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On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, WJNO Host Brian Mudd fills in for Mark. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has banned Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering Israel for their support of the boycott Israel movement known as BDS. This effort is very real but what makes this more astounding is that there are sitting Members of the U.S Congress who are actually advocating for this. Then, the ineptitude of the Philadelphia District Attorney led to six cops getting shot when a gunman, with an illegally obtained gun, fired hundreds of rounds at the officers. What's worse is that the suspect had multiple prior gun charges that downgraded and dismissed by a liberal District Attorney that chose not to prosecute him more aggressively. Later, the Dayton shooter's autopsy revealed that he was on cocaine and other drugs when he was killed by police after his mass shooting. Looking at the tragedies in El Paso, Dayton and even in Parkland shed light on what the will of the people is regarding gun control. Laws like the Red Flag laws will not stop the mentally ill or murderous from causing the harm they intend to cause.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now in its hundred and seventy fifth year, Hills, is a truly independent institution where learning prized in intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale, brother sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground command, both than the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building we once again made contact with our leader, never stop once again right. So I think we want to hit the Big NEWS that the day so
story, with the Big NEWS of the day, of course, You got John Hagen Loop. No longer running for president ever there is actually a reasonable chance that are more, people, there code. Joe Higgins, Super bowl. Actually did when it was a presidential candidate. We we wish you well in your future endeavours for the Colorado given. Apparently looking at centre right, not unlike our friend Meda, Robert Predecessor, Rourke. We only on him today as well or in Haiti. It is your friend and was Pompey to hangs out in a building that is much less secure. In fact, my studio, while we are broadcasting once or in a hurricane, actually had its roof ripped off by the hurricane itself, and we just seven feet above sea level, so nowhere near the a bunker of the great one workload then, but in that bunker he is breaking down the great one mark is a little bit under the weather. So it's always an honour and a pleasure. They with you and if you ve, not hurt, may be form
operate on a few little different things that will help you understand weren't, coming from with pretty much everything will be discussing this evening. If you Brittany before being like or not the voice, its familiar. What is it this guy doesn't? Okay, so I operate. A few different ideas: you're everything that ideal comes off of the premise, to start with the premise of the premise, if anything is false, anything built upon it is as well. So I dont embrace evolves premise. There are two sides stores one side effects, so we was the backs were all entitled to our own opinions, but if their base, on a pile of blue. Well, guess what so are the opinions and the priest thinking along the way as well? So he's been somebody concepts that we discuss. I will watch for what forward with them and are actually what am I recent nicknames. In fact, it's been prepared, but quite a bit by villains for their show has been beat the fact man and not to be confused with with the d be fat
I not Jake nor the fat man. I am sometimes referred to as the fact man because of establishing those spry mine host of the morning rush in West Palm Beach and the brain macho Debbie loyalty in Miami. You may also gets my material Roma children. I already o in various other things, on the internet and literally just back about four hours ago from A trip that ended up taken us through parts of Europe, including Budapest and Vienna and many things that work interesting selves catching up to speed table it, get many of the big headlines. Give you an idea of some of what we're going to be tackling today, actually kennel, maybe just a way, I'm wired. That way. Exposed to pay much air anything everything like a paying attention. I observe when I'm in a culture are not all that failure with, especially I'm down, more sharpening trying to learn and in trying to, apply some of what we know goes on around the world too.
Circumstances. Partiality, for example, a union arm in all likelihood of Gettysburg. And if you think about it, you know the history hopefully make sure gives you but then, if you're, actually in getting spurred Pennsylvania, hold ever ball game right wing actually experience it. So it's that kind of thing. We begin to immerse yourself in history and also here and talk to people different cultures, that kind of thing, and I had not been- and either Budapest or Vienna prior to the past, he can have in so a really interesting as we take do, take a look at something big sores have nothing to do with John PIC a blueprint, we do say things like this. I was getting caught up to speed. On the other point back and of the headlines had jumped out this morning. To me they hate Israel. Israel considers blocking Omar and to leap. Well, as we know that happen, Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister, Israel has blocked Omar and to leap
pour the beady as movement have a proposal right now. The United States House of Representatives to ban to ban Any dealings with Israel they want to go to Israel to preach that hate. But is necessarily present Advocacy of this blocking of Israel allowing them in a good thing. Was it Move by Netanyahu we'll talk about that. Let's say another headline: eggs aid predicts who will turn on Trump and reset accede to whose turn on trumpet or so. This is the message The people that were here today gone almost quite literally you do. Have the mooch the motors out with this idea you're gonna, have all the Republican see they big money, donors and everything else that are going to turn on president wrong. There's exe would it be something else who wins the republican primary?
that would drop, will will be relegated to the dustbin of presidential history. That going is jet. There there's one problem without theory, start with the premise that it has anything to do with big money donors, where the big money, daughters behind trumped up for summer maybe moat was, but that would have been about the extent of it. I that's just the opposite scene. Small people, small donors, a billion years, like the move that brought him to the dance in the first place, probably going to keep on their vignette the big headlines I mean who could a kid You have been take. Your weight is away from this one today, Milo Liam Split, takes ugly turn. Miley Williams would take secular turn I imagine you know that guy I see things like this is actually put out. There's like a serious headline, real new story here that apparently
This is unfortunate if your guy, I, if you have a guy- and you know you you you have so when You'Re- in a relationship with of the opposite sex and they leave you, I mean that that could be sad. In end, you know maybe do little, Sir Soul searching trifecta, but more when you actually have some one who then opts for the other sexy now abductee. Now you can imagine that that feels necessarily get did this carrier. Part of this is in the grand scheme of everything that's going on today. How many people care about bad relative you say the first one like what's going on with Israel. Yes, immortality, and then this clear warning, shining, the parliamentary forces exercise near Hong Kong, oh by the way, China on every front, Russia on every front IRAN. Every front. Think of all the pieces come together, how we,
I heard about the provocation by China by Russia by IRAN. Several months now you'll have like a week in between provocation by one of these countries continuing to become more more aggressive? You think that's incidents. Well, absolutely not, because when you, about policy. China is Russia. Is IRAN. Is North Korea is to much lesser extent, Cuba even to a lesser extent than that Venezuela and the reason this is all relevant as well, especially you start talking about some of these territory. Suddenly I countries closer to the states like Cuba, like Venezuela, is that the gaining a foothold quite literally on geography. I need little foothold. These countries, not just having policy impact we'll talk about them. Patients of all this neither have we got officer down. Shooting leave six
officers injured right, now. This one immediately turned into a gun control situation, but there One problem, the offender as it turn had a rat. She that was longer than my arm, which is then this early saying a lot, because I'm actually just five six but anyway, I end numerous numerous guess what I am your dinner, here's a link all about one guess: what dropped. Those charges in fact, had been Ba previous. Charges in fact head The d previously that the handling, is very different offences. The perpetrator, that shot the six officers that thank God there are going to recover this guy actually been prosecuted crimes that he was charged with. Originally, fences he committed right then having those charges dropped,
probably would not have been free and certainly would have been in a position to be able to shoot these six officers. But no what we really need or more gun laws that won't be enforced by liberal DA's. So then they can come and say we need to take all the guns except the problem again. This guy, as so many others, don't adhere to the law. Then you had this. My rattled investors send down into freefall now that we have learnt in this morning come not yesterday. Things were not quite that way. Today gee Ease really had a kind of a crazy day. Again, some of this stuff ties in together because be mindful one- again of what you have going out with China? We have gone on, what you have gone on with IRAN and then how is coordinating and policy here in this country ask just a quick question. Not going to be too taxing on your brain. Who do you think.
That China would like to say is present the United States in twenty twenty one download, tromp or any Democrat. Who do you think? Who do you think? the mother, Russia now Vladimir put all come on Yes, I really am asking the question Of course you you ve got a lot of lip service em. Well I mean Trump is the the Odin Puppet right, but seriously for many who do you think you think. But one thing IRAN would Undersea Donald Drop or insert Democrat here, you got my point now ask you who does the average democratic country one so talk about how this comes together, because quite you have Democrats eradicating for economic, destruction in this country. That is exactly what China and Russia and IRAN are trotted out. The left in the meeting in this country are the greatest advocates of the
Anti American and ends every policies of China a russian IRAN. You can make this stuff up. So it takes me to one of my other signs, which is the most pervasive former buys a news. Media is a mission of information. They never put these pieces together. But again I guess it's my little place in the world and don't you but the big headline that we started with today, John his liver who- and he is out- it's gonna- be a tough one, Real tough one hour, Sorgen warmed up and when we come back emanated tie in some of what we started talking about, including what's going on in Israel, what is happening with the speedy s situation, whether not that's a good idea and also give you a little food for thought and inspector food since pretty good about now coming up from the one I look in Budapest in particular, which ended up being how the highway
our trip and it was like after Dahlberg trick, Goin em- I am very much in for the great one more ban since its founding in eighteen, forty four hills, they'll call it has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus. The free monthly speech, Digestive Helstone College in Primus is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First published a nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a issues like free speech, the regulation of big tech. Illness and the American Medical insurance system.
