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On Thursdays Mark Levin Show, the Democrats are using Congressional committees as part of their party's 2020 campaign co-opting the impeachment process for their own political gain despite not having the authority, or the votes, to launch an actual impeachment effort. This is purely an intimidation act so they can call witnesses and hold them in contempt, however, this is nothing more than a tax-payer funded attack on President Trump to undermine his Administration. Members of Congress referred to Chairman Jerry Nadler's pseudo "impeachment inquiry" as "impeachment in drag" or using an impeachment Instagram filter on the judiciary committee which legally is not an actual inquiry into impeachment because the entire House of Representatives must vote for impeachment to begin — it does not start on the whim of any one committee. Then, U.S Attorney Jessie Liu has announced that he intends to charge former FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe who is now a CNN commentator and author. McCabe allegedly lied to investigators from the DOJ Inspector General’s Office when interviewed. Later, the media is promoting a new pseudo-event based on claims from former senior intelligence officials claiming Israel planted spying devices near the White House and that Prime Minister Netanyahu knew about it. This is nothing more than a smear from former Obama officials to hurt Netanyahu's re-election. After, Chief Justice John Roberts has gone to the dark side as he is influenced by the press and waffles on decisions.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College, now in its hundred and seventy fifth year hills is a truly independent institution. Where learning. Surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale, brother sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground commend both in the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, o everybody mark number, seven, seven, three, eight one. We ate one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, really one one I'll be on Hannity tv tonight on Fox Eighth, eight p m,
in time, football looks pretty weak. Doesn't it MR producer, a Ban Carolina. The democratic debate only almost over a highly will be provided to Morrow again. Why bother The democratic party. Was turning the House of Representatives. Into an arm of the Democratic National Committee in In which twenty? Twenty taxpayer finance democratic Party campaign. And its being led by a couple of chairman of a couple easily. Politburo? They call committees. Large Cummings Adam shift. Of course, during Adler, during This being challenged by. And a o type candidate
democratic primary and he scared to death, and so this is what he does. Not a impeachment. Proceeding is supposed to work, ladies and gentlemen, and keep this in mind. You said impeachment is so serious. It's supposed to involve the broader body. Politic Two representatives in Toto not a committee of the House of Representatives. Doctor a so called impeachment. Inquiry, a peach meant investigation. Probe may be used all these words. It's one committee. It voted today. By a simple majority: all Democrats, yes, all republic, it is now, ain't supposed to work as far as a formal vote for impeachment proceedings, the impeachment of the president but proceedings.
Authorizing the House Judiciary Committee, the entire House of Representatives authorizing the House Judiciary Committee to conduct Investigation that did not happen The very people who claim to care about the constitution could care less about tradition, precedent in process. In addition to being nothing more than a taxpayer financed Democratic Party campaign for TAT, twenty effort. It's an intimidation effort so under thee. Auspices rubric, if you will of impeachment preceding sir hearings. They will claim that they can issue any subpoena, and enforce any subpoena. They will claim that they can call any witness, And hold any witnessing contempt who doesn't
Send him or herself to the committee claim that they have a right to every document. They want document. They seek that's what they were clan. In any event, let's take a look And what was said today, as most of you, were working in this is the Democratic Party that has hijacked now representatives. Perverted the impeachment process and is Senor taxpayer dollars to bear. The President undermine his administration. And to advance their political agenda, that's all it is here is now. Are cut to go. It really is a gauge investigation that will allow us to determine
Whether deregulated articles, it sounds like you slurring his speech by the way doesn't amidst producer To be dentures or loose, I don't know. Maybe that's no water is drinking. I dont know go ahead. This to president, That is what we are doing so because this, This is an impeachment inquired so cool Impeachment investigation is, though, The difference between these terms. They don't. Care to argue about the nomenclature, a moron Whose arguing about the nomenclature bragging about you, as a rogue chairman abusing the process, You and the other hacks on your extremely radical committee. He goes on cut three. Go that way: Clear up any relating doubt, there's no remaining doubt you're a hack,
least. Half the country knows you're a hacker you're conducting a spectacle. That's what you're doing on our tax dollars. I take it. You don't enough time to tap a secure. The boar. You have no interest. In the first half. The first to have what the Obama administration did to the trunk campaign in the trunk presidency. No interest whatsoever, no hearings. No hearings on echo generals, initial reports. No hearings on make fraud is about to get indicted, apparently we'll get to that later, interested in any other, go ahead, but that let me by the way I can I can I stop one second, I'm watching this. Mr President,. Would you please stop. Smearing John Bonham, but the twitter with the tweets, please its unnecessary he's, a great pain.
He served a very well you parted ways. You didn't want him any more and he didn't want to be there anymore. It's that's fine and I Under the present and a friend. But that's enough already. Mean, as far as I know, bomb has seventeen. He's a good guys? A patriot he's been a patriot when he served at the U N when he served in the regular ministration at the Justice Department, which is how I came in cut it out. Sometimes The people in the administration he true state this manoeuvre, who I don't like and others. Talk more highly of the genocidal murder in North Korea than they do. A Bolton just cut at its there's, no point to this anyway. Go ahead with that clear up any remaining doubt I told you must learn his speech. Let me go ahead,
Investigation poses a threat to our democracy. We haven't navigation to respond to this threat We are a threat to our democracy. Ladies Gentlemen, the fact that Donald Trump as President, what an idiot complete buffoon prison. Been investigated more than anybody and answers. Private life is family businesses. That's the gate and investigated investigated again. Partisan prosecutor. A partisan senior FBI officials. You have to wonder how the hell we won the presidency in the first place, don't you Doktor Robert Epstein. We spent an hour of me on life liberty and live in what Google was up to any way go ahead. I do. The procedures outlined this resolution.
We will hold hearings and allow us to are they consider the evidence against the president? We will also allow the banana. Did you hear that It's against the President Guide. In writing RO the record, about how we may disagree with its residents? is entitled to respond to the evidence in this way All this is, this is fastening. Ladies and gentlemen, think they're conducting and other criminal investigation disabled there don't go ahead. Certain sensitive additives, such as The jury information we received that executive session these procedures, which, by the way they don't just get grand jury information? They should get any grandeur information. That's a separation of powers issue- I hope the executive branch will fight them,
don't get too just have a bunch of twenty one. Twenty four Democrats on a party line vote in the house today, a committee of out and say you know: we're gonna conducted impeachment hearing. Investigation probe, when I the words anymore then say by the way. We want all the grand jury information. We went all this. What excuse me get the grand jury, information Watchin impeachment know, ladies and gentlemen, this is a defective impeachment proceeding. The house has not voted. And I certainly hope there listening to me over at the United States Department of Justice and in the President's councils office in the president's private lawyers and among others, Put up with this because these clowns put a label on something fight them fight. The court's user, tactics against them, go ahead.
It considers much evidence we are as we are able to gather. We will then decide. How can you imagine these clowns sitting as a jury working Look at the evidence they ve already this full as Argentina. The president's committed this crime that crime this crap really. The present been charged with anything. That's what my mother already said. Now they're gonna, look at the evidence, but wait a minute. I thought you already said he's a criminal and fourteen different way than we did. Now we're going to look at the evidence. This is a kangaroo, phony court. That's what it is. These Politicians. Some of them are the most left wing cooks, then you can imagine then at present, the american people. That's why this is a farce, a sham. That's! Why just do this on a committee setting go up You refer articles of it repeated ass floor,
constitutional, historical and moral obligation. No, you don't know you don't You don't tell me, you, don't have any obligation be doing this, The shame the spectacle more I return, then you know our nations oldest colleges, resounded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse. Ridge, the idea of objective truth, they pedal moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully none of this applies to Helstone College for all two centuries hills. Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent, piety now's hills still celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain
Committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the publication of its free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for a constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington DC and its Barney Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty. Since eighteen, forty four, this is hailstone college and, let me add, I think so much of hills. Del college I donated in a regional copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today, as I speak at the Kirby Centre, Hills, Dale College, America's college. I live here with the ranking republic. I have today many had to say on this point: the columns of Georgia cut forego committing became a giant is gradually over.
