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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Brian Mudd from WIOD fills in for Mark. This Brett Kavanaugh accusation isn’t really about him, it’s that this tactic can happen to any of us. Under our laws the alleged crime is beyond the statute of limitations and if he is guilty nothing will come of it legally except his life would be ruined. If you care about your family, kids, and our system of government you’d better get out and vote in the midterms. President Trump should scare the media and threaten to nominate Mark Levin if Kavanaugh doesn't go through his confirmation. Then, Democrats should be held accountable for their transgressions with a "30 count indictment" wish-list. Calling out the co-conspirators from the Devin Nunes memo for conspiring to derail a candidate for the presidency by abusing federal law enforcement and spying apparatus.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader terrible thing took place. Frankly, a terrible thing that this information was given to us a long time ago months ago, when they got it I've done that, instead of waiting until everything was finished and then all of a sudden spring it, but that The Democrats do the three things that we know right now. One is that Diane as time is political hack,. But you already knew that second is that
as much as this is about brick habitable. It's not about bread cabinet. The third is, You care about your family if you care by your kids immediate, are about idleness, crazy old thing, like our system of government. Well, bear down and boat and forty eight days because a heck of a lot on the line. I am not in the underground bunker. I m. I Brien Mud, seven feet above sea level in West Palm Beach, always an honour and a pleasure to fill and for the great one which, by the way, the gray is observing Yom Kippur, we'll be back to Morrow. Now, things I do a morning showed up Eu China was Palm Beach, a midmorning showed w I o D in Miami. I may I guess, contributor to Fox NEWS, and I am a lover of fat, three cats. If I were not able to have kids. So we have that very cats and where those people when I got to say over the next ten minutes, is something you need to hear
I'm pretty sure it's an angle. It's not been and it's a situation that may not have been considered about this whole cabin ideal. Now you probably know the lay of the land. And by now, yet you probably now that we may not even have a hearing on Monday because while Cabinet has agreed to it, we Well, someone he's gone silent, Christine where'd you go she brought no one show up for the hearing will tackle a bit more about back up. There is something that has been on my mind since all this Look over the weekend and something bad I think it so much more substantial than brick avenue and Whatever comes out of this particular situation, and I know I'm not the only person who has expired. Into what I'm getting ready to describe. I've I've been
affordable forty four gone on thirteen years and ended up marrying a very put together, woman, very intelligent woman, who I knew from high school. Married when she was wrapping up college in after a move down here. She, let me know that she was interested in a divorce. Now I really been faced with much adversity at that point. In my life. Because I was fortunate enough to two makes pretty good decisions. I was good with money, and I did rather well for myself at a pretty early age. So I found myself at twenty seven rebelling. Against pretty much everything I had done and have been up to that point. So, having been a responsible business person. Responsible with my career and having
on for a very put together woman, but no drama, I opted for about the embers of all of those decisions first thing I ended up doing in there, the kind of stuff you can't make up Yom down here and sell fora. Homer made off in all the many made off I've done radio. In the end, I was doing radio alongside running my business, I, after the divorce, decided to turn over be financials. My business to somebody who I later found out was wanted by the FBI. You can't make this kind of stuff up. I was just the starting point for my bad decisions. I ended up dating the party girl who was into about everything complete opposite, everything that my wife wants and.
Not long after we're day in few months. She now having the least come up in her apartment. She had not moving out with me, not a week after she moved in with me. Cheated of losing her job as this heading into the recession in down here and South Florida or recession, even sort a little bit earlier, because the housing market was driving everything down here in a peat in two thousand sex This too, that two thousand seven so. That situation carried on four while an actor six months or so things really started to get out of control, and I, It's ok! I need this situation then, I didn't know in the state of order, and you should check. Your own was in your own state. If some has been financially dependent on you for a minimum of sir Months, you go through an know process. It was my house have a cling to it, given
She didn't have a job should eleven off. May I believe in my home everything, and so she was gonna homey to it. She wasn't going to leave and going through that eviction process. What was the volatile situation really did you get out of control. This is a story. I've never shared on air. In what I do everything I do it's about credibility so down here. My local show my divorce talked about it on air talked about my business bankruptcy resulting from bad decisions and even talked about the bad decision I made with dating this particular And how I got myself in this mess, but what I'm getting ready to tell you something: I've never shared on air and something that I had color. I it to the depths of my brain. Hopefully
Or to revisit again, but it's what I've been thinking about since his whole, Domino situation broke over the weekend during that window of time be placement three months that we were waiting for the eviction to go through. She continued to spiral and she would go pick people in a bar and bring them into my home. It was totally out of control got to the point where I barely ever wanted to go home because I did not know what I was going to walk into And I had no recourse there's one day I get in there, it's actually night, I get home and she's been drinking Airbus people over there. I just fancy and a better, so you might be able to be here forever along. It was left
You cannot have people over here anymore and she started it she's in the living room in front of a coffee table, and she, just SIRI says could be looked at me and said: here's what's gonna happen. I'm going to bang my head in that coffee table? I'm going to call the police and I'm going to tell them that you did this to me. Now brought all the bad decisions I had been making up to that point. The Rio Of what was getting ready to happen in that moment hit me like a boxer rocks. I had never in my life and so terrified, and I knew that malign say anything. I froze I'm just errand. Because a new whenever I did next, how the potential that to determine the rest of my life and I don't to tell you that in this line of work, if I, getting arrested,
a sick violence alone, Unos actually arrested because it would have been he said she said Oh, you know how the story goes: that's a career and or in addition to potentially Rooney my life, so I'm thinkin. What do I do? Get somethin setting thing? some staring at her reach in my pocket. I grab my phone call. My dad. And my dad, the brine usually do. He's very calm. You said you keep your eye on her and you talking to cease. Listening to me talks my dad describing, but she just threatened to do this to me she was gonna, take her back and he said you, you got off the phone with me. You call the police. And you with them for as long as you can, and you keep your eye on her and you go from there. And that's exactly what I did now. I
I've been happening now due to be an insult palm beach supplies. Were there like three minutes, so it did not take long by the way something else I learned in this particular process. If you have a domestic situation again, she had rights to be there just like. I did, even though it was my place, not hers. We in the police arrived one of us heavily. And she said she was leaving. So I believe my place after this threat Here's the moral of this story, I M not the first person whose experience that they are, poll numbers of other people that have been that situation. Lord knows there People that have actually ended up in trouble as thought of something like that. Here's the question about this particular situation, I don't know anything more than you do about this, but we had Nothing more than
accusation that a sixteen year old kid and appropriately touched on the outside of clothing, Christine Glassy for. And this is supposed to ruin this man's life. That's bad enough for Brett Kavanaugh, if its false. But here The bigger problem with this situation- I mention this- is not about bread after all, this is not about whatever is to be with the Supreme Court by the way. No, I think Gub trumps should do. I think you should scared the hell out of them. They are right cabin oil. We give you live in Europe, You'll have been by the way in holy crap- I mean you want talk about- must it get your popcorn ready for that anyway, I digress if without any due process, without any evidence
Without anything other than just an allegation for something, that's not even serious enough to have staff of limitations attached to it. In other words, let's say that brick, heaven I will we're guilty of this. What happens. His lives ruined his reputations round his careers ruin. Does he go down now? Why? Because Even under our laws, what she's, alleging, if true a hundred percent- true nothing will come of it at this point to the question if this is successful, how many other people are gonna get this idea. How many other girls, how many other women do now is, could be guys to dumb matter right. But how many you gonna go shoe that could take downright cavanaugh extortion, reputation. We have a system of government that, instead of the way,
were you are innocent until proven guilty for a reason. Oh, and I know me to meet you. It's all different, yes, to appoint here's one step Me too, movement. Legitimate side of it when you, back one layer of the sixteen onion. What did you find. Everything. Was there one layer deep about Math Lauer Moon, thus insert Pope here you didn't have to dig deeper afar far at all what they say and you found a lot. How many layers have we been porn bag? scabbard ideal. We bout done with the onion and what we ve got. Is this one allegation. I'm Tellin you right now seriously. Art attack that event. Stands in. This tactic works this.
