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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the amount of income earned by the rich is arithmetically impossible to use tax revenue to fund all of the free programs proposed by leftwing Democrats running for president. Then, with support from the New York Times and the Washington Post leftists keep pushing Medicare For All but it’s a lie. They will, eventually, destroy Medicare in the name of "human rights." Yet Americans aren't flocking to Canada, Cuba, or England where socialized medicine is a right. Later, the attack on justice continues with prison reform. Governor Gavin Newsom launches a new attack on police with an initiative to eliminate "reasonable use" of force and replace it with a "necessary use." After, we keep hearing that after talking to the NRA President Trump changed his idea on gun control. Maybe he changed his mind because he knew it wouldn’t work? Do the media ever say that democrats changed their idea on abortion after calling planned parenthood? No. Finally, the Washington Post gets called out on their lies about Trump in their article, Trump says any Jewish people who vote for Democrats are showing ‘great disloyalty’ or ‘lack of knowledge.’

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now, in its hundred and seventy fifth year, Hills is a truly independent institution where learning
prized in intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale, brother sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground command, both than the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader or number seven. Seven, we ate one one, one, eighty, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one were loaded today, ladies and gentlemen. None and I met a liberal and not turn about having had a big. I'm happy hour before the showed Mona were low. With lots of stuff to do Yesterday,
And the question is: what do I begin with I've already now. Ladies and gentlemen,. Need your patience. I need patients for this particular you, suburban women, have their who queasy a little week, you wanna vote, you know For only your best interests apparently were told it you support abortion on demand? In fact, after birth abortion you want free Control: this is what were told. He probably want open borders. One mass of debt really like bussing you don't mind if you Healthcare is destroyed. And so many of you up earlier leaning against voting for President Trump, because you know tweet, we were told so what where's, apparently show.
Let's try this America. David Burton rights for thee, Delhi signal the Heritage Foundation. And he says it's arithmetically impossible- to fund the progressive agenda just by The rich. A Bernie Sanders will tell you His programmes cost because He knows two things their absolutely outrageous. And he can't put a number on because If you understand Marxism, Marxism has as its purpose the destruction of the existing society. It focuses on material determinism and so forth, but What I'm saying is. It goes hand in hand with police state fascistic. Sir her government.
You know a democracy. Is he seriously? That is communist? A republic? That's communist corridor. You know a free people who communist now, you see you never get to that marks Nirvana Then comes together and eventually, when they ve wiped out the existing society, replaced it with a gallop terrorism, there's no more need for government. We need for government like that so stupid. Yes, I agree, but that effectively, is what its soft sister socialism is based on. And burden points out that it is arithmetically impossible to pay for it. Russia promises by just taxing the rich there too, expensive. The amount of income earned by the richest to small, even using lower estimates, confiscating every single dollar earned by every taxpayer, with income
two hundred dollars, a more that would include families. You know with a cop and fire fighter, two teachers or whatever what only pay for about half of the progressive agenda. And that figure is based on the false assumption that people will continue to work, continue to save and invest when some the toy one hundred percent flat tax again come said at two hundred thousand dollars an hour. The reality is that progress or promises can only be funded by increased, Big taxes and massively on the middle class from. It is ten times the current level or for a limited time by drama economic, sustainable increases in farm federal, barn now. Isn't it interesting. That none of what I'm telling you will be used at the next democratic debate by any so called journalist. Cause, it's written by the Heritage Foundation, you're not going to get a serious studious examination.
Of the numbers by left wing think tanks You shall we not gonna, get him by the media again This is a very damaging thing: the media due to this country. Confiscating. Every dollar and by taxpayers, incomes, we're two hundred thousand would not come close paying for the left's agenda not even come close The new american progress of a socialist agenda would require nearly doubling federal expenditures, doubling them more Span of proposals could increase federal spending by a hundred and sixty one percent. The sea bio tenure. Spending baseline projection is fifty seven trillion dollars or, wait, two per cent of which will be dead, financed press are proposed for sick A payer health insurance would increase, federal spending by thirty two to thirty
three trillion dollars over ten years, a fifty eight percent increase in federal spin, the green new deal and which guarantees jobs as well, a universal basic income and all those It's free college, a freak out education, other I was programmes, would cost tens the more in the aggregate. Implement the programmes have progressives are socialists had promised weaker. Approximately forty eight trillion to ninety two trillion down there. What amount to an increase in federal expenditures are between eighty four percent in one written sixty one percent. Total government would change Ten year period,.
Now? What about accusing state or local governments? Currently, then, should we thirteen point, seven percent of GDP swimming state, local government spending and GDP remain constant. Thanks, I'm government spending would reach fifty five to seventy three percent of the gross domestic product if they get their problem. So what saying is fish five to seventy. Three percent of every good and service created in the United States would go to the government. Forty five to twenty Percent would stay in the private sector if people continue to work and if you take represent a somebody's income. There done settled, destroy our economy. There is simply no question about that. And what about taxing the rich. Data from the IRA is boring people, MR producer. Maybe it is.
Data from the IRA. This is important. These are your lives. This is what the Democrats are running on, particularly you: a suburban women, suburban mothers, White Thou, art. Data from the Irish to sticks of income show that imposing a one hundred percent flat tax. On those with incomes of one million dollars or more would increase federal revenues by nine hundred and eighty six billion annually. So a policy of actually confiscating or earnings of those who With incomes over one million dollar would not even eliminate the federal deficit curly point, one trillion dollars a year, don't pay for utopian progressive causes. You could take every penny. From everyone or every family then earn say one million dollar income or more and you can and pay for this year's deficit levels trillions and trillions more in new programmes, let alone
existing entitlement programme? figure. Reflex, taxation of all income, including the First, one million dollars at one hundred percent Don't even taken to consider federal payroll taxes. Dayton, local income, taxes, property tat sales taxes already aid by this group coffers, Waiting all remaining after tax income of those with incomes of five hundred thousand or more wouldn't care federal revenues by about one point: four trillion annually. This assumes confiscation orders for first five hundred thousand in earnings as well, It is enough to eliminate the one year federal deficit, but that's it. If the federal government were to confiscate all remaining after tech incomes of those running two hundred thousand dollars a year there waiting, is federal revenues by two hundred and seven trillion annually.
So they would literally have to confiscate every penny earned of any one or two or family that learns two hundred thousand hours or more? That would be too high, Two point: seven trillion dollars the fair budget. Today, slightly over four trillion dollars. You see Context here, you're not gonna, get this. From your media, you're not gonna, get this of these democratic debate hey. I have an idea what. Guaranteed minimum income: ok, take college, yes green, they're ok. When a college debt yoga. What else do you want? Medical for all you got it, you get it we haven't had in reparations. Yet whatever that means. So this would be a one time. Revenue increase once such confiscate taxes were imposed. These tax payers wouldn't work anymore.
Why are in any ink? Why invest why, Any capital game, so you Kelly, occur, one state, local income, payroll taxes were taken into account during additional income would actually caused these taxpayers money, since the effect tax rates on incomes over the threshold would exceed ninety percent. In other words, in a hundred percent a year plus In a payroll tax, withholding taxes you're paying over one hundred percent. Every dollar you weren't still doesn't work. It still doesn't work so taking all the income of all taxpayers earning two hundred thousand or more would only five somewhat over half of the progressive agenda. Using the lower cost estimates using the higher cost estimates, a one hundred percent federal tax on all taxpayers, earning two hundred thousand or more
on twenty nine percent of the progressive agenda disaster. Now, what about Middle Class, everybody believes there in the middle class. This is I was to be the most noble class mark set it up. They all these classes, we don't I've classes in America, but Mark set it up. The progressives adopted the income tax, has classes or in a class. What happens to the middle class if all Democrat: scam Proposals are adopted, what happened to you. I'll explain when we return, then every human being has a common problem. How do I live well, our happiness and well being depends on how we answer that question hills
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for an hills, Dale, dot com, that's l, E Vienna for Hills, del dot com. This is important as a democratic running on a marxist socialist agenda. That is an impossibility, but nonetheless they're going to push it. And when you push impossibility into a real economy, you destroy the economy. Fact destroy the society it is crucially important. Now what about the effect of all these democratic proposals on you know soap, the middle class, Confiscating all income of all persons with income was over. Two hundred thousand com skating. The income of all corporations rhetoric, most thirty four point: six trillion or between my third seven and seventy two percent of the costs for the progressive agenda. So in other words, if all your income is.
