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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, NRATV host Dan Bongino fills in for Mark. The spygate scandal on President Trump is all coming together and it just gets uglier and uglier. We now know of three separate scandals; the laundering of false information about Trump, government operatives gathering information on a political campaign, and the fact that the Trump team was being set up from the start. The Russian collusion in the 2016 election was very real, but it was between the Hillary campaign and Russia, not Trump. Also, the old rules of political discourse need to be replaced with new rules. In the past we were friends with democrats and could have civil discussions about differences. Now we need new rules because radical leftist kooks have taken over portions of the Democrat party. They are interested in one thing only – aggression and confrontation at every opportunity.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Now you have not make attack with you think it is. Replacement leader. The bullpen guy body about. You know to be bag, love, filleted, Finmark, Bill awhile about a month or so Miss you guys and Ladys, my other show, well, they re just does not stop. Foxen in the morning and are ATV right, television,
right and show later I don't get out of the chair. I have a home studio. I don't get out of the chair. That is what I do. I love doing it to greatest job in the world. I was thank everyone for the opportunity, but this is what I do all the America which is tweeting Producers, thieves in tat- I am aggressive man, I gotta you, I gotta go white. This make up off my face. It was like. It's a clock. The shows opted six minutes with the commercial I'd like you got. That can I got to wipe the make up of my face. I can't help. I can't sit here. What make up on my face. I hate it, so I just got I had a tweet out like a second ago filleted for mark within tune in I gotta actual for you to Jack, don't go anywhere stacked, we're going to cover a couple of things. We're gonna cover the developments in the spy gate debacle, and I want to address this through. These are three scandals in one spiking, three scandals: it's not just one. I'm going to address the three scandals. Now I was going to address another topic. Late,
but I'm gonna move at first, because it's important and topical first, the new rules. Some of you know what the new rules are, because you listen to me before, but if you don't know what the new rules are, First, somebody tell you why we need new rules and what the old rules, where the old rules of political discourse we're pretty clear. Your republic in your friends were Democrats. You were liberal, your friends we're conservative wherever they may be you dinner? You played cards whatever it may be, you'd argue over tax rates. A little battering want to say, argued. Have a spirited conversation. You'd argue about health care, What about schools amiss- and you know you teacher your gear fried calamari at at at at a dinner. You got me a play, our job, a couple, gurgle cups of wine whenever it, maybe your liberal friends, I agree with you: shake hands the and then you go told. I see an ex weak body, see you Bob
grab. Having me over. The old rules thou see on days right wasn't always perfect, but it is generally accepted that you could. A friend you are Democrats. Democrats, you could have friends could have friends, you were Republicans, you guys could shake as bad bad, each other on the back, whatever it may be, do your thing argue little bit debate a little bit spirited discussion. At the end of the day, you were friends, I remember the old rules, member working in the Clinton Administration- my was a secret service agent in debating staff, is about health care issues. No problem still work together, like teacher they're just disagreed on politics. Yet those days are dead over goodbye. The new rules are now in effect now there, people out there who don't understand that the old rules or gone now we
scrap the old rules. When I say we I mean the servants, we did not scrap the old rules matter effect when ever liberals these coop out there. Whenever you want a welcome me all rules of civility back in. I am or the happy as our my conservative friends, to open embrace you Emmy old rules again We are a hundred percent game for that. Ok got it. We are down, but you are not now. We need new rules, because- and I am not talking about all democrats- you I want to be crystal clear- I mean that I have a bump number of friends were registered Democrats. You are very good people who just disagree with me on this. When we talk of neighbours who are Democrats or grey folks. We just don't agree. I am too,
but when I say this, whose instituting and why we need new rules? I am talking about a group of radical, far left kooks who have taken over portions of them. Great party who are interested in one thing and one thing, and that aggressive aggression, for adaptation at every opportunity. You see what happened today, what kinda and Charlie Kirk Since then, I will explain to you why they are the way they are by the way and why we the new rules, so candy sullens, who is it Male black conservative, which only matters to liberals and conservatives, don't care about the melamine component, their skin. But liberals are obsessed with it because identity It is therefore right, you're fucked with Adam shipping. I can't stand this shift. Guy shift it throw them out there, but can do This happened breakfast at Philadelphia with Charlie Kirk from turning point USA too. Pretty prominent conservatives, young conservators out there and a group of
brain radical thugs. Yes thugs, and I know you hate that word and that's why I use it because I simply don't care, I give it actually zero about any of that. Don't care a budget, radical Mooney, tunes flogged, show up and decide they're gonna throw water on Charlie, like attacking him physically, casting the guy at the side. Gonna get a megaphone and are going to scream and canvasses here now. Fascinating about this and We need new rules to deal with these violent, aggressive maniacs. What's fast, Eighty about this whole thing. Is the campus always happens to be black. Just sitting there in innocent minority woman in a Esther having breakfast while a bunch of war dude and women show up with a megaphone. Dreaming in her ear like maniacs, while physically asking the guy she's with
and also screaming at the minority police officers protecting can't. I who happens to be black or the liberals have no problem with this at all scream racist that you at the drop of a hat at the drop of a hat, say something like I really don't agree with this Bob. All of us here are re says there are racist, dollars. Why does it matter? You're, a racist yes, you are. I am I get this all the time. You, ain't ever gets my wasted and it doesn't matter one way, told me once a twitter and Obama for America Volunteer might even kidding you can. Google is like she's tool for Euro propaganda speed like Archie. That's. You should tell her that she be fascinated to know that liberals have no problem with this. A group of thugs, we'd megaphone, confronting a minority woman peacefully? Having
Prison in a restaurant with Charlie Cargan, physically accustomed, liberals lobby- they love it humor pastor from Sienna wine. CNN, because people tell them CNN socks at a rally to listen the solution, stopping the CNN sucks chance or to stop sucking CNN if you, wouldn't sucks so bad. There be no need for CNN sucks chairs TAT, just the Tipp by the way, so a cost is waning. Our people telling about Betty sucks when he does suck Jimmy CASA but I've, I dont see coverage widespread coverage of the outbreak, aggressive confrontation and violence against conservatives out there and Trump support, I see it downplayed. All you have to understand. The liberals are Derek, so there were allowed to aggressively confront the of angry. I'm angry that we got to deal with violent liberals.
Tell that point the overall, so the new rules are now in a fact that the authors people now, let me be crystal clear on this. We as conservatives are bedrock and I'm serious about this in an objective truth right. We are that for us that objective nor star we got herself by is not government not the state, and it is not state power bedrock ourselves in faith, family There are some atheists who were conservative, stupid family values, we're not we're not perfect, we're all sinners too? Don't mistake what I'm telling you? I am not suggesting that because we believe in an objective? Should we always mean that we don't I fail all? I'm so does everybody listen this programme, but being bedrock in those objective values conservatives have an emergency brake on their behaviour. We will never should never and should always condemn anyone who engages in this type of behaviour with other people concerned
never otherwise it doesn't matter, and we always will know conservative should or do this, and I would not lecturing. I don't mean to because we don't do this. This is exclusive in the domain of the modern liberal, the aggressive ultra violet we have an people. We have an emergency brake and our behaviour. They don't. Therefore, we need new rules. Cuz. We can't and won't and should never respond in kind. We can't it's morally and ethically wrong, but we can do something we can win dammit, we can win, we can win the state level we can win at the local level. We can win at the federal level. We can win back the courts and we can get these people out of power. These are dangerous people, they have absolutely no limit and no emergency brake. They are anti God Anti religion
Talking about Democrats, I'm talking about this radical left, do not miss. What I'm saying is your confuse the argument and debate these radical left. This hate everything we stand for: faith, family freedom, all of it, are these people access to power? We have already seen the damage they can do. They will take away your right to defend yourself. They will take away your right to free speech. They will take a where they will take away your right to privacy. They will take a ride. Right. You, your privacy, in your papers, you're fourth, amendment right. Anything they can do. They will weapon The government against you didn't rules are winning winning. First, all this the stuff second big brings. Because I'm really really getting tired and I'm worn out dealing he's, never trouble crowd. That constantly says we need a reality. We did. You know stability. Maybe you should how the left that is, their beaten, the crap out of people civility Are you serious?
on their thing. Is we need to police the conservative debate out there? We need the police Donald trump I'm sure behaviour before beginning, but not on our new rules. We don't need to do you that but Donald Trump Pews Playboy before he was in office door care dog can new rule before he was in office door care, no grey hairs big, I dont care, not one bit but you're a conservative Papa Centre to daddy. Oh, I don't care not one bit. I about one thing right now, winning when you a return to the old rules on civil debate. I welcome it open honest tool that we win. You lose those are the new rules and the story on webs at every single opportunity, Elections- local. I can state elections, federal elections, public debates, town halls, twitter, Facebook, Instagram everywhere you go, we win, they lose.
