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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, WPHT Radio Host, Rich Zeoli, fills in. Joe Biden is confused, he praised the segregationist former Gov. George Wallace who stopped black children from going to school with white children. Yet the media claims that President Trump is sending secret racist massages by ordering flags to be flown at half-mast in memory of the shooting victims of El Paso and Dayton, because he ordered this to be done on 8/8 which correlate with the initials H.H. Then, the way to disarm a population is one gun at a time and the most recent examples are the Red Flag law proposals. California is looking to expand these red flag laws to include co-workers, friends, teachers, and ex-lovers. Such Red Flag laws offer less due process than the law typically allows and that opens the door a rapid loss of our rights. This flies in the face of American jurisprudence. Later, this all boils down to defending ourselves from our own government. All of this rhetoric from the left is intended to stop Donald Trump's election prospects.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now in its hundred and seven, the fifth year hills there, is a truly independent institution where learn surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thanks, for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Their brother sponsorship now run casting a mermaid underground command, both the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader. My love I tell by has had a very, very bad weak, but its Joe Biden, we pram poor, gaff, more jobs. More inappropriate tat is a democrat front. Runner is the worst front. Runner in the history of politics, well
fell within its mark is often either great. One is off z all your fellow the midnight from Marks home City of Philadelphia with you tonight Happy Friday. A great many of you do not, of course, the number eight seven, seven three eight one three eight one one g Biden today said there are three genders, which is which is news to me, no news to Google gazetted Google recognizes six hundred and forty two genders so there's that and Joe Biden of course today and yesterday in a series of days a week- and I were- has it's so many gaps, including a gap that would absolute, we called racist of Joe Biden, we're republican. But since he's not they just go back oh that's just floods, it. You know I'm literally defending the guy when he said something Well, you know these poor kids and then there's white kids, Absolute Biden gaff. This allow history of it. Though you're back in the day, Joe Biden used to praise George Wallace These segregationists needs these praise him time in fact photo.
Choir nineteen, seventy five than an interview with him about that this Yo George walls was a pretty great guy pretty great, but of course, the narrative being that the president's erases the media this week app lately shameful with what they have said about the president, enabling white supremacy, pushing white supremacy, giving dog whistles supremacy there was this Whacked job, who is on MSNBC earlier this week. Guy literally said at the present was giving coded language to white supremacist and NEO Nazis, bigger the day that he was gonna, have the flag go back to Falstaff being August Eighth and that our political for you a little in the show the factors of fact slash, eight is August. Eighth, eight, eight, an agency, a letter of the alphabet and actually its coded language to white, supremacist, H, age, being Heil Hitler Kid you dots I'll hit. Certain MSNBC, with a straight face
Brian Williams? Is there go and well that's interesting? the media. All week has been doing this all week. We ve been saying the President is giving dog whistles to white supremacist and these two, white supremacist, and they keep running with that. Charlottesville lie The shooter down in El Paso, Texas, this guy, whatever is motivations, were Donald Trump enough to do it. The present another deal with it in the president made very clear. He denounces white supremacy, denounces hatred, denounces NEO Nazis, but the media keeps with the narrative over and over and over again. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has had a long history. Praising segregationist, brazing call Joe George Wallace Praising policies that were absolutely about segregation and they ever for him. Cover him all the time because Spats Joe Biden what're you gonna do I mean come on and its aid up to four Democrats are getting increasingly frustrated that he's therefrom. I mean imagine that right oh, is their front runner and he's
Absolute lack lustre candidate at best at work he's an embarrassment to Democrats, three or yesterday was an I work and he says something stupid again, this time saying that kids are just as bright his white kids. I to cover for himself. Well, I mean I mean all all kinds of kids. I mean not not just white kids, but black kids in the asian kids, and he can't help yourself bright born at a really good piece. Today Joe Biden repeatedly praise George Wallace yet he compared the late, at least because if you know obviously everybody else they want to compare Donald Trump to George Wireless, but was a Democrat and a second issues but Biden. Literally praised him and one point he gave a speech to this. It was builders bite in the battle for the soul of our nation, and this is the time it binding then decides to do it. Every single other Democrats doing call the president races say awful things about him. Awful awful things
as escalators attacks on the president, because he knows now he's gotta show a Democrat Party he's really woke, you know he's got to show them listen. I am as woke as the next Democrat and in their battle of rules the workers woke Democrat Joe by say: look! I promise you woke three g Nurse come on, of course, to the Mai Democrat Party three genders is not even a starting point. You gotta add many zeros after that, but he wants to prove it so We tries by of course, in the past then a long history of invoking and was praising relate the late Alabama governor George Wallace quote. I think the Democrats party could stand a liberal George while, as someone who is not afraid to stand up and offend people, someone who wouldn't pander but would say, The american people know in their got is right, but until the What are the inquiry? Nineteen? Seventy five, when discussing, why liberals should not I will drive for blocking of criminals.
At the time by was a young first term. Sender from Delaware was developing a reputation for bucking his party, most notably on the can and just issue of bussing to desegregate public schools. Now the fact that racial norms or more antiquated than they are today bite ensconced. Unless reviewed as controversial Wallace was governor abandoned them in nineteen sixties and then and throughout most of the nineteen seventy stood out, emanations psyche for stringent opposition to integration even going as far to declare segregation now segregation tomorrow, segregation for ever and is, nineteen. Sixty three inaugural address. And then we all remember what happened when John F Kennedy sent the troops down there to ensure the schools? Would be would be desegregated. Everybody remembers that So there's Joe Biden praising George Wallace praising this and that in nineteen sixty eight years whilst ran for president as an independent on a plan
poor men, included opposition to fairly mandated bussing, and reasserting law and order. General election. And blah blah blah blah blah by didn't invoke him to the Philadelphia inquirer. My hometown newspaper, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five. I was trying to rehabilitate his image by making inroads with Alabama black community, even though succeeded in that effort by some measure, Wallace remained a vigilant, when it states rights, blah blah blah blah blah blah and then there's Joe Biden, where's Joe Biden, claiming liberals only favour the practice of buses because it was associated with racist. Like George, while, as he says, quote, I Think for part of the reason why much of this has not developed. Much of the change is not develop because it has been an issue that has been in the hands of the racist. We liberals have out of hand rejected it because of George Wallace's forest. It must be banned, and so we haven't really looked at it now- there's
Once a streams by said there is academic ferment against did not majority but academic ferment against their young boy. The young white leaders against it as busting Sometimes even George Wallace's right about things biting told another, You're sure committee, nineteen, eighty one This is the kind of stuff that, if we natural media in the country, they would report on the stubborn think, thankfully bright bar too in a great job bringing all this up, but as an interesting, though that be the fact that your bike and settle this too inquirer, tell you, because I really enquire to prep, for my own show interview Phd unfairly. I ve never seen them talk about this. I've never seen them bring this up now. Perhaps maybe the photos enquire doesn't know what's in archives. I guess that's possible. Maybe they haven't checked. If you haven't looked, but in light of what bite instead regarding kids, white kids poor kids in black kids in brown, kids and asian kids does he tries to cover for himself? In light of that, maybe it's worth asking the question. Is Joe Biden, racists,
RO the same game they play about. The president right back on them is Joe Biden. Perhaps maybe a racist, deep down inside and there's stuff comes because you just can't help himself no ages. I it comes because it's who he is it's part of his psyche, The same guy pow, the rapid segregation is the same guy who praised segregation is governor. George Wallace. The same guy was against bussing, the same guy who talked about locking everybody up. Maybe that I d down inside, is just in fact absolutely racist. Any just and stuff comes out. The two he is I'd like no for media, whatever ass those questions, they throw this stuff up about the president and, as far as I know, President Trump has ever praise George, whilst, as far as I know, present Travis ever praise Irrigation istre hung out in powder on with them, and if the didn't, say anything like what Joe Biden said, the guards to these kids, I mean everybody be losing it right now,
providing says it, and I M a cover for Andrea Mitchell and others cover, and this is the audio only. I was Fair reverie was going on nonsense. Campaigning, lose terribly as the food For Democrats, let's go cut number six. I know that we should do. Is you should challenge these students? We should challenge students in these schools have advanced placement programmes in schools. We had this notion that some of your poor, you cannot do it poor kids. It is bright. Injustice, towns, white, kids, wealthy what we really need to think how we think about Zita, its first, since it was to say just like white kids, just as with white kids at any cost. For himself. We can hear that it goes. I am Anna Lindh Blockades and an asian kids and and and brown kids, purple kids, green kids, because he realized what he said in a cloud of a crowd alone, and clap too,
oh yeah and other just as good as like. Yes, yes, yes, maybe That's the old! You know: paging Doktor, Freud, Doktor, Freud. Please come to the waiting room. Perhaps this is Joe Biden really thinks in all. Maybe you actually really thinks that way. It's The conversation a common heresies running for president. She went after Joe Biden over the bussing thing and then She talked about how, without Passing she never would be where she is today and Joe Biden just sat very just let you know what to do. He had no idea what to do when he's getting attacked, the debates and so now his answer is, I will show you I'll prove to you. Democrats, armies woke, as you can possibly be, and this is I tell you since on broadcasting from Pennsylvania, as I fill in for the great when Mark, when I tell you, Joe Biden has no chance of winning the general election, Is it can't when Pennsylvania, for a number of reasons. Ps Joe Biden tries to be more woke, Joe Biden, wines of saying, even stupid, things
And lately, with regard to the environment, if you know the last debate, Jobs about how there's no place for coal Joe Biden. Administration now call matters to Pennsylvania matters to a parts of the country. President Tromp has stopped the ridiculous war on call that Barack Obama's administration, wage Joe Biden to prove to them. Crises woke is aunt. In pencil vainer. So on the one hand he wants to say, listen, I'm just a model. In play well in Pennsylvania, So the one any wants to say: listen, I'm just a moderate democratic, blue collar kind of work and guy from Scranton even though I only live there till I was eight, but look at me. I'm just like you are working class kind of guy, but an order. Get the denomination he's gotta go through the Woke primary, and so he says stupor things like yeah, I'm against call, and yes, I'm against natural. And oh now, Binder ministration will have a flood of immigrants but of immigrants, Joe Biden,
