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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Speaker Pelosi's announcement om impeachment inquiry changes nothing. The Democrats have been using their Congressional committees to try and cast a patina of impropriety on the President with respect to impeachment. However, it is the responsibility of all members of Congress to vote on whether to pursue impeachment or not. Her focus on the hearsay of someone that claims to have heard from a 'whistleblower' who in fact had no first-hand knowledge of anything, therefore, this is in effect, no 'whistleblower' complaint. This serves the purpose of smearing the president to hurt his poll numbers and weaken him a year before his reelection. This public relations campaign effort must-see for what it really is — an attempt to distract the public from Joe Biden and the Obama Administration's improper actions with the corrupt Ukrainian government. Then, our founders thought-out the impeachment process more than today's Congress understands. George Mason initially requested that maladministration be grounds for impeachment and James Madison fought it because it was too vague and opted for the standard of high crimes and misdemeanors because the President doesn't serve at the will of Congress but at the will of the people. Later, the media is working hand-in-glove with the Democrats to push Biden and Pelosi's pseudo-event. Afterward, Donald Trump Jr. joins the program and reacts to Pelosi's pseudo-event, Hunter Biden's transgressions, and the slew of 2020 candidates. His new book will be out November 5, Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now, in its hundreds, fifth year: Hills, Dale, a truly independent institution where learning
surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale, brother sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground command, both from the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with the leader of a right to the republican leaders. Responding to policy at all the gap is no different than what matters in trying to do it's time to put the public before politics. Thicket
well. I guess that's it. You're in the right place at the right time. Ladies and gentlemen, this is gonna go on for months and I hope you'll stick with me because it's a lot of disinformation and misinformation even coming from so called experts on. Some of our favorite shows, and I'm here to help us through this and this nation against a a tyranny in our midst. As far as I'm concerned now what happened? Anti Pelosi walk to the podium that five pm eastern time announces.
The is beginning a formal impeachment inquiry. There were leaks to NBC and other media outlets friendly to the Democrats about two hours be for stating that that's exactly what she would do and she said As you will hear later, during the course of her many precedent that she is directing the six term. Of these six committees to work together. And to provide their information to the treatment of the Judiciary Committee Gerald Nobbler, ladys in German. That's exactly what they're doing right now as showing people.
In the media for the last two hours or our I should say that is this, a formal impeachment inquiry into Chaz, the full house of Representatives has not been asked to vote on it. A roll call vote ahead Where each one is to be noted,. Impeachment a serious business. It's not left a committee tram and it's not left to the speaker of the house. It's not left to the Judiciary Committee full house of representatives tradition in this country process in this country, if it wishes. To proceed with a formal impeachment inquiry, which is a crucially crucially Import and grave event, then it requires a a body politic.
Our committee chairman and the speaker of the house to launch it and she wouldn't take a vote on the house floor. Who's in charge of scheduling We did not allow a vote on the house floor because They are trying to protect thirty four, Fifty of our members. So she makes this pronouncement like you, kind of a fascist dictator that she is determined one person. From San Francisco, one house district that she is determined to launch a formal impeachment inquiry, that's not what they Institution calls for so that's what she's that there's been. Sadly no change, they changed, except the Building on the nomenclature, that's it that's! It.
And then she sighed the Constitution and Benjamin Franklin, the same party that attacks that constitute day in and day out, that attacks the authors, constitution and ratifying the Constitution day. Data they cite the constant as they destroy the constitution. Nothing has changed from the time before she spoke to the time she spoke to the time after she spoke another pseudo event. And the unreality that they create. To try and humiliate the president, she's too In this spirit, you gonna do He got his poll numbers. Moreover, if this had been a formal impeachment inquiry of the traditional kind, there's never been
such an event at a time like this less than fourteen months before an election, so that people can decide. On the future of the president of the United States that a rogue radical democratic. Troll House of Representatives so that people can decide? and they can make all the arguments they want to the greatest jury. There is the american citizen. That's how you know what they're doing is completely bogus. This is it can, an effort. This is a pr effort and it must be taken very very seriously. It must be fought. Ray step of the way, every step of the way. They try to turn a Joe Biden, obstruction of justice in Ukraine and blackmail effort, and I doubt
tromp scandal. TA, so obvious, isn't it then you have never trumpets on tv. You know, even if the President said, seventy nine times like the Wall Street Journal, said Lady Press the ukrainian President to investigate You know that's bad enough, that's unimpeachable in and of itself why Trying to influence on election choose me: it's Joe Biden who obstructed cranial justice and blackmail that government defined prosecutor not only to protect his son Premier criminal investigation, but What are they protect himself? if this under the rug and hopes that it wouldn't affect him should he announced for present. United States, which she's done he's the one filled with the election. And John Solemn is reported at some length in peace.
Today in the all newspaper, the I'm administration, where The ukrainian government, interfere in our election. Do you training, government, corrupt, released formation of our press? Gobbled up there? eyes about manner for resolving a manner for being removed. As the campaign trim, there's been no investigation of that and the court I won't be because the Democrats are going to do it and the Republic of the Senate are smoking. Dough. Somethin they're, just walk in circles, backwards. Two p m today the President announced he's going to release the transcript of the phone conversation on redirected, five B. Nancy Pelosi announces the airs proclaims, I'm change,
this will have formal impeachment inquiry, no votes, nothing, no input from the full house, nothing! I mean the full house votes in the name of a post office, This is, why said, the other day, Nancy Policy is the closest thing to a fascist that we have it up. Her favorite websites like mediate and media matters because their frauds their phony that's what they are their political, but she is no vote by the full how she bypasses the process Now are also told: what's crucial? Is the whistle blower complaint? What are they sound? Hannity last night There's no whistle blower stop calling so blower. So calling this a whistle blower complaint. This is individual who is either old, something I heard something from somebody else
I posted on my social sites cited has been repeated by the pirates out there in radio and tv land. We lawyers cholera, we say here say, is not admissible in most cases in a court of law should it be admissible and a phoney formal impeachment inquiry Who cares what the guy says in his complaint? He was there. He wasn't present further phone conversation Of course, there's the little issue of separation of powers. Nature Pelosi says: she's concern about the constitution, no she's, not Presidents have turned over transcripts of phone conversations with heads of states since the and should the phone and the recording device None that I'm aware of. None. Then I'm aware of. This is a very serious matter. A president must
But I have a conversation with another head of state or there could it be able to get anything done, which is exactly why the Democrats are doing what they're doing that's exactly what the ban it they get test money from the president's former White House council Mcgann knowing full well that cripple there's president. He has be able to talk to his own White Ass Council. Just as democratic have to be able to talk to their own staff. No talk of hundred hundred buying testing is an hundred by more important then a hearsay, witness who is said to be a a whistle blower. Isn't Chris hides the step son of John Kerry, I've been various investments overseas as well. Isn't he a more important witness to put under all the testifying for the american people,
Then some phony whistleblower, of course, I expect honesty from most of the media, wrote an entire back on and on freedom of the press. I hope you ve, you ve digested it by night, but you will become very, very poor, and very handy under these circumstances, night appearing on television. That impeachment is political matter. This frustrates me to know it. Hear this from lawyers, former defence counsel, former present it's a political process Ladys and Jim! That's all! It is Then they called Gerald Ford, who said- and I paraphrase When is whatever the house a representative says it is? No, it isn't. That's not right at all and Alex.
