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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, The media is hiding behind a false crusade for freedom of the press when they’re really just using that as an excuse to generate phony controversies about President Trump. The left and the right agree that Omarosa is known to be unreliable and the media wonder why we don’t take them seriously when they push her or Stormy Daniels. Omarosa’s book is a pseudo event but its driving the news and it’s not news. The press is interested in promoting their own agenda. We need to have a debate about the media in America. Although no one is threatening the existence of our media, we must examine the role and state of the media in our republic today. Then, reporting on Washington has become ubiquitous with way too much influence. Washington Professor Michael Eric Dyson is always hustling the race issue on TV despite contributing nothing to the conversation. Yet the media continually brings him on - to be a provocateur. Why doesn't CNN bring Shelby Steel or Thomas Sowell on their programs as guests? Liberals like CNN's Chris Cuomo dismiss context and rational thinking as "whataboutism" to justify not dealing with the truth when excused ANTIFA for their actions. Making these types of irresponsible statements sends the wrong message to people that potentially want to harm the police, media, and those they politically disagree with. We have violence at these rallies because MSNBC and like media condone it!

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three one three, eight one one well, ladies and gentlemen, also predictable I'm a rose, so dragging down public discourse. Only issues. The question for the media generally are very happy with the yourselves you happy what you're doing this society be.
I'm a rose, some media the Stormy Daniels media, here's the thing These people on TV, on CNN or MSNBC writing at the Washington Post, washed and times and on and on and on meat. The press northern witnessed anything these so called report haven't witnessed anything, they want to believe on Morocco, so they bring on tv or debate her words and then Some cases pretend they he dismissed, but in other cases promote them. The president reacts and, of course, they call him a racist another? Some people out there who really quite remarkable. They don't think, President should react. They don't think the
Then it should defend himself as a man. The father has a husband and, of course, as a public figure, Thank you should just accepted, because it's on presidential to defend yourself. Just because I'm are also whose career you made for fifteen years and brought into the White House and so forth, just big She did all those things you should The outer denying that Use the word she says you dead, you must have. That you are eating a piece of paper or that your mentally unfit to be president this one Will you brought into your confidence you Jessica, to sit there, no, that's not normal human behavior! Isn't that why we detest politicians because you know when the door closed, they are furious. But trunk keeps the door open Let you know is furious. And using modern social media communications method.
Tell the whole nation. And this woman was taping. The president taping other people, the White House, which is unethical, which sleazy. And somehow the press, president should know better than to hire. Somebody like that. President should know better than this. The president should know better than that present a canoe. He can expect people can expect common sense. Speck people who are going to be decent and what they do present. President do anything the book came out. A publisher- wanted to make money, Simon and from this book this book has multiple lies and it according to a number of people, many of whom don't even like the president, whose They never said these things. They never did. These thanks. A morose is known.
To be unreliable as best as I can put it. And yet here we are with the media, the media debate, At the media discussing it she's on CBS this morning, she's on the today show she's on meat, the press In the media, wonder why. So many of us don't take them seriously. Now what about this before, but I think we gotta go back. We need Have a debate in this country about the media, not freedom of the press, seasonal freedom of the press, you know I was thinking about this. The washed and pole cooperation is owned by Jeff Pieces, whose worthwhile eighty billion dollars is somebody threatening the Washington Post At times I don't know, there's still owned by in part by mexican billionaire, whose where forty five billion dollars a telecommunications king or not, but washed, impose
Excuse me, the New York Times not threatened. I guess Comcast still owns NBC in MSNBC, maybe a little dated in this, but nobody's threatening their existence. Nobody Michael Bloomberg, I was the Bluebird NEWS outlets not small operations. These are big operations and they are owned by multiple billionaires and they're, not going anywhere anyway, you got Thea the New House, family billionaires at the Cox, family billionaires, The Boston glow the billing. A red Sox owner, John John Henry bought. It is ironic, On twenty thirteen,
U S news and world report on by the document a billionaire again. This could be dated the Barbie family owns the village voice. Premium publishing Patrick soon. These are all multi. Multi Multi million. A billion or types was Carlo, slim hula, as I recall, who owned a big chunk of the New York Times warm often owns a whole bunch of or did daily newspapers, Go where the stuff you surf, I google it today. These are major me. To national many cases, corporations these newspapers, cable outlets and local state you have a lot of money to on these companies. So threatening freedom of the press in this country. This
China, Thomas Freeman, always love China. It's not China, not Russia, snotty ran it's not North Korea, nobody has stopped any. Of these media outlets, from reporting from speaking from providing their opinions. None whatsoever. Competition is heard. Many of them they ve had how to deal with new technologies had a deal But the internet and, of course one of the things they support is the nationalization of the internet. Like many me, corporations. They don't believe in capitalism, competition. They would just assume destroy them in order to pay themselves. There really is a few realistic attitude when it I'm still major media in this country, and so you have these so called reporters and hosts that
on these various media outlets owned by these multi billion Eric and their corporate entities, who pretend to represent the people who pretend to to point out the liars from the non Lars that there are the referees that that's a lie. There are not the referees, this isn't about freedom of the press. It's about what the press is doing. Not it's. Free But its actions- and this is something that we must continue to discuss just sit here and spend all day on our morose. I leave that, to the other talk show host the very good at it. I must confess leap, today is not about preserving the press. And the reason we have freedom of the press. Is to ensure the survival of the republic.
Against and overbearing government, but really today, The way these operatives, these these house in these so called journalist, conduct themselves there not interested in that their interested in what. Promoting their own reality promoting their own agenda and by the way notice how synthetic it is notice, how superfluous was a notice how. Similar one is to the next one did. The next is that freedom of the press and I've taught before about these pseudo events that the media Eight by the media report. On today exclusion of others. These pseudo events, like I'm neurosis, book is a non event to relevant. Now her taping
in secure areas of the White House. That's a serious event, which gets very little ten percent of all the discussion. This is a pseudo event as Daniel Kristen, would have put it. A non event that is being I'm a reality because of the way the media reported and promote it and then turn it into an ant trump meme. That its trumps for that America? Is there that its trumps for that she wrote a book that it trumps fault that we have to debate this. That its trumps, Now he's a racist, cosy, cholera dog, its trumps far. Indeed, I paradoxically cause lots of black people thought and its trumps for even cause white people, dogs to still he's a racist, and here we are.
Now this isn't news. This isn't even the purpose of a free press. This is individuals. Who have these these cherished position because are not a lot of anchors on tv, now a lot hosts, relatively speaking, Not a lot of news people on tv, relatively speaking, they use please cherished positions to claim that they are due sending freedom of the press and advancing the cause of a free speech. By creating phony issues and phony events. Insisting that their news- On this, when I return.
This is why I would have intellectual movement to a large extent, really is there, There's a few here and there day in and day out, even smart conservatives on tv and with microphones and with keyboard Live within the world that is created for. I don't mean by the civil society I mean it's created for them. They lived by television, news, radio, loose and newspaper news. Every and this is how they spend their lives regurgitating and then reacting. Now we all do some of that. We must begin take it to the next level and question this.