Not going to just happen to Brett Kavanaugh. Is this going to happen to folks like you, it's going to happen to your kids, there's no telling where this goes or where the stops, and that is why this tactic, as perpetuated right I cannot stand we're going to continue this conversation. On the other side, I bribed mud in further one love in In many cases since before delegations have come forward republic pre judge this and dismissed it is political Durban, Durbin right there, Dick Durbin Republicans have pre judge this right. Remember that for just a moment by the way a brought might in, or the great when markets then mark we'll be back with us to Morrow now, by way,
very rich and reach out in here. Don't go my guys. You ve been through a lot knee. I screwed up pretty bad per year, but happy ending to the story on that point the wife lottery. Amazing, wife, amazing life, everything's good. You know that you did justice, The craziest stir things up as long as it's recoverable all got so near no issues there but tat Ok, so Dick Durban, Big Durban, Republicans, have prejudged okay. So here's what church humor had to say. We have two diametrically opposed stories. My view. Professor reform telling the truth there when's the last time you can with your later there in the Senate, whose prejudging who, in fact I've heard for Ms Mcdonald and the press. In the United States, for that matter, is one we should hear what she has to say, guess what she doesn't want to talk as of yet without bread, Cavenaugh, better
I denied what Christine heard claim was he's willing to testify. She's, not in the most recent update couple hours, Guph Turkey is that she the FBI to investigate prior to actually testify but imagine this, you have an accusation, you into a senator and suddenly what is supposed to necessitate an FBI investigation about it. Open internet when you're sixteen, which happened to be there, six years ago. Are you kidding that's not Our system of government- that's not due process, that's not the way any of this works, which again, is why I say this is it just about
bread Cavanaugh. The reason I gave my very personal story was because it's been done, it's a tactic that has been used to intimidate people different people to extort for a long period of time, but if it's carried out so simply on the highest level at the top level of justice in this country, what do you think he's gonna happen going forward? What do you think's going ahead? What do you think the outlook of innocent improve until proven guilty is gonna, be for you for your family, your kids? What we got
line here is about so much more in its a bigger problem that we have been dealing with right along because our we truly equal under the law, but the most important facet of the term presidency. I firmly believe, is not going to be the legacy of the Supreme Court. It's not going to be the work that is done for the economy. The deep state, its everything that he has been uncovering just imagine if Hillary Clinton had one everything that has been part of the conspiracy from Hillary Clinton, the State Department when she was there, the Justice Department, the FBI, even folks, within Congress that have been complicit. What we know now we wouldn't and that's what's on the line here.
Rooting in this out and that's why more important than ever, that you get out in both because If you don't in November and Democratic that Congress, what do you think's going to happen or talk about more get your thoughts come up on the other side, I am Brian Mud and for the great Margo them,
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Code, Levant they're, gonna talk, radio, my buddy info calling now seven seven create one plea: eight wide one: oh I'm totally support somebody sport, I would say people that I've ever seen. That I've ever known- and I know people of great success have been so outstanding is Judge Cabinet. That is obviously the president in earlier today- is actually hosting the President of Poland and of by the way this cabinet thing in the midst of all that, and so you heard what he had to say therein wanna get your thoughts on the cabinet situation. Let's go first to dance in Texas, Danny, don't ya you and said that you treated me with something you said he you know we have a system where you're innocent until proven guilty for reason, and it got me thinking. We also have a system of
the attitude of limitations or a reason there's a reason behind that. If, if you already accused me of doing something untoward a week ago. I could tell you where I was really at will I was with what I was doing. I could maybe Oh you phone records there's no way. I could defend myself from an accusation that supposedly happen thirty six years ago, I could tell you, I didn't do it, but I don't know where I was and what I was actually doing. You're Actually, I'm pointed and something that I reference at the onset today, because what if the accusations were true, something It is worth discussing what, if the accusations were actually proving to be true, what would happen? Abrek Cavanaugh won't, even if everything that is alleged by Christine blasted What were cracked Rick Havana would go home disgraced but nothing happen to, and because of the statute of limitations and there
crimes that are serious enough, that they don't apply. Murder, doesn't matter where you are in this country. There are new statute of limitations, murder. In certain states. You also will have it with other crimes, including right by the way, but this is not that so, even if everything we're rule in terms of the law. You know you're not talk about it. Generations where he goes behind, writing we're not talking about some of the allegations that raised to the level of the impropriety of a bill. Cosby avi be wine stain of of any of these others which, by the way, you're, not you not seen Mal our hold off either. Are you and so in the context of the tube us our system of government doing things there. Why why? That is all for the conversation you could Even the bans. The argument in I have not heard anybody you tackled this one might say or true, but say that Brett cabin actually went down the path of this improper contact. I mean forcible contact
yeah groping her, and she got away. He was sixteen Should he have the rest of his life judge by the particular incident there is a question in a path that one can travel down and double. Turning to get your thoughts? Even if we found out that there were some legitimacy to the standing? Is there something that you believe as disqualifying to him, and I will tell you this. I didn't I I obviously didn't do anything like that of a teenager, but I, Absolutely I m not the same man I was thirty six years ago and if there were some bad things that I did do that I probably could have gotten in trouble going to jail for a couple of months. Didn't get caught, but I'm not that guy anymore, that you know a lifetime ago, I I don't think it's ridiculous that something was supposedly not important enough to mention at that time, but now, at this time
when we were already told by the way before new who the nominee he was, we were already told the day they weren't qualified. I think that an important thing to remember that the Democrats were prepared to protest, thing, and I could have told you there would have been a sexual alienation we lose the nominee worth: oh yeah, did you make a good point in that the very people who immediately said that they were not going to be supported and would not meet with him, or also often the very people like gotcha tumor, who say, I believe her? So, yes, they tend to jump to conclusions I'm sure, though they have really thought all this through in are doing all of their due diligence. Let's go to, even in Chicago, I think, wants to take the other side in go. Why I'm not very other thought I could request superior I wouldn't do that
you don't know whether he could have in the current figure it out now cooperate threats Google Chrome about other countries, the drop in all of its people and find out correct and I haven't- suggests but otherwise I am. I find it interesting that that at this point she has not accepted the invitation to go testifying Monday. The recent word from her. Turning unless something change here within the last couple of hours, but the last we heard from it to her twenty couple hours ago. She was the FBI to investigate and then maybe she were talk, and that is not the way our system of government works, which is why I talk about the premise couple things you'll hear from me in breathing that I say regardless of the topic boys off of it. I believe in the premise and if the premise of anything is false, anything built on including arguments are too? There are likely to fail, so I dont exit
false premise in the bottom line is if we do not otherwise our system of government, if we do not go through due process, if we do not know settle things away. We would any citizen, then we are doing a disservice to this country, and I will say again: this is not just about bread cabinet, because if this tactic is successful in so thin we just simply a claim that is unverified. And she won't even testify underwrote to it. Certainly in I would imagine that you wouldn't say the brick cavenaugh should spend it save his life. Having his have you his ruined let alone being disqualified from the spring court. I don't know whether he should be disqualified. Squall Syria, with Supreme Court because you have the damage. George very simple- the only thing qualifying disqualifying prepare here
bring cordial? That's a different argument that we're talking about these specific controversy here with the the claims ultimately the senators get to decide that, and they have you know they're there the of them. So yes, I mean you can have your own opinion. Independent of this body dead neither here nor there in the context of this particular argument, let's go to in Colorado. Patty go, I as a woman. I am horrified that this is happening here. I mean this is something that I have, always been at the forefront of women's rights and the It was the first one and shop class. I have five kids ranging made from forty five to eighteen here, three of which were girls here I am horrified not only for my daughters, but also for my son, that somebody could an accusation, hair and