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A thing about Hagen Goobers in the grand scheme of the Democratic Party it makes a lot of sense these days and he was not even in the conversation Hegel Upper out today and started a joke. You say, and after that nobody gave him a chance Andy, and here he is gone before anybody, even new, really what he was about, and even the people in Colorado it was bad! When your pole in the lower single digits in your home state where you were governor. That's not gonna well anywhere, but I remember for gosh, probably about fifteen years, I used to say the days common, we're we're going to have to look right to find diplomacy eagerly Fifteen years ago that was a joke. You go ten years ago, was so kind of like somebody sniggered at five years ago. What sort of look more realistic today it s right yet will grow to buy Nancy Blowsy Hologram back
that still southern there's gotta be interesting. Nobody's talk about this in twenty twenty everybody's wondering you, I've made does some some comparisons by the way it's o Brien. My the end for the whole families little under the weather tonight but I may doesn't comparisons between what's Goin on the Democratic Party in the Republican Party, when you had the tea party take it on the establishment back and forth back and forth I can port cycle actor cycle for several until boom trump smell? Does the whole dynamic remit the party in his own making still has all those battles going on, but what No wonder why? Well, why had this balance back and forth? John Bellinger ended up being collateral damage right, as the tea party won considerably in one cycle in particular, poem goes banner are so if suppose, policy sitting in a very similar situation, but one thing that people are often point two: everyone health did get brought to the dance in the first place. Well, it was because she had up knocking out who well one of thee,
Members of leadership among the House Democrats, Crowley, New York Right are nobody even was paid any attention to that race until the election results came in and as I go, all that happened right we think yards are San Francisco right, that's Nancy, plus he's just what do you think? Azhar did she go? minor Jones that its bright again. I don't know anything at this point about the. How real my big, but it will not shocked me fancy policy doesn't have to wait until the next Congress to potentially get pushed out by her constituency, but maybe even in the primary. So stand by for those. Meanwhile Buddha, I was mentioning be before the break, just back literally like just over four hours ago, from a trip to to Europe, that included stops in Vienna and Budapest, and it was one you're too, where Vienna was the calling card of the trip and Budapest
wise, cannot be after thoughts. Not in ten years a time their expertise just yet. We had not been there in interested to see what was going on what is about and ended up warming quite a bit that was interesting and, unlike the people in Vienna, who started out generally being unhappy and then found out there, we are Americans and then really disliked us, it evokes in Budapest were generally warm hard, great attitudes, so I recently good wine country the food now, but here one thinks it's interesting we didn t when you think about the deep all of the Soviet Union, be think about the end of the cold war. You dont generally think about Hungary. You dont generally think about Budapest If, though, Budapest is the tenth largest city in Europe, but that is not part of, but it is The case that thirty years ago now you have what they or to the change, and as part of that change
having the opportunity. It's been right, the interesting to learn and to see what's happened just over a few decades once you get away from communism and to give people a chance and the difference. What we found out with Budapest, Turkey, also yelling. You had people that saw that hey, I If we have the opportunity to have a business, and we cannot and we can do our own thing. You're you're seen freedom, should any break out. Your seem prosperity break out your seen, people Our grasping it in the city reflects it, which is if rushing refreshing by your the standards if you're familiar the other than that kind of interesting, as we wait in the dynamic that is a Budapest. So, and your walk industry must have a copy. You're talking about socialism and as part of the
conversation these two people run. Thus, one said in socialism it's where the people dont work as hard as you do get to earn as much as you do, and the persons that kind of the innocents the honesty these conversations that all sides of this together and get your thoughts gave go to the phones covered up next right here on the market have been show. I am very much into the great one more holding you know. Our nations oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse rage the idea of objective truth. They pedal moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully none of this applies to Helstone College. For all,
two centuries hills. Dell has remained true to its original mission, to provide sound learning at the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty, and intelligent piety now is here still celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year, it remain
committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the publication of its free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizen chip in Washington DC and its Barney Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical k: three twelve charter schools nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen, forty four. This is hailstone college and, let me add, I think so much of hills. Del college I donated in a regional copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today, as I speak at the Kirby Centre, Hills Dale College, America's college, Markov in modern void of our founding fathers. This from our quivering show diamond nowadays, seven seven four year. One brief one: one go asking american farmers to just take one for the tea out of things: the strategy, every society strategy last. We need to make sure that this topic has competition happens on our terms and that we are strong. It that we can set terms that make sense on the world stage we are currently in a position of weakness at this present keeps taking the whole deeper.
There go, may repeat PETE, but a judge. The campaign trail strike on a little better on South end Indiana, but fear not because mayor It does have the answers for the United States once again. Let's just like your mental. Mine, jogger Oclock, so or China, if your president regime thing You wanting to deal with download for another. Four years or would you like, maybe just just asking if you're Vladimir, And are you you actually have actually want, as the that he added that present trump is not really the Putin Puppet. What are you saying that Putin rather do what you think he would die would rather deal with her while he, I guess he has his friend or or Murphy, How would the mullahs in IRAN thank them? others in IRAN? Oh, here's an interesting one.
What would the mullahs in IRAN do under a form of government with peach, but a judge think about that one for a moment and on that note, let's go to Ashley and Victoria Texas. Welcome to the show go. I appreciate the territory. Not just ran in Russia and China to every country in the world wants a Democrat, and there will be back in the Paris accord around back in a nuclear deal with see millions of dollars, hundreds of millions given back to him. Here, we will be able to bomb its own people without any fear, any repercussions. Goes on and on the, U S would no longer be energy independence, relying on on foreign, oil and we'd, be right. Where we were glowed that two percent GDP growth was the New Norman a great year the reality of it, because we be taken
Here's backwards and the rest of the world will be able to just continue to do what they want to do, without any repercussions That is a very clever way to get from here to there is, it is showing your particular point in this is a big teachable moment as horse. They go one of the most fascinating aspects of this cycle? So far, when the willingness of the left universal as they are jockeying for possession in most of that we has been on the hard left. Actually route against american interests as tongue in cheek, as he happened to be, was illustrated. We are energy independence in a the things that has been an incredible difference, think about all the geopolitical stuff that's been going on. I mean, if you're listening to the show you're going to be more informed and more likely smarter than the average bear to begin with. Even if you happen to be latticed, you're still pro we mourn form than the average leftist that happens to be walking date,
straight smoke. You have your smoking and in San Francisco were or whatever it is, that you would like to to be doing what, what would a because it seems this as an aside a fascinates me, because you now cannot bait there, because both pot, And they end just the pacification of when you're just gonna make things up as you go, but I grass now when we take a look at but you know the interests of China or the interests of China aligned with a political interest in the United States. We ass China's interest, are aligned with the Democratic party. Are political interest, of IRAN aligned with a political party in the United States? We, yes, they most certainly are it's. The Democrats. That's fascinating, isn't it didn't used to be that way? We used to argue about policy stop. That was typically specific to our four, but any more. You know, though, I think, the only thing that federal
tensions. Remember the only constitutional mandate at the time that this country was bounded. Our government had to keep a safe no other responsibilities. Big part of the reason why we didn't have a federal income tax was permanent and we'll be nineteen teens, because we Ed, a minimalist governments, solution of things and kept it basic and just kept it focus things like I don't know, keeping to say dealing with Bassam infrastructure stuff? The other things that we came to argue about politically all the social programmes, is all that elective, but that used to be the extent of our division and politics, it used to be America Force, not just because Donald Trump said it, but the other point about all this deal cool stuff, you take. It, take a look. What's going on with China becoming or aggressive first and I'll China, sea literally creek, islands in the South, China Sea. What a military installations on those made up islands- and you take
The added aggression with Han God, You take a look at what they ve been doing from that of intellectual property United States for decades and Yes, the the currency. Manipulation is, while you take a look, what's been going on with IRAN and Are you you have the tanker battle, that's going on, not just we're getting more sites, the mullahs, adieu and their death to America chance in when they get together and do whatever it is. They they do when they they mullah together, but it's that they are to have actually take down one Robinson, International airspace- is willingness to confiscate a english oil tanker in. International waters and the continued the provocation litter. Good man, since he fires, missiles, again Kim Jong OWN in North Korea,
The independent and the United States, if we want the world's largest producer, how would she be paying for gas right now think you'd be banned or whatever? What? What's IRAN and I mean We were not energy independence and the United States. If we want the world's largest producer, while I would she be for gas right now, think you'll be back. Into our water? What what's her running? I mean I decide of taxes in California, wherever giants or the neighbourhood of two fifty two forty ion and the country right now, member the day where just a mention of IRAN and a union. We think, oh, my gosh OPEC and you would see in a week later gas dollar down those days are gone, Are those days gone well because of energy independence? See people think this stuff is politics, but it isn't it in you every day and every way in your life and that's why born to be on the right side of these issues, not just political stuff, so PETE coming Mean eat you. You talk about everything that has been going out with one policy and the president, foreign policy successes there.