As bourse than cause pseudo events in America. The animals book is a pseudo event fact that it was published. Russia makes money. She makes money all kinds of allegations in their it's now driving the news for forty eight hours. Seventy two hours, ninety six hours, but it's not new. It's a created event. It simply not newsworthy. In the last half century is worse than says: Our joint larger proportion of our experience of what we read and see and hear consent sub pseudo events and Trump hasn't right, fake news expect more them and we are given more of them. They fly our consciousness, their multiple patient has gone on in the United States at a faster rate than elsewhere. Even the rate of increase is increasing every day. This is
the world of education of consumption of personal relations. It is spent it. True of the world of public affairs,. A full explanation of the origin and rise of pseudo events would be nothing less than a history of modern America. It so true. Then came the news gap. A historically He became so narrow that, in order to have additional news core, unquote free no additional each new broadcast. It was necessary to plan in advance they just by which any available news would be unveiled. So it gets worse and worse because the tv or radio clock, because of the felicity of of papers and so forth. Freedom of the press, we are told, is at stake.
That was once an institution preserve to the interest of the community. Now often a euphemism, for the prerogative of the reporters to use their synthetic commodity and yet Just what they wrapped themselves and freedom of the press. Pseudo events spawn other pseudo events in geometry, progression we ve talked about this. This is partly because Every kind of pseudo event being planned tends to become ritual ized with go to call rigidity all its own as each of pseudo event acquires this rigidity pressures arise to produce other derivative forms of pseudo event, which are more fluid tantalize more interesting ly ambiguous. Thus the press conference itself a pseudo event, in other words, the president, press conferences, essay survey, Jimmy there's a drama queen trying to kid
the president in some statement. Look forward here or there take in that car It's the note, the news courage, who's. The unreality as the Press conference itself, a pseudo event became formalised. There grew up institutionalized leak and as the lake. Comes formalised, other devices will appear now. Of course, this gets a lot. More complicated doesn't it bit depends whose leaking it depends. What their agenda is the real subpoenaed leaked the so called reporter depends what our agenda is or what their focus is, and that becomes knows. That's the news. Of course, the shrewd politician or the enterprising newsman knows this and knows how to take advantage of it seldom for outright deception. More often, simply make more news to provide information quota quote or to improve
an occasion quota. Unquote, for an hour reason, wittingly or unwittingly, now. Nowadays the test of a Washington reporter is His skill at precise, dramatic reporting, but more often his deadness at dark intimidation, he wishes to keep as news channels open. He must acumen vocabulary and develop Style to conceal its sources and obscure the relation of a posted event or statement to the underlying facts of life at the sight, time seeming to offer hard facts much of his I can trade is. To own and other people. Speculation speculate, in about the reality what he reports, he lives, Penumbra between fact and fantasy, he helps create that. Very obscurity without which suppose at illumination of his reports would be unnecessary. A definite
straighter these days must have similar scales. He must master the technique of denying the truth without actually lie speculate, becomes new supposition becomes news. Suppose, It is illumination of the news is no such thing it's a pseudo event, more when I return. Radios, principles. Patriot call now at eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one one. So we have these pseudo events in their self perpetuating one I top of another. There things going on in the world, Taylor story, I'm I discussed on living TV, the other day
my wife and I were awaiting in Chicago. And. We had. A robber driver bring us back to Chicago O hare. We stated followed hotel called the Drake Hotel. Wait attended a wonderful wedding night, hours were already married. And the gentleman was an older african American and we just got that fucking his father recently ass, though his father was ninety five He was sixty eight, almost sixty one, driving in October, and I said. Why do you drive a. He said I retired, when I was sixty five or worked at a ball bearing factory, for I think he said thirty, seven years
I believe the Towers Evanston Illinois, but I could be wrong somewhere outside of Chicago about thirty miles. But he was born in Chicago, Who was born in Chicago? That's where he rays and that's where he was staying and bother Chicago is a beautiful city, their dangerous parts. I mean deadly parts, but that's the same with most city, but at the centre of the city, and I didn't get to see much of it near the waterfront, absolutely beautiful, And I we didn't discuss politics, we discuss life and we got quite friendly. We weren't can traffic and took her spent an hour to travel what model now ten miles, And he showed me on his I found, I believe, was a video of him and his one and a half year all grandson unease,
King is one and a half your grandson to read beautiful. And he says to me, you know. As a real world out here- and he says, I drive this car and I've been doing this now three years is an we're driver. And I mean many many different types of people. All races, religions- and he said the tree is most of us get along just great. We get along great, we want the same thing I want to be happy. We want a good job to put food on the table, We want to take a trip every now and then we I have a decent retirement, we hate each other, we're not at each other's throats too big country.
In the vast majority was get along just fine. And we want to get along yet the sense, ladies and gentlemen, when you watch television news or these twenty forces, cable channels that that's what they want They want us to get along The sense that they know what is actually going on out there in the world Oh the vast majority. American people don't give a damn about Amargosa or her book or what's in her book or what anybody has to say about her book. Stormy Daniels Ptarmigans think about this somebody's daughter. Who goes into pornography. And she becomes
Regular featured news focus and her lawyer same thing Day after day, week after week, month after month, her before most. This fine what she does to be utterly grotesque- that she could well have been a victim, And brought into that industry in the media exploiter. Media are exploiting Amargosa, who obviously is not well. As certain emotional and other types of issues, isn't it equally, the greatest truth, teller, but the media exploiter. Why. Because they justified to themselves that by pushing
Rosa, pushing what she wrote: pushing Stormy Daniels, pushing whatever they need to push out there in the public's, where the exclusion of so much house. That they will advance their areas Chicle agenda: that's not the purpose of a free press, that's not the purpose of a free press It can occur obviously under the first amendment, your freedom What you want, you know unless you violate verse, defamation and server. But I'm not talking about I'm excluding that your fair say when everyone right pretty much. Whenever you want bright freedom of the press. Has nothing to do with the freedom of an individual to smear. Somebody. It is: a concept that one put into action has as its purpose.
To sustain and improve The civil society, and, in our case the republic. One of the reasons why CNN in particular, stouter tap, and the rest are constantly tacking Fox is because Fox doesn't go along with all the rest. Some individuals on Fox do and their specifically called out by the other media and giving praise, but because facts doesn't buckle. You can, it is unacceptable to the group think that pervades so called newsrooms the mentality, especially since Watergate, especially since Woodward and Bernstein, in the That pervades so called newsrooms.
The mentality, especially since Watergate, especially since Woodward and Bernstein, and the Washington Post, is we get to decide what the new we here in the newsroom. We get to decide what newsworthy. We will decide which newsworthy an enemy, who disagrees with us. Is to be slammed in one form or another. You can see the Republicans in former republican consultants to John Mccain or this one, and that one who are now MSNBC, Nicole, while ass, you can see others Steve Schmidt, Stan how its played you wanna be praised. You want to make money Through the media and other sources, atta joined the mob, and you know what it's a lot more fun, because you can claim that ships to support free press and to be on the side of truth and compassion. Why you're spreading.
Pseudo events and propaganda. So Let me continue here first, it may seem strange, forced and wrote. That the rise of pseudo events has coincided with the growth of the professional ethic. Oblige is newsman to omit tor, realising and personal judgments from the news accounts How it is in the making of pseudo events that movement, fine, ample scope for there the G20 and creative imagination, and that some because that is what they claim to be the free press. They claim to be sending the free press, but that's not at all. There are claiming their own individual and creative imagination. That's worth defending.
In a democratic society like ours and, more especially in a highly literate, wealthy, competitive and technologically advanced society, the people can be found it by pseudo events, as freedom of speech and of the press and abroad, resting, includes freedom to create pseudo events, and you see folks, that's what they want. The freedom that create pseudo events, not sending freedom of the press The press is in any event in danger in this country. Competing politicians competing newsman and Peter NEWS media contest in this creation. They vie with one another and offering attractive so called informative accounts and images of the world. They are free to speculate on the facts, to bring new facts into being to demand answers to their own contrived questions.