family run their lives, and this is something When I was fifteen I well, I was raped here, leave me. You remember things. You amber every single detail so sorry to hear by your situation. It sounds as though, obviously over the course of time you are you're able to pick up the peace. It sounds like you are. You have a good family life. I yeah. I have a wonderful family life, but it's something that you do remember these things fell, burnt going for young people being there to own sudden to people being there and one of the people that she's naming a thing now nothing I got ever happens here. I mean I'm just dreamed of a woman here, that somebody would come forth with something like the pure something first get three number one number to the fact that having done
but she won't testify and number three. It scares me for my for my job. For my farm appreciate the call in the end. I am so sorry to hear about the history, but so glad that everything beyond that seems as though it it's worked. Well for you in that's exactly my point. The point I'm trying to make here and I think, sometimes you there certain things you one think about in inserting perspectives that going to be there unless you been and of our circumstances and God, I was never in his situation anywhere near what panties describing, but if you mean at the outset the show I was in a situation to where I had a person who was threatening to hurt themselves call the police and say that I was responsible knowing it would ruin my reputation. Will my career and who knows, potentially even worse, if I were found guilty and you allow something like this, that is unsubstantiated. It's not bedded to disqualify,
Somebody like brick, Kavanaugh the implications not just to bread capital, because if it can happen to him, it can happen to you can happen to your kids. It can happen to anybody and there are already are people out there that will do bad things. Some! this would only give more people inclined to do the wrong things more ideas about doing wrong things again, it's not just about girls that my tried to exhort eyes the be anybody could be a mantra to do until woman yummy. Just it doesn't matter it's the premise. The other one I say is that there are two sides to stories in one side to facts It's always important that we live within the facts, wrong entitled to our own opinions for never entitled to our own, ideas on what facts are in the process:
here is what are the facts of this case? Ok, we have read Cavenaugh, saying one thing: We have foreseen blithely forts in another. Ok, so again how does our system of government work our system government doesn't say, outbreak Avenue guilty, unless you prove yourself in as it is the exact opposite way. You get my point about the present scheme. I about why this is so important. Let's go to Craig Kragan Kansas, go. Brian Europe a monologue? There was just spot on quite compelling. Basically, without due process, You don't have equality under the law and and call under the law is essentially freedom, yeah I mean you dead concisely is it
and worry there, a country laws or not, and that's part of the bigger by the way about something we're going to get into next hour, which is He buys a warrant process nor equally Then, who is beyond dispute a criminal who walks freely what The implications are when we do treat people differently when we don't treat everybody equitably under the loss Actually, when it's out there in the light of day I so you go ahead, like all to say that if you think that that people are still innocent until proven guilty I hate to tell you, but that ships already fail. If you had it, have you at your your opening bill there. If you had a louder it or if he had eight or have their you'd, find out pretty quick that without without having prestige and having people and having connection with your past that mistake that you made
we quickly you're guilty until proven innocent? It? I was told us much you're exactly like is actually end up talking to a police officer. I knew after then. I said what would have happened if she had done that, I you would have We have taken away and then we would have. I ended up Bognor going in interviewing both of you so what had been caught in and we moved and treated as their. Why you ah had engaging and domestic violence and I am pleased they had done. The information so that's what's real and what is in the end, I will say again: you know we cannot accept the false premise and if we do not, and all this, according to the way we would with any thing else in our legal system appropriately. Ah, it is a fact premise, and we are setting ourselves up her failure and so different ways, and it doesn't matter how what suppose you might be to download trumpet a break out in our anything else. This is about some. Much more significant and maybe somewhere along the way, you're cheering on a false premise, maybe if somewhere along the way, you think it's cool, because you voted for Hillary Clinton, but she's
escape when even he's done what she has admitted to she's engaging criminal activity, and it is called us you got away with it ah screwed somewhere along the way. That's why the motion Functional Donald Trump is not is not. I will say again: his legacy in the spring court will probably be long lasting, secular, being the economy. It is the work he is doing to take down. The deep state that will have long lasting applications well beyond the rest of it, but he's got to complete its work and get won't get into all of that. In the end the next hour as well. I am very much in great one month ban she said she had this dramatic events and- and I feel it
It is that it is not the bread Cavanaugh that we know it is so wildly inaccurate to his character that I I'm not I'm not certain where it's coming from that it is the we have a woman that church, humor and company evidently do not believe that is making Macao die. She has known brick outlaws since they were at school. In fact, we have had a number of character witnesses that have known bread. Evidently they were a kind of a tight knit group in school. Including former girlfriends, even have stepped up and said: yeah bread, the good guy I I've known him all right along and but again apparently if your touch humour in company- and you ve already made up your mind, you ve decided, which which woman you're going to believe, and surprisingly, it's not these women that are speaking up on behalf of Brick Cavanaugh I'm sure that is just merely in and oversight, but actually before wondered I want to get to the point
the mid terms, because there's all information out there, this just a bunch of nonsense, but actually there is an angle I wanted to get to engine net importer. Actually, did so I'd Jeanette welcome to the show go higher than that. By the way, I I honestly believe that Bert Cavanaugh did not do this. I honestly believe that, but I do want to know I had somebody at will Tell me where you know she, Paris, Alai detector, test, well, I don't believe the lie detector test and I want to know how to come back at that. Would you take on that lie, detect the test, Ok, I can give you something. That is an argument for your friend, but it also is is something that I think is relevant in in context of b liberty of the overall polygraph testing. All need to say this gets back to the premise. This is why ideal with the premise in with backs As if you stay there,
be consistent from issued issue is a poor admissible in court. No because it's not a lie. Detector test badge what people are assigned to it picks up there different characteristics, but it is not admissible in court, so, what she did and by the way she doesn't August, which is when you think about it because remember how we heard that they wanted to remain anonymous, and only this pass. We and the eleventh hour, did she come out now, if were taken at her face Are you why, a month ago, did she take this polygraph? I mean That's something that makes you go, I believe that makes me gum always asking is about that certainly seem as though there were intend there. Would it not if you're going to remain an anonymous wooden, but but is does that help? You were here
colonel, and why was it sat on the July on Ebay? Wait you like, in the eleventh hour to come out with some like this. This is this. Is it the Democrats trying to rail, derail him from being confirmed? and there is more to this story, and I think I hope that they can find out what it is very soon, and I appreciate your confirmed I appreciate you been there and I in that's what I get sound too. If it's not a miss born core than young, it's not really legit the context is conversation, but you can't- I question the legitimacy of the timing of it you're going to accept the premise that she really was just trying to be anonymous What are these things just simply does not add up but hey. You know so much about truth back right margin for the gray one Markel them.
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House Levin, Dotcom, brick House, L, E, the iron dot com offer code, Levin now run only underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader I taking these records that the president has ordered to be declassified. They're doing their own review, so they can come up with recommendations about needs to be rejected in terms of protecting sources and methods. I'm told once that review process is over, a reporter member will be sent to the White House. With recommendations for reductions as a fancy way of saying that parts of the records would still be blacked out, but Similarly, it is the president who has the ultimate reclassification authority. He can accept
these recommendations for reductions. He could accept some of them where he could simply accept none of them at all and just as for all the records to be released to the pub with no reductions whatsoever. Catherine Heritage. Fox news are clear that was asked an explanation as I could find on how this process works, because one the questions that came up quite a bit today, winners, We're gonna get to read this stuff that the president is declassified and the answer is once they side, exactly what is going to be made publicly available and for now the folks that have access to it are going to I'll take a look at it inside the government so we'll find out when we get there, but not yet but there is something that is hugely important about all that I mentioned last hour, the one of the more important things and by the way I am Brian Mud in fourth grade one Marco than he is absorbing Yom Kippur, I he will be back,
