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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, we thank the Democrat Party for finally killing any impeachment hearings with the Mueller hearings today. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for putting him up to this. It's clear that Mueller's top attorney Andrew Weismann was the invisible hand behind all of the Mueller Report. The strategy Weismann used to destroy Arthur Andersen is the same legal strategy used in this case and it has Weismann all over it. Mueller proved that he was incapable of managing this investigation let alone trying to prove that there was any corrupt intent in President Trump's decision-making. The Constitution and the law on the President's side in this Mueller investigation. Then, Trump has criticized Rep's. Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff today and it's notable that, consequently, neither of them are women of color. Later, Rep's Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, and Louie Gohmert call in to recap their lines of questioning in today's hearings.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now in its hundred and seventy fifth year here, There is a truly independent institution where learning, prized in intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening.
And my sincere appreciation to Hills, Dale Brother sponsorship now run only underground bows bunker somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, America Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. I want to thank the Democrat Party today for this hearing actually to hearings. I wanted thank them because they just killed impeachment to this. Impeachment trial
You said call them the best and the brightest now that the worst in the dumbest, unbelievable Robert Mahler. I'm not going to mock him as they. Mock him if he were testifying for the other side,. But what you saw today and those of you who didn't just stick with me. We got plenty of time. Was a fraud a ruse said, has been perpetrated against the american people. There is no Mueller report, so Weissmann report. There is no Mahler Special Council was the Weissmann Special Council basement and this law? bastard, that's right. I said it vice man who destroy Arthur Anderson and eighty thousand jobs at a nine zero decision Supreme Court, the reversed him on various shrove of obstruction of justice.
He's the invisible hand, that's been behind the whole. Damn thing from day, one. And brought in like minded left wing, Democrat donors and activists. This was A special council office, this wasn't an officer prosecutors. This was an office of democratic activists. Who happen to be attorneys in the government and they had the power. To use criminal law and process isn't tools to advance a political agenda, even though they fail. That's why they were so hard to get manner for education. Should have given to the east and District of Virginia, they wanted manner for it and so forth, and so on.
So what are we learn at this hearing today? What do we learn to hearings. Absolutely nothing except the Mahler is seriously incapable of writing a rip reading a report and overseeing an investigation of this magnitude which raises The question that has not been raised: how in the world could rod. Well, could rod rose and steam Appoint Mahler special counsel. All you have to do is interview the man for about forty seconds, and you know that he's incapable at this In his life, I've run and overseeing an investigation, and yet he did. This was the biggest equipped for the last two and a half years, the mother was absolutely incapable of running an investigation.
Now we have a right. We, the people to know who wrote this report. Now he didn't mala right it. He didn't read it. At least in Rio and their you level of comprehension who wrote the report. He wrote volume two of the report. I want to know that's not national security secret. Is it. No, it's not a national security secret. It wasn't Mahler the professor. Corey of investigators who wrote it No! No! I don't want to thank Mahler for his service to the country, obviously as a vet. Yes, but I thank him for what he did here. He should never have taken the job here. I've known you should never have taken. The job is family, knew we shouldn't take the job, that's quite obvious:
Then he has some health issues and not have put down. I'm not trying to be provocative. Now, this issue of obstruction, the only people obstructing Asked us or the Democrats on capital here and the media: there are the ones who are obstructing justice. Because they will not tolerate the outcome of this investigation. And demanding more. Their demanding more make us through this again. So even Joe Scarborough, the dim witted banjo player deliberate on the bridge, so He can understand. Although I wonder there was no obstruction of joy That's exactly why Molly didn't push the issue Should say vice meant by men did not push the issue of obstruction of justice. Now. Why.
Because of the two memos from the office illegal council that I uncovered in first reported on on fire Behind this microphone now, that's not why? Because you didn't have a case. Nobody knew better than vice meant that he didn't have a case. Because in two thousand and five and Arthur Anderson Versions, United States, Mr Vice, Representing the United States I spent in the United States, lost ninety zero on an obstruction involving Arthur Anderson Nest. Vice been must remember this just fourteen years ago, where you put it these thousand hardworking Americans out of work waste TAT one of the below the full accounting firms in this country, Arthur Anderson,
Never to return again like a good liberal. There are certain elements that are required for obstruction of justice, certain elements that are required and you start with the corrupt intent you have a corrupt intent to interfere with investigation that the present and have a corrupt and to interfere, the investigation, let's look at the evidence and by the way there up against a very very well. Today they could have done even a little better. Been luck. They did very, very and the Democrats, like I say, the worse than the dumbest rather than the best and the brightest that by that big dummy Natalie
Why you know they had to have talked her Mahler. They knew that it be perfect. Erin Corey, yet they start brought a man obstruction, a corrupt, why you swore well on Fox all that I'm just asking them not attacking anybody why Sky, who couldn't get one tenth of one percent in Nepal and the Democrat primary, who had Now that a little dabbled delia, rather than a big dab and his hair, take about a pie, blinded this guy's hair and. There are plenty oil on this country. Let's get back the elements of obstruction, let's start with the key element: a corrupt intent. This President turned over every single piece of information. The special councils office has four He never asserted attorney climb privilege. He never is
executive privilege. He never asserted any privilege whatsoever documents, texts, emails whatever they wanted. This president did not seek to tat any single individual from his campaign from his businesses. Even more importantly, from his inner circle in the White House from testifying for Giving testimony to the special council's offers any surely cut of under the separation of powers this- that's been used many times in the past legitimately, again asserting executive privilege, especially with his White House counsel, His White House Council Mcgann, testified for thirty hours. Thirty hours. Does that sound like a corrupt and ten t
That's all I can attend to derail an investigation. He told me again. He told them tat, fire, Mahler or the president denies the less pretend that he did so what while area, but you have the the intent a corrupt and tend to block the investigation. I The President United States believed, and rightly so, and look at this through the information they came out today, just based on the testimony could similar couldn't do it. That his is made we're running the investigation, pray who this guy is. He's not he's not independent he's conflicted, look at the people he hired he's closely call me and Lui Gomer made this point today. I have made this point. But he did a great job and we're gonna have.
Jim join on the programme and Louis government on the programme endeavour Nunez on the programme. One each hour. Bellamy continue. So, ladies and gentlemen, had this ACE got all the way to the Supreme Court. Had the turning general wave, the office illegal council opinions any could if they were lost and missed Vice men knew they would have lost just like he lost forty years ago in a nine zero decision. I've got a right in front of me. Anderson, L, L, P, verses United States? Unfortunately, there will exist anymore, we Thurston remained at night Two zero and the substance, the case not just the title page signature page, the seven pages long. It was almost pro forma like what the hell
sky doing they didn't apply the statute correctly. Zero done and it was written by you ve Justice, William Renquist, at the time, a real chief justice like John Robert? I pointed this out before here and on facts. Just as I pointed out these memo education data sending President One of the questions Molly would not answer, of course, was a coup. I raised when this report came up. The vice men report. What I call it for now on. When did they know, that there was no collusion. They knew early on Mahler, wouldn't answer that question. And the reason was, would expose them in part for trying to set up the present on obstruction.
The democratic throughout the day, whether the Judiciary Committee or in the intelligence committee and obviously that committee is wrongly named, should be no intelligence committee. They too, but words and mothers mouth. On time they succeeded in here to come back after after a break and correct the record. But I want to congratulate publicans, you did a very, very fine job and I want gradually? The Democrats tonight thank For having these hearings saying, If our having Mr Mulder, you killed impeachment, I don't care what they say: killed impeachment the american people are sick of this and their second, you saw my by the way. Now, there's two things happening. That also do not augur well for the Democrats in the house, the inspector Jim,
report do now in September, forever over there, but that's gonna come out. I cannot help the case. The Democrats or trying to contrive And, of course, the ongoing Department of Justice investigation that was to place by the attorney general, the United States, with the? U S, attorney from Connecticut and charge by the way, what they are What happened with the? U S: attorney neuter hey. This guy Huber was at his name it is all over. I he's not he's nowhere. Does a man doesn't matter Democrats. I saw ninety Pelosi speak. She was doing her imitation of smaller. He was doing his imitation or I don't know the income, parents is were surrounded by its everywhere now I hear he now now.
To disappear in the taxes and we're gonna keep her just keep fighting Mr President, you gonna win. Because in the end, as I've said for over two years, the constitution and the law are on your side. There, on your side,. So the big losers today, the office of the special council. And I want to know more about how this office operated and who was the true leader it had to be vice and who wrote the report. Whoever saw that had to be vice I hit man at the Hillary Clinton Victory Party absolutely unethical conflict of interest. We want to know about that who wrote this report, so they can be. How do I
Whose a hell of a lot more to get too will be right back more shit, family in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call. It is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus, the free monthly speech, digestive hailstone college in Primacy dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published and eighteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job issues like free speech. There, the of big tech, mental ill and the American Medical insurance system and because
Because founding principles are so important: hills dough a prison Primus, absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for free. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dad eighty you for your free subscription, that's an Primus! I m p r. I am I yes dad. Still that EU welcome to Helstone mass runner, russian Interference and I like him in their work and the one on the twenty sixteen camp. And Barack Obama did nothing effective about it. The CIA has FBI. His department of Justice did nothing effective about it. There are busy meaning spies in the trunk campaign.
