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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is scheduled to testify in Congress Wednesday, wrote an outrageous report with footnotes that are laughable and not taken seriously by the Department of Justice. Volume two is an illegitimate report by an illegitimate prosecutor. If Mueller believed that President Trump should be indicted he should have written it in his report, but he didn't. Instead, he used vague ambiguous language to skirt the truth. The fact is that the elements of obstruction were not there! On Wednesday, Republicans should ask Mueller to make Don McGahn’s 30 hours of testimony available to Congress and the American people to determine if there are any exculpatory statements. He should be asked of his and his staff's communications with the media and the whereabouts of the phone records if such communications exist. Despite Mueller stating that he could not exonerate Trump, which was an irrelevant statement of fact because prosecutors don't have the power to exonerate anyone, he was implying that he couldn't indict him due to the DOJ policy on indicting a sitting president. Then, the silence of Jewish members of Congress and the media on the hateful anti-Semitic remarks from Rep's. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Tlaib is a loathsome hateful human being and continues her support of the anti-Semitic BDS movement. Sadly they don't realize that making false comparisons to the civil rights movement won't make their hatred of Jews any less despicable. Later, the center has moved to the left and the national debt continues to be ignored by both parties; which will eventually destroy our society. Ignore, the cheerleaders saying all is well — the Progressives in Washington have won; Republicans have willfully bought into the progressive addiction to spending. Discretionary spending is up 22% over Obama's presidency. This is not okay! The swamp's massive federal spending is a bad thing!

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now in its hundred and seventy fifth year here, There is a truly independent institution. Where learning Surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to Hills Dale by their sponsorship now run only underground, bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steel of unarmed script. Building we once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark, then here are number eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three hundred and eighty one one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven three thousand eight hundred and thirteen eight hundred and eleven, Well, we're all sitting at the edge of chairs. Aren't we
Mahler hearings tomorrow. Buddy's towing telling the Republicans the questions to ask about. Ladies and gentlemen, first of all he's in this hearing for five hours, that's nothing Nothing, every member won't even get five minutes to ask a question. That's number one number two. He has asked that his chief of staff from the time you a special council, also Sidney There may be sworn in during the course. The testimony this is new. This just happened today day and the Democrats agree to that. Number three he's had a front man who's been a while. Shin Chan, operative a slip and fall lawyer for decades. Liberal Democrat
who was extremely aggressive in his attacks on republican President's. In his defence of Democrat President Sats been his behind the scenes. Man working with the Democrats hung Capitol Hill. I am thoroughly convinced that mother and his team have been working with Needler and his staff, among others. During the course of this here then Mahler the eleventh Hour Ass, the Department of Justice for direction on his testimony, carbon adjust the says just about what's in the report and don't go beyond the media, have been reporting. That is Bill bar directing Mr Mueller on what he considered so. You see we already have this sort of perverse setting. Circumstances can stand set of this hearing.
Now it's obvious what they're trying to get out a Mahler, I won't per Dick. I don't have to predict its quite obvious. Everybody is talking about it. They want to say that he would have indicted trump. That's not a protection there. Already talking about. If I were you typical radio, Hollister TV host I'd be telling you that I predict this and then when it happened, because it's going to happen, then I will tell you what a genius sire, I don't play games at my audience here, of course such what they wanted to watch the whole point of the hearing. They ve already told us matters already told us it's the second vine to not go through college,
inclusion, page twenty seven. You say this page, twenty eight, this here's, what I want to tell you beyond the static that's out there today, Mr Mulder and his team, wrote this outrageous report. Four hundred and forty eight pages and two thousand footnotes: excellent investigator research done by Eric Feldman over their real, clear investigations, pointing out that many, these footnotes are a joke that conclude in an accusation to the report, actually several site, newspaper articles or gossip and so forth? This just demonstrates, too that this kind of report is not contemplated by the Department of Justice Regulations but contemplated by the Department of Justice Regulations is a tight professionally Don prosecutors report to his boss, the attorney general, the United States,
Lange up in a professional fashion what they did in what they didn't do and why was it tended for Congress wasn't intended for public consumption, but they wrote a report that was intended for Congress, particularly if the Democrats, when the house and public consumption, attorney general bar testified during his confirmation hearing that he would make as much of its public as possible, So this is an illegitimate report by an illegitimate prosecutor. Even his appointment violated the regulations. Now that said, here's my overarching, Having written a report with few limits having written report with speculation and gossip, among other things,. If Robert Mahler believed that Donald Trump should have been indicted.
He could have easily written in this report, the Donald Trump should be invited for obstruction that, if we could of, we would of indicted him for obstruction, but for The Department of Justice policy set forth into memoranda. The officer legal counsel and embraced by turning general and past attorney general's generals and the Department of Justice? That's all he had to say, but he didn't. He didn't put that in his report. Anything he says: that's kinda! That now is already it's a tiny constable supply. Let me repeat this: for the slows thinking left us out there.
If Robert Mahler actually believe the Donald Trump should have been indicted for obstruction, he could have said so. He could have written something like this. I ll do it off the top of my head. The office of the special council believe that it had husband enough evidence. To bring what the office believed was one or more charges of obstruction of justice. Based on the facts presented in this report and in fact, This office would have sought to indict. Presently the United States, but for the existence of the Department of Justice policy set forth into memoranda authored by the Office of legal counsel, In which this office was informed remains the
for position, the former position of the Department of Justice in the character in Egypt? They could have written and I just have to turn my head, but they didn't do that. Why. Because the elements of obstruction warrant meant that's. Why, even when they cite two, the President's Whitehouse Council who testified for thirty hours testify for thirty hours, with the present and had a separation of powers, grounds to assert executive privilege that would have been bulletproof. The special council really a couple sentences to paragraphs, if you will, in his entire port, speaks of the testimony of the White House Council trying to create the impression that the present the United States had had obstructed. When he's. It's an I paraphrase or when they write
presidents White House counsel. The present and ordered him to tell the dutch justice remove Molly now, by the way the Department of Justice looked at this very carefully. Including the career individuals at the Department of Justice, and they said there is no obstruction? You know. Why did they say that. Because the reason the present United States wanted to remove Mauler his Does he believe Mahler incorrectly was terribly conflicted otherwise, politically in ideologically conflicted based, me the hiring decisions idea made? That's not obstruction of justice can replace. Prosecuted with another. In other words he didn't say I want to replace smaller or. Fire Mahler to cripple for divert or the ending the investigation. Did he too.
Points in this regard, president setting a reset it moreover, the president, can fire, Mr for any damn recently launched from a constitution perspective so that residence in perfect position when it comes to that interview with the White House Council, the time Mcgann If you really have a smart republican asking questions and if they have time, they would follow it up with something like this, so, Mr Mulder, I see that you have transcribed part of what Whitehouse Council again had to say? I correct? Yes, that's that's correct, where's, the rest of it, but we have at its in the Department of Justice all what else did he say, but I don't remember the top of my head
exactly what he said. Would you please make available to this committee and to the american people all all the more began testimony. It strikes me as odd, Mr Mulder, that if thirty hours of testimony from the President's council that you came up with a few since nice speck you and Mr Mr mystery. Don't interrupt me. I suspect they Mr Vice Berrigan, the rest. He thought you had me You want to put it into your report. You see what I'm saying this to my lawyer is. I want to determine if there's anything the mist and began. The president's council said that was actually helpful to the present and that you withheld from the american people. Now, of course, the debate No justice and others may object in releasing the information, but it seems to me at this point least the art
should be made to get his entire transcript thirty hours they put in a minute or two of his testimony. That's that smells very fishy to me. Doesn't it to you And I can play the game to theres many other questions. I would ask, including did you or any of your fellow prosecutors ever speak to a member of the media. Would you know If any, the prosecutors under you ever spoke to remember the media, which members of the media. Did you retain the phone records text, messages emails, yours and those? The members of your stay just went out. There's so much they can be asked. So I won't go through the litany, but the reason I raise the first point about obstruction.
