out
we negotiated trade deals with Australia, Argentina and Brazil pertaining to the aluminum steel tariffs reported anywhere. But, yes, we still have some issues with the EU and with Canada with Moscow by die. Here's the thing going well with Japan and who says that the president doesn't have the EU doesn't have Canada doesn't have. May he call right where he wants, A lot of these other tweet ended up getting a lot of attention. Bodies really doing. Educating people like with this one cannot charges the? U s a two hundred and seventy percent tariff on dairy products. They didn't tell you that, did they not fair to our farmers, that's kind of a big deal so another one of those things that makes you go and then he said looking forward to straightening out unfair trade deals with the G7 countries. If it doesn't happen, we'll come out even better
because one way or another he always seems to end up right where he wants to be its fascinating to watch by the wife said on heading four kids: the g7 for talks that will mostly centre and the law time, unfair trade practices against the United States from their gotTa Singapore and the talks with North Korea, Andy Nicholas Asian, oh by the way I mean it's, not a big supplement onto right can t the conversation gotta next primate. And for the great one market? floods in national champion. We add the knowingly Patria we have heard praying was here. I think we'll have the gaps, and we will see
thirty eight thousand one hundred and eleven. I didn't invite Lebron James and I didn't invite Steph curry we're not going to invite either team, but we have other teams that are coming to know. If you look, we had Alabama national champion, we had Clemson national champion. We have the New England Patriots, we have the Pittsburgh penguins last year. I think we'll have the caps at me will see. You know my attitude cuz. They want to be the greatest play sooner mayor. They don't want to be here. I don't want them boy might take it the gaps before he got there MIKE what we do a new champion? I wonder what are and went there enough. I mean you know. What's coming, Naxa mean that question its level have been posed tonight to the cap's being well, what
their level. We can actually wants boards in, like we didn't, have to talk about politics simpler times, but anyway will be interesting to see, but president drop in a fascinating thing about him for those that come across him, you notice how you always have people that will seemingly not like the guy, and then they interact two of them in its different, did they even f. Even if they're, not fans of him, you notice help it. It seems to go well. For example, we ve got this whole few right now with tried the beverage, IRAN jamming all mccrone, decorous on french inference Mccrone, so he's out there. You know I in this twitter war with present tromp before thee, jeez having got under way- and we have not attentions right now in and he is kind of a leading voice in Europe right now he was fresh off. Visit. Obviously,. The president now now on go remember when he was here. Isn't the ball lance
media. I hope you see this. Where do you think that that's the guy is justified but alive. They actually seems like drawn basically beginning on well, obviously, when it comes to policy, there's some strong differences still, but there is something that is fascinating about Donald Trump. And most of the encounters I've had over the course of time. I am in Self Forum here in West Palm Beach, Brian I do a morning showed Eugenio was palm Beach. It all my content at W Jane O com. By the way, And I do a midmorning showed Debbie loyalty in Miami and by proximity over the years. I had several interactions with Donald Trump before he entered the political arena in one of the key encounters with it was fascinating. Yet my body
I can always told me that the EU can judge impressive people by the way they treat people they don't have to tread on the level and so I've always remember that, and I have used it when interacting with impressive people annual here. You notice how even like Download trumps Ex wives, never talk badly by them. Is that fascinating, but his employer to disappoint sue in fact you know. Even during the elections I gory here and all you know, moral law go all this forward. We would walked round personally shake hands everybody at moral ago, when usual. They are like. Well, you winging anything out the menu, the little boy, genuinely nice guy, one of the things that is, I'm Trump internationalist palm. When I was doing launch this is well before all this makes coming off the golf course and.
At that club, you can have all the boys at immediately unite all MR trample ticker clubs or take your hat. When I got this, I got this and he puts his own stuff away, and then you know you d, having lunch, often a little private room and They are like, well, you winging anything at the menu. The little buffy set up, get won't whatever you want. Mr measures is fine, helps himself to buffer whatever else, and you know, without getting into too much, it was fascinating to see during the course of lunch. He excused himself twice because he was getting calls and tax and in the coming back and he had a contract he had just signed with one of his resorts in Europe. I think it was a place in Spain when will you Jesse excited who was it was that he only got the deal, and I didn't I didn't nor did dug the other persons with but spanning to say and was there he goes out, but he's a nice guy and everybody he treated. He traitor.