When you want to welcome the new rules, I'm open arms for you, but until then the new rules are in effect. Take a break if you want to give us a call. Eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven, I'm Dan Bongino at the Bongino on Twitter, infomercial, have you been I want to show their budget old villain in for the great one new rules. I don't know any other way to say that the new rules are ineffective. Obama boys want to return to. The old rules are political debate where public spaces, everybody was welcome. You who are restaurant without worried about someone violently attacking you, some liberal goon. Until a time the new rules are in effect and the new rules are we
We care about trumps personal pick. A billows are his behaviour prior? Don't care not interested stay, don't care for all. You, kids are obsessed with social media. We care we Care because you, the liberals, this to make everything some man a key and enter the world fight? You couldn't just when lives you couldn't just when you couldn't when on social issues, you had not only win, but you add a stick at the people. You want to take a cake, we're gonna bankrupting. You now want to sign a certificate you're going to jail. You couldn't when you add a key poking and pocket and pocket and pocket. So now, where were we we're going to institute the new rules to the new rules? For us? Are we win because we can responded where you do, thankfully, with I once and aggression cassettes not, but we do that's what you do. That's your thing and further
and they never trump crowd out there than ever Trump card that doesn't get it searches Red Nicole screen. He gets a comfortable on the essential startling, it's random motorcycle, most dangerous guy and radio but it's too comfortable to safeguard a motorcycle right was dangerous. He's private gravity go after that. You anymore cycle, you're really dangerous. Well, you know what you're doing it's the guy. The first time you use the safest guy rapid. He doesn't want to touch anything we have been doing so I'd like reading of communism talk it. The new rules, progress! We win, you lose that's what we don't care about that stuff anymore. We don't care there. Isn't you listen out, like serious crimes. There's nothing you can tell us anymore. That's gonna bother us if it's personal, crimes, obviously yeah. That's that we would care about now, bothering me than ever Trump crew, because they're out there constantly insisting. We should stick to a set of like civil standards.
To model some behaviour for the left it there are not interested in replicated. We have the outstanding citizens on Twitter, God forbid, you call them out. You can call them out on Twitter. We can't show up it rallies encounter protests. We can't do any of this step because it will make us look and if we call out liberals on twitter for being what they are, which is a bunch of big government status,. Why are you assuming that they want to model behaviour? They don't want bottle behaviour. They went away pack you these radical left this. They are told they don't care. So the new rules are therefore in effect, we Care anymore, we care about winning. We tried to care about civil debate,
guys threw it out the window. The lips. It's your fault, that's not our fault! I wanted to start on this spiky substance of crazy revelations in this case, but I get kind of sidetrack with Ex it's important folks, but listen. I mark was kind enough to. Let me plug this. I have my new book out on spy gate. I'm gonna get some more about some of the breaking news that happen over the weekend, but I really appreciate it we go take. A looks available on Amazon is called spy gate, the attempted sabotage of Donal J Trump, and it describes this whole debacle. But, most importantly, the connections of all the players involved
and the three main scandals how they all connect to each other. I think you're gonna be stunned because one of the things missing and lot of commentaries a motive for all this. Why did a lot of the players involved outside of the obvious politics do what they did? The book describes that it's called spy gates available for preordained Amazon out by me. That embodies you know at the attempted sabotage of Donald J Trump go check it out. If you like it or any other site I want to break this now, for you cuz it some interesting information it broke over the weekend about this by Devon Newness. There are three scandals and spiky right out there information wandering scandal, money laundering with information. There's this guy scandal and here's the set up scandal, I'm gonna break them down. And it's all gonna make sense to you on the other side of this break. Don't go anywhere them on the other
lasting conservative love and show call now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one three eight one one. I will go back to them, having showed the GINO in for the great one so open up the show talk about. The new rules are in effect. We have two folks. We have to focus on winning. We have stop play in these games about the drop in what what is it? You know when Howard, stern and real before you get an office, don't care we're dealing with a group of radical left this who have gone completely cycle pathological we they stopped. Elections and prevent these people preventing these people getting back and power. They will weapon government. They will do whatever they can. They were
a day. No emergency braking their behaviour, they genuflect in front of the altar of state power. So, of course I put the phonograph you'd like to give us a colleague servants. Three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven, and we always leave a line open for lives. Right, mister call, screener, eight slash. Seven, and three eight one. Thirty eight eleven conservatives will get the joke. Liberals probably won't but that light is always open for you. I was left with you and you have they have that sound there for that liberals through three eight one- thirty. I rarely do this in a first hour, but let's check this outlets test. This, let's take a whole, got a bill from Robins Real New Jersey pill Heroic, thereby your quick question for you: why are you the so violent and aggressive all the time. Go, I'm sorry
we want all without our girl in silence fell, but I don't think so. We're we're ok, pot him down to secure. Let's read the statement from President Trump on their president Trump declared Monday regarding Charlottesville that racism is evil and an hour the Justice Department will open a civil rights investigation of the deadly car attack that left one woman dead, quote Donald Trump to anyone who acted criminally in this weekend's racist violence. You will be held fully accountable. Justice will be delivered just prosecuted. These people, how to justice. The parliament declared racism That is why we need the same guy who just prosecuted these people. How does justice to Parliament's declared racism that guy Bilbil, Are you guys so violent Why are you so? Why? Why your liberal? So why? Why? What's with you guys and violence, why do you need to attack people all the time, your gas?
think they boil. Why are no seriously? Why are you guys so violent and aggressive? What is wrong with you? Why can't you stop spitting on people and screaming at people? What is the problem of where the guys and over the poor girl and smile, I just read the statement on that. Ok, you said that three times I've read this: they ve you been entirely discredit. Now we can move on and talk of obvious. I have a question, I'm serious, you call them why liberals cards that we feel the need to scream like children, people across them in public places brought water on them and steal their stuff. Why do you do that What I got all that was ok with you now said that for the fifth time after I've read the statement you have, do you have anything of substance to talk about outside when I just a bump, your theory that Donald Trump nothing in response to that. You have anything else. How can you answer the question? Why liberals? Why are you guys so violent and aggressive all the time on your sliding down hill. Why you're just answer the core? Why are you so? Why? Why can't you guys, control yourselves family goes violent,
Ok bill. Why can't you can fill? Can you scan you as say: one chance to redeem yourselves after your nonsense. You, why can you A book we say on the mark of a programme to millions illiteracy. You as liberals, you disavow Antigua violence out, I'm serious, I'm giving you I will respect. Give you do that. You think liberal should leave conservatives alone in public and we should respect their ideas and respect open debate. Can you say that all out, just like corn and all I can thanks goodbye, see later chump goodbye get off the year Guph I only, but that their yeah there's Guy, that's all that's all they got. I'll get a lot of tweets emails, I can tell him are the big issue. Let them talk that sorry not interested if they get a different guest house for that ok, so only bring liberals in I'm sorry folks exclusively to market My only job here, I thought The new rules are in effect, you don't have to like it. I'm just These are the new rules. Liberals are
we brought into the show tomorrow? Not Democrats argued. You are Democrats, you want to call it and you wanted the pain of a movie, but if you're gonna call in and try to Gaslight people in light of them, not interested mixture. Take another call me table more for I get because I've once I get role and undisputed stuff, it's hard. The turnaround, let's take Fred and Crystal River flow, Crystal River war at my home state, the beautiful Sunshine state of Florida Fred. What do you got for us buddy? I just want to say I think you're doing a great job, Sellen N, fantastic. What I wanted it it was on concerning the new rules and end the friends. Is I've got just a little bit of a difference spin on it? Then you and the fact that I just don't have liberal friends, and I guess it all depends on what your deafened,
mission of a friend is the people that are liberal, that I've known a long time, especially before I knew they were liberals. Those people are now acquaintances. My friends are not liberals, because liberals want to make life difficult for me. They want to change this country. Hate this country, the way it was founded and I'm not gonna have friends that water,
changed my life, make my life miserable and throw wrenches into things that are right. So I don't, I don't have friends that are liberal people, that I knew or no I mean before I knew they were liberal those people. I now call acquaintances and I treat them different, then. My friends for example, let me just give you a quick example. I've got a friend of mine that married to a woman that I before I knew him and she's a liberal. She is what it is that watches the view in any and all that those people like her. If they were to call me and say, hey, comrade our bread, I need help I'd help em. If they call up and say you wanna come over for a barbecue I'd say no. Thank you
fair enough time they ve been read. I get it fair enough. I understand I have. I have friends, you I think, would categorize themselves. As is Democrats, maybe liberal I get it though I totally understand gonna, let you go for it. I got it. I gotta run the show, but I appreciate that get. What you're saying you see the man's point, though, and. Hence the new rules. We have to win and they have to lose. I mean these. Two ideologies cannot exist in the same space and what I think Fred was getting at and what I agree with them a bit on there is it. You and have an ideology were once I says you have no right to defend yourself, no right to free speech and no right to walk out into a public space free from attack right. And then another side, the liberals that our ultra violet ultra aggressive this radical left this that feel the need to confront
Take away your right to defend yourself. I take away your right to free speech. Those things get their zero sum they can exist at the same time. Would you give to one you take away from the other now talk about all Democrats, I can say that enough, but the liberals, lost their minds in the trump here? That's why they have. Be defeated politically? They have to be that's why I can't courage, you were not, I get it. Listen. We have some really atrocious swamp rat republicans out there I get it. I deal with them. Over time, specially down then in Florida we ve gotta. Put your alternative. Is these this group of ultra aggressive goons, who are gonna, do what they did to chart Kirk and can do so once today. This is of folks ain't gonna get me better. These people have you wonder, Then I have no emergency brake on their behaviour at all. None, they have no emergency brake. The radical
Not only is it a faith and family group, they hate those things, they want peace, when jail where Christians, God forbid? You know Baker Kate from they wanna put you in jail. They want a bankrupt you, they don't want to win they want. You absolutely defeated in abject poverty or prison. These are about my bill. I'm only want to lie about it: white, supremacist, yeah. Why a crimson fog, animal, but every one called out, including the President self. I read the statement but notice. This is how the left, when the left this drugs right by the way white supremacy has. No. I don't know why they associate these people with us. That's a liberal technical. We have claiming these people, but you You claim a lot of these Antigua and other folks who go out of TAT we're not claiming memories, people or animals. White supremacist kitty means people.