In that tell you when we return I'll, be right, back liberty and learning in a healthy democracy. These two things are mutually supportive in Amerika, today, however, that bond is broken to help prepare the breach. Hailstone colleges wants the Van and oh graduate school of government in the nations capital and, unlike other graduate programmes, hills dealt, teaches politics as a human activity, oriented toward justice a silly. The choicest, guided in the best case by right principles, but made an ever changing circumstances. They require prudence to achieve the best attainable results, tales deals, curriculum, combines the careful reading, a primary sources and serious historical inquiry. Students learn how to apply the principles of free government, an advance the cause of constitutional is in the context of ever changing circumstances. Hailstones new vandal school of government is a problem
unlike any other in Washington Dc Hills Del college. Pursuing than defending liberty since eighteen, forty four learn more at Lavigne for a hills del back com. That's In Vienna for Hills Del back up our hearing, people on television, saying I want all the porters out there, and so called experts and listen very carefully. You doing a great disservice to this nation, then it peach. Purely a political process that is false or. The framers of the constitution would have spent so much time on the language. The constitution doesn't say impeachment, a political decision. The present vice president and all civil officers of the United States Shopping from office for whatever
House- a representative says it doesn't say that on a p when for and conviction of treason, bribe or other high crimes of misdemeanours, and then doesn't get to make the decision on whether they are removed, there's a trial and the Senate, and conviction of a super majority. And that trial is overseen by the chief. This of the United States does it say like its purely a political process. The framers placed party Color grounds of impeachment in the constitution because they wanted to prevent impeachment from becoming politicized offence and yet I'm hearing the opposite right now I say, politicized offence in England, with parliament
framers said: no, we don't want that now sixty five Alexander, Hamilton was concerned. Any did warn that, proceedings could become political. An interesting one party or the other again. The interests of the nation he said he believed that the Senate Elect. Did by their state legislatures at the time and we know they destroy that would have the requisite. Independence needed to try impeachment. And then they put in the mandate of a super majority requirement to mitigate. Against the House of Representatives which might in fact, act purely on
political impulses, as A majority is required to actually impeach. Nancy Policy is completely undermine this process itself, genuine breach and betrayal of our constitutional system. She has had the power to undertake. Can impeachment inquiry she has removed it from the all body of the House of Representatives. And handed it to sit, river closest allies and colleagues, chairman of six House democratic control committees. All of which will work through Gerald Meddler and there. Like house tradition, a committee she abandoned. Abandoned the process all together
what she will not be denounced, except here. I need behind this microphone. There was a great debate. At the constitutional convention over impeachment the longest they was over this presidency. What it should look like. Whether it should be shared with other officers and so forth, and so on this second longest debate was over this issue of Impeachment George Mason recommended. That impeachment should include maladministration. And it was originally supported by majority the delegates of the constitutional convention But James Madison said no administration that can eat anything.
And then the President of the United States is that the president of the people he does. Serve the pleasure. The people who serves at the pleasure, the House of Representatives- and he said we in that. That's why it's so don't understand impeachment it so important The process is so important. Their stay in the ongoing process. It so important to reject when people on television and radio and say: well, you know it's a political process, it's not supposed to be a purely political process, but that's what it's me, Under an policy, the media and the Democrats, That's why this is such a huge problem, a huge problem. No president not one has been removed by the United States Senate. No president has,
remove this president will not be removed. We are less than fourteen months away from a general election that Democrat and the media, and the fact This technology policy are under
in our constitution are like poor process. They seek to remove a president right before a general election. Think about that I'll be right. Back since its founding in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call it is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus. The free monthly speech Digest of Helstone College in primacy is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First published a nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job issues like free speech. There Relation of big tech
don't illness and the American Medical insurance system, and because Because founding principles are so important, Helstone at present Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for Free here's. What, Why should a do? I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot? Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and prime I M, p r. I am I yes dad still that eighty welcome. I'll, still love in making conservatism great again dial. Now eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one in a fog set aside, no part of my problem with reporters interviewing people like Ronnie, the mass murder dictator of IRAN and Arrow on the mass marrying dictator of Turkey is these
porters, make them look human, sitting down one on one. They treat them with far more respect most of them. Then they treat Donald Trump. The very careful. But it's very strange with the interview. Himmler Learn style on the same are well, that's true, Waller Direct was a stolen, Buddy New York Times reporter. That's true. Let's get back to business here. Now Nancy Pelosi earlier today was at the Atlantic Festival, whatever the hell Ladders and you test. A very pertinent question: President already announced he's gonna disconnect the transcript got, one go
the little bit of what you might call now breaking tweets from the president who says tomorrow they will release a transcript landscape. So my question to you is: if you see that transcript planet is more benign and we ve been led to believe, will you do you think that you're cockers might stand down a little better? Or do you think that the Caucasus at a boil right now and we are going to find out that this is about the constitution of the United States, and we have many other? Shall we say candidates from people in terms as a consequence of this one is understandable by the public. You see it's all palate is the one most understandable by the public and we got to convince the public usual The other way around the public is convincing its representatives is exactly why she wanted a vote on the full house floor
This is why they're trying to build as much opposite tromp as possible, including among Republicans. You can see the republic Capitol Hill are starting to were default. Not even vigorously support their leader they're starting the fault, that's what they do. The Democrats never. I have also heard, there's comparisons to nineteen. Ninety eight and Bill Clinton. Ladies and gentlemen, Clinton lie under oath. He lied to grand jury, Allied in front of a federal judge, Heap Adam himself, he suborn perjury and obstructed justice judge in the case. Susan Weber, right district court. Arkansas after the
Each man trial after she, I'll bill Clinton in civil contempt. She offered a map turning to defend himself and he wouldn't, and he could that's why, wouldn't it was then hard by the Arkansas Supreme Court. In the. U S, Queen Cor and I believe he resigned from their before they get disbar him in the year and the council's report. They accused him of criminal violations. That's not the case, At all, with the Mulder report. Whether ruminating over obstruction, but they can't bring themselves to accuse him and were the Department of Justice independently. Concur did including civil servants they are of the highest order. Then he didn't obstruct justice. So there's no comparison whatsoever. None none! The people want there to be a comparison.
To Nancy Policy said today that. It doesn't matter. What's in the transcript, they demand the transcript, and if the transcript proves to be helpful to the president, they reject the transcript just like them all. A report, We must have all the Mulder report. They get almost all the Mulder report. Ninety eight percent of it is not good enough. Now we need the original grand jury information. Now we need a tax returns. Now we need a bank records now we need this. We need that same here. There's no reason for them to stand down because they haven't stood up yet they keep calling a safe Normal impeachment included it, it's not a formal impeachment inquiry just because a fashion stick speaker: the house tries to get around the process.
While she says she's defending the process, now, let's go to cut. Today at the Atlantic Festival with clapping seals in the audience cut to go now. The president is lawlessness virtue. Now the president's making lawlessness, overture, Tommy Ladys in general, where's, the president, been lawless wars. Found to be lawless, where anywhere where's up been adjudicated? challenges these subpoenas. He goes to federal court, just like any other citizen word or any other public official. Would he about by their rulings He also rollings. Where have you been law? where's. He said you know what Supreme Court script I'll do whatever I want where's. He done that. Nowhere. Just because he doesn't bowed down then bent over backwards to the how's committee chairman in their scores of subpoenas, doesn't mean he's lawless.
