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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Corey Lewandowski bested all of the clowns in Congress at today's hearing attempting to smear him and the President. Lewandowski stared down the Marxist thugs and convincingly made the case that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was conflicted. Later, Democrats continue threatening to change the makeup of the U.S Supreme Court if they don't get their way in future SCOTUS opinions — these members should be expelled for this. Chief Justice Roberts opened the door to this because he appears as weak. Judiciary Chair, Rep. Jerry Nadler alleges that President Trump is a criminal but it is Nadler that has a history of supporting clemency for radical F.A.L.N. terrorists who were pardoned by Bill Clinton. While Democrats don't have the votes to open an actual impeachment inquiry, Nadler is skirting the rules by abusing his authority as Judiciary Chair and lying about the President's right to defend himself and the office as well as executive and privilege. Later, the results of the Israeli election are too close to call with Benny Gantz slightly ahead of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Similar to the American media's opposition to Trump the Israeli press is rooting against Netanyahu. Afterward, a Southbend Indiana Doctors home was found to be storing thousands of medically preserved fetus'.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now in its hundred and so fifth year. Hills, is a truly independent institution, where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm, is valued thanks For listening and my sincere appreciation to hills, their brother sponsorship now run casting a mermaid underground command, both the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader. My love, O. Everybody here aren't number seven, seven create one three, eight one, one, eight, seventy seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one welcomed.
Program, or we have so much to cover so little time so much to do, and what be a ten our show each and every day, but you get sick of it and so what I so here we are they cover the jury, nebular. Hot Sarama Circus in short order Lewandowski handed them their lunch, After another, one against twenty four any best at all to use their own tactics against. And that's what you need to do and will get into that need, Israel's to close the call pleasure, volleys minority parties, but there's one individual in particular, whose truly a pot and that's the sky Liebermann. And he wants a government that excludes the more religious party. And so he'll get eight to ten votes and because it
literally to know I mean I think they're gonna be counted for several days, but he's happy the kingmaker, with his big eight seats and connect with it? Has hundred twenty hundred twenty one members, that's our works, its truly pathetic. And he stopped Netanyahu from my forming a government. Last time he sees personally out for Netanyahu is guy real character issues. The attorney general over there could be investigating hand but for some reason, is not but I want to get into something else. The attack on the Supreme Court, not for A rational perspective against national concern concern about how it functions. The lack of turnover and things of that sort, which is fair game, the left is talked about it. I've written about it, that's fine, but the effort to inter
state aid, justice or a handful of justices to reach, concur This means that the left demand. It's like this guy Whitehouse this clown from road. I, Lot clowns in Congress from road I and this guy Sis Alenia whatever his name, is. But Shelly Whitehouse: yes, Sally White House. And he a little Dick Durban of Illinois and others. You may recall clear to the United States Supreme Court in one gun, control manner,. That, if they don't rule as these cuts, domain. They rule will then they may just have to change the make up of the court and add a few seats. That is shocking. These members of Congress should be expelled. But of course, there celebrated by the left in the media who get away with everything. They get away with everything, and now this it
I can't cavenaugh again, as I explained yesterday, is an attack on the cord in there but to intimidate him and push him to the left from centre left. But there's a great point that was made by Eric Eriksson Surgeon dot com. Very important pointers manner fact. And he says John Roberts is culpable culpable in the cabinet attacks. And we'll get into those anymore, it's a little later tube unobtrusive, I'm sure heard about it all day by having got my take the new Times is pushing this latest Cavanaugh story to sell the book written by two New York Times reported, but is also more to it than that. In the past few years, attacks on the credibility, the Supreme Court have increased those
tax skyrocketed after the Obamacare decision, which John Robertson, his solemn monarch, the wisdom decided to split the baby Everest ferris progressives and their allies in the mainstream media have escalated and amplified attacks on the court because as they know, John Roberts, where is chiefly about the reputation of the court interestedly. I explained this last night on the programme. But it's not just the reputation of the court. It's his reputation. And they read the New York Times in these other publications. For information about their reputation. He goes on if there were any doubts, the latest leaks about the senses, Its dispel them Roberts can be persuade based on political attacks against the court. We talked about this.
Now. This makes it more likely that Roberts, as colleagues will see attacks on them, is progressive, seek to further politicized the court and hopes further caving by Roberts. They care attacks on cabin. I have everything to do with selling a book, but there's an under. Karen of targeting Roberts, and that in turn, will cause his colleagues to be. Targeted even more, Roberts has opened up this floodgates because it breaks and points out. They see his weak that he buckled in the abominate decision. He buckled on the citizenship, question and I'll, try and continued I sure and continue to pick off one justice or another. That's what the chief justice has sold. He should just be sticking to the constitution and stick and do a job, but this does none of that and we're gonna circle back to the new,
times and the rest, you can see all the reporting now, let's taking place, and I want to salute it so months ago. You never ever would have seen such a course of proper criticism against the Supreme Court. Excuse me against the New York Times for what it did, but for the fact that you folks are part of this movement and on freedom of the press, to get our press back now, as I say well circle back to that. But I want to briefly talk about Jerry Natalie. How little reporting is done about Jerry Natalie, no expos ay
We don't know anything about his great grandfather. You know we know about Mitch, Mcconnell Great great grandfather, but we don't know anything about jury, Nobblers Grand for we know anything about his firm, not a word, not a thing now the thing by IRAN, Kolbe over the town hall site great site when it a point out a few things to you. Needless desperately continued. His quest to impeach Donald Trump Buddy hearing last week in a vain attempt to advance it. He said he no longer cared about the nomenclature. But neither has a law as a long and disturbing history of supporting and so attaining the release of some America's deadliest terrorists, even including this past year,.
In August nineteen, ninety nine Bill Clinton offered clemency to twelve members of the rhetorical F, a l, the Porter Regan. Don't group that it wanted to align with Cuba, the small group who No popular support on the island had set out more than a hundred and thirty bombs around the. U S between nineteen, Germany for nineteen. Eighty, three killing six and injuring scores more. No we're dealing with a man like it was eventually discovered that Hillary Clinton advisers supported the scheme. Wrongly thinking would help her gain. The porter weaken voted in New York that is Clemence. They Clinton team fashion that the terrorists sign a statement expressing remorse.
Ya had refused to sign and then unbelievably were given a month, decide this. I was running about the House and Senate composed resolutions condemning Bill Clinton's actions which they would soon pass overwhelmingly a day before the House vote It was announced that eleven of the twelve who had signed the statement will be leaving numerous federal prison suggest today, on the day of the house, debate a vote on September nine. Ninety ninety nine Gerald Meddler took to the floor of the house for a six and a half minutes and defended Clinton's actions, as well as the F, a l and itself saying there was no proof, even though at the time for their members had been, can Ended up making bombs and a fifth have been convicted of killing. Someone with about the group at also claim credit for many of their attacks and communiques, including their deadliest attack.
At the fraudsters tavern in lower Manhattan and nineteen, seventy five killing for an enduring sixty, also happens to be located in Jordan, antlers district since he had arrived and commerce and ninety. Ninety two. That's funny how all these interviews on CNN and MSNBC meet the press face the nation this week. None of this comes up. None of. Even though meddler had approved the FDA, our inclemencies his, violent with, aiding the release of dangerous and deadly tourists will be when more direct and hands on, and it would involve Susan Hamburg and Judith Clark, members of the main Nineteenth coalition, which was it Shoot the weather underground after the Vietnam WAR and that group wanted to overthrow the United States governed
teamed up with a black liberation army, formally black Panthers in nice. Seventy nine they help convict cop killer, they help convicted cop killer, Joanne Chess marred escape from prison and then jointly committed a series of armed car robberies. In June of nineteen eighty wanna brink security girl was killed any robbery in the Bronx, and that October a brings security. Car was killed in a robbery and suburban man in New York In its later to police officers were killed at a roadblock in nearby Niagara Rosenberg Clark where in look out, and get away vehicles above fled the scene with an officer in pursuit Rosenberg escaped but Clark wrecked and disabled card attempted the law and kill the office that arrested her.
