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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Russia did interfere with the 2016 election under the Obama administration, so why is President Trump taking more heat than Obama? The left is attacking Trump for not confronting Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, but was fine with Obama knowing about Russian interference and not doing anything about it. Trump is a victim of Russian interference, yet he is the target of a special counsel for collusion when the Obama administration should be investigated. President Trump has been tougher on Russia than Obama, Clinton, or either Bush yet he’s called weak by the media for not attacking Putin – is this a joke? Also, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called Israel the occupier of Palestine, only to later admit she knows nothing about the issue. This is the new face of the Democrat party according to Tom Perez. Later, Shelby Steele joined Mark on Live, Liberty, and Levin to discuss racial tension in America.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Anybody might remain here on number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one watching the hysteria all day on tv.
Listening to it all day on radio? And you see how to take sides either. You attack president interim or your fraud and a sink. A fan who never stood for anything and your sympathetic to the Russians really defend Donald Trump or. She don't. You want trunk to fail and people are rushing out, writing their columns and, waiting in putting stuff on Facebook and running on tv and personal? Who cares what most of these people? So I despise most of the politicians who are speaking when tromp was tough on. Korea, the accused him of wanting to go to a nuclear war. So there are elements in our society
many of whom are on television and radio, most of whom led the Democratic Party who want this present at the fail. So no matter what came out of this, there are going to trash their elements within the Republican Party who are no different. There never trappers and they go directly to them. Jeff flake people, That and then there are the malcontents like Bob Corker, who couldn't run for re election as you can get a like a dog catch, though the NEO kinds there. If we don't go to war, we aren't aggressively Meaning here there and everywhere else, then of course were given the legacy a rag and which is a lie Reagan ever even then, in an did it and there's people have some legitimate questions. And are trying to figure out what to make of all this: the Trump Potent press conference and so forth. I would just suggest to you: you're not gonna, get.
Much information today on television radio that will help you draw conclusions as you wish to draw. So we have to do. We always do think for yourself. I told you Friday, when these indictments came down with these twelve Russian said this was a joke. I spent exactly three minutes on why because they're never gonna see the inside of an american courtroom. That's why. His hand these matters, as I explained then, are handled on a counter intelligence basis. Yet we have criminalize this. So we have these phony indictments. Twenty nine page indictment. And yet Mr Mulder and his team indicted these twelve Russians how to care about these twelve Russians, Lee one person they didn't indict was the thirteenth person. Vladimir Putin's you been told all day that the Russians interfered with our election.
I have argued that they ve interfered with our election two, I believe it and I'm sure they did because that's what they do, their no damn good. Show people in the russian military intelligence services interfering in our election, of course flattened repute, knew about it. So I didn't MR tough Guy Robert model. Indict, Vladimir Putin's? Why are the general Today, who are howling like a bunch of coyotes, why are they this thing that Mahler should have indicted Putin trade Gouty back to his old games. Why isn't he yelling that Mahler should have indicted Putin Jeff like or any of the rest of them all the tough guy saw the NEO come. Why are they say because they like Bali because they want to take our trump? That's? Why? Let's be honest, so have this joke the indictment of these twelve Russians, which adds up to nothing
nothing I ever happened, Zira and yet were told Putin interfere with our election. Yet yet MR rose Stay is not doing a damn thing about it. Mr Monti, Not Donna damned thing about it, potent The travellers he wishes and so forth, and so why don't they put their money. Where their mouth is, why don't they put the indictment where it belongs if they're going to start indicting Russians? Why not intact the king parent, my boss say I'm not a code pink Republican, I'm nothing but contempt for people, but they didn't. And nobody's criticising them, but me off, Five guys out there, where are, they were all the articles, a commentary
Wall Street Journal International Review. Where are they that Putin's should have been indicted? Where are they? I dont see them now our intelligence agency, the question that was put Present United States was in an appropriate question. He standing there with a leader of another country. And the meteor out. The play games constantly to put him on the spot. They interfere with the election. You believe your intelligence agencies already believe Mr Putin, You ve been told day in and day out that our intelligence agencies cannot be trusted that they lied to get us into the war in Iraq right All the way back to the seventies, really with the church Committee, and the CIA, but all of us the liberals love our intelligence agency,
because one of them was headed by a former communist who has a nasty a competent before by the name of John Brenner. And the Russians interfering in our luck and on the who pointed it out first, not pointed out over and over again, when did the Russians interfere with the twenty sixteen election in twenty? Sixteen. Who is present in the United States, AIR Barack Obama, The head of the CIA, John Brennan, who is the next intelligence director, James Clapper, who is headed to depart Justice Loretta Lunch who is headed, Fbi, Jim call me right for him who was headed the FBI, Robber Mahler? How is it, how is it that, after all this time,.
Two years. The Russians are interfering with our election and I believe- and I know it to be true- and the people who did next Nothing about it are never. How do I count sitting on the sidelines, attacking the so. The United States are attacking Devon, Nunez Whitney Intelligence Committee. Attacking Jim Jordan are attacking one of those guys the campaign is the victim. Now, how do we know that? Because they are too damn years, there have been no charge of pasteboard collusion with the Russians and they refuse to investigate Obama and his crab when it comes to collect the Russians, so we We get all this on the table now. Let me closer. If I wanted to be loved by the media today, I would do it some of these conservative so collar doing today at random keyboard and trash the president.
And claim that I have my higher moral authority, that's how they make their credit. Had I guy he might be a winner, nobody really is he's balanced, a solid, but he calls him as he sees she does, job till she doesn't know it up? They position themselves. They won't publicity. They want to attention by the New York Times and washed and post. I know who they are. I know what they do. I've seen it my entire career, and you know what they're gonna be flash in the pan when they keep this up What's required today is a sober analysis or what's taking place, sober reasoning. I don't agree with everything the president said today: Believe it's the end of the world I'll, tell you why.
Because he is said things that I don't agree with. With respect to read. China he's been a hundred times tough. China than Obama ever was he's a hundred times. Tougher on red China than George W Bush ever was he's a hundred times, On China than the Democrat Party or the media want them to be, and yet all say things like geez. My friend and I get along with this guy and blah blah blah North Korea. We still have nuclear subs offer North Korea. We still have aircraft carrier of fleet more than a fleet. Three fleets of North Korea. So the president said some things during the press conference of people didn't like. I did much care for, but he didn't would, All our military.
He didn't withdraw our military there. Still there he's done more or North Korea, then the last five presidents combined as far as I'm concerned. They gave up their ship what the Hell North Korea's noakes. What do you think they're notes, because every President In recent history, before the current president.
Is it possible for them to have noakes they're, all schukert one after another, one after another? Now I said to my wife when I was listening all this here, it's funny about always. We do not have the foggiest idea what was discussed during those two hours between these two men. We have no idea no idea. President trunk could have been very tough on beauty who knows, but here's what I do
when he publicly publicly condemned NATO for failing me, spend the amount of money, that's necessary disbanded, defend Europe and defend the United States. It was trash for that. Why. Two percent of GDP than even suggested four percent, any even at present the United States. Obviously Most of this is meant to protect you and us from Russia. He spoke specifically to the Germans. Many said to their foreign minister, your you shut down your nuclear power plants, and you expect us to help pay more for your defence. He essentially said your own and bought for by the right
he essentially centrally your own and bought for by the Russians. Does that help Russia? Now when it those remarks and if pressuring Germany. Pressuring NATO, even at the macro level, as these building up the United, its military desire to help Russia. Does that mean you say yeah he's in bed with Vladimir Putin's, and I'm not saying I agree with everything that president said today. I certainly don't. But I'm not gonna run around and and say what was may woe is me. The end is come the agonizing come. He gave lethal defence of weapons to the Ukraine when Obama would not When Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine Obama sanctions next to nothing, has sanctions
sanctions, Trump, has put in place a ten times more powerful than Barack Obama ever did. He's returning United States armor to Germany he's for deployed brigades to the Baltics which are constantly being threatened by Putin, He's not only strengthening NATO he's expanding NATO to the chagrin of the clock, on quote an entire globalist, Arthur. He's lifted the ban on exporting oil, so some of these european. Trees will rely less on Russia, he's Fronted Russia in Syria, Obama a red line trumpet
then draw redline, he just said cut it out and they wouldn't cut it out and, as you know, on two occasions, he's acted militarily. And Trump hasn't done, a single thing to stop the investigation. Robert Mullah Despite all the attacks on the man that is on, trap, hasn't done, I think, and he got, but he hasn't not a thing, and so what happened It is those in the media, those cause I media those trying to draw attention to themselves now that the president is not the most articulates spokesman for his own policies. And so they jump on his tweets? They jump on his statements they pretended
Has it taken these action, they provide no context whatsoever, none and now everybody's in a fury. Do you know the President believes Putin's of our own intelligence agencies, intelligence agencies that the Democrats used to trash day in and day out, and I might add this intelligence agencies, where senior officials, senior officials interfered with a last look. The same FBI were senior officials interfere with the less. The luck. Many voices you here today we are all across the intelligence agencies.