with US tomorrow. I do a morning show in West Palm Beach, my home station, W Joanna, which is where broadcasting from now and a midmorning show and Debbie Loyalty in Miami remember February second well, because It's just wrapping up my show in Miami use just before noon. Eastern time- and we have this breaking news about the noon as memo be Devon, soon as memo and the release of the findings from the republican investigation into the fire, Warren Surveillance Fiasco and I happen to be fully men for market. Then that day it was a Friday. Oh my gosh well guess I do. I gotta be doing for the next few hours before the shell and try Figure out what was going on, all I did was just take down every single fact. Now it was very concise Devon, Nunez laid out on February the second, but I just put down every single fact: and then I started looking forward it and I went. I've- got thirty different facts here. Thirty statements, a fact- and
I'd have coined calling that my thirty count indictment I went through all the claims on the show and said now. We waited say because he had sheer Democrats. That were going to come out with our own findings, and I say now: we we can wait and see if these and upholding up what's fascinating is when we did end up getting chief Manawyddan, we did get the Democrats answer. Some weeks later, there were only four of the claims or the claims that were even specifically called into question. Yes, rhetorically heard, the left continue to say always our credit boys. You know it's just politically motivated every, but again you get besides every story, but one side effects so be statements. And the noon as memo? The Republicans findings sure they work. There's a fascinating thing that was February. The second here we are in,
this second half of September, and guess what guess? What all CO conspirators star alleged, are still alleged co conspirators. We have to them better still serving in the federal government, We had a lot of time and now any accountability yet, and I I believe that the single most important function of the tree presidency is this: be pervasiveness of the corruption. Should all of this up and be more information we receive. It only seems to corroborate it that is, most important thing, The trump will have done, because what we have seen is that from the State Department to the yet the highest levels of the State Department, its levels at the FBI, highest levels at the Justice Department, we corruption and, if not for Donald Trump Becoming President,
We never get to the bottom of it and we in to see just how pervasive it's been and how long trump has been this developing deep state- ok, I'll, walk you back through Some of the claims again. Everything here is from February the second nothing new, but it all is as true today. We wait for the Declassify know why it so important that Donald Trump do this, that we all have transparency member one by the way. Brok, Obama was going to be the most transparent president ever had a fast, How much was hidden behind that administration? Now. Very first claim by the noon. Memo by the Republicans findings that both the Department of Justice, and the FBI petitioned the bicycle
to begin to Sir Veil, the Trump campaign Adviser Carter page on October, twenty first, twenty, sixteen just two and a half weeks before the election case showed the Department of Justice and the FBI a corroborated to petition devise a the court. We know that to be true, no disputing that this second climb was that the application, had to be certified by the FBI's director or deputy director. The attorney general or deputy attorney general, or assistant age to the inner one of those officials had to certify it So then you can begin to apply names that is absolutely known to have taken case. It's beyond dispute. Here's the third claim from the Nunez memo. The initial worn Carter page was issued in renewed three times every ninety days,
Which was in just the two and a half weeks now before the election, but took you all the way about the past six months of the Trump presidency to the kids Kirsty was carried out before, He was president after he was president it is now known to be fact as well beyond dispute, You know it's a trend here worth going after I director James call me signed three warrants right at the top of the list conspirators and everything that has been spelled out is none there are then James Coming which, by the way, you know the most you know anything about his book was the Naomi be tall tales by James coming. We should have been the name of the book and went off with claim FBI director Andrew Mackay, also signed one of those guys warrant request. Ok, We have names or sign into this. James call me is, co, conspirator and
I'm a cave is a co conspirator. Next up deputy attorney General Sally Eights. And one of okay so she's in on this, then we had another deputy attorney General Dana Banana beside one? ok, so now our co conspirator less continues to grow, and here we go the eighth claim. Deputy iter general ROD, Rubinstein sign one. And how fascinating is this because here we have somebody because Jeff Sessions, whatever he does I think he goes around. The country goes beyond the justice guy and then ROD rose and Stein. Who actually is a co conspirator and all this runs the Justice Department fascinating and so we have a coke and spirit or we have just sessions. Reduce himself from life. I think, and then you ROD arose and Stein. Who is, died as a co conspirator against me,
president of the United States, who is not in anybody have Russian over this one. Next going Christopher steal the name, you know well still dossier was an FBI source now before I go any further. Everything I've given you to this point, is beyond dispute. No matter what political, while you are here, You no matter who you let this is all backed. James Gummy, signed off entertains I've Duff delegates, in a banana rod, Rosen sign an the first EU involvement now workers can warmed up, because I it's you through nine and again there were thirty. So ultimate you begin to see how this whole thing came together.
And I get where live in history here, but I think it's important, because this is the basis what we're going to get more information about he's whatever it is. That is ultimately disseminate. It disseminated to us as the President players, these documents for public dissemination. Whatever is brought to us now. You too claim. The Christopher Steel was paid by the Dnc. The Clinton campaign to created and the law or law firm, Perkins, Coy infusion GPS were involved, That's also known to be that no one disputes that air. We know that the was to obtain derogatory information on drop any bay dispute that now ok. So here we are now a third of the way into everything that. Of a Nunez disseminated on February. The second
One thing here is even disputed. Ok, mixed up, funding of the dossier. By the Dnc and the Clinton campaign was never disclose to the pies. A court never still not disputed. Seven months ago, more than seven months ago, all publicly disseminated. Next up: video J and the FBI. Officials who signed up on it now but that the DMZ and contained campaign paid for to be created and still no dispute that the Pfizer request. Deliberately left the funding source the dossier out of the warrant request, despite knowing that it was fusion GPS. And the reason that matters is as Fusion GPS, Christopher Steel.
Was known to have been fired. Been terminated by the FBI. Because he had credibility issues. They deliberately left that information out again None of this. As of now for what we know, let alone what we don't that is coming is in dispute. And now we are half way through the thirty statements have backed the thirty counting down many of you were, if you will from Devon, Nunez and all to the other half coming up next, I'm Brian mud. For the great one month ban transparency. This is a witch hunt
Publican just seeing seeing as Democrats. No it's a witch hunt do what they don't want to admit it, because it's not good politics with them, but it's a terrible witch hunt and it our country and things that have been found over the last couple of weeks about text messages back and forth are at this is to our nation president today talking to her why he is declassify in many of the documents related to the Carter Age, Pfizer worn request in these your availing of bee trump, ministration. Now I left off half way through be thirty statements of I'd be thirty cal indictment. If you well, that put together for you on February second based above, be Devon, as memo the republican findings and keep in mind. This is seven and a half months ago and now one of the first fifteen o one to date, has been refuted now. The present in that sound by was talking about so the recent developments that we learn from this
additional texts that have been revealed between a pin, struck ITALY's a page and how they were actually planting stories. In the media to use that as evidence before the fire, a court that just came and became public information within the last week or so now. That is interesting, because that goes. I too number sixteen best, sixteenth, claim the sixteenth statement of fact and the Nunez memo again on February. Second, and that claim was that on September, twenty thirty twenty sixteen Yahoo news ran a story linking Carter page to Moscow that was used in the files or request as corroborating evidence. Now at that time is very specific. But we didn't know anything else about it. It was just Devin, Nunes ain't, hey this happened. The seventeenth claim was that Christopher Steel was the who liked the story to Yahoo knows. Well, guess what.
Isn't that exactly what we found out within the past week by virtue of the text from Peter struggling to page. So there were known as this very specific claim, not all tat. We have evidence from two FBI agents, operates. What he say, the eighteen claim. The Pfizer request says that steel, was not the source of Yahoo story and why that matter, because once again we see that there was a deliberate effort to withhold information that they were planting, false evidence that they were create the need for this Pfizer warrant request. They were creating be backdrop to sir.
