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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, WREC Radio Host Ben Ferguson fills in. The Democrats on the left were once the Party that embraced alternative lifestyles, tolerance for a woman's right to choose, they were once the Party of progressives. Today they are the Party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who says that President Trump supporters are all racists and suggests that they're too unaware to realize that they are racists and liken half of the country to a terrorist organization. Then, the media continues its Unfreedom Of The Press as CNN "benches" conservative commentators. Media Matters for America and leftwing activists are out to silence dissent. Publishing the address of a conservative commentator, who went on to receive death threats at gun point. These are the same people that claim tolerance. Afterward, Seth Rogan's film hunting down 'deplorable' Trump supporters and killing them for sport, has been postponed from its expected release due to its violent nature.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now. In its hundred and seventy fifth year, hills is a truly independent institution where learning
prized in intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale, brother sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground command, both than the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader Ferguson, with telling a remarkable whether one day- and I was laughing earlier today because you are- I don't know the stars align whatever you want to call it today. Crazy day. There has been a lot
press today dealing with me and my job as a commentator at CNN And there is some hair pieces that were put on me and really just kind of stupid stuff from for media matters, which is The linchpin of the Democratic Party mean these are the these. Are the the tens of wanting to silence people that have a different opinion then they have Media matters only exists, literally because of Christ, Left us rich people who. Want to do everything it can to silence any conservative and which conservative gets bigger, starts of blow out. They come in to attack them how they do business. They wouldn't exist if it wasn't for these p but they give them money and basic They try to do as they try to silence concerted people by pudding. Trophy hunting.
The conservative. Had you get descent silent, Samuel take their head on the wall, you claim victory, and then you got you fund, raising this Literally, media matters would exist if it wasn't for this being their business model I've never really responded to that before, because I honestly didn't care. I know the gay rights. Its goes back that saying. If a big tree falls in the forests and no one hears it Did it really even happen and. Why would I bring attention to them. I mean it's an. It doesn't matter to me, really doesn't kill, what's happened over the last several months, so I'm gonna deal with that. The in the next hour, depending on where you are in the country at the top of the next hour. I will respond specifically. Through this Hollywood reporter, article that came out dealing with me today. What I do on tv, so there there
heads up on that one and I'll be I'm gonna respond to media matters for America's what they call themselves model media matters. You know in time. I can answer free speech aunt- freedom group, so they really are, and I will explain it to you- come the next hour now this also ties into something else that we are seeing now in this country. There is an interesting op had written about how its now, basically cool too, silence any one that is a conservative they have. To support trump. At any point, it has been called you destroy people who support the present. We ve seen this, for example, recently We ve seen this with the brother the twins from down in Texas and San Antonio one of them. Is running for president the other ones congressmen and what they ve done.
They put out these hit list, and I know that you know me talked about this on the show are based, we're trying to shame people and destroyed their businesses. Because money to Donald Literally because you gave money, because you gave money to Donald Trump now. This new tolerance has gotten to our lack of talents has got into a new disgusting level. Proof of it is from a see He has come out and say that present trumps supporters are flat out ass. She put it racist just right there's no in between you're you're, a racist, that's what you are! You are a racist year either raises sore, I or if you swore, don't drop your races. Anyone its words on drought is erases. Take a list, to you ever see in our own words about
bring everyone, that's where the present into the category of being a right. Tat steer. It is from becomes president and there's this debate about. You know our trump voters, racist and clearly You see the rallies, you see some of the stuff online and there's racism there. And then I wonder, like Don't necessarily one on vilify people and vote for tromp, but at the same time we also need to call racism out, and I dont know how even beyond I dont know how we ever sort of peace. This. Together or we were spaces. For these conversations, it's not twitter now is certainly not what first of all the biggest mistake that we have it's a trap that gets set by the right whether intentionally or unintentionally, is just frame of asking is blank racist. That is, something that we have to pull ourselves out of its not about
asking whether Trump voters are racist, we needed. Talk about racism, not race. Two dimensional boring conversation. Two dimensional boring conversation is something racist, yes or no, and then you d boy. What can we do about that? We need to talk about racism, its contours, its histories, where it manifests how it's used, because like all winning political phenomena, whether their good or bad. In your opinion, they rely on coalition building, so relied on a coalition and a core part of the coalition were racists building a coalition with sorts of other people that could be susceptible to re, these views if they were blocked It is an layered and made p.
Or feel good about it not being a racist thing, as there are a lot of people support Trump, that genuinely dont believe that they are racist, because We do not talk about or educate people on recognising racism, and because we do not do that it. Just allows itself to just we get caught in this debate is something racist and then a person uses are defensiveness and they say Well, it's not racist, because I'm not racist, and I believe this thing, because its economic in nature Rick at that air Sea bottom line is if you support Donald Trump, no matter what you believe, either It's on a single issue: basically, you are racist and everyone around. You is a racist. This is what has happened in this country. Right now is that they are at the point where they can no longer debate the economy. They can't debate Foreign policy, they ever that they can't
They anything because they, figured it out why, you do, is you just go after the juggler as soon as you meet somebody in new, they said you say as soon as they meet you, I mean this is now instant. Oh you, sport, rupture your racist? That's oh MSNBC, had a conversation about trumped supporters. Remember this is basically fifty per Of Amerika is what we're talking about right here. Fifty percent. Of Amerika. An MSNBC Analyse, has now likened Trump The porters two members of a terrorist organisation take a listen to this. But I think one of the things for our conclusion is that this president has always from anyone who is around him. Anthony's guarantee knows this as well as anybody else demanded this blind loyalty right. I say it, it must be so or even if you don't think it's, so you don't criticised me for.
Well, this is why it is so important to look through the lens of radicalization when you look at this president in and then apply counter radicalization techniques, because you're right Checking his followers is, is gonna, be counterproductive. He demands that oil the end they are loyal. So if you call from followers racist and mass, they simply coalesce around each other and become even more defensive and protective of the leader, just as they would say a terrorist organisation to compared to the radicalization present, put out terrorist organization. You give headlines LOS Angeles times are bad. Why did trumped supports? Deny the racism that seems to us evident through Democrats. Its trump and racism Brookings, petition? What do the data show? Say, though, have trumps white at any politics headline from the Atlantic. This
These are the headlines that have come out of these. Because this is now what its turned into there is the coming up in the next hour to this reporter piece it I was in today, that is blue through this Hollywood, reporter Peace that I was in today that is blown up on social median brought in this grand debate the towers remember. The left is, though, is supposed to be the party there, the party that has said that turn of lifestyles there, The party that has said that is the choice p and of any body that has a unique perspective. They are the party that comes out and says, you need to be understanding and tolerance of gay marriage of it'll be tolerant of abortion. You need to be tolerant of people there advocate or understand. Terrorist organizations like come and Hezbollah.
You need to be understanding. Kind of members an ice as members and see their perspective. You need you be under, standing and tolerant of the governor Virginia whose advocating for killing a child outside the womb and infanticide. You need to be tolerant of whatever we tell you. You can no longer debate, the idea of sexuality in this country and turning now algae bt until not literally trains, unity issued transgendered. This the people say you have to accept any human being who says they are an opposite sex even impossible You don't accept that they now hate you. We're not even having a debate in this country any, moreover, policy. The after his decided to walk away from policy have
A grand debate over ideas having a grand debate over policy having a civilised debate, have now decided that they are going directive is to literally destroy the lives. Conservative and conservative out there. That is an advocate for anything. They disagree with. That is why groups like media matter exists that come after me. That is why you see The extremism coming from the Castro brothers were they. They say that We all supporters, are racists. Or some sort of terrorists, if you support the present, that's why you see these headlines that you just eat We can find, day after day after day, the Atlantic again their headline the limits of trumps. Why did any politics brookings trump and racism. What does do the data say
Los Angeles times up had wandered Trump supports, deny that right, the racism, it seems so evident. Democrats three days ago, anger, Had being labelled recent says, they know, call drawing society for drug supporters, the Washington Post. There's another article in the Atlantic entitle we're all tired of being called racist. Donald Trump rallies. Ten days are saying this: to impose five days here. The brand label that stokes trumps fury racists, racists racist, then public trump in his deplorable was empty. Our racist language in situ and react with fury and frogs You go on and on and needs are over the last days, one after another. Rats, mused employees come out saying forty nine percent of Democrats think Trump voters are racist, goes
do. I said we are At a point where air sea and these their extremist groups who claim they wanna tat. They. They just want you to be tower of their ideas. Their idea that rich people are evil The idea that everyone should be guaranteed a job, the idea that everyone should be paid fifteen dollars an hour. By the way they ve now claimed they change it to twenty dollars an hour after they pay Fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage in the house. These are the people that say well. I can't be friends with you on social media. I can't work with you. I can't break bread with you. There's no longer civilized that where we no longer live in a civilised culture, This country, when it comes to the laugh, because Forty nine percent of all Democrats say you are a racist if you voted for Trump. You're, a terrorist organisation you're you're
or white supremacist. U R K, K, K members, we are we have. We have lost all civility in this country. You know why I don't spend much time responding to- and this is my point to these these these groups, which there Tire, think about this for a second thing about how bout of ie a journalist, a writer. You have to be that the only way you can make a living is to be hired. To try to destroy people's lives because they don't agree with your opinion. There's no there's! No there's no room for debate, there's no reason thing: anyone. There are people out there. That say then forget should never have a voice on tv, because I dont like what he says. Pretty sure that's what they do and socially Fascist countries. There are people that believe that the great
Parliament should be silenced, will not stop Tillier silence. Because they disagree with his perspective. I have never in my career we're gone on the radio or the tv trying to get someone silenced or fired that's the difference I have no problem having a grand debate with a liberal I have no problem having a grand debate with someone, this agrees with me that up till now officially declared war? Anybody that does what I do any that has a different opinion. There is no longer time for debate in this country with the left, and you are now a terrace. If you support this president.
