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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, House Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler cannot use the judiciary to run his own impeachment investigation without the House of Representatives voting on it.  Secondly, we just witnessed the Robert Mueller debacle, yet Nadler thinks Mueller's feeble testimony is the linchpin in his impeachment investigation. Nadler would have been a great commissar or apparatchik in the Soviet Union! According to Raoul Berger, the founders did not want the President reporting to Congress. Indeed, it was George Mason that suggested the wording of maladministration, which was challenged by James Madison and the phrase "high crimes and misdemeanors" was used in its place, so as to limit the power of removal of the president (not broad as Nadler suggests). Rogue Democrats are trying to stop President Trump because they hate his agenda, they hate him as a person, and are trying to improperly use impeachment to get their way. Then, the U.S Supreme Court has ruled that Trump Administration can in fact use $2.5 Billion of military funds to build a fence at the border. Later, Ted Lieu in effect, called Mueller a liar for correcting the record when he walked back his statement that but for the OLC opinion he would have indicted Trump.
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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented of the as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now in its hundred and seventy fifth year hills. Is a truly independent institution. Where learning prized in intellectual enthusiasm, is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run only underground, boughs, with even bunker somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, America Mark Levant, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one hour: I look Let's talk about impeachment, let's talk about impeachment number one Meddler as a slip and fall lawyer, I
shocked if he actually has a legalised. You're gonna go going to court. This committee And soon for the grand jury, testimony and other grand jury information excuse me that that was collected. By Mr Mulder, the course investigation. Anybody know I you know what the problem that is. A committee of Congress can't shoe a committee of Congress? Is not the house of Representatives. There has been no vote. By the House of Representatives. I don't know anybody else mentioned this. Mr producer, I've been busy all day doing other stuff research. So nebular Finally, conduct now and impeachment investigation to the Judiciary Committee with the full house of representatives authorizing him to do so number one in number.
Going to court. On his own. As the committee chairman, To get information It is a matter, who's a rogue public officials It is never whose undermining the constitution. So this is outrageous. That's number one. That's number one number two. We just saw a debacle, was Robert Mahler, a complete debacle. But meddler looks like a cloud. He looks like a buffoon, so what does he do? He says: look. Look at all the great information we got from smaller, more Who was quite feeble. Molly, who barely knew where he was Having read his report, let alone red written. And so now they say well now a real information so where we're going to
sort of our preliminary impeachment investigation. Guess what you don't get to come? A preliminary impeachment investigation. Absolutely lawlessness here but the democratic or doing Is so political? damaging to themselves. They can't even figure it out. They can even figure it out now take a lot about time and do something that no other broadcast is going to do. No member of Congress is going to do Let's actually look at this thing called impeachment. Let's actually look at it I can assure you. General manner is not. General meddler. Would have done very, very well commissar in the Soviet Union.
He would have done very, very well as a judge in the Soviet Union as a poetic. Apparatchik in the Soviet Union. Gerald meddler is a red. You know what I mean by that he is a red He's doing more to damage this country our car situation. Our national security domestic policy by Spain. Every waking hours of his pathetic life, Trying to burden obstruct undermine and destroy this president he's obsessed. They talk about unhinged and mentally ill. While I would be general manner. He need some help, So, let's take she's no better. So let's take a minute and look at this issue of impeachment Acta Raoul Burger one of the great minds
Institutional mine, she wasn't even a lawyer. But a truly magnificent historian. And I have cited this before, but we're gonna get into a more deeply the buckskin impeachment they constitute your problems. Pressing for the impeachment of justice, William O Douglas Congressmen, Ford, it will be We call asserted that an impeachment offence is whatever how And Senate jointly consider it to be. Is I want it is, however, the constitution says there: encourage made quite plain that the framers, far from proposing to confer illimitable power, meaning unlimited power to impeach convict intended and for a limited power. Why.
Because they didn't want the president answerable to the House of Representatives. That's why. Before George Mason move to add MAO Administration in the law, which of impeachment in the constitution to treason and bribery. George Mason explain that treason as defined in the constitution? Will Reach many great and dangerous offence, attempts to subvert the constitution, may not be treason. It is the more necessary to extend the powers of impeachment so. Mason proposed to extend the power of impeachment to reach called great and dangerous offences I'm still subvert the Constitution quota unquote By adding now administration. But James Madison objected, he stood up,
then, he said so vague a term is maladministration will be Well, a toy tenured during the pleasure of the Senate and crimes at misdemeanours. What's opted in its places, all medicines note. So high crimes, a misdemeanour. Significantly higher standard than maladministration and neither. Our standards as low as whatever the House of representatives decide since its political question that was never accepted. So manifestly this substitution was made for the purpose of limiting, not Spending the anew Our proposal by J George Mason. On maladministration. Now shortly before the cost. Additional convention had rejected high The means that phrase
praise that they pulled out of english common law. They rejected it in another. Context because it had a technical turning to limited so the option of high crimes and MR exhibits and intend to embrace the limited technical. Eating of the words for purposes of appeasement that consequence, What attach, in any event, for use of a technical term. Fully ascertained by the commoners civil law would require reference to the law for its provide, precise meaning. I know this gets little complicated, but we need to talk about this if high crimes at misdemeanours hadn't Sir tenable content at the time the constitution was adopted that count. Furnishes the boundaries of the power, the boundaries of the power.
It is no more open the Congress to stray beyond those boundaries. Then it is To include in the pinion word bribery enough Such as robbery, which had a quite different meaning back then, and in common law The design of the framers to confer a limited power by the rejection, of removal by address, Removal by address had no limits. We okay so far? so. The language is intended to be limited and limiting not broad. Even so some uneasiness apparently was excited by the breadth of the power and other it's even somewhat concerned that this provided that count. It's too much power with a president further repeated assurances that impeachment was meant only for quote great injuries on quote great,
the unquote. James Arundel later, a Supreme Court justice tall. North Carolina convention- The occasion for its exercises impeachment will arise from acts of great injury to the community impeachment, Said Governor Johnston and that convention is a mode of trial, pointed out for a great misdemeanours against the public, the peaks of the english practice. The peaks of the english prick Which is what the framers look. There were familiar to. The founders. In the federal convention, the constitutional convention, George Nation, said corruption would be impossible. Governor Morris agreed that corruption and some few other offences or to be peaceful, Madison added that the the negligence or perfidy of the chief magistrate we're indispensable.
Regulation or oppression, he might betrays trust to a foreign power and more decided that he may be bright is trust to a foreign power. And more added that he may be bribed to betray is trust. In the Virginia ratification convention. James Madison stated that if the present be connected in any suspicious manner. With any person there began to believe that he will shelter him, he may be engaged. He also stated that, where the president to commit anything so a trash, atrocious as to some only a few states that is, senators taken The treaty, at the exclusion of others, Ruby, each premiss misbehavior. And so they had numerous examples. Now A moving around this is a rather com flax and bluntly book
But the meta handled a scholarship here. In a comment on the report and the resolution for the appointment of justice, why Imo Douglas Entry used in the House of Representatives April. Sixteen nineteen, seventy. By congressmen Gerald our Ford, built enforced states that one hundred and ten sponsors of the tide, Douglas Resolution or conservative Republicans and Dick cigarettes. Seems, persuasive evidence in support of the hypothesis he wrote which- Chile. Everyone unwashed accepts that the under Making seeks not simply too peach, William Douglas, but to discuss but liberalism inherent in the domestic programmes epidemic. Like administration. Since the new deal. Did you hear that To bring this up to modern day, The reason they want a web page trump is in part due to
hate for Donald Trump in his election. But it is to stop. His agenda is up a constitution which today court. His attempt to secure the border is building the United States military. His support For law enforcement, most other policy objectives, their purpose of on tempting, to an page or lead up to the impeachment. Donald Trump is not just about trot, who they ate. It is about his agenda that they hate it's about the fact that election that they hate the point. Is, there each man is not supposed to just be about politics and the political will of the Majority Party in the house There are serious, real, limiting language in our constitution.