To make you appear this something's happening this. Not it's really issues and I hope you'll be he'll. Come back at this difference between formal infringement proceedings are what we're doing today is a world apart, no matter what the German just said it looking at here, is a filter to make. You believe it's great, though, because I love is not saying this much press operated clock in the morning in a long time and we this now, let's look at the facts. Nothing we have here is anything that could not have been handled five minutes before hearing of any time, and we have the filter. My thanked, my he'll think something's happening. What really? What we have is a Wall manly, yellow brick road, because these This is not the way formal impeachment proceedings to occur. The reasons I stated. Cut five: go
This is a guy go about my very first I've minimal, snapchat filter here you're using your snapshot, filter, yours, you went basically to say the anthrax Anthea like mystic. Turning, I mean we're subtler sullen fantasy land. Here nobody knows what's going on. I think this is a problem. You just went back to what we said. Is the grand Snapchat Twitter, it doesn't matter we're not winning glory. It doesn't matter what we're doing here. This is what they want. I don't care if you can get me here's my problem. The chairman could do this at any time. The chairman could do this at any time. I just don't know because he wants the appearance of something that is not any just gave the answer to the gentleman from Colorado sighing that we do this in an age when Inquiry you're, not in an impeachment inquiry,
and so you can continue to call it. What are we want? Nothing just be honest. What we're looking at Saint Louis just talk about what is here and what is not here with that I get back. A gate Sousa really one of the sharpest he Said the hearing of course, he's on this committee. Cut six, go I don't know. What to call this, the chairman mentioned that he wouldn't be speed, wouldn't be debating the lexicon as to whether this was an impeachment inquiry or impeachment investigation. I've called it impeachment in drag because we ve sort of dressed up impeachment, like an oversight hearing, perhaps its low t, impeachment or low energy impeachment, but I would suggest that perhaps I would I would hate at least These proceedings are not more about the chairman's upcoming primary challenge, then about the important work of the committee and about the country, because if we look at their moaning and groaning and he's telling the truth.
When you hear the moan and grown it's not just because their constipated, its beak, skies like this are telling the truth go ahead because I'm lucky, we ve got circumstances here where you guys can't move the country right. You don't have any support for this endeavour, and so we can a lurch along with you know It's like a Seinfeld hearing gets a hearing about nothing. It's a hearing about whether or not we have people come give testimony afterwards. The president can write a letter in response. This is more about defining our pen, pals strata, undermining any sort of acknowledgement of investigation. That's a great point. Anti stretch, pillars should have, What to do. The votes in the House of Representatives to conduct a formal impeachment inquiry. She has a new crop.
A frauds and families who got elected and republican districts, pretending to be centrist. Moderates Yes, one expose their funding is. George, to hold onto her majority cushions first and foremost, power hungry. What does she think about all this cut? Seven go. It is a specific language, not important. I mean how should the american people understand? American people understand him sitting under it differently about it. It's not that using only once you're. So this is not true. It isn't your bag travel. The entire countries come with you some time and you're here, but the american people say they under stand Infringement is a very divisive measure, but
We have to go there, we'll have to go there, but we can't go there unless we have the facts and we will follow the facts and we will follow the obstruction of the presidency is making others are getting with no other. What about your father Fox? You just used and of obstruction. Did she not Mr Barroso, What I mean this is such a farce: they must got these procedures from the old Stalinist Show book go ahead guy decision from ready. That's the only question said about this subject and there's nothing different from one day to the next were stood on our saying shit, I'm not discussing it anymore, no more non oda. One more cut I go, Uncomfortable with the impeachment for either another time, we should be Thank you. When I got on our path,
where it takes us is whether we will follow the facts, that's what it is
Why don't we spend some time going over the next Mcconnell and ask him why he doesn't want to save time line anti? May I call you because you got created the spectacle you can't put down the radical kooks within your point. That's why people are focused on. She can have both way promoting this phony peach process and then claiming wise everybody focused on that happy, a chairman. Here's how they press conference I'll, be right back the good, the true, the beautiful think about those concepts for a second. What do they mean? How can we begin to understand these high and noble ideas? It starts with the right kind of education. This kind of education used to be common but has become increasingly rare. I used to be that college. Do young people which study
Apprehensively a variety of subjects, from philosophy to politics, to biology a cork, curriculum, in other words, sadly That's not the case these days, but I can tell you about one place where young people study, like this hills, Dale College at Hills, they'll students work hard spending more than half the time studying the core. The result, Helstone alumni our leaders with intelligence and character, ready to make a difference in their families, communities in country, but it all starts with that core that core that develops moral and intellectual virtue, the core that helps them understand the good. The true and the beautiful find out more about what education is meant to be at live in four hills Del dotcom. That's l, e g! I am free helstone that come Ladys is another matter that need your attention. At least I at Andrew Mc Fraud, a k, a Mc Cape.
Looks like he's: gonna be charged and prosecuted. And this is from Fox NEWS. You are sir, He just has commended moving forward charges against seeing contributor Andrew Mackay. That's right, sir. Net contributor Andrew Mackay as these This department rejects a last ditch appeal from the former top FBI official. I think about that. Think about how corrupt the senior levels of the FBI been too massively critical inspect, General reports against call me a cave has been under criminal investigation. Now it appears they will be charged, Said Mc Cave, the former deputy enacting director, the FBI, peeled the decision of the? U S attorney for Washington all the way: The Jeffrey Rosen, the deputy, any general, but he rejected
a request, according to a person familiar with the situation. The potential charges relating to justice, department, inspector general findings against him regarding misleading statements concerning a Hillary Clinton. Related investigation. Should ask yourself a question. Why did scene and higher this guy Why did scene and highly this guy. They knew was under investigation. This is by the way, a rhetorical point. Source close to my caves legal team, there would be his lawyer said they received an email from the Department of Justice would said, quote the departure region, did your appeal at the United States attorney's office decision in this matter. Any further inquiry should be directed the United States, attorney's office.
Became spend twenty one years, but the F B, I became the acting director and may twenty seventeen after President Trump fired the former director. James call me. Last month, the source closer the process, told Fox NEWS that Mackay had a target on his back, because the Justice Department Inspector General finally set a target. You're back. That a target at all that it did something once post to do he leaked and then, About it during the court Of an investigation now they set up, retired lieutenant General might Flynn a great patriot. They set him up. I mean really settlement. False statements, charge. This guy wasn't set up this Mackay. He was part of the mob over there.
Then attorney General Jeff sessions fired me cave in March, twenty eighteen after the inspector general found Repeatedly misstated his environment in a leaked Austria journal regard FBI. Investigation into the clear and found it. The gee report follow me cave for leaking information to the wall. Street journal reported Devlin Barrett for October Thirty, twenty sixteen story: titled FBI internal feud over Hillary Clinton probe. The story written just days before the presidential election focused on the FBI announcing the reopening of the Clinton investigation after five. Thousands of her emails on a laptop belonging to former democratic Representative Anthony winner. Who was married, declared in aid homer, evident. You know MR producer Thy winner was never a stand up. Guy was he.
