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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, there was an active shooter in Philadelphia and five Police Officers have been shot with another hurt in an auto accident. In a time such as this with shootings, and our government encroaching on our freedom under the guise of gun control, we must show strength, not weakness.  Also, in our foreign policy, we have to reinforce America's free market.  Other than tariffs on our enemies we should be very cautious about imposing taxes on American citizens for purchasing foreign goods.  Initially, this will help a select few industries temporarily, but will only hurt more industries in the long term. We are witnessing an anti-industrial revolution to de-grow our progress. Yet the progressive propagandists have focused on de-growing our economy in the name of climate change.  Claiming we need to use less of this and less of that and it's destroying us.  Later, the Statue of Liberty is not the Statue of welfare. Public charge rules are exactly how we've been able to add more immigrants into America every year than any other country on the planet.  The poem on Lady Liberty is about the opportunity to make it on your own in this great country, not to get handouts.  After, Bernie Sanders said that US foreign policy should be even-handed when dealing with terrorist organizations just like dealing with sovereign nation-states.   Then, the people of Hong Kong are fighting to maintain their freedom and China is reneging on their agreement.  This is not an internal problem of China's; America must stand up for liberty.  Lastly, Gordon Chang, author of the "Coming Collapse of China" joins the program to highlight the need to confront China's malign activity and support the sovereignty that Hong King is standing up for.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now in its Unwritten, seventy fifth year hills, is a truly independent institution. Where learn Surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run them wrongly underground command, both from the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader Mark Levant, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one I am alive and national for those stations that take us alive,
we are monitoring the situation in Philadelphia, North Philadelphia. Her Temple University hospital on quite familiar with this area, having gone to tumble university and tumbling adversely law school. Active shooter situation it started out. Apparently call about narcotics, but Been scores around the bullets fire, there must be scores of police. Cars there? also, the feds on the scene. Five officers have been shot, none is in a life threatening situation. One officer was an accident spinning to the area and not in a life threatening situation. Three civilians injured. And the shooter still hold up the apparently stone reports to police officers still in the building with her
one or two or four soak were so individuals in handcuffs they believe, but they can't get out hello is cordon off. You can imagine so streets. So we'll see how this goes. We'll see how this goes: normalcy, if the media of tone down their attacks on tax and the left. Will these mass shootings in due course here we are a gun control. Now I want to tell you folks something I've been thinking about. Where we are headed here. In many ways were not headed in a good place. The Republicans and the Democrats in the White House are working aggressively on gun control. I dont know what they're going to come up with butter, This is very troubling dummy.
The air. People are Hong Kong or waving the american flag. There singing the American national anthem they're getting support from the United States. I don't. Even here, any verbal support from the United States. Now we're not going I'm a war with China. That's not the point. But the point is used to be american policy that we stood with. These people on Hong Kong are enormously brave and of China. Sees that they can just roll over these people that its treated as corner quote an internal matter. What Ex Taiwan. I am concerned that when it comes to our foreign policy, lot of you're gonna get very angry with me that their sing weakness now. They're saying Kim Jong on fire of missiles without effect.
Retribution. I should say. They see are has an answer. Reluctance. Openly embrace the people, Hong Kong. We simply want to live in freedom that the deal that was made, China breaking the deal there, five other things that we can be doing Doran economically. To smother that slammer nazi regime that is moving with great speed Nuclear weapons, on top of their, I see me aims and we refuse to do it when talking about shooting a bullet. Some getting very concerned about this one. Happens is our enemies. Perceive us as weak as all talk and this could become provocative. It could become. A huge problem.
Some very worried about this. On the economic front, I have told many of you many times over the last decade and a half. The terrorists are not good economic policy tariffs against China. I am all for. Because we're using them for national security policy we have to dig it out with China. Toto knows to know so, be it their economy more than ours, but doing With Canada and Mexico and South Korea in Europe and is A bad idea now Pressing the United States has pulled back tariffs on certain products. I found like traffic of that sort for Christmas. But if it is true that the amount
consumer doesn't pay tariffs in the form of a huge tax. Twenty five percent tariff as attacks on the american consumer China's pairing it and why would you care. Because the answer is he tariff They tax, the money goes into. The federal treasury leaves your pocket. That's what happens shirt mysteries benefit. Many industries are harmed. Certain parts of the country benefit. Many parts of the country are harmed. We want to really take on China. You pull together our allies. You focus on punishing China economically again about another problem that China is the enemy. Not just trade with China like it's no big deal now it is a big deal. But punishing our allies. There's never made sense to me and this this imbalance of trade. We call it.
Has never made sense to me either and ethics, I understood you many times. I give you a perfect example. Let's say we buy more from Saudi Arabia than Saudi Arabia buys from us. Let's say we do that. Well, shall we make insists that our businesses and individuals by the same amount from Saudi Arabia that Saudi Arabia buys from us What if we want saudi oil. Natural gas, I'm just giving an example. An old example but improves the point. In other words, the reason we're importing things from these other countries is not only because we want them, but in some cases we need them in it. Be dollar four dollars it doesn't make. Any sense makes no sense. China is a different story. I continue to point out
stress and underscore. But our allies really and so paying the price for this and am very concerned about, and I told you last year, very concerned about this. With the election coming up, Takes a while, perhaps a year for palace, Mr kick him and I want nothing more than this present to win reelection against these nut jobs. But I'm not there advising, I think Caving on gun control, despite how they trained characterize, it is a terrible, terrible idea. Doesn't Work number one, but it's a terrible idea. I think What one of the problems we have here is the EP the inability of elect Republicans and even
conservative, slash Republicans on television and radio to discuss free market capitalism. In fact, some of them trash it now we're. A populist raw nationalist. No, I'm not. Constitutional, conservative we seem to have difficulty explaining capitalism. Why is that The left doesn't have any problem discussing socialism. They may not label it socialism, but the proud about redistribution of wealth. Taking your wealth, giving it to somebody else, more government pro there are very, very articulate in their tyranny. Tell me who's, articulate about liberty, name, one person when a couple senses can explain, what's taking place talk about the economy, unequal, Votes.
And I'm thinking to myself not on decentralized government create unequal results. But we wouldn't have the vast majority of things that we have in this country crucially important to our lives, some that. But for a free market, capitalism. There be nothing to redistribute talk about the government taking over healthcare, but the it doesn't create healthcare. And create the technologies. Doesn't create the buildings. Create anything govern. To take over health care, but who created That goes into that pocket. The private sector did. Some time ago, the history channels, a hell of a channel. Some time ago. I watched them. Many series called the men who build America. However, like Trinity, steel, oil?
Automobiles and so forth, the last three nights. I've been watching a show on the history channel called the food. Build America. Now. These men are true. I stole them- retract Rockefeller, Melon, Carnegie Ford. These men That built America through food and not just a man post, also Marjorie, Post. Now we attack what we call processed foods. We attack says food. Syria. Birds I frozen food, we attack Chocolate is unhealthy. The collars unhealthy and what this three part series. Three nights series many SIRI showed was the american people
we're moving in huge numbers under the cities. There, food. They didn't have refrigerators and freezers, they'd block Eyespot block ice. Wasn't all that good. And so they were eating. Rancid meet rancid chicken. Fish with flies and that's all over them. The occurrence of stomach cancer. The turn of the last century into the nineteen twenties. Is far higher than it is today. These. Men we're looking for ways to you Processed food, where they could get food to the masses and they Followed by Colonel sanders them Donalds brothers and re crock. Go Bell Burger, king, so forth and so on, and so we do today we trash these products, we
Crash these men, that's what we do. These men, who fed America, Norton Hershey the Mars family. We trash the we trash, successful people. Listen to the democratic debate. Listen to the democratic debate, attacking wealth, Success attack corporations. Well, we didn't allow the creation of wealth and six an end success and corporations We be a disastrous country and nobody articulates we're Anti Industrial DE industrial revolution. We're we're tall. We use to March. We too much work. Loading the planet, the climate,
change because of us a deep rose movement. Anti industrial revolution, movement. We feed ourselves, we feed the world. Lights whenever we want them, we water. Whenever we want it, we everything whenever we want a beer. Wine meets all very, very well cared for, so there Rancid and so forth,. Somehow we must get back to explaining this to our fellow citizens closer. I'm gonna get it in the media. There now Get it from the democratic they're, not gonna, get it for the Republican Party, the Republican Party. I am going to predict and fifty years alone exists and has no purpose. It has a minor purpose to try and stop the Democrats. That's a great party? That's not the grand all party. Party, there was yet slavery was a party that was against segregation was a part was for the industrial revellers. What is it now.
