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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the 9/11 attack on the continental U.S was the most violent attack waged against us in American History. Osama Bin Laden organized it, Al Qaeda executed it, and Afghanistan gave these terrorists safe passage and refuge and that is why we're at war there 18 years later. It's not helpful or necessary to trash John Bolton over policy disagreements. Speaking as a patriotic American that cares for our troops should not be considered being a warmonger, while Sen. Rand Paul parades around as a go-between for Iran's dictatorial regime. After the slaughter of our fellow Americans, should we invite and meet with the terrorist group responsible for this? No. Imagine if an experienced National Security Advisor like John Bolton was in office at the end of the Clinton Administration or early in the Bush 43 Administration. Then, in 1983 Iranian-funded terrorists in Beirut, Lebanon killed 241 American military service members as they slept in their barracks, this attack gave rise to Hezbollah.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now, in its hundred and seventy fifth year hills. Is a truly independent institution, where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm, is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale, brother sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground commend both in the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader and Martin Levant number. Seven, seven create one three, eight one, one, eight seven, seventy three, eight one, three, eight one one! I wasn't here last night, despite some of the snark. Oh my.
Social sites because I had accepted several weeks ago. Invitation to a wonderful pre, Russia, China, holiday event, that's where I was listening. Writing my teeth to come to you, and here I am. On nine eleven. Eighteen years ago,. The attack on the United States eighteen years ago. Was the most violent attack. Most deadly attack on the Continental, United States in american history. It was done by terrorists, Osama Bin Laden organized it Al Qaeda executed but none of it would have been possible. But for the safe harbour
action and support, Then law now Cotta got. The Taliban in Afghanistan. That is why We are in Afghanistan. And by the weights, thousands and thousands of miles away are we doing in a war, thousands and thousands of miles sway, and yet they struck us. In the heart of our biggest city. They struck the Pentagon. It- would have struck the White House with a capital boning but for the heroes, the civilian heroes that broader. They're playing down. In the middle of Pennsylvania,. That's why we're in Afghanistan. What we ve been there eighteen years, should we ve been there twelve months? Three Eight years only will understand the point:
Fourteen thousand soldiers there and they have vented another nine eleven. The mass murder, three thousand Americans now Every anniversary, I play a tribute to our military, our first responders to the poor? people who died on that treacherous day, to their families. To the gold star families, the nine eleven families. What do we do that. Because we mourn as a nation. We thank our heroes. And we say this must never happen again. Al Qaeda still exists.
So did the Taliban out tonight. It is not my intention to attack sabotage the president, the sector state or his administration have a different opinion than they do. That's not unusual and we The people you and I in a way yet to be heard too, not just Television host who sit on their backs and I can pontificate with no expense. Whatsoever, not just politicians, Cancun in her face time to say Scores. What other individuals we? The people. We need to be heard: for our fellow citizens slaughtered. On that day,. Those are our soldiers.
And the purpose of all this is to help the president not to hurt him. We're not on the left were not cope. Republicans were not Bernie Sanders Democrats. But we need to be heard too, it's our country, after all, it's our country too. In their millions and millions of us. And after you hear that. The boots, the montages and so forth And ask yourself, should we. Should we have been in any peace negotiations with the Taliban? I want Ask yourself: should the talent ever had been invited to come in. At foot on the Continental, United States, and ask yourselves. If they should have invited go to Camp David.
It's not that I don't trust the president. Are you not trust the present these terrorists. They're not to be trusted in the least. What's a terrorist Terrorist as a person no intention of complying. With civil law have no intention of camps we're criminal law. Their purpose is to attack the citizenry their purpose, is to bring down a government. To create as much mayhem as they should the possible that's their purpose. So let
begin competent area? We look like a building right now. We have no contact with the plight of women for a week when the boy,
I would never come up again from outside the window. I walked away long awaited on windows, open. If you can open a point, I ain't gonna be a war going on down, regret, ok, guided due to Taiwan, the white smoke. Ok, looking somebody up immediately, everyone didn't you you're leaving. Just relax and try to stay calm and try to keep a dog to try to get back to try to get
you have the public to the pride of a guy like you. Are you gonna, be the line or not be aligned with you? A fragile country won't be one to five point treasure chamber.
American, seven climbing. I maintain my level to minors are over. American, seventy seven Roger Three
Eric american American, seventy seven american Eddie. American, seventy seven american any radio check out your id.
American, seventy seven american radio, chatty read this is hundreds of American. Seventy seven appetite trying to iter took a turn of the south, and now I don't know what opportunities that are, what he's doing less areas towards round with a thirty five. Would you let me know, ok I'll try to get all of them. Thanks, Today we ve had a national tragedy: airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center in an appearance of a terrorist attack, Rob Wrong.
God, man, when I was a guy you because you're gonna have to get off the floor. You come out of this emotionally stronger, politically strong, much closer together is a city for the last nine days. The entire world has seen for itself the state of our union and is strong involvement by the other, with our whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring Justice Germany's Justice-
we'll be done. We will not tire We will not falter. And we will not fail. Yeah.
The way out loud origin or move more. We know how many with was re american hard with. We, therefore, here stand shoulder to shoulder with our american friends in this our tragedy. We like them not rest until this is driven in freedom and be defended when war has been waged against his by still in the sheep, which nations with fierce and stirred and breaking the will of the american people, I mean in terms of others. It will end in a way and at an hour of argues, the struggle is fears and with whom it is. Justice was September, lemons, firmer level.
When Charles came to our country today is obviously one of the most difficult days in the history of the city and the country.
Just getting your machines lanes was hijacked after Tink. I listened to your coins crashed extremely dangerous. We were here at any rate, and people are gonna get regarding their early goes into all the innocent horrible, ambitious action. We thousands of lives were suddenly into my evil, despicable acts of terror, scribes retorted into were soon. When the second point is this: the last time she tore, it seems not to be believed, still billowing. What we do is now has to be more. You know our nations oldest colleges, resounded to teach students to seek truth, recognise which beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse region.
The idea of objective truth. They pedal moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully, none of this applies to Helstone College for all, two centuries hills. Dell has remained true to its original mission, to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty, challenging piety now's hills, deal celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain
Committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the publication of its free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizen ship in Washington DC and its Barney Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical case through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty. Since eighteen, forty four, this is hailstones college and, let me add, I think so much of hills. Del college I donated in a regional copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today, as I speak at the Kirby Centre, Hills Dale College, America's college- I lady, will disappear very, very pleased and allow more disgust with you. So tell me if you heard that and remember that you think we should
the Taliban to set foot in this country now think, In discussing peace with them now Terry personal, who believe in any event the course, the good the true the beautiful, think about those concepts for a second. What do they mean? How can we begin to understand these high and noble ideals? It starts with the right kind of education. This kind of education used to be common, but has become increasingly rare. I used to be that college. Do young people which study comprehensively of right of subjects from philosophy to politics to biology a core curriculum? In other words? Sadly, that's not the case these days, but I can tell you about one place where young people study, like this
that's not the case these days? But I can tell you about one place where young people study, like this hills: they'll college at Hills, Dale students work hard spending more than half the time studying the core. The result, Helstone alumni our leaders with intelligence and character, ready to make a difference in their families, communities in country, but it all starts with that core. The core that develops moral and intellectual virtue that core that helps them understand the good. The true and the beautiful find out more about what education is meant to be at live in four hills: Del Dotcom: that's l, e g! I am free Helstone, dotcom tourism, acquit passion, Roma women, Joe Colored, seven, seven, three, eight one great want blood stay with me. Folks, mistakes. But the time to work our way through. Let me ask you a question. Let me ask you a question.