Did. The economy are certainly the most important to date as difficult as well This is why we ve been more successful than not we'll heck here, because the red line by President Obama and how they I crossed and then a guy cross again, Then they got cross again by IRAN and what happened while nothing. So what happened to our credibility? Well, it was trashed. So what happened wont work? Russia will do whatever they wanted and as present Rome has trip, has truly drawer since in the sand and has been willing to hold the line that matters so what you actually have now, or these cuts The leaders in these countries gone crap this guy serious he's like those those other boy you just roll on non EC seriously before him, so. What are they trying to do? Now? We haven't orchestrated campaign by China by Russia by IRAN and others that are related. Those interests are small player, they're all gang together, trying to cause bunch problems, trying to scare
masters in some cases, to scare other countries trying to get people to just put their hands in their pockets and do nothing and in trying to hurt you because the one way they can get it I will drop, is what economically. Now? What do you have the left? what do you have Democrats in Congress? John? Are they not trying to do exact, same thing thing once in that anyway, I have no doubt that well Jeanne Bank and a summit with may repeat: pan yeah right, that'll work, her height. So let's go to Dwayne Dwayne enduring Go Colorado. Dwayne woke up to the show: go Brian guitar. Thanks for Papillon Unwell. Well for mark for you, you said so: and the last hour about Budapest and someone being quoted as saying what I feel that the mass of people that don't broken hearted you get to earn as much you- and I would
the only people that dog. As hard as you call it down there having what they have, which is less the hard work you do in our american exceptionalism. One of the things that makes us so different. Is that value is in that effort End result- and you know we have a generation coming up with entitlement idea that has no idea of the value of the effort and at what the United States different so many different ways and at what take socialism takes away from is the value of that effort. Dwayne. Thank you for not only less named but being a great collar. I true words had not been spoken, so if I You must be aware. The point I was making just hold but ago the twin was referring to my wife and I just returned from a trip oversee to Vienna and Budapest, and actually Budapest ended up in a real pleasant surprise. We generally no, oh, what tricks
going in and we we absolutely loved it about. We wish we had I'll get him more time or Budapest, as it turned out different place, would go back to bed things that ended up by taking place. Moreover, there is in a very innocent conversation that took place while my wife and I were walking. We just heard couple people in front of us talking about socialism and usually the kind that's sit, there turn eavesdropping conversations, but when I hear socialism and I'm over that, my ears pricked up- so am I come in- and say barely young woman, who is king to eight, barely young man and so innocent and again and Budapest. They were under communism under the communism until eighty nine they're all port followed iron curtain. Cold war come to a close. And yet he had become a real booming area. In fact, be economy in Budapest is going far far. Faster now than their socialist neighbours bring, which everywhere else cross the EU undoubtedly this exponent?
about what socialism is taking place here in front of us, and it was the was Innocent conversation I've ever heard the topic of my life is too young adults and She explained that be with socialism, because there's this conversation right, they're trying to bring all this european socialism into hungry, ended in as well. So You ve got this conversation. None the poison and be young woman is explaining to the guy that you know you. Socialism is where you know they d be people who don't work, hard make as much money. As you know, this a good explanation, I saw that this was going down so well. I wasn't going to american eyes the conversation and actually explain that truthfully, is that the government controls the means of production which, by the way, please please, please you ever go to these conversations. If you net remember anything else about socialism, remember the debt,
with socialism, is the government controls the means of production, which means a? U dont, get down to business. Government does controls the means of production, I also want to go back round then secondary as all that the killer. Note I you're the guy seem to buy into audience like. Oh ok, because there are obviously hard working people and we could that based ponder conversation, which we found to be the case in Budapest generally. Aren't so that in the case of about government can the means of production. One of the socialists have generally what the big issues that continues to point out as people informational are unaware time you'll hear people talk about Scandinavia, for example, and putting the focus of a while their social. I know they are not and not one scandinavian country that a socialist, because they still have private enterprise. There's a difference and this is not something that is the contractual difference. It is a structural difference if believe in big government. That's your price! Yet if I suppose it s great with you, but then again,
I don't know who does agree with me anymore, including the president executives our government guy out there either, but. When it comes to limited government? I you, you have a difference between limit to govern. Big government conversations and the skin. Neighbouring countries, very big government, berry socialize programmes, programmes and programmes. But It comes down to business, it still private industry and you still have the ability to have private ownership. You still individuals that control the means of production to you just have very high taxes that pay for a very large government programmes, so those are not socialist countries. You want socialism and its choice form. I do this. Maybe I am might have time to bird. The corset should revisit. Someone has actually giddy a show willing and for the great one many months ago that broke down. Be I twenty point
countries around the world that are true, socialist governments right now and the average person owning under ten thousand dollars per year in them because, yes it's what socialism does? It brings you down to the lowest point but the differences again government make controlling the means of production and that something we don't as you have someone like the burden that is preaching, Craddock socialism and is something that now to be either we should all be mindful of as we are in a world today, where were looking to the right and the Democratic Party to find policy. The only thing to the left is indeed point around: with democratic socialism, for a long time on base itself order that ultimately I believe that it's going to be some of the hispanic immigrants, legal immigrants that have escaped socialism. They're gonna help this country from the people who don't know what it is now going to enforce them, some Hungarians as well, they sing definite, simply get it. I'm
the mud in for the gray one march, then every human being has a common problem. How do I live? Well? Our happiness and well being depends on how we answer that question hills, Doc, President Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's Nick I'm a key and ethics and new free online course from hills. Del college shares Aristotle's. Teachings that why help the most complete happy life possible Reggie. Therefore, this free course entered action, Aristotle's ethics, how to lead a good life featuring lessons from the greatest self help book ever written at Lavigne, for hills down that come in ten on demand, videos, each thirty minutes long you'll learn how to confront the chief obstacles to happiness and make choices that bill good character, arrest. Presents a guide for securing a virtuous life, and if you take this
recourse from Hills, Dale and he'd Aristotle's advice. Your life will change, for the better can learn how to lead a good life just as every here college student. Does it's yours for free Levin, print hills down that calm. That's l e g iron friend hills now that come obviously we gotta rejoined Paris with me. We should just be looking at Paris climate accord. I would convene a Pittsburgh Climate Summit of American Citys and states that have already been doing a lot of the leading work office again mayor. Struggling wrong, South Ben by TAT, has the solutions for the United States and the world would hold his Pittsburgh. Accordingly, I suppose all the now we are just talking about its primary interest, gray one market then, and we're just talk about socialized.
Graham sensationalism generally target about a mile, trip over to Europe, and Vienna, Budapest and suddenly innocence of some the individuals they are as they learn and talk about socialism. It's not the same type of conversation that we have in this country, often people It was because he had the bears comic or this. Funny so wherein Vienna just outside the city and there's a man biking. I D. We're doing an act with cod, one! I never done an Ebay before an electric bike and that there was a little bit of an experience I tried to do it's like day the manly way I like to think I'm in shape, so as do the bacon. Well, then, before long I was using the EU by teachers, to God help what of it But anyway, we get to the top we're talking about some of what goes on there and the weather, and everything is pretty warm day and talking about snowfall and the people in our group asked about the snowball, and they said well not as much anymore, because climate change by what just
It's so doesnt snow much in began anymore because of climate change of Asia in its just back just fact. So anyway, now I started out our target about seventy headlines today, one of which they hate Israel. They hate Israel is real, considers blocking Omar ITALY, which has happened we have seen that Israel.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to evoke it now to your old law that allows any supporter the baby s movement to be blocked from Heaven into the country, but is that necessarily the best idea not as easy as it may seem, and waters Gus the implications of this decision and the president's advocacy of activity? Next, I am bribe mud and for the gray one market now run them only underground the members than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building we once again made contact with our leader, suggested State Texas, in line for some, but that would not be good enough for this community. That would not be good enough for all. Paso
That would not be good enough for this kind, We must take the fight dry. Go to the source of this problem, that person, who has caused this pain and place this country in this moment of peril. That is Donald Trump oh Borders, omby you're, not believable as a person on this planet. Conversely, the way boats, pretty boat of one Robert Francis Rourke Democrat for President I dont know if it was beat writer him or both of you, There might be some, maybe doesn't have a campaign adviser. That's left now would go hey you hate me, though,. Are you realize that you little he just said. That the Senate is not good enough for you. You hate yes,
He did it by suggesting that the descended cycle enough for her for a whole Paso. Yeah he's saying that it's a good enough to represent you as a senator in Texas, no now aids its power, didn't or not and remember the whole reason that Robert France's overwork is rebuilding again is part because of his commentary like ours, that depended vanity, fair magazine or whatever was this year, where he said that he was born for steady was born to to pay president guy. Is the one thing he s is consistent. He is consistent that any looks like he's about as incompetent at changing tyres is. I am, if you have any doubt, bout that just ass my dad but annexed We do that one time and when his terror Bela not a mild down there, Never ask me to do that again. I just looking at the technique.
