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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, we bring you the best of Mark Levin! On this July 4th, we take a look at the article V Convention of States to prevent instrumentalities of the federal government like the Supreme Court from reshaping the Constitution. The federal government is a creation of the states and hence the states should have control, not a countercultural ideology that opposes the founders' intent in our Constitution. Then, we step back and look at the state of our government today and how it has become completely unmoored from the people through its massive size, taxes and issues with the separation of powers. What’s happened here is that a poison has been let loose into the body politic a poison known as collectivism or statism. Hegelism and Marxism have evolved today into progressivism and it completely and utterly rejects Americanism as our Founders intended. Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer and others might not recognize that their thinking is Hegelian, but Bernie Sanders knows. Our Founding Fathers reject everything with the philosophy that is progressivism, this movement seeks to alter the history of the Founding. Today’s progressives look to radicals like Karl Marx and Georg Hegel for their ideological guidance. This is one of the reasons Bernie Sanders will not debate Mark on any of his media platforms because Mark knows what he knows. He knows what Mark knows. If they sat down for a discussion Mark would thoroughly and completely expose him. Later, the Supreme Court has done some horrific things that have led to horrific outcomes, and yet the Left wants you to believe the Court is better than the other branches of government. Sen Susan Collins says she would not support certain potential Supreme Court nominees because they have demonstrated a disrespect for the vital principle of stare decisis. She is an absolute radical on the issue. If Collins believes in stare decisis and legal precedent, does she believe in the precedent in the Dred Scott case or Plessy v Ferguson? They were abominations. We’ve had judicial precedent in slavery and segregation in the past that lasted longer than Roe v Wade. Activist Supreme Courts in the past have justified slavery, segregation, and racism, and rather than learn the painful lessons of the past we have several current Justices who are committed to the same kind of judicial activism.

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Now let me underline the vows somewhere under lubricants deal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with leading everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one! Well, they can know every now and then we we jump into history. We have July fourth coming up with, Fourth was the combination of events that have been occurring, for more than a decade before July. For seventeen seventy six and, as you know, I've been one of the leading proponents of the articles the article five and the states.
states through their legislatures delegates would meet to review What's taking place in the federal government and propose changes to address the rewriting of the constitution by the Supreme Court another men of the federal government. States created. The federal government and the federal government had certain specific and limited responsibilities, but that's not the case anymore. and so the year, the framers of the constitution and the ratifies legacy. That there would be a provision in our constitution under article five, where they can The two should be amended should Congress in the other Elements of the federal government become oppressive. The word that George Mason used, and in many ways they have become oppressive. they have become much stronger much broader than ever intended as a result of the importation of this hardy, ology called Progressive, as which has stated
It is an alien ideology, it is incompatible with a constitutional republic. Is the the basis the the reason for the existence of the modern democratic Party? Most of the modern media and much of academia, the coordination of an ideology that is hostile to our Principles, so what do we do about it. when the first thing we do a little bit about our history. That is rarely taught. And so I want to go back even before seventeen seventy six. the first time the disparate colonies. decided to get together in a meeting. The conference in a Congress, if you well was called the Albany Congress and it took place in seventeen. Fifty four, the Albany Congress.
and we're gonna walk through this this hour, and I hope your love they. What I shouldn't even call the kids around. If you can. And they came up with the Albany plan. just listen to the next three and a half minutes. If you will win Spain's beyond Congress and the Albany planned cuts. Seventeen go one important element that led to the war of independence was a growing sense of unity amongst the thirteen colonies. in the decades prior to the Revolutionary WAR, a series of meetings and agreements between colonial leaders laid the foundation for a framework that lead to american independence. The Albany plan of union was seventeen. Fifty four proposal aimed at building a union of the colonies under a single government
The parisian indian WAR has just begun, and many are you that the Albany Union was justified to coordinate a defence against the alliance of french and indian horses threatening the american colonies. The union, was proposed by Benjamin Franklin, and it marked the first time in the seventeen hundreds that colonial representatives met to discuss a plan for creating a far more union. Eleven colony sent delegates with Georgia and Delaware, opting not to attend The delegates agreed to Franklin's proposal and copies of the Albany plan were sent to colonial assemblies and the British Board of Trade in London The plan was rejected by colonial leaders and the british government, who weary of their colonies. Growing independent, Dr Towler,
It concentrates on raising armies and constructing ports to defend their territory. Although the Albany plan of union did not go into effect, many a Franklin's ideas were revived and later implemented into the articles confederation and even the U S constitution, Once the French in Indian WAR concluded the relationship between Britain and its colonies quickly soured. The Albany plan had included a system in which the american colonies could have founded the war through a series of taxes, but parliament instead chose to fund the war through the british Treasury. At the conclusion of the conflict, the British intended to raise the bonds from the colonies through a series of direct taxation Americans resented the efforts by King George, the third and parliament to exert
authority over the colonies. Committees of correspondence for organised by colonial leaders and their coordinated resistance to british policies in force in colonial boycott against british goods and informing one another of british abuses of power in each american colonies. The intricate network of communication went even further and creating a partnership camaraderie. They stretched from Georgia. Massachusetts We have here a matter we have here in the Albany Congress than the real first effort, organized the colonies. hence the abuses of the british There's a reason I'm going through all this, the key so we get our history out there, but there is another reason is you'll understand when we're done with. This every told about the Albany Congress in the
many plain of union in the Benjamin Franklin role now subsequent to the Albany congress- the British become even more aggressive and tyrannical. This applies to the colonies, eleven and a half years later. So sixty five there was this. Back Congress ever heard of the snap out Congress and they met in the Federal Hall Building in New York City. And they were objecting the oppressive, axis and stand back, which was Issued by the british Parliament on March, seventeen sixty five They back was attacks It was placed on every document every newspaper, every pamphlet, every
on anything that was written. Anything on paper, It had a have an official british stamp marker. and the colonists rose up against it. And they began boycotting all british good and so, they decided to have a meeting called the stand. Congress. Went from now. October seven talk we're twenty five. Seventeen sixty five twenty rep twenty seven representatives of the nine of the thirteen colonies were sent Bridge New North Carolina. Georgia were prevented from attending because their governors refuse these were governors appointed by the British the ten, but it approved the resolution's once the Congress was over The Congress was over and
stand back. Congress approved thirteen resolutions in what was called the declaration of rights agreements. Now keep something in mind when this occurred. There was no intention to separate from This was not an independence movement. This was a grievance movement ended and the demand of that sir. basic rights, being To that end, This is where the phrase began No taxation without representation, Mary it was three thousand miles away from Britain and there was no representation in the House of Commons, Stand back, Congress declared the stand back duties impracticable, effectively no envoy. So it petitioned. The crown to withdraw them.