vowing a flood of immigration. If he's elected, I mean it if the kind of stupid stuff compass a guy with no be but instead he always adapts. Save Joe Biden had a core compass by would try, just be who is but We always adapts to whatever audiences around the always adapts So now they say to him, listen you if you become a nominee, IRAN as a blue collar kind of guy. You know you relate to the to the guys. The coal mines. You relate to the working class people you relate to these, but to get there you gotta, show the Democrats you're his work is the next guy come on, say something stupid again, today was now in a heartbeat, the boy, and administration will import another two million immigrants now plays really well with working class people right working, people who are worried about their jobs getting taken so at sea, three genders two million more immigrants on the way of a war,
I call on the way the end of natural gas on the way all this in a Joe Biden Administration and somehow some how some way that's gonna win Pennsylvania dimension all his pal around with segregationist and racist and racist Democrats. Tire career which really play well with the black voters in Philadelphia in Pittsburgh. So Absolutely I mean what a cabinet, how what a dream eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven rich Zeoli in for the great one mark Levin coming right, Much has been said founding in eighteen, forty four hills, they'll call it has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus the free monthly speech Digest of Helstone College in private
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Our fellow market in ice, rich zillions of agreements and I'd really one is off, but I want to let you know by the way big event coming up to Morrow and Mark will be there I can give you a b c and bark in the park tomorrow. Seventy August tenth, eleven, A M Peck Park in Rich, on the Jersey can be great day whole family. And bring your pop aright mark Can there. You know he loves dog. So much in fact is but Rescuing sprite stoa give like you, people when they lose their pet, great grapes burden, county, animal shelter or be on site adoptions available, you can get more info it W Abc radio, dot, com and mark will be back on Monday, but tomorrow we'll be there the great event at the bark and park so Providing an awful cabinet is a terrible front, runner air about you, but if the president of I'm Donald Trump, I'm I'm sleeping fine tonight fine! The next week in bed minster at the club
I'm fine, I'm not worried about Joe Biden, has Joe Biden is killing his chances of the presidency, no way that guy wins a general election by going super woke can't do it, no matter what can't you it took off call minors and also natural gas, and then blue collar people and talk flood of illegal immigration talk about ray genders. Its wacky and then Joe Biden's got another problem too driving of Joe Biden gets the he's, have a lot of very, very upset liberal serving to stay home. They don't want him but they also realise it there's a lot of very powerful democrats with money who want to make sure that Joe Biden gets a nomination, and I think That of Joe Biden. Isn't almond either there to stay home in November? Twenty, for him because they want to the points big of a bird. Browse! Think of Elizabeth Warren's people. Think oh sees the squad suicide squatters. I call them think about them
and how they're always battling the mainstream Democrat Party in battle. Antsy Pelosi battling all those people they wanted. Take over they want. They want a hard take over the democratic party. Joe Biden becomes or nominee I know that everybody says when they hate Donald Trump so march it they'll do whatever it takes to come out. I don't believe that, I believe that for a second, I think they would rather shit on their hands for four or five years and wait for a chance to have actual woke candidate as their parties nominee then binding another problem, which is it if he doesn't have burmese people coming out. If he doesn't have Elizabeth warrants people coming out to her fake people coming out concerning about as fake than he I have a core base of them, rats coming out for him, he loses our people over his shift, hardship left him, environment, black voters, find out all about his anti segregation is pals is praising of George Wallace's opposition, a bussing.
Maybe they stay home to a mean pressure to consider that the african american employment rates, the lowest its ever been president's criminal justice reform, a thousand people prison, nine, percent of Homer Black. I mean I don't know, I'm just saying they got together, he's going to Joe Biden's going to kill it with the black vote. I'm not buying that sorry, the get the birdie bro stay home and Elizabeth Warren Brows, and whatever saying on he's he's, toast Beethoven about that there media only talks about all the supper, geopolitically, so worried about the suburbs. When we get back. Our Levin I'll tell you why that is overblown I'll. Tell you why it is that the presence doing just fine with women, the suburbs bearing the media will ever tell you threatened
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a college America's college. One liberal media bias Magua then call now at least seven self employed, one three, eight one one good Markleham ensure that grows off tonight, he'll be back on the Monday Rich Z, only from his home town of Philadelphia doubly Phd with you tonight great to be with you tonight, fellow of nights, mark would ensure the great one is off tonight. He'll be back with you Monday, Rich Z. Only from his home Philadelphia Debut Phd with you tonight great to be with you tonight, fellow of nights, yeah. This ridiculous idea of Republicans jumping on board the idea of destroying due process. The guise of the government seizing firearms, not because you threatened anyone not because you ve done anything, but that you might do something, you might Do something of future crime might be committed a minority or
what style future crime red flag? Something Democrats love it, put us in data bases and they label ass, mentally ill white, supremacist, hateful, big it a blah blah and then just out of the blue. Somebody can come along say. Well. I think that person may be depressed. Stir anxious or dangerous are they threaten anybody know, but I think they might be dangerous. That's all we need. Let's go. The guns and then you as an innocent american you have to spend. A thousand dollars get a lawyer, Goethe to prove your innocence in order to keep your guns which you have. God, given right you under the second amendment. So this idea dead now, thank God, Three Republican and the Senate, John Barroso came out today said he's got the major reservations with its. Hopefully this This is over.
But this is another reason why Joe Biden in a lot of trouble in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, lotta guns, you can't win the presidency without winning Pennsylvania. That's what I really believe and the Democrats thought why he's the perfect candidate, I mean he's from Scranton guy liberally was eight I've spent more time. Scranton than him, and I've been there twice. But they say Joe Biden. I can really relate to Pennsylvania, mainstream voters, you know, and- that's how that's how it when the White House back no, Though this week, Joe Biden said he's common for your guns, common for those assault. Weapons he's gonna come get em that some play well in Pennsylvania. I would also doesn't play won't. Pennsylvania is a fact that he's absolutely creepy with women now I know if you read everything on the mainstream media, they tell you that Republicans have a real suburb problem. You know the suburbs are really tough for them in twenty twenty and I don't know, although suburban women, they are fleeing in droves. First of all,
I think it's pretty obvious people lighter posters. I do it all the time. Why? Well, because if you say your voting for the president, the posters call you a racist. The media calls you races. They do this all the time to allow people who are voting for him, don't say because they just don't want people to label them and on the other judge them, so they go out or known. I'm beatin on voting for anybody, but there is a poet with the came out and said, majority of Americans think the countries on the right track, but there for anybody. But trump yeah, I'm a biomass, if you, the countries on the right track. You down change tracks, you don't want to get a different train do you think you're on the right track. You stay on the track, Well, I think been on the right track. Reno levy, let me just go in a different direction. You never know what see what it's like, not outworks, but if the and so the first question I say yes and countries on the right track and then sent question is we vote for trouble? you're out, no known anybody, but
that means. They're lying means want to tell you because you're probably upholstery you're, probably millennia you're, probably to judge them. They don't want people. Their races. They want people to think that there are supporting a white supremacist rather nonsense. You say so there not honest about it. It's the same phenomenon. You saw in twenty sixteen that building polling methodology, is improved in any way shape or form. I personally don't believe that companies have any idea what they're doing they're all over the place, but as it may, the they assumed biting we'll have the best chance of all be tromp and in places like Pennsylvania in Ohio, Michigan Wisconsin, the rust belt always come in for the guns. You want two million more immigrants in the country and says stupid, things all the time trying to be woke and then says no call no natural gas you can't win Pennsylvania with those ideas and republic this need to wake up and some to a fact too. If you met The second amendment you will lose to you will
Back in my my statements of Pennsylvania, Pat to me, Sandra Pat, drew me this week was talking about the fact that he thinks he's red flag laws are great ideas reset. Our play this audio for you. We actually brings up the key word terrorists and like you. Like me, like Well, then, we understand why we have a second amendment right. We understand why we have all the rights and the bill of rights, and these are not it can be just suspended Willy nilly. You have to do so thing and then be found guilty of doing that thing in order to lose your rights, not that we support that you might do something, but you have to do something and then be that they Thank you process. First, you have to do something. We see now. This is a mistake. Their problems make all the time being paid, they listen to the media, they listen to the polls and they go. Oh, we are good at lose the suburbs. We better start sounding like Democrats, don't do it. Then go far left and you just stay where you are and you'll be fine, if you try to be like them, try to be done,
bright, light on issues like guns or the environment. I am a change. Remy out, you're gonna lose even a loose because this is about voters thing to countries on the right track: they're happy with the economy: they don't want to risk it, but How can it be honest? necessarily Walker their workplace, with a mega had on because how everybody a reaction in the left is histrionic with this stuff. There, a fundraiser, that's happening for the president. The owner of this a shoal cycle company, its people, though, forgotten on bicycles, spin classes and what not The point of this seems kind of redundant is spinning in spending and spinning, and you keep spinning. I don't know why they say it's good for you, but to me it makes me very hungry, just thinking about it, so I probably won't do at any time soon, but the owner of the company is going to have a fundraiser for the president. And so all these people are triggered now they say we're we're gonna boycott when I got to go and you're on your under bicycles, when I gotta go