That's the second time be, second time that we have evidence of it taking place the nineteenth And the Nunez member against seven months ago. Now, at its Christopher Steel cited was the source of the Yahoo. New story always shoot. I'm kind of a big deal, but, and not something that was disseminated, stateside twentieth going, but the law firm, Perkins, Coy the DMV in input the law offer the they were. The funding source that was aware of the steel leak. So here you had the Dnc Hilary contents campaign and their law firm oh in on the plot, all knew what was going on ha. Fascinating. Isn't it and again, none of this today has been refuted next up
find that Perkins quite the law from once again held a meeting with steel infusion, cheap gps, after the link to the sky. How they would handle things going forward? This was all leading up to the FISA warrant request the next steel was suspended and fired after revealing he was an FBI source to Mother Jones because there are two sources that were used. One was the Yahoo NEWS, like the other. Was mother Jones mother Jones, like happened on October thirtieth now remember when, This buys a worn requests. Yes, just two and a half weeks before the press, Angel election right in this time period we're talking about here, but he Where is the next piece that it continues to become even more outrageous after being by the FBI. You have Christopher Steel, maintaining contact with the Justice Department with her none other, and deputy attorney General Bruce or
then did how to Bruce or come about guess what, because we found out that brew ors wife was what working with crystal steel at fusion GPS, the stuff you cannot make up and again this is what was in the new, as memo made public in all the way back, seven and a half months ago. How much? this sounds familiar of human via the new cycle Nobody took seriously back then the left side of the Isle this what's a stag born, wrap this up and get some your thoughts coming up employment and for the good on Margo them with a daily fake news, dumping through your tv, mobile phones and computers, you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, scientists
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brick House Levine, dot com, brick House, Levin, DOT, com offered code, Levin blood in the most popular conservative author in Amerika. Call away and drew out. Mark Levin show now heading seven, seven, three, eight one for you. It one one, I don't think the f B. I really should be involved because I don't want to be involved if they wanted to be. I would certainly do that, but, as you know, they say this is not really there thing, but I think politically speaking, the senators will do a very good job, all right, so that is actually present from talking about the FBI and any potential investigation into Bread Cavanaugh situation. I want you to think about this for a moment, the absolute absurdity of, this stage, trying to have an FBI investigation about the bee, bread, Cavenaugh situation
It happened thirty six years ago in the allegation is that break Cavenaugh held down this girl touched her appropriately on the outside of her clothing and then is something that necessitates an FBI investigation. I mean how could you imagine if every type of situation like that required an FBI investigation. Thirty, six years after the fact We need a lot more FBI agents, but the FBI they are putting their own problems port. I found that to be amusing is the way that politically the left- to use the FBI, because we're right in the middle of the thirty count indictment. One didn't Nunez memo from February the sex by the way I'm Brian might in the great when Mark Levin Mark is absorbing, poor, we'll be back with us to morrow? Now everything that I have brought you up to this point stuff I shared with you seven and a half months ago, just straight avoid Devon. Nunez
is an american hero He has done in the face of the deep state. Everything I have shared with. You has held up and as we have slowly and trickles of information it really has corroborated what we ended up hearing through this memo, Endeavour Nunez on February the second. And as we are waiting for the decline, I documents from President Trump whatever it is, that is going to be disseminated. This is important as the premise. As the backdrop to what we have seen Be more questions than answers about, but ultimately conspiracy, that at this point as it stands for bigger anything. This country has experienced. I certainly bigger the Watergate. The reason is: extensiveness, the of the corruption you're talking about
having the highest levels of the State Department, the Justice Department, the FBI, all in on a grand conspiracy to Sir oh and do over the heck, they were doing with a candidate. Present the United States and then the President Elect and the President of the United States. That is something that we have to get to the bottom of in people ultimately have to be held accountable, and what we found is that the corruption within the deep state so Basically, we are Justice Department being run right now by a coke conspirator rod. Rosen's died, one of the folks mentioned here. We cannot expect without more information and public pressure, the rule of law, the matter we can't exe justice to be served. We can expect Jeff sessions evidently to do his job, that's a whole other day, Let me once we get past the mid terms,
I think we're gonna have a new, an attorney general, but in the meantime we have a whole they need to be accounted for now, wrapping up the thirty statements, a fact From the Nunez memo, mention that are left off with. This finding out their Bruce oars, wife, Bruce or involved at the Justice Department, after Christopher Steel was fired. Was under being used. He was What it continue to get information to the Justice Department why? What? Because brows oars wife was working with them being paid, and none of that was disclosed. It was deliberately omitted from the fire weren't request. Then we have another name that enters the mix. One more. His better to hear you have the EP, I count or intelligence assistant director bill precept whose the dossier investigation as only being in its quote: infancy at the I am of the initial- buys a request now,
The only person here we tried but the brakes on this entire thing Have you heard his name you heard from him at all well now Why is that? Why do you think that is the one person that try to put the ball? now who's running the FBI, who has been involved at the FBI. Change call me again: his boss was being led, co spirit. In this he signed off more Pfizer, warden request related This conspiracy, been any body else, thinks might have been bore. The reason why You never really heard from him. The only person that newness found try to put the brakes on us. The only person at a high level at the Justice Department at the FBI, that wasn't it Andy Conspiracy and the corruption. Twenty ninth going James,
let me offer of the dossier to President away Donald Trump in January of twenty seventeen that's what he didn't tell any of the background didn't tell him anything that we knew to be true. Daddy was based upon planted B. Evidence by a corrupt and discredited source paid for by the decency and they Hillary Clinton and pain funneled through their law, an involved here, as the elite. Co conspirator Those minor details were left out when James go me breathed President Elect Donald Trump site. Omission in the thirtieth and final claim. The deputy director. Andrew room testified indecent. Twenty seventeen that the warrant would not have been issued without the dossier if you're wondering some of the information that we might end up getting
that is disseminated to us could be something like that. Because we're gonna hear a lot of what we haven't heard like what, non with some of those backdoor testimony Andrew make. According to Data Nunez testified that this fraudulent does I was the only way they were able to persuade the fire a court to get the surveillance. So I think that is kind of a big deal Take a look go what's going on in the media's handling of all this, many a resource and does great work. The folks, a news busters they ve been tracking be coverage of the Trump administration. Here we are in the best economy in a generation ninety one percent of the news coverage of the Trump Administration is negative. Ninety one percent, now You take over the headlines associated But the decline of I mean one after another after another. You would think the president is putting the country at risk.
Where are you turn there's a negative headlines about? how dangerous it is now. What do you think? That is how, much. Does the deep state have on the line here? How echo conspirators should justice be served in all of this is held up as true how many of these people should be behind bars with the rest of their lives. How many people in the media aircraft as Hell and our current connected to this. The other thing we don't know yet, aside from the rural politics, it's an outrage, and that is what's on the line, and I say Not the legacy on the Supreme Court, not the economy. Or any other policy these most important punch- and I have no clue originally I had the until I started a connect. The dots put pieces together after, like does Nunez memo back in February this hand dawned on me
but the single most important function of Donald Trump S present. The United States is this cleaning up in dealing with big deal they corruption at the highest levels of our government. The levels of government that allow someone like Hillary Clinton to commit crimes at higher level endangering every American into walk doing whatever it is that she's doing today which is going to be pro We are a thousand miles away from Bill Clinton, that's where we are in this country and again where either equal under the law or were not. We the redress the premise: of our system of government or workshop Tell him, bore a banana republic and we I've been dangerously close to being the banana republic and not the cause, it happened a pretty well off the rack, which is rare because some five or six PETE Welcome to the show people from Long Island go. Are you going?
as I said to the young man before people have to stand up. People have the march of the Washington to force these people out of office. I mean new costing every taxpayer The money as long as they stay in there, we gotta get him out, and people have to do it. Ok is like the old Wes. Lynch MOB ok. I'm not sound. Is that kind of thing, but I'd rather, you don't have to find ways with your. That point is geared Ghana get them out of often get the merrier position, stay don't belong in air, so lightly, That's a great point. Being, let's talk about that now, what happens? What happens? In November, if them Brad, say: Congress Back The only reason that we have the information age is shared with you and we ve had ever seven and a half months that has helped
by be information even to the president. To this point to reveal the pervasiveness of corruption. Then our government happens to all that entails this progress. If Democrats take back Congress that's what's on here- figured I'd dig in it covered up whatever way they can. Ok, they're gonna agenda is to take these country all and make it a socialistic country your touch- you not another topic there and that's a good one. I want to talk about the whole socialist sick deal and I'm gonna talk about something's going on here and order that good I've been a proxy for the rest of the country and just a little bit, so I daresay they. A good segouin is something else that is a bigger part of this entire picture. But yes, dad the importance of this election we are often,
you're gonna driven do here, but hey whatever election is the next one of robbers is the most important in our lifetime because of acts well, this mid term? Election is about as important as any. I can remember for the very reason we're talking about, because if our government is corrupt, I mean what else is there any gazette their debate party politics all day long, but if their cropped, as Hell Does it necessarily even matter at that point and worked argued about dealing with it? corruption at the highest levels of our government, so that is a bigger part of this entire picture. Annex no reason beg you damn well better get out in both the eight days. And you damn well better find the other folks who went out there and voted to yours go and make sure they get down. Do the same thing because again, if democratic get Congress, this is over what we have in front of us. Right now is going to be buried and it's going to be boys by the impeachment calls in the house in particular. That is what, We are going to be dealing with as well
you gotta ask yourself in the end, this is the question is opera for votes. On the other side, the Isle. Do you want to live in a country that is rod and they, you know, if you're being honest with yourself, because again nothing I just cited and be thirty count indictment from the Nunez memo on February. The second. This point has been refuted in fact much it has already been corroborated. Do you want live in a country that is correct as hell as well. He's a pitcher politics today. And of course the danger of that is. There will come a day where you do. If the politics again and if its crop to sell what happens when now it's going the other way we gotta get back to the premise we gotta get back to what right and again this particular issue. Above all others. My view is the most important Function in the most important legacy of this president, but it comes
to the midterms to finish the job. It's gonna need that, I'm Brian Mud in for the ban, we are. Of course judge. Carbon while have the opportunity to defend themselves against this accusation A good omen, Mcconnell. There is no one unless motivating and politics the Mcconnell by the way but my whereby any and occasionally is effective, any surprises you, but I may I listen German, unlike I know governments and sky ever, but nevertheless the question is: will Christine Glassy Ford be heard and not because she's not being given the opportunity but because
maybe she doesn't want to testify. Maybe she has wanna go this hearing what why yeah? Now we are one of the few hours go now most recently from her twenty there. Now, wants an FBI investigation and show talk after there's been. And that b I investigation, say what Does that necessarily make sense, and if you're, trying to our game this for a moment on the work it out a couple pass. We talked this little bit last hour. So you are going to take a look at it? Be the approach remember that he was going to be anonymous and that's the whole reason that the political hack, Diane Feinstein, sat on this thing now you actually could asserting and there is potentially a breach of duty that I Feinstein in instead, by sitting on this, because she's on the Judiciary Committee she upholds, of office. Also has a responsibility to that committee.