As I have said before the reason they required about his cause. They thought Hilary would win win. Play and they didn't want. The american people leave that her election was somehow obtain. It. And so what Adam shift goes on and on and on about massive russian interference in our election. I not disagree. My question what it all Madeira about gonna hold a hearing about that now that Mr Mahler Court, in Mr Obama or any of his officials course not now. As for Robert Mahler, I've, a keen eye for these things having served I ve been a justice and all my radio show right here on May. Twenty ninth after Mahler gave his eight to nine minute speech, here's. What I said got one go for those of you who watch Mr Mullay did. He seem sharp to you.
Did, he seem like he was on his game. Did he have trouble someone reading through his written statement, but Mr Mulder Mauler is a little bit feeble to me like in many respects, Mr Mulder, may have been a figurehead for Mr Vice meant Definitely he didn't want to testify. Secondarily, because you, performed very well now what now? I think this now that six eight weeks ago it now that, then I see these analysts on cable tv, You know- and I think this this was really staff centred this investigation, but it may be a minimum and an Mahler Mahler really seemed offers game really They made me about a moment: that's too them some analysis.
I'll, be right back. You know. Our nations oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of politically correct they no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting idea of objective truth? They hills. Dell has remained true to its of the kind of central college, preserve Two centuries religious has remained true to its original mission, sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and real just liberty and intelligent piety hills deal celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide to its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the pub
creation of its free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for a constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington DC and its bar. Charter school initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen forty four. This is hailstone college and, let me add, I think so much of Helstone College. I don't an original copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today, as I speak, at the Kirby Centre, hills a college America's college. Constant too, should man Magua, then calling eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, four thousand eight hundred and eleven once you to notice, ladies and gentlemen, on his way to the helicopter heading to the his plane from West Virginia rolling, the present the United States, among other things, denounced
Adler and shift, and I just want to be the first to point out that neither NAD learned nor Sheer Felice right now are women of color. Did you know, so. Mr producer. Now learn chef, at least for now, nothing wrong if they wish to transition but- for now they're, not women of color Poland and pretty art. I noticed am I wanna take notes also. Mr Mulder, saying that in a leading questions to Mr Chef, not a woman of color, saying that you know Russians were interfering to help Trump. I can't think of a single reason. Why the Russians wooden one Hillary Clinton to be president instead of Trump when they already got twenty percent of our nuclear material from her she's in a Peter,
You see what the president has done: the Russia Vladimir Putin's not exactly happy with his policies I can't think of a single reason why Vladimir Putin wouldn't want Hilary. Instead, a Trump back then so that narrative never made sense to me never, When I was on Hamley tv the same day after my radio programme on May twenty. Ninth and on Levine TV I might add little montage for you. Again, May twenty ninth here's what I said cut to go. I now you're, obviously where the robber Mahler had an eight or nine minutes speech. He made no questions. Get off into the sunset, no doubt retiring to Boca return. Florida is now where everybody goes so not going to answer any questions that caused by the way and you'll see, I think, there's a reason for this. I think
somewhat feeble. I really do I don't think he's really running that office. I don't think he's capable of answer rationally effectively questions put to him mostly by the Republicans I totally performance today will go down in history as one of the lowest point in our justice system. Where are you going? for Mister Waller, if you haven't already This is a man who sounds feeble to me. This is a man who wouldn't take questions after making a this is a man who says he wanna go before Congress and a public formed answer, questions the reason is he's incapable Standing up to the grilling, I don't they He's capable of- and I dont think you ran this office properly. I think people running this office. This is exactly what I said. It was from the day this started. This was an impeachment effort. And you had these individuals who are very, very partisan hired by this man, whose quite feeble, in my opinion, that's what I'm observed.
Who had in their mine, degraded. Each man dogma that's exactly what they did. You hear that person to tell me about justice to port guidelines As it relates to a sitting president, but it wasn't relevant in this case at all, as the attorney general barred told us at the time in Ireland, Molly too You know I crossed my mind, Sean he sounds quite feeble and I'm quite serious about this. There were no crimes. He had no case. There was no probable cause by Mahler writing volume to and giving is, field today. Any was very feeble and I'm serious about this. This is not a man do well under seven eight nine ten hours and questioning with the report. Concerning in on so many issues you see, ladies and gentlemen, the wrong person testified today.
Robert Mahler is the face of the special council office. Andrew Weissmann should have been testifying to day, but their covering up for Weissmann. And wise men could have been grilled. That is partisanship about his past unethical behaviour by the current unethical behaviour about it leaks its Weissmann basement Who should have been under oath testifying today, but their protecting basement. Because he's this fund golly behind all this. In my humble opinion, he's this fund golly.
And because the Obama administration did nothing effective to stop the Russians from interfering in our last election, then I blame it. On the victim down Trump, but the whole world saw this today, the whole world solid, some very good. Questioning today, let's start with John Ratcliff at the hearing, former federal prosecutor actually the federal prosecutor know something got twenty two ago Let me quickly summarize your opening statement this morning said in volume one on the issue of conspiracy. The special council determine The investigation did not establish that members of the trunk campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government its election interfere. Activities and then in volume to for real is it you explain. The special council did not make a determination on whether there was an obstruction of justice crime committed by the present. Is that fair? There I found it
playing, the special council did not make what you call the traditional prosecution or declination decision. The report on the bottom of page too volume to reads as follows: the but since we obtained about the president's actions and intent presents difficult issues that prevent us from conclusively determining that no criminal conduct occurred accordingly. While this report does not conclude that the President A crime it also does not exonerate, and now I read that correctly. Yes, now you're port, and today you said at all times the special council team operated under was guided by an followed justice department policies in principle so which deal a policy or principle sets forth a legal standard that investigated person is not exonerated if their innocence from credit criminal conduct is not conclusively determined. You repeat the last part of my question which
policy or principle set forth. A legal standard that investigated person is not exonerated if their innocence from criminal criminal conduct is not conclusively determined. Where does that language come from director, whereas the deal J P, I see that says that can you We make it easier than can. Are it can you the example other than Donald Trump or the Justice Department determined that investigated person was not exonerated Their innocence was not conclusively determine, I cannot, but Ok! Well, you can't, and time is short I five minutes. Let's just leave it. If you can't find it because I'll tell you why it doesn't exist, the special council job, Nowhere does it say that you were too conclusively determined, Donald Trump Innocence or that the special council report, determine whether not exonerate em. It's not in any of the documents is not in your appointment order. It's not in the special council regulations. Is and the oil see, opinions is not the justice Manual and it's not the principles of federal prosecution. Nowhere,
words appear together because respectfully respectfully director, it was not the special councils, two conclusively determine Donald Trump innocence or to exonerate them, because the bedrock principle of our justice system is a presumption of innocence. It exists for everyone, Everyone is entitled to it, including sitting president's and be, as there is a presumption of innocence. Prosecutors never ever need to conclusively determine it now director, the special council applied this in the burden of proof that I can't find a new said doesn't exist anywhere in the debate policies any used to write a report and the very first line of your report, the very far line of your report says, and you as you this morning in authorizes the special council to provide the attorney general with a confidential report explaining the prosecution or death.
Nation decisions reached by the special council. That's the very first word of your report, right of correct here's, the problem director. The special council didn't do that. On volume, one you did unbound volume to with respect to potential of obstruction of justice. The special council made neither prosecution decision or declination decision you made decision. You told us this morning and in your report that you made no determination so respectfully director, you didn't follow this council regulations. It clearly says right a confidential report. About decisions reached nowhere in here, does it say, write a report about decisions that warrant reached. You wrote a hundred eighty pages, a hundred, the pages about decisions that weren't reach about potential crimes, it won't charge or decided and respectfully respectfully. By doing
You managed to violate every principle and the most sacred traditions about prosecutors, not offering extra process, real analysis about potential crimes that our charge? So a merry You need to know this as they listen to the Democrats and socialists on the other side, the out as they do drama greetings from this report that Are you two of this report was not authorized under the law to be written, it was written to a legal standard that does not exist at the Justice Department and it was then violation of everyday OJ principle about extra prosecutors commentary. I agree with The chairman this morning, when he said Donald Trump, is not above the law he's not, but he I am sure, shouldn't be below the law, which is we're volume. Two of this report puts him excellent. Now, keeping. Where will the Democrats go from here long there too, stupid to go from there
plus they have a problem where they going to go from here. What could they go?. Back to hating American Anti Semitism. Backdating american Anti Semitism. You know a o c, o mortally, etc, etc, or primary care for all or destroy economic system, green, whatever but to mass of tax creases, I mean: where did the Democrats go from here open borders? Now we can focus on the issues you see now we can focus on the issue. And they don't want us to focus on the issues. Trust me.
