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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the biggest story of the day today is Iran. U.S ally Saudi Arabia has been hit with precision accuracy in a drone strike combined with cruise missiles from Iranian soil. This attack may have been a test to see how precise an attack like this could be on the U.S's Fifth Fleet which is stationed very close by in neighboring Bahrain. With half of Iraq being controlled by Iranian militia and half of Syria overrun by Iran, the Iranians are becoming a bigger and better threat to the U.S and the world as they impact global oil production. Iran is a hostile regime and must not give our enemies the wrong idea by meeting with them. Iran will take this as a first step in their aggression toward America. Later, the leftist media will not relent on their assault on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, unleashing more fake news about him designed to intimidate and threaten. The articles were quoted from a book and were partial and unsubstantiated. This comes on the heels of media leaks from the New York District Attorney's office that they will subpoena the President's financial records by intimidating the accounting firms that handle Trump's financial records and engaging them in a monetary war of attrition.

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prized in intellectual. Enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale, brother sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground command, both than the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, my love. Then everybody marked near our number seven. Seventy one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seventy three, eight one, one one. We will start the programme with what is actually the most important issue today. And we're gonna take some headcount here too. Because it's very very crucial.
Now, if I were you run of the mill talk, show host. I would, start with IRAN I've figured minute I mention IRAN, your eyes glaze over and you go off to the music station, but now, the Levant audience. Why does IRAN matter to us. When you listen, ran paw, who A short time ago was a target for the Foreign Minister of IRAN. Whose trashing John Bolton. Through his surrogate these southern avenger drag Hunter real low life. Trashing me trashing, Lynn, Cheney to bear importers and spend as much time trash Islam or nazi regime that threatens the Lucas. Grandpa likes to say. Lynne, Cheney and others have never seen a war. They didn't want He's sick, if you think about it,.
I would tell ran paw and his ilk. America's not to blame for any, course. We react. I know I'm supposed to start with Cavenaugh we'll get there we'll get there but first things first, I want to tell you about this attack Matters does not because Saudi Arabia's an hour matters does IRAN. As I read this,. You'd seventeen drones and crews missiles, a combination of both. A pinpoint perfect attack. A thousand miles away.
On Saudi Arabia's twenty billion dollar And twenty five miles square mile petrol. Processing sector. Several square mile petrol process. They went after Saudi Arabia's most important facilities. And they hit out every one of them pimp. Accuracy pinpoint anchors. Now, MR producer, does anybody know about hello, tiny country called Bahrain. They have a major naval port there. That port is home to the United States fifth fleet.
How many of you knew that the United States fits flight. Anchors and Bahrain. You know a ran can hit and about our. Fifthly, just as easily as it hit. This massive. Body petroleum facility knocking out destroying half of their ability to process there, petroleum and food. Percent of the world's feel, both This is the same country that talking about icy, be which, Clearly, perfecting. Would nuclear warheads No, I have your attention. Now I have your attention. And so the media talk about things at her quiet. The importance of this, Crucially, important.
They can blow out our fleet in if they use this technology which Those that they have the ability to pinpoint accuracy and they will, Affected even more for thousands and thousands of miles away to hit the United States. When I see the aims of nuclear warheads- now do you know why it matters to us. Why do we have these code pink Republicans the? What call the ran wing of the report? And party they re, ran wing of the media. Deceiving you about should stay here, while Saudi Arabia can take them all. I don't know Saudi Arabia can take them on or not I'm not certain what military action should be taken. But I will say this. If this is allowed, this man. The Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, will become even more provocative. Think of the Third Reich, that's their mentality.
That's their mentality. Think of. Stalin's Russia that's their mentality, they believe they are. If did by God, bless by God to do whatever it is their doing to advance their cause. That's what they believe. And now we know that their capabilities build During the course of the Obama Administration Bill With a hundred and fifty billion dollars. That their capabilities are now cutting edge, cutting it. And yet we have the fifth column in our country. The attack America first great, how much times have you heard, ran policy, how many more wars that we want to be involved and we don't want to be involved in any wars, Rand and Cook, father of yours, we do want to be involved in any.
But you should at least admit and apologize. You been dead wrong about this, as have others. Being a propaganda for the foreign minister of ran, all we need to do folks has talk and I'll tell you what else we the Secretariat treasure manoeuvring. Say that the president was prepared to October loudly the president of this terrorist, diabolical regime with yo in what he said. And we heard the sector's stay. Pompiers said the same thing: but the sector's stay pompiers say the same thing at present A french one Trashing John Bull Do they look foolish you're, not very, very. Or markets, not our responsibility we need to protect. Our fleet would have wanted to remove it
on a map and look at Bahrain. No half of a rack is effective control by iranian militia. Ass, the iraqi vets in this country, that is. I can support in Iraq what they think about that. You know Half a serious control by IRAN. Hezbollah, as effect really taken over Lebanon, Hezbollah's militia wing of terrorist wing of IRAN. Nor ran, is taking over Yemen. Look at the map and now directly attack Saudi Arabia. Directly attack Saudi Arabia not stood in an effort to knock off the monarchy, but in an hour To damage our ability. And the ability the rest of the world. To navigate open waters. To move. Are
Tankers around. Add to destroy a significant percentage of the world's petroleum production, ability to drive up the cost of fuel. Another reason why the left in our country is insane they destroy our ability to produce the key fuel applies where now capable of producing, but I want you think about this Islam Nazi regime in Tehran,. The pin point accuracy this was in some, that's Our thousand missiles and hope for the best now this calculated. Very very successful, very effective has attention of the entire world, the intention of the United States, I'm sure. This guy Romani. The president of IRAN now says we're not meeting with the United States.
Go on my social sites. Mark Levin show Facebook Michael events show Twitter. Look how many people commented there take down their name, saying, there's the problem of meeting, you can meet and talk. What's the problem Ladies and gentlemen, there is A problem of a meeting in talking. Because the enemy, Gets the wrong message. Because the enemies energized. Because the enemy is not is not fearful. And they will continue to take step after step after step after this. This is about America's national security interests. America's national security interests and I want you to answer one question in your minds here. Once they perfect their icy, be and are getting very close.
Once they have the ability. To place on those, I pm's icy beams nuclear warheads. What are you going to say to our children and grandchildren. Going gonna be able to blackmail us and threaten us. There is no more, ladies and gentlemen. They believe the God is telling them what to do.
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Cause America's founding principles are so important. Hills, though, offers and Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for free, Here's what I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's an Primus! I m p r! I am I s dad. Still that EU welcome too still. Let me address this giant San Francisco. The great care so far go ahead. Oh hi I think it really possible that President Trump once to sit down ITALY quietly with I and say: look you keep this Here's what we're gonna do and he's gonna live on another. That's not
maybe in your head, but that's not at all what was to be discussed that president no, no, no, no, that may be in your head, but you have nothing. ACT that up with that's not what was going to happen Act: Mccrone over France One of the giver ran a fifteen billion dollar bridge law So I ve been pressuring the president to do any resisted it. I tell you die and you don't need a personal sit down meeting with them to tell them what you're thinking in fact that the kind of bizarre particularly given they ve been doing. You can send messages of diplomats and coercion and pick up the phone and tell them exactly what you're thinking. When you give a regime like this, a personal meeting, you know you're doing your elevating them. You know what they learned: they lie weaken blow away: half a Saudi Arabia's oil fields. We build, I see the aims we can threaten to destroy the United States of America. We can. In a push ahead to put nukes on top of our missiles
and we're gonna meeting with the president. But bad idea. I think of another example in american history, where we would do that. Can you everybody he's gonna- be bore him nobody's done it before Obama, maybe The attitude it like President Trump he'll tell them why, thanks for your comp, she's gonna, repeat herself, nothing to back it up with. She thinks she's helping President Trump when present Trumpet studies now meeting with him. So she saw one or two new cycles behind so, happening because of this. Maybe it's because it shouldn't happen Now it's not happening. Sometimes I just don't understand people, I really don't think it through.