I know it's Friday. I know supposed to talk about what now congressmen, Ford. A conceded that his resolution was Italian for the Senate, rejection of to President Nixon's nominees to this brain core. But that's not what. Parliament is supposed to be about is It is just not going to continue I'm gonna China? I know its substantive. I know scholarly. I know its history But I know you're the smartest audience of all audiences in Amerika. I think It is crucially important. Were setting the foundation to prove. That the Democrats in this house, and that Mr Nobbler in particular our rogue pub officials who are violating the constitution.
Who are violating the impeachment clause and the purpose of impeachment. As they wait around the constitution. And walked towards impeachment UK I just impeach somebody for political purposes,. At language has meaning. Any committee chairmen and a committee cannot bread, go to court. And make claims for grand jury information, as they possibly might pursue impeachment single committee doesn't get to make that decision? You want to know why, ladies and gentlemen, because it, A full house representatives that are supposed to represent the people, Congress on the whole, that's supposed to represent the people not the clouds and miscreants malcontents who make up the majority after Judiciary Committee of Iraq
Ben since its founding in eighteen, forty four hills, they'll call, it has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus. The free monthly speech, digestive hailstone college in Primus is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First published a nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job because America's founding principles are so important hills though off illness and the American Medical insurance system.
Cause America's founding principles are so important. Hills, though, offers Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for Free here's. What I want you to do, I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and Primus. I M p r. I am I S daughter Still that eighty, you welcome to Helstone now. This take me for this segment is too short to go further. I well after the bottom of the area, but I want to tell you this: we need take on these bastards. We need take them on politically. We need to engage them on it. Constitutional basis on a factual basis on every basis whatsoever, they have declared war today The president of the United States, Mr Mather, as Hell bent on reversing,
Adler has declared war. On the opposite, a presidency president of the United States, You're mad learns how bad on reversing, the election results and twenty sixteen and disenfranchisement nearly sixty three million of you. MR meddler is a throwback he's a reprobate From one district congressional district out of four hundred thirty five congressional districts, a dark blue, desperate, fell, but. He doesn't get around this country I've. And I put this guy. I've had others average to cripple this president. And his agenda and make no mistake about it. That's what this about they wanted their Four Obama: they I that this election, they don't accept. He's a translation of power how it is up. We, the american people,
Bobo even real elections will believe in the constitutional believer in the rule of law, hope, alive and due process. It is Show me the american people confront nobbler and confront these Democrats, who have temporary power in the house or representatives who are drunk their power. Not only have they failed to do their public duty. Under the constitution, had they failed to secure the border had they fail to support the military. But they are literally trying to eviscerate. They exist Get a branch- because I do not like the man who runs it well, we put at man and power. This direct attack on you and me and our vote
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committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the publication of its free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington DC and its Barney Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen, forty four, this is hailstones college and, let me add, I think so much of Helstone College. I donated an original copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today, as I speak at the Kirby Centre: Hills, Dale College, America's college, breaking news, ladies and gentlemen, actual breaking news this The court of the United States just now handed Pray in trouble, major victory
clearing the way for him to use too point five billion dollars from the military budget to add To the wall on the southern border, extra hundred miles of border war in California, Arizona and knew me to go there, stresses lifted orders by federal judge and open and the night Circuit Court in Francisco. Then bar the administration from using the Pentagon's money tab a border wall. Presidents large had asked the high court to intervene, saying it you stay September. Thirty deadline to spend the two point: five billion from the petting this budget before the fiscal year ends and the money was no longer available. The law records kept upstream. During the President of the United States. The Obama judges Clinton judges.
And you, ladies and gentlemen, you listen to this programme, no brag, just fact: the Babe Ruth of legal matters. Told you over and over and over again President of the United States freedom of Monies Premier, Catholic, Why? Because each dictator, because you are mine now. Because the law allows him to do it. That's why? the president had done it and then you these clowns like Grand Paul and then a mash throng, But the hard core leftists Bernie Sanders, any phony organization, sleaze, leftwing front groups like this. A club so president of the United States Forum shopping for left We could judges and another nine Circuit Court of appeals. Well, the Supreme Court just rolled wrong, wrong district court in check Francisco wrong
a court in San Francisco, the President is free to spend that two point: five million dollars to build one hundred miles at the border war on the southern border, This is why they want to one the president of the United States. Ladies and gentlemen, better he's trying to take that country is trying to enforce the law? follows the law. He doesn't violate the law. What do you think he's bomb Clinton, you think Jerry, Natalie, Jerry Jerry? Trying to come home Jerry, Jerry's, mother, chair? come home, stop playing anyway, This is a big deal. Thank you. And it's too bad: it has to be a big deal when it Backed it should be no deal, a judge should happen de jure should happen. I think the Supreme Court was sick and tired of these lower courts in the ninth circuit.
Putting all these things in place for the whole country. And so you know what a step in here You take care of this. This is why they want to remove. You are present the United States. This is why. And they want to remove this President Casey as another appointment to the United States Supreme Court. They want to remove them. They want to remove Now, let's continue with our little lesson. Those of you who are listening attentively, in the last thirty minutes, you learned more about constitutional law respecting impeachment than any. We have Congress knows any actual house knows, Tv house now. Let's continue Shelly. The great Raoul Burger gives us direction in Iraq. This book twice now, the easiest free, but it is.
Crucial red, it's a magnificent book and He goes on to say. Looks at the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, which was a farce. Andrew Johnson was impeached for the same reason, they attempt to impeach Trump, not this. Civic substance, but the same reason they didn't like em. They didn't want him after linkage assassination. He was a day. The crowd from Tennessee, even though it is pro union he was a heavy drinker. But they wanted to get rid of him. Republicans wanted to get rid of them and they pay. And I went to the Senate where they trial. Where is going to be removed from office, but for one republican senator. Who destroyed his own career.
Who said in so many words on the floor, the Senate. I cannot vote that convicted president. He has not violated the constitution of the United States. Is there one democrat on that? judiciary committee. Is there one Democrat in the House of Representatives who will stand up and tell the truth now? There's not there aren't any. The chief lesson. Rollo Burger rights which emerges from me: the trial of Andrew Johnson and by the way how many Isn't it you ve, been impeached. I've ever been removed from office. Anybody know zero Johnson. Almost one vote shy. And its looked upon the Johnson impeachment as a as a. Dark spot on american history as a farce.