spend classes anymore, because we want to be associated with the president. What about in this? What I mean people are not going to be honest about their support for Trump, knowing people react do, you think, he's doing better in the suburbs. Then you can ever imagine you know why. Here's why? because women like men are very happy. Of the economy something how the media always does is true. They play this game right, we go where women voters are very. They just don't like this president. There very very upset by him the very triggered by him. They play this game, but Are women somehow to know where they weaker than man? Is that what it is they they can't handle tweets? They can't handle his rough bravado there very frank. It means that with the media's implying Mr me like if your woman and your husband's working or your working and you a forger mortgage and go to college and things are pretty good. You're, probably
now. You may not like the tweets. You may not love a lot of things. He says, but you're also not going to be so triggered in fragile you're going to go all we have to change things even though one case Europe we're making money, everybody's happy things are good, but I can't take the tweets. I don't buy it. I've bought it. That's why I think he's doing better in the suburbs than ever before. Problem is for so many Republicans. They get scared. They they listen to the media. They listened to the posters, they listen to the spin and the talking. On tv. You may say, while we have to start acting by Democrats. So, let's let's ban guns, let's banner fifteen's, let's have a red flag laws, let's, let's do whatever we but you never takes, and then they get to put you on the environment and climate change. I guess I'm a Democrats in climate change through so yes, let's be in coal. Wait. Let's Let's stop racking, let's be Straws Patsy owing to plastic straw ban is so stupid, Emily Fourthly, survived a lot. You know like the
The course of history, the earth has survived alighted floods in its survive, massive heat waves and literally the temperature. The earth is a million, degrees, when nuclear missiles were launched, intestine ice ages in he ages, but straw, plastic straws. Now. That's! That's! That's what's gonna, be that's: what's gonna bring the earth down? Finally, once and for all straws jump campaign was very smarter, obey their selling, a re, usable recyclable straw, and they ve already raised, I think, close to about seven fifty thousand dollars. So. Straws, because they said that these liberal bans on straws are stupid and they are stupid and pointless and a lot of times. You see these little towns around the country, there. You expect him from Berkeley in San Francisco in New York and other places where they turn round ago. Yes, we are going to crack down on straw, so what paper straws? What does it do paper Melton Water. You put his paper straw,
cup of water and eventually it bit it melts it's gone. Find it dissolves into the water put into a hot tea it just literally now, but some Looking through the same thing, they go. We ve gotta, be honest. We ve gotta get on board or climate change to otherwise bourbon women won't think we're we're realistic. How'd, you like you mean like suburban women, whose husbands working in the coal mines or the suburban women who work in coal mines West, suburban women who live in coal towns that had been decimated by the above administrations war on call you're, saying: they're, not gonna, get on board no, the president's bringing those towns back and bringing call back and bring natural gas and the United States right now leading the world a natural gas, but you're not gonna, be on board Unless you ban straws election, you come out and say: climate change is real and we are banning straws. Otherwise, suburban women are out
Sorry I don't buy it. I know by for a second Posters say is a country on the right track and people say yes, that's the clue right there. That's what you need to know. Aren't eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one. One arm remark within show: let's start with calf Cathy and Scranton Pennsylvania, the home of Joe Biden, I Cappy grew up a good problem. Grattan girl by has written, earn money now I'll go no. No! a man may go now, vain, that's right And it all depends on what MIKE is in front of them. That depends on what he says. Bob. I ever come out door. No, no, the why well I've got the Obama doesn't want to back a loser. There ya.
That's probably my guess, we're be cavvies. Actually on call prescience very much on the market in show its go to George in Wilmington North Carolina, George you're, on the market and show you I'm glad we talking you all of the show- and this has to do with the gender question one whereby and strict the long and the confusion and going by lapse amazed, extreme and above all, when they buy are you bibles? Unjust? I'm gonna go wherever it is whatever good. Don't I go and get a clear just as one twenty seven it the guy. Man is an image in the image of God. He create a male and female created and then God bless banning it's gotta be reformed by failure to subdue at near the Fidgit vision. The growth of air in every there's, no there's no third gender and their current union five men there. Internet. You did you, but George. Did you look
yet no right now making sure you check, George, I checked anyone who, like George on the brake, undertake you work for it, but I want to check my friend thank you very much a common market and show its forty two because Joe Biden says three genders, but that's all woke enough. You know Facebook lets you pick think up to sixty five different gender. Including you could be a symbol like prince, was until he wasn't a symbol anymore. You even have to be The democratic socialism, America. I gotta play this you'll everywhere and show. Now. We're convention and it was okey, as you would imagine, Skokie gives the Democrats Oceans of America and they identify. Each speaker would have to stand up and say the pronoun that they wish to be identified by so It sets out, we walk over them, mammography, go I'm John. He him. Like. I know I lay there. I am he him. I go by XO. I said I'll go by it, that all that you can choose your programme
but three is not work enough. You see you gotta, be you gotta have at least another zero after that. Maybe a couple zeros after about to be fully woke. This is where Joe Biden comes. Come short, You know, because when it is in a zeal to be whatever he has to be the penny, your audience he's talking to see as a core principles here realize and his team does and tell him Joe Three genders is not nearly enough. My friend, you gotta have way more than that, and you can have genders and binary genders, and you gotta have you know, is some sort of up we're. You can be a batman, gender, perhaps a bad person, gender amount shore quite frankly, but you have to be well Can't you have three Joe. That's ridiculous, though, even had he blew at many blow it on that to come out of you, go all in on go All in don't a three gender say three thousand genders. I mean bigger go home your domain, if you're right, crazy. You go crazy! That's what you do,
don't bother to stick with the old basic to genders, but then something that sounds sensible, so that's not gonna work at a democrat primary, but if I were running as a Democrat, I would go all and say: there's three million genders. Why not? Nobody else is combat. I am equally What can one supplant? Fifteen million, more trees, I'd say: plant twenty million trees, are what why not go crazy go all in an hour, crazy them. If you want the nomination, just promise ridiculous nonsense. Oh you! a ban aeroplanes. Well, I want to ban airports, feel you let just keep going for If there is a Democrat who can give the president a run for it, That's how you win woke. You know what mean seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one mark Levine, show Rich Z, we ve remarks kind of Philadelphia W Phd. Where come back. The question for you is to think there is Who can give the president a run for his money? see it but maybe you do straight ahead,
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What else the media loves to the media loves gun control, they love it and they love. This notion that if you are not all in on there dumb ideas to do gun violence that that makes it that you hate people. You want people to die. That's I'm sure they keep pushing as well Romanians at seven o clock or to the mark of in show proving to you that the the right I'd, be infringed and champion infringed by some stupid suspicion under a ridiculous red flag law. It has no due process whatsoever and prove that point you has its very. Born for me that we fight for you for the bill of rights very important I also want to remind you that in March book now on freedom, As eleven weeks and the best service near times, best was number one Levin weeks, unbelievable exposing the liberal media for who they are shall see, as in rather for Texas, Chelsea you're on the market and show I read our
Twenty eight year old man who lived in a cupboard with my husband and not for a single second happy. He my vote for him. You know in twenty twenty as well as I you're, really care how proud people think he's down because half the women block- that I've been in are just as bad rice began. Absolutely and climate change If we were just leave it alone, the planet knows how to withstand not going any, you think the planet can survive straws things may make it personally. Beer You're making are now actually harder and not able to be recycled
true you're, right Chelsea, and it takes more off probably more fossil fuel to create one thanks. So much to call the mark, Levin show Chelsea, that's wonderful. Hearing from you appreciate it very much rich Zeoli in for the great one Mark Levin hour to and your fight for freedom straight ahead he's here now: broadcasting them only underground can impose than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader value, disarm population, one down at a time you do it only red flag laws. Welcome back to the market in show. Very one is off tonight back with you Monday and also to Morrow at a special event, I'll tell you about a second
the only from Mark's hometown of Philadelphia, W Phd on the morning drive over their end because the reason I actually gonna talk, radio is a great friend, a great guy. Smart sky and talk radio by far without question, and that was years ago when he first inspired me when you wrote his book men in black start, taking a better look at the constitution bill of Rights, and I, for one, am very grateful that you continue to stand up for those things and I am sure you are as well since we're all fell of nights together. Eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. So particularly burns me when I hear some of these Republicans talk about putting a red flag laws How do we deal with these mass shootings? First of all to points the odds of you getting getting shot and a shooting walk into a store movie theater some like that? It's
zero point zero, four percent or something like that of the words you got a better chance of being struck by lightning while winning power ball and also writing a great white shark than you do, of that happening to you, which is good. Thank God. If you look at this notion of mass shootings in America through this number, two, fifty, I was ran over time. Listen broadcasting from Philadelphia right now? there are mass shootings here. All the time may happen in the streets. They happened between rival gangs. They happen again I thank God, these things are incredibly rare and a country of three hundred fifty plus million p, or counters mass shootings, just for more people are shot, doesn't mean they're dead, back The time or not. Time is drive. That's a mass shooting that happens almost every night in this country. In a city somewhere within a legal gun used by criminals, the idea of somebody walking was store or a mall or movie theater. Thank God. These things are incredibly rare and a country of three hundred fifty plus million people
Gonna live your whole life and most likely never have to worry about that problem. Of course, happens, it's awful and shocking and tragic added a very and our face, which is why so many people want to react and do something to prevent it from happening again. And so in there in their idea, we gotta do something to prevent that from happening again. They come up with a stupid ideas, a stupid ideas. It just completely limit freedom and do nothing to accomplish their goal. Making sure this doesn't happen again. Why? these dumb ideas is a red flag, while the concept being this. Let's say I work with you and I've noticed you ve been a little quiet. Lately you been a little sullen. I asked What's wrong, you tell me, you know your wife. Just left you! U wife left! You have for another guy. You say man. You know I wish if I could get my hands on this guy man. You know I'll tell you. Why are you I'm going to gun range. I'll, see you later. Go! Oh well, you know what I mean.