When they are present. I won't be with us. If you want a second term. The Iranians are not going away so what the president, do Go to military action and I'm not saying we should be short of military action. But if we are what we do. We left our sanctions. No. Their five areas, a waivers that the Sector States office has argued, should not be If that is, they should be imposed on IRAN. Will the sectaries day changes my now? I hope. There needs to be a lot of pressure on IRAN an article the other day. I don't that's right or not. That. Arrange pension funds are about. The collapse, including with the military, is not a good thing. Would that be great, so why would we give them a fifteen billion dollar. Rachel. I remember the German called last week, he'd been from
Eastern Europe, I believe now he was for France Originally now an American, He said you remember how Khomeini wound up in IRAN. Because the french government release them. The French make very very stupid foreign policy decisions, Why there a second and third tier country. I don't think we need to be taking advice from Mccrone that twenty seven percent popularity in france- it is background in anything. No background in anything. So the Iranians her pirates on the open sea. They took another oil tanker yesterday. If you go on the internet, you already this many newspapers, because the media, the media you're, neither kidnapping, British Australians and others left and right now.
This attack on Saudi Arabia should grab your attention because, its accuracy. Steady station, that knowledge is involved I told you before may be rammed Paul's, not aware this. The fifth fleet. His harboured in Bahrain. Should withdraw to pull back But China they took over the South China Sea with their fake Ireland should we put would Pull back take our off of the korean Peninsula. Remove where shall we go? Where shall we go. Just keep pulling back and back and back and let these verse threatened. He's, has wrong Rendre report the question over the weekend: why are we in Afghanistan? Is this guy media. Does anybody know why we went in Afghanistan? Anybody everybody knows why we went in Afghanistan.
Because the Taliban gave safe harbour to our cause And been lot and if we take off our troops out of Afghanistan. What do you think's going to happen? I mean How many more times do we have to lose Americans heroes, blood. To go back and fight the same battles, go back and fight over the same territory,. At one point, two hundred forty thousand troops in Afghanistan where down to fourteen thousand live about anywhere fifteen hundred to twenty two hundred special forces in Syria minimal presence in Iraq
we're not invading army when I'm going to war with these countries, we're trying to make sure we're not attack yes from seven thousand miles away? The word out of tat were not colonialists. What on earth these radical libertarians and the radical left this really their minds? Are war I'll, be right back. You know our nations oldest colleges, refunded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse ridge, the idea of objective truth. They pedal moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully, none of this applies to Helstone College for all
Two centuries Hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and Intel piety now's hills to celebrate its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain
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I will say this: if something isn't done: Something serious and significant has done respecting IRAN there. And to take this as a first step in Estonia,. I'm gonna take this as a first step. And so will see what happens. Right now, they're controlling events, not the world. They are controlling events. Generous thing this is everything Netanyahu said it would be when he said The Congress and was undermine by bra Obama name an election, immoral. Their seven hours ahead of us. So it's about one thirty! Five in the morning you were taken Israel.
And what's interesting, is I've been contacted by a number of media outlets. In Israel. As result of my pants on Hannity Thursday, MR producer country,. As mean elaborate on my points: and one of the things I ve noticed about these really press. It's extremely left wing with a few exceptions, but not many. And there is no broad conservative Radio to counter it there's no Fox news that so certain primetime hosts Counter the media, none of that, some of you by number outlets and are quite good, except for one, the Jerusalem Post, which is a big paper. And I was in the car. This is yesterday, had trouble hearing
the gentlemen. An understanding is broken English, but I did the best. I could. And he kept trying to put words in my mouth. Some amount of this. Ladies and gentlemen, having written on freedom of the press and by the way a sign society have you met, have you noticed. How the analysis of the press, and especially in the New York Times Conservatives now is over the place and every day like it wasn't before. Rest of the media, the way they never have before this is what brutalizing particularly the New York Times and as you know, I have a whole chapter on that. This movement, this push back moment. This is what I meant about us. A first fake news, but I'm not talking about the ability to see other New York Times manipulates a story. I take nothing away from the present and he call em out first fake news, but I'm not talking about that. The ability to see other New York Times manipulates story.
Or pseudo event creates a story. Her pushes propaganda, like the name Began and slavery. You are now and able to unravel and now you're seeing other hosts and anchor people do exactly the same thing. Having read on freedom of the press, I'm just telling It's going on this issue, exactly what I hoped for exactly what I hope for And when you sell almost half a million copies and all forms, this is what happens, We get to a million of illegally bigger. The people now understand the media. They understand: it's not a free press in the sense of it trying to find report objective information, the objective truth. And people are now able to analyze with the New York Times has done with special scrutiny that they didn't have the tools to do before, as well as seen in the rest of them. It's a wonderful thing to watch when you help, Launch something like this, you and I we did this.
And some on the left us In the israeli press again there not all, but but too many most and they hate Netanyahu. I must have spent twenty minutes, give or take on the phone, rapporteur from the Jerusalem Post. And he was the most contentious. Of course,. And he left probably ninety five percent of what I told him. Out of the story had appeared this morning and in Israel. He twisted what I said when I talk about the allegations against the prime minister against this it by this attorney general, and then one specific case. The fact that Prime Minister, if he did ask for positive news and gets positive news, is not a crime. Fact that he may, he may wanted
the shirt policies and make policy changes that opens up the media to more competition. That's not bribery!. And I said: there's no act Let's have a specific example of a new story, positive to the Prime minister appearing this press outlet. Exchange for a specific regulatory act, nothing. So this report goes back to the attorney general report. The. Quickly: euro burping up at this attorney general said because I want to believe it a variety of times when the Prime minister got positive press. What does that have to do anything? Nothing. They give you a couple examples. You know that politician that doesn't ask the media for positive press, Let's look: let's look at it this way when it. Many chairman democratically, again Canasta Congress, wherever cod,
That's a person in the media says person and the media. I have a piece of information for you. Based on my chairmanship of this committee, I have access to information, and I want to give it here. But an exchange, I want a positive story, they say: ok, set a crime. You said it is a bribery, a quid pro quo. Positive store in exchange for information; no it's not a bribery under any circumstances or you need, crime tape and rapid around the connected Rapid around congresses, I say more rapid around it renews her. If so, this allegation by the attorney general there's a lightweight who you To be an ally of NATO, and then you got a lot of people who turn on the Prime minister's red bizarre. Because I want advance our own careers, among other things,.
This allegations bogus it's very long. Turning general there goes into a lecturing the press about their ethical duties, he's no ex we're not press ethics. That's not the job of an attorney general. He describes how Netanyahu got rid of his ministry, Medications and took over the responsibilities of south. Was promoting certain powers will so what so? What. Give you another example: let's say that Obama's in office and A couple conservative news operations combine and make a really big strong. He knows he gets negative press from these loser. What's that want to combine to become stronger.
His. I trust, investigates and says you know what we're not gonna. Do that that's too strong and I applaud the decision of the Anti Trust of this. We must reduce ridiculous. While in it and essence effectively. This is what their hanging over the Prime minister's had one of three examples So what is this guy, the Jerusalem Post? Do he did what in New York Times reported, do what a washed imposed report it would do, he uses the occasion of of asking me in interviewing me to just, regurgitate summit allegations against the attorney general in Report about the positive news he got. I was at a crime, it's not. And here's the other problem, though the very majority of Israelis, are not going to read hundreds of pages like
just as the vast majority of Americans didn't read the Malerba, they're gonna, listen, a news reports. And in Israel. The the left has a bit, Control for most of the media outlets thing even in our country. So the Jerusalem Post proved, I point. By the way they reported on what I said. And I would challenge the Jerusalem Post to actually release a trap. Skip to what I said if they recorded they may have. I don't know what the rules are in Israel, I'm no problem with it going least the whole thing and mother way? Do it immediately cause the elections coming up in Israel, Short order, choose it'll be into Tuesday in Israel tomorrow, but again their seven hours ahead? So The carriage the Jerusalem Post to release the whole transcript if they have it.