Don't you wish John Bolton was the national security adviser during the ended Clinton administration in the early bush, forty three administration before nine eleven before the attack, my country. Would you would prefer- ran paw. And why is somebody who understands terrorism and terrorist nations. Called a neo. Can you know the NEO cannons NEO com Is from the fifties and Sixtys a liberal Democrat, some of them are actually communist the sizes. Who saw the light. After the Soviet Union's abuses, and then became Republicans. And became silent on national security Jump was never a liberal, democratic, communist sympathiser. So what are the common neeoka. Why? You call a hawk
You believe in defending the nation. Those first responders, the nine eleven families, the gold star families, the military military? That's from Afghanistan. We, the people How many of you wanted the Taliban to set foot in our country. How many of you wanted them to go to. Think people a peace negotiation terrorist is, I thought, I'd pay but definition, because I don't think people understand what a terrorist is, including over the state. The the Treasury Department intern? terrorism is party States coat. Nine states or of any state, or that would be a criminal violation of committee, Christy Human Life, That are a violation of the criminal laws, the United States or of any state, for that would be a criminal violation of committed within the jurisdiction of the United States, or any state appear to be
tended to intimidate or coercive civilian population. The info, the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion or effective And activate governed by Sazen Nation, a kidnapping and are primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. Our transcend national boundaries and terms the me By which they are accomplished the person They appear intended to intimidate coerce the local which their perpetrators operate or seek asylum. You ve got this clown ran all over cable tv he's available. I'm sure he's gonna shop on Santa Grams in airport radar, maybe on CNN, on the airports. Who is the tour guy to the Foreign Minister of IRAN. When he comes here who is celebrating
the fact that John Boldness no longer sick, sick, national security, but I'm not a special pleading for John born of the present. The United States is not comparable, John Bomb, that's his call. John Bolton wants to leave the administration because he feels it's going soft, that's his call to much care if he resigned or was fired some is not telling the truth. But that's not my point. It was a bad idea. To negotiate with terrorists. Who provided. The safe harbour for it pack on this nation. The worst attack in our history eighteen years ago. And the fact that they killed twelve innocent people really are before they were supposed to meet at Camp David, including.
Red blooded american hero soldier. That's a surprise, a soup these are terrorists, they struck New York. They struck the Pentagon. Of course, that's what they do they not bound by anything. That's why they're called terrorists are not called soldiers in a foreign army. There terrorists Definition, they don't comply with rules. Treaties, agreements deals of any kind there. Terrorists. And we have every right it concerned about this Not our purpose to sabotage destroy, I underline the administration. President's advisers or present it is our purpose as America, to provide some input like we do everything else.
And we can do that and still support the present and his administration. But they need to hear from us too. Not just a handful of ram, Code, pink Republicans, who ACE, Bernie, Sanders Farm policy who are pro Grandest joy, Bolton, did you know he is a man of the left he's a progressive. He spent thirty years. Including in the rag in administrative, so what is it? a right wing, rabbit, hawk or left progressive: this is kind of crap a mealy mouthed propaganda that you get four people. Who are trying to even scores or whatever it is cheap Trot smear efforts. I am very disappointed in
A former colleagues are now leaking. Oh he's a leaker. Leaking that he didn't get along leaking this leaking that very, very disappointed by this. And I love the president theirs stronger defender, the President deny when they trying remove him from office. All these years- and I will continue to be As I have committee meets again tomorrow on the Democrats plan to launch a Impeachment again Our present- and I will defend him, but there's need to smear bone and Open didn't start the Iraq war. There were two resolutions: Joint resolutions in Congress voted overwhelmingly by Republicans and Democrats support by virtually every conservative host and radio and every conservative virtually on Fox.
And supported by the vast majority of you, and I have friends. More than France, with a number of gold star parents who lost- their sons in that war. It is constable to dismiss what took place there. Then a treated as an aberration or something to make polluter. The points today. What people lost their lives there fighting for our country for our country. As I say, I'm not a special pleading for anyone, but you but my country, I love my country. I want to talk about IRAN. Secretary upon pale, the other day said almost matter fact in research.
Stood quite sure. President might It with IRAN In President Ronnie without Preconditions that agenda flex. That so sudden I heard my neck. I gonna walk round the neck price, You don't have kids who would go to war. True. You know I relatives who have. The vast majority of us, don't it they help people, don't ask those men and women what they think. But I'll tell you what. I didn't have kids in the twin towers either I didn't it the Pentagon, either Kids on any of those jets either. And neither did most of us you, but their debt. Those people are dead,
In the first, responsibility of our federal government is not to redistribute wealth, is not the tax wealth. He's not confiscatory income taxes. It's not to redistribute wealth, it's not to create massive debt. It's not the dew. Ninety eight percent of what the federal government does that fur damn responsibility. The federal government is to protect the citizenry, the people. Does that make you a hawk, doesn't make you a NEO com. Every major attack on the euro, states times, didn't come from Kansas or Florida or Texas, North Dakota. It came from thanks
Some thousands of miles away like Afghanistan. That is why we reject ran Paul any other property just for isolation, for pacifism,. For unilateral, withdraw you see, America is not the problem, ladies and gentlemen, you are not the problem, your kids aren't the problem. Our society is not the problem, our enemies the problem and they said because they will. They strike as they will, but they plot and plan from afar. Wouldn't have been great. I've been the national security adviser and we had taken out of some of the. Before nine eleven,
If ran Paul, was our national security advisor. The Palestinians, the uranium in the North Koreans, the Chinese, the Russians is Buddy, Vladimir Putin. What's the problem he's an outlier? His father is an absolute must, Now, when I say these things, he has some of his friends his coop friends like this guy, the southern avenger write, stuff tacking me as a neo come. A NEO com. A red blooded American, these Taliban bastard should never set foot in this country. Should continue to kill as many them as possible now ran. IRAN is slaughtered, hundreds and hundreds of american and they ve
Had to pay a price for ever and I want to discuss this in more lent. Since apparently, the president. Prepared to meet with the President of IRAN with no preconditions according to the Secretary state and by the way, that's no bureaucracy, the state department! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! That's! that's that's running beautifully, that's perfect over there. I suspect this programme in all, its forms and platforms has close the twenty million listener. And that's why it's important for us to have Discussion. Because all I hear is purely for the code pink ribbon for the Bernie Sanders. Republicans they do Represent you and me they do not represent our military. They do,
represent law enforcement and first responders. They do now Represent the gold star families they do not. Resent the nine eleven families. How do I know- because I talk to these folks, all the I I don't live in a bubble and all Studio
Back then, since its founding in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call it is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about him Primus the free monthly speech. Digestive hailstone college in primacy is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published in nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job. This like free speech, the regulation, a big tech, mental illness and the American medical insurance system?
cause America's founding principles are so important, hailstones offers and Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to and primates for free here's. What I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus thought Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's an Primus! I m p r. I am I S. Dot Hills deal that EU welcome too, Still by the way, I want to make it clear for the six month time during this hour. Because her are left wing websites and code, Republicans and others who like to stir the pot. I am in no way undermining sabotaging besmirching. Our president.