Arose and bird continued her major terrorist activity after her escape, she was finally caught. Ninety ninety four hauling, seven hundred and thirty pounds a bombs and several illegal weapons is not illegal, must reduce somebody better red flag. Her And some of their cash of bombs have been used, several bombings in New York and Washington, including wanted the capital building in nineteen? Eighty three, which did severe damage to the historic, build ninety ninety four one Rosenberg was first for parole. Nad sent a letter to the new Parole board, reckon Bring her release, which even they rejected as Bill Clinton. Term was ending in two thousand. One matter made a direct pitched air and Rosenberg was freed in Clinton's final fifteen minutes an office that January and she
now publicly praises either terrorism, murders and also advocates for our prisons to be abolished and after Judith Clark had been arrested during the deadly brings robbery. She eventually tried every desperate attend Jane freedom, cleaning and escape attempt, as well as soon the governor for not providing our attorney during a trial which had originally refused in twenty thirteen, Governor Cuomo, recommended a release to stay parole board. Now I sent a letter with other far left members of the house to the board urging for but the unanimously rejected three zero and she then filed suit against them and earlier this year before the board was stood about again now nor sent another letter to them that they should release Judy Clark, its Judith, of course, this time, the Parole Board, which includes more Cuomo appointed members included, one with a suspect history, controversially release clock on a tutor one vote
matters. History shows that He should sit in judgment of. No one is blatantly POP Racine Defending Bill Clinton during his speech when a ninety. Ninety nine, as opposed to his obvious biased, now, should easily precluded. But what is far worse in his behaviour is his help and freeing sum of America's most dangerous terrorists That's the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who keeps calling the press in the United States a criminal while he is work, overtime and feverishly release convicted, very serious criminal. That's who runs the House Judiciary Committee,
real slime bar to really dangerous man. You would know I'm looking at him, but that's exactly what he is. I'll be right back its founding in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call it is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus the free monthly speech Digest of Helstone College in primacy. Dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues, first published in Eighteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a.
Issues like free speech, the regulation of big tech illness and the American Medical insurance system, and because because founding principles are so important. Hills, though, offers Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for Free here's I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, DOT Edi you for your free subscription, that's in prime, I M p r. I am I yes, dad still that EU welcome to housing, maternal everything time manner at the hearings. For that and we're gonna really dig into this, because these people are trying to depose a duly like. President and destroy our constitutional republic, got one go
the White House is intent on preventing the american people from hearing the details, so stop. So here you have a congressmen elected from an ultra left wing district in New York. I just read you as background any Brazil, to represent the american people. Does this man represent the american people? Is he stood for election throughout the country? Now he's in a one pretty district, its truly read- I don't mean right republic, I mean red Marxist is a reprobate pushing for the release of domestic terrorists and he sits there talks about the american people. Have rights Jesse go ahead prize? The wind block two of our witnesses, Mr Ford and Mr Dearborn, showing. Let me explain. This will continue after the break he's not conducting a legitimate impeachment inquiry. Because the full house of Representatives has voted for an impeachment increase because.
Nancy Pelosi knows if they do suicide. For thirty to fifty members of her party. And so she won't do it. Meanwhile,. He has the marxist wing of a party in the the Thai Semite wing of her party and the pro IRAN wing of a party that she deals with. She doesnt put him down. She embraces them, but yes entertain them, and this is what she's doing She doesn't have control over cock ass. No, she doesn't Jerry NAD running a circus. The pots is running a circus. So he doesn't speak for the american people. He doesn't speak for the House of Representatives. He doesn't even speak for his entire party, as he makes these these comments about the blocking of witnesses. The office of that
synergy. The present the United States has everything all right to raise defences and objections which can be litigated. And are being litigated in many cases involving hundreds of subpoenas that have been Let the present in the United States is businesses as family members and staff. So he's not a dictator supper. The powers issue, Jerry Neighbours operating under a fraudulent, a fraudulent practice the president's pushing back not just for his sake by the way. Folks, for the sake of future presidents of the office of the presidency, that's what it's about. I'll be right back, you know our nations, oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the van
the majority of them have abandoned their missions locked in the grip of political career. They no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting. Idea of objective truth panel moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully, None of this applies to Helstone College. For all. Two centuries hills. Dell has remained true to its original mission, to prove. Sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and Intel piety now is here still celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain. Committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the pub creation of its free speech Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington DC and its bar
a Charter school initiative which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty. Since eighteen, forty four. This is hailstones college and, let me add, I think so much of Helstone College. I don't an original copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today, as I speak at the curb centre: Hills a college America's com within this is done all board merited. Go where they seven seven, three eight one, three, eight one, one diamond. Damn bond Gmos on my Sunday show Mr Pollution Life Liberty
in ten pm eastern this coming son. I know it's only Tuesday, but the way to prepare the programme today, because I M this weaken them, I'm drowning. I birthdays coming up the twenty first. She believed that rich gonna be sick. E2 they that don't look a day over sixty one by the way but Dan's one of my bodies, you know he's he's irregular substitute host I got very famous now she doesn't substitutes much, but I couldn't be happier he is terrific. And he's got a wonderful new book coming out called exonerated and its also tributes got a lot. Great information in there, but we have a wonderful time. And he does a great job. You can
the overall is twitter side will be talking about it later in the week to the great show where I get people time to speak its very popular everywhere. I go, people ask me about it and they appreciated, because I think they appreciate some rational, logical discussion and that's what we do. I've been utterly on successful in getting Elizabeth, worn, he'll, see Omar to leave, Bernie Sanders and the rest of them on the programme. They just won't show up. They will do its fine, that's up to them. Can co We ve also try to get on the radio programme. Those folks or Jerry now there won't come on my programme. Now if I were a domestic terrorist, MR bidders, Come on my programme, if I were doing a pod cast in off of shore on a boat, maybe maybe a cuban harbour, maybe then come on the programme.
The best part of this hearing is yet to come. There would be Coy Lewandowski who I am salute ballots, that's condemned! Can you Jerry Nobbler, ladies and gentlemen, cut to go? The way downstairs US or the american people. They hear their story info. Lady Today, the wider said the silhouetted, claiming that, MRS, without these conversations with the present quote, are protected from disclosure executive. Confidentiality interests, those quote they say he may testify about presidential communications, disclose Imala report, but no more. They make that claim, despite the fact that Mr Lewandowski was at all times a private political operative. Let's let let's stop Let me help MR clown out here, Mr Barroso. The privilege belongs to the president, not Lewandowski, and then you look at the circumstances.
And what they Whitehouse Councils offices, saying when Mr Lewandowski was in the oval office talking to the present United States, his particular profession is irrelevant the President of the United States has every right to receive council an input, discuss ideas and so forth in a confidential manner, or he cannot function notice. Mr Natalie would never ever, allow the present the United States to question his staff to question people who visit him. To apply the freedom of Information ACT, his documents or anything of the sort, but the privilege is that the present, the United States has a right to be given advice council seeking put so Some people, otherwise what you gonna have here again have an individual who can't talk anybody. Matters out their acting like this is blue.
Then why'd unconstitutional a cover up and that he speaks for the american people and the american people never get the full story. American people never get what full story we just had a two year: criminal investigation, media have been all over this stuff. What story is this clown talking about? He acts like he's some kind of object. John you're adjudicators unkind when he saw He pronounced repeatedly that the present United States has committed crimes, and this whole thing is a farce. President is not required to play along, is not required to to undermine the office of the presidency and separation of powers to accommodate this radical pro Paris, not jobs, agenda.