Guess been lawless and he hasn't been found Wallace by anybody. Any space body be o D. Why not. She calls on lawless mallard use of criminal activity that Denmark go on and on partisan left wing radical hacks, but there's been, adjudication of any kind and he's been lawless in any respect. Just alligator since for politicians and agenda media, that's it nothing else. Now. Policy today had trouble speaking, but she always does capital held today It's not enough to get the transcript, and it's not enough of the transcripts, not a problem. Now we want the full whistleblower complaint
it's not technically a whistleblower. He or she didn't hear or see anything they were told something set that there was hearsay? Ten years eyewitness doesn't matter? Does matter cod? Teen go last Tuesday, we observe the anniversary of the adoption of the constitution, tell me Nancy: how did you observe the and three, the adoption of the constitution. Does anybody know how many anti observe the anniversary of the adoption of the constitution? What did she do? She do any Tommy all those democratic going on and on about the white privilege. And the slave owners, and sixteen nineteen, the founding of America and slavery. Now tell me how to day Celebrate the anniversary of the adoption of a constitution that September seventy, not a damn: what
I'm dead go ahead, Amber seventeen Sadly, on that day, they entail, community. Ex inspector general form that day tittering could dentures like a watch. His face bud. I'm not against them, but you know gloom and good and typee praying to make an asset to yourself. Go ahead, either Congress, The administration was forbidding him from turning over. A whistle blower complaint. Now, why is that say he broke the law, no hidden, they didn't break the law. The statute, Does it necessarily apply to weigh hearsay witness, but it doesn't matter there, legitimate reasons for the executive branch to make decisions about whether or not something's turned over, including trying to protect the president's ability. Tat, conversely, as with other heads of state where
Video who wasn't even listening at those discussions, told I heard something right, something complaint? There are legitimate constitutional reasons to protect that the problem is. Ladies and gentlemen, there are too many still People in my country too stay in this. There are evil devilish individuals in the media who know that too many stupid people understand this and then its people its policy one day sites the constitution, the next day, trashes the constitution Guide institution This is a violation of the law. Shortly thereafter press room shut up. You idiot as on trumps, undermine national security. She went to Syria to meet that blood, thirsty mass murder and two thousand seven specifically against the wishes of the present, the United States, George W Bush
she wasn't undermining national security. Why she, ladies and gentlemen, whoever leak this in the first pillar for five days ago from the House Intelligence Committee, There are not undermining national security. There are they, ladies and gentlemen, asking american citizens has deprived ministration did at a record number. She doesn't want to know Butkus about that. That, didn't undermine national security and spending every way King and sleeping our twenty four seven since Donald Trump like to present the United States, scheming. Plotting his demise that doesn't undermine national security either. Does, ladies and gentlemen, cut twenty go public enjoys because of the wisdom of our constitution, enshrined three co, equal branches of government serving as checks and balances wow. Somebody wrote that for her I can barely read it go ahead. The actions taken to date by the President
have seriously violated the cost. To know who says you who says you, They are violated anything nobody is held President has violated the constitution, nobody. He's isn't violated. A damn thing is trying to do its job and they people are trying to destroy every step of the way trying to block agenda every step of the way: about what he's doing trying straw, is family. Is businesses trying to humiliate em. They know exactly what they're doing we were if column in this country, ladies and gentlemen, go ahead, especially when the President says article two says I can do
Whatever I want, how did he say that the economic context for that Nancy? Put course she does, but she pulls it out. Cherry picks go ahead for the past several months we have been investigating committees, a hearing in the court's. Yes, so the house can get all the relevant facts and consider, there to exercise its full. I know why you're doing you doing to try stride duly elected president. You cannot believe Donald Trump President, cannot believe the american people voted and presently that's why you now attack the electoral college. That's why I abuse the emoluments provision clause and the constitution that are you do anything possible anything possible.
To try and destroy this administration and your harming the country- and you don't give a damn go ahead, including a constitutional power of the utmost gravity. Approval of articles of infringement and this week the president has admitted to asking the President Ukraine to take actions which would benefit him. Political none. Ladies and gentlemen, this house think that she's going through this whole sham spectacle, is intended to bend, The democratic parties are not following the constitution. This is a purely political act on their part in and its defended as such tv and radio, but it's not true to be a purely political at this so how to control this speakers out of control, and yet doesn't have the votes on the floor of the house, or at least doesn't want some members too.
Whose their seats in the general action by voting for a formal impeachment inquiry. So she is skirted the process here's the sickening irony she's skirted the impeachment inquiry process. While she said, the present reviling than the constitution, and there's not once until- of evidence, cities ever violated the constitution, I'll be right. Back, then you know our nations oldest colleges were to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting idea of objective truth: Pennell, moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully, none of this applies to Helstone College for almost two
countries Hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide it sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and Just liberty and intelligent piety hills Del celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year it remain committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include, free online courses, the publication of its free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington DC and its bar Charter School initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen, forty four. This is hailstone college and, let me add, I think so much of Helstone College I donated
regional copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today as I speak, at the Kirby Centre Hills. A college America's college- I really think it so. The transcript which is released tomorrow shows no problem. Does a man treasure problem then will push impeachment again, but if it doesn't show up problem, then we go the whistle blower, because they know the whistle blower will attack trump because, apparently It's a blower already has, even though, persons, not really whistleblowers There are hearsay, witness, no matter the democratic clung onto you know Stormy Daniels ever
howdy, whatever they got whatever they can that's what they do. You were told time and time again by the legal experts by the politicians by the media types that present a trumps real downfall. The campaign finance law violations- corn on quite remember what they non disclosure agreements way. Judicial, analysed with an extort straw merrily big mouth who goes on Secret are sealed indictments. He said at their mouth and off, there's no such thing in fact that whole area of inquiry has now been closed closed to them, but the presently keeps breaking the law. Don't you know if the present it keeps breaking the law? Why is it so hard to catch up.
What law exactly has broken? Which law in the United States Code is a present unbroken none which Constitutional provision of the constitution has I, like none for marking funds around for the war president. Knowing that a long time statutes allow it. We even have a court ruling that says it's fine with a court ruling. That appeal its immigration policy present Lydia Gates and defence, just like other public officials and individuals do. But the tree Create this impression: it's all about politics, it's all about the election, so Nancy Pelosi like a fascistic dictator, declares today that there is a formal impeachment anchored in the media run with she, doesn't get to declare that there's a formal impeachment inquiry needed there, there's six both
Those that had these these committees and by the way The reason is this, and I've talked about this before Every one of these six committee, chairman and policy, come from the blue what's the blue cities, they are not rhetoric, and it over the entire country. They simply are not Eliza Cummings Baltimore Adam ship, LOS Angeles meddler Manhattan that country's bigger than these areas, You got another one: Maxie waters allay angle, New York, city wow, the geographic diversity that is for when I return
easy now broadcasting number may underground commander than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody, Martin in here I never hear seven. Seven, we ate one three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one real one one. I want to tell you a few stories since we're talking about a peaceful offences, just a few stories that I think My interest, you tell a story about Alexander Hamilton, This is all in, and freedom of the press.
I'm not reading this to you to suggest you purchase the book, all I would think that was wise by now, but you don't need to I'm going to read this to you think about impeachment lance banning the late last spending was a historian Pulitzer Prize winner in writing about Alexander Hamilton Heap, that meant near the end of March seventeen. Ninety three news arrived: the Revolutionary French Republic had declared war on Great Britain. President Washington was determined to maintain the strictest neutrality locked in struggle for survival? Both France and Britain interfered with american neutral trade. Moreover, a few Americans could be impartial about the war. The two political parties at the time were involved in this, between liberty and ordered home about,
in similar, similarly federalists, the conflict abroad. Republicans. That will be the Jeffersonian where certain that domestic conspirators desired connection with great Britain in order to advance their plight and bring the States into the war against Liberty in Europe. Similarly, federalists, that would be the Hamilton audience. Suspected a connection between the Republicans in the french which involve American the war and bring about a second, more violent revolution in America. French, british factions in America and polluted the vision assumed a ferocity, seldom equalled Washington founded Possible to maintain the national harmony he desired and increasingly difficult to stay above the fray.