I was at one we're a guy got up what time it is departing rally and started going down some I have never in my life into a conservative metaphor. Now I take that back. I was at one we're I saw it. I can tell me at the map: that's the only time I ever saw that, but you get these liberal rallies they rally for socialism, which is only killed ports. There. I saw you going to tell me you didn't happen. That's the only time I ever saw that, but you get this, football rallies they rally for socialism, which is only killed, tortured and starved millions of people they celebre? do you have Maxine waters go out in a rash Paypal, confronted get a crowd. Is it saying this is insane? so crazy, but where we are. This is where we are. That's why I cannot encourage you enough respond when you're friends, whatever they may be, the democratic parties. You have any office yeah, but you know.
It really object to you, no property. May I had some relationship with this woman in the path tat. Great, don't care, keep talking token of blowing carbon dioxide. I did you understand. I don't care not even a little bit. I care like zero when you wanna get Acta character matters whenever character counts. Whenever you want to get it to find cool, we were all centres. I can get into that conversation until what is a time where your interest in that and you stop attacking us and physically accosting us throwing people out of the public places screaming at them with megaphone, like maniacs. Until you wanna get on that, I couldn't care any less about the conversation. You should entirely disregarded all you. What do you want to talk about you wanna talk about trot positive relationship.
He had whatever ten years ago, five years ago, two years ago you don't care and the conservative, so my cache of forfeiting about about forfeiting anything. You can take the car matter. Your ears jam it in your mouth for a minute, I'm not forfeiting anything, I'm fighting for president, whose actually working for a pro life agenda, putting our money back in our pockets, trying Please do something: the shrink, the regulatory power of government and putting judges back on the bench that are good respect the constitution, what the hell you're fighting for what are you fighting for the principal? What principles my full and a black you'd have fighting for that you just don't like Trump. That's it you install it just gets you just don't like the guy. Just be honest: we to their risk, wraps right glued on, and you got your twenty yards gloves on and you are like to preach movement. We got two principles.
Oh gloves on and broken glass attached to their risk wraps right glued on and you twenty yards gloves on and you are like. Both man we're going to principle, so we got a fiber twentieths cause he's whipping your butt dude. He is punishing the crap out of you and you're sitting here debating about the principles. Are you serious you can say prob just a bit is pretty. Your principles, saving lives, economic freedom, a limited government, reduce power, the bureaucratic administrative state? I thought those where our principles, what do you think this guy's do it in there? I don't like it. Twitter account. I don't care what you like. I don't any anymore. I don't like you arsenal by every calls, people out and occupational great keep it up dj too, I don't care one bit. I care about winning.
And right now we are winning on the issues we here would write. A fake Republicans, forever selling us out on every issue where winning and winnings gotta mean something again new rules. We win, you lose when you want to return to the old rules of civility My arms are open and waiting until liberals are owing to widely condemn the aggressive violent behaviour by their own side and the meat yeah. I join in the chorus against it. The new rules are in effect, we win, you lose. We keep you out of power. What we do our best to do it by folks are thereby I went from arc within three gifts, call eight seven, seven, three, eight one three, then
I went back and market, thereby GINO Infra, the gray one out of the open, warm up the right aren't, which is kind of a job. My right arm is so decrepid. My joints are foreign, but I couldn't You know when you go to the baseball games, you have the euro, the the jug radar thing, I bet I couldn't get that thing up? There sixty miles an hour. My elbows are so righted indicators, disgusting if you ever see me in public by the wayside, a guy tell me they ve daggers. You look like in a rang attack, which your arms sure, because my elbows don't they know straight now, because I have so many bone spurs. He guy said that the way you feel like you re, thereby Gazeta cop bad around I don't know, maybe an insult who orangutans I got they're gonna get cement dead. You know when you have my arms, though straight out such a train wreck, so I've actually not coming out of a bull pedestal, radio bob- and I will be
When are you fast balls? I promise you that I and the next hour I wanted dig into this by gay, thinks he's getting uglier and uglier in uglier, but this scandal finally, coming together, all the pieces are fitting and I've never felt so indicated in my life because six months ago, or so when I and many others are not. That want to be very clear on this and not taking some proprietary credit for that. But when I and many others started singing, saying that Donald Trump Team, The campaign team was in fact set up and frame liberals came out in full force, you're conspiracy there as they were losing their minds. You're all crazy. Except for the bad, pretty much breathing reserve- Was right now this by gay thing is not just one scandal. This is the problem with this. This is
the media them over the mainstream media. The liberal you know the liberal media, the cooks, the coat don't understand and the liberal media they did just one scandal, its multiple scandals and they can they they're having a garbage, really tough time, keeping track of them all the three scandals or this in the next Thou Romania go into it make it down it's. The laundering of information, in other words, now since on verified information about the Trump team that p well in power. Law enforcement had to know was questionable that aid- under through different channels to make it appear that multiple people were reporting on it. It was say men, foe, sack in, This spying scandal government operatives being paid either government used by the government to gather
information about a political campaign. Third, the biggest scandal of all which I'll dig in some detail, and the next hour with Donald Trump Team, set up the whole time who really started this, I may we were told some maltese professor talked about dirt on Hilary. Did he start this. Who was working for why? Is there a suspicious what notifies the document that seems to indicate he may have been workin for someone? You might not suspect. It thereby GINO.
Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building? We have once again made contact with leader. I went back to the mark of in showed, thereby GINO fill it in for the great one little while the show some Monday to What have you in your cars right now at seven o clock work? There would await these coasts West Coast, maybe wrap it up a little early at some nice part about being a march showed us indicator all over talking to me all kinds of different times us. Let me get right back into its last hour, I told you I was gonna break down the.