Talk to me like he's a danger, he's gonna peace, killer, skier, maybe himself, so I all the police or somebody else, and I say well as a very sad man, very dangerous person within it written anybody know. But, but I think he might well What do you think he might mom? You say he doesn't seem like he's a good place. So Well, if he's not a good place, any has guns. Obviously he's gonna use the guns. He is Well, nobody my you're right. Let's go get his guns just in case he might that's We have a red flag was work, there people's premise information. Do they say what did your people were? Threatening people know isn't threading somebody's a crime. So if threaten you if I threatened to blow up a school if I threatened shoot up a mall, that's a problem! The law horsemen Lavoisier has all they need to intervene in that situation. Believe me, they can do a lot. Different things. At that moment, I'm talkin poor sap, who sit
His couch he's bothering anybody he's not threatening anybody, but has guns, and we, a lot of busybodies in the world. Today, though, always think they know better than everybody I'll try. These busybodies now would have the ability to involve law enforcement and the courts to have the guns taken away from a person. Sound, like the second amendment to you, in your opinion, second amendment says a well regulated militia being asserted security of a free state, the right of a people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It doesn't say unless coworker thinks you're sad, or in less say a nurse at a house, oh thinks you're depressed it says show might be infringed, but let's go at this very moment. Shall that's not good. California is red flag law model, Challis, California, epicenter of naughtiness California, this is what they are red flag laws would do.
They say now that there have been more than six hundred orders to remove a firearm from twenty sixteen through twenty eighteen Santa. Our county ranks forth in the overall state issuing forty two orders, sir. Account Santa Clara County gone owners who had their weapons remove this year, including employ you threatened a human resource manager, a lamb. The threat is tenant and a resident who pull the shock and on its neighbours for making too much noise. The more is that we do the more than we empower the public germ of weapons from those who are at risk. They say in to somebody in the county, current under californian law, only police and family members can request to have someone's gonna taken away, but state makers are debating whether to extend that right. You friends, teachers and coworkers. That's right margin at and teachers and coworkers tat, love two coworkers you want to get ahead at work, some guys in line for promotion. Had you we're how very simple right, you just say you think, he's crazy and has and has guns now
these red flag, so now the cops going to his house and they got examined him and everything like this and lo and behold he's out of your way. I guess the promotion is going to be yours now, look at that or how about jilted ex lovers. That's my favorite category, two. You know the guy who stole your wife? just say- and he has guns and five drop a dime on this guy and say that I think, is unstable well, get a little visit from police and ornament oh. Are these things not abused, you're, saying you saying rich, come on you you're, not suggesting People do that. Are you yes, I am because they do. There was testing for the sound judiciary committee on this very, very notion of red flag laws, and it was a very smart testimony and they found it about thirty percent of all these, these these error thereof The two percent are wrong there, their false red flags, shall we say about thirty percent of the time fast, red flag. We're somebody then goes to a judge in the judgment is this. Is this? Is ridiculous, ass, a throw it out,
but imagine, though, that means That person had to spend time and money to go before different judge to prove that they should be able to keep their their guns so, somebody made something up about them, so they made up an accusation that their crazy or their depressed, or there sat there anxious or something an innocent American, had to say his time his money to go to court go lawyer and move to a judge that he is worthy of keeping his weapons. That's not America! America view friend somebody that's different, but a few, doing anything. Now here is something else to. Let me ask you this question to you: the doctors, if they're talking to somebody in their offers and doktor says, hey John? I feel right and John, goes well. Doktor, be honest with me: I'm a little depressed! Lately I lost. My job a month ago, and I'm just feeling very stress, very anxious, there's something you can give me doc. You know. Actresses or tell me about how do you feel well,
This very sad I dare you angry anybody well. I'm angry, bigeye fired media. Have that Germany? We fired me. Of course, I'm angry. John, you have guns in your house. Will ya I do here Y know, I'm just and it's just ask and John just asking Nobody'Ll giving guide dog not gonna report John for Red, flag, Madonna done. Anything John isn't said: he's gonna hurt anybody, but you know better, sorry right isn't it. A formula that let doctors, report and nurses four to show good, bye goodbye? by your privacy protections, The question will be this: what doktor? Wouldn't knowing that, if God forbid that for Did you something the doktor? might be I'm a hook. My might get a lawsuit, might have a map. Insurance increase in order me because you didn't say something. You know if you see They say something and he has done
patient who has guns, and he didn't say anything and now look what happened. So I think a lot of doctors, our drop and dimes on people left and right goddamn. You know call me authorities now, because the person anything because they might do something and then the other idea then becomes this. If you are, legitimately dealing with an issue in your life? Just us, your spouse lost child. You weren't feel sad, but you have guns. Are you going? go get help I don't know if you will, because you you know that if you do now you're now you're flagged your now you're in the system and may know, have guns, guess, there's gonna, be a gun database and now you're in the mental health database that they want to start and say the state of New York and across in situ and well look you're on an antidepressant, an you have a gun. So let's get the gun. Being advocated by Republicans? My question becomes an hour you more or less likely to try to get help
here, of course, is your less likely cause. You dont want now people to come to your home and take your, your your firearms and I'd pattern. Blame you So, instead of going to get help, you need, then maybe he depressant or something like that are just some talk therapy here. You just bottle it up inside Does that sound very smart? No, it does not not in the least basis This old idea of it there's gonna, be due process. There's no deprived ass, a reason, dot, com, Jacob Solemn Running, apiece. Republicans, you support, gun confiscation laws. Imagine due process. It does not exist on paper or in practice. That's right. People can just say things about you with no proof don't get in trouble if it turns out to be false what they said. In fact, there clear and convincing evidence that people have, I'll, false and malicious petitions. They ve done this on.
But they don't get in trouble for doing so, because you know the burden ass to be on. You have to report as many people possible. So this standard of proof motion, it requires clear and convincing evidence a preponderance of the evidence. Any probability greater and fifty percent is enough in places like Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington, state in Washington DC and only one state provides council. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one Colorado the others. It's on you, you got to spend your own money, get legal counsel, the fight to keep your your guns. In that case,. And some of these orders last six months or longer and and and some last a year- and I guess the other question becomes How do you get him back it was time, goes on and on how to get him back and then what when Democrats are in power may decide things like. I don't know how I hate speech is a red flag.
I just you may be being sad. Are you being anxious or something? But what about a few oppose gay marriage? I mean you know who I mean. You know we can't we get can allow a hate crime to occur. So on the off chance that you may in fact engage in a hate crime, we should We take your weapons. Or you know what a few made a of inappropriate comment about a trans person. You know we can have a crimes Some of you said hate speech, you're, probably gonna, do a hate crime. Therefore yeah you red flag. Now we gotta take your weapons to. In threatened anybody, but you might so. We have to err on the side of caution now and take those guns. Just in case no state knows lets. People sue accusers for knowingly misrepresent facts in their petitions. No state, so that Is that even if your buddy, who now hates you cause your money and you haven't paid him makes a false?
allegation against you and you lose your weapons and you ve got to spend money and you ve got a higher an attorney and the attorney us to go to court and you gotta fight to get your guns back. You cannot take legal action against your body for making a false accusation against you and that's somethin. Nope the burdens all on you. That's not how'd. You process works, not America. We don't go after people future crimes. We go after people. They ve done, not things that we think that they might do but things they ve done. That's due process eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. Perhaps you disagree, perhaps you say, We have to do this because otherwise it's the only way to stop mass shootings. If you do, let me know rich Z. Only in for the great one Mark Levin straight ahead, wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel blow
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in that way, if you like to our tweet along I'm rich Z, or we are a siege z. Oh I arson. It is the Eu L mark of courses at Mark Mark of inshore so you can treat him as well. If you like and appreciate being here tonight, fell nights eight, eight, seven, seven, three one thing: Eight one one. These red, flag laws or so stupid and they're not going to do a damn thing to stop a mass shooter cordon quote they might prevent. They cut back on somebody hurting themselves, but here's. My question your question. I have. If somebody so dangerous that the state has to get involved and take away their guns What else are we letting them have This is something you nobody ever can. I ever answer me if they're so dangerous, that we feel the need to come in and and and the police need to come now
and surrounding armed person, get their guns Are we going to let them have knives? That's a basic question. We let them have a car. I mean You know you can do a lot of damage with a car, in fact your odds of being killed or injured by a car or what a way higher than a gun. So we don't let that dangerous person have the ability to drive. What there are kids, a mouse doing, kid stay or do we rip the babies out of their mothers arms take the kids away. If a guy so dangerous or the woman that we ve now said, we have to take your weapons. Take your guns, kids, get to stay or not stay, I'm confused about what. If it turns out the guys say, a school bus driver. Do we let him drive the school bus? Will. Let me we just take guns We're gonna, let him drive a big boss with kids in it. Pressure hookers You have a pressure group. Can you go by pressure cooker curse? You can use that. What about fertilizer may we have
You know we know what is local hardware store, know that the guy's dangerous. So please don't sell him fertilizer. What are we going to do to make sure that this dangerous person doesn't hurt? Anybody is what makes me laugh about these dumb red flag laws. Is that they focus on the Jack one object, only that can be used by dangerous person, and that's a god, that's it and all the other things I guess we're just fine, This is Wednesday, Graham earlier in the week. As our lives. He was talking about what this would do, and this is why I hope to God: this is dead. On arrival, these red flag laws cut nine years, what weight This is not gonna, be a federal law to be a federal grant programme to get the federal grant you that tab due process. There has to be an imminent threat of harm to oneself or two others before that,
You said it can only be the police can go to judge you have a hearing. You gotta have more likely than not standard that there's an eminent thread of bodily injury. Seven days later, you have a full blown hearing. Now, let's stop right there now, please! So we have to have a limited, grant of bodily harm. You notice how he doesn't say that you threatened somebody, but an imminent threat of bodily harm. Those are two different things. If I throw you! Well, you know what that something. Now we now we can get arrested for threatening you but if we believe there is an imminent threat of bodily harm, you myself or someone else, that's not same thing is me threatening somebody know. Is it. Ben Linsey says seven days later, we'll have a hearing seven days, I mean that's a long time to let a dangerous person keep their guns. Is it not you just told me this person there's an imminent threat of bodily harm. I mean that's a long time
I point being that when the left is in power, what they'll do with that seven days is they'll, make it seven seconds we'll make so that the minutes, somebody files are red flag. The capture despatched to get the weapons in the the here. Because come later, seven days, could you imagine, President Elizabeth Warren going along with a seven day waiting period before hearing and in those seven days you get to keep your guns no chance now chance, Naroda B, seven seconds, seven seconds after a red flag, things filed imminent threat of bodily harm yourself or someone else there suddenly now the house's surrounded the Swat team is called then get the weapons seven seconds and then You have to weigh probably a good at least seven months to get them back. Because you know I mean sometimes takes a while for you to become okay again maybe seven years I don't know, but certainly not seven days, no
chance. That's what I love about these abundantly proposes a vigorous ideas. It sounds reasonable until they opened the door for the latter to be in power and then take whatever reasonable protection. They think they built in they haven't and then completely destroy, destroy every sense of it, which is why we have to say in all of these things, and I we come back I'll, tell you why you're being compared to a terrorist, by some Republicans z only for marketing strategy, with a daily fake news dump pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers, you may have missed some real news. Like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, anti suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this Daddy Discover- was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and
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got brick house Levine, DOT, brick House, Levin, DOT, com offered code, Levin, abolitionists, worst nightmare, Mark love, call Anna eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven please do call in right now, Rich Z, only in for the gray one mark within marks back Monday, also with you tomorrow at a very special event at the bark in the park tomorrow, Saturday, eleven a M Peck Park in Richfield New Jersey Mark will be their Ritual Park Jersey, ITALY, David Day family than your pop, bring your pop celebrating his best friend, vendors, food trucks, exhibitors and more. In fact, county animal shelter or be on site with adoptions available. It's right bring home, you're new best friend, get more info W Abc radio dot com. Another great bookmark wrote rescuing sprite.