Have no qualms whatsoever with the fact that the Obama administration interfere with the last election. None none of this. There is no question. I've got a lot more to say I'll, be right, back the man. That's really draw your attention but you see how even conserve you'll have to agree with everything the president said: you can even be critical, but we really do take our eye off the ball here and many so called conservatism. Suda conjurors don't have a problem with that. There.
Instead interfere with our election interfere with our election during the administration of Barack Obama when John was the CIA director when James Clapper was the national intelligence director. When Jim call me the FBI Direct when Loretta Lunch was the attorney general. The United States is not the first time the Russians of attempted interfere with our election either, and why is it that Donald Trump is taking more heat for this than Barack Obama?. Why is that? There is a special council investigating Trump World are not Obama world. After all this time there has not been a leak that shows a connection. There has not been an indictment that shows a connection has been nothing. Why is it said that tromp is weak on Russia, one trumpets ten tonnes,
tougher on Russia than Obama everywhere because of things the trumps said, Will you want here is something that was said just a couple years: by Barack Obama that did not reach the point apparently work our current flacon and their networks? the cable shows and so forth were much offended at all stay with me I'll play it for you right back. Michel. Where are we Create the talking points call eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven.
You stand or be those out there is a local were focused on trot. Why do you wanna talk about a bomb? I want to talk about both because they hypocrisy. In fact, the bald face lying is, is so obvious that you have to talk in context. One of the articles I read by buddy of mine, where he's just trash in the hell out of Trump. That's fine, but he doesn't anything in there about what Trop has actually done to Russia, which is far and away more than Obama ever did now? Can you imagine Donald Trump standing up there at a press conference with Putin and just giving him attach a long tongue lashing? I got tongue lashing. Why would he have gone to Helsinki to do that?
but over the phone, and then the Democrats would be saying what a foreign policy illiterate Donald Trump her see. He couldn't When with the Democrats, he can one with never trumpeters, either there always sitting there with their traps and, of course, with the NEO counts When will there be there in the neo can't have nothing to do with a traditional Reagan, approach to foreign policy and defence, nothing their excessive? In my humble opinion,. But there are those of us who are traditional rigging conservatives who do believe in a very strong defence, but to use it very wisely, these very wisely or what was Trump doing there in the first. Place with pewter. I dont know why didn't you go to China Stamwood Mouth, who killed fifty million people, but a Barack Obama go to
Cuba and stand therewith Raoul Castro and he was celebrated for what Margaret Thatcher meat we Gorbachev. They did know much about corporate carbon and suggest the Reagan. Do the same thing. The meetings of themselves are not controversial, are they but some people want to make them controversial. That is the meeting with Putin and Trump I have got behind this microphone for many many years and condemn Putin's he's been in power. I think, eighteen years something like that and the regime over their warning people does not our friend he's our enemy, any user enemy and the president knows he's our enemy. That's ways not capitulated.
Putin was interfering with our election. Why hasn't Robert Mahler indicted him? Why has it. I rose and Steen insisted that it be indicted. Why have the Democrats and sister by indicted? Why hasn't Bob Corker are Jeff.
Like insist that it be indicted and a serious about russian and fair election know they're, not, which is why they do a whole cover up for the Obama Administration Interference in our election. But, lest we forget December, twenty seventy shortly before Donald Trump was to take off Barrack Milhouse, Parag Milhouse, well I'll. Even at the Iraq Milhouse Obama spoke to the press. This issue came up about russian interference in our election cars. Twenty one, MR producer go ahead based on uniform intelligence assessments. The Russians were possible for hacking, the Dnc and that, as a consequence, it is important for us to review all
on them, so that and make sure that we are preventing that kind of interference through cyber attacks and the future That should be a bipartisan issue that should be a part of, and my hope is that the President Elect is two similarly be concerned with making sure that we don't have potential foreign enforce our election process in early September, when I saw President Putin in China, I felt that the most effective way to ensure that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly.
And tell him to cut it out. The ruby was serious consequence while or stop there, MR produced, so he told Putin cut it out, because Putin was interfering in an election as a first hand, witness account by a former presently United States Access, I assumed all kinds of intelligent, saying the Putin interfered and our like any taller.
Cut it out, Canada, and yet Mr Mamma has not indicted Mister booth cause he's. A coward Democrats have not heard Mr Mahler to indict Mr Putin, because their frauds, like many than ever trumpets and the NEO comes, don't take it to a point, but they won't take it to its logical point. Go ahead and in fact we did not see further tampering of the election process, but the leaks through Wikileaks it already occurred. Our goal continues to be to send a clear message to Russia or others not to do this to us, because we can do stuff to you
but it is also important for us to do and they fought for methodical way, some of it. We do publicly some of it. We will do in a way that they know, but not everybody will I say so at a press conference, like you wouldn't say anything about it. Did he say anything about it at a press conference? Did he say anything about it? At a press conference with Putin earn a public showing where food? No, he didn't. And that was real time. It was going are going on in real time, show asking the president after the fact that its trump, why didn't you re he's Putin interfering with our election when Obama was president and you just heard him say he chose to do a hell of a lot about it, certainly not publicly but Trump. He.