Each political party became more more convinced that its opponents were unduly influenced by affection for a foreign power, if not for foreign money, positions of farm bribery have never been. Substantiated, at least as to the high executive officers, and although historians would later turnip evidence of questionable conduct on the part of Jefferson and more especially Hamilton. None of the evidence was known in the seventeen Hamilton was more or less constantly involved and confidential. Even clandestine communications with british agents Ministers from seventeen. Eighty nine, this is money- was treasury secretary under washing so is going behind Washington's back at work. Where the British and he would prefer then, with confidential american information information, so about Washington's views, Jeff
then came to suspect that Hamilton was secretly sabotaging his negotiations. He was sectors state with farm powers, particularly Britain,. And this contributed to the frustrations that led him to resign his post at the end of one thousand seven. Ninety three historians have found Hamiltons actions and proper, perhaps even damaging to the car please, foreign relations. What else this much interference and campaigns has also been much interference. Foreign policy, then we tell a story about a fascistic speaker, Nanos Nancy Policy, There are numerous other occasions, as I write in which elected Denmark, sought to undermine republican President's in their farm policy by car
meeting with fine governments, for example democratic House Nancy Pelosi had been among the leading voices promoting the Russia collusion. Narrative was herself openly defined a present, Georgia be bushes efforts to isolate serious genocidal dictator. Our sat and she lay other congressional members, known as the gang of eight on an unauthorized diplomatic mission to Syria in April. A thousand seven, the Associated press- reported, U S, House big, Nancy Pelosi met. Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad on Wednesday for talks Chris, Eyes by the White House is undermining american efforts. The ice. Late. The hardline arab country policy the company members of Congress began their day by holding separate talks with foreign minister volleyed modem and vice president, look I'll sheriff and they met the side himself who hosted them lunch after their talks Pelosi.
Visit. The Syria was the latest challenge to the White House by congressional Democrats. Taking a mass of a more assertive role in influencing policy in the Middle EAST and Iraq. War was the new story back then and of course, I regime was a brutal regime. And before her there was another democratic house, by the name of Jim right. Whose subverted another republican present farm policy, Reagan's and Reagan. Personally, personally admonish house bigger, Jim Right who went to Braga talk what nicaraguan leaders mining, the President's farm policy, but right said he, they didn't care was unapologetic. It said that he will it is right as the speaker to do as you wish. Some historical context for the outrageous propaganda.
Being spewed on television tonight have an abuse of power. Nancy Pelosi, whether dentures almost falling out of her mouth Allah, Joe Biden, they tell you Trump Among the worst we were saying, this is what they go on and on and on about this, and yet they not provide any on tax trump is actually one of the most law abiding president's with ever had. Ladies and gentlemen, it's true. Told you these very stories, but it's worth it internet could join him anywhere else the baron informally the New York Times. He was an investigator report. He wrote a wonderful book along to itself in nineteen. Eighty nine in that book.
He provides chapter and verse about how Franklin rose about use the Internal Revenue Service in the Federal Bureau of Investigation against his political opponents, had them thrown into prison. Try to destroy the the price Secretary of the Treasury, Andrew Melon, who served under among others,. Had one irish audit after another against the man and yet Melon one every challenge. Buddy fight it for years and years and years, and the fact is. That the individuals in the Internal Revenue service you reported directly the President into his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, They unleash the IRS against media operations that they opposed. Media operations include
an embarrassed Philadelphia enquire, which at the time was pro republican course today is pro communist. It was amazing how we use the IRS William Randolph Hearst against Frank at the beginning. Newspapers, though problem he also Through a committee, a Congress Hugo Black was the Chairman of the committee later point him as his first Supreme Court justice, Saucer clansmen hefty are colluding with this particular Committee of Congress and the Senate. Their staffers went through millions, A strong union telegraph messages.
Various citizens, but including first press operations, bet you didn't know any this to read the book. You know all about. And Roosevelt would intervene an FBI investigations to propose to protect his bosses- Frank It was an undisputed boss, Jersey City of Big Roosevelt supporter, saucer corrupt. They are called the F B. I told him to back off, so they did Lyndon Johnson. Became an irish target fulfilling the properly reporting come from his campaign. Six iris agents were winding up their eighteen month. Investigation Johnson rose about stepped in and chased him off the Kennedy administration. Notorious for misusing the Iris inept, be against the media against their opponents Ben Bradley
Then of news week later, the Washington Post knew all about a fact he's provide some FBI files against wealthy reply, we can see Kennedy opposed as well as conservative groups, there's so much more, so much more How Lyndon Johnson survey by legal orders campaign using the FBI and J Edgar Hoover, Her Lyndon Johnson survey, Martin Luther king before him John but he did the same thing. With Robert Kennedy, his attorney General Helen Johnson surveil to Bert Humphreys Vice President, when he was running for president to find out what he was saying about the Vietnam WAR, And again how he used the IRS look at how Obama use the IRS gets the tea party.
We pretend you had no knowledge of just benefited him, but of course she had no knowledge of it. Obama use the FBI to put spies in the trunk But of course, I knew nothing about that. Look at Obama unmasked american citizens and, in the case of a Mite Flynn leakage nation, a felony to the media course Obama to know anything about that either. I gather face a court lie to abused by the environment, the Obama did know nothing about that either course, Obama didn't know anything. When the FBI went after James rose? In fact,. And when, after James Rise and at the New York Times, are one after the Associated Press and twenty reporters and surveillance permitting know anything. How dare anybody. Talk about impeaching any these men, any of them step. We talk about Nixon, were told them.
Donald Trump is the most Wallace man we ve ever seen, you just got seven or eight minutes, a very, very truncated history. Trump hasn't done any these. None of them he's done nothing to justify. These multiple criminal investigations he's done nothing to justify the multiple congressional investigations. These hundreds of subpoenas he's done nothing to justify that it invites and poison there. Have to red and listen to every single day about him, his family, his business, staff. Nothing he's done nothing to warrant any of this, and then wrapped themselves in the constitution, the very people who hate constitution who hate the founders await the framers, they tell us follow the constitution and where the Republicans
I heard Kevin Mccarthy today have never heard a weaker statement from you, about earlier in the house in my life worthy the Republicans in the Senate? Where are they their nowhere?. This is why the left winds and we lose but they're, not counting on you and me we're not going anywhere we will not have our about cancelled, we will not be disenfranchise, We will not allow a rule, medical, small cabal, rail, doubly so in the House of representatives? violating the own impede their own impeachment process rules? We well not allow them to turn a legitimate constitution? election of a president of the United States,. We will not allow them to criminalize politics well, not allow them to abuse the impeachment clause there
Awaken a sleeping giant to quote Yamamoto. And that sleeping giant as us, you have taken the rush Nancy Policy, a timely, While on the other, bigots and anti Semites, you ve come through us to get our president. And I just ain't happened. I've got three. It's for her and them three words go to Hell I'll be right back then,
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My code love in no way. I'm excited some websites that area a lotta links to a lot of trump statements by Miss. Hence my contention reprobates very negative about the President. I just spent the fur now this programme laying out the issues related to impeachment the constitution and so forth and son. You will not find this link. My body mats my drudges website and he's good friend, but you will find it on right scoop. My body I am there, and hopefully, on some of the other sites are friends of bright Barton, so, where we gotta get the message out too sent all a one way street the media say are not the facts. What people say about, Appeasement thing alone understand impeachment, there's no historic,
context. Nothing also your download a podcast app you can listen to this programme and you can play it for anybody else. You gonna, Mark Levine, show dot com Audio rewind middle top of the home page. He click that and you're on the podcast page, and then you pick one apple pod. Stature, Google podcast! Whenever you want it's simple, even if you don't think you but it technology its walk you through it step by step there three steps and that's it working to do this now more than ever, in some of the sites we use to consider reliable, are not so reliable anymore, and I don't mean for me, propagandistic perspective, I mean Can I go all one way the wrong way? What do we care needs? You know Pelosi declares. This is a formal impeachment inquiry. While she can declare tat come quite doesn't matter to me whether fast
stick Dictatorial, LE declarations. And her six little last stages, her committee chairmen, Is this the old Soviet Union? She has a politburo. Ninety Pelosi, no Politburo Stalin and the gang six. Decided. This is an official impeachment inquiry. Well, that's not our works. We the However, say through say through of representatives, then we have another through the Senate, and yet there no actually coming up a less than fourteen months. That's the way it supposed to be handled. This close to a general election, doesn't come under any criticism. Any clear examination of what taking place here? Show What's going on, we live. This phony reality created by the left
by pseudo events and other similar events are promoted by various website that have lost their mornings. Their historic reason. For being me, why where's hunter buying. Today. Does anybody, even though, whereas where's Chris Heinz today John Kerry, Does anybody even now this idiot, Joe Biden, puts out a statement that makes a statement today Which I want you to hear: here's a guy a guy who committed obstruction of justice in the Ukraine and blackmail that government. We don't even need a pretence. That's a flower came out of his own big mouth a single Democrat in the House of Representatives not a single day, the in the Senate, not. Democratic media is upset, It concerns raised a point of concern. Nothing, zero
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core values nation are democracy. Always a risk. However, the Koran This nation are very democracy was a risk that a sentence MR producer anyway, Read some recent days have made that clear, in here and now. All the wild cars from seed, a shining see we need Joe Biden. He heard those we need Joe Biden, Roger had arrived from. Freshener democracies Irish go ahead. I think everyone, whether I believe there is no limit to his power now. Why acting like a smell. He believes there is no limit to his power, must have confused Parag Milhouse Benito Obama. The president.