And then the law also see the report was area so your site, It's the Intrench bureaucracy, it's the aside from now to get not. It must ask me that two or three time I said Yeah, probably them too, and I went into that, but it was typical, a video available journalists not seeking objective truth, not wanting Here a quorum called the other side or different sides. Pushing a narrative pushing their power. Began to just like the New York Times, because studied this so thoroughly now have written the year, the pie, Your book on the subject on freedom of the press in therefore I see it. It's all around us. I would be shocked the porter Still exists: the peace this rock over the Skype any chance. Many of you know who that is he's a former general who served under Netanyahu and his government.
He's teamed up other Gobenheim, a rapid, formerly cooed type, they call their party blue and white, blue and white. And what that party is doing now is Campaigning trying to get the Arabs to vote because a lot of times the Arabs, or at least half the Arabs, Eligible to vote down vote as a protest they're telling them please do vote vote, vote vote, vote vote cuz. We will represent your interest to okay, fine, no problem. And then they they take. Different positions on different things, trying to cobble together whatever kind of coalition they can in the sky, dance. Was soft and they ran the among other things. He said that there
good things and that around there, no good things and they ran deal for the United States for Israel, the rest of the world. Only for around look at them. Any essentially- was telling people who oppose that that they were being hysterical and so another working hysterical. They were being sober and thoughtful and they understand the enemy. You know Generals and there's generals right there, And I was in their generals. And then the sky at they drew posters, willing and others through several generals who a few general issue of life play, can't I said how many three. I said you only have three generals in Israel. I guess you have The generals in Israel wow, that's why we were then he somewhat what about the former had him aside? You know our equipment, the CIA, a former head of the side. He backs chanced to ice We have a former head of our CIA by the name of Brennan The disgusting disgrace and upset.
This former head, a massage trashed all of Yahoo supporters corner to this from the Jews and imposed. So what does that make you think right away the guy's, a jerk What are we care anywhere about any of that. And I have said- and I say it again after or to shockingly, British voted out. Churchill as their prime minister throughout the Tory Party. Can you believe that. People look back on that in shock and I said with the rise of a ran. With that now the success. This alliance, with our president a country the size Yes, this alliance has ever been and Isabel. The deal a Putin and the Russians are all these other issues. Never technology sector because he's taken off lightly socialist regulations that they had in Israel.
I said in my humble opinion, I don't think they will, although must be extremely close, a very weird system, their way up the cobbled together. A coalition of these tiny little party. So it's possible. But if these rallies vote out this prime minister there. Churchill, though, regret it one day. I feel that same way with our president. We vote President out and why these Absolutely insane buffoons is swept them. We will regret it. Who do you think once Netanyahu to lose the Iranians? Who do you think once tromp the loose they re think about it?
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truth and defending liberty since eighteen forty four learn more at love: Infra, hills, drawback com, that's l, easy iron, free hills, Del backup. Because it's a number points here, but I think most people are missing the biggest point. The left in the media see brick Cavanaugh of soft target for what. To turn him and then the next suitor. Were somebody of that. They're gonna, keep pounding him and pounding they can intimidate them into their category. So when sits there.
Cloistered environment in his office, maybe with a clerk or two or three. Developing and then writing his opinions at having the back. Was mine, appeasing the New York Times and appeasing the left? That's what this is about temptation and threats. How many more times I can point this out of the New York Times as a sleazy operation. Which is why you should read chapter six of on freedom of the press which help launch what is now. People taking a very, very careful look at that news operation is, while the others, I mean how do you miss the Holocaust related would you covered up, but they did. Think about the last year or two. How much has come out about the near time, their inaccuracy their agenda.
Most of the rest of them. To do a story on the New York Times based two other reporters. The book coming out in order to promote them in their book in the New York Times had to take an excerpt, and so I did it. Power under the first amendment. With the intention of misleading your readers and misleading the rest of America, knowing full well that what the New York Times says has picked up by the rest of the meeting. Is an egregious abuse of power under the first amendment. Its yellow journalism- and it's worth it
soviet style writing at its work, as it continues to prove again and again and again why it's not a real serious news operation. Others news from time to time. But that's not really its core objective.
Than the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under breakin steel of unarmed strip building. We have once again made contact with our leader number seven, seven, three, eight one, one one, seven, seven, three, eight one read one one so that effort now by the New York Times and the Democrats and try to intimidate and threatening Supreme Court justice. No more talk about an independent judiciary. Can you imagine what President trumped dare to question what the court had been doing and so forth and saw you heard the cacophony. Now
Supreme Court Justice, no more talk about an independent judiciary. Can you imagine. When President Trump dare to question what the court had been doing and so forth and saw you heard the cacophony. The howling hyenas in the media you're hurt, but here direct attacks on Iraq. We have virtually every not all, but virtually every damn it At running for the presidential nomination of their party calling impeachment cabinet. They don't even have all the facts Toward impeachment that they keep throng around, for the Democrats means any one to whom they lose an election. Anyone who wants up on a court who they don't want to line up on a court there now three to remove them this. The fascistic terror, local mindset of the modern day, Democrat part
Celebrate, say, oh see tonight I leave Course, the Democratic Party press. So as our friends right, scoop, daily wire, other place, places point out and of course, the New York Times itself. So the near times wrote in articles. I write a right scope smearing. So I am quite justice: Cavanaugh. Over and above seen, accusation that wasn't even substantiated Took it from a book to the reporters. But they didn't take it all from the book. They took a portion of it from the book and they left out the most important part in the first The catch up on this was great Molly Hemingway of the Federalist. Now.
This is the section from the book. Tweeted by her. Quote: we also uncovered previously unreported story. They write this in the book Mr Cabin honest freshman year. Echoes Ms Ramirez, his allegation, others Ramirez made an allegation that, Was so absurd that Then not even the near posts At times ran with. A cabinet classmate MAX Tire who, by the way, was a Clinton lawyer who took off Can star and cabin I was on, can star staff on impeachment on Mr Cavanaugh with his pants down at a different? Candour party, we're friends.
It is all use genitalia into the hand of a female students. Let's just stop, therefore set this is sick. Where the time drag us all the time genitalia world and into their sick fantasies. How would you even do this. His pants down friends, pushed his genitalia into the hands of a female staff. Does that even make any sense to you, MR producer,. Here we are having to discuss is because the New York Times puts it in front of us there, sick. Mister Starr, the Clinton toyed with a hammer rides no lawyer Who now runs a non profit organization in Washington had known? I'd senators and the FBI bad to secure,
the f b I did not investigated. Mister Starr has declined to discuss a publicly. In other words, the FBI dismissed. It. Now, the New York Times authors rights, we corroborated the story with two officials who have communicated with MR style. Then there's a semi colon. Email student declined to be interviewed in friends, say she does not recall the so the fee, Our student declined to be interviewed and friends say she doesn't. I recall the episode your times less than out of don't you believe I rich they left out the part. Were the lady back then, the young Lady the supposedly the risk The unwilling recipient of the Jenin Tower tell you that was, Into her hand,. As I recall, that now,
I think, she'd recall that if that happened, don't you, ladies and gentlemen,. And her friends say she doesn't recall it. So have I believe that out of the story now immediately. Democratic running for president call for the impeachment cabinet: they don't know anything, they don't have any facts, but they want him impeached. Because of their fascistic tyrannical mindset. And other news operations picked up on it around with it and ran with they pushed it. This is the state of the present. Today. Of course, their primary target, as our president. But anyone in his orbit.