Well now there are many other encounters. You seemed rub settings and it's kind of difficult to get a red on the guy, but it's it's fascinatingest my own a little way. I had a you know, expire some kind of see, what's real on what is and what the sky and what you see is real when it comes. To their personal interaction. He's got not only charisma but whatever You think I m politically there's a good person and there you know just treat people on the level whoever they happen to be one: the secrets to his success in all this: let's go to a very patient, who has been hanging nonaligned talking about what we. Talking about earlier in the show with morality,. Like the rob and the outcome in today's society, Bob in Baltimore go right. Can you hear me ok, there's a harmonious phone. I regretted TAT little band if you'll go quick force. Well, I want
You were talking previously the show about the problems in a school, the education, and what you see is the resulting symptoms of that bullying. It was decided that the which are associated with bullying other influences, causing this record high number of suicide and what I They all this, especially the school shootings. All this prize has been fifty years in the making back in the nineteen sixty day Supreme Court, which I dont think I think unwisely prohibited prayer and public school. Then, in the nineteen seventies, late like these actually and then into the seventies, there was the mall decay the permitted. As you know, you ve you may have none of these things. It feels good do at whatever turned you on. Started Doug questioning, conveyed morality with situation, ethics and
relativism. Now in the schools we take a prayer out and the way we ve been inserted secularism. So what what is left is the students then Let me two things. One is sort of an adolescent tribal as a there all walking not towards something higher, their estimation in their esteem and their end, their their identity from one another is teenagers do naturally and they're not getting the development that In what are you, the Judeo Christian based tradition, button and moral relativism, secularism, Eads its right point in. Thank you De I independent the hum I you're making a lot of sense and it's a great point appreciate you hang it on and making that particular point. Let's go to Carol in Marble Hill, whereas Marble Hill, just thirty mile throughout Europe,
russian law town ok. Now I m a geographically aware begbie Kerala. So what do you have in your mind? Well why I called I heard men I'm broke, I'm on social security. I had put forth farewell. Four hours to clear my name, and I congratulate great grandfathers. In France, for the revolutionary war, then you gotta help me out I'm kind of confused here. What they want in particular is. Is this pretending to I'm trying to adopt
maybe I'm seventy five, but I saw a third unfairly, that I just had to numerous remove my net result array assault? I care I been there were pretty much are now words, but it has certainly prayers to you and your best. Fishes and on what comes next sounds like you, ve been through a great deal: Fourchan there, let's go to rich and I the mess. California rich go o Brien under here to talk about on the other. Colors callable amateur got up schools when you get there. Schools, but also will bring. It comes back to schools in a safe way with you Are you target league? California, where you think they're warning against all started a team of my daughter.
I call on you to senior. How do you do I bet through well the lead started as a five hundred and one c three out of Minnesota, where they have more teams in UK stick out back in two thousand and one, day, jobs, a surgical nurse in the operating room, and I volunteer as a range safety officer Camp Pendleton in a buddy of mine down there and asked me if I'd heard about this- and I didn't so- he gave me the website. I went. Hunting you are a clear target that arm look at it and immediately said attached to my songs, about coachman, still ass, tat of a school, and I said Are you interested and he any immediately replied back? What do it so team, This could be virtually so we had to Tv California, last year, one southern California, one near come on I'll teach. You know they go to bed, the range on alone schedule, they post their scores.
There is no doubt that doesn't allow approaches to stack teamed up with a bunch wingers. So it's very fair. It's a true I don't mind sport. We can adapt, explore every kid. That's on the team which to participate, there's no benchmark. Well, I was very small highschool about four fifty did we are tricky treated shop to an outreach meeting more than one it's pretty incredible, getting that done in California, you have moved mountains, so well done, and and maybe a template template for some other folks. Listening, let's go to, teams, by the way, let's go to cliff in Connecticut. Let's go get my car, the segment about the M during a break about tromp any his comments about the proper players in the bathroom poplars back into the workhouse what, with so much clash, dignity and respect from tramp? He says: hey I'm going to come, then the hell with them. They don't have to be here. That's a class act.