I am voicing my opinion. Am I it has happened to be shared by tens of millions of Americans. We want the Taliban destroyed, I want them in this country. When negotiations with the Taliban, we know it before their latest attack. We don't want the president meeting with the President of IRAN and after I tell you what a run is done to Americans. Agree, even more. We know either lying and building icy beams. Nuclear warheads not to attack country in the region, Threatening blackmail us. And once they have, those weapons was not. However, we can do about it. So look your children and grandchildren in the eyes now is not the time
Like the foot off the gas pedal start pumping the brakes. My talkin about going to war there an economically. There are things we can do. Their advisers to the president, who are encouraging him not to do those things, some of them are in the State Department I believe there is any body to counterbalance those opinions. There should be no waivers for the arrangements. I gave you the definition of terrorism. It is a terrorist regime. It's like ISIS, trying to build a caliphate, destroyed Lebanon with Hezbollah, its cause half a Syria is. Drawing Yemen, its cause Half of a rack mark, what does that have to do with us? Everything.
Then I say Icy becomes MR producer when nuclear warheads did. I explained that, but they have Killed hundreds and hundreds of american soldiers and have never paid a price now we're gonna eat them when they come to the United Nations without pre condition. And talk because our economies hurting and maybe we'll make a deal Eric terrorist state is the whole point of battle. Outrages Obama deal that they don't he's third deal. Isn't that the point I approach will be right back, please stay with us. I want to remind you what a ran has done to Americans to America.
I'll be right back now run casting the lonely underground than both than the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building it we once again made contact with our leader, my love them women, many minor era, one three, eight one, one point: seven, seven, three, eight one one when I want to thank you for thinking whether millions and millions of Patriots Levine ICE therein. We have some great collars. I hope your whole on folks.
A ran- and I posted this earlier today- killed more american troops in Iraq than previously known the Pentagon says. I want you to listen to them. I got his up in the official estimate on the number of: U S: troops in Iraq who were killed by iranian back militias and ran directly the There is at least six hundred and three that mean Roughly one in every six american combat fatalities in Iraq were attributable to around. How we say we support our military Dewey. We say our heart goes out to gold star families. Does it doesn't work? of every six american combat fatalities in Iraq were attributable to ran to the Pentagon.
This is from the military times. I did make it up. There were the nineteen eighty, three marine barracks balmy, something you don't seem so long ago. This is from the daily signal. Ten years ago, It is very edifying. Course, you own heard anywhere else and by the way, are cowards in this business. Her. What MR produce are their coward, conservative talk, show hosts. And cowards on television who purport to be conservatives patriots, it's unbelievable to me. You can respectfully address issues. Spectrally disagree with hopes of influencing our
officials? That's the purpose of talk, radio. The other thing we do is talk greater that they cannot do on television is its participatory participatory. You shall see momentarily soap, The marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, was pack by lebanese terror, supported and directed by around the attack, Two hundred and forty one american service. Two hundred twenty marine. Sixteen Davy personnel and three army soldiers, The deadly a single day death toll for the Marine since World war to the battle of E with Gmos. And the deadline for the? U S: military, since the nineteen sixty eight TED Offensive and Vietnam Uranium.
The suicide truck bombing along with a similar bombing that day killed. Fifty eight french paratroopers perpetrated by lebanese terrorist group Hizbollah. Maybe you ve heard of it. It's the Party of God. This created, supported, directed own controlled by IRAN,. The bombing led to the February nineteen eighty four withdrawal from Lebanon of the multinational force, a peacekeeping contingent composed of Americans, british, french and in time, troops that Deployed to stabilize Lebanon after September fourteen nineteen, eighty to the assassination of the lebanese President elect back regard me out, who was christian by the way by law, These facts are aligned with Syria. Although the- U S, had mounted to previous successful peacekeeping operations in Lebanon, the nineteen fifty eight and nineteen. Eighty two. The ignominious ended. The M If intervention brought disastrous consequences,
I hear that peacekeeping mission led to the renewed fighting between lebanese factions in the ascendancy of Hezbollah, by IRAN and Syria and the marine. Alex Bombing, which was the deadliest terrorist attack against Americans before the nine eleven attacks later spired Osama Bin Laden did the United States is a paper tiger because of its rapid Withdrawal of peacekeeping forces from Lebanon in Somalia after casualties were suffered. How kind of members related dispatched as Ballade training camps in Lebanon. The nine Eleven Commission report, page sixty eight, this Distance is believed to have significantly boosted Al Qaeda killing power which dramatically Greece, by the end of the decade, cod Ninety ninety eight bombings of the? U S: embassies in Kenya in Tanzania two hundred twenty four people and twelve Americans and wounded more than five thousand people inside obtaining operations. They used huge
mom, similar to those used in past Hezbollah, operations. Although Hezbollah, a revolutionary Shia islamist organization at loose ties to Al Qaeda. A revolutionary Sunni Islamist Organization in the joy that's closer ties to radical, sheer revolutionary regime in IRAN. Which had midwife its birth and nineteen. Eighty two has Was a wholly on subsidiary of IRAN. Hezbollah leaders were inspired by our total Khomeini's nineteen. Seventy nine revolution and ran train Iranian revolutionary guards. Fine by IRAN at all He carried out iranian orders, indeed, the act Over twenty three nineteen, eighty three bombing. Later was discovered have been ordered by IRAN. The commanding officer, the marine unit targeted by Hezbollah, later wrote.