Anybody who has ever been in his orbit anybody who dares to vote for him, support him speak out, for him needs destroyed. Needs to be pushed around. It's that in more. They seek haven't as weak as soft needs. Of his opinions have been. That's not justification for any this. This this endless purse but in character assassination, but they want weaken him. They want him to be thinking about them and there ability to destroy a person's character. Through propaganda. They want To be thinking about them when he's Sit down to write, opinion and votes one way or another on a decision. The New York Times who sang.
In so many words, either go hard left like if successfully persuaded other justices to do who were appointed by Publicans or this is, and a treat me you're, gonna, get. I think, John Roberts is aware that he gets Pray When he sides with the left on Obama, Carrie gets praise when he sighs, with a laugh. On the citizen ship issue with respect to the senses, but they don't. They don't know enough about Cavanaugh, yet they're trying to really softened em up. So much for an independent judiciary so much for an independent supreme court. You need understand the left, and most of you do they play for Epps they play dirty, they see Destroy. That's the nature of their ideology.
Our philosophies very tolerant, we want debate We want to engage, we want to persuade we want. The power of these individuals. I agree with them great. You can disagree with them great, but we need to limit the power governments. We can still be a free people. What everything It's not their attitude. This New York Times. Still has on staff the anti Semite. With senior editor. With his outrageous posts on social media public posts- and he was an adult. Happy jus year and all the rest still there, They went underground with a guy, try to keep it quiet. He still there New York Times around those anti semitic cartoons. Hope we made a mistake. Same New York Times had lied about this,
because Russia Collusion scandal for years, their products Got to politics. The same New York Times that has been pushing America. Is born and racism of I'll always be a racist society. By lying about american history, pushing an indoor school systems that New York Times. The same New York Times. That had no problem whatsoever sitting on its Its hands, if you will. Even though it knew what was going on and Nazi Germany to the European Jews. Sitting on its hands, if you well even worse, pushing I began on behalf of Stalin through a reporter Walter Dorani in Moscow. Eighteen: thirty, two thirty three.
When Stalin STAR beget death up the ten million Ukrainians. There's no problem with that. And yet there is still the gold standard, heard somebody on cable did it. So they really messed up the store, but the New York Times is a great newspaper. Now it's not it's not a great newspaper, its pushing impeachment. Its pushing the destruction of our various institutions pushing Harbour lies about the founding this nation. And the principles of this nation. It's a disgraceful operation right back when you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Give you
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Then the enemy, the people they are the enemy. The people is not about the first amendment and freedom of the press, Easter, about the way, certain media corporations shirt media corporation. Are using the first amendment to destroy the first amendment. Are using freedom of the press to do Roy Freedom, To explain it, the press, that's not proposing any bra The government action its media outlets. Like John Adams, did like Abraham Lincoln, did Woodrow Wilson did.
Like Franklin, Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt did John Kennedy and L B, J did, like Obama, did start doing any those things But he's calling them out and for that they hate him and the hate you and a Hey cabinet. See we all stand in their way, magnificent drawn, like zombie like nice that they wish to create, were they? They decide what the news is worth. I get the decide what's important work, They get the decide how you like Climate change abortion on demand- you know stuff like that, tolerate diversity viewpoint, certainly. Not in the newsroom, but there On far beyond all is now, ladies and gentlemen, far beyond.
They are in a second destroy mission. Their number one target is Donald Trump. And their number to target, as anybody else does in a circle Well, that's the nearly sixty three million people who voted for him point: tease people in his political party, people in his family people in his business and tat matter. Doesn't matter. You see this prosecutor in New York. New York City prosecutors have subpoenaed President Donald Trump tax returns. A person familiar with the matter told the Associated Press on Monday, in other words the process His office leaked into to the Associated Press because it has the biggest reach when it's a wire service, the endless Constant attempts to burden as president and hence the republic
destroy his presidency to distract us president that undermine his administration. By the cabal of the left wing media that Cabal of left Wing Democrats like a ball of a law, Going prosecutors es goes on and on and on. That's, why call them. In their mindset. Fascistic can t. Ben hadn't district attorney Cyrus Vance Junior, his father Cyrus fans, who was sectors state for a short period of time, was in a cup clown. Recently sent a subpoena trumps accounting firm, seeking the last eight years of state and federal tax returns for trumpet his company tromp organization. According to the person Authorized to speak publicly about the matter and spoke on the condition of anonymity, so here either prosecutor's office leaking and you'd have be a fool not to believe that
They're not coordinating with the Democrats, the National Democrats who Capitol Hill just like these any general of New Yorkers. As a Democrat. Being the Trump Organization last month for records related payments, for Tumblr Michael Cohen, helped arranged for the porn actress. Stormy day knows: She claims she had an affair with Trump. This is nothing to do with New York law. Nothing. New York, state or New York City, nothing. There's no campaign violation, so the pretending they need to look into attacks manner, among other things,. Fancy office declined to combat money on the tax return subpoenas, the news of which was first reported by the New York Times. I'd be calling them the New York lines him before I was on radio.
I see Loring and respect that I was very good. She should, and so should everybody ask that's what it does its lips. The accounting firm May Sars USA said in his statement that it will respect the legal process and fully comply with its legal obligations. So they're not saying anything, firms that it believes strongly unethical professional rules and regulations governing the accounting industry and does not terminal work. It does for clients, so they're trying to do now is intimidate the accounting firm and run up third legal fees. Because Mr Vance Junior his using taxpayers dollars. To do everything that he's done? Much like Mahler did. A lawyer for the Trump Organization mark. Lucchese, said he's evaluating the situation and will respond as appropriate federal. Prosecutors in New York and Washington spend money. Probing payments made during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign, this Aol story,
the two women who said they'd affairs were trumpet gleaning Dana's amount model, carry Macdougall. I just wish the media had been so hot trot on TED Kennedy, Chappaquiddick. Don't you, Mr Barroso,. Corner made one of the payments himself in a rage for american media ink, the parent company national inquired of pay, the other pleaded gale, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. The? U S attorney's office in your confirm the court. Last month it was finished, investigating the payments. So you see, there's no end of this year, attorney's office found nothing. I told you before: there's nothing, there's no violation. A lot done manner. Now comes in reprobate, back benches. Arrest fast junior hard to get elected as a Democrat in New York, you know Let me take a walk at this. Maybe I can get it I'll go Its accounting firms, who else, wants this information
Should they keep coming Adam, Madame from every quarter. Just a wave of subpoenas federal A local. No president should have to go through this and TAT Me if this had been Barack Obama, the media would be appalled. None of this be going notice, Republican Ba Republican? U S attorneys, don't do this stuff. What about the southern district in New York? Will that Idiot republic? In? U S attorney refused himself a long time ago,. So the year, so that F is in charge now and, of course, their objective civil servants who they are.
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some will discover that determine the nations future. Either be true to America's noble past and principles: are we won't sign up today, folks. Gotta aim ACT out: U S a m, a sea dot? U S! That's a fact that you are so even though the accuser He's supposed suppose it accuser against cabin, don't remember any of that. But the genitalia being shoved his friends, shoving cabinet and his genitally is the hand of a woman is so ridiculous and sick The imagination of the left in the New York Times in their reports. Come Harris has asked about it on in pure national, pubic radio. I mean public radio. The listener how this is set up caught, one go
You're, a former prosecutor on alleged stop. This is the way I Piazza Europe former prosecutor. But she actually asks a good question. I'm shot It's true go ahead, a Europe former prosecutor. Are you not troubled by a lack of evidence here? I would say that the fact that someone does remember the details of the incident desert means their black eyed sofa folks. This lady. He's not qualified to be a lawyer, let alone a president. She is so driven. By her desire to have power. She's a mental case. That's right. I said it she's a mental case go ahead. There are other witnesses.