Dog lovers, animal lovers of all sorts. By the way it makes a great gift for somebody who lost a pet me truly are members of the family. So I'm I'm broadcasting for you Phd were Mark live in, is he's from your Philadelphia on the morning dry focused on Twitter. Rich zeal remark as a great friend great guides, in order to be with them, and you know. Since Mark is a constitutional scholar, and I'm not even an attorney a mockery. To pretend that I know anywhere near. He does but the one thing that I will say is that we both share passion for liberty and we both share a passion for that. In the framers of the constitution, because on broadcasting about two blocks away from Independence Hall de. I know a couple things about the founders and and an old concept of of liberty and your responsibility to protect your liberty by the way this I'd The government was to protect us. It's not true. We can create
government to protect us. That's not why we did it. We did not create the federal government to protect us those false numbers out there? bill of rights. They are our protection from our government We we, this all motion of our rights, come from our creator. We have our rights, then we created the states, the states created the federal government, we said We have to have protections from that government so we put in the bill of rights and one through tat. These are our ten protections. We, the people from our government, and a big part of that, of course, is to protect ourselves with the second amendment. But another big part of that is the idea that the garment cancerous accuse you of something and take away your liberty. These Republicans, who support these red flag, was or endorsing that very concept. The reason why, due process incompatible with red flag laws. Is this ready, we're not supposed to be bought
third burdened by government taking away your liberty. Unless there is due process because you ve been accused of something to eat dip pay attention right. There very important point: if you're accused of something you're not supposed to be burdened by the stuff. Your ears, suppose it just go out on live your life in enjoy your life and in Europe. In your freedoms, in your liberty and you're, not support They have to deal with lawyers and courts and judges in fighting it. We are in now. If you have not been accused of anything you're supposed to be a free person the reason why red flag laws are incompatible due process is point of due process is not just for when you are accused of something. Yes, obviously, then due process kicks in right, You know you have the right to remain silent. You have a right to an attorney. You have a right to speedy trial, but there are parts of the bill of rights that protect you from being falsely accused. Think about the fact, for
ample of unreasonable certain seizure, why we have to have warrants and due process is also so that you are not false. Accused of something and that you don't to enter the system until you are and formally accused of a crime, in which case then, then you now have due process to protect you from an accusation. Due process works in two ways to protect you. After you ve, been accused and to ensure that you are not falsely accused. To ensure that you don't have to defend yourself, because You are innocent, you, or an innocent person, the concept of innocence you have it. I haven't, we walk around all day as innocent people? It's not up to us to prove that were innocent if the guy from an US of something that government as to prove that were guilty. That's a very important point that people forget we, have to prove our innocence, they have to prove that were guilty.
The concept of a red flag law is the opposite. You have to prove you're not a danger, they don't have to prove you. Are you have prove you're, not. The guy who makes the accusation against you doesn't have to prove that your dangerous you have to prove your, not dangerous, and in course, of time you lose your rights lose your freedom. You lose your liberty, you have to pay money. You have to fight to keep your liberty. That's not how it's supposed to work due process protects you from that, because you're innocent and if Europe, an innocent person, you don't have, try to prove your innocence, that means that the only way you're supposed to lose your liberty is, if you're formally charged in criminal proceedings and wood. Case. Then you have you process rights to protect. You. And all the other rights that keep the government out of your life? I gotta have to get a warrant, for example, because you're an innocent person, you aren't innocent person.
The government has reason to believe you're, not an innocent person that you ve done something they have to go to a judge and get a warrant, because you aren't innocent person get it, but they have. Have evidence that you might have committed a crime, have reasonable suspicion to believe that you ve done something, not that you might do something that you ve done something we read flag laws, we go well, they might do something I what a hunch I've got instinct seems like the guys down down in his luck and he has a gun. So therefore, obviously he might be a mass shooter or may not be a mass shooter, but we can take that chance. Can we best and thinking of these people. And up me Toomey, Senator Republican from Pennsylvania. Come with me, colleague, dumb Giordano, Talking about this whole notion of this, these red flag, wasn t he has no idea. No, the others, would even work but invoke terrorists.
How about you? But as a supporter of the second amendment, the idea that to be treated like a terrorist. Because I might be down on my work or depressed or anxious or fearful. Where am I lost a family member or might have lost my job or anything else, somebody thinks I might could possibly hurt myself for somebody else. I don't being compared with terrorist and that notion now, if I make a terrorist threats, well, that's different! but that's not what he's talking about here. That's not what any of these corner quote report if we are talking about now, is it no its not cut? Seven, please owners can be presumed to be guilty and that kind of turns due process on its head philosophic. Equally. Doesn't it well, I think not necessarily right to do the profit. I think I'd be a prophet upon, and then there is by a pound drink. I told you not. Take would have to be made. HU a job. We I mean with. We do that with terror
I am The detailed matter. I am Tina Draft of the actual legislation. Dom, I think, would be Graham. I intend to pursue this so it. What exactly the criteria would be, how the judge would make the decision and what the what the ability of the person accused the talons bad. That battle, very important, fabulous, really complex. Yet so, where we do, is we terrorists who do a terrorist it's a truly amazing to eight seven, seven, three, Thirteen thousand eight hundred and eleven eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven in for the great one mark, Levine so happy to be here with you tonight. I want to take your cause in this. I want to get your reaction on this. I also want to tell you by the way that it, look in the mirror, and you wish that double chin would just disappear news flash. Ladies and gentlemen, people look at your jaw line because it tells your age Here is a testimony from Cheryl Fort Wayne, Indiana said wow the
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all right, let's go to Brian in Spokane, Washington, Brian you're, on the market in sugar? you know I've been watching, and today we have a red light. Water. Emma I got caught up on that in a big divorce. You know my wife came I was a danger to myself and others. It took me down to the hospital There are seventy hearing about delayed, though, they did a Kangaroo court. I was involved in it. The role that I was When I got out, I went through the normal courts. It like you, talk about art, attorneys everything at the core. They never happen. Washington state Don't my gun right, which did you think of it. It will be better but because I was put on that red like list I'm in the next some of the danger. The way to get out of it. So this game you take your gun away, it doesn't matter. What wash my courts say now that court think would be mere the danger. They can't and danger me really picnic
Bilbil be encountered by all these boats is only apply to twenty five twenty four state. Washing and do not want one we're, not gonna be one of them, so there's no way out of it I can carry a gun in Washington State and I'm breaking stay long, but I'm breaking better luck. I cannot. By again, I can't clear the next Phil but the injured in the banana, and it was all because my wife Mr Mary, but my wife at the time was told but when he called the recital that where you can take custody the kid get out. I did you know that I've never had a chance to defend myself. I never got it You even talk about imports. I never get him to challenge my users. Nothing! Nothing like that! They meet the retirement. Another thought it over with you
it's a dangerous game plan and we can possibly profit, but they have to have awaited the optimist. If they put, you analyse- and I again I got from with Firefox then very frustrated with no way out of it brainless another. I'm sorry to hear that man out the best of what they can change that yeah. You got to call the mark. Levin show appreciate it very much, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven, exactly what I mean. Just make a cup make an allegation. Is politics Diane is an upper Darby Pennsylvania, high Diane. Highridge. Would I what Friday happy? I surprise a good man now you're gonna be guest thing tonight, and I am so thrilled that you're here I have a question about this red flags. Does The first people on the list people who claim that their triggered by every thing in our time.