Has followed the rules, followed the law and followed the constitution. Ladies and gentlemen, is really precious coming from Biden and the left. Just remember this- is the man who character assassinated the gray Robert Bork, Just remember this is the man who tried to stop Clarence Thomas character assassinated him to this puke go ahead. Repression believes you can do anything and get away with it. Now he doesn't. It is simply that it all is a law abiding citizen, a law abiding president. There must be you and your son Pewter Biden. I mean Hunter by. We haven't gotten into China at folks. You gotta, listen to life Liberty, Levine Saturday, night! She's me. I know This Sunday night, ten p m Eastern with a great Peter slice we'll get, and all this Go ahead believe she's above the law.
Pursuing the later another nation to investigate a political opponent, none you pursue the leader, another nation, to prevent him from investigating your son in order to protect your election Chances is presently United States cause. You knew you were gonna run you the one who interfere with the election. None of this would be going on, but for you dummy go ahead. So I choose not to conduct, american pressure the allegations that blocked hundreds of millions of dollars, a blog cutters million dollars- congressionally congressional through day to another country, is an allegation unless the agreed to smear plan. That is a lie. You have no evidence for that whatsoever. None zero. But then again I'm dealing with lunch bucket Schmahl. Can't even listen to this. I am not going to listen to this. Somebody wrote a speech for him. They thought this was
but for him to go on the offensive. These damn centre republicans better wake the hell up already. They need to hold hearings, they need issue subpoenas where's. This forward, the bear from North Carolina. Mac- I don't know, what's going on here, we have by partisan committee here whereby partisan. With my man mark won over here,. Grandma guano away over here. My corner of and mark wanna to he. He he he. Guy one I shot the next I should like a snake MAC Wanna hear. So that's a bipartisan committee, meaning it does nothing We got Brad Sherman have freed from a foreign has been demanding the president's impeachment since nineteen twelve, major Toronto
whose amazingly horrendous, as we all well know, John lowest, went to the side of the house floor. Gave a speech. There was unworthy of the event, but everybody star because it's Jean Louis and of course, Jake Tapir Jake Tapir, take tapirs a conspiracy theories. Fake tapped out Jake Tamper. Listen to this go ahead. Afternoon president Tromp announced by tweet that he will release the quote: complete fully declassified and unproductive transcript. Unquote of that phone call, with the ukrainian president. Tomorrow too, Morton caveats on that one This is a white house that has falsified information before from showing a listen, listen to this jackass. Listen to this guy. The news reporter, who used the word Democrat member the House the word for hang on control ink listener. I mean him whatever
we'll ideas pronouns, I don't remember. Isn T a White House and remember it- has a falsified information in the path hasn't even seen it yet. I remember this is so. Has no ratings. None. Iraq. Guy gets millions of dollars a year. I think here like this. Thousand hours of viewers and whence the other caveat, Jake go ahead. Doktor hurricane map to promoting a video that an hour ago. But whenever you get from tromp, don't believe it believe Jake instead, premonitions in Wayne Housatonic and a hurricane Map Hurricane Map, and also remember this was a white House that Tommy Jake, Is this a white house for the present the United States lied. Connections to Reverend Right lied about his connection. The fact is that now.
Is this a president in his youth was a pot head and music Nana at the old man. Hey, hey, hey, Canada can start on Fox nor Jake Tapir, like is three viewers. He was on Fox today needs thing very intelligence to say in question. I want to say that at nine go. Would you put out the transcript or not, sir? good morning bill and not at this time. I don't think there should be a rush, Our dangerous the precedent of apprised at any president making public transcripts of company conversations by their very nature of come
sure the foreign later is so whatever the subject is. It is sensitive and goes to the relation out on our. Can you don't understand, he's a former federal police court judge and course now what we kid there's no time for sober thought can none. The mob is rolling. The mob demands its information. Then he gets the information, the demands it here from a whistle blowers, whistleblower you see like the french revolution, offer their heads. That's all that's all Why bother there's jig camper, hang in there. Every member of a hurricane and Jake. Such a Jack S, God. I don't know what the word to use I can use it on radio. I think that's one word isn't it must reduce either way it works for him, Jack, ass or just check it
and by the way later, it's not a cost work till we called donkeys in Philadelphia. And I even say some democrats- we call him then anyway, winging Jack Campbell Point there, it can that's what you get into so there Conspiracy, not right, but he'll never be called a conspiracy. Having heard against rising that. I wonder if he's gonna have hunter bide known as programme. Maybe I can talk to a hundred Wang aware all stuffy data with China and Every day with the Ukraine right, Jake. How maybe Joe Biden, maybe they'll, ask last a tough question: you no other than hey a good speech wasn't. It occurs as I gave it I ask my real question, like Will you do and call on these
trying to interfere with an investigation or you don't rich Honolulu Hawaii on the mark. Levant go over. Listening to your plug gaps. For the last five years, and I thank for you. Man keep up the good work. I have been listening to your lie: broadcasts for the first time agenda in very. Very informative as usual, and God bless you man. I must thank you. Buddy. You don't hear many about collars coming promote alone, while maybe arose area, because that is not a lot of it, but up there there are definitely more than we are more than we more than you think out there in the real world support new worth, supporting the president All the job is creating, and you know this as well.
I would like you said fourteen months we gotta fight like hell to keep this president back in getting back in the in the let him let him let him work. While we have our battle and Just remember the Democrats are. The democratic party is very stupid party through Radical Party, the many respects its very on American Party from slavery, desegregation Jim Crow. To its anti Semitism through its anti constitutional as to its anti americanism? So there are weaknesses, Is whether there more of us who love this country than there are people who doubt and how about these women in the suburbs they keep talking about. Europe president's loosened those women in the suburbs there, like his tweets, now that we have a very, very upset so their prepared to vote for a Democrat, will destroy the country's long Zeno tweet bad stuff now says here that you're,
other served at EU only with Gmos. I correct that's correct, charged debate seventeen years old, you got shot. Immediately and are now going to visit the afterlife with job caused him to bring us up all our fearing God. Is he still with Us three died at eighty three and two thousand and ten. No, I'm very sorry to hear that you, my grandfather Ronnie regime on my mother's father and he in less than one he was thirty four, so they both in the same place, Was seventeen, and one was thirty four in an amazing amazing and now you would be very proud of you and it would be very proud of president job if he would live today I know I just putting people back to work that biologist model hardworking american. He was out replied bitter by trade. After they rehabilitated wonderful, wonderful,
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And so the aren't is calling on Joe Biden to release his cause with the Ukraine and China. While he was vice president. Let's see how many news rooms, with emphasis on rooms. Let's many news rose pick up on that ship right, MR producer, Let's see how many newsrooms pick up on that matter, not just miss and share the Republicans. Oh, I see, vice president, should release our call for the release. Call for the release of his phone calls. Transcripts of his phone calls with the Ukraine in China. I think that's a great idea, media going to all these hacked Democrats running for. Why do you think about it? Peach from inquiry against the president.