I wonder, who win in this nation and election between mad learned Trump Nobbler Contagious stay, speaks for the american people. How so, based on what? Based on what, based on nothing, blowhard, go ahead, bring advice of any. The usual prerequisite for executive privilege and was enlisted for apparent wrong. Doing no court is ever said that the present is I don't? U confidentiality under these circumstances, indeed, Maybe this this situation has been raised with the court, but now will be. So this guy's running a year, a kangaroo court. He's not following the traditional processes, even in the pursuit of impatient. Then he complains about what the executive branches to go ahead.
I said exact, shut up, you Eddie it now Corey Lewandowski, at the judiciary. Hearing today. Let's play a little bit of this cut three go of the special council determine it was no spiritually or collusion between the trunk campaign in any form governments, either on me Watch or afterwards, not surprisingly after the Mulder report was made public, The fake Russia collusion narrative has fallen apart in conclusion and sad to say this country has been over three years and forty million taxpayer dollars on these investigations and is now clear that delegation, was populated by many trumpeters who had their own agenda to take Ghana duly elected President United States, actual collusion conspiracy. There was none. What there has been, however, is harassment of this present. From the day he won the election
We as a nation would be better served if elected officials like yourself, concentrating our efforts to combat the true crises facing our kind. As opposed to going down rabbit holes like this hearing. Instead of focusing on petty, impersonal politics We focus on solving the challenges of this generation. Imagine how many people we can help or how many lives we could save every future. Witness needs to listen to Lewandowski, testimony Tom hormones. Testimony Testimony of others of stare down these marxists thugs, who call themselves members of Congress. And the worst of the worst them gathered into the Judiciary Committee, where they can do enormous Jackson damage here, Sheila Jackson lay at the judiciary. Hearing today sounded like she always does a clown cut forego. So what The President tell you he called.
This council at home on Saturday to remove on a Saturday. Remove the special council is council, said now: let's stop. Let's say he did remove the special council just fragments through his council through the sector. Agriculture through tea leaves through direct phone call. However,. How sad obstruction the just parliament already commented on this. I've already commented on this The president believes that Mr Mulder is corrupt in power. As a result of the corrupt and partisan people that he hired he's free to replace him, doesn't she is the fact that there is an investigation taking place. Of course, we know that everything they wanted was turned over by the president. No privileges whatsoever were started, no documents withheld.
And even more in cut one penny from the investigate nothing. He took not a single step, not a single step. Prevent the course of this investigation. On the contrary,. He did more than any present. Then I'm aware of in terms of providing access. And so let's say he had fired Mahler, so what is ever? on right to do at the investigation will go on. He just are gonna think convincingly very convincingly. The Mahler was conflicted based on the people that he had hired go ahead. President had also Percy call sessions at home and answer on refuse himself. So what shall I do there too, and by the way this congresswoman known for abusing her staff for abusing her staff
for having them driver around to get her dry cleaning member, although stores go and Google go ahead, to use virtual councils, investigation and session said no, when the present asks you to deliver his message. Decisions. I can tell you that sessions had already said no volume to one page, one and seven. Again, cars and I recognise that the privileges not mine by passed by the White House to an Irishman, I'd, be happy to answer your question or you can have a conversation by a shell, but if you'd like ass, my question: are we going to continue the reason? If we don't ask me a question time? This is a house. Did you jury, not a house party. Now it's not house traditional actually is a house party. The House party in sounds to me, like the debris These have been jacked up with marijuana. What do you think, MR produce? maybe they're smoking directly for liner.
I would now I've. Never. Up marijuana. I've never had brownies with marijuana. I can you inside the smell of that when I was again anyway go ahead. The opportunity to answer your question campaign, the special councils investigating I'd, like my time, restored pleas of these interruption. Why to show your genius another Reprobates, Steve current member, this guy with the fried chicken at all Course I would be racist of a Republican did what he did, but it Steve Collins so he's a great national hero who one day will wind up on this amount. Side carved into the hill, our Rushmore, even at five go. And ass. He has been made clear here. You were not an employ a new method of the White House. You had no,
to you. How light Danny Privilege belongs to the president. I just explain that to you go back to KFC and check out the coleslaw go ahead, you nothing! You were not employ and you policemen at one time. So you know something about the law, yet should be any handcuffs. Go ahead. On the law you think was a little strange that the president will sit down with you one. I wanted to ask you to do something that you knew was against. The law did that like you was strange. Let's stop it: what is against the law? There's nothing against the law. Folks, this stuff is in the Mulder report. These were partisan, democrat prosecutors who country it into the Hilary campaign to the Obama campaign and even worse,. They didn't believe it was against the law. Nobody was charged for this. So what is this, this Kangaroo court? Is it a criminal court
it is eight congressional core. What is this thing? That's called the House Traditionary Committee. Go ahead. Promise of your question cars you wanna policeman. I didn't, I didn't think the present ass. We do anything illegal. You didn't think you would have any legal for you too. Mr sessions to drop the investigation and adjust our notice wait, he didn't ask him to drop the investigation. He was troubled by the fact that session refused himself. He didn't ask him to drop. The investigation, I had everything with this President Napoleon Free working to start with the next one about colluding with Russia. You didn't think that was a legal route for justice and the present do you have any legal? Obviously, you know when a judge and multi one all these people ass. They gave you dictation dictated to you, a message to give sessions. Have you ever been set,
for the present a born taken dictation shorthand many times we got your call patients. Now you were secretary. What is with this jackass Steve Common anyway, was pointless. Now, let's hear mad gates and low and dusky this'll be pretty good cut. Six go So, Mr Lewandowski, do you have a thought as to why we continue to agent assured that is overwhelmingly opposed by the american people and fundamentally misunderstood by my democratic colleagues. Congressmen. They hate this present more than they love their country asking you their campaign manager for the presents campaign when the Obama I didn't ministration was notified that there might be for its by the Russians to interfere with our election. In that right? Yes, and can you just ride for us
breathing you, God, as they can pain manager to ensure that our system was resilience and american I could see, was protected. It was no briefing provided by Anybody from the Obama administration, members of the engine community or the FBI, to our campaign when I was present, During my ten years, a campaign manager I have ashes baffling to me. You got that folks. The Obama folks never never told the trunk campaign about russian Interference in the village and the my Gretzky careless and by the way the Democrats could care less about russian Interference nor election. There just upset the Trump one.
I'll be right back in libyan learning, in a healthy democracy. These two things are mutually supportive in America. Today, however, that bond is broken to help prepare the breach hills. Del colleges wants the Van and oh graduate school of government in the nations capital and, unlike other graduate programmes, hills dealt, teaches politics as a human activity, oriented towards justice, a series of choices guided in the best case by right principles, but made an ever changing circumstances. They require prudence to achieve the best attainable results, tells Dales Curriculum, combines the careful reading, a primary sources and serious historical inquiry. Students learn how to apply the principles of free government, an advance. The cause of constitutional is in the context of ever changing circumstances, heels dales new vandals. School of government is a program, unlike any other, in Washington Dc Hills Del college. Pursuing
both in defending liberty since eighteen, forty four learn more at Lavigne for a hills: Delta COM, that's l, easy iron, free hills, Del backup figure out before we go, find the dumbest man, the Senate. Since the mid I've been on radio how many years as an irish sixteen years, I one more. If we have time the ranking Republican, Doug Collins cut, seven go. Thank you, Mr Chairman, and thank you for energy using this here, which is now, as you said, under the new rules, sort of the elderly are worlds of a new roles in euros. We all rules, these were new railroads and yet here we go again I say that your new, because we like the packaging
Never seen a majority so amazed with packaging and all my life in a lot because a cancer what's inside, they can sell the product, so they just keep packaging it differently. I think we should Geiger much here and I think we should call for what is is just another simple, overwrought society and by no. I think it's actually become this. It has become less in the Mahler Poor for audio book. That's when we become we have. Mr more here, how long of judging all accounts. It didn't go oil for the progress of what you proclaimed for over. Nine months and almost two years that there is impossible things. My Germany said: Clia. The more aboard, but here's the problem, Seventeen of the members of the Judiciary Committee have said that I think the president, the debate, So why are we still investigating at seventeen? You get some more. The proclamation allow the mote in all
The number they needed- if you gotta, know this committee, you don't have it on the floor. That's your problem so that they know it. No we're gonna drag this community through oversight hearings, talking about I ve been talking about it. Now we're gonna talk about. It will put filters We'll say what it really is. A really is not well Things were trying to imply that this president shouldn't be brave, and notice. They don't want to hear from any of those with the highest levels of the EP behind Department of Justice and others who actually should be invested.