Three separate scandals in the spy gate, the bottle and why it's important now now today. We had some more kind of where wasn't today, but last week Devon Nunez appeared on shore nannies Radio programme. And he gave some fascinating new details about the case. Now he obviously respect it is, is clearance and didn't give away that declassified nuggets. But enough information Verde seen before to kind of guide us in that direction in that, in our view, any interview he kind of quotas and is too one km, the spy, the spygate again before the break. I told you at the three are Formation laundering, the spy operation he set up in framing of the Donald Trump tea. They are there they're all related, but there were three big components of it. We got some formation on Friday from newness about
information laundering CM by the way before I get that Adam shift by the way is it is a complete disgrace to the Congress. Can I just addressed this for a second Adam Give this. These Democrat is an embarrassment today, ale embarrassment to the Congress shift tweets This morning, this guy, as some set out Are there any other way to say this? The guy was on tape on tape, Adam Shift. Talking to what he thinks is a russian whose connected to Putin about obtaining copper compromising material Donald Trump Adam Shift, is on tape you, anyone listening can go out right now, and Google Schiff pride by Russia's right he's on tape, trying to get information about Trump from what he thinks are Russians connected the prudent and he cannot pops up tweeted
about this trip tower meeting. I beat this guy's unreal. You can always the ears of the Democrats do what a Democrat is trying to hide something like like shifty ship, shift body. Adam shift shifty ship. What is what people. Always accuse you of what they did themselves chief is on tape, trying to collude with Russians to get comparable. Material interests that we all miss this Adam sure. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get sidetracked if, but it's just. I guess I don't know what planet we're living Hillary Clinton Trump collude with Russia, you paid russian Kremlin connected sources. You pay them through a law firm infusion GPA basically laundering the money through multiple sources. You pay for information from the Russians. Are these people mats? They think we're stupid fall
whose rushing collusion is very real. It is, but Hillary Clinton, Adam Shift and the Russians. If they dont Russians, it's very real, This doesn't have anything to do with the trophy on the information laundering scandal, this important backside, meaning get sidetracked there, but Nunez said something interesting in that interview, Friday and radio show it had. He said that there are components of the as the application. The application used to get a warrant to spy on trumped up there, application is critical because they use despite Carter Page and the liberal. Meat is well Carter. Page left the Trump team. By that point, Jim COM. Is already admitted they were investigating the Trump team. He was the FBI director, but when you get a Pfizer warrant On someone like Carter page, they have what's called the to hop. Rule is important in describing
information laundering scandals, big intimate, but the two hop rules critical allows them to hop from Carter page. They were spying on two people. He emailed to people they email basically would have covered the entire trump team. All they needed was an end. They needed a key to open the door to the Trump campaign teams house and they got into everyone's communications through Carter Page the fact it he already left. The Trump team is also entirely irrelevant. They need Then in page was the convenient in for them, because the bureau, the FBI, had experience with them. In the past various where he worked and cooperated in a the male some russian spies in the periodic off case. He was a cooperative now in order to get that into the Trump team through Carter Page, they needed information. Remember the Pfizer, It is not supposed to be a blank cheque.
The spy on Americans. You have to walk into a Pfizer court with, as as a as a prosecutor, an investigator with Information that the subject you want to spy on, don't forget this- that there's probable cause that that person is both a acting on behalf of a foreign agents, in violation of U S, law! Folks, that's critical! There's a lot of people act on behalf of a foreign agent. There are based People in the United States that act on behalf of foreign entities there are lobby. That lobby for foreign governments of the United States all the time they are now breaking the law. Unless they do, In violation of U S, law which spying would be, they have to walk in there with information? That page was in fact acting as a foreign agent, in violation of? U S law, they did not have that so component, one.
You. Don't want to do your homework. I have no time for you. You can go to your safe room. Employment you're crowns the real there. The actual folks were educated about the case. Will talk now you got that seconds piracy there. You know this stuff actually happen, locate the fact that Europe but to do your homework, I have no time for you. You can go to your safe room and play with your crowns the real there. The actual folks were educated about the case will talk now, you're dismissed. They needed to launder information. You understand what I'm getting at. They didn't have probable cause that Carter? age was a spy. They only had the dossier a sieve memos written by a guy paid by the Clinton team to produce medical information on the treaty that would beetle. Out of court, you would be when we marked in a court for bringing for death,
bring to bring that into a court. So in order to give the information we ve been near the patina of respectability. They couldn't a political dossier to accord guy we respond on our political opponents or choose. We produce negative information on a political approach. I couldn't do that they be left out so how to run the information through multi add channels to get it to the FBI, to multiple people, to give it the appearance that it was lodged made information. Please tell me, you understand what I'm telling you, because the information laundering operation is a key component of this mega scandal. It is same piece of information having an analogy make it makes sense, Joey Bag, Otis whatever he's doing here? spare information? He does. Does like his neighbor any accuses neighbour of whatever accuses Nay
stealing cars, the neighbors? That's the eloquent just doesn't like his neighbor Joey Beggar. Doughnuts can stand up, so you want to get into trouble. So Jolly be goes to his car and says: hey. My neighbour Bobby is stealing cars. Maybe the cop friend doesn't like Joey yeah, you know Joey's neighbour, to so the copper and says: hey, listen job! I can't walk into court with this information third hand. Here you heard from what we heard from somebody Bobby's robbing cars and get him arrested, its probable call. If you can get some other folks himself, he gets out there, to repeat the same information for me. It's coming from multiple sources source one source do sorcery. This look like its highly credible information, because multiple people talk about create idea. Let me work on that. You want to Then the source of information is the same guides show we beg opponents, the negative information on page,
use the spy on page all came from this being person, Kristen the steel, I'm a dossier now what this brought up on Friday? Was one If these information superhighways that they used to launder information that a court- or at least some points that were dropped in the interview was not enough who did in the fire a warrant? We Christopher Steel, stopped working for the FBI, because he was fire. He was terminated because I ve been talking to the So he was lying to the FBI, about his press contacts, the Department of Justice Bruce or and his wife Nellie, who was working for fusion GPS, scoop them right up. It's this. Graham guides Joey Beggar, doughnuts information, so the I can no longer use Joey Beggar, doughnuts information sergeant. We just go so another guy, the info.
Asian according to again at a boom speculating a bit based on the research. I did for my book with this I'm We are confident that the details of how that information got into a document to spy on page the fact that it was from a guy, Justice Bruce or whose wife was working for a company paid the juniper negative information on Tromp, the fact that those who work it was left out of the five warrant or that specific details were left out. Don't you think that's a critical piece of it for me that we might want to know that a guy whose wife is working for a company paid the gin up information a trump are encouraging a source nets, feeding information to the Department of Justice, the same source who was fired by the FBI for lying about its contacts with the press.
Wasn't information laundering operation a whole time so portion number one of the scandal, Information laundering on the information superhighway, but there's little sucks so that highway number one. What's the yield to the FBI. Originally, when he's work of Europe's Theo gets fired, steel gets fired because he lies about his press contact. Highway. Number two to the FBI, member to same guy. Bruce or Nellie, or to say start feeding me information on how we got from them. It's the same stuff in patient superhighway laying three the state Department, I gotta take a break. But I'll get into more anatomy. Other side of this break how they were multiple lanes, traffic all coming back to the same house, the steel dossier, the fake,
phony spurious dossier shuttle to multiple channels to give it the perception of the above a being genuine, not spurious information, thereby GINO Info Markleham interviewing Call eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven watching regions real folks, Israel, Israel, pilloried team Adam Shift: the republican cars which I d collude with the Russians in the galleries case. They did. They pay Kremlin connected sources for information
We are trying to hide this mega scandal which I've been talking about for the last twenty minutes, or so it actually three separate three separate compose of a big scandal. They ve been trying to hide it by accusing their opponents of what they did. Hilary collusion very real, the only leaks of information about the Trump investigation and about my clothes. Those are very real. There were crimes committed by Democrats and pity people but the Obama. Why does make no mistake this three big scandals. Now I said before the boy the information laundering, the use of the dossier to multiple channels. Although the information was garbage nonsense, junk sending it through the au and the or connection sending you steal. Originally, we, the FBI until the FBI fired em, also said this information through the State Department that, by the way, a debate
illiberal on Fox once about that? You could not accept the fact that this actually happen. This state department bureaucrats- they have no enforcement powers at all matter about the S s and talk about the bureaucrats No law enforcement authority at all State Department bureaucrats- they were running Essentially a law enforcement operation contacting Christopher Steel KEN Sore zero as a source of when the information through the FBI, what the heck was the state department doing right, potential criminal source. What would it run informants? Has Nobody asked these basic questions. I was fading Philippe Pay, one of the more clueless left this on Fox one time. And he said I can happen- I should dude That's in wine who worked in the State Department, wrote an up at the Washington Post admitting he had contacted Christopher Steel and brought the information pianos. You miss that
liberals are always lights. All they do is why all the time you can never tell the truth, Chokichi, no, a deliberate or lying near their lips remove Ezra. There always line. They shut all day me. This was a money laundering. This was information modern. It was the same bad information that could never be verified by the FBI. Why? Why trick question because it wasn't true how we're gonna verified who post do we call seven? It's not true. You can verify that, so they figured if they love people bringing the same bad, two plus two equal, seven information through the FBI, even though it all started with steel that eventually the FBI believe it was real good these manage
guys at the bureau. Mikhail call me stroke price that somehow they got suckered into this thing, some of em but potentially willingly, and they walked the information into a federal court. A five foreign intelligent surveillance court used up few terrorist this was a sophisticated information wandering operation. They swore in court, the information was true, it was not, it was false hopes. This is just. First prong is again. I wrote an entire book about this. I would be honoured in flattered if you would consider picking up is available on pre order. We just finished. It is called spy gate on Amazon now the attempted sabotage of Donald Trump. I talk about all these connections.