Standing there at a press conference next, a potent should our reamed out potent where Obama would not and said that's not particularly effective Is there a reason why that clip is not being played? All over cable tv tonight is the reason why they clip is not being played on network. Came you tonight, yes, because context as everything and they're not giving you context. Are they. The peace I found from the washed and free bacon by Bill Girt April, seventeen, twenty eighteen. Despite an unprecedented russian intelligence operation to influence the twenty sixteen presidential election for. President Barack Obama rejected a plan to conduct retaliatory cyber action against Moscow during the campaign. According to farmers,
and yet less nobody says: Brennan disclose Sunday that Obama opposed a plan to carry out a cyber event against the Russians because of Brennan disclose Sunday that Obama opposed a plan to carry out a cyber event against the Russians, because the former president feared they actually do more aggressive interference by Moscow. He said there was consideration about rattling their cages with some type of cyber event. Brennan said during remarks to a journalism conference at the University, California, Berkeley and hopefully the rainy protests against him speaking. There. Based on Obama's fears. The planned cyber action was shelved in favour of issuing vague warnings to russian officials. Brennan did not elaborate on the cyber retaliation plan he said Prince Obama was the ultimate decision maker on that and we binding about a lack of response. The former see I directed
then the Obama administration telling what is widely viewed as a significant counter intelligence failure during the presidential election after the election Obama ordered the expulsion of thirty five russian intelligence office both the FBI and CIA or charge would conducting counter intelligence, detecting and thwarting hostile intelligence operations. Both agencies failed a hot The Russians and twenty sixteen either in the United States or brought you s affairs. As I have said, the targeting of? U S and foreign elections by Russia is continuing notice, oh set, it ended in September two thousand and sixteen he was speaking in December. Two thousand and seventeen had not President Trump in February criticized his predecessor in a tweet for failing to act that is February 28th, even if you can believe it. Why didn't Obama do something about the met meddling, wired, damask, damn crimes under investigation asked just said
each waded. There's something I've been raising for some time on Hannity on my own shows another closure that Obama scrap they cyber plan to retaliate against Moscow for election interference comes as a forum for mercy, The counter intelligence, official Michel Van Cleve revealed income- testimony last week that the Obama administration weakened American Counter intelligence. Migrants by downgrading a top counter spy office. Rented said he had great confidence. The Russian in Its operation was authorized and directed by president of Russia, Vladimir Putin's a former KGB intelligence office The russian intelligence service also now. The mission is he's quoted here, know what there abilities are and will apply them to issues that are of interest or russian national security. So Brennan called the meddling unprecedented in terms of its scope and intensity and made full use of the digital domain. This is
going on, while he's the c I a direct and so have multiple reports, and we have over time that Morocco, I gave a stand down or the first indications of I should interference were spotted and late: twenty fifteen, an early twenty sixteen and the operation was mentioned and press reports in the spring of twenty. Sixteen by the summer of twenty. Sixteen the operations were confirmed. Brennan said: Obama also make clear to the CIA that he did not want the agency doing anything quote in reality or in perception. Unquote that would have advanced the russian. This information and propaganda campaign quote We were trot really trying to strike the right balance between doing everything we can to prevent its work as well as cover and understand what the Russians were doing without doing any. That would almost advance their interests in trying to disrupt our election very carefully.
In the middle of the election. Putin and his henchmen are interfering in the election. They have the goods they have the dna, they have the fingerprints, their interfere, Obama's, silent, doesn't say a thing, a word. Does it say anything he pull Putin's sign in September in China and told him to cut it out core, unquote. And Donald Trump, who is not present, his attack by God, you're shudder stood up there that I had shed appeared like what you did like what you did. I admit it now I got the constant my back pocket and I'm gonna coffee and drag your damn stage. Is this a joke? It sounds like it: I'll, be right back
When you look at terms polish, towards IRAN, far more effective, far tougher than any of his predecessor since Reagan Republic, Winner Democrat. When you look at what is done with North Korea, hissing, given North Korea, damn thing happened: military assets are still there if own reverses course, nothing lost.
But when the position with him, having nukes as a result of these deals, are were cut by prior ministries and many people attacking Trump today worked in those prior administration before Trot became President Russia moved into Georgia, Crimea and the Ukraine troublesome present. I will not happen. He's trying to build up NATO, He's trying to build up NATO when the prior present was s reign. The United States military he's trying to build up our military. So. I understand that people want to get all worked up or people do get all worked up when the President make statements like some of the statements he made today. But it's not the end of the world stepped back, he's much more serious about national. So
already in building up our defence and protecting our country. Then the private creation was on its best day and many more that's been more effective than either the Bush administration's. And certainly more than the Clinton administration that help on the Chinese and watch these Democrats parade across the street from that's pretty disgustingly hilarious, hasn't it There has been another major security breach in this one by the marketing. Firm exactness may be the largest to date, The personal information of two hundred and thirty million people was leaked. Identity theft is got so bad that for every two of you listening the personal information for one of you as likely been exe,
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I d care, dotcom, Slash Mark Promo code Mark one more time. Lots of marks and near my day, care dot com, Slash Mark Promo code mark. So people like the position themselves. They liked label themselves, I'm not into that. I'm not into that. For me, it's not either you attack tromp or your fraud and a sink a fan who never stood for anything or you defend. Trial are you one of the fowl and your sabotaging him? I leave it. Other people and media to play those games, and there are those games being played. There's lots a level, a game plan levels the Democrats were reorganise to attack trump, no matter the outcome, and yet they never. The former president of their party or his ministry,
and for allowing the interference. I ve ever heard Mark Warner, talk about Adam Schiff, rarely now and then, but rarely have the media have of the media. No, you don't so are the president has said things sometimes goofy, sometimes inaccurate, and yet, when it comes from the rubber hits the road in a really comes down to it. He's done some very outstanding things and he's been very tough, very tough. There could be a method. All this for all. We again, we don't know what took place during those two hours, but some of the criticism is absolutely insane like he supposed to stand there and trash potent when, in fact, Obama would never stand up? The Putin and you're supposed to do a publicly in April
conference for. Have you ever seen that, before whether. With a major hostile country, when he says to our allies, hey boys, it's time to put up and shut up. You know we need to reach the old NATO. You have to make sure you have to contribute your part in Germany. What are you doing? You're funding Russia that was last. Make any wish trash. For that. So like somebody who selling out the Russia now it doesn't. Does it seem like somebody selling out the China now Obama bent over backwards for China to. He did. So your hearing, a lot of hysteria and you're, seeing a lotta hysterics, just keep in mind lot of these people who are saying these some of them are earnest. Many of them are not there trying to make their credit rating
see me I'm a conservative, but I don't put up by this crap, but how about providing a little bit of context a little bit of content it's, not the end of the world right now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader. Tell everybody Mark Levant here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Now, let's continue
There is more than an hour discussion that I'll take some your colleagues. This is where some of the trunk folks are gonna get mad, but so be it, and by trump folks I mean the White House folks not used. When you're on an international stage.
And you're staying in there, you made the choice to meet with latin repute and which, I think is perfectly fine and your ass. They sat up question and that's what this, who do you believe, let em reputed your intelligence agencies. You have to be able, you have to be able to defend your own country verbally and do it in a way in this case that is not intended to destroy the entire purpose of the two hour discussion that they had in private Obama would apologise for America and we were furious about. But despite the problems, we have with the senior levels for intelligence agencies, and there have been considerable and quite serious problems with on masking anyone more.
That's not the kind of stuff you air out there on an international stage. In my view, you just don't. I think what infuriate so many of you is the way the conduct of some of these entities have behaved in the United States and the way we can't seem to get to the bottom of their treacherous action during the last campaign and other Democrats defend everything that helps the Democrats and hurts tromp. So I get there.
But still you don't hang the dirty laundry overseas and my view he has done, and this is the reason some people are criticising the president, but some people who are attacking the present most viciously attack him. No matter what and that's another thing that infuriates many of you. And I understand that I also believe the President of the United States believes rightly so- that he's been a victim Is in my view, if not the greatest scandal, one of the greatest scandals in american political history
and it involves the senior level of the appeal and involve senior levels of intelligence agencies through its various about it? And I don't blame him, but you still really shouldn't do that overseas or my view, particularly in your statement, makes deputed. So you don't need to bash Putin's brains him, but you don't need to bend over backwards either. I'm not trying to walk a five hi. I'm just saying this is this is to me the way you handle a situation like this and, of course the reporters are always trying to do the gotcha and the gotcha and the girl, but we have some very interesting calls her, don't normally jump into the cause Shirley, but I think, they're interesting, I think, there's a lot. We can conclude from some of these calls who say number things I say and as well as a number of things I wouldn't say so, let's take a
Ross, Savannah Georgia, the great w e k S go older, it's an observation. My name is mark, not dark. I better get off on a better put here. Ok Mark the and that Diana burdened, probably but may I played a a masterstroke and play the people on this side of the pond and getting everybody upset in an arms because he is playing. Let me help you arrest the president's already stepping back a little bit with a recent tweet, so it's not a masterstroke. He's trying to address it like that in a garden, I'm not tertiary was intense or not but he's in a position. Now, where you go back to Putin and say: hey these mothers mob on the other side of the water is life rankings. They are up in arms. They don't like now he shouldn't do that depute and Putin's the enemy, and you don't start. Consorting with her or buddy boy.