Anybody in the White House there's so much dignity and classed as a guy his right. Now, I'm not that It's it's fine! I nobody said Nobody said that he was included times, but what he did do was called their bluff because and the other thing that he said is hey, if you have a legitimate issue, you you your butt Does it because of so just stop. So if you know somebody and I ve been wronged, Amir I'll, listen to you, so it might be a classic and adsense ads fair. However, what matter what matters most need. I say there two sides, the stories in one side, the facts fascinating bang. The truly fascinating thing. As I analyze Donald Trump, the President as I analyze Barack Obama, the President
we literally have as much dichotomy as you potentially could have an necessarily just about policy, but about the president's themselves. Take Barack Obama Vermont Obama, if he asked the average American. What do you think they haven't Amerika like domain? You look nice he's said things that sound a nice. He set things that people liked and then, with his policy, people hated it. An aggregate of the Obama years, only thirty percent of american start within heading in the right direction. If you take a look at all of it thing is your policy was any of it actually popular, let alone effective, only praise I we ve ever had in our country's history. I mean even captain Pina Jimmy Carter had a year above one percent growth, wind, never out of president. They didn't have three percent growth. We have three percent growth.
The Brok Obama we average one point: eight percent for his entire presidency, so people like Barack Obama, the president on policy, people hate. Ok, then you entered Donald Trump and he's the Zack opposite to the average American. Yes, the average American. What do you think I am well? We know that the average American holds an unfavourable opinion. Maybe it's for what that except maybe it's the idea that a hey he's, uncouth or maybe it is all about policy. But the point is point his yeah you're right Some things are people the wrong way. What matters most? What matters most? Could it be that based on what economic number you'll get? We have the best economy in any way from twelve to thirty two years. Could it be that
with the lowest unemployment rate and eighteen years and the average American having net take home paying? That is five point four percent higher right now, then by the way they don't listen to the nonsense liars out there. The sailing a wage growth is only two point: seven percent of the EU, its averaging two points, percent year every year, tracking, very much with economic growth. Ok, fine, but when you add in the tax cuts the net effect five point: four percent go go back thirty, two years to find the last time we did that. Well, so we take up the policies. What really matters is policies, a popular in fact, pulling this week shown that seventy percent of Americans did Donald Trump Credit, but the academy Second, two sides: the stories one side effects, but if you like, the guy that gives you a bull, crap economy and bull grab policy amen, you Over him and like him through things up again, Wada
our high downright mud and for the great one march These great word is really really is a very good job actually Really you gotta get John bags. Money starve. Alright, let's go to tony real quick in Augusta Tony, if you'll make it fast I welcome the call to an african American I'm a hundred percent transporter. It's like this. You can use it in writing the boy. Would you sit? They wanted to get to the bottom meticulously about how the government work, who play
They will talk about the top down. This a big, big and limit the mainstream media keep a given a misguided ago, aid making education is a genuine that window with a weak. It actually research, even bigger what'd. You will ever forget the carpet. The number of the sea he'd be he will a decisive noblesse, Donny I laid my friend euro labour. It is accepted. That sounds like what I would do get that's that's hard work well well done speaking too well done. Margo, then pretty incredible he's up for the whole thing and you can make this happen. Listeners make this happen. All you do is text five hundred to ninety six thousand texting. Five hundred, to ninety six thousand and
now the gray one make the hall of Fame Sprinkler member BS first time that I met the mark? Levin is eleven years ago he was visiting some family and also Russia in the area and he got em before show, on the early years then, and He gun in my three four hours early for show any kind of want to keep a low profile so's hanging out my office, so doing a little work and we just struck up a conversation and it was. I was engaging incredible. Conversation now went on ours We talked until I think about half hour. Before he went on the air and then, as I pointed out, just ten from doing all show: prep, and he was amazing- is the great one Five hundred to ninety six thousand and said Davy are her. Life lived eleven on the Fox NEWS Channel Sunday at ten, it's great show. We always had the dvr he's got representative run this Amis and El Din
in been an honour and a pleasure bride might again for the gray one.
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