It is because we already know that that's going to be a focus We already know what the Democrats have said are going to say while they suddenly, we couldn't died because of the Department of Justice position. Now Mahler has talked at both sides of his mouth on this. On the one hand you said down, and that's not But the reason we didn't act, that's what he told the attorney general then on the other hand, he implied or more that it was because it had of justice position that they didn't act. So this is an important point that are making. I think Mr Mahler could have very easily specially in the kind of report he wrote. And for whom he wrote it, the Democrats in the House of Representatives could have very Couldn't indict, but he doesn't sailor, we cannot exonerate and by the way by him riding in there. We cannot exonerate the presidencies.
And by the way, by him riding in there. We cannot exonerate the is a statement of fact. No, you can't exonerate the present. You can exonerate anybody, because it's not your job. That's like saying in the report: I can't fry in egg. Ok, great, that's a statement of fact. If you can't find you can't Ryanair, And you came exonerate people either. That's that's something prosecutors do. Is it. I'll be right back then shit, family in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call it is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus, the free monthly speech, digestive hailstone college in Primacy
Dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues, first published and. Nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a stay like free speech there, relation of big tech. Illness and the American Medical insurance system, and because because founding principles are so important: Helstone, a prison Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for Free here's I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription. That's in prime! I M p r. I am I yes dad still that EU welcome to Helstone.
Tomorrow is not about. What's not in your report, Yes, yes or no Since apparently, you're, not when dealing what is in your report, there's nothing port about the massive unmask in the last year, the Obama administration is there now there's nothing at all in your report that Hilary clean The deep sea laundering payments campaign payments, unreported through Perkins, Coy diffusion, GPS. Two Christopher Steel Throat, a dossier that include information from russian apparatchiks. Is there now there's nothing in the report about the effort by the deputy attorney general and the
The FBI director there will be Rosen Steinem Cape respectively. I M there twenty fifth amendment attempt to take out the presence of the United States. Is there now there's, nothing in the report about the director, the FBI. At the time. James call me your friend correct. Yes, Leaking government information memoranda based on discussions with president to the New York Times? Is there now. There's nothing in the report. Is there, sir, about spies and planted in the trunk campaign. By the FBI is there now less than, if he resists that's fine, too.
Well, I don't know that I'd call it that will I don't know what you call it anything you never investigated it did. You know. I would ask him: why didn't you we know why didn't make the record clear that he didn't This is really a shot. For the american people. The democratic party tonight Rather weak Jesse, you know, has been rehearsing. They have had marked hearings are you where this must reduce synonyms They were conducted mock hearings, so income. But in the foolish or the Democrats this committee? They don't trust themselves, actually get this right, so they have the practice, and so they practice so that practice interrupting Republicans. Practice asserting certain parliamentary rules at may not even exist the practice asking leading questions to Mahler Opera,
this asking questions of MILAN might even be aware of, given the back channel through the Alps, That's been working with smaller and with Mahler and the Democrats when the committee so this is a complete scam, it's a complete charade, but it still backfire on who know and of course the demo rats and the Democratic party media are trying to downplay the potential for real, what gun course Wanna who knows what it'll be probably won't be that if I'm gonna covered water, Ya War, a war won or lost five hours. Five hours now, you know the media want to find something We get the ratings up, they want to get their clicks up on the internet and of course they want to take Trump, so you know they want to find something. So whatever is sad. Try an angle and then bring on Nobbler himself.
Not all of meddler knows this, but much of the country. The tests much. Country knows noses of fraud and a liar and a buffoon. Same with his colleague Adam chef, These are hardly men. We should be holding any kind of hearing. These are men who should be having a hearing about them. I'll be right back, you know our nations, oldest colleges were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions locked in the grip of political career. They no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting idea of objective truth. They pedal moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully none of this applies to Helstone College. For all, two centuries hills. Dell has remained true to its original mission to prove sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and
just liberty and intelligent piety. Hills they'll celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the publication it's free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington DC and Barney Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen, forty four, this is hailstones college and, let me add, I think so much of Helstone College. I don't. An original copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today as I speak, at the Kirby Centre, Hills.
College America's college, he's driving the media mad more closely, Call in with your outrage: eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one I must say, as an American and a Jew. I am quite appalled at the lack of outrage, Among the Democrats, in the halls of Congress had to leave. And all more, but particularly this I'm on it, when do they see later? I really am their number of.
Jewish Americans, who are elected to the House of Representatives and a New York Chicago the owl area, other places too. But this is where the concentration is. And they sit on their mouths. While several other colleagues who get an enormous amount of press attention are spewing, the kind- hate racism in a taste. It. That was not worthy of the coup Klux Clan and the nineteen twenties, when the damn, party relied on them for votes. It's incredible to me: there violence is appalling.
Also, when you watch these various cable shows, I don't but I do get clips and I get information about them for it Joe Scarborough. Say what you about Joe Scarborough, just abroad, has spent almost no time. Criticising The vile hateful anti semitism. That is being spewed by no more intolerable. He hid it in passing in a rare moment. But there's been no serious. Significant criticism of them by car bomb Mika Brzezinski and make a Brzezinski in particular. Her father, you would think that she would wake up to this, but, of course not the whole line up their msnbc.
Michael Steel, whose a guess forlorn sea had you don't hear from him. Nicole Wallace a former Mccain operative, not from her, not from her Rachel, mad cow lobby, left wing is nothing from her. Is it because this is a network that employs how sharpen. This is a network that has this guy Dyson on repeatedly and others. Their silent look at CNN, Wolf, Blitzer, jewish. Jake Tapirs, jewish. I think there are others. How did they sit there and as Americans seeing what's taking points here,
spend a real? Actively significant amount of focus on this. This guy Brian Start- or I don't know what he is. But every Sunday it's the same thing, trash tromp trash fox. You know we look overseas in Europe and we see the rise of any type. He's writing a book on Trump and facts. You know we look overseas in Europe and we see the rise of anti Semitism in France in Paris in particular in London and England, generally look at in the Middle EAST sitting right here. And, among others, it's happening within the Democratic Party It's in the media Does the media covered up the holocaust? The media is covering this attack, actually worse them are telling you that its trump. Who's. The racist- and anti Semite, then its trump.
When he has no history, there's no substantive the answers to support this whatsoever. Now. Rashid had to leave. As a loathsome hateful human being. And she was on the floor of the house today. And there is a vote on something called this type b s movement in the way. CNN reports at the house is set the vote this evening but a non binding resolution that opposes the boycott movement against Israel, a vote that will get brought by partisan support, but faces pushed back from some high profile, progressive, progressive Republicans, not conservatives, but progressive,
The resolution was introduced in March, not long after Democrats faced a bruising internal debate over how to handle comets and tweets by rapid. Alien Omar there criticized is being anti semitic, say we're curtain. As this being anti semitic trumps com, We're racist, not criticise, of being races but on Mars, come Her criticizes being anti semitic. You see the difference. Supposing the divide within the Democratic Party over Israel. In U S policy towards country. Now this is new. Is it not so The democratic party is divided over Israel. You can thank you. Go for this and John Kerry. And, if ran paw has is where you it's something I happen within the Republican Party. Introduced by a bipartisan group of members? The resolution supports a two state solution. I dont argues they,
Global boycott divestment in Sanctions- that's the beat S. Movement is enough to deal round, urges rallies and Palestinians to return to it. Negotiations is the only way to achieve an end to the Israeli, hosting conflict, and this is your usual pabulum. But it's it's its inoffensive in every way. Inoffensive everywhere also recognises the right of an american citizen quota. Protester criticized the policies of the United States or foreign governments deprecate, Democratic represented Jerry, nobbler The chairs the house should issue committing republican representative Lee Zelman of New York and an Wagner Missouri were initial co sponsors of the resolution, fine Omar as well as tunnel have been openly supportive of the Beady S movement.