I think its long overdue, Hey America says Robert, France's beta. Rock incomplete fraud, is her name, is of fraud. Like the fraud, it was a native american others with worn off frauds. I'm busy doing an online colonoscopy, I'm trying track special voters. I have a home colonoscopy kid. This is beta, not me, you know the FED just met them. Wake greater extremely low class, get my own jokes openness Can I get ahold of I mean don't, but anyway the FED just met this week. It's extremely low, extremely well I may make a move on a new own purchase, a reef. Means to a better right now
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Another replica doesn't even exists, but then you have a one: sorry that the week old from a wicked lower, who have never acknowledged whatever increment cleaning he has been incapable of yet the damage. That's correct, acting like Marxists in the middle of a revolution trend of finance, My transform America Of course they have our media. You think russian media is bad enough. We have our own russian media to go to CNN and MSNBC, not a dime's worth of difference. Among thank you for your call. My friend you're right, don't forget. Don Jr will be on the program in twenty five minutes. Donald Trump Jr I'll be right back
now broadcast in underground demand, both in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of alarm, the script filtering we once again made contact with our leader my mind within our number. Seventy seven three, eight one, one one, seven, seven one, three, eight one one part of this really may, when a remedy around for my statement that the data, The election about what they would try to do, the Trump folks. Just keep something in mind when you can hear about Ukraine and Russia in this sad and the rest. They want to remove this president because you elected him. They wanted disenfranchise. Almost sixty three million people
They do not believe in what they call democracy. They do not believe in what they call and elect They don't believe in the electoral college, they don't believe in the constitution. They want power all the time forever and they wanted centralized. And they want to control your health care and they want to control the citizenry, HU, the citizenry, is and is not. This is what they want to do. This is what this is about. This isn't a relentless attack on you, Joe Biden is up to his eyeballs and corruption is a man who came to office poor he, Sir six terms in the Senate, thirty six years, a meter We followed by eight years, as vice President Multi millionaire his family
filled with multimillionaires, his brother and his son, have together and negative iq of seventeen. They view public office to enrich themselves? The Clinton's use public office, to enrich themselves. Al Gore use public office to enrich himself the Obama's use public office to enrich themselves member the stories by Peter Schweitzer it about the policies have a just managed to get on these initial public, offering Sir IP oath and make a whole lot of money. Member that stuff on ten or twelve years ago. He Donald Trump enormously wealthy hidden, need government service, he didn't need the present in they attack under the emoluments clause. They can spell the emoluments clause.
Rather than saying what their accusing the president of what haven't they accuse the present. What haven't they customer. Violating can't pay laws violating the emoluments clause violating separation of powers violating the budget act. What else obstructing justice. What is this? A long list of things referred choosing to comply with every subpoena issued by the House of Representatives, like that's his job, like a cat resist to be conquered, accordant fight them really quite shocking. I detest the Democratic Party for what they ve done this country historically, for the most part,
I detest these Democrats. There were high tolerance, further anti Semites in their bigots and they reject republicanism in constitutional issue,. And this was obvious from day one the day after the election, I got behind this microphone I know there are back benches and has been cigar out, Why, when I said forget about them, I can prove it to you the day after the election. Here's what I I'd go. Let me tell you what the Democrats mean dude you, Mr Trump ain't, sabotage they intend to sabotage you every step of the way and then blame you. They intend to look for every opportunity to criminalize APOLLO that's whirled around here and their good at it, and they do and if necessary, they intend to try to impeach. You try
me. When I tell you this is their agenda, they are vicious, they are eighty alive They have a soviet style mentality. And it goes on and on and on and a few days later I repeated it occurs. Back Benchers and has been repeated. What I said Tokay know what happened today. Exactly nothing choose me. Nothing. Nancy policy goes up to micro phone. If a poem and announce I am efficient, I that the house is conducting a formal impeachment inquiry. Hello, hello, you're, one member from the San Francisco district, you dont get
to do that. The needs to be a vote of the four have fair shall not be about the full house. My six Frankie's, I mean committee chairmen. They will continue to gather information and then laundering I mean give it to Jerry Meddler, whose district is quite diverse, he's got Stalinists he's got Leninist she's got Maoists, he's gotta Linsky ice He's got all kinds of communists and that district I mean citizens. Jimmy knows how to handle it. Jerry now I don't about you, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not comfortable with a radical left wing cook. Politburo controlling the house are represented, but they do and their top think
Ankara's led by air and tally back and all my rock the three stages of the apocalypse: real free. Go over there. This is not how impeachment is supposed to work, of course, supposed to get the full body politic that they can't the american people are looking at this and what the hell's with these people, and then we have the brave ones. You know the one one in Trump districts by lying through the teeth about how their moderates and yet they they. I'm up behind Nancy Pelosi, clicking their heels in like wizard. The ass This is very difficult for us. Throw left this by the way they just pretend. Very difficult for us. You know. I really didn't want to have to do this, but you in the end I gotta defended.
Constitution and the american people when's the last time they read the constitution. When's, the last time they gave a damn about the american people. And so of course, they're not gonna have a vote in the four house. Cause than some other Democrats have to make a decision. Nancy Pelosi wants to be speaker at all costs and they got up. By now they don't care binding. The n, you know, appeals off get Liz wire. May I call you live, Call you other things, but lives seems ok. Or maybe who who else, who asses lined up there? Sir surprise candidate there or Republican, so maybe we'll get below In our present president
Scully of trees, and you know it's punishable by death that guy should get up. But in just Scarborough says to the other jerked sitting there? forget his name, a fail radio, one term conch wash think about that, while you know what it's like, what he audio mine power, no, no. Never a third one sitting. I can remember that guy from South Carolina Look, I'm I can Appalachian I'll see you in six years. He's Gunnar and he's having an affair with a woman, I think of Brazil or wherever his wife and his family Sanford yet and say Africa our destiny? Tromp he's very immoral. I'm gonna! Excuse me more on, may I say with all due respect and these guys are pushed out on tv.
So Nancy Pelosi announces like a good fascistic dictator I'm announcing hee hee, hee hee, hee hee of foreigners, peach winning. Quite well you. What does that mean? Donna Ban, Yemen change the thing, and if we get the train from the present goes a prisoner, he said you will that doesn't matter We need the whistle blower complaint. While there is no whistleblowing, I'm always a hearsay, when we don't care out for some good couldn't get it out of mauler. Huh this guy alternative. I really hope the american people exhausted from this. No one but the law says lose worn I get so yeah she's, going to denounce Joe Biden to obstruct justice in the EU in a blackmail that government we can. That's the guy Jonah, ladies and gentlemen, that would be with the campaign, but a phoney impeachment proceeding
Could the president of the United States that of course is not interfering with the campaign. Back then Donald Trump Junior. And how are you, sir, going very well? It must just be brutal. The keyboard This spectacle play out day after day week after week, year after year, against your father and your family, We have major policy a dictator who announces work. Have a formal impeachment inquiry in the same six committee chairmen who been already investigating are going investigate that's that our formal impeachment inquiry works, They have done anything today, except track your father. What do you think about that
and then anything in the last years of my father. They have a credibility, think were America they haven't tried to do anything further constituents. All they ve tried to do is resist. Unfortunately, why would you try to resist the results, but my father had gotten for this country and I was discussing it for me I was the number two probably recipient on their hit list of what they want to do and who they wanted to try to take down Oh yeah, I've been living the thing for three years now and watching it is discussing a man. Now it's another run down the rabbit hall from an anonymous whistle blower who, with an anonymous transcript that no one actually read or seen, but this is either to convict breadth of the crop. Now Joe Biden himself mark saying these things on tv. Talking about you baby, but holding you a dollar to push a prosecutor to top investigating that go problem that totally kosher eats. It really is
and I really hope the american people see through this nonsense, and I believe they do. Can you imagine If you had done, one hundred Biden had done in your dad did what your Biden had Don T, you think he'd be he'd, be an office for thirty seconds it. It would only part of myself speech. I go American Donald Trump Junior forget one point: five billion dollars that Hunter bite and every journeymen investor. No one had ever heard of you ve ever done anything. I know some of the greatest investors in America guys with thirty your track record. They go to China for twenty years. They didn't Katy. We get the time of day for investment under Biden Show's over their own airports to buy a days later, no track record, no experience, no nothing! He comes back with one point: five billion dollars, if done from junior mark, came back with one point: five dollars. A billion dollars through it would be the end of the world. If done will tribunal.