The word the enemy analyse mob. On this side, we, as I as I tried to say my last comment. We may have our differences here and, unlike the left and the Democrats out your his TAT Kennedy, Alan convinced and many of you might remember, or room those who went off to Iraq and the and those like like Pelosi who went in the President of Syria and others who might the present nicaraguans are we we know we know We don't use our enemies overseas away, abashing our adversaries here at home, not on this. There are only agree with you that should not have done that. I went out on the other. On the other hand, when people act like this is the end of the world, its nonsense, it's not the end of the world he's he has put in place policies that are far more substantive,
an effective in dealing with Russia than Obama ever dinner could and when you have people attacking this president who worked in the administration or supported that administration, it's really it's! It's really a joke. Are I rushed? Thank you for your car, my friend. That's gonna Mark Aurora, Colorado, serious satellite hurry marker to talk you thank you listen. I know. Donald Trump. I know you claim a mantle of Reagan Republic in but under the carpet
I don't. I don't claim anything, sir. I'm on here three hours a day. Five days a week, I dont need interpreters. People know what I think and when I believe why don't you tell us why you think in what you believe well, where the pace and Donald Trump Bay, they think I always use of rich guys, a great negotiator, but in the past he has never been a Republican in the path. He has never been a Reagan. Can what? What in the world does? This have to do with anything, because it's the way that whatever he does give supported. We could not abided by were having a discussion about this. What does what you are saying have anything to do with anything, because you dont reported,
Maybe he does maybe doesn't I'm interested in your view and apparently don't have one. Why are you doing, is trashing whose supporters he has never been. Rigging republican fine. So what does the Bush Republican, though, is a Trump Republican, we're talking about what actually took place? So what are your comments on what took place? Ok, so I mean you, can you keep going? I get out of here your ear near your monotonous, an attack me gonna attack millions of people. I ask your opinion a lot to play Are you and you take the mantle of this in these other guys, you yet you're incoherent
plenteous shows I would string along cause, your incoherent. They think it's entertaining. I don't spend time with fools Jerry Ash cash with cards in the great W S. A! U go mark you forgotten were grown. God bless you for all your going to do the same country. Well, in my opinion, it all garbage fires, whatever you want to call. It is very simple, sir: I'm I'm almost your dad's age and ninety two wound.
I'm not senile yet known around the block and I've I've seen farces like this, but not as bad as this one is the Democrats and the elite of are the most important, intelligent Asia, FBI and Earth CIA, our conspiring, that's what I'm calling it not collusion. I dont think its collusion at all. I think it's a conspiracy to do what to do, tackle Mr Trump and what they want to do, of course, is impeach him getting. They allow there because they don't in the drain, the swamp, and so they lose. They are lose their power and their jobs and he's heading. They certainly heading in the right direction. My way of thinking are. I Jerry. I appreciate your call, Cathy scraped and Pennsylvania more Kathy,
can't be listen on Debbie I may on screen Pennsylvania. Can you haven't? We are w w what I can hear W p r W W P W go ahead, I'll, go riding with direct courtesy. I at the time our bottom would leave it off at Samara. Twenty thick cream with yellow we agree with the concern. Why do I hereby? Why would be I I'm with you kid not only do I want to give up their, I heard say MR dropout great graduate faded speed. He said I would rather take a political with improved food or feed wherever there with p pursue the power tat. Now. Is that trial to you, because you ve got more, takes no really Churchill to me now I mean it's a good phrase.
And I liked it back from London. They throw Barack Obama pulled out of our overall and gave a good one didn't back now, we'd like to have it back again. Man. Thank you, for your call continue to see who s here, let us go to MIKE Charlotte Cell Why not mark Levin APP go ahead Mark. I have not heard it laid out ever the way you just laid out and thank you counselor. It was a normal I'll think I believe we have lost the art of watching what people do as opposed to what they say. Come says one thing and it seems to be diametrically opposed to what he does in fact compare Obama to it. He said one thing and it sounded phenomenon, but he did the exact opposite,
We need to watch the actual. This president is author, conservative rebound on analyze, not all trick. Conservative I've met with him. He would never agree that he's ultra concern, but he is quite conservative, except when it comes to trade in my view, but he is quite concern. His farm policy has been excellent, certainly up to now. Excellent, and, like I say I know, people are all worked up about the things he said and so forth and so on. But there is no question that he's tougher on Russia. And will be tough on Russia than Obama and, quite frankly, than George W Bush. As far as I'm concerned agree one hundred percent, because his actions again speak for themselves he's we stated that idea: The ancient and partner he d better than that on Russia? He up the sanctions, look he's given is given
significant weaponry to Ukraine Obama Wooden, wouldn't do that he doesn't get credit for the things that he does. He doesn't get credit for the things any does there sit there waiting for me to say something, and he said a couple things the day that I think we're mistake, but it's not the end of the world and what, if you watch tv, night? It is the end of the world, which is ridiculous ugly wholeheartedly. Another thing he did is one a meeting with the polish president, Prime Minister, on what they have over. There is brought up the subject of gas or why don't you buy from us I my friend thanks recall what me right see people people. This is why
early in the first people to go to their corners and treat this as a political might just be reasonable and the way you think about these things, president made a few comments, but I thought my kind of ridiculous, but he's also taken real, effective action against Russia that are crucially important. Europa, never talker would take more with the president. Is the victim, the victim of interference in the last campaign by the Obama administration, so is very sceptical of these entities that he believes in many cases rightly so, sought athwart his election and a watch. All this hyper criticism and frenzied phony reporting.
Pseudo conservatives just flippin upside down all around over this. Like this, I got you ve, never seen anything like this is really absurd. Absolutely absurd. Should lose any sleep over this. Let's see here, let's go to looking looking one. Let us go to Barney carbon Dale Pennsylvania, the Great W P w go hello, hello Mark will then I just want to tell you that was approved
talk down my first time collar? I usually on call these shows, but I wanted to just jump in on this now for maybe well I wouldn't comparing what the media is doing to the president. With this end, in the last several years to the actual yellow Journalism, William Randolph, Hearst and so on and so forth, those guys and Mr Pure threw himself actually inflaming in pretty much pushing american opinion into the sky. American war. That far back, and in my opinion, we should be calling them for what they are, and I think you're the guy to do it you're the guy to call them out on the carpet these yellow journalists wise I've been using this phrase, pseudo journalism, suitor report. Did you hear my show last week of the week before I spent Three hours on this year,
the eye you. I have to miss two days a week, because I have to go to work. I point as I can't. I can't do it all over again, if somebody, MRS the show you allowed, I'm an immensely where we keep using pseudo journal. While you can use yellow journalism at the dinner table, I used the phrase that I choose to use can because I think it's more accurate people know what yellow journalism means they do. No, its pseudo journalism means and so I used the phrase I want to use and you'll use the phrase you want to use only. I respect that. I shouldn't thanks for your car sales goin on here. What is going on. Here Dave Chicago Illinois on the mark, Levine up, let's stepping up Dave, go ahead. All my gosh markers such an honour to talk you, oh my gosh. I bought it for you all tied Rachel, concerned, none. But I wonder how many times I voted for you every single time. I could.