Critical of this resolution? employed in earlier this month that the resolution is unconstitutional and aims to silence opposition to Israel's policies. Now that's it. But of course absolutely nuts in response to her criticism, democratic representative, Brad, Schneider of Illinois, the League cosponsor, the resolution said on CNN. The bill. Does nothing of the sort does not. Have any speech about Israel or anything else. Recognizes the legitimate purpose. Ingest stands a boycotts throughout history, but not every boycott is legitimate or just. Neither called the movement. It tie symmetric, but would not say whether its supporters are ain't isomer this. This is what bugs me, though. All tromp voracious all day long, even though, is not, but you have the closet, vicious anti Semites,
and they will call them. Earlier this year, how Speaker Nancy Pelosi, pray, Schneider's resolution but now the division among Democrats over Israel has been front in centre at times this year. An emotional disagreement cause along generation on ideological device has fallen. Generational divides. We have a new group image, or the children of recent immigrants who are coming the country, The parts of the world like Somalia, like the Middle EAST,. Some Palestinians, some Muslims, what have you they get elected because we have growing concentrations of individuals from these parts of the world in our own country. I'm just telling you the truth, what surround the Detroit area,
Around Minneapolis, Saint Paul or other parts of the country, and so individuals like this are getting elected they're not assimilating into our culture? There, not assimilating DORA system, they have I hate on for the country there were hey on for Israel and the. What you see taking place in the House of Representatives among the Democrat, it's that simple. And this will only get worse in a lonely grow because he's visuals or celebrated. With the hard core marxist socialist left in this country. They call themselves progressive. And they are promoted and given platforms are beyond their. Their rep Impatient and their power by cable. Davy stations and newspapers and network. That's what's going on. If we're going to condemn violent means of resisting the occupation began,
Condemned non violent means or Mars sits on the Foreign Affairs Committee said last week that the markets of the Anti it resolution. Alternatively, say we want peace than openly opposed peaceful means to hold our allies accountable, meaning choking off Israel economically. The GNP controlled Senate passed Anti bds legislation earlier this year that we go farther than the houses and Resolution so basically they had a watered down and now to accommodate. This this gang of Anti semitic left us. That are uniquely in the House of Representatives, not in the sun. Now. Machine to leave the door of two Palestinian immigrants, from the many these trees. On the floor of the house today, here in part
What she says cut three: go the right to boy, Is deeply rooted in the fabric of our country. What was the Boston Tea Party, but a boy Where would we be now without the boycott, led by civil rights activist in the nineteen fifties and Sixtys like the Montgomery by boycott caught in United Farm workers, grape boycott some of these countries most important advances and racial equality and equity. Workers rights has been achieved through collective Action protected by our institution, America of conscience have long and proud. History are participating boycott, specifically to advocate, for whom, rights abroad, Americans what the hell she's talking about. She says so filled with hate And genocide of jewish people, this is amazing that she would use that. In this context, she is no cars.
What the hell she's talking about she says so filled with hate. She was so indoctrinated with hate, obviously by our family. That this is how she talks and thanks It would be like the Americans, during the cat times having a boycott, not. Against the king of England, but against the French who are helping them. With whom they were allied would make any sense. What. Where the civil rights activists, the civil rights activists,. It's the Jews in the Middle EAST to the civil rights activist, while the Muslims I control one country after another brutalized their people.
Then I'd civil rights activist. Not even in their own countries, she's trying to give the patina of legitimacy. To what is naked bigotry. That's what she's trying to do you Stand she is celebrated by the NEO Nazis in the clan. This totally that's who she is. I tell she speaks More when I return every and being has a common problem. How do I live well, happiness and well being depends on how we answer that question hills to college Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's Nick I'm a key and ethics and
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that's l, E Vienna, foreign hills doubt that come now alien or more than twenty. Sixteen. I believe we played this before, but I've been reminded about and there's a wonderful piece by sea beyond the Christian Broadcasting Network, one of my favorite networks by the way, and she's being interviewed. And listen to this from Omar go ahead, a lot of conservatism, partition say that the rise in islamic phobias, the result not of hate but a fear, a legitimate fear. They say of court on quota jihadist terrorism. It's for the or some Bernardino other recent truck in New York at what do you say to them say: our country should be more fearful of of of white man across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country. We should
be profiling, monitoring, actually white men or not. We'll get into it in this particular problem, the white men are not causing most deaths in this country, go ahead and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men, so they have it. Ladies and gentlemen, the problem is white men. There are the ones who are radicalized there. The terrorists. Just thought you'd, want to know. Just what's going on out there. You got better, I Bloomberg yesterday. I just want you to listen. What's coming out of the mouth now the Democrats, not are they failing to condemn this Anti Semitism and racism. They are full blown participants in it. Beta Rourke on, Maria yesterday,
Listen to this language cut five: go. Do you think that It is a race frictional. What kind of question as a farmer. Porter to our work, it's a set up. The disgrace. What is the purpose of a question like that. Other than to elicit an outrageous Go ahead. Do you think that President Is it right? Yes, present trumpets a racist. What we saw in north Y know last week was almost an impromptu Nuremberg rally, inciting hatred and- and ultimately, I think implicit in that is violence against people based on the color of their skin, based on their religion, based on their difference from the majority of Americans a Norm Burg rally that You saw North Carolina. Nuremberg really really Nazis
Patsy party had buddies sang as the Nazi Party had annual rallies from about in the in the early nineteen. Thirty two light: nineteen thirty in norm, I've seen em on tv, you ve seen documentaries. With a mass of rallies in the marching of the nazi soldiers and so forth. That is what he sang took place in North Carolina. This We reached such a low point in our politics today. It's really it's unimaginable. What's being set about trumpet Trump supporters what's being set Jews what's being set about white people, I'll, be back,
He's here now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one, the Great star Parker lady in true civil rights, active syndicated columnist by creators and alive american woman by the way O Donnell. There will be a woman of color Many though you will never promote. Are you never even engage with sheep turn the column today that
first rule on the list of rules for radicals who no solid Skeezer famous book. His power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you, and as our age, technology and social media ads and measurable power to allowance he's advice to gain attention way beyond the support you actually have Linsky rule ridicule is. And most potent weapon and then Provides the ammunition, and so you can hey that these are in the end, a linsky us these women of Color or Ireland. As another woman of Color STAR Parker points out Joe Scarborough, the best My knowledge is neither woman nor of color fact. He is translucent any trance mixed with his own ego, narcissism.
And if you read on freedom of the press, you'll know that it's a section of the book and I've read it to you before someone most of it. That is this particular three or four pages of the book. Of the most outrageous things that have been said about the president, am Times are not just Garber appears because Joseph tomorrow is a fair politician. He was a backbone, failed radio. Was really a failure on tv time as NBC saved him, so to speak. Now is a small fish in a small part, and I'm I am more viewers on my Sunday show at ten p m than he does In time in the mornings. I wanted you to listen to their hate and the Van That comes from this man and you Why there is growing violence and you wonder why there is growing anti Semitism and you wonder why there's about growing racial divide
comes from the left. It comes from the media. The media are promoting. When you look at a fool, go Scarborough? You want whether you know your old enough to remember Chet, Huntley, David Brinkley or even What I Cronkite Katy was left us buddy, concealed it most of the time how a case Smith, I mean honest, the guy This is possibly a news programme in the morning when Ever deliverance boy and his wife, it says it's it's a Contra most of tv is a clown. Show But take listen to this. Had tipped news. Busters cut seven go. When do you sound that political alarm? There are certain things we are not allowed to say, but I must say the last week we see the United States of America go from electing. I can't who promised
keep Muslims out of american ok. First of all, you didn't promise to keep Muslims out of America. He wanted a system in place to protect the american people. Relations that are known for terrorism, country will do no harm to the american people. That's the job of a president and am other countryside, he identified certain countries. With majority muslim populations that are for terrorism in Europe, and that are at civil war, because vetting process is an impossibility and he picked. I believe eve, largely the same countries had Obama had picked earlier, but you how they create these big lives and they just keep repeating? Go ahead. Prayed against that discrimination in that bigotry, talking about a Muslim
registry, like the Nazis, had a jewish, a Moslem register when country. Look. Let me explain something to Scarborough this, not calling muslim registry, the FBI, other domestic. Enforcement agencies, as well as intelligence agencies, have lists and keep tracks of organizations and It wasn't organizations, Overseas and at home, who are a threat or perceived threat to them? you may not be aware this is- has been going on for a decade after decade after decade, multiple Muslim centric organizations overseas. That have announced their intention, so they don't make any secret of it. Ladies and gentlemen, you would think we have been through nine eleven when you listen to this guy Scarborough. So it's not aim.