Thousand dollars a month from a foreign, corrupt oil company, with no energy experience, no experience in the oil sector. No one language experience them immediately. Ukrainian company, there not exactly doing business in English. Imagine the hour Imagine that area. It would actually solve the fake news problem mark because their head would explode or do not have a black dont dont Junior. Let me ask you this: how many times did you arrested? testify to various committees or subcommittees Congress. Why or different testament? over. You know over approximately thirty hours so and you had to have a lawyer. And you had to prepare. How many times has Hunter binding testified in front any committee, zero,
We're out when it often spend billions in legal fees and didn't have a year, but without review that had to spend millions just to be able to defend these. Faced with the pain of the nonsense that they keep their Add up. You know they don't talk about. The fact that we value inherently aren't gonna have to do with the pollen terribly mark gave up our ability to do foreign deal. I've been doing a big part of my business, but I'd run within the company. We gave that up just to prevent even the notion of impropriety but hunter, but the problem is not an issue. We can travel and do business with China on airports do while the President might buy them, shows up and play with the Ukraine. The double entered a sickening, and so I'm actually glad that they ve gone through this. They would bring up in impeachment inquiry start this process based on essential innuendo. At this point, does no one believes that seen anything yet if they ve gone all
and they ve shown what I've been saying for two and a half years now, which is that the democratic hate from much more than they love America. They would much rather see America fail. You see I'm hearing for the hope of a recession. Maybe the economy will collapse, millions of Americans or suffer just so we can get rid of Donald Trump. They don't talk about the successes. They don't talk about the fact that six point two million people are a food stamps because of Donald Trump at his policies. They don't talk about six million new jobs created, they don't hurt by a billion new manufacturing jobs created like about the fact that here Finally, the guy willing to take on China, whose robbed us blind for decades stealing our jobs dealing IP, really dealing our american dream. You know you ve been to that and they can't handle. It is amazing to me Joe Biden that, from the campaign trail and they don't question
it will not question where is hundred buying today, I don't even know where that guy is, they have all these reports thousands of reporters who don't you darling simply refuse to dig. I saw some reported a day. I forget what left wing me now was, and he said you know honey. And Joe Biden had had a rule, that hundred discusses business with Joe Biden I said- and you Beaver and then and then he says and No, there was in the newspapers, you know a hundred by was workin for this ukrainian company. Wonder at the time that divide made is called to whomever in in the Ukraine and told them told him the first The prosecutor, where what you're not gonna, get a billion dollars and you it's not clear I read the newspapers uncle, aren't we? I helplessness in Maghreb, going gap that was going on Marty outwardly magically. Guess you don't the reality.
He'll Biden, can't remember who he was vice president for half the data in the room wouldn't be in this race. If they didn't think or something you ve gotta, be it occurred to be able to take on top. The Democrats would even think about job. I write you ve been a failed presidential candidates and nineteen. Eighty eight when I was about nine. This is it's disgusting, but again, I think the american people through it. I think this will backfire on them, as the Russia Hoax has their hatred they're just uttered disdain for Donald Trump and and hard working Americans is just really coming through out. It's why I wrote a book. It's why I wrote triggered because I got to go through this crap for two and a half years. Get the double standard. When you look at the media, when you look at the way they are covering these but varied and talk about the financial sector Hunter bite, it was what about the personal comment. I wanted to talk about it because I'm not that guy
Imagine the personal things I'm sure you and many of her listener have already freaky about him. I did that you think I'd get a pass. We would have stuck with a brother in the drugs liveth and you with eager about it day in day out for years, it is not by the by the way you have a book coming out next week as November. First, if appropriate Now, if you know the usual suspects, amateur or pre felt called triggered an eye. I just got a lot of stuff, although because the hatred continues, I sort of get to the Mulder report, but I don't get the girl with a continued by, can you can you hold on a few more minutes? Can you hold on a few more minutes surrogate, because I have to take
this break will continue what we write back with Daniel MARC Lovin Red one. The great one block live entirely now: aid, seven, seven, thirty, eight one, three, eight one one! You know Don Journey, your father and I have this great affair. Fraid show you where this I am not going to ask. Is absolutely unbelievable. I keep turn the american people the more is in office, the more he is historic. He stands between us and them the mob. And when we lose him, if we lose me the Euro six years or so we're, regret at even state of my wife. We're gonna really miss this man because
she is really unique, has still not just saying it cause you're here I say it all the time now, when I asked you about some of these candidates who are running Elizabeth Warren said today that the president should be improved, should go to the Senate where she can vote to remove them from office. Isn't this kind were ass backwards? I mean, isn't this like a stalinist thing and we should impeach him? I want a vote. I want to move Isn't that a little self serving or they talk about your dad doing things for our politics? They always do things for politics by the way marked her entire life is based on a lie. True Elizabeth One, get Panier because you ve native American, you got professorship because Her entire life is based on a lie and she's got a judgement of someone. That's probably three or four years old and imagine being a scenario. Where can you do that? You ve got to stop them pretty well, where you get a dna test, your ear sort of forces
because you're crawled into it by Donald Trump? You get a dna test, you get the result back and it has one twenty fourth imagine having got to run. The american people and try to proclaim that with a win, haven't you want the person in charge of anything I've been, I wouldn't let this person be in charge of a car, let alone in America and the economy a minor mind blowing. So you know the reality of none of these candidates are basically the board it like. After all, they share a common. My they don't really know. What's going on a couple you know have done, a couple of just totally failed and income. All marathon, I thought, would have been a real threat, uses them in. Andrew Yang. They take over the role of the EU at that, and if you want to do in California aid either at that, though it I think you do, the english people, true colours, but the reality is there's not much Helen in the field. There's no expert!
and had actually running anything about what the difference between Donald Trump and all these candidate he'd actually done. This stuff in the real world not vary, but he's done in practice here people, families their livelihood, their well being dependent on his success, is actually find the front of a paycheck, not just the back and that's a big difference and none of those other people can say the same thing You know before your dad your dad got involved in politics. And then you got involved in politics, because your dad did, you ever think would be anything like this. You don't, I don't think we were now. You what it was gonna be like I'm, an idle, because no one resorting to try to take up my family, like ok, I fight at what we do a trumpet and I think that Good thing, frankly, for the republican Party that I would say this over the last fifty years, the Republican Party has taken turn the other cheek approach and I think because of that we see the ground to the radical left.
