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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, the media isn't destroying themselves, the media has already destroyed itself. When you have journalists that are supposed to be objective and they take a firm political position against a candidate and then the President of the United States to sabotage his campaign in concert with partisans in the government, the media is already dead. When you have no way to police the media because libel laws no longer apply to public figures, as a result of the U.S Supreme Court case: the New York Times vs. Sullivan, our press is no longer vibrant and free. When you have Lawrence O'Donnell from MSNBC claiming to have confidential bank loan documents from the sitting President of the United States with connections to Russian oligarchs, and then claiming he made an error in judgment, our press is no longer vibrant and free. How does this serve the public? Remember, a free press was created to objectively and truthfully inform the American People. Then, the Inspector General’s report is scheduled to be released as soon as this week. The report is expected to reveal the nefarious nature of the investigators that targeted Trump in the collusion narrative. Later, the media should be all over Joe Biden's brother and son for their questionable business dealings and the media has been noticeably absent. Lastly, Michael Pillsbury, author of "The Hundred-year Marathon: China's Secret Strategy to Replace America As the Global Superpower" calls in to discuss President Trump's China policy.
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I did a quick Review of some things that has been said about Donald Trump by journalists. Expert guests. That newsrooms invite onto their programmes times a few times, sometimes their pay guests and contributors. He has been called Hitler, stolen. Muzzle Lenny. He's been called a white supremacist, a racist, a big it. This is on news programmes An anti semite, a dictator, a NEO Nazi, depraved. Treasonous demented.
Mentally ill. A serial liar compromised. These newsrooms have you, Such exe it's an witnesses, Say porn actress her lawyer a NEO nazi. And Anti semitic, professor ray baiting professors, aside hi interests Bandy Lee present a mental illness. A phalanx of Ex Obama officials with their vicious allegations, trumpery with their vicious alligator, The media have used propaganda, they have used pseudo events. They have promoted.
Russia, collusion and impeachment. And then they wonder why they're not trust it. They wonder why they're not trusted. The media are not destroying themselves. The media have destroyed themselves. They have destroyed themselves. Half of the country doesn't trust them. Here for the country finds them. To be idiot locks for the left. And half the country does not respect them, and why would you Have hosts. Who been homophobic, you have, You have who's been Anti semitic,
An anti semitic. You have newspapers like the New York Times That is a history of Anti Semitism. What are we to make lawless. While I tell you what we make of all this, this is not a free press just because people are free to say whatever they want. It's not. A press. And there's no self policing anymore. There is no cell policing. Now, when the first amendment was adopted. To underscore point I raised some months ago, the first amendment was adopted. Particularly relates to freedom of the press, that applied National government of the federal government. There were still state laws and virtually every state then allow
People to sue for libel there were liable. Including people in the public, figures could so public fake. States Again, these were various laws with various levels of defences and so forth. And so there was a policing method, it wasn't chilling. The press. We had a very. Folsom invoke all press prior to the modern era. The modern media era. But you could still sue now. Pretty much the Supreme Court stepped in with this case. New York Times versus Sullivan and they reset the rules.
Making it virtually impossible virtually impossible Fraid public figure, let alone petitioner president, to win impossible case. Virtually impossible because The thinking was back then, that these politicians wooden could bring cases The two basically overload. The system against newspapers so far, but it didn't seem too fact. The media very much throws a vibrant media before nineteen sixty five. Survivor media in the early sixties in the fifties in the forties and so forth,. But now there's no policing mechanism So somebody can go on television. Stop as a journalist and call the President Hitler. Now you know damn well. If we still had libel laws.
That could be used against somebody making an allegation like that. The present it wouldn't be called Hitler. Nobody. Could still be very aggressive in your coverage in your characterisation of a president, but Hitler Stalin, white supremacist NEO, at sea Treasonous. Mentally ill, those would all be actionable. Now to say, the pendulum has swung too far in the direction of the s media is not to say that you oppose a vibrant free press- quite the contrary, its to say You support a vibrant free press, That needs to reform itself. A press that needs to get its focus back. The pursuit of objective truth.
But when you have individuals in the media who become entertainment, When you have individuals in the media. We're busy trying to promote themselves, not the news and then. Supposed to be journalists writing books about their subjects. This is unheard of. You can see you can see how how off the rails, the media have. You can see how how off the rails, the media have become. Now we have the New York Times. The New York Times has a lot of explaining to do, but I can't explain anything The New York Times has a lot of explaining to do because not only with history. But even in recent days,. Why would they hire somebody that they don't vet?
anti semite and who covering the senior editor desk for power. And then to reporters go out right. This ridiculous peace trying to The position the New York Times and cover up for their colleagues and then attacked Trump and his supporters, hats propaganda, that's what that is as propaganda The New York Times wants you to believe that the amount today began in sixteen nineteen, with slavery, first majority. Americans have never on slaves NGO. Sixteen nineteen, seventeen, nineteen or eighteen nineteen, nineteen nineteen. The vast majority of Americans, do not own slaves. So why would beginning in sixteen nineteen? Because the New York Times was a narrative? That's why and they're not pushing that narrative.
Through the media there pushing it into our schools because the National Education Association and the A confederation of teachers run our schools, they re, Classrooms, our assembly rooms are cafeterias, they D What books are going to be in the classroom, intensive purposes. And their part of the progressive movement, that's the narrative. So one large o Donnell MSNBC goes on the aerial here in a minute. And says that basically, russian oligarchs, russian oligarch. Were vie with the present, the United States in investments. And then the Deutsche bank. Has Donald Trump tax returns.
That they reveal. Co seiners of bank loans, her russian billions a flat. I lie flat out. Why he can apologize only once. I would be sued effectively. For defamation that never would have come out of his mouth so how does this better than you, That we receive how does as better inform the american people. One essentially, so called journalists and hosts, or whatever you want to call them, are free to basically say whatever the hell. They want I'll be right back.
Then you know our nations oldest colleges, resounded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse. Ridge the idea of objective truth: they pedal moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully, none of this applies to Helstone College for all. Two centuries Hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intel Piety now's hills Del celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain
committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the publication of its free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington, D C and its Barney Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen, forty four. This is hailstones college and, let me add, I think so much of Hills Del college I donated in a regional copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today, as I speak at the Kirby Centre, Hills, Dale, College, America's college, but here is largely gonna. Last night, MSNBC Nazi, the Mine Amazon BC,
a Appendage of embassy. And embassies zone by Comcast. The camera doping, and yet they don't seem to do there They put on the front of a camera And yet they don't seem to do they. And so there's no self policing. People live in a bubble. They know that legally, it's almost impossible to challenge them. And so this is where we are wearily press, a waiver press. It degrades itself each and every day Exposes itself each and every day. Now Lawrence or should be fired, though Suspended. No other tv Jose. Don't do that. Don't do that, because they're afraid that people will call for their heads to to me. This is not about relativism.