Iceland registry, like the Nazis, headed jewish registry, with That's it. We're taking in forcing into their their territory, country from all walks of life who never threatened anybody in order for the purpose of stir emanating them? How am I help? This man remain on tv, I'm quite serious about this. How? How do these people remain on tv with their statements? Whether grotesque ignorant outrageous provocative statements like this. When are the executives at MSNBC and CNN, what are they start paying attention to what putting out over the over the airwaves. This is absolutely appalling. The lies that this information is spin when you are
this kind of a hate on for a president honestly got nor to be some kind of some policing, but there's none. Absolutely none. There's no registry of Muslims like the Nazis, head of jewish, registering. I am a registry of all the Muslims in this country they being rounded up and pushed into into ovens and the gas chambers and make shot into larger graves at their forced to take themselves, what the hell are we talking about here and this fool is embraced by Democrats and liberals and by media types. It's sick beyond belief, And now we move from that to a president. Who is
talking about kicking out American Citys now he's not talking about kicking out american citizens. He didn't say he would kick out anybody. That is that is another Absalom did. He say he was kicking. These Congresswoman ATLAS producer. He never said he was kicking anybody up. Nor am I remind this peanut brain there, Dwight Eisenhower, who rounded up one million illegal aliens and forced them out of the country. Was he a race to the man others, but certainly we only one of the most prominent, certainly The one where war too, was he a nazi to Joe you fool. You said he was kicking out american citizens now
you're talking about moron go ahead, be they Muslims are his. Annex or women just doesn't like which he says they are quote lucky to be here, so you suggest unbelievable to me The way more is lucky to be here: apparent supplied to here refugee status. Is there any question, in fact I would say. I'm lucky to be here were lucky to be here. But putting that aside he didn't say what Joe Scarborough said. He said. This is absolutely outrageous and the fact that I'm cast allows us to go on. I don't know, I I have to cancel this. Comcast I don't know what I have here and we have to find out. I don't really pay attention to this stuff, but the fact that come. Ass pays this as so be this.
Their day in day out to be a swedish illiterate? This dramatic readings. May I please his wife but is utterly disk, sting if you have a choice. Seven you are higher is unbelievable to me. Go ahead, We look at this empty article and I'm wondering Jane. When is the time to sound the alarm when it's time to start saying will does this look like Germany and nineteen thirty two. Does this look like Germany in nineteen? Thirty three is now the time to start asking that quite unbelievable and of course it Robinson who is a complete, left wing, clown washing imposed by the he's either chairman or on the Pulitzer Prize Committee.
Does this look like Germany, nineteen thirty, two or thirty, three incredible enemy, absolutely incredible to me. Germany, nineteen thirty two hundred thirty three look how he lies. He spends any leads up. Germany, nineteen thirty two thirty three Scarborough you slob, you don't even know what the hell you're talking about. Look at Germany, nineteen thirty, two thirty three listened Omar. The tyre, leave the two women, your defending. The anti semite wing of the Democratic Party, the anti semite wing of the United States media. Ask your friends at the New York Times. How they treated the Holocaust in the lead up to the Holocaust fact asked your friends at the wheel. Impose anti american media period.
Nazi Germany, ladies and gentlemen, presently United States who is pointed the state of Israel like few others, and always Hitler. This is what our media have turned into. Our media are helping destroy this nation in any comedy, see. MIT, why any comedy they used to exist. So what is Eugene Robinson have to say: cut aid go starts? Warm general alarm was with some time ago, and aid and people should be screaming now in the alarm, should be full via. Ladies and gentlemen, the carriage anti they encourage these women. The race painting the racism, the anti Semitism their encouraging this
On MSNBC. The media has taken point. Is I point out to my book The media are not really part of the Democratic Party, they are the Democratic Party there in control of the Democratic Party. So now you Jeanne rabbits and says you should be screaming about Trump. The alarm should be full volume, go ahead, you know, one thing you will most columnists wisely resolve is: don't bring out the Hitler. Germany analogy that that's the endeavour, news that written clubs I mean we're getting to the point where again close, ladies and gentlemen, should Donald Trump.
His directing the United States charm of the United States Marines, Other military branches. To get ready to round up american citizens by train by Plain by truck by car by any means necessary and to take them to concentration camps. Were obviously there are ovens already built their mass graves being Doug, whether a bunks being Not all are not telling how dare you question them their women of color? How dare you question of them? There must That's what he's up two ladys and gentlemen, don't you know it's time Sound the alarm scream at the top of your lungs Donald. The third Rikers here not Omar, not
How dare you question them their women of color? How dare you question to them their Muslims? None on another. How dare you question Elsie she's, our darling, cheaters panic. How dare you question Bernie Sanders, yeah she's, a white male, but he's a leftist. How dare you question anybody that they support? So the third Reich types in my humble opinion, with their anti Semitism and their tyres. Are there not focused on Iraq? they're not focused on North Korea, they're not focused on some power by their not focused on what China stole into the Muslims. Now it's Israel, the Jews, its America like eyes there, the problem. You see there, the problem we're getting close. He says: Eugene Robins, we're getting close to Nazi Germany.
Go ahead, you need to start just looking at the historical precedent and and understanding that three dozen repeated rhymes whenever whenever these people very wealthy. They hang around wealthy people to finish their share in the morning. Oh God have wonderful, launch wonderful, dinner obese. Socialism with one another New York and why Can t see the summer that the Hamptons or wherever they go, the winter don't go too. I guess in the case the Scarborough's Jupiter Island, whatever. Grand old life while trash on their fellow mark we have reached
I was point of the media in America: utterly irresponsible, no moral standards, unprofessional, vitriolic, completely out of control. Clearly out of control, we do not have a free press in this, this nation Ladys in general. This is what we have. This is where we have loathsome ideologues. Others who are taking out their personal narcissus, dick issues on tv and so forth. We do. I'm serious professional media with true standards and self policing anymore. This is where we have to. Or a congresswoman. We have complete garbage here, I'll, be right back,
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Just get one cup of fruits and one for cup of vegetables every day with field of greens, gotta, brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick, house El I e, the iron dot com offer code Levin. These people are utterly Rebecca was on late night was set Myers last night now are reaching a point. They're saying they want to physically attacked the president, and I say to be ever heard any like ling like that before haven't, let's start with that go I was running Wanna Iowa stage and that we were so psych hundreds of people. There are bound to jump up, and this guy sees me the former tiny Zephyr Universe he's a big guy. He puts his arm around me and it goes Duke. I want you to punch to old Europe in the face and I stopped at my tracks and I go do that's a felony man. You know this
There's a guy who you understand, it hurts you when you, and my testosterone sometimes makes me want to feel like punching him and which would be bad for this elderly attache. But he did that's enough comedy tonight, MRS Comedy today, this clown South Myers people applauding the clapping seals this, wound Coy Walker who couldn't run a city like an his mouth says he wants to fish punch the present the United States. Now we ever heard anything like that before other than Joe Biden, but have you ever heard it about another president? You think people would be applied. Then if it had been set about Obama, I'll be right back,
so confusing MIKE, will be glad decline, a poor. You call him now and eat seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. I will let you Garber. I know that a basic search of the public records. On the internet would indicate the long before dark. It was presently United States, United States government, kept lists of Muslims. Certain types of Muslims, dangerous terrorist links, kept lists, Obama, capitalists, Quentin Capitalist, The bushes capitalist. The FBI has a list right now having nothing to do with this present
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should, I believe, our debts. You know it's not that big of a deal. K to surrender your principles that you held for all these decades, it's ok to two Rationality and common sense about debt. Tokay thing remit balloons up the dad, even though you should do in your own life, it's not a problem. You know this dead thing. You can see negatives, he can see positive, look, political, positive. It gives the president, through the next two years for the democratic gets through the next two years. I have a government shut down so that politics is out a play press. We'll be blamed for stuff. As the president said, you know, mice can term that's what I'm really going to cut spending.