I Robert France's our work, It would seem to be ill advised just as an aside that, along looking inside his mouth was having dentistry done in his hair cuts, but ain't it your friend hanging out here in South Florida, West Palm Beach, a brine mud. I hosted a morning showed the morning rush. Wjno West Palm Beach, and then I slide on over to the by Michelle, which is eastern, the view I in my Emmy. It is always he's in honour and a pleasure to be right here with you villain and for the great one mortal then, although it is unfortunate that the great one is a little under the weather tonight, but he We'll be rusty not been ready and wearin, and you time the gray one has any pause in the action I mean it's like the build up happens actually start to see that toward my way, you you you follow,
Markov end? What are in, and you see the great one and he starts Singa did that it they tweet start coming like every fifteen minutes. It's connected president. Only it's like brilliance in motion and If I get back to my get its poem so anyway, once he gets back it, it will be. Fantastic as always now speak of it. You may also follow me at Brian but radio on Twitter. So what asked me recently, I you don't necessarily tweet hole. I do on This will put a bunch of tweets now, but I respond to a bunch of people I like to use twitter as a way to be able to interact with you with an audience, and so, as you tweet to me, Do we respond most people that actually are talking to mean, rather than doing some doing something other are things that can be done now. From Robert Francis Rourke in his report, Mr James Skills, which are questionable at best. Preference before the break that
the media movement so that we do need to take seriously. Probably this point more seriously than than now beat so the media situation is very real in that not just its, not just that you have an effort, that's underway, to try to boycott Israel. That's nothing new right, why it said have actual representatives in the United States Congress that our support, above it that's new and that's different right with representatives o mournfully well it's, not just that you have rhetorical! or their representatives Omar and sleep. It's that you actually have a hard proposal. Hard proposal United States House to think about this. For a moment you have pen that's been put to paper that is calling for the actual boycott the actual joining by the United States, prepared.
This legislation to boycott Israel now that is dramatic The media was pervasive, form, biased, being omission. Most people don't know this. I bet you the majority, the constituents of mournfully going to know that they there's an actual proposal, sitting before one Nancy Pelosi to be considered to boycott Israel. Isn't it remarkable that the news media will grant the legitimacy to a Yossi in company mournfully or the squad grant them the legitimacy. That is then the platform that is alive them to get away with? all of this kind of activity, they never would have been tolerated. Previously, Then in a democratic party before our allied think about that one for a moment. It's a fascinating turnover of events. That's been point out over the course of time as
You literally will say that your news media, which is predictably left, in conjunction with your leftist, which are even their left and they ve been, and the Democratic Party before our allied against anything that opposes the president, which means now we oppose Israel. Which is how we arrive at this man now the China becomes what happened today. So they're Ben. This conversation, as representatives Omar March into, were, to make this from Israel. What was should they be allowed to? Do it now? the reason this is actually taking place is fascinating and a couple respects it's important to know your history. I could about socialism last hour to extent peopled on a priest what they have until they don't and people in this country, no clue by law what socialism is unless they come from a country where they escaped it.
You wanna, know socialism to Venezuela, for example, but here something else that a lot of you, don't necessarily entertainer appreciate them. Are currently a hundred and ninety five countries around this world. One hundred if a country's right, how many actually have free speech I mean like truly, you freedom of expression, the way that we recognise United States, something akin to it. Your number in your head on her name, countries? How many have more or less. And more than less freedom of expression got. It Twenty twenty countries have a hundred ninety five years people realise that most places around the world you go. There are certain things you say there. You go to jail some cases you never come out so in that, contacts here. We are an you, have Israel now a couple years ago. They actually passed a law that said it. Anybody
Who is part of the baby S. Movement can be banned. From entering Israel, which is why you do have a couple members of Congress that are actually being rejected. At this point. It's not just activism. Even within the israeli structure of government by primarily Benjamin Netanyahu, it is actually based in law, allow those pass just two years ago before it was foreseen that you would have members of Congress proposing the baby s movement and the United States Congress, Omar ITALY, but here's the question becomes an apply, so Let's mentally explore this, for a second is Israel Bay, Aim. Representatives o mournfully from visiting at the request of President Trump. Based on their media support. Is this the The thing to do is My speech, something that we should be worried about, not just this country, but in Israel, something else that came to mind.
As us waiting this this morning? What if the pudding tables return. This is something always worry about. We have a real issue and its human nature. It's not like it's something specific does it of recently by its. We always feel as though anything that's going on right now today is more important than at any time previous, because we too over eleven today so right now today it is to us right, but the truth be told most circumstances almost never as dire today is the ever more previously for example the aforementioned climate change stuff. All refer you again today, for he mass extinction, events as people freaking out there. We just have the hottest awoke don't lie. I think they said that was the hottest July on record when we've only been measuring since one thousand eight hundred and eighty I'm guessing what are the mass extinction? Events that happened due to extreme heat was hotter. I know we weren't around to record it, but I think it was hotter and by the way, we weren't here to make it happen You know it was the
alien astronaut, theorists that there were right about hers idle, but we have re mass extinction. Events before humans were even here so reconcile about one, if you think all climate changes because of you and me, but one word. Like this whole videos thing and the recently bias that's associated with it. It's easy to sit during go okay, so the media's thing is a really bad idea will not be behind it, so yeah go head in and keep or mortally from visit Israel, and how President I'd states do it, but could you see a scenario where the next time you have a Democrat? Who was president which will happen almost certainly what what then, what my day if we travel down this path,. We already see what happens the conservatives and how were silenced And the efforts that are undertaken, many communities to try like us out toward you, don't have in a mob expression. I ask you something
We do have freedom, but we do have freedom of expression is country right. But you always feel free in this country, to use it. Have you wanted to put a political stick around your carbon? Not done it. Because you don't want to put it there on your car But because you're worried about the implications- What about when the political sign in your yard, but didn't because you're worried, somebody might happen to you, your family, you, my point, know what happens if the President of the United States is advocating to a certain extent that interaction. Israel, is different country than the United States by the way in the grand scheme of the countries around the world, they are omby more side of freedom of expression over there, in fact, a number of years ago. After all, when they were building their wall
a programme called America's voices in Israel. We learned a lot in the opportunity to broadcast I am and export them. I one the things was interesting learned was how Much more effort has taken on to preserve the culture of those historically had opposed them, including yes, those that were palestinian inside lawfully, the Israel, those Were Muslims inside Israel, how much respect for the culture I then their wants the level of education, everything else that would be specific to them. There. There are so many different DE, I think misunderstandings that go into play about that dynamic, their experience in it is interesting, but that is changing with particular situation on one hand you could see if you have a more until gone into Israel,
they might radicalism element and creates problems inside of Israel. On the other hand, you could say that There are really doing is beginning to end this sent at that level. Speech And that has implications that could end of coming back to by all of us interested in hearing from you will end up going to the phones here just a little bit, and I will I think your thoughts about whether or not you think it's a good idea to have real blocking Omar and to leave we're I it's getting gallons begin by media buys talk about than in the other side as well, I'm Brian Mud in for the great one more ban.
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how on earth is why even take them seriously? I mean, I think, only falls into the you are not believable as a human on this planet. Congress is Quaver talks like that Congress is to Craig. Oh my gosh- and I say it was that right Francis wurtz speechwriter him, is the speed of a good one, there Emphasis has built reboot, maybe now indeed, your great book you're supposed to sound more presidential, so I will use words like Raven. I sell. On this side of things that do need to be taken seriously like DVD S, Movement centre,
We're talking about the situation with Israel banning banning the two beady supporters in rusty to strongest Omar to leap from from going over there, whether not necessarily good idea. Now, if you're talkin about from a political perspective, yeah probably is something that is place well here in the states, but the one they concern. I have about this. We have a case of taking a look at the issue right than the implications and brain model for the great market. Then, and one of the things I talked about the premise that the premise of anything is false: anything built on it? Is too we have a real. I use a word: that's not necessarily as Obscura Craven buds dearth. We have a dearth of animal the thought that takes place in this country and also constitutional understanding that goes into play. One hundred hundred ninety five countries around the world. We have twenty twenty that have.
