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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, after 50 years of failed eco-pocalyptic predictions, we’re still here. Despite the warnings that acid rain, global cooling, and global warming would destroy life as we know it, we're still here. Even though we were warned that our children wouldn't know what snow is by 2016 or that there would be a global famine because of the weather by 1975. These headlines were all wrong but the left peddles these threats in order to control us and change our lifestyles and destroy the basis for the nation's founding — only then can the left remake our society and change our economic system. Then, although California had been granted a waiver during Ronald Reagan's Administration, President Trump has revoked California's waiver on emissions standards. With less reliance on foreign oil due to the CAFE standards that were a result of OPEC, automakers can build stronger safer cars that benefit human safety, not fuel standards. Later, it’s the idea among many that they don't trust government or politicians but the left just pushes more of it, even those apathetic to politics want more of it. Too often people conflate their misfortune or emotions with a need for more government. Afterward, there are cowardly members of both political parties that don't want our nation to defend ourselves or our interests by saying things like "we can't get into any more never-ending wars." Iran is perfecting their aim with attacks on the Saudi oil field as an aggressive sign of strength and is a threat to the US military in our fifth fleet which is stationed in nearby Bahrain.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now In its hundred and seventy fifth year hills, is a truly independent institution. Where learning
prized in intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run casting a lonely underground command both than the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader. My love, then everybody marked within here are number seven, seven, one, eight one, one page, seven, seven, three one three one one well fifty years of failed eco predictions. He Apocalypse predicted, in other words the skies gonna fifty years
This climate change stuff we're supposed to destroy our society with the media now fully behind I'm going to get into that in a minute, there's so much to get into today. Just stay with me stay with me. And over at the sea I competitive enterprise Institute, another great organization. They cannot list I just want you to be worthless. Since the nineteenth sixties, apron predicting climate and environmental disaster on the left, none Predictions would do dates have come true, none of them. And what follows is a collection of, notably while predictions from notable people in government and science. This collection shows that the makers of failed apocalyptic predictions After an hour, individuals holding respected positions in government in science. And then when they have these fellers, there
Never revisited Nineteen: seventy four you ve heard of this one, the guardian. January, twenty nine nineteen. Seventy four. Another ice age, question mark. Time magazine June, twenty four nineteen seventy four hours Depletion a great peril to life hasn't happened. Nineteen: seventy six, the calling from NASA. Nineteen eighty acid rain kills life acid rain source near at Times book, view July, eighteen, nineteen. Seventy six didn't happen. Nobles. The ledger. Braun, nine nineteen, eighty acid rain, kills. I said that. Nineteen: seventy eight, no cited in two thirds.
You're calling trend Associated Press September six nineteen. Ninety, then we continue. I'm just looking at the listed so damn one here, according to NASA Satellite Data, there slight warming trend since nineteen, seventy nine source, Doktor Roy Spencer, darker. Nineteen, eighty eight James Hansen, Recast increase regional drowned. Ninety ninety sees one of the top NASA scientists, but though it's really dry you're in the MID West was nineteen. Eighty eight recent years have been record wet. Washington DC days over ninety degrees. From thirty Five to eighty five. But the number of hot days in washington- I repeat in nineteen eleven and they
declining ever since real climate signs that come. Nineteen eighty eight Maldives completely underwater and thirty years, source Agency, France, press nineteen eighty eight lavishly, it's not. Nineteen, eighty nine rising cease to obliterate nations by two thousand, the ascent it had pressed June thirty nineteen. Eighty nine. New York, cities, West side, highway, underwear thereby twenty nineteen, these raw news outlets or just continue with these titles. Ninety nine. You find the present climb up model failure, see I'd points that are. March, twenty two thousand are at I'll point them out. The independent children won't know what snow is.
The guardian December, twenty three two thousand to famine in ten years. I was seventeen years ago. They, Freddy in February twenty one, two thousand for Britain to have siberian climate by twenty twenty. Now, of course, there, going to be heat, as we know, socio, press June twenty four two thousand eight Arctic will be ice free by twenty eighteen. It's not ice free. Two thousand eight Al Gore warns of ice free Arctic by twenty thirteen, but it's still there. Two thousand nine Prince Charles has only eight years to save the planet. The independent will, ten years later,. Two thousand nine: you Prime Minister says fifty days to save the planet from catastrophe. That was the
independent October twenty two thousand nine again, Arctic ICE free by twenty fourteen newest, aided December fourteen two thousand nine snot ice free Guardian joy, twenty four twenty thirteen Arctic ice. By twenty fifteen. They never ends. Does it. Two thousand and thirteen Arctic ice free by two thousand and sixteen two thousand and fourteen two thousand and fifteen by two thousand and sixteen. This is the guardian, two thousand and thirteen. And obviously it's not. Only five hundred days before climate chaos, twenty forty the Washington examiner, ah bs,. And yet we have climate changes and its happen, Right before our eyes and it's gonna destroy the country as they try to push us
into a social listing economic system and destroy. What's of our constitutional system. And the media very excited about this here he J Media, Jim Creature NBC News. When confess your climates, do you ever get the knowing that climate change is a cold. Does it ever seem like its adherents, are immune to reason, as they ve been effectively lash out and anyone who questions or beliefs be nice if they left, you alone, should live your life or too bad you live in twenty nineteen and you use modern technology inconveniences, Food that actually taste good guilty, and you need to confess repent that right, NBC News as put up Aid for what their literally calling climate confessions climb confessions, here's the log line,
even those who care deeply about the planet, future can But now and then tell us. You fall short in preventing climate change. This is NBC News. Seen is ass, the air conditioning throughout if your lunch guerrillas, Like every week show your anonymous confessions were then BC knows. You believe this, and then they break break this now in this Categories EVA Chart. Submit your confession: Clicker too, on a category where you fall short and preventing climate change and here's the charts the click this for the illiterate plastics, meet energy transportation, paper, food waste And then they give you a few examples to get started for each category plastics use play
bags and stood a paper bags for groceries. I remember when you were told dont use paper bags, save the trees, use plastics. Then we gotta plastics on several instances. I've thrown batteries car motorcycle batteries into the Recycle bin to avoid paying for their disposal again examples of concessions. Two NBC News, food waste it's so much easier to dump my hazardous chemicals and waste oil in the yard. Her down the drain than to pay proper recycling. I do know that was food wasted. You, MR producer, number there. It is next cat, energy. These are examples of confessions, not actual confessions, but an example. The confession that you don't want to make. We set the
commissioner, sixty six every night because relate to sleep cold, then they heavy sad face back plastics wires, there's so much packaging. I use canvas bags, drink, tap, water. And don't you straws, plastic toothbrushes, etc, one more plastics, I'd like to recycle more, especially since I drink forty bottles of water a week, but the recycle, Truck comes on the day I sleep in. Now, that's pretty amazing, isn't it of course, as the religion of climate change, which has been wrong Climacool calling climate warming climate change man made. It's been a subterfuge On our constitutional system to undermine our capitalist system and to create this, almost The zen like support for
radical agenda, which has as its purpose to destroying many Of our freedom institutions in this country I back since its founding in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call. It has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty, and I want to tell you about him Primus the free monthly speech. Digestive hailstones college in primacy is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published in nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job,
issues like free speech, the regulation, a big tech, mental illness and the American Medical insurance system. Cause America's founding principles are so important. Hills, though, offers and Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for free, Here's what I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and Primus. I M p r. I am I S dad. Still that EU welcome still a lot to say about this. Climate change will keep coming up I'll, keep lying about and will keep sending off their lives. But they really are attacking your lifestyle progress.