Have you heard this kind of thing today? You ve created a lot, and I haven't you: will that snake oil salesmen stuff. I do not understand, including some college, this programme, how people can hold to a principle, then all of a sudden surrender it that's what liberals do. The end justifies the means. The way you get the government to work for you, ladies and gentlemen, children and grandchildren is not. There along to get along, but where necessary, to step up and speak out. The pressure always comes from the left. The pressure always comes to spend, pressurized come from people who think they're entitled. We conservatives tea party and the rest. If we don't objec, when we should have object. The nobody's going to object
So there's a lot of snake oil, salesman out there. You probably listening to them, are watching my tv or reading them all of a sudden there telling you feel good stuff. I respect you too much to treat you that way. I wish bet. You too much to train dumb down the discussion here. This is a real live. Big problem, We have in this country or not: systemic racism, but systemic debt, and it's getting worse and worse and worse, and it almost doesn't matter who the president is or who runs Congress and we're going to reach a point. Well, there's nothing that can be done except hold onto your chairs. And then it will be too late. Why? Who did this and who did that? You can see how societies fail? You can see how they collapse, weather,
the Weimar Republic, whether its Venezuela, whether it's the ancients, eighth and their Athens, Robin it is, you can see it in our own country, very states how people Scraping these states, because they can, their pension payments and the taxes or through the roof see. I have respect for you I believe you can reason you day common sense. I respect for you, I dont trying And led you into stupid places. So there is no good reason for this Political decisions are not good decisions. Temporary political decisions. Candidate. The left to accommodate the media are not good decisions, and if we don't make the call
The fund, our military to fund our I absolutely central aspects of the federal government, the cut other areas of the government, which really the guy Should be in involved in the first place and nobody's gonna make the case if conservatives in Congress don't make the case, if the president doesn't make the case if conservatives and talk radio and on Fox don't make the case, the case is not going to be made and it's not going to be heard worse. Yet are the excuses that army. Well, you know we get the Democrats in the house. So why are they winning? You know we gave them Public, do I, the house and ascended, to. Same with immigration in the border, the Republicans control how's, the Senate and the presidency under Bush. First, first, six years, what happened? Nothing happened.
So all the Republicans how to do as our body, Daniel Rights Horowitz and your horwitz all they had to do when they won the twenty. Sixteen election was to hold the line on the budget bill. They help pass and twenty eleven only control one branch, the government instead first with control, all three branches in our control to the three thereabout to undo the one spending success for the past decade and with pre empt any leverage they have to pressure democrats on a single issue, there's a bigger problem than this Forget about the pompous boys, ladies and gentlemen, forget about the cheer leaders in radio and tv. This is a serious matter.
A jack up. My ratings I'd have a completely different programme than this. It will be constant positivity. In the face of danger, hey women and children- hey here's the truth. In too many areas, and not in most areas, the progressive in wash Ten DC of one they want. Now the debate is just how far we go. The democratic, completely out of control, but these holding to the constitution in any significant way nobody's holding to rational fiscal policy in any significant way? Nobody. And if you say well, we ve got these. These entitlements in their untouchable. You, your underscoring, the point which is they want.
Because, on the one hand, those who refuse to cut the size of government the borrowing in the spending they say, look, it's not discretionary spending it's the entitlements and yet, when it comes to discretionary spending, its up twenty percent twenty percent over Obama's last year So they want with control there. Lonely, internment southern telling you. We can't touch the entitlements, but the Democrats want such then the road time I met care for everybody, eliminating Medicare, replacing it with a centralized. Gummy, run stalinist healthcare system there more than happy to control the Republicans are done. They ve surrendered. Forget about Obamacare we're not touching it forget about the dead were not touching it. They could have done something on the border. Long before tromp was elected, were not touching it Honest to God, other than not being leave the hard core rat. Linsky wing of the Democratic Party. There, basically placeholder
And this is why we're gonna lose more more elections. This is why the Democrats for taking over the country through immigration and other means so much respects the progressive some one and we live in a post constitutional appeared. I'm not trying to depress you, but don't listen, these Pollyanna Candia types or a telling you over and over Actually a lot of good here, depending on how you know, there's not a lot of good here with this budget. There's a lot of bad and, moreover, where funding with debt that children and grandchildren than at the pay. The very swap that you plain about what do you think that. But he's going much of its going to democratic party constituent. This much going into. The government is not going to you. When to stabilize any this, stuffed its being taken from you Children in your grandchildren and generations yet born this
please not being used to strengthen liberty, to strengthen constitutional ism test right than private property rights being used for the opposite against you, your own hard earned money. I want an economic system begins to collapse. You can't stop it, I'm not talking about a recession, I'm ready when talking about a depression, I'm talking massive inflation or deflation. It changes governments eliminate Constitutions, it destroys civil societies, that's what it does, and it shows Scarborough wants that. Of Nazi Germany, firstly, how to talk about the Weimar Republic and what took place there. Printing money, printing money, what do you think you're doing.
The monetary system can't keep up with the spending on the fiscal, sir. I'm not going to come to you. I trust you too much. And lie to you as well as our care cause. You know we control the White House in the Senate, etc gives us to it. Oh, it's not! Ok! It's not! Ok!. But what worries me is not a damn thing we can do about it. Doesn't matter who we elected in the house. It doesn't matter who elect in the Senate, doesn't matter who you like period, here's, to be there's not a damn thing you can do about it. I'll be right back.
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I would love it, I'm just not clever enough. That's the right formulation to trick you the thinking that massive annual deficits massive debt, that insatiable federal bureaucracy. The swamp. Led by politics, since most of us despise isn't it or that there is a silver lining. There's no silver lining For all my life, when I've paid attention to these things, as well as when I've been behind this microphone, always been. The war will handle it next year will handle it in two years. Maybe ten years from now right must reduce her pretty much
wait till on reelected wait till we control the house. Wait till we control the House, the Senate. How many times have you folks? Her, though, when it comes to immigration, to what we have control them? We have we did and we're gonna have to come to grips with the fact that the progressives have one in many respects their only ascendancy. And Donald Trump, stun, a hell of a job fighting them. But in the budget we ve lost. He's fighting them on immigration. He deserves our support. One hundred percent he's fighting them in the court's. He deserves our support, one or two percent you understand, but where the body politic, regardless of parties are individuals. Can do that which must be done in order to save this Public for the long haul, we need to speak
it's our country in the end, and we need to put pressure. On the political leaders of government while we still can. This is also why I'm a big advocate of article five convey States you won't hear another host. America, certainly not another national host in America who is repeatedly and slightly pushing this moment. Because it's the constitution that will save us, which is exactly why they attack it. I don't know how you can be against the swamp, keep feeding it would debt So let us not fool ourselves where mature adults here when mature tried, stay up at night and get up early in the morning, get in front of tv cameras are behind the microphone or get their columns, ready, try,
to be very, very clever about how this can be a positive thing, and it's a good thing. The presence during this because of their side and the other thing or they were a fine line, this Something that requires some guts require some serious, principled argumentation. Now is not the time for quick links. The left is on the march. The left is on the march. One of the reasons we saw admire this president is because. Of his brazenness- and I say that in a very positive way: well guess what we should share and that too. He's the General Worthy Infantry in this political situation. But he should hear our advice to and we should fighting the left. We should fight these efforts to destroy us from within this fifth column, because that's eggs. Really what they're going to do.