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Walk away and they have said we are going to be the party that so we just stares at you name call if you give me your example. You ain't Castro's defending his brother who tweeted out, and what amounts to a hip list. A literal hit list of Joan, Earth who gave money to Donald Trump. In its sit down interview, he sat down with a local chaos, Ain T, twelve news anchor on the campaign trail, and I would today a democratic presence. Can it he'll encounter Then it is twin brother who face. Criticism from consort is heard. Tweedy posted naming forty four donors, the local area, to Donald Trump, what's even funnier, This is some of those people actually gave money to Castro. They played both sides of the ILO the Congress and puts a tweet attack him, and this is nothing more than a less. This is the intolerance of the lap
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Morgan outcome is Ben Ferguson, filling in for the gray one Marco. Then he will be back with you. On Monday is under the weather dance. In order to fill in for him and died today was answering gay wittily filling it remarked. Headache timing could not have been better, from the standpoint of I've got a lot to talk about today, And it is the lack of civility from the now it is you I'm a conservative whose giving a voice. That is somewhat influential and you shut them down and the bigger there are, the more you go. To try to make sure they can ever make a living again it it's! It's so funny that this has happened, because in my career there's a couple of things recently that have happened. The death threats have really picked up, schemes may really jacked up. Genuine scares and my career, I have never experienced before last couple years,
I sit around and I- and I literally said for the first time in my life I defend Friends, I hate my job it is because of these attacks on the left. It was because of how, people will come after you. Many of you may remember a story and it dealt with that here the made a clock that look like a bomb Texas they. Father or whose political activists of that kid sued me in gyro and news and going I can others and they pay. Wished in their lawsuit. My home, address on the front page was hit list. Right after there was a shooting a
and where they were drawing Mohammed in Texas, same thing. I no longer live it that address. What do you think about that? There's a zero tolerance. Ernie by the disagrees with the cast the gray example. Yet this this congressmen who posted on Monday that included images listing the names and employers. Of people in San Antonio who have given Trump campaign. The maximum amounts two thousand nineteen. The information, is yes, public record its accessible through the F federal. Can, commissioner, we all know that. Castro's running for president! The America defined
His brother said you, my brother did that. He did that, yes, he did it. To look at the city That is more than eighty percent hispanic. You have. Companies whether it is the old mill Miller barbecue. There's that have built their whole fortune, author, hispanic community They have a lot of hispanic employees and that are poor. That money into the pocket of a politician, Donald Trump that is putting on Facebook, calling it an invasion, fostering hate and division towards hispanic community. So the former San Antonio mayor set on fire In an interview with chaos,. Among the donors names that each weeded out was the owner of a San Antonio based barbecue I strongly given fourteen thousand hours had Trump campaign and politically Committees into those nine.
The tweet was sent days after a while. Twenty one year old man from Dallas area admittedly, driving ten hours to El Paso and killing twenty two people in an active domestic terrorism by the way again, It also said they're gonna try to connect into tromp. That was a member of an US, Couldn t via an clearly said it had nothing to do with tromp. He had these crimes these psychotic thoughts, ideas more than a decade, He made it before this attack ever took place, but they Ok, so we have a guy that went across and targeted. There's a shooting so so, instead of bringing people together and having a real conversation, you I've Castro saying vote for me for present and I'm going to go out there and I'm gonna find everybody I know in a community that gave money to a political individual that I disagree with it, I'm going to either try to get them
because, let's, let's be clear about this- and this is something that I been dealing with with with media matters-. The only reason why Castro put this list out there was a try to get people fired here. They will giving money to Donald Trump. Here too they work for that was so you would boycott that company. You would not spend money without coming all all, because the send the crime was committed. Was you have a different idea politically. I can't believe I'm saying it's what I miss the days of Richard Gebhardt. I miss the days a Bob doll. I miss the days before social media got people elected by saying psychotic, incredibly Z, things none of these people care about America. We believe that that I argued that is lit
About american citizens, you would never want somebody lose their job. Because of their political beliefs, that that I argued that is literally on American. I would argue that literally, that is on American. This is about hurting people. You can't even on a barbecue restaurant in Texas,. Without having to worry that a liberal is going to come after you, whose an elected official in your area and is gone To try to destroy your business, and try to get your employees to leave your walk out on you because you have a different your republican instead of a Democrat, but It's no longer that. It is now you are a racist. Europe
How can I your races, that's where we are. There is no room for a conversation anymore. There- is no room for a grand debate anymore. There's no room to have a legitimate conversation where we down and agree to disagree and have a grand debate in this country it is dead, civility is dead, civility has died in a democratic party. You are no longer going to have that, can no longer even trust that there is even goodwill on the other side because they will send out your home address if they don't like you. It will send out things like trying to You fired from your employer. And make no mistake all this started. This started with these groups that we're going to go out in there and will in the world, and we are going to find conservatives and we are
to raise money off of us. Being. Journalists and we're going to try to bury them. We but take things out of context and try to bury them. We will see who is having an impact on tv and we will silence them. I'm not holding back anymore. I call it like it is the the the amount of money that I lost in the last two years from people we're getting me. And the amount of money I've had to spend to protect my family and the legal bills to defend lit. The most ridiculous law suit of my life coming, from clock boys dad they got. I won
a loss and it got thrown out, but they get their damage. They made me walk around and look over my soldier. They made me worry that my family was gonna, be harmed. I also say something else. This, is I mean this sincerely. When all that happened in this was over a year ago now you are how. May conservatives called me to help me to ask me what I needed came out quote leaders in the Republican Party conservatives in the Republican Party. They knew about it, not a single one. I even reach to people that were in the law. Suit, get nothing from some of them. I haven't got I reached out to one person that was in lawsuits saying what are you doing about your safety I gotta eat back from their lawyer. Tell me not,
Contact them because of the lawsuit Applicants are just as that. I am not defending their own so I am sorry that this is happening in that's. It. I'll give liberals one thing they will protect and defend their own and Republicans do not do that. And I've watched it, I've witnessed it. I've seen it. I have seen it. Look look at hearing Castro, he Spock Slew, to add a Fox news out who he says is basically the devil, detailed trump arrogance to tell Trump Americans were killed because you stoke the fires of racism. The ad speaks to Donald Trump directly.
Linking his rhetoric towards emigrants and people of color to the shooter now pass article twenty two left more than two doesn't wounded. So you have this horrific tragedy. You have a guy in his own manifesto. That says I have nothing, tromp. This has nothing to trump. He even have things about the about. Conservatives it he hates the guy's crazy. We know We believe these things before don't drop with even a politician. These are extremely supremacist a race. The big it all of these things. And you decide. Let's go make an ad as it democratic kind of her present here release an add on zoos connecting Donald Trump to the recent acts up ass. If trying to get people then give you money. By claiming that it's you and your evil supporters that are the ones that really stoke the flames of this domestic terrorism? That is where we are right now in this country.