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For securing a virtuous life and if you take this recourse from Hills, Dale and he'd Aristotle's advice your life for change for the better. You can learn how to lead a good life justice, every hills. The college student does it's yours for free at Levin, foreign hills down that com that in Vienna for Hills doubt that come congressmen, Jordan. How are you, sir? I'm doing fine market a good? Well, it's a pleasure first before I I go to you. I want to thank the Democratic Party. Today for you know that you still got the best and brightest. Now we have the worst in the dumbest. I want to thank Mr Mulder today you know Jim your newer, superb and I want to get into this, but I think. Can agree. Now. This is a ruse. It's never been. The Mahler report has never been the Mahler Special Council, its Weissmann,
he's the guy run in this operation and the others on the staff and and Mahler Nunneley didn't write. This war reported in really know I was in the report, while he forgot the dancers short and didn't wanna data if anything out agree that his name is still at the top of the special council. He was the guy. You know Ruggles and fine day, the special council, so he was there to antiquated David insured. In answer my students they much That's that's! That's for sure. Now you really honed in on what triggered entire investigation and annually Absolutely amazed, and you told mister. This that he showed no interest in this individual. Despite the fact, the individual's named dozens of times in the report go hidden sum up what you were saying, yet not what that guy, who want a weapon to a three year saga?
three through this, based on one guy telling George Papadopoulos that the Russians had dirt on Clayton Papadopoulos, passenger information through diplomatic met held the EP, yet they start an investigation three years ago this month then to developing and yet the guy who started Joseph method. This professor hanging out the Roman London, the guy who started all when, gonna, be by the FBI. He lies told three times and they don't do squat. They don't have a follow up interview. They don't charging with climb airborne. Alkaline gave us information happier they'll get charged restart general discharge, even though the agent do an investigation, didn't really think my plan was was was was was trying to misleading at all. This is, I think anyone got any level curiosity level. Common sense is why that seem strange to me. That seems to me. So I thought it was an important point for the american people to understand now bar has launched his investigate.
The EU is turning from, can navigate the and independent ex, usually the inspector general. I mean, I think, things got worse and, worse and worse for these committee Democrats die you Jack remark, you you mean you bid on death in any doubt as those to investigations are the ones that matter. That's gonna, get you how this whole crazy ordeal began within the first play me Horwitz is gonna happen. Sometimes I think in the next six eight weak and then the one who knows when window bar and under the regulations but bearable that's very kind of things I was talking about. We were talking about today. Hearing this is because remember what they did: twenty sixty in twenty. Sixteen, the FBI, spies on two american citizens associated with the presidential car. My guess is that probably haven't have very often in his country and frankly, shouldn't have. This is probably predicated billboard when he testified twelve weeks ago said. He has concerned that this spying that took place wasn't properly predicate
and that's what he's looking into, and I should think it was about as soon as toward Papadopoulos signed on the Trump campaign. All these foreigners start swollen around, like a bunch of vultures, insert meeting with him. That's how these hoping it swollen. So that's what they're looking into in its critical. We understand exactly what took place at the very beginning, Jim during the Democrats. Rewrite heavily focused on obstruction or just a few points. I want hear what you think about this number one. I found those two memos from the depart the justice and nineteen seventy three and two thousand, and one on radio and tv and kept waving a that said. The reason they didn't charge. The present were lips, but you know they could put in the report Jim join. They could have said. We asked the Ernie Journal to waive the report and allow us to be, charges and he said no. They didn't even try and the reason yes, The Arthur Anderson decision in two thousand five ninety zero Supreme Court
to turn you involved. In that case the assisting US attorney. Was Andrew Weissmann here Arthur Anderson one broke. Eighty thousand people lost their jobs, it was a profound three opinion. Ninety zero six pages of content, feed on carry the cover, the count, the career page and they signature page and then it three elements in the first element was you have to have a corrupt intent. This president really had occurred. Intent in Egypt, Jordan, given every paper they want give anybody they want to testify they get to my lawyer. They can talk to whomever they want, but guy, Mahler or go. He says he never set up a let pretending did he ought to go because he's conflicted go because you conflicted that's not a corrupt intent. Is it. We spent now? I know it and look at some of the things. The program, if you were falsely accused and if I was a very very what you'd be quick, often and frustrated too, especially something they took three years
since they wouldn't open bracken in July? Twenty? Sixth, he, of course you didn't, have a corrupt intent plus under our constitutional present, confer with a heavy damn well wants to their his subordinates. Here now exactly so. Where does a democratic go from here and they get it, But another going after his taxes, I guess oh yeah, what it, whether we they're doing subpoenas tomorrow, they went all email record. The White House employed the trying to get after the first family, specifically Jarrett, cushioning about Tom, they want their email so that that's what they're doing tomorrow and in the Oversight committee, but this never ending in it's bad for the country. You know this window windows Democrats are so focused on stopping the president that they can't do what's best for the country. It is not good for our for our needs, and that is not how this Congress is often operate. But after me how the Democrats want to focus I'm going on it, but here s the Good NEWS. In spite of all that, has been a great, behaviors, gonna, grow and taxes. Pod regulations reduce course eating
when all the court ruled that crazy I deal into a balanced package or about that for four years. Every procedure. Candid promises, Epic likened the Oda can't do it now, as I got all these people the swamp. Tell me I can't do it, so I promise you, but I'm going to this guy did it. You are sincere. The way to New NAFTA Agreement are unequal hostages, hoping you could go out a whole this, so in spite of the democratic, relentless in and never ending, attacks on his present he's got a lot done, but think how much more we get done at the actually if they actually focus on helping the country not Can I think, after the first hour to the hearings today, the american people, those who I really focused on this stuff said what the hell are they doing in Washington D C Viagra. I think you're, probably right. I think your problem Jordan. I want to thank you, keep up the great work you were greater today. The same rather thank God bless you higher. Ladies and gentlemen, next hour we have Devon Nunez by the way, but I'm not done little me, I'm not done so. I hope you stay That's oh, by the way, are beyond
Kennedy tonight: nine thirty Pm Pacific six. Thirty excuse me night. Three p m eastern six, thirty pm Pacific handing them I'm thirty hoped to see a will, be right. Back now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one by the way We were informed an hour ago, weak nine, on freedom of the press.
Well be the New York Times best seller list. Nine weeks in Euro by my calculation, that's two months in one week were pushing for three months with your help more relevant than ever before. Look at the media, push them I should collusion why push the obstruction lie. The impeachment lie? That's the media. The media just move on and by the way they all looked lunch today. Didn't they missed producer, they all looked glum I mean their cheeks were sunken there, just stay, they looked very upset, so I hope they had a full supplied depends and, although newsrooms out there, because they were really quite upset, but what had transpired they were hoping for the best. They cover to live. You realize this is probably the first time the people
what CNN and MSNBC a K. The constipated news, no work and a mess, Hosty probably heard information that they were unaware of given the propaganda meals at these, these newsrooms have become pretty incredible. Don't you like, in fact Chuck tarred today, quite dim would attract harden. With the fifth greater hair, cut here's what he said had Tipp right, scoop cut sixteen go, but because they were. For this dramatic moment that would so the imagination- and I think for the. Members of the Number House Judiciary, Committee, Democrats Jubilee. They should start in each of the latter, If that's about Molly Thought was needed to done needed to be
He didn't do anything today to help advance that cause. He believes that is where this should, even in a cogent moment, he's incoherent check tat. They could have been tractor testifying today He's very upset, you knows, woman, his wife, his ear, seventeen go, I think, the end of the day is. There was a lot of talk about today being the time that people would see and hear and. I remember whoever they held ladders he's on Amazon thirsty today, he's also host. He was none too happy either cut seventeen go the end of the day is there was a lot of talk about day being the time that people would see and hear and feel some of this type objectively are concerning were shocking in this report, and I am not sure that at the end of the day, Bob Mullah was the one voicing that some of the members in the committee did
If you really Didn'T- and so that leaves, I think, the country watching in saying ok, we ve been waiting for this. What was this- We just saw, and if it was an hour Cain and Interesting Inter branch discussion, maybe that's a good thing Brian, because maybe these are accomplice, issues, but ultimately it didn't the land where the Democrats said they were being at least four part one on instruction. There's Terry moron. I mean Terry Moran senior National corresponded of ABC News. Now. I want you to listen to George Stephan Populaces question cut eighteen. Go, was small advance now stop right there take it back to the top. Was the ball advanced? Was the ball advanced So, in other words, Deaf Annapolis assigned, did our team advance the ball? The sets I like it Hector reported to you know I don't think so go ahead.