I mean he was impotent were any moral values. As far as I'm concerned, he really was. Other journals account of the car, Seti Senior Justice Department, official expressed it pleasure to meet cave, that FBI agents were still looking into the Clinton Foundation and the Mackay defended the agents authority to pursue the issue leaking, confirm the existence of the pro. The reports which Commie had up to that point refused to do. Report said them. Kay black candour and a conversation. We call me when he said so this the data thieves, easy identities, but let's go on Sunday. Aid has been all over tv. It's been a Democrat for fund raising I hereby CNN as a commentator. He wrote a book
made money from a book. Unbelievable. But Jeffrey to Urban, Cnn, whose a well known reprobates. Google is name. Do some research, you ll see what I mean. He's a legal analysed, throw the through these so called rest The collusion scandal Revealed himself to be a complete schmahl, an idiot And I think that's the don't even exist. Here's what he had to say in defence of his colleague CNN. Only the soon to be indicted. Andrew Mackay. Cut. Fourteen go Let me just emphasise a point: you you started when I M a cave is a scene. I excuse me Andy Mackay. Retaining became now. Just seen and contributed to incredible got her colleague
A friend to many of us who work here he's here recently by let's just stop there, this post be news organization right back, It was trying to undermine the candidacy of Donald Trump. The transition of Donald Trump Presidency of doubt, but friends. You see over their CNN. There are friends. Colleagues Andy over there, this is more of the relationship of the real Between the the Democrats and go ahead to factor that in what their hearing. This is an extremely unusual prosecution. Andy Mackay had the right to speak to report that that is beyond dispute. As deputy director of the phenomenon, he D, never To leak even
hence commies wishes. When I speak. He should who spoke on the record, but he didn't he's a coward just like coming through his law, school Buddy LAW, Professor Prodi, but even more heed. Steve investigators who were turned. To the bottom of this budget? every tube and has no problem, Free Tube, and has no problem with that whatsoever, which why works had seen and which hired Mackay, Galahad Hee hee had the right to speak to reporters. He also has an impeccable record as one of the most honoured and successful FBI agents of yeah. You know you know but apparently try put em over the edge. He was not going to tolerate the Trump presidency. And notice is so called. Legal ass doesn't talk about all the scheming on the twenty fifth amendment, with the deputy tourney generally United States, none of that
About his wife and that relationship with her with a governor Virginia. None of that. Terms over nothing programme aims of donations and so forth. Go ahead. She did, a very admirable job of explaining what went on its core I mean it is really difficult to understand. No, it is not difficult to understand in the least. Is this is this is a news organization for I predict and I'm not in the prediction, but let me try one, it seen and will not exist as a currently does after Trump leaves the president's it'll be another cooking channel, Laura. You know I want to those channels where they make knives and hatchets. Maybe hdtv or pick it up cheap? You never know go ahead. I is
The alleged lie, the alleged lie. Will you have the right to stay alive lies not funny trumps. Criminal, trumps White supremacist tribes are races, he's an anti semite he's. Hitler stalinist, Muzzle leanings, a dictator, but the alive to alleged need to be careful over there at CNN when it comes to our good friend and colleague, thou highly respected her happy. I deputy director, oh yeah, go ahead, burs, You spoke to the reporters. Months later I shut up you idiot why my wasting time you're monotonous as you go on and on and on legal analyse, my you know what league legal analyse, may I say that MR producer, they spell the same way. I think they mean the same thing: no offense
I back then, since its founding in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call, it is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus. The free monthly speech, digestive hailstones college in primacy is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published in nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job issues like free speech, the regulation, a big tech, mental illness and the American Medical insurance system.
Cause America's founding principles are so important. Hills, though, offers Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to on primates for free here's. What I want you to do, I want you to visit in Primus thought Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription that Primus, I M p r. I am I S. Dodd hills deal that eighty you welcome too, Still that everything is in a as a matter of fact The sephardic pronunciation, Mr Produce, are you aware that my your irish Catholic Italian Catholic, you Catholic, you would know these things Serious Gary
In Georgia go more, thank you so much like Michael Well, it's a pleasure. What, like you, Sir Meyer, original call was to urge the president to ignore the Judiciary committee. It is unclear the total, your what we write. You cannot begin impeachment with a small Mary, In the meantime, you started the Mackay Bang the thought of background. I may very quickly I just retire. After almost thirty eight years and law enforcement and major city in the South My way up the chief of police, I wonder what I hate it when people say, while I support the right, can file of the F B. I may tell you happen: Mackay didn't I get to where he was that without coming through the rank and file what's been happening. And by the way I graduated from the FBI National Academy, which was, and is a very difficult.
Going to get into as her as a local law enforcement browser I love a lot of the FBI agents. I've met some of the special, In charge, the facts were really great people, but this place has politicize for almost forty years and its time I listen. I got us late. I know a lot agents to their debts. Gusto by what's taking place, so we don't know all In any more than I would talk about the department you ran or the department there, There's no way that I would take up a brush and and slam every FBI is no way. I'm gonna do that, because I Don't accept it if I did. Then I would oppose the FBI, you know I'd say, shut down the FBI, the way the left such shut down, ice notes or not stating that I have known some fabulous, want a lot about some of my best. What are you saying what I'm saying is alive,
my friends took early retirements in the last Elvis ears, because what they thought was going on, but they wouldn't talk about it there, unlike some of these, you're on a national show. What are we to take from this year? who retired wouldn't talk about it, but you're, saying more than just the top level the FBI spin politicized So what evidence do we have for that? I dont well the only evidence I can give you is the fact that you don't make it to their level. Coming up and I'm not paying the rank and file but keep out, but you can send about any organization, the boy scouts, the military, the FBI, your police department, whoever people come through in they come turn they get to the top or when they're at the top, and they become much more political life, the maiden bigger and bigger and bigger decisions, and so may perhaps that's where they reveal themselves. I have no idea I'd say thank you
The call Terry Minneapolis Minister not trying to be rude. I'm just saying I can't participating in brief, The attacking a law enforcement agency or questioning them because people had taken early retirement and not saying why maybe Boss sucked could be that simple. I dont know. Let's see Terry Ex M Satellite go, please take em like how much I enjoyed your body. I spent just finished on. Freedom of the press, and it was very articulate. Show me a lot of things I didn't know, because world weren't you as well that the more my time I was alarmed me before my time. What fine itself first reading is that there is no way to get back any more. I can't make it decision on anything. But I think you can.
And here's why there are more choices now than ever before. In other used to be the three big networks than they used to be the three big networks and a few cable channels An interesting people attack the internet all time, their very varied nasty people on the internet in an internet now the websites you got the sky, the earth on the internet, but you also have brilliant people on the internet journalists, citizen journalists, excellent websites scene be discerning, there's a way to get a lot of information. When I want to get foreign policy information, I certainly not look at sea and in a barrel Look at anything that, Sir, that's local or even national. In this country I go and look overseas or what they're saying what the reporting. So it's part of the information that I process and my noggin and so their ways to get information. Now, I'm just being honest that that are multi fault and much different than in the past.
I need a, they need to know where we are and why you don't you don't need here's the thing you don't need people to tell you go. Spend a few hours every day looking and see you'll be able affair? What's liberal, what's partisan? What's not what is just What they say and how they said, particularly now that you read on freedom of the press. You know you know all the tricks and you know all their tactics in terms of a pseudo advance and propaganda and all the rest of it. It's in the book. You are armed to be your own citizen and to gather your own information, draw your own conclusions, and I want to thank
forgetting the book to tariffs will be right. Back now, broadcasting number may underground commandos than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader my remarks here. I never seven, eight one one would think seven, seven one one. Let's take this one head on big headlines story today in political was, you know, is a left wing website.
Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House. Now those you ve read on freedom of the press and the rest of you listening privilege see if we can figure this out. What's going on here with the reporter Daniel Lippman. You can it be able to figure this out if you read the book in, if you listen to the show in the first sentence,. Which is a run on sentenced? The first paragraph ready the Who s government concluded within the two years Israel was most likely behind the placement of cell phone surveillance devices. Were found near the White House and other sensitive locations around Washington. According to three a former senior? U S, officials with knowledge of the matter. Did you pick it up. According to whom three former senior yours, shows, with knowledge of the matter, not three key,
senior yours officials, three former. Senior yours officials. Was not the former administration Ty Israel was not the form administration trying depose, duly, the Prime Minister the state of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is he now for reelection in five days days, an extremely close race? Would they nothing better than to create a controversy between President Trump Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. These are three former senior officials. Either in federal law enforcement or federal intelligence agencies. Perhaps the White House were feeding this information to one or two favorite liberal, so called news outlets.
Goes on, but I, like most other occasions when flagrant incidents of foreign spying had been discovered on american soil. Rob administration did not rebuke these really government and their work, consequences for Israel's behaviour. One of the former Shall said one of the former officials said. Do you think this president President Trump would be silent if an hour I had been spying around the White House? Now you will watch the code pink Republicans our tv encounter. In the Senate, you know who sees on this season, because I despise A little ally, Israel, The news story, quota quote from the new psychological political continues.
The miniature surveillance devices colloquially known as sting raise mimic regular cell towers to force phones and giving them their locations- and I didn't Information, formerly All international mobile subscriber identity catches are, I am s, eye catchers, they are So can capture the contents of cause and data you. So all this information being linked to political to create this narrative, Now, listen to this line. See if you're soccer and you don't know how this works? You pull right in Or if you hate Israel, your pull right it, because you want to believe that So this line. The devices were likely intended to spy on President Donald Trump one of the former official, said as well as his top AIDS and closest associates, though it's Clear whether the israeli efforts were successful.
So there's the effort with the Disan formation campaign. The same attitude that was used to trying to candidate trump and our president trip there. It is. Fate was likely intended to spy on President Donald Trump. They have no evidence of any of them, but its put after You get trumps attention, you see. Trump is reputed to be lax in observing, White House security protocols: this is how you know these are Obama hold outwards and sofa poetic, reported in May twenty eighteen that the president often used and insufficiently secured cell phone to communicate with friends and confidence. The New York Times subsequently reported in October twenty eighteen, the chinese spies are often listening to Trump cell phone calls, prompting the press The slammed the story as someone
I don't have time to corrected by then part of tests by the federal government officials at the Department of Homeland Security had already covered evidence of their surveillance devices around the nations capital. But were enabled to attributed devices to specific entities, but the facial share their findings with relevant federal agencies. According to a letter, Department of Homeland Security, official Christopher crept wrote him a twenty and eighteen to Senator RON, widen you see how these circle of go left. Three former senior officials One of the former officials: now we have centred around widen based on detailed forensic analysis, the FBI and other agencies working on the case felt confident that Israel Agents had placed the devices according to the former officials.
Several of whom served in top intelligence and national security, put I'm telling you. Once you understand how the media work. It's really quite simple,. Once you ve read on freedom of the press or listen to this, but it's really quite simple: this is a point did story. Intended to destroy the alliance between the United States and Israel, the alliance between Trump and that now and disrupt and defeat Netanyahu. Which of you, is a defeat for Donald Trump. That's. What's going on here. It's blatant. This is how I knew two and a half years ago, a long before I rode on freedom of the press but organised. Thoughts for that book. About the surveillance was going on against the trunk campaign and the face accord and all the rest. You just put the pieces together for now should be able to do.
That analysis, one of the former official said, is typically led by yet the ice Counter intelligence division in Iraq, Examining the devices, so they tell you a little about their history, where the parts in pieces come from, how all they are, who had access to them and now help get you to what the origins are for these type. Investigations. The bureau often leads on the National Security Agency sometime, the CIA pretty clear that the Israelis were responsible city, former senior intelligence, official. It is really embassy spokesperson alive, straw Meyer denied these were Israel, place the devices and said these Allegations are absolute nonsense. Israel doesn't conduct Espionage operations in the United States period. A senior Trop Administration official said
illustration- doesn't Commodore on matters related to security intelligence. The FBI declined to comment. A chess and the secret service didn't respond. Heather are blown off the story. Know what a Benjamin Netanyahu has to say about this. That's gonna cut one MR producer GO LU, LU. Not we have a directive, I amateur no intelligence collection in the United States and its rigorously enforced, without any exception complete, but to set up, but former officials, these former obama- with deep experience, dealing with intelligence matters. Scott The israeli claim profile Denial israeli officials are also known and making private the sceptical. U S counterpart
This smearing, it's quite incredible, its baseball, no evidence. We. Former senior intelligence, if you dont, have a single current intelligence official, now one the same cabal of three. That the FBI and other agencies concluded, the Israelis were most likely responsible for the devices. The trouble The took no action to punish Raven privately Skull, these really gunman they were most. Likely most likely. Now, listen to this court again, you're now detectives quote the reaction was very different than it would have been in the last administration. This person said see what I mean MR producer. With the current administration, very different set of calculations in regard to addressing this, the former,
Senor Intelligence official criticized, how the administration handle the matter remarking on the striking difference from past administrations which likely what about a very minimum issued a a an impoverishment a formal diplomatic reprimand to the foreign government, condemning its actions. I am not aware of any account, but all also the former official, pretty incredible. Another circle of surveillance targets includes people who regularly talked trumps friends in formal advisers. Information obtained from any these people would be so valuable in a town that is like three degrees: a separation like Heaven bacon. Isn't it six degrees misted producer. But listen to how this is progressing. The store. Listen how this progression.
The Israelis are pretty aggressive in their intelligence gathering operation said a former scene. Intelligence, official thereabout protection. The security of the israeli state and they do whatever they feel they have to do to achieve that objective. Goes on and on and on in this vein, ladies and gentlemen, this is the anti Semitism other former administration, the Obama administration? This is their hate at Yahoo who publicly upon mostly Randy all went to Congress fought the ran deal and ironically, was the Obama administration that Sir veiled Netanyahu has ambassador on Burma. Others rallies in this country, as well as members of Congress,. That's what brain dead! That's what clapper did. And I suspect they are people in their circle or the ones putting this information out through political and shame on political for being a of peace. Like this shame on political.
An absolute disgusting disgrace. The goal is to do Benjamin Netanyahu. The damage. The alliance when their government and our government and a great scepticism, With our president about that country, it's the same operatives senior former Obama officials who tried to take up our candidate and our present Who tried to take out Netanyahu. A few round, a girl in a train Take him out again? That's politico, a disgusting. Joke of a new site, which breeds so called journalist for the New York Times in the washing imposed on CNN
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Tromp says he does not believe Israel spying on the USA's, not bind these leaks either. And I suspect he has real intelligence up to date. Intelligent saying now, that's not the case. This is Reuters you, as President Donald Trump Rossetti, doesn't believe the allegations that is reportedly supply on the: U S, political, reported the miniature the miniature surveillance devices colloquially known as so they repeated trumped, dismisses it. They only despite the United States, Palestinians need to spy on the United States the arrangements. We need the spy on the United States, but you see a pattern here. The propaganda in America, in the media and on Capitol Hill. For the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, let's killed hundreds and hundreds of Americans, Wants to kill millions with icy beams were nuclear warheads
they mouthpieces for them. The same mouthpieces for Hamas. In the media, like the New York Times Politico, individuals on Capitol Hill so forth, You can see them push this story. You gonna see even though the president has access to up to date, intelligence and would be furious. If this was true said Now- and I believe it and these are- three prior senior officials. Though grass, but though grab onto that's what I do. Desperate to take out that Yahoo He understands understand you do, but let me just say this. The left In Israel, the left us in Europe, the left, a cinema they're all the same. Yours hate, western civilization, they all hate.