and the king said now we're not going to withdraw them. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't be meeting. That's an illegal assembly- stand back, was eventually repeal. There was eventually repeal because the british merchants rose up. Because the boycott by the American colonies was very, very painful, So the stand back was eventually were drawn, that The second official Congress, if you will of the colony. There was a third mean The colonies fact. It was called the first content. A Congress. now the first Continental Congress would meet about ten years later. cut. Eighteen go
Boston August? Tenth, seventeen? Seventy four John Adams is dawning a new suit and, if he's not careful, the British will marry him in it. The patriot leader is heading for a secret meeting in Philadelphia change the course of history and could cost him his life. Adams is one of four men representing Massachusetts at the First Continental Congress and unprecedented and as far as the king is concerned, the illegal meeting of delegates from up and down the colonies. Fifty five delegates of America's best and brightest together to come up with a unified strategy to oppose Britain's increasing encroachment on their liberties. If the king had his way, they would all hang for treason that illustrates how strongly they feel that they must take steps to remove them cells from what they saw. The arbitrary power the british Crown Britain has already suspended Massachusetts Constitution and imposed martial law there. The other colonies fear that it's only a matter of time before they all meet the same fate. Even those colleagues, if different economic interests, they have different political histories. Different populations recognise that in our relationship with Britain, we have much in common. Not all of these people, with many other most have heard about each other's now. They're here to meet each other, see what's gonna happen. People know that this can be moderate and not the moderates and there's already catalogue. Factions forming joining John Adams from Massachusetts is another radical. Thirty, seven year old, John Hancock, Wealthy Boston merchant, who has been using his considerable fortune to fuel the cause Pennsylvania, has sent a moderate lawyer, John Dickinson. Forty two widely read essays back in the sixties, help launch the Anti Tax movement from Virginia comes Patrick Henry volatile young orator, whose Virginia resolves help stamp out the stamp act and also from Virginia a wealthy forty two year old, planter and veteran of the seven years war. George Washington, one of the problems is they offer themselves. Pennsylvanians resign wonders south Carolinians much more than they thought of themselves as Americans, Patrick Henry, really just electrifies everyone when he says I am no longer Virginia. I am now in Amerika John Adams says the trick. Is thirteen cause strike same time? Teen ships sail in the same for Mason. It's not easy. Thirteen conspirators against the crowning. Finally, after two months of arguing and participating Congress Adjourns with a unified message for England until colonial rights are restored, all thirteen colonies we'll halt all trade with Great Britain. Local militias are to arm stand in readiness, as one might expect kings. Don't do well with all tomatoes. No one tells the king of England. What to do the dying is now caused. The colonists must Ivan submit a triumph. I do not wish to come to severe measures, but we must not retreat. I trust they will come to submit. He makes the assumption that a simple show of force of military might will be enough to scare the rebels back to their senses, not likely certainly not invest interesting.
Thirdly, the when he Congress. We have to stand by Congress, The first continental Congress. And you can see what is about to occur. And shortly thereafter Kelly convened is the second, and in an accomplished we return. We'll discuss that will be right back all hell breaks loose. The revolutionary war effectively began between Britain and the american colonies in one thousand, seven hundred and seventy five,
and so delegates from all thirteen colonies. Meat in Philadelphia supply The course worn soon independence. The second comment Congress convened in Philadelphia in the sunrise, seventeen, seventy five, Spain's Con Academy short after the war with British, had begun. the Congress appointed George Washington is the commander of the Continental Army on July for seventeen. Seventy six. The Congress issued the declaration of independence which, for the first time, asserted the colonies. Intention to be fully independent. They would establish itself as thee. Central governing authority. Under the articles confederation, and they remain in force until seventeen. Eighty eight Specifically, April, seventeen seventy five at Lexington Concord in Massachusetts. The war between Britain
North american colonies broke out. Then, in order to direct the war, effort begin to be in the contours of the system of government that would emerge to replace british rule delegates. All thirteen colonies, convened at Philadelphia in the summer. Seventeen seventy five. Pressing order of business was the war effort. It was Not unified, nor were there many leaders who could potentially command the disparate armed forces. boy were mostly composed of various local militias, in June, the delegates voted to raise an army through conscription and appointed George Washington to command the New continental Army. there are two main factions represented at this Congress Our concern is headed by John Jay of New York and John tickets in Pennsylvania, and the radicals led by John Adams of Massachusetts and Thomas Jefferson, Regina Virginia. We return after the break
it will complete our very brief journey. Through early american history, when I took the current academy right back right, verses, laughed airs, arrived versus wrong call Marguerite, seven, seven, three, eight one for aid, one long in April seventeen, seventy five at Lexington Concord Massachusetts WAR between Britain and the noise American colonies broke out. the first Continental Congress had already disbanded efforts to sue for peace were rejected british royal. Begin debating the contours of the system of government that would emerge to replace british rule
delegates from all thirteen colonies, convened in Philadelphia in the summer. Seventeen. Seventy five. The most pressing odor business was the war effort. it was not unify, nor were there many leaders who could potentially command the desperate armed forces. This boy were mostly composed of various local, malicious thereupon. The most powerful military force on the face of the earth in June, The delegates voted to raise an army through conscription, they appointed George Washington to command the New continental Army. They knew full well what if they lost. They were all hang There are two main factions representative: the Congress, the conservatives headed by John Jay of New York and John D, consent of Pennsylvania.
The so called radicals, led by John Adams of Massachusetts, I must Jefferson of Virginia The so called consumers still believed that reconciliation with British was possible. July. Fifth, The Congress authorize the olive branch petition that joy fifth, seventeen, seventy five. I represented one final attempted negotiation, an affair The colonies, loyalty to the crown. But the following day, the Congress issued the declaration of the causes and necessity Taking of arms explain and justify the thirteen colonies decision to go to war. This had the effect of invalidating the olive branch petition. The British had already summarily rejected.
The ideas of the consumers continue to be debated in the Congress, the battles at Lexington Concord and the subsequent siege of Boston. Push many the delegates into the so called radical cap. The second continental Congress. assume the normal functions of a government appointed ambassador position, paper currency, raising the continental Army through conscription. appointing generals to lead the army, the where's, the Congress were still very limited, Didn't have the authority to raise taxes, nor did it have the ability to regulate commerce. July for seventeen, seventy six, that's her independence day, the Which took a momentous step initial the declaration of independence. Although the delegates. Were partly motivated by the necessity of securing foreign allies, particularly the French, too
this was the war effort against Britain. Many of them most Also understood that the time for negotiations was over Nothing short of full independence would suffice. Thomas Jefferson, Composed the first draft of the declaration. Which was initiated by the other delegates is the final version that was approved on July. Fourth As the delegates saw the direct the war effort, they were also looking ahead. To the end of the war, the government there would replace british wrong that said, the war went on. Eight and a half years What should this government look like. We'll be its obligations to its citizens and so forth. After months of fierce debate, on November fifteen seventeen. Seventy seven, the com
adopted the articles confederation, which published a eunuch camera legislature that served as the fledgling nations governing authority, until seventeen eighty eight. when it was eventually replaced in seventeen, eighty nine with a new. Institution there National Congress. The second, Continental Congress, Actively transformed a collection of disparate colonies into a country, under a functioning central government, the art federation, and eventually the constitution of the United States I barely really touched the Tripoli where a. For a really go back, you would look at sixteen fifty one. The navigation acts, seventeen thirty three, the molasses sex
seventeen fifty four- we talked about the Albany Congress, one thousand seven hundred and sixty three, the proclamation of one thousand seven hundred and sixty three one thousand seven hundred and sixty four, the sugar act. One thousand seven hundred and sixty four the currency act eighteen sixty five. We talked about the stamp ACT and then Stand back Congress seven in sixty six, the declaratory act. These are acts of Britain. Seven, in sixty seven, the township revenue at I'm seventy the Boston massacre. Seventeen seventy three, the T act, seventeen solely through the Boston Tea Party. seventeen, seventy four, the intolerable acts Seventeen, seventy four, the first, Congress. Has we ve just talked about seventeen. Seventy five, the second Continental Congress, seventeen, seventy six, the declaration of independence by these Continental Congress.