From you at too, two thousand and above and all income is taken from every corporation in America, not change the tax rate lawyer to hundred percent. It still doesn't pay for their programme, so the progressive agenda actually going to pay for the answer, the only Mathematically pass: my answer is that these rights progressive agenda must be paid Or by radical increases and the taxpayers bird borne by income, taxpayers. Or dramatic increases in federal barn, which already, through the roof, tar sufficiently high that the national debt, our debt- is To grow relative to the size of the economy, for the Definite future, in other words its gonna key, Gobbling up trunks of our economy, the economy cannot grow fast enough to keep up with the debt.
He says this is unsustainable and cannot Continue indefinitely as it it's right now. As it sits right now, aggressive policies of enacted and debt funded, what accelerate the day? I reckon not put it when the inevitable debt crisis occurs. Access on the middle class. What had to be raised suddenly and radically. Middle and lower income tax breaks do not currently bear a high federal income, tax burden and twenty fifteen. Most recent reason: your data, the top ten percent of Europe's taxpayers paid seventy one percent of income taxes, the top quarter, eight eighty seven percent of all income taxes. Middling Impacts bears, do pay substantial federal payroll taxes, but, fine Social Security Medicare, both of which are high they progressive. Once the ban but structures taken into account, Medicare axis pay only about one fifth of the cost of provide
The programmes benefits for an average worker and three four, the cause for an eye income worker so, in other words,. It's a debt career, so and the Fantasy World WAR, all income of those Two hundred thousand more or corporate profits confiscated, and yet those individuals and businesses continue during the same income like they're, going to continue to work and stay in business. It still doesn't add up. It can have. It would be a disaster. No tax pairs? You well adjusted gross income of less than two hundred thousand annually. Most of you, You paid six hundred and ten billion dollars in federal tax taxes. Income taxes in twenty sixteen. Ten times this amount gives you a ten year figure of six point. One trillion. To fund the lower cost estimate of the brig,
The programme that behind be necessary to increase middle income taxes by thirteen point two trillion dollars: at times the current level in ink some two hundred and sixteen percent, so you I drivers electricians, plumbers, H, FAC workers where drivers taxi drivers, bus drivers. Construction workers, bricklayers, well, who work in restaurants on and on and on your taxes under the door. The plans, you know the people they work for the people, what they increase at least two hundred and sixteen percent. Their income, not turn about state taxes, property taxes, payroll taxes,. To fund the higher cost estimate Short Europe. Access would have to go up nine forty eight percent. So what's up between two hundred and sixteen percent increase. This immediate.
Or nine hundred and forty eight percent increase, I must say one thousand percent increase in the world the necessary middle income. Taxes will be People change their conduct if raise your taxes by a thousand percent. Would you keep working, In their conduct if somebody would raise your taxes by a thousand percent, would you keep working? Why would you keep working. If you start a business and somebody would take your income federal income, taxes are one hundred percent which, the business hope
he sang the Democrats. Proposal in the aggregate are so unconscionable, so fantastically that we're not even having a logical, rational, real world discussion about what they're up to and on adding these debates that they have a complete fraud. Other I bet since its founding in eighteen, forty four hills, they'll call it is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus. The free monthly speech, digestive hills to college in primacy is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First published a nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job
issues like free speech. The regulation, a big tech illness and the American Medical insurance system, cause America's founding principles are so important. Hills, though, offers Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for Free here's. What I want you to do, I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription that Primus, I M p r- I am I yes dad Was there that eighty you welcome Thursday mark Lovin rate one the great one marked with a violin now, eight seven, seven, thirty, eight one: three, eight, the american media. When you really think about it,. Fill with such stupid people leftist for sure progressive social activists for sure
It truly are stupid. People and Mitchell. I'm gonna list Donald, a down what about that gusting lawsuit against you. Others, an eyewitness, valued and at night on. Keep your hands to yourself, pow. You afraid, oh there but in any event, Jake Tapir take tab. Who's the goofball, the other chuck, tired. These are serious issues. I just spend thirty minutes on it, if the whole nation knew what the democratic agenda was about. Instead what do they do?. They're talking up a recession, you act, Democrats in and out of media summit. Tame it rooting for recession, in other words the rooting for many of you to lose your chops, because, power is everything politics as everything and all their utterly unaffected. Their jobs or unaffected, learn
A tame it there in Hollywood there his belt around politics. So they want a recession because they wanted Tromp but we're not in a recession, keep pushing a recession, while IP and one next year, maybe two years I think we will be where they are this come from And so day, in and day out now a recession talk to try You, MR and MRS Consumer, stop start buying stuff expensive stuff, like homes, You can now get a mortgage at three point: six, five percent or something thirty years. You don't have that any points. Incredible. With american financing and others, the time to strike I'm just giving my advice or Because it's the end of a model year companies. Are you got Lexus out there with point nine percent shiver out? There was zero percent. Time to strike me, while the media's talking up research,
Recession, recession. Everything's holding fine the war China, that trade war. The trade war, China, stealing us ply their steel, our technology asking us over six hundred billion dollars a year and a half. If some jerk, those two seven eleven and grab pack of cigarettes and runs out back guys? Don't time trying to take hundred billion dollars steals it out of our high tech sector was To turn the other way, what we're not turn in the other, what this is why they hate trompe shaken things up: loves this country. You don't have to agree with everything he does, but that's his call Artie Romney's over. There are still don't licking his wounds like a things up any shape The establishment taking that you already shook up the establishment and the Republican Party
Romney's over there are still lacking, as won't like a like a dog. Shaking up the establishment. Now in the Democrat Party he shaking The establishment in business He shaking up the establishment in the media and they don't like they're scared to death and they are big and look at their look at intelligent substantive arduino, they call themselves elites there, not only the pathetic. Richard everything? I really wonder a racist forgets what A righteous area gyrations racist or what Let us try by racist. Opportunities zones and inertia races Almost eighteen months before an election racist, it is fifteen Now they put out poles what.
Almost eighteen months before an election, whatever it is, fifteen months before these poor, Paused on manner those pulled matter run Reagan would what have lost the first time around anymore. The second time around into landslide. What are you until a landslide do damage to be do appalling? Quite frankly, what is that all people who read on freedom of the press. Pseudo news. Its created its concocted, its created But here we have real news: Democrat proposals, Democrat propose and nobody talks about it parallel boring talk, radio, it's boring, cable tv, it's boring during debates, and yet this is I've been death. If the devil Rats get their way. Bernie Sanders is a red he's, not a nice. All man is a lousy good for nothing red. That's what he is. That's what he is.