Was the mall advancing now I dont Nancy Policy is going to stand for her members bring forth something that is going to lose in the Senate, lose the american public and the problem with with with mothers. Testimony on this issue is that we had to carry the ball for them some way whether he wanted to or not least, by being a vigorous, strong rock solid prosecutor, and he looked like somebody had slowed a step or two and perhaps, as one of the revised republican distorting put other, maybe wasn't even control all those angry Democrats. Maybe that figure somebody from the past that they put their so they could do their dirty work. That's the theory they're coming out with is that will be borne by Democrats, but they needed more. They needed more fuel for any kind of impeachment, the meter very upset. Did they advance The ball patients have to table.
We needed a vigorous. My wedding get a vigorous, we did it didn't it in latin the brine Williams, dim wooded among them, which, he's on. I myself state today with Nicole Wallace, another loser and they figured out what the problem is. They figured out what the problem is not Mahler. It's not the Democrats. God nineteen go where you can hear talking points of the left on this network, but you could really here the lot of the Fox news. Primes I'm talking points being spoken lies some of those members it appeared to us. The mother was hearing some of these arguments like it in God, bless my ideas and much archetypal tunnel that might see there by the members of Congress and the Republican Party and facts and whose content is indefinable. At this point,
get from this hearing to Fox NEWS, Mr Budget. They are so stupid. They are so vapid. They are so shower. They will not focus on the news they can't. She read chapter one of on freedom of the press are incapable of their democratic Party progressive Idiot logs, who are social activists. That's now Mahler deliver them an impeachment report. The problem is: there's nothing in the report that supports impeachment. They ve hold bill barn. And temp there there. You know their whole everybody in contempt. Nancy Pelosi used a joke about there. Their jelly have in the cafeteria, but I that's what I call it People are gonna, be indicted, held encounter.
Aunt and then we're gonna have impeachment against the french revolution. Listen to this guy Brian worms. He's supposed to be a certified reporter studies are certified net job. My humble opinion right. Let us listen to- and this is very good to our friend Lou downward at the hearing today cut twenty three go first, let me ask you: and must concern Mr Chairman to submit this article. Of peace in the washing Tony and about Co. Me said. Basically, when call me, God, you drop. From our wrote. The nine minute comments you read: edgier made twenty ninth press conference like again that ok that's what I thought you didn't write, a twenty thirteen of in the Washingtonian about call me said: basically, when call me call, you drop everything, you do and gave examples you, having dinner with Europe,
I've been daughter, Comin girls, you drop everything NGO that article. Go museum of training more come alone the track, and I quote ITALY more will be standing on the tracks with. Maybe you James go me. I've been good friends worker France for aid for many years correct your business associates. Events started off in the justice you were good friends, you can work together and not be friends, but you in Romania, where France, we were friends. That's my question. Thank you for the answer now before were appointed a special council. Had you talk to James, only in the preceding six months, when you appointed. Is special council. Was president trumps firing of com, something you anticipated investigating, potentially obstruction Angelica, getting that internal deliberations in the Justice Department actually goes.
Your credibility and maybe you ve, been away from court room for a while. Credibility is always relevant, it's always material, and that goes for you do your witness before us. Let me ask you when you talk to present Trump the day before he appointed or you were appointed a special council. You were talking now about FBI director, again did he meant a of James, not as a candidate did mention the firing of James call me in your discussion with him and I will pardon remember I don't believe so. I'm not gonna be spelt out remember, but if we did, you could men a fact witness as to the president's com, ants in state of mind on firing. James call me, I suppose, that's possible, so I skewed which want to make sure there was no appearance of impropriety.
In case you hired a bunch of people that did not like the president let me ask you: when did you first learn of Peter strokes animals toward Now by the weather, I'm playing this because he's very smartly, leading to appoint step by step by step and Louis Gaubert's, a smart guy. He was a chief judge down there in Texas of their power court, go ahead, What a seventeen you didn't know before he desired, I'm sorry! What you'd? now before he was hired for your team know what beaters struck hated Trump, you didn't know that before is made part of your team that what you did not know that all right
When did you learn when I did find out, I acted swiftly to have him reassigned elsewhere in the avail. There's some discussion about how swift that was, but when did you learn of the ongoing ferry was having with least page about the same time going from struck. Did you ever order any body to investigate the deletion of all of their checks offer their government found. What once we found that Peter struck was an author of didn't you ever May I finish order what you not answered my question: did you order and investigate should end the deletion and reform adding their government found. No, there was my g investigation ongoing now regarding collusion or conspiracy, you didn't bite, evidence of any agreement. I'm quoting you among the drop camp. Visuals in any rational, linked individuals should fear with
U S, election, correct wreck, so You also noted in the report that an element of any of those obstructions you reverenced Choirs a corrupt state of mind, correct erupt, intent, brick right somebody knows they did not conspire with anybody from Russia to effect the election, and they see the Big Justice Department with people that hate that Parson common after him and then ice I shall council appointed, who hires dozen or more people than hate that person, any now she's innocent he's, not corruptly acting In order to see that justice is done, what are you
doing is not obstructing justice. He is pursuing. Justice factor June ran out to two years, why did I injustice taking real take your time is expired. There was a great point, a grey point. May lead right up to it. He goes right to the heart of their obstruction argument. President was furious and frustrated with the conflicts and the police. The position of the investigation. That's why if he He wanted mullah removed. To prevent any investigation. That's in line with the other things the president did Terms of providing documents. This isn't all the rest which he didn't objective single time Danny there.
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And these two volumes are the Mulder report, keep something in mind. There are prosecutors, briefs it's the best shot. They had. There's no reply to the report: there's no country witnesses or documentary evidence allowed no crime Examinations, no challenges of any type, none that's the best they have, and they had nothing. When you are preparing to travel abroad this summer, the one at that needs to be on your checklist is expressly begin now express bbn. Doesn't it. Your data while you're surf the internet on public airport, the hotel, wifi and even lets you stream and access content that would have been blocked in that country, with expressly behind you, can unblock all your favorite websites and have access to the internet. Just like you would, if you were home, sweet, pea and runs in the background of your computer or your phone then
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trashing law enforcement and eviscerated our military. So during tore enemies overseas. Where do the Democrats go from here? They ve got nowhere to go. Here is another question: what do the media do now, What do the media Duna? self policing any circumspection anymore going to be fired. A reassigned. They continue in their way You see, ladies and gentlemen, cause there's no checks and balances on the media and given these major international corporations own virtually every newsroom in this country they are protected. They are subsidized even when they lose ratings, massively, like CNN,
MSNBC with our own by Comcast or eighteen t, origin These are in the case the Washington Compost or exclaimed the case of a billionaire in Mexico. They don't have to be profitable. Their free to continue in their ways. Undermining this country from within trying to so cripple this path and his administration that it can't function. Then they get angry when it calls them liars, fake news enemy, the people, then he gets compared to Hitler and so forth. When they have these Stalinists show trials, that's what this was problem was the democratic, too stupid to pull off a stalinist show, trial. Anybody who had talked a robber Mollet for ten minutes should know that he ought not be it centre stake. They should know that.
And so republicans have something going further: meddler, Schiff Pelosi and so forth. That's what they have going for them the dumbest Democrats, whoever crawled through the House of representatives I'll, be right back with a daily fake news Don pouring through your tv mobile phones and computers, you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism I anticipate spected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed foods, but what this they discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here's the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and v The ball is in your dad. Which is why I recommend that you start taking field of greens by Brick house nutrition. Just one scoop of field of greens has
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brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levine, DOT, com offered code, Levin, Mark loving grief, one, the great one model of entirely now, eight seven, seven, thirty, eight one, three eight one one never Nunez whose really been a great patriotism. Banking Republican in my house, intelligence, community aid to hearings today. Those of you who work for living in, didn't, watch any this. The judiciary, Committing then the intelligence committee? How are you, Sir, Andrew and well marked the crab me on what what did you make this this? This is so bizarre. What did you make the hearing? Well, despite The fact that it went aboard the hell out of everybody to watch it to those who are working, there were a lot of important nuggets that came out of it
one being that Robert Mauler didn't write this, and he didn't know a lot of what was in it. So I gotcha concerned concern people for a lotteries. Who do you think you think Weiss I'd? Feel Weissmann was the year the driving force in this separation. I believe the wise man was behind be push on manner, fort, likely the push on stone and though shenanigans will happen to the press being tipped off and also behind the conspiracy theories on structural adjustments, but by a third about five or six of them they had the pin on this. The Lee deal J attorneys and the attorneys it were that were assigned over to smaller. I think, if you look to the folks at smaller, brought from the outside into his investigations of former Deo J books, those are the ones if you really wanted to get to the bottom of it you you'd have to
the deposition, the figure it out, but the way you know it was written as a political document. That's why I've always called at it. Not a report is no different than the steel dossier, the Mola dossier. We pointed out things that were clearly wrong today with a lot and I get so those both throughout their letter, Russia gave out fanatics, others have so many things out there from from Robert Mauler calling an american citizen russian right in his report, the guy. Now he was born in the former Soviet Union that he was born in Georgia, which you know if you're from Georgia, the country you dont like being called Russian now so you're just allowed a little things like that that were just reckless? and kind of shows the partisan nature of this report. When it comes to the intelligent side of this report, when it comes to the other part of the report, the so called obstructions.