So it is our view mind. Can we play that message? We you grab that it sit down there in that article that we are looking at and I I told you this earlier. Let me know when you got it, because I want to play this, for you. From Castro his quote message to Donald Trump and Donald Trump supporters. Of course, course it's gotta, be that. You got a week after the shooting in El Paso Walmart and you presidential candidates and give me money to my campaign. I'm gonna buy now to talk to Donald Trump Spores, telling you that your father, this shooting happen, even though in the manifesto of the Treasury says I had nothing to do. This was not Donald Trump They even predicted it that they would try to connect it to Donald Trump. That's unacceptable behaviour, That should never happen, but man, you gotta, shooting, let's figure out how to explore. This strategy tragedy for our political gain, wits
the tv spot out there Will blame Donald Trump for being the guy that soap, the fire of this type of racism and will connect all the supporters to it, and it will be amazing and then, let's tweet out a list of top Trump donors in San Antonio places of employment and put them, It was so maybe some crazy will go, tear terrorized them. There is no civility laughed in the democratic party. How, Democrats came out and condemn Castro putting out this hit list. Its listened to If that's what it is, I want to make that clear Case scenario, the list- it's someone fired, so they can't take here their families anymore. So we begin you discover their political viewpoints. Worst case scenario, someone takes this list literally and decides to go and actually harm.
One of these people, whose a private citizen who has now been thrust into the public and Castro says, let me make an ad blaming Donald Trump and his supporters for this. Take a lesson. President drop you referred to countries else. You urged american congressmen to go back to where they came from. You called immigrants rapists, as we saw in El Paso, Americans, were killed because used to the fire of racists. Innocent people were shot down because they look different from you because they live. Like me, they look like my family for have consequences, shall ask only on Castro. For this message. Dollar transport Donald Trump supporters faulty clearly sang these people die. Has a view. This is a man running for present the United States of America, whose
Other put out a hit list on on Republicans. A harm these people harass these people care arise. These people. Then Ferguson, filling it for the great. When markets, then one eight, seven, seven, three. Thirteen thousand eight hundred and eleven one eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven then every human being has a common problem. How do I live? Well? Aristotle's teachings, though, why help really the most complete happy a college. President Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's Nick I'm a key and ethics and New free online course from hills. The college shares Aristotle's teachings, though Obviously, the most complete happy life possible register. It's free course entered,
Aristotle's, ethics, how the lead a good life featuring lessons from the greatest self help book ever written at Levine, for hills, doubt that come in ten on demand videos each other, Thirty minutes long you'll learn how to confront the chief obstacles to happiness and make the choices that bill good character. Aristotle presents a guide for securing a virtuous life and if you take this. Recourse from Hills, Dale and he'd Aristotle's advice your life. What for the better. Learn how to lead a good life justice, every Helstone College student. Does it's yours for free at level For an hills down that calm, that's but in the end for hills Del dad come back, it is then Ferguson billion for the great market. Then I want to get to your phone calls of you just joined us, and I were talking about how civility is dead in this country to sow becoming extremely dangerous.
To do this job. I never would have imagined when I got into radio when I was twelve years old, then run off the road because of this job. I've had a guy point at me because of this job. I've had people threatened to kill me because of this job. I have bad people that stock me. Because of this job, I have that people that of it, have up to me and screamed at me. While I was holding my infant child in a Kroger, I've had people threatened to beat me at an airport in a plane. Because of this job. Not because I anything to them personally, not because I was in their face, not because I didn't he to them. Personally, it's because I say, conservative. What Castro who's running for president has done.
What the Eo Seas have done by saying, where terrorists, what they laugh has done by saying that we're all white supremacist and gay members they have they they they they basis, What because they are this, it is ok for us to do whatever we want to do to them. So how do we want to do them? we can do whatever we want to do to them. It's ok! One eight hundred four: Heaven for nine seven, three, two one. Hundred are ignore. I'm sorry, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, thirty eight eleven other before my show it's a habit, my friends, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, thirty eight eleven, some of your phone calls now and I'll go to John you and Frederick guy you're in an and you're on. The market then show Bent Ferguson, Feminine high Ipad
You know, I understand your anxiety. I grew up whereby grandmother left a communist country, an educated, said a very young age as to what to look out for a lot of what at the same time yet do is obviously that is based on an interrogation and you know, supposedly taking I rode boy. I never dreamed that that day, the Democratic Party, We think so allow it. Loves country, and I want you to understand then that we, the people
very much behind you and interpreted pop radio. How do all the heavy lifting round the fire blind, along with an amazing military, an awful things to do Madonna, even if a thank you and hold on, because I'm gonna dress this article in the Hollywood reporter about me today and media matters that coming out next on the market will then show now run. Remember me underground commend both in the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with the leader of the markets themselves. Ferguson filling in the dream was denied me about. Safety will be back with you on Monday this morning. I laugh because you never know what you're going to wake up to.
In this business. You really don't And this morning I woke up to my phone blowing up because article that was published at five, a m from the Hollywood reporter written I Jeremy bar me and when I do on tv, I. There is an article out there now just read you the headline scene, Appears to have benched to approach, contributors. I going to deal with that in a minute, but I'm gonna go. The core of where all this started. I have been a conservative voice. For going into year. Seven now at CNN. It is a job that I have enjoyed for almost the entire time
there's a job where I have enjoyed defending. Conservatives and conservative values. It is being much harder. Over the last seven years, because of many, people that I that are on the left and how they will come after you and attack you in an income. If you are on social media, its edge Though that I've enjoyed overall, I got into radio and tv at the age of twelve because of the grand debate. Things have changed and talked about in the first hour now after decided that they can no longer debate politics, so, instead what they do is they just try to turn you into a big racism of obscenity up? They then do castors do they put out names of people and they gave money to Donald Trump, and then they send it saying people either. Where they spending their money and they give you your employer trying to get you fired, trying to ruin your small business. There is no longer a grand debate. That's allowed in the democratic parties destroy people there are
sick, come along some of those groups and I get there look here's the thing I mean I've been doing this for so long that I do I've never worried about not having a seat at the table because I started. Might the first tv show I ever did when I was seventeen years old, the National TV on Foxes Bill Reilly? foremost believing new bill. A rally was. I did see then, when I was sixteen or fifteen years old on its show called, back alive and the studios in Atlanta. This before put your and satellite across so much money. They would fly you and Lena fly you into New York fly. You into the secret was actually cheaper. I've never worried about losing a seat at the table, because people attacking me I've. Ever been worried about being silence, because I always had a venue radio, To directly chart the people now I am not one which is it will on people. I have seen what stress does to people in their careers under attack.
I've always since young age wanted to have a grand debate. I wanted you to sit down a break bread with some. The disagrees with me. The springs The two media matters for America there is Guy who is Ben. Given the assignment to try to get me five? from my job in silence for my job at it. His name is Eric had a Nokia thing? Is his name. Never met him. I don't know him. I. I'm not mad at him, because I assume he as a family. I assume he's a part of a family. I assume that he's probably guy. If we ever met in person. He might be to have a civilised discussion. I hope that I dont know, but I've weren't, you let go of hate and anger and wanting to get back at people get even with people, because it will literally eat your so alive. There, too
People that I would be angry out. If I, if I lived a life of hating someone, I also perspective, I have children did I my number one job is to protect them and I dont When people come after me like some, Avenue and they unite or have a house that I no longer can live and because of the attacks, after me from me, giving a simple commentary. My thoughts on the kid that made a clock that people thought would like a bomb in Texas and they they face. Conservatives to try to silence him so I your perspective. Changes in my perspective has changed. See that in the Wall Street Journal Use index Cetera. I've had people that have put a gun on me. Have you threaten to kill me? Am I my family. When you have kids, I your perspective, The changes in my perspective is changed that my job to provide for them and take care of them. I really don't
I you know, I get, there's ponds moving around in politics right, there's people that two different things different things, they try to get arise and I understand what media matters job as they claim five fiber Wednesday. Three that job is to check concerted media. What they ve turned into is a group that fines people that are successfully giving out a conservative message, and then they tried Fine things about them to their silence them that's their job. That's what they do. I get that's what Eric's job is. I don't think guys, like you think that what you're doing to someone when you have, when you attacked them and what it can do to their family, I have responsibilities. I have perspective my purse, is. I have three children that I need to take care of it and a family. I've had family members right now. We have to family members, have cancer fighting.