This is a firing offence, it is open your microphone. How often do I say we want to be right? We don't have to be first of all time. We get a lot of stuff over the transom heard our way we do when I get bring it here and you don't know, no, no, no, no! No, I don't know if that's accurate and so forth and so on. So thank you I police, myself. If you're wrong, excuse me, I don't give a shit I give us full throated But I'm normally. Not wrong because I'm careful. I turn by debating issues, I'm talking about facts go ahead, cut fourteen go We begin tonight. What the breaking news from Deutsche Bank today, but there's your bank
has Donald trumps tax returns. That is not exactly what Deutsche Bank said in its rejected legal filing today, but it is what one source close to Deutsche Bank has revealed to me the financial documents in the bank's possession, and so the words Donald Trump probably do appear in the rejected space in today's court? Fine, I don't? U? Banks lawyers told the federal court of appeals in New York City called. The bank has in its possession tax returns in either drafter as final form responsive to the subpoenas for reject right there, that's probably where the words Donald Trump appear. Okay, so here s another. Not by why. This is why it be carefully when you make mortgage applications and so forth. What you give banks are financial institutions The one everything from there your tax returns and your divorce records and they'll want
three months where what about give your bank statements and on and on and on- and this is how people go around These various firewalls to get it. But that's not all LISA Fifteen go source close to Georgia. Bag Bank says that the Trump tax returns reveal that the present pays little to no income taxes in some years and the source says that George, your bank is in possession of long documents that show Donald Trump has obtained loans with coastlines. And that he would not have been able to obtain those loans without Cocytus source close to Dodge Bank says that the co seiners of doubt trumps data bank loans are, russian billionaires close to Vladimir Putin if true, That would accelerate stop right there. If true, We hear that before we we hear that before the
x, the leaks, from Buzzfeed? Remember. People repeating them. If true, if true about potential indictments or whatever was And even mothers office had a command say. That's not true. If true. Those are two words. They come out of the sleazy s mouth in the media,. If true, that would explain, go ahead every kind were involved from has ever said about Russia and Vladimir Putin, if true if true, would be a significant factor in Vladimir Putin's publicly stated preference for presidential candidate Donald Trump, The presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, but none of it was true. How does it serve the public interest.
A free press is supposed to belong to the american people The media are so obsessed. They will lie deceive. They were if true. Though, rely on a porn actress. The porn actresses lawyer. The reliance NEO Nazi. Anti semitic, professor race, meaning professors, a psychiatrist, Exo bomb officials, never trumpeters. How did people contribute in the least to provide, Directive, true for information to the american people, so they can make rational decisions. How does turning a news. Into a radical cook operation.
With a president is referred to hit as with Hitler and Stalin, treasonous and mentally ill and anti semitic and racist and a big it in a NEO Nazi and on and on and on. How does Serve the public that provide us with information and make decisions about our own lives, our country and so forth?. And how does the endless, degrading and demeaning effort to destroy duly elected President knighted states help this country in any respect.
People who are now in our modern mass media. Are the antithesis of a free press I'll be right back the good, the true, the beautiful think about those concepts for a second? What do they mean? How can we begin to understand these high and noble ideals? It starts with the right kind of education. This kind of education used to be common, but has become increasingly rare. I used to be that college. Do young people what study apprehensively a variety of subjects, from philosophy to politics, to biology a cork, curriculum, in other words, sadly
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Ladies and gentlemen, on freedom of the press, Denounced minutes ago to me, He audio hard back the New York Times almost half list now. Fourteen weeks in. Now. I think that is Treo Hardback, two hundred, and It is sold almost half a million copies now think that it. The people are upset about, what's happening to there, to their freedom of the press. Its concurring opinion. Not boring everybody on forever. Nineteen, twenty nineteen supreme, court case of Catherine May Magee Verses, William caused me. Justice, Thomas and occurring opinion. He addressed this issue of the New York Times for seller and he said
The court here addresses the extent to which the constitutional protections for free speech and press limited states, power to award damages and libel action brought by a public figure. Its critics of official conduct. Thomas said, the court took it upon itself to define the proper accommodation between two competing interests: the law defamation, the Freedom speech, impress protected by the first amendment. Consultative variety materials to assist it in its analysis, general propositions that the value of free, beach in the inevitability of false statements and all sorts of materials. And these materials led the court to promulgate a federal rule that prohibited Public official, covering damages for defamatory falsehood relating to his official conduct, He proves that the statement was made with actual malice, that is, with
call cheddar was false, with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not. So a nineteen sixty four. Although the court held that, at its newly minted actual malice, rowers required by the first and fourth amendments It made no attempt to It's that rule on the original understanding of those provisions, in other words there nowhere in the constitution And Clarence time said, the New York Times case was the first major step. Proved to be a seemingly irreversible process of constitutional wising. Tire law, libel and slander, limit or expanded the four malice rule to all defamed public figures But also extended the actual malice rolled, a criminal libel prosecutions and even worse break that the situation in which private figures could recover for defamation against me. Defendants. None of these decisions.
Made a sustained effort to ground their holdings in the constitution's original, meaning the court itself acknowledged the rule enunciated in the New York Times case New York Times, we Sullivan Is largely a judge made rule of law, the content of which has given meaning through, evolutionary process of common law, Jude. Only Justice, Byron White, grappled with the historical record, He concluded are wholly in sufficient grounds for scuttling the libel laws of the states in that's wholesale fashion to say a thing of deprecating, the reputation interest of ordinary citizens and ruining them powerless to protect themselves. The constitutional labile rules adopted by the Supreme Court in the New York Times case and its progeny broken Happily from the common law, libel- and there are sound reasons to question whether the first and fourteen amendments displaced,
this body of common law. Justice, Thomas is our greatest justice right now, that's for certain, and he will go down in history as one of the greatest, because he d to think about the constitution. Not just star, decisive latest precedent. There are sound reasons to question e rights, whether either the first or fourteenth amendment, as originally understood, encompasses and actual malice standard for public figures or other Ice displaces, vast swaths of state defamation law. Starck practice further suggests the protections for free speech and a free press. Whether embodied in state constitutions, the first amendment of the fourteenth they're, not Abbot the common law like public office. Some public figures. Continue to be able to bring civil libel suits for and privilege statements without
proof of actual malice as a condition for liability. New York Times case, pointed only to opposition surrounding the sedition active seventeen. Ninety eight. And nothing more And this Supreme Court decision, which was intended wrongly and unwillingly Resulted in creating a cocoon call immunity. For individuals to a virtually whatever they want to say about other into just including public figures, cloning, the present in the United States just what the Levant audience you to understand, that is new.
Four hundred and seventy five years before that nineteen sixty four decision- that was not the case. Four hundred and seventy five years. That was not the case. Do we have a freer, more objective. Worn form of media today than we did back. Then the answer is no. Course they're free to say whatever they want. But the quality the so called news. Has suffered badly. There's? No self police. And his re Donovan said: what am I They get my reputation back. There is nowhere to go to get your reputation back. Nowhere. There was a piece years ago, written about me in political. One of the people and far was as Kenneth Welcome and they, try to develop
case That somehow, I was receiving money or hiding money from books, sales of book that had been out for five years, because one of the conservative groups was using it for membership purposes or something it was so bravado, bizarre and so perverse and I've never told them, before I wanted to see him. And I wanted to sue political I was Furious. And then I sat down with an expert. This is how I know about this case in the other cases related to New Yorkers Sullivan. A litigation expert in this field, and he said to me: you're gonna lose but I'm telling the truth is doesn't matter This isn't the test you have
Prove their actual mouse in it, most impossible when a judge gives out his guidance to the jury, to win. Don't waste your money, Course I defended myself on the air, but I really want bring this person in this organization in the federal court, and I couldn't. So, in addition,. Promoting a dishonest, deceitful media. It prevents people. From having a fair playing field and even a just playing field,. To do get out on the facts and the law. Because your hands are tied behind your back and your feet are tied in front of you. The standard is so
Virtually insurmountable. That's not what the first amendment says. Congress shall make no law, it didn't say the Supreme Court could rule. Make a law blowing out hundreds of years of common law, blue Our state law. You know, A person's reputation means everything that person think of your own lives. Think of your workplace. Think of the interactions you have friends, family even strangers european, Is everything everything. If somebody's out to destroy your reputation because their pushing an ideology. And they're telling lies or half truths which lies in the end. And I have really no recourse. That's not justice.
And say some of the most. So that's what we have today and show you. Like Joe Scarborough Instead there to the worst who go on a year. And say some of the most poisonous poisonous vile, Outrageous things imaginable People with whom they disagree, Hitler NEO Nazi, really presently United States mentally ill. Treasonous compromised its appalling. That's why I believe in the end. What's going to happen They ve already destroyed their reputation, credibility.