And I treat Elizabeth Warren whole look. She's she's, taken the progressives from. Should another matter. But they never hold their feet to the fire. Do they ever ever? because the media are too stupid as a collective, If a very low I q, the irrational. May not the media are there in tee for without the violence. Had it like that, MR bidders. There ain t for without the violence they caught, they they kind of cover up what they really doing, some of them, not all of them. They kind of cover. What they're doing but- nonetheless, beating the hell out of our system of govern. Look at the New York slight that papers, be a business if you're gonna read the Holocaust. How can have any credibility of any kind. At any time about anything. If you, a cover up, stop genocide against the Ukrainians. Worse than that,
there was a propaganda wing for him in the United States. Have you credibility whatsoever. I spent little time today, looking at the Gina g g g knowledge, of the New York Times Genealogy of the New York Times sorry, my mouth broke. You know when you been sick, the head does yet that doesn't always followed the brain with the mouth. It's a funny thing. The genealogy the New York Times, In bread, operation must happened, is what in bread operation. There said that he got the ox, and then you got ox in Salzburg and souls an ox and oxen souls and then another guy anymore, Oxford, Salzburg, hey! Why heads at this one hands to the sun daughter the daughter hands it to the grand son, the grants temporarily hands to a nephew. The nephew temporal heads back the brother, the brother, wholly crap,.
But don't worry so the paper record. Chasing Russia collusion for two years and now racism and that America was founded, sixteen nineteen with slavery. I have a question ass: did slavery not exist almost everywhere in sixteen? Ninety, I'm just curious. We know it existed in Africa, we know it existed in Asia, we know it exists in the Middle EAST. Those are three It is by the way which still exists. We existed in much of Europe. And it existed in America America's founding: that's not Erica's foundling: that's not the founding of the United States of America. Sixteen nineteen! So now the New York Times is not only a disgusting propaganda machine for the radical
progress is it not only has a stain on its Reza May. That is that it that that it, can ever be removed. It wants to do more damage, just like the dumb crap party, which is why I called the Democratic Party press in the book. If a bunch aim red run in that dancing Idiot logical inbred till, in my humble opinion,. Now we move to the watchman compost. All that's a paper. Isn't it not to technical over there, but they have a piece by piece. See James and Michael, sheer all Michael sure. As hell, popular prize. Mr produces a popular her eyes were hinting at our own process. So Michael, sheer, I'm happy you the official Popular Prize, title Democrat,
back off once fervent embrace a Medicare care, wholly Molly mackerel. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, what's happening now. I hope Lee Soccer moms and suburban moms paying attention the show dedicated to you, because you ve gone soft cause. You know, stand. What's coming, I'm here to help you their backing off medical care for our. Why. Because conservatives in some republicans have revealed the fact the Medicare frauds, a lie care for all means. Medicare is going to be destroyed, how it's going to be eliminated all the payroll taxes you ve paid in the all you seniors now: hoof, who can't really have any other choice could now you're retired.
Many of you are very ill. Democrats want to eliminate Medicare. Do you understand what I'm saying they want to give They want to create a. Centralized healthcare system gives everybody, including illegal aliens. Some of you and your sixty seventy eighties nineties, older. Who spend much of life paying into this program and are benefiting can you imagine and illegal aliens walks in to this country. There medically covered, because God's sakes? How can we not cover? I read body: it's like every year and being has a right. So I put it to the test. Time again, let me put it to the test again if Care for all its a human ladys and Joe. Please listen carefully in the suburbs of America. That's going
going Democrat going stupid. I know Live in the suburbs, I'm surrender Stupid when I go to the polls, stupid people front of me behind, but anyway, if healthcare is a human right. Then, why do we have to wait for people to crawl over the border to get it. Their seven billion other human beings, children, people struggling. All across the world. And one magnificent culture after another, you not allowed call them s whole countries manner. Magnificent paradise after another. For Venezuela, the Zimbabwe, Bangladesh. Magnificent Paradise. Peoples going to get to America. Why should they have to come here? Let me
give them free healthcare right. Let's just say we're a borderless world, isn't what the globalist wont work. Unless we have no borders in America, we're, not a nation state, Panama, Erica, Let the? U N, roll but you you're wrong, let everybody, but I throw ourselves think about it. Marxism? Is international? Socialism is international. Open borders means we have No Borders Subway no borders. Why do people at this? come here to get our well our benefits just give it to them. Just have them apply or better yet go over there and give it to them. Now. There's no nuts. But isn't that the logical, rational point and your own mind and spend your life working on. That's a right
Health care is not a right. Liberty is right. An rights are rights, private, Pretty is a right, something you aren't with your own hands your own mind and spend your life working on. That's right, not to be molested. That's a right healthcare, Is something you need to earn a home. A roof over your head is something after earn transportation. Is something you have to earn and it's a good thing that you go out and earn these things and you create wealth and you great benefits And you growing economy, creating civil society, not a permit, run society, a civil society. For healthcare is right. You don't get healthcare ve noticed there weren't, Of carers are right: you're waiting in line in Canada, dickens aren't running to Canada for Healthcare,
Canadians run to America how bout that it concerns flying to Britain for Healthcare, know the british beef. Bank America, for health care, how bout that ET in Canada and Britain, how here is a right. It's all right. The media in our country. The media. You see it's the it's, the the voice through which. Information is provided? The american people? That's why we have freedom of the press. Because, at least the theory was the people in the poor, would be patriotic would support the principles of the but now you know most of them are not look at the New York Times. They even want to different founding date at sixteen nineteen? What can we say so we talking about
When you look at the declaration of independence, it rejects slavery. Look at that! Institution, it rejects slavery to a cut set off, but they hate the declaration in they hate the constitution. They, like Egg centralized authoritarian government is long, Of course, they continue to make their profits and continue to be on tv and have their newspapers These damn forced on understand, as all that end. Right back, then, you know our nations oldest colleges, resounded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse region
the idea of objective truth: they pedal moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully, none of this applies to Helstone College for all, Two centuries Hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent, piety now's hills tell celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain
Committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the publication of its free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington DC and its Barney Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty. Since eighteen, forty four. This is hailstone college and, let me add, I think so much of Helstone College. I donated in a regional copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today. As I speak at the Kirby Centre, Hills Dale College. America's college levels are attacking cops again when I get into that. Liberals are attacking Trump again because he supports the second amendment and reject
anti Semitism, Is a growing part of the democratic platform and I'm guessing unspoken? Of course, But it is what it is. I'm gonna get it all out as well, and I think first out, this problem, was very important. Esther attacking the press. Look, we need more complex, the background checks. Not can somebody tummy without me, you know. Sixty sixty five percent of the country doesn't on weapons, so they never been. Through a background check. I have five guns. I've been through fire background check. What might be a different? You know people I'm a different at all I got all my guns at a gunshot over the course of the, Administration when he was threatening to destroy the second amendment, the EP, I keep Keeps a database.
And Saturday, Sunday Monday, through Friday, its access and use it there he fell at the paperwork and take thirty minutes. Forty minutes twenty minutes when I read it whatever it is. I don't know what people are. We need more extensive background checks. Do you realize how Particular sectors. But the gunshot loophole, member member that
The one tenth of one percent of guns purchase through the gun, Chauvelin poetic, somebody bringing in their gone and selling at the somebody else. None of them have been involved in any mass murder. That's just a shiny object. Meanwhile, wonderful local law enforcement. On four different occasions of last week. The ten days have stopped for possible mass murders, I'll be right back now, broadcasting on roaming underground command, both in the bowels of the hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, my love, then everybody more, there aren't number seven seven create one really want one: seven, seven, three one, three one one! You noticed Democrats rarely talk about actual victims of crime. They never talk about victim,
the crime. They talk about a racist, criminal justice system or an unfair criminal justice system or I'll talk about bad cops, I just told you the last: The ten days I think about a week for potential Mass murders were stopped by local police office for That's how you stop mass killings. Do they get read it. If they hadn't stop in one of those. The disaster and they have? stop all of them. In order to stop Every one of them right and yet look at the national attention it gets almost none. We always pushing the left's again
A racist society attacked the second amendment, sure corrupt or on all on me and our draft and so forth, and so on. California is really gone to Hell. I mean It is the petri dish of the left out. There Illinois is a close second new, York's close third, California way out there. I can remember as a kid that really was true. He really was the golden state. Where anything you want it to happen. You go to California and make a big. Not just entertainment business anything now let's get the hell out of here the Colombian here. It's sad. It's terrible. So we have given new someone CNN yesterday, this guy.