Unknown to us at the time, the National Security Agency had made a dip, communications intercept concept for twenty six. The same day as the cease fire in the September war. The iranian intelligence service provided explicit instructions to the array ambassador in Damascus, also known terrorist, to attack them away it's a Beirut International Airport. The suicide Attacker struck us twenty eight days later with, where did the intercepts stuck in the intelligence pipeline in days after the attack. Ran working through Hezbollah, surrogates to insulated self, from retaliation, learn that terrorism paid off in a big way, later use Hezbollah to capture fifteen Western hostages in Lebanon that are used arguing chip your arms from the United States in the eye, Contra Matter, the leader of. Fifteen hundred man Revolutionary Guard contingent. There was this That's the Lebanon's Bekaa Valley to train and support Hezbollah. Later
came IRAN's Defence Minister dear Ambassador Syria, Oc Bar I gotta do who presided over the creation of Hezbollah late, Came a ranch Interior minister in its work, A closer socially Verena so called moderate, mere who savvy a defeat. Canada and arrange sham elections last year when hear more The operational mastermind behind the Marine Barracks bombing in Maude Yabba dabba, frequently travel to closely with IRAN's revolutionary guards and his Ministry of Intelligence and security. The Son of a Lebanese. She, a clerk. Trade with Yasser Arafat for Todd terrorist Group and Levin, she the connections, seventies. It became part of force seventeen Arafat purse, Security force the nineteen eighty two expulsion of Arab had from Lebanon. He served A bodyguard for Hezbollah, spiritual leader
Mohammed Hussein, five Lala and quickly. Goes to become a key leader of Hezbollah. Terrorist operations. Earning the alias of the fox in it in a bombing of the Marine Barracks He was involved in the nineteen eighty three bombing of the: U S embassy in Beirut. There was that killed. Sixty three people, pudding, seventeen Americans taking a many american, a western hostages in Lebanon and the ninety, Five hijacking of tea W a flight, eight, forty, seven in Lebanon. Which resulted in the murder of a passenger. A? U S, Navy drug. He I did a mysterious car bombing in Damascus, had been in his really counter terrorism operation. So they don't take the crap, or do we have been involved in the ninety ninety two bombing of israeli embassy in Argentina, which killed twenty nine people or Mark BAR but you'll understand it's our presence that cause them to kill you right.
Did I say their terrorist terrorists. Two hundred forty one american servicemen dozens of other Americans under other circumstances, attack our embassies in other countries. Killed american troops fighting in Iraq, building intercontinental ballistic missiles, so the had other continents. You know like ours, North America,. When nuclear warheads and has been paid And that they violated the Obama my carry. Islam or Nazi deal. Even while we were supposedly honouring it. Why the hell. What pompiers say shore will meet with them with no preconditions. Are you kidding me.
What will me with anyone anywhere any too That's the problem. Where do you know States of America, we don't me with anyone anywhere slapping we don't trust the president or the sect Her stay because we don't trust the enemy because they killed Americans. Innocent civilian Americans. An american Yanks. And the Iranians have yet to pay a price mark. You must be a warmonger, I'm sick and tired of one. You speakers patriotic America. So to protect our homeland, protect our soldiers and protect our people that things have got so twist What the propaganda marijuana, let me tell you something I just to. Do. The iranian regime- I've been have come close to what they ve done.
The torture, the murder they kidnappings. And we have a United States senator and ran paw. Whose serves as a gulf between I tore guy with a far. Minister of the regime, Its talking about death to America. And he's all over cable tv celebrating the outcome of John Bolton, who was once are you an ambassador, a great impact? to the United Nations, I'm not. Sit here allow the lies in the proper candid, the dispute by air, But a handful of knuckle heads tv and in the U S Senate and my gutless conservative colleagues, whose Yet there were the thumb up, their nose,
Sure how to speak, speak respectfully. Speak honestly: give Europe it's. Ok, we're not left there we're not me I media matters and CNN and MSNBC in the near ex lines of the Washington Post. We want our pay. To succeed. We support our president. We support. The world to have opinions to it as America, we have free speech, not dictators, and now I don't think we should now reduce the economy pressures we put on around which are working as a precondition to talk We should say hello meet the iranian regime, dictators and now I don't think we should now reduced The economic pressures we put on IRAN, which are working as a pre,
condition to talk to them. I don't think we be making? U turns. No, I don't. You must be a neo con, only morons which They don't know what a neo content. You must be a hawk. No, I may traditional pro american pro. Military pro liberty, constitutional, conservative This is the job of the federal government not to make deals, but they keep us safe. Now want to take a few cos. Doug Dallas Georgia, our great affiliates, back W g s t. How are you going good evening, yes MA am
No, that's right. I served up for years in the marine corps deployed to deployed to, and my and my point in two thousand and seven are ahead. Asian under the direction of the US Islamic Revolutionary Guard Coral Kurds force kidnapped Soldiers in Kampala took him out. Quarter them it killed them This guy got embedded his name of our got Duke either have cooperative And, along with another guy between high up in the iraqi government, now read to kidnap me, Soldiers, torture, kill them. The Obama administration, but with them to the Iraqis him a return to the Iranians and back the had blocked in two thousand as well let me ask you something, sir. First of all, God bless you and thank you. Think that our administration should meet with the press,
ever ran as the sector state said, and not only that would preconditions. How does that make you feel about me? I've research, this motto a lot I've read something some things from the Long war journal, a foundation for the defence of democracy that basically Ran provided travel from Afghanistan through a ran for London on Bobby, September eleven project of this then some more. They see the party government or something came out with some Balkan. Apparently Now what we should be. How about you? You told your saying that those for american soldiers were kidnapped, effective by ran, tortured and murdered. While exactly what price of they pay for that
the Obama administration released if, instead of sending them to put upon him- or do you think, do you think that president overran. If and when it comes to the! U n. At our officials, are present and shake his hand and be prepared to talk them without preconditions. I just wanted your input idiot you, your man, who served in a code pink republican sitting on your ass with at present. But look on her face. I dug alone. I wanted Don't hang up, I want to send you a signed copy of on freedom of the press will be. Back. Then you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day give
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Then you do know the north korean mass murder, genocide. Maniac read, was upset. The John Bolton talked about doing Three, what took place in libyan, of course, if we want took it out account, but that's fine. A thin skinned for mass murder. Don't you think. He's not called rock man anymore, but yesterday fired off all bunch more rockets, sophisticated. Rockets on a multi launch rocket man. He was rocket man before Bolton. Unease recommend now he's During nuclear weapons before bombings pursuing nuclear weapons, now truthfully. He's upset because of the comparison. Libya. Oh I'm sorry he's upset he's the enemy,
The enemies upset, ladies and gentlemen,. Her making so much progress. I'm just saying it's ridiculous in context. I am certainly not opposed what the present is trying to do in North Korea, I idea that John Balkans comments knocked. Everything off course That means the North Koreans are playing the state Department. That's what that means you can speak out against them at is foolish. In my humble opinion, we have that Who has three three of her children serving in the military? We have Jeff, who served in Iraq and his forces were hit by arranging artillery. What should hear from real Americans
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the true, the beautiful think about those concepts for a second. What do they mean. How can we begin to understand these high noble deals and ideals? Folks, it starts with the right kind of education. This kind of education used to be common but has become increasingly rare To be the college students, young people would study comprehensively a variety of subjects from philosophy, politics biology literature to history to theology, core curriculum, in other words,. Sadly, that's not the case these days, but I can tell you about one place where young people study like this one place whales Del College, hills. Del students work hard spending more than half the time studying the core and the result. Hills, Thou alumni, our leaders with intelligence and character ready to make difference in their families, communities in country, but all starts with a core: the core that every student takes the core that develops moral and intellectual virtue, the core?