These are the real throw backs from their economic perspectives that you have too much stuff. That we really need to live with them, Access to material goods, even you can go back. The good old days. You know thirty forty fifty years ago, even though the population is expanded and of course none of them live their way. So, whatever you look at the objective of the radical progressives that have now taken over almost completely the Democratic Party other, It is to destroy existing institutions straw, the basis for the nations foundling The New York Times in the others are working very hard at this. To destroy our found the fathers and the reputations. They don't want you to go to the national archives and look at the original one of the original declaration of independence
Original constitution of the United States, they don't want you to do that. The bill of rights I really want you to learn about american history? They want to learn about. As many negatives as possible. The history of a country and all of course, has negative, but you're supposed to focus on the strength. If you love your country. You have to destroy the founding. You have to destroy the coloration, the constitution, the bill of rights. In order to remake make this society. And those of you who have read rediscovering Americanism an attorney of progressive as understand this or less this programme, for that matter,. Climate change is merely one more example. It is a very, very powerful cudgel, it's very appealing to the,
ES, I wait a minute. I don't want the climate change, I don't want to get too hard to get too cold or to get to anything. You know, you have to do is change your way of life. That's all. Just use less what's the problem and embassies their pushing at every week, We every news outlets, pushing. And so they want to make it. They were. Reach a point where you can even challenge it: ukrainian challenges with science and knowledge and in history that you can't challenges. This is what they're doing. They are their main streaming, a radical agenda and I think what I'll do after the break. Is our dig into this ideology of the progressives a little bit more. So you can understand this is up, in parts of the same thing they hate constitution, because its limiting on them, they hate the
declaration, because its limb On them, they are fundamentally transforming this country? To quote the not so great late. President she's me pass president. Brok, Milhouse Benito Obama, who, by the way private jets p yachts, multi In dollars for doing nothing, same with aside kick them in his wife same thing, how is it an amazing how all the marks of socialists, because enormously rich after they leave office Isn't that amazing, the Obama's Gore the Clinton they're all networks, but look how rich they are. Ray Chicago Illinois, serious satellite go you're, probably, and speaking with you. Thank you.
You're, a great American, I got a couple of basically The other point is changing throughout history. Let the luck make your base that its mandate, but I point things. One thing is there was a study or simply about the earth slowly on its axis they heard these millions of years that slow in heated up. I heard tat somewhere. I can Remember where I can vouch for that, but let me ask you a question: if man is responsible for climate change,. Then, how do man and everything's blamed on earthquakes, right tornadoes, hurricanes, floods. Well then, maybe these same people, politicians and scientists, one and the same when it comes to this, maybe and tell us how to stop these things.
And don't tell me, eat less hamburgers right, sir, so for that. If we're that knowledgeable about what's causing all these things, tell us- What's that will stop using the cart? So if you stop using a car that I'll stop earthquakes. This isn't knowledge, this isn't science. This is idiocy its insanity, and embassies, pushing it seen and pushing at the New York Times why they pushing their pushing because it's part of the left wing agenda. To destroy the existing institutions of our country I had my friend thank you. Aren't Sterling hides Michigan Exam satellite hurry. You, sir I'm going. I hope you're doing while well wrapped it perhaps to you for Poland George Carolyn Environmental LAW, It isn't, I kind of say it all- are used. Frequently and I've been using it a long time
Secondly, the ban, A little bit we ve I ve been quick keeping climate policy data for what honour and sixty aren't seventy years. Maybe that long now, which is you know, big, basically spot of stand on
In terms of the life of a planner fell, apart threw off really for TAT. They found that limited now in its absolute we observed they came in for tests were hurricanes going to land forty eight hours before landscape. Well, sir amount of time. That's what then music means will take more your cause. I just want to move on. Other subjects will be right back. You know our nations oldest colleges, refunded to teach students to seek truth, recognise which beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse region the idea of objective truth. They pedal moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully none of this applies to Helstone College for all,
two centuries hills. Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning at the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent piety now is here Still celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year, it remain
committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide to its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the publication of its free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizen ship in Washington DC and its Barney Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty. Since eighteen, forty four. This is hailstone college and, let me add, I think so much of hills. Del college I donated in a regional copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today, as I speak at the Kirby Centre, Hills Dale College. America's college mark were then approve conservative, no gifts and or call in a seven seven three aid, one for Yait one. One.
Challenge my thinking here with Daniel San Francisco, their great care so far go right ahead, Sir I'm a long time listener ingrate admired or sell, but I was a little bit less convinced about your argument or again, climate change for two reasons and I'll try to be brief And I'm coming from entirely from a lack of respect, yeah. I know very little about environmental time. The first is there: Since I have been a lot of reason, climate and then, of course, again, Dorian flooding in Houston Hurricanes and the Carolinas when my trip to North Carolina cancelled because of that so again from a layman perspective, it seems like this just cannot be a coincidence. Another have about what cannot be a coincidence that their floods and hurricanes wow but an island in the imo lent. Let me look, let me ask you something: have you Even element. Three research on the subject with being
Google, or anything like that. I have. I'm getting out of you found historically about hurricanes because we have Joe posterity on here. All the time he's a very highly educated, experienced. Meteorologist an entire book on this. We have. Literally, hundreds of physicists and climate ecologists and meteorologists. To counter this with actual factual statistical arguments and you, North Carolina. Where were you aware, there was a and and you see this hurricane devour the Bahamas, and something must be going on. Sir. The hell do you think's, going on. The planets are very dangerous place. It's Very dangerous place: it's not The village is all over the place there always been hurricanes and their been worse hurricanes. There been more hurricanes, there have been. Terrific earthquakes you're from
San Francisco last time I checked right Well, you might want to check nineteen o six. Yeah I've had a major massive earthquake in a very very long time, well, you can talk about whatever climate event you have experienced. That's not science, you're smart enough to know that's, not science! you will observe over the course of twelve months or even a short lifetime That's not! Science! That time Dodo. And its anecdote, oh cherry pick taken completely out of context. You are smart guy. What is your degree answer? It in history You have a degree in history, so you have the ability to read into research, to look at scholarship and so forth and You can give me one piece of evidence, one piece of evidence that suggest that man makes the climate You can look at the: U N reports there, all defective early on. They were cheating
They were rather putting their finger on the scale with the science coming info, The years time we ve gone from. An ice age and glaciers to global warming and and and turning and turning the Amazon into a desert to now climate change. This trouble you, the web, Bounce around from one to the other when you, I hate the feeling of trying trying to reach something something at finding their come out of everybody now, but I'm all be honest. I kind of call them on a burglar mama. Like that, I don't it's. Ok. What was your second point, My second point was just that it's We need a lot of intellectual discipline, start out with for balancing around. You know, for example, that it then people offered a million acclamations with a binding way before you know back here with the scabbard in the night in countries so that a normal part of, profit and right, and you look back at the people who did that
before it was discussed, the bacteria, The cause and you think what about them well I mean you read about there. What do you think about very well? They I'm very ignorant, obviously by another, and they were dead wrong. Of course I mean and we think it's funny now, of course not, but the things they didn't about my my point two years when we have evidence. Of the etiological of motivation behind this movement. And they're not and they don't hide themselves so hard. A moment later, It was exported. From Germany and France and the United States. When you have a hard left movement pushing this science.
And yet you have evidence of individuals in their movements. Sang look will use whatever. Whatever we have. Two will use climate will use the environment to advance and anti car. Close anti growth, anti industrial revolution, movement. You can ignore that, You can ignore there now ask as a rational manner. Do you actually believe a feudal eat less hamburgers that that I'll have fact on hurricanes. Ultimately, not an. I ll, never get off the discipline to deal, but nobody has a disciplined approve that its absurd doing. We believe that should ban plastic straws. You're, a big the oceans are now pay. You know who pollutes mostly in the ocean, these big freighters from these are in countries where they dumped crap into the ocean. I reject that too. That's outrageous but
Plastic to a straws, isn't gonna save a damn thing. And so what they wind up doing is. Belittling themselves Creating leave these absurd scenarios where people I'll take them seriously and shouldn't take them seriously. Now there have been multiple climate change. Man made climate change charts over the decades. By multiple countries- and I know this because sir. My show life, Liberty and Levine in the experts I've had on that programme, every single model. Shows manmade activity increasing. The warming of the earth, except for one, the Russian Now I don't know about you, but I'm kind of prejudice, some guy
I'm kind of a born to to be sceptical about that. And yet the russian model about temperature of the last several decades has been the closest and the most accurate of all the other models. Ah So, just a what, think it is. There's, a lotteries. I think you have a lot of people in our universities and colleges who get these huge grants to find out whether this climate change, but does For the notion of climate change,. And they also support the United Nations in terms of their research in Britain and other places, we saw how Rob that was again have to do is look a little bit history online. That's the great thing about the internet. But it doesn't even matter. Why do I think it is? It is? Science is Black and white it either is or it is not enter.