Can establish that. So who are these witnesses and when will they be question under oath by the FBI? And so I waited. There is no evidence of images off makes use me the person who has said that this was done. To say she is no memory of this and her friends say the same thing that she said she has no memory of this, but she's not done cut too its noting, though, that the the witness has not established that this, in fact, to produce a male classmate of of this woman, he Sonorously male classmate of this woman, take Clinton lawyer Doin the Clinton impeachment who was defend Clinton in his genitalia, scan star and Wreck
our who serve on Brent STAR staff as an independent council, an associate independent council, so even that's not stated accurately, Clinton I'd go ahead, but but no one has proved that has happened. Is that trouble you? But if you exactly the quite some one should investigate them. Yes, we need to have more investigations, even though its denied. The supposed victim we need to investigate and keep investigating, investigating just Craig, the impression. Somebody should say to Camelot Harris Tommy, so group or friends push push break Cavanaugh. And his genitalia into the hand.
Of a young lady unsuspecting young lady. Is that even possible. This quite euro, but through This is now there's one more. Who's, the Clinton guy that Bastard oughta drag Front of a grand jury, quite frankly,. This is all in an effort to affect the Supreme Court to intimidate Supreme Court justice. The crush as well to actually apply the constitution. Now we have Amy Club Char, who pretend to be a modern, isn't she the one that was brutally her staff all the time, MR producer, how come they dont report? Those stores anyway, she's a had had Not job, may I say with all due respect, not. Amy closure a navy sees this week where they d
Gushing can't get more disgusting. That three go my design, justice, cabin, our very clear and George. I think most people remember my questioning that actually, nobody remembers requesting. The Senator Ziegler Egomaniac. Nobody remembers requesting most people, even though what the hell, your name is the most below know anything about. You may I say, go ahead, and he went so far as to ask me if I blacked out and had to apologize to me why the only priority should never have apologise to you. What you did was sleazy, go I strongly oppose him based on his views on executive now. These are Democrats is what our prayers and I'm going to outlaw God. You know what our president ammunition to a fear, two percent, on on your on your wealth.
What I'm president, I'm gonna go red eyes when I present. We do not really believe in the office powering the executive now, do we not just you used it. And by the way, the mass of bureaucracies, part of the executive branch, health care Destroy private healthcare, yeah, ok, but I don't believe in all powerful present. Oh I'm so confused. I think I have a concussion. I think I need the concussion protocol must produce, go ahead. Tor continue to haunt our country as well as how he behaved, including energy, shut up, you idiot, let's take a collar to show me- I think we were. George Farming to New Mexico, the great k, e and and go. Good evening sir Why dont you wish the
They would put a man charge together of all the hampers the Democrats who we? terribly condescendingly, ask down trump if he was prepared to accept the sort of the election. Back when they were so sure that Hilary what's gonna win the point. You are exactly right on this. I ran business. You do not. You do not negotiate with people like this Aubrey Arias playground bullies you Negotiate if you negotiate or appease a playground boy, he will. Come back, you will be emboldened dear. I do more here, given your lunch money today, he's gonna come back tomorrow, demanding fight that model you're right, but if you pop his face inside out. And you don't even necessarily need to do that, but just the credible threat.
That you will do so boys are you gonna, go because somebody else a weaker person You apply the terrain Zack. All they are just playground bullies with a military and a hundred Fifty billion dollars, at least in their budgets,. While they there are very serious threat. The very serious threat- and they demonstrated that and all these code pink Republicans. We're going to create a very, very devastating and dangerous situation? Whether appeasement Iran showed us that they're getting their getting very good at this, and I would encourage the president to really put the screws on this country more. I don't know why we have waivers five or seven waivers. No, the genius of the State Department whose orchestrated that is an old Bush guy. Who wants to be headed the USA. I just read it in the paper. But that would be a disaster, but they are there
in every screw. They have economically on IRAN. That'll, help turn their own military against them. George excellent call, my friend, don't hang up a minute. Sinewy signed copy of on freedom of the press and thank you for your call dusty Mercer, California, the great cave e m l go right ahead, Sir Markham I have a great deal of power, I would say I am, We should not have any any second thoughts, dealing with the server- and we have three problems are in one I ran- has destroyed hundreds insider hundreds of soldiers and uniform as they have been, and second they said they will destroy us And all of our allies in the Middle EAST, and our allies in the in Europe to how we can't even trust.
To do anything you should try to kill us. That's one thing we can do that began to trust them with because they're have you noticed, they keep saying and they said today were ready for war with America. For war, with my were ready for war with America, Tell me- and I mean this: why is the United States Senator the junior senator from Kentucky ran paw escorting this jerk this foreign policy, mouthpiece, propagandist premier, Escorting around the United States repeating propaganda. Pray. Paying the price of the United States to me with him now With this guy we are if I don't think he's mentally office, Eddie are ideologically obtuse. That is chip off the old man. Shoulder in the old man ran Paul, you know, is In my humble opinion, whack job right, my friend,
Thank you for your car will be right back. If you have a moment. I want you all to go to brick. House Levin, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver. I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens. What a great product! Thank you break, ass for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and your welcome Stephen subscribing smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic, some probiotics plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back, gotta brick House, Levine, DOT, com or call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with Promo Code Levin, that's brick, house, L, av iron, dot, com or call a three three ring be H. End promo code live in cars here. Ladies and gentlemen, you know few things in life can change your entire outlook on the day. Call from your
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chick word, Levin, that's car shall die. Calm code, Levant, her car Eight hundred car six thousand mention code live in a deductible may apply. We have this and I want to strongly suggest that you get too. They are the best they are terrific. Maybe so long time and that's why? Let's take a car. Charles Sunnyvale, California, the gray, cares, if I'm sure they have a memorial to me, their own wax wing avenue. Don't they Charles would open but when I lived there are many years ago, I love you show by this situation in Saudi Arabia, reminds me another situation that occurred in nineteen thirty six in Europe, spanish civil war or another country was testing its military armament?
here the Nationalists, with a b, we have one or die which Europeans with later found copy them he went on. I am I wrong. To be to me testing. Military arsenal, as its as its developing in throughout the Middle EAST, Let me just like testing it. They just blew out half the saudi oil production rights with drugs that I have heard that they had a tremor The man of success with up you, they use drones and crews missiles, accuracy of their their weaponry. Ben crews like the bathwater mine in Spain. During that summit, what's your point: what's the goal here people are denying What's going on, I ran on just like they deny what happened. The Nazi Germany and, like you, I agree with you in and listen to me- are fishing fleet
is presently endanger. And- and I mean so, if effectively they can blackmail us right now, exactly what In a similar situation that we faced a pearl harbor with the Japanese, In our denial and our desire to isolate ourselves from what After one we are setting ourselves up exactly the same way in the situation and we have no nothing's in the Senate. Know nothings in the media, Who just go on all? What's in any of our bit? What's in any of our business, his country's reaching the point where they are grave threat to our country. This wall to Wall We can you imagine them having icy beams of nuclear warheads, then what the hell are we gonna do We need, as one. Well said. All I need is one. Our? I, my friend, I appreciate your coffee trawls. Don't hang up,
we're gonna give you a signed copy of on freedom of the press, and thank you for your service, my friend very much. Joanna Cushing main serious satellite. How are you, I'm great how're, you I'm good. How's. By habit doing up there, I have left, I harbour No I just got home yes, yes, I I was that calling, because I just like everybody else: why are we letting I'll be the bullies? I mean It seems to me that they have been clearing up for this for quite a while and Trump hasn't. I love trump sure I am. I'm am deadly pro tromp, but I just feel like he should definitely step in now.