it helps them understand the good, the true and the beautiful find out all about it. What kind of education what it meant to be then for hills, they'll back come L avian flu. Else: Delta come Levine for hills, doubt that come I'll, be curious to see how the who the president chooses for his new national security advisor I assume it'll, be no one who supported the Iraq war, which takes away virtually every expert. But I soon there'll be no one. Whoever supported the Iraq war. I assume it will be no one who ever served in either Bush administration. I mean these are the candidate. The these standards that have been set. Something very interesting to see, ran Paul All out there man he's excited, he's been attacking,
Bolton more than he's ever attacked the Islam on Nazis in Tehran. That power Danny terrorists that I need a communist dictators. Russia's strong man but bolt man I'll get worked up, ladies and gentlemen, because you see the problem isn't the enemies, its Bolton, but now we can re rest sleeping, is because, according to ran paw The threat of war is much lower because John Boldness gone cut, three go. I think the threat of war around the world is greatly diminished. Let's stop right there. He said the same thing over and over again. So is not exactly that right. Go ahead. Now to the White House, I think you're a ninety point of view for the world that we should talk regimes by Mr Paul. You welcome the come on this programme any time because, unlike John Bolton, who you'd attacking who has no way of responding to a cause he's not on that programme, you do.
You're welcome to come on this programme anytime. You want go ahead. An institute. You know democratic government that we would make the world perfect or we make the world and our image and frankly, just doesn't jumbled, never said that. You didn't say about the Taliban: go ahead: Lot of history, of getting rid of strong men in the Middle EAST and having them replaced by vacuums, chaos or actually making the place more hospitable for terrorist wrong. I don't understand the iranian regime is the greatest of terrorism in the world and are now trying. Client nuclear weapons. Would it be so off that regime are top and replaced with a nun? I don't care if democracy or not people decide What's wrong with that, ladies in German, isn't that the point rather than going to war, isn't exactly what ragged did to the Soviet Union then screwed up later by other,
but isn't that exactly what was done? Yes go ahead, so I think his idea that the way you do with IRAN's use, topple the government or the way you do with North Korea is top of the government. Really wasn't what the presidency, when talking about the president's, actually talking about not having regime change in finding a diplomatic solution to some of these. Can you know this? Guy is such a puts its really difficult to address, but let me try. How many presidents administrations have tried, climatic solutions with North Korea every Damn one: it's the korean WAR, every damn one. That's why we took one hundred nuclear warheads, how of South Korea, because North Korea promised they wouldn't pursue them. They have them Clinton, buckled.
Bush, forty one before him, buckled Bush, forty three after him buckled. It's not like this hasn't been tried before negotiations with the iranian regime not like that is a bit try before. Lose the one with the failed ideas in the failed policies, because those troops that around killed- you not ran Paul, would say about that, but we should have been there. That's all. Should have been Lebanon should have been a rack Shouldn't have our embassies where we have them, you know if we would just pull back, everything will be fine. That's why they gaga one or two percent wanted. Running for President Guy had a world I think the present deserves to have somebody who's is national security adviser who actually will try to further its policy and not try to Estonia and on the boat. By this time he had had it the power to stymie he had a different opinion, and apparently everybody else- and you know that's not the first time in history.
You know I had a different opinion He was looking at Germany, MR producer, who Winston Churchill. Has never Chamberlain deal with this. Hitler gonna make a deal with Hitler, and so when he made a deal with Hitler, gotta deal and Hitler laughed and he rip up the paper. When you went in whose building then Matter Britain felt charges? I wait a minute this guy He doesn't believe in a deal It will cut a deal, would stone, stabbed him in the back. I don't know how many more times we have to learn this from history, we're not dealing with civil. Lawful regimes certainly not when we're dealing with terrorists, so Ran poor policy, the coping Republicans
and their surrogates in the media. Then proven wrong and wrong and wrong again in history. And resulted in devastating consequences for humanity, devastating. Jason Baltimore Maryland on serious satellite hurry. You, sir, you up. I'll make this fast journey time. We sell weapons, Epimetheus or military settled whose weapons have to be registered. We read through the serial numbers. I would never let me slow down a second, so when it, whenever we sell, you mean military weapons but correct for any other items we sold some the country to arm. In Afghanistan we sell them, weapons were giving the Afghan National Army military weapons and we Can we train and equip them that was part of our job during the NATO training mission in Afghanistan We're in which you served correct gas watch, I would issue these weapons. Inside of over do after you that that would take us up
What are we weeks later, what our speckled things would catch? A moderate Taliban, mostly iranian cell, we copy the weapons they used, it. Here's how we worry about. We pull the same serial numbers and point out. They were. The same warrants were issued to the afghan women. So you're saying the Afghanis or selling our military hardware to the Iranians absolutely to include equipment of all types and fuel they ve been doing it for years, Do you think the president should meet Take the hand of the President of IRAN as the year as the Sectaries states suggestive even without preconditions for preconditions have gone ran, must recognise Israel existence and what? I too exist to. They must pay back. All one hundred fifty billion dollars over President gave them three. They must all terrorists that actually took terrorist actions across the United States and across other countries against you
military personnel according what's renounced terrorism until those Conditions are met absolutely not by you realize then you're disqualified to be national security, adviser, sectaries, state or sector defence you're. Probably right now, where are you I don't know I'm in Baltimore about finish up in a you with said Thank you. Buddy God bless you. We appreciate your. Jeff Tuscaloosa Alabama Ex M satellite? Go ahead. Please thanks market, You do have a me on it. I like the poor preconditions that you, young man, but are there, but it's what I tell you- we were talking about away in earlier years, harm station in southern Iraq, either low price between bother at Bagdad? Not thank you may recognize it was the it was the area of air Now bigots, yes, yes, yes, so,
Without going into any scriptural bad, I'm gonna go hadn t we, we at carboy security of all the immense from the car? lady border all the way To Baghdad the nations that we started, giving here we're early in two thousand and five. Or actual uranium to Europe uranium to pay off He's emanations that would actually penetrate. Almost feel that was the new home these Now when we entered a wreck was actually the south scan vehicles that, without farmers, with The layer of hard steal that a pick out could penetrate, but as we started into the fire, We noticed that the sheer militias because Southern Iraq be an album, mainly she s was gaining heavy the poor by the Republican guards, Maria.