Have news organisations pushing climate change with individuals who no less than most people on the street. Ackerman as it is an agenda item to happen, petitions who want centralized government mass of regulation, a massive taxation clinging onto this. Who know nothing about science, let alone climate change. To be a smart person or even was a small person and see how they change the nomenclature, from God,. A calling to global warming to now climate change, so Guy You called me so you know I was in North Carolina. Men was flooding there. The cake. Like global warming? Can you can't color, but glum must be climate change. And then the fact that, of course, the climate changes climate changes but the facts the idea that man has any significant. Excuse me any significant impact on that is just so absurd,
you're no man has been only are a very long. There have been around a lot longer than men. Has been around How do you account for they may Of heating at the earth are wiped out the dinosaurs Hetty count for that. They account for other periods for- Really thousands and thousands of millions of years when the earth was phrasing wasn't Combustion engine it wasn't fuel, it wasn't. Man. Other natures, a lot bigger and stronger than we are. We think we can control these things because we want to believe we can fix that. I'm sorry we can't fix it. I dunno I want to thank you- know right story. He left, I think you do. There's so much more to explain about this robber Empire Michigan the great,
It is high, go remark, you know The US has a sure sign to the q is called Nova now, yes, I've watched it often Ok, I love you show myself, but they do a series called the dawn of Man and they Fight over and over and over, in fact, I even bought the dvd also permanent, that the severe climate change throughout the entire history of this planet is what caused the man, be able to evolve, Enjoyable, although we from Africa throughout the entire range of all the continents, arise the oceans, the lowering of the oceans, the movement of the of the two tonnes. Plates change in the in the physical nature of the various continents and everything else. All Happens- and it happened long before mankind and it happens a little bit today. We just don't notice it always
it happened during mankind's adjustments. Do and that's why allow them to go further and further, I mean in her own words they keep saying over and over survey climate change by that was away before any of this. It we are dealing with today have even come close to occurring. This is the weather and the earth itself being basically almost like a living entity on its own is nature. This is happening the idea that we should get rid of plastic bags, stopping Hamburg Asia, It's so. I mean when you look back at the flat Arthur's when you look back at what some people came up with. It's so grotesque, such a misuse. Of the media. Misuse of I did pseudoscience it's Tracking and we're supposed to change our entire economic system tie our way of life. Governing documents to accommodate,
this ideology and when you people, I gay o C and Bernie Sanders NBC, Sir truck tunnel pushing it. You know that cause the radical Democrats, the pushing it As an agenda, political and governing agenda then pushing it because they are, they Stand the science thank
For you call my friend we'll be right back then liberty and learning and a healthy democracy. These two things are mutually supportive in America. Today, however, that bond is broken to help prepare the breach. Hailstone colleges launch the Van and oh graduate school of government in the nations capital and, unlike other graduate programmes, hills dealt, teaches politics as a human activity, oriented toward justice, a series of choices guided in the best case by right principles, but made an ever changing circumstances. I require prudence to achieve the best attainable results. Tales deals, curriculum, combines the careful reading, a primary sources and serious historical inquiry. Students learn how to apply the principles of free government an advance. The cause of constitutional is in the context of ever changing circumstances. He'll snails, new vandal school of government is a program, unlike any other, in Washington, Dc Hills Del College pursue
the truth and defending liberty since eighteen forty four learn more at Lavigne for a hills, Delbert Com- that's l, easy! I am for hills Del backup. A California mileage had been revoked by the president. President says his administration. Is revoking, this is from canine Californy the authority to said Otto mileage stand, are stricter than those issued by federal, regulate know. What I've been hearing all day in the coverage of this is ready The waiver ragging at the waiver ragging got the waiver. This is how the media press their propaganda. Reckon would agree with, but Donald Trump is doing here. Because ragging got the waiver, but he never thought a clown like Gavin Newsome would be the governor I, like Barack Obama with president of the United States,.
So trumpets and doing anything. It contradicts the Reagan philosophy on governing a Ever was given and now waivers been taken away. Tromp. Such a move would result in less expensive and safer cars, and I talk about safer cars while the time the meat, reporting on this issue today. If they talked about safer cars, if they talked about the death and mayhem, these lighter cars cause not why New show that I've heard not one news broadcasts it. I've heard have mentioned this, not one. So people are killed with cars. And are killed in their cars because there are lighter, because a cafe standards posed a mandated by the federal government, They want to talk about guns all the time. When I talk about this, why Because it undermines the narrative. It undermines the man.
Our foreign environmental groups, that they play legal action really. And they said they are criticising the Trump administrations decision to revoke the state's authority. So what. Does the new president in town, These standards were put in place, not big. The pollution not big, as a global warming, global cooling, climate change, they were put in place because of OPEC to try reduce the reliance on foreign oil. Particularly the Arab, because they were using it to try to influence our policy with respect Israel. I suspect many in the meeting the Democrat Party today would support them, but The objective is changed. They never want to pull back these standards. I don't care how many lives across the laws of physics.
Use aluminum instead of steel use plastic instead of steel use rubber. Instead of steel, he get debts and mayhem. When you have accidents. But they're not persuaded by this alone, the laughter by the Environmental Protection Agency or in the news me they're, not persuaded by any of this. They could care less. Never talk about all the deaths and Costs as a result of any of this, never. And here it's not even a constitutional issue here they can reverse course statutorily or regulatory reversal. They're not going to do it. Their base insists on it. Their base insists on. As president does. A very courageous things,
I don't see President Romney doing this. I don't see President Bush doing this job present in case it doing this to you. And yet that's what he's done and the amazing thing about this president, even though you may disagree on some issues, we all do some We see changes course. It disagrees with himself initialling. That's fine son. And out to destroy him and sabotage women. Humiliating no prob. What sober adults do. But this present it's not even a in ideological, pretty sure he makes these decisions because he knows there right and they happen to be conservative. You soon I mean Mr Barroso he's not sitting. There is somebody who study higher and Missis. And free many sitting, there is somebody who's experienced the world and he
but this is wait a minute. This kind of stupid I'll be right back now, run casting them only underground command, both than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader. My man cannot everybody marked the men here, aren't number seven: seven, why we ain't one one: seven, seven one won't want what are the things that I always wrestler and try to come to terms with.
Is the idea, apparently among many of our fellow citizens, that they don't trust government. They don't trust these politicians every servant. He had, apparently they want more, both. I, what do I mean by that. When the government gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Obviously you get more government in politics, Become ever stronger. A more able to control your individual lives. What makes these politicians so special. Are they smarter, more experienced. Wiser, more prudential more virtuous, No, if anything, it's the opposite. They managed to get elected to high office.
For a variety of reasons and in a variety of situations, government Most of you, dont trust, bigger. Even the radicals on the left claim to oppose big government. And yet they want much more of it. Maybe some of you want much more, and so Your distress for politicians and government runs high and yet. Something doesn't go right in somebody's life, with their business over their union or whatever it is. They think, there's an injustice for their think. They're owed something. And they want more government. She'd government is sort of this, the so bleak this this this blob. So you can kind of project anything you want to into it. Sometimes it's cheese
What the government of my face- I don't want them in my bedroom. I don't want them, tell me what to do and then other times let them in my bedroom. If there's a gun there, me and I want them here. I want them there and what the government in my in my medicine chest and what the government of my doctors government. I want lots and lots of government, but I don't trust the government. What about politicians? These loathsome politicians there loathsome- I don't like these politicians, I can't stand these politicians and then you get why doesn't that government do x? I thought you didn't. These part manner the government. Now what is government while its many things, The government is the most powerful thing in your life they can destroy. You can obstruct you.