This is your history now step back. And look at what is taking place in this country today the nature of our government. is utterly incompletely unmoored from that history. The size of the government. I say the government, I mean the federal government, the central them, the power of the government. The ubiquitous nature of the government. The endless series of taxes, regulations. Impositions. By the federal government. This general government there was created by the states. With limited authority, so
racial powers, balance of powers The powers. and all other authority left individuals. Other governing power left to the state. What has happened? and I touched on an early on I've talked to But before I read about it in rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny of progressive, as is a poison has been let loose ends body politic. Our founding fathers reject everything. Everything associated with the philosophy than other goods, progressive as Hegel, ISM, taken as a german philosopher oppression, if you will.
despite all his writings and all his talk about the people and so forth, he essentially when you want to really summarize it was backing me. The german empire marks Picked up on Hegel is modified. It. Added materialism to it, Marxism hegel, ism and other reasons, brought forth in the United States. This So called progressive movement, self name, progressive is in which of course is regressive. Is in the earliest that the progressive intellectuals. The eighteen fifty in eighteen, sixty seven and beyond, The declaration of independence,
They explain how and why they rejected, which is why included it? In my book, we presently the United States and Woodrow Wilson. They explain how and why they rejected, which is. Why included it? In my book. We are presently the United States and Woodrow Wilson was one of the leading so progressive intellectual The years before he was elected president, and you had many John Dewey and so forth,. Through enormously influential. influential with another, he's intellectuals spent their time academically and politically. And these men, the Is it logs? These intellectual spent their time Academically and politically trying them The case for rejecting the
The principles that are set forth in the declaration of independence, they basis they dismissed declaration and all the history I just gave you and the history that followed. Made in our constitution. They reject it as a historical, throw back that was all very important for the time, but the times of change Jefferson said in a low Responding to a critic Riddick who said to Jefferson yeah. Well, you know you wrote this declaration of independence really gonna many new ideas in their endeavours and said the point wasn't great new ideas. Point was to embrace the right idea. then he says in his letter. then he looked Aristotle and Cicero and Sydney and Lock.
And many others, and so did his contemporaries at the time. The progressive today, look at Aristotle, Cicero, Sidney unlock. No now they look to Marks an Hegel. This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the reasons. Bernie Sanders Wilma debate me on any of my media platforms on radio on live tv. The fox this channel. He won't do bade me because I know when he knows he knows what I now, and we both know if we would sit down for an hour and have a discussion, I would thoroughly and incompletely expose them This is why the twenty eight year old young lady, who is just elected the so called Socialist Democrat in New York, come on the show. Because she knows that I know what she knows
and she knows what I know and she doesn't want to have a discussion with me. She'd, rather gone MSNBC and Sienna now Where am I going with all this few cause last night, as I do often asking mark. Where do we go with this? Where we headed? How do we save our republic and I wrote an entire book on this called the liberty amendments. Member, the Albany Congress and the stamp of Congress and the Continental Congress in the second Continental Congress. How the colonies, and then this its would meet We need to discuss taking place in the country how to make it better
well those geniuses who met in Philadelphia. after the revolutionary war. To replace the articles of confederation with an actual constitution, A provision in their constitution. your article. Five provides two ways to amend the constitution. One Congress to there, both houses Posing amendments to the states three forced the states are now thirty: eight states having to ratify and- days before the end of the constant national Convention, Philadelphia. George Mason stood up. A delegate from Virginia Genius, brilliant. And he said if I shall turn oppressive the only way. To reform form taking place through violence, we must
the people, the power. To address a tyrannical congress or in this case a tyrannical federal government, and they Fourth, the process in the constitution. And the legitimate constitutional way is through the state legislatures thirty four state legislatures coming virtually identical resolutions when it comes to the issues they want to discuss, calling for a meeting a convention of the states where they meet they discuss They want to do to get the original constitution back, which has been rewritten by the Politburo that we now call the Supreme Court. Which still would require the same ratification process. Thirty eight states three force the state legislatures, either by either by the legislators, are convention, so there's no
potential whatsoever for a runaway convention The states are in charge from beginning to end This is how you address what's taking place in this country Really not going to happen tomorrow, we're not going to happen next year. But if it doesn't happen, I'm telling you in fifty years your children will not recognise this country. Loving you know by now that you and your entire family credit history is everything can fall victim to identity theft, him anymore It's time, you use your credit card, even open an email techno. These are, after you, so
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And they give you a one hundred percent identity recovery guarantee. If you do Victim or your money back, let my de cared care take care of you just like they do me and my family. It freezes along will protect you from all nine types of identity theft, but my eye, He care will learn more and get fifteen percent off at my idea? Cared dotcom, slash, Mark promo code markets, a mouthful. Let me repeat it my eye, He cared dot com. Slash Mark Promo code Mark one more, my eye, he care dotcom, Slash, Mark Promo Code, Mark So when you- and I say we want a constitution as on the Supreme Court And the progressives scream and bark and Burke and say your move. The court to the right. What does that mean? You move the court to the right. The constitution is concerned:
tourism, constitutional, it's not right. It's not left constitutional is to somebody who wants, as best as possible make sure the constitution, as faithfully interpretative, interpreted and upheld. Why is that a right or left thing? What else has Judge or justice supposed to isn't that there devour our constitution, are trying to defend an institution. And stay foreign ideology, Imported into this country, that is true, to promote its ideology and devour our constitution and our constitutional republic, We are defending the institution, they are the institute and we are defending the institution because we understand the principles that under guard these institutional liberty individualism, private property rights faith.
I'll be right back now let me underline the vows somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one color one is an excellent question. So let's jump right in and I will produce From their Dan AUS Head New York on the market of an app hurry, user Finally, you very well what does your questions?
I wish I was term interesting angle and I'd like to know why you think Ngos, progenitor of progressive of please. Progenitor. First Marxism And Mark certainly thought he's act Leah, progenitor, first of Marxism, and marks himself thought so and now I will explain it to you. He believed in this argument, of course, of historical progress of history. because dialectics is, and I'm telling this to the american people here. It's not just for you. That is. Some societies. He argued for human development or the lack thereof. the change from one historical period, the necks of some societies, are stuck in their own history. This progress over time, his argument, but there too directory of history journalist toward the ideal state. the method of individual and societal. Progress involves a dialectic process
Some reasoned some unconscious- this is what he argued on rating from my own book, in which opposite are in constant state of conflict synthesizing into ever higher truce. which eventually lead to a fully developed state, which he called the final end, and you can see some darwinism in this too, so that which appears irrational in a state will eventually be brought in the harmony he argues in this. Contended, Hegel is the of human history and evolution state is ultimately the external force, as opposed to the into the eternal force, through which the individual finds his actual Alsatian. That's his word liberty, happy, and fulfilment through the state? Such the individuals not consume with his own existence and private affairs. What he called subjective thought. Instead, where the state the individual sees beyond self and becomes a citizen of the state.
Whose reality is part of a universal ized hull and collective life, through which the individual learns. What is reasonable? That is, objective thought. This is the final and sought by the individual and the state, the consciousness of mine and freedom in this way The individual serves and benefits from the state, and vice versa, that came before Thirdly, vanishes therefore, me progressively moves away from the state of nature? to the final and through reason, any was every dismissive of the American declaration of natural rights, thought that was all hokum. Allah met. Mythology eroded, but the elements of philosophy of right in eighteen. Twenty about ideal state is what he says this. It is the realized ethical idea or ethical spirit. It is the will which manifests itself makes it. Of clear and visible so
dad shades itself. Is the will, which thinks and knows I'm calling this state finds an ethical custom. It direct and unreflective existence and its indirect and reflected existence in this consciousness of the individual and in his knowledge and activity, in other words the individual and the state. Become one and the same consciousness in the form of social disposition. Has its did freedom in the state as the essence. purpose in product of its activity that state Which is the realise substantive will have Its reality in the particular self consciousness raised to the plain of the universal is apt, only rational this Restrictive unity is motive, an absolute and in this and freedom attains its eyes right this it has the highest right over the individual, whose huh
Its duty in turn is to be a member of the state. And as I say, therefore, the individual's again subservient to the state for the same state can never attain the lofty utopian nights device by Hegel. the visual will never be adequate to the cause. Meanwhile, the individuals, independence and free well are absorbed by the state and then community in general, welfare indeed, the unity of the so called actualized individual with the ideal state requires the abandonment of the past. They abandon, the declaration. Hegel found no relevance at all in the origin and founding principles of a nation accepted We stand a next step in the historical process and this The sizing they comes from dialectics is in fact, Hegel took a direct shot at the notion of eternal natural on rights and are in our declaration as well. Still theme folks among american, progressive
the basis of America's founding of the declaration of independence. He insisted But the only legitimate form of thought involves the application of the science of the state Does a constant theme, folks among american, progressive a diminution of the individual, the rejection of America's heritage, Hagen went on He said rationality viewed, abstractly consists in the thorough unity of universality and individuality. Taking concretely, from the standpoint of the content, the unity of objective freedom with the subject of freedom of the general sub. They will with the individual conscience. So the subject of freedom is the individual freedom. The object of freedom is the freedom of the state. They must be become one, And he goes on and I'm not trying to go into the weeds here. But it's really.