Essentially true freedom of expression to where you can say most things in without having to worry, bygone jail. I or worse, as the case may be, that's how many right I mean that's pretty big deal pretty big deal, and so on. We started talking to the countries, including the most important when it comes to praise freedom of expression hours. We start talking about an effort to limit the freedom of expression even if it's an issue that the president is absolutely right, even if it's an issue Prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahu is absolutely right about what are the implications. Could we be taking a look at the situation aware whom the next democratic. That's present decides they want. To start right with our foreign salaries or our friends
See positions based on freedom of expression, who may visit a particular country basis freedom of expression, weather We might be welcome in particular, stay due to freedom of expression, things are member several years ago, Cuomo also known as of right, a right that I am back from overseas? I'm pretty sure that he's truly radio now. Anyway, so what now? That's the other Cuomo Kitty Gettings scene. So the clamour several years ago, New York at the other freedom he ended up by saying that any if you believe not believe in a woman's right to choose your welcome a New York. You something a fact. I will never forget being amazed. Here you have governor one, the largest states in the country saying if you do not see the world the way I do
on the issue of abortion. No business being here. What was interesting is that that was so over our member work, my way now we're technology You can a busy two words down. I'm big raise ban grew up in suburban Atlanta, and it was one of a few years ago, when you had, as from the braves, are being done
We were taken up by saying that I would welcome an so one thing or money elsewhere, which is their order. You outta, you don't feel like you can have real political expression in your home is already here what happens if we embrace them, seeing that compensation will go about your thoughts and all this covenant? Next them? If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brick: House Levin, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver. I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens. What a great product! Thank you, brick house for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it and you're. Welcome Stephen subscribing smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, probiotics and probiotics, plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back gotta brick House, Levine, DOT, com or call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with Promo Code Levin, that's brick house, L, av iron, dot, com or call a three three ring be h, end promo code Levant above the tea party. We treat farther calling now seven seven three are gone. The threerd worn one I'm kind of opening his bond may, but I've been getting better for a long time, but I had to work
pulmonary symptoms and then the x rays and the cat scan was showing that the damaged areas along was actually showing up in a larger fashion and growing. And the decision was made that are the only way to get to the bottom of it seeks. What the problem was into fix, it was to remove part of the long issues running get into just a little bit. Situation in the wake of the shootings in Dayton in El Paso Thee, it's politicize. What looks like some really awful work. By a district attorney when the other one to which actually happens the deal with Epstein, about the shooting them Philadelphia, because the, gun charges Perpetrator and these shooting in Philadelphia. The that individual. But all the gun, drudges dropped
but he had those charges, They pursued by the district attorney previously guess what probably Dont have been around to be able to commit the atrocity against the police officers, but then the message becomes gun control If you dont actually enforce the laws. The already haven't books to say, and yes, the Palm Beach County district attorney. Is the real MR who, when it comes to, were not doctor who, when it comes the whole Epstein situation going all the way back award diamond. Or they can live next, our primary in for the great one mortal. Then they don't want things are about media buys when my saints most. Face a form, a bias, it was media is omitting information, real arose real heroes, a means and credit these facts, the work they do and have done for years,
busters the media rates heard centre. These guys are amazing. I use our work on a regular basis in part because they, sit during this is what they do. They they study that everything is going on it and news media, for example, over eighty per cent of news coverage. Of the Trump administration, has been negative over ninety percent. Now, the only way it none of us would, they have ever be able to come up with that information, except that the media Research centre, news buster. This is what they do. This is what they do. They study it. And are able to disseminate back to us. Have other organizations like media matter they try to silence us to try to shut us down. Years ago, you had the landmark legal foundation that the great one still heads and Became a necessity after the Reagan administration taken on organizations that are anything but what they pretend to be Like the ACL, you see it, Denmark, legal foundation. That's out there, that's fighting for freedom for liberty for a constitution,
What the media research centre is the answer for those who try to silence folks on the right. They tell the truth, And so, since we are never, we are never going to have a chance in this country if we're shut down, imagine if conservative voice where are we today. Imagine if didn't exist. Anymore talked about freedom of expression. Earlier this hour, How railways hundred eighty five countries in the world. Hundred ninety four in twenty, only twenty have freedom of expression talked about whether or not even in the United States. Would you anymore I mention Governor Cuomo, hey, you know a view: you don't believe in and the abortion the way that I do then you're not even welcome in New York. You don't share our values. We too want you here. I was at work and operated by the way
people continue to leave New York and your values and your taxes come to states like mine and for them, but we, it gets even more local. You'll have to be New York, might just being your car. Your neighborhood was talking to make a stand in the media research centre is here to help all of us. Since they are fighting the left, they are holding news media accountable they are out there are studying in fighting back tell you something that you can put on your car talk. About that, whether or not you thought twice but a bumper sticker well get a free new bumper sticker, that can make a tremendous difference from the media research centre, bumper sticker, says the media love, socialism and You can get one for free right now, by going to em r c sticker dotcom. That's Our sticker dotcom
in our sea sticker dotcom right now again, it's free and these folks, the media research centre, the folks and newest busters they are here- As for those of us better voices on the right, ok, so about the. A baby s. Situation want to get so your thoughts and talk about freedom of expression as well in whether or not it yet even still exist, and in this country, let's go to my neck in queens. Menage welcome to the show go I Brian, I I'm a you EU sobbing and for the great one today. Thank you. I happened. But I have to tell you that I disagree with you on this issue. I don't think that Israel banning I that all are has anything to do with it three speeches you on these individuals who are talking. Not citizens of the state of Israel and every country
the right just like we have here in United States. We have the right to keep undesirables out of our country there only going there under the guise of the congressional trip to make trouble on these aren't. These are not just individuals who are stating a point of view in their certainly free to state that point to be whenever they want, then they up. They clearly have a very loud megaphone to do that is her darling. The media other part aside, combat fraud squad liking out there broad gonna get you can use it to interest can be granted as though the frogs loud and end the day. They are there, the darling, so the media and promote their their early, rising stars on the left. So they know one suppressing anything that they're saying that they are able to view their wise and venom twenty four seven and they have worked out a willing in actual media that promotes, but they're, not citizens of the state of Israel have no right to be there.
There are now. Israel has a right as any other country, the ban undesirables and wasn't going there. Forty that these are not just people staying opinions. These are people were connected directly with terrorists and terrorists who wanted this, by the state of Israel murdered with citizens of the state of Israel and also killed Jews around the world which an egg which has stated the purpose of Hamas, and so these are dangerous individuals, their likely would go there and they would you noting every they currently have, but about Polly would the wedding. So let me I'm picking up all your put down an end by We are pretty much on the same page. For me, though, it's the implications of the second step back for second and quite directly. Israel did pass on just two years ago that it is that anyone who is a supporter of the baby s movement can be denied entry to the country so whether they happen to be members of Congress or not you're, absolutely correct that this is not. Free speech issue, this space,
blocking the two of them. The free speech is so to speak, for Israel was when they passed that law two years ago, is the enforcement of that particular law. Just happens to be the first time at least in the public eye it's been used. And it also is not necessarily specific to the United States since we are talking about Israel and what they did to potentially reign in those that they did not wonder country, because, yes or agree that they are aligned with what ultimately is a potentially. Oh, I think that their there, their representatives in the United States Congress, if evil attached to a terrorist movement that raises other questions about, what we're doing in this country. But what I want to put in front of you. See? This is my question. You have president drop that is advocating for the blocking of them, and mash. Would you be concerned? If save, for example, who? Who do you fear most of the democratic presidential candidates. One concerns the most.
How I think that there is very little about is equally young evil. I dont think any one of them, but do anything different fear any one of them, so the other Big Elizabeth Warrant is probably the one could be rang out over there. I can, but so let me take Elizabeth worn for a moment and lets say that she decides that He does not want anyone to go to a particular country that here friends to adhere to a particular political philosophy. Let's say that if you happen to be a registered Republic ACT just making this up, but it's just illustrate point I. What do you want? The present, the United States or if a war are wrong, our friends in a day the former native American Odd they won't. Would you want her to advocate of countries blogging or influence because of our political views or Does that not concern you? I think that, with what Guy What's going on here is the first of all in terms of presidents, when Obama with President there is there is, he was welcoming the muslim into the White House there was enough.