Our free market place of ideas is a place where people are confronted by competing pseudo events and are allowed the judge among them, when we speak of informing people. This is what we really me. This is what we really mean So the american citizen lives in a world where fantasy is more real than reality, that is, they but the media were the Image has more dignity than its original. Now. As I pointed out a couple of months ago, here are what for still says, are some of the characteristics of pseudo events which make them overshadow spontaneous amounts. Pseudo events or more dramatic. He television they between candidates can be planned to be more suspense for, for example, by Russia,
Irving questions which are then popped suddenly. A casual, encounter or consecutive formal speeches plan by each separately, so in May Kelly right out of the box. When, after Donald Trump with a rosy o Donnell question, there was a suit of that. There was a in advance intended to create drama and that's exactly what I did was discussed for weeks afterwards Had an incredible impact on future Debates and on the trunk candidacy. Painting him in a corner. Cyril events being planned for dissemination, are easier to disseminate and to make vivid partners pincers selected further news, where the dramatic interest. So you see a lot of these people who are on, for instance, CNN or MSNBC. They bring the men because their provocative, because their outrageous, because they They are radicals because they will say things.
That will draw an audience like a carnival barker or a car accident. Soon. Events can be painted it will, and thus Impression can be reinforced. Through thy right now with a morose and her book and the claims that trumps reaction as a result Demonstrated he's racist so it, the whole thing is phony from beginning to end and yet exactly where we are, and tell me how does this help a republic how his help a culture? How does help us society and that's that one of the free press. You know. Pseudo events being planned for in tat debility, are more intelligible and hence more reassuring. Even we cannot discuss intelligently the qualifications of the candidates for the complicated issues we can
least, judge the effectiveness of a television performance. How come think they have some political matter. We can grasp suitable. Knowledge of pseudo events of what has been reported or what has been stage and how becomes the begin to provide that supposedly News magazines provide us regularly with quick questions concerning not what has happened, but concerning names in the news. What has been reported in the news magazine. Pseudo events begin to provide that common, Its course so called which come Old fashioned friends have hoped to find in the great books. And servants spawn others pseudo events in geometric progression. They domini Our consciousness, simply because there are more of them and ever more of them And a never ending list of them.
Tempted like no generation before to believe that we can fabricate our experience. Listen to this tempted No generation before us to believe we can fabricate our experience our new I celebrities our adventures and our art forms. We find we believe we can make the very yardstick by which all these are to be measured, that You can make our very ideals. This is climax of our striving. Expectations is expert, in a universal shift in our You can way of speaking from talk about, ideals to talk about images the biggest chunk. That's missing from this book is. This is all. The creation of established by given birth from progressive ism.
The very same things, Professor Daniel Abortion and the light professor Dang abortion, writes about in his book. The image. Can be said about academia. Pseudo history no education, indoctrination, unreality on top of unreality because This is what Progressive ISM does I think can be said about how progressive approach, governance, economics, unreality pseudo arguments about economics, about health care But immigration arguments they know to be false arguments. They know to be wrong of no consequence.
They make them anyway. They repeat them. I'll, be right back It's the middle denied your person turning covered in sweat, could the ac referring to try and keep cool, or you could get rid of your he trapping mattress. Finally, sleep is cool as the other side pillar like I do on a Casper mattress, all Casper mattresses use premium foams, Lee pressure and help align your body, so you fall asleep, filling comfortable and wake up feeling refreshed and thanks to the breeze, material. You are guaranteed to sleep cool all summer, Long Casper, ships for free. So small, yawning believe it holds a mattress and that's. It
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And how much reporting as thereabout, Washington and going on Washington its non? Stop its endless and there's two reasons for. First is washing to now is so ubiquitous so control never everyday lives. Matter? Who you are where you are or what you do, it's that its central and secondly, These reporters wouldn't know how to report stories other than about Washington, because that's where their sources are, that's where they are physically located. And everybody out there and in the hither lance they want to, End up with a network cable network, satellite, whatever it is,
haste in Washington D C, where the money with the attention for the famous Does that sound like a real free press to you geographically, ideologically. That sounds like a real free press to you doesn't to me. I will be right,
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with leader anybody marshal of any here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. How many people were murdered a day. You know how many men and women do we have serving today in income It sounds all over the world, you do know what is the actual debt in this country and Threat threaten our society. What can be done about it?.
And armed forces win a war against China witches. Massively muscling up its military in cyberspace, space warfare capability, none of this was news today, none of it, none of it give an example: the problem here, Michael Eric Dyson, as professor one of the universe. He's in Washington,. Every time I've seen him. Now. I shut it off. Everytime. I have seen him on tv, sinner, MSNBC hustling, the ratio. He sees racism everywhere and that are they bring em on tv? He contributes nothing. He contributes nothing zero to any news, he's a provocative tour. He appeals
To the Democratic party base and so MSNBC unseen, and bring him on to be a provocateur enacting a learn anything from Michael Eric, Dyson, nothing, zero. So the presently cause. I'm arose a dog, among other things,. Where she said a number of horrible things about him, You see the president isn't supposed to speak that way. He can. That women the doors closed. He could speak that way. Driving her to friends and family, but not to the public, you see he's posted just take Now, why is that? It's not presidential, my presidential.
He's defending his own integrity in character is defending his family, not presidential. The people will know the history of this country were presidents have said in the past. They have any idea patently not, but you may not like what he said. That's fine. And the reason in many respects, people not like what he said is not so much because it's not presidential because they know he will be attacked right. Mr producer. They know he will be attacked by home by the media. The media that has already created this pseudo event with Amargosa and her book. That's why they advised him. Don't don't do that? It's not presidential. By what we really mean is now you just going. It's gonna go on for another day or two or three or four. Why? Why, because
media. Why? Because the meat Have created a pseudo event, inspires more pseudo events and so who better. To play along and Michael Eric, Dyson and a whole gang well. I guess like him now, here's what he said on CNN today, totally predictable is exactly why CNN brought him on cod forego problem is, of course, is that she's giving embassies of his own medicine Joseph. What he's done, but beyond that it still doesn't legitimate or justify the kind of vicious animosities expressed for people of color and in particular, dog mongrel. Look at all those KKK language that was used he's evoking an entire history of assaults against black people with the humanising languages. So he might say that about other people as well.
The applies to all morose and then he applies into Lebron. James any applies its down. Women he's doing something very specific, and we need white brothers and sisters and non black people were allies to call upon this. Don't just have the complicity of silence, or oh, my god and wring our hands. This is an assault, the likes of which we have seen from the presidency in so many decades. Bs you so full of crap. It'll, be one thing if the president said this out of the blue at left field, but he's directing it her not because she's black but because of what she's done- and this is the problem today. Guy, like this on tv, whose spews this. He's a walking pseudo event. He is Walking pseudo event. Last time CNN brought shall be still on the programme. I don't mean
Twenty people yell adamant, drown out he's trying to say they have no interest in talking to that man ones this brought Thomas so long. They have no interest in talking to blackmail. Or MSNBC they have no interest in talking to them in less, I can use them as foiled device Firstly, a sought verbally on their programmes. They get their base all jacked up. Their base being the progressive democratic base, this a free press in action while using the First amendment and the freedom of the press. But this isn't news. This is a news they hear this guy and others. A news at all- and it's usually the same hosts over and over and over again- who do this like this
this woman, her name is turns the latter named Ter Katy Ter. A Katy. Ter would be nowhere, but for Assembly sea, which is like the lowest that allow if he can't get a real tv gig, that's where you wind up CNN or MSNBC, but Another example Chris Cuomo, in what respect, is Chris Cuomo adjourned in any respect at all. Why was he hired because outstanding journalism now because of his name. T done anything that particularly profound or even professional? No, he's going to describe for you and me last night on CNN the difference beach In these white supremacist, all twenty of them, any Tita and how the violence is different.