I think the word I would use obtuse than it is, the open society and its enemies by Karl Popper, of whom I am a huge fan. He was an austrian british philosopher and a big critic of Hager and he exposed Finally, the final solution and marks, as you can see, break freely with our contradictions, because is point- is that handles as for years, you ve got these peace to forces going at each other and then and then more perfect. This is creating that still keeps going on and on and on till you have the the fight Stage the final solution, and as you can see, picked up on that applied it to historic materialism. Applied much of Hegel isn't me altered it, but is hugely influenced by early in his life marks so not forget about hang on the later in his life, he said actually. Hegel was right on a number of things and so
Papa says All things are contradictory in themselves. Has Hegel he insists in order to defend its position, which means the end not only of all science but of all rational argument. In other words, we get to this. this final solution and as proper, there is no final solution. and the reason why wishes to admit contradictions inside he wants to stop rational argument and with its terrific intellectual progress. In other words, if your philosophy is look rise, of opposites finding with each other and they get to a more perfect position and then there's up. It's the fight over that position and so forth, and so on. This point is well, then you never have right and wrong. You never have a good and evil. It's just a process. And so on. it goes on I get into this more deeply, but I probably lost half the audience already anyway stand by war
You agree, though, that Hegel talks about Spirit the disparities, the evolution of freedom where it has been a philosophy of history that first one was raised and somewhere free, then all will be free guess I mean, but that, but you can't be free through the state. More I was concerned about freedom and hang Hegel was not concerned about freedom. Hegel was really right on eight. Let me finish was writing a defence of the of the monarchy. The german monarchy- and he was led by the german monarchy this these were excuses in my view, and it opera is view in the view of many other people, and now he was he uses words like spirit in and individuality. But always it is the state in the end user you must collude with or combined with the state in order to realise your full, as he would say, individual actual Alsatian, you don't agree.
Do you have to think about it let us think hard, but I think that is the prescription for Tunisia. I think. They'll progenitor of progressive version is the abandonment of religion. I'm telling you what they picked. Listen. I did This up the aggressive intellectuals, Who would follow? Hegel marks pointed to Hegel marks and where does religion come in with Hegel,. when, when it went when they went when, when the when these final state, the idea, the final Doesn't you involve? Religion involves the state. Like your Paypal, I gave a crash, previous shrouds for health care about him, I'm as we were talking about Hegel, but this is the point,
It goes not living in isolation living at a time of tremendous change. Pagel he's living in a time of tremendous change which he rejects, he's defending the monarchy, that's the whole point. I know I wouldn't raised monarchy. While they do you do They embraced him, while if you don't believe that Hegel was defending the monarchy than you don't understand, Hegel I, my friend, I do a prey. Hatred, car- that's A job lie in Georgia. The great w e k S go, no yes, yes, yes, like to know what is wrong with popular marathon believe it I asked question is always lived men too. a narrow, were you who's, who happens to They are you'd only dimension the house, but what's wrong populism go ahead, I'll do it. What is wrong with it were like yours,
payment, because when I we heard last week about oh I lied. Let's. Let me address populism. Thank you for your call, my friend if you read the constitution, is no populism in the constitution. Whatsoever, which article which section which clause promotes populism. The founders of this country, in the framers of the constitution and ratifying the constitution, feared pure democracy, the courts reflect pure democracy presidency doesn't reflect pure democracy there's unlike electoral college, the Senate doesn't like pure democracy, and the case of the house there's to your limits and then you gotta, keep wreak, keep running no pleasure ice no referendum, nothing.
John Item said Bessy said: is that people could vote they vote that take the operating from those who earned it You look at the declaration of independence about unalienable right, unalienable right, Sir Unalienable Right has nothing to do with democracy or populism. And other brilliant man alive, quoted in the pass his name. as is Asia. Berlin has passed away since brilliant man. We ve talked about and before we will in the future, and he talked about liberty. Positive liberty, negative liberty, and I want to get too heavy, but he goes into these ideas of populism. Nationalism, constitution was and so forth. and he makes the point that liberty. Is not necessarily defended by any form of government. any form of government is capable of tyranny
I use this example. Unalienable rights. Are your unalienable right subject to plebiscite. Your too or is to do it like to have people by the motion of voting. to deny you any of your unalienable right. Your god when unalienable right life, liberty, through the happiness Life Liberty Property course The constitution is to it. create the governing mechanism through which the principles in the declaration of independence or manifested did Create a populist government Now Theodore Roosevelt money was running in the two party nickname thee. A moose party. Am I didn't? Google is among the long list of things that he supported was national plebiscite
hu as a progressive and a populist, and that's part of the problem, You had the parties in the mid too late. Eighteen sixties,. Calling themselves the people's party. Why don't support the people? Party- I don't know what that means. We are republic, we're not a democracy. We republic, we're not a populist government. there's something called the burking entrust he ship. I remember reading this one, it was like twelve or thirteen years old. I haven't read it but you can go to it now. What's the bird He entrust teacher Bobby we something Edmund Burke had pen another great man man born in Ireland. created to Britain became one of the most brilliant members appear, and writers of his time. We supported the American Revolution, they rejected the french revolution. The french revolution was a populist revolution.
And you are ten years of terror, it was horrific. The american revolution was not a populous revolution. Was I Lookin Revolution. the checks and balances with separation of power and so forth, and saw the american excuse me, the american founders, feared the mob and the monarchy The mob and the monarchy but still the will of the people needed to be expressed, and so how do you do that? The will of the people will be expressed through a process. People get the vote for President Barroso, protection, and there the electoral college people get for Congress, Two bodies encounters vote for. One directly, at least originally the way they sent it was set up. And then the Senate would represent the states,
not elect judges and they the system. Up now you will hear the autocrat the Progressives the year, the progeny of of haggling marks go on and on and on about the people. General welfare, community and so forth, and so on and yet. The only way they can meet their fate full objectives, is through the iron fist of a central I state, which is why they hate the constitution and reject the declaration. I'll, be right back Why? I rode rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny of progressive they are incompatible. Absolutely incompatible And we collectively
need to understand the force were up against. This is where I spent the first time. The programme, very, if we going over the early parts of american history. Looking at, what's going on today, the battle over the Supreme Court, they read. the declaration of the constitution by people, so progressive, I call them status. Who pretend to care about that? institution. The very short sighted unfortunately, but Hegel Road. Other thanks. And he live from seventeen. Seventy eight thirty one of your curious. He specifically rejected the declaration of independence, the way that Obama I believe, crucial phrases the declaration of independence. The way that Woodrow Wilson. On eight July, fourth, during the course of his presidency, one independence horse stood out front independence, Hall
an essentially eviscerated the declaration of independence cannot be a so called progressive and believe in natural law and the law of nature. An unalienable rights of the individual. You cannot You believe in government in taking things from some people and giving it to other people? You believe that all roads of justice and equality run through a powerful central government men. bye, called elites, I'll be right back large Levant Michel lie a national at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Is there any
It's the teachers, young adults, to seek what is true, beautiful and good, even understand what those things mean. Haven't. Sustaining the principle that all men are created equal, but why me because the world's freest nation is a place where students studying these things, it's called hills to college putting in the work to understand essential truth, so gradually ready to lead in any field of their children. his vice President Prince said: it commands This year, hills their students learn not what to do, but what to be Hills, though, also offers its stellar education to you through the monthly subscription term Primus free online courses like constitution, one or one that fact every American can learn like a helstone student from the same professors most remarkably allow hills. It provides a service to our nation without taking a single penny of taxpayers, money, state, local federal, not one penny.