There was a kid a seventeen year old kid who had joint? U S and so called palestinian citizenship and was quite throwing. Firebomb was trying to murder people and when the israeli police apprehended, He resisted arrest them, they robbed them up. Obama invited him to the White House and celebrated him Simon, they're out there. This is a different present have already should obviously shown their preference in trumpets were wonderful. God bless him for being Gooey s desk his gray for our country and gray for Israel. I think Trump at what he said Israel initially said they're gonna, let these two miscreants then because they didn't want to offend the bake weak because they are there's a Congress United Omar, probably isn't even did Emily a citizen. She sent the Indian Congress but another issue, but they also they originally going to let the men, because in one insult kind recently basically, we just kind of giving Netanyahu a pat on the back and saying: listen. You know you got. I got your back, you want guarantees these troublemakers out of it,
it's a unique situation, and I think that Not even a matter of oak, I think if we get a Democrat in them, the least of our concern at president, whether they're, gonna I'll, give it give day that the signal to some other country to keep conservatives, I think they would we We would have plenty of our freedoms already superadded here within the country, are in preparation, action and by the way that the fraud squad. That is something that will be front and said. I just remember I you may use fraud squat, but its minish in Queens that's how you? U muster a tribute that price do. I am assuming that he is the year the creator of sent rights, but this brave, brought one I'll go to Jake in Indianapolis Jake. Welcome to the show, go I Brian, just want to say thank you for all that you do your awesome every time that you villain from art, God bless him. I wanted to backtrack just really quickly to with fewer. Rightly
laughing at the robber work for his work, the words you never use that word Craven. He says specifically yeah something to be effective. We have a congress to Craven in those are gone control right now, but that it did you or were you the person who work that into a speech No, I didn't write forum, I swear. I didn't though I mean you know it, but I guess what I'm? What I'm trying to point out is, that use the use of that word. Craven is its very specific and spit it paints really good mental image that the left would love to pay in them swing, voters that there's, this entire half of our Congress, that is too of afraid of beholden to the actual campaign donation interests namely the end our to do anything of substance. Regarding you know this violence that we had I don't wanna say due to guns, but frankly the violence,
we sat here in our country recently It would like that, for that to be the argument. What we need to what concerned, I think we need to learn to do is to speak. You those ten dollar words like Craven. We know those Suke. Ok, it's it's ridiculous to say this to occur, conscious of being too craven to act gun control. The fact of the matter is one half of cod. Is completely area logically opposed to what would be back, or America, we have completely different conceptions of what of what that would look like I can't you, you are right on point I, and so early the show. I try illustrate that point by heavy. Now you think about for a moment what China wants to see happen in twenty twenty, what they're trying to orchestrate with the economy it with but the provocation in every respect.
Who is it that China's cheering for they cheering for Donald Trump to win reelection or end, Democrat who is it that, ultimately, We are seeing in Russia. In around Europe is a Donald Trump ores any Democrat It goes right in lines, your point, which is illustration, that Democrats have align themselves with, though said oppose us around the world, those that opposed freedom around the world. There are two sides to stories. One side, facts. That happens to be one of them, and I great you can actually do pretty good campaign out. Some people actually understand, because I have a feeling that the majority of their constituents, if We don't have any left the majority of his constituents probably going to know what the word maidens, but, aside from making a laugh. Because That makes him part of what is not believable of being a person. Planet, let alone a candidate that to be taken seriously for present
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That the voice of one doktor can't harsh barker. Describing the condition the situation involving Dayton Shooter, and over the exile organ away into the conversation about what happened in Dayton, El Paso. These Cops that were shot in bed by the grace of God. Look like they're going to recover in Philadelphia, effort to politicize gun control and what really is going on in this country back to the point that. What it really has changed, what its different it's a topic that it discussed a couple of occasions, as I have been agreed the opportunity they fill in for the great one over the past couple of years and gonna pull and a couple of those elements along with some updated information for you, that's interesting that I think ties in two ways: Our society is different, what's activating
people given that mental health not the something that has about a whole lot right, I mean people, had mental health issues far longer than the twenty or so years you take a look at and situation guns. We have fully automatic weapons, fully automatic weapons that were legal and the United States until the modalities. We didn't have situations quite like what we see these days right. So what has changed? What is broken in our society? What is changing and complicated? There are likely me different thing support together, but we're gonna died into it and talk about factual information that ties long together that speaks to a broader condition, has nothing that will be fixed by pass you whatever the next gun control measure is whomever wants, but also how effect The less has been at politicizing besides me, as your gun, control are right now message for its of that could be important too.
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There's a car shield, Dotcom Use Kotler, then to say ten percent its course you'll Dotcom Kotler, then we'll call eight hundred car six thousand mention code limit deductible may apply are given up. We are gonna talk about be shooting in Philadelphia, the six police officers, the situation with day in El Paso when gun control, as vexed I'm bright mud in board. That great one golden now run. Remember me underground command, both in the bowels of they even younger somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, my love them. So I say I stable lawmakers step by step aside, Helmont LISA Martin working like his and, if you choose not to help us, think it out of the way and allow cities like Philadelphia that struggle with gun violence to enact the roads, solutions that is, the disgusting human being known as Jim Kenny, the mayor of Philadelphia, the disgusting human being known as Jim Kenny, Merrifield Althea because be discussing human being Jim Kenny of Philadelphia
They only chose to politicize, something that has no basis in being politicized but also decided to try to put the blame on. Who's that are legislating in Congress. Not only over the shooter, but over the own stinking d, a in Philadelphia. You have to have Of any kind of not just morality but any kind of sense of right now, on compunction generally to pay off the crap that be. Awful human being known as Jim Kenny Mirror Philadelphia happens to be. Because when you have a district attorney, they chose now. To pursue
Gun charges when this guy was arrested on board knows how many I started going through the alleged shooter of their sex, Philadelphia Police officers survey and in its like, oh my gosh, gradual, was working as I was coming back from european trip and try and get up on details a MIKE I get the same work going through all the stuff. I got my gosh there's so much here and then you take a look at what he was actually prosecuted for. Because the district attorney Philadelphia chose to pursue gun charges. So let me ask you: Jim Candy disgusting mayor of Philadelphia. If we have or gun was but there enforced forced. Do they manner. The question So will you be honest.
Jim Kenney mirror philadelphian all your other hypocrites bigots Dishonest individuals that are trying to use any opportunity to achieve a separate political objective. WWW, acknowledge. But it doesn't matter if you pass me laws. If you have it strict attorney and your own city, who chooses not to prosecute them. Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable! You are unbelievable. Jim Kenny, mayor of Philadelphia, but he wasn't alone he just happens to preside over the city? as the district attorney That is the reason why those six police officers were shot. We're into blaming something other than the person who actually shot them, because he knows against false knotty. The person. Billy
I am your friend hangs on self border broadcasting promised studio in West Palm Beach right. Do the morning rush W J, now and now, West reach. Then our way I end up doing a show from ten until noon. Eastern Biggie brine much out of you loyalty in Miami, I am sorry I guess, contributor to the Fox NEWS Channel and the BBC, And that's always an honour and a pleasure to be or right here with you fill an end for the great one mortal. Then may find all my material get various different channels. Cutting my heart channel. The brine led show- and you may find me on twitter at brine, mud radio, and I use that to respond to a lot of listeners. This the profanity. I make it try to get back to everybody all right now. The gun control thing. I already was diving into this pretty extensively based upon El Paso in Dayton, then, Philadelphia, police,
bidding situation came up and and I put a different, spend a different dynamic on it. The momentum this going on one things I did actually was put together this research about now a little over a week and a half ago before one of my trip and it is still applies. So, I'm in cell for them you're going to recall Buddy and a half ago there, should Valentine's day, Parkland Florida more Stillman, Douglas and Being down here and southward, Broadcasting many of the families. Many of these folks, our impact and regular lesser small local, shows kind of feeling that the sense of what was going on I ended up. Mentioning at the time two days later, this time felt I felt a moment where something was going to change and for them, and the first thing to know about forty if you're not familiar for deposits,
Republicans run the entire state they did, then they still do today so yeah. Republican State legislature, an republican governor happens to be a senator now Rex Gun, who were the ones leading the effort and ultimately, passing company of gun control on board, raise the age age to purchase to twenty one? You did red flag laws, among other things been bombed stocks. That type deal all that came into place under republican control in our state, because there is the political will generally for it. The ways I want about illustrating that, because I talk about there being two sides stories, but one sided facts I like credible information, but an emotional, credible information. For example. If you have a tragedy that happens in the immediate aftermath, you're liable to get a skewed result. Remember, for example,. Suddenly, like after nine eleven President
should that point had a an approval. Writing like a week later, there was in the high ninety percent Range Ryan ended up, in relatively quickly. Knit sate high for quite some time. Well, every year after nine, but the ideas you tend to get emotional reactions, we ask questions in the middle of incredible emotion, so we are talking about what happened in Dayton in what happened in El Paso and all the puddle goals that you shouldn't this. My gun control, you, you might get some skewed results, I like going to window of time between events, And in the case of water, I poured what the average forty and wanted in terms of gun laws price to that attack. Having happened and as it turned out, every last one of those items were included in what ended up passing than the state. It was the will be for the event happened. The event became the catalyst to get the change brought about. So on that note
And don't kill the messenger here, but it's important that Europe aware Of where the country s we talk a lot about the media and how the most pervasive form of The news media are, but also you do have the real indoctrination that takes place right. We do have, in the case of Jim Kennedy, discussing mayor, Philadelphia, someone who is actually suggesting that Congress not acting. Gun control is the reason that six Philadelphia police officers were shot even the man who shot the Philadelphia police officers, have been run up on numerous gun, Georgia's that he was not prosecuted for previously. Discussing mayor of Jim Kenny Merrifield. Have you might want to talk to your own district attorney but anyway? So with people that are discussed in human beings like that, the want to misinform you out there. We have a lot of people.