Dont control light. Open borders, light. I want to salute the history colonel for what it's done. Can I try and do that here every single day to talk about the merits of liberty? The talk about the merits of our founding color division. Socialism, Marxism call it whenever you want this ism, its deadly was are the death we'll go out? Health care taken, pain, other pictures. They will look at the people, the propaganda and the demagogues or promoting it. They created it. In fact, they even higher today a person this is what they keep pushing. Now they have discovered this issue of climate change. They ve hit painter. And they ve gone all out.
You see it's noncontroversial, it's safe, its public spirited. And the media are all behind them. We don't hurry up and destroy. Capitalism, we don't hurry up, destroy success, we don't hurry up and surrender more more of our liberty and Property to the federal government were doomed on China. When we come back, I want a circle back on Hong Kong. I am finding it to be a disgrace that our country. That our country doesn't even speak out. In defence of these people, who may be crushed, It is not an internal matter for China, the we China, was able to call Unquote, reacquire that Ireland was a deal two years ago, a Margaret Thatcher and there Making the deal You don't forcefully speak out these
The weakness and weakness get Provocation. This is appalling to me. When Obama to speak out for the men and women who are rising up against the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, we were furious and we look out against it. I'll be right back then shit. Family in eighteen, forty four hills, they'll call it is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus. The free monthly speech, digestive hailstone college in Primus is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First part
Nineteen, seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job, issues like free speech, the regulation of big tech, Go illness and the American Medical insurance system and because a man Is founding principles are so important? Helstone Prison Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for free here's. What I want you to do, I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's Primus. I M p r. I am I yes dad still that eighty, you welcome to help
some of them were attacking the press. For the press coverage don't be fooled life, that's a reaction on freedom of the press. I can assure you The counterweight it Freedom of the press was just announced was nominated as finalist for one of the digital books of the year. It has also just announced that it is on the New York Times best seller list three months in a row. Summer, ninety nine right now on Amazon dot com and the top one hundred word falls out at the top one hundred the discount is reduced. So if you're thinking about getting it number, ninety nine right now now's the time. What are the Democrats doing? The Democrats are embracing effectively marxism. Now I know the media gets all worked up and the democrats- I'm not talking pure Marxism, but a marxist intellect that's what That's what they were adopted
It's a pseudo scientific egon Determine determinism can free markets and so forth. But what bothers me more is the inability of all these people go on tv. All these people have radio shares not all, but most to explain. Liberty took commerce, to explain our history I'll be right back, you know. Our nations, oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse, Ridge, the idea of objective truth: Pedal, moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully none of this applies to Helstone College for all
two centuries Hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious Liberty and Intel Piety now is here still celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty, these clued, free online courses, the publication of its free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for a constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington, D C and its Barney Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty. Since eighteen, forty four. This is hailstone college and, let me add, I think so much of Helstone College. I
Donated in a regional copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today, as I speak at the Kirby Centre, Hills, a college America's College, Denmark, Laverne, show the pool feed for the conservative media die. Then now eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, it's gone so bay. We actually people in the media have been in the media a long time. They talk about conservatism. They don't even do that anymore. It's bizarre. Absolutely bizarre, The democratic party is very single, unalienable right. They stand for not tongue that abortion. That's not an inalienable right, not talking about a program. That's, none unalienable were turned out. Human rights, no.
You know in ran and a return of the primitive I've talked about this before the Anti industrial revolution. She wrote instead of their old promises that collectivism would create universal abundance and their denunciations of capitalism for creating poverty. They are now denouncing capitalism creating abundance. Instead of promising comfort and security for everyone, Denouncing people per being comfortable and secure. Some forty years ago, Franklin rose about exhorted this country, the second. Price for the sake of an underprivileged one third of a nation. Fifteen years later, the sacrifice was they include the underpants the whole globe today Your ass to sacrifice for this of seaweeds in an hour manner.
Since the enormous weight of controls created by the welfare state, theorists has hampered and burdened and corrupt, but not yet destroyed american industry. The collectively I've found in ecology, he knew it Excuse for the creation of more controls, more corruption, more favour, Pedal More harassment of industry by more irresponsible pressure groups, truism. The industrialists meaning the corporations. As usual, will be the last to protest anymore the economy, Dost. Realists will swallow anything and apologize for anything there, jack crawling, and and climbing on the environmental, been consistent. With their policy
They decades nuclear. Call created by pragmatism, they would rather a deal with a few more bureaucrats and stand up he's the issue in terms of philosophical and moral principles. This I fear about what's going on. This is my fear. As for the politicians, they have however, that the issue of pollution is a great issue. They ve gone all out for it. They see it as a common good, which could mean anything to anyone The green new deal climate change, Just seen enormous power, enormous power to the government the deeper significance of the ecological crusade she writes lies in the.
Act that it does expose a profound threat to mankind, though, In the sense of its leaders allege exposes, ultimate motive of collectivist. The naked essence. Of hatred for achievement, which means it was for reason for me for life. What she's talking about. When you watch, as I said this history channel LISA these but series These men develop these systems or absolute genius. But there were common men. So Them were born and abject poverty. Some of them went bankrupt, But they tried again and again They use their brains to try and figure out how to innovate, how to create how to get past these obstacles, how to up after falling down have raised. Funds that are necessary:
how to do all these things. None of this is ever discussed. It just look at these rich people. We should have a wealth tax. Under this too. We talk like that we talk like the progressive talk like Americans anymore. We Talk like Americans, anymore. What do you think all this stuff comes from that they want to redistribute. And, of course their argument is it's not fair. Everybody doesn't have the same thing. Some people are super wealthy, it's just not fair, but These things, certainly the vast majority of these things when even exist. It was all controlled by the government and yet we have a better Living situation in this country, when the poorest among us. Then in any country, in the face of the earth anything
in the face of the earth, debate, giving welfare, Threats to illegal aliens. We're? The only one. More. The only one. We're gonna lose everything Cut this out we're gonna, lose everything. The inability. Of so called conservative and republican politicians, and so called conservative republican radio hosts and tv hosts, to embrace and articulate Old style, liberty, Dial progress, not progressive ISM progress is shameful. When you have a microphone or tv Cameron, your face, you damn make sure your capable of communicating these things.
You want to be an entertainer gotTA, LAS Vegas, Gonna LAS Vegas, And you could be compelling without being a clown. But why not using our microphones, we are using our cameras. To defend liberty, to explain, capitalism are: to choose our declaration, which is what I do. I my son nature of interior and I try to do here and in the books. More megaphone out there. Can rely on the Republican Party who's gonna. Do it cover Mccarthy Mitch Mcconnell, So, caught up in the weeds, Washington D C. But I must confess a disappointment. And I dont say this to harm, undermine or sabotage anybody ever Very deep affection for this president, I see what up against-
Would he defends a more than I right ear and on oxen elsewhere there, destroy him. But these policies of mass of spending and debt of push for gun control, so the king Painting can claim look at this, like we did on gun. Two trillion dollars. They want for infrastructure family leave act. They want in on that, I'm not bind and even worse, We must be a beacon for freedom in this country, Ladys in general. We always have been again you for some reason believe that means going to war all the time. I don't know where you get this from. Maybe the code pink Republicans on tv and radio. Nobody is talking about that. Nobody is talking about a fuller war against China, except China.