Natural law, natural rights, unalienable rights. They hate we please, you know people just make their own way. They ve grand designs for their societies. As I said, well, it's Israel, the high, left there. What do they want to do they wanted? but their national security with. Organizations had far missiles into their country give millions of dollars and subsidies to terrorists, but what are they want to do in our country? They the constitution, they hate the declaration they say were founded on slavery. We were And open borders. Which changed the nature and the culture, the country, when you don't of assimilation by the way It's not me. There was another report. It was late on the drugs report, another news organization, saying: hey, guess, white folks. It's really call.
Ninety six percent of the counties in America. Have less white people than they did. You know before. Which really has an effect on the diversity and demographics of that country going forward some news operate. We see this all the time, hey guess what in twenty forty, four in America. The collection of minorities will be the majority. I think the last when I read in the media was forty percent population will be white and I'm thinking about. Why are they celebrated? Why they cheering this? What is the point of this? What is the point of this. And I have to figure. The point of this is the left, hard wing radical progressives. Think that Is that a vote Democrat that'll help them do so
the constitution in the declaration in the society we haven't capitalism, otherwise, why they celebrating this ensuring it? I can assure you if they felt the opposite. It would strengthen the constitution, capitalism, the declaration individualism that they would hate it right. Again, you have to understand and you do huh The media and what they and what they do their writing. This stuff there, Monitoring race- and they can't wait. We can't wait for twenty forty four. Why what's gonna happen while why you're gonna be in a minority, and minorities are gonna, be in a majority yeah. I mean what. And the effect on the demographics and the effect on the politics. They believe- and they see red states going while purple state showing blow southern thrilled with their sisters. Why the Democrats support it, but you know that
talk about, even though they write about it, even though they linked to it, even though they say over and over again, you at the red scratch ahead a move on
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Mark how are you very well? Thank you, Sir This is a measure that israeli storm, where you from my lab, I'm San Jose No, I mean originally or are we run- you're? Ok, thank you, How much under spy on the Eu S forgot their allies? you bet after Jonathan Pollard. Was at thirty thirty five years ago. You meant After Jonathan Pollard, these rarely government was very embarrassed and they put this rule in place that they're not going to spying. A period. Do you remember that. But remember President Barack Obama spied on this. Another year This is fine, but is something that will settle.
This that you not saying anything, we know about the spy business the rarely government has been accused today of spying. The Trump administration in and around the White House Press said. No, I don't believe it The israeli government said we have a rule that we absolutely do not spy. States, And the story was by three former Obama officials, none of whom would be named and none of it was definitive, was all was likely. This unlikely that and so forth, He is curious, I can't I don't think I'll help you goodbye. I couldn't shrewd furnished produce hurried, let's continue here, the israeli intelligence services, can intelligence services the british intelligence service.
So the three greatest intelligence services on the face of the earth. And they work very very very closely together V closely together, that's the truth!. The Obama administration politicized our intelligence agencies, you can see clapper, he can see Brennan, Our national Security Council, Susan Rice, the FBI, Commie Mackay,. Politicized beyond anything, we ve ever seen in modern american history, and you see the consequences. There is a solid evidence. That the Obama administration spied on the trunk campaign. There is no evidence to support the politico peace
with its three senior Obama officials, nobody on the record and nothing more period, nothing more, but told you the same people who believe in the around you the same thing: Before propagandists, for they ran government, the Saint p- who are propagandists for Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, pink Republicans in the media and on Capitol Hill. The Bernie Sanders self Haters In the media and Capitol Hill they'll be believers because I want to believe they want to believe ammo. Fort Lauderdale Florida mark liven up that I pronounced I correctly, Air pollution and call me, I believe, the time why have you spell Emma its with any on the right, and we all know that the French,
I am, I am like Emilio, but without I'm sorry I don't know call you the french way. They would be, it never be defaming. You go right ahead, Let me Emily so at least whereby you transition quickly. So congratulations as carrying are ignorant of quick It already elder once said that thieves of private property spend their live in chains, thieves or public private. Then they live their riches and honour. Isn't that true? And you know that you're ahead Hasn't changed over two thousand years now, what Who led the way we could change Congress? Is we have to become the aggressors like we did with the Magna Carta, the the declaration of Independence and the Gingrich, what the contract with America there's a bill, called the constitution card. It's a one page bill that tell Congress to become as the two shores. Until we stick getting causes fade, went away to Congress has to pass a statute
to tell them to follow the constitution as it make any sense to you. Yeah does what Three to pay doesn't make any sense to me: follow the constitution. Why would you follow a statute that tells you to follow the constitution. In all the game was tried this mark, and then I was a contract for America that was different. They ran on things that they were going to do for the country I'm saying to you it's it: it is superfluous. But we're supposed to comply. In in faith with the Constitution American, a passive, actually telling them to do what they already another supposed to do, what they don't know what you're gonna do could give great. Watched as Dignan, I let not you not following me. Constitutions, in plain English, it's very simple to understand article one, is very simple to understand I would you pass a statue telling Congress to follow article one they they ignore. All I'm saying: thou there, the very people who are ignoring it. Why are there
people who are ignoring article one going to pass a statue and then all of a sudden say you know what we should follow article one whose we're telling them too. Give me a cop, Mr Barroso, my making any sense. So why do people keep making the same point? Four five times come she's going to pass a statute. The same members of Congress who already sworn The follow the cops going to pass a statute to remind them that followed the constitution. I don't understand. Pointless, that's a wasted time of every American in this country. Now, if you really want to make a difference,. You really want to make a difference. Join the article five convention of states. Movement support it in your state. If they haven't passed a year. Or get involved in your local tea party, it still out there, despite what the media saying the Republican say and all the other hacks
the best way and it still vibrant anyway,. I'm not trying to be argument. It's just that I can only go so far. You know Tracy Anthem, Arizona, serious satellite. How are you. Hide their mark long time listener. First time caller Thank you very much for everything you ve taught me. I'm a huge supporter of Israel
and it just makes me crazy that any more at we have not always in the United States dealt fairly with them. The Brits have not dealt fairly with them. Certainly there surrounded by people that hate them, and you can't blame them if they are spying on some other. Not I is its. We don't need arguing the ultra they're. Not did you know. This is very transparent. May do you know this guy roads this guide Ben roads and if read on freedom of the press,. His lying in his scheming in order to get this deal done and the press following as every word did you know his former boss, job Bennigsen is working, or this guy many dance who's running against Netanyahu. Did you know that Like US story, this is a plant in political terms
take out that knew how to try and turn tromp against Netanyahu with five days to go in the campaign by these. Former Obama officials who are working in Israel to defeat Netanyahu that What's going on and political, thrilled to help a sheet the israeli Garcia to screw up, the works and they're just doing get in a new country right Thank you for your wonderful Kai, appreciate it. One everybody and understand this. That's why you're here. Two. I do what I do. Why right what I write. Political was a mouthpiece for the left Washington establishment, that's what it is. It's a breeding ground for phony journalists are going to New York Times, CNN and elsewhere. This peace and political has three former senior officials what they are
the former senior Obama officials, who Wanna, take out Netanyahu they're trying to settle a score. They hate his guts. They try. Take him out before he dared It gone Obama, he dared to speak it. House in the Senate Joint Section Congress and they ran deal. He's extremely close to president trap I don't peach tromp their working on that, but now five days from now they want to take out Netanyahu and by the way, Mrs thing, an attack dropped her. So the Obama senior officials, like I said, are true any great this controversy, their hoping that tromp, whereby the hook take the hut. He did not. Ben roads he's a real reprobate. The worked under Susan Rice, who put it
other this array, India and lied to reporters and lie to the american people. Tall spelled out in my book. His former boss,. Joel Bennigsen. Is in Israel working for Netanyahu's opponent, whose name is Gantz. So this is utterly transparent and pull, I was happy to help. That's what's going on now you know you re Paul Harvey used to say arrest of the story
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Now the top strategies to Benny gets in the Then, why party that twenty against Luke cooed. And Benjamin netanyahu- God so the Obama I'm a supporters and strategies. Trying to take on that young, meanwhile we get the storing political, which is an obvious planted story. The Ben Roads team humble opinion. From wrong political can reveal their names. And other senior advisers, former senior intelligence officials, political right, something like that? They know exactly what they're doing sorry former civil servants running I like this. These are. Political hacks, were true, the influence the election in Israel trying to create.