You words triggered by you triggered by Pressure is triggered by cow. Their triggered by Betsy Rasa flags like that. Right right, I mean can you we Erin? I know everybody that began third of it all up in the pockets right now but over any written vanish No because it when they write the rules. Diana will be that you say things that trigger people. Therefore, you should lose your guns, because, if say things that trigger people you have remorse you don't care about people Therefore, you might be a danger to other people, as you say words, a trigger them. We blame the media because the media is awfully hay for these days They certainly are without question. I mean this stuff that they paddle all the time, calling the present a white, supremacist and race.
In fact that fires of growth, crazy people on the left all the time it triggers them without question. A bill bill will make it so that we can have guns based on whatever we say that they don't like. It's me. It's her full view objected the tree, nonsense and will say that your transfer work and you might committed a crime. So therefore you and have guns, if you say something about so you want the wall, well, Might be hateful and we can't have you killing Mexicans, so we have to take your guns. They stretch it as far as they can Diane. You know it, and I know it. And now I have another question. As far as the girls go, I'll have a total grant these guys. Firing met the cow group, are you know the stronger and fear, and our climate and mobile feather. None then if we start eating meat, Angola to plant based diet,
I'm pretty sure we outnumber cow, try to be a lot more or less in the air, before I die and always good to hear from you, my friend, thank you for listening on the mark of a show and my show, as well, by the way in the mornings and Debbie Phd, etc seven three one three women when they get back. If you disagree with me, you think these rights flag laws are the answer. Tell me how we can protect due process rights. Tell me how its compatible- I don't see it, maybe you can set me straight Rich Z in for the great one mark Livin people are always asking about the exchequer mark talks about all the time they say the exchequer really is comfortable. I even MR producer about it. And yes, it's true people love their acts chair, it's just great two extra years thirty day, no questions asked guarantee of complete satisfaction. You have no risk so you're wondering if what mark says is true, try it for yourself and once you feel the exchequer as pie. Ended, dynamic, variable, lumbar support or dvd
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We can already. I mean if you you're? Crazy? No, like your acquired band, we have not been set out here. You gotta, look at him it's gotta be bought one person, it's gotta, be a few people saying your that greedy Appleby shouldn't have a gun. Define crazy, but rather we you say Lange as a recent crazy. I shall be. What do you mean what's to find that Nobody ever body fat guy like like the people, have been shooting up labour, right. Why not give me an example, give you an example of what you think: we're qualifies a red flag. Give me an example by all night to somebody who want and someone who threatened to kill themselves. Is that what you're saying ok, so somebody friends to kill themselves. You can do lots of different things and get protective orders and go to judge
lots of laws already in place if somebody has threatened to kill themselves. So let's leave somebody making threats to hurt themselves or others out of it for a second. What what a red flag, in your opinion, already threatening rubble. Well, no, that's a federal crime! If you threaten the president, it's a federal crime. We can, we can command. We can arrest you We can take your guns, we can then that's a crime so again Gimme a red flag. That's not already a crime. I know we ve got plenty a law on the book to cover this and are not being
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Promo code Levin can't? Can come down again. Right, people know undermined the rights of the guys mindset right how give with as you walk around screaming. Does he does he? Does he throw things, punch things as he does he yelled during sporting events like what does he do know it's gotta be. It's got to be pretty bad when they're threatening people I'll kill you. I already told you that if you threaten somebody, that's against the wall, you can't threaten people, you can't threaten to kill people. That's already a crime so you gotta give me something better than that. All right Barry! Thank you very much, eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven look. What do you think
there are a lot of republican programme. Really disagree with may disagree with marked they love this idea of these red flag laws. I say it's so antithetical to the constitution. Has to be stopped, what do you say? Rich zeal, we in for the great one mark within our three straight ahead he's here now: broadcasting only underground the members than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader. My question becomes, and can there be due process with red flag? Was, I say absolutely not when you have to put the constitution bill of rights? Above anything else, you have to protect. The liberty is just as important as life welcome.
The mark Levin in show our number three, the great one is off tonight, but only that will you on Monday and he'll be tomorrow, a very special event. We shall talk about in a moment. Rich the only from View Phd in Philadelphia Marks home town on the morning drive over there you can follow me on Twitter at Rich zealously. Grateful to be with you, r, a h, z, E ally marks, agree. Friend and is also a true fighter for Liberty, his book by the way on freedom of the press eleven weeks, Armenia, Times bestseller list, absolutely amazing No, the the notion of liberty involves a couple different things life is liberty. You have to make sure you fight for both you ve got to protect people from outside It will protect life by a weakening liberty, is a very stupid idea. The very good idea. It doesn't work out. Well for all of us in the end. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. He wants for things in his state.
One of the things he wants in state has a mental health database, a mental health database what qualifies for somebody to be put on that mental health database? I'm curious is that You go to a fair biscuits. Your anxious can't sleep at night get in the database and then they red Cross That with the gun database and then I'll look you're in the mental Health Erase Andrew begun database well red flag How does it work exactly in California, where than ever to allow ex lovers and coworkers and friends and neighbours. Drop, a diamond somebody and say that person might be a danger. They haven't threatened. Anybody remember a threat is a crime. You can't threatened people, So please don't make that your arguments to justify well but their threatening to kill somebody. That's not There is already ways to deal with that I'm talking about the Heaven threatened anybody I'm talking about, but they might make
It's that movie minority report with Tom Cruise years ago, its future crimes. We prosecute based on future crimes answered. He was and went collar last hour called up said: the economist cause his wife made it an accusation that he was suicidal, and he still dealing with it a mess it was thrown out. He got his guns back It's been a mess for him spent a nightmare for him. That's not Erica should not allow that to happen. Eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven is the number Wait. Is Rihanna play this audio this guy's. This is a whack job so tat. Job goes into Walmart riser ease, awoke lefty is the kind of guy that you know you think yourself or second, In short, this guy, beyond some sort of a red flag list, yea should His mindset is the same mindset as Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and every other woke left the out there, which is
that you're, a white guy and you look like you- might be dangerous because the left has been pushing this narrative for years. That white men are the real threats you see. White men are the real danger in this country. So this guy goes into Walmart he says he wants to buy something that can kill. Two hundred people with a straight face, he says that and the cops get involved. When he tells him, though, he was just making a political point, he just wanted to prove a point. Take a listen to this, not job cut eleven, I Yes, what I did last night in Walmart was import taste, long time gun violence. Prevention activists and on here back home imports, Lucy the same town where more Martine purchased his guns to the ports, the pulse massacre? there are many Walmart just a few days after all, Paso
and I'm seeing a white nationalist looking guy. Purchase a gun and I got me a sound of her saying, a white nationalist looking Guy purchase a gun, right now. Member he's a is a visa lefty he's a gun, violence prevention activist, so he's absolutely voting for somebody. Who's, not name Donald Trump in the next election, or we can all agree on this. If he's on the committee to help right, the red flag was all we have to do then is look like a white nationalist I know what the hell that means I don't have any idea what that means. Your and you're a nationalist. So therefore you're a white nationalist, which I guess in his mind, is the same thing as being a white supremacist which, in the same thing I guesses, I don't know, maybe the guy walking with a white sheet over his head. I dont know, I don't think so, though I think look like a white guy in Walmart buying a gun. But that's how we reacted. Then some white, nationalist, looking guy huh,
What does that even mean? So he's woke lefty privacy and crazy, and so his reaction to that ban is to make a political point political point, is this guy Phil Atley, He goes over to the warmer person and says: You have something that I can buy. That will help me kill two hundred people, ever is ever gave me anything I will kill two hundred people were besides this isn't funny, prices. I know. And I asked again if we could sell me anything that were killed. Two hundred people making a political points, keep going affronted. I confronted the cells, clerk in just ass, a simple question- and I said the manager afterwards. He knew that What I was doing was in intend to harm anyone you get them to wake up and think about their role. In the gun, violence toxic.