So the Iranians were backing up actively militarily backing them up. That is correct, that was in two thousand and four widen and our two thousand and five, and did they kill any of your fellow soldiers? They we were, they killed so drivin We're not directly under my familiar but under other command. Americans. Yes, yes, American, and I ve never painted damn price for that. Have they not a price However, in fact they put, they put right some ten priorities, mark and say I'd like your. Your first our earlier in a fragment the cat Sure, if you're than ah sir you either Are you target to be captured, taken on a desert and tortured. And killed and dragged through the story, and this is what he did right that this a weapon. That's correct: well, I'm gonna, do you think is the sectaries state said
Almost in passing sure the president can meet with Roma rule Ronnie the President of IRAN, if he comes to the? U N, without precaution could you agree with that. Down like a preconditions, are spent. Twenty six years of my life in the United States Army continuing numbered last? What appears taken do Junior aren t say in trying to teach kids, I don't know Thing about not eleven, because our civics don't take it easy, Morton and today oh Mamma, that only one The street they turn our eyes go what's mama for more than ninety. We'll keep at my friend and test kaluza. You gave a hell of football team there. Now you, oh yes, yes or we will ya. We potter fair for our support and that, of course, we don't have much to do with it fail in this area is all about it. They say but now I bet it is it's a hell of a team. You have their Alabama
Are you my friend, and thank you for your service. See the individual's you hearing on this programme. Are not cherry pick We call on their own, we don't cherry pick them it like TV where they find some leftwing, colonel or something like that. To trash national security and the american military I don't do that here for leftwing colonel happens to call an that's fine. And I haven't even ask anybody the common people, falling incomes, their upset.
I'll, be right back. If you have a moment, I want you all to vote a brick house. Levin dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver, I'm upset with marked because he's got me hooked on field of greens. What a great product! Thank you, brick house for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and your welcome Stephen subscribing smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic some probiotics, plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back, gotta brick House, Levine, DOT, com or call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with promo code love in that's brick, house, L, easy. I am dot com or call a three three ring be H. End promo code, love in power in a vehicle is not only our great call. People, I've gotten
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but had dot com, slash, live in the smartest way to hire his zip recruiter. We're going to keep an eye on the media, should they choose to make representations. Choose me about my show. Mary had us, entrust the media there's a new study. I will talk about that, the third our to manufacture. Ninety five percent of Americans have problems with the american media because of trump Because of my book on freedom of the press, because you see it and here at each and every day,. The vast majority Amy, Helena Montana the great K, J, J R, I place I mark. I just very moved and I had a call and thank you for your beautiful and very stirring nine eleven tribute at the top of your show, I currently have three serving on active duty, one deployed
military, another military family. We live nine eleven every day. Me it's a reminder of the savagery and all that we are dealing with every day I dont believe the enemy deserves a sit down meeting. I don't think they deserve negotiations. I dont think they deserve to be wind and dined eye, they deserve to be wiped out Now, while you are, quite a family. Quite a mother with wonderful, wonderful lug, They all males. All three of them. No, I have a son, I have a daughter law, my son's wife is also active and then my God son is active and he is not only the boy. So we are but my country, we love our president. We have a meeting with a ran. What do you think of that? No no, no meeting with the ran out and you can love the president and support the president and disagree on correct. Of course here
Yes, we hang you and you have a bigger stake in this. The most people, don't you well, we big stating that yes, we do, but we love our country. We do our president but the end, Does not deserve a sit down, they deserve to be wiped out. They have shown us that time and time again they deserve to be wiped out. I agree with you and by the way, please don't hang up. I want to send you the only thing I know the son you. I signed copy of on freedom of the press. Tell your family, how much we appreciate each and every one of them, and you too ok Amy, thank you mark and God bless. You. You see this, ladies and gentlemen. How many children sermon she does thrill. You ve been hearing from veterans who fought in Iraq. You ve been hearing from veterans. Four one, Afghanistan. If I were to save her first responder in New York New to deal with nine eleven.
Do you think the Taliban should set foot in this country? I can tell you what I think the answer is gonna be hell now, unless it's both feet and their aims at the sky, I'll be right back now, broadcasting on roaming underground command, both in the bows will they even bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building, we once again made contact with the leader of my love. Then everybody marked with a mere our number seven seven, three, eight one one like eight seven, seven, three, eight one one one! I want to congratulate the president, this candidate, the republican bishop. I really don't think he would have one had the president not strongly campaign format that wonderful rally a North Carolina so
president has coattails there is no question about that. And that Good saint malo with so close. I told you before it happened. That, if the Republican One, they would say that if the Republican lost, they would say in a trumps over strew. So it is the eighteenth anniversary, nine eleven. And I want to play for you what one of my favorite songs and renditions of that song.
Cut eighteen go lovers scare far across the letters were to land. As well as says Yes,.
Mary sat beside a night, light fraud frown. Do why
tony port work, Texas, the Great W B, I d go. I'm talking to you, I'm listening from September twenty! Sixteen for tat! I want to mention that, community, as you remember, wasn't excited and friends, and There is a deep relation between France and IRAN and any deal with IRAN is not a good deal, no matter what I saw The reason I wore a president teenagers. My blue bit about I am because of France,. France, they try to come from.
And I wish- and I hope that he would not do anything with a because any deal with IRAN is about one. What I'm with you- and you know what you make it. Point France was behind the release Khomeini. Yes, he was an exciting over there, sir you're you're right and they let him go and he goes into ran and then look what he does. Yes, because IRAN rang and grateful to the friends plus There is the sheer decrease and from IRAN, Iraq to Syria, to Lebanon, took us from one side and the other side Kuwait. In Yemen and Yemen has the abandonment of the watching us that water pass on digger almost. They can cut it off. Then they cut off all the oil and our great president think twice before goes further. He can consult with Israelis with the jordanian
The Egyptian about hand, isn't it amazing that you have the jewish state in the arab states all in agreement? it's coming soon: the Middle Eastern Union, not a bleak anymore. My friend excellent call thank you for reminding us and where's mccrone, has been pushing the president. To go soft. On IRAN. We now know State departments been pushing. But maybe the president feels that. And we have an obligation to citizens of the country. To you know tar country those are, our fellow citizens were murdered. Those are Brave men and women in uniform who were killed by the Iranians disgusted lengthy that people call here who were actually involved in it. I don't agree at all with her, talks with the Taliban, I don't agree at all with
beating or shaking my hand, Of an Islam or nazi leader who was blood on his hands, the american soldiers going back decades, what We'll talk with anyone, we shouldn't talk with anyone. We shouldn't talk with any one period. Cause you're giving up yet your ear. Why do I have to explain this. We're a magnificent nation, a magnificent people who believe in liberty and the rule of law and the constitution. To lower ourselves. Tell me with these murders, who does that? Well,. And at the same time,. Some of our president. We can defend on. One is under attack. But we can let em. Now, though we disagree them, you do that with a spouse. You do that with a friend. And significant another other your father, your children.
I will do it here. But I want to convey to Washington Dc Com, So the present the United States and its administration. There are literally tens of millions of him of us. The reject this but support him. We're not the lips. Quota coat, NEO cons where patriots patriots who no enemies when we see them, we don't believe our nation should lower itself too, deals with terrorists or terrorist regimes. That no intention whatsoever of keeping any idea was that the whole point of the Rand Deal and the Withdraw from the around you wasn't that the whole point. I got so much I want discuss here, but I'm not gonna get total.