The chief lesson which emerges from the Johnson trial is that impeachment of the president should be a last resort. Inevitably, it becomes coloured by party spleen, however certified in purpose should first be made to accomplish the purpose by less explosive means that without burger rights, is its reasonable, rational, temperate sober. None of those words can describe the miscreant Nadler or his comrades. In the conclusion of this book, Rob Burger says: finally a decent regard for the design of the founders. He resolved to avoid the excesses which forever stigmatized the Johnson trial, constrain the Congress did this,
an unlimited power and act within constitutional confines. If there are indeed limits to the impeachment power. The Senate may no more act and access of those limits when it. Traditionally, then what acts legislatively what he sang is. This does not have the car the traditional power to act outside the limiting language in the each man clause now Obviously there is nothing that can stop it, because it's a mob when it becomes a mob. It becomes a mob. But he sang. If it were a law for constitutionally. Acting Congress. It couldn't do these things and what do these things? He said Every branch of government is convey, Into the limits drawn in the constitution and the chief purpose of those limits. Why stuff in much feared the much
Beard, legislator branch: it was left to the unlimited discretion of that branch to disrupt The other branches through resort to the impeachment power to the impeachment Power no one! You understand american history. You understand that. Jefferson among others, very concerned about tyranny, but the Different times types of tyranny, they could be. Tyranny of the king, but to be the tyranny: the parliament that There could be the turning of the president, the tyranny of Congress. We never much look at article one Dewey. How this congresses, hemmed in. An attempt in on the issue of impeach me as well.
And then they say, let's look at the Mulder report. The Mulder report. The Mulder report were in volume one the present the United States is found not to have colluded but we already knew that and then volume to. What are we have volume too. We have A violation of every norm of justice in this country. By a gag? Oh, my, of left wing Democrats dressed up as prosecutors, chosen for that very purpose. Who did not Sir Robert Mala that was obvious, but whose her basement. Three force of the prosecutors and that office violated the Department of Justice policy against the appearance of a conflict of interest. Three forces
Gave thousands of dollars to the Clinton campaign and the bombing one of them represented Hillary Clinton in her. Dealings with the FBI and the FBI, investigation. That's precisely why Weissmann chosen Weissmann? but that they, Hillary Clinton victory Party. There is no way that man should be ten feet of an investigation of public in a very short, but spend a career abusing power in They called behaviour We had a truly well functioning house of Representatives. They would have truly wanted to look into how the face a court was violated, how the FBI but spies in another candidates campaign how they, Clinton campaign in the Dnc violated our campaign laws, Logan ACT.
My laundering, money, three well known Democrat law, firm Perkins coolly and their lawyer Mark Elias diffusion, GPS, how it was they who use, former foreign spy toward A colluded with Russians to put together false statements, Against a president of the United States, which was pushed by our media, among others and John Mccain among others, Democrats in and out of Congress to open FBI, investigation, the counter elegance investigation and then the pressure was in place. I sure and others Call me was fired. Sleaze ball call me leaking call me Hinged call me Democrats voted out of office until Trump fired.
Then he was Moses himself coming down from outside. I would want one after another, the debt, Crash turn on a dime. Why- They wanted defeat Trump. Why else they want to reverse the outcome of the last election. Why else. Because they want to impeach the people who voted for him and they want to impeach his agenda. That's why. This is the greatest polluted scandal in american history. And it goes on. Mr Natalie. Is. A lawless, rogue demagogue. Is to shift, is a lawless, rogue demagogue. Now She policy is a lawless, rogue demagogue and they all have fascistic instincts they, all have fascistic instincts
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That's why my books, bauxite, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. That's why I don't. Done down issues are done down books cause. I the smartest audience on the face of the earth that am. I go. There W I may I go. I adore Mark ok, I think, like all national problem with its impact, man, the African American, who been locked up. Don't ninety clamp. Ninety four crombie got himself together and how it is. When you have some, And then the government actually accusing you up in bed, you haven't done and I'm given the benefit of the doubt, because the present evacuated. Yet the president, because what the simple fact that is, you can attack or anything only thing you can attack the more it is a word The economy is opportunities value. Of course, some of us not rich,
You know we not making as much as we think we should forget what yet another job this way is allowed to get where you need to be with. You know. The cup Is there Without due for the building, I dont tampering nothing to the table. That's your self and come back. You know just come back in the workforce. Is a lot in the workforce? Is it you know you cannot? why won't you dream and as far as the fifth emigration me, immigration. Automobile moves up on that because guess what the Supreme Court agree we condemn them. If you dont want to sit right there and come to a point. You have what you, On a bill, his wall, you know now is a further, as though Democrat is have also reach. There really overeat you're, not trying to govern You're, not trying to less legislate. Outing. I've been is tat. What you expect me to vote for you, you know
I find it really are thanks. A figure call, but let me tell a very impressive You say you are in jail for a period of time A man you're an reverse course. You know how much I can also be don't carry of you change your life, that's what it's all about! You know I have a problem with this help You know Basically want me to do is give away you wanna tax me to give away something for free for falsehood, here was not legally american. You know. I never do that for three years, but for those who wanted to come, you give up before free I didn't get them for free. I to pay a price, came home. Guess what I got me. You know my shores did Obama ok, but I do know is allowed to trade with that one Learn in prison that you have to adjust and It really appalling,
I got my go. Let me tell you this. I want you to call back. I don't know what you did but you you sound like what we Jews call a meant, not dementias, Class act, don't hang up! I want to send you a signed copy of on freedom of the press, and thank you, for your call will be right. Back now run only underground commander in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one just to show you, What a demagogue and rogue hack
Jerry NAD lorries and we're going to spend a lot of time over the course of the next many months focused on this. This man. And will continue to requested he shop on the show. I want you to hear what he said today in an hour right lie. He's very lucky that he's not under investigation that he's not put under oath, because He be serving a life sentence for false statements and perjury. He Jerry Jerry, mad lair, cut three, go he told us in a remarkable exchange. With Miss deluded, but for the Department of Justice policy from AIDS. Prohibiting from doing so. He would have indicted president Trump now Mr Madelin knows this is a lie. Be banned from every new show, but he won't be.
Mr Madelin knows that he's a liar, but he also knows that is base. Actively as and I could have negative seven, and true this stuff up, this is what demagogues do now. Let's listen to cut for stir Mahler at the hearing on Wednesday. We are heard it about Officer legal counsel, those opinions which it which were brought the public by me and found them, I'm the one who brought him out on this programme and on facts. Now, let's listen to Mahler, said in exchange with another Reprobate representative TED Lou got forego I like to ask you the reason again that you do not. Indict Donald Trump is because of oil, see opinion stating that you cannot today's sitting president correct. That is correct.
Two things happen there. Who could see. He could see where we all could see. That Mr Mahler was feeble he's telling you the truth. They put words in his mouth. And Mr Miller. Confirm the word said Mister Lowe put in his mouth, then they took a break. And at the beginning of the second hearing. Mr Mahler corrected himself he caught erected himself. This is a matter of public record, it was television for millions to say it was on radio per million stay here Jerry meddler. Lies about what took place That is not the correct way to say, as we say in the Before we go to questions, I want to add one correction to my testimony this morning,
want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by Mr Lu Lu said, and I quote, you didn't charge president because of the LLC opinion That is not the correct way to say it. As we say in the report and as I said at the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the present committed a crime, so in in a matter so important so important as this chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, lies through his teeth. Now TED Lou. Yesterday. Hearing, Mr Mullahs correction, basically Mahler calling out TED Lou now he's got a wrong turn low. We didn't make that determination. TED logos on his favorite so called news platform.