With the little dabbled Delia, Greece heavily that he puts in his fair, the greasy puts him. His has really thinks very coolies, not debonair is very debit, stupid. And his flashy suits. Another guy inherited money. But he's a social warrior. He's a social war. This Gavin knows you know he wants to be president. They all want to be present. This is this is what makes me sick to my stomach. They should be run in a seven eleven. They all want to be present based What people Obama pull it off. He had nothing. He became president. So, of course, he's interviewed by Van Joms- well, no marxist, but he's liked, but cope brothers and others. When they go left and soft vain he's, gonna be standing next to them. Cut five go talk to the people,
Softwares in California you're going to sign a piece of paper that says that they use deadly force. It has to be not a reasonable use but necessary, stop right there. What does that mean reasonable has been the standards, really, as long as I think we ve had codified law reasonable. You have the reasonably is necessary. How do you know if the forty news used was necessary. Before everything is over. You reasonably believed it was necessary. Turned out in certain instances. It wasn't. But you reasonably believed as the reasonable man. That's the standard, the reasonable manner she gives me reason, People standard. A reasonable person standing in your shoes, would believe Ex wisely notes.
The necessary standard. You only used deadly Because was absolutely necessary so now a cop. Starfleet, well, what the hell does that mean. I can't figure that out necessarily conclusively pull again unto my holster. Are, The shock and off the rack. I'm no longer the reasonable man standard. Now Something a mine Reasonable tests will apply everyone else in the country who uses a gun. In our criminal law system, except for cops, Necessary. It was necessary to use deadly for. What does that mean. Well, I don't know, but in California don't sweat, you're gonna have some felons on these juries. Now right must reduce, don't get, egg decision still.
Maybe soon you'll be illegal aliens on the jury, Why not illegal alien judges, what the hell? Why not felons is judges. We get this Thing fixed stairway. Anyway. Go ahead. Shouldn't. They be very worried to Morrow Morning Doin work that they can get in trouble now in its situation. No, they should only be worried if we don't commensurate with this legislation, support the training of those office. Yet it training has nothing to do with it. They, Make a split second decisions, not about training there already trained turn up pulling their gun out. Saying knows that a reasonable standard, unnecessary standard or are there already train and they are already instinctive and the already use common sense and real Reason, that's the standard. You seem necessary moves towards a stir liability? Follow me.
If it turns out. Her chance that you are wrong. Even though it was reasonable to do what you did. And even though it was reasonable for joy to conclude what you did turns out, it was unnecessary while you're done. Now? This is the standard the cops and California get out. The live under they're gonna turn a police forces in California in Lebanon. Our police department, the way they destroy, at the part of these political hacks anyway go ahead. By train. What? What? What is it difference and training environment when you're treat train and on officer to use deadly force? Only one is necessary suppose when it might be reasonable with eleven. Let me let me say this man Jones, I'm impressed you're. Asking important questions. Now, let's see what the lunatic says go ahead, thereabout
Sport, because we're can invest and unprecedented amount of money. I listen to that. I don't know so ass to say, I don't know we're gonna have to explore that, because we're gonna invest all kinds of money to figure it out you but a standard in place Then a train to the standard. And honestly, Van Jones and purpose, if he serious matters, questions and I we have no idea how the hell you're gonna train somebody. Split, second decision to know whether the use reasonable force or what The force in the end out to have been necessary. But listen to this this, this polished, lemme see just go ahead: the dollars to move through a process of going step by step through DS, colorization and focusing now with much he s, elevation. Yes, colonization of what.
Ladies and gentlemen,. We need to strengthen our police forces. You don't like mass killings. Police forces need to have the the ability to deal with them before they happen. If they can schools I need to talk to the cops about certain students if they need This isn't a second amendment issue. This is a local issue. Schools don't get a right if the local Business don't get gonna right, local want we spent their hands, are not tied and they can't get a right. People are gonna, get killed. And they're gonna get killed anyway, but less people will be killed like it, instance, for it: since in the last week will law enforcement, stop mass murders. And the reason this doesn't get the attention it deserves, it doesn't fit the merit.
That Washington has the answers and it's the second amendment. You can't show me a mass murder where our existing gun laws worked. Lamarck, that's the point. We need more, no, no, no, no they're supposed to stop them the path. Every time we pass them go ahead. Changing the culture of policing, but what's happened with all due respect in the past, is that we have been foreseen. A lot of expectation is listen to this. He estimate. What are you going to train them to do? He has no answer. This like the common YO and New York. What are you going to train the cops to do Got no substantive answer. Bernie Sanders high gonna pay for Medicare for no substantive answer. No talk about victims here,
officers without providing support and resources to train those officers and the world of policing is radically changing critically to stay like California, where you're becoming often a social worker and you're dealing with issues of behaviour, health in substance abuse, but we're not funding we're, not training programmes to help those officers. Particular new officers deal with those circumstances appalling. This is absolutely disgusting. Clown knows nothing about law enforcement, nothing. Even his propaganda is incoherent. Really feel bad for the cops in this country. I really do. Look what's goin on a New York City what's goin on a state of California, he look what's goin on in Baltimore. Look at all these. These cities. Edna cops more than any other place in the country
California, lawlessness. The two immigration- absolute lawlessness and the peace or suffer look at the cities in California. The level of homelessness is unmatched anywhere in the country. Feces in the streets, needles people putting a pop tense. Front of businesses. Business is now saying we going get the hell out of here. The civil society has been destroyed by these leftists. This is exactly why, when our power, One after Eliza Cummings in his abject evident Failures as a leader in that city is exposed by a present He has to be called a racist. The president.
He has to be attacked by the democratic party by the media. By a number of french Republicans, the republics. And so they have to continue to advance their narrative. There trot began a pattern. Erases MO pattern is defending the pattern. The president is spending the people of Baltimore from their phony polluted. One party state leadership which they can't break out from under. Tat an auto entire state of California. The police in this country are under attack by the Democrat Party there under it. By the left there under attack by reprobates. And now the word reform is attached to every non reform of being pushed out. Their sent
reform means taking. Criminals are putting him out on the street. So about so that means. You paying attention, ladies in the suburbs, suggest some entrench education. Trying to inform what did you The president's Troy, hey, hey focus focus right back when you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel A bloated, tired and out of shape eating healthy as a habit, but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right How much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it? This is why I drink field of greens. Every morning before I start my day, just one
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So he has no idea and it is an extraordinarily dangerous thing for the police officers number one in the community's number two. This is a loathsome madness, governess. Then there's Bernie Sanders our Bernie. As I said earlier, your health care plan you wanna, take over private health. Ignite means of half a lot of people can have the healthcare they have who rely on it in nursing homes, adult care facilities, Sir Of all kinds of diseases they need infusions, they need special drugs, any they don't worry. The garments gonna take it over really, but we ve seen what happens when the government takes over health care all over the world. It's not better, Anywhere than in the United States. Are you gonna pay for this cause? let's go. You can ask me, aren't how much is going to cause. I don't have that in my pocket and nobody does. We talk about well over three trillion dollars a year, which is what we pay.