Tension between our president in their prime minister. Five days before the elections in Israel. That's what's taking place here, Marty! What are you Marty's one of our doggies come here, Marty Mighty think some yelling at about I'm yelling at the lips Marty's. Conservative dog. We only have conservative darkshire just so. You know, Marty in Barney. Marty breaks through the gate and comes down here because mommy needs to come, get you. You know few things in life can change your entire outlook on the day, from your boss, asking you to work the weaken early, instruction right outside your bedroom window in the morning you wanted to sleep in now. These will ruin your day, or how about one year check engine like comes on. That usually means thousands of dollars and repairs. That's why I have Khartoum
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And during the break he will. I promise. But this is very very important what we ve unravelled here today, ladies and gentlemen, The effort by the Obama Heights to interfere in the israeli election yet again. To take our ally. The look good party and Netanyahu you Using the pages of a political using Obama ice, it's pretty rage monies furious too draw benefits: Google, his name Ben Roads, Google, his name, Let her go is a complete sham. That's what it is. It's a completely. Let's take a clear one! Second, please, let's. Let's go to MIKE put part Arta exam satellite go more apart,
Thanks for everything you do to educate the public. I really appreciate I love you, but I think you have to hit the nail on the head when he said about the fact that the previous administration, spied on the Trump administration, think that probably worthy devices they provide on the trunk campaign. Can't campaign. Think they probably did more. I think that the you know if they are willing to go one place with it, they probably wounded speculate. Who did it? even if it was done because You know the tramper officials or not. Commenting on any of this. This is a story planted by the left planted by the Democrats planted by The people who I said in a left wing reliable. Phony new cycle politico. Its intended to have reverberations back in Israel's intended upset our president, who would then take shots. Had Netanyahu he's not he's not he's not biting the bit and nobody should
but it should show you the extent to which the Obama people interfere with elections, interfered with the election before try to defeat Netanyahu and failed they're trying to interfere with it. Now, who knows They interfered with our election. Buys put in the trunk campaign. I mean The truth is the truth, the Obama administration.
We watch being investigated by the House Judiciary Committee by the Senate Judiciary Committee by the House, Intelligence Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee. It is was a vile, diabolical residency. That's exactly what I was I'll be right back now run. First. Remember me underground, promote both from the boughs bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building we have once again made contact with our leader. Had already my mark number, seven, three, eight one, one one one, three, eight one one: the chief justice of the United States.
Was gone, ladies and gentleman, he has moved to the dark side and we need to learn from this trial. Albert's is highly political. Is influenced by the press. He gave you Obamacare, he gave you Obama. Because he would not comply. With the constitution of the United States. You changed at the last minute as we talk about at the time. The decision was released and wicked. Five, the four decision: why did he do that? Because doesn't want to be seen as leading a conservative court he's very concerned about its press. And they're always concerned about their legacy.
Member the citizenship question on the sentence seem like a rational thing. They do the president. Is free to have his commerce Department of Commerce secretary. The question is not controversial. Whether or not you are a citizen. But of course, the hard left in the media made a controversial. Somehow they became racist. Ho Jon Roberts reads the media near it. I'm washed and policies affected by. And now we have a story that further underscores. And of course, the stories by CNN Joan the scooping Legal analysed and Supreme Court biographer. Chief justice Wrong John Roberts cast the deciding vote against president trumps attempt
To add a citizen should question the twenty twenty centuries, but only after changing his position behind the scenes sources familiar with the private Supreme Court deliberations. Tell CNN. So he's, not only so foolish to play games on the court like this, but the lips leak on him on the court. Because if it was a conservative leaking, they wouldn't have leaked the CNN legal analysed and Supreme Court biographer Joan Preschool Pick. The case was fraught with political consequences. What what does that have to do anything? The job of a Supreme Court justice is too all of the constitution and that substitute, their personal views. For that of the president of the United States. Democrats and civil rights advocates claim? The query would discourage responses to the sending your questionnaire from new immigrants of minorities in effect about power nationwide. Well, who cares? they declare.
Roberts action recalled is dramatic, switch in the twenty twelve case that say President Obama's affordable care at once, and the chief and appoint President George W Bush and a reliable conserve? No he's not that's a lie. And we're not talking about conservatism, verses, liberalism, we're talking about constitutional, original ism versus progressive activism,. But he sided with the liberals speed dispute of immense national significance went down to the wire. More broadly as moves in the census dispute demonstrated. As he begins, his fifteenth year is chief justice. Robert has become less predictable, oh, Must really be a good justice. You know, let me say this about predictability. A judge or justices approach.
Turning the constitution or the law should be very predictable. Should be extremely predictable. He can't be sure the outcome, because two justices may apply the same type of thinking or similar thinking. You come up with a different kind sure. That's perfectly fine. But the process. That they go through to reach the decision should be A transparent and predictable. Anyway. Roberts is wearing the heavy mantle of a vote in the middle of a divided bench in this new chapter Of his tenure now, this is where they. You know give him accolades so Keep doing it, this is how the press work. And they know that a lot of these justices their clawing, these cloistered environments,. But their enormously powerful.
There's only nine of them in the whole country, nine of them. So he's wearing the heavy mantle of a vote at the middle of a divided bench in this new chapter of his tenure with a twenty eighteen retirement of centrist, conservative look at their weight Idiot Joan the talks interest conservative Justice, Anthony Kennedy and a solid Before have concerted Madrid the, Anthony Kennedy was not a constitution was how are you a centrist or conservative. You look at the constitution or the underlying laws, statutes and you apply them Why is that conservative, What you're supposed to do. For the most part Roberts opinion in the centres case laid out why commerce sector Wilbur Ross.
Had significant latitude dad into question He was joined by his for conservative brethren at that point and by the way, Cavenaugh. No conservative, brethren core unquote quote. As time will tell. I see it already then the chief justice swerved enjoying by the four liberal justice said Rossi, Justification for the citizen to chip question I do in force in the Voting Rights ACT was contrive. You see. You have to become increasingly preposterous. In what you say and right in these opinions to do at Roberts is doing and so He's he he says that Wilbur losses, position on citizenship is contrived. He reads his mind: contrived
The of the United States wants to add the question Not for John Roberts to decide of its contrived if its legitimate, if its else. It's for John Roberts to decide whether there is some constitutional impediment to it and, of course it is not. So he sounds stupid. He writes stupidly when he writes like this. After the justices heard or arguments and late April, Roberts was ready to rule ferocity administration. Oh I see so early on. He didn't think it was contrived sciatic. What were they contrivance? in order to join the EU. Press of activists from the court Oh, his contrivance was to call Wilbur Ross's position contrived. But some time in the weeks that followed sources said Robert began to waver. He got
Began to believe that losses, rationale for the citizen should question had been invented. Despite the deference, he would normally given executive branch official, Russia's, had to matter in the court's final judgment. Robert announced on June, twenty seven- in other words he had to in his opinion on something did Roberts Does the contrivance he came up with. And other leaks to John, Scuba get CNN. Two massage Roberts, his ego. Robert action, in the case at a new dimension to the question that has hung over trumps presidency, specially at the forefront of the justices, begin a new annual session in October, ready for this Will America's highest court restrain the administrations most controversial policies there? She just tat which he really wanting to happen here.