He didn't when they drew up our lot. Let's let, let's be honest, Thea. The doves in the administrative beat out boat. And I think, putting aside with president said, they set em up and knock em out, And he was right about Iraq. And the second, the Department of State with its massive bureaucracy, The department of Treasury, with its massive bureaucracy, were wrong. I am not talking about an all out war with IRAN, but when it comes to economic sanctions, do you understand they weave? We ve placed waivers on about half dozen of them. And we should actually implement them immediately. Shoes me immediately, Without any hesitation to that nine think back. I didn't make just one and you and I are gonna- be called NEO comments by morons. Don't even understand what a NEO com is NEO con.
Was a left us in the fifties and sixty some of them were communists. Who left their ideologies after they realized, But they were wrong, particular one comes to foreign policy. There are democrats, They switched over many and became Reagan supporters. I don't know about you, but I've never been left us or a democrat of you. Now in my left, somehow Neil cuts, and then we have the warmongering So IRAN is is provoking its aggressive it is committing piracy on the high seas, its killed hundreds of american troops, including Marines, at nineteen. Eighty.
It attacks Saudi Arabia can attack our fifthly, the same exact way and there are in Bahrain and they want us to sit on our hands no big deal. What's this have to do with us, it has everything to do with us. The developing. I see the aims that they want. The war had progressed, say right back now, run them wrongly underground command, both from the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building we have once again made contact with our leader. Marketing year are number seven seven one one might take seven, seven, three one, three, eight one one. While I see my point about the left's effort to it
Amid a cabin on affect the Supreme Court is. Is being repeated on cable tv? That's good, don't you think Mister booth, the point of the spear, and that's ok spread the word baby. Here's Ran Paul on CNN yesterday with Jake Tapir. While listen for yourself we'll talk about it after cut five go sector, pale blamed IRAN and your fellow republican Senator Lindsey, Graham tweeted quote, it is now time for the Eu S to put on the table and attack on iranian oil refineries if they continued their provocation or increase nuclear enrichment. Your response to grant that brain years Deborah see Jake opera, not involved in any provision of news. Her information to the american people, this is a game for him. This is this is his career. This is,
How he was schooled. Just play one side, Republicans against another side of Republicans. He knows exactly what Linsey gram thanks Palm peo slowly has come around. And he knows exactly what ran Paul think. So it's just better to have sort of a year. A w w e type of event, inform their viewers about what's actually taking place. You cut the rest of us Five go. I think an escalation of the war would be a big mistake. The escalation of the war. When, on a war with IRAN, Iran's a war without and everybody else. This is a perverse waved. Her that's continue, go ahead. From the many civil now we know as a matter she's me as a matter of fact, it didn't come from the many civil war.
It was a direct attack from IRAN using drones and crews missiles original report and I posted it It was, it was the new story. I have no way of verifying. It was that it was your many terrorists. But it wasn't, this was a precision attack. Their wiped out, half half. Whose Saudi Arabia's Petroleum processing capability, twenty billion dollars and damage twin, five chiefest facility sit with In point accuracy. Jake Tapir doesn't want you to know that and ran pause operating on false information. But it doesn't matter he's initio out Foreign policy should be based on one word: prudence wrote about, and liberty in turn, prudence, judgment, virtue.
Eight from long capability strategies, tactics and not ideology,. Go ahead or Saudi Arabia is heavily involved in another country, indiscriminately bombing Seville. What does this have to do with anything? Ladies and gentlemen,. We're talking about America's national security interests, not Saudi Arabia's, this The problem with this guy's a sponge head. He Soaks up with daddy in doc Aided in Germany spews it out of his mouth. He can trash Saudi Arabia only wants. I could care less choose me. These weapons can be used against the fifth fleet. And once their perfected, they can be used against the United States. That's the problem And he says: well, don't worry about like Saudi Arabia's bad, we got involved in the Iraq war. It so four billion miles away? I was tired of endless horsemen. IRAN's not tire of anything.
It wasn't tired of it and they Stalin wasn't tired of it. I mean you can't you this is. This is a perverse enormously gravely dangerous way to think of thanks go ahead and then the hoodies are supported by the Iranian, so its back and forth virility, transmits back and for power. We now know that this The direct attack from IRAN, but don't worry, the tap dance or he'll figure out a way around it go ahead. Trying to have a negotiated ceasefire and peace in Yemen and bombing ran. Won't do that. The other thing I would say, is a rare. He wants them. This guy naive, like naval trembling or what we need a negotiated pieces. And this is what has been termed the president. This is what has been termed the administration, and this is what the foreign Minister of a ran a hand picked. By the present of IRAN. Has been telling this do, and this is what he spilling. So he goes on social media
An viciously tax lose trainee. Whose ten times smarter than he is certainly in foreign policy Fifthly, attack John boldly trying to wipe out. What I call the realists go to war, guys. The real us. Presents have advice from all kinds of people, but they don't want. President. They get this kind of advice. Ran Paul, was wrong about IRAN. Can we all admit it? Can we all agree, but I like and people who cares. He was terribly wrong about Iraq. And around in just fire off those weapons think about a yesterday, they ve been plotting and planning for months. Mr caused me to play Don't put the conspiracy nut song? That's not the kind of show I was ok.
So go ahead. Cherries findings about seventeen billion Saudi Arabia spends about eighty three billion, the Gulf. She comes around Saudi Arabia that I'll what this have to do with anything nothing He sounds like a liberal. Just creating a lot of static. They spend this this once benzene, thou unprepared so you have to do a protecting America go ahead. We spend another fifty some I billions are really the Saudis and their their allies dwarf, suspending ever ran and see. This is the thing they dwarf the spending of around when you dealing now with with with having technology does matter that's true, Mr Paul than why did I ran attack Saudi Arabia of Saudi Arabia, so much more powerful when it comes to their military. Doesn't make any sense I had a regional conflict that there's nobody, not a regional conflict.
They keep threatening the United States. I C B aims are not about regional conflicts. There intercontinental ballistic missiles. They don't need nuclear weapons to defeat. There are neighbours, Fifthly, right in the neighborhood, I guess we're supposed to remove it. Their pirates, it sees, I mean even Thomas Jefferson when there was piracy, far oil or were over their way over there. He said the navy to destroy them. John Adams. Would. Thomas Jefferson did go Are the United States needs we getting into a bombing mainland our ran, it would be a needle, he doesn't even support economic sanctions against IRAN. Ladies and gentlemen, I ask.
Go ahead of us and those who love the Iraq war, the chinese boltons crystals? Nobody love the Iraq war, you maniac. And it put crystal and the same. Phrases is Cheney and boldness. Nothing but propaganda Crystal is a diabolical Trump Haider. But there's a lot of people other than training embolden, who are sobered what's going on and around a lot of people. So why does he tried to turn them into pariahs because that what the left us and that's what the radical libertarians. I'm a constitutional is, ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to foreign policy, I believe in America, first prudence. Not a radical ideology that blames America first, What this guy does Tommy has he said one negative thing about around.
In this rambling diatribe, one thing he's attack Cheney his attack bottom Attack the other arab states he's attack Saudi Arabia, there His own country has attacked, ran not once. Go ahead, are clamouring and shopping at the bit for another Warner ran, but it's not a walk in the park and you have to know it's not a walk in the park and having a fifth column in this country. That's all, but rooting for the enemy is problematic. Can you believe this guy had his publicist contact my producer to him on the shoulder promoters book on socialism, hats and now. He can hawkers on by the last book, was so ridiculous with quotes and there's some of them, as I understood it. Weren't even right Only this guide Jack Honneur Southern Avenger. Participated heavily in writing least one of his books.