But we need to stand with people who are being oppressed. Who used to stand with us? We don't stay with the people of Hong Kong stand with the people of Taiwan, we don't stay the people of Taiwan. Why stand with the people of South Korea at least. We should speak out in their defence when I repeat an underscore. When the people of IRAN were rising up. And Obama did nothing for ten days. The all condemned him- and rightly so- we denounced them and we should have. I have to say, Reagan stood with the free,
fighters all over the world, whether they were in Angola, Nicaragua, Grenada, Eastern Europe, the Middle EAST, wherever because he understood, but to do otherwise Waiting comforter enemies. Gotta be smart about how you do it. But in this case, silence is not golden What does a green light? In my opinion,. And I'm very very worried about it. We don't for capitalism? You know it its policy going on and on screaming at the top, or belongs about gun control, who he are things that Spain, France, because a well run city.
Will they human feces all over the place and the needles all over the place and the illegal aliens on a sanctuary city all over the place, she's going to tell us about the second amendment. You understand the bill of rights belong to you. There shut up for negotiation. You're, not up for negotiate well, who needs? Who cares what these honey, five weapons? I do. Who needs five newspapers? I do who needs anything? We do. Another reason why ninety percent of the people support background checks. Because a significant percentage of the people who don't own guns, don't understand, you have to have a background check. While martyrs, the gunshot loophole? Who cares slow one percent of the sales and not one goal gun suddenly guns?
A loophole has ever been used in a mass murder now one so there. Do away with that? Wow fell ex everything we're going to raise the age of twenty one? While these two for twenty one, an older tony. We need a red flag law. You know is that funny ten years go you never heard of a red flag law. Now it's the end, all be what is it? We're gonna throw Red Flag- and what are you gonna do it? People are acting. Pioneer acting weirder, they seem to be a problem and so forth and so on, stop them from getting weapons or take their weapons and away from them. Then they have their Diane court, and I see friends of my writing off perfectly the founders of those countries, yeah, that's what we meant. That's what we meant, not the states, one. All the Supreme Court who cares, What do processes, but about in this country? Can you
I the founders of those countries, yeah, that's what we met. Probably meant not the states want to do it. The states can do it. I'm going to at the federal level. You ve got mass of slaughter going on in cities like Chicago Baltimore. Did the stricter? uncontrolled laws, and they say while act because in these cities they can get guns from outside the city. No, that's not! Why. Cause, you have hoodlum. She got gang members, her fighting over fighting over drugs fighting over women who the hell knows what their fighting over. This would be the same Democrats, the same media who don't oh secure the border in order for a politician to say you have enough guns, people from getting in here, while you're not.
But then you look over your shoulder after they pass all these large wait, a minute where's my gun or yet enough. Oh by the way, in order for a politician to say you have enough guns and enough ammo, what are they need to know, MR producer? What guns you have And how much ammo you. Otherwise, how do they know? You have too much court on club. And saw how they gonna get that information. They can afford to that area. I don't have the Irish. Do it like the IRA's handles Obamacare, Where did down a very dangerous road here? As I said you last night, we don't know but this country's gonna look like and fifty a hundred a hundred fifty years for two hundred years. The people in Germany did the people of Cuba. Didn't the people, you name the state, the country then as well. Are they didn't they're all disarmed.
I'll, be right back then, every and being has a common problem. How do I live? Well, our Happiness and well being depends on how we answer that question Hills Doc President Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's Nick I'm a key and ethics and new free online course from hills. The college shares Aristotle's teachings that why help the most complete happy life possible register for this free course. Introduction Aristotle's ethics, how to lead a good life. Drawing lessons from the greatest self help book ever written at Lavigne for hills, that come in Ten on demand videos, each only thirty in its long you'll, learn how to confront the chief obstacles to happiness and make their choices that bill good character, Aristotle presents a guide for securing a virtuous life, and if you take this recourse,
the Dale and he'd Aristotle's advice, your life will change for the better. You can learn how to lead a good life just as every here The college student does it's yours for free at level, for hills doubt that calm, that's L. In Vienna, for hills doubt that the question in the fundamental question is: is the government going to drag our country down we're gonna, be able to break loose and bring our country up. Look at what the debate Over liberty and we're losing this debate, I'm not gonna be present for arena. In this debate,. Because we don't engage in it, we don't Age in the debate, Debating liberty on any these programmes, whose explaining
people in this country. Nobody, nobody. Not concern. I see rising anti Semitism, I see it being too. Created by the Democratic Party in the media, I see rising race baiting is the country becomes increasingly diverse through open borders. I see no respect for private property rights, talk about wealth taxes and so forth, which clearly unconstitutional I see. Back on the engine of capitalism. Anyone is successful and wealthy. We have a completely different mindset and no not progress. Ladies and gentlemen, that is that as a throwback to throw back in the Time they attacked the second amendment. Their destroying the first amendment and freedom, the press is I've, written explained extensively.
May I, like. The second amendment, is just some regulations. Second, amendments, not a regulation; it's this an amendment to the constitution talk about the red flag? They were, of course, its constitutional, other Supreme Court and anger, robots, givers, Sally Guns. I dont care. I know why there's a second amendment. I can even tell you which state supported it and suggest it before? They would even ratify the constitution. What they were thinking, none of these experts do and then there just while ass white supremacist slaves, Are we care what they think. They always have an answer, not a good one. Our guy said but the thumb in their nose. Yes, lens. Yes, we need a red flag, we need. Full background checks out. They all means you're in the FBI, data base, not good enough,
We need full background checks for what like, Like the mentally ill or the evil are gonna know, and I want to submit to the background check when I go to the gunshot purer frank, yes understand, I'm limited to seven bullets as well. Ok, I'm all we want to buy one got a month. You ok, I've tried. So so we had to follow those rules, but I want to slaughter. Twenty people now does not make sense to anybody. Aren't a lot more. When I return- and I shall return-
Now, broadcasting only underground the members than the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our lead at my feet. I see a marketing ban, eight, seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one: three, eight one: one: eight and a half million people and terrestrial radio. Millions on satellite radio, millions on pod. God knows how many really are listening. All over the world want to. Thank you. Present United States just waited up. This is why I really real appreciate this man
I know presidency, a China very well is a great leader. Very much has the respect of his people. He says is also a good man in a tough business I think what he means- there's stuff in China'S- It's never die. I've zero. Doubt. President, she wants to quickly and who mainly solve the Hong Kong problem. He can do it, then this is the key. Personal meeting question mark want to thank the President for this, because I believe this is important. I want to thank the staff numbers. I ran into him of my comments Bradley. That's all right. I don't care The president can do some good in this regard. That's a wonderful thing. So this is the difference between Trump and every Democrat. Who wants to be present here? the country.