Now, the question is whether they will be destroyed financially, because I say they should be. The question is whether they will be something surprising, as happened, the Washington Post was going Bankrupt was going. A business not because it I changes. This is some years ago. But because everybody knows what the washed imposes gonna say. Ninety percent of the time when the newspapers. Everybody knows. The Washington post is Pro Democrat. Liberal state is progressive, everybody knows it. And so a lot of people want nothing to do with it, but income. The richest man on the planet, Jeffrey basis any buys it does Why? Because it's a good investment know. Why did you buy? In my opinion,. Because he knows he will not receive harsh treatment from the Washington Post, which has enormous influence in and around Washington DC that his government politicians bureaucrats.
Any trust division and on and on. So the washed and posters insulated from the typical Egon, I'm a model businessman. But there's no policing whatsoever near to same thing. Multi billion are on a mexico, a telecommunications magnet seventeen twenty percent of it. The New York Times was going and why, The going under same reason. Same reason, when you're playing to a hard core democratic party base, your excluding everybody else and other protected with a bubble. Cnn scene and standing on its own cannot survive, but it doesn't seem. It's on. Eighteen, ninety one of the biggest international corporations in the face of the earth.
Msnbc can't stand on its own two feet: Its own by another one of them Yes, cable corporations in the face of the earth, Comcast; five, does actually owned by a man who started, With a couple of newspapers in Australia, expanded as enterprises. It is media, entertainment on and on and on he didn't do it the way these other businesses did. He started with media. And grew from there and fuck say profit making endeavour. Its ratings are certain. My opinion side are unmatched month there, Month after month, after month after month,. Not so with CNN and MSNBC, but they don't have. I do a Sunday show at ten p M eastern time. I have higher ratings on one
strong Sunday shows. Then they have. Any of their prime time shows on CNN. Am I ten p M show beat CNN and MSNBC combined combined. If I were getting the ratings that they haven't, seen CNN and MSNBC, I wouldn't be only any longer. Because it's a real media company. But on CNN it doesn't matter, anonymous embassy, it doesn't matter and the new At times,. You can hire and anti semite. They can put out these disgusting anti semitic cartoons, I can say with Hamas against Israel the way they were silent about the Holocaust, basically helping to prop up the third Reich. Nothing affects them. Nothing, facts them and if you dare question them. Or legitimately challenge them.
Then you're dismissed as a proper in a time free speech see how it works Back then, since its founding in eighteen, forty four hills, they'll call, it is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus. The free monthly speech, Digestive Helstone College in Primus is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First published a nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty. With more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a issues like free speech, the regulation of big tech.
Illness and the American Medical Insurance system, Cause America's founding principles are so important: hailstone offers and Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to and primates for free here's. What I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus that hills, they'll dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's an Primus! I m p r. I am I S daughter still that EU welcome to Helstone beyond Hannity tonight, nine thirty pm eastern time, six, thirty Pm Pacific, that's how that works. I sing Kristen Jellyband, dropped out of the race. Boring. The great Paul, but dark here and there
I've been examined in the latest: sign that major american media outlets or losing the public support. Majority believe it is appropriate for politicians to criticise reporters and hold them to the same scrutiny is those they cover a new Musin report, which survey also said most. I believe the average journalist is liberal and few The concern and by the way. All the surveys I could find in their in chapter one of on freedom of the press. That's what it shows period The survey is an indictment of the media at a time when liberal outlets just seen in the New York Times are stepping up their attack on President Trump Congressional Republicans, the It's your os complaining about trumps, criticism of them a call. A Trump surrogates or using social media to point out the vice of journalists. Said Rasmussen, voters believe that reporters are fair game for criticism. The survey analysis said sixty one percent of likely you as voters,
importers, have major news groups like CNN foxes and the New York Times are public figures who deserve scrutiny. Nineteen percent disagree. Fifty one percent said it is appropriate for elected officials. To criticise specific report is a news organization and thirty nine percent view that criticism as a threat that freedom of the press. Well, that's the marijuana crowd the last one. There are. I folks I shall return now run casting the monopoly underground command both than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, my tiny mark, their number seven, seven, one one, one, eight seven, seven one, three, eight one, one, the Justice Department, inspector general
corner, the Byron York is preparing to release a report on the conduct of the fired FBI. Director. James call me can you a number sources with knowledge of the situation. He says this If a time the report's release is not clear, now tat. What I hear I'm telling you I dont know for certain rights, it might be released tomorrow. Call me report is separate from a lie our inspector general report on the deal jeez handling of the Trump Russia probe. That report some I must refer by Republicans. Has an investigation in face abuse is x, did we released later. As it is not clear why whore, what's the inspector General Michael Horwitz, chose to write a separate report on call me not clear to me It's big topic.
Other things come he's been under investigation for his handling of several memos. He wrote memorialize in conversations with President trump them. Began in January. Twenty seventeen when Trot was still President elect a country It had to April twenty seventeen the month before Trump Semele, summarily fired, FBI, directed by the way, that was a no brainer professor prepare memos on the government York. Coming memos were at the least confidential FBI documents in a most in some cases, classified get the take it home? You don't get that make copies and take them home. You don't get to lead them to your favorite law. Professor, then leads them to the New York Times. Commies memos were at the least confidential FBI documents in a most in some cases classified coming. Congress. He sent some of the members to a friend with her
so being linked leaked to the New York Times. Come hoped media reports What sort of have firestorm To result in the appointment of a special council to investigate the Trump Russia Matter, precisely what happened with the appointment of Robert Mala see. Call me He is the one who has been doing prison time. In my view,. What the hell's happening with the General Flynn about that guy. We're about him as family finances. It's not clear what conclusions har, which has reached about commies actions, but surely referred the commie memo manner to Justice Department for possible Prosecution, but just officials declined go forward. Call me shoot me. Also part of the process, much scrutinised by Republicans, through which the B, I sought and receives secret court warrant, the wiretap short term Trump campaign Adviser Carter, PIG.
MR producer that shit, I did with PETE hexes sources, say two and a half years now. Would you have unhandy after the break. And I believe it was too segments. We did it in. Tv can track that down and putting on the spot, which is not fair. Butter I should say the comb we report would deal with commies memos and not as broad a role in the Trump rush investigation, as for harlots main reported still unclear precisely what it'll cover. When will you it public out, pretty good. This harlots keeps things on a rapidly seems too So I got to thinking the other day The term mr produce you Two and a half years ago you, Laval nights. I know you do he's gonna grow,
You know what I think I'll play some of this in the next segment. I'm just doing this on the fly, because it something that that I feel is compelling. In anticipation of the call me report, anticipation of the broader inspector general report, anticipation of the- U S, attorneys investigation from Connecticut, Also goes to the press, I came under enormous attacks. From every major press outlet, The comedy shows. And I count on one hand the number of people in this business who defended me even old friends, did not. But I can count on one hand You're scared and I'll course they all take credit for it. And I remember doing the shown that my body draw Pollack over there at the bright part. Here, What I said and added a few thoughts of his own and then somehow worked its way into the oval office and remember the present. A United States said oh Mamma,
our tapping, in so many words, and he was attacked. Mean: Obama physically wiretapped use that word. Wiretap came out of a New York Times, headline He didn't come out of my mind It's mine or the president's mind, that's what they said. That's what they said in the, DE as we discuss within the Mccarthy last week, the idea Obama didn't know anything about this when a counter intelligence, Litigation investigation for and on behalf of the present United States. Unlike a criminal investigation is absurd. That the president would know about this, and, of course I knew we know a lot about it because Record I pulled together within the public record, was in the public. And so I think it's worth reminding the guy.
I dont do the stuff, the pet myself on the head. When you now, I said this in nineteen thirty eight, but who cares it just his purse? It's easy to run with the pack. It's easy. A part of the sheep. There heard the group think. I went in the other direction. Because I'm an hour bob, because I know, if their run in that way, something's not right. There run for the wrong exit. They run for the wrong. Exe So important about this, as it brings together all the points that we discuss media coverage. The outrageous abuse of power by the Obama administration Historically, you need Targeting of Donald Trump as a candidate suppressed I'll analyses, president.