But I don't need him to discuss socialism. I can discuss socialism myself. He wants to come on here and discuss farm policy, particularly a rat not all the bs that he gets away with on CNN and these other channels happy to do it happy to do it. Cut six go food between you and congresswoman training, because I assume you think this is more. That's really what he wants. They once the few that talk about the few. So he's gonna allow ran, other take shot after shot. Against this training who's, not even there And about something more important than just two members of Congress: bickering yeah! No! I think this is a big issue. You know whether or not we should stay in Afghanistan. I can't meta general who can clearly tell me what our national security and unhappy at their genius and I'm not a general.
Does anybody know Yet attacked on nine eleven from where it was planned, plotted launched, they called Afghanistan. Far away Their throw back to the seventh century. And who gave save harboured Al Qaeda. And some have been like that would be the Taliban Taliban. They made it all possible. So let's say we withdraw our fourteen thousand troops. Taliban promises we're gonna police afghan as you gotta trust us. Unless you see how trust we know it do. How kind is already back Ghana stand, you know it asses and Afghanistan, ISIS. Ran pulses wise at our problem. Is this man so stupid? He doesn't understand why this is our problem.
Nine eleven wasn't launched. In Atlantic City, New Jersey, Louisville, Kentucky Texas, like way way over there in Afghanistan, you Idiot I'll be right back, then they seven hours different Not really in a few hours really in a few hours. Alien Omar has Review on who should when that election. I want you to know American, I want you know in Israel. We all know she's a big it in an anti semite. Dozens of times over
And she's a hero among the Democrats and in the media. Here. She is on face the nation. Let me ask you a question: why she on face the nation she does, Something special. Is she profoundly intelligent. Now he's a moron and a big that's why she's on CBS his face the nation? Kay deface the nation. Cut seven go Who were specifically banned by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu from visiting the country, he felt very tough election in huge me, journalist type in the other do for were banned because they support the Beady S movement, that is the destruction of Israel. That's why. People who support. Structure of America from foreign countries do it openly
exactly welcome with open arms by our government. Either go ahead, If he doesn't, when are you gonna try to go back and an do you stand by your call for a boycott of Israel? I certainly hope that the people of Israel make a different decision, and my hope is that they are these. Really people need to understand the one of America's. Biggest anti Semites and Israel Haters is hoping. Now, many and Lappet My party anybody wins Netanyahu, and this is the added to the anti Semites all over the world and these writers, For that matter. There also America Haters, have you noticed. So I want to send the message out far and wide.
That Ilion Alma has endorsed any candidate against then just what you'd want to now go ahead His existence, his policies, his rhetoric, Lily is contradictory to the peace that we are. His existence is contradicted. Three to peace. This is a real head case, married her brother. That's what they say. Media is not interested in that. Twisted and lies about cabinet. If there was an allegation that cabin I married his sister, I guarantee you there be books written there, be all kinds of New York Times investigations going go ahead.
Then receives and receive soon just right. Now, if you look at the annexation, that's taking place for many of us in Congress, there has been a long standing support for a two state solution. Other houses, you dont support Lee, State solution, youth support, a final solution. So does Jura you're knock off buddy their tally by air. In the end, they support a final solution. Yes, they do. To leave infamously had a yellow postal posted note, Over the country, this a map Palestine, meaning Palestinian. And this clowns, no better two state solution.
Go ahead and this annexation now shut up. You Eddie, I mean really. Face the nation of one of these Sunday shows are dying, the dying supper, mine, of course,. But these so called Sunday New shows you learn anything from the show. Was there any news, none whatsoever, none. None whatsoever. But she's on tv, why. Why are they promoting the big it. Because I agree with it. That's why. Jack Colombia, South Carolina on the mark, Levant Go Mark. Speak to your air force. That letter. Oh bar towers, ninety five, Saudi Arabia. Well, thank you.
I'd like to draw some comparisons to the barbary pirates, pirating, how we ve just been given treasure to a bunch of pirates for the last forty years, and lives, and then Obama actually turned over some wealth? And what has gotten us? It's gotten our allies attack. Scott nurse attack jars. Like what happened in the Mediterranean back around eighteen hundred. And you ask your first collar and the first hour who we emulate net name, would be Thomas Jefferson. He had enough of it. Never lose and treasure not for being told what to do and in your right and John Adams didn't wanna do much. Jefferson did so, do we go a Jefferson ramparts
Where are we definitely go ajar? Forsaketh grandpa camera was yard without getting hurt. I'd Sir, thank you for your car will be right back to a room says today want Bob Black Benchers, where we repeat tomorrow: market age, seven, seven, three aid, one, three, eight one, one. Then you know Nancy Pelosi, secret healthcare plan. As leaked in it's worse than, we thought. He's going to tell you her plan? Will lower drug prices? Folks know walk. And beheld bomb care was gonna, lower costs, increase costs and me tell you
what it really does it federal bureaucrats decided a drug costs too much say a cancer drug special drug. The maker of that drug will be forced to sell the drug at the price the government sets. Erect retroactively tax, seventy five percent of the gross sales of that drug. From the previous year. This will destroy. America's pharmaceutical companies. Research and development, which is Heavy capital expenses. So we're not gonna have the cutting edge drugs anymore. When people say what they ought invent, they're not going to. Seventy five percent assess tax would kill any company put it out of business, though do something else. And plus, if the government can tell private companies what they can charge for their products at the beginning of the end of capital,
system that is attractive. Billions of dollars in investments without the drugs people depend on to help them live better and longer life, hello see. Plan is a socialized medicine, fantasy. She doesn't know anything about medicine. You don't know anything about markets. You'll kill the investments needed to create tomorrow's miracle drugs and heard our health care system. I sure hope House Republicans already oppose this. For the Republicans. Policy plan better be dead on arrival. Are there going to be blown out get there acts go to true healthcare facts that come true. Healthcare, facts that come true. Health care, facts that come. I hope your check that side up. Member brine, stouter, helter skelter. This is a low. I q, miscreant
Even by scene and standards. And he actually blames concern it is for trying to tear down, seen, ends, see the Kremlin Spy story, what course was torn down by the near time. Shockingly enough pact tip daily call check this one I cut eleven, go one was exposed to parts of your report and by the way it Jim Shouto, Was a d and Obama employ play? appointee and he. Horse mood, swings back. It works had CNN and He and his story been totally discredited. Totally discredited member the Russia story, we'll go ahead. Jim, what are most exposed to parts of your report said the following: you set a person directly involved in the discussions so that the removal of the Russians by was driven in part by
the trumpet his administration repeatedly mishandled, classified intelligent. Now, here's what amazing about this? That's not what happened. That's not what happened Tromp in his advisers and his administration, this was a this was somebody who was known before him But anyway, go ahead. Go ahead, tribute to exposing the covert source as a spy? Now, that is shocking and many protests about. Let's commentators tried to tear down the reporting and they may not be true. Do you stand us stouter he's trying to rehabilitate. Wasn't pro trump allies and commentators? was shockingly, it was the New York Times the did at the New York Times they pointed out. The story was false. In so many words bromine stouter. Is it low? I q propagandist slowly is. Gets up every morning, assuming it does.
Trying to figure out how to get it. Cake and then trying to figure out. Destroyed tromp fox, Those conservatives trumps supporters he's he's a clown go ahead. Later, for said, a maiden would not have gone there. If we didn't trust the sources, involvement, information and let the sources were wrong. Brian starters, blaming conservatives, trumps supporters and tromp outlets when the New York Times exposed him. Now the same show yesterday that, thankfully none of you watched stuff, there is upset that the democratic screwing up their messaging on impeachment. What if I told you know. The media led the Democrats, the Democratic Party press. I understand some of the back managers in this business admin regurgitate like I said: no, they didn't.