Only encourage you to learn how hills to conserve. You had a website. yes for you, my beloved audience. Levin for hills, they'll, dot, com, Levine for Hills, Deodar come let's go easy. I am free hills, the com. If you're enjoying today show in the sort of things that I'm talking about, go to wholesale, that is Levin for hills. Down that check it out. You folks are very, very interested in these subjects tonight and am very impressed then please, but I shouldn't be surprised and I'm not really not There's you the smartest smartest So, let's go on because this guy Hegel is is very, very crucial to understanding come our Harris and Bernie Sanders Instruction, in today's media. half of them, don't even understand that their Hey galleons Mary when he lived seventeenth he's a communist he gets. It.
This philosophy so called aggressive ism. As I say these, this is the progeny of legal and marks. Among others, Hegel wrote concerning a constitution. This is a direct attack on US memory when he lived. One thousand seven hundred and seventy two one thousand eight hundred and thirty one as concerning reason itself, there has in modern times been an endless babel, which has in Germany, been more insipid than anywhere else member, Remember what I said. Hegel was essentially all the his writings and arguments and thinking and so forth, and so on. He was effectively defending the dictatorship. In Germany, so he rejected constitutional This is today's left us with us. There are those who have persuaded themselves that it is best
at the very threshold of government to understand before all other things where the constitution is I think that they have furnished invent What proof that religion, and should be The basis of all their shallowness, It is small, wonder providing has made for reasonable mortals the words reason: illumination Right constitution, Liberty, Mere empty, sounds immense It become a shame to talk about political constitution These does one effective. This super fluidity, we may up to see the conviction become general Philosophic acquaintance with such topics cannot proceed from mere reasons, ends grounds and utilities, much less from feeling, love and inspiration, but out of the conception it will fortunate thing too if those who maintain the divine to be involved in and annex with the truth to be wasted, effort where hands.
Or to refrain from breaking in upon the argument I explained in the second one of Digested rhetoric and edification they manufacture and of those feelings. Lease lay no claim two philosophic notice. So. He's denouncing the coloration the notion of natural law. The notion of Asia, every God conferring unalienable rights, the creator on a people and the idiocy he would argue A founding a country based on that and then being stuck in that she can never move forward. Modernization you here today. Modernization, the modern man, a modern woman. Hegel than denounced the doctrine of separation of powers, the purpose of which is to contain the power of the state and protect the individual from the tyranny that typically arises from the centralization of power two
current ideas must be mentioned, that, regarding the necessary division of the functions of the state, this is most important feature which one take in its true sense, is rightly regarded as the guarantee of public freedom, but of this those who think to speak out of inspiration and love, neither no nor will know anything for in it. Eyes. The element of determination through the way of reason, the prince of the separation of functions contains the essential element of difference, that is to say of rationality but apprehended by the abstract understanding. It is false one It's the view, These several functions are absolutely independent, and it is one sided when it is considered the relation of those functions to one another as negative and mutually limiting. So he saying It's one thing. Deaths bread forces fighting with each other for the purpose of moving towards this final solution, but
quite another tabby separation of powers for the purpose of having separation of powers. So you can see. So, despite his extensive argument about conscious freedom, what We ve cause reason. Spirituality is the gentleman with calling said. community, the hall egalitarianism. The ambiguity of the practical form of the final land, the eventual perfect state. And the condemnation of constitutional republicanism as disparate parts, say, Morgan devouring itself. Finally reveal themselves as a monarchist Joe, does the left in this country ultimate were reveals itself. You can name, it has tyrannical. He said the legislative corresponds to universality and the executive, particularly
The judicial is not the third element of the conception. The individuality uniting the other two lies beyond these fears The function of the prince has the sub Activity with which rests. The final decision got that got that subjectivity The ultimate individual actual alsatian rests with the prince function of the Prince S, objective it, with wit, with with rests the final decision. in this function, the other two are brought into an individual unity. The lead later the courts into an individual unity with the prince. it is at once the combination and beginning at the hall there he says- is constitutional monarchy, so
Hey goes final. End is an all knowing all powerful monarchy quote perfecting the state into a constitutional monarchy is the work of the modern world in which the substantive idea has attained the infinite form. This the descent of the Spirit of the world into itself, their free section by virtue of which the idea sets loose from itself in its own elements, and thing, but its own elements and makes them totality aright yuk, yuk yuk. The point is the totality the Spirit finally conforms into this Princely figure, the critics of monarchy, I'm telling you. This is important. The vast majority we have never been taught this. This is important what's a lot to consume, I really do
to the critics of monarchy. Hegel wrote the conception, a monarch, offers great difficulty too. Abstract reasoning, so you- and I were stuck with abstract reasoning- is who we know. God and Unalienable rights and natural ass. Well, ass! Fine! That's all this abstract, mythical mummy! Jumbo dealing with real science? the end is the monarchy, so the prince, through which all of us. Attain our ultimate Realize our ultimate individuality, you see. The conception of monarch offers great difficulty to obstruct reasoning and to methods of the understanding the standing never gets beyond isolated determination. You no separation of power grab lab loud from his point of view. He says you basically say you don't programme, from anything talk about separation of powers and unalienable,
God, given rights and natural law says you know, that's fine and good for that period of time and now you're stuck there you're stuck in your constitution you're stuck in declaration, I M, showing you the way out. marks does the same thing somewhat differently some believe in the prince? Obviously, he sums since the prince with the mob. If you will, in my opinion,. thus the dignity of the monarch is presented is something derivative about only in its form, but also in its essential character. He says by the phrase sovereignty of the people? It is to be understood. A republic or more powers actually democracy. All that is necessary has been said. So here we talking about the previous denunciation of separation of powers, Cetera says one. People is not a patriarchal, a patriarchal tribe. Having passed the primitive condition,
which made the forms of aristocracy democracy possible. It is represented not as in a well foreign unorganised condition, but as a self develop, truly organic totality and such. People sovereignty is the personality of the hall and two in a reality which is proportionate to the conception, the person of the monarch of the monarch And so what brings you unavoidably to an examination of Karl Marx Koromo he was also german philosopher. He studied Hegel writing very, very carefully. so it is frequent partner, Frederick Angles, and Marxism intellectual starting point is nearly indistinguishable from hackers
I also saw history has the past and the present washed away through the perfection of society excited, though, that Hegel idealistic historicity. and its emphasis on legal and political conditions fed to account patiently for the most important characteristic of historical, progress economics not going to spend time getting in the march right now that for another day, but it's him orton that we do that other day again, you can understand, come on, Ferris can understand, Chuck Schumer and you can understand Elizabeth worn and you can understand Bernie Sanders Day, Our driving an agenda that is alien to our in principle. It Makes me smirk if Well, on July, fourth,.
When, at times I watch on tv what's going on in can see the beautiful Pbs show you pay product show and every now and then I'll show a liberal Democrat waving an american flag and I'm saying do they, even though what they're doing Are you actually celebrating America's family. Or they celebrating where they ve taken America, they come. Addictions in the mind of the left really remarkable. On the one hand, they dismissed the founding, as that, white men with white privilege who own slaves, then the other I forth their stand in their way we in american flag will, which is it. You probably a country. and if you want to fundamentally transform it, I don't see how you can be so proud of it.