It's very important to continue to put these things together, pull them together. And, of course, the reason the media pushy Russia collusion merit. It was because the media led the Russia Collusion narrative. But as an old justice sky, when I was reading these newspapers, the first time I broke this was, I think that Thursday must produce from my radio show. Thursday. I was off that Friday and then that Sunday, what was it march? Third or something? I don't remember the date March Fifth Twenty seventeen. And of course, as soon as I did on the radio programme and then did it on the Sunday in France would pay taxes and did it on Monday night, with Hannity. I came under brutal attack in the course of the back branches, and you know when I came up with that. First, I thought about that. First with boy, oh boy, this business is weird.
It's very very weird. There are important this inspector general put together a solid report about. Took place and is very important that the Eu S attorney appointed by Pretty general bar. Leave no rock unturned. As they say, look everywhere, A leaf and turn no rock out whatever very important, because when so called public officials dragged country through this, They try to interfere with an election. They need to go to prison You understand the Obama administration interfered twenty sixteen election to a greater extent than the Russians. You understand. The Obama administration,
So when I hear these Democrats say does not bother you that the Russians were interfering with it bothers me. A lot does not bother you that your party did Obama he's out there mind three homes oh by the way He bought a five million dollar home, give or take in Rancho Mirage and Palm springs. Eight point: one million dollar home in the wealthiest Airy Washington D C. Not far from basis our fifteen million dollar home a marthas. When you may ask a question: Why hasn't Obama purchasing home in a black neighbourhood. Look, I think it's a fair question. Why have not Michel and Morocco, I'm a purchase stay home in it
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Events March. Twenty seventeen, Sundays, Foxen friends, I'm with Peter exits, and this is how it all started on cable tv go ahead. The evidence is overwhelming. This is not about president trumps tree. This is about Europe administrations, spying and the question is whether it spied we know they went to devise the court twice The question is who? a spy on extended the spine at is the trunk camp. Aim the tron transition. Trump surrogates and I want to walk, is that's the american people. But one exhibit one. This is all pump head street separate sources with links to the counter intelligence community have confirmed that the FBI, thought and was granted a farm in time surveillance at court. This spy in October
encounter intelligence permission to examine the activity of quote. You ask ourselves in Donald Trump campaign: ties for russia- let me go on so is it me You say the first vice or request sources say named: Tromp was done, back in June denied by the court, but the sex. Was drawn more narrowly and was granted in October after evidence was presented. A server humbly related to the trunk campaign and its links the two banks. Now To suggest that they face a, why was granted to look at the full content of emails and others it documents that may continue as persons nine old people are hung up, would trumps where our tangle, how they get access to the server information? Does it really matter if it was wise having electronic surveillance or what I am keep in mind. I did the original show Thursday, which lead to the president tweeting? What each but this show is the first cable show which this is discussed. As I raised
Sunday morning go ahead. The guardian, I well know right wing british papers, Here it is called the guardian, has learned the FBI applied for a warrant from the foreign intelligent surveillance court over the summer. In order to monitor for members of the trunk you suspected of Regular contacts with russian officials, even my drawing a presidential election. Madam president, the Incumbent Party is now investigating a present four candidate of the Republican Party and his campaign. To some extent, a vice turned down the application asking have be, I can or intelligence investigators narrowed. According to one report, the report b, I was only granted a warrant and October exhibit three MIKE, Another well known right wing newspaper here they have the she's headline FBI, other agency five Obama, administration agencies probe possible covert crime. An aid to drop the FBI
Five other law enforcement intelligence agencies have collaborated four months in an investigation into russian attempts in once the November elections, including whether money from Kremlin. Or at presidential like Donald Trump too. I am familiar with the matter said the agencies involved in We are the FBI, the CIA, the USA, the Justice Department, actually departments financial crimes enforcement that work representatives of the director of the national intelligence. Are you maybe Iraq Obama didn't know it was mine as agencies as you. Ok, you going back on. I need to make the case as the media seems to be confused about the calm, reporting, times another, while no liberal outlet enter Russian communications part of inquiry into Tromp associates January nineteen. Yet leading the investigations aided by the other, the CIA Treasury Department Financial crimes unit. Ass, the gaiters have accelerated their efforts in red
Waste but found no exclusive, conclusive evidence around the lesson of this law. A pitiful intelligence reports based on some of the wire tat, We're occasions Provided through the White House, this, is the New York Times and we know it or another right wing or Japan. China, Times again and ass, Gets more latitude to share intercepting communications in the final days of the Obama administration Let is expanded the power the inner to share globally intercepted personal communications with the governments, seen other intelligence agencies in for applying privacy protection, why would they do that on the way out the door well March? One six, Obama administration rushed to preserve. Elegance a russian election hacking your Obama ministrations last days, listen there's some! Why house of
scrambled to spread information about russian average undermine the presidential election and about possible cod. Act between associates and present a like Trump and Russians across the government. I'm not done exactly seven New York Times Flynn is said to have pop arrived about sanctions, Trump look off as well, where they get. This information well You know the vice a gourd is monitoring the the russian ambassador, and so how do we know that? Maybe they are maybe they're not that there is an awful lot of other activities to where we have Washington Post one more Washington Post March? Second, U S! Investigators! have examined complex attorney general sessions with officials. During the time he was advising Donald Trump campaign, the focus of the? U S, Counter intelligence investigation has been on communication between trunk campaign officials in Russia, as in others, the inquiry involving sessions and examining his contacts while serving as terms
our policy adviser in there I'm sorry, twenty. Sixteen I've been going on for a year I'm live now. This is what brow The whole thing wide open. I Thursday radio show followed by my appearance on Oxen friends, Sunday, that's come from any other place. Second, cut: go ahead, I'll come. Ok. So they radio show what I've been thinking. This and marched. Second, twenty. Seventeen. That's the first when or that all this was but to go, and now we know much more now we know was actually worse. I knew the F b I was leaking because this had to come out of the FBI. Their counter intelligence activity, closing come from any other place. Second, cut guy. How convent argue that this new at this investigation, which was on russian, so called russian hacking? But now the White House says this morning will be broadened to looking into executive over each. How come you're either way find something there idle.
But they already counts The issue is whether the Obama administration, spied on the track, campaigner transition or certain of surrogates the issues. The extent of the forty second time they were so aggressive. They waited for five months ago, back in October, weeks before the general election. They now other request. All of a sudden. We have leaks coming out on Flynn and we have a Horrible meeting that took place between sessions and so forth, and I'm telling you, as a former chief of staff from an attorney general, the United States and the regular administration, these police state pact, know what a Barrack Obama you know everything, Just read you park apart from wondered articles. You know, I know you're, not males papers, it's right there. So Barack Obama not only knew this, but he gets a deal. Intelligence briefing- and let me say something about Billy Intelligence briefings. It's yours, Attorney general and Europe FBI, I was going court They got a warrant
as the gate aspects of an opposition party in the middle of a general election. Can you wanna be merry go round with a memory lane reports coming out and the attacks that I receive right wing politician. I had a fight them for the following with copyright with a daily fake news dump pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers, you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, scientists suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed foods, but what
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The second time collar I I'm a fool Financial analysts, talking about eighty untying Comcast thing, God. I hope someone does this there. We have annual meetings where you can put on the proxy in, for to be voted on Y, know the proxy- and I hope someone does- this Y know I put on the proxy. Want to change. The format of CNN knew well. Let me ask you something: I was at a convention states events over the weekend and a number, People came up to me and they said. What affected us and made us activist was one somebody called you and said what we need to do and what somebody ought to do and you stop them, and you said I But a whole damn book on this subject it took sixteen months of my life would mean we. What are you going to do. So Tony, what are you gonna do? I would like to do
Unfortunately, I thought all my shirts as eighty now you know how that works. You go by one share. Ok, now you have to buy a hundred charity. After then, by a hundred shares you see already have all your obstacles created. I'll. Somebody else is not going to do a tony. You need to do it. I understand I understand. I will certainly do it and then report back to us. Ok, I write a seriously go: do it and then report back to us? Ok, you're, right, silently my brother and I shall be very happy to put Sean and tell us what happened. It'll be fun to believe me. You know, you'll be the first person to get the proxy. I will send it to you personally say you can look at it. Are you go ahead and fill out? Do your thing and tell us about thank you for your car. There is no point in colony and say you know what you oughta do marking or we oughta do. That means nothing to me how
You know what I'm going to do their millions of us, You know what I'm going to do mark that's the way You get things done in all, we oughta do and then you feel good and you go out Mcdonald. I did my part. No, we didn't do our part. You know when I had the shoes we folks doktor. What's your name, don't remember Lee. Mandy Exley. When the programme yesterday and obviously that's gone viral I mentioned to her. This magazine the volume one issue, five. From September Slash October, nineteen sixty four really right before the year financial election. And they were really destroying Berrigan war, destroying him.