All of them go pick it up. You will be blown away, the motives for these people, You may be asking yourself why why such having involved by the United Kingdom in this Christopher steals a former british spy with deep connections inside UK intelligence? Why would they get involved like that. Ladies and gentlemen, the information laundering is a huge component of this And when that was rejected, fine words or on redirected, don't be surprised if you see, information that we shuttle through the oars where they, details of how she Bruce Oars, wife was working for fusion. Gps are basically paved Elvis. I'm Dan Bongino in for Mark Levin, if you want to give us a call, eight hundred and seventy seven hundred and thirty eight one thousand three hundred and eighty one
If you want to talk to mark, we have two numbers for you to call Americans gall, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one liberals call eight seven, seven, forty eight one, thirty eight eleven did you play that for me: where's that, like automatic the day at a ban, Produces the MAC Daddy, unite behind that micro back there? I love that one, there liberal line here folks, if you want to call normal folks, seven, seven, three one three, while one loony lead swell, leave a line open for you, so different line aids
Seven three eight one, thirty eight eleven love that that's my favorite political, sounder set out on that guy. Just about to do the red someone asked me what it's like to be an author ones is about an author, I'm a guy rights books, no idea that matter, Radiogram, just a guy on a radio big difference. I heard that one time I laugh coming home, Araby, honest took me a second, a process to like. Oh, yes, I confirm that I give c I a record of it sets a Hubert. Do I could be self deprecating, I get back despite gave the important stuff actually matters. So I told you it's three separate scandals, the less I meant I went over the information laundering scandal how the issue, nation they had the spy on the Trump team was garbage Bassorah, it was nasty its stunt, steaming pile of oars manure, it hadn't been five. It couldn't be verified. Why? Because it one grow worse not true, it was fake. It was
phony information, so in order to give it a veneer, respectability they sent the same crap information through multiple different people, where wound up on an FBI desk enable that's. Why we're here and is from everyone? It must be true, it was it. It was false. It was a success. The gated operation to launder information like you would launder money. The second component of the scandal spiky, then that there are three important sub components of this. Is the spying opera again. I know there are people out there. I get it that's great date. They don't want to get into waiter, talk about it and I need evidence. I don't have time for that. The evidence is everywhere. Not interested me about a lot of. I think we have two different definition of what evidence is a matter not maybe in a former law enforcement officer, I don't know their stand. What evidence is there? People don't get wet
It's actually is the evidence is everywhere the The information laundering scandal is all over the place future. Gps, actually hired the spouse of a guy who worked in the just department who met with a source the we always using using to attack that had already been fired by the FBI. That that's evidence. That's called evidence on component number two of this. Despite scandal, the trump team- I'm an expanded, alot of punctuated know this one, but it's important the Trump team with spied on, I don't care with the liberal Media'S- want to call it an undocumented FBI. Inform you know view from isms. Is their game? That's what Romania and the left does not care about interested them. Their delirious loons thereabout, to be humiliated by the way when this document is a rejected, portions or unredeemed acted up defies application because remember
They are holding out, hope I stand in for you should about Carter page proven he's a russian spy, it's in the black thou portions and endeavours put out a stabilizing, ok, we're requesting that the president on radioactive, because we know, what's in there and all of a sudden, a media such we'd, better, be quiet. If newness wants it release its probably pan for us, not him, you think. On these spying operation. We now know without a doubt that government that's where spying on the trunk team at the direction of the government. We know the names we know the name. At this point I get to the name, in a minute, but the name we know of the individual is well- was essential. Intelligence agency acid, who had worked with the CIA and the past, who was working at the direction of the government and effort to contact the troublesome and where robber liberals, you believe in civil liberties, the answers there
that's why the new rules are in effect, the new rules are in effect, because we're fighting a bunch of police, Staters Parliament guy just put on my facebook. You know at the you listen to the show. As I heard you talk about the new rules, and I prefer that remain remains civil because civility I am not interested in attacking other Merrick. Did you? Are you crazy did you hear that? Are you are you alone? Did you even listen? The report? We are God fearing people. I just went over that thank God, we have an emergency brake and our behavior, I would never ever appropriate. Do. Did you miss that I'm talking about the liberal violence on us, how we have to go and win every election we can everywhere. We have to fight back on Twitter, on social media at town halls all over the place, those of the new rules, people
listen, I'm telling you the here what they want to hear. My guess is not really a conservative, the guy posing my warm conservative. I disagree with the civility are you I mean civility Seville, that's really. As they throw water on. You steal your hat attack you, I got a marine office and you see the tea for rally today on August. Is that what you're gonna ask them, please, We civilized punching you in the face. I don't understand. Here's some establishment, but component number, two with a scandal, Government assets were used to spy on a political campaign, no reason: a person doubts that anymore. I said reasonable, I'm not talking. The mainstream media Bobo normal people, they don't know what you're talking about these are, weary is political operatives who or death. We try to make this thing go away by the way the if you want to call it
Eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven and dispute any of this again, I wrote a whole book on it. I am ready to roll babe I am you want to call it a challenge it more than happy to make you look a fool on the air quality time. I'll get. The semitic calls to know where you have to be only a liberal. I promise will give shelter, but he s too I want to get so component number to have to spend a lot of time on, because less than those on the show address that he was obviously the presidency team was obviously spied on. How do you because we have the emails from the actual spy who he may the members, that's. How are you miss that There wasn't spied on. There was a format what we call a spy. You noticed dopey, euphemisms game and that that the media
These lying rats in the media do this all the time he was spied on Trump saying he was: can you read they happy emails from the spy who made by the way, the worst spy in american history. If he wasn't trying to get caught, he did a really terrible job. Let me ask you some ferocious common sense here a moment you'll get a spy on a political campaign in the direction of the? U S. Government you leaving EL trail behind trying to reach out to everybody inside the campaign. This guy was really stupid. I it when it comes to trade craft this is some of the worst trade craft we ve ever seen in american history. We have this guy stroke, the lead investigator. This I worked his way up to the deputy, a deputy assistant director level, whatever was of the FBI and the guy's texting on an open forum,
about how much he hates Trump and an end very serious information about the investigation. This was the guy investigating Trump. I worked with a lot of bureau guys. They were very talented But clearly this guy's, given so did the other one. The spy emailing the whole trompe. He should have put the email like a little boilerplate, working for the. U S: government, on behalf the Obama administration, to spy on the Trump team check Box here to acknowledge like ten new European like cookies LAW, something seriously This guy was the worse by ever reach out? I need some information on behalf of the government so like inspire anyway. Why and liberal it wasn't, my god it was, but we have the emails. Can you read
seriously. Do we have to sing the alphabet to you that we have to do? We have to say that MR produce, you watch the team tightened showing the the funny you shall ever given shrimps and primary shrimps and re. Do we have Seeing the shrimps suck, we put the alphabet to teach you how to read by cash. I love that Google that its body shrimps deprive rip what's wrong with you are right. I wanna get past. Despite they ve been I've. Always I just can't get over how really doubt dopey some people he wasn't spied out. We have the emails from the spy I wanted. And some time on scandal number three. She just to react quickly. Scandal number one of the spy gate the it effort to lie.
Their information through multiple channels, the same information to make it seem respectable. It wasn't. It was unverified guard information uses by the Trump team scandal number two when at broke down. Use human assets, informants spies who emailed the trunk team. We have the records of it to try to get information from the treaty, but the the question and the mega scandal of the mega scandal is fork. Number three in this operation was. This is set up the whole time. Will you spend a little time digging into this? Please, ladies and gentlemen, if you happen
notice that almost every player in this scandal that tried to or made contact successfully with the Trump team was not connected to Russians but was connected to either the Clinton campaign of the? U S. Government. Process what I'm telling you for a second year, this entire. Russian collusion hoax is is built on a bedrock of Donald Trump made contact and stories team with Russia, events in an effort to collude to win an election and get the Dnc hacked emails up. That's the scandal. In order for that scandal. To be true, please understand A key component of it therefore has to be true using simple logic that at some point, Donald Trump had to make contact with Russians who were interested
Then a packing the election and giving them. Information about the Dnc emails. But what? If I told you that the people they made contact with we're not connected to Russians but they were connected to Russians connected to the Clinton. Trample the eggs a little bit baked. The bangles stir that soup folks in the next segment in the next hour, I'm gonna way out for you an interesting footnote defies, and I'm gonna have to Margo Cleveland here. The federalists who found this I miss this. My first thought came on me She found a footnote in the Pfizer renewal and after a very specific time period that could be potentially damaging and could we
a reasonable observer understanding the facts of the case. To believe that the FBI may be hiding something off we serious here now you may say what else could I hi information laundering, operation of spying operation. They may be hind hiding the fact that the Trump team was set up from the beginning. This was a scam from the start, I'll explain more on the other side is brake. You want to get us call. Eighty, seven thousand seven hundred and thirty eight. Three eight one one omby Amby, GINO Infomercial, then we'll be right back then, what about your mark of insured, then bar GINO at Debug, GINO on Twitter Info mark within a by the way, if you are not watching March, show on the Fox NEWS Channel Sunday night, ten p m eastern time on the far too
down a life liberty, Levin, you're, doing yourself a huge this service. It is the best, Unparalleled no question about it: On form, interview show out there now mark as away did the show one time it was awesome loved it. Rick Harrison on from a porn stars pawn this way you with all speed was pretty awesome. If you missed it, check it out. Go set your dvr mark of life Liberty and live in ten p m Sunday night. You don't want to miss. It shows been epic. Lately. Andy Mccarthy show David Limbaugh show and they were. My show. Can I say that self praise things, but I, like my short, was pretty us. I know you're not supposed to save my aunt. You so tell me about yourself phrase thinks it does but marks a great interviewer Joe degenerate without me, so go check it out life liberty and within ten p m Sunday night and the foxy shelves doing crazy ratings numbers is worries.