Cnn constipated news network and Wove Blitzer. Another fraud. This is how that exchange goes. It's unbelievable, cut, six go They were at the centre. Yesterday, one of the most dramatic moments of the hearings with Robert Mallory at the walk back. Testimony to you in response to your questioning that the reason that they didn't formally indict the president, we because of the Justice Department guidelines, is sitting President Campi indicted, but you say Mahler fully understood your question: does it mothers now stop right there? So another word. Mr Lou is calling Mr Mahler a liar. Blitzer says doesn't mullahs correction, which he later provided prove otherwise go ahead rich he later. Provided prove otherwise, This is war, so odd about that exchange. As regards a mauler.
Agreed that the oil see opinion prevented a sitting present for being indicted and there their republican member after me Ask them a series of questions to try to get him to walk it back and he did not do that and then what was until there was a recess in there. And Intel Committee that he started walk some of that back, I don't know who got home. I don't know who talked to him, but that was very odd what he did well, what are you suggesting that the Seti misspoke I didn't understand or whatever it was? That's why one wanted to clarify and walked back his response to your question: are you saying the only did that because of pressure from someone I don't know, but he clearly answered the way he answered to me and any a numerous times to walk back by the next republican member who ass a series of questions on the exact same issue, trying to get him to walk about because use feeble, and because
after it was brought his attention that his comments, encumber the rep adaptation that was made in the report a multi occasions. He corrected record. Could Mr Lou sees a conspiracy. That somebody pressured Mahler. They go on all day about the fact that this man was a combat hero A marine and Vietnam. With a bronze star and purple heart, Mister Lowe says somebody After him. These are the clowns who are pushing impeachment these, buffoons who are pushing impeachment, but biggest clowns, pushing impeachment the biggest buffoons pushing impeachment are in the media. And they ve been pushing impeachment constantly Chris Matthews Chris Matthews.
Work for Tipp, O Neill, who work for a Carter whose, I was a pretend news: woman. She ran for Congress at a Democrat, primary was defeated. Praises, Natalie, Estimating trouble, of course he does. Because manner is doing exactly what Chris Matthews is telling him to do. Cut seven go I just want to congratulate you shark, as I thought you were, especially as chairman all Amateur Committee. I thought at first of all. First of all, what on something. Have you ever heard anyone talk this fast either, my guy that the That wins these awards for talking fashioner those commercials. You ever hear anything like this. Maybe because we believed Chris was known ass. He used to like the drink. As I understand.
It like something I don't know what's going on. There is like it S talking Joe Scarborough. Cut. Seven go I just wanted to guys. I do so because I knew of especially as chairman all amendments in committee. I thought it. A real democratic members in a really good job at democratic members did a really good job. Ladies and gentlemen,. The democratic members did a really good job during the Mahler hearings, you have to be a complete, an absolute heck d. As I conclude even Adler, knew they didn't do a good job. When that was in front of the microphone after that hearing. You look like an albino, and I know Against our urban, but all the blood from his face to his feet. He was an embarrassment, That's why he's reacted the way he has today
Does he embarrassed himself humiliated himself and the devil a party go ahead. Whatever slowness, there wasn't part of witnesses just life, I think you really did a good job and those questions to him, and I think he did. He listened to the highlights yesterday, as you shut up you idiot. Thank you. Thank you. Rich, I'm not kidding. I want you to see when get mad on here. Ok,. I wanted to make a concerted effort, email and phone call. And tell him if he wants, the peach are present in the United States. He has a responsibility, has a duty to talk to more than just his base In the media and outside the media has a duty. To talk to somebody like me, who disagree It with him He is a duty There's somebody like me about them clause of the constitution means? He has a duty to talk to somebody like me, so we can go through the report.
Without having an hauling passionately volume to here's a dude. Did defend himself in the comments you made publicly, where he has ruled as a chairman of a committee that the President of the United States has committed crimes. I want not one in contempt, any demands, there's any demands Lilla. Mr Madelin has a duty to talk to somebody like me. Rather than a sponge head like Matters are all the rest of them. Tough guy this now there is going go to court and get testimony he's gonna They hold this one in contempt and that one in contempt Demands there's any demands that Lilla Mark by this profound. With millions and millions of can citizens would like to hear from Mr Adler. Bullying hygiene cows behind Chris Matthews.
Come on Mr Nobbler come on the programme. We have some Here's questions ask you, you wanted our president. You went away around our constitution. You want a raven round criminal statutes. You went away or round the Mulder report than we want to talk to you you're right back with a daily fake, news Don pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, sir, Tis suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this stuff Discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eight years. The bottom line. You need fresh fruits and vegetables and your diet, which is why I recommend that you start taking field of greens by brick. House nutrition, Joe
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we discussed that we need to understand Natalie does that we need to understand what's really taking place here. This is an attack. On the rule of law, guys promoting the rule of law. This is it to impeach the president into peaches policies into Impeach, his supporters. This is a war on you. Almost sixty three million of you who voted for the present the United States, This is a war on you. This is a war on the constitution into war, on our justice system,. These are liars. These are demagogues and Also talking about the media, a truly understand And to put an umbrella over this watch, in place is you need to understand the media In ways that you ve never looked at it before or have understood it before, because the media is now part,
a radical progressive social activists, movement. They're, not media. They take advantage of the First amendment and freedom of the press, but they're not a free press. Propaganda mill. You can watch truck Todd, Jeffrey Tube and Jake Tapir Lemon Chris commas might affect the very proud that many of them are pulled right under the ranks of the Democratic Party. Or a liberal movement. I don't family I want to take you back to John Dewey. John duly one of the early, Progressive intellectuals, one of the most influential. He and Woodrow Wilson, the number others that I discussed in my prior book but. Take you and on freedom of the press, went on each thirty one. To what John Dewey said, listen to this. He's, telling about education and by
what he means is indoctrination and propaganda through the press Through our schools. He says when I say that the first object of a renascence. Liberalism is education. I mean that it its task is to aid in producing the habits of mind and character. The intellect, a moral patterns. Better somewhere near even with the actual movements of events by the doktor nation. So I repeat the split between the latter as they have. Externally, occurred And the ways of desiring the ways of thinking the ways of putting emotion and purpose into execution, there the basic cause of present, confusion and mine. And paralysis, inaction,.
You see about the same time. Our public education system changed our government schools, the media changed at the same time, Slightly over a hundred years ago, Educational task cannot be accompanied me. By working upon men's minds without action that effect? actual change institutions. The idea that dispositions and attitudes can be altered. By merely moral means, Conceived of as something that goes on wholly inside a person oneself. One of the all pattern, so it has to be changed- is that pattern. In other words, we need this big force. This movement. The force you to think and behave any moat, certain way, a specific way thought he writes.
He says, meaning by radical in a constant given take of interaction with environment. Environment conditions, but resolute thought is the first step in that change of action. Will itself carry further the needed change in patterns of mine in character, propaganda, indoctrination, progressive you see it all over television. In short doing said,. Liberalism must now become radical. He said meaning by radical perception of the necessity of thoroughgoing changes in this. That up of institutions and corresponding activity to bring the changes to pass for the of between what the actual situation makes possible. The Prostate itself is so great that it can
a be bridged by piecemeal policies undertaken ad hoc We need this big. Aggressive movement, to devour the civil society and they Ass well, Our government, whether it's our economic system, whether it's our schools and the media, This has been an eighty, a endeavour from day, one from day, one. And so what are they do, may God journalism and or profession really. We are working to real standards and what are they? Duff. We need dialogue, pursue objective truth Ok, how you gonna reporter. How do you think they're gonna reported. Through their mindset, through their ideology, And so they read the fine. What objective truth means are they redefined with news means.