In this magazine came out. It was not a tabloid magazine was a magazine came out by after cited here and publish a raft Ginsburg, and it was called fact colon One thousand one hundred and eighty nine psychiatry say: go water is psychologically unfit to be president. The media alarmed on this. As they hated go. Water. I thought last night you know I mentioned this to you. Let me read a little bit: that's to you that you is very difficult to find this edition. Now I mean I had to work hard to find it. As you know, when I write my books, I look for original sources and get them and I got it. And this is what they wrote. America's strong country, shoes. The vice president's, like rain and Eisenhower,
Whose level of intelligence and civilian affairs was what we expect of generals solicitous And it has survived a president like Harding, who did not even have the excuse of being a general. It has the had the strength to survive paranoia Ex, like Huey long far stolen Mccarthy, who achieve such great how an influence and political life they are seriously considered for the presidency. It is sir, I've totalitarian semi seek requires a military groups like the coup, Klux Clan and the Nazi bond and the Communist Party, but now for the first time in our history, a man, Is facing an awesome combination of all three threats. Bearing all waters candidacy on a major party ticket, faces the possibility of electing a president whose grass of international affairs matches harlings, whose purse Howdy traits are reminiscent of forest, also Mccarthy's, and it was
Backed by a well organised blindly, ruthless totalitarian, secretive and powerful movement, if hated you for a long time. Folks. It is the very combination of these facts that makes an investigation into the mental condition of their candidates so crucial. Go waters. Lack of intelligence in itself would not be catastrophic in a bill. They make decisions combined with good sense, plus a gift for appointing good advisers can make up for it. Is it a question of mental health per se? Fewer than heads of government of any nation at any time can be considered paragons of mental health. Even go waters too nervous breakdowns Are not in themselves sufficient cause for panic, On the basis of them alone go water would be excluded from high positions. Feels he admires most big business. Which were refused point him to a high corporate post in the military which would deny him access to top security, material,
De Gaulle case is not one of an isolated mental incident. North Question merely whether or not he suffers from mental illness like fish. Those sickness mental illness can be a variety of totally different afflictions. Some of which would have no significant bearing on the presidency. Mr go waters. Illness is not just an emotional mouth adjustment or a mild neurosis, or I queerness as ethically stated by many the leading psychiatry in this country, the path and of his behaviour is ominous premise: sadistic child pranks, childhood pranks, twas, core practice, cruel, practical jokes today, From his nervous breakdown under pressure and is twenties too is present. They were draws, and escapades and time of crisis. Ms obsessive preoccupation with firearms in his youth to his prey- Fantasies about bread, brandishing nuclear weapons, to scares enemies. Premise
conviction that has surrounded by deadly enemies at home. Where Ruth their Rockefeller, the american Press or someone who's out that kill em to his belief that every russian ballerina is a spy. Go water shows unmistakable symptoms of paranoia. Paranoiac noise as delusions of persecution Many areas he is completely divorced from reality pay a picture. The world which fishes needs it In which he and a few faithful are the good guys and all the other bad guys Have to be annihilated, he sees enemies everywhere, trust no one completely and suspect given its closest friends of betraying him, he's it should in dog his beliefs. Cannot tolerate. Ambiguities is obstinate. Compromising a rebellious, not for the sake of prince, but for fear that a sharp imagine weakness where primitives enemies to take advantage of them going to pay with his own life and with the lives of others.
Prove that he is a is fearless and strong. Early paranoia is not just any mental disease. Later, who commands the most powerful nation in the most destructive arsenal in history, produce nothing short of mortal danger to mankind. Over thirty years ago, a paranoiac with a charismatic effect on his Audiences supported by extremists, highly patriotic group was democratically elected to the highest executive position in the government of this country is name was Adolf Hitler, I know where doktor, let's get some of her ideas is possible. Determine conclusively without a psychiatric interview on the basis of what is known about him,. The groundwater is paranoid. The actions of a presidential candidate or so completely exposed through tv. Repress interviews and both with
sulphur with members of his family and throw the endless study of us pass by friends and enemies that comprehensive psychiatric portrait definitely does emerge. Doesn't that sound like doktor? lady, you, Mr Barroso, but one need not subscribe to psychiatric theories to believe Something is emotionally disturb any man who decide who can describe Russia as a giant as a giant of a man may be, feet ten inches taller way. Two hundred seventy five pounds trim and heart is now with one Wipe of his hand could render me well finished. The giant, never bother me because I had in my possession a pistol. And one need not know the name of Freud. In order to wonder whether a man who constantly and compulsively must prove his daring masculinity is a man. Fit the lead and fit, America in the world in this day of the bomb
when asked to do is look at the record. The life record a bury go, wanted to data record, compile mostly by his friends admires. It speaks for itself. This is just the beginning. It is a horrendous attack on the map. Because on page after page after page, not what they do in the end of this problem, patient, as they have comments, By contrast, they sought out Psychiatry sent a survey to some twelve thousand psychiatrist. And about twelve hundred responded, one thousand one hundred and eighty nine, and they had very, very nasty comments. Your questionnaire cannot really be. It should because whatever cycle pathology Goldwater may have is not that overt Can make a diagnosis by merely observing him on tv or reading what he writes.
In recent years, the american voter has demanded a received many details about the illnesses of presidents. And has taken these factors into consideration. In like manner. I believe such information should also be made available about senator, go orders, illnesses. I've been a register republican since I was able to vote, but I will not be able to vote for Barry GO water. It's my professional opinion is a Finally, two unstable the guideline. Destiny of this should because of his past history, background and ambivalent attitude?. Do not be buried, Goldwater is psychologically fit. The service present United States remaining difference, different comments Seems unaware of some aspects a reality that there can serve the bomb to and the states rights are usually a cover up for bigots on and on and on.
Go water was furious, absolutely furious. This was a contemptible, contemptible attack on him and he was being attacked by Democrats by commercials from L B, J with the atomic bomb and all the rest. So we see the publisher in the magazine magazine was called fact. The publisher again raft Ginsburg anyone. I think you one like a hundred twenty five hundred fifty thousand dollars. Whatever was. In the magazine had default. In this case was grandfather in. Before it was afflicted with IE versus Sullivan decision in one.
This is how you hold the media to account Judges injurious know how to handle frivolous lawsuits They do it every day. We walk of life, Free kind of case criminal so. There's no reason. Two immunize and exempt p who work for media corporations. From libels it. There's no reason to have such a high bar that there really impossible to win given the posture standard that the Supreme Court is put in place, and I believe this has been very, very damaging to freedom of speech.