Ok I'll. Let me think a call here. Let me I d been older for awhile. Let's go to airy from crossroads. So am I say, an outright re ETA, Riyadh, ok, Marietta! Thank you for joining us. I appreciate it. What are you got for us? Well it with something dated earlier, and I am Sixty years old, my father was in the Navy, and my mother was both and they were both very politically active, but some
they seem to have forgotten in the military when you're in the military. You can't talk bad about the president. You can get courtmartialed for that, and so daddy would do his job and mother went and picketed things it needed. It did and they taught me. I had wonderful american, loving parents. They were great in every other way also, but they taught us to know who we were voting for and I I don't think that
What's goin on can't be a word put to it, I'm not sure what the word is mother in Daddy voted democratic right for some elections and they voted republican for others. They taught me to know who I was voting for and to vote for the right guy in Riyadh. I think, though, and listen I'm I'm only forty three, so am I not dumb. I've only been on the planet for for decades, but I've seen this kind of evolve from one. I actively started embedding myself in politics around sixteen or so until now were the Democrat Party is after a lot of people? I know the line is over used, but it's not just that the people have left the Democrats. The Democrats have left a lot of people here. I'll give you just a quick example. Reinvent me, my mother, my mother grew up in
a die hard. John F Kennedy, Sdr Democrat. As a matter of fact the only above all I care, if they ever had with my grandmother. God rest her wonderful soul was one day I came home from school and we were talking and I took a cheap shouted if the car man did. She is seated like that at all well, but if the army's pause Listen! You may. I certainly agree with the keynesian economics in practice the big government policies, the statute of the courts and other stuff, but he loved the cards. Soda J, F K. We're having now re ETA. Is this modern brand? And I'm sorry I can't let you go up against heartbreak. There was a great call. I deeply appreciate my my apologies. I want to make sure I guess but the problem, or even now folks, is the democratic parties being hijacked by a group of radical left this that actively celebrate the fact that they hate this country and everything it stands for. Look at that
someone's, surely gherkins today care this is after going. I love America love the cops. What are they screamin back? Shame on you! Shame on you describe it! Stop! white supremacist she's black are you that stupid? Oh, my God, right up, thereby GINO everybody on twitter infer. The great one reason to be here thanks for having appreciate all the good call. So far, if you'd like to call it joined the show, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three one month's get right back to it. So, the last hour I was talking about spy gate and how its not just one scandal. It's one scandals segmented into three distinct sub scandals that are of equal importance,
I believe we should all the good call so far if you'd like to call it joined the show, a seven seven, three, eight one, three one month's get right back to it. So, the last hour I was talking about spy gate and how its not just once handle its it's one scandals segmented into three distinct sub scandals that are of equal importance. That's how big this Disaster is for the Democrats in its also, why the Democrats, who themselves specific Democrats are guilty of attempted collusion with the Russians and, in Hilary steams case, actual collude with russian connected sources. That's why they keep going with this russian collusion fairytale tale with the trumpet, because you always peg a Democrat and what their guilty of by what they accusing you of when they accuse you of something you're, a racist, usually khazar involved and racist activity themselves like today, a bunch of guys attack
can this Owens Charlie Gurgle, without having having breakfast in Philadelphia peacefully, were attacked by a bunch. Savage liberal maniacs, who decided to do that, but that's what they do their accusing the trumpet of collusion, because this is what they are guilty, but you can't their stand, the big scandal until you understand the smaller sub scandals that it some that can put this is comprised him. So I talk about an hour ago. The information laundering scheme had a laundry information to multiple channels, but it was the same bad information do multiple channels to give it a patina respectability. To make it appear, because it was said often that it was legitimate But no matter how many times I tell you that you know three plus three was nine: it doesn't matter, it's fun. Information, it doesn't matter of ten people. Tell you or thirty people tell you the information. It is, in fact false the information,
in the dossier that they were using from Chris Risky was garbage. The second, so Our scandal was the effort to launder that information through multiple channels through the state Department through the or is it the OJ, do Theo himself self, and not this closer, I support that Hilary steam had paid for this research the gate of operation to clean the information? Don't forget that number to the sub scandal? Is these spying operation, the use of government assets, spying, acid? informants? It doesn't matter what you called. They were spot spies to interact with the Trump team to all information out now. This is important. I love this analogy, the pushing pull, because I think it makes sense to people this is my show probably heard this before, but is worth repeating. A march of you haven't heard this analogy before government assets, spies war war
to pool information out of the Trump team about their alleged collusion with the Russians now. You may say to yourself a what's wrong with that. Well, what? If the information about quote colluding with the Russians and the Trump team was pushed in, the Trump team by the very same people who are trying to pull it out. The very same investigators and which hunters what if they set them up the whole time. You may say why that sounds crazy. Does it You sure you really know the facts in this case, because I get this all the time from from jokers like what's his face, I forget his name can something NBC, such with the other, So a guy has no knowledge of the facts and occasional, none and he's cause retreating about that sounds like a conspiracy that what they are you not aware of the facts and the case, because you call something
conspiracy theory cause you're too stupid to figure out the facts of the case doesn't make itself. By the way these are, they can say, same conspiracy theories, accusing trap of russian collusion with no facts it all back. Then, don't you find that a little ironic again are accusing you were being a conspiracy. Theirs is usually because they are pushing a conspiracy theory. This is what the left us, but think about what I'm telling you here they employ to spy to pull this information out of the twenty two to query them: hey. Are you guys colluding with the Russians? What do you know about Russia this is what their asset, their informal did. What, if the infirmary about Russia was pushed into the treaty by the same He's investigator, you that's the key question. That's the scandal! who push the information it through the twenty pushing Formation in would be called a normal terms. I sat up. They were frame.