I it that we have you think, for a second now It may make the database of all the people that are in their minds should not have guns. Member right now we're talking about people like Lindsey Grammar talking about the the threat of bodily harm against yourself or somebody else, but I, like him and his candidates are in power. They are making the Red flag list. What else goes on that list? I can tell you that if you post certain things on social media that they don't like your definitely going on the list. You're gettin red flag, my friend, you got in now fight to prove not racist, hateful, homophobic trans, phobic clause, before we, whatever else other idea they want to, have you got approve you're, not to get your guns, they get to keep your guns. Meanwhile, we're going to a system that is already short handed. Gonna take valuable resources that otherwise could be actually cat you're going after people who are really a threat- Edward,
tire, people's hands, type or liberty, type or freedom tie up. The court's tie up our money type lawyers tyrant, tire police, tie up metal of workers for nonsense, not not because anyone's made a frank is for the eight hundred time tonight of you make a threat, that's already illegal, so you can't make threat something about somebody who hasn't made a threat but might make a threat or my say something left doesn't like which now they ve said well or do we can't take any chances You know I saw on Facebook that they like day a cartoon that had a giant wall and all these brown people on the other side of the wall. So he has guns. I could be maybe he's gonna, be here. So we should really now red flag him. I mean you know as well as I do. There is no limit to what they can come up with right. That's why If you just follow the rule book, the rule book being the constitution you have all you need right there to protect yourself at everybody else: ETA protect liberty to write you dont weaken the second amendment on me
chance that maybe it might prevent something, that's not what we do. Otherwise, why not? We can all the other amendments to fail, Sometimes people say to me: I've been doing this for years. I call the keep. Keep me safe crowd You'll keep me save whatever it takes. Keep me safe. If we give up some of my liberty, just keep me safe. So if it saved one life. I heard that argument. The other day we go up the red flag was that they save one life rich. Isn't that enough? Ok, fine,. You know what else we could do to ensure that we don't ever lose a life, get rid of lawyers numb serious. Now, no defence attorneys right now, you have a right to an attorney in own it again. If we want to be provided to you, blah blah blah, scrap it now defence attorney you're on your own arriving can't worry about guys like Alan Dershowitz, getting you off when we all know you're guilty, you mean, like certain acts, football players, I'm not gonna name any name. You know what I mean we can risk of while we're at it. Why I get rid of trials
You know their guilty. I know they're guilty. Why are we wasting time with a trial? I know it's in the sixth amendment but come on. We might lead guilty man on the streets go free and that is not good for our safety, so we should probably scrap at you while we're at it wants. How much time warrants take to get them in Europe, you know the guy's guilty. I know the guy's guilty. What are we waiting time with a warrant for you go in and get him get whatever you need, and if you dont have a warrant good go in, and if you don't find what you're looking for make it up who care, get the bad guy. We can do this all day and we can absolutely then keep her save. But we can keep ourselves say safe from the government that we see that's the thing. I can keep myself you we. If we do all this, we can keep ourselves say from bad guys, eventually terrorist, maybe pettishly? EL, the bogeyman. Possibly We can't keep ourselves say from our government, though
member of the bill of rights are there to protect us from a government, its are it's our protection, but that we put in place written down attacked our rights from our government, all those provisions that I just talked about her there so that the government can just say we don't you and we're gonna just get rid of you by making up a crime and putting you way like the British did. Which is why the founders thought is very important to write all this down and the bill of rights and What else do is fascinating? I see some of these people on tv. Some of these lawyers, former prosecutors, who say its constitutional to just take away somebody's guns on a hunch. We not paying attention to what they just did to the President's the FBI, the Department of Justice, John Brennan CIA director Jane. Clapper, notorious liar intelligence guy. These Obama people that spied on the President s campaign they went
Call me abuse the fire. A court getting warrants despite an innocent Americans. In violation of the fourth amendment. No infiltrating a presidential campaign because they, like the guy, Use the power of government to affect their there, the political change they wanted, lit, the definition of police they did. We not just see all that happened, and yet we We think it's a good idea to let the government have more power over us and to weaken the bill of rights. Even more They can do that to the president. You know they can do that to you. So, while we're talking about keeping ourselves save we're not talking about how do we keep ourselves safe from our own govern, and am that's literally why the bill of rights? Is there You see how they abuse the bill of rights. You see how they abuse the bill of Rights with Donald J Trump, and so I mean crazy, when I say this to mark events, not crazy, when he talks about the fact that This government Obama's government and some people were still there, obviously using their power
are we gave them to what keep us safe, right wing the Patriot ACT. We gave him a Pfizer court. We gave him the USA. We gave him the meadow data gathering. We gave him this. We gave him that keep us safe. Meanwhile, they took all that weapon eyes that used politically. To try to it will require an elected president and Donald Trump from being elected president. So in our inner in our inner quest to be safe, we wound up given the government more power over us and weakening The protections we had to keep us safe from our own government. And now we want to do it all over again, I would rather be protected from our governments risk. My chances, because they're very very, very, very, very, very, very low that I be involved in a mass shooting, but their very high that after all, abuse, whatever power we give them for political purposes and their agenda, and
Troy Liberty in the process and for the second amended in the process. Those odds are very high eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven, the mark Levin show Rich Zeoli in for the great one straight ahead, tomorrow mark will be at the bar in the park tomorrow. Eleven am over Peck Park and rich feel partner. Jersey get more details, it W Abc radio dot com. You can have an animal adoptions great day for the whole family and pop baby food trucks and vendors, exhibitors in more and the great will be there to Morrow and I'll be back on the radio Monday night and I'm so glad to be with you tonight my fill of the knights, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. Let's
to Jeff in LAS Vegas Nevada, Jeff, you're on the market and show. How are you done very well thanks, though, once you I have them liberal leanings, but according to wit, with what we're talking about a course is our second amendment and why,
to give the liberal very liberal, scary, liberal people, one little, let's say like they have the bill that hr aid or whatever, which says that if I give my part of that built as if I give let's say them, I have done I hand of a right only they senior, though I could be, that the felony according to that bill. So if you give these liberals but ass, the girl doesn't matter what it is. Then dough, they'll start limiting like breathed in. You can only have a hen bullet magazine, they'll, start saying that you cannot buy automatic weapons which I dont need an automatic weapons,
but I could give one with a better life with the eight year as long as I paid back that they do a background check on me that I'm not a criminal and all that there is a lot of collectors that have done that by tanks. Ok, I mean all this all these things we have bird for decades and decades and they will ship away. That's what they're doing now they're trying to kid. At that second amendment they're trying to throw out Heller you're right, so I guess my question, for you is everything you're saying makes perfect sense, except for the one thing you said Jeff, which is here you have liberal leanings, why you selling a rational person. I've been, I lied, very rational it. I think I very conservative in video
but I doubt I bought a Republican. That's ok! Let me ask you this question, I'm I'm I'm curious. Do you agree that the party them come parties nuts. I'm it's not now right, you know, I I listen to my try to get on these other talk, radio and put the question to be about the life they told their the Lady data thing up on me. They want they want. They won't. Let me on the air, because I was so I would ask the question: why are you lying about Donald Trump the trial of the word they said daddy. He said my they say he eat said a good people on both sides and leave out the fact that he said I M not talking about NEO Nazis and wait. Supremacy literally said that Jeff, listen man. I appreciate the call. I think you got to spend some time thinking about things because it sounds like you need
leave the dark side once and for all Jeff. Thank you for calling a mark of inshore eight, seven, seven three one three, eight one one Brains in Dallas, Texas, Bryant, you're on the market and show how are you Oh, I'm alright, as hoping I wouldn't get caught on the half hour, but I understand what you're talkin about a lot of your issues and stories and example have to do with national. Gun control, I agree is a lot of these. Governments in The federal laws really don't pertain to tomb. Do the state laws maybe an Such is what you mentioned earlier in Saint Detroit Chicago Houston, Dallas, California, do you Thank you! Maybe these law, a bite
Citizens in these high crime rate districts really give a damn about these laws. About an hour and flag. Why do you think Give me a favor hang on brine over the break. If you what I want to watch, you make your question because I'm not following you could try to be concise. We get back rich Zeoli in for the great one mark, Levin, eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven the question for you you think he's red flag laws or good idea or a beta destruction of a second amendment, waiting to happen straight at, large Laverne Michel fly a national seven, seven, three, seventy one! Three, eight one, one!
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rare. Thank you I came in ramming traffic violations is another bring your crime rate down citizens those. We call him a small percentage they're, saying there being profile. Ok, I don't I don't know enough about thousand Brian upside Judge. I gave a chance man. I apologise, but I dont know enough about the situation. Thanks for the call proceeded the mark of show eight seven, seven, three one three eight one one Jim is unlike Geneva. Wisconsin Jim GO head, Sir Geneva. That you're just gonna call I was really discharge worrying from the Vietnam WAR of the first, the charter, and I was going through a bad divorce and because I had enough a thousand, I had concealed carry weapons. All my former life has to do is tell the police I had provide weapons in the house. All legal- and they were confiscated and it took me about here's to get him back after the divorce about almost sixty
thousand dollars and expenditures to get him back, and I had to go through psychiatric psychological evaluations. All kinds of things and no problems at all No, I don't even have a traffic ticket and they took my did you threaten me? Did you did you threaten your? Why not nothing nothing! I gotta think now I think there was now a border protection. There was nothing. She simply told police officers. I had firearms and we were going through a divorce. I had separated from moved out of the house. I actually got customer my two young daughter. At the time- and I didn't even outward we might firearms all my firearms back with the problem. Was I the judiciary is guilty of absolutely nothing and had no speak up in these courts actually had all Ryan. I wasn't congressional distant one in Wisconsin, all Ryan help dinner safe for me, and he had slipped time ever done anything that either it was worthwhile, but he came forward for me, said the sheep. We all get involved with this. I actually got everything restored, but it took over
for years and nearly sixty thousand dollars my money Amazing Kim God bless you. Man thanks your service, I'm sorry! I had to go through that, but it's a great wake up call for everybody. Thank you for that Jim. Thank you very much. The problem is that you lead, not jobs, empower I'm telling you right now. The crazy stuff they'll come up with, for example, the Democratic, socialist convention rather convention this week and There is a lot of century overload, Kay, you we have to identify which gender you want to go by which pronoun and there's a lot of century overload a lotta triggers. You imagine these people in power when it comes the Red flag, was, for example, and what they would Just there's a little bit of audio for you just to show you how not speaking woke really is cut. Eight guys foresaw James Jackson, Sacramento him with quite a privilege. Progress guys foresaw James Jackson Sacramento him. I just want to say: can we please keep
tat her to a minimum? I'm one of the people, whose very very prone to sensory overload rise a lot of whispering in chatter, going on it's making it very difficult for me to focus. Please can we just? I know it. We're all freshen ready to go by. Can we please just keep the out to a minimum, is affecting my ability to focus. Thank you. Thank you. Comrade is. There is calmer, against name one chapter thrown overboard, point of personal privilege. Yes, please do not. Use gendered language took too Everyone employable but once again quick points But once again Jack's in Sacramento DIA, say he him. I have already asked people to be mindful of the chatter of their comrades who are sensitive to sensory overload, and that goes double heckling and the hissing. It is also trigger into my anxiety lake. P. Comrades, doesn't just isn't just we're like you know, let's keep things simpler, whatever it's so that people are gonna get triggered in, so that it doesn't affect their performance as a
Ok, you know why I everyone motorway, as I'm hearing this I'm, I might be changing my mind on Red Flag- was. There's some kind of thinking, maybe that guy you just heard. Also look it's how my place an ominous suggest to MR producer and Mr Kross greener I think your new rule on the Markov ensure should begin not my place. Not my show I'll be back. Do my show morning drive and Phd in Philadelphia, but at the rule I haven't my show is: when you call you have to identify yourself by the gender pronouns you want to go by. So I think is as a rule for now on high Mitch. He him she her just. Make it easy for everybody but yeah, but your show the guys. I don't want to tell her. They would not presume to tell the great one had to run his show, but back to the craziness of the Democrats Socialist Convention, my name's Samuel, He him maniac city in the USA chapter
This very simple amendment is to strike the language about forming an independent party. In conversation with the authors of the proposal, since I think we're all in agree. That we do want to build a mass organization, political organisation of the working class that vice firstly, power. You know I've been waiting for this now that that to me sounds like their Bernie people. By the way I could be wrong on this point. Eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one! One: let's go to Jenny in Akron, Ohio, Jenny, you're on the mark of ensure high hurry rates. At the time. Nice to talk to you, Jenny are you going by she heard tonight. I can see her. I am I'm pretty happy about it and a very excellent courteous. Ok, Simon If these companies want us red flag bands shop there, but Donald,
convey name me. One thing in this country that is illegal, that I can't still get I can get any of it. So you know that during prohibition, everybody still drank if they wanted to it. It's not going to stop some crazy person from grabbing a hold of an illegal gun. If they're willing to pay five hundred legally and go out in a blaze of glory, there sure a one thousand five hundred on the black market, so banning and and making you legal it just helps a criminal. That's all they're going to get rich and the honest working full of this country will have to suffer. Make money now: you're, not everyone! Silly, it's just satellite and what they need to do is any to harden the soft targets. If these companies want us to come and shop there, but don't allow us to carry protection, then they should be responsive.