Prize to do the right thing. That's different on the left, which is illogically driven, come hell or high water. Something doesnt work: they continue to expand it and found it don't matter there leftists and if, love the country never funny way shown that they gave up funny way shown it so the good thing what the president just weeded out as far as I'm concerned very much. Hoddan Lemon, maybe, in a bit of a pickle, you might say, he's been sued, spin sued for sought. I'm not going to read the article because of its true. It's really quite disgusted down. You're not at the scum scenario, yeah yeah We and I want you to listen to it down lemon at this, a newsman folks,
This is a newsman to gets no rating, so somebody wants him to stay on their impediments. Crap cut to go The President claims republic and support him on strengthening background checks but there is no evidence of any kind of aggressive arm twisting campaign by the president to get a specific piece of legislation. Here's what you like, let's let slip, let's stop. Let me help D Donnie women here, Donny. Legislation rhymes with legislature, legit lake Shore Who are the legislators? Now the currently working on some kind of legislation, and I just read and political that none other than Susan Collins is in the middle of it. That scared the hell out of me. Cause, you don't give a damn about the bill of rights he's with that Catherine Heparin voice of hers, a mark
you ve got a permanent big deal. She should have anyway, but she's, in the middle of it. That should scared the hell out of here. Anyway? I go back to this clown good. Pushing an immigration policy that would make the statue of Liberty hang her head in shame really power reeling. Barring people who come here even legally not to be on the public doll, the statue of liberty would hang her head in shame. It's the statue of liberty, not the statue, welfare and food stamps. It's the statue of liberty power. People want they'll asylum, did it spect any handouts from the government and they weren't given any hand out from the government. And they keep quoting. What's on the statue of liberty, let me quote: Daniel Horwitz over the conservative review, so many millions of Americans on welfare and so much
at accruing every year. Why in the world, would we New people to come to this country and use welfare. Why choose those who would use welfare when there are so many in the pool of potential immigrants or one that these Questions are so unassailable and so rooted in a principle as older a founding their proponents. Mixing welfare with open borders are now resorting to a new tactic, their content. Trumps very modest proposal to enforce just a part of the public to charge law as against. How on the statue of liberty. Liberals in the media, like Donnie Lemon our breathless accusing the Trump administration of violating the Spirit of the new colossus. A poem By Emma Lazarus in eighteen, eighty three place: a black in the statue of liberty. Twenty years later,. In their minds, give me you're tired your poor, your huddle masses, yearning to breathe free
mean journey to get on welfare. First, he says I noted with exhaust the research Book stolen sovereignty and our entire history the first colonial era public charge laws in Massachusetts to the laws written by the federal government in eighteen. Eighty two there was an clad rule that immigrants should never be a burden on America. In fact, just why here before the publishing of that poem com pass the eighteen. Eighty two immigration at that bill, acted Treasury officials to inspect immigrant ships, public charges quote if on much examination there shall be found among such passengers. Any convict, lunatic idiot, any person unable to take care of himself or herself without becoming a the charge. So person shall not be permitted to land now that sex two of the eighteen. Need to immigration. They weren't even allowed the step forward in the country section-
for the bell required that the cost of returning public charges be born. The owners of the vessels in which they came in eighteen, Three issues mean eighteen, eighty, five, two years after the was published Congress, ass, the contract labour law of eighteen, eighty five, which forbade advertising our transporting emigrants to come here for you, labour sex. Five and act explicitly exempted higher scheme, professionals from this law: reading is fundamental. Donnie lemon. In eighteen. Ninety one Congress To existing categories of indivisibility, those convicted of aid, misdemeanor involving moral turpitude. The charge up to a year after being legally admitted in the country, flying from contagious diseases all excluded in it should have full interview and then immigration official, all emigre, had to undergo a medical exam. Anyone found
have a contagious disease, was immediately quarantine and then deported or immigrants who were found to be a public charge up to a year after being legally admitted in the country could also deported under the law? Oh my and I do know three the very year that poem was placed on the statue of Liberty, Congress before new categories of indivisibility, anarchists people without epilepsy, professional beggars and those who import prostitutes. Thus, if the left somehow wants to use history to justify its position, the historical I could shows that our values and the palace- Supporting them we're completely opposite of what the left claims in CNN and MSNBC had been doing this all dam day long all day, long. The poem offers the liberty with which even the poor can prosper,
from their own work Not handouts so, what's with the poem. Why was it prominently displayed on the statute of limiting where immigrants came through our silent, the poem, the new colossus some placed on the statute until seventeen years after the statue was built as a true To the light, men of America's founding the colossus arose, was a monument of the greek sun. God help us and the poem specifically rejects the all colossus quote: not, the brazen giant of greek fame. Unquote. Perhaps nobody explained the true meaning of the new collapses and how to apply the american immigrants better than others over time. Polluting our body going back. But it was never intended to justify why referred to as liberty, welfare was. It was about american lightning, the rest of the world with Liberty,
our history in law, what the left is doing by marrying mass migration with a mass welfare state. Didn't even exist at the time the statue was built of the palm written in the opposite of what the palm As for indeed this it was originally referred to as liberty tightening the world, meaning it was about american lightning, the rest of the world with Liberty liberty is understood by the people that are never included. Even the redistribution of wealth, among the citizens of that country. Much less redistributing it to the citizens of the rest of the world. You know what I'm amazed that the left has pulled: that statue Dounia Mr Produce. Nineteen o three. We had areas of the country that were segregated you they would pull her down and lady Liberty. What's with the word lady, I thought almost color, campuses we can identify by gender. Can it be person, liberty,.
I think that's another reason: pull down, don't you it's, just that are immigrants, were different. Doin great wave and set the America than moulded their characters and experiences was different. It was truly free of former Democrats hundred Dana Patrick Moynihan wrote an eight nineteen. Eighty six cod, later the nostalgic revisionism of some of his colleagues. Regarding the poem on the statue of liberty, the immigrants of the great wave. He said we're not the wretched refuge of anybody shores. One described them in stark contrast to many from today's mass away as drawing enterprising self sufficient folks know exactly they were doing and doing quite on their own. Thank you very much. I quote. Their stolen regrets today who fit that description, but Chain migration, which now And if its mainly countries, whose I have a high prevalence of welfare usage so they mass of welfare state, is an open invitation.
Too many around the world. The joint Americans who never get off a fair and experienced a very different type of freedom. Then what ice the immigrants to the late nineteenth century. Our goal was to bring in only the freedom and independence, loving type of immigrants. The poem on the statue of liberty is actually more relevant today than ever before, the medium, being fond of king. Could generic twig Upon by saying give me your time: Your poor, who can stand on their own two feet and he will not become a charge, but that's actually application of the power, the power, meant that America on its own, and echo what our welfare at the time of The liberty that, alas, poor people to become prosperous people. Look at how european socialism makes poor of the rich will we make rich and the poor Provided that we adapt, we don't adopt European Europe socialism along Western Europe's current migration policies.
Eighteen eighties, immigration works. When immigrants have a free America to come to. Some people wonder of America still exists. The Democrats, it won't I'll be right back then the wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself. Through your day. Gifts A bloated, tired and out of shape eating healthy as a habit, but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right here: much. We should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of greens. Every morning before I start my day, just one scoop, fill the greens as a full serving a real USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables. Spooky amenity using antioxidants, probiotics and probiotics. Now this is real food, not some fake, supplement, lab powder, just read
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there's a shooting two years ago, the media won't blame Bernie Sanders. The shooting Two weeks ago, we gonna half ago mundane He's mentioned again, Lisbon. Barnes mention course they're not to blame trumps to blame But here's Bernie Sanders at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire yesterday. I want you to listen to those got. This is what I am talking about. The democratic Party, the Democratic Party. And I don't care how many Jews or in the House of Representatives of the Senate, who are Democrats They have an obligation to address their own Caucasus, but they won't cause they're cowards. They put their liberalism. First cut six go all that I have ever said on this issue. Is U S. Foreign policy should be even no, it shouldn't be even handed the power Dignan Authority in Hamas or terrorist regimes. That subsidize the slaughtering of Jews there,
Democracies there mobsters. Why would you haven't even handed policy. This country backs the state of Israel, not the. I was standing authority, which is the opium allow and Hamas. Democratic she's me democratic, must understand this. This used to be their position. But all reds all commies. Drawbacks. You know. That's not their view. Go ahead, even handed and that you have to we respect Israel. Israel has every right in the world to live in peace and security. Pots, Oh, do the palestinian solo, stopping them stopping them from living in peace and security, Tommy How many Jews have gone into the air
for the Palestinians control Palestinian Authority and murdered their young people are, children are blown up, their buses are shot up there ask sir they're cafes. None How can you pass judgment? I can I smell a rat descend the idea from others in their turn water, innocent people in the Gaza Strip. None, you idiot, you Eddie! It go ahead! So do the power many people who is proudly jewish debate, you're, not proudly. Jewish part When you pass judgment, I can. I smell a rat snake, a mile away. I was he proudly jewish but he told me. How do you probably Joseph.
Jewish Cars Heather Tire slash two hundred two hundred. That's a lot in New Jersey De Bernie Span sooner speak out. No. What I see Jews, Our assaulted in Brooklyn like the other day brutally Bernie Sanders Big out now. Bernie Sanders kisses how sharpens considerable ass. They had no problem with key facts that two thousand being the deputy chair. Of the day and she had practised supported him. He comes to the defence of Omar, but don't worry, he's a Jew. I've seen people like this before this look at history. The nineteen thirty's Yeah, that's right! I said it go ahead. Wing Netanyahu government that damages Netanyahu government is right. Wing. Conservative, you puke, but anything Right of Lenin, his right wing to this guy.