Depending on your ideology, cut eight go but in the crowd were members of anti or anti fascists they cover faces, confronted police and berated journalists and that why they did more than bright journalists, they actually attack the cops and attacked a journalist and NBC, and in the past they ve hurt. People really hurt people have a solid people, but look look at how he dishonestly the finds them is a journalist go ahead Now you ve been hearing it there's a lot of what about ism and spin going on and it's gonna sick. To me. So what about ISM is a way to dismiss context. Experience in history
learn this huge range. But it is talk when you use your hands in a violent way. You are a writer and unless your justified in defending yourself and you hit someone you're a thug Europe, a protester uses their voice. Songs lying slurs does a huge range, but it is talk when you use your hands in a violent way? You are Rider and unless Your justified in defending yourself and you hit someone you're a thug you're a criminal. You attack cops slapped. The media. You are in the wrong. Period but ok, so who did that? Who Why did you not connect what you just twenty four in this particular event? Why would you do that? Go ahead or punctures are
not equal. Morally, in the eyes of the law, yes actually in the eyes of the law, this guy's a Lord no self defence, a punch is legal self defence, a punch is legal, retrained, was sought somebody to steal something from them. A punch is not legal so he's a more on multiple levels, but here is pretending to be only a journalist but a philosopher go ahead, the eyes of good and evil. Here's the argument: if Europe. Comes to start trouble in a mask and hurt people. You know about any virtuous you just somebody. Who's gonna be held to the standard of doing something wrong. But when someone comes to call out bigots and it gets hot. Even physical are equally wrong as no that's not what happened here. Cuomo antifraud comes to a place to be violent. There's been under cover.
Video of them training to be violent to provoke a conflict. We ve all seen it on tv. It's on the internet. He's now excusing Antigua by the way he is yep violating the facts, using. His rhetoric and spreading power propaganda. You will know, I hear me make any excuses for the clan or the NEO Nazis, many of whom are Produce will tell you, have threatened my life and it put stuff websites that are absolutely disgusting, but I don't care here behind the microphone and why about it every day now and then I alert you to it, but that's the way. It is and your public figure that set You will never hear me defend them in any respect, nor will I defend marxist. Who pretend to be civil rights activist who go events for the purpose,
A brutalizing other human beings. But you are now listening to Chris Cuomo, doing exactly that. Exactly that, go ahead or fighting. I argue, no, fighting against hate matters. How are you fight There's two there's no question about that, but drawing a moral equivalency between those espousing hate in those fighting it because they both resort to violence I'd. But but Antifreeze not fighting hate Marxist, aren't, fighting hate, marxists are responsible for. All kinds of genocide, suffering a destitution. Just because you have an affinity towards Marxism or leftism or progressive, it doesn't skews any of this, Mr Cuomo. None of it and then Enclosure trying to give this the label you're trying
Sign of this is appalling. Its unconscionable go ahead Emboldens hate, a Judah, Mises, hateful belief. Elevates what should be stamped out. That's Chris Cromer, but he wasn't done cut nine, go to needed to call out the bigots and the White supremacist and he didn't why. So now it's on the president again. Charlottesville last year, is on the president. Why. We all know what he was saying: we all There is on both sides, violence. On both sides is that false is false, no its not force or.
I am not pushing all kinds of causes. The radical The extremists among us you see here is the difference. Tv is a communist movement. They claim a fascist movement. You- and I are institutional conservatives we have nothing to do with them and we want nothing to do with them. We make excuses for none of them. We draw moral comparisons, its irrelevant, but Chris Cuomo identifies where their teeth oh hell use the word back and there are exceptions and that sort of thing he identifies with that identify, would none of them. Because we you- and I are the moderating forces in this country- We embrace our declaration in those principles we embrace our constitution and the limits on government. We embrace equal justice, equal justice, not equal outcomes. We.
Believe in God, given natural law on no more rights for all human beings, we don't Yet if I were, they re the cooks, but he does listen to him. Go ahead, We therefore have unprecedented support from these fringe elements of white power. Two wrongs and what is right, the bigots are wrong Hit Anti far whomever anarchist or malcontent or misguided They are also wrong to hit, but fighting hate. Always uses the word, but but.
Fighting hate is always right. Fighting hate is always right. This is very interesting to me. So people hate you that's enough To physically attacked them known until you hear his incoherence, he really hasn't laid out guidelines. You really hasn't laid out guidelines of any type of any to listen to his ambiguity. His ambiguity in defining and tv and the left that is violent, And when he doesn't play in when he doesn't tell you, is one of the events on Sunday the President's life was threatened repeatedly by People marching with in Pisa there
twenty. Maybe twenty five men may be thirty based on reports. I wasn't there of these white supremacist slime boss, but there are hundreds and hundreds of the intifada. Who were threatening, many of them were threatening the president's life is that ok, Crisp Roma. You see we're not going listen to him anymore, have played enough. You get the jest when you listen to him, making excuses for violence, trying to create a philosophy around it and he failed miserably The reasons for violence will discuss. I wonder you shouldn't be loose with the terms and loose with the logic which is illogical when you hear him when this guy- this professor Michael Eric Dice when you hear people like this
when you hear day in and day out, the Trump is Hitler Trump, stalinist tactics, Trump is a threat to our constitution, Tromp is me delete your trump is a racist. Your encouraging the lunatics out there. Did not just say things that is threatened. The president. But you may be encouraging one of them to try and harm the president, and the here, take no responsibility for what they're doing I'll be right back. Very short. Sighted, very robust segment beforehand And I hope you ve been listening less ninety.
Answer so get a real sense, in my view. For actual reality, if degree with my political opinions. But I'm trying to analyze what comes through the tube comes to the radio. What comes through? your computer, when you ve been reading what you're looking at and so much of it is phony. The present a really has hit on something here. Intentionally or otherwise, fake news. This is why the media are so upset, number one: he got elect number two he's quite effective number three he's expose them. It is fake news. These are in many respects, pseudo events. They ought to stretch. They are an unreality
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slash mark in a promo code mark one more time. That's my idee care dot com, promo code mark for fifteen percent off. I strongly encourage you to get it right away, all right. I've been talking for ninety minutes. Often aren't: let's go to you. Let us go to Duluth Minnesota on the Great W Dsm go a market Caleb wanted to tell you. I really appreciate your show over the past couple. I'm a military veteran I've been in nine years, though, then a lot alarming. I wish we salute you, my friend. Thank you. Thank you very much. I you to keep us informed. Read the truth on Mica, unlike those that don't tell the
the third morose the case, I think we all know the spreading of wise needs to stop. We can start with something as simple as the tray on Martin case, we can go to Michael Brown. We can go to Freddy Gray. We can go recent case that this happened down there down the road here in Minneapolis with Marvin Bless, and I think the key thing to take note with this is the fact that People that are doing wrong and that are breaking wise local laws, the constitutional law, state law or even municipal. I, like city law, visa they drove dont, want to take the blame for their own. Let let's talk about this morose a thing ever so briefly, why they, covering it. If somebody gets killed and there's a dispute, that's one thing the spin, they put on it is another thing the media.