And we gotta rely on John Roberts to do it. You see with a psychic cabinet. On the whole, the sixty four year Old Roberts has given the Trump administration, greatly white, here's where they create a narrative years ago he accepted its argument and wrote. The court's opinion about upholding trumps travel ban travelled There was no different. Ways than Obama's. Earlier this year, Roberts voted to allow the administration to ban transgender people from serving in the military our trump these military funds to build a border war That's controversial from constitutional perspective. There are no unique about people like it or not. There are no unique constitutional rights for transgender people, and there's nothing unique and in the present, the United States moving money from Macao to another piece. Like a thing, Congress should act, the president's have done this all the time the statutes allow it
on the census, Roberts turned against the administration. Unlike the other branches of government, the Supreme Court is highly secretive injustices and their staff rarely disclose what they talk about behind closed doors, These developments are reported here for the first time, but much is still unknown about the private deliberations You know the first person to read this article, one of the first people to read this article. Mr pollution will be on Roberts. I wonder how they treated me. I wonder what they said about me. On all pretty good as freely celebratory. I get it now in proposing the add. These citizens should question the full senses. Wilbur Ross insisted that it was needed. The just carbonated citizenship data to enforce the nineteen sixty five voting rights. And it goes on and then
try to make the case at its protection swollen The Trump administration was being dishonest and Operates couldn't stand for that. On the last day the annual term Robert showed his hand, but not without some suspense. Twenty four pages of his twenty nine page. So this ruling directed the challenges. Arguments based on the constitution, enumeration close he did same thing. In the end, the Obama case he went to the tax clause. He had no idea what the hell he was talking about, but that's what he did he needed to find refuge somewhere like a progressive activists, court. So the first twenty four pages of his twenty nine paid census rolling rejected the challenges. Arguments based on the constitution's enumeration clause. There Parliaments are the administrative procedures, Princess judges should broadly defer to the administration as a devices, the senses form
why did that? Justification is truthful. And Roberts. What the side that choice. By the way they personally keeps emailing me tell me: Roberts was black. We stop emailing me with your goofball conspiracy crap, Exactly what's going on here, he wasn't blackmailed. Do except Ross's explanation. Grounded in the Voting Rights ACT. The chief justice suggested in the final pages of his opinion. The last three or four pages, apparently What essentially allowed ministration officials to dupe drudges. That's why this decision was so so stupid. All of us who do this for living and follow these cases. I have studied Supreme court decisions, injustices for most of our adult I've seen careers. We know exactly what Robert is doing.
The four other conservative justices dissenting descending on, This part of the ruling believed that famine. Had wrongly probe crosses rationale, justice, Clarence, Thomas joined by corset, cabin on opinion expressed suspicions. The motives of those who detailed evidence or pretext against ROS to call was this political consulted, but I could be wrong. Basically, Roberts came up with a fig leaf for himself. As he does not want to be viewed as Chief justice will be attacked. Throughout history, after he's gone for his legacy,. He knows the media. Basically, mostly right there, three, the court. But you know Mister chief justice, I'm still around, I wrote one of the most widely read
popular and, if I may say important books on the Supreme Court in modern history, called men and black. And one of these days on my right another. And I have an entire chapter on you, your. Activity and decision in the census case was a disgrace. And it was a disgrace in the Obamacare case. Your ego and your desire for flattery should not trump the constitution. I'll be right back then, with a lot of fun to this programme and how stream Calker stolen MR pollution.
Well, I just announced a new chairman of that carcass by the name of Andy Bigs seen him on tv. But mostly you don't know, a lot about any big, a very nice man but I'll tell you a little bit about him that I know about him. You know Arizona state just later passed a convention of states resolution. But for a while there it was bottled up. Even though the the House In Arizona Republican controlled in the Senate, in Arizona Republican controlled some years ago, enough votes the pass the resolution there was one individual who is blocking it the president of the state Senate in Arizona State was Andy, bigs Dollar tv, as MR concern now is the chairman of the Freedom Cox.
I'll tell you, the problem is not the constitution, the problems, Washington problems, the courts, the pie, Is this the problems that. It's not a constitutional. That's the problem see MR bigs, We constitutional s embrace all the constitution article five you might want to re. Read it. All amendments don't have to come out of Washington Dc Cosmo, Bad ideas come in Washington, D C. And George Mason two days before the end of the. Convention and fill it off. He said we have to have a way to deal with oppression. Congress has not their way Congress that if we need away it's gonna, be the problem, So this is typical, you see, the constitution is not the problem, they argue with you. But, ladies and gentlemen, here is the problem.
Constitution has been rewritten, it's been amended through a standing constitutional conventions called the Supreme Court. There's a standing constitutional convention called Congress in the executive branch than they do change the cut. Without going through the laborious amendment process?. So those of you who listen to this programme, those of you who read The amendments you understand all this. That Washington is not going to reform itself that, Many respects when a post constitutional period unmoored from our constitution. There are people who, vested in this, including so called conservative Putting so called original S, court. They want you to believe everything. Just fine. So tell me: how does our government have the power to ban plastic straws. Plastic straws, you say more Because our governments have the power to say
Carbon dioxide is a pollutant when it's not for the poor of controlling our economy. How does our government have the power our power to do? I what the Democrats are proposing and much of what the Democrats have done in the past And so this is a true body politic process that the framers gave us from the bottom up in there. Just some people who either too ignorant tat
Stand are perfectly happy with whining about big government whining about the left, whining about open borders and not doing the same thing about. Unfortunately, the freedom caucus pick the wrong man to be its chairman, copyright that or Haiti or really hate him great brought news on the air at eight seven, seven, three, eight one for you won one. What's the hate pressing the hate, cyber thieves. While they were up their game, they ve learned how to rip you off without setting foot in your house called home equity theft. Now you need to make sure this never happened to you
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Nothing great gonna happen there, no offense, no offense and the democratic debate. It's like marks debating angles debating Lenin debating now debating Trotzky. Why bother. Wipe out why waste an hour an hour and a half for your life in order to get dumber seriously. Plus have allowed a cool things, I'm gonna say at nine thirty tonight, eastern time on Fox My buddy Hannity show Robert Brother. They are the great debut ABC, go. Robert Brooklyn New York, where the great W Apc go. Yes, remark Hello rob a bank robber. Can you hear me Robert? Are you there? on here and thank you for taking my call, great programme have been doing today: There are on the increase,
also the environment. When the game he time the target is One very important point that came up and got a quick quality called the first hour. He was apparently of former chief of police and he was talking about. You know to what extent the early wasn't a grey collar, you don't and the entire empty. I pretty much when you say and then Back from it, when you say you know, Mackay They come up so the ranks and their ranks her problem and I bodies who served in the FBI. They retired or else because of what's going on the Abbe, how much? MR reacted, so yeah, you know at the FBI sucks thanks for your car. Why was he a grey collar, it raises the question. You know to what extent you know the stop going on on the top. To what extent you know, It shows what that's not raising a question. That's making an
provable allegation, putting a question mark behind it: you and I have no information whatsoever that the vast majority of the rank and file the FBI, corrupt or political, do you can you point of somewhere. So why bring it up? Why say something like that. Well, get off the phone, you Eddie it and I'm serious, I'm quite serious. If their specific cases, great one We do a MR cost with a bunch of conspiracy. That's calling up the same two lines. Something's not right Let me early and I won't. Let me tell you what the FBI does for you having been at the this department at the highest levels. Let me
what the FBI does for you. They tracked down interstate killers. They tracked down, illustrate drug cartels, They tracked down terrorists in this country. They tracked down, drug dealers, it is in this country. They help secure our country against the criminals criminal? migrants, legal and otherwise. The FBI does a lot of great work in this country to protect the people of this country. It make sure our banking system works. It is just making sure financial systems work they go after. These individuals
break these ponzi schemes in order to try and prevent them. They try and hunt them down A lot of great hard work are FBI agents to this sort of back doorway of attacking law enforcement and I'm sick of it. Got a lotta buddies, a mine who retiring early because, what's going on course, there are imperfections, in any institution, but they do a great job guess what their hands are tied, all the time to buy programme, of activists, judges. By phony civil rights groups, hands are tied to they put their lives on the line to. Put your corner wrong? Damn show your I had a great point had no point and based on what.