Few coward, you wouldn't come on this programme wouldn't come on any of my tv programmes. You coward. There are no washed and personal currently properly. Properly I'll expose go ahead is not to be employed, Your point is well taken United its government gives a lot of money to Israel and I think we can leverage of that money. But the racism that we have recently seen in Israel. While this is just this, this is a Haider this- is a hatred, is a real commie red already. Coming. He just is a care what his suppose it faces, heritage that matter. The useful idiots. Fortunately, there is more and more people like this. Yes, there are, I know what is feeling I know what he selling I know history.
So the right wing, israeli government, the Prime minister's races, presently United States of races, everybody's racist, but Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders remove from Brooklyn the widest stated a face of America Vermont and ran for office. There are he's not a racist, not around he's very inclusive, all of his neighbors. You know all of his neighbours in Vermont. Well, in Rwanda, I'll be right back with a daily fake news dump pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers. You may have missed some real news. Like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, anti suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food? But what
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Matt Cleveland, Ohio, serious satellite. How are you mad element? Levin pleasure to speak with you argue, met we are travelling around this great nation for a month. I'm here with Might thirteen year old son. I'm an american due from New Jersey, but we are, a conservative and I'm proud of its wonderful wonder. I wanted to park: you are we on this trip. We were listening to your book on freedom. The press on audio book and I'd be learned about Owen and Roosevelt One of you, as you explained before The Holocaust and Roosevelt, How in the hell was this? we're. Not the way it was was this. After your and just political calculus to finally get us on the war, the right I'm no,
cover up of the Holocaust was because or if they are my view, we had a problem. Anti Semitic: now they left Marxist, It professes will never admit that. But he didn't allow jewish refugees real refugees. I were trying to escape the third Reich into the country. And here he he also was very. I should say pressing the media, not that, where the Holocaust he wanted to control the narrative he wanted to control. What would we would not be talked about the media one along with him? in the case of the New York Times, explain at some length which has had the year. Salzburg, your family. What jewish, really in name only and He didn't want their newspeak Empire heavy pigeonholed as a jewish newspaper,
so they were concerned believe it or not that the american people and Gentiles in this country would not be sympathetic to the reporting. If they were to focus too much, Holocaust, so they focused almost not at all, same with the jewish and Washington Post by the way Try when I hear a Bernie sooner say your arm, George, from a project, to now really sorry a Jew anymore than sulzberger, was. In Salzburg knew what was going on there, there was enough information getting back to the New York Times. And he was also trying to get his family out of Germany, he did grave disservice to the american people who didn't really know Tom nineteen. Forty four, the extent of the extermination of the european judges, nineteen, forty four- He was a mouthpiece for Roosevelt. And before that, as you touched on, he d near Times, was a mouthpiece for star. Through our Durante water directive
he been in Moscow for twelve years. And Stalin was having a problem with the Ukrainians, noticed the Russians always do and the peasant farmers there where they were not keen on giving up their property, giving up their crops to the government. They didn't buy this communed stuff. So, rather than shoot them one of the time- and I tried by the thousands. What does stolen did. Is he surrounded the Ukraine cut off by land and sea and start the people. And it less than eighteen months. On ten million Ukrainians started, in a horrific way. Sir, two needs in his written about it. I pointed this out now you get here. The Ukrainians trying to get into the gulag to eat anything. There was cannibalism, was horrific. And the man on the scene for the New York Times Jews, we wouldn't travelled to the Ukraine. Others did for the year
Manchester Guardian newspaper in England, couple, a report is went there and they saw was taking place and I wrote about it. And the New York Times NEWS And cars bonnet in Moscow Was sir driven around and black cars, had act it's all kinds of wonderful foods to women. In fact, He impregnated one woman and had a child over there. He would. These propaganda pieces news pieces. Near ties which the New York Times would publish the management of the New York Times had Anna was wrong. They knew what these other reporters rewriting and in fact, what there ain't he did ass. He attacked these other reporters. Who were riding in the british newspapers, Those reporters would seem to me- and I paraphrase That directive was one of the greatest liars and world history, and you know what he got a Pulitzer Prize and you know what else,
The New York Times more pressure that family to return it. So these are two genocides stolen, what he did to the Ukrainians. What he did to the Jews almost back to back. And the New York Times did report the news didn't report, the facts. Fact. Did the opposite? In the case of the Ukraine reported russian stalinist propaganda case of the Jews covered it up as much as they possibly could for his as they possibly could, and this is, paper. We call the paper record. This is the paper we say all the news, fit to print? I think this is one of the reasons chapter six why Freedom of the press is a national by sullen has been for three months: people don't know these things and there's a lot more in the book, listening to the audio driving across the country. With your son, So a in the book that also I haven't even talked about over these months Which really reveal the underbelly of the media in this country, so the president's right, I think we can agree
that most of the enemies, the president has in the media and the Democratic Party Redeem, your Hollywood, her our enemies, they hate us, they despised. Because we disagree with them, because we worked this man office I intend to do exactly the same thing again. Are I met Thank you very much, and one last thing I wanted to tell you about is we were very today to be in some much again and we stop by hills the college and got it and what sir. We want to help the apology. I ain't gonna walk around the campus anything. You for promoting them, because I would never have known them. If I didn't listen to you Since the finest college in the country, as far as I'm concerned I thank you very much and if you have time folks, visit it, Kirby Centre washed and easier Massachusetts Avenue Right across from them,
The heritage foundation. And are you go in there We have to ask them he go in, but on public displays. I've told you before is one of the rarest copies Valley of the federalists papers at their Alexander Hamilton had published at great expense, whose very, forgot task about five hundred of them published. Gave fifty seven to ever Virginia Which was leaning against voting Constitution and he kept over four hundred for New York, which was leaning against voting for the constitution, and they really work hard and hustler. This is one of the finest copies has survived, and I don't need it to em. Still college. So look at a letter that was signed by, among others, Doktor Warren. One of the great revolutionaries, but he was killed so early in the revolutionary period. And it's such a young age, thirty six. The people are not about so ice
a lot of time making sure trying to make sure people know about Doktor Warren. In his day, he was better known that SAM Adams, who is better known, the John Hancock, but he knew of Thomas Jefferson back then, It was better known and George Washington This was before seventeen. Seventy six breeds hill, Concord Lexington, All these things that. We're not talk anymore, and we should be very, very proud of sad, very soon. What a magnificent country this is let's continue MIKE Rockville South Carolina on Syria Satellite go are you doing today, sir? I thank you. Good, my comment was related to the existing background check system that we had in place for quite some time. Recent memory
I wish shooter El Paso shooter Gilroy shooter LAS Vegas. You do in Charleston, shooter all passed those background check. So perhaps before we start talking about leaving more laws. We ought to take a little look at the system we have. I dont disagree, but what are you gonna find out from a background check when they try to find out as the people of any any public record of criminality, misdemeanours felonies any public record they're. Looking for of any controversies of a significant kind, projects can only go so far. They can only go so far. They can. They also want people, people don't announced. I wanna gonna kill people. They just don't do that. Nobody! the real. In that we need to be looking at is what is shifted in our society that has caused
People they change. While you know they were well. We ve talked about this, and- and I don't want to go through it again, but can I just very very quickly. What I said is in many ways we are unmoored from morality in virtual, where more from our belief system. Anything goes, Whether sexual, whether it is other than what it whatever it, is, and we ve done down the value of life. We talk, Abortion is if it's a choice, we talk about the elimination of puppies that way. We were Governor Virginia who still in office who talked about post birth, abortion. And only half the country was upon, the other half is defending it Well, you didn't hear right while what's wrong what, if it's this one of its that and so we now have an argument where life as a choice, Sonata choice to life. And so, when you're having to defend life, his life,
pretty starting with one foot Mahal, that's the problem. Thank you for your com,
friend I'll, be right back then. If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brick. House Levin, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver. I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens. What a great product! Thank you break, ass for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and your welcome Stephen subscribing smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps booster immunity using antioxidants, probiotics and probiotics. Plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Gotta brick House, Levine, dot com are call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent of your first daughter with Promo Code Levin, that's brick house, L, av iron, dot, com or call a three three ring be H.