After investigation was left off the table. I still don't understand this you're chasing manner for down all corners of the earth, But you decide you're, not gonna, really chase down You know so many of the things that are as a you ve brought to the fore. What explains while there is no excuse, zero excuse for this strange cat name, Miss said so method was a maltese diplomat turned professor that didn't work at a place. It was like for higher so lightly with cobbling campus and the FBI train people, their NATO train people, state Department,
They have guest speakers and the food was it was in Rome and he was there for the better part of a decade and then, when he became the centre of attention- and why has missed that important? Why should we know about this? Because this is the guy that supposedly knows about the Clinton email that who supposedly talk to the Russians and knew the Russians had them and supposedly talk and talk to Papadopoulos. This is that this is the official reason that they gave the F b I gave for opening the investigation. So if you really were after the emails and trying to figure that out,
I mean how you'd get to the bottom of a guy in a hurry, but one on one another thing that that the mainstream media is ignoring. We released evidence today in the hearing in my testimony that he walked in and out of the United States in December two thousand sixty day, so they open the investigation and the end of July. In December. Here's this guy in the center of the controversies ugly knows about the email, the guys in Washington DC, walking around meeting with State Department official than others. They don't do anything real red flag, then an assent sentencing guidelines for Papadopoulos. They claim that Apple is somehow made it hard for them to find a method which is preposterous and for the fact that you spend this money and then we asked Moeller. Several members ask smaller today. Method lied to use about you suppose LISA. Why and Diane
Guided everybody up like you, so saplings really wrong, they're, very fishy about your! Why they would get to the bottom of Bedford: they know congressmen, you know better than anybody actually, as you began your journey here. Trying to get to the bottom of what you saw taking place a tremor, the House Intelligence Committee. They try to take you out, didn't, but that's right! If you look anybody who gotten their way, they tried to take him out. I tried to take Jim Jordan. What do you make of the media in this country are doing We have a free press or do we have what I call and on free press? Why, May I recently bought your book and I and I opened it, and I got through the first two chapters: you're you're, you right in that book. What I've lived through so
This is the media's gather is no longer any free press in this country. There's there's only partisan And the way that I look at this in the way that I try to get my colleagues to look at these, these cast the characters is look at him as military assets. For the democratic party I mean they, they have been standing in this story for three plus years. Remember it's the media that fusion GPS goes to supplant these ridiculous stories about Carter, page And others that somehow you know there's this grand conspiracy, but the Trump campaigns colluding with Russia. That's where this all really originates from. There was really a dirty trick and there so many people out there in the media that had to have known it mark and you know how they know it because they had to have early versions
but ass. Yet so, knowing that they're getting early version the dossier, they should have been raising red flag, but instead what were they doing? They were writing stories about Carter, page MIKE Flynn, etc, etc. All through the twenty sixteen election, and then they went totally not after the election after they laugh, which the whole scandal there. Two. I don't mean to cause a problem here, but is the Sun Intelligence Committee still in business? Well look, I know you have all the facts. Are I mean I'm the citizen, I'm sending a thinking that we control the scent The hell is going on at the Senate. The Judiciary committee I don't know what's going on in the sun, so let me not to me: look I don't wanna be accused of despair.
She- people that are no longer here is blame me, ok, but but what happened early on in the investigation is that you had numerous Republican. Guy who never at the time, only had fifty two island. They dropped down to fifty one and you at numerous Republicans who were going to Mcconnell insane the eel, basically attacking the chairman chairman, their Richard Bur. I insane through the media, was beating him up to at the time and what happened at that point is they wanted to promote this some nine eleven Style commission I mean. Can you imagine if we would a rip that out of the Senate, hands by hands and put it into a nine eleven Sal Commission I may now we would never got to the bottom of another here. This had been Trump probably would have been at beached. So so that's really what happened? I think with a Senate is they do you had they were undermined by republican senators that made it really hard with a small majority, you mean like corner Senator
due to do anything I'll, say it or you know you know the usual first back. They really are no longer says yes a longer here and then they're no longer in the Senate, but that was the problem you know congressmen they may try. I don't see how they can. Possibly, I didn't before pull off impeachment hearings. Now I mean these are the Keystone They don't have any serious facts. They there Trying to stick together and arguing it's just not cutting it, and today I felt they really thought this would be their test run for impeachment And in a blue back in their faces looks like they had a they had a really bad day and, nail being that, I didn't actually expected that Moeller was going to give them some bread crumbs that they could use. But the reality is is that that is it? The only thing we learned like I started with is that Mueller
right this report. He didn't really. I think tree Gouty set it on today. An interview he said, the Bob or learn more about the real about his own report today than anyone else. I think that's accurate, Well, I think that's pretty damn scary I'll be as for the ride, rose and strengthen here, He chose mile. Yet we don't do that running this and then oh and we all know we really ought to know that their country went through how here we ought to know who wrote the damn thing and hurrah what parts, and these are national security secrets- the demo. I want to know more about this investigation. Now we want to know more about the investigation and the investigators and were and remember we're going to find that out, because we have a real attorney general now, where they within a? U S, attorney from Connecticut conducting an actual investigation into the origins of the campaign. I mean the origins of this rush investigation, which Bob Mahler couldn't answer today
His report answer known, I think, for the Democrats have a prominent, even inspector general report coming out there that investigation that you're talking about coming up. All downhill. At this point I I would think so. And I said a while ago, when, when they came out, make didn't have anything on the president. I said that was the day that Russia Gate Turn despite gate- and that's really now we have to get to the bottom of all the spy that occurred. What were the predicate was this spying done by the FBI was in conjunction with fusion GPS, which is the Clinton campaign. Those are all the questions. Be answered. Did you Devon Nunez? You come out of basically a mostly rural, not completely, but farming district, We're a farmer, your family were farmers in our most your life. Everything can be- In the middle of this,
Could you ever imagine? No? No, I mean look, I used to say the best job in the country was to be the chairman of the Half intelligence committee, because we did really important were working with within our brill american patriots. Sadly, what happened now after the two thousand sixteen election is? It became the worst job in the world and deal are our committee, the House and tells US committee you should not here from us. We should not be out talking wheat, we, we are monitoring the most sensitive programmes we have in this country. You should only here from us when
something bad happened. You know a terrorist attack or have come out comment about what our thoughts are on North Korea or China. Your big important issues. We should have never used these special powers to target a political campaign and that at the heart of all of this, if they wanted to open up a criminal investigation, and I know this sounds legal here, but I know you're listeners get it criminal. You have protection with counter intelligence. You do not
and they were able to go to the secret core, get a file, a warrant, all the things that happen, and I believe that that Counter intelligence investigation was purposely done as a counter intelligent investigation, because they knew they could not stand up to the scrutiny of a criminal investigation to using the still dossier or any other garbage that they used uneven even pop up less. Even even let's go back to Joseph method. Talking to pop up less about easing. Now, don't forget that that was here say from me: it wasn't five eyes intelligent. There was no official product. This was this with information that came from a born politician, australian politician that would be the last
out of the court room right I mean nobody listened to what politicians say about other politicians, God forbid one, that's not even in our own country. It is not taken seriously by the F B. I guess needed an excuse congressmen. I want to thank you for the excellent, you ve done and keep up the good work and God bless you, sir. Thank thanks. A lot round me on and get mature that I myself be well already obvious that the left wing media, or on the Democrats side twenty twenty. Just look at the questions I ask and their so called debates. What Brent pose Alan, the folks over the media research centre? Fighting back, as part of the M, our seas tell the truth: twenty twenty campaign, they launched a war room to monitor and expose their daily lives and propaganda coming out of the media, go to em our Sea war room that calm and mercy war, room dot com! You can see some Coverage from their various websites and if you see their petition they'll. Send you a free, don't believe the fake news media, bumper sticker.
Let em our Sea war room that camp the left they have their own. Why room? In fact they have a lot of them CNN in Marseilles De Abc Cbs Nbc ex limestone washed and compost and they're all peddling propaganda. Twenty. Fourth, There are one hundred percent focused on replacing trumpet one of these socialist Democrats. She's me Democrats, Socialists, So now our side has its own war room check it out. Am our Sea war room, that camp sign the petition and will send you a free, don't believe the fake news, media, Christopher, that some are see war room that come and by the way you heard congressmen Nunez Great Patriot. He just Reviews, I might one but chapter two caught my attention from Steve Denver. I'm upset with Mark please jumping enjoying the rest of us. We need your help. Our bureau. Back then.