Seen as having this Hugh, event. On climate change,. A news event with the candidates on climate change, Because now man made climate change is a given, It fact you see, even though it's not. But it doesn't matter. That's the reality, a false reality, but that's the reality now through which p watching the news and listening to the news, I even heard a fairly conservative commentator on my every cable network? So you know, maybe the Republicans sure just come up with a a modest reform to deal with climate change. This is how they moved the centre left. This is how they take over different institutions. You should copy of on freedom of the press, talk about it as much. If you read it, because I think it's crucially important, especially
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that great W b C and New York go armor wondering because nobody House Judiciary Democrats were acting ultra vires, so beyond ultra vires mines, I'm sorry that authority has authority So far, beyond any limit on article one authority, I'm just wondering if there I am quite a claim- is the wise under thirty one? U S, thieves, seven twenty nine p m, the latter would have another. You can't you can't These members of Congress are immune, statues answer especially key tat statue Which really has almost nothing to do with this, because I would be like it. The misuse of government funds under under the far List of regulations and that sort of thing. I was wet piano. Educating the nation about this
You can't just shoe members of Congress of the criminal code because our immune from it right and their official duties, I think Called the speech in debate clause- oh, I was thinking of There were some way to fight against the law, apply to Natalie false statements, applied, dynamic, Natalie would be imprisoned for four billion years that we feel so help me. Against. I agree my eye and he is a tyrant. He's a reason to he's as wide as he is short and that's after his stomach procedure. May I say and I can say that, as the chairman of FAT is united around you I'm a friend like argue for your car I think we should get mad with my group Mr Barroso,.
As he can be a member of the board of directors of F you fat is united and we have fun. Fact we should call it fatty, United Wooden Adler, fun. Or we could do this fat is united, would matter how about a few Nablus. You like that one. What did you say, Mr Medusa, Richard in the Bronx, the Great W Abc go I'll. Ahmad, hello I want to ask you what is its hands Global gram bringing into the sand judiciary, get both wise men and Malta, is that of feasible. Our second subpoena them, and then they They can argue over separation it. Let me ask you a question Richard in the Bronx. Where the hell is the United States Senate. I'm asking you are you're asking me:
asking this question, our friend Linsey Grand these days, where's the Senate Judiciary Committee. Where is this an intelligent committee where's the Senate Oversight Committee, what are they doing where is everybody? Forget the intelligence, Maybe that's I yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, forget about it and by and by the way they are very busy spending money that your children and grandchildren have an earned yet of Europe? About that? I am well aware that massively so yet one I wish you, though, about that ruling. I mean you know about the judges of the judges that you think tat their night, even though he appointed seven circuit judges, I don't think he'd appointed many ass, any of the local of the district judge. You think we're in better shape in a night we're getting married
here again. I want my framework, thank you for your call. From the present, in a landmark legal foundation, of which I am chairman, the peat Hutchison is the President's magnificent organization. If I say so myself, The low down on the Supreme Court Regard, The California judge and the district Court and the California nine Circuit. He said he says her. The bottom line is that the five conservatives on the court, so called conservatives fight Members of the court don't think environmental plaintiffs have a cause of action to enforce congressional spending decisions. And Briar concurred that six, that six, so that's it
I always wondered about standing for environmental groups, in this case This is another outrageous thing that most of you may not be aware of These environmental groups get standing automatically to go to court Landmark legal foundation does not get standing there. These statutes have been read in the courts. Have read the statutes to mean that these groups represent the public when in fact, they don't and so they have standing to go to court and Challenge EPA regulations or the challenging pay EPA for not place, regulations then abstaining to go in and challenge taxes and so forth, because we ve done with this. We don't conservatives Lemme Legal Foundation ever could he fought that all the way up to the Dc Circuit Court of Appeals,
a retroactive death tax in the retroactive, give taxes that were imposed by the Clinton administration. Remember that when he came in, office we litigated this issue standing. So the left through these front groups get standing automatically in front of these court, but the Supreme Courts. Not this time. Not this time environmental plaintiffs, don't have a cause of action too, Forest congressional spending decisions. So they were just blown up. By the Supreme Court. I want to thank my buddy PETE Hutchison over there landmark legal foundation. Magnificent group- I was I don't how many years over twenty years, or something like that? And he's taken up the position of President Martin frankly has done a tremendous job over there. I want to thank them. And by the way there not hot
trot and show boats trying to draw attention with press releases and tv shows IRA, they just there, but sitting at their desks and doing the hard work and going into the core women into administrative ministry agencies, I'm just very partial to them. Oh, by the way, this Judge Bertelsmann, William Bertelsmann,. Rule. Just now, ladies and gentlemen, that in the Brington case here Smith, the case he said there there no basis. For defamation. Ruling for the Washington Post. It'll appealed, of course, he's Jimmy Carter, Judge. A Jimmy Carter, Jack, I'm sure he's on senior status. That means he semi retired, just pops and now and then, when they have an law cases, and somehow he gets this case.
No again, remember it's just like the war case. They suggest a district court, then I'll get the the circuit court it'll get get the Supreme Court may not so, just the first battle. So you'll hear the lips focus on this audit and guess what everybody gets wet. But he is one thing that can never be. Be dismissed by a judge. Those young kids. Those young kids were those mega hats, cattle. Kids from Covington that school there. They were defamed. This judge says so or not. By the media You were abused or abuse than any media. There would treat a key kids. This way, Say disgrace? Beware, Harrington Compost, the disgrace?
Cnn is a disgrace if we A judge to tell us this is the case. And we know that the the aggressive and brilliant legal team representing these kids. Or that gentlemen salmon, I believe, was his name, the young kid. They're, not gonna, just sit for a Carter judge to make a decision, they will appeal and they will continue to fight this. That's what good litigators do up here.