No idea well over three return to China, plea Don't bother me with that. The problem of that, ladies and gentlemen, is not only affect society. Your pocket, your family and everything else. You gonna prevent rationing. What all this money going to be focused who's gonna make all those decisions. Not you. How do you get out of this system? If its not working for you, you don't cut seven go. When the magic ever plan would not take away our right to bargain, for are our medical, beneficial. Here's, a union guy who says: wouldn't this take away our right to bargain for union benefits me? We got. You know we bargain for staff pensions, healthcare benefits salaries in the It's all part of the puzzle when we're in a negotiating idea. You take away our healthcare judge, TAT Guy,
When the recovery plan would not take away our right to bargain, for are our medical benefits, absolutely you would It's not a bad thing about bargaining for decent wages, good. He's a man. Ladies and gentlemen, who's never held a job, not even a ninety five job. I want a twelve fourteen our day, job. Spain is never held a private sector jobs. The union has never been onion and he's never been anything. Is an abstract Marxists, idiot. And they just keep trying their techniques, are one society after another, Throw funded by the private sector mean they're all bad people, their wonderful bureaucrats. I work in any country. Man is man made nature.
Economics, as economics. The bureaucrats in one country or smarter than the bureaucrats in another country or opera pected from the private sector. Throw fun by the private sector, doesn't mean they're all bad people are wonderful bureaucrats, many them doing very important jobs, but then there's the usual loafers. But let's say that the best and the smartest and the most earnest and studious bureaucrats on the face of the planet Can't possibly run our health care system, Hard enough to run a hospital with all the decisions that have to be made. How can some guy in Washington, DC genius, let's say. Einstein IQ. How can they run a healthcare system which is so complex? so difficult, how can they possibly have all the information information? All the
And put it information necessary to rational decision. They can't. They make decisions based on their own ideology, their own predilections, their own biases, their own desires. And these, students for your real world needs and concerns.
The answers to have more choice work more up. So you suburban lady, await about, and I wait about Bernie Sanders, so you can make a decision about what you need for yourself and your family, not a key at fourteen at the department, a wicked pathetic them out there. If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brick. House Levine, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews- I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver. I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens. What a great product! Thank you, brick house for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and you're welcome Steve and subscribing a smart. You say money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic some probiotics, plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back good. A brick house, Levine dot com are call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with Promo Code Levant, that's brick, house, L, Evie, iron, dot, com or call eight three three ring be H. End promo code, loving you wanna talk to mark. We have two numbers for you to call for regular Americans go eight, seven, seven three one for you want one for liberals, go away seven seven four year: one thirty
The eleven you now Hearing reports constantly now, then, talking to the head of the inner ray the present in his changed his mind. And some of these gun control, ideas and they're playing Video, the president from August, ninth and languid, he said today if the talk Do you not wane lap here? Maybe the president changed his mind because he figured out that these things will work. He asked took his time stepped back, studied they made a presidential decision, but no no, no, doesn't get to do those you see here The plaything of these various entities out there, and yet he More than any one else is not now let me analyzes for you, I promise you. If you have on freedom of the press, are you read it? You'll be able to do this to. Do they ever say the Democrats.
Have taken a position in support of infanticide after they may cause too plain parenthood. The Democrats support open borders after they may cause Tularosa. The Democrats support This kind of gun, control or even gun confiscation after they spoke to hang on controlling Do they ever say the Democrats did this or that because fill in the blank they talk to the anyway the trial or not around on the Democrats, just come up with their genius on their own present. His influenced by a myopic narrow national interest. The inner ray He's incapable of thinking for himself. Ellie say that at one side of the mountain and out of the other side of the amount they say, these proposals that
My crasser pushing have mass public support. So the president wanted to take? The short road to greater popularity based on what these reporters are saying, he would reject the end. Our. A red flag would fix this at the national level, man. Why would I adopt all this stuff. So. He appears to be standing as ground. As a principled manner as a reasonable man, maybe even unnecessary. Anything. What, then, a background checks could with a fixed this numb? What kind of red flag would fix this at the national level? Man away, I dropped all this stuff. Like we ve been saying, Now this will have any fact: well, maybe he thought about it. Looked at
you're talking to the head of the energy solar, cable. As I say, they would never say Nancy Policy if to allow, not one dollar, towards the war trucks, humor. After talking to hang on controlling said, we must outlaw. Semi automatic weapons now don't say that. Bernie Sanders after TAT C P, USA, not that producer. Communist Party, USA, It's just suggested in just a thought. Decided not on our union guys. You can keep your health care. You see, it's always nefarious. When it comes to our principles. Our beliefs are values which used to be the ubiquitous less so now are found
Principles, our founding beliefs, but the presidency. He's not lack dark for Wayne, Lapierre Police, It's not the latter for plan now can't be. I tell you there is a way to unravel and decipher what goes on in this country through the media. And I lay out All the guys you'll need and on freedom of the press, you just gotta, be watch, you gotta be one toes you'll be able to do this and it began Very point because they looked Dahmer and dumber more more pathetic More more left wing more more agenda driven you'd only we need links from exit, the near hey. You know what America really started in sixteen nineteen with slave. Who says wayside where the New York Times. Tell me, do you know in the Holocaust started eight, don't bring that up.
Now bring that up that We put behind us, we learn from that learn from the Holocaust is an that's well tell me: did you will learn from Russia? Collusion lie. Who's never lie ever lie. We We want to pure prizes out of that Should have got news to popular appeal, I call them out there pots lower prices. Popular surprises prizes for reporting about nothing. There's no self policing in that phony profession. Low, I q,. Politically, driven. Bunch of opinionated snobs, he used to sit in the back seat. A political science class answer. Whenever the class is. Thinking there smarter than everyone else,
Actually pretty stupid. Last week I told you how they departments. Health and human surfaces. Excuse me what to do. Bernie Sanders idea, though states to import drugs without a system to ensure those drugs would be safe. Was an idea This week were learning that she just wants to include yet another a Bernie Sanders, Hare brained ideas in the present. New proposed healthcare reform plan. The eye is to import farm price controls from socialist countries. Notice, international price indexing, desperate, This will be the first step towards socializing our healthcare starting with prescription drugs. The result, a price index would be the same as they are in countries with socialized medicine. A complete disaster rationing. Less access to the latest and best treatments and a loss of needed investment to get the next Treatment breakthroughs.
These charges will undoubtedly cost America standing as the world's innovator in new drug treatments and could cost lives Suffered conservatives. These changes need to be resisted for Americans too, and, let's hope so The answer to lower drugged costs is transparency, free markets, competition now mark back part? Central governments, socialist ideas, get the facts. Good, a true, Fairfax: dot com, true healthcare, faxed outcome, that's true, healthcare. Pax dot. We are alive and national. So I want to ask MR producer: is our connection? Ok,. Still her little static and are you ok. Getting a lot of lightning where I am so gotta keep an eye on it. Zeus's angry people are saying may mark. Why do you sound so good today. Yesterday you were little shaky
You stay, you were shaky, shake it took this entire Georgia, pure sulphur. This is what I mean. Amazing America? so far its kept the nor should down I get. I have it hosted a day, unfortunately, no one, not pregnant and pot And I've been sitting here with ginger ale, so arts kept things under control. Now, after the show who the hell knows what's gonna and oddly enough. XO from which has kept minority under control. Now you autumn, in the mood for MR producer, a stick so much with fried onions. Stake sandwich were fried onions ready for this, and catch no He's a tiny trees.
Well, you know the president. I have something in common, as has been reported, he likes estate. Well done any likes it with Heinz ketchup. That's a room, that's a fact. As do I. Mark you're ruining Nancy. She and I liked your, but for the way egg, a condom. And what is this a burger king this, but is an impossible burgers? I, whether corner. It looks like a real hamburger, but can we really tastes like a hamburger. I'm gonna try one day. You know why, Mr Producer, what do you think. Open a MIKE. Why do you think I would try? I have no clue the honest. Now get all the common upset. I could eat something to taste like a hamburger, this man a hammer I'll eat. Why wouldn't, I will have to say would you try one place a bite for you? I will try. You try it
But rather than me like, I don't know you try it, let me know what it cost. And you'll up you'll. Let me know seriously. By the way, ladies and gentlemen, next hour,. There's a disgusting washing imposed article. I just came out. By let's see, Felicia Son Mess and John Wagner. Trumps has any jewish people who vote for Democrats or showing great disloyalty or lack of knowledge, and let me tell you what these to know Thing reporters have done. They have written a peace that is laced with BS. And I'm going to go through it lie by lie, Five counted, nine lies. But here we a president.