Ask them when they first said it cut twelve The irish president Trump is winning the message you more about impeachment Democrats are losing and I'm nervous into the dams are under increasing pressure, including the members of the media, to explain their mixed messaging. So here for so here we go he's absolutely look. You need to keep trash the president directly trash the president trash and explain why needs to be removed. The crimes and lawlessness Trump and his administration tramping stay August, keep hammering this is Directive two, you I'm one of them. Propaganda she's thinking, that's my Stop fighting over. You know whether he should be impeach, whether you shouldn't be impeached and so forth. Go for. What gusto and be specific. The surprise, stouter helter skelter go ahead vertical?
Kate, you know whenever impeachment is in the air. There are stories about the process stories about the substance process on one end substance on the other. This is actually true in all sorts of political coverage. Would next, in the substance, was about crimes and cover ups Clinton? It was about line under oath and obstructing justice, with Trump Journal of uncovering allegations of corruption. Ok,. Keep uncovering them ladys and dreamt like name one. Corruption is a loaded word, corruption, suggest criminality name, one. One supposition: I'm connecting the dots, not someone zones investigating something. Why Example of actual corruption. There's no example? Many corruption. This guy should not be doing knows he should not be on tv. I wouldn't even let him near the the free. Erin, Mcdonald's, I wouldn't trust them. This
I should be in a padded room. With a people, so we can all look in a watch him bounce around go ahead, but with potentially impasse shut up, you Eddie it. I can't take you either. And they talked irregular Americans as opposed to jerks like him, Irregular Americans Did they challenge him to a debate recently? Mr producer. They never get back to you. On Friday, we had a call from a young man named Isaac. Pascal Washington, he said he is a doctor. Young man I don't like calling people that you are a person. He said. Look I'm I'm here on Dhaka, but I support President Trump. Isaac, how are you I'm going to learn about yourself, I'm doing very well anyway. I wanted to give you airtime Cosette. It was fascinating.
You raised it, but we ran out of time. So you go right ahead. The floor is yours. It's what, like I said, I've been here since I was about eight years old, Agreements is all I've ever known. My whole life thought is living here in this country by anyway. I want to say that I am. I am really really I guess I gotta get. They happy with President from his own cause, you know I always used to just watch like any any and every single news outlets in math, even in spanish,. Ray thirteen years, he's there and their ability to you now, the basic would be far greater rights for them by everybody. Nine just did together, get out of the regular without their man. You know it. You got so worried about your countries and give it a go at the cop Gruner.
It would be appropriate whenever he leaves one whoever Congo come right behind coming. You have deteriorated. The constitution is under attack constantly constantly and always doing nothing about it like seriously, No, I have to figure out how to trade you for Say, Elizabeth Horn. Do you know why This is what I don't like: he there were calling them arrested because he told I what's her name, you don't mark, After every issue- and I guess you know, I would love to takers bought any day Let me ask you something: Isaac. How old are you now? I have run out of thirty five. Well, let me ask you a question: Is there a way for you to legalise your status that is apply? through the routine course of things, even while you're in this country that far I know there is none really yeah
But if you're outside this country, you can now- on this note like none, but if you're outside this country, you can seek to come into this country legally. So my question is you're inside this country. Can you seek to be in this country? Legally of you talked to a lawyer. Anybody here are how far there One back at the well when it before I got the darker: I want to see. You know I was there, but well. I told you, but not on the car before I I I I I enroll in the armed forces. When September 11th happened, or I tried to and I was denied because of my citizenship and that's my real today. What I want I want you to do. I can't make any promises. I'm curious about this, MR producer. It's so get me Isaacs phone number trying to up with a lawyer to see how this this work, some no expert
I'm not looking for any special privileges. Special pleading on behalf of Isaac but if there is a legitimate legal existing on our immigration law process, he ought to be aware of it. He ought to be made aware of it. I'm not encouraging illegal immigration or anything of the kind, and you know it outsize like it's interesting. You are brought here when you were eight years old, a lot of people who are so, so called the Dhaka, individuals in They came here when they were in their twenties and thirty's. You eight? There is a little bit of a difference. There. I don't hang up, we'll get the information. Thank you for your car and much appreciated. How many of you gonna be mad at me, but that guy sounds like a patriot. Doesn't MR producer. I would train him for any liberal, you understand what I'm saying. I'm I'm quite sure about this Fortunately, it doesn't work that way. Does it
it is contempt for Omar more, Nitrate places with her any day I Betty would. Bark Dallas Texas, the Great W B, a p go. Hi mark how you all right, how user I'm doing all right. I'm ready- and I came here back when Carter, what it is that, forty years ago, my card or destroyed around yes dear, And the. I came down here and about a couple of things that you are talking about today about the attacking you're wrong Number one day day, Can I destroyed already because the They dealing with Russia and Europe and bring everything from outside that there is nothing inside IRAN that it could do, and clothed. All there Teresa whatever it was, the people dont have jobs and there
tired of their day, rising up and if Obama, to time he stabbed him to the bed While he can't hear you pump money into the regime One time the money and the other five people rise up against The aim for the election, then he didn't back the mob. He wouldn't be the master they're here, but the problem is that if, Trot with doing the right smart way to deal with these people, if you remember Wendy trump. Exactly and he didn't fight back these people awaiting. To start a war then I may be so. Get what they're waiting for? I suspect that the But you get past the first military tear it's pretty weak, that's my guess: and am also guessing that the people maybe not all the people, but a sizeable number people rise up against the regime.
Give me a call, my friend we'll be right back then, ladies and gentlemen, only two left for the summer inventory Clarence Sail from Germany right now when you order genocide draw treatment, you'll, get it Class agenda, sulphur bags and puffing is free free. Today, that's right. Here's Beverly from Huntsville Alabama, one of my favorite cities raving about the result she saw were genocide. Oh I'm gee! I love this product. I saw a difference almost immediately. Commander. Everyone They have a problem with their joy line. All genocide products are amazing. The stock up on the best care or try the luxury and effectiveness of the genocide? the best prices of the year round.
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Ass you I decided when I grow up. I wanna be a smart. You thank you. You know your job, I call me a smartness. Did you know that one party? Yes, yes, he did. I want to tell you something: I'm calling about this investigation data crawling on, but before that you were mentioning on Mars. So guess what? If I'm our wants to ban Israel Y is all ban Omar I'd like a great point, in other words for I once the boycott Israel, why Kane Israel boycott her? You know what brilliant point Why didn't you go along with a freshman congressmen like everybody else? Gaza is because she special yes, That is a big it in an anti semite. She special absolutely You know mark regarding these pure. Is the Germans know? What did you say? You know? How do you say money mark? You didn't say, MAC. I said, Mark
I was gonna say where you from I got it, I'm actually from Austria. But that's another door. While you know there. I know You know what I love the american accent, so I stupidly no, not really. I love the American ACT and I wouldn't mind having dual accents out that go right ahead. Mark listen sorry, these curious driven snow politician calling on investigation But I'm thinking mark, I think there should be some put a rule regulation a lot on care. What your first investigate these people that are calling investigations and guess what I start with the lines are coming, I happen to know he has a few Banana gains in his closet there, some skeleton, like you, ve, got all the sun thickness, half million dollars and charity funds. While you know the national legal Policy centre has filed a complaint against
A very serious complaint: now, let's see how far that gets right, your mind you coming yes, you know he's got a fifth ethics She's had some third come on, I think its third, but whose counting we have right yet some democratic head in Baltimore, no, no she's, the party chairman of the state yeah and together they have some thought it allegedly paid a play, heritable that, like the Clinton will see there is a complaint. It's been file, as I say, Thank you for your call, just cuz. I want to get another common and thank you for your very much see the new Think of the uranium uproar ran ring of the media. Publicans and the Capitol Hill Republicans. That is, the proper training wing is tax, Saudi Arabia, we'll take them all. You want, they're, not our friend the responsible for nine eleven, ok. What does that have to do with us.
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