Why are you definitely are Chicago guy? Thank you very much. I appreciate your shot, but let me tell you knock them out and so aggravated with the left right now talk is doing everything he promised to do. I mean what word Austria, I mean let's, let's, let's, let's let let's, let's focus the discussion right now is what took place in place in Helsinki. The any thoughts about there. Yes, I do he go ahead, I don't. I don't agree with everything that he said. I think that you should have stepped up a little bit more and can defended, but you now shut up. What do we know about what was behind call. I already said we have no idea, and you know it's interesting noble brings out up on on these different shows. They have no, I it was said and for the left they don't care. What was said payments been. Going out to the Russian since the russian Revolution, and
and for the trumpeters they don't care. What was said either go ahead Ok Obama knew what was going on for years. She knew he knew John while knew what we do now he knew he knew for ITALY since at least twenty fifteen, but that's long enough, asthma, long enough flight, and let me- and let me ask you this question: maybe Obama couldn't, anything because he was doing the same thing to the Israelis and that Yahoo and their election ever think of that you're. A correctly are great Thank you very much for that up. I couldn't that one hundred percent voting day take care body. We gotta go I'll, be right back hundreds of conservatism coma
at eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one four thousand eight hundred and eleven I'm watching during the brakes, even on our favorite cable network, is truly astounding. Ok, you're criticising the president in some of the things he said today, but you provide no perspective as you can do that, but one or two at least talk about some of the things he's done. Some of the things that he's done with respect to Russia. Why aren't they doing that and provide some context? Ok, maybe shouldn't said that maybe this was amiss step, but let's keep a mini did do this. He did do this and he did do this when all bomb of ago were season apologize. He met. Because it was an ideological matter for him. Nobody believes that were trump, so thirsty
it's almost hilarious watching these, but very stern faces? This is worth or going Yet there are their credit. Now you see, you're gonna get your credit, because you believe that our intelligence services are better than the Russians. That's a gimme. That's a gimme, but but to watch CNN and some of these other entities. So this is the worst thing since none Chamberlain and so forth, and so this is crazy, That's insane they're, just teeing off, which is what they do, two months ago was Stormy Daniels, which is key bouncing around like ping pong balls around here, so you can criticise the president for what he said. I have criticised the present passed on a variety of issues, but nobody believes
that he soft on Russia who believes he soft on Russia, the Russians, don't believe it. The Russians, don't believe it asked the Chinese if they think trumpet soft. On there s, the Iranians asked the North Koreans. Again, I point out we ve taken a step back on North Korea. So you ve got this his stuff. I mean it's unbelievable. What I'm watching right! Now again, you don't have to agree with what the president said, but he's had much tougher policies, then most of his predecessors, in dealing with Russia much tougher, including those for attacking him right now. You ve got an interesting collection aggregate of people who are involved in this.
Leftwing cook Democrats, who never saw a military spending bill, they could ever support people who ve hated Trump from one, even though he's trying to increase defence spending the so called Neeoka people who support the idea of withdrawing from the ran deal, but then, when truncated, our silent or critical, pretty incredible than you think. He has shown in any respect that he would sell out the Putin or sell out the g or show at the or nor shall so I too, but some mollusca hasn't done any other, so ok, you can be critical of something the President said, maybe wasn't said well, but does anybody truly believe that he would
race, the Russians over intelligence services. Of course not he has not done it. As a matter of fact now one Obama was. Position to actually do something about all this? He did next to nothing Same with all of us, his thugs did next to nothing really appalling to me. It's not the end of the world, it's not the end of the world. I promise you some people like it is: let's see here about why I'm not interested in calls
it says trumps right, all the time, trumps right, all the time that I don't do, that you call another shot, something intelligent. What do you think about? What's going on Tom, Santa Barbara California, exam satellite go ahead mark? My question is: who sets up these junior of orders with the questions that they act at the press conference today? Is it just soccer and I mean obviously it's their moment to shine or embarrassed. The president, I dont think any executive has to do that. I think most of these people hate Trump and they're. Looking for these gotcha moments, I mean really: is it a period when the present understand their reputed to even asked the question and by the way, at the fact that I am raising this look at Margaret? How saint? No, now? Is that is that really intended to get
a legitimate answer or is intended to do this sort of firecrackers. It's not intended to get a legitimate answer, and I agree with you that could have been a mistake that a fair way to look at every president has miss deaths and trumps been under incredible pressure, not necessarily make excuses for that. But these are no wonder. People call your show unwanted defend tromp because they see the mainstream media. As simply you know, an arm of the Democratic Party and the others. Profound level of mistrust on the fourth estate is pretty much failed in its objective and in time. I think a lot of people understand that not everyone criticising the president, but in the media for the most part they want to take him. So this is the latest thing I'll hang there had on. Even if we don't agree with exactly everything the president said and maybe be troubled by some of the things. The presidency
The fact is, we know the end goal of CNN and MSNBC in most of the rest of them is whatever it works or star the Putin Prescott and whenever it is. Let's take em out tat if her neck shiny object, whatever that we give, because really the laughed as of today has no message for November at all, so they have nothing what he did they give free for three point: eight percent- and it's not just them, though it's. I would argue that the media are even worse because they have a lot more influence on a political party per se. So you can have legitimate criticisms of the president. I think there are legitimate criticisms of somewhat But why did you give it a little bit a background alone? What context and say that Ex Thing Anti American say, even though you know he did not defend the intelligence agencies on
the hand what he has done in the past, as he's done this with Russia, this with Russia, this with Russia? None of that there's! None of that. Can I ask you one more question? Yes, if so, what is the collective? What european? Maybe you back in the way interact with these guys, I'm not in the best way outside the beltway, purposely well do you ever interact with people like Haiti, tour other low lying, while how why, when I interact with people like that, I just wondered. There are stupid. Why, when I waste my precious time, I my limbs, time on earth to interact with somebody like that understood. You know it, so let me tell you something: maybe people don't know this item Iraq. What most people.
Here and there I was in a campaign event for IRAN to scientists and flawed over the weekend, cause he's outstanding and it was wonderful and he had wonderful, wonderful people backing to end, and in that I was thrilled to be there, but I don't hang out with leftists. Why would I I tom? Thank you for your call. I waste time park in open minded, while neither are they Michael Alexander Virginia the Great W em a owl go just one problem quickly, since when did the desire to boy to thermonuclear war become an irrational position, When did that went on what are you? What are you? What are you talking about dropped his reasons for not making the big confrontation doesn't want to provoke
Russia, that's why I'm ok? First of all, I dont think him confronting Putin. There would result in a thermonuclear weren't, you perhaps a bit of hyperbole, but you do I mean going. Why At present, it needs to be a little bit more careful how it talks about these for his own sake, for his own sake, he's got enemies out there with long knives, bayonets ready to cut him off at the knees return. So let me when you do when you, when you deal with some like this, it pays to build, be a little bit more careful. That said what people are trying to do with what he said is not accurate, either they're trying to make the case that he's hostile to his intelligence services, all of them. That is and so forth and saw he's not you know, he's a president who has talked about that. He hasn't done a thing to our intelligence service. She isn't that a thing to Bob Mahler is done. A thing to Jeff sessions arose and steel. He lets them do.