Which I have private myself on having occurred to help them as it in fun raising. So when I see these guys come after me,. I also perspective because I grow Memphis Tennessee without anything- and I have perspective seeing me with it- really suffer I'll have perspective of seeing the kids at Saint. You jumped research hospital, which I have private Itself on having accrue to help them, in fundraising. So when I see these guys come after me, I trotted not hate them and not be angry at them for them their job, which is to try to ruin my life and to try to get me to lose the ability to provide for my family and Dont know if they understand that. So let me wine for you in, and tv and radio your dream is to do what market then gets to do every night, you're the aim is to build it first, even Phil
For someone like mark the great one, grow up doing what I do. I start it was twelve you your listening to these guys and your hope one day. Maybe you can work hard enough to have an opportunity to have a large voice. When I got a hired by scene to be a concerted commentator. Seven years ago that was my dream Have a voice to have a show to have a voice. In the end, defend conservative views To explain conservative viewpoints MIKE without Geronium One's life too. There is some one to teach They destroy someone. That's I don't do that. I think that's wrong. I think it's, I think it's it's a character, issue, hands I don't over a year ago I got a phone call to fill in for a tv show on CNN Have I news the sister station? It was ass, he capture Unfiltered,
she's, a good friend of mine, and I was thrilled at the turning to fill in for an entire week. While she was vacation hosting a our long tv show that's kind of it. You ve, it moment. The holy grail. So I'm getting ready that morning in New York, I flew up on Sunday and I get there and I'm getting ready and in all the sudden I get a phone call. And they save you seen it as it seem what media matters just hit you so where they would mean they hit me well, found some post on your page after, it already disclosed it. There's a company. The people work with two posts articles to keep your audience. Engage with news and breaking news cuz impossible for me to do about myself all day long when I this company and they worked with several other people from Sarah Palin to turn a member.
Put a check me there's a large group of people that they had worked with and they they work then. When I met with us it hey guys to see now you know something You told me to do this or to the mayor hate. Let's get these guys are put articles up there for you to be fine. I say: look, I want you I love working where I work. I have a great job at CNN: I just need you to make sure you never oppose any thing in any articles, it is Anti CNN makes sense right, say that So I told them they said no problem, you got it. Have you males? I love you see to back it up. Guys wanna make a very clear if you can have as to my page postmark was again make sure you never post anything as anti where I work. That would make no sense. Well. In a couple of articles overwrite, I mean we're talking about tens of thousands of articles they posted there was in the tax down below there was up with things that were negative about where I worked.
Clearly, media matters knew that I was gonna, be hosting a shown a couple hours. They want to make my life hell and they did it. They accomplished it. You immediately get into this pr mode and you have to put out a statement and in fact You know and look I'm a crisis. Major gotta have almost got a couple times in my life. I almost got killed by drunk driver who died and in the car. The key died we lived. I've been shot, at some point blank range I was able to fight back and shoot back, and I saved my life and and- and so I tried to perspective on what really is life and definitely not, but at this moment in time I'm about It. Has a tv show for the first time in my life for an entire, our network, television and I'm having to deal with this crap, and it was on purpose. It was obviously throughout my game now what What media matters and an Eric had Oki didn't know, is I am really good at getting focus when I get pissed. I am really good at what
I do when I'm in a bad mood that night, I killed the shop- I base right. This may be my last time ever appear on tv area. They may come and afterwards and say been you're gone. These were out there. You on your page now media matters, knew that I didn't posters stuff because aid already written and that this is part of the latter, Being honest, intellectual honesty, they are He written articles about this group and things there posting the articles or appearing on multiple pages they down there. They knew it wasn't me posting it, but they Gotten tipped off from somebody that had knowledge that I was about to fill in and they wanted to hit me to see it. The pull me off the air and I would lose this opportunity I per I think that's really sad that someone does that for a living. And again I say this to the arrogant, peewit media matters. I would even mad that I was a guy. I mean do great job. This may be the last summer house, let's go and I didn't have, I don't: have I don't? Have the inner
The time to. Obsess over somebody like this- I just don't I don't I. I try to think that, Two people I try to think of of of Iraq ok and media matters and think ok, they have kids. This is what they do for a living. I wouldn't do it, but their family. I dont know if Eric has a family, I convey my wife, kids. I really don't know. I do know is that his job has been to take people like me, and try to get them silenced and disappear from tv which, when you think about a human being,. A family. You would hope that would somehow connect. I dont know Where do the show that night kill it put out the statement and try to move on. Then I notice the media matters. I'm on the list is like once you're on the list. You never get off the list in every time a month seen in their coming after me, never GMO monsignor their deriding. Sending it says it is. It is
sit, drumbeat of silence, silence, silence, silence, silence in silence and silence, and then they without this article, which was we're gonna nail this guy began. I know why they come at me. I'm effective, I'm effective communicator. Been doing since I was twelve for conservative ideas, they D. Want me on tv. They need my head on a wall, they need to be unemployed. Put out article entitled scene and commentator been Ferguson's. Facebook pages is pool of bigotry. False information fabricated quotes now Let me just go through some of feminist they. They say, for example, that they succeed and portable commentator bent Ferguson regularly uses Facebook page supposed means with fire. Information fabricated cords, green image with a made up representative, Yo see quote that was used to portray her stupid. Aren't now. What's let's talk about what I really posted? Okay, I posed
some pretty funny stuff. It's called political humor. It's the same thing that media matters has no problem with any, late night shows are left, is doing it's it's, it's called political humor, so Of these means are hysterical. Tell when I say hysterical, I'm saying hysterical laugh out loud. One of them says single handedly, putting an end to dumb blonde jokes, because, obviously it a brunette let's mean, that's funny, Another one says, of course I was against Amazon coming to New York. We already have enough problems without having to worry about her. And when she was against Amazon, come in New York in sheep lot of people in New York at great jobs, Amazon, and they don't have now, because we see that is Michael Schumer, it's pretty funny, they say. That's me fast Getting a court notes cop political humor, and they know this and I get it there trying to do to get something to stick. It will take me off of tv.
There's another one of her sitting at the state Union. It says and I never knew we had a state called the union. Again, that's but a humor. They know it but uncle humor, this guy Erika Medium and say no. It is, I know, its political humour, but they they. After have to stay in business and how they get people to donate to their their company. To say We went after this person there not on tv anymore or as much. Give us more money, so we can keep going after them. There's another one, and they say these are again: fabricated quote showed its political humor and they know it Money doesn't grow on trees. Wider banks have branches, that's funny, there's another one says in quotation marks- Bizarre referred AMC knows how to pay free college and Universal Medicaid doesn't pay for an apartment was that's true. She was literally complaining about how she didn't know how she's gonna be out of Fort apartment. Couldn't afford one until she got First paycheck for she was sworn in as a congresswoman. You deserved
it made fun for that. There's another. Once his socialist Alexander Cortez says she doesn't like the electoral college and would never send your kids there again. That's clearly political humor one I'm We're going to the units, as I wonder, if I get to meet filibuster, Most pray laughing in your car right now. These are what they Cartoon is a cesspool fabricated quotes. But they could silence me. Have more on this coming up? It's important, We actually stand up for ourselves. Then Ferguson filling in forms then we'll be right back when you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel
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then what about it is about Ferguson filling in for the grave. When did I mark will ban, I mark is out sick. He will be back with you on Monday. I say this, I'm not joking. I mean that island truly believe Had no way of knowing that this article was gonna come out from the highway Porter dealing with me today. They called me, yes rates have hey, can you can you feel- and I said sure. And I believe it-
Mortgage rates this happened should I can respond nationwide and set the record straight about media matters trying to destroy my life. My career silence. This is what the left is doing. It there's no civility left. You can follow me on Twitter, Abbot, Ferguson, Showplace. Together with a daily fake news dump pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers, you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, scientists suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what
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it went viral from the Hollywood reporter about me and me disappearing from tv for the last four months and what you do for a living. It's. Pretty weird. When you disappear for four months, the Fine right scene and appears benched too proud trump country, There are some in a deal with that in a minute, Where'd you get it out. I want you to understand what cause others- and I said earlier in the show, there's no civility left in politics. There is not You look get air sea saying that that everyone is anyone. Its words from Hassebu is array sisters. There's no dialogue is no instead of pinion there's? No, it's destroy it's it's your big at your races yourself. Oh how, but whatever it is. I guess they call it you, because I dont debate policy. You look at what has happened with the Castro brothers and putting out this hit lists of these. This is owners in his district intact. Does that gave money to Donald Trump? What's funny
some of you the game. I a from, also gave me the Castros Scanner. Lerius. It was hit list. It was a list of. With the intense solely to cause these people personal anguish, pain, suffering, loss of job or violence at their places of work. It was to target them as a person. These people, you can find their address. I know what it's like when people come after you have experienced, I got into radioed some, you dont know this, I'm I'm younger, I'm thirty! Seven! Now I gotta radio, when I was twelve years old. I became the youngest syndicate. Talk the country when I was nineteen on Sunday night to show that I still do when. In this business, you have dreamed of dreams to be at the big table to have a seat at the table to have a grand debate. When you On your naive, your stupid, you have this idea that we can discuss politics- and maybe I can change their mind, maybe I can respect their opinion, but is that we can be friends,
That is no longer seem. To be available at the highest levels of the debate. These groups come on. I said this. I mean this because I'm assuming that. The sky for media matters. I will probably never I've never tweeted back at him, the sky that that's kind of comes after me on there He doesn't, he doesn't tag me most of his post and that's ok, it's I think if you gonna come after me at least tag me, but I haven't because I try to think of him as a human being, and think of him is ok, probably as a family to take. When his job is to come after me, that's his job, but you start trying to ruin people's like career it's over. It's weird, especially off of ridiculous claims. Now I told you all of this started because of a big posts they did on me saying scene and commentator been Ferguson's. Facebook page is assessed bigotry, false information fabric way quotes there.