If you have a moment, I want you all to go to a brick house. Levine dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver, I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens. What a great product! Thank you break ass for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and you're welcome Steve and subscribing smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic, some probiotics, plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back, gotta brick House, Levine, DOT, com or call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with Promo Code Levin, that's brick, house, L, av iron, dot, com or call a three three ring be h and promise
Code Levant. Twenty twenty would be the most for an election in our lifetimes. Big issues or on the ballot, the border second, amendment, infanticide, freedom of speech, private health care and that's the most expensive them all liberals are pushing a plank. Many care for all. They want to take a programme seniors paid into other lives open to all comers. Even children of illegal aliens should be called Medicare for none casinos will be forced again align with people paid nothing into the programme. It's really unjust and it'll destroy the world's greatest engine of healthcare, innovation where's the eight hour. All this they lobbying hard to stop this rating of your Medicare cause. I support it.
And we know why the same a r p backdoor bomber care there in the back pocket of the hard core radical democratic socialists. That's why I'm urging all of you to join. A MAC now because, unlike the a r p, a MAC, a M, a c a MAC will fight hard against Medicare for all those Medicare fraud means meant, air for none and no private health care either. Become a member of a MAC dot. U S! I am a sea that, U S, the stakes have never been higher visit, a MAC dot. U S right now and join today Bill like Butler Florida, the great W S scope, They are all there. You see my favorite radio guise of all time. They can I up. I don't you put like once you now listen failure. And want to know why the Democrats we're gonna, go you act
I think I know what we're gonna go. Oh yeah, I think you better put out or investigations this time, you're gonna target drums family, Well, I want the taxes that putting out subpoenas endeavour. Nunez just told us that they're gonna or maybe was up you're not remember they're gonna a sharp more subpoenas tomorrow. If you can believe that I, like the american people, except for the hard car cooks and crack parts that form Core of their base, I think they're gonna get really sick of this, and it gets sick of eight o clock, a Omar to leave The anti semite wing of the Democratic Party, they're gonna, get sick of the UN american Wing of the Democratic Party there going Similarly, endless investigations, as if Ur Nancy policies is is Joseph Stalin and drag you understand what I mean.
Try ya. I was the speech by my be or a guy he's ready, he's ready for all. It says it all well? What can I tell you? I mean he sounds like police it may doesn't mean to you. And vice versa. Earlier my brother, thank you for your call. It was. It was an embarrassment. The whole event was an embarrassment. It was a spectacle. How world the sea, but I do want to thank the debt that's because they ve killed impeachment. As far as I'm concerned. Their destroying themselves. So I want to thank I want to thank ye Jerry now. Who's, not a woman of color, I might add, Wanna Thank Adams, chef, who I'm told us not a woman of color? I'll be right back,
Now, let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader Mark Levant, number seven hundred and seventy three eight hundred and thirteen, eight hundred and eleven eight thousand seven hundred and seventy three eight hundred and thirteen, eight hundred and eleven remember nine hundred and thirty p dot m eastern time. Six hundred and thirty p dot m pacific- I will be on Hannity, show that'll be in I should mention tomorrow morning, mister producer I'll be on fox and friends. At eight hundred and thirty p dot m eastern time, we should go ahead and post these, so nine hundred and thirty p dot M East on Hannity tonight and eight thirty, a M Eastern on Fox and friends. Tomorrow,.
You know for all the years Donald Trump has been president. Ass media have been fixated on a story line that has no basis, in fact, the down from colluded with the Russians during the twenty sixteen presidential race to defeat Hillary Clinton It is in a very, very important part of my book as a matter of fact why I dressed straightforward Collusion in this was written really five months ago, even though its out now to this day and after all, this time, despite congressional criminal media investigations, there is nothing but My Craddock Party press, innuendo supposition, dissembling issued a special council robber Mothers Declaration of no collusion between the Trump campaign in Russia. On February, seven, twenty nineteen senator richer bird chairman of these send intelligence Committee, told CBS. We write a report by
upon the fact that we have. Then we don't Anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign in Russia. I don't I have read the report here. Few days later, Bear reiterated his conclusion to NBC News. There's no factual evidence of collusion between the trunk campaign Russia, but you see the media want collusion. They still one color. They want obstruction. It merits emphasising that the supposed to plot was in fact launched by the Hillary Clinton campaign in the Democratic National Committee with distance from the Obama FBI, Department of Justice, in short,. Perkins, Coy in international law firms. The Federalist pointed out was directed by both the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton Camping tariff retail. Fusion, GPS and April twenty sixteen to dig up dirt on then candidate Donald Trump.
Fusion GPS S than hired Christopher steal, a former british spy pile dossier of allegations that trump his campaign. Lay colluded with the russian government during the twenty sixteen election, though, any of the claims of the dossier, been directly refuted Another dossiers, allegations of collusion have been independently verified lorries, still admitted in court filings last April. That is it was not verified. It was never meant to be made public. They hills John Solomon discovered that the dossier was provided to the FBI. Barely six different people were connections to the Hillary Clinton campaign and information from the dossier, along with a new story planted by steel with you, who reporter Michael S, cough, used by the FBI Department of Justice to expand a counter intelligence investigation aimed at the trunk pain and businesses and
you're successive surveillance warrants from the face of court. Again. This is in on freedom of the press The bicycle was never appropriately alerted the funding, source or purpose of the dossier. However, several seeing european officials involved in using the dossier we're warned about its political major. Ultimately, this and other events lead to point in a special council, Robert Mahler. And the initiation of a criminal investigation. Despite the fact, there was no criminal basis justifying appointment. Which found no collusion after nearly two years of investigations, credibly in December. Twenty eighteen podcast interview is a cause of Yahoo. Who soap supposedly broke the September twenty three twenty. Sixteen still dossier story with left wing, CO, author David, a mother Jones who face copy the dossier to the FBI, see the media working with
behind vice versa, get Trump said, you actually get into the details of the still dossier. The specific allegations, I'm not seeing the evidence to support them and in fact this good grounds to think some of the more sensational allegations, will never be proven and are likely false, but so made it. This plot had been the media that they actually, played an active role in the investigations and were relied on by unethical FBI, officials and others to do their bidding. Buddy John Solomon September, twenty eighteen determined a number of examples of media government collusion among them, fired it Yeah I've Peter stroking, his alleged paramour former up lawyer, LISA page texted freedom, about leaks in the media, affecting their cases and even suggest, The FBI was behind some of them at the deputy director injure. Was fired for lying about one media leaky authorized the affair.
Secured a face and warn against trunk campaign. Adviser Carter, page in part, By setting a Yahoo news article by Michael S, archival. It turns out based on an utterly from the FBI's owner form and, in the case, former british intelligence. Operative, Christopher Steel, whose dirt on tromp was bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the deep. The court that approved the surveillance warrant apparently was never told that the article was not independent collaboration. But rather circular intelligence from the poison still tree. The OJ notes recently, provided the Congress show one of the media leaks with which still was involved was considered by his boss, fusion g S, family, Glenn Simpson, to be a hell, Mary attempt, the swing, the election rather and to inform the alpine courts. That's the sort of I see evidence the f B. I should askew than embrace, of course,.
And struck Zone FBI communications show the FBI after fiery, steel, Continue to receive versions of his now infamous, but still unverified dossier on alleged Trump collusion with Russia. The media have crossed the line. Tween reporting and activism, where they have in fact partners. Painted the promotion of events which they now report. This is precisely that concern raised by those who question the wisdom of so Activism journalism, Mauro, their progressive ideology and democratic party biomass or in full bloom, as evidenced by the frenzied obsession with getting president Trump and, conversely, there disinterest and laxity respecting rolls are the Clinton campaign in the deep sea as well as the part,
aid by Obama, FBI, justice, talents agencies to thwart the Trump campaigner President's. This has led to the news, rooms and journalists repeatedly spoon feeding stories to the public, better erroneous or outright fabrications, virtually Ray major news. Outlet is guilty, including the USA, created, depress the constipated news network, the near lines? The washstand compost Mccluskey in that? pubic, radio, etc. And now the media are left with desperate efforts to invent even tenuous links to third parties. His suppose it evidence of the Trump Russia collusion in the latest, so called shoe to drop or they it is evidence of trump related criminality. Corruption guilty, please convictions having nothing to do with
Madam president Trump, and you saw that today lots more if you get your copy of on freedom of the press. That's what I'm reading from now Debbie less goes a Republican from Arizona and she pointed out something very important to Mr Mulder, who no doubt didn't realize it. From today's Judiciary Committee hearing cut six go mister rather than purely relying on the evidence provided by witnesses and documents, I think you're relied a lot on a media I'd like you. How many times you cited the Washington Post in your report? How many times I one sided the Washington Post in your report. I do not have knowledge of that year, but I well. I don't have knowledge enough for you about sixty times. How many times did you cite the New York Times? I have no idea
candid about seventy five times. How many times did you cite Fox NEWS The other two? I have No, I didn't five times I gotta say it looks like volume to is mostly regurgitating press stories. Honestly, there's almost nothing in volume to I couldn't already here no simply by having a fifty dollar cable news subscription However, your investigation caused american taxpayers, twenty five million dollars. Mr Miller, you cited media reports nearly two hundred times in your report. Then, in a footnote, a small footnote number seven page, fifteen of volume. Two of your report. You wrote, I quote,
Section, summarizes insights, various news stories not for the truth of the information contained in the stories, but rather to place candidate trumps response to those stories in context. Since nobody by lawyers reads footnotes are you concern that the american public took the embedded news stories that generally used expired? The gentle lady from Washington, Mr Malerba calls into question now we're running short on time. Commissioner, Running short on time from the long when the chairman. At the second hearing by the intelligence committee, Robber, mothers answer the question, By representative Chris Stuart about the Roger Stone, yeah right cats, seven go Or are you where the anyone from your team having advanced knowledge of the raid on Roger Stones home to any.