I'll, be right back you know about, may be thinking Raina. Why do we look what's with all this, and I will tell you what's wrong and why do my shown wine? Often I do it. This way I mentioned, Isaiah Berlin and he said to the effect. If you leave, I do, philosophy the academics in the intellectuals? you will lose your liberty who's your country, you see for many of them. Ladies and gentlemen, we are nothing more, nothing less Then mice and a social experiment, You do know what interrupted
in order to do something about take today creature, there's two there: ok, for what to do what The battle of ideas still minor. When you see the talking points her hear them, The left day in and day out on, these cable shows they not. Mr a step now we're all supposed to support a bottle ice before that. I read a lot and I read it fast. You can see how dismissive Hegel is of. we're supposed to support national healthcare abortion on demand on an honor. They never stop, ass. Their agenda. Push push push, doesn't matter how they get it, but it's the battle. Well, it's the rock democracy, whether it's the court's because don't believe in constitutional republicanism, believe in an ideology, and so the
justify the means. to the extent you are able to follow what I read- and I know I read a lot and I read it fast- you can see how dismissive haggle is of constitutional ism. Republicanism marks The same. Fundamental transfer formation under a constitution. You cannot have fundamental transformation in you are fundamentally transforming the constitution? No, I know Wikipedia while mentioning this discussion. Instead, they They smear me that characterise ass, namely because they allow leftist again in there and edit and so forth, and I know when the left writes about this programme. They just mention from the time when I may bark something out and so forth and so on as any human being. What but you know better we into these issues like nobody else and we have to, and I write
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one three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one and eleven tug didn't pull this way in that way. This is the last hour, the third, our and. there is a comedy bid on Netflix by this Michel Wharf Member, her, the whatever She has said some of the most horrible things about IRAN could trump Made a decision not to play it number one. you in my arms you're, not gonna, wanna, hear this number two. She is so vile. I won't get really attention, but you go on the internet and see what she said. Really he acts like a sub human. She really does you think she's really hip, not hip she's a slob. and I thought to myself
Did any of you watch life Liberty and Levin last night at ten p m and the Fox NEWS Channel Eastern some pompous of a lot of you do, and I want to thank you, and a great S last night, Now I promoted it on my radio show We promoted around shown Hannity Show, but I even had my friends and staff why there was no promotion on the Fox NEWS Channel and they have to fact hosts Sean had any remark lament Promotion whatsoever, a pm, show promoted nine pm shows P, Opium Sunda, nothing weird MR producer. It's very odd this there's some saboteur in there. I don't know. What's going on and I've I've complain, but they don't care but you're with us. I consider very important programme. There are knockoffs now popping up everywhere. Including my friends on radio, I think
I'll, do an interview show one hour with long form interview. Ok, good! So ABC News is starting PBS, Estonia. So we started this Six months ago, now announced it eight or nine months ago. And I really wanted to break a format. So we don't have a Congo line guests. so we we get deeply, and substantively and issues with one or two guests top and their there where he or she is there for the full hour. And so I had shown how and the reason I had shown on one of the reasons: why was he is the highest raided cable purse The highest rate of cable show consistently and it's not even close, he's now defeated matter
one man I'll use to beat him now and then all the websites were Primeau or look at this look at their she's number one. Now that he's number one consistently in every here think even from the friendly's you never hear of it. And so are we in a lot of fun, and I thought. We just play a few short clips for you not because of me, but because a Sean I thought it was so compelling here is last night life Liberty and live in just a couple minutes cut fourteen go as the Babe Ruth cable tv you're also attacked by the left. I notice they try these boycotts every now and then they attack you. They go after you. What is that like? Well the great question most important thing to me. I don't care Not even a little bit mark one bit what The last thing so me I just I was right,
you I have a love in a passion for this country and I, brought up in twenty. Sixteen, I do by design it's my way. You have your give senior unique style rush has his his unique style. I liked to be myself, and I saw thirteen million more Americans on food stamps, eight million more poverty. I saw The lowest labour participation rate since the seventies wars, recoveries in the forties, fifty Percent low in homeownership, a doubling of the debt if those numbers out regularly on purpose because those are real people, real Americans, real suffering and the south, because of government failure. And this is your we'll house- isn't what you do the history of our great founders and framers and philosophers. The end of the day, I'm lookin out of very practical standpoint, what works
why does it work? Why do you think you attacked the way that you come because for a lot of these people. It's about power. Will we had the most unbelievable week where PAN Monday, is attacked. Think about this Secretary Nielson is attacked Sarah, could be as attack. Conservatives are being thrown at a restaurant there being followed, you have, profile Democrat suggesting that we can we get confronted in gas stations in restaurants, whatever you say, like a mob mentality is taken over and the real reason for it is that in five hundred days, the economy's flip dramatically. Every echo MC indicator. We have is off the charge noble Donald Trump would win. No, thought. He get the primary nobody thought he beat Hilary and no thought he'd be the successful and We are now in the silly season or Democrats only one single playbook and that is,
public are racist, sexist, massage it homophobic, xenophobic, islamic fall back. And if one big lie I asked them well, let's play cut fifteen go ahead. What else how to got taxes. He's expose the media, and this is why they hate him. I am convinced the meat had played this- came with the american people for decades that their objective and or by partisan and their only reporting, maneuvers- he showed them to be a pseudo profession. It's not a professional. And what he showed them also to be is group think of one mind: there's different characters. You know different levels of intelligence, some of them cause I intelligence. If you will and so forth, he drives them not because he calls them up and then the accused him of attacking them press freedom. He's heard attacking press freedom, he's pointing
how to I lightning press freedom, two thousand and seven and eight I Journalism in Amerika. I remember this is dead right. I didn't even know how right I was at the time here: they haven't figured out tat. I love this part. they haven't, figured out of CNN CNN wool. They have been so branded They will forever be known as fake news CNN, the broadcasts networks. I think one of the funniest thing is a president does You have a sense of humour, and you understand Donald Trump and the american people seem to understand them, and they accept that he's. Not your cookie cutter politician that is politically correct. That won't take a chance. I think that, during his rallies, when you see those people in the back, Fagin is fake news and the crowd turns around on their own knowledge by Trump CNN socks off fake news and they shouted them because
I would be thinking if I was running a network. And ever stay. Every group or people was had any socks. I think I might, personally at some point they will. What am I doing wrong? and then? Finally, although this the entire show by any means, but finally, for our radio playing cut. Sixteen go how do you explain, so called never trumpery. The present an enormously successful farm policy. A lot of them come out of the Bush administration shorter, the NEO conservative movement in that Frank Chandra, look it ran present. Did, exactly the right thing. When you look at Israel, recognising Jerusalem as the capital and moving the embassy from television to Jerusalem, that was the law that was by ass by repression, except this president, when you look at how we deal with North Korea, people may quibble over the things he said. so on and so forth. But the fact is he
done more. Would North Korea in terms of first of all, military threat out there and then driving the dictator to the table than any previous president peace to restoring peace through start, but when you look work for I work for ragged and I supported Trump and the general. I guess she and I see a lot of similarities. I'm not talking about the way they speak, but there's a career, to both of these men- and there is a principle of both these men and I am concerned that there are some people who claimed to be conservatives recognize it. Because they have had a personal tiff with him or the very scanned about which is and so forth, and one other thing you they'd all admit thereof. You ve been in a fight, would allow these people you know it's not even a fight, because, though, Some people are winning. Now look make a prediction: Donald Trump a transformational president and
I don't believe, is a nationalist and I don't believe as a populist I have always remained my entire career consistent I may ringing conservative and which you the chief of staff for admission, one of the greatest attorney general's we ever had, and so you know Reagan's policies as I do. I can cite the economic statistics: twenty million new jobs in literally doubled revenues to the government he's gone. He was hated to attack by the same for wait a minute he was. He was called and amiable funds by republican establishment thing eyes and blue do economics was a Bush terms. Look it took him three times to get the nomination, the all the time the media hated him hated, but they hate trump more more. I view that isn't simply agree,
they thought Hilary was gonna, win they bank on Hilary. They wanted their third term of Obama. This ban, when surprises, everyone proudly surprises himself. The american people rose up. And said enough is enough: we want to try this man in this not just in an attack from my perspective on Trump. This, isn't it I call on the american people and you can hear it more and more Scarborough talking about a Trump voters as racists trump voters are racist, Hilary calling them deplorable their attacking tens of millions of Americans workload struck page text. I go to Walmart smell the trump people. There's a contempt and the left has always had this for conservatives, but there's a contempt, people now I'm back I have. This is a sort of your very I think, interesting discussion that occur. on Sunday, night time, pm Eastern some Pm Pacific on the Fox NEWS, Channel life, Liberty and Levin, and I hope you watch it.