Whose loyal to Jews. They loyal to the they will Israel. And the next hour by me. The anti Semites in the Democratic Party Washington, Post. Through various media tricks, absolute trickery, mine games, Trying to convince you he's an anti semite who just. Spewed a bloodline. They are liars, they are disgusting. And they will be exposed in the next hour by me,
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I love this format. More than anything else I do. I do a lot But this is the form and I love. Everybody thinks I started when I was in my forties. That's not what happened. Has now happened at all. When I was a kid going to sleep at night the talk, radio, back then W C, a u and fought off, denounced the great doubly phd Never did I believe I ll be back on double phd. Look at this wonderful city in Philadelphia. And I would listen to talk radio. And also listen to and Fm Talk Station had had great local house
And I was mesmerized by this. Helping asleep Lloyd stayed up till midnight or one in the morning listening. One of my favorite hosts was called Dominic when, but I heard other. Bob Grant for a period of time came the thought off, and then I would we my internet makes ragged here, money was on W Abc or do we owe our divine Outwood station screwed em over, and I would find others who fascinated me. Side in here, for I was co myself, we'll talk, radio listener and I kept right w C a? U! Oh, and over and over again on my typewriter. Can I do one show just one show, just one hour. One time, that's all I want to do. Please please, please, please back then I think they had jolly speck is an example,
On tat, see you and. They allow me to do about thirty minutes. Did I think, but they allow me to do it in its It's been a my bloodstream. I never knew how to get into radio anything like that. So I went on. As a local activists as a kid thirteen years, all working for different candidates, working for rag and working for the most condemned serve candidates. I could forming a group called citizens were taxed limitation I'll before the tea party, And for local office, while and law scorn one and one left the air To do what I wanted to do in the regular ministry. But it was never out of my system, so I would listen Arabia, local! but listen a w p, o p in New York and Washington.
There was w r c, which was a talk station back then I would call them from time to time. There is the great w e mail and it is a great toxic. Not just because I'm all they have a great programme director bill has a great line up is the most of the fillets. Then I would listen to rush and Sean and others others, so, even as I was practising, law the influence. What was going on out there and I'd right thanks and I speak to the different house till this whole. Got started, but it wasn't one person who diameter one. I often talk
our own kids. I often told people ask me how to get started. I said opportunity you ve gotta, be around for opportunity. So from the time I was sixteen I didn't get into radio tell? How long has it been now rich, one thousand six hundred and fifty eighteen years, one September fully sixteen years, hooker. But the first one to actually have me as a sub other three really Ali North and cheese. I forgot his I'm lookin out. I'm right am I I'm sorry and enshrine habit.
Wasn't rush of personal, and I had the mint meet these other, including luck, watchman, lavishly changed and entire jump right. I don't know why I'm talking about play like as a catch me makes me happy to do this job. Please listen to the next hour. It's gonna be crucially important. Right now, run number may underground, remember than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of along the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, my love, how everybody marshal of any our final, our excited and right boy, number, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one! We ate one one.
But whenever we cover stories, we have to cover the media, because Media bring us the stories. Let's get started. This just came out. Just in time for little love me. The Washington compost, which also covered up the Holocaust by Felicia Son, Mass and John Wayne, Well, let's play this first, let's play cut Well, MR producers from the oval office today go and if you look at their itinerary before they found out, you take a look at the itinerant That was all going to be a propaganda to our gets. The smuggling, of course had to leave and all morning is exactly right. For they found out you take a look at the itinerary That was all going to be a propaganda to against Israel. So I don't blame Israel for doing what they did. I have nothing to do with it, but I don't blame them for doing what they did I think it would have been very bad to let them and including.
Before I'm talking about all four. But these two, that one and yet in Omar and to leave and I think, would be a very bad thing for Israel, but enjoy has to do what they want to do, but I would not cut of aid to Israel, and I can't even believe that, having this conversation, Five years ago, the concept of even talking about this even three years ago, of cutting off aid to Israel because of two people that aid Israel and a jewish people I can't believe we're even having this by the way he's so right on. Every June America should be standing up in applauding this man, but White go ahead. Where's the Democratic Party gone: where have they gone where their defending these two people over the state of Israel. Can I think any jewish people that vote for a Democrat,
I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge of a great disloyalty To say that. All these establishment jewish organizations, most of. Which were headed by liberals. You're not allowed to say that. Mr President, you Be an anti semite third, defending anti Semites he's attacking them But he must be the anti semite you see, he is a record. A strong long dense record. Of supporting the state of Israel. A pack as all hot air. The adsl now is controlled by an Obama. And all these other similar organisations, their weak. When push comes to shove, they run.
The greatest spokesmen phrase well today is the present in the United States, was agenda? He is the greatest spokesman for America and there's a reason for that. Shared principles and values. Judeo Christian and belief system, which is why Tromp, a Netanyahu above under attack The same reprobate. Let's go to the watchman compost Why has the Washington compost for written a news, article supporting any one, a president trumps policies to think it over And I ve been about the opinion page. We know that's, not hard to tell the differences, but they written one article supporting any of US positions, maybe one So Son Mason Wang Present From on Tuesday, you just hurt him, that any jewish people who vote for Democrats or shut first of all their cherry.
Taking their stealing one line, the last line, but that's ok, will deal with it total lack of knowledge, a great disloyalty, prompting an outcry from credit. Who said the president's remarks, were promoting anti semitic stare at that. How often does for Washington Post come to me. When I criticized Believe Omar, any these leftists and say: look This outcry from the critics we talked a mark Levant. You guys writing books about me and talk radioed. Only one call me: let's go. Tromp made the common and with reporters in the oval office. Have a meeting with romanian President Klaus, whatever. Trot began by lashing out. You heard what he said: so we don't need interpretation, Critics on both sides of the ILO. We read an article like this about Obama.
Wasn't my view and anti semite, whose unleashed all this racial ism. Help turn his party and what it is today. With its association with ride in Colombia,. And other malcontents miscreants. I know my bodies out there like full Klein another. This is discussed. This? This is unbelievable. This is a long time anti semitic. Trope choose me. It is. It is showing the Jew should be loyal to themselves I'll get to that in a minute feel and everybody else. American juice, like all Americans have a range of political views on policy priorities. David heresy, o the non partisan american jewish committee and other Labour group said in a statement, his assessment of their knowledge or loyalty basin.
Party preferences in appropriate, unwelcome and downright dangerous, hausa, dangerous. These clowns thought, the Taliban Omar, that Israel was wrong and they should have been allowed in Israel. These guys have been on the wrong side of a lot. Then they go to the tight defamation lay which has now been turned over to Jonathan Green Black, not to be confused with a great Jason Green Black, who is a trump die. Said the Weiler was unclear to whom tromp was claiming. Jews would be disloyal charges of this loyally long been used to attack Jews. You see how sickening this is. As we said before, it's possible to engage in the democratic process without these claims its long overdue to stop using juices of football. Billy you jackass. That's your whole existence. Then, of course, they go to NATO Orourke
Everybody goes debate, all rock when they want to know about Judaism. Omar was roundly criticised by members of both parties for saying during a town hall earlier this year that she wanted to discuss the political influence in this country. This It's ok for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country. So Ah they're gonna compare Omar Trump Then they go to jail role, that this is a disgusting comment that indicate Trop has no idea why many of us have been so sick and by the Anti Semitism mind telling Phil I'll tell you don't know what the hell are you talking about. But ours were trump talking about this You have no idea what you're talking about none and he does, and he does.