And Promo Code Levant DVD dont, forget folks, up all seasons coming. Yet these early games of the game, basketball, dumpy, left out download the podcast information information just taken, listen to it. If ever you don't hear the programme on the radio may Tape, delayed or pre empted. Go to Mark Levine showed outcome. That's the mothership website. The radio website mark live in alleviating, showed dot com. Gone, the audio rewind button in the middle of the top of the homepage battle, here too, the podcast page and set simple Then the next thing you do, as you download the platform begin download, Google podcast apple, podcast stature. You can download whatever you want, but The three prime examples so you'll, never missed the show.
Let's say you're busy There's something else you need to do. And we have several million people who are listening to the podcast every month. But just in case you never know. Hey marks not on what the hell's Goin on I be pre empted. This is how you get around it. Now, an update on Philadelphia, the situation has not changed. Six police officers now been shot sugar, still armed still inside the location. They're trying to talk to him he's not talking to them. I remember a few hours ago there was report there's a couple police officers in there with other suspects. That is, I've been updated. They give you a false information. That is all we know. They keeping a title on this. They vast the media please don't take any pictures of the building or any of the year. Police officers, particularly the technical units and so forth that are near that area.
Thankfully, the media's paying attention to the request, Kirsten Jill Abram why she running for president. Why is this nitwit running for anything? Cut aid so. I think we should ban assault weapons as well as large magazine, so I think we should bring in them and large man. You mean now They have much authority to ban weapons and large magazines, the feds do as they have authority to ban Kristen Jello brand from speaking. I would like to know what is it about the second amendment that allows that kind of activity an assault, weapons and again I'll, go back. What the hell is an assault weapon you hit over the head with a baseball bat, that's an assault weapon.
You hit in the face for the frying pan, that's an assault weapon Fraid, o Cuomo such in the nose. His hands on a saw weapon. That's a sob battery go ahead part of passing that ban to a guy buyback programme across the country so that those who own, then I don't want to show my weapons, could be you damn buyback programme. I don't want to see my weapons and I'm not given up to now. We can
Compensated for their money that they spent, but I think both of those ideas are strong, I think, having by I'm going to combined. Well, you don't want people to retain them, because if you make them illegal, you don't wanna grandfather in all the assault weapons that are all across Amerika. You would like people to sell them back to the government so that you can make sure you shouldn't have access to these weapons couldn't have now the reporter. And, although the Harlem spot would CNN today, she's very excited, ok, gotta, But you're gonna have to figure out how you gonna get it hey. How gonna get the weapons from these people know question about civil liberties, the constitute not a damn thing: no ahead.
That is a more involvement of mandatory buyback then take. The next step is that you then prosecute criminally prosecute those who. So now we have the so called reporter, giving our ideas. Now Christian- and you know you gotta- get a really figure this out. So here's what you do here's. What you do get the prosecute people who wants so the guns were put him in jail. Put him in jail, you put him in jail, go Could result in by the they said at Castro what the events going on in Philadelphia saying said: more reason for gun control. This is unbelievable: Kristen Job ran, attacking quote right wing judges in the end- our I, I guess I see these people, I despise them. I dont like demagogues.
They hate the cops. Why don't they say that tonight? What are they? I was what they really think. The array gone owners salt Events, they don't have all the facts that that they should outage their standards. Not even over doesn't matter. This is the nature tyranny you're. Looking at a rightly I or more, Relies for that matter,
individuals. Are you supportive of that? So the point is you don't want people using assault weapons, and so the point is, if you are arrested for using an assault, weapon you're going to have an aggravated felony em in the whole point is when you make it a crime to own in the salt weapon, then if you found using such a kind to show my automatically nets with Christian and jewelry and watch, let me tell you something else I mean that's why Susan Cones wants to, but you won't tell you liberty under attack next book should be got tyranny and liberty I'll be right back
he's here now, broadcasting on roaming underground can impose than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with the leader of my party mark living near number: seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one! We ain't one when I believe a little later in this hour when at the great Gordon Chang away, not MR producer. Give us more insight into the China. Hong Kong situation is brilliant. Poppy Harlow poppy Harlow is apparently she's a scene in host. So this discussion with Kirsten Jellyband continues. I want you to listen to this.
This lesson. Is this tells you everything you need to know, cut and she's a reporter she's, an anchor woman cut nine GO Are you talks in the last debate about being and they struck me watching it, a white woman of privilege and and where I think, there's not discuss a lot when it comes to abortion? Is that laws, limiting abortion or having one facility in a state like Missouri disproportionately affects the poorest american lives glitches. Let's just snubs there Unfortunately,. Not all, but most abortions. But take place among the poor for minorities. And just listen: how sick? This is just step away. From modern American. Listen to this. You see the problem is the poor are unable to abort enough for their babies. Ladies and gentlemen,.
It's unfair and this is cold It is incredible the way they talk about this stuff. You dont want to be a kind of limits: the year, the poor people they only have access to abortion clinic and so disproportionately affects the boards. The Americans. Now in a rational world. That would be a good thing. But not in the world, the CNN and the one on the left look. This is a right. It's a choice. How many abortions either a year? Will you do that Mr Medusa Is the same amount as the number of people were murdered. You'll never hear anybody talk about abortion control, certainly not Susan Collins. The people who are now pushing gun control you'll, never hear that. In an abortion is an absolute death warrant to a baby
And you know the more science where they want to talk about climate change right, the more science we have indicating that these babies can live at an earlier an earlier stage of pregnancy the more its ignored. What lesson forget about the science we're talking about a right finish. What is it In twenty fifteen there were six hundred and thirty eight thousand abortion. Six hundred and thirty thousand abortions. Although we know if enough, poor people had abortions, because what- poppy Harleigh was very concerned about this. Very concerned in. Jellyband look. Children's a white woman is manufactured, is a transparently why woman saw her. Why privilege runs deep and shall a minute lack, slow,
am I white woman, ok anyway, so worm. While she slaps herself actually. So bizarre. Can, you understand, says poppy of poppies. A woman of color. I don't know she's a transparent, translucent one. I don't know anything about poppy she's. Why. Oh she's, why too, so to white woman talking about black people? Do you know, It's like to be a minority. Says one. Why woman to another? Why one poppy names are kid poppy no offense we said a guy's name, MR producer. I got grandfathers name poppy a woman anyway,. Let's take this one from the top go ahead.
You talked in the last debate about being and they struck me watching at a white woman of privilege and where I think, there's not discuss a lot when it comes to abortion. Is that laws limiting abortion or having one facility in a state like Missouri disproportionately affects the poorest Americans, because they cannot afford to travel elsewhere. To look. We ought to have an abortion. Office in every see vs, let would fix it, don't you they must reduce- or maybe it every seven eleven have a whole assembly line. You know, science, get Henry Ford back figure out how to have an assembly line just to make sure. Yes, they make sure everybody's covered equally on their abortion on their abortions, sick. But when a gun control, aren't you no gun, control, background checks, front round, checks, red flags, white flags We need to put people in prison if they dont, let us by their weapons, back assault, weapons, of course. Well,
What about assault weapons in an operating room? Just because their sterile. The hell you think that abortion is an abortion ends, a life. An abortion ends a human life, that's what it does. These clouds or turn about post abortion, post birth, abortion. But they have to mix race and no one about access. You know poor people of access. Are you kidding me go ahead? your black people kill all these babies in the warm in order to have a year a more perfect race absolutely we need as many aborted poor kids as possible. Protect women are, as you know, when it is many kids aborted in this country's closely, and that is a very progressive thing- abortion.
In fact, it's a great thing that plan parenthood doing it because they had a plan. Parenthood, who founded plan port, apparent its anger, What are you genesis? Do you know what that means kill the handicap. Cuba People kill all these babies in the womb in order to have a compromise that more perfect race Sound a little third Reich. Assure you, ladies and gentlemen. That's the founder plan, parenthood, which you and I fund. I am telling you five hundred years from now people, Look back at this society and say what a disgusting group. Of selfish preening precious people go yeah. So I believe we should repeal the height amendment now. What's the hide amendment. The height of em, it says when it was the law for fifteen years was a compromise that.