Better are misinformed, alot of people that already had the political will to want to see change. So I pull accredited research from earlier this year between Mass shooting events, So we would have a normal temperature read all the average American would like to see in terms of the gun control argument. Here is where we stood: see nine percent. Thought that we should strengthen. Existing gun was so here first thing to know Two thirds of Americans are already there. Do you think that Nothing is not the answer without catalyst. Like El Paso, without catalysts like Dayton,. The Philadelphia, thank God, don't you man, oh man, gets me fired up now, With more than two thirds think we should do so, what should we do? So? I took a look at everything that had about two thirds or more support
everything, I'm gettin, ready dimension to you has where, from sixty four to eighty seven percent support anywhere from sixty sport to eighty seven percent support prior to these events. Having happened. Ready for what they are, sixty four percent any online ammo sales came next up. Banning quote a quote: assault weapon. Now that one to me illustrates appoint greater anything else about where people are informational early on the stock because, of course, any one who is aware. Knows that anyone who would deem something an assault weapon doesn't have the first flipping clue. What a gun actually is. That's why they call it insult weapon? Well dad and backed up by calling it an insult weapon. The scared, the other ignorant people into Whatever their idea is, and it's a nice little catch all right because well me,
The people will think it's an eight hour, but maybe we can also get ripping guns to under an assault weapon but and weapon. I mean there by definite good Iraq have been sold weapon right. I certainly not have been so weapon gonna. Be used as an insult weapon, you my point so its operating to the lowest common denominator, without anything, that's informational, e, instructive. Yet more than two thirds of Americans want to quote unquote, ban assault weapons about that. For a moment, banning high capacity ammo clips. We do have Big two percent: I want armed guards at all schools. That is something that we did here and for the support that reform, national database. Oh that one might get. You know some folks that are our liberty minded little concerned national database. Eighty percent of the country's there,
Expanding background checks. And the most agreed upon, these seven percent believe that we should ban the mentally ill from purchasing and owning a fire It also something that we took action on here and sit afforded now again. That is all information that was compiled before these shootings? Now you have catalyst now? Is there the momentum to have something to car present drop dead, as he suggested right a bomb stocks for executive action. So that's one thing: that's happened under this administration today, but this be that next moment to where we are seeing something that will take place in ass in part because of the lack of information. The people haven't the this particular topic when overdue, Want to ban cloning quote assault weapons.
So I did a little bit more into this, including what really is going on here starting from the situation in Philadelphia, where you have a district attorney who does not bring charges, apparently this one's got me different by the way the discharge has been, Well, don't bother. Next eyebrow mud in for the great ban Georgia's enough charges, so, Mr Maurice Hill may never exit jail. Now that is Larry Crew, Radner, the Philadelphia district attorney?
on the charges that are being brought now? The question, I suppose, is: ok you're gonna bring, although we are prosecuted charges. Larry Cresson are now due to be fair. To Mr Grasser, he was not the district attorney when numerous gun charges were not pursuit were not prosecuted by the Philadelphia, strict attorney sea. Had the actual charges been prosecuted for various different crimes over the course of time YO likely would not have had the attack take place because the attacker, The bench behind bars where clearly The person should have in the first place all these gun laws, rightly if we only had more gun laws, but it's a funny thing about people. They tend to break them, they don't like listening to them and then more. If already, the existing gun laws had simply been enforced. If we wouldn't be having this conversation
what do you think it's a little bits misplaced to suggest that this is yet another call for gun control. Now, one of the questions raised at the open of the hour. What has changed? What is different the log in to this more more because It's obviously an epidemic in our country really is how people are engaged and whether its copycat behaviour, whatever it is, it there's? No doubt since ninety not really combine right that that seem to have changed the read that wherein, And you think about what he has different, I, yes, you can point any number of different things in our society, including some of what President trumpets talked who, by the way, but again for the great one Markel then he's a little under the weather today hoped back in rearing and ready to go to Morrow. Now, when we are taken him a look at some of the things. Yes, social media. No doubt very big part.
Yes, maybe violence, video games movies could play a role. But their there's something different things that can come together and there actually was summit interesting research recently on PTSD Bia, research study that was done, whether or not it Netteke in the study itself was done of a hundred and sixty five thousand military veterans prolonged we ve had questions about what there's that he could have to people that went through the exact same event once where's from PTSD, the other. Doesn't what is it That makes the situation different. Well, it Sal that there were eight different dna differences. Dna too So, in their make up for those bats who suffered for PTSD versus those who did so? when you get down to it. Here's what they ended up by the researchers and the study, these scientists
that he a hundred sixty five thousand military. That's who face or circumstances about half of which had PTSD about half of which didn What they found is that yeah, this genetic, it is genetic And in the case of military, that's my about eleven to twenty percent do suffer from PTSD. And that's where we have suicide, risking everything else. No, why my mentioning it in the context of this conversation, Philadelphia well, because this is what the other things that we are saying is that there can be a catalyst dna catalysts for people reacting two sets of circumstances if you're Harry what's different today than it was previously, which are to take how people react to set circumstances. We as a percentage of our society, that is wired differently than many of the rest of us And you don't know until you get there about how people go off the rails, was so often we hear that bill
we then say coming, although in the case of the shooting specially and Anna date, they are warning signs everywhere, but Then we start taking a look at another piece of research, worried. I did recently called the internet is literally changing our brain. So why this research handed out by indicating was collaborate. Collaborated on our with scientists from failure, England and the United States. Is that The generation in generations. Now that have grown up on the internet really do have a different, make up. They have been wire different right, when its stillness formative years, remember rain, Doesnt formally doesn't formalize its general form, until twenty five? It's developing up to a point, while found out that the internet generations lower cognitive recall why things
How easy is it to get information online, so you don't have to have the level of cognitive recall. You did if you had to go to an encyclopedia if you couldn't think of something. Right. So that is a genetic change. They also found it that these generations have a brain is better suited multitask because of dealing with constant information distraction but
with higher highs were successful. People in the lower both were offers. The most successful about the eyes were successful. People with each interracial but lower low is for all, but the most successful- and there is one other key component in this case- is conversation about premise. We'll get into how God backers into this from a net figure calls as well, I'm Brian might get for the great ones. Michael liberals would pubic and don't like him, but a Morocco does you can call my gloves entered aid. Seven, seven, three, one, three, eight one, one! It's time for the United States Senate to vote on a background check bill, but also Not to forget about and not to push off for another day. Finally,
At long last, a ban on military style assault weapon which are weapons of war. It should not be set. Bob Casey. Once again preying on the ignorance of individuals, he discusses military. So I just for the uninitiated. There is nothing that is legal to purchase in the United States, that is used on the battlefield, you, you do not have semi automatic weapons that tell you you're walking into to battle with other. What you go to a gun shop in these states is not what is it It's on the battlefield, so yeah me a dense tat. It looks like it looks pretty bad. It is again It is a gun I That's right so anyway be Centre Bog, Casey, trying to put his eyes something that is absolute, bunk.