What it is they do it's the rest of us are criticising most of them and then he D had some good reason for wanting to do. I agree with you, but he hasn't. I, my friend, thank you for your cut all the things they have said about the priorities a dictator always threat. The press always doing this always doing he doesn't do it. He doesn't do it. Jeff batten, Rouge Louisiana Mark Levant, go more yes Nguyen Van body so glad to copy of. What's anglophile, great love, you I love you. So if tromp answers that question, do you know that I believe the intelligence services over whom did other publicly? Doesn't he give credit to the very people who are trying to destroy a man? He's kind. He's kind said that tonight he p back backed up a little bit with Twitter. That essentially said that, no, I don't think so
problem isn't with the intelligence services in this country to the people who been running right now, you're right, I got better people that are trying to destroy my with all the problems with the speakers. He's gonna get me my Putin's trying to destroy him to us one way or another. Well, maybe so, but Can I get you don't you know, stand over the guy like this Putin. You. If you want have you wanna talk about our intelligence service? You do a right here at home, say the same thing. If Obama did about the way that we want trumped up to two to succeed to reasonable, I bring this up. I mean I respond in the way tat. I do, and I also thank the attacks on him right now are so over. The top is outrageous, unbelievable one day soon. Whatever you know the start up and try to pull the plug on this whole. This whole russian actions. Thank you for you
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Terms and conditions apply, see the site for details. Now, ladies and gentlemen, you may have heard of this an eight year old communist. I mean democratic, Socialist elected on a New York Alexandria, Cassio Quotas and she is said to be the future. The democratic party. You know what I don't doubt. That's the case and she was question on a little watch. Pbs show that Stalin From bill, Buckley called firing line by Mark Hoover. I believe a great granddaughter of Herbert himself. But listen to this exchange cut nineteen go then dynamic their internal. Politics and in the world is very different than people expressing their first amendment right to protest. Well, yes, but I also think that, What people I went, what is its two teenagers talking, then, that signed the way to you, Mr Barroso, yeah anyway
This is why we are going to see, at least in the occupation of Palestine is just an increasing crisis. Of humanitarian condition. I met to me is just where I tend to come from on this issue. You used the term the occupation of Palestine. Wouldn't you mean by that? Oh, I think it at what I meant is like the the settlements that are increasing and in some of these areas and places where or Palestinians are
drain, saying difficulty and access to housing and homes giving you can expand our lot yeah I mean, I think I'd also just I have not the export of politics, and this is no doubt that the expenditure and we explain economics being a democratic socialist dinner, but the occupation of Palestine. I'm sick of the phrase. How can the Jews be occupiers and Palestine doesn't make any sense to anybody there almost forth? I thousand years their occupiers set a joke. Has anybody been anywhere four thousand years? Thirty, five red years, give or take, and there the occupiers. Since, when I'm not an expert on GEO,
our takes on this issue, but I know they're occupiers the Jews and in Palestine and so forth, and so on. What do you think the name Palestinian was concocted by Arafat? These are areas. Who call themselves Palestinians, you won't fine, Palestinians in the Bible Palestinians, or did they come from where they created the name. Progressive, they created that name or whatever occupation of Palestine. So what does that mean? Occupation of Palestine? If you are people who have ancestors.
That go back three four thousand years, any particular part of the world. How can you be and like a temporary occupant? They, somehow you came in and took somebody else's property. This is the kind of sponge head that we deal with Alexandria, exemplary quarters. No, I noticed this hasn't receive the national attention that it deserves, even though people has been pushing it out their left and right to try and get up their terrible ratings. But that's ok! I didn't love my show last night on Fox at ten p m Eastern. We shall be steel. I told you I hope in measure I told you he's unbelievable- will play a few clips next hour and not the whole Arab. I will play a fluke the few clips because he was absolutely outstanding, but you know Alexandria, casino caught, as she wasn't done on the
firing line show. Why do we must build Buckley? Instead, we get where market anyway and she attacks also of which he knows nothing to what play that after that. I too am not. I'm not gonna. Do the the Russian Helsinki trumpeting another I've had it already. Are you wanna watch that turn on any television station, its endless its monotonous I'll, be right back.
Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three one one I want to get back to Alexandria or Casio quotas. On tv. I guess it was yesterday.
She won't come on my sure sure come on my show. We. Why asked her to command? She won't do it now. You know why she say: yeah she's a network, but anyway she's asked about the economy, cut twenty go while the cardinal is going pretty strong, rather's, roughly four percent unemployment. Three point: nine percent of employment Do you think that capitalism has failed to deliver for working class Americans or is no longer the best vehicle for working less numerical? I think the numbers that you just talked about is part of the problem right because We look at these figures and we say: let's, let's not not to be a stickler.
The numbers you just talk about is part of the problem. They are part of the problem right, MR producer. Let's start from the top go ahead, while the economy is going pretty strong writers, roughly four percent unemployment, three point: nine percent unemployment. Do you think that capitalism has failed to deliver for working class Americans or is no longer the best vehicle for working less in article. I think the numbers that you just talked about is part of the problem right because
we look at these figures and say, oh unemployment is low. Everything is fine right, while unemployment is low, because everyone has to job a that's why it showed, because everyone has to jobs. Idiot, go ahead, slow because people are working sixty seventy eighty hours a week and can barely feed their kids, and so I do think that, right now we have this no holds barred, wild West, hyper capitalism. What that means is profit at any cost, capitalism has not always existed in the world and it will not always exist in the world and she will be members of Congress in short order. I would love to have interviewed, had given her a real interview and had a real chat about her ideology
but as I say she won't come on the programme now, gentlemen, who did come on my programme last night, we shall be steel of the Hoover Institution, brilliant man. He talks and writes about american culture, affirmative action, so for I just want to give it a little taste of of this man's intellect, Middle EAST. You can watch PBS, listen to that girl or you can listen to my show and listen to shall be steel cut. One go. You wrote a few months ago in the Wall Street Journal on this, so called protests with the football players taking the need or in the national anthem,
among other things. You said it's not surprising, then, that these black football players were down the mantle of protests. Could you say protest is something that that black Americans have had to do for civil rights. Look a Martin Luther king, you look at Jackie, Robinson and sports and so forth, and so- and you say these these surprise was it didn't work this time they had Miss, read the historic moment. They were not speaking truth the power; rather, they were figures. A pathos mindlessly loyal to a black identity that it run its course. So you say the article look protest is a good thing protest. Sometimes it's necessary right to get the vote to get equal rights to draw the attention of the of the of the of society and so forth, but this one fell on deaf ears
Well. Protest is central to the evolution of black american culture. It was protests there finally, one our freedom for us beyond that. It's always interesting to note that expanded the idea of democracy to mark all the theory, our thinking on had before had had never dealt with the class. Between race and racism and and democracy well it was a civil rights movement was Martin Luther King, who said you have two: you have to take go beyond race, even that democracy is universal. So that's a big part of the black man daily and, and it's sort of sea is the test of your
authenticity as a black, and yet this this protest in the NFL made the point that this was kind of fruitless. At this point- and I think the central issue behind what you are talking about is the fact that the oppression of black Americans is over with its over what is over with like I grew up a minute, was we we never that there be an end to oppression? I teenager. I never thought that I live in a society that wasn't segregated it happened, now there are exceptions. Yes, there are few here and there We'll racism ever go completely go away No it's a part of the house
saying that article, it's it's endemic to the human condition, just as stupidity is endemic to the human condition, and so will always have to be on guard about it, but we're at a point where they, the old fashioned method of pro, as is obsolete, we we need a lot of things, but we need any more we're at a point now? Where were we can prove we are free? People can pursue allies lives as we as we would like to. Brilliant man, but he wasn't done cut to go. We are not an oppressed. People live under press people, quite frankly, jewels and on an oppressed people suffered. This is America. Now there is, history, where there's oppression, lavishly slavery, segregation, sofa, but that's gone, and you
today, and so some people are having difficulty coping with liberty. When I mean by that well, when you think about a black american culture evolved over three and a half centuries every minute of which they lived under oppression and they adapted to dealing with the flag. The fact that their freedom we're gonna be cut off; they had to somehow make life within all of those restrictions, and they did. Part of the world. I think back. Work and cultures is nothing the heroic I mean they evolved. Look at you, contribution like music and so forth is achieve great things, the one thing we never had to do was deal with freedom that was precise,
the thing that we would deny. So that's not in our culture in a vivid, clear sense as as it would be. If we had been free truly free, while we now are free and is, as the existential I think rightly say, a burden is a difficulty it- puts the individual and the position of being much more responsible for some their own development. As as individuals, and that's new for steps, the idea is still that black unity we just can be unify. That's the way ahead, not anymore. You take yourself ahead nets.