He's here now run casting them. Only underground can boast than the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain steal over Nondescripts building. We once again made contact with our leader, my number one. We ate one one takes three one, eight one one I want to get to the New York Times, which we seem to do every week, given how corrupt idiot, logical and dishonest that cooperation has become, and really always has been. First, I want to talk about the situation with our ally in Israel. They vary.
I've looted system over there, you can a multiple parties and they do, and you have niche parties stand for one issue or two issues, the very divisive you have something called the blue and White Party. That's relatively new, And this is a party that came to be and they claim to be a central party, the next general dance and an ex le coeur member. The code is the conservative party Lappet and they're all things to all people. They run on encouraging the Arabs to vote, and you might They will watch over that, while the Arabs mostly download in his as a year as a protest to the israeli government team and the existence of the israeli government at the behest of the Palestinian Authority and work
They came out in huge numbers this election, because the sky dance sought their vote very very strongly, and the Palestinian Authority Abbas strongly encourage them to vote for this blue and white Party. And they did at the same time, you have a number of disgruntled former LE cooed former Netanyahu supporters who flipped into their party such real a conglomeration- of different ideologies, different ethnic groups, people were different agendas, including personal agendas, and it's really anti Netanyahu and they appear to early we're. Looking back suppose this, this won't be known for days and truth.
Because of the voting, some of its by paper balance and suffer, it looks at least initially according to press reports. I don't know first hand, of course, that this blue and White Party, as one or two more seats than the Likud Party, but that's not it now- but a coalition together he needs sixty one members of the connection. Sixty one members, that's a majority, that's the minimum! So now they work to put together a college and here's where it gets. Complex. One of the individuals whose play the role of his father. S name is Liebermann. I would argue their serious character, questions about Liebermann turning general. In Israel has an investigator Liebermann for some strange reason. The The generals been going after Benjamin Netanyahu?
like Mahler, you might say. And Liebermann estate about two steps ahead of the attorney general in one of the things that we remain ran on back in April, and today was his effectively. Opposition and Yahoo. But really what it was. He said I dont like all these religious parties. You know telling us what to do, and so he he he represents what he claims is a secular Jews. Sort of a hundred and twenty some seats. He manages to get eight to ten. The problem is Once you analyze the coalition that this blue and White Party can put together. You analyze, the coalition that look who can put together Sky Liebermann has the potential to potential to defeat net now.
Back in April, one Netanyahu one most of the seats. This guy Liebermann prevented him from serve his next term as prime minister. He only at five seats. This guy Liebermann now is eight to ten. I one word to describe hand and I put it on my social site pots. Ptsd you can. You can bring without Google things here anymore. You can bring it and find out for yourself in so it's much like our country. You, people in Israel. Her hard left your people in Israel, not necessarily like Netanyahu's personality, or maybe it's been there too long. Then you have the outright anti. Israel grew
including the Arabs, among others, call Lessing around an effort to defeat Netanyahu, but I want you to think about this, for a second pretension is really you may just defeated The prime minister who succeeded in building a strong strongest alliance, the history of your country with the United States of America and its president. You may have just defeated the Prime Minister who worked with the United States to recognise Jerusalem as your capital, something that's never been done in this country. You have just just defeated the Prime Minister who worked with the United States to move their our embassy to there
capital truth who recognise Israel sovereignty over the Golan Heights who closed down. His pillow office in Washington DC, who cut off american taxpayer funds to a boss. Yea, who were subsidizing, giving pensions to terrorists who are killing Israel's and I could go on and on. You may just defeated that. Prime Minister, now we have this New York Times and CNN and the rest of the slime they pretend to be free press. Israel has very few conservative voices very few. The Jerusalem Post for the most part has gone more left this paper. How rats he look at their headlines day. It's disgusting disgrace.
And on down the list, the very few conservative voices with a significant reach in terms of a media. This is one of the thing things look, cool and Netanyahu been trying to work on more competition, more diversity, more viewpoints over, so the left attacks I told you last night I didn't an interview with a guy at the Jerusalem post. He twisted everything I said in his final report was basically what he was alleging, not what I was saying so I could see it. Stand up just like the: U S breath just like the earth press, they think Turning generals, much like by Mahler, was before testified with his tongue, out of his mouth. That's what did so Netanyahu, who. Should have been re elected in April. All things being equal was denied it
and out tonight we don't know how this is going to turn up the median Israel clearly rooting against, for the most part. Same entrenched type. Wouldn't be remarkable, remarkable should indeed be close. Now should be close at all, but that's the situation in that country right now,. Before we get to the New York Times cabin on, we will only the way I can having written on freedom of the press, which now every single conservative pundit columnist, has clearly studied. I can tell by what they say: there's a peace at the free Pekin by Adam Cradle You did not read this in the New York Times in the Washington post. You didn't hear on the nightly news on NBC, ABC or CBS. You didn't. He
This on MSNBC from Andrea Mitchell, Ernie, the other, throw backs not a word from Jake Tapir, Wolf Blitzer, both of whom are jewish, nothing that are worth from frayed Owen, dumb, lemon. Anti Semitic, harassment on college campuses aimed at Pro Israel, students jumped by seventy percent in the past year, the highest levels ever Seen according to a new study showing that the endorsement of Anti Israel causes by students and Professor has created an unsafe environment for your students. This is in our country on our car. Gin, universally campuses and I believe it to make of a marxist ideology, spew by tenure, professors
As well as our open immigration system, where people are flying into this country from countries in the Middle EAST that absolutely despise Jews and the state of Israel, her, of students who express pro Israel ideologies jumps. Seventy percent from twenty. Nineteen to twenty eighteen and one year, according to a new report by the m c h, a initiative, a campus organization that moderate Anti Semitism are more than four hundred college campuses that is recorded some two thousand five hundred anti semitic incidents across the. U S and twenty fifteen. This will never be raised in a Democrat party debate. You want to know why, because their anti Israel, the pro Palestinian, their pro open borders and their base, their basis, a growing anti semitic base. It is, and I would include the media.
M c h, I found in its latest report the while examples of classical anti Semitism decreased overall, been a major spike in students being targeted for hate speech and violence due to their open support for the state of Israel, the FAO, links drive with anecdotal evidence seen across the country of jewish pro Israel, students experiencing violence and harassment, those associated with the anti semitic boycott divestment in sanctions. Women are beady s which aims to Each economic warfare on Israel, leather, which token economically and that movement is. But major resources into its campus activities and appears to be bearing fruit across the United States. Hostility on these college campuses. Toward supporters of Israel reached near historic levels. During the past recorded the report Anti.
Semitic acts involving the singling out of jewish and will students and groups for personal villa case more than doubled. She's me, including eight one hundred forty seven percent increase in incidents and students Bingley to white supremacy. According to the findings, tempts to exclude jewish and progress, will students from cap has activities more than doubled, with expression calling for the total boycott or exclusion approaches were students from campus life nearly Tripoli. Tripling she's me, and now we moved to the New York, which become the anti semitic paper record. As far as I'm concerned, say of this new book talked about this yesterday, everybody's commenting on it, but I want express further thought.