Supremacy Philadelphia where he had this Pope had a long line of gun related offences that we're not pursued not pursued by the former district attorney and filter. And had those gun charges, they ve been pursued. You're, probably would not have had the person free to shoot the police officers so passes many gun laws as you want, but don't force them. No one thing you ve accomplished, taken the guns away from the good guy I'll wait just got back to the premise right now: you talk about college and you think about it. You raise your kids right way. You do everything you can to try to make sure that they understand the importance. Constitution, and being sent him off to college in what? How do you feel? How do you feel. You feel confident are you really worried about What's happening in the classroom, you worry about that Well you're. What will cancer
indoctrinated with. You start to see the change take place over the course of time. Before you know it has gone right? our nations, always colleges founded and teach students to seek to uphold, what's good, but we know, at the vast majority of them, abandon their mission long time ago now, we take a look at the alternatives that are out there. There are not many. These they can feel good about. But when you want objectivity, when you want information, when you want the Did the pursuit of higher education got hills? The college you Canada, because Ramos two centuries Those Dale has remained true to its original mention, by the sound learning its assent, to preserving civil and religious liberty. As hills. They'll celebrates its a hundred seventy fifth anniversary. Mains committed to providing its students with the very best liberal arts, education, the country,
It will still remains committed to offer new opportunities to learn about. The many blessings of Liberty said You can do what you can do controlling what you can control to preserve it are you free online courses, their free monthly speech, digestive conservative thought and Primus and I they extend their rates throughout their Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington D C doing truth. Liberty, since eighteen, forty four, that is mention of Hills, Dale, college. Now, on the gun control, previous segment, talking about come Different pieces of sides I'll, I always want to bring in that the scientific element into everything else that shapes the premise of a particular problem Guns are not new mental. Health issues are not new. Proliferation of violence is, frankly, We have fully automatic weapons that were illegal in the United States until the eightys we didn't have the rash
a violence. The way that we do see now so is Is it really? The guns worry is something broken in our society. Watch you three little research on PTSD? First thing it showed this was a study so this kind, sixty five thousand military bets I found that Queen eleven and twenty percent of all military veterans do have genetic differences. Then the image, of the military, that's, and so that's. Why could have a yoke different debates that experience the exact same event. Yet one has PTSD one. Doesn't genetic princess we are while why are different, We take a look at this study. Talks about how the internet generations, those that were raised on it so literally there being raised on the internet while their brain is still developing. They you actually have different outcomes in they make up are the mental make. Then prior generations, including lower cognitive, recall because her so you stay information on demand, but
so how your highs for successful people lower allows for all, but the most successful, so nice to put this together. People respond to different circumstances, different over the same circumstance differently, because of We have all these catalyst around. Here we have a rewiring of the brain and We have this faith. And god- and there was It's interesting who take a look at any number of different pieces of research, but I and then they point the same direction, but one in particular leaped out about fate with their religion discussed previously last September, Harvard the best in today's study that showed do impact of God and people's lives How mental health outcomes improving young people with religious practices so, though, by the age of twenty that do it here to some form, spirituality Eighteen percent happier eighteen percent thirty percent more likely to help others. Thirty two
percent less likely to engage in substance, abuse and those are simply Annie. Individuals here too something higher than themselves but what they found is that those who worthy most engaged with their fate with their religion were actually those who had the best benefit so being more connected to do God to something bigger than oneself body. A better result. And then you take a look in today's society and what do we see the always level agent by young adults, with faith don't. We just have the perfect total make upper what's happening in society today. A combination of people that have been required by the internet. Fines for successful people lower, allows lows for the least successful we already have genetic differ that can lead to people responding
Play including away is it to be extremely negative, based upon circumstances, including maybe saying somebody commit a mass shooting and they end up getting an idea from it and a q on it, and then you get down to faith, which is Where this whole thing begins. We done everything we can to remove it from society and, if You didn't think of it any other way it for our. Play for country. If you have something that is good, does generally promote something that is good and positive in and you doing you can't remove it. What I go to feel that space, Is this something good look around you! Those are your changes in society. You have other things like social media movies, wherever else that are just kind of eyes within this entire thing, but that itself it is the actual premise of what's really going on. What's different in our society. Let's go to Mark
ten thousand Ex California mark welcome to the show go Kmart doing. Have you Our eyes, so let's go to check in Boston. I do I get to quit: gonna ban assault weapons. A car could be used as a weapon, bandit motor vehicles. Second point is: if we secure the southern border last, we'll get in might not even been an issue because they were originally, they had to serve him a drug warrant. So. But there was not enough drugs do last drugs being poured into this country. He might not have been able to. Come a drug dealer, Ok, you know what I am not sure that that the second point they may be but there is a lot of conjecture involved that your first point, is on point yes, a card to be innocent weapon as
even a paperclip clip you could use that as an assault weapon. If you trying to harm someone with the paper club that could be done me, man Cyber could do anything with the paperclip. Now you take a look at the issue you bring about. All I would say to you is chugged jockeys, don't give them ideas because the same people that want to ban cloning quotas. All weapons are probably inclined want to ban cars too. So they might just go. There are at least you know why you raised in your carbon footprint because it is a killer, you're you're you're, there's a killer that waves, the slow death of society, all right, let's go to Bill Bill and Danville Kentucky go. I don't know about. I just come out Yeah screener about you know my dad. He was born in Europe in eighteen, twenty, eight, ok before you now the horizon But not a party nodded thirty one in them.
You weren't drawback that he probably heard about. It takes great education because a period of ten german run military school and basically the movie and bright red when they had it very well the kids from the street, the shop you're? Not what does your again you're the enemy it also you're, not my doesn't really thought about it. I mean the only we can talk about. It was like one old enough to drink beer? He had let his guard down, but he looked very, very guarded and video like the time, about. It was almost like. It was like this. Memory you could tell, but a really effective up. You know it was actually an account when you got liberated and then, after that, have not got a minute I'm trying to write a book about it. Basically could I could live by a flight times and never experienced the amount of just life altering step that he went through. I'm here about how this man ever met? My line,
You know you always move forward. He always and apportion did what he did provider. You work in a steel mill for forty two years. After coming back, from korean war, he came over here and I think that there is a whole bunch of other item, for he was there when that, when the Soviet took over You don't get your courage, he was there and I'm was doing like They were brought in and go and joined the army, but even doing like resented the meeting at prevention overs over the wall about you know, I'd get them, I guess formatting stuck with chips and where they produce then it's an incredible. I did destroy that you're Tellin and in view of the strength of your father, may God bless him. Thank you for his service. Your family service And you know, there's point to be: may I does remind me: do it just in recent years I father in law.
Member of the hundred First airborne Maisie man, behind enemy lines. In Vietnam and never talked about it ended up talking about it for the first time, I'm with tears. When now we got to talking in then ATV did the pain, Me there is real one. The things on this particular topic. Guess we're talking about the military, specifically and obviously son. Just an issue of the military. I that the point is that somewhere, upwards of I've been to, perhaps twenty percent of people in our society are higher differently or pro to PTSD and. As we're talking to me about the military. Take your I'm begun solutions I don't enjoy doing talking talk. Radio complaining about things are doing nothing We get to bed the premise and try to sort these things out, what hopeful of with that research? This come now about PTSD. The best of its kind today is that through
screening tests ahead of time we can isolate those that are prone to PTSD, doesn't mean they won't be able serve the country, but we might be able to figure out roles that would be more appropriate for individuals so that they wouldn't be put in a situation now be prone to the eye exacerbating PTSD. I end imagine what a difference that could make for that's enough You're for suicide rates for some the worst things that we say, but also in our society out. I've gotta be more careful, we're not talking about entering the military. I'm not wanting the governments involved in blood tests, demon than figuring out what our dna is and then you go here not necessarily says suggesting that, but perhaps worse because we all have our own blood worked on and if we end up having this information ourselves and we know new, if we were prone to PTSD or not he might be able to make decisions, whereas parents be able to use that information more constructively to try to help our kids so anyway, little food for thought There is so
watch so much information out there and the problem is simply having a new opportunity to be able to share it. Now, one of the great things about the gray. One is his ability. Across so many different platforms to the information on freedom of the press. One of those But the best one of my favorite things about the book. It was on the New York Times best seller less for fine consecutive weeks. It is the actual book on everything that is broken with the New York Times all chapter dedicated to it and freedom of the press. Andy in it explains in one way just as does on air just as on life liberty, and would then punks news channel just on his digital property shot you did Eric cross every platform. There's a way to educate people on the key is connecting them. So if there's someone
you know the needs, the message get them on: freedom of the press, I'm Brian Mud and the great one Markel then, when it again at that scene being there, I did not think it would in nearly two way did I mean there was dialogue that was being presented to us at the scene. The suggested this. This man was not going to go back to prison and he had made that clear. But he is Richard across the world the police more important than ever. Back the badge and spread the war be by the grace of God. It looks like the six police officers and who were shot will recover. As is the case for more than seventy officers, who have already fallen in the line of duty. So far this year in the last year,
the first time and record that the most common cause of death was murder, kill police officers when we see the continuation of it again this year. Spare a worthy sadness. Aspects of that entire situation? After the fact He saw the remaining officers that were even at the scene that worried conduct in the investigation gathering evidence. What have you? Let us together, who you have all these people on the street. Where are they doing the harassing the cops one, either shut the cop I talk about people being broken man, so yes, please port? Our police, because warned me knows that we need them now more than ever, just as they need us, no more. Ever as well and Speed dean of logic or lack thereof. This world we know it's in short supply so when, we talk about law in american history. Whose defending you in Washington
speaks for conservatives. Well, not not allowed the biggest names not allowed the biggest names, but a MAC. The merit. The association of mature american citizens is looking out for you. Yeah a MAC can do what you need have done as immature citizen name at gives its members valuable benefits everyday, while only defending is priceless. Constitution are sacred history. Our liberties. Our basic moral compass, which Again, shipping logic, but isn't anymore and aid fights for border national security, freedom of speech, religion, values, folks, like ours, and those who served in administration like the great one Markel. Then. They support a strong now events, limited government, lower taxes, and so a MAC is something that you
should support, and they will support you so don't think any of the other biggest name organization. Is there not bear for your answer? you're, not name act. Member should be The next election will decide our nations future. It'll, be true to America's noble pass and principles were drift. Onto the sea of moral relativism so step up son. Today, a MAC dad you s, that's a a sea got U S, and we have got a minute. Let's go to Trevor Grand Junction Colorado Trevor go. I I go to talk with you more and make a point that
all this violence. Everything and all these listening on, pushing back I'm going to try and get you hit the nail on the head, trying to think about morality and amen. Brother. Thank you for being here. Thank you for listening break, one mortal then, hopefully, will with you to Morrow always and honour and pleasure. Thank you very much and Brian Mud unit for the great one model from the westward one podcast network.
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