With the press, hobby right. But if you have a moment, I want you all to go to brick. House Levine, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver. I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens what a great product! Thank you, brick ass for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and you're welcome Steve and subscribing a smart. You say money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic some probiotics, plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back go to brick House Levine, dot com are call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with Promo Code Levant, that's brick house, L, easy, I am dot. Com are call. Eight three three ring be h, end promo code Levant, ladies and gentlemen, the summer image Tory Clarence Selfish, harmonise here, but its ending soon
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Per square mile than any place I've ever seen on the face near. I think that I think that's actually recorded somewhere, but you're absolutely right about them. But I said morning because I'm typically, I listen to you- show in the morning on your podcast, I'm a big fan, so I was able to leave. I was able to hear your interview with Bandy who Doktor Bandy lead US morning, and I raised a question in my mind and then an immediate one minutes,
the question was. She never hurt the thought she never described what the danger she saw in the president was, and I should continue to speak. Her comments reminded me of a flu of leaders that I served with in the military over the course of time, which led me to fight that. Perhaps the problems were used to politicians instead of leaders better that are geared towards getting things well said, while such politics, every general, is it not job other right back? Thank you said he's here now run casting a Mummy underground, the member states than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader number seven, seven, three, eight one, one, one, seven, seventy one! Three eight one one, you know Joe Biden, son Joe Biden, brother.
The media should be all over them, we get a story here and there are like, in political the other day. Nothing, that's concentrated and repetitive. Turbines younger brother, political, Tal potential business partners that the former vice president would help their firmly and business with court systems. Corporate their healthcare model into his twenty twenty presidential campaign According to new allegations made in a court filing in Tennessee,. The allegations are consistent with others made over the years Relatives of Joe Biden have sought to enrich themselves off as public service. You know, that's the difference between the trumps and these people. Trumpet his family, come into office? Is self made men and women in their Well, I got a million over five years ever met. Look at this sleazy stuff with the bodies,
Look at the sleazy stuff go on now would be Obama's and Gore, and the Clinton The Obama's worth almost two hundred million dollars now Or a quarter of a million dollars, the Clinton's together made about a quarter of a billion dollars, play Off their prior public service. I can see what trumpeted there's buildings there's golf courses, there's resorts his name or on Tommy. Obama's name other than on certain streets and buildings. That he didn't build. What they already produce. But the Clinton said Gore all together. Nothing. The allegations are consistent with others made over the years. I relatives abiden have sought to enrich themselves office, private action, a public service they go further,
concerning the first explicit claims that James Biden offered. I have the former vice president uses clout. Further private business interests If they are this guy's present United States. The allegations come and sworn declarations made by executives at firm suing binds brother. There were five, on federal court on Friday. They don't allege any wrongdoing by Joe Biden or indicate the former vice president. Had knowledge of his brothers allege promises. Now, but the dirt. It's like a slight linus that in the dust they're all around them. Neither George measure raise a lawyer for James by nor Andrew Bates, say spokesman for the Biden campaign immediately responded request for common on the new allegations. Now firms as medical services and diverse medical management. Provide rural health care solutions.
They soon James Vine and his business partners in June. Claiming that beginning in twenty seventeen, the group offered dish ingenuously tops. Would the firms as pie. A fraudulent scheme to bankrupt them- and steal their business model. We think that somebody files is it necessary, accurate. When you find you swear to it,. And then you're deposed and then you have to appear in court. Show me go that far. Your subject to cross examination. Be it a few days, product filing three executives at the firms alleged Details about their internet interactions with Joe by. Code into one of the declarations by diverse medical management- CEO Michael Fray, James Biden, jested. He wouldn't list, is older brothers help and landing. The firm contracts for court ordered outpatient care.
During my presentation regarding intensive our patient treatment, James by interrupted me to say my brother needs to have you and every court system in America, Fray alleges adding. I left the meeting very exciting, an optimistic about the future of De M M, code into another declaration by Mohammedanism lead up to binds presidential campaign launch James Biden promised and a phone call that the De M M psychiatric care model be used by Joe Biden, part of his campaign As I'm alleges that in another phone call last fall, James Bond mentioned that his brothers connections to labour units of the apartment, a veteran affairs? but how demand expand its model nationwide? Third declaration. Mitchell CO, diverse management, medical managements, former General Council alleges that at a dinner outside of Philadelphia run early September, twenty eighteen James Bind said, his brothers connections
veterans affairs could help the firm line contracts. Common, also alleged James by stated that he could facilitate contracts between DM em and first responders, based on the relationships that his brother had with certain labour, you now Here's where it gets interest. Those allegations echo the accounts that former executives at paradigm global advisers now defunct hedge fund for one's own by James binding in the former. Vice President Son Hunter Biden,. Have previously given to political. Former paradigm executive, Sir James and Hunter Are there plans to capitalize on Joe Biden ties to unions? Including firefighters unions, Two lane investments from union pension funds, although paradigm did not successfully land such investment.
In response to the original complaint James bind his associates, have denied engaging in any fraudulent scheme. I wonder if the stay on top of that story, what do you think. And then there is this: This is from the Washington examiner Beckett ever be wanting and beckoned by the way. What I had a spot someone who is unaffected by the less recession. The people who argue now than another economic disaster will be worth it. It means President Trump loses: twenty twenty election now you are you suburban, moms out there who are turning on Trump. Hope you pay attention to these issues. I raised for the whole nation, but especially you. Because apparently, are taken in by the media in the left. According to the media in the left,
I don't really like the way. Donald Trump tweets. I pray supplant above you. So the Democrats in there Arrogance in the media and entertainment are pushing for a recession. The farmer. Chair of the Fetnah. Listen to this, the former chairman, New York Federal Reserve, this can carriage the central bank to refuse to play along corner quote with the present a trade war with China. Arguing in a Bloomberg NEWS opinion article that have be worth risking a major economic downturn, a major economic downturn. If it It's called making it abundantly clear that trouble on the consequences of his actions on. I'm telling you the personal hate for this man is like nothing. You and I've ever seen. I understand and support FED officials desire to remain a political but trumps ongoing attacks on POW, the FED chairman,
on the institution and made that untenable, said, build deadly badly. Deadly. Do wrong bill rights this week. No, you can't listen. Certain things, you cannot question you cannot criticise, even though the people still or a blood and flesh. Never, ever criticise a journalist, never ever criticise a member of the Federal Reserve. But now I can't do that. Not Dudley do wrong. That would be bill. He had central bank officials face a choice, enable the Trump administration to continue down a disastrous path of trade war escalation. I sent a clear signal that if the administration does so the president, not the federal bear the risks, including the risk of losing the next election. So he siding with the Red Chinese to the communist Chinese.
Which is why I have decided to bring Michael Pills, berry. On this programme. Who is one of these? truly few definitive! There is when it comes to Communist China and you might remember- Michael Pills bury he is superb here he was on life, Liberty and Levin some months ago, A new reacted very strongly to what he had to say and, as I say, he is a true expert on China. I'll be right back. It's a pleasure to have Michael knows very well that great, but the one hundred year marathon. How are you, sir? Thank you more or dial up after what's a doctor
before you. Yes, I've taught you while you I could use a doctor about now, not necessarily that Canada, got your Bookmarks Wilson. You know it's a pleasure and Ask you some questions, I think the president is pretty much playing it right. What China agree or disagree agree. Is other other other things him might want to do, or should he just sit back now and see how these tariffs and other things take hold Think he's got a menu of options Ways to escalate, he's themselves use the word escalate today in a new story they have been. Nasty said, Sir, the last three or four days. I think they're still, Listening to some of the Obama people, including people who have been reassuring China, that this is all bluff or president is erratic, and just what you know just wait for
the democratic President a year from now on misreading reading name. Trump's determination. So I do think he's considering additional escalation steps he could take. What a dish first, with two points What escalation could China take? Em in our economy is twice the size of theirs and then the next question is hard. Went in and Obama people other than going on tv, actually advising that government Well, I wouldn't say advising because that makes us a felony save adviser foreign government for pay register as foreign agents to five year prison sentence the justice part of by the way is unfortunate law more now than before. So I wouldn't say: advise you never see they're giving their opinions to their chinese friends here in the United States, and then they take him back. I guess visit Beijing actually really quite a child ever since try
Surpass dust in the number of Billionaires- China is more billionaires than we do. Our billionaires have met some of them of Meda practice going over to China several times a year, The Chinese even convene meetings where president she didn't pay will set therewith ten or fifteen. Ceo is billionaires. Kind of issue, announcements to them, that they're expected to go home to America right up at pieces and give speeches to echo presidency's views. Usually it she will claim that China is for free trade, China's against protectionism and president Rob is disrupting the world water, so herbaceous support China and oppose this trade war. Its prey while the second topsy turvy. Side down view of reality, but our executives feel under enormous pressure. You know that's one of the issues of the trade talks has been the quarries in this put on our companies to hand over their crown jewels of technology.