But then, if you have a moment, I want you all to go to a brick house. Levine dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver. I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens. What a great product! Thank you, brick house for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and your welcome Steve and subscribing a smart. You say money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps booster immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic some probiotics, plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back good. A brick house, Levine dot com, are call a three three ring, be h and get fifteen percent of your first daughter with Promo Code Levant, that's brick house, L, av iron, dot, com or call a three pre ring, be h, end
promo code love in there could be a way to mix this programme with music and sports. I would be really like mix vegetables and I like mix fetch. MR producer. Let's see here CNN, the constipated news network. You walk through an airport They don't have any my books, but they ve got CNN honor. And as I've been talking about for years in the back benches, have finally figured it out. There monopoly on airports. Otherwise, I have no ratings whatsoever, but it scares away the tourist. The daily caller shall be tell talk up by the way another website that never discuss my book, I'm just I'm that I'm not keeping track. I'm just mentioned
Seen and hired any dipshit born photojournalist, who has referred to jewish people in a police as pigs. Multiple times on, his official twitter account I also called for people to be murdered. I'm sure. Helter skelter is our top of this. I'm sure Jake tapped out as On top of this I'm sure Wolf Blitzer, some on top of this town, Lemon Chris Cuomo, Congo line of freaks and miscreants Ahmed else Army. They photo editor for CNN. Was hired by the news. I wouldn't twenty nineteen. According to an announcement on his twitter page, tweets, they all show me include referring to Jews and police, his pigs Calling for officials to be murdered, anti Israel comets, are all scattered. Throughout His past tweets
one photo shared. My alchymy excuse me, As for the killing of multiple people,. I'm surprised they don't give him made a hosting position over there Or maybe even work over MSNBC and fill and for our Shopton from time to time. He captured the furrow my dream each pigs in another tweet from twenty eleven I'll show me suggested he could kill someone. I call it self defence in Israel, we're a hunting? You, Israel, a tweet from August twenty eleven reads:. Swell guy. I'll show me referred a jewish people as pigs and posted Anti Israel tweets on his official page. Tweet said that he was proud of the army generation that liberated us from the Venus pigs and nineteen. Seventy three The date written in this treaty refers to the Yom Kippur war when Egypt in Syria tact, Israel and the holiest day, George calendar.
More than four jewish pigs killed in Jerusalem today by the palestinian bomb exploded, Tweet Tramell show me read and twenty eleven. The red that Israel is the main enemy for the people of Egypt and shall always remain despite rulers. I read the rest. Al Shami also referred to police as pigs, multiple tweets throughout twenty eleven. I am happy that I lived to the day Look he's illiterate too. I am happy that I lived the day that I threw rocks and redirected a tear gas against Interior Ministry pigs before I die one tree red ass, for you cops out there. Another stated with clearing tat here from these, He's an killing them. Tat here squares a major public town square in Cairo, Egypt, a third reading Why is my dad trying to persuade me joining police Academy, pigs.
Now CNN set the resignation of a photo editor join the news outlets early this year. This gentleman right According to a statement given to the d c and F by Matt Doin EC, Vice president of communications and digital partnerships,. Now, ladies and gentlemen,. Apparently this. Sub human low life was well known as a sub human low life in the internet, world. Isn't she in any news organization? Don't they pride themselves on? Search and investigations. And yet they heard this guy and yet they heard this guy it brings to mine. A week or so ago and Jake Tapir thought it was newsworthy. To bring on AIR Richard Spencer NEO Nazi
two common on Donald Trump. CNN. What's going on over, there seem remember that professor they had MR producer. What was his name? Mark Lamont Hill go out there debating. How is it that CNN just manages to hire all these people First, they fire them when they caught, because it's a newsroom that hates Israel when Hamas fired missiles in Israel, she and took up for Hamas, much different than the rest of the media. Leading with the New York Times the Holocaust deniers I'll, be right back,
now. Let me underline that the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with leader everybody mark living. Here I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, Three eight one one, Michelle Obama spoke: what's it called becoming becoming one. What a book becoming. Wow that'll cell ten million copies bizarre, absolutely bizarre. So these clips I have of truly sick people. I have mentioned before gentlemen that most people never heard of before
He appears on a burlesque show that goes by the name of the morning small, this guy's made a lot of money used to hang out with Jeffrey Epstein. Of course he is part of the reprobate cast. Braun likes to say the ensemble. Of the morning smell a message, smile. Wonderful couple of what I don't know. No. His name is Donnie Deutsche, but I've been calling him Donnie do not to be rude. It is the Ash canal GI pronunciation of his name, as I understood it. Based on my Google search. And so I I want to be true to euro his ancestry, so I call him do because that's just the way it is Donny. Or double day, I could column. He liked better. Mr producer.
I look, I didn't spell his name writing creators name. This is really is what do you want from me. What do you want from me? It's like this guy wiener did I give him his name now, his name's wiener? What do you want from me. The Democrats are full. We got wiener we're gonna. Do we got all kinds of stuff go on and on the left, I don't be mad at me I'm the messenger but this guy's a mental case. May I say that I think I will. Once you hear what he said and keep a mine, MSNBC, which is an appendage of NBC sort. O I gave a sigh rash, all run by Andrew Lack, there's a moron all. By Comcast. I hope you enjoy your cable because you're paying for all this. Have loser after loser, Andrea Mitchell. Matthews, while you know the list.
Like a prison launched. Anyway,. Here's double d, Donnie douche cut one go, we are at war. It is time for the Democrats to wake up. We are playing against cheaters, liars or Steelers and, with all due respect to Michelle Obama, when they go high, when they go alone, we gonna do what ever we have to do. We actually have let's stop here. You want to get this guy, my show, MR producer. One of these clowns come on my show, want to talk to MR tough guy or four feet: seven inches em with a tough guy, we're gonna highway, go away, you gonna do pal. You gonna punches when you get what you gonna do When you get a deuce work,. What are you gonna, do moron No memory was Jeffrey, Epstein Buddy
get out of you puke go ahead I must go Mitch and criminal tromp? We call him unindicted criminal trouble now because on indicted criminal trump isn't this guy clever with his negative seventeen I q Here's what we're going to know we're gonna call a modern indicted criminal trump. Now, let me explain something to you: do Donnie douche! Let me explain something to you If you're unindicted you're, not a criminal, hey, unindicted, criminal trump. Then listen to this guy. No memory was Jeffrey Epstein, buddy. No wonder is on the morning Schmahl guy. He has been in unindicted criminal, so I know in irregular when you're playing fair, useful scorn. President tromp, just like we call in Moscow which would call him criminals from my mother, began. Moscow Mitch and criminal Trump. And you wonder why I use the
Ask energy pronunciation of his name: Donald Douche: what's his name Danny? Oh it's done, Few me I miss, pronounced his first name. Go ahead. There are two take away from all that: Woodley users, we go to war number one, the president broke the law and what is our office? He can go. I will go to jail. He presently broke the law. When he's out of office, he will go to jail. How do you know because double de Danny douche- and I know- and I got this They fascistic mind I'd declared him gale. They were going to war, now in the past. Ladies and gentlemen, a guy like this would get the hook. When a white jacket his arms behind his back. Paper bag over his head? no more of the same Elizabeth. They would
They shoot him up with something the calm down and then shoot em up with something to wake him up. He be eating rule of some Sworder Oatmeal They won't allow any sharp instruments narrowly, including even Dolly instruments like a spoon. They wouldn't want to hurt himself they time too bed Kim's may be electric shock treatment. Maybe lobata me something like that: instead, here's what they do, They bring on MSNBC. Guys good he's got no he's nuts go ahead. Here, too, we are vulnerable with our election systems that are two things we may not have won. The battle of implants are followed, doubled. The daddy don't talk, ladies and gentlemen, know what he's doing tonight this clown. Eating a five course meal, one, expensive restaurants, I'm sure in Manhattan. Maybe he'd
The trip out through the hamptons. All these clowns padding on his head down It did so great on MSNBC. You were great Donny, only you only only you are speaking the truth. Truth, the power Danny yes Past the crime away, I am a yea exactly. Two Donnie. Where do we sign up for this war war. You said we're going to war war more. So where's Donnie douche tonight you're going to war. Now. Cross back under his rock like a good little slime bar. Maybe he's having dinner with E with his mouth Joe and make a mouth Maybe they're having dinner together, maybe they're having for dessert sponge cake Junta, spun
Strawberry shortcake isn't that sponge cake with whipped cream and struggle Basically Here that's what Danny douche like I go ahead, going to win the war of put him in jail. What do we have to do and we knock industry play fair whenever we have to do mental patient. The who whose acting like a NEO Nazi now who's like a clansmen now. This guy's hilarious disguise worth Tens of millions of dollars they they Come up and take him home in some kind of show for vehicle we're going to get one Donny That's fine, pat him on the back goes down, the elevator gets a news. Limo. DR amount to the hamptons, bring him back He's a monkey he's a show monkey, that's what he is they nobody's. Gonna do is going to dance
They're gonna play music, he's gonna dance poop on the table, whatever go ahead. Felt there whose hairs on fire but were becoming like them or becoming like them. We cannot lose the next election. We will go back if the years we have very one edge. Let me just as much money as if the years ago was Lyndon Johnson. I don't want to like fifty years either, because an idiot. But the other idiots trying to interrupt them. The smile go ahead. The use the Democrats never use is fear to the Democrats. Never use fear, ladies and gentlemen, never. Never use fear go ahead.