Control. What you see and here are from a national level based on the report and what they dont report made a whole lot of stuff but notice they don't amid her They have a limited our in an hour news programme or a thirty minute news programme, even though these are twenty four seven networks for the most part, and yet judgment, the editors and these so called reporters decide. This is crucially important, these really news decisions, are they serve their ideological decisions where exactly right I cannot tell you either covering youth is because they have absolutely not another darn thing to cover everything. They've feeling pencil beginning lies. The attack on the president has, grateful and I'll tell you, as a member of the military, I've been in the reserve now for three years I have there are eleven to go through this country proudly, even if a mean right, you not blank
and you'd have legal overseas and give my life. I say that whole heartedly, I say that as an American, and I say that, because people better Before I mean you have to realise that, as I dont want to call myself and opponent, could we're not? I mean there's one thing all agree with what president prior President Obama, we're not Republicans are Democrats were american and I as soon as we get that through our money about for him. That was, there was not serious. He did more to divide this country and I believe in many respects still dealing with his presidency and the way he conducted public business and they would be the same with Eric holder in numerous others. Thank you for your service, my friend. Let us continue Kate Manner, this the great w em a l go yet. I believe me, media has lost the information more and more furious, and there
not going down quietly and people who were clear thinkers will not dignified they are trash with our attention. I think they're just into each other now, we are right now and I dont think they're just talking to each other. I think there There are a lot of people out there who may not be engaged as you are. Others are the media and you watch it to be critical as critical thinkers, but there's a lot of people who watch it and I just it. I think, there's more people getting there engaged firmly what why does it matter? In other words, you could be wrong or I could be wrong. What does it matter This is a precious idea that we have in this country. Freedom of the press is more important that we get it right. Going down and they know it, and we know that they can trust
they're not going down there, not going anywhere what then they'll Its revel in their own swill with each other, but they won't just revel in their own swill, theirs EL pours over into overall society, say ears Thank I think. The downplay this and dismiss it and just blow at all, is a huge mistake. To pretend that they have no influence, pretend there so small they're, not they're getting bigger and they're getting more aggressive and in some cases, even violent it is a danger, I think, all the attention it feeds the bees because we're becoming aware now, you know the truth. You can't hide it and you feel it because you can tat what you hear and read. You have to use your gut and people are starting to feel what's right and wrong because they know Some people are, but when
fifty seven percent of the american people support socialism. You think we're winning their gifts, not it Kate it they don't know. Man man, we can't just keep making excuses, were up against this progressive force. That has insinuated itself has they plan a hundred years ago and I the demon in the media and the Hollywood and government, and I don't think it really is trying to get us anywhere to pretend that their shrinking when their expanding. We may win an election here and there, but they're gonna win a lot of elections. Fact there even there in trying to ensure that they do with our immigration policies, they're even trying to ensure that they do reach rejecting everything you have to clean up their voting lists and they're, trying to ensure that, even if they don't, they will have permanent government and its interesting everybody calls it the swamp. I've been writing about the administrative state for decades and
doesn't go away so might sleep better at night, thinking that there ranking I dont Well at night, because I know they're not by Kate, I want, Thank you for your car, ed. Lee Summit Missouri. I know that is by the way Casey Imo Country- how are you My thanks for taking my call it's a real privilege figures who taught you tonight. I want one of the treaty. How much I agree with you on to think number one. This idea of secular, So the use by these so called experts to try to influence people to take their point of view and their number to the car. Station. You just have a that woman and I wanted to show something with you that I think, is by the way I was. I hope I wasn't rude. There wasn't my intent, but I think when people just kind of blow this year where winning were winning? This were went no, we're not we're in a battle when a bad away. This is battle that goes on forever liberty versus Terry we're, not winning a matter of fact,
Think we're losing. We may win an election here and there, but we're gonna lose a lot of them. Absolutely I find you to be structured, so here, Sir, if I wanted it because I know you are you study Aristotle, Visa he's somebody in history that we can often go to get some to learn from any. Called on rhetoric, the art of persuading people to of you here who three things. First, you ve passes transferable were prophetic, it has to do with ceilings and emotions. For example, when the media top About the eyes, whipping those Amigos guy a young find so often The media is a cautious on path of any self made. Our focus on explained very briefly. My path house and easiness are you got passes trunks It won't work prophetic, it has to do with ceilings and emotions. So far, ample. When the media talks about the eyes ripping families
Arthur tearing children away from there, the their families their appeal for that emotional swelling you about that must be that's wrong. Half those with you an unfair ethos, would be when somebody who claims to be a so called experts, field is brought in the media and they're, not an expert everybody thinks it don't listen to them, because what they say must be true, but the fact is Are you talking about and so many waiting a leading people strike right and that's what's happening. We're not smart enough out there in the country to discern the difference. Have our tennis up we easily get pulled into the nonsense? That's not logos, that's not true! Brilliant call, and I dont know I want to be Optimist I wanna put a smiley face when everything I know people do that, because it helps the ratings and sober look. I don't know how long I ll be behind this microphone. I really doubt so.
My attitude is: let's not play games. We ve got The problems we ve got success is to focus on this and wisely and not dismiss the fact that we whole army of individuals, led by by these Various institutions had been devoured by the progressive movement and too There were winning were winning we're when it goes, we won one presidential election is simply false. We're not winning in academia. We're not winning an entertainment and Hollywood on tv and movies for the most part derivatives. Her are under the radar. They have the kind of whispered to each other we're not winning in the media, I mean ox news is an anomaly talk. Radio is an anomaly compared all arrest, that's going on out there, and even politically, we have federal court one after another trying to push on the president's agenda and they are acting ultra vires, without authority and there's a lot of this going on
and not only that one trump leaves it still all their he's. Trying to peel back the visa. These are progressing institutions he's getting push. Back from his own party, And so I see a lot of problems here and the two biggest I'll show the last thing, the two biggest: for me when I worked for teenagers that I took the biggest things for them to understand truth, one upon you actually did it a few. It's only radio show we had David Polanski on disability. Talking about an hour. That was all he was on. My facts show, but I did play some of his sir Some of it on my radio show that had that's that's correct having him Why why we, I'm having I'm explain what boy We ve lost you, sir. I pay hey you're, calling me he was an excellent color and David Berlin, ski man
Hope you folks are watching this fact show. I don't know how long I wanna do it. Quite frankly, told you the other day something nasty, give em doing too much is a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant philosopher. And he's an American, but now he's been based in Paris for twenty years is quite eccentric. Absolutely brilliant man I try and bring these people to the league. The guest we had last week same thing, Michael Pills, very brilliant man, we're gonna more people well as people. You know, you know who are having up next coming Sunday too, big Ocean Convention of States, article five Mark MAC, learn Tom Colbrand, Mark meddler, run the convention of States organization that trying to organise the suffered under our constitution and Tom I'll bring. You may remember, was one of the most conservative members of the United States Senator finally left. He had enough Join the convention of states movement-
I hope you and all the grass roots out their people wonder what this is all about. I hope you will listen, because we will have. Is one of the most thorough discussions of this mark. What can we do mark? What can we do? We know what to do. J D, Wes wanting you know what I can't go to J D will be right back Ninety nine percent of all chairs or one size fits all and, as a result, Europe There is not properly suited to your particular body. Size shape, comfort level. That's why you need an extra actors, pay
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Levin Show Facebook. Let us go to Dan Bridgewater New Jersey. The great W Abc Go remark: the real quick on critical. A comment where he would basically endorsing the behaviour of anti fuck. What is actually doing is discarding. Our entire rule was this than by encouraging radioactive, and I want to know if you open court Chris Cuomo. Is it ok for us on the right to also be able to, the action against those were not on the right, where a constitutional conservative point they ve got the fascists and the clansmen and all the rest and the communists and the progressive. Worthy moderate influence in this country, where the ones appalling our founding documents and values, but you make an excellent point. Yes, When you listen to what Chris Cuomo said, he is condoning vigilante ISM, despite all the butts beauty that he had.