One federal penny will go towards an abortion because their people, who opposed like me on moral grounds, and they should be forced to pay for these. That's not good enough when abortion born on demand they want you to subsidize whether you like it or not whether you Gets life or death doesn't matter pay up. Particularly poor people, we gotta make sure there's enough clinics in there and neighbourhoods to be fair about this abortion thing. You know. Six hundred and thirty five thousand last year. But you can't talk about it. That's not wise to talk about a politically. Go ahead, really weary hard for low income limits have access, because you can't use federal dollars to pay for it. That's why we're doing the town homes, hello, hello,. That's why we have all these front groups pay for.
By billionaires millionaires raise a fortune and money. To conduct abortion so that consumers are not doing enough abortions. Poor people are having enough abortions and you see this as a priority. For these two, why women poppy and Kirsten go ahead, only have one clinic laughed and women across that state are gonna, have a lot of trouble when they need access to care of getting it its highly met manner. How do you know. We know that for a fact, well, even study. Right across the border to another state seriously. Have any idea of that's true? None. But here we have two women who believe. There's not enough access to clinics to have abortions. Not going to talk about whether these clinics are safe,
Remember the one in Philadelphia, I was unsafe. When I talk about the moral side of it not at home, Clinics for these abortions I'll be right back then, It's no longer shocking at this point, the guess: what you're a crab said: the department, a healthy human services, train a bar another one of crackpot Socialist Bernie, Sanders Healthcare at this, and I can't see a thing wrong with it less. Of course, you bleed being sick as a good thing. Following Saunders, led Hs has proposed a programmed allow states to import some prescription drugs from Canada, and God knows where else Now, let's start with the fact that none of these states, little on camera or other countries have any systems in place to determine if the drugs coming into the? U S, What the label say they are.
Where there from China, India or who made them. As such, there zero ability to know. What you're taking is remotely safe. Canadian officials, while they ve, been very clear about their safety concerns, that counterfeit drugs are already a major global problem that have led to many many deaths. A lot of things that we can do with our healthcare system but destroying the safety of our prescription. Drugs is not one of them die. Importation is dangerous. It's just shocking that leaders of the Us Department of Health and human services would even consider such a hare brain idea, but there they are getting, Scott, a true healthcare facts, dot com who healthcare faxed outcome. That's true healthcare facts that Gordon Chung, as a friend, he wrote again but called they coming collapse of China. And nobody better to talk to now, but you Gordon, how are you mark? Thank you, though so much
I pledge to great book. People should get an art. Why are we not more vocally? I mean both parties, so in our country, public leaders in our country, standing with the people of Hong Kong. Have you noticed how quiet it is reversed? I think that people don't understand the significance of what's going on. China is attacking, of course, freedom and autonomy in Hong Kong, but is also attacking our government and our form of governance of this tacking democracy itself. So there is a common foe, and that means the kids in Hong Kong are the front line of freedom, not just for the people in Hong Kong, but for us as well. If we understood the significance, maybe the linkages there would be the More concern in our country for what's going on in that territory Watch these cable shows, among other shows, and they gonna do hidden, run episodes on it
but all the Chinese are. You know, troop trucks gathering. Ok, let's move on trumps racist. You know it's like, a no serious in their substantial reporting taking place You know right now, it's hard for, I think, for american audiences to understand it, because there is a lot of storylines going on in Hong Kong right now. But the most important is that the kids and bath a quarter of the population, maybe more believe This is our last stand for autonomy. This is their last stand against China. And we Americans have to understand that our society is being maliciously attack by the Chinese. You know, especially our economy, a mean that China's theft of U S, intellectual property most of it. So we got I understand that this is a page which is going after all of us. Maybe you ve said this is well Neil Ferguson weeks, go sit on. Fuck choice, had looked this worrying co war number two
and the Chinese, no, but unfortunate lot of Americans don't, but he said Donald Trump clearly does what should take on that Oh absolutely, you know you hear a lot of people, you got talking about cable news or whatever who say well. This is trumps. Trade war like can't be further from the truth, because the Chinese have been waging economic war against the United States, since at least the early nineteen nine days and what they are doing is purposefully undermining american society and our economy. And what and dropped his joy and whether you like tariffs or daughter, whither, whatever you feel is actually the first american president to launch a defence to map a defence against what aging is doing. It doesn't look pretty, but we should support cause this, Common enemy for all of us, Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, whatever China is out to get us I strongly support terms against China for National Security reasons. I am is
as big as our economy. Is it's not as big as our economy? while it may I heard certain sectors and our economy. Barely it's really hurting them right now. What do you know about that? If you look at the numbers that came out of the chinese economy for June and July, it points to China growing not at the six point three percent pace it they claim for the first half of this year, but Maybe, like one percent, may be zero. What this really telling Mars is that imports, which is a sign of domestic demand, had been never have been down for three or four That's right now. Also bellwether car sales have been offered. Thirteen consecutive months too, were seeing a lot of signs, a lot of underlying numbers that don't point to a vibrant economy there and edit, if not only present from serves its also. The problems that are caused by sea jumping the chinese ruler, who has this anti reform view of state economy? That is really
killing China, but present Jobs, tariffs or Hang on to that at a very bad time, precision thing as a guy like you see, who's murdered his way to the top. Hi tolerance for the pain of his people? You know what I mean in order to hold on to power signing this guy's capable of anything. Don't you yes I think that when you start to look at couple thanks, first of all he took in power there was a collective system. Took power from everybody else, which means he's all powerful, but it's all accountable, so everything is going wrong for China is laid at his doorstep. Also he's gay institutionalized Communist Party, which means there are no longer any rules to protect him. There was all sorts of rules on succession that sort of mitigated each report. The complex all those are gone, souci jumping knows that if he makes a mistake, he could lose everything. Just as position at the top of the Communist Party of China, but he could lose his
freedom is assets, even his life, because we could go back to a political system that was familiar to mount the dunk who founded the people's report, like seventy years ago, Kennedy was killing his his lieutenants left and right Well, now certainly did see him, put like a million or so people in jail, and a few of them have been executed. Not many, but there are a lot of people whose stakeholders in the chinese political system has been severely disadvantage by sea in their out get him. So he makes an obvious mistake: they're going to pounce. That means Season PIG, as you point out, Mark as a very low threshold for risk. That means he's going to lash out he's going to do something that will take us completely by surprise. We've got to be prepared We had the we prepare. What do you think he's gonna do in Hong Kong and looks like he's going to invade
very well. Do that. I think that he knows that if he puts the people's armed police and the people's Liberation Army on the streets in Hong Kong, they'll be open warfare, and Not all of the dead are going to be Hong Kong people. I actually think he will do that. But it's gonna be sometime down the road, probably after October. First this year, which is the seventh anniversary of the founding of the People's republic They don't want wanna storm before that, but after then they could do something really awful and that's why you know it is important for us to speak very clearly about Hong Kong right now and I hope the prison United States will do that. I was speaking clearly in Congress, the administration in the present. I had a print couple, a good tweets out a few hours ago. But what do you think We have some people in Congress, which Mcconnell Nancy Plaza, issued statements on this than that's a good start, but we need to speak with one.
Voice. My no present tromp has asked for a personal meeting was seeking thing to talk about Hong Kong are president? Did that just a few hours ago on Twitter that might be one way to solve it, but we also need to have some clear declarations that stuff Hong Kong is something that we are concerned about, because it affects us as well as the people there give a few minutes, and I dont know if he don't hang up internet hang on after the break. Here I would love to mark Gordon you, terrific guy, Gordon Chang becoming Collapse of China is but we'll be right back in my voice. The liberals want to silence, but
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the people in Hong Kong or doing happened yet mark, but it- what happened and that's why I think seizure being is especially concerned about hunger that it be hunker was important in and of itself, but he's also concerned about what might happen inside China because of Hong Kong. American people should understand right, that's what now, twenty two years ago. Patrick cut a deal with China. Basically, they leave Hong Kong. Its government is economic system alone China has broken the Yosemite. What we currently have, They always memorialize. Actually in a treaty. Nineteen, eighty four sino british Joint declaration, where aging promised one country two systems or autonomy for fifty years, but in a chinese communist- and this is true of communist Anywhere- just cannot leave things alone and that's why you have the situation concerning liberals motorway.