This is Molly Hemingway rights, the Federalists Christine blood. Fourth friend Leland Keyser doesn't believe her. Now we're going back we're going back two point: eighty four Fraud perpetrated by the New York Times and the rest of the media in the Democrats on the Senate judiciary me just Does it make any sense? Lifelong Fred Leland Keyser told the near Times reporters about Ford's allegations, heading? I don't have any confidence in the story. You know I was one of the few. I was one of the few who stood up to this member. This mister Bellew
and set out on labour. It doesn't add up what she said. I just don't believer buried at the end of their book. The education Abrek cabin on investigation, the New York Times, reporters Robin POGO, brain and K Kelly quietly admit that Christine Glossy forts lifelong frayed friend Leland Keyser did not believe her friends tail of a sexual assault every party they both supposedly attend. You want to know why it never happened. That's right. I said it and I've been saying it since the start, it never happened now. She's the lifelong friend Of Christine Blasi, Ford and Kind, and Keyser did not believe her friends Tail Keyser was named by forward as a witness one of four who deny
Any knowledge of the events in question so Ford names for witnesses not one of them now, one of them corroborated a story. In fact, none of them believed it. The book by these New York Times, journalists offers no evidence in support of the allegations made by Christine Blasi forward, but they write their core got reaction on quotas that are allegations rang. True, They got instinct was based on the fact that Blasi forty cabin, I grew up in the same rough era she dated one of us, and further Leland Keyser had gone out on a date, maybe even to date. They're, not But with a friend of cabin, none of that means at Fort was in fact Sought by cabin or they write, but it does mean but she has a baseline level credibility as an accuser, too unclear what they mean by that.
You see, ladies and gentlemen, Christine Blasi Ford line under oath. Light under but shall never be held to account because she said exactly what the Democrats in the media one and the same wanted her to say it doesnt matter it doesnt matter. She tried to stop Cavanaugh. I keep hearing liberal say that the Democratic upset, because their hero Merrick sitting on the DC court of Appeals, wasn't even given a hearing. At the end of the Obama administration, Mcconnell blocked him and he would be sitting in the sea or perhaps course such a seat. And there never going to forget it miracle.
The problem without argument, ladies and gentlemen, as we discussed at the time and which, though never admit what Obama did wasn't done in past presidents, he nominated somebody, the United States Supreme Court with less than a year left in his presence, but less than a year left in his presidency. That's not done because the voters are going to vote in the next president gets to decide because that's when the public actually get some input, that's why he was denied a hearing. That's why he wasn't voted because of bomb. To break the rules again I'll, be right back then,
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Promo code Levant work is a river ports fired her over the years, but there's something worse. Leland cause remember the best friend or one of the closest friends that afford had she was pressured. She was pressured to change her story. The details of causes, experience reported of hot air with those who pressured her to change. Her story started coming out last October, but only now buried at the back of the new book by the two New York Times. Reporters you have an outright dismissal, Blasi Forts claims from Keyser, somehow the New York Times editors for rehashing old and utterly uncared.
Ready camp absent from the golden girls. Her was beggar news than witness tampering by Blasi Ford's allies, so Keyser said I am not familiar with any less. The three other witnesses Ford mentioned said now. We're not familiar with any of this Keyser is pressured to change her view to change her her memory. He doesn't, and so what we're talking about here- and it said in the back of their book in the New York Times- did not point tat the other day when writing excerpts about the book. So the issue here is. Really obstruction with a daily fake news Don pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism Anti suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this
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Netanyahu, Yahoo has lost yet, but it's a battle, this coalitions and everything we must be on our guard. I view politics as a view. Military operations are not term of the violence and the weapons, and all you have to be strategic. You have to act like you're, always behind. Get out smart, your enemy or your opponent. He can't sit back on your laurels. Even the biggest armies are defeated. We're really up against it with the left. They will do anything to doing right now they did anything they couldn't twenty. Sixteen and twenty eighteen elections there, no different than the left in Israel they'll do any If so, you really better watch out, you may be the target of cyber criminals, trying to steal your home and, more accurately, they want that equity in your home.
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The lack that come in your address to see if you're already a victim, and so you can get your sixty risk free days home title, locked dot, com, that's home, title, locked outcome: this is a big deal, so let's continue so there's a big bombshell, its hidden in the back of the book, all four people
Joan Crawford rights identified as being at the high school party in the summer of nineteen, eighty to have all said that no such party occurred all contradicting Christine Blasi Ford's testimony sworn testimony, and today both the Republican chair, the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Democratic her the House Judiciary Committee, said the they wouldn't support. Impeaching cabinet, of course, now with what and senior Democrats are moving quickly to snuff out cost on peach him. Of course, present everything would come out, wouldn't it and Keyser the closest to forward a wall of so called witnesses was pressured.
To change her story. She was pressured to throwin with forward. I want you to think about this, and this was highlighted in the new time story wasn't even mentioned in the near time store that everybody's criticising tin in the back of the book by these two New York Times? Reporters is that shocking and then, on top of it, Then, on top of that we have the New York Times, as people will explain to you- and I have explained here late Saturday, night publishing claims Koran quote their Cavanaugh whisper by his friends in a way where his trying to wound up in the hand of Miss Keyser.
His Keyser has no memory of this whatsoever. Well, say her detractors and Ford sport. Maybe she was drunk drunk No, maybe a tolerable high. Now our friends had news busters. Point out since nine a M eastern time Sunday morning, seen in an MSNBC spent nearly four hours of air peddling, dubious new charges of misconduct against Cavanaugh, the liberal cable networks appetite for cabin all scandal was so great that, even after the authors were forced to issue a major correction to their initial story, their coverage was barely adjusted. The reflect this new information, many research council am our see their analysed. Found that from the first report at nine forty two a m Sunday through four p m eastern time on Monday, what we do without mercy-
Seen in an MSNBC spending combine two hundred and thirty three minutes, excluding teases lean. Gentlemen, that's basically for hours Peddling these dubious allegation, since the New York Times first publish them on Sunday, and The message BC offered the lion's share of covered, with a total of one hundred and sixty six minutes. Nearly three hours spent on the allegations themselves, but only six minutes on its pitfalls, including the alleged victims professed ignorant. The incident CNN gave the story sixty seven minutes with a mere three minutes on the confounding detail now think about their think about what took place isn't at her, and if this is the New York Times, of course, CNN
Msnbc, in virtually every Democrat running for President United States immediately demanded the impeachment Carmona immediately. They didn't know fact from fiction and he didn't care was in the New York Times, their Bible and that's all the man at the New York Times their bible. Now these reporters have since said various news programmes more. We didn't leave it out of a story. We headed in the store. That is, that the supposed victim. Wasn't a victim at all. Had no memory of this and denied it. We put it in the original store, the editor or editors of the New York Times removed. But of course it was just a bureaucratic mistake. Just a bureaucratic mistake.
Because they were in a rush to make sure they didn't mention her name mention her name. Rename is everywhere. The New York Times intentionally took out the fact that the person who was the supposed victim denied that ever happened four witnesses for denials. Witnesses mentioned by Ford pressure on a witness to change her testimony. This is what they do, and this is how they do it in Algeria meddler, the House Judiciary Committee, a man who never met a domestic terrorist, who, he didn't think should be giving clemency, is hitting investigation from peach print of the present the United States. When he's the victim.