You may say: well what leads you to believe that? Well, I ve been this for about four five months now interesting case of this maltese professor Joseph Masood. This whole case about the true team, allegedly having information about russian Dirt on Hilary. This whole thing you understand this entire thing starts with one guy. It starts this maltese professor, who meets would Papadopoulos whose working for the Trump tee this All these professor meets with him in April. He says them accordingly, Allegations and multiple reports out there he says them- Hey the Russians may have their own him. Are you something he mentions dirt
does it mention emails? Listen to me please. He does it mention emails. He does it mention emails. Why important, because the entire case Democrats, illiberal median swap rats, have tried to make against the Trump team. Is that some And told the Trump team about a bunch of The sea emails when Miss it meets with Papa that plus and talks about dirt? He doesn't mentioning males and nobody knows about the Dnc hack, yet because it's that public, you may say: well, that's additional proof that sky was probably some russian asset. Pushing this information onto the trunk teeth and
I'm team willingly accepted it, so we should have had a spy trying to figure out what's going on. Was he. What we should a russian asset? You sure about that. If you do a basic Google search on Joseph Miss said you find out that some is best friends. Who, by the way, he's no one's personal, not alleging that the guy's past or anything about talking. This isn't like conspiracies the tv here, but Joseph pursued was interviewed by the FBI in February. Twenty seventeen Masood hasn't been heard from again publicly he's out there we just don't know where he is. Why now his friends and photographs, he has basically the imagery. If you just do a basic officer, I'm not talking about any advance investigative tactics. His
friends alleged. He is a western, intelligent source, western he's connected to our guys, wait. Why. I thought this was a russian collusion scandal. Is it you sure Because, when you look at his pictures on Google, he always seems to be mere. You care intelligence, assets, UK people, oh by the way here- invited to an event to speak in February. An event being held in conjunction with people from the? U S, state Department way. Why? So? What you're telling me? Let me get this straight cookie lonely, truce. Liberals, a russian asset in April of twenty six in truth: zero one six met with a member Trump team to say had dirt on the Hilary team you there
I mean that the State Department was at a conference in February this sum this global ties, conference, that cleared him to come into the United States to speak at this conference of February already meets with the FBI, then to never did soon again after that poof, like credits, be with the land of the left sock right where they go Nobody knows nobody Caesar hears room again: wow you're crazy. The state support let a russian spy into the United States, a speaking an event. They were working with the with the the organizers of the on and any mutual FBI friends say: he's a western intelligence ESA, but available. Think he's a russian spy. How do you know? the only that, where did you
that information. Now I haven't gotten a footnote in forget that, but I have to set you up with a bag story, so you understand how crazy. This entire story is that this is clearly a case of Democrat media collusion, there's no russian collusion. I trust this was a set up. The FBI interviews him in February. Twenty so again, a guy was supposed to be a russian asset. The state department lets him in the country. We don't see him again, but in the five application that they have the re up again, because it has to be re up every ninety days and interesting, footnote appears, and if you read Margo Cleveland piece of the federalists, you can read it After this interview where the FBI's asking for a waiver from free Information ACT, requests in order to do what, in other words,
I want to disclose information to the public due to freedom of Information ACT request they need to Britain. The source whose at source but miss it was a russian agent working with the Trump Deep Sea working with you guys. Who are you protecting? How come you interviewed human Why did you even let him in the country russian asset, where dirt on Hilary wisely under arrest. Why let him go? Where is why can't we find them Anybody interviewing this guy he's the key to the whole. Case: why read my new books by get your figure it out? you'll figure it out. They say down south right, quick, I'm an avenue Yorker in Maryland or move down south. So Emma
honorary southern. I beg I don't do the right, quick that well, but gush. They got down straight down here. Why moved down here may serve as a russian asset? you sure about that his friends say was a western intelligence ass. It is pictures I showed what numerous photos with western intelligence, United Kingdom intelligence assets, the FBI interviews almost a year later, we don't see again in the state Department allows the country. Elinor subsequent Pfizer application. They talk about protecting a valuable source wow, how bout bad bad mad special
Now you see why scandal number three was the Trump team frame. The whole time did someone in the United States government or an intelligence part of us push that information through the trunk team and ask him to say that I gotta take a break out going into more this. Neither set a breakthrough, call eight seven, seven, three one three at my hundred and eleven I'm in from our ban. On the back of the market in shows their blood GINO in for the great one where we say always top to fill in. Do they make name the Great Sea riches in it? So I don't like your rich AIDS, a secular state, all right enough.
Who gave a medically was that I envy you gave them gave a great one. It was right, the figure that sounds again He is the radio all favour, that's right, Hall of Fame. I want to take a few calls. You want to call any tendency one three women. Liberals you're always welcome to call eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one. One challenge me on anything: you'd like more than happy to make you look silly on the air with ridiculous russian collusion conspiracy theories, but this is important. We are talking about before the break the third problem of the spy gate disaster, which is. Was this: a set up the whole time I said to you that an interesting footnote appeared in the FISA application about the FBI looking to protect those shores whose at source, another source, because I thought
all things started with this myth sit guy meeting. Will pop up was telling about russian dirt. What if TAT, miss suit? Guy was connected to western intelligence, not the Russians. Why did you say that. Who told him to say that. Did someone enshrined in the Hague will find a Trump team guide tell by russian Dirt on Hilary? Don't We will get another spy later to ask him about. The information makes them look, he'll be what source are you protecting? Why you FBI heard of this guy in fact We have twenty seventeen folks pliers connected to this. Please understand this. The players connected to this alleged russian collusion between the Trump team art can
Did to the United States government, western intelligence and people higher by the Clinton, keeping that's just a simple fact when you do your homework on the case, and you look at the connections of these people. They all go back, that they don't go back to the rest. They go back to Hillary Hilary steam fusion. P s, and they tell since agencies assets from Stern intelligence is, But their hiding the whole time is that why but Nunez keeps asking for this. Fourth, five gotta, be released. The fourth Pfizer they keep asking for. This accuse me not to be released two portions of it to be rejected. What is it Is that going to expose it? This was a set up the whole time, the for me, is not looking good right now. Folks, the the trunk tower meeting which
already acknowledged, wasn't effort above provided. Guy to give information on Junior, they already acknowledges the about Hilary they never saw there was Our information passed. Listen, I don't care you know why? I don't care, because Tell media starts caring about a Hilary paying for information from Russian Kremlin connected sources. Use a court and weapon eyes in an information laundering operation until they care about that. I am not go what we need to set standards, what standards. You already weapon eyes the government, I'm posted care about a meeting where no information was exchangeable. However, pair of an idea was, I acknowledged that great, a thousand times. But was not illegal. We're all support
to be upset about this, while the Hilary Energy get a free pass for actual paying grammar connected sources for information to use a? U S! Court against political opponents. Please accept To be how that's rational, gotta get into who showed up at this meeting in a minute after the break, to show you The meeting is a Hilary scandal, nodded junior are Trump's. Can and thereby GINO from arc of inviting us to call hundred seven seven three one three one model Europe Mark Levin of freedom. You know you're one of the greatest champions of freedom in this country, if not in English speaking world market. Mark at eighty seven, seven, three eight one, three eight one one I welcome back
mark of in showed them bond GINO in for the great one talking about Scared scheme ferry x files, conspiracy, theory, russian collusion hoax- that so many liberals have been suckered by willingly haven't even bids. Could they love it baby, I've they think most of em? No, it's not true. They just don't care, but always call her up on the board asking why Trump doesn't doing that. Such Edith hang out there trying to get you to mention just quickly. They are doing something about it. Nobody cares about this russian collusion hoax other than the Democrats. You see the pole numbers on it. What is it? One percent of Americans think that Russia is the most important issue that they should address right now. One percent for liberals. You can't do man, that's one out of a hundred less
one percent who knows can be won out of a thousand could be zero: zero, zero, zero, zero. What percentage she shoe knows why tromp do anything about it votes. I think the answer is trump knows you didn't do anything wrong. I think he's allow in them. Allowing them to bay than their own mud. Now that this is not going to end well for them electoral. Nobody cares about his lip I've no agenda other than russian collusion. They need If, though, you may save to yourself well, liberals are usually smarter than a wire, but also focused on russian collusion. If they know it's a public relations loser for them and they It's not going to help them when elections, because folks, liberals, the Democrats, the Clinton team and the p. Will they conspired with are guilty of color. You may have to keep this myth fairytale up there. I said before the break I talk about it. The infamous tromp power meeting there talking about now,
Ladies and gentlemen, this meeting is devastating through the clipping team hours there, they met with trumped Judy folks. This is absolute. A devastating, because I've told you there were three components to this day long. What information that was fain to make it look real. They spied on the Trump team, but third. There is a russian lawyer, Genre Shamayah, her name was this thing operation run against the Trump team there never russian collusion there, probably myths about russian collusion, pushed into the Trump team orbit to pull out later. To make him look like they colluded with Russia's the truck team. From power meeting with Aunt Julia. How does this? But how does this fit in folks who showed up for that meeting? I know the names the you. There was a russian lawyer clash russian lawyer.