For our protection. They should have an armed guard in the parking lot or in the building. If they're gonna be on. You know citizens from being able to protect themselves from a crazy person them. They should do it for us and they should put armed Guard schools? Any soft target? Where were not allowed to carry our own protection? They should provide it now well said Jenny of wonderful excellent. I grew the one hundred percent have a great weekend and thank you for calling the mark of in show excellent points absent eight seven, seven three one three, eight one, one I'm on twitter by the way, at Rich Z, only r C, H, Zedillo alive you like to play along at home. Again from March Hometown Philadelphia marks, my buddy he's a great guy member, his book freedom of the press. Eleven weeks, I'm in your times by socialist, This is a little bit more of the crazy people. Democratic socialist of America Convention Roma. Kids when they are in power. You and I trigger them a lot.
Right. So what's gonna cut twelve. Now, let's get some basic rules of the road. Shall we catch wealth for in this room, I see that no one's clapping for me it could be because I'm not engaging, but it also because everyone's doing this and that's really important because those loud arrests of noise, even though this is a noisy space, when we can do something like reducing that, that's really important! So please don't shoot up. These avoid hissing avoided giving banners right, because those there's, there's all sorts of things you don't want to do. Show up these. We have quiet rooms that are available. There's a range of options of these right on Piedmont, floor on seven there's one that has video, but no sound. If you still want to be able to observe the convention, but many sound is an issue that is all in Piedmont, AIDS, a completely quiet room. One thing did note there. Please don't go into that space with anything. That's like an aggressive sent, for instance right because that's gonna be there.
For people got that guys before you put your car and war don't go in that room, Piedmont! Seven! no aggressive sense, and if you have a pet skunk, would you please leave the pet skunk at home for free the body for the good of everybody, please censure trigger now too so per perfume and cologne are also a trigger, and This is very way this Socialists of Democrat Socialists of America. So nothing to worry about all this, not job too, item MSNBC he that he doesn't sound that different from these people? Does this guy frame Finally, use ie also? I want to mention to the Democrats, oceans of merk intervention. All that audio was from the media research centre on their facebook. Page usage, great job, Frank Figel, using he's a former federal prosecutor hit and he goes on with brine volumes- are now he's a figures out. Another president is using Sheikh or code to talk to white supremacist.
Now what I need you to do for this group? If you do me a favor, please, take your brain out of your head. Okay, if you use your brain right now, you're gonna go what the hell is. This guy I just need you to just shut down your thinking. In order to hear that the only way to process is nonsense, but is this is now on MSNBC, this kind of Spirits, see nut job naughtiness is on MSNBC President of the United States cut too We have to understand the adversary in the threat, we're dealing with and if we don't understand how they think will never understand how to counter them. So it's a little things and language and messaging that matters. The president, said that we will fly our flags at half mast. August that eight eight no I'm not going to apply that he did this deliberately, but I am using it as an example of the ignorance of the adversary.
That's being demonstrated by the White House. The numbers. Eight aid are very significant in NEO, nazi and White supremacy movement. Why? Because the letter h Is the eighth letter of the alphabet and to them the numbers? Eight eight together stand for tile so we're gonna be raising the flag back up at dusk, on eight, no one's thinking about this. No one's! No! Now you know they're not thinking about this, because it's in eighty attic, that's why I do not think Europe is not thinking about it, because it's stupid, that's why Frank Figel, use either. Not thinking about it. So if you have your white supremacist decoder, which I believe I got in it been lucky charms. I forget, Nothing was cornflakes. I was a cabin crunch. You got me, ok, you got let the this white supremacist secret decoder ring. Eighty eight I'll Hitler that right. You.
This is on MSNBC. This kind of crazy conspiracy, not javanese, is now on MSNBC is perfectly acceptable. In the course of the debate she loved you, the guy goes. I mean I'm not going to suggest Then he completely suggests that the president is throwing out Sheikh. Code to NEO Nazis, by rejecting the advice, so understand your adversary. Culturally. Over sir, I know you're keeping your options. O Brien are frightened, but as chilling is that a shilling here, yet no. No! It's chilling the fact that you let this go on television an actual new stage, Quarterboat New station. That's what's chilling about. Since that this area goes on me with this idiotic conspiracy theory, You re Williams, don't go get out of here. You go show amazing somebody would let the secret Nazi symbol go, This is what I mean about the media, why I gotta read by the way and freedom of the press, because, if you ever thought of the media was
I asked her in the middle or anything like this happen. Possibly say that after hearing this clip can you possibly think there's an objective media in this country Allow gotta come on and suggests the President of United States have the flag go back up to full staff, On August, eighth, as a secret decoder message ring super double seeker probation to NEO Nazis. What's premises, Ok, that's all the evidence! You need right now that the media is absolutely in the tank for the left, an insane and also completely hates the president, with zero objectivity ripe which is the only in for the great one workload in your car. Straight mud, ban, long shock, you by bureaucrats simply department of Health. Human services are trying to borrow another one, a crackpot Socialist Bernie Sanders Healthcare ideas, shocking right and I can
see a thing wrong with it other than it might make you sick or I'm gonna kill you Look following Sanders. Lead Hs has proposed a programme to allow states to import some prescription drugs from Canada. And God knows. Where else so, what's the fact that none of those states, let alone Canada or other countries, have any systems in place to determine. The drugs coming into the EU asked her. What the labels say they are where they are. From China, India, etc or who made them, and you should know that as such, there zero ability to know if you're taking drugget safe maybe officials have been very clear about their safety concerns, saying that counterfeit drugs are already. Major global problem that have led to many many deaths so A lot of things really wrong with healthcare system, drug safe this country, not one of them, but Prague importation is dangerous and leaders at the. U S: Department of Health and human services have this idea, but you got to get the facts. It's gotta get done the right way. You can
drought, the stuff so get the facts by going to true healthcare, facts, dot, com, true health care, facts, dot, com, get the facts on these drugs and the new rules to true healthcare facts outcome. I the Markov and show the great want what a great time tonight with you. My fell within its really appreciate your enemy, with you tonight I'm just love. We all get together doesn't have a chance to chap so tat. There's, incorporeal Tennessee tat GO head, sir. I'm a hundred percent disabled I read- God bless you, sir. You guys you're talkin about the news. It doesn't require port about ten years ago. The tea started reporting, those averse appreciated and out in our Undertaken- and we had to go in with our national officers and get things changed because there were. We appreciate the way
Drastic and nobody about that, because they knew if they start coming up with your problem and it turned into a big problem. But we did get the stuff fix, no end. The thing is, is did you you should not be profile like that Todd. You served our country and they shouldn't just say that just cuz you have PTSD. You should not have your rights taken away just automatically like that, it's a terrible thing. Thanks for the concern for your service, and God bless my friend. I appreciate very much seven, three one three women, but I should also mention to you too. You know. The notion of of all these crazy people that are out there in the media, the socialists, etc, and the secret code, the present putting out there a August, highly. Hitler Have you seen any of the Avengers movies? I'm a huge fan. I got a five year old son and a three year old daughter, and I love comic book movies. Captain America is my favorite. I just love the character.
Hydra. Hail Hydra. Hydra is the evil. Nazi signs, division and cabin american feats, Hydra and hail Hydra is actually kind of a thing. Marvel Universe so It's also possible the president's a big fan of Marvel of comic books of the Munich happen: America Pagel floated up air. Allowed to make crazy absolute naughty, naughty things and just say them why can't I have my own everything we he's saying: Hydro Hydra. He loves cap in America. He loves adventures, say so when I'm playing with my son
with a super euro dolls and action figures, facts and figures. Listen thanks, you're being part of a shell thanks for keeping up a good fight for freedom in liberty. Amphibian, therefore mark every single day. I hope you'll find me. I'm in Philadelphia morning drive from five very tonight on double p h, T twelve ten, a M rich is the only have a great weekend. God bless thanks to Mr Producer and Mr Costa for great night, see issue from the westward one podcast network.
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