He's the victim Jerry Adler, chairman of the House, traditional committee, has held a they single hearing on call me. As in how they single hearing on Mackay. Has an how they single hearing on face applications on Bruce or. On the FBI, spying on candidate trump. I Clinton in the deep- laundering money through aloft. From this mark Elias Guinea, the fusion Shiva, nothing, nothing. Look cabinet was not my kind of justice. You're gonna be greatly disappointed by him over the course of his
life in your life. I'm just telling you right now: all the signs are there, but that's not the point here. The point here are these thug mobster marxist tactics that anything goes. That anything goes and by the way the media are not just participants, their leaders and on freedom of the press, which I haven't turned to her son and by the way, in a mark, your always turning their, but why shouldn't I? Everybody else is turning to it and the media on rates on tv, our columnist, they just all references. It's a weird business summit. Very jealous thin, skinned people, the very angry that we ve sold nearly half a million copies of this book in its first for that drives them. Nuts actual people,
Wanna come on my show and heavy promote their books when they they dont, have acknowledged this book, which is so crucially important, particularly today. Particularly well. What's going on in the country and those of you who read it know exactly what I'm talking about a listener. The audio. The reason I have trapped her sex and on freedom of the press called the New York Times betrays millions is to explain why you should never trust the New York Times. If you live During the rise of the third Reich. During World war, two wouldn't have known about the Holocaust and the extent of an entire nineteen. Forty four: why? Because the New York Times was censoring it to the extended covered in a posted, the back pages, which was minimal same with the Washington Post.
Same with every other media outlets in the United States in America, why would you expect than the New York Times to tell a truthful story about fort? Why would you expect the New York Times beyond about its political reporting. It hires a senior editor whose an anti semite. And they still haven't, remove the guy. It publishes third Reich Cartoons and their hopes, we made a mistake: sorry seriously attacks guys like Netanyahu, while a props up Hamas. All the news that fit to put in a bird cage. I cite Doktor David Wyman in his book. The abandonment of the Jews in chapter six,
if chapter and verse about how the New York Times covered up the Holocaust every university professor, Deborah lips dead and her book beyond belief. These are true scholars. I explain her presentation of what she found, but they're, not alone. There are others and other professor left's l, E, F, F posture, vs same thing: she had her research, Wyman research, Lib, stats resources and its undeniable and finally, the New York Times had to come out with years ago. Thing was like two thousand one an explanation,
So turned to one of its former managing actors who writes a pathetic opinion: peace. Their coverage was inadequate. Better. That's professor Laurel left Northeastern University and these people are meticulous. The extent to which sulzberger at the New York Times was well aware of what was taking place in Europe I've pointed this out over and over and over again, because folks, if you're the leading news organization in America and everybody always
to say, yeah. I really am trouble, but at the time so, but it's a great news operation. It's not that's why I included this chapter in the book. In addition to that, as you know, I included in this chapter betraying millions what they did, what they did to the Ukrainians with their reporter Walter Duranty. Who allied who, who is regurgitating stalinist propaganda when he was starving to death, millions and millions of Ukrainians. The near times even to this day When people say you know, the Pulitzer Prize Dorani got for that should be returned ages, shrugged her shoulders.
Now those of you who read this chapter, I can't do it justice here on the radio. You know exactly what I'm talking about here. Rhine stopped, her ignores it. Jake Tapir ignores it, won't Blitzer ignores it. Dummy lemon, ignores its freedom Cuomo ignores it. Andrea Mitchell, ignores its Chris Matthews, ignores it Zella bows that ignore Scarborough company, and on and on down the list. I'll, be right back when you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel Loaded, tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit, but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right. How much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of greens. Every morning before I start my day, just one school
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men of the idiot Sir out there. That will be this Presley. I Anna Presley Democrat Massachusetts. She wants to impeach cabinet a bunch of sick bastards, try throw out everybody you disagree with, even though its fill with lies and and and vicious personal smears and character assassination that doesn't stop this lady chicken here, less, I'm telling you, ladies and gentlemen, this is tyranny if they ever get the majority, it's over it's over liberty and learning and a healthy democracy. These two things are mutually supportive in America today that bond seems broken topic.
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Maybe you want to turn them onto the only one of them the college there. It is online where everybody likes the Iphone our final hours of work plaster, I hope, you'll join me I'll, be right back He's here now run casting a lonely underground commandos than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a non described filling it. We once again made contact with our leader, my love them everybody mark number, seven, the aim, one three, eight one, one, seven, seven, eight one one: we will get back this near times as we must, but before that David who's, calling us from Israel has very important point
Funny cause, I just wrote this to a friend of mine and was given to me David Mellis, My man a few hours ago whose in Israel let's go to day in Israel on the market. Even go right ahead David either. I mark yes call come. It will bring out two point, one that the ECB report in April gave it. We could call you only thirty, thirty or thirty one people handed over thirty five The mistake that maybe you ve got to make it. So, let's let us say, you're saying the exit polls in his are notoriously off yeah. That's true, no had even and even have got repeat, then again don't get more than they could. He won't be able to form a corridor
right parties have at least fifty five feet, and then you have the Arabs have between ten and fifteen and he comes from a commercial without good. If you ve been again, please arab and african, the computer and the earth in the past have never joined a coalition and in Israel have not to date, is a party in accordance directed at that like the most were, Hardy and even further out their considered like I could look to serve at a party, so there's no way that the Israelis and the other party we'll be able to walk away from other today, so that- and I've been thinking about. This issue was raised to me by my steps I thought to myself. Then how does gaps get to sixty one, you gotta garden and what have you noticed, the reporting in your lousy newspapers.
Where they keep saying, looks like Netanyahu's out, namely how this, but they never mention that Ganz has a huge problem, gathered a very big problem, but that we also have to come back to you. If you got no sixty one, then they gonna try to force them out and. I welcome the recording of it, and your point is well said because what the blue, my party and what this clown Liebermann will say: look. If you get written Netanyahu and you put somebody else and there will form a government- would look, could then don't gotta go And some of these, these LE cooed member, Really are not. Terribly loyal individuals, not all them. Obviously, but some of them be more happy more than happy to do that, because one day they want to be prime Minister and they ve got to get Netanyahu another way to conduct forgotten problem there. He had
David, it's such a screwed up system. You know the socialist set. This have been born in the others, and it is such a screwed up system. It's too bad because you know before flat out vote like back in April. Now, who would be the Prime minister and the other people and guide the euro for twenty years? He was running again tat if you're gonna get them off right person. Throughout Europe, failed European Europe can act and that over territory. Everybody. There was mister. Tough guy. Now is more than happy to work as wind coalition with the Arabs he did. It's true, true and its unfortunate. Think so David. How do you think this gonna want upper? Who knows. I really hope that.
Like, how do you get fifty wandered, recruited able to form a coalition the people at the head? Had still possible- because we look at this. I just looked online- is only about five or six percent of the vote in a real possibility that we want to be the money that another election over here. If it did it this way. You know- maybe maybe you guys- should amend your governing system, so this doesn't keep happening because up the people in Israel again worn out and, very troubling. You know when you're facing down IRAN and Syria. Hezbollah, Hamas and all the rest of it, Suddenly be an election mode and about the more dangerous than ever before trumpet now having his its plan for the Middle EAST peace plan
You ve been again and went form a coalition than he could have. You would be able to fill everything in order to get a peace plan. You right and important promise, I could be wrong, but some of the voting wasn't as strong as it could have been. In this day, and summarily I hear is that true, there again some of the voting in Judea and scenario. Wasn't as strong as it could have been. I understand is that true that what they say that's true. That's really unbelievable but some people have more a bigger stake in this stuff than other people. You know what mean based on policy will listen, I much appreciate it. Very, very, very excellent, and call again gave away appreciated. It is some three fifteen in the morning in Israel.
They would like me, doesn't sleep well, you know what let's keep going Marty, Rob Bait South Carolina. The great w are an end go more good evening Thank you so much for your opening about Mr Natalie I know about him. But what you reveal would simply remarkable how in the world can individual like this, even be elected, it doesn't say much furnace constituency that if I'm putting this man has constituencies made up of hard core leftists who will vote for them A crack period and the more left wing the, but you and I wrap our minds around this. We love our country it's hard core left us do not they take it energy were everything that's been created by others and so
We can't wrapper hedgerows, but that's what these people are. That's what they do it's disgusting here they were approved. But thank you so much marked by, but is not an amazing. What was in town hall, which is a great website, is an amazing how a few people know about his history. Absolutely that there's no scrutiny on this man whatsoever. Even though, is leading the charge to who, against these sitting present the United States, are gradually removing unbelievable my friend thank you for your car Leslie, yet Louisiana on a mark Levant. How are you? I'm fine mark. I wanted to thank you for your book. It was absolutely wonderful, but I enjoyed it because I ran a chance then I got on the DEN Tv watched your chapter one, and I did it out the course.