The problem is in my my thinking on this: is the centre keeps moving left? The centre keeps moving while repeated, so they can repeated again things. I say here somehow line up on Fox by number these. These people, it's ok, the centre keeps moving left. So the centre today is not worth a wash twenty. Five years ago, its move left. Where the real resistance we conservator Constitutional lists. You know, badness always comes on a Friday in Washington and Israel Last Friday, the administration officials in Washington are prepping a budget, I would Nancy policy that we ve talked about now. It's going, us through binding spending. Caps By imposing, among other things, socialist pricing country on drugs and Medicare, gets worse placing inflation caps as they call them on drug prices, won't help sinks before drugs to
prices go above and arbitrary level. The federal government will assess a fee or what most of us call attacks And when will that money go we'll get this? What we spend on Nancy policies favour projects not only that, Birds and conservatives point at this there were Pelosi would actually increasing, is Medicare premiums and out of pocket expenses They may want to remember that our senior friends, so I am proud listeners vote as well Fact they were more than most price Charles or bad enough by robbing Medicare patients to pay our policy. Genius deserve better. Don't we all get the facts? Gotta true health care facts that calm, that's true, healthcare, facts that come true. Healthcare facts that car I just posted a speech at the: U N Security Council by Jason Green by this is a very, very fine man of God, no particular
about three have for four and a half minutes into it. I think you'll find it quite compelling. Here, he's very straightforward. In very moral, and what are you saying so you might want to check that out also join the brake, perfect. Time to run the Amazon dot com I hate to lose two Michelle Obama herself book, but No, she had right get your copy on freedom of the press, I'll be right back with a daily fake news. Don pouring through your tv MA, mobile phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, Scientists suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this but he discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and
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brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick, house, Levin, DOT, com offered code Levin now run only underline the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader mark living here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, a few broadcasting scheduling issues please, don't miss the show. Tomorrow night I mean, I think, we'll have the disease The discussion about the Mahler hearings. I will also be on hand indeed more night, nine thirty pm eastern time I'll be on Fox and friends Thursday morning, mainly to right, always now not that you were
At eight thirty I'll me and Jesse Waters, waters, world saturnalia course, life, Liberty and Levin and on life liberty in living on Sunday, we won't have to form returnees general had mace and Lucchese too great attorneys It means for Ronald Reagan, Lucchese for obviously George W Bush. And we will all three and wise- took place and among our hearings So you don't want to miss that. I don't know that those two men have ever been in the same shit. The same time, but it will be a great honor of mine outstanding men who will help us analyze. What will have taken place and your watch the media coverage, of course, and you'll be extraordinarily frustrated with it, and those of you who are now fully informed
but the history, the median where we are today with the media, you'll understand it you'll be able to cope better you all I get is a lie, but you'll be able to cope better, and I want to talk a second. The police officers in this country, even more broadly law enforcement officers. And also and I have a special affections. Then, why pity I started my radio career in New York. When I go to New York, which is not often whether I do radio tv. I'm always stop by Nypd by police officers there or police officers. Some of the greatest cops on the planet and they are having a hell of a time because have The worst mayors ever do komio
Imagine having a boss who doesn't have your back margin having a boss who is hostile to a street thug. Watching these videos were police ha Sir, have water port I'm a bucket of water watching another one or please officers, literally hidden the head, with a bucket. How shameful, as this, how disgraceful assess Because they know they around and defend themselves or they try to apprehend these hoodlums. That would be turned into a race issue, a civil rights issue. They know that the mayor will not, that they will be said to have overreacted.
Are civil society I tell you over and over and over again is under attack? This is what the left does. This is what the left does it's under. It. Our police under attack. I want to thank Mamma. He started that many ways Our military hundred attack- I want to thank Obama, started that in many ways our history, the birth of our nation,. Our principles under attack. And say what you well about the president. He loves this country he's trying to defend this country. Against the most radical elements. You don't have to agree with everything it doesn't matter. He stands. In us and them that's clear. And he's taken a lot in coming for a lot of incoming for. But these hoodlums,
Doing this to our police officers, who are armed. Are going to be preying on the citizen regenerate, most citizens, in most major cities, are an armed the most major cities you can't carry permits but you're watching The demise of the society calling it the unravelling of the civil society have written about it. I see that's another phrase, it's out there, but that's good! That's! What's taking place, you know where my father's last book was all our police, and it was written and illustrated by him and in every respect, didn't it was his last book it was published in October. Thirty! He passed when October fifteenth. He never got to see the book in the bookstores on the book shelves. He always liked to drive and
If you know turbines a nobler, what have you and check it out? He never got to see it, but he, He was so supportive of the police. And we ve had police in our family, most of whom work for the Philadelphia Police Department, tough city, thought of fact. I've come one two three three uncles. There are various parts of the family work for the Philadelphia Police Department. I've got my man Danny who worked for a plea, Department in New Jersey, but even if I didn't. I mean the fact is, ladies and gentlemen, these people have chosen
to put on these uniforms and try and keep peace and order. That's what they do the enemy, and I want to hear anymore about systemic racism, the most of our major cities. The majority of the officers are minorities. I mean there are criminals out there, there nasty people out there, the people who still who burgo, who rape, who murder Other forms of assault and so forth. I mean unless you want to live in a completely. And an article society where you can't be safe. I mean. Well what are we doing? Attacking our institutions left and right. We attack capitalism, the founders, private property rights, success.
Police officers, the military ice, the border patrol. What people want they want to destroy our country, that's what they want. That's what they want. And so in this programme we defend our cups I see John Stewart spun out there and I give him kudos for his support. They first responders and nine eleven. But I have to be honest with you folks. We need to support the cops all the time, talking about bad apples, whether their lawyers or whatever there, is imperfect. Man's institutions are imperfect, but you don't burn them down.
And I look forward to seeing John Stewart as a regular support of the unwise PD when they come under attack, and I look forward to John Stewart so we're being a regular supporter of the empty and why. When things quite down you know. When congresses and involved. But when cops, are under attack and fire fighters are under attack. That's when I wanna hear John Stewart, That's what I want to hear all the liberals to, but we want. We want. The left once more, more laws. While they violate more more laws. They have no intention of complying.
The laws that they don't like and by the way. This is the same with the left when there dressed up in black robes and they become federal judges, same thing Many them well mounted here the constitution, but for some reason, we're supposed to adhere to their rulings So the rulings of the law, but the constitution is not. That's always been quite bizarre to me before I go to the break global left field, but it's him wouldn't Chris craft, you know just celebrated the fiftyth anniversary, the moonlight. And the left celebrated, probably the fiftieth anniversary of Chappaquiddick. That is the successful cover up a chappaquiddick Chris Craft, who you ve heard about several days, and many of us heard about long before that
died today at the age of ninety five. I believe he was that's a hero right. There. The NASA programme and nineteen sixty nine was spending about four billion dollars, MR producer, it spends about twenty two twenty three billion today We put a man on the moon and today. Well, because NASA has been so abused. Today we can put a man on Emma her twenty two billion dollars. I'll be right back ladies and gentlemen, you probably heard about this. Movement to rehabilitate out frightened,
Reprobate, remember that photo where he had his hands. Honor was pretty close to having his hands on the breasts of a woman. Who was sleeping on their airplane member. Her name was tweeting Umbrella must reduce. And there are other women. Some of whom were thinking about coming forward, but the prince. Amazon for him to resign any resigned. Well, there's a woman by the name of Jane Mare. She writes for the New Yorker complete sleaze bar, She's, a woman but not of color, may I say. Jane Merrick, complete sleaze ball. The way she tried to Sleazy Clarence, Thomas and defence beneath a hill. She goes way back,
The way she went after cabin are now the way she tries to rehabilitate Frank and want to spend a few minutes on this from our friends the free beacon. Jane Merrick during the Cabinet confirmation Fight wrote arguably the missed me: two story published by an outlet the didn't have babe in the url met. Co, author Ronan Pharaoh, for their argued for the four time. The Deborah Ramirez was accusing the Supreme Court nominee Of taking out his mail genital and putting it in front of her face, when they were both yeah undergrad complicate Story was the candid admission that in Ramirez initial conversation with the new Yorker, she was reluctantly characterized Cavanaugh role in the alleged incident with certainty and she the accused, Cavanaugh six days later, no other witnesses at the party corroborated her story.