With anything that would be significant for the consideration of brick cabinet and she withheld it. So she could have own problems now. We know that in the grand scheme of things, even if she did and up You know violating her oath that hey, you know, she's she's, a Democrat she's fine, but nevertheless it we're standing now and the car acts of the anonymous and now hearing that well Christine doesn't seemingly want to on Monday in Do this hearing we find out that the polygraph tests, which you might have heard about by the way when you hear lighted TAT, her that's bull, crap, a pie graph is not invited. Texture test is not credible thou. Why that's? Why it's not a miss bond court as an aside, but we find now that she ended up doing this when about a month ago, in August now,.
Riddle me there's one riddle me this one If you have someone who is intending to remain anonymous and isn't trying to play, potentially a game? carbureted with one Dian Feinstein here? Why would you have a polygraph test about a month ago? Beeler anybody the answer for Thou, and maybe this part of the reason why Christine not allow made she's, not jumping up the opportunity to go. Do this hearing. Again. We got two sides. The stories once artifacts spread saying. I was even at a party that And we ve got her saying I was gripped by him, so so may sound the truth here. Somebody is. Question is why she doesn't want to tell her side of the story Why she wants it to be? investigation. We're going all out. She saying shall talk after the FBI investigation.
Well, that is necessarily make sense. All makes all the sense of the world years why? What the ultimate game here on the ultimate game. To deny Donald Trump, not just break Cavanaugh, but another Supreme Court justice right? The oil yeah by dorine of Cavanaugh goes down than you have somebody else's put out there sure, but there's a process right. We know it time? Who knows how long we can drag this cabinet thing out specially if we have an FBI investigation, but guess what? If we the Senate, this ball and we get the January from done. Get anybody That's the end game here. All our more for you, next sour man, oh man, on the economy the great stuff this conversation is well by the way Le Tv, nine, o clock Mark did a new show check it out.
My mud and for the great one more got it now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader was anxious to do it I don't know about the other party. It very anxious to do it, A delay is certainly acceptable. We want to get through the bar everything we want, everybody to be able to speak up and to speak out The question is whether or not Christine wants to speak up and speak out because again, the last word we had is that she does it.
On two I joined this hearing on Monday. But she has won in the FBI investigation because again, if you have an allegation about having inappropriately touch on the outside your clothing by a sixteen year old boy, thirty six years ago, that always should necessitates an FBI investigation. I mean now makes perfect sense. I did this is back crab crazy territory were wandering and right now only is something that's mildly, significant. By the way I'm still cracking up, so they just sent me a mean. They settle its of Ruth, Better Ginsburg, Lincoln grabbed. My ass, I do the recover from now I'm gonna get material out there. I now and a couple they why I am bright mud broadcasting. From my home station W J, I know in West Pompey to do a morning show here
an I transfer certain about fifty miles to the south. I do a midmorning show or w why you d in Miami- and I may I guess, contributor, to Fox NEWS now, the gray one speaking of tv. The great one himself white. After the show Less than an hour. Less than an hour level tv Levin? you ve gotta tv dot com, and you can hear the great one on Cavanaugh so go check that out I can't miss material and by the way. Your fearless later, we'll be back with you tomorrow. So you're, not now, so? What's your joy wanted to government to prioritize here a little bit so that I wanted to address specific to what's going on here in Florida, but might be somewhat aware of, but I I want to give you the rest of the lay of the land on. What happens in border politically does not? take on not just talking about
I was the ultimate swing state and in that type of thing,. I'm talking about our petition or governors race this year now, Might have heard about the dynamic that's going on here in Florida. You add the estate men candidate, in business, fascinated by the way, strongly fascinating, Adam Putnam, our Agriculture, commissioner, for another few months here and Ford has the best statewide track record of any I will in the state of forests, history Jabez Bush as popular as he was. The best He did was about eleven point victory, he ran for re election, We do not have stay wide races where Republicans win by double digit. It just doesn't happen now: Adam Putnam, our agriculture.
No one to statewide races by eighteen points. Eighteen points so again be best track record stay wide and the history. Any republican. He was the establishment guy in the primary Juan DE whom you might be familiar with in part because of his room. In congressional investigations, also spend a lot of face, I'm on Fox NEWS but stay. Why Relative unknown certainly didn't have the name: recognition of unemployment, Donald Trump Endorsed, Rhonda Santas and the Republican with the support of the party and the best track record of any Republican and our state went down by about twenty Whence run dishonest and the primary we just had Nargis now, let's move this forward a little bit. The Democrats, we also had a
different version of a similar thing, more wisdom rats are typically not your left wing radicals not stay wide just as for typically has what you would associate with a establishment republican. Our a JEB Bush DR stay wide also tend to resemble so who is left, have centre, certainly but not in Nancy Policy Territory Letter on an Bernie Sanders territory? Here's what happen without the support of the Democratic Party without any support from the establishment on the left. You add Andrew, given. Who ended up receiving the Bernie Sanders endorsement and these apprised of almost everybody on the left he was pulling even within about
the way weeks prior to the primary about twenty points behind. He ended up. Writing that Bernie Sanders endorsement a bunch of undecided Democrats, most of which young and the state to break for him, and he Out a three point: when over Gwynn Graham be Demo its establishment choice now Why does this matter The first thing that's important EU generally. We are in a day and age, and I talked about this quite a bit over the past year. There are now in a time. The downside politically in this country on the left is not Nancy policy. Fifteen years ago, when we use ago Nancy blows you're crazy. That is That's where we are anymore, where we in a place We're Bernie Sanders, is the new normal on the left
the guy who is actually a socialist bad at all it actually was a Democrat Winnie decided to run for president. So then we have what Gotta be Democrats version of the tea party. You have socialism that is Democrats, tea party end I have rarely going down and queen. In queens in the Bronx and you have Cortez, She's, a socialist, don't know without hell. She's doing our goal, the most And now we got a contribution. Now: here's the risk! Obviously Florida, Third, most popular state. Ultimate swing, saying the entire country and by the way We have had a full term governor Rick's God Republican, your control at the state level by Republicans solid majority in the state legislature,. And oh by the way.
The great recession our governor. Has had the second best practice and the entire country, We ve created these second most jobs. Our economy has been on fire economy in the state has been growing and nearly one percent above the national average syn. The great recession. The south for our try county area you hear about it all the time it breaks the heck out of Republicans, because you're always going ok in enclosed elections, what's going on in Palm Beach, county and Brower, counting in Miami date. Where I am down here. Ok and yes, we are the minority on the right, but. What are you starting to happen here? is that you are seen B. Focus on Andrew Gill. This socialist, this democratic socialist by Democrats, He now does have the party support,
now does have money too. Es after our primary at the end of August and forty one d ended up gaining. Five hundred twenty two thousand dollars and donations? Andrew Gill, brought in more than four million dollars. That's what's going on And what's happening here. Andrew young lady, and every single Paul since the primary. We are in a situation where we have the possibility of Florida. I stay with a track record. Economically that's about as good as any in the country. Incredible success. And there is a chance that we could have a socialist there. Next governor. And he just smashed the Democrats in Florida. So here's the deal
If that happens, you're no longer going to see the Democrats. Gun, the Andrew gums of their party You're going to begin to embrace it, there then fighting what's been going on. If that bends and if we can have a governor who is aid my Craddock Socialist in Florida, I'm telling you that wherever you are, You can have a socialist billions of taking office and somewhere along the way, will end up looking right to find man, Policy elections have always had consequences, care governments, the dog, catcher, let alone something like a governor. But now more than ever it is critical, because the divide between the parties and the candidates so often has never been wider basis. But the point I was making last hour that in terms of actually get Justice rooting out the deep.