As a great peace by our Freddy wrought by our friend, I him Cassandra. In the daily collar the media's prom covering nine eleven. It's a great piece how he points out the New York Times among other, CNN and so forth. Are they really Abuse nine eleven, a crap agenda. There's a great piece of the daily wire Democrats, coaching migrants, doing Secret Mexico drip leak letter alleged. We actually have the Democratic Party coaching, Foreigners had come into this country illegally and break the rules are used. The rules. Nbc our rocker, among others, they have. Announced as our bodies had news, busters, dot, Org point out, climate unit. I met in crisis series. So the propaganda never ends. Ladies and gentlemen,.
And of course the present United States has pointed out yahoo dot com. Faces dozens of investigations by House Democrats. Course. I will continue to be the number one foremost defender, the president when it comes to the constitution and the Fritz depose him in what I have called in first called the silent coup. And I'll be doing that tomorrow night, I believe on Hannity he's asked me to come on ice. I think that's the topic. I believe that the topic while their right back in long, been foreseen in the reprobate news agency.
And here's what he had to say on CNN today had Tipp right, scoop, cut eleven, go Aristotle. The testing, since not eleven right wing terrorists, have killed more people in the United States than jihadist terrorism that, according to New American. Some folks numeric as a left wing site, I've, no idea. What he's talking about right wing terrorists. He'll kill more people in the United States than jihadist terrorism. Since nine eleven. Jihadist as killed over three thousand Americans. This is quite sick, we, how terrorists. In that run the regime in IRAN. Darling. I see the training nuclear tips on them, For a so called moderate, like John Avalon Unseen, and to make a statement like this is quite appalling,.
I'm sure there's rightwing terrorists out there Not exactly sure what he's talking about format Republicans returned The poor, I don't know, go ahead alone, political purpose, but like to keep the focus on only one form of political violence over another. But that would be unwise Because we don't have the hell, is he talking about? We don't Political violence of any kind. What is this buffoon talking about scene defending Islam or Nazis, is added John. I want you such a putz. Such a moron. But foreseen and you'd be homeless and penniless go ahead, choosing which threats we face. And there's a case to be made that these threats actually echo each other the Jim Shouto and others of art. The welcome shouto, the guy that got the whole CIA thing wrong, headed corrected by the CIA propagandists Obama hack. Jim Shouto, all I see he cites Jim Shooter Guide
I believe it would shut up. You idiot why my wasting nations time with you. I have no idea. I wanted to get the boss bar study. Nearly all Americans are troubled by the current state of the media. This is a firm Release the results of its ethics in media survey. And ABC veteran anchor Cheryl Jennings his moderate some of them, but it manner Since for concern the following they took her. Yet they looked at a thousand turn american adults Ninety five percent are troubled by the current state of the media. Reports are fake news three percent reporting gossip. Forty nine percent lying bugs people, forty eight percent celebrity opinions. Thirty six percent, left wing agendas. Thirty, four percent Gotcha journalism, thirty three percent right wing agendas, really thirty: two percent!
of pieces in exchange for access to other important reviews- thirty one percent blind items being reported in the news. Thirty four: and hit pieces, twenty one percent, Rise of independent contributors, verses on staff media, fourteen percent. Overwhelming majority sixty seven percent believe ethics in journalism will be worse during the Many twenty presidential campaign when about the impact on ethical journalism has when the country Americans it forty problems, so the four percent said it creates division, partisanship. Sixty represent, set it fuels and accuracy. Sixty percent set it in cites hate and the present said a creates fear now. The media is not circumspect, it's not introspective. The media is no intention of policing itself, cuz real, no checks and balances. Since I've told you before the New York Times versus Sullivan case,
in their own by these mega internet. Corporations. They really on these companies, these media companies, in order I think, two immunized themselves from attacks. So the And that's why you very very low iq level of fifty or type individuals who claim to be journalists. They write that cares. Ban you from the shop. We have a special number. You can go to reach him page, seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one! One. Nancy policies, blue cigarette. Care plan has leaked it's worse than we thought and we But of be pretty bad and we yes.
Going to tell you her plan will lower drug place. More times of your head. This don't bet on it. Fact. You know I won't. We're hell. Obamacare is going to lower costs, I didn't happen either tat Ain't Bossi always talks by making things more fish and streamlined, centralized. What I call a liar, let me a real. What it really does. A federal bureaucrats decide that a drug cost too much Are the policy plan the maker of that drug would be forced to sell the drug at the price the government's sets or be. Retroactively taxed at seventy five percent of the gross sales of that drug. From the previous year, seventy five percent. Now his what's gonna happen, though either go broke. Or then I can invest in new drugs anymore. You're gonna be punished. Seventy five cents per cent assess tax will kill any company put it out of business retroactive tax.
The government can tell private companies what they can charge for their products since the beginning of the end have a competitive market system. A system that has attracted billions and billions of dollars and investments to develop, All the drugs that you take, your kids tat, your parents and grandparents take. What do you think they come from, The policy plan is a disastrous socialize medicine fantasy. It'll kill the investments which are significant, the r and d need, the great tomorrow's miracle drugs and about definitely Really heard our health care system, I hope The whole house Republicans are ready to oppose this nonsense for there I begin the policy plan better, be dead on arrival Here from us. But, in the meantime, get the facts, true healthcare, facts that come true healthcare, facts that calm, that's true, healthcare. Facts that come I've gotta get in one more
clip and I want to go to the collars here. We re collars, Nicholas Horace Junior was at the nine eleven ceremony today. You probably heard this already, but if you work- and you have been watching tv and listening the radio, maybe I haven't. And, of course, Easy nine, eleven father. In this won't get the kind of attention it needs on CNN, unless Hosty the New York Times washed, postponing the rest of us to criticise me sure.