You know every day on red the chapter, the watch chapter two and I am able to pick up every little thing, whether in a newspaper or at home a tv article- and I cannot think you are now for opening my eyes even more- and I wanted to do- Thank you for your very, whereas when of course on passing the buck around my son, how to right now foam I'll tell you what I'll send you a signed copy? Let your son keep it don't. Hang up I want to thank you very very much and I want the people, listen to this programme and understand. I'm been promoting this book just to promote this book. No. I don't need the money. Spend a lot of time on this book. This is the but the way help you unravel. What's coming through your television screen. Or your radio. This is the It's gonna help you analyze all this, not just on some superficial level,
And you can see the colonists and the hosts and the guests radio and tv, how many people have read this book. Based on how their now critiquing the media and more and more of them are doing that. Not just the president anymore. And truly reason for this because they read the book where they ve hurt me talk about the book. That's why so very, very important that you informed cells that you solve, educate because you're not gonna, get this anywhere else. You just not I'm not trying to any horns here. I don't need I'm just saying you got a library get the booking barred from afar, Whatever there's half a million copies out there give or take. The subject is very, very important. Every damn day now it's about the media with its here.
It's in Israel wherever it is, they think they run the country think they run the country and in many ways they do and they have, but now now challenge, and because we have built this movement, you- and I, this informed movement. About what we're dealing with an who were dealing with, and we know we know their techniques. We know their tactics and you're better know what news forms to go to look. I don't feel decide on your own cudgel dismiss these so CNN has no ratings. Msnbc really has paltry ratings. My Sunday interview show is by far and consistently them.
Watched show at ten p m on all the cable news travels Oliver combined. And typically, my ten p m show is that I s raided, show on Sunday night period, not all the time, but typically, if my. Fuck show was moved to prime time on Sunday, but just moved up an hour too for that matter. We'd have even bigger ratings, quite frankly about lobbying. For that I don't care but that's the truth, and the reason is you and others are yearning for information, you're yearning for the truth. Your yearning for principles, your yearning for patriotism, use what's happening all around you and on freedom of the press, really is the guide star.
That has begun the process of unravelling the modern mass media, the Democratic Party press, it's a phrase that I use throughout the book and people are ripping off. That's all right! Those youve ready! You understand what I mean also paves the way to the future, where we have more competition more new sites or objectivity. It starts with an idea, starts with a book, and then it takes off from their thanks to You patriotic lynites I'll, be right back good morning to get to this traffic now for a couple of days into very, very crucial
hosted about this on my social site, Smart Livin Show Facebook Mark Levine, Show Twitter. Thousands of feet remains found at home, a former south, an abortion doctor Linked to this story, when I said was I no. What the gun banners will have to say about this, Now want to ban abortion. I posted that days ago. Thousands of preserve fetal remains found on property deceased will county doctrine abortionist now. Imagine.
Mention a woman having an abortion and that baby is one of thousands that this doctor keeps in his basement or berries in his back yard. It's hard to know which probably both. Imagine that south been Indiana thousands of feudalism and by the way the left does not want this regulated. They want raping regulated. They won't stop. I was regulated. They want everything regulated except abortion, except the the killing of babies. What it is. Thousands of feudal remains referred at the home of the sky. The remains were too
never by family members, were searching through the home of doktor yearly, clap fur. Passed away on September. Three is home, is in we'll County Illinois, Ws Bt reports, clapper the practice at the woman's pavilion and South Bend sounds a harmless. The woman's benign Sancho Progressive His medical licence was suspended in twenty fifteen. Every was accused of failing reported abortion on a thirteen year old girl. When the family located the remains. They called authorities in an invite. Irrigation was launched. The remains of two thousand two hundred and what he's six medically preserved, fetuses a K. Babies were eventually found. This is like the third Reich here. With these abortionists
He doesn't appear, any medical procedures were performed at his home according to Ws Bt, the investigations ongoing I don't even know where you would put these bodies two thousand two hundred and forty six mm, quickly preserved babies. They call them fetuses were eventually found. This was reported initially on September, thirteenth. I have not seen this covered in any significant repetitive way on the major networks. I have not heard any outcry by NATO O Rourke. Or anybody else about how we need to regulate this. Nobody.
I am expecting the women who are running for office, they say only they can discuss abortion, I'm expecting them. The speaker, not a word, not a word from Elisabeth fraud. Warren, not a word from come Marla fraud. Harris had a word Nothing at a word from Gabby of the dictator in Syria. Whenever they help. Her name is not a word. Not a word from ninety Pelosi. I know her name is I'm just not a word from Nancy Stretch. Pelosi! Nothing! Nothing, The House Judiciary Committee today no one litigation in this manner. This is one man, one abortionist, and apparently he conducted tens of thousands of abortion.
Can you imagine that MR producer, I cannot and then he keeps them Preserved medically preserved, I believe, in a basement, tat means anywhere you go in a basement- is closets and shelves at all medically preserved little babies in jars containers. So what he could go downstairs in those basement and look at them from time to time. Proud of his handiwork. Have we cease being human beings? I would ask this The court. Is this what you had in mind in Roby weighed and subsequent decisions. Is this what we mean by choice.
Only woman can decide this guy's, not a woman. You start down this path, there's no end to it, Many of the governor of Virginia, who still the governor of Virginia talking about. Abortion after birth You have the governor of New York Basically, signs a law codified. I'll, be right back America's passionately, cerebral voice talk with them, Voice now, eight seven, seven three eight one three
it one one constitution day. You know it is constantly Cindy being greatly celebrated in the New York Times, rather perversion of the constitution. An american history in their abuse of freedom of the press the undermine the american people constitution. Its constitution, they celebrate in Washington Dc Mr producer. I've seen a damn thing of you. Is it celebrating most public schools? Is it said celebrated in our universities and colleges. Now no big deal banana How about the communist manifesto rules for out of you now you talk. Its enforce compliance season. So the Irish, you need to take action because
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Relief organization and they ve been a sponsor a long time- hundred four nine sixty three hundred summary Fictions apply for complete details. You can visit optimum tax relief dot com, but give them a call. You have nothing to lose and they are terrific. Rob Santa Clara, California, the great k, s F, o go work. You know I was here years, and you used the word preposterous alot. Much into the Democrats. Proposals were brought us create, doesn't have a regular your books and other books on your book list and there's some formative. But I have a question about the constitutionality of anything they propose. All these things. I mean it's like this collective, his tyranny they wanna get. The electorate is like just because us forty nine percent per se, lose an election, we are, then we were caught. Qualified minority really quietly bleeding, we believe him, but we're dead.
And what is populism and look at the constitution? Constitution least originally provides for the direct vote. In one instance, the house arrest. Its precisely, why? Because these rights are human rights or unalienable right life, liberty in the pursuit of happiness, people don't get to vote on those things. You're born with them. They are God, given you cannot be populist and believe in God. Given you rights and a constitution wasn't republicanism because, where Populism began. What is populism and look at the constitution? Constitution least originally rise for the direct vote in one instance, the House of Representatives, not for the Senate, for the presidency, obviously not for the court. And so the framers of the constitution, understood all too while the power the mob, they saw it in the french Revolution ten years of terrorism and of course they fly.