Aid vanishing these investigations we're not gonna get. If democrats take control but the other issue is whether or not the new norm is a socialist and the Democratic Party because once they begin to embrace that party why'd, I mean All your butts That's what's on the line force. Meanwhile, and this is fascinating, how good as the economy, never been better. Yes, what, according to according to us number one president tromp Jose yeah based economy, evring, you have all the folks in a newspaper or a bunch of garbage. What put our gallant Yes, John Gallop by his organization, gallop has been around since nineteen thirty nine calling on the particular question of the top issue. What we have found most recently is that a record low,
Number of Americans cite the economy as a top concern, just twelve percent of Americans. Why because we have the best Barely we had in their polling day these record low thirteen percent. In nineteen ninety nine, and to give you an idea of how far we ve come a wreck, eighty, six percent of Americans side of the economy as the top concern entering two thousand nine and right around forty, since still did, when done, Trump took office but we do have the best economy. Not just in the words of Donald Trump, But in the words of the average American and by the way, punctuated by the best, economic growth without in thirteen years, best real simple unemployment rate without and over seventeen years below just unemployment rate, the base rate in eighteen years, sure, but your wage growth in ten years
The highest increasing in that take on pay and thirty, two years, oh and by the way record, by one appointment for minorities and women. You know the people that trumpets, for example, and I'm gonna bring him more than information, we'll talk about it. Next time, Brian Mud and for the great Ben, filling them. This belief seed for ten months. And now they're saying we can take an additional few weeks to get the truth, that a very serious allegation body upon oh, a serious allegation. Here's a serious allegation, church humor I spent ten minutes today of my life listening damned I never get back. I am closer to death.
Because I listened to chuck shimmering got nothing out of nothing, a value. In fact, I pray we wasted hours of my life is hours out of my life. Then I never get back to. I have impart died, because, such humour to serious allegation right there? I think we should do something about Chuck, in fact, Surely you just scare the cry like by the way, just as an aside a if ever, number. The devil's advocate that movie now. If going to recast the beer. All of you know the big one touch humor, I mean come on. Tell me any there. No acting require, I'm just saying is care the crap on anybody, but here's the bigger deal,
we're talking about the overall process, and he and I've heard this a lot o merit, garlon, bull, crap elections have consequences been talking that, throughout the course of the show today and here's the deal, as broad Hussein Obama was the Doyle Like to present a United States. Any nominated merit garland, which was his constitutional right. But guess what you and I by virtue of our system of government, also alike senators, and we a republican majority in this country now they are. Who had their constitutional role, which is either to confirm or not to conform. Now, Republicans controlled the United States Senate. They chose not to move forward with. Process for Mayor Garland, which was their right to do so when you about what we can progress now than any forgetting that similar accept that Republicans Control the United States Senate. So you
Cannot compare what happened with Merrick Garland, which was the will of the voters by virtue of our system of government, to what's going on now which is the effort to take out in the eleventh Hour Wreck Avenue and again the president has said it. It's Mcconnell has said I haven't heard a leading republican voice out there. That is suggested that Christine lastly Board should not be heard. But guess who we have heard from this is that really maybe she's she's gonna be heard o heard. Turning because her as a few hours ago, said: she's not looking to us to do this hearing no money towards an FBI investigation, so you oughta folks, are saying it would delay the the committee vote I gave we'll have this hearing on Monday. We just don't have the actual accuser that has agreed to do it.
It's one of those things that makes you go right now talking about Congress in the overall make up of it, do a series every we called who'd control Congress did. I do it on wednesdays. Anna one hand prepared it just a bit ago for tomorrow, and it is a deal This would go in the category of theirs. Isn't it be concerned, but don't entirely! Let your Harvey problem troubled, who have Democrats that are not gaining momentum on the generic bout at this point in beaten, about matters more mid term elections. They might think since the Boyne age in the nineteen thirties, theirs ever been a mid term elections cycle which the party favoured on the generic bout did not fear best and if your history. You know that the President's party journal, suffers the mid term elections. In fact, the average that the Presence Party will lose four seats in the Senate and thirty seats in the house. Now, if that happens, guess what Democrats get the whole
all wax course. These in a map is not favourable for Democrats this year. That should help Republicans, regardless of the house. Very. Supply. Thirty seeds turns things over and we are seeing that it is at this point very much at risk, but Nor are we in the grand scheme of things for the past two weeks, this a lot of what you might be reading our hearing about in the Gs S media that would be they gotta sources. Lenders news media that mixed up in disseminates it. They have been talk. Increasingly about away, but guess what, for the past two weeks, we policing pulling go back. The other way right now, the average advantage or Democrats about six points about six points. What does that mean? The house is a toss up and the Send it, as of today, would likely same republican hands, we'll talk more about The applications given up on the other side get your thoughts as well eyebrow mud and for the good
one for good Mark no show where we create the talking points corner now. Seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. So it's unfortunate that he is an incredible man he's an incredible intellect he will make an incredible. Supreme Court justice, but we feel that we want to go through a process. We want to hear both sides. Well there you go the problem as we just might able to hear both sides because Christine's certainly go and quiet seemingly may, till changed her mind. You it's coming tossing her attorney told us hey. Did this european money. She was wont to do it. I wonder what goes on there. We are interested in getting your thoughts. We ve been talking about several different things, including a what
went on with the politics here and forty in how we actually have a democratic socialist. Who is the Democrats now Nay for governor and much to my fear is leading in every single policy or after the primers that we had in a late August and also the the implications of the mid term elections on again to the bottom of the deep state and the present being able to finish his job along with books like Devon Nunez, let's go Two TIM in California TIM go below. I will just mention the euro or come up to forty five days for the election. We need a vocal, four for forty five, with my client out here and Liberal Claremont, I say: do you really want Maxine waters to have the penal power boiler? here, the crap out I've ever republican, hi.