In his rather incoherent. Cause, I philosophical ramblings, but in and your correct, he is dawning vigilante ism of the left. Called down your right on our right? What did you say rich? Sherry Dallas, Texas, the Great W B a pay go hello. Market fan of yours for fifteen years. The Birmingham argue on radio and I follow you have your books. I see you, right on your own thoughts and I hope you will keep trying to do that programme. Although I don't want you to compromise your hail but I wanted to comment about Lee, Georgian and the writing of the truth that see a man Emerson Issei and all of their affiliates, they do it because they they have a purpose for personal. I'm distorting the facts
that their hiding the truth they Hey situational a man and twisted. And turn them share gotta go in its, but I do appreciate everything you said. I really do I'll be right back. Now run them. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! You know.
I've made the argument of supported a position how, by Professor Stephen calibration that the appointment and specific of this special Also Robert Mothers unconstitutional violation of the appointments clause, Was a supreme court decision and nineteen? Eighty eight, which upheld can the council statue with one dissenting justice Justice Scully? recalling were set up the statutory position of an independent council. And it had a lot of very odd aspects to it: The biggest problem was, we have three branches and government. We also have this fourth, administrative state that is not sanction by the constitution but exists at a necessity, and it has been completely politicize, is utterly out of control and then we now have. We had the independent
council statute, but that lapsed, because both Democrats Republicans determine that it was a disaster and it was a an additional branch of the federal government. If you will. Absolutely no historical basis or foundation in that lapse. But now we have what's called a regulatory special counsel with certain rules that are in place for the appointment of such a special killed. And there was no criminal basis for any prosecute, let alone a special prosecutor, MR rose and seen appointed. In violation of the re regulation I created this that is, as you know, if you listen is programmed time of the last God knows what eighteen months or so since you pointed that it lacked any nor statutory, a basis for the appointment catches to point a prosecutor.
To investigate people and investigate things. And there was no criminal basis for any press, you'd, let alone a special prosecutor. Mr rose and seen appointed it says friend Mr Mahler, his first by When he was holding his first permanent possess the Department of Justice, any Mr Mulder, who is best friends with Mr Combing, MR call me brags about the fact that he he did what he did in terms of his leak and so forth in order to encourage the appointment of a special council. So it's all very neat, all very clever, but also all very improper. In addition, Mr Mueller's agenda, that is his Simon. Is very broad and gets broader by the day. And even though there is oversight of some sort in the office of the devil,
train journalists, the acting attorney general, just as there is with an assistant attorney general yours, to turn your so for the day and says an assistant attorney general. Any United States attorney has to be nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate. The appointments clause of the constitution choirs that when you're appointing principle people to the executive branch, the Senate has a role. The Senate has a role in that I Cabinet Secretary, a sub cabinet secretary, third and fourth tier cabinet secretaries I have to go through this process. Mr Molly did not And what their arguing is the case thirty years ago, Marston the Olsson there will be TED Orson, independent, Also, a Morrison that the Supreme Court ruled overwhelmingly that their position is constitutional and laid out the the elements that needed to be met. In order to have such a constitutional appointment.
Problem here is: there's one gaping hole: mister Those responsibilities are akin to the United States attorney in every district in the country. Even as seventeen prosecutors under him and scores of FBI agents he's running If you will the United States attorney's office, except they call him special council its difference. It's a difference in name only to turn these have oversight, not Unlikeness mothers oversight. That is, going to take on certain major political national issues. They need approval from main justice, just as Mr Mulder. Thus, so many respects? Mr Ma, is akin to a United States attorney. Us be nominated by the president and confirmed by the United States Senate, Mr Mala hasn't been nominated by anybody, are confirmed by anybody. We now
I have three different district court decisions all in Washington DC that take them. Notion that mothers appointment is constitutional issue. The extent to which Law and order and the rule of law have collapsed. You sought with the face a court where you have federal disk. Judges sitting in secret, You don't even know which one sat when, unless you can put the dots together, they don't even reveal themselves. In this secret there was created and nineteen seventy nine, as I recall so that the government could. Least theoretically in good faith, make the case encounter intelligence matters related to nurse security in front of a federal judge. To ensure that a a warrant, The issue is that there is proper What car said an individual is,
define agent working in essence for a foreign government, the process is broken, That's not what happened in the election. That's not what happen. Mr Stroke was in vain Sarah Card has wonderful piece from early this morning or yesterday, which he said she believes that stroke was actually involved in the application process. I don't doubt it for a minute, given his hand, is inevitable, and everything is have to do it. Mister, Waller, so individuals, withstanding income are challenging the institutionally of his appointment and in three cases they lost. That's not the final word, appeals, court and ultimately to the United States Supreme Court if they take it up. This is the independent council statute. I would tell these justice yoga regulatory, special counsel. Who has enormous power.
Now, how do we know he has its enormous part? You know these investigating now investigating the aid to Roger Stone and Register Roger Stone is a moron the stone and I have Clash Roger Stone, has written defamatory things about me, but that's irrelevant. Absolutely around. I'm talking, the rule of law. Now. And his associate this fella banana Miller. I dont know these people, I don't know. I've never met them. I've never talk to them Just looking at this is is analysed as objectively as I can as a constitutional conservative who believes in the constitutional republic. To really quite amazing that, despite all of this, the mothers in the east and district of Virginia prosecutes. Manafort on matters that apply to the the way that office in the eastern district of probably that he's looking at
Roger Stone in Iraq or stone? Associate that he's They call woman in Manhattan and perhaps in relation to Roger Stone whose a bit player, if a player at all, he's all over the field is Mamma. At these federal judges refused to uphold the constitution. They refused to do it. But I wanted to make you aware of this and now in the Mahler trials you probably heard today Defence rested, they didn't call a single witness, they didn't call Manfred, which is a good idea, because his words could be twisted prosecutor, but in any event they didn't call a single witness. I hope that was the right decision. Because my eyebrows went up and I ears perked, when I heard that read that I hope that the right decision,
They must think they have a pretty solid case that the prosecution didn't make their case. Maybe they do. Others also gotta be another try, Washington D C, so manifest will be tried, their typically or often, I should say Cases like this are combined so there's one jurisdiction, but Mahler has, as its purpose, to make everything as difficult and painful for manifestos possible look, innocent or guilty. He still an american citizen, but let me tell the irony of this. We have people who had a compound and have one in New Mexico worry way. Three year old baby died where there were weapons. Where the individuals involved are a grave danger to this country. Where they were allegedly. I am
for that training, some children to use weapons reportedly and potentially in schools. They are free to day. I believe the bailing amount was twenty thousand dollars their freedom, your paw manner for it Who, for the last several months, has served in a federal prison in solitary confinement, who hasn't been convicted of anything, and the charges against him all relate to non violent, a let allegations. With no past history of legal violations nobody's died, he's not threatening anybody should not training children do anything. And yet he is served. Time Prison without being convicted of anything because the prosecution
hold a a appointed judge. A left us in Washington DC that he was trying to Hocker witnesses are trying to talk to other people and so forth and so on. Are they didn't proved? Their case these are allegations that the judge considered issue compelling and persuasive So I just wanted to point that out. So that's the manifold case. Mothers honor, you know, chasing all over, the world he's been all over the world, as people have chasing down leads any lead. They can think of that involve Russians. Russian. Let me circle back to the beginning of the programme this evening. This entire Russia stuff involving the trump him came, was a pseudo event, a phoney issue. Planet by the Hillary Clinton, camp In the day and see through the dossier executed
Obama, officials at the FBI and elsewhere given voice and support by the media. The free press, the pseudo media and That'S- we got here and that's why the president's furious, so people who sit back on their butts with microphone. In their face or cameras in their face, say: You know the president might not want to react as well. You know the president may not want to treat this way. I've been involved in cases like this. Where people have been set up earth or the or the like, and livelihood of individuals have been on the line. I was a lawyer in the irony country case, defending Former attorney general, the United States had mace, and the outrageous lie there were held in his direction by an independent council for which he was always innocent
which he was never charge we went through that, as did other individuals. For seven and a half to eight years. I watched as Casper Weinberg, was indicted on phony charges in horror. I watched as a prosecutor when, after the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan and believed should have been impeached. I was involved in these star chamber proceedings under the Independent Council act right When two and a half months, two and a half A vault in a room in the base, the Department of Justice. Having to read into a microphone because I wasn't allowed the transcribed. The information Grand jury testimony that MR wash the end.