But I want you to hear what he had to say. Cut ten go. I remember them all and pray with you for them today. Some people did something said: refreshment, congresswoman, four minutes Oda support and justify the creation of care. Today I am here to respond to you exactly who did what Madame Declivities figuring. We know who and what was done. There is no uncertainty about that. Why you're confusion on that day, nineteen islamic terrorist members of our guide, a field over three thousand people ankles billions in dollars and economic damage- is that clear, but as to whom I was attacked, your relatives and friends were attacked. A constitutional freedoms were attacked and on nations frowning on judeo christian principles were attacked. That's what some people did got that now. We are here today, groundless woman, to tell you and this flawed, just two did watch a home show respect in honouring them. Please, american patriotism in your position demanded forgotten country in spectacular spectacularly was his mother. I'm sorry, too perished Nicholas,
Horace each a r o s, Junior. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart in the bottom of the heart of every one of our multi million listeners to this programme. Low pay rest in Virginia the Great W em a l go. Please. Here on low Bay. Mr Karas screening your circle. Back with her Daniel Long Island New York, the Great W b C go mark doktor within. I just wanted to express my support about IRAN and I don't really know what he's got an. I guess, John Balkans, it talking about It's not just the wrong, although the one of the essential, I think it has to be for any one that has any chair about: U S, security and where, where we go from here by the fact that this is the one voice, that has spoke Saturday in truth to to the reality and that We have now been eliminated, is really frightening. I think written
price, we pay a republic too we're having a businessman who thinks it's all about deal? Obviously I voted for the guy because there was no other choice, but I know full well that crews with with was far better. For my part, I am here to relegate the primary putting putting them you have the wrong that is responsible for all islamic terror in the world. They don't care, Sunni, She D, by making seventy nine you have the wrong that had buried essentially over soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq they ve never put a part as an Israel, they ve never pay the price for the correct. Never there is never a home address for their terror. When it comes to that country, yet the one voice that was going to say you don't give up. The reward of, recognition of this country and of negotiated country would Have you price
so they concern you Daniel that apparently corner the president is oppressor. Today's very impressive anyway, boat was the only one speaking up, the only one, not the secondary treasury, not the Secretary of defence, not the sector of state. Not Chief of staff, not it was only both so that kind of astonishing? but then it is frightening. Now be I'm not I'm about minutiae because I've heard a lot about him and how and what is agenda was about how Israel can be caught up further baby. Get he's always been a liberal Democrat manage important weapon. We have our rhinos Israel. Has it We could never really that Bert between from another model, but that that there's a reason that Israel had been the killing fields within for this long and as you know, I've been abolished capital for nineteen years. How would I know that It is a living hell and where is constructed from
we'll be said about the fact that the one guy that understood the enemy, be it couldn't be it. China and its building its military bases in some kind of people threatened or weapon shipping- IRAN, North Korea, the one person who really has a better grasp and anyone. I know in government anyone produced. That one voice, why? Because Trump was concerned that that he now on the same page and because what people who like minded be? Yes, boy, you know There was a box gentlemen lived in art we took in when he was born, some years ago, and he said to me Daniel, be they the the things They those whom the gods want to destroy fourth, bring up the great levels of hubris. I think Oh, don't be tragic and I knew tat they would come because if I didn't have a strong grounding in its background north, who are you talking about what guy might present? you you're, not understanding mayor others show here too trash the present United States. You are,
you haven't gotten over the republican primer. Presently. United states want talk about Israel's done more for Israel and any present than unaware of for the present the United States. Frank Crusher, ran than any Isn't it in my concern as I do not change their course and I am speaking to the today. The way that I am speaking he's build up. The military doing things on the border that need to be done. Lest we forget that many of those terrorists on nine eleven overstay their visas, Which is something he's trying to address? So really down, you don't come on hearing just trash the presently United States, because I'm I'm, I have a different opinion with them- is strongly different opinion with them on on the meeting with IRAN and certainly the sector's state, And these Taliban peace negotiations, which is really a frankly bizarre thanks for your car. I'm onto this stuff, Mr Produce, you understand what I mean.
All right, let me see I just that's to Chris Brooklyn New York, the Great W Abc Harry you, my friend Thank you so much another call that show my life. Thank you. I'm freedom. Brush, and are you guys, I encourage you to we ever managed for guys who died on nine. Eleven and Are you all I get my car of about the cry of any play, John Wayne, those unbelievable many played a father. I said that during the memorial I should say Thank you for everything you go out and we lost, five and fires dance Mcgowan by Mcafee Bobby, while as they take the Rubio I get it. I never call shawl, but I guess what I heard. Father say that I'm just going to say something to you We all appreciate you all, I'm in love you and I'll, follow you and Sean and rush, and are you guys, are also listen Chris, I want to thank you.
When I ask a question. The Taliban meeting with the Taliban here, which was the plan negotiating peace deal with the Taliban. I just can't believe that first responders. Think that's why I don't think it's wise we'd all I think we all know where you can find out the kid you're about eleven o Neill. He said the same thing now without talking with these people. You're gonna get video. There was celebrating, the models are celebrating. Onawandah gave you a day later. It was just gotten out always look at our have a common on the train people jeeringly streets. Are they return in the streets near your firehouse? I want to share with you today the boy though the bookstore or there The merchant was that way.
Yes, the whole neighborhood with their own. I am sorry, but a fraction the population of that which you're unhappy that ah others are dawn in the towers without without without a doubt? Atlantic gave you the very lemme area downtown Brooklyn, You can't say that because Thou racist or whatever, but I wasn't there- your fire fire. If that's what you saw, I'm not gonna sensor, you that's what we That's what we saw we came back was couple days when we decide for a couple days, but after that, I agree with the other, I beg pardon and that guy. I will give all the year, the other four fighters. My best way, Chris Why don't we love? You want what we agreed that we want to be with the Taliban of Greek, and I ran we're on your side. I'm with you. God bless you, my friend,
right back then I think for myself. That's what I do here. I think a lot. I study along a researcher look at history alone overlap. That's what people say mark we love you and this house in that house. Another that's fine, but I'm not those other house and they're. Not me. I do things my way. We would have time most of the time To listen to other wholesome too busy doing my other projects Few things in life can change your entire outlook on the day. From your boss, asking you to work the weaken early construction right outside your bedroom window. In the morning you wanted to sleep in a battle ruin your day.
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I mean we ve great affiliates M enough. Have our great satellite folks we have live streaming and we have our podcast You can also download mark then show: what is it the mark Levin app? Mark Levine shall app Mark Levine show up. Heart, radio up so many ways is all our platforms, that's how we reach millions and millions of people every day you the smartest audience ever the greatest audience Otherwise, you wouldn't be here how Quickly, wanes borrow Virginia Mark Levant at the red place. He took a mark of the Vienna, not the mark. Levin shall go ahead. I got your work striking a blinkered, eight nine eleven eighteen years ago. My life changed because. Get some things I join the military. The very next day when signed up used to be a progressive in the nineties, because
We all were because you, climate change, was real, because science cannot find for your kids are grown up. You know what you're doing. Then the media keeps pushing this thing and I noticed with you. A year ago and you're? So right I mean it's, it's amazing. Thank you. Now you you, And then, after nine eleven, you think we should be meeting the day to day after Gothenburg shift realer, you think think we should be meeting with the Taliban and negotiated peace dealing before the present broke off absolutely not. These people can be trusted. How about IRAN? You think the president should meet with the president of shake his hand of around without any preconditions As we know, You think the vast majority of Americans of all stripes think that's a bad idea. Then. It's outlandish landed they without confidential basis, and they have no. They had first met, unlike the shield,
We can do no wrong. I don't think any of us will qualify for National Security advisor and what they took him like a flash of a travesty. What they did to that man is shameful my first commander ever. Colonel and for what you get, I went to a requirement party Well, he's a great man, back him here to thank you for your car. I'm not going to be able to get all the other cause we have Joe in the Bronx. You wanted Ah, he lost four of his friends police officers on nine eleven. We have Joseph Long Island city, he us three of his friends also cops We have Andrew and stand Hope New Jersey, work to the World Trade center. The whole company was wiped out and so forth, and so on.
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