Or the press, including CNN. Talk about specifics, I will mention but thought for a moment about person to become involving an investigation and the understanding that. A lengthy, thorough investigation Some persons will be under a cloud and that they should not be under a cloud and The reasons for emphasising, as I have the speed of an election or not, the speed of an investigation, Is that so those persons who are disrupted as a result? I appreciate that, but I do so with the result that investigation thank you and you're right. It is a clouding it's an unfair cloud for dozens of people, but to my point, are you where the anyone providing nation to the media regarding radar. Roger stones, home, including CNN,
I'm not going to stop going to speak to the simple question like no is could be a simple answer. What about fusion gps? Now you do mention fusion GPS scores of times in your report, No, you never investigated fusion GPS. What's it all about Representative Stephen Shop at Republican, Ohio, cut, tango on page one in three of volume, two of your report discussing the June two thousand sixteen Trump Tower meeting you reference quote the produced. The steel reporting unquote Firm was fusion gps. Is that correct, and you're on page one hundred three one and three that's correct volume to when you talk. Deeds, affirm that produced the steel reporting name of the firm that produce that was fusion. Gps is incorrect
I not familiar with that. You, let me know, was it's not it's not a trick. Question was fusion GPS now fusion GPS produce the opposition research document, it is widely known as the steel dossier and the owner of fusion GPA was someone named Glenn Simpson. Are you familiar with? outside my purview: ok, Glenn Simpson, who was never mentioned in the four hundred and forty eight page more report As I say it, outside my preview, entering handled in an apartment by others baffling. Bathroom. Well, let's see what was outside purview Hillary Clinton in the Dnc per It's fusion, GPS, Christopher Steel.
Any Russians involved in putting together her adding two The dossier went out. Was outside is prove the abuse of the face. A Mackay Jeffrey to topple the presence of the United States under the twenty fifth amendment, be spying within the Trump campaign. Directed by the FBI and the activities between federal investigators and the media it was outside, is purview What was inside his purview, poor man, taxes, minor efforts, consoling activity with the Ukraine, Slash Russia. Now. How can that be inside his purview? But the rest of this falls outside his prey
I'll, be right back then. Disappointed tonight outside of dollars per ass. He spoke today. What was outside was pretty hard to keep track is. Let me try. I made a list during the break. Anything related to Hillary Clinton campaign and the Dnc Fusion GPS, Christopher Steel, Russia's role in these still dose here, five, application lies, Mikhail leaks, strokes, leaks, commies, leaks, Mc Co, attempt twenty four
mammoth Rosen, Stein, conflict of interest, FBI, placing spies in the trunk campaign about administrations on masking of american citizen Obama, administrations, failure to effectively deal with Russia Interference in our election? All of that was not in Mr Mullahs purview. But there was a lot in Mr Miller's purview, including poor man, efforts, taxes and mortgage application. And consulting activities. That was all in his previous, etc. Since you know I do, you must reduce, seems very odd.
Then he says: well, you know the just parliament's working at this stuff, but through most of the time that Mahler. Was investigated. The department of Justice wasn't looking into any of it. Not till bull bar came in, and Bill BAR came in inner. What five months ago. Four months ago, six months ago, whatever it is, so they took a pass. So what kind of a report is sets of fraud? That's what kind of report it is that's exactly by the attorney general now stepped in says we're going to fill in the gaps. Have did this start. While I had no interest, I should say, Weissmann had no interest. Since he was really behind the whole. Damn thing, as far as I can tell. By the way, as an aside, can we take a little break? Give you a little footnote here
said a majority leader Mitch. Mcconnell senator ran Paul member senator Ramp, all the big Libertarian, whose concern about the debt. What Colonel and polar proposing legislation to benefit Kentucky burgeoning bourbon industry. This had settled. Feel, but you need to know about it when us making to mention this from the clergy. The can. Republicans. Both their legislation offered today would make permanent in about To expire provision in the tax code that allows The deduction of interest expenses related bourbon inventory in the year the expenses are paid, you got a lot. I ran paw. He is really focused on the debt work in there, Much Mcconnell are comparable. My brown biggest Dame Republic spender in american history, good boys, you but up I'll be right back,
radios principles. Patriot caller now at eight seven, seven create one three eight one one Louis government is a former chief judge and Texas and he displayed those skills. Today. When he really honed in on Mahler and this issue of obstruction v. Very impressive Louie. How are you my friend? Well I'm doing? Ok, you know how much I appreciate you admire you earlier. Actually, I was first, you got no earlier guess your guy, like got cancelled, some of the plane and plugging a phone use. Wifi listened a marketing ban. Some great points last night, one of the ones I had down to get too, but I was running out of time. It is such a great point day
you're down again for thirty hours, and We have a few lines that they just said nothing and that's what. Oh infuriating- and I was hoping I wouldn't lose. My came up with this gas than so much damage to this country. Both is FBI director and then special council is just before him to sit there and play it's just very difficult. No, no! You are outstanding and you're gonna take any malarkey either. Now you are really you built the case step by step like a good prosecutor. And then you and then you hammered and then Hammering boy was clean obstruction. Yeah, you're loading up your staff with leftists Yet presidencies all these leaks, he sees the stroke I and this page guy and so forth, and so he wanted you to remove. It has nothing to be remote as I do the obstruction you explain it better than I can go ahead now airport, but
didn't have time to get into an nowhere short term here, but actually mark you, your brain. You know there are he cited in his report, breathing obstruction laws however, more willing apply at any time you say: well, they have the same elements now like down. In doubt that was One level that it was just so objectionable did just go the town of striking a dozen Now. A good memo good report will say here is that we think was was violated. Here are the elements, and there are more than to wait. No matter which provision you use and in here is the evidence that makes that doesn't mean that make that Lithuania that he just go through all this stuff out. Their most outcome is designed to make you hate top think less sobbing and then throughout the turmoil, dieting, because on one,
One time it's because three, there was often legal counsel. Memo said you gonna down. Certain browser herbs well know is the obvious what they're back, but the thing they called me if he wants Emerson target at present and he just getting older begets just a sixty percent. There's nothing happens You can't prove that he could obstructed. Justice will match the very thing he wanted It was. Our group was actually obstructing justice, because justice would admit that the president is one actually exonerated, even though John RACK, with did a good job for pointing out that as a Spaniard, darlings r d o j ever use, So I'm just really great body? You, you ve, read so much clearer through all the last years, all Mahler. We always have clarity and still do
people, liberty and during the debate export glowing Gatorade on freedom of the press, maybe read their one here. That's the one I have an idea gotta, get that when a great itself no limit Maloney say something to you very kind and gracious to be praised me, but you the hell of a job to data was very, very important: Let me ask you this: the day: crab had no Mahler was, in my opinion, my words, feeble, had to know this, so why did they go far? They figured, they didn't, have any choice, as is their only shot like they thought and I'm sure some somebody of their group talk chewing answer. It sounded like- and this is a very distinct immigration- are God they got word as long as you bring up stuff in the world He will agree with you. That way we will build our case will build an element shown obstruction. He will agree with us.