In the worst cases we seen throughout, history can kill, you can protect. You. You can use government to steal from your neighbour in order to enrich herself while they compassion on the left. The government in the wrong hands can be extremely dangerous in them centralized and the more powerful again the more you bitch Senor Everyday lives, the more law. That is to be the case. That's why somebody like me and most of you look at the situation today in the Democratic Party in the media and what they are they, what they are pushing. And were scared to death. Destroy competition distill trunk The private sector to turn Constitution inside out these are the things happen,
act us these are the things that make us free and prosperous so nautical here. In law and crime, this long crime site. As I understand it, is another site that has spawned by Dan Abrams Dan Abrams is the You go analysed, At a b c news, and as a legal analysed he's been wrong, more times are not chasing the Russia Collusion story, hissed will treat him as it will all the other french, chasing buffoons, as ever chasing buffoons buddies, at this hard left wing propagandists. They called mediate. It should be called stolen night. Mostly punks, who right over there He's got this thing called long crime.
And there's a peace in their called. The constitution is unfinished legal heavyweights call for a member to overturn citizens united to the constitution is not finished. There's a million ideas. The left has, ladies and gentlemen. And we either go around the constitution and oppose them on society or. We find a way to rewrite the constitution and impose our views on society. Several dozen law, professors, legal scholars choose me former life The fish was in prominent attorneys, while I kind of covers the year. The horizon doesn't. Have signed ongoing, open letter calling for the passage of a constitutional amendment to overturn the heavily criticized Citizens United Decision I'd say, run on sentence and that's a mouthful column, com, backer overhead. Law and crime.
So much about the said, since perverse is perverse. Be heavily criticised citizens united. This is heavily criticized by whom, by the left, meaning the media, meaning. The Democrats. So they want to pass a constitutional amendment. Let's ride on When he turned the Us Supreme Court handed out citizens United Verses, if he see a ruling that struck down several provisions of the by party, The campaign reform ACT of two thousand to typically notice Mccain Feingold. Does a man if you're violations of the constitution are partisan or by parties. This was a free speech case. Ladies and gentlemen, I notice in the first Paragraphs, they don't point that I don't get to it, but they don't call it a free speech case. That's what it was. The people should have the right to
These monies pull their monies terrain add on television and radio. That advocate for particular viewpoint. Let's dangerous too much money in politics and others too much government in government. Using a somewhat controversial. First amendment analysis. You see all the words in here again. If you ve read on freedom of the press, you'll catch them, the you, What I called devil terms and age, an angel terms Benchers, you may want to write this down. You don't forget what I, devil terms, an angel terms. Controversial first amendment analysis, a controversial in that context is the devil term. You see so support this position. You supporting a devilish position. Hi courts. Conservative majority held one. The government cannot restrict the speech of
they created entities like corporations and on profits or state sanctioned entities such as unions, but towards their free to correct Pat, create packs. And voice there the viewpoint that is the viewpoint of the cap. Of cooperation or union communicating with whom the american people. What only the media should have this power right should be? No, Competition, just the media should be able to dictate and too That spending money is a form of free speech, which, of course, it is. If I can, raise the money to run a television at promoting a viewpoint that I have the counters Jake Tapir, a dummy, lemon afraid, o Cuomo or all, as for the freak show I won't be able to present viewpoint that's different than there had made balance out the coverage.
And three, therefore, the government cannot limit spending in the political arena by such organisations. You see what I mean we don't asked the government when it comes to freedom of the press right, we don't. The government when it comes to interfering and freedom of speech right, except, of course, When they silence people, we disagree with or they. Air to allow a separate entity companies, unions, raising funds through packs. Airing their viewpoints, just the viewpoints on television and radio Can allow because we have other corporations there. Purchase. Newsrooms like CNN, with There are times our MSNBC or the war post where they get to rest their viewpoint, but its protected by freedom speech so. If you have entities that raise money and run adds promoting a partition,
perspective in viewpoint, too much money and politics, and that needs to be outlawed under the First, a member. On the other hand, a fury mould billion dollar internet. No corporation that purchases, a newsroom. At newsroom, his hands off government seem point, MR producer. And so what this really is? This isn't a push to dance the monopoly the news media, the monarch, if the idiot viewpoint that is pushed They get professors like large tribe, Zephyr teach out, Zephyr teacher. Lights, less egg. Former. If you see, Commissioner Liberal Trevor Potter Organs iron against you, the american people and Jeff
planets is the President of American promise the nonprofit dictated to Turning the ruling in citizens united in the irony, there is some non thanks to the tax laws. But give his organization. His organization, a tax free That is not necessarily against unjust, pointing out how the left to avoid taxes have left wants to be To advance propaganda but they do not want five competition of ideas under any circumstances, this one caught
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And then the is let me in this way, we are now in a period in our country,. Or what used to be obvious is not so obvious anymore. There are indeed Drawers and forces and groups for them both political parties within both pillar parties that do not want our nation to defend itself to defend its interests Security and economic They say things like where we can have these never ending wars. Ladies and gentlemen, I have to, Do you in the past about the Kellogg Briand ACT. The Colombian ACT An agreement among most world countries.
Run a hundred years ago, or so. In which they agreed to outlaw war. They were tired of war, tide of fighting wars. I mean they just fought war war one. I was a war this, Look look, can we just agree, no more wars? Okay,. And so we signed on other signed on the calibre. Yonder wasn't as stupid. You sign a piece of paper in you actually believe country for all time, To be committed to it,. Isn't that incredibly naive. How we familiar by now in twenty nineteen.
With what happens if you're, not resolute and vigilant feed on have the strongest military on the face. The earth, if used Back and wait. An ostrich like posture. For the enemy to make all the cause and make all the decisions. We did that and world war before the war. And we did it all the way up to nine eleven when built then refused to take out of some have been launched in Afghanistan, member William, Kill fifty innocent people fifty Some people who happen to be hang around Osama, I'm on then on two innocent to me. We ve lost a lot of Americans on the battlefield. The Continental United States. In Hawaii, you name it a lot of Americans. When we fail to be resolute and vigilant.
By wars, have been started way way way. Off of our shores, where Two wasn't started the Continental United States, nine eleven. Wasn't launched in the Continental United States. What does this have to be there with us? Can you imagine If some very preshent person said Osama Bin Laden he's in Afghanistan, we need to take him out. Ran pallaby saying today. What would the code pink Republicans on tv and radio, be saying today: don't do it. What does it have to do with us he's all the way over there? He can't hurt us. One of her son had been long said. You know what I'm gonna build icy beams put nuclear warheads. What They do about that.
Ah, he shut out he's way over their way over there. Can keep her when these wars in these battles we need it, Have our mission explained What is our mission. Our mission is explain and it's always the same- to protect People, the United States, to protect the people, the United States, we ve true, that the United States has not attacked. And when regimes practically genocidal phenomena, Us regimes tell us what their plans are. They ought not be ignored. Hitler should not have been ignored, Stalin should not have been ignored, MAO should not have been ignored. Bin Laden should not have been ignored. The Iranians should not be ignored.
Hitler, Stalin Mount, they didn't have. I see beams. Would nuclear warheads. Capable of hitting American Citys today. Was stolen eventually acquire them? That's for sure was that a good thing. And then to hear the arguments which so we try american by people, pretend to be nationalists and populists. How many more wars. We going to get it. We would never be in Afghanistan, but for the fact that we were hit on nine eleven. What are we doing there? What are we doing there? What are we doing there? Now ran is killed. Hundreds.