With some of them have done not if they ve done that, don't they violate export control regimes. Sometimes but actually usually the most advanced technology hasn't been listed yet on the export control list. Things like artificial intelligence and really advance robotics bioengineering this actually discoveries in the Sea of Silicon Valley were a joint venture will be started by China where they get access to some of the most and sophisticated technology in the world before it's on the export control list. Well, there's gotta be a way to fix that. Don't you think. But a lot of it is to start the process that Steal. This talked about. We just need to talk about what China is up to a lot of american stolen understand that, I think it is exaggeration when someone like me,
You said this is a struggle for global technological supremacy, that their economies in fact, surpasses the president said several times out I saw him on those Steve Hilton- show, went on others too. He has said of Hillary Clinton. Had one child what her the american economy during her term, but it sucks happen on my watch, we'll make it quite important understand. The Chinese don't yet how serious the president is about this, I think His view even as recently as today, I think his view is If the Chinese try to stall, for a democratic, they will still have to sign after the election which he intends to win and the deal may be even tougher for them than if they'd come around and now the next month or two the Chinese, really don't know what to do about this man. Do they? that's right. They receive good looking advice and.
I wouldn't when once they all trying to experts for the vast majority of American China, experts also oppose, would present trumps trying to do So they can't have worked for China indirectly, that confuses the Chinese cuz they've relied for decades now on China, Like me to tell them, what's going on I've been over their six times now, since the president was elected, I met some of their experts on President Trump. Then quite candid with me about how confusedly art now, You're a struggle you think going on in the highest levels of the chinese government in politics at some point here. Words, it maybe she overstepped. It's hard to say. My own book, as you know, is about the Hawks in Beijing who even the collected over the last twenty or thirty years, understanding just how powerful they are there's this mystery of how the Hunter Fifty page draft trade agreement, which was pretty good
but it could be fined, basically back in May and then suddenly, the Chinese renege on all the key provisions. The legally binding provisions, Had the mystery is, why did this happen? how can talks go on for a year. And then suddenly, the positions be reversed It looks like some of the hawks the cop minister, Commerce, is a good example of that very involved in the talks all they may have weighed in. Said the president, she look, we ve gotta as a master negotiator? We've we ve gotta renege. See what happens, and now they found out. They made the president angry. He raised tariffs quickly within twenty four hours. Now is, Is them again as I say, there's additional steps you can take However, as long as other Americans not you and me mark. Would other Americans tell the Chinese O disguise erratic? You know he doesn't really mean it just wait. Joe Biden, nor was at war
The Chinese are gonna pick themselves into a corner and not work will not have an agreement when it was so close back in May. Are you able to tell us of one or more steps at our president could take if he needed to? If you wanted to. But I can give you my personal observations. They China get a lot of benefit from our investments in China. And from our companies who operate there- so obviously of what is called decoupling began to occur. The companies relocate their production lines and their high tech, to other countries that hurts China, perhaps. Or than just the trade issues. Europe is as you're, not gonna me stop there like. Let me ask you this: How does the president encourage companies to do that. Well on their own companies may come to. The conclusion is just too much uncertainty and friction going on.
And if China, China invades Hong Kong, that night underscore the point: don't you think yes, but not? the big companies, I notice was a gentleman. A massacre to place thirty years ago,
didn't, really affect you, as companies will inevitably like the level of trade than we do now, but there are other things that are helping China, that can you, King Pellinore, until after the bottom part break you doctor, Michael Pills, very absolutely, fascinating and brilliant. His book is not one hundred year marathon, it's been out a few years, and I want to return, will be right back mark love in red one. A great one model of entirely now aid, seven, seven, thirty, eight one, three, eight one one: This may be at a session that doesn't mean politicians and bureaucrats who stopped plotting ways to increase governments control over our health care system
Hey chess is busy pushing international price controls. What does that mean? Well, That means that the only by the medicines for those on Medicare there as cheap as the ones in Europe now guess what fortune because Europe, socialist countries, are willing to pay the latest and greatest in medicine, and over in the Senate republican Senator truck rashly said, and in our view the Senate staffers have set the stage with House Democrats. To negotiate a prescription, drugs bill that puts price controls and the Medicare part D. Now fill with the socialist ideas. The bill would be a major step in making up yet make us look more like the european countries that Democratic idolize, despite the fact the rationing Karen restricting access to needed treatment. You see nobody leaves the United States to go for a health care in Germany, France or Britain. Nobody leaves Canada. Nobody runs to Canada for Healthcare. They all come to. America
Arbitrary price controls would eliminate investment for the breakthrough treatments people hoped for Mcconnell stands up for sound principles, healthcare reform and not fall for Democrats trap towards socialize medicine and the governor Run, healthcare system, get the facts, go to health care, facts that come true: healthcare, facts, dot, com, that's true, healthcare facts: dot com- I guess Doktor Michael Pills, The book, the one hundred year marathon doctor a pill, Bury you had we had were discussing that as some of the tools additional tools, the president, my hair, including some these private companies, Lee in China to go to more secure, more predictable, lug countries that have you know laws and that that compliance, so they can set up their assembly lines and so forth. What else. Well, the Chinese benefited enormously by american. Private investment goes through two channels. One is we. Let them
national champions, rested on companies on on Wall Street. And we give a waiver Through the Securities and Exchange Commission that the chinese companies do not have to pass global accounting standards. Wows sort is an extraordinary waiver. No one else gets his hands, no one knows exactly but way over one trillion dollars of: U S: capital. These training stocks. Let me happy there. I want you to continually MR who made that decision. Do we know that I think this people's grandly right now to say they didn't make it on time ago. Shall we say That is a gallows dollar borne away yeah. I bet The other channel is private equity and that may be even bigger and what goes through the stock market. The private equity. Is that really regulated, But it's very sensitive to attitudes to friction uncertainty, so
Exposing some of the private equity deals could go a long way faintly. There's a The specific Set a magazine journalist journalists cover this so It is quite interesting to be just last week, the Chinese very craftily, I think, offered five american investment banks. The opportunity to come into China, if they registered by Friday, did you come into China and operate freely? in the chinese Investment bank system and the name and the banks. It's a jiffy Morgan. How Goldman Sachs went through one by one and if you look at the Speeches by the videos are retired to EU companies, they ve been remarkably, unsupported by President Trump Dandy. The trade war. This is a major. Can the president himself address this, sir?
you have the chinese bypassing normal accounting principles,. I think it's really a matter for the House and Senate Committee to ask these treaties Exchange Commission german J Clayton It what is this, what is the history of this decision. Did it began under when we read much closer and better relations with China? The proper way to approach- and I think a number of senators already raised this question with letters to the administration- does China, Europe is another area this evening hour, scary market, that is, the the pension funds of state governments, workers, federal government workers, the so called threats savings plan at all that workers contribute to that all that money, which is again over a trillion dollars that he is eligible in many cases, goes to chinese companies, It is in the stock market or other means. So.
The level to which we are funding. China's effort to surpass us. It needs to be calculated. It may not be clarity in the last decimal point, but is obviously way over a trillion dollars and as yet another area which is the federal government, our government these have to be Carter has had us assistance programmes for China. To I beseech begging is our largest embassy. It's got twenty three hundred staff Gmos and fifty more than fifty federal agencies are in order busy at Beijing with various assistance programmes to China to help of labour agriculture, whatever their counterpart. It This could be looked at in the future. There's this built in fifth column. I call in our own country that seems to be running for the wrong side.