And then he couldn't even agree with this report, and then it became very clear. This was not the Mulder Report This was the wise woman had said beryl. What was in it. You have exact when you ve talked about that just turn things around a wise man. I've wondered why leader and playing video games, where they do with all this time. I can all that money, But it sure why, more than all the reports, It's amazing, though, that wise men's been able to hide in the shadows, he's a very diabolical man. You know what it Arthur Anderson and the court, a summarily Supreme Court reverse and nine zero. There were only six subs two pages and electronic page opinion. When you don't count the cover Beijing, the signature bear enjoy economically. I saw the young roberto version that had so much in their. There was no reason for most of them to be rejected, but Mark today there was such a
They would happily sitting there is gentler, stay out his right hand, guy the guy got Jason Cooper off, who had actually installed you're private server who actually help till obstruct justice by destroying our. With a hammer. This guy is sitting by mobile. The man is obstructing justice. There was under Sabrina and he read it were they to try to ensure that a mean, for Heaven's sake and talk to me. Ok, you got a paragon of virtue, lower, obviously image sarcastic and only bad Zeppelin Victor peas and applied. I mean both of whom have obstructed justice in the true sense of the word. Now they want to go after the present his taxes. Now, what's what bothers me about this? Besides the obviously is that only.
Its unconstitutional, but you ve got Obama in his wifely office, they're worth when a hundred million. Now you gotta go after he leaves office is worth about two hundred million. You have the floor, left office. They raised about a quarter of a billion dollars but he wants to know how the irish treats that nobody wants to know how these people become super duper wealthy after they leave. Wic office basically selling their names and none other there there their past No prior position here. Proper came an office super wealthier, multi billionaire, and they go. The fact that he was a multi billion or before he came into office, this thing they want to know because you say they want to know how the IRS auditing sitting president and they want to go back, at lower garment I'm twenty wasn't even a sitting president, I
think they can win this import. I don't think they can when it all away to the Supreme Court to you. I don't think they can either, but I also think it shows how vicious Democrats get if you watch on the plantation them, helping them, and you see the light. Oh, my gosh, they will come after you with so much more visions. Then somebody that was clearly on the other side, all the time you know, because he used to be friends with with Clinton. So much and in fact I got the question, and I can remember his Fox news or who, but after that take came out like over of twenty six days. Where he's using vulgar language about women. People say I, your christian air. You support this Ganis will actually about that. Ball when when I was a child, I spoke like a child, but when I became an adult up good aside childish things and when down,
Was it Democrat hung around built when they got like real commitment when it became a Republican. Put aside that way, you talk, and in that way back in the old man and I'll, tell you what changes thing. Also Louis, which is this certainly always been president. There has even been a hint the proprietor immorality, not even a hint. Can't say the same. About Clinton can't say the same about Lyndon Johnson caning would say the same about J F K my friend it while you did a great job today, very proud of you all that praised me so much. Thank you. So very much Mark nine thirty pm eastern six, thirty pm Pacific, I will be on Hannity. It's gonna, be a hell of a show, I'm sure from beginning to end tomorrow morning, France, when they all sounded a little bit like Mahler, didn't they MR producer which means they all sound a little bit like Nancy Pelosi. Ninety policy at a little press,
efforts afterwards she's very proud of our two chairman as she would be an truly incoherent. Her hands or movement around out of sync, with her words and apps. Lillian Coherent, Embarrassing, as far as I'm concerned are it lets Is there dont forget about forty five? two minutes. Nine hundred and thirty p dot m Eastern six hundred and thirty p dot M Pacific, I will be on Hannity, it's gonna be a hell of a show, I'm sure from beginning to end. Tomorrow morning. I will be on fox and friends. Eight thirty M Eastern. I believe this is all posted. In the meantime, let's take a couple calls here. Oh before we do, I got some good news for you. It's some the time to check out for a while. But it's also a time when Congress knows you aren't paying attention. What's the Good NEWS, I'm heated pay attention.
I just got word that Senate Democrat RON Wrong is a definite democratic, socialist, a socialist Democrats they ranking members of the Senate. Finance committee he's pushing a bill, I would mess with the market based Medicare Part De Prescription Drug programme, the milk rate, so called inflationary caps on drug prices, but it doesn't thing to help save seniors money, the pharmacy counter to gimmick if they Cap has triggered listen to this and new taxes imposed effectively. Putting a price control on the medicines they you need. These themes? Leisured, please come at a socialist european countries. The party programme is successful for almost fifteen years thanks to its competitive structures. But Senator widen left this Cook Oregon and other Dammit that's enough, pushing to make this a full blown government entitlement programme, but get this you ready, Papa Chuck, rascally,
Republican Iowa is considering supporting it now, republicans need to oppose this meddling. Why should senator grassland supposedly a free market defender No one will adopt these socialist proposal. The Democrats, like might be so the time but sinners grassland wine. My want to remember that during election time, seniors vote in The rest of us get the facts. Go to true healthcare facts that come true: healthcare, faxed outcome, that's true! Healthcare facts that come by the way, I've never understood, and we ve talked about this, smaller, is better in the private sector, so we have the Anti trust vision at the Department of Justice, but somehow bigger and more centralized is better when it comes to government. Why is that. Because governments more noble, no governments, less noble, because bureaucrats, no more, no bureaucrats, no less than people in the private sector
because politicians are driven by what wisdom good judgment now there. Even by self interest and power, I back then. Our nations oldest colleges, refunded to teach students to seek truth, the recognise which beautiful the whole up, what is good but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions. Locked in the grip of political career They no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting the idea of objective truth. They pedal moral and cultural relativism. Well, hills! colleges remained true to its original mission. Wide sound learning of the kindest central to preserving civil and religious, We need an intelligent piety. It's got a great
either in President Larry. Aren't that certainly helps? Missis Hales Dale celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remains committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as two weeks ending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. Now these include free online courses, the publication of its free speech, Digest and Primus its curve. Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington D C and is. Arnie Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen, forty four, this is hills, they'll college I am Markel, then let's go to Julia San Francisco, California, there
K S s o Dell. I mark this Julia and I imagine illegal immigrants from another. Come from a country that love this country, I beg you decided to be a citizen of his country. Yes, I try. I cannot remove. What's going on. First that will now be doubted. The the and everybody whatever woefully tromp blood or preparing to destroy us. They want competitive pressure on I'm gonna. I dont understand how come now I'm going to throw one, downward bar to an her and all its investigation. While I think Well, that takes a little while, I think I mean barges got their pretty much in its its it's a lot of territorial covered by the least he's unleashed a? U S attorney and the inspector General Horwitz he's technical
extra time, because now, apparently some additional people have come for and he's got additional information. He wants to pursue it. So I'm not And be critical, alarmist, deafening, went away to see the year what turns up, but I think we're very fortunate to have bar and very fortunate horrible highly interesting about our Horwitz. He's originally regionally and Obama point, but he seems to shoot straight based on based on what he writes What can we learn anymore? I'm tired of listening to me that alone he can believe me and by the way, would you like a signed copy of on freedom of the press. I have it the boy, you aren't, you wait, I'm lonely, I'm learning from you been an enemy their mark. I watch your shows every Sunday. Every time I had an opportunity your books at EU level on a god, bless you take care yourself, Joe
I miss New Jersey, the Great W Phd Philadelphia, my I'm city, go ahead. Mark I got a comment and a more important question. Yes, I who attended the Amber Camp is a couple university right around the saint aren't you did. I can certainly nine nineteen eighty one. I read that While I couldn't wait to tell you that the place has never been the same, you know since I was there, I will burn creeping, I didn't live there. You communicate. I commuted from Elkins Park like out a baseball player, but gotta be a really good for you. Mark. I got a question. I can't I can't write my head while I'm trying to figure out How- and this was in the past two years ago- that
It was a comprehensive investigation that russian election babbling how you gonna pathway, is transformed into a investigation. Tromp Russia saw the top Russia election meddling. You can think of me, and you can thank the senior officials of the appear, but I'll tell you who ass he can thank rod, rose in style. Rod Rose and Stein should have given first what Shouldn't have been a special council. There wasn't a criminal predicate condemned any goes forward and goes with former Mahler. We now know Mahler was incapable of doing anything, but nonetheless He should have made sure that the that the direction to Mueller was
look at everything related to Russia, interference in the election, the Obama administration, Obama, Biden, Clapper Brennan, Hillary Clinton look into everything and anything, but he didn't do. That is the only way this report is about secret, further food consumer. When he says when you go out there, its ways to catch you, sick waivers Sunday to get you isn't an amazing how Schuman Southern at that splitting up. I thought it was a wise man. Well, listen. You make an excellent point this this so called Mahler Report, which is really the vice men report is loaded with comments by the president of that obstruction wasn't directing this, and you are quite right. How come the comments by Schumacher? Don't suggest some kind of an affair is,
poverty while we know why, because shimmer is a left wing crackpot and their untouchable Joe, I want to for your car. My friend, I appreciate it my best shot. But in New Jersey in Philadelphia around there. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emergency, personal thanks, all the folks on the border trying to protect us. Hannity, thirty minutes I'll, see you there don't forget, please get your. Happy on freedom of the press, join the rest of us and I'll, see you tomorrow. Also facts and friends. Eight thirty in time in the morning from the west. Would one podcast network.
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