It's just that this pole notion that you got to run somebody else's life and then that has caused the problems and hunger. There would be no problems today, mark if aging, just sort of lead Hong Kong go on its own, but they couldn't do it. That's just the nature of that type of regime. But the people see what's going on this creeping fascism where they want to drag people at a high com, try them in China where they have. Rip by drip and trying to control their economy trying to control their government from the mainland Hong Kong is not an internal matter for China, in my opinion, do you do you think? So certainly not internal. I mean from attacks The point of view. There is a treaty that, with Britain and the number of countries have endorsed that treaty, including Canada. It this is the international matter
Is he we have a lot of people in Hong Kong? We got a lot of business as we have a big stick in there and as I mentioned, that is the front line of freedom, so our interests or are very much involved there. As said Senator Mccain once said, you know wrote our values. Our interests are our values and our values our interests everyone thinks of Mackay. He certainly was right when he said that. You know where not saying there's a lot, we can do militarily. There's lie. We can do economic gain, the president's doing it with China. Also, we said just to recap, the president tweeted Ernie said. Look Open to a private meaning regime, think that's a positive step, and Don't think she'll take em up on a deal. I actually thanks? I don't think the Chinese right now are in a mood to talk to the United States or anybody else. In spirit of compromise, Did you bring right now,
he's got all the incentives to stay the course, which is for him a really hard line position and Do you know to actually make concessions on Hong Kong? That would be something that people the mainland would see They would then say. Well, you know I've got my own grievances, so that could be the contagion that sea jumping is worried about. So I think he's going to sort of cape that line, which is really just very bad for China. Very bad for the people of Hong Kong you think the long knives her out for him yet What makes you think that the ball is disadvantaged, a lot of people in the chinese political system, right now, the chinese leaders are at Bay Data, which is a seaside resort near begging. Most every August senior chinese leaders, including former chinese leaders, get together for about two weeks and talk about what's going on
in a former leader has his replace group in the Communist Party has been severely crippled by sea I am there's a lot of indications that there are unhappiness inside there from people who report politics at data day we have too many symptoms of it? Yet, but everything we know about chinese politics points to severe distress because the regime there is doing things which don't make sense mark and when that occurs, you may not know exactly what's wrong, but you know something is wrong. You know she might be just moving too fast If he had slowed down, wait for a democratic ministration, you get a lot of what he wants. Yes, what you? Don't you general you're, you put your finger on it that you know if China had just sort of let things go. You know what
trends continue. You know we would a sort of a seat to China, because there are a lot of elites in our country who were decline, as you were willing to sort of give the Chinese what they want. Jumping has made it impossible to do that, so we change the political conversation in our country about China. You ve got trump actually taking some really certain measures to protect ourselves and the conversation about China has completely changed if he jumping had just left things alone. You know we would have sort of just accepted a status quo that some favourable but fortunate. We ve got a president right now, who is defending american interests across the board against chinese attacks, which are across the board this question: what does China do. About this, this tariffs and trade situation. It seems to me trumps. Release put them in a box. I don't think there's any good options. Procedure thing right now, because we ve got all the metrics in terms of being a much more powerful country than China. The only thing people didn't know about
was political will and it seems you know, president trumps, specially with them. This last round, a terrorist has said to the church. I've got more political will than you do. I've got a stronger country than you do I'm going to win, and that means China does not have any options at this point. Except white, and there may not be an option. Adjust- may be a reality. Right is a reality. Throughout the political system Frozen, which means they can come to terms with Trump, even if they wanted to, but seizure thing doesn't onto because Motivations are not to compromise, because if he compromises he could lose everything. I know really last question and you know I've. I've talked about there's some sure others have. I just haven't heard them talk about much My attitude is with respect to North Korea in which train is doing over there. Let's put the hundred nuclear warheads back in South Korea thought taken
let's also warn the Chinese and the North Koreans are we're gonna put missiles in Japan of thought. Have em, can play this game and we used to have missiles in South Korea ending in the end. The deal was at North Korea Wooden develop missiles while they had developments. And then there are a number of foreign policy analyse who say exactly that that what we should do is matched China's proliferation could try has been liberated. Where weapons technology and ballistic missile technology to the North Koreans, so people say Why don't we do the same thing, especially? The Japanese would want them, and Taiwan would want them as well that we stop China in its tracks. That's funny. I have said that too. In other words, Taiwan is the holy GRAIL for them right. It is by the way, with these four with what Beijing is doing in Hong Kong is showing people in Taiwan that the last thing that they want To have any sort of political accommodation with Beijing, that's a good point
The problem is our reaction, dependent water, she was me- you gonna tell China they can deal with Taiwan sway. Be very careful when we to be very careful and we can't do with Taiwan what we did with South Korea. You said during the Truman administration drew, American, defending parameter, which did not include South Korea that Text Kim on the north korean leader, who then convince Stalin and mounted on that he could invade and that the Americans would not resist well, we did Thirty six thousand american lives later did not need to be lost in a war that did not need to occur because the Secretary of State made a mistake, South Korea, outside the defence perimeter, I hope we do not do the same thing with Taiwan our eye, Gordon Chang? We much appreciated my friend, you take care of yourself and my best you're beautiful wife. Thank you so much mark. I take care.
He's a national treasure to George, trust in South Carolina, the Great W tee I may go. Are you doin more our eye? Buddy? then came a date or my new as Betty ROW now mare that you have thought it's so much in the last few months they get a shot, tv all ankle, delivered into them clouds and that exactly what I done good specially on Sundays. These people are nuts, Yeah they're insane am saying the mine gained by with your on freedom of the press book, and I was allowed to keep it and read it, and you can't believe how much you taught me: they got you you all that no treasure, George you're very kind and when a senior signed copy soon give their covey back to your friend, and I want to thank you man. I appreciate that mark
my pleasure and God bless. You will be right back if you like me, when I hear Bernie Sanders, I'm tended to throw the tv out the window, not only that get expansive, atossa dangerous and not just anyone outside your house Mercer. Dangerous because more more politicians are claiming socialism and the prescription for all ills when it domestic care prescription drugs. They feel the burn to abandon the market forces that have made Medicare covered so popular, Congress favours socialist policies there, our both innovation and access to lifesaving treatments. The leads, the way, medical innovation offering hope that breakthrough For cancer and other Graphic diseases or over the horizon prick
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You ve heard me talk about this book. You ve heard me promote. What's in the book, you ve heard me read from the book, but I've only touch the tip of the iceberg here. And have a million of you have responded. But eight million of your home it so I want strictly strongly. Due to participate in what we're trying to do here. I want to things about, Amazon is viewed drop off the top one hundred sales list. The discount is reduced. Now I see where number ninety six that's pretty damn good. After five months of sales on Amazon, you want to get your copy we had forty percent off when it gets. Copy. Forty percent off he got act now before drops and under a hundred and Christmas and Hanukkah Thanksgiving be thinking about all those things, but more than that think about mission.
You can hear the way I sound. I accept to be back here to Morrow. That's my absolute intention in everything I can to be here. I feel a little bit under the weather, but you know. I'm not going to war and not breakin rocks not a plumber, not an electrician, they do hard work. Had a bricklayer, not a construction worker, not a truck driver. They do hard work. Bless me behind a microphone, My intention to be here. That's continue. Let's go to Kathleen Brownsville New York Barney. How are you hey. What are you a b c the whole family along the Liberal EAST coast. Where all your fan read all your book, and I want to thank you for all. You do to educate the american public. You talk. A while ago about the eloi I confirm what you said about the immigration laws
I had a came to New York been undergoing tonight. You, twenty seven, He went to work as eleven made for a wealthy banking family and she paid the money. We have listened to your own widowed, mother and two young sister to New York. When they arrived, they had an apartment they're waiting for them furnish. They were down at Ellis Island.
The reason they returned down, even though my mother, my grandmother with five seconds her gown declared my mother, didn't, have enough food and I, my friend very important, this happen to a lot of people. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency person on the phone as a police force. God bless, you be careful out there, you gotta Pisa, you know what the shooting at job is linked. I'll, see you tomorrow, America Gabbler from the westward one part gas network.
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