That's the! I think. That's the new and stunning really fact of american life that that were were now facing and how we deal with shaggy football players were successful. The wealthy comparison other citizens, whatever their debate, we may be geographically alot of people and their treated with great respect. I mean in terms of their fans, love them, they want to autograph, they buy things with their numbers in their names one, and yet the protest. What exactly? Are they protest that they're? Just stuck you again? One of the the ways we adapted to not being free was to think that our group identity was was the way with being black and down with the cars tat was the way we were going to we're to get it Unity was everything and if you are cynically black
Are you gonna do a blank so always done to one degree or another. You gonna protest. Well, The irony is that you're making fifteen million dollars a year if you you're making vast amounts of money, doing successful in every way. You're free does nothing for you to protest, nothing about social justice and equality and phrases like that. I hear that people say their protest, they got you got all social justice, you need you get you again. I lived through segregation. What we freedom, we answered, there's is absolutely remarkable. And we as people have not yet absorb that we ve not absorbed the fact that problem is no longer racism. Our problem is freedom. We have to learn to deal with freedom,
That's the only way to do. That is to say I have to be good. An individual responsibility. The only chance you have with freedom is to take charge of your I can make a life for yourselves play a couple more to more short clips after the break, but the response that I got from last night show was incredible. Absolutely incredible because I shall be still see we don't do the directives on PBS Av the act. Patient palace than most Palestine Canoe elaborate. Actually I can't I'm am I really upon just geopolitical stuff about part of the world, and yet I have a guess like this stuff while they write back then
little bit more from our wonderful guess, Lama, life liberty in Levine last night on the Fox NEWS Channel shall be steel. Cut three go you think. The part of the problem is the daily recitation of group. Think group right. You get it allowed in our universities and colleges. You see it on television, a lot politicians. Organizing the nation, in order to empower themselves and their party and so forth, isn't that part of the brown. What what I think you your pointing to is definitely. Maybe the overriding problem with We don't talk about it very much at all is white guilt and that keeps feeding
whatever whatever blacks are doing is not helping of thinking of themselves is, as is Nothing more than members of a group of protesting, and sulphur is white guilt that keeps feeding that what is like it. We always it. You know it you think Wallace doing. Wake up in the morning feel guilty about. You know black Americans, no, white Jill, doesn't have anything to do with actual feelings of guilt. Why guilt is a? Is the test of being seen as a racist as a bigot that now prove american life. All our social policy. Culture Everything is touched by anxiety in most of weight? America, understandably
given America's history that their vulnerable, they have this vulnerability to being disarmed of moral authority. By being called a racist, I can use it as a weapon. I can say you know I went on little eventual. Let me tell you I was treated and big. It is gonna explodes so it constitutes there is black power. Wait guilt is black power there there virtually one and the same, One of the big problems we have is that you spoke about universities and and political correctness and self these are all ways in which wait Americans say I'm innocent. I don't feel this way. I am not a big it. I'm not a racist, I'm innocent in their white guilt causes this
drive to prove and establish innocence. And so then we have our generation of black leaders, who do one thing and one thing: only milk white kill incredible, credible, very courageous man. Last that's very short, cut forego more more. When I watch these debates on television and so forth, people very easily almost casually call people. They disagree with racist. If they disagree with a political agenda, they disagree with a particular issue and most let's go from the left. Yes, when you make it as well as its white guilt is, is it this is meant to disarm? You of my? authority. It said they were a scream racism alternate saying, you're racist.
Have the moral authority to deal with whatever issue a problem we're dealing with because you're you're a racist, and so therefore you are morally compromised and you you're more authority. You know, have any moral authority and I'd. This is the seduction. People on the left have fallen for they then as a reward, the idea of their innocent. It was really a great pleasure having him as a guest, and I You folks are enjoying the programme on Sunday night, ten pm Eastern Sevenpm Pacific We really have wonderful, guess some, some of them, you know quite well, but the nature of the format. Exposes you and then do a whole lot more people, you might? Don T might have read about or who may written something you read, and you learn more about them because of the format. It's a unique format is nothing
copied over, thereby PBS. It's been copied now by a b c, but we restarted the long form interview format And almost to a guess, when I finish the interview they say boys. I want really fast. We gonna talk for two or three hours, and we really could up so I like we're sitting at your dinner table or in your living rumour, horn, you're, Dan. And we're having a conversation and the programmes for you. Stewing exceptionally well in the ratings, and I soap, Yola contained enjoy your enjoyed I'll, do it? If you don't stop, do we have a guest who you are probably familiar with this coming Sunday In terms of name recognition, I don't think you're totally Are you with him as a general matter and that's my Kirkeby
I ve never sat down and had a conversation on my never I a few times on radio rat rather short segments. So I look Where did that is where we have other wonderful gas coming in the future? We have. Professors and intellectuals and certain types of politicians that we like to talk to and some entertainers as well and we have people requesting Come on the programme, but I dont know. Certainly tie their show to the news of the day a chubby steel there's, a brilliant man. I felt we ought to talk to and he did bring up issues of the day which is good But that's not. Why he's there he's there to expose all of us to a remarkable, brilliant way of thinking and will be others, so I hope. We'll be right back
the mark. Levin show pool fee for the conservative media, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven. New trade gouty fans out there, he always disappoints over the weekend. He said now, wouldn't support, impeaching rose and seen what the hell is he done to be impeach for its not a smart is something thank including himself, and then again he went and defended Bob Mahler. Susan. This committee he's pound than away at the FBI's pound, unaware of the Department of Justice he's on and on and on, and then in the end he does nothing nothing. What has he done exactly?
when he chaired that committee on Benghazi. What did they do, what they do? What did you learn from him? Nothing. I can tell him why road no steam should be impatient because he said power from the attorney general. The United States. In addition, everything else and conferred upon Mister Mullah does about MR going Among other things, the slow walk, the production of documents in the past to Congress. It seems like a big deal to me- he's made threats to staffers, including courting to stare first that they might face investigation if they continue to press. That seems big problem to he signed an extension on the face. A warrant never accused himself, he reckon,
Did the fiery call me never accused himself? The in anything else tray. I know you're a gene. Steal anything out and then, of course here he said you know, I think smaller stern, a grand all job Malo just indicted of Russians who will never see the inside of a quorum. I said this on Friday when an incredible wasted time Mahler under Mahler, they potentially could send an honourable man to prison who felt like he had to plead. To a false statement, even though the FBI earlier had concluded that now he was just confused and who, Have you too, Mr Stroke under the auspices of the special Council of what Mr Gouty thinks it's all great, no problem, but the issue
So, Mr Kelly has very poor judgment, a mighty, very good when the Resign he's got the drama he's got that there is very good. Shawl show must have struck one. You surf trump aka that might be buyers. Mr straw cause such buyers mistrust rope line, and I think the myself that means will be out there among the media. Will the media, as the vice president, I've states what he did about russian interference against under remit, the guy my life, but I call them. As I see him. As I say, And I'm not seem much with this guy, I see Joe Biden going to ramp up campaigning for democratic candidates after Labour day, so I
the stupid headline and I think the myself. That means will be out there among the media. Will the media asked the vice presently United States what he did about russian interference in the last election Billy? Now he woke. He won't be asked why I made my pencil asked about it, he's the vice president, nothing to do with any of it might be, I believe these, Are these guys? How about Biden. You know they used to brag over there in the Obama administration at Joe Biden. The most involve vice president american history. Now nobody, they always say this. Let me there's what they held her time about. If that's the case, that's pretty scary. The dumbest man to ever be vice president was also the dumbest manned ever be a senator. And they hold a man like you, some genius member, what he did Robert Bork in Clarence
while the sundry body forgets take Anthony Kennedy. What the great Anthony a great my. You know what he was awful Anthony Canada? Actually there but job I'm gonna be out there Joe. Can you tell us any seventy five Joe? Can you tell us what you were when you and your boss Obama? The rough did prevent the Russians from interfering in our election. You lunchbox Joe, guys never have a lunch bucket and his life lunch bucket job. He had a stop calling himself lunch bucket Joe. When I called him out on this product Joe. You never had a lunch, but you're, not a lunch bucket Joe you were, you went to law school, you almost flunked out Then you got elected to the Wilmington City Council because they very high standards there
And then you got elected to the Senate. When you were twenty nine, you were sworn in when you were thirty there, you go lunch bucket, Joe right. Let's see who us I dont want to discuss the tramp in Helsinki, I'm sick of it. You want to watch it turn on the tea. You can't stop and all the somber faces from the radical left marches. All of us and they don't like Russia to the never trappers. The other people very earnest quantity to he reeling. He really needs to fix this. He already daddy, put out a twitter. I tweet rather on twitter, but at a twenty bird up. And I agree with everything he said, but you know damn well he's not sound us out of the Russians. You think he's Obama, for crying out loud he's, not Obama.