The council was free to put in his report that would go public, but I was free, the tranche bribed to share my client. I've seen the star chamber proceedings before then, Thirdly, we fought like hell and we want the damage was done when they put out their report and try to influence history. And try to influence history if large wash the Irish Contra matter in his investigation. If he had had his way Ronald Reagan, George W Bush, George Shots, Casper Weinberg admits of. All of them would have been guilty of some nonsense and they were guilty of nothing. Nothing.
And so, when I sit here with my own experience as a lawyer has been in these battles And I watch what Robert Mahler is doing. I am disgusted. I know what he's doing I know what his prosecutors are doing. I know what his investigators are doing. I know what these judges are doing and it's a game shame I'll be right back. Jason Johnson, who you ve never heard of, and I've never heard of his and Emerson BC, commentators who defends antifraud on tv cut
and go there are lots of different activists were like? Why are you in right? Here? We don't see no riot here. There is a belief, I'm not things always correct, but there is a belief by many activists, including anti for that the police task. We support this kind of violence for its belief that I mean what, because I think, the police police there when they are too Boy nationalist, we believe that when you The police response of white Nationalism repose the black lives matter, for, if you do, when you consider the police authorities, were, people have been caught with White nationalist Tattoos and Emily and everything else like that. That's there I never like the idea of journalists getting attack, but no one has a reason to believe. Even when you look at how the police responded last year, when you look at the fact that they they shut down, the natural indeed say that let these guys go when people have reason to doubt the police's dedication to eradicating raised here. This vote. You want to know why there is violence, because it some BC, they condone it, it CNN they condone it.
This is a marxist militia group. Stephanie rule was agreeing with her she's the host, so obviously the hosts the gas or Proposition MSNBC Nbc Comcast is. Violence is ok. CNN had that in modern times now, republican Present Donald Trump is trying to break the the Democrat. Now. Let me tell you something one of the reasons they are continually trying to paint trump now as a racist. You know why MR producer. Because he's poll numbers in the african american community are on the rise, particularly among black males. Twenty nine percent approval, no press
has had that in modern times no republican President Donald Trump is trying to break the back of the Democrat coalition. You may agree with some of it own disagree with some of the union's and yes minorities, particularly african Americans, and in the case of minorities, he's doing it through economic decisions, growing economy, Growing economy he's also embrace this motion of criminal justice reform. You as you. Well I'm just saying this is what he's doing and he's doing things in the day crash can put up with any leftist pseudo intellectuals can put up with a particularly if their black, that is attracting the soup. Or of a growing number of african American Particularly males
and so they have to constantly pain him and supporters as racists. This is What's going on here, I'll be right back Of course the premium is high, but this bone goal is not com. Flipping toll free toll free at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, thirty eight eleven. I was sent a note from our friends at filter by from a customer one like this. I've been in them Of a home renovation- and there is drywall dust everywhere, plus the contract, leaving the doors open. It's been over a hundred degrees. Many days this summer, less begin. My ac units stop working on the second floor turns out that the filter, we're about ninety eight percent, clock would drywall dust and was choking the system will buying filters was always
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May I be she's a democratic he's running unopposed where's this Michigan miss producer, Michigan, thirteenth, congressional district, theirs saw growing movement within the Democratic Party, as its roots and anti Semitism. And it has its focus on Israel. You can also see growing within the media in this country when Hamas and other terrorist attack Israel and provoke a military response, her police response. You see how the american media, as well as european media report, this one tiny com it does not have the right to survive this one tiny country doesn't have the right to defend itself any other country in the face of the earth that had a small territory where tens of thousands of
cuts were poised to launch against their citizens in their major cities were gone, the offence and obliterate such an enemy, but Israel can even defend itself when its first attacked. And the relationship of course, between Israel and the United States is unlike any relation if we have any country and same with them and same with them,. And yet Russia to lie of tee o HIV. She doesn't support it. Just like oh Cassio, Cortez doesn't support it. Just like Bernie Sanders doesn't support it. There is this growing divide within the devil, My party and notice they do not discuss it on CNN or MSNBC are really anywhere. Because more and more the media agree progressives are progressives where there dressed up as politicians, professors, media types are active
And here she was interviewed by: let's see Great Britain channel for news today by Guru mercy go ahead. And so when you get into Congress, will you vote against? U S military aid for Israel. Thirdly, if it has something to, with inequality and not access to people. Having a citizen to start for me, U S, aid should be leverage, it should be leverage to promote their value. If you're going the country that discriminates against someone solely based on their faith, so based on their skin color many ways, because there are Israelis dial and that because darker scanned their not being treated equally out with what a moron Israel went into Ethiopia to help the jewish Ethiopians, who are black, who are Africans,
to get to Israel because of the discrimination and violence against them. This woman is just so filled with venom and hate. Then he would go ahead that is doesn't fit, Are you of our country, so I We using my position. As a member of Congress so say, Country, not one should be able get aid from us. The american people who talk about justice equality in stopping discrimination to say a country come and get aid from us when they still promote that kind of injustice that I saw in Detroit or in Detroit Detroit. By the way she's running unopposed social, we'll be a member of Congress. So she saw this kind of thing in Detroit.
She ever been over there. She know what it's like on the border with the Gaza Strip. And she will be a member of Congress thanks to the Democratic Party, and these are the kind of mindset. That are being sent to Congress and elsewhere. So you can watch? This is growing within the Democratic Party and I sit here and I watched left wing jewish people. You know I'm jewish continued to support this. This, the Party of Keith Ellis, The Party of Russia to lie you it's incredible to me self destructive Well, anyway, I wanted to mention that in final
I probably should mention this earlier, even though its part of the pseudo events that are taking place had there to at least trying counter it somewhat. A swine. And I apologise- you know, as I do older. It's getting more more difficult to pronounce the names of people coming into this country, each dot. It's not intentional! It's just that. I dont had a pronounced them. Some names had more continents if you vow. Some names have a whole bunch of owls and very few continents. So I do my best to do it fanatically anyway, This is a reporter with the daily beast being energy by Bill Bill Press who is applied. Lee a radio host with no audience cut to go. I surely factory campaign and up through the presidential transition in late point. Sixteen. I actually looked into this because it's been a long stay.