Definition: fabricated quotas, a meme with. Thoughts did, you might have an hour had its clearly a joke. Member when she was against Amazon coming into New York, and she said quote, of course I was against Amazon coming in New York. We already have enough problems without having to worry about piranhas. That's clearly political, humor, but they are now saying. That's me, making fabricated quotes the only region, media matters as they were, trying to get me taken off the air there trying to silence me and by I did not respond to them now. I am. They go on to say in this peace and it's a long peace, through the AIR Sea port. That's why they hated me cause us going after her. They said Ferguson posted a meme about garbage strewn across scene after earth day. It was actually from a football tailgate party. There were. Tens of thousands of people that at reach we did this millions. Probably that had gone after this, I quit
you got it wrong, I even said so on the radio about The picture. Lotta people got due by the picture there, so real pictures. It came out of the actual they and the trash afterwards. The intent was, Clearly, to show that there is garbage and in fact there were reports of real garbage there, the picture someone posted, was actually from football Tailgate Party, fair enough. If that working ever do in my life. I'm really! Okay with it. They go on in here to say. Ferguson, allied to followers with a meme claiming that no one wants no one called Donald Trump erases before we ran for present. There's a pay of him with MIKE Tyson now I put up. There was Donald Trump wants presidential campaign on June. Sixteen, you doesn't fifteen whose picture them with with. Schumpeter counters onward, Jesse Jackson,
dont king there's, one with PD, there's only Michael Jackson's rolled out sharp and they give him awards as one with Oprah there's, always Serena Williams and theirs. At the bottom says: don't call don't trapper races until June sixteenth. They said I am a liar because I put that out there. No one no one called him a racist Sunday about big mainstream media people Until we decide to become a republican and then the civility disappeared and we are going to destroy his life. They're, gonna, put me on tv or not, and I am going to respond to this. It said and they really stretched on. This was his supposed imposed a meme suggesting Camilla Harris Help stage as small its attack. I'm not going to deal because it so it there. It's like so far out stretching it's ridiculous. Now. This is the part that I clearly did not realise the impact it was gonna have on p pull that decide. If they're going to put me on tv or not- and I am going to respond to this issue,
Ferguson Facebook faced with pages filled with bigotry. I'm gonna give you the date, because fifteen thousand sixteen. August, fifteenth two. Sixteen I was on the radio. And. There were people that were posting on social media, a picture about looting. There was a picture. That was pure posting up there. It says when free food, housing, phones, health care education enough people living a store and they did lead to store they Said that that was me being bigoted now let me be clear about this. I put that picture up there when I was on the radio talk, About how people were using it to people based on the color of their skin thought it was wrong if you
Go back and look at all my post around the time, it's very clear what I was talking about, but they took it out of context, so they do. There's another one way. It was about police officers deplorable if I hadn't their name. It's his Hilary supporters and his people wreaking havoc on police in Baltimore Jump. On top of the cars. I have no problem with that being up there. I don't they were calling. Police officers, terrible names packing police. I will always stand by police. I see behind police and by the way in the picture there is African Americans and police officer gear again find whatever now. The one that really urge me. Last December, the tempt you doesn't fifteen full disclosure. I was not a trump supporter design. Joseph fifteen, I was not a trump supporter go back my timeline.
You go. Look at what I was posting on social media. Then it is very clear that I was not supporting Donald Trump. In fact, I was supporting TED crews. There was a mean that was going viral. I push on Facebook said this. One is going viral, your aunt tied, tromp, good free. I bet you're either a muslim, illegal or living off the government now. I posted that saying this is one of the problems that I had, which the porters at the time, there were posting things like this, and I thought it was not good for America I said we need to have a better argument than that. I went on tv and endorse TED crews On CNN. Live from Miami at the University of Miami, after that,
in supporting JAG crews and everybody knew and I've been debating people on it whose campaign on tv going after them. You can go look at all of my tweets. I've don't delete them. It's there. Clear. Did. I was not a trump supporter. When I posed That I was criticising some trump supporters, then, for putting things like this. I said we have to A better dialogue in this you can assume that if One doesnt support tromp did they. Are either a muslim and illegal or living off the government. An entire hour of the show about that. That's why put up their saying this is going viral Hashtag Donald Trump have set Tromp Donald, double J drop. I was a TED crews supporter December, the tenth who hasn't fifteen. It's well documented. I was too
being people about this. In saying this is not good for the country. We should do this. February the second I tweeted out, you doesn't sixteen, for example, two a m, and we still don't know who won between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton up next unseen and talking about this. Check crazy winds. I put up a picture of that. No one remembers, you came in second, I put it to a tweet up of Donald Trump fell. The first two thousand sixteen never forget hashtag, I would carcasses crews, crews The Epp Ed group, at their crews, team, I wasn't supporting Donald trump them. Have you read the third? Sixteen here is a tweet. There was deleted, calling take crews when it you go by at Road Donald Trump Not only that, if a media matters knew this when they came after me with this
Tromp was even tweeting at me them saying I was a terrible person on TV, Donald Trump and I by the weights incentive, become very cordial talk on the phone from that now and then. Even call to congratulate, knew when we had the twins. Don't do this to be best. Friends are the politician ice. For what I believe in and sometimes what I believe in you may disagree with, but it shouldn't mean that you tried Troy person's life. For this now I had no idea that this was all going to be taken out of on tax and actually matter no part in it. For media matters to silence me on tv. It clearly worked, there are people they saw. The main decision that I somehow would not be worthy to have an opinion any more on tv. So that's why I'm responding tonight.
Media matters, knew that what ice when I posted that tweet coming after me. People now read headlines December thirty. If she doesn't fifteen my thoughts on why the GEO peace, I wish to touch on at TED crews at TAT grew steam and his rise in the polls. I'm on CNN doing that figure. First sixteen another one about TED Curries, another one. On two December, two dozen fifteen next out front talk TED Crews, Road Donald Trump, Devilish G, opium,. Bush without AIR Burnett. These are things that I put up their queer. From a timeline that media matters knew about. I knew I was supporting trumped, then they can do research there, not dumb. They do. I was on a cruise team, even tweet, a picture, If the tigers presidential headquarters.
The list goes on and on the numbers are there. They know this, but they said her eye. We're going brought there an attack him and we're gonna, try to silence him and we're going to see if we can take away his voice and they were there. You're. Sat there like a hit list, and I also learned seeing us about conservatives in this business. This year the last two years, a private, the two hardest years in my entire life, slash career from having people Genuine death threats, the police get involved in having a six feet First lost it, you have to defend from the kid who made a clock like a bomb in. And printing your address out there like a hit list, And I also learned something us about conservatives in this business. And I'm gonna say this denies well, and there may be both criticize mean. I don't care Serve socket protecting other conservatives and helping them.
But one called and said hey how bad is it hey? What's up with your security, hey Shall we start to go, find me page to help with your legal fund how much it is costing you defend this lawsuit. When the other side has in limited funds from organizations, muslim groups that are funding to silence. Conservatives have a different viewpoint. You get to host your first tv show ever in a couple hours before are clearly because someone tipped him off Do you hosting a show for the first time you get a hippies put on you for things on Facebook to trot out. Yet you did not host the show into silence you the next day in embarrass you just. I laugh because I the innocent, true story, I am, I said Gonna find an exit strategy. This I want to know that I can walk away from this business.
It's gotten, so nasty that you worry about your family same that's where we come to this article, to with the don't give up. You are what you do. I said Oliver I now I hate it. What it's become I hate having to deal with this crap, having to deal with people trying to. Literally take away your livelihood for sport. To put your head on the wall to say we got another conservative and we silence them. That's where we come to this article today with the Hollywood reporter. What I say is this: I but I do on tv most the time, not all the time. I used to love this job more than I do now. I will say this: media matters.