But if you gave on the record statements, insisting it never happened, there is a small matter that Ramirez attended, cabinet wedding and smiled and a photo with. Evidence of Jane Mares Cavanaugh story was rather weak compared to average me two story which by its puzzling, the mares newest pieces, lengthy diatribe, arguing or eight of the women who accused form Democratic senator Al Frank and of impropriety Democrats and Republicans alike, were mistaken or lying difficult to summarize a twelve thousand word peace, but at its the argument is frank in his innocent of groping, enforce kissing because People who, like Frank and insist he is also. He has a family and cries alot see. This me to movement is fake. Ladies and gentlemen, its again it's of the law, that's the end justifies the means. So here you have left us a hacker,
Again, this by the name, a Jane mare. Well known in what she does, which is the opposite of journalism. Come the defence of our frank and with no evidence whatsoever mare for exam. Produces three pieces of so called evidence. I'll, say that Frank and didn't slip modeling Aunt Weedin, the tongue without consent, while rehearsing a kissing seen for a to. Six, you associate the first. Tal Frank and denies it. The second is frank, its long time fundraiser denies. You would do something like that. The thirty. Former. As an owl writer who says I for forty seven years and he's the very last person who would be a sexual harassment this so called evidence is laughable. Mare would do Is it as irrelevant? In any other case, Matt Lauer, less Moon, Vaz Mark Halpern Roy more virtually all power. From an accused of sexual harassment and assault our male and female colleagues alike, will stick their proof reputation on the notion that he is
kind of guy or well. He never harassed me in fact, one Colleagues may quotes extensively defending frank and comedian. Sarah Silverman is So a shameless supporter of Louis see K Mart here. Its continued believed this is written by Alex Griswold minutes blocked out here, and it goes on mare, governance, is laughable. Mare does find some evidence, the cause and the question. Certain elements are tweeting story. They usually quite trivial. Contrary to Sweden, statement mere rights, the photo Frank and pantomime grabbing her breasts, while she was sleeping was taken. On Christmas Eve, two thousand sixes as a final thought, but on Some twenty first wealth while and while I really got her didn't they want
the interesting better reporting is, while Sweden's said Franklin I told her. He wrote a part for her with the sole intention of kissing her that's action, the line of dialogue in the sketch they appeared it in the skin. I can played an officer who has written a role specifically for a beautiful women. So he could kisser here we perform with two other women and two previous stores. They were okay with the kissing their sketches. He pleaded doktor trying to give tweet, nay, breast examination and rigs a contest, so he can have sex, which Sweden. Mere treats this is evidence. Tween is mistaken or lying about about her back. Staging Canada, Frank it and the whole thing was borrowed from his skin quota unquote, but that it whereas what strikes me is an obvious possibility, namely that Frank and skits about being a creep. When matter and self referential-
hard to believe a professional comedian. Who is thinking up excuses that kisses attractive co stars what right escape about how he wrote a In the case of beautiful woman, and he would Approached the woman and demand we herself. I even mayor cannot erase the incontrovertible fact that Franco's photograph groping are just our groping, a sleeping woman who could not consent, mares defence. Is once again to quotes from sympathetic sources. Send the USA, the Euro so tore was a ranch, vaudeville throwback. Frankly, yes goofing around and people were taking funny. Chosen it Campi, and that makes it better how exactly. The former esa now stars friends and systematic that the photo was a mockery of someone acting a bad taste that Franco's I think, the persona away. Why won't said the judge? is about him. He was do it. He was doing ok, whatever
There again seems to be zero interest and exploring the possibility, frank and adopted persona of a sexist. Who was who wants to grope and kiss women because he wanted to act like a sexist who gropes and kiss one. Elsewhere, mare entertains defences and frank, and that a downright offensive, one you are so officer said, means accusations were socking, shocking mare notes because she participated another. Ribald! U S skits, including a show with Robin Williams, were tweeting jumped into his arms wrapped up around his way and so forth and so on, and then you got like eight. Left wing Democrats, senators, like Patrick, lay he and others saying the big mistake strike I remain. I should never have encouraged him to resign on another remember this is the crowd, the defended TED Kennedy, despite all is sexual abuses and Chappaquiddick never forget that,
fat very seriously. They're gonna talk, radio that my provincial calling now seven seven breeding ground for you, it wide one in others, Stories about maritime and discuss them now wants, but whether or not ill in all more married, her brother, you ve, seen it Mr Bitterness and they're all over the place, but here's the thing You think they would matter to Joe Scarborough. Anybody think would matter to any host on. I myself steer the constipated news network, Rennie they geniuses writing the washed and compost like film sir, whatever his name is Sir TIM Al, thank you think they would care to care less.
Reducing Eugene Robinson, why can't you think Gauge Railway Scarborough? None of them would care she married a rather low. They wouldn't care. Libertarians will Bialik size is none of your business, o oops. Sorry, sir. That's number one, weird story, number two weird story out there, I'm sorry to tell you this: it's making the rounds it's out there that some business had a close. Mr producer, did you see this because well, wouldn't wax a trained genders. Genitalia. Isn't our culture getting really cool, ladies and gentlemen, were so liberated, were so progressive. Let me say this to you to the two or three out there who might be listening to me on this.
You wanna wax those things you wax them on your own. Wax. I'm yourself gross. Ok, I suddenly pigs hell up. Our nations oldest colleges were founded to teach students to seek truth, wrecking as what is beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them. Well, they have abandoned their missions in there are locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse in rejecting the idea of objects, truth. They pedal moral and cultural relativism, Hills doubtless remain true to its original mission. Provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent piety. Held up as hailstones celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remains committed to offering its students.
Very best liberal arts education in the land as well as to extend mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the publication of its free speech, digest and primacy. Its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington DC and its bar charter school initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since one thousand eight hundred and forty four. Now this is Hillsdale College and Magnificent college where sanity prevails, sanity. Sanity prevails MIKE Toledo, Ohio, serious satellite, go remark area; ok, thank you. Sir.
For the last eight years- and I just wrapped up my doctorate agreed back in may- and I did my research for my desert in on twenty four officers who are exposed to the black lives matter, movement and partisan, and you thousand fourteen in the. Doubts were pretty unbelievable story that I got from. Is twenty four officers? Some have already. What did you find out? Well, We twenty out of the twenty four were assaulted in some way, whether it be chunks a concrete hit them, I did interview one officer that was actually shot in the chest, mostly, had firebomb stronger them, which you could have The news, but what you didn't say in the news and you never heard about on the news worse, one particular agency. All of the police officers had to stop direct deposit for their page acts because anonymous hacked the entire department
and they had to take paper checks and the thoroughly actors had vehicle taken out and there are purchased in their name, some of them even in Europe. The fact- Jeanne had to be turned off because the debt death threats were non. Stop to this up agency, one officer was describing being on the line working. The protest in his phone rang and his wife called him and said that there is forty protesters in his front yard. And they were throwing rocks at her house and back hang on the windows and during the kids, and there was nothing he could do about it, because he was working. The protests have ruled out very you have permanent PTSD issues. Black female officer than I interviewed said that her exposure to the protests made her. Against your own race, It isn't an amazing how,
The hidden run media there done they never circle back to see what's taking place in that town, they never circle back to look at the police force and what's happened to the cops, it's just on the next sitting on a Baltimore, another Baltimore Police Department has been destroyed four intents and purposes its job, the way the locusts on the left. That is, media and others conduct themselves, but I want to thank you for going back. Look doing your thesis on this, letting us know about it. And I want to thank you for your service, my friend, by the way, don't hang up I'm going to send you a signed copy of on freedom of the press. So don't hang up. Thank you, MR producer. The signed copies are on their way to you,. I should be giving a more these. Quite frankly, I looked Somebody told me I looked at Amazon during the bright. How could it be that Michelle Obama number thirteen and I'm like number twenty two.