Rumour, their data, there is a down from Edward Tape dating back those days at the apprentice. I talk to dozens and dozens people the apprentice for a series of stories or who used to work at the apprentice rice or do some don't know more odd sort of get down from police stories, as the campaign was rapidly Are we published a lot of them, some of which may die from look pretty nasty? I couldn't find a single person who knew what the healthy board About when it came to this house, the detail is mythical onward tape, so far that still the case, based on my reporting in the reporting of other people, including your shower Ali laughing, to impose upon the story, I think about nine or ten hours ago, where person who Omar, oh Sir, have claimed to people had come to the White House and played her a tape of down from saying that ring. I live with that sort of laughter. Because I know what what is almost a talking about
it doesn't matter there does it. So here you have a a left us, I believe, with a left us outlet for the most part, the daily beast not exclusively also talking about the Huffington posts which has left us being honoured, And saying we know there is no end, were tape. And yet she's all over tv, pushing it all over tv, pushing it and they wonder to push and they wanted. Even as they roll arise because I said they see the Donald Trump popularity in the african american community, particularly among males, is rising it's up to twenty nine percent and the left, Canada,
For to lose even a modest percentage of support in the black community, which they expect to march and lockstep the voting, booth and all think alike, it's just incredible is
Kevin ACT in California, Syria, satellite go ok Mark, I'm just remember the second part of guy on the phone call political. I think what is happening here is that it's a push by the government by the fight by the media to take a classification of a person like a white male and caused them to be a member of a group like I'm a black man. So now I'm a black man, I'm now a member of a group called the black men of american and then I need a leader if I'm a Christian, which I am I'm a white male Christian. Therefore I need a christian leader which I personally don't need a Christian
to guide my life, but she, these organizations can only move you by groups. They can't move you individually. They can move you and heard you like cattle. If you belong to a group, a black man, the black eyes, but I don't got lots of black friends. They dont consider themselves part of a group called Black America see they want to move you from a classification. You are a black man, but now take a membership of this group. The black men of America Group now weaken, heard you like cattle. You lose your identity, you have no spring you'll, never succeed in the matter as a group. You succeed in America as an individual. Now this is very important and have written about this extensively. Cloning and liberty and turning my latest book rediscovering Americanism your exactly right the end. Pedro, loses his or her identity as an individual when dealing with unalienable rights, the individual is: can
good part of a mass. They call us the masses. When they want to use as politically culturally? Then they give us a group identified Asian and tell us how are supposed to think how we're supposed to respond this community that community list and some left or rather ignorant reporter or do for host tells us that this community, as this and you're, not fitting in with this committee, now you're exactly right and we see a play out every day. Thank you for your excellent My friend we'll be right back I enjoy helping. My listeners, like Nathaniel, who are the iris tens of thousands and back taxes. He told the IRA. She didn't have the money to pay, but it didn't manner. Put a lean on his home anyway,.
Nathaniel heard how much I respect optimum text leave so engage them an option got the IRA to designate the thorniest case. A sea and see status. Currently, not collectible. That's a big win, because ethically says no use pursuing our client there's nothing to be gained their optimum kept on Nathaniel's behalf. So the Iris agreed to a deal that saved him thousands unresolved his taxed at for good, so His family were crushed optimum does that behind every tax problem are honest, hard Americans with families, homes, savings and paychecks that need protection. They risk over half a billion dollars in tax debt for their clients off your back access to the irish call, my friends at optimum tax relief. They are the best. You're, the best. Why are you stressing out, get the best help you possibly can here's the number. Eight hundred four nine nine sixty three hundred eight hundred
four, nine, nine sixty three hundred, that's eight hundred four, nine, nine sixty three hundred, even if you have the question: should I or should I call them, call them right Let us go O Brien Baltimore Maryland the Great W C b. I'm go a marker unite. Ok, thank you. The fire department, I had a communication scrutiny video production, so I worked in media end. People you have to call earlier, he said that media is going down and they're gonna live in their own. Still, nobody listens to him. Actually not true, and what we need here is an actual I mean this page could be too out of the Nazi propaganda, Joseph girl said. If you were clear, I lit less, let's not go to the masses. Everybody goes to the Nazis,
their propagandists, go ahead. If european, I often enough, people are gonna, believe it and ass. The problem that we have is that our constitutional conservative, like you, said many people, think we did this. We can do that. Well, we actually need to knock on doors. When did talk to her friends. That's what I do. I constantly engage people everywhere I go and if you don't refuse this stuff didn't just think it's going to happen on its own, Not you glad that is very well put what you just said. There and I keep saying you look at this trust district of Ohio People's. Whilst around in France a direct when eighty seven percent of the democratic turn out in a republican district and forty percent the Republicans Turner, that is, it Grace a disgrace sperm. Like Britain. Frankenstein what if given us, Sir, when the woman asked him how the constitution Convention, how public man, if he can, keep it right
aye, sir. I appreciate it very much. Let's go to bed Hurry Knoxville Tennessee M satellite go Are you do a marker thank care in the car you're a real blessing. I thought or talk here, I'm a couple things I'm almost back to what the collar was talking about a moment ago, Michael Different, though I can take you at your side on the I mean we're really not winning like. We think we're winning them we're burying her head. If and if we, if we think we are, I got a pretty unique perspective. We move to Knoxville a couple months ago from York State a pretty big family, so I ve been able to watch public education throughout. My children, her in Canada the simultaneously at these different grade level and that these features again pump out of a university are getting worse and worse and worse, and it is impossible to reason with them.
And I said the same thing to say, and I think, unless we can get education back and have some type of strong strategy. The true to the teachers at each end again, instead of the New York it's a union in the periodical down to him every month, Gonna get a limited, its field filled with fear and actual, not is bad but arm, but nonetheless the it's just is still so troubling, now. I know, you're right in the NBA is even said. They're gonna become even increasingly political, and I would encourage people to trick the National Education Association gone, Google see their politics, see stand on the issues and then realize that almost every teacher public school teacher in the country has to belong to that union or the American Federation at teachers, which is equally radical. At these days, one or two heavy have the ability to teach in these governments cause. I've got what is essential
a closed shop, and in its prey brutal. Now there obviously exceptions. We talk about the fact that there are exceptions, but there is the rule. And when you are teaching young kids, you know that the purpose of governments schools should be to teach children. Why your country is magnificent, it's to reinforce Republicanism to reinforce Americanism constitutional hasn't, but that's not what's happening, opposite is happening in that's always been the progressive idea. I'm gonna, send you a copy, rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny of progressive. Isn't my talk a great length about education. And John duly and they did and intended to do to our educational system. He he was the the significant intellectual, that's what they call them. Intellectual Forget it the time an enormously influential
changing our government educational system from you know Thickly reading writing literature which he said in a vacuum, as is, is really meaningless to a teaching social vat behavioral norms and, in other words, indoctrination. And he spells out- and it's right there- so don't hang up bury will send you a copy of that end. Hope you like it quickly. David re, Wisconsin, listening on the they WS go. Oh my god. The idea of value fake news is a way of fighting. I worked as violence since propaganda as a weapon. Gunnar a knife the way tonight, Solving a problem is it identified in fake news is a way of identifying the problem, of weapon apply the left are, I might nor the President stern a hell of a job of it and they know much like it do. They know they don't
Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. Check out live in tv tonight, it's very very good. If you're, not so driver. We'd love to have one eight four for love in tv I'll, see you tomorrow. God bless the peace.
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