I'm, a human being, just like Eric Anarchy,. And all you guys it run it. I dont wish you and your will. I want you to lose your job. I want you to revive for yourself in your family just think about it. Then. First and feminine for Marco, then we'll be
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If you haven't pick up your copy yet of marks incredible bookies, one, the most talented writers, I think political writers and history and that's the reason lies books are always best sellers freedom of the press by the great we're Markov in grab it Whatever the icy use our book stored, it's pretty much everyone hates it Walmart cascades everywhere. It's your favorite books towards online Amazon's, grab it read it it's good If you ve never actually result bugs, you really should go back, so I mean rediscovering. Americanism is amazing aids. Is it such a good book and my first I think my first book I have read from him gases ten years ago, pretty and tyranny, that's one of my favorites is the book shelves so makes you grab one of those one. Your phone calls, and here get your reaction when I send someone just semi tweets, had been, I think, we're dozen therapy session together Look it's heavy stuff and I'm gonna gotten you the opportunity to explain
what's going on this political world saw get your phone calls one. Eight, seven, seven, three, eight one! Thirty eight eleven one, eight seven, seven, three one three eleven by the way, if you ever go to keep up the pace but been Ferguson Judge what had been Ferguson Show on Twitter outrageous reaches well during the brake. Aben Ferguson Judge what are in place to prevent further to show for it to come back to your phone calls. The next hour, the mark of anchovy, Ferguson, filling in the gravest book during the brake on freedom of the press, will, during these here now run casting them only underground command, both in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building we once again made contact with our leader is gone and the Democratic Party, and I got another example of the breed, and I welcome it- is the market then show been Ferguson filling in for the great one is a little under the weather, he'll be back with. You
on Monday. So let's break down this representative to leave gram so to pushes legislation earlier to basic, get rid of Israel right to sit? Push Israel into the sea saying that they don't have a right to me. This is what she has ever it affords she's she's connected with and supported Hamas and Hezbollah groups before And then she says Israel is evil because Israel said okay well, this is what you're gonna do you're not welcome, become here so then delete says, and this is a total set up. I want to make very clear about this. This is all I know straight attack on Israel at the hands of presented. Two leaved somehow become a victim, so then she says You were Israel, your racists, which is they play. The democratic party embryos races the disagrees with me. That's what Democrats outside. Or you're, a big it ours and whatever it is, it is it is. We name called there's no discussion
so she says, let me go see my grandmother. She plays the grandmother car like how do you not agree to that right. Someone says, they just want to come to their grandmother, I mean, If you have a soul, you say: ok, fine, even comes your grandmother, which is exactly what Israel: did they quickly granted the idea the access of her to come, see her grandmother as longer. As she when she went to see her grandmother. She didn't. So having these, you know railways. Basically these disease Is it an tie, Israel rallies right, which is what they were worried about in the first place, so the countries is that you wanna come to your grandmother just see. Rather that's fine. So, in a total set up from the beginning now to leave to sell, promote herself. Was granted very quickly permission. It comes your grandmother with a basic stipulation. And now she's obnoxious easily turn down that approval. As
Drunk pulled out on Twitter meant to go. And he's totally right now. Who treat she set out. I quote silencing me and treating me like a criminal is not what. Do you want for me it. Kill a piece of me. I mean come on. She had to leave like. Not going to die because of this you, you started this war with Israel. And they basically busted you out for it and now you're acting like a pc would die. If you had to go back and see your grandmother this way. Clearly, you don't really care much about seeing your grandmother, because if you did, you would put away your political crazy stick it in a little bag for a few days and go see your grandmother. This is really about your grandmother. You would have said. Ok, I just couldn't see my grandmother and then I'll come back and revision after get back so the algae says you tweets out. I've decided to visit my grandmother under these quota press of conditions
stands against everything I believe in fighting against racism, oppression and in justice. She didn't reads out when I want. I gave the palestinian people hope that someone will finally speak. The truth about the inhumane conditions. I can't allow this individual take away that by humiliating me and my my love For my city, as I t why'd, you bowed down to their oppression and racist policies. I think, by the way you was referred, your grandmother is city. I think that sets. I just want to clarify that She goes on to say my city, one Pick figs of me, I broke down reading this and worry every single day. One for my family safety join the club right there my cousin was texting meal which photo
Yet I they should put on a welcoming poster when I heard the news I couldn't tell her. Her to these families disappointed, but not surprised by Israel's ban, is lifted the ban. It's a lie: they lifted the ban. She says her silencing hour when she specifically asked her permission to visit her grandmother thing. You won't promote boycotts. Then after Israel said yes to that? She now says you won't visit, because you can't promote the boycotts and achieving oppress. So you're not gonna, go see a grandmother because of this stupid game. Clearly seeing your grandmother's, not that important. This is nothing but a stunt. To attack Israel, To make his robe look bad from the very beginning, because if it was actually not about you,
and you being in the middle of its attention and hating on Israel, you would have after requesting in your official letter to Israel, you would. Then taken them up on their offer. You would have played by basic rule of not promoting boycotts and what you would have done. As you would have said. Thank you. I'm gonna go see my grandmother. Let's have a cease fire on the political jargon and twitter wards. I'm gonna go see my grandmother. In the latter represents till he put out to the Israeli. Interior minister, requesting of his your family in the West Bank, in which you proud this is to quote respect any restrictions and now Promote boycotts against Israel. During my visit they then say: okay What she put in your own words in her own letter that I just quoted you and now she says, I'm not going because You're, a pressing me, Your your grandmother's upon and your game of political hatred.
Do define what if I need to go back and see a family member is getting older, sick or whatever I have to do is agree. I'm not gonna be doing political crap. When I go to that country I'll, do it my family, that points what matters right. Like ok you basically what Israel said was hey too late. We know you hate us. We know you wanna, wiped off the map, we're your sympathiser for Hamas, but we even understand you need to see your mom maybe some this is political theatre. So, let's have a cease fire of political rhetoric, When you come over here and you can see your grandmother. Let's, let's do that. What's, let's literally just do that. We agree to your request. We we agreed to give you the access that you just requested and we agreed to what you ve said you're going to do, and then she comes out and screams they're all racist they're trying to silence me, I'm not gonna, go see my grandmother,
after they agree to allow me to see my grandmother This is the Democratic Party now. This is the type of craziness, literally you're dealing with where all you make Israel look bad to be Anti semitic, a request. You give them access, Israel agrees to the access, and then they say you are trying to suppress me. I'm not going And the entire democratic Party now is like. Oh, we. What, such a warrior for us what Great warrior she's become. This is the same. Playbook did is coming from the Castro brothers. Where they say you don't give us money, then we will. We will come after you, your businesses, we will silence you. We will put out your information, we'll put out your employer and we will shame you into supporting Donald Trump, because you have a different viewpoint. It is the intolerant of the laugh they claim.
To be the tower the party of tolerance. That is what this is: one eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. Let's get some of your phone calls in here They go to Barrette in LOS Angeles thanks for waiting. You are on the market of enchantment Ferguson, filling in high, yeah then honour listening and talking to you again on Mark Show- beg your brother appreciate that and you are simply one of the courageous righteous godly Americans, which has become a recipient of pure and t fa, a linsky terror tactics. And, panic strategy of marks and mohammed- and this is a process of dehumanization, that they they first Eu
You and I was thinking this is what happened in nineteen ninety four in Rwanda, after years of It would be human innovation at the Tutsi when overtook with a for one million reward to be murdered by machete, and that this there they'd documentary by Turkey, allowed and which I hope people will think of it required watching called America under siege and T thought, I'm not sure for with Trevor loud in this document. Not if about the history the tactic than the goal of antipater and things that happen to you. It's a chemical run of the mill and people. Ask me you look. It Rachel mapped out in my great sample. She accused a jewish tromp judicial nominee of court having dual loyalty. So now you got you. You have it, I got to argue that Israel could be mean when he ought winning argue that Israel could be both.
Jewish state in a democracy, she called it basically racist. This is thee, laughed global they that they have a pedigree and you were talking about the cowardice of so many Republicans and conservative. That are just you out to dry. I call this. The Turco tactic we're can he do you're you're familiar with a detective Serpico that would laugh dry by Nypd and that's what doing to people like you and mark you know, TED Crews is at an end of course, President Trump. I tell people when you when you dont come the aid of a fellow man. It's being under attack, you know. I mean I remember when this, when the lawsuit that literally almost broke me this frivolous lawsuit, to defend it and to win there was a single Publican involved in that, whilst there is more to a high profile, people offer
Any advice I was younger than I mean when I was younger, you're trying to figure out like what are you doing, your families being as attacked when their literally people Death threats are rolling in so fast and such media that you you you don't even know what to do. Rather police tank. Then these are credible threats, your ads He's out there this is not good, you need to think about going somewhere else and then, and then you reach out for help and they send Bacco an email from their lawyer saying this litigation you're now and please do not contact I'm like wow so much for being a conservative. So much for being a sign up for the little guy, but this is- and this is a reminder I say to people- and this is the reason: why have I it's an hour? so much for the great one. More Markel, then, is always has always Then a defender and an advocate of mine have courage. And then what you are talking about is what I call progressive bought was being put up. I'm would have Brent, I gotta I gotta run. I appreciate the phone call one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, thirty, eight, eleven go to MIKE.