Am I missing something they have they haven't awakened yet was put it that way like what you're telling me, as I listen to this, I think about Reagan in the Soviet Union. Yes, it sounds to me. We have the capacity to bring down their entire damn economy We had the political will and a widespread sense of threat from China, but we don't really have that since the public, and yet at all, part of the problem is the Chinese very carefully control basis for our media, And for our scholars think I can never get in there, I'm sure you'll get a limousine company airport pick you up and never come back. You may remember Reagan's famous evil empire speech unionist raise set up phenomenology of evil and we the idea that, on the one hand, the server you too strong and by
and arcs go global, equal in some ways this nuclear weapons but, on the other hand, assistant built on evil Has its own internal weaknesses, What the president seems to be doing as far as I can understand is thinking he is. Gradually ratcheting up the pressure on China to stop this theft star. The course of our companies play fair and we can have a better relationship, we can increase chinese american trade. We can increase investment in each other's economies. Not call China enemy, their. Their reaction is not been coming, shall we say, do you think it I'll ever before them, they get some point they're going to crack. Yes, But I think the president thinking is that do not be until after he went reelection and they realised that to Joe Biden nor Elizabeth Warrant or not gonna come along and saved
But this this is scary, because if he doesn't, when reelection, you gave countries like China frankly, IRAN and north korea- or putting of course for the Democrats in Russia. Yes, I'm afraid. That's true! That's why would I advocate is more attention Peter TEAL calls it more talking. About the realities of China, a lot of people mark this trade dispute Is this over minor things you cheating on the word? Cheating sometimes even applies it over. You had an extra ten percent here and there is not about that at all. I think the presidency was about global supremacy. It's going to be the leader of the world, for them hundred years or longer. Here, To be America, the Chinese have a pretty clear; they don't want it to be american, they wanted to be China. It's amazing doktor pearls as I as I listen to you, but as I cover other issues, each and every day. How many people in this country actually ruding against it?
I have never seen anything like this view. No, even in the days of the cold war, We had a lot of different types of people wanted to get along with the Soviet Union. They didn't have the kind of investment and trade and access to our system. The chided us well? This is a frightening. But what but, what's my words invigorating? Is that the present United States as onto this he's a tough guy he's not in our eyes not think he D and the others? I dont think I don't think they understood how tough this guy isn't and, quite frankly, how smart Wily he is. I think that's correct and I think they're beginning to understand, but how much longer we take. I was quite happy today to hear this internal pole that the farmers of United States fairly large sample was asked which vice president tribe, its election was held today and say
Seven percent said: yes, it's got up and left over the past year, So there are wouldn't eloquent media like to come. Farmers come on cry, troubleshooting my life, but looks like the poll shows something quite different. The farmers are only quite patriotic one chinese global domination,. And the interesting is John Locke, Tommy's non legal expertise, an economist and he told me. These, these verses and you know a corn grains, her words on its like water. They will find their markets and and so this is why the Japanese stepped in and said you know, I won't, will take those soya beans and others are going to step in and say: oh, you know, we want corn, we want. We just matter, building these new markets and in the end I think the president's right- it's gonna, be the Chinese and the chinese government. That has harm, because we have access produce and they dump where others specific programmes president has begun.
Fifteen billion this year, twelve billion last year for farmers. Crop insurance farm bill, Sir, the series of better tat, the? U S, emptier, replacing NAFTA, helps farmers get better markets in Canada, Mexico You mentioned this new Japan Trade deal that the left wing media ignoring ignore. What're you gonna booster, Japanese, This is a corn So there is a positive story to be told to our farmers Even rolling back regulations helps helps farmers so. That limit. Let me ask you a personal question. An easy. The farmers is the key: don't they think they can? The farmers against the president then her loose every election. Yes, let me ask you this question You were When Donald Trump was running, I don't know if you're supporter, not so sure and so forth, have you grown increasingly impressed with him, as I have?
yes, I was a kid crews. The foreign policy, as was I know you were about that of official member of the committee- met with Senator crews many times I thought, brilliant, especially like his printed debating skills, but over Time President Trump has convinced me that the least for dealing with China, he's got the fighting this and this the old fashioned grit. To take on China, which is the second largest economy in the world. I think a good that a pretty good job too much betraying senator crews, but, while plus I didn't, have got a remarkable sense of humour person. Can't get over it. How witty and quick ear he's totally different than the media portray him totally different. I dont know the man and they don't want another man.
How'd, you know I signed today and I am nickname two years are just brilliant person I used to like, Until I heard the term low energy- Doktor Michael pose, very Michael. I want to thank you. You always fires, and God bless you. My friend you mark, I take care of itself, he's great, is brilliant and I'll be right then we like to say here I be. Don't forget I'll be on unhappy about Forty minutes, just for you My wonderful event nights.
Think I'm supposed to be talking about the media, I'm not sure, but I'm gonna bring some surprises. You're gonna want to see them I'm gonna bring some surprises. San Francisco, California, the great k, s F, o go my gun at long last, the framework regulation. I appreciate your are taking my call. Yes, I wanted to display of a point. I was gonna bring up a year, Oh go. George Orwell said something very interesting rebook that he rose called homage to Catalonia, which was about his experience during spanish civil war. He said that his group article group. They were all radical left. It was being attacked by the com. In Spain, but also in the press across Europe, except in England. He said in England the Communists didn't dare publish false facts about Then, because England had a libel war, I still does that God made it.
Thinking about New York Times, worse Sullivan. What I wanted to ask for your goal ago was why the abolition of New York Times versus solid wasn't. The liberty amendments an abolition of the more I can have twenty five liberty amendments. The pointed the liberty amendments is to reduce the size of the federal government. Not address all the Supreme Court rulings, that's why I understand that. There is one other point I wanted to make New York Times about New York Times in its just a list of whimsical thought I think, together policy wrong. If you're going of a two tier libel system. It seems to me that the public figures the politicians I have a lower bar rather than a higher bar minute event, if an unknown private gets libelled. I understand that I don't agree with it. They don't have the same bar Under their law, that's the whole point. That's will by equality
Not when you went one you're suing a public official on your destroying the reputation, your destroying the reputation of a human being when you're suing a plumber and destroying the rep demeanour. Hearing a plumber and destroying the reputation same thing. Aren't I do understand your point. Just disagree with the thank you, sir. Not demand letters from the IRS are hitting the male fuel. Act tax, as you may be receiving one Sir When it arrives, you better, be wearing your depends and by the way you have questions like Is it true, the IRS can garnish my paycheck. Yes, can the IRS really take my home and bank accounts, yes Take my retirement savings. Yes areas can do that and I have a lot more, but there's a way out. Other fresh start initiative. An official government programme for tax debt assist and nobody knows more about the fresh start initiative than the award winning experts and optimum tax relief.
Optimal mission is to stand between you and the IRS fighting to help, check your paycheck and assets and help get the best possible deal, but don't- delay, because the irish contact on hefty penalties and interests every day call my right now for Free consultation, free consultation, but you still have options. Eight hundred four nine sixty three hundred eight hundred four nine sixty three hundred. That's eight hundred forty nine sixty three hundred so restrictions apply for complete details, visit optimum tax relief. Let's see here- oh my screens, back Bob but Tavi a New York Ex M Satellite go It's an honor you're, a national treasure, a market system honor talk the collar, like you say yes, I want to that end,
it was a brilliant. I was really, Inter Alia, mean with Doktor Lee. Yes, Sir, I mean you were respectful. Yet farm, and I kept thinking that he's to her face but our armed forces police officers, fire fighters trust me, if you add you does it was browser really impressed real as brilliant that I want to ask you a question. Yes, I've been at this before have you ever known, others, millions of people that love you, and this is a huge family at the mortal events. I am I, and have you ever considered? Maybe you twenty twenty four run it now, as you know that twenty twenty four who knows a mighty running from the present, you never know who is going to be in there.
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