And and I hope that promoted. But even when they don't. We do very very well, thanks to you all, Ben This is the best that the Mark Levant, show happy independence day. Lawyers for you, ladies and gentlemen, from the Hill newspaper league experts say Mahler. Our team likely gained access to an hour a tax violence, lifetime member, the energy tourism Six million of you who are members of the inner legal acts. I'd say. It's likely special Council, Robert Mahler, secretly gained access to the national rifle associations. Tax returns is part of the UN
starvation and a russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election. According to a Mccluskey report, mothers to is reportedly looking to end our aid donors with to Russia, to gaining whether some donors use the organization to illegally funnel foreign money to president trumps campaign. This guy Mahler is unbelievable. A throwback to the old soviet prosecutors. That's what he is clown Mahler and his hat more than that on Hilary campaign, so there investigating they tax, the terms of the area first to gaining the tax returns of the Clinton Foundation, know how about the Clinton's too so returned no habit.
The donors to the Clinton Camping, no I've about had it up to here. What this fraud investigation, clown Mahler. And his happy outcome. All democratic prosecutors. I've had it with these people. And these clowns judges to. They are there in the better the bench go on and on the constitution and separation of powers, and we know you're after Trump by my and then they write their opinion. Well, it's when the scope, and does it mean Who the hell are these fools? Then you get the I'm a judge in Washington DC their house, her name. I can remember such a lightweight. A matter for its citizens,
Finally, solitary confinement in a federal prison braided from his family, but of course they don't care about that in a federal present. For what for what wire from bank fraud, this fraud, that fraud All occurred many many years ago, when Mahler was the FBI directorate, apparently blind as a bat couldn't see it. Listen, we also opinion like we haven't, read them arson we also dependent, then the judge in the east and desperate Alice. The third. On and on I just want to get around now: it's where those are the rules. What can I do about away? Let me drop a footnote provide no rational substance whatsoever on the appointments. Journey and prevent calibre, I know you listen to the show judge. I know who you are, and you know I know who you are and calibre easy,
And two sentences he dismissed. I god almighty himself. The Martian repulse an opinion like we haven't, read the Martian V Olson opinion thirty years ago. I make a slightly different argument is calibration continues to refine. His position my argument is different. I think at this point my argument, is that special council can be constitution, but this one is not there. The nature, the appointment. I've said two things all along and another come along and sir hanging like I've been. I knew not what he said it. Well. Let me repeat what I have said: no, I can listen on my website if you cared probably number one. rose and steam as deputy attorney general, but acting attorney general for very specific area. Did not have the authority to confer
all this power on a subordinate into He did not have the authority to confer the attorney general's power on a subordinate. The attorney general refusal doesn't cover certain aspects of that power. That's number one number two Mr rose and steam did not have the power conferred such broad powers, And unchecked, and really not even over seen on his special Council creation. Because any moves, the special council from an inferior employ two principal officer of the federal government But dad what Judge Ella says. He didn't hear the arguments he there hasn't been an oral argument papers. So many drops a footnote who cares about is footnote. So now Vienna raise taxes are being looked at by Mr Mulder.
and his band of left wing, democratic, coop prosecutors, so many of whom are utterly and completely biased Some of whom are unethical, I've been certified is unethical, Tromp supporter among them, which one anybody go to their Trump Victory Party, which one. Any die anyone I'm donate substantially to the trunk campaign, which one none of them. So just so you know legal experts say Mahler team Skinned act. To the energy tax. Farming is absolutely outrageous. What this calamity a general Council, John Frazier, said in the April disclosure that torsion has not made additional contributions. He found a Russian is added counter russian You know it's still not illegal to be a russian. I just want to point that you could be a russian
And it's not illegal. I'll, be right back in relation to the best of the mark, Levine show Pappy Independence Day you couldn't, Bushnell, seventy seven thousand three hundred and thirteen eight hundred and eleven, and the liberal contact number is eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven if your shower brush your teeth or try to make your hair look presentable here's some good news dollar shave club as a lot of stuff to keep you dollar show. Club delivers everything you need to look, feel and smell. Your best shampoo can, Your body wash toothpaste, haired everything, a dollar shave, clubs, products may, with top shelf ingredients that won't break your budget. I'll help you out you'll feel the difference a shipping is free with your membership and here
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I favour at times of the year leading up to independent they. My only other favorite time, of course, was truth, look- and I have said, but I am so super excited to join you in to talk with your audience about something that I know is working. I gotta have been finding books with people, send them to me provocative people want to give them a gift and there was one woman whose card I read on my Instagram and Facebook today, while she said that she picked up my book, a short time later and the book we went out for a month. We would have to be sure tat. She got it. promotion on her job. She started making changes in her life. I know this stuff works and I want your listeners to engage the nine engagement immediately, while you know what and I didn't know you were a military Brett. So you know a kudos to you in here, your file at, let's jump into this, so nine rules of engagement for life. Basically,
take a few and explain them to us all right now. The whole premise of this is to look at that military family experience and under that there are certain things that are required and expected, particularly the offspring of officers. My dad fought in Vietnam the combat pilot. I allow work with one of them: a story. She was stationed than dung ha at one point: the northernmost town of South Vietnam, just below the in the end. I start the book off with a mission that started to go sour. and the reason that I do that is because the first place you start in life is to believe you can You ve got a really dive into your own potential and of all you have is a battered shot, a plane and your skill, you ve gotta, believe that you are enough and that kicks in the first one and I'm glad you and I have finally back, because I would consider you one of my special forces.