American soldiers, Marines army. You name it. I have to listen to people tv and even callers, Why is it any of our business? We should have been there, That's not right. Was our business because when an alliance with other countries hurting ran we didn't do anything DORA. And they kill our soldiers. You know Americans used to think go, kick their ass. They don't get the do that to our american soldiers, not today, today let's get out, what are we doing there? What are we doing there so far away
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Who say luckily, I I'm just tired of all these wars were off tired of wars. The latest Joe, I have to say, we don't have a draft we have such Rave, courageous men and women who volunteer to go into the military. We don't have a massive presence overseas as compared to prior decades. We know the massive presence in Afghanistan or Syria or rack, despite propaganda. We very small, presents very small. So I just I just wondered to myself I'm going to take to to be resolute. Now the Iranians so far have gone away blowing up twenty billion dollars worth of Saudi Arabia,. Fuel and refining capacity, and so the lime we're getting now, as you know, were sick defending Saudi Arabia. Well then, don't colored Saudi Arabia. Color, whatever you want
I'm a fan of Saudi Arabia, who the hell's a fan of Saudi Arabia. Throw and in but that's not the point that Tack showed us the That is the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran is made. When it comes to missile technology. When it comes to pinpoint accuracy. That should concern you, when we have a regime that is per acting its icy be aims and its nuclear capabilities. That should concern. You were He used the same technology. They used to hit Saudi Arabia to use our Fleet in Bahrain to hit them and by the way, I think, that's one of the reasons. The current secretary defence. At the Pentagon is so fearful of us doing anything. But I am fearful of us doing nothing
As you know will decide. The experts will decide that the options are on the table. I'm not gonna do a behind a microphone. I have access to the information, but I do feel, fairly confident, fairly confident. Then, if regular president, he pound the crap out of these people, because we know he did. You know I killed all those Marines. There wasn't a reaction for. Then later on, they hit us again and he hit them. He blew out. Their oil rigs in the ocean and blew up. Several of the missile sites. We didn't hear from them again. We shouldn't be saying: we don't want war, even if we don't want war. And we can rely on the Saudis. Even though the Saudis ought to do something, but this threat,
is a threat to the United States. The threat to enable fleet. The threat to the world, and we can sit here and pretend otherwise all we want. They're not gone away And they're gonna get more more powerful, they're gonna get more more technology by hook or by crook. Show. The hundred fifty billion dollars Obama gave them has come and very handy branch repeating them. The Germans are appeasing on what to expect. The North Koreans are feeding them technology that is fed the North Koreans from the Russians and the Chinese. By the way that little bastard, they think like forty nuclear, miss on this now. Such becoming extremely dangerous. Now we can sit here. In Texas, Sir. Kansas or whatever, that's way over what the hell's a problem.
Ass. Those people who died on nine eleven of our way over their promise. You can ask them they're gone. Those buildings are gone. They hit our Pentagon. From a plan hatched. In some hellhole in Afghanistan. And after all, that. I gotta listen to these code pink Republicans in these appeasement. Democrats, act like WAR war, mongers. July fourth, I applaud the military. On veterans day, they applaud the military Memorial day they plowed the military a military, is to be blamed. And our leaders in the military to be blamed. If there is a military action or dispute. Call me out: I'm not gonna join there.
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Caught one go, we all support Saudi Arabia, our friend in the region. I do not believe it would be a wise choice for us to engage in Canada, military action of our own and then at the proletariat well, let's of sound, sophisticated. So we don't have to engage in military action. What should we do? Met. We're not the policemen of the world. Ladies and gentlemen, after all go ahead, the World Saudi Arabia, we said a lot of weapons to they have the capacity with the weapons we sold them to respond in the way they think is appropriate, but one nation attacked another that doesn't mean you now to states, needs to get in the middle and start using our military might and threatening our our men and women in any to float Tokay Bernie Sanders. So it's that that's it! Camp coalition, in it. But the Israelis tend to do they not.
It back militarily, but Have people who secrete themselves inside these. Genocidal regimes. And do all kinds of mischief in order to protect themselves. Noticed Romney doesn't even talk about that Romney's jail K. We want nothing to do with this. Nothing to do with this. Let me use may run the question what, if they blow up all of Saudi Arabia, oilfields. What if they take over by rain, were navies. What if they do? Any of these things. What would you do about admit, barely nothing Nothing TIM Kane on CNN today, so what's happening is we have a common line of now things now, presenting their arguments cut to go when you hear coordinated response with Saudi Arabia. What do you take away from that?
Well, when I hear coordinated response or the president, and vice president saying we're locked and loaded, I worry that there's no see now where we have to do when the I'm a Nazis attack in IRAN is attack our president tax, vice president and attack our military, That's how this works. But then why they love America go ahead, military action and there is absolutely no reason for the: U S and go to war or engage in military action to protect sounding oil, zero, let the sounding! Once again, it's not done to protect saudi oil, not done to protect satellites to prevent IRAN from attacking even us, before it's too late Go ahead themselves, we sell them, weapons would give them advice, noticed now Santa like we seldom weapons Cinema then: what's the problem
But to be engaged in military action, another war in the Middle EAST, a war to protect saudi oil and war What I believe is on some fundamental, miss truth that the administration is is promoting. What misunderstands the problem is trump. Ladies and gentlemen, Democrats, the Islam or Nazi regime in IRAN attack Saudi Arabia. Still have icy beams were nuclear warheads. Two three, America. These people are so intellectually sick and morally corrupt. They have to talk about trumpet Miss truth when their party financed IRAN's technique. When their party surrendered to IRAN Intents and purposes go ahead:
they're they're going around saying the attack was unprovoked view. S is provoking IRAN. Laying. Ladies and gentlemen, we are provoking IRAN where provoking IRAN we're looking for war, we shouldn't get in there and Defend the saudi oilfields here are the propaganda we are provoking era net. At sickening genocidal regime. Is involved and all kinds of terrorist acts and sober none are we. The United States of America, our president Military They are provoking era. Isn't it amazing, do more about Russia. They say more about China, they say no. Iran is at the Tipp of the spear the world around us, and they say hey where provoking IRAN. Our existence, provokes IRAN.
We're provoking right, it's unbelievable. Go ahead, a deal with them to allow them to sell their oil. We pulled out of the deal the we need to allow them to fund their military machine. Their pursuit of nooks. That's the problem! If you would just do that, God, this guy wasn't elected vice President United States. And your children and grandchildren they would have the live under the a nuclear armed IRAN, can I just mess with Saudi Arabia that small potatoes were big Satan, remember and so a senator from Virginia M Keynes answer is where Provoking IRAN Let them sally oil that event a senator from you taught by the name, a mere Romney. His answer is: we sought arms to Saudi Arabia, let them handle it.
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In two thousand one, an Arabian Nights party. If he's forced out as the prime minister at some point, he is lousy, It always moved a virginian run for governor Right, MR producer. Barely the Democrats have a high tolerance for that sort of thing. So he could run for governor of origin or Attorney General Virginia. I understand the attorney General Virginia did at once The Democrats hard faced powers, power A phased in the least. Not in the least like joy read over there, and I myself. No problem at all saying that rich white male Chris particularly of the evangelical sort are going Click, the power, no matter what, in so many words. Even if it means apartheid. Has existed in South Africa.
And she is a. Not job on MSNBC in this is the first time she is racial eyes. Things She went after homosexuals a few years back on the That said, the mouse I'll things about homosexuals, but look she's, joy red. Why should we care? sort of like the senior editor thee. At the New York. Slime But all bunch of anti semitic girl ass. He was so proud of them on his social sites. And You haven't heard about an area now they come up and they protected covered up and protector. The Herald Group, you don't anti Pelosi secret Healthcare plan has leaked it's worse than we thought.