Your statements are based on nothing, zero. You sound like liberals. If there were systemic problems in the FBI. At the ground level. Where are they? Where are they? While we have systemic racism and are just now, we go. So you call the wrong, show now I believe the former chief of police, Trying to attack all be But he came across that way. I gave two or three times to correct himself, but Last collar is a Nimrod goofball. People want to believe certain things they want to believe certain things. They sit around the dinner table at the breakfast table, with a lunch. What their bodies
Vince themselves of certain things. They persuade themselves up certain things they get emotional, and then they assert them is fact. It's not fact. The FBI not corrupt the Nypd not per up the bottom police departments, not corrupt. Everybody sounds like Eric holder. So all I'm saying is think before you speak when you call the shuttle. Be afraid of a but think about what you are saying and be able to back it up. I have a few bodies and they left her Kay well maybe that was a particular unit, a particular office, a particular division. That could certainly be true, but you don't projected onto twenty plus thousand FBI agents. To wake up every morning, depending on what part of the day they work trying to protect the american people.
And you see this is the poison of the colonies in them, a caves in the strokes and the pages in the bakers and all the rest of them at the FBI. This is the point But ever talked about the FBI this way, certainly nobody the call this programme. They ve done enormous damage that our institution enormous damage. And it's very unfortunate, and they must. Be punished for what they did. They must be punished. In my view, Andrew stand, hope, New Jersey, the Great W b c go you're the man in your view, just when he said: oh Papa care, if you do it as a tax, but not as a penalty. He put himself into night adjudicating, but he was arguing the case for one of the party. A judge is supposed to oversee
lead you to Kate and role in the case of judges, supposed to side with one to follow. You are quite right and he actually got the text. Give the tax section of the constitution utterly wrong. And it's interesting what Scalia said by the way, his descent, among other things, The great justice, a sickly we miss him, he said We haven't really talked about thought about. The tax laws in the constitution. And you kind of dump it into this opinion. Because Scalia is a hundred IQ points ahead of John Roberts and John Roberts was looking for a way out politically pr wise. And you know who gave him the way out Andrew who break habitable right because brick, If you listen to this programme.
Before he was nominated- and I encourage the present and not to do it, you're on this programme, and I did a personally when he asked me. Because Brett Cabin, I wrote the opinion I choose me, may the argument the transcript shows doing oral argument. Invoking the tax clause, which is the very clause Roberts, would subsequently, Bryce, so they not only which finally conducted himself from properly as a justice. He misapplied the tax clause of the constitution. Now you know how I know that Andrew, because landmark legal foundation, of which I am chairman that President now had five, Wanna make us with the Supreme Court in that case,. Concern that one of the programme Activists, justices would turn the tax
The constitution and its head, we explain, how the various provisions of the various taxes and that clause are inapplicable. Sir Robert Natalie ignored that wasn't even the justice we thought who might cling to that. As an excuse to uphold Obamacare. Right, that's how we know, and I know that he got a wrong. Did it at the last minute. He changed sides at the last minute. Just like I did Any citizen should question on the census case. Are I might what is it Is it is it illegal for a judge? Now it's not illegal other, back. Then three little measures.
Please go ahead and secure your copy of on freedom of the press at Amazon, dot com or any bookstores fast, as you can. For months and the New York Times best seller less for months were their grinding, their teeth down to their nasty thanks to you, live a god, bless you And that's why we're onto them More stories have, you noticed: were people are Exposing the media, it's it's wonderful, This is what an informed public dies, and this is how will get our free press back. Secondly, don't forget I'll be on Hannity tonight in forty minutes, nine hundred and thirty p dot m eastern time. I hope whatever you're doing and take a look six hundred and thirty for your folks on the West Coast, Pacific time. The third point is our podcast. Let's a you can hear the show you actually have something else going on family matter whatever or pre empted. Foolishly.
We're tape, delay or whatever it is. You can always listen to my show in the pot cast three simple steps, even if you're not really into techno go to Mark Levine showed outcome. Lets the homepage. It's the radio mothership. Mark Levine, showed outcome, click on Audio rewind, it's the middle of the top of the homepage right. There. Then it'll. Take you to the podcast page. And then you just select what platform me. One thing you download it good podcast apple podcast stitches, whatever Men- and we are with you. As long as you want us to be with you and wherever you want us to be, whether we travel with modern technology is amazing,. We were three million podcast listeners a month. In addition, two? Eight and a half million am FM listeners in it.
Listen to untold numbers of people. Listening on our streaming, People listening a mark liven up and I heart radio people listening on satellite radio. The audience is enormous. We Do me: move the needle We can ensure victory, but we move the need wheat This is the biggest town hall meeting in the evening in the end our nation. That's the way of you. You don't anti policies. Secret healthcare plan is linked to worsen He thought it's a disaster. She's going to tell you her plan will lower drug prices. You know remember like Obamacare, she said with lower your premiums and you're deductibles. The opposite takes place. Now, let me tell you what it really does it federal techrax decide that a drug costs too much under her plan. The maker of that drug, the company will be fine,
to solve the drug that the price the government's sets. To be retroactively taxed at seventy five percent, its one or the other, of the gross sales of that drug. From the previous year, so it's a retroactive set. Five percent tax- when a pharmaceutical company- and you know it Companies gonna do they're, gonna go broke, Gonna cut employees, They're not can invest in future drugs because Nancy Pelosi knows you see. Course, a seventy five percent assess tax is a disaster And who's gonna decide some bureaucrat. Government top private companies. What they can charge for their products were set in the constitution The beginning of the end of the market system. System that is attracted billions of dollars and investments to develop. Its people depend on to help them live teenage drugs. The policy plan is a regressive
planets a throwback. Its socialize medicine. It'll kill the investments needed to create tomorrow's miracle drugs and her. Our health care system- that is you. I only hope House Republicans are ready to oppose this further I, the policy plan better, be done on arrival. Folks, get the facts, Got a true healthcare facts that come true healthcare; facts that come that's through health care facts that car. Cuba's president war, that energy cutbacks are alarming. They were presently called Miguel Diaz Canal, Energy CUP, excellent. Here we have a socialist communist paradise. An island nation and island police, state The running out of energy and then, conversely, the capitalist system
Burke. U S beat Saudi Arabia become top oil exporter on shell boom. Did you ever in your life? Thank you would hear there. So what are they Craig candidates for president want they want the Cuba style. They want to get rid of fossil fuels, drilling on shore or share shore Frankie get rid of it, because I have a better idea: they dont know what the hell they're talking about. They used to accuse the oil companies are profiteering. Price, a gasoline quite low, use the accused. The oil companies have intentionally reducing supply to drive up the cause. We have enough supply now to export. More oil than Saudi Arabia? They claim they wanted energy independence, but the oil companies were standing in the way Now the wave energy independence they want to destroy it. That's the left,
They promote poverty, and yet they claim they promote equality, although not necessarily different, you know we can all be equal and poor.
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