fine mark absolutely people with conviction. You want people. When I listen to you and watched you now, you want people around you who really believe in goodness and the best that we can be those people We believe that change is possible. That's where we are in the nation right now, and I feel that what you believe in you integrity and honesty mark. Quite frankly, most people need to fight some people in their lives today Some of them are relative, its talking right on. I have fired a bunch of those already. You know the kind of guy. for your life every now and then you're like ok, something not working with you. I have too much of it No, but if your neighbors gossiping you gotta chaplain, her because that will bring you down. If and you know anybody who has time to come what you have cannot possibly help you get to where you need to be a your level of success mark. I know you ve done
you can't you have to, and you probably don't talk about it all that much because it doesn't it my warm and fuzzy to heighten or what I call renovate your inner circle recruit your special this rule number one where you do that that renovation around you, so that you have people who really have your back, that whole concept military of watching your sick minded, over ten these days when you know that the whole idea, so that one place where you start another place- and this is one my favorite rules and again I know from just listening to you and watching you, but sometimes we think already in play or you need Unita relied yourself to do them. We all have demon and we have to deal with them It was the kind of tardiness that I would show up at events that I had orchestrated and p. Would be already ordering their food. I was so late I know I had a new director told me tell me that it was gonna ruin my career,
mark every day and in yes, you know I'm strong in my face. I love where I work they are struggling to get the right idea about the Ba and our hospital. They have to fix it because its part already now and we are the best fighting course from the world. Let me go, let me let me ask you something, As I listened to you, are always this optimistic yeah yeah, are a positive force. I'm just listening to you will. Thank you. Yeah I am. I have to be because the world would tell that there is no hope, but we but their miracles every day mark every day and in yes, you know I'm strong at my face. I love where work, because I know that I can ask my co workers to pray for me or pray with them more and it's not a place where that's out of place. I think that when you are purposeful in your life, you have to make sure that you are in the right place,
surrounded by the right people. You know them doesn't spend two hundred and fifty people on a The mission space seem like a couple dozen casino. They ve got the right people and that's how we should eyes our lives. What's your next, and euro listeners know you're very successful and at the same time I was listening to you just a few minutes ago, you run fire about change, and why is that mark? Because you have that saying spark of hope, and you know that if you don't leave your feet planted and you ve got good surrounded, you know you're, surrounded by good forces If anything is possible, and so that where I stay with my hope, I, though, that we need clutch people around us, but we also need to be clutch her other people. It opens up so much opportunity in our lives, and it reminds us of that. One strand that runs through the thing and that's integrity. Think about how many people are just deciding
now they're not getting on the high road what's I wrote you and I could drive a convertible anything it never reign of IRA I'd like I will talk about me. I want to see you where on the high road, that's where people need to stay because win, the opportunities come up and they will we're ready. I might my one concern Where the nation is right now is that it is one thing sight of its potential, concentrating on what divides us, and so I would say this and I write about this in the book. It's ok to debate. I liked to debate too. I do is show about numbered love to have you and by the way, a great show. Thank you wouldn't have. Finally, we sit there. We talk, you gotta get, everybody would hate me now they wouldn't, because we talk and weed you know what we would do we. Concentrate less on whose right and war on what's right here you go I'm not gonna. Let me ask you a question here
This one fascinates me where cameo raw, what does it mean? I'm ready for whatever it takes. When I was starting out on the business, people would say you're so overdressed, it's not all about fashion by the way, but I'll get it out in the second, and you know it my early twenties. The reason mark that I would count addressed in and his credit card bills were fears, It was well into my marriage reformers, saying some of that. The fact that it was worth it does I needed to be you know that nice, that nice, red dress or whatever it was to compete as an early reporter, because I loved it when people would can confused me. My boss because I knew I was going places there. I'm way did you get it unlike well yet but I'm working on it so came, is the gear there, veal or a green rate goes into battle with they we're different colors. They take the weaponry. That is necessary. It is the whole tool kit of gear.
If you will, and that how we need to go to work every day You gonna work part of our near me to make sure we blew a thing such that will We engage in a debate. We meaner. Don't just accidentally happen, and you know people write stuff about us all. The time I've stopped. Reading the blog from the view last week, and I sat up reading everything and I got a clause there the people were mad cows. That happened, and I realise that I'm living my true- and I really they help people hold on their. I like that line, you're living your truth. Here I mean by that I haven't now everybody that money or or everybody field motivated, and they don't know why,
That was the case for that audience. I wasn't gonna, let it go negative with, but the lady fawn on the table there at the view in my grow up. I was it. Wasn't you comfortable with their you for me, because there, with my girl, Mccain Fellow military brat, wrote the bat quota my book, but I also know who I am I'm new year here, let me tell you something: fascinating. So are you well think about me, but not about you but you're fastening. The book is its market, a book- and you know it's almost like it to be a psychologist- to write this book. I know you're, not a psychologist now, but but this seems said this was in you for years. I bet this book. I journal this book since I was a teenager. Because I realized tat, I had something that the other kids didn't have and they had something I didn't have and what I wanted to do was be around the good kids and when I,
make the wrong decision: gonna, wanna, sugar, cocoa, there's a part in the book bomb realises that I'm hanging out with some girl, you are active, you know what I mean to call them fast girl Richmond, they were quickly. We know which I might be there, your eye ass. They were quick to be doing that I should be doing my mother looked at that and he said well, I can tell Harris Kimberly. No, but she's defiant, is reaching her. You know her womanhood. How do I do this? For my mom an idea of all these sure she would have me do you. We ironing pillow cases for the house now. First of all, I don't We know what the benefit of an iron pillar case outside of a hotel situation would be too would be anyway, and I think I caught her. Times coming into the house with some purchased, The cases for me dire, like here is written out of her located near my he did it
He wanted me to understand that I had a role in the house and and if I was going to be walking outside the family values, I was constantly gonna be remembered how time consuming be to try to do that and then, instead of reduced, doing helpful he or she would sit with me and we re imprint those things that were our family values and she would say your father is a military pilot. There's a lot expected of you Harris Kimberly. Let me review encase you're getting confused and I think you might because your hang with the wrong her then after a while. The stories in the type of mom got to be really interesting, and I got a benefits from that relationship. Irish you take me on her job and I can earn a little body. Sooner or later I didn't want to hang out with those of the girl it paid literally to be the right road
I want to tie when I tell you something I want to remind the audience. The book is nine rules of engagement. This is Earth Faulkner. You see on the Fox NEWS Channel. I'm already getting emails about you. Say: I'm gonna get the book. She fashioning a you are fascinating. This is a hell of a book, and so it's up all my social sides function go to Mark Levin, Show Facebook, Mark, Levin, show twitter Amazon, any major book store, and I strongly encourage you to get this book. These lessons are really good lessons and the way you right, it's very fun. it is understandable. It eight summer read, and I want to say. He for coming on and we need to have you back if you want to come back one day
I would, however, we can talk about anything news of the day. Anything you bless me so much by having beyond I'm so excited for people to get this book and if they send the fox lose, I will autograph it now. You have no idea what you just did showing up and I like, I were fighting for a couple of hours today. If I liked your really crystallize it people syn, letter summer from the military summer, civilian, I'm getting college kids sitting be no paying. You know which rule should I start with. While I may ask because we have to go where you, where do you want to send it twelve eleven years? I know you know what what do we do? This fight is twitter. You treated me and then we'll figure out, headed tweeted I'm already following you, I'm a fan. Well, thank you. I don't follow anyone Harrison very much alone or just so you know
said. My wife I followed or everywhere aright again outwitted you you're, you're listeners will be able to see it. God bless get together. You too, I look forward to God bless you too. She fascinating rich. Why what a personality. And smart, I'm telling you I watch this does show she's on outnumbered and out red overtime, quite serious, I'm in my, studio, getting ready to taper Levine TV. And I always have it on, and she the star. She is terrific Harris Faulkner. The book is nine rules of engagement, a military brow Guy to life and success: it's not just one of these life box, it's a fan, containing buck. You heard her. You heard the energy it comes across in the pages. It is a perfect summer. Time read, it really is and you're gonna get some insight.
into AIR Harris Faulkner to aid. Really is a terrific book. Nine rules of engagement gotta Amazon, DOT, com, Mark, Levin, Show Facebook or Mark Levin, show twitter we'll be right back This is the best. The mark Levine show happy Independence Day, the same invigorated now having talk to Chris Father nine rules of engagement, don't forget to powerful book speaking a powerful. I went to take the best mattress manufactured on the planet- and I know this- Wasn't the best mantras manufactured on the planet. My family and I wouldn't own six of them
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terms and conditions apply. That's Casper Dotcom saved the two hundred twenty five bucks off your order: casper dot com, that's casper that come. Well, we ve gotten heavy duty under the Supreme Court. I think that's necessary MAC corpse. Amongst us not to the left. We, the people. Justice is work for us. They are not working for the left. and so we need to raise our voices in a rational way and make the case. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. Please I got living Tv Ted. I checked
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