I guess she has a However, following incredibly big loyal following beats me. She's the most admire woman in the world. Can somebody tell me why. Why is she the most admired woman in the world? I've never stood her. I've never understood that. And by the way here we have the coincidence. Having left office, they made two hundred and forty million dollars Obama's left office. They ve may about a hundred million dollars. We have Al Gore. Left office he made about two hundred million dollars an end for the life of me. Nobody cares. They care about Donald Trumpet made billions of dollars before it came into office.
Everything's upside down, it's just that the left is able to do what the left does, because our so called public figures. They lack guts, they lack courage, they they lack fortitude. I guess is the word. They just do. I mean you want so that legally Republicans in the Senate, don't they seem like their lazy long, the tooth huffing Huffing as they go from meeting the meaning, new ideas. No ideas whatsoever, ok, I'm here and then they go home and they run for reelection. We're gonna cut the budget. To secure the born and we're gonna build up the military. We're gonna do releasing then a gay relayed back, I'm back, What do you want me to do? Pathetic? That's continue! Stew,
If our town Pennsylvania, serious satellite hurry, you protect what my com first time collar, you got. I just wanted to say thank you very much for everything that you do. I want to share with you. You know I have a basis for seventy eight years. My grandfather, started that the early nineteenth voyage- and you know I just can't stop thinking about some of the holocaust survivor. I was about ten years old Stories about what happened to that how they re able to get over into this country. But I think about all these things trash say about our project.
Just everything in general, are very fortunate keep in my heart and I might have never forget the stories that I was sold for these people rolling up and anxious calling how they throw around these words even Scarborough and this Eugene Robinson, and they ve, never parents, they don't have family members who have experienced this. They have their not in touch with this history they they have ice water running through their veins, where they can throw this up as a political, queer person attack line against the present the United States People were living in this country elsewhere, of course, but living in this country have experienced this to listen to this. Tell me: how is it that Trump is? Eighty percent support among the Israelis percent did Obama eighty six percent support among these really scared. Like five percent support,
you're right or take their memories to take their third, the fact of what they went through. To use it as a political game on the left is really quite unconscionable. Shipping is what it is it on and right up until the time I M always we felt the basis of one or the other ones. I remember was people back and away from the communist regime and their. Coming from Czechoslovakia and they put their kidneys suit case suitcase so that they can get across the border. I mean these are the things that you hear from people first PAN and it's just Oh I how these people can even try to correlate What goes on in the real world versus what they're China,
in future the american people. This does just absolutely appalling and this is why it is so important to protect the civil society. Individual liberty, a constitutional republic, he true free press. This is why it is so important, To defend these, these institutions that are under brutal assault today, I want to thank you for your outstanding called. Don't hang up I want to send you a signed copy of unfit him of the press. Thank you, sir, will be back then. Hurry putting two studies. Just over ten percent, a break ins are planned beforehand:
the rest are spur of the moment. Crimes. Returned to be. In other words, random did you know most breakin happened between six, a m in six p m. In the middle of the day. Why? How is without homes, security or three hundred percent more likely to be broken into they just figure you're, not home. Sixty five percent a year. There are committed by someone that the victim knows July August, while their when most burglaries occur, what's crazy Is that only one in five homes have homes security? Maybe because Those companies really make it very difficult to get it. You wanna get it easy and you wanted to be the best and that's why simply serve safe. Is my top choice hands down? simply say protects every door window, one room with twenty four seven professional monitoring And they make it easy on you, there's no contract, hidden fees or fine print.
Want a ton of awards from Cnet to the New York Times wire cutter prices are, Always fair and honest around the clock Monitoring is just fifteen dollars a month, but one thing truly make simply safe stand out. Is the video verification, technology, One other home security systems are triggered a lot. Time, police assume it's a false alarm in the car most of the bottom of the list, but simply say uses their video verification technology to visually, confirm the break it I am pleased to get to the scene three point five times faster than with other home security companies. The same what they're going to do in and how they are going to do it, and I- and I just had to ask- are those publicans doing this? any sixty day risk free trial. You ve got nothing to lose, go now
And be sure to go to simply safe mark that com, so they know I censure one more time that simply safe mark that come strongly encourage you to get it all right Robert Huntsville Alabama, the great W Viennan, go work. Thank you so much for taking my caused much an honor. Thank you, sir. So imagine at the top the show Mahler going to test the also mention that the democratic serve they all hands on deck, their practising what they're going to do in an hour. Going to do it and I just had to ask, are the Republicans: the same thing: Shouldn baby, doing the same thing and mother's going gonna be there under oh but my understanding as they are coordinating one another. I dont author actually doing mock Try on my MAC hearings, you know, as you do, in your pocket. For a legal trial in litigation. You have you have you have
Mark judges and mock juries, and you go and you go at it, but that does straight that not only are they trying to be prepared that it to show to show it is a show, but you know the show is Drug America through two years of up to just come on so it's no collusion at the end when you more with his team of democratic They should be asking him what it is about. The boys, you know leading up to the end the and throughout the investigation in his conduct throughout the investigation, I suspect they will. I suspect they well that this is. This is a show for the media. Let's be honest me I wanted this, the meteor getting this. The Democrats are doing it. Media there, coordinating with the media they have other media contacts are coordinating, I'm sure would Mahler This is set up and southern Begins you're gonna have to really in a work here, Yes, but they can
Because a smaller, quite vulnerable, you own, this is their opportunity. I mean this is the last opportunity if he asked me to bring this public and for them to people again tube, you know investment. Doesn't it amaze used the Republicans, control the Senate and the doing absolutely nothing it does it appear? Yet it is very hard to be conserved these days, but achieving harder, sometimes a beer republican. Tat! This is what we are up against. This is gonna, make the difference between this this election, whether the President Windsor loses we're not just facing the Democrats, were facing something much bigger more ubiquitous. Quite frankly, darker and bleak men in black by the, which is when I first started listening to you and, and we got the first one. Hang up, I want to send you assign copy of on the freedom of the press, and I really appreciate it, and my goal was still to three months into this.
To get it in his many hands as possible, and I need your help we need your help, even those who have already secured a copy. We ve got a portion tat. This is what we are up against. This is gonna, make the difference between this this whether the President wins Windsor loses we're not just facing the Democrats were facing something much bigger more ubiquitous. Quite frankly, darker, later the progressives have devoured our freedom of the press and the book walk you through it step by step by step by step. It's not what you think in the book. That's why you're here but calling who praised the book. That's why many good Amazon there's five star mark stop talking about, don't talk about a nobody else is, ladies and gentlemen, nobody else You don't hear anybody else and talk radio talking about it. Don't talk about other books. I have to do it. And I really want to encourage you to be your precincts
in your committee in your neighborhood charge of getting this message out or with your family to be, Hard to getting this message out, or would you coworkers that's how we we advance the cause of liberty and that's how we stop them. But, unlike any other book, is called Thomas put it on the freedom of the press, truly exposes these people who were dressed up as journalists, and their lack of standards in the ear their logical, motivations and so forth, at every single one, but most of them, but most so while you're here talk, show host on radio and tv lament There's Don lemon and then you get Cuomo, and then he Rachel man on you got that they gather this puts it altogether. It an altogether for you and for other people who were going to need in this battle
ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emergency personnel, those trying to secure our borders. Thank you very much as well Nypd and other cops hang in there Stands behind you, even if your mayors dump and I will see you folks tomorrow- God bless you from the West one podcast network.
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