The power of a monarchy so they didn't want an all powerful, centralized garment and they didn't want an all powerful mob and they gave us this magnificent a constitution which we slowly but surely had been unravelling. Why Greer demarcation of the constitutionality of means of anything these Democrats proposed is a tyranny. Just big the mob guy I've said often where's the constitutional basis. For this, you gonna take our guns: no you're, not two percent wealth tax. No, you can't, But you can go on and on about people like John Roberts, in my view, have gravely weakened the year. The constitution And have then over backwards for centralized progressive government.
And he knows better because he served in the regular ministries just far too political. Far too concern about press coverage, in my view, are major technical, I thank you, sir. Benjamin Netanyahu gave a short statement few minutes ago in Hebrew, I have part of it in English. He said. While he was, as you can see, I am horse. As you know, it's better to lose your voice on the loose the country. He thanked her supporters ministers, mayors who backed him. He said I said the election was hard, that's not the words Now we face the campaign that was so tilted against us by the biased. Media so against us we waiting for the results. But one thing is clear: the state of Israel is a historic at a historic turning point.
We are facing immense opportunities and immense challenges, including the existential threat from IRAN he praised The israeli economy and diplomatic flourishing says: We must ensure continuous trumpet strangely several soon unveil its peace plan and the negotiations over it will shape Israel for years to come. The face of this. He said Israel needs a strong government, a stable government designers government, a government that is committed to Israel is the nation state of the jewish people, and he There cannot be a government, the relies on the Antis, zionist arab parties, parties that praise and glorify terrorists and kill our soldiers and children and he's interrupted. Chance of we don't want unity, meaning not with those elements. Not yet who says he spoke to Us Perspective coalition partners and will soon launch negotiations.
Create a strong sinus government, athwart the formation of anti zionist government. Now This word zionist to a lot of people, not me, has become a pejorative or has become even worse, a negative word. All it means, ladies and gentlemen, is that it's the right of Israel to exist as a jewish state, as a country. And just as we should Away about America, we want in America, they want in Israel and that's what he means. His point about the arab parties is very, very important. In Amerika, we don't understand it: the arab parties, the air parties, typically boycott these elections. Many, the arab parties Florence by the Palestinian Authority.
The palestinian Authority in this election strongly encourage the Arabs to vote in a vote for this blue and White Party, or this coalition, I should say, of our parties. In order to try and stop Netanyahu. They have never joined a governing Castration in Israel. Perhaps they will this time to try and stop Netanyahu. They don't believe in the state of Israel which why they ve never joined in israeli government. And many of them reject the state of Israel. And that's Netanyahu's point that the opposition coalition. That the opposition coalition will need These are parties in order that take the prime ministers. And he said we will never join parties like this. He said the boy
cannot be a government that relies on the anti scientist air parties, parties, the praise and glorified terrorists. They kill our soldiers and children. That is the tourists. And so this guy now he is a fighter to the N justice trumpets. So that's what they have going for them. I'd see who's out here, Tracy, La Sandra California, the great k are allay the answer. I'm going. The out there soon, you know Tracy Liquor. You gonna join us eyeing, I'd like to I'm still trying to figure it out. With kids at all that come on now you can bring them to turn October six yeah October's aware when you guys did three years because a lot of fun brain it was.
You go to the clear allay website. And all the information there- and I don't know if there's sold out or not, but I would strongly encourage you or anybody else, because I dont get out there that much my kids have moved out of California in the last few months. So go right ahead, Tracy Listen. I wanted to thank you because you made me a better teacher I'm one of the rare conservative teachers. Sandro is probably the only one that might be I kind of like. I have to keep it under my act, and I I teach history. I teach: U S: history in world history, to two other students with learning disabilities, a wonderful, our public school system and
have you over the past thirteen years. I've listened to you every day and I can go in there and I can explain to them all kind. It's about you know, what's going on in Israel and why these people hate these people whose bombing moon- and they just look at me like what are you doing your spare time? You must neither Well I'll, tell you what I'm gonna do me to send you a signed copy of on freedom of the press, and I thank you very, very much very kind of you to call Tracy and keep up the good work. I know it's a tough job being a teacher really is. Particularly in certain school systems like outlay, Turnabout Charolais tickets are available, for our town hall, twenty nineteen Sunday October sixth event. The Pasadena conventions and join me.
And Denis Prager Larry Outer Sebastian Gorgon all bodies because tickets. For this event,. I don't know they ve already sold out or they going to sell that. I know for sure. So you want to get em right away and from Information on town hall, twenty nineteen visit M eight, seventy dot info em. Seventy dad info in, if you haven't gone there, Please go there now October. Six, this very close hits One time this year will be going to care allay country. And you know I gotta the Reagan library every other year we were there on June. I was an eighth, her first wonderful time there But my writing another book right now. So I want a stronger carried you to go just check it out on eights Eight: seventy dot info M eight: seventy died in focus had loved meat as many of you as possible.
Did you know whites need not apply to a camp aside. Tech symposium only features scholars of color. The college fix like college reform. These are failing sites and upcoming science and technology symposium slighted to take place at Williams. College promises a unique feature: it will show case. New voices in the field and those voices will only come from scholars of color new voices in science, technology studies, a c three symposium. It's called set. Early November. At the private Massachusetts, Bates Liberal Arts College invited scholars to submit papers if they represent historically under represented, grew skinning sicker and sicker out there, the Coffer Papers
the specifies that that means either African Americans, Alaska, natives, Arab Americans, Asian Americans, latina axis ceaseless teen axes, native Americans native Hawaiians, another Pacific Islanders. This is the sort of thing Who, in the day, Lisbeth worn, would have lied her way under this? You. Saw certain minorities her permitted as a matter of fact, but whites not at all. Why not at all, and so our colleges and universities are endorsing sacred as our many of our communities, as are many Democrats running for president part of the application process, applicants to write a couple sentences proving themselves
As a member of a historically underrepresented group. Ok, I'm a conservative, I'm a historically under represented group, particularly colleges and universities. Yet the application also provides an equal employment opportunities statement. The people from all backgrounds are Welcome Williams College in Massachusetts. I have three words for you, To hell I'll, be right back more than a few things in life can change your entire outlook on the day. Call from your boy! I asking you to work the weekend early construction right outside your bedroom window. In the morning you wanted to sleep in these. Run your day, even worse. How about your check engine like comes on
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Eight hundred cars, six thousand a code Levant Deductible- may apply right. Let's continue here and give me two seconds: gotta get that calls greener, You know we are ever Cameron here and do you tube? Don't you think, MR producer. Course I mean I'd have to wear pants, I'm wearing pants, just a joke. That's gotta TAT Tom Profile. You. The great k a are, and how are you Let me show you a long time Every day how I don't love your Romney he's a disgrace Well, he may not back the presidencies. In fact, that's his intentions are not playing to back the press.
This is a guy that asked all of us to back him anyway, go ahead there anyway, I think we're army and some of the other establishment people, including to assist Robert, have this idealized view of that by compromising on decisions like Obama, care taken, preserve the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, but I think what their appealing to see is that, it doesn't matter to the liberals and Democrats what they do, they will do anything they can't to deal to devise a supreme court, regardless of how objectively Or how look I'm I'm a big critic of the court certainly from time to time, but I'm a critic of the court and I believe the court is.
Really grabbing power that doesn't belong to the court taking authority from the states? when it decides to impose its collective personal policy preferences and things of that sort. That's legitimate criticism, but threatening the court by trying to intimidate one or more members is a disgrace and Justice Roberts. Revealing himself is highly political and very very concerned about the press. He receives. Has, as it was pointed out in the research and peace. As expose the court in the justices to avoid. Aggressive kind of threatening politics, that's exactly what's going on I agree totally. The thing is I don't In their own minds, they may be doing what they think is very clever and outsmarting. The Democrats and outsmarting the liberals
but like I said it doesnt. I do your point I do. Thank you. The music means I got of happening inside. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. Are all you wonderful folks out there to protect us, don't forget to go on Amazon, dot com or any major bookstore, especially Barnes Noble, get your copy of a
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