Then they keep quoting Omar Omar responded, their presence raw, my followed by face palm emotion. Why is a more in this story?. Oh, you know Anti Semitism and there's no way a post semitism here. They go to J Street constantly A liberal jewish group, no, it isn't a liberal jewish girl. They self hating jewish group The vast majority of American Jews are loyal to the jewish and liberal democratic values of tolerance, not what he said. President. But the Democratic Party you have to Helen Keller, not to hear and see what the a crack party is turning into. It's disgusting disgrace. And so is the Washington Post, and so is this outrageous article. It's a long article, but let me go through this lie by lie. Lie number one. They support.
The boycott divestment in sanctions movement, a global protest of, is rather reporters right. Sorry. Global protest campaign to destroy the state of Israel. The jewish state law, Number two trumps used. The word disloyalty or anti semitic. Tropes, accusing Joseph Daul allegiance to total lie. Perfectly appropriate accurate attack on the Democrats when you're talking about dual allegiance. What does this have to do? A dual allegiance. What does this have to do? A dual allegiance This is what I'm accused. Why. It allegiance to the Euro may be Levin, but clearly it is real. There's no dual allegiance issue. Even here. It's nonsensical to incoherent. Lie number three: some notice word, some meaning the reporters themselves.
Who did that the overwhelming majority of American Jews have long voted, democratic, true and mind boggling me, but this is something that is discussed among conserve, reduce all the time. So you know I did discuss it. Now had to raise it lie, Therefore, from the article club, Tuesday was the first time. The trumps remarks about jewish people have prompted criticism. Comments warn about Jews. They were about Democrats, trumps, d, of Jews is Twisted into attacks against Jews, because. Is what the slime ball media left us do. This is They piece together an article drop it at seven p M eastern time at night in the influence. All the morning shows you watch media Oh George, Scarborough Mika: what do they have to say medium
All the same. Leftist clowns. Who defend Omar and to and Ask. Here we have actual ties. Between Taliban, a guy who supports Hammas Hezbollah, actual substantive in its of her jus hating. And Anti Semitism. And they treat her like a civil rights leader. Same with all more the most, casting statements. Time and time and time again, Compare that to the president and his actions. Shame on these people lie number five. Article the president had expressed similar sentiments to the. Republican jewish committee in twenty fifteen, when he was running for the GNP presidential nomination, really trump
Expressed similar sentiments. Holocaust denial comparing Jews. The Nazis This is your washing compost, you don't get it get. An enemy Lie number six. Sorry folks, I gotta do this. If I don't do it, nobody else is. To leave started to cry. She explained why she will not be making the visit under conditions. Because he's by the israeli government, putting a pledge in writing not to promote boycott against Israel. Why there She was the one. Who offered in writing it's out there? You can see it on Google, to refrain from doing everything she now accuses. Israel are preventing us from doing that was heard ladder. Lie number seven. Called the foreman already congresswoman known on capital hills, the squad really.
Their known on capital flows, the squad aren't, they call Why should he Jasper on this programme last night he's muslim? Ah, he runs and organizations that's not quoted in this story. I might add and recorded in very few stories. Because he's a pro american patriotic Muslim. You can promote those people just like You come out only certain african Americans, only certain Latinos. And only certain Jews. And he said TAT Leap and Omar. This, MR calls, greener, Archie hottest, none, not jihadist islamists. I corrected Islamists and explained it at length. You can listen to it on the year on the reply. Lie number seven. The four minority congresswoman already did lie number eight.
Last week Israel announced that it was plain banning Taliban Omar. During a country on a tramp at plan trip the boy, Of which was to be centered in the palestinian territories in EAST Jerusalem, all of it was centred All of it was centred there. Because it was planned by terrorist front group. Promoting their two friends. Why, Compost. In number nine, the biggest live all quote is really affair. Cross border crime, middle sense, israeli officials, for stopping the two Congresswoman from visiting Israel and the Neighbouring palestinian territories- About settlement expansion and humanitarian conditions, no. They stop them from visiting, because seek the destruction of Israel
Seek the destruction of Israel. The Washington post as a propaganda machine. These reports Here's your propagandists! They are leftists. They take an innocent statement by the present the United States. May cherry pick the p they're going to conduct contact Some of them are willing fools some, the raw hardwigg leftists to attack the president. This now. The presidency has a pattern of these come she's gonna pay And it doesnt pattern of racism Pattern of mental instability or kinds of patterns here, their Eyes, one after another. I'm an American Jew. I want to thank my president.
Patriotism for this country, I want to thank my president, incredible things he does for this country. I want to thank my president. We're doing more than any former president. To support our little ally in the Middle EAST which is surrounded by enemies, the state of Israel. I want him to know. But I am not the only American Jew who couldn't be more thrilled excited. About what he does and the act that he stands up. These anti semitic reprobates and the Democratic Party. And he stands up. To the phoney jewish establishment, a Washington DC in New York City. And he stands up for what's right- is a great thing. Thank you, Mr President,.
I'll be right back when little thing to the men who are under attack by the anti semitic wing of the Democratic Party. Thats right, I said it. Our eye David Freeman, And Burma. I consider both of these men, friends of mine. I didn't know them prior to a couple years ago. The remarkable man. Who's, your little digging and I found something that Burma wrote in March to Five Marino is born in America's mother was, is really His father
Was the Mayor Miami Beach? His brother was the Mayor Miami Beach, his brother and his mother still live in Miami american citizens. He went Israel, To serve that country because he felt by country needed in order to do that, the serbian governmental position here or there
He had to renounce his american citizen was extraordinarily pink, but I wouldn't be so. You see the difference between the south side of righteousness. Firstly decided to tell a tearing using Semitism propaganda and so forth. It really is a bright light of liberty and humanity from the side will we simply when I return he's driving the media, mad mark lovin colon with your outrage? Eight, seven, seven, thirty, eight one, three, eight one one! Well! You know I prepare these shows what ten hours worth of content. We'll get the three.
By the way, be remiss in my little history lesson about radio, I mention the great the great wwdb that was the FM station. Dear friend, can bomb passed away a few years back. A much older than I am. And he had to show real fast Friday Saturday, one in the morning to five in the morning, and I would drive from childhood. Outside of Philadelphia. To their station and I'd sit there. Across from an watch him we back and notes and as fifteen sixteen I did it for a couple years. And also were the great Bill Corsair Tremendous broadcast out the little rascals. Again, when I was thirteen fourteen years old, I clap tour attic and I call him he was on my Ninety five in the morning on weekends, and I would sit on for like an hour hour and a half just to talk to him.
Fascinating guy ensure still buddy. Today he is beautiful, wife, art. I want to get back into this. Of course, that the programme director who who was One hundred percent behind me Did you try me out, was grateful voice, no question about that. You know, according to studies, just over ten percent of break ins planned beforehand there Sir spur them out crime The opportunity, in other words, the random. You almost break ins happened between six a m at six p m. In the middle of the day. Homes without home security or three hundred percent, more likely to be broken into, just assume attempting, Sixty five percent police assumes a by someone. The the victim knows the now, MR: when most burglaries occur, It's crazy is that only one in five homes have some former home security.
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Go now be shorter, you go to simply safe, marked outcome Now I sent you that simply safe marked outcome. I have a letter here That was published in the New York son fourteen years ago. By gentlemen, by the name of random. Ron Dermot is the ambassador to the United States from Israel. Under my father, was the mayor. Miami Beach. Burma's brother, later become the mayor, Miami Beach. He's a democrat please moderate. Somewhat conservative Democrat Imported trump from day one, but it is rather. Now you're gonna serve israeli govern or if you going to serve in the United States government,
to renounce the citizenship of a country you came from. He can't hold dual citizenship in turn. Mother originally from Israel. He decided he needed to go back to Israel to help that country. Two thousand five. Lucky for his really did. He's. Probably the closest One of the closest age, the current prime minister of Israel,. And here's what he wrote, I want you to think of a more and to leave and all the attacks he's under Mr Friedmann, under the president's under and whose attacking. The anti semitic progressive left within the Democratic Party within the media. And organizations like a pack, the html.