She gonna tell you her plan will lower drug prices. Folks, it's not gonna lower drug prices, it's gonna drive them up going gonna destroy Research and development, capital, investment. So when you say why isn't there a drug that and there won't be a drug that fill in the black. Remember how Obama gave a lower premiums and deductibles and all the rest, Actually, they went up. You're federal bureaucrats decide that a drug cost too much maker of that drugs going to be forced to sell the drug at the price the government has set. Or they will be retroactively tax that seventy five percent of gross sales of that drug from the previous year, Sir, Five percent growth sales, but you know that means they're. Gonna put these companies out of business, be happy them. What the rail against other companies. So what I mean politicians and government all powerful- I
Politicians are governments in my face. Yes, but now they're gonna, take over drug pricing, They have time I'd, say, schizophrenia. Course, a seventy five percent assess tax retroactively would kill any company and put it out of business. The government can tell private companies what they can charge for their products, The beginning of the end of the free market system System that has attracted billions of dollars and investments to develop the drugs people depend upon to help them live. The policy plan is a socialize medicine, fantasy. It'll kill the investments needed to create tomorrow's miracle drugs and hurt our health care system. I only hope House Republicans already oppose this nonsense. They are the better start. Talking. If the Republicans they policy plan better, be dead on arrival, but for us, let's get the facts, go to
Drew healthcare facts, TAT, come true, healthcare, facts that come. That's true: healthcare, facts, dot, com. Let's take a call showing Jimmy broke They are the Great W Abc, go mark your shirt, so informative. You remember the good old days when I ran was the bulwark against we at expansionism in the middle- yes, the shah of was a great ally. Of course, Jimmy Carter and the French. Decided that he needed to be deposed. And also I were a rack amazes me: Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique, Nicaragua, El Salvador. They were all under attack by the World communist movement. And all those countries gotten real big trouble, but you wanted Reagan do did you say you know what I'm sick Ali's wars. Well Reagan came in and how to try to clean up the men. What did he do? He supported and funded freedom fighters. He supported and funded groups
Guerrilla warfare groups would fight these other guerrilla warfare groups. He didn't say you know, I'm tired. All, ladies and gentlemen, let's get back to redistributing wealth for him. Like that,
try to do to president trust. The media attacked him. They called him a fascist. They tried to lock up all the problem Jimmy this time, as happens within his own party, liking Romney and ran Paul in these others. Gotta go Jimmy. Thank you, for your part will be right. Now, broadcasting number may underground for members in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, my love them. Oh everybody, Markleham Engineering, number, seven, seven, three, one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven one three one one right am I right in spirit on.
Only some people think it's ok for a random kill Americans in the Middle EAST, because Close to IRAN. I don't see a difference. American is killed in Iraq or and Americans killed in Paris or Americans killed in Mexico. Our aim should be killing Americans, they should pay a very, very Harry heavy price for doing so period. And they ve killed. Hundreds of Americans. Any so so right is Zena. Yes, he is. Joe buying, you know Jimmy Carter said you really ought to be an age limit on running for president eyes, tat. I feel this way with Supreme Court justices I wrote a book called man in Black was my first book.
It's sort of an iconic review of the Supreme Court these days at least that's what people tell me. And I began the book. Example after example, after example of Supreme Court justices. Who were bizarre, who are on ethical. Who were moral? Who were corrupt. Now don't get me wrong, the vast majority are none of those things. But they are human beings, they are flesh and blood. In some of them had dimension near the end, and I point that out of the book to. And yet they stayed on at the Supreme Court. There clerks would typically right their opinions and everybody pretended that they were running their penance, really offer. Sure. There's something to be said for that.
The Trump campaign is put up a hilarious attack on Biden in his gas hilarious. And they put it on twitter.
Let's take a listen cut. Thirteen Go President Obama, reportedly tall, Jo Leinen directly. You don't have to do this job. I really doubt that is not a joke that, as a matter of fact, I think fight and looked unsteady at many points play that radio break through television reached. We make sure you have a record player on the phone he's, not the most polish speaker anymore. If the President think my friends from my thanks watching these long winding answers, they don't really make sense, and recent debates was also raised. The question as to whether that it has gotten worse and whether he is up for this fact is bills. To presume that scares me their future present here. This is a lot of people who are concerned about Joe Biden ability to carry the ball. Will we across the Emmeline without fumbling, go to Joe three three three? He looked a kind of unsteady and almost here and they have lights. So what are we doing? What's going on right now is that this is clearly not that's fine candidate thinking on his feet. My times, I think there are some concerns and they ve been men, may be expressed by democratic themselves, or did you just as great injustice, Charles White Shoes, over whether Joe Biden is equipped to withstand a very eagerly campaign? We choose truth over facts, show bride and was really shaky both because he was stumbling through his answer on the vice president nonsense and also because the substance of those answers hasn't really gotten better. Those details are relevant. Think we're gonna, see growing questions wondering if he has the mental and physical stamina to get through this campaign. I love this place. I'll. Look. What's not too, like above Vermonter Obama, worn Bygones AIDS to make sure biting, didn't embarrassing. South. Imagine what would happen if, God forbid Barack Obama has been assassinated, real conversation that is happening among Democrats. Has he lost a step? Is he is he to shake it?
clear? Your definitely moments, we listen Joe Biden and yet just wonder yet Yes, you do, and by the way you two Corey Booker. I wonder when I listen to you fact. All of you have one on the left. So Joe Biden as at the workers presidential summit in Philadelphia yesterday. And here's another one Cut eleven go Tax breaks for resource lying God's name. Could we provided a thousand dollar tax credits for everybody who, as childcare cause, it would put? It would put seven hundred and twenty million that men and women back in the workforce. That's an amazing thing: seven hundred and twenty million women back into the workforce is about three hundred thirty million human beings in our country.
But it will put seven hundred and twenty million women back into the workforce. Who can argue with that. Lot of the Democrats when to take out by we ve talked about this actually months ago. The media would like to take our Biden. We ve talked about that months ago, but now we have a list with war. The stocking horse behind by. Absolute, not job Proposals her as radical as radical could be. I think one of the things the Republicans have going for them right now. The Democrats. There's so radical there so extreme that if, through But can I could learned actually speak incomplete sentences, they have a shot. And taking back the house holding onto the Senate But as long as you have
Rubik's like Mitt Romney out their speaking for the party. Who really is how to create his home? Zone persona. You know he was a liberal Republican to get elected. Massachusetts. Then he swung back to being a conservative. How do you get the republican nomination? now he swung back to being a liberal he's from essentially a one party state, Utah so The national level- figures he's got no problem. Who's gonna challenged me: I'm Mitt, Romney, Mitt, Romney,. Man, a Michigan manner, Massachusetts Manner, Utah. Man. Oh man, complete small. Complete mouth. Loses to Barack Obama. Only two candidates could lose two Barack Obama. One is pass, I'm not going to sign in and then run me. Romney's leading Leading Obama,
Blows the last debate. Leading Obama. Going into the year. The year the election day. Door to door and their software technology fails? Mister I t high tech may run. You know, he's not sure if he can bridge support presently United States for reelection. That's what he said. That's what he said, you know we need all hands on deck here. We know in the presidency. They do. And that's another disaster. I wanted to point out something to you, ladies and gentlemen, because if I don't it's, it's not gonna happen. And if you think, I'm a broken record, I'm not a broken record, I'm giving you knew examples over and over and over again.
In Brooklyn New York in Brooklyn, New York. I see, Jews are being targeted. By gangs and members in the african community african american community. Excuse me. We have video of its constant, its constant. And precious little is being done about it. Being beaten to pop. And this is from CBS New York. A man was cornered and I saw this video it's ugly. What police are calling a random attack on a Brooklyn street. What's a hate crime, I thought. Surveillance. Video shows the disturbing in incident on worse off place between flushing and park Avenue in Bedford area.