Huntsville Alabama, you are on the mark of Anchovy Ferguson with high Why, then, how are you boy you? The turtle. No, I mean it. I can tell it really hurt your heart, but here's your problem, yours, he lay people are levels, the Bolshevik and your last collar with spawn, and you know we've all held on for about an hour and a half and listen to lament basically on the situation of how For credit party, a strange, Credit Party in the Democratic Party in the ultimate party, and they are using the same package that the Bolshevik did and Joseph Davos do anything in it. We place he has done and what he said about Sal unscathed rules for radical. Is exactly what you're being victimize bought but in order to be able to combat you have to understand it, and unfortunately, is what you don't. You know you know it's funny MIKE. So I was telling I said earlier in a big family changes perspective on things,
I was sitting there and I was like you know what I mean. I'm exotic as I feel like I'm a seven year old man, because I started this bizarre. I was twelve right even on thirty seven and you know, you you take it for decades. As I have an you, just try to better off your back, but when it affects your family ages, it changes it just the way it is, and I literally said ok what do I love? I need an exit strategy. I wanna have something else. It is able to provide for my family. So at any point, if, if the death Let's get to be too much that the attack It's got to be a point rang. You say you know what I don't need this. And what's funny, as I laugh because I said, are you not a minute? Do I look barbecue, barbecue can't be political right now everybody likes to eat I am a barbecue connoisseur. I love doing barbecue, obsessive barbicane. I finally said you know what that What I'm gonna do I'm open. A barbecue restaurant and bring people together around good food and eat it. Now on political etc- and I laugh because I literally opening my own barbecue restaurant in September, And then last week you see or Monday MIKE you see,
a barbecue owner in San Antonio being its attacks on a hit list from the cancer brother saying this barbecue owner gave money to Donald Trump cards like will now barbecue. You can't even do that in this country without pass. We having someone come in- and you know care up your restaurant vandalized restaurant attack, you probably harm you or your family, because you gave money you Donald Trump. This is the intolerant left. It claims here, the tolerant party. It is absolutely clear, a plan that they have done. They were adopted a strategy What you're on your you're still thinking, there's some. Redeeming aspect. To it I mean Castro's last name: does Well, you can't you just say you get. You can't pick your last name right. Menu literally can't pick your last name I mean you could change it, but you get my point. I don't care about that. That's like that stuff. What I'm saying is, as you have
people like Castro, who have forgotten. That there are people that are human beings there should be a certain amount of respect for people. Regardless of what the disagree with you on which is really policy issues and little things there. Used to be the ability to have it not have pure anger or wanted to seek and destroy people's lives. Silence them take away their livelihood Roy their businesses or have them fired Now, that's all we see now, that's it! That's what we see MIKE. I appreciate the phone call one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one. Thirty, eight eleven one, seven, seven, three one! Thirty two eleven! Let me go to Antonio, whose in El Paso, where we have had so much and is our thoughts and prayers are with your community when you go ahead now, they're gadget wanted to reiterate everything that being that you just that, because it really technically the inner community. Where this happens, I mean I, my
in one of her brother and that in that situation, and yes, mean we appreciate it only. Did you know if you read the commander in chief coming down and giving his support people like a rock from this community. You know: do it: did you not say that were still spreading, hate filled out were raised. If it's like, you can't do anything. If you can't, you can't even have a moment, Antonio and inasmuch as I think you bring your great point from El Paso You can't even have a moment. A moment anymore in this country, when there's a shooting without the laugh saying we're gonna expose this organ, we're gonna use authority, utilizes to build hate, and you go my campaign, which is why the casters did Ferguson, filling remark within the great one will be right back then,
show me evidence of the web is a tower. Ok I'll, get a good examples. Where are we today? North Carolina State University also knows and state their vice chancellor, MIKE Molin it's been forced to resign after referring to the Republican Party. Is the party of NEO Nazis and the K K K the same people in Hollywood. They come out after shooting in El Paso to say
You know guns are evil and terrible. Well guess what they are hip hypocrites gives up with. Other views have guns in South Rogan, you know is one of the less favoured comics accede can be funny. Sometimes his movie, the hunt has been cancelled, he's not blaming Donald Trump and deplorable sport. Saint courted sexual, an evil world leader, yet your movie cancelled I'll, tell you why they really can't for the movie and what it was about coming up next, the mark of anchovy, Ferguson, filling it will be ready when the going gets, tough gagged Magua, then collar now, at and seven seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one something.
Want some to do this. We can get mark of any new book on freedom of the press, twelve weeks and about service five weeks at number one. It is a great book grab it. You can read it this weekend and you'll be smarter when you go to work on Monday, because, let's be honest, your conservative, if you're, probably listening right now- and that means you have a job and you work hard, so we can pay for a lot. Other people that dont want to work, that's what America's turn into side note here I said earlier, you know nothing about the intolerance of the of the laughed and that's kind of him, worthy monsieur tonight, article them by the way we back what you're money he's under the weather day, and it's always artificially remarks. I think, Sir, for Avonlea Mark I appreciated, but the great we'll be back with you on Monday, so these two shootings. It happen and people always when I go in for mark. They say what you know you you're you're, not that's right, you're lying about the lapping intolerant of your ideas. Ok, let me give an example. You wanna know how crazy someone will have to become Seth Rogan. Who is a guy that
She can be really funny. I try to give credit to people that I do not agree with me on everything He can actually be pre plenty, but I want you to think about this right now. This is just this is where Hollywood is. Hollywood makes billions of dollars and profits off of guns. They have violence in their movies the same you wanna come out. Demand gun control the same year, the day but if I have any our fifteen, which I do don't tell the don't Germany by more than one that I'm a terrible person. Unify like a semi automatic weapon for hunting that I dont really need it. You know, that's not tell me any new really needs more than one gun right. I do. I have more than one gun, no scare The same people that tell me I can't have these guns assembly will it make. Means of dollars making movies about peace point, people way with guns and tanks and bazookas and everything else. This people that say we need to have less violence in this.
We love each other, the same people that make billions of dollars playing figures that literally kill other People- South Rogan Great example- Just come out that his new movie, the hunt has been cancelled. His quotas has, of course, he's a victim cause. He's a liberal sucks, I'm quoting when an evil world leader referring to download from gets your movie cancel, know your movie. They get cancer because a download drop. Your movie got cancer because you're a violent horrible human being advocated for killing trumps support supporter also known as you refer to them in Hollywood. As is deplorable, You made a movie about killing us Tromp did not get your movie cancel you idiot. South Rogan sounded off on the recent cancellation of the hunt. We liberals killed from supporting deplorable. As for sport,.
Claiming that Donald Trump got his movie cancelled. Saying quote it sucks will enable world leader get your movie cancelled. The film three poorly featured liberal elites: hunting in killing Trump supporters for sport. Was cancelled in the wake of the two mass shootings in El Paso taxes and day no higher and afterwards Donald Trump card. Hollywood raises and full of violence, which many of them are movies are certainly filled with violence, treated out on August. The ninth liberally. What is is races and the highest level and with great anger and hate broke out on twitter. Following the new These are the hunt release the movie coming out, has made an organ flame and cause chaos. Create their own violence and then try to blame others and he's right shortly afterwards or to cancel. It sounds really explain. They understood that quote now, Not the right time to release its film,
there's, no time, that's the right time to release this film unit. So should know that this film is about killing people who support tromp because they support drop. Let me see again. This film is about here. In people because, their conservative and believe a good economy and lower taxes and a strong national defence the second amendment and that we should protect the unborn children? That is, what this movie was made. Out taking people with those ideals and early killing them for sport, South Rogan.
Whose North Korea, based commonly found the interview, was forced to go straight to home, released after the north korean regime threatened terrorist attacks against theatre, showing it said he felt sympathy with the films producers. Its actual naval world leader get your movie cancel he killed. Porters at the pyramid. Premier of his latest comedy good boys. Reagan's thinly about swipe at present term appears to be a bit. Hypocritical, given the actors pass comments about sums of which he did not approve, for example, fifteen Rogan compared Clint, Eastwood WAR Drama American sniper to a form of nazi propaganda, despite the fact that it was actually based on the memoirs of late Iraq, war veteran Chris Kyle so put out an actual or movie about the actual war. A war hero, Hamburg.