A J c groups- you never heard it before, but here we go. This is Termer, took his to his American. He says the United States insists that foreign diplomats working on its soil not hold american citizenship. The reasonable. This of this demand, makes my decision to relinquish my citizenship, no less difficult. I have always been proud to be an American. I won't be proud to have been an American. For thirty three years, I felt America's warm embrace and I am eternally grateful for it, I was born in America raised in America, formed in America. I've been educated by the wisdom of its founders, inspired by the words of its leaders and protected by the sacrifices of its soldiers. When I think of freedom, I think of Lincoln. I think of courage, I think of Normandy. I think of justice. I think of Martin Luther King Jr America has convinced me that to achieve greatness
A nation must reconcile faith and freedom. Americans continue to be inspired a marrow As its own sense of justice, show me the power of freedom to change the lives of individuals of nation. And of the world. America has inspired hundreds of millions around the globe who hoped one Or its ideals, and it can it needs to do so today The true greatness of America lies not only in its creed, but So the people who share it. American sorry, people whose moral sense remains strong and who have been inoculated against the corrosive cynicism and effects. Many who live in freedom elsewhere, As long as Americans rejects cynicism, Erica will thrive As long as Americans continue to be inspired, a man I will continue to inspire the world. There are those who leave America because they no longer feel at home here. But I have always
how completely at home in America America, because I wanted to help another nation. I love Defend the freedoms that Americans of long take it for granted. I left Erica to help and other people, I love fight, not merely for their survival, but us For their right to survive,. Thousands of miles from the torture freedom- that is welcome so many to America Shores. Israel carries torture, freedom in the Middle EAST. The front lines and a war against tyranny and terror. So formidable task, but the jewish state must also defend freedom in the face of the world. That is largely shorn of a moral compass. Which had nation self defense is called aggression, Which terrorists and their victims are redeem equally entitled. The sympathy. It is fitting that America chose the ego as its national symbol. The Bible says that God bore the children of Israel from slavery on the wings of eagles. Soaring higher than any other bert,
Legal carries its young on its back to protect them. The dangers below Erica has soared higher than any other nation in the history of the world. Tax, it sons and daughters from peril now a great sadness I will leave that protect and face those perils with my new nation I am confident America, his army, well for the difficult struggles ahead. It is convinced me that the good can triumph over evil and then a free people, united in a common purpose, will never be defeated by tyrants. That is the current israeli ambassador. Of Israel to the United States. Now the end of his comments, he writes.
In order to serve my new country now says here. The printer didn't get it all right, think I got it. I wanted I read that listen Tully, be listener Omar he listened to. Others Elliot angle, need a lonely, and be higher Charles Shimmer, our media, you listen to a pack and all the rest it tax. You read the washed and compost. And then you listen to what I just read: the beauty of the words. The flow of the sentence. They come from the whole, they come from the heart. That's the ambassador of Israel. The United States.
There's not another ambassador from any other country in the face of the earth, speak of America. That way. And the Democratic Party is talking about renouncing him. The democratic parties talking about a vote on the floor of the house. A resolution that they ve lost faith. This American born ambassador from Israel, who loves both countries, as you heard, whose family lives here. This is how far the Democratic Party a straight. This is how far many liberal Jews and the Democratic Party have straight.
Tal, even more hate America. You have to take my word for it. Take their word for. Listen to what they say read what they written. Look or they associate. Ambassador. Israel loves us country, reveres, Mars,. And today lives in it, as does his family. This is the difference. Personally United States understands He loves America. He loves this country When he hears Taliban, Omar Trash America and trash is Israel. He What's going on. He understands the shared values and beliefs and principles, be These two countries. He understands.
That four or more entirely when you attack one you attack both. And he's not a man to hold back, and we should neither the Democratic Party. His devouring itself, as it has in the past. You want to talk about a pattern: Washington, post your times, professors Msnbc Cnn. The democratic parties, a pattern of hate bigotry. Racism and anti Semitism. Don't let a few Democrats selected for Manhattan for you. And I say for this minority leader in the Senate. Full you don't let them for you.
Eighty percent of the israeli people support Donald Trump. Eighty percent think about that. That's because our country, in constant every day, Danger of restoration- and they appreciate He presently united State, whose done what is done is done, is done. And I say for this country. You may have different. Leaves and policy here and there were the president, United States. This is, why is under attack. The very things wrong Dorrimer put in his peace, ray things. This present a believes about this country. But the media,
have abandoned this country and its principles the near I'm says: confessed. The New York Times, it's a tip, the spear, it's the Tipp of the spear. I'll be right back when was the last paragraph, from the iranian peace. In order to serve my new countries decided to renounce my american citizenship. But I will never renounce America, which people. Two faithful son of America- will never betray its ideals serving the state of Israel and working to secure a common future. Champion those ideas, all my life forever bless America. Now this is the man sits in israeli embassy.
Does he suddenly somebody who's out the screw. Our country. Would you tell even more. Spider is Zuri Single Democratic in the House of Representatives, Or the Senate. Who's, the patriot effect towards this country is Durham, I can't think of one I can think of a single one, while some of them served in I'm talking about politically. Meanwhile, NBC. Lester whole over the interview hope a couple thee. A hatchet men in a genocidal, murderous regime, the Islam or Nazi iranian regime. Budget softball questions. They ask them a bunch of shop, all questions. So in our modern media they treat these these. These men were blood on their hands, who what They had our cities with all respect.
It's a big coup. You see to get an interview and get your ratings up, but between crop like he's quarter quote Hitler we are dealing with Hitler. Aryans. I mean the world's turned on its head. That's the nature of the left, They want to commit suicide, just Take all the rest of us, will you that's all. You know demand letters from the IRS are hitting the male fuel back taxes. It may be receiving one. Sir and when it arrives, you'll have questions like how? What the hell do? I do the true that the arrest and garnish my paycheck. Yes, Can the Irish really take my home and bank accounts? Yes,. Can they get my retirement savings? Yes the IRS can do that and a hell of a lot more, but there is a way out. Scott, the fresh start initiative, an official government programme for tax that assistance
Nobody knows more about the fresh start initiative than the award winning experts at optimum tax relief out of his mission is to stand between you and the IRS funding to help her your paycheck and assets and helping you get best deal possible, but dont delay because the irish contact on heavy penalties and interests every day. Optimum now for your free consultation, while you smell of options, call eight hundred four hundred and ninety nine six thousand three hundred eight hundred four hundred and ninety nine. Six thousand three hundred four nine sixty three hundred Restrictions apply but for complete details you can go to optimum tax relief that come. So I'm Bc Network NEWS cut interview a few of the fox in. Not to me, it's almost like getting the opportunity to a view, couple of Stalin's lieutenants back back, then
but of course the New York Times did. The New York Times was a mouthpiece, a propaganda sheep forestall Tell me all this stuff, american history in one thousand six hundred and ninety one. We start american history, one thousand nine hundred and thirty two, Mr Bat cat. Editor in chief, what do we do that. What are we start? Nineteen thirty two, altered Durante in how you guys were mouthpieces for stolen. Maybe if you prefer, we could start me give or take around nineteen thirty. Eight. You did Hitler's bidding by covering up Holocaust. Shall we do that. Yeah, I think so so for now, on liberal history on the mark, Levine Show begins with the New York Times. Which has handed from one family member to another like a bunch of inbred, one family member to the other one family to a to the other.
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