Donald Trump today and yesterday and start to paint a picture of what the next four years would look like, maybe even the next eight twelve years to see these going anywhere of the possible. I mean you, please God, please Please have this for come on my programme, please I beg of you. I beg of you. That's gonna cut to MR producer: go ahead, let's move out! Well, you know it. Let's take a break there, we're going to get to the great Gila brand the great jeweller bran, who writes like minus twelve points in the presidential race so far, right back
Occurs when your brain is figured out how to get elected presently United States by attacking white people lawyer the democratic figure. This is how the log intellect attack white people. Now that is so pernicious why you attacking people because of their race, I thought we weren't supposed to do that. Currently, that's not racist. Is it The answer is yes, it is: And I'm really sick and tired of people being attacked because of their physical features their skin color. We celebrate Martin Luther king. The watchwords, if you will or phrases of Martin Luther King was what he judged,
But not by the color of their skin by the content of their character problem for the left, as they have no character. She can't really judge them. Based on that, why? Yes, we can. Anyway, hers. Kirsten Jensen. What's interesting about her attacking white people is She so white she's, not even white cheese, transparent. You look at her eyes. You can see right through at the back of her head cut. Ten he has been so divisive as a. U S, president, using racist language, attacking women, elected leaders of Color Knowledge Lodge, let's logo, Attacking women soon I lied to attack women, unilateral attack people of color, but why? Billion tack, all you want. Donald Trump, the other day hammered meddler Schiff.
And mother and, as I pointed out, time. I tracked they're, not women, of color. Now, who knows anything is possible down the road. And who am I to judge. But they're, not women of color. That's number one number two. I we're supposed to stop using. Genitalia specific language right. So they're, not women at all their people of color right. So it's impossible to attack. Of color, you can only tat people of color. Some getting very confused by the demands and the requirements of the left when it comes to pc and identity politics number three. Julie, Le Breton you're, an idiot. And you have no color whatsoever, go ahead. Literally marginalizing communities of color
in his policy and how he uses queries liberally, not marginalizing. A people and communities of color. He's not marginalizing them in any respect back, not a single policy. And what she's marginalizing But like communities, a collar now an Whatsoever network. Go ahead and how he uses the bully pulpit and its intentional, because when he sat, let's build a wall, he meant it against anyone here. Until that wall is a wall of division, making Amerika great again as making America White again up up up up up up. You know the warlike day. They went up at the wall at the air guys it's that make Amerika white again. First, where America much Already is white
What that means make America white again. This is sick, other people who are suffering as a result of illegal immigration, are not just why, people but listen how she talks list how the Democrats talk. They don't mean a damn thing that they say they know it's not true, but they say it anyway. It doesn't matter. They say it anyway, in one is more outrageous than the other. Among these Democrats, Diet, foley Intentional. Cut eleven, go. And he's dividing the country on these racial lines. Purposefully you nowhere garriga walls being put up there to make America white again, and you know what Tropic
purposely dividing the nation. Did she not just saying that he is putting a wall up there to make America white again and then she says, he's dividing the nation. Isn't that incredible go ahead, To tell people who, deeply left behind that? It's not your fault! It's because of the black person who stealing your job. One round paramour well over one. Let me tell you something: moron. There is a serious problem when illegal immigrants come into this country,. And take the jobs of other Americans. They're not taking jobs, solely from white people, they're taking jobs for people who work in Mcdonalds. From electricians from plumbers from truck drivers,. Carpenters from painters. From bricklayers. Of all colors.
If you truly cared about this country and truly cared about blue collar white collar workers in this country and men and women who work with their hands. You wouldn't support open borders. You're an idiot go ahead. Or the Mexican or the Muslim or the immigrant or the refugee, and so he's created this narrative That you years in created any narrative, you are a liar and you're the one creating a narrative. Why don't we invite. A general ban on the programme, MR producer. Let's go through the list. Tell her. We want to explore with her I'm suffered to make America white again. That's all we want Tell her I'm an olive skinned American, which I am.
And so I you know, I can talk about this with some authority go ahead I love your neighbour that should fear your neighbour. And not love your enemy level. However, what what are you talking about? You, rambling. You should not love your neighbor since one or illegal aliens supposed to be my neighbour. I have a question for Jellyband. A question from the left us one open borders: why must people travel thousands of miles to come into the country. But to get free benefits and rights. Care, schooling,. I'm not just conferred on the seven billion people who live all around the world and just tell them you can have our social security you can have our medicare you can ever Medicaid what will be responsible for teaching? You Responsible for feeding and, of course, your children to why
these people, Risk life and limb coming into the country If this is our responsibility if these are human beings, there are human beings before they come into our country, aren't they back, ripping off. I'm just saying why not outsource all of our resources. I'll be right back time. Looking for the list, Let's see here, found it. Folks Looking at a great disadvantage here, I printed doesn't work. I computer doesn't work But my Iphone does so I have to read with one eye closed cause the font, so small market can to see the ragged library book signing event, including some behind this. Segments you know I was recently at the Reagan library enjoy Favorite places on earth, quite frankly,
any copies of on freedom of the press, for thousands of patriots and lava nights. Was an absolute honour, fantastic experience for my family in me, and it always is truly special place For those of you who couldn't attend. I've got some great news. Live tv cameras were there and capture the entire event. You're, a big fan of the show haven't yet subscribed to live in tv Please consider subscribing today to see the Reagan library book, signing event. Including some behind the scenes segments you can't get anywhere else- Also, if you enjoying on freedom of the press check out a series of companion episodes we produced for Levine TV, which I go. Each chapter. The book And provide additional commentary insight about the absolute failure? The press in this country
These episodes and many more girdle of in tv that and sign up immediately l e g tv dotcom annually Ten bucks off of use promo code, Levin. That's Levine TV, Dotcom, promo Code, Levin Levin for ten bucks off your annual subscription. I mr producing, we have all we have some cause here. Let's see arc. Portland Oregon, K, UFO Coup, foe power, user. Good good day, must have abandoned their pleasure and honour to speak with you and ask your perspective on a question. Yes, now As Juba talk about with the smaller testimony, It is apparent that these people Indeed, he had nineteen. It angry Democrats rowing a marked under meeting but because I have the perspective I'd like to is from is he was to provide
It was to provide by road and steam moment the whole time, you mean to tell me Rosalie thing didn't know what was going on I agree with you. One hundred percent. I, the one rose and steam had to know at something wasn't right. Fact anybody who met were Mahler or dealt with them had to know Even every public and saying we knew there was a problem. Why were they keeping its secret but I agree with it completely. By the way mark, don't hang up we're going to send you a signed copy, on freedom of the press, my friend cause you're gonna need at their poor Lamar, don't hang up left wing cook cities on the face of the earth. Sorry, talking about the concerns. There but the left wing cooks. Let us go TAT, Tommy Glenn Door, I California. Eight, seventy, the answer: they great K, our ally, where we're alive and national go like your mom
first of all, I must thank you for your brilliant gutsy. Friends of this nation in the time Of my view, one of the greatest perils perilous times in this country is now you're doing a brilliant job. Defending liberty. God bless you. Thank you. Let's hope. Where effective at some point They help us if we're not. The aim of this call mark is the party of Gonna do And Anthony Wino the Democrats and no less in democratic rights the Party of Ale Sea or more to leave Presley the squad their Eddie. I got dangerous agenda. I call him the more broad rod squad these people. We know push socialism, they absolutely eviscerate, this country with new gangrene deal, with the lack of freedom must be clear. My mama year thrown allotted I thank gangrene. The going green new deal, that's pretty good yeah! I get mark.