Syrian anti war right at that point you say that countries with WAR America's zippers, a form of nazi propaganda but you make a movie about liberal elites, Going around killing trumped supporters for sport and that's ok. This- the same persons in favour of course of gun control. Has you gotta have gun control right me, you have to have gun, control, hats, asked. But let me make a movie about killing all of you now. Let me make. Let me make that movie when we do that I'll make that movie One eight seven, seven three, eight one Thirty eight eleven one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one! Thirty eight! and when we gotta Jose in Chicago thinks, are waiting in the market. Then Chopin Ferguson, filling in high are you doing
How are you agree? I think you're, a great house, I believe, daddy, you ve been treated very unfairly. The last couple of years, and ah I'm gonna, give you some homage. Give you two examples. Last I'll give you the press. Example, that's ok with you, your government, so just On the simple back, like look, what happened to dawn lemon, basically sexually, whereas a man, and one day I I'm very that I have to preach what I've what I believe on this from okay- I there Is you are innocent in this country until you are proven guilty, there are people that jack me today. I have no idea about any of that, so I'm not gonna go there that I think it's important that we as conservatives be careful about truth. And not just saying that someone's guilty of sending, because one person said something because my point is today. If you
read the article about me and media matters, I'm a big erases and I put things up there that were races in context even know. Clearly, I didn't based on the timeline I was criticising. We will for doing it. So not I'm, I'm not gonna go there. Very you are on the market then show been Ferguson filling in high IBM. Are you doing night great you're. Thank you. Hey on your right to listen. Listen to you, know you're yourselves and other talk show host. You know I can understand how, all week, long, which means people rally behind em. It's the same thing to happen when fear for my family. Maybe I'm never had a death threat. I don't know, but I know that I would have liked like there's nobody's going, threaten me or more my family, I'm gonna live my life, this guy Castro. Yes going around an you know saying you know I get these businesses to shot down
Why are we not applauding hill? Why are we not inviting him to all the court? All this theory, so there I will know where to go shopping and spent Mama yeah. Look with the Good NEWS is like this barbecue places in San Antonio there they ve had a line out the door around the building, apparently like all week, long, which means people rally behind em. It's the same thing to happen when liberals one afternoon but they actually being a christian business. I mean is that if that is a good thing, but but the point of where's. The Castro put out was to basically put this out at me more time at this bill. Miller barbecue. Ok, he put this out. He put out me some of the peace then we're on this list were literally just retirees older people Some of them were like older mothers, grandmothers think about. At first second older mothers and grandmothers might live at home by themselves who aegis put out, and it only takes one crazy person
to carry one of these attacks out Jerry. You get my point I do, but I don't know why we're not you know using reverse psychology on on these are liberals. You know what we we did, that we didn't mean to people that are conservatives in that community. Rally behind the business is right. You try to protect them, but but there's the end. The good thing: it's aids that chick fillet of fact right. You're still missing the point about now. You're gonna, look over your back forever. I mean. I dont go anywhere, there's two things: I've had to do I don't go anywhere where I can get access to my firearm and org we exit situation. I always do that now. People. I know in this business do that as well. We're put themselves in a position where they can be corner, I mean I've had a drink thrown on my face when I'm sitting my seat on an airplane had a guy let my devil s. Every saw me the bathroom or thirty five thousand feet what do you do then right you get, might use Europe saying,
This is the intolerant laughed to be tolerant attitude. The same appeal: the garb of a job, the big guns and make that move asked me that maybe I'm wrong forbear like there were no look out right now. I protect and defend myself, I'm not afraid to protect myself, but when you're at thirty thousand beat an airplane Single grandmother who got you gave some mighty Donald Trump. You shouldn't have to be terrified at some as income kick in your back door. Dry by your house and shoot it. Around you know, I'm not only my wife and fear do there's a picture of the meat. Let me clarify something I don't live, I've been fear: ok, that's not when I was making tonight. I'm saying the fact that we have to look over our shoulder because our political values that fact private citizens and San Antonio area, have to worry. Someone's gonna come after them are harm them or their family. You may be
Terry, Mr Billy, bad, a right, but you can't be. With your family, twenty four seven, you got, kids, you gotta wife, you got family at home, you have Oh idea what could happen to them because of the list was put out by the castor rose. That's why. Sexual behaviour- that's It should be condemned by the laughed and should have been out of bounds, but you have present your kids defending these actions. Liberals defend these actions are putting these lists out there listen are put out, there is, was careers and lives just because someone has it in political viewpoint in them like I talked about earlier for media matters, that That's my point, I believe that what you want, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one! Thirty eight eleven one, seven, seven three! one thirty, eight eleven, let me go to dog and Indianapolis. You are on the mark of incoherent Ferguson, filling in an eye baby. I'm gonna talk to you, Sir
Austin CALL screener. I don't think the elitists in that movie would even know which end of the kind of point out of state so trying to shoot us. Yorktown Mall, where's that ours that was true, we have overcome, wouldn't be able to, Well, look it only takes then what about this movie is. As the is the the hypocrisy aspect of this too, I mean. Throw Ginza guided like an anti gun, dude right, but then he has, it makes a movie. It's gonna make millions of dollars at Hollywood, sanctions a major movie house sanctions with entire premise of the movie that Universal studios. Green, it and financed is fill about a US liberals, killing trumped supporters. And they say What's basin comedy so it's ok.
Can you imagine that we would have had that movie come out and when Obama was President GOSH would be ground around. You have to go into hiding. If you were an accurate that movie, you would never work again. If you were in that movie, you I apologise. You would be a race, you would be excommunicated from Hollywood if you even if even the script got out that you are thinking about doing that movie which, by the way we have condemned as well gradually thank you, Dog, one eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, thirty eight eleven when Ferguson's and for the great when markets, then you follow me Facebook and Twitter Vent Ferguson shall lead to keep up with you. There will be right,
then we'll come back. It is more Gauvain Chopin, Ferguson, filling in for the gray, went tonight I'll back with you on Monday. Here. We need better roared treated out. We must confront hate, no matter where it is. How goes up that means calling out this present, but also means ensuring social media coming so allow hate speech, which is code word for Silencing conservatives like myself, I just want to remind better you didn't you know, you're the guy used to write fantasies about killing innocent people. Write like you do know that. He wants it once said. The media companies to silence. Conservatives is what this is translating into. This is the guy that use right fancies about actually killing children.
So please spare me the lecture, Bro Be intellectually honest and come out just say: hey, I think Europe should not be on twitter, I think, should be on Facebook. I think anybody that should be that it is republican should be silence from using social media platforms. That's what you're advocating for your advocating for soldiers idea Where the government decides what it speeches acceptable and what sought? Thank goodness, you were not one of our fathers. This is all that this is how they're going to try to silence as- and I won't be were really understand this- I mean it. I'm gonna go back through this again. This is Petros onwards. We must confront hate, no matter where it is. How high up it goes? That means com, this present, but it also means ensuring social media companies no longer allow eight speech to spread their platforms. Hate speeches, the new fake word or conservative, They are turning in everything that we say into speech they have deemed unacceptable, so they can then silence us for.
Having a voice in America, that what is being advocated for right here, Exactly why the captures went after the barbecue owner in San Antonio. In retirees and Mothers on this lets, you gave money you dont trump. They want to do as they want to make you a target: point where you feel on so Phil show unsafe that you will no longer stand up for you believe him, because it's not worth it. They're trying to hurt businesses to the point where A business owner will have to make a business decision that I cannot give money to. Republican cannot connect to me if I do, I might lose business or I might get fired from my job. What better roared is saying is, if you're not with us, then we are going to get face. The particular mark Zuckerberg you have far better job of ensuring these are his words. The platform does not become a gathering place and a platform for launching these kinds of attacks.
Any school shooting any shooting any anus shooting an aim is crime there. When you blame you and I as a conservative, Then we will be banned and our words will be banned and one day you turn on the radio and no longer will you hear the mark Levant Joe, because has been banned by the government. Liberals of course, say that's a conspiracy there. No I'm quoting better Rourke. Its fact. Look at his words. He is trying to shut down,
one who disagrees with him by using the government to do it for him. I am living proof that this is their plan through silent. You look at what media matters has tried to do to me. Any one of you could be nags anyone you small themselves could be next time, but an honor found it for the great one. Only back on Monday, Levin keep up with your facebook and twitter, but Ferguson Show there haven't right now from the west. Would one part gas network.
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