I hope you're right, but the one thing that is scary about somebody like Maxine in their people, that vote for you Yeah yeah, that's that's really scary, but you should be able to Pino, has record's, prompts record's financials edged its mind. Boggling, nothing is she and we have to fear every single day, doctor I'm going down that path, but yes, otherwise, a hearing. Your understanding and by the way, I'm here, Indy, They are Elsie Hastings endorsement shots which, by the way, maybe wasn't Michel's, may no longer have her post at the head of the Democratic Party, but she is still a congresswoman and Brower. So aye aye Siberian, and I take a look at my my fellow South Koreans in it pains me I shook my head and I wonder how we can do these things. So, yes, the importance that we perhaps gear
people into making a sound decision, but the one thing that I will say- and this is something I have been asked- a lot over the years. How is it? May you ultimately can make a difference in persuading somebody politically, because here it happens almost inevitably, we all know people that we are opposed to politically and they tend to be vocal, your level of bee vocal back and do you ever get any Have you ever change that is changed their minds, the biggest issue we have and being persuasive politically is we find the people who are? the least likely to be open minded about politics. Are you at them, and it turns into a monkey theses by. Everybody's frustrated and then your backup, your things and you go home now you gotta figure out the people that are open to information. And you got to inform them, the only way, so that make a difference by the way this is something I found to be the case that's matter of reaching up
lotta folks, have written off the millennial generation, and that is a huge mistake. The first thing, those clue, go MAC. I don't know about six years ago, for me taking a look at some of the financial habits in some of the information. You are getting about how they were managing the day to day lives in our colleague I'll, be millennial generation as they were all, I into adulthood, are more conservative with their money. Then jet exercise and boomers very concerned. The report by the way, afraid to invest the product of the great recession and so that that's a whole others I don't think it into right now. They need to learn how to invest in stocks, grace what grace machine and the history of the world, the United States stock market, but as soon as I saw them, I shoot we can reach them absolutely bay, This need the information they need to do it see an opportunity in mourning holes in particular think about it. He had people
came up a generation of adult during the great recession, anyhow, republican president that was in place leading up to that, and so they got out of school in what happened. Life was tough, and so Bon Abyla goods politically by and large always known this be true. We stop Bout generationally more liberal or younger, family formation happens, people begin to become open to information, but in particular millennials I they actually have a chance of being more conservative in terms of politics, financial aid, nothing else than other Jenny, patients, maybe not socially, but I think that is an important point for all of us to go. If you try to be persuasive, began to find those open minded individuals, go to Buddy Buddy in Arkansas, go Brian organ per hour by their regime, listening what I didn't try Ruben,
my fellow Americans first, what we term the big I couldn't tell us before they were the communist. So I made up the term democratic socialist. Vladimir Lenin, I also remember he said the girl So here is to get the communism. Say great point buddy and there's something else that was coming of age during now window of time, and I was none other than Adolf Are these socialist among socialist now both on the last war, say yeah, but he wasn't a democratic socialist he was nationalist, has garbage how take off is in Germany, there was elected in it. Democratic process, if you will buy them, knowing Gimme down the path of democracy, because we hope that something else it hurts my head. Businesses since democracy, but to the extent that we by into the bull grasp of of democracy, are you
who had a democratic process that elected Adolf Hitler and by the way, this just and he didn't exactly say: hey are here's the the game plan once you left me? Well, we're gonna go in and travel down this path. I wasn't quite that clear out her folks or pay more attention. They could have seen the signs, but nevertheless, I very good point very important point. Socialism is socialism. Is socialism? People have said that they are one thing get elected into office, see what they're really all about by the way, speaking up the crag socialism talks about my concerns here. In Florida, portable I'm hoping for Bee hispanic folks like down here in particular, or get alot of books from central American, like in their familiar like from Venezuela, What socialism really, as I understand it, a heck of a lot more than that folks that our programme public education system and the university system around the country where they never been taught anything other than the left wing nonsense, so they actually informational have been helpful. I
can beginning to inform people about the risk associated with socialism, which, by the way, I Andrew Gillum, though he has been endorsed by Bernie Sanders, asked him point, blank very nice guy by the way I d you identify with democratic socialism. He said no, but then every policy position he articulated and that he articulated can I find any distance between him and Bernie Sanders? So he knows that politically to toxic waste in our state and border, but the policies they are, what they are. Let's go to Bruce in Florida Brusco GO. I thank you for taking my call to make a quick point alone. History line here. We started out in this area with a reprobate any Kennedy. He actually created. It created a verb called Bork We then went on to the Clarence Thomas. They then we add what became the next report, which was that
could I quote: high tech lynching. Unfortunately, At the time we had our own spectre, who is known relevant no real Republican. In fact, last was elected as a Democrat. He had been at least our own an open session. Western Anita Hill became. Clear for one in order to see the sheer committed, perjury She was saying make no sense We now have a situation which is the next order of in this progression. A totally out of control, We have Diane fine steel it gets a memo enjoy, sits on it. Now, after a hearing is closed and over she springs this. We have an attorney, involve Tucson sources, payroll, basically representing this woman, I submit that
This woman needs to be questioned, How were guided in an open session, a Congress or the committee where proper crossing questions can be asked in sunlight, for story is true. That's one thing: if it becomes clear, The whole that already exist and the whole thing port of what needs to happen is the Senate needs to censure, die, I'm fine steam and make it clear that this entire process can never happen again. You have a point you, you absolutely have appoint Bruce because she has violated. Arguably her duty, her yeah. She is on the Judiciary Committee which, by the way, our history lots and I'm gonna die couple things together. One is just kind of a forgotten fact what I think by many that's kind of interesting in the perspective of politics today, be presiding. Senator over that whole fiasco. The Unita Hill Clarence Thomas deal none
then Joe Biden which, by the way, How is it that we ended up with Diane Feinstein on this in a judiciary committee? it was the whole Anita Hill Fiasco yet Clarence. Thomas was obviously confirmed, but now that whole deal? It was observed that the entire committee was comprised of men, and so they wanted. And now we're going to be part of that for the consideration process going forward, so, ironically enough, as many similarities says, there are between car star was indeed a hill and where we are right now. In this conversation we actually have Diane Feinstein, specifically because of Clarence, Thomas and indeed a hill, and what On a time, Joe Biden resembled something up: a pragmatist, gonna, fascinating let's go to Susan. Also in Florida, Susan GO I am
and a two year old female I've lived out their places but born and raised in Brower County Florida. My biggest fear. If the Democrat, when governor of Florida is, he will definitely want to have a state income, calf and all of the bad things that will come along with it. That is what I too, I'm an insurance agent specialised, nomadic there long term care life. In short, and I tell people if not directly or indirectly about, how much do you want to fly here? Peace supply? How much then, or do you want it to be Oh I'd show them. Things are on graphs and charts, debtor correct and get to them that way, because when they start thinking about how much it's going to cost down, yet they party winning, but what how it's going to affect them. Personally,
profound. Putting about works, appreciated the great pointed that's that the perfect way to reach people again informational when their open minded and especially when their finances, something people can understand as Pacific, to the Andrew Gilan proposal, because he is in the many care for all type, a camp out along with byways running for governor, in part of his message, was impeach tromp, which is fascinating. You know generally, that I didn't really realized, part, I beg governance role, but nevertheless, you're gone for folks in and for what he is, we propose to fund his Craddock Socialism, that he denies its democratic socialism is a forty percent increase in the tax, businesses and I'm concerned to that, certainly that we got two reasons why people come to Florida If you're here, you know one of your snowboard, you know it. If not, you probably have heard about it or whether in we don't have a seat income tax, and there is a lot of concern. Obviously the doubt would come in the crosshairs,
has not gone down that path. Yet that is toxic, but he is proposing a forty percent tax increase. Businesses, is forty percent. Now a well Mary, coming up on the other side, the more you thoughts and penalties for the folks in the crosshairs of Hurricane Florence and the flooding, which is still continuing to get worse in many ports, the Carolinas mass next, I'm Brian and for the ban, thousands of people that we are pushing forward in the field. Toward case management to make sure that we get into the community's unionist our senior people get into the community's as soon as I can
I'm going to community sinners, go into shelters in being able to get out front help people register for assistance so that we can start kick starting recovery. Director, brought Goin talk Well, what's going on in the Carolinas in the wake of Hurricane Florence, and I got a few things I want to talk about pertaining a particular storm in the risk going forward, because something that always rise me crazy about storm coverage. Is where the emphasis is often placed in the risk in adequate coverage, in my view and in misplaced priorities by the way I might add in for the gray one Markel, then in seven minutes, seven minutes from now live in tv dotcom, But then TB dad come mark. A brand new show on cabin are ready to go for you, so you the great one on gas In his own words, come up here and under
seven minutes now are so good. Then tv dad come now specific to the historic situation me or south, boredom, I have been through. I never hurricanes over the years, not just in south boredom. We lived around me at the southeast and. Their couple things that are really important in the context of in the first is to understand what the risk is. Eighty, percent of the loss of life with storms with hurricanes nothin to do with wind, eighty eight percent, the loss of life. The result of water storm search first blotting second, and we saw the build up nationally and, to a certain extent I in the Carolinas, though the coverage in our monitoring it. There was more sponsible. The fourteen side of things are going on. Then a lot of what we saw nationally, but you get the build up right and so in Florence was a category four two hundred forty miles an hour tops Whence a doubt
as they dominate news story nationally. You end up saying that it comes down the ninety miles per hour, top sustained winds by the times, making landfall and be in if you're not familiar with the risk associated with these storms,. It is they won't. You know this situation is got a lot better is, as ones are so much lower, but again the win annulling kills about five percent. The people historically set by five percent it's it's the water and I'm gonna. Give you an example here in South Florida you had cannot came through just over a year ago, Hop sustained winds are now one when it made landfill and for two hundred forty miles an hour, a category for strong for strength already with what's happened, with Florence. There is more loss of life and what happened in Florida, far more populous, far more populous get nailed under forty miles. Now
It's not the wind, the majority of the time it's a flood and the risk of storms. Her and even with something like Andrew Beckett. Ninety two here and South Florida people take a look I'd go well. That was the wind, it was, but it wasn't the top sustained with, then that a lot of people to realise, as even when it comes down to wind, the risk torn attic activity, not march: the top sustained winds their worth sixty one tornadoes that spawned by Hurricane Andrew when it came through and that's. The reason you saw ports is south border, absolutely decimated. The floods are going to continue. The Christian and all the rivers not going to finish until Saturday they're people that are likely to lose their lives that are alive today be safe, be smart and thoughts and prayers. All of us to the votes in the Carolinas. God bless. You
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