Enables vessel sky and italian vessel in. That russian lawyer met with who, both before and after meeting and who wrote the talking point for that meeting, fusion GPS, how bout that should yes, why does that neighbouring about up, because they were working for Hillary Clinton. You're telling me russian lawyer, working with a company paid by a Clinton the gin up. Information on the trumps showed up at them. And this is supposed to reflect poorly on the Trump T come again who else showed up, Guy by the name of Renate mentioned, who is connected to Russia, that tells us surely surely this is evidence of collusion. Surely. You're always lawyer run
then the Clinton Circle the Russian, entail guy who's already, is already on the record in public reporting, as liking Donald Trump supporting Hilary. His warriors, connected to the entire clip in orbit. So, let's see one person showing up as a russian lawyer, Are the naval vessels Gaia? Who is working with them but he paid for by Hillary Clinton the same company, Talking points for the mean number two guy is a guy. Can it The rushing russian Intel, whose lawyer is Clinton, close circle lawyer working in that orbit, Huda. Like Donald Trump. Third, I translator who worked for the State Department while Hilary was their. Ladies gentlemen, you put two and two together. This reflects poorly
on the Clinton team and their connections to everybody. Trying to port and negative information. And meetings that look suspicious into the truck team. No information, negative information about Hillary Clinton up any nothing of this email scandal was exchanged or that there are some stuff about taxes and things like that, but its nobody understood they were talking about. They moved on and I want to talk. Russian adoption was me a bad idea in retrospect? Nobody would disagree with that. May include. I dont think you'd here a different answer from the trunk team either, but let's not play games. Your folks. The people who showed up to this meeting were connected the people in the Clinton orbit. This is a set up as always is set up. You're getting duped,
you're, getting scam the big scheme. I let me take a courier, let's go to Edith be in that I mentioned are, and I said I would Edith in Jacksonville, one of the greatest cities of the USA Florida. How are you Edith where you got for I M just Dan. I have two questions number one. Is it true that just sessions is able to refuse himself and number two with all those who implement? the two others have. What are you saying? President Trump doesn't point his own special council neglect these people, instead of waiting for them to hang them sales. I'll, hang up and listen to me to you Well, MR caused readers is like the ideal call right. Thank puts it out quick Sissy put right to the point. I got two bullets. I'll hang up: publicity darn! It was good to you
I had to call a wreath of Jackson, move Laura. I let me at the second, the UN's sessions refusal he walked beside economic use himself, so I'll hit the second. Why isn't trump taking action on this? They are. The United States attorney John Huber was appointed to look into the Hilary like any mail scandal and all the d o J Miss Phoebe. In sore potential mouth visas. In the case that things are happening right now in the Department of Justice they granted, they are happening, interglacial pace. I am not happy with it Ecevit, but there are things happening. There should more be putting it depends it's going to be based on the evidence, unlike our liberal police, they tyrant, friends. Actually believe and evidence of prosecuting people based on evidence when it's there for It's not happening on the timescale. We like I'm, not apologizing for that the refusal was an awful decision. I wish he would have done it
but it is what it is that we're dealing with right now. Why can't trump take action now he is, he can t classify this stuff that will. But let me ask you a question you son of a phoney more, but then you are. You can all answer for pre here. Why would he folks wondering about Trump where he is chronically underestimated? I've noticed this future. Repeatedly may take it back. I've noticed with trumps opponents. They chronically underestimated guy, who is made close to what billion dollars and managed to win the office of the presidency, the United States with zero office experience whatsoever? Not yet the man's ability to tactically strategies. And do things is chronically underestimated. They they do the thing they did with Reagan,
just some happy at the office. Are you sure why would he move any faster on this Russia thing on declassified the information? While you were listening before you probably figure this out? The answer I'm gonna give you now, I think, is pretty straightforward: there's no they're they're folks. There's, nothing there. You have an investigation started by the FBI, Jim Commie was the director Jim Colonies, the FBI, the infrared ahead of you, yeah the information they based on Jim call me is on the record, saying it's anxious and unverified put yourself in trouble. Shoes, you're, right European investigated for a crime and the head of the pole, departments investigating it says the information salacious verified even worse. The number two in that department in this Sandy Mikhail the deputy director, the FBI, who, by the way
we ve been referred out for criminal investigation, the number two with the FBI tells people up on the hill in an under oath here that the dossier used to spy on the Trump team. Was they sent a component of the information they have that the investigation basically wouldn't exist, as it was without the dossier, so they have come for information to start the crap Information was the bulk of the information according to number to the number three bill price step in the case, running a division investigating the case when asked about it again upon the hill on the road Says well, we weren't really verify any information to process was in its infancy. We weren't done verifying. So now you have information according to call me, After all they had according to became the crap was at the infancy stages of being verified.
And then you have the lead investigator in the case, Peter stroke. Texting is girlfriend at the time that Donald Trump Investigation, there was no they're they're, so less this reiterate what what this damn answering questions. Why Trop is in no rush whatsoever for this to go away, making the Democrats look like the imbeciles they are. There is nothing new crap info, they had was the crap, the crap wasn't verified and the crap, there was no there. Therefore, the crap that, if trumpet something Are you supposed to come hide? I think, he's playing these. It's for the fools they are, and these media people too, who are setting themselves up for to be the biggest conspiracy. Theorists in modern american history? They when selling you a collusion fairytale for, two years now, almost two years. That is, there's nothing there he's playing
for there is no way he doesn't declassify this thing right now, otherwise he's holding the information I believe, but this for one who does what he doesn't want to seem like he's getting involved this all of it by the went over. There are significant portions. I think you should react and well, but the whole thing, because he doesn't want to see my keys interview Number one and opportunities watching these idiots run around chasen themselves in a circle. There's nothing there, there's no, where their trust, I'm worried about this. The Democrats should be worried. However, the Democrats should be very worried matter of fact. The Democrats bliss and you ve got some significant. The Democrats involved in this and spying scandal, the information laundering scandal and the set up in framing the Donald Trump email. You got a lot to worry about
a Irwin Democrats up on capital ill will not be left unscathed by this. When all this comes out- and you figure out who they are based on the vitriolic response to Trump on their twitter. Account is a reason they respond away. They do gotta, take a break omby, Amby GINO Info mark of anyone. It gives colleagues and seven three one three one we'll be right back. I went back to the mark on this hope. This supervision, I we're talking about food. You know what the others of you. You listen to me regularly fill here for the great one which I love. I always. With the end of the show is equity, eight chicken sandwich- that's usually when are you coming down alternates all chicken? I was reminded of that Joe patchy scene and good
They got a leg I get away. I do I need something, someone throw me a chicken bone right up started are that we take a colored and Malta as if they were displayed, I'm a bit ly. Let's go to G are its duty. Oh City, California, GR. What do you got for me? What do you like? The leg of the wing? Listen, I like a birth beggar, you, Sir you New York! Thank you for your secret service service. Gonna pay. Twenty! Sixteen people get my facebook posts. I look like a member sounded like
member of Anti Everyday elastic, resist yeah yeah. This is a good com. Dig in it wouldn't lie the chance for maize. Then I thought the resistance was and, as I am sure, destroying cities and and beating people up- and I saw the press lose its mind- they prompt him up the piper scheme in it backfired on him, and now they ve been acting like insane. Many use I can't even get I can weaken, could could speak administration and act in a like you. Would anyone ministration, because I've wall and in fact the european media and anti than the streets areas of lost your mind that I'm like? Well, I don't want this. I want to get back to what you are talking about, what you play public bodies, you disagree. Let's. And then you go back. They have just lost their minds, and I want to let you know GR of Europe its an honour to talk to you, and I really am. I miss I'm a little bit shocked and manufacture. Mr calls for good jobs. Now you gotta take this,
he's a really good one, and I just remember not a step on your home stay. Don't don't hang up I just remember, being a secret service agent for Obama, obviously the people I worked with the White House staff were all you know, Obama, liberals, I mean that's nothing shocking. Now they were for prison. Of course you can be loyal to And our irish friends with, though maybe we would you know after the trips we would hang out, we'd have dinner together and we we argue who perhaps stop and but we never it's never personal like I just don't I'm being Syria must try to, like virtue saying I just really liked them. Personally, I just didn't like radius, manufacture of acting to say his name, because he one of whom was just what I decided run for office gave me some great political advice. He's: ok, listen! Here's what I learned in politics! It was never personal and I just never understood this large to the left towards violence and confrontation. Given I'm gonna. Do they really believe they're going to convince people that you were at work? We have
in writing as or we're gonna beat you did beat. You does not, if you don't believe us, what's the strategy to be those of Mars, Brooklyn New York- and I will now republican though times twenty three, because I was the first huge wave of political correctness, and I would like now not doing this and I had arguments of people. I was working class guy in Brooklyn, but we will never fight. You know there was some huge arguments, but never fight and people. Now my positions, I look to the democratic after the Bush administration and with great like that. But this is just you know. This is beyond the pale and the things that doing and employing and eight they have our in universities, indoctrinated. They have Hollywood there, the mainstream media and they try to say that, where the wanderer abusing palette layer They are in power. I gotta run my friend, but really you welcome here. Thank you for the call, and one the most refreshing cause. I've had to show good job. Mr call screen get Nirvana are good job GR. Thank you. You are
I'll come here any time and listen if you have disagreements with its call the show I just like to ask you know when the liberals call like ideologically make em look silly little paper gr, you welcome here it and thanks for the call I was greater. I folks it's been at an incredible. Shall we talk the beginning, but the new rules got kind of recap it about the new rules. We win, you lose. Those are the rules. Now: ok, new rules, a spy, gay, the three separate scandals and spiky. They laundered information. They gotta you, U Spy, elegance, ass, the spy on a political operation and was this a set up the whole time folks, you Fine, all this out, all these answers and all the connections. If you check out my new book, I again, I appreciate the opportunity marks been very gracious and allowing me to promote my look. It is available on Amazon. Now, it's already of mega best seller is avail
four priorities, an Amazon. The book is called spy gate, the attempted sabotage of Donald Trump. If anything I talked about in the last hour interest you. It is all in the book, the players the how they did it they tried to pull it off. How they tried to cover their tracks is an explosive book It covers something you haven't heard before, which I can't this till it comes out, but the motive you read the book, you're gonna, find out a really amazing revelation out why they pick the people. I picked you at the workplace, Go pick it up spike thanks a lot for expression.
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