I would remind the Democrat leader in the Senate dead check, Summa Algeria has that year, Guy TED, Kennedy when he was cavorting with the Kremlin that Year Guy Alan Princeton, so another one and when he was senator from that you're a guy named policy when she has meaning that the dictators either. The other dictates that year ago, not well, is that guy's name Bonnier member him from Michigan Mean NED or take it down their necks He stood, there are technical Agora people are trying to arrive, up against themselves having them shot in the street that year piety member Jem right, meaning that the same paper, that's your party, paying footsie with economies.
Also, remember Barack Obama, with Medvedev there would have been a bad member him. The upon president to potent listen to lead after the election will be far more flexible. Ok, I town And he's here Castro look at us we're opening a new embassy. What do they do? They attack our embassy S, death with this high, sound whatever they did, some a brain damage. Some can hear anymore why they did that. You wonder why Castro did that really Raoul, let us go to tie in Gascony South Carolina exam satellite. How are you tie Markham Good, our two very well. Thank you like to continue on the conversation you were having when you are in a viewing.
Guess than your show about the re shall be steal. You get charged worm about fifteen years, all opponents or youngest viewers and show- and I'd like to talk about the divide that stuff causes the plea, racism. I love the comments he was making because I'm in high school you see and the problem is the divide between the white and black. It she's getting ridiculous and being a trump supporter. Myself, you know is dangerous because I have been personally told myself that I owe somebody because on why you know you don't know anybody. What are you, fifteen years, all you ve done a damn thing. You know anybody anything what I'm talkin about in high school,
What are you oh and to whom do you owe the black occurs? You see in high school. There is such a divide because you got this people, and these people are what people believe they just getting so ridiculous nowadays, because a person is, me because I'm white I owed them. They will you tell me what I am white. You can say I am also individual human being. I don't know you anything. I've done anything to you. We live in The country now go live your life right. It five we have in our country yeah I understand, and there is, is getting worse and worse, unfortunately, and the politicians they breed this stuff, they push this stuff. Because it benefits them more than anyone else. I my friend thank you for your car. Let's get another common here one second, please! Ah,. James spoke can Washington the great care Oh c e, how are you
The false got about yourself. What is with the names people are coming. Guy called me Dave Scott call me mile. Sorry, oh my god, like you know your picture in what I imagined it out with your baby. I finally saw picture the was today. It is yet anyway, in some devil I never get over. It had yeah everywhere. Not thinking about that wonderful guy, for you but you speaking about it, I don't know gone by other people. I avoid tv like the plague, there's nothing there for me you gonna drive a lot. I listen to the radio and anywhere. Where are your gas, but you you're still in Europe compared to the guest, but, MRS who would you should really. Lower yourself to her level. They can use what I heard you and what I heard from their those like you gotta talking about my kid game here. Your ideas and his ideas, which were more important, which is what you do you bring up their ideas to the front and
the mistress bill was great. He was honour, him were analysis and I thought I treat than you know. Realized colleges treat people how you gonna be treated cause. You guys think Golden royal baby right up. Don't don't try to make games all these black Ashby like this? Are you why I like that? Just don't do that. It's a waste your time and mark don't pay yourself to this issue that I really was to be ass for you. But thank you for your call. My friend, I appreciate the me. Let me get back here, MR producing my ear ha ha here we go there. It is. Would you pay your hard earned money to join an organization that for tooth and nail afraid government run healthcare system how about an organization that scripted portions of the Obama Whitehouse speeches behind closed doors to ensure the passage of the unaffordable correct,
or an I that stood against tax cuts from middle class, Americans and small business owners, which you join, position. Are your member that organization? It's called the a r p joint aim act. Instead, it's the conservative alternative aim at offers. An alternative Well, I'd, say: MAC. A MAC is the way to go. There's a ton of work to be done, an aim as asking your help and help fight the good fight. By becoming a member. Today becoming a MAC member right now at a MAC dot. U S when you I belong to an organisation that fights for your values like protecting our borders by enforcing common sense immigration law, all that are already on the books supporting small business in standing up for the individual and your God, given freedoms, while they make a MAC is the way to go. There's a tunnel
to be done, an aim as asking your help and help them fight the good fight by becoming a member. Today, the benefits are good The cause is even greater, join right. Now, at eight it got? U S! That's a m, a sea that, U S a m, a sea dot? U S! A MAC as better better for you! better for America will be right back hurrying used to be hard, multiple job sites, that tourism is a confusing review process, but today hiring could be easy. And you only have to go to one place to get it done: zip, recruiter, dot, com, slash, L, E Vienne, Levin, Zip, recruiters,
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ash. Levine, zip recruiter the smartest way to hire a member that all right. Let's jump in at STAR Bridge Massachusetts, serious satellite grocer market? Such an auditor talk here the great American Thank ice. I can tell you, Sir, that last night show was one of the best I've heard. I watched every single one, it's fantastic! I am absolutely love the show it slowly, intellectually satisfying. It really brings tears to my eyes when I watch it last night. This man articulated what I've been thinking for years. What an what a fantastic show that was, I just wanted to. Let you know mark you doing a great job. We love you and keep up the good work. Thank you, my friend, I appreciate it.
Lets a love out there and I do appreciate appreciate the fact that your watch it it's good for the end of the week and you know a wind down, get some food for your brain. I think MIKE Ard, more Glaucoma serious satellite go again marks for the show swift, Mister Steele, customize wherever I feel like. I should call you, Professor Levant, because about measures. Show I can't get notes from somebody. Does Justice Bertha watched him for Senora core tears? She said we didn't have capitalism and during our colonial past my course would be a. How did we survive and what kind of system does she think we add? You know it's really item Maison sheet. She is indoctrinated by some professor, I guess her son group and should take
now get what they say in she runs with. Maybe wasn't called capitalism, but it was the free extreme exchange of goods and services in exchange for other goods and services, or payment- and it's been going on a very, very long time, thousands and thousands of years actually she's a network. Let's just a minute. I ride. My god bless you, my friend, Dirk Dallas Texas, like W that great w b. He quickly. Sir ago, yes, I noticed twin Cortez was asked by the host what she meant by the occupation of Palestine response was well. What I think I made was obvious didn't know what she meant. She's, just repeating lines. Yeah she goes. The checklist to the hard left, but that tells you said about the heart left doesn't work. It does
there there very hostile to the state of Israel. Why is that you think, because, alongside other against what is good and right in the world, I my friend, appreciated tat. They, than above it doesnt area. Where are we, MR producer, in which time DR left? How much time do I have left? I thank you. That's gotta call our number four take it blocks. Go here on the air, sir, we're trying something new here go require long, do you're on Art Levant, who am I talking to younger Barbara, Go Barbara now he's talking already into someone. Please speak now, are forever hold yourself. I am
one wing about always more until a busy criticising MR from one, and I think he walks on water. He doesn't gaieties angle the wet once in a while the same as we all do. I am so sped up Always people complaining that not even for a while, you better shut the tv tonight, then even only caving. You know they always been there. I don't own achieving that. Had I wonder, so your hearing these people on radio, that all I do it within the market there on the radio. I can't say I blame you. I left our friend I appreciate will I have to list. Mark Levine, because I am Mark Levine and I'm doing the radio show what's good to me, back this Monday. Ladies and gentlemen, I know it's great never would work our way through what we saw in our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emergency personnel.
I'll see you tomorrow, America, God bless, take care.
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