Now the obvious socialism and the absolute destruction of liberty that they pose. My view. They reach a new law. Today, What do I mean? We all know about the Great Hall of Famer Marianna Rivera, who was unanimously inducted the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame and could push down rightly so. Well, there is an article in the Wall Street Journal that points out that the amount Haiti Daily B, can't leave anything alone. Now. These people love America, haters like the cap her neck and Megan Arap at all. They love these people but lacking Maria over there is a god really great question. He said I'm supporting, Israel. Supported use. Glinda tells me, he's donated money, much money to one of the car and must be a neo can yap.
It always dangerous, marked. They say that this year infuriate me the daily be says. On his Hall of Fame Black Marianna, were whereas they better put something. Willing to quote his far right power. I guess it's my right, the love God in love, your country, why they have been trying to trash him, the daily beast and others. Yet the hope. What kind of what Worse threat could we have toward them? I could see what kind of more of an insult and we have to the brave american bat who To preserve our freedom, the t venture right there, like devils, Mark it's unbelievable My friend you make excellent excellent points. I want to thank you, Jimmy Burke, LINEAR, integrate W Abc, go mark you
really do a great job, trying to alert the people and hopefully get them activated? Listen. I got something here paper from the Marxist, it's called the independent. They spell it I and II. Why now? This is basically to spokes paper for the democratic Social of America. This group had people that represent or support Hamas and Hezbollah Each courses are marks and gram. She they meet with people from all over the world so that the International communist movement still I can still maiden went about meddler in their oh he's, a democratic social Romero for a long time, but also the staff members that surround these congressmen and senators though Jello brand must be surrounded by communist people, but anyway, in their newspapers. But I'd been her staff is all people of color, particularly women of color. Would you guess and the color is right anyway, go right ahead, the colors red, exactly yes
newspaper here is advertiser. Free newspaper distributed all over the city, it's also free and that in the library is so they need advertising right. Now they were getting advertisements from were up, I mourn a cable now they're getting advertisements for the New York City government, but they have a full pay Jed from International publishes there. Let him in his socialist newspapers, getting advertising from the city Right New York City full page, unbelievable rivers, comrade the Basel, but their repulsion old soviet books. What marks when in angles in international publishers and progress, publishes its a joint operation now listen to this issue. Right operation head in New York and Moscow. In New York Office is also the headquarters of the American Communist Party, who very briefly moved out of New York. They Chicago cargo to help Obama get elected,
Back in New York, the official headquarters and its progress publishers and international publishers. It was formerly of Institute of Marxism Leninism. Now it's the Russian Independent Institute of Social and national problems, and it's incredible in their own publications. You see ongoing continuing collaboration with a foreign enemy. These people claim that Trump colluded with Russia. They are working with Russia by celebrated the two hundred part. They have Karl Marx, the hundredth anniversary of the Soviet Revolution and the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the American Communist Potter Party, alot of people that are in this movement. They think a democratic socialist but controlling it all is hard line communist and their end goal is world communist government to do that? You have the first collapse, America, who the Soviets always said, was enemy not number one and the radical muslim terrorist soviet allies always that America is the big Satan,
so they have a larger mingled, their manipulating, but their very powerful My friend, I appreciate your dissertation very much either way. We're gonna be Sunday, ten pm Eastern Sevenpm, Pacific. I have a hell of a show on life, Liberty and Levant. I've, two former attorney general this. Many fifth attorney General United States, Edwin MACE the eighty first attorney General United States might Lucchese and they are tat. You were on the same shell. You won't get any better than these gentlemen and they to talk about the Mahler hearings and impeachment, and the Mulder report an obstruction seriously. You don't want to miss this. And I believe on Saturday at some pm, Eastern. Four P M Pacific They're gonna be re running my
Life liberty, Levine, show where I did it all by myself. You might remember that was back in April twenty first. Why do the show myself about the Mulder report? When the Mulder report came out, was an extremely popular prize, one of the most popular programmes. I've never done. I sit behind my desk. With no guest. So that's this Saturday, some Pm Eastern FF Pm, Pacific, I hope your watch it in Sunday is a blockbuster show. But the seventieth attorney general, the United States under Ronald Reagan, Ed MACE, Eighty first attorney general the United States and the George W Bush MIKE bouquet. Wonderful man, brilliant men, serious men so you're gonna wanna, hear from I'm sure Are you gonna wanna hear about. And the things I have to say in the questions that I ask I mean it really is quite spectacular
when you want me to do rich I'll, be right back you know, ladies and gentlemen, Friday evening, tomorrow, Saturday, by my counter, the next day Sunday, it is a perfect time to cuddle. With on freedom of the press. What would you think I was going to say. It's a perfect from my full of my wife. Of course, my wife's sitting right here. But it's a perfect time to cut off with on freedom of the press. Cheers bout, this anomaly that, all you live, and I sat there I want to thank you, for a copy of the book or the or the EU area,.
Can you help us push beyond the Levant nights? to friends and neighbors and relatives. I'm telling you with this impeachment move with the election coming up: The greatest force that is obstructing the course to. Bringing back our constitutional republic is shockingly enough. The mass media in this country- Because it's not a free press, which is why the title the book is on freedom of the press, He can jump on Amazon com. You can ever delivered to you tomorrow. He went out to this person over the weekend so I went to strongly encouraged your shopping, this weaken, let's say you're. It. Barnes and noble or Carrasco. I Walmart or any the wonderful stores had should be there. There it should tell them it should be there which can still go on Amazon and get a copy. I hope you will.
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in your honor
The week is officially over the weekend begins right now we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emerging personnel and all law enforcement. Thank you in its bright a gun. I grieve again I'd Pepsi United smoke again I'd Zelda
Can I just dont, forget life liberty and live in this weekend. Dont forget on freedom of the press this weekend and God bless each and every one of you have a wonderful weekend and I dead and get money from the westward one part gas network.
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