Four men could be seen chasing the twenty four year old victim, as you walked home around nine forty five p m Tuesday. The police said to the suspects punched and kick the hasidic man. And told him to give me everything. You got. The victims, through a cell phone on the ground, so the men scooped up and ran away. Actually they beat him and then Looked it up and ran away, Authorities are saying it's not being considered a hate crime, because no anti semitic slurs were made. Police are calling it a random attack and Robert now you understand this. This gentleman. Is worrying the huh garb hair is cut. As I see it through. He's got a long, dark jacket starch. Who start pants white shirt wearing a hat, Like a stove top hat.
Explain it universally. He's got the long sideburns. Don't worry because it's not a hate crime because they didn't make a anti semitic. Slur comment that the test. Former New York state Assemblymen, dove high, can whose terrific Democrat Demanding the city step up its enforcement after the recent outbreak of anti semitic attacks across the five borough. This. Not being covered, In any significant way on CNN Msnbc or even on my favorite cable channel. Not being covered in any significant way by any network news organization. Nothing folks were Muslims or illegal aliens. You'd never hear the end of it. Because for the media and the left,
Some people are more equal than others, that's right. I said it and it's true. Hi kind is. Organizing a rally at City Hall Park on Sunday to call for an end to attacks against Jews another day another brutal and vicious attack on a seated drew in Brooklyn. He said We don't need more empty talk from city and state leaders. We need action White PD should be: stepping up patrols and all jewish neighborhoods. Until this wave of violent, Anti Semitism subsides. He said in his statement and it's true. The video footage of this violent encounters incredibly disturbing, and we are glad the Nypd hate crimes task forces assisting in the investigation Horrific crime said: Our Bernstein regional direct. New Jersey of the eight year.
This is happening. A lot now folks happening a lot. By the way that you know, there's a big tea party event On capital held tomorrow, Did you know that MR producer, you didn't know. Well, I want to tell you about this. Find the damn thing. Through somewhere. Maybe I'll tell you about it after the break we'll be right back then I guess what I was going to tell you is an event happening in Washington DC to Morrow. Starting at eleven in the morning. The west lawn at the? U S, capital. Patriots are going to shop to make their voices heard
I won't be among them. You know- I don't do this that often party patriots. Action headed by my friend, Jenny Best Morn will be hosting a rally to send the message to the Democrats, the progressives, the elites and, of course, The democratic party media worked them trying to push their socialist fantasies onto the american people. This is America, we believe in freedom. We believe in competition. We believe and self reliance. We believe the people whose country can govern themselves without a latest academics using the power government trying control our lives If you're in Washington tomorrow, if you're in the Washington area, Marilyn Virginia West, genuine Delaware. You know. Anywhere in the area. You would love to have you. And you have the ability to make to Washington D C. I urge you to come out tomorrow
Let us stop. Socialism choose. Freedom, that's our name of our rally STAR Chose socialism choose freedom rally. Together will send a message loud and clear to these people who want to control every aspect of our lives, must be a beautiful day tomorrow. Thank God for global warming. One more thing We should shop to support our president, we're going to do that too. They continue to lie about him. There Removed from office, they talk about impeachment. They draw up anything. They can't trying to teach this man. The only Thing he's dying to try to keep the promises he made to the american people. That's why they hate him an us. Doing a damn good job. So please join me My friend, Jenny, Birthmark tea party patriots.
Senator TED crews will be their senator MIKE Lee will be there in a number of other great patriots tomorrow at eleven a M eastern time. On the western lawn of the: U S: capital. He's dryness we'd love to have you will just a couple hours together speak for ten or fifteen minutes. The senators will speak. Stop socialism choose freedom rally tomorrow. Please join us eleven, a m again Wes lawn of the: U S, capital, let me remind you of one other thing, my podcast. These downloaded. So you have it if, wherever preempted tape delayed or whatever you can listen to this programme. Any of your electronic devices you're I found or Android as an example your Ipad laptop computer.
You can listen by live streaming. I just wanted to be available to you as an alternative and I would encourage you to go ahead and download it There's three easy steps: three easy steps, even a liberal can do so. I know you. Go to mark Levine showed outcome, that's the mothership! That's the big radio website. Mark Levine showed outcome. Click on audio rewind at them, On top of the homepage, and then we'll be at the podcast page, and you pick whichever you know Podcast format, that you want to download there are pretty similar that Google podcast apple podcast in stature, one of my favorites. We'd love to have you with millions of people who ve down the podcast and millions of people, millions of people.
Who ask who listen to the podcast every month, because Could be more convenient or pre empted or whatever it is maybe you're just busy on that. Night when I'm on the radio, whatever the reason. With a lot of very cool things, going on doorway, very cool things. Here is the global cooling show Zadok If that is your name, Elmwood Part New Jersey, the Great W B say: go back For taking my call. But I just want to talk about the climate
this analogy science, because I hear so much people talking about it, but you know the real legitimate black and white science and climatology found in and art the gun, art the go where they take coring samples through the glaciers and some of these coring samples, when you take them out of the glacier actually show. Mayors were actually shows exact, exec references of temperature, climate change in everything and shows that warming of the earth is a natural phenomenon, even shows ice age. You even confined him sheriff you just stop eating hamburgers, weaken reverses the pumps only right that we need to prevent liberty, tyranny called a mug Levin, Joe now at eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one, one few things in life.
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easy. I am to save ten percent that's car, she'll, dot com code, Levine are called. It Henry Card six thousand and mention Golovin. It did not but may apply now. There is a oil reserves that I favour tapping into. Ladies and gentlemen,. Governor of California, cabin Newsome. Look which, in his here he's putting oil, is doing something with his hair Say we build a tap a pipeline to his hair. It's like Chuck whom so we're experienced at this Imagine all the oil we can get now be grows. But nonetheless imagined it. I write MIKE Yonkers New York. The great debate be: go You ve been lifted the knowledge tat evening MIKE. Thank you. Educating me, oh by the way they should run on your programme thing a boy education, relocations are footing the bill
I wouldn't be nice- you're, never gonna happen, but that around reality morality, bite. Sure do not emerge with global warming and think about major global climate and untried climate change. We have to be both generic, yes, of course, I may have climate change please. No approach where the climate very rarely changes affected. Only two clamber did you two hundred and thirteen degrees below zero, What about a hundred degrees above zero called the moon, a network People boys Mademoiselle it's a rip off. They need to take money from A pocket with women who worked hard Breakthroughs breakfast but in that case, and everybody else he's gonna have to take that money immutable there. There were two gender, but for their needs very noble and everybody's frightened. You know guy spawn fallen on onto the dawn of time, it's going to the sun for Heaven,
Both are simpler, sun spots, where they can see the sun, the get money from the sun and the one of the largest places, where the actual man away they soon or companies, It won't let me because you have pocket right exactly how much we have a pocket and the other let slip and far leftists. The other place to cancel the ocean, You know how many volcanic vents them off on the ocean that bring up carbon dioxide from the earth. Did they just like you Tell about sixty seven percent of all you're good, They all do you know where you take a probiotics sick people, You're, a beautiful did your stomach We just pass along, stop there Probably a damn sure some of you think of it as many many things I want to thank you for the education once again. The free education. And the one thing that I have always done It's what we in the last few years is the fact that the com was actually passed a law. That is they are they are you don't have to,
You claim that they got anybody. Tell me what the privacy act. The call for the Freedom of Information ACT does not apply to Congress, I've been to advocate a wonderful wonderful shut up. How people become millionaires and by the way we know a hell of a lot about an initial having its behind the scenes We can get a hold of his emails, the way they get him out of the executive branch. When I welcome the mafia guy. Follow the money trail I what I want to know what exactly shrubs of India. Cabin? I want to know who's on what what's out there, Oh I'm plausible deniability the hope and behind a yoke she kept. You should give it to you. Stupid. Ol boy did not at all possible dive the main idea about yep right, Wonderful call I appreciated MIKE, you take care. Is this: are Barbara in Harlem the art, the Great W Abc
Barbara. How are you one, the pollen. How would you mind? Is our Barbara I'm doing great? Thank you good good licit. Thank you for that education on climate change that you gave to Daniel that with very young and Mitt Romney and though, and his ilk should be ashamed of them. But I don't even know. I won't even think they know. What shame is they are disgusting, they really. I mean he interview would trumped to be secretary state if he really felt this way about Trump. Why did they interview would try this guy? Is such a self serving so promoter tumble end of the year? see, if he's a miserable piece of whatever you want to call work. Big piece of work, yeah, yeah yeah I mean he's gratefully- is disgusting law about thankfully campaign. I don't put it passed him because.
The fruit cake, you know, Mitt Romney needs to stop. What is that missionary training of a teacher em, all over missionary gypsy, went on at the trial. You should try it remember some of those and be nice All right, my friend, God bless you. Do we have peace by media manners? This criminal front Group that gets a tax break, which really is a year. Hit jobs for the left. The media love them, they do a lot of research. For the media's you, my guess,. At least seventeen Fox news figures have helped enrich Trump by speaking at events had his properties. And so they list Fox news host spoken at. A Trump hotel or a Trump resort. That, ladies and gentlemen, I been duly tromp hotel in Washington DC. I think twice may be three times. It is a magnificent hotel.
And tell the people their love their president, there very patriotic it is wonderful. It is fundamental that hotel. So I should go to the hotel I don't pick the hotels events held him. I don't pick. The hotels for all I know can be America, I'm glad they picked the Trump hotel. But these idiot admit these idiots of media matters actually think Trumped needs our money, Trumps, losing money is present. He's not Obama, Michel or Gore I wanted to Clinton's hidden I'm an office to make money. He made his money already. That's the sick part of this argument. They say Fox news figures, helped enrich drop by speaking at events at his property, since he announced his presidential one in twenty fifteen
Those personalities are Fox NEWS, Hostaqua, Karlsson, Greg. Felt Sean Hannity Loring remark: Levant Janine, Piero FF this house diamond and silk foxes. Digital politics editor Chris Dire, walk. Fox news, legal analysed and commentator and Fox Nation House Gregg Jerry. Accidents, contributors, In barely David Bossy, Sarah Card, and I shall Ferrars Luke, it's my kirkeby, of Edith came while at other king, we always know she's trying ripple offers how ridiculous. And Fox news contributors, Jason shave and Sarah could be Sanders scheduled to speak. It eventually trump property in October. And numerous Fox news figures have helped enrich Trump Through social visits, social visits to properties, She's attending dinners golf soundings and guileless, for example, Ex news, anchor bread bear dined immoral, Largo and golf would trump I'll fuck
whose politics reporter Brook Cinnamon too. That, she enjoyed a visit, because they're, Trump hotels or so forth, so small fraction of. Immediate matters in making this report relied heavily on the work of reporters Zack Everson, whose One thousand one hundred Pennsylvania newsletter covers trumps businesses, I'm trying to remember that one of these events- invited by he'll still college to speak, unpaid, of course,. One of these events, I was invited by young Americans for freedom to speak. And it was an event in honour of my mind- torn from Abbas had Miss. I spoke for free, of course, There is another event, I don't remember which facility they're talking about. So I shouldn't go to these events because their tramp, hotels or so forth, so small-
fraction of the places I had been. This shows you how demented, the left here, as the shows you how pathetic Media matters is And how they get away with his finger, you understand they are tax exempt nonprofit. Non partisan organization, that's how they get their tax. There's been a single piece in the New York Slimy, the washing compost. Questioning how media matters gets attacks. M status in all those years. Is there Obama bomb hoods we're going after the tea party. Nobody ever goes after media manners. That's amazing, isn't it. And so this is their great story. Surprise. It hasn't shown up in the pages of the New York slimes. Well, there's there there really there hawk their obsessed on sick.
Sex scenes that never happen, work than India. You know why one other events or they can unleash one other anti Semites to report on me being at the trumpet but I was proud to be the Trump Hotel, another Trump facilities there very very well run. Very, very well run, and I hope more groups have events at these hotels. Many more Many many many more. I'll, be right back then, ladies and gentlemen, only two weeks left for the summer inventory clearance sail from Germany is here. Right now, when you order genocide, draw treatment, you'll get. Class agenda. Sulphur bags and puffing is free. That's right, free today.
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Or go to genocide that come at genocide, dot com. By our call screen is always filled up. That's a good thing. People are always engaged like MAX, Palm Springs, California, the great K and W Act, scope. More user. Yes, yes, it's great hey, I want to give you a quick analogy: the reason why the only pick the last two hundred years data for climate change is because they don't like what the path does paleontologist very clear about what the historic what temperature climate was on the earth? If I went to the bank and said to the bank Hey, I want you to give me a home loan, but I'm only gonna. Let you look at the last five minutes of Might banking data. They would tell me I'm crazy, that's exactly what they do and here there cherry picking, because they know that. The climate change from paleontology is very clear that has nothing to do with mankind. Well said,
to simply and very well said. Thank you, sir. Going right down the line cab grateful Montana, Ex M satellite, go mark. It's an honor. Thank you, sir. I just wanted to say very with all the rhetoric that we hear every day. We never hear the facts about the co2 levels in the increase that has taken place, thoroughly. Nineteen hundred. And its around a hundred parts per million, and so on, Inviting anyone to convince me that one ten thousand the increase is Cause of man made climate change, Well, sir, I must introduce you to Chuck Todd, checked, is an expert on all matters, particularly this. He doesn't want to hear anyone who disagrees with the meat said so I can't have a man made climate change, denier.
Our I, my friend thank you for your car. Steve, said dusky. Michigan Sandusky Michigan, serious satellite harry you thank you, I'm a moment's Joe Biden and son What are you crazy? You gotta go under contract over there. You brag about Yes, sir, but any stated Trump hotel? That's the issue, going out. Yes exactly did he spend three hundred twelve dollars in a hotel? Drugs are cheaper than anywhere else around airports than you for me. I'll buy, fire to Trump landing there. Almost one hundred over here forced to to China one point by point: our contract over there. Well, let me tell you a secret this Sunday of the great day among GINO on life, liberty and live in and the following Sunday, I'm going to have Peter Schweizer on my programme. It will be. During all these issues, what do you think of that how it would be wonderful,
foundation, you're gonna go deep, Maggie I appreciate it. Madison Wisconsin, the Great W A t w go There you have a great job: You know they do call me the gray one do I know they do. I don't know who they are, but yes they do. I was unusual reunite I watch your show on tv. Every Sunday lights up. A cold water ran, I just, I want to give my opinion eyes. I think it is time that we. Have a military response. I do think we gotta really hit him. Two or three days ago. I think, too, that goal. If we start behaving for what help none I, after that, the big scrapping in there in their turbans, because
Maybe they won't even exist anymore, we bomb that come with Muffled method- from the start. I I don't. Veronica, let's do it, I don't think you're gonna say don't wanna work within all would happen. They would be. Got that that the here's, the truth RCA another It is now a hell of a lot more about IRAN's vulnerabilities vulnerabilities than we do. We can never be sure what the reactions going to be, but we do know this. They do not have nuclear weapons today. And we do know that in the future, unless we stop them, excuse me they will have nuclear weapons by the president has said Watch they're not getting nuclear weapons while fine, but it seems to me therefore going to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons. I think we can wish that I even think economically weaker pressure them to prevent them. They
this is the end or in the be all, and they are moving sprinting towards that objective. I know that your intelligence- I know they know, let's not heavy, There is on the ground, I mean down there. Let me tell you what I think, and I could be way off. I thank you for ran ever truly. The existence of Israel of Israel, which is relatively close when you look at the size of the planet,. That is why they have to use tactical nuclear weapons to put them out of their misery as a what you just said, these bunkers are so deep, Into the mountain sides of that country, would be difficult to get to them. Otherwise, you I'm not. Not bad, not encouraging this now I know me either no I'd like a great. I don't know we get it, to some of the round
but there's so far away. Sir what I we care.
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