Year after year after year- and I think that will help has shown that you don't have to take a look because the other side wants you do. I mean the last thing he said if it is actually an interesting story in the book in triggered, which is the last thing, my father, read to me as we're going down in the elevator on June 16th, two thousand and fifteen. He looks at me in the er they find out who are real friends are because you know exactly what we gotta you know this is not his first rodeo it maybe his first political experience, but he's a real student of life. You seen it you'd been. There is done you. He knew exactly what we're gonna happen. So I didn't. Think we went into the naive, but it was much and has been much more brutal. Then we probably even imagined- and we thought it would be bad already in I've been around a little. What I've never seen anything like this there actually out to destroy you and your family and your businesses
and the more they can destroy you and the uglier, they can make it the better. I mean this is real hard core left wing, Kook ISM. And they criminalize politics. I mean it is really vicious, I agree and they know that they have broken every. You know every code of decency any anything, although if only they actually spend a little bit of time and welcome the american people went. What have we got? Well, that scares me to what have we worked on infrastructure and when you think about it, the numbers the Trump has put up, whether its unemployment all time low for all demographic african american Hispanic. All of these things, when you look at the Ghent manufacturing created that we there is no magic wand for that are well abracadabra. There is all of these things imagine what he could do. If you didn't have, we got This amount of incoming in their history of a president of the country and maybe they, Israel politics from nonsense. Hoax investigations
it really which trial from the other side. Imagine what he could do without that nonsense. I went to democratic, so you know a baby. We actually do something good for America, her change. Maybe we actually do some good for the american people, the hard working men and women who make this country so great, rather than focusing on hatred of trump. Why don't we work with tromp And keep that winning going? You don't understand That would mean that they don't get the put you their dream candidate. Hillary Clinton. What an apprentice and imagine anyone really got you with a green Canada images. Her turn and that's how it works in the latest swamp. Would you know all too well, but can they did that? Imagine the result he's done unprecedented good with unprecedented ink imagine what he could do with a little bit of help. Just a little bit, not start working. Did you say before you got around than all this, that the media was a pack media.
Group think I'm sure you thought it was level, but did you ever imagine. It was this out of the closet, left wing, partisan I think we did. I ve been working for a long time. You see that, whether it you're the media, whether it academia it is pretty tat you see, but they look at the disproportionate away. They handle anything. What are you take the yield, the gretta girl, the climate change, acted as it seems like it very well, choreographed thing she is beyond reproach you care question, her You can't do anything if you say anything about area, terrible you'll get a worth person in the world, but at the same time they had no problem ruining the Catholic. It's because it was a the boy from the south wearing a mug ahead. That was their dream work. All this guy heeded terrible to the ice. All I saw this work like I had much more control, then I could have ever had great pace is actually trying to pick a fight. So so we already is this the meat
the left they will ruin anyone that stand in the way of their agenda, look at what they did the bread Cavanaugh. This is a guy that I had never seen before in. Pictures other than serving food in a soup kitchen every weekend for years, but they would destroy his life, his career, his family you don't even obviously a gang rape as it was such a credible allegation that Senator Feinstein sat on the obligation for three before doing anything about it, I mean it will ruin this guy's life. If bill the Covington Catholic Kid life. They ruin to get in the way They not willingly Roy. If you stand, the way of their leftist agenda. The answer is no one mark. The answer is no one. If they could do it to the President of the United States or try, they could do it to anyone and they will and that's where we're left is no longer a battle of left and right there,
never banned a greater divergence between the ideologies of both parties in this country. The delta is bigger than it's ever been before their espousing socialism in communism, legged fiscal thing: it's never work. It killed a hundred million people throughout history, my mother Communist Czechoslovakia, I gotta go there in the summer to my grandfather. If he wanted to make sure I saw the other side to be recognised that we were elected. To have what we had accepted those red. I speak Czech flume I've been there. Why is it mark that there is not a single person from the former soviet Bloc? Why not a single person from Eastern Europe who had the great virtues of socialism and communism was actually lived under it Mark no one from Venezuela. So you do not get. This is the greater the look at what it has done for us. It's wonderful! You should bring it here. My grandmother cake, turning ninety
this week. She watches CNN because what you'd over there still that's all they have. She called me in tears Don't you don't understand, you don't understand what these systems? What do you? I lived through it and the woman that issue, but the water? She went through some pretty hard stuff, she's much tougher than all of us he's in peers, because she's fearing for the future of her Green hid in her great grandchildren. Where this is becoming mainstream thought in american politics right up. That's how thick it is and that's what we're up against, I couldn't agree more while the least there's tens of millions of us who do agree on this and see this as a grave threat. You have Democrats going further and further away France and Sir. They took a wealth tax, a tongue constitution. They don't care they they lose by they like poor calico. They want to get rid of the electoral cod, anti policies are according the constitution, the United States, Russia giving us the September. Seventeen John Don Junior was
the tunisian Dane, I said I'd. So what the hell are you doing, Constitution Day Hindu, anything well, they are, but I don't get the answer. They won't work, they move the goalposts. Would I do like what happened over the next few days with the impeachment? It won't be what they thought are gonna come up very short. They sold another promise that Europe would It is good to be a gross miscalculation. Other gonna move the goalposts well, it is not that the planet, if that's what they do, because they get away with it, because the mainstream media has become in marketing lean over the being. The mainstream media is no longer reporting news, their reporting, their agenda and their agenda. If they leftist what they have no obligation, they have no notion of ADA. Baroness, there there's nothing about. It's just war for them and they are there to fight for their side, and that side is the extreme left Listen when you're book comes out, we're gonna wanna, have you back And
am I put your life liberty and Levin on Sunday. You'd like to do that. I'd love to do it! One one interview we have a very few Johnny and say by the way, and also our don't hang up, Some address you give them my produce. I want to send you a copy of on freedom of the press and when you have time and when you to check that out to I'll, do that bless you ve gotta be triggered the look ass. I Fgm trigger. I love that name by lower that's going to trigger them. Just by the name of the book. I heard about what I do and the book by the way you got Amazon, dot, com and priority trigger have a thrives on hate and wants to silence us it. Is a guy hidden put that on our social sites, all right, it had done. God bless you. Thank you very much. You're gonna get that part of the deal out it may well be, will be well Why they have energy? Those trumps, not MR producer. They really do
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flexible, decide our nations future. That's a fact. We will either a true to America's noble past and principles are drift deeper under the sea, a moral relativism folks, please sign up today the aim, Acta, who s it's a m: a sea? Not? U S! A MAC dot? U s! I'll be right back then strongly encourage you to download, are podcast app taking listen to this programme anywhere any time and also encourage your family friends. To do so. Specially, given what we're up against right now, Mark Levin showed outcome go to the homepage there.
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well. It's been an important show. I think I can go back and listen to it at the at your leisure. First, our laid out the whole constitutional impeachment issue. I gave you Institutional Class and about forty minutes? and there's a lot more to come in the days and weeks and months ahead. So stick with me we're in this together. This is our country and we're going to defend it right to the end right to the end, Let us go to Joe in middle town, New Jersey, the Great W Abc go Haywire coffee. I thank you hey. Why don't? Last time I got to stop from the early came Spartacus yeah I don't need money to the microphone defence Fund. I dont need, might bob Human donate money, Donald Trump- I want my my
What we call became headquarters naval care may cause every week until election day. A little fire under you yeah robots, You won't find out my one, ok and Republicans came over by Miguel in the morning. I was doing work in the basement and asked me if they can put his sign on lawn. Why would he put his sign on your lawn when you already out you want in one year's time did know he was his. I wasn't there you bring my belgian allies, I hate their his good That's why we need baby. Think about the New Jersey. Why didn't you just don't be forced to move that state because no matter way go Social who's, gonna! Follow you anything. Pennsylvania of Water or in New Hampshire shut up all you got to stay in fight, stay and fight
Joe, very, very invigorating. Thank you. Moses, Long Island, New York. We only have one minute go a first, I want to say, started down down from junior on the ground, believe about great job grazing on me. I really want. Then I want to suggest that not one many monkeys these public in Can you just imagine it when they try? Poland, Estonia, One of these double palm against Canada. The committee would say you know what
turn around. The world are actually more job and that they gave bided did do all be there. I ve been saying this. I said it on Hannity, I say on the radio today: why aren't they investigating a hunter I didn't and Joe by what is with these fools in the Senate? We given the Senate, they do nothing. Thank you, Moses. We salute or armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emerging person out all those who support us. Mr President, hang in there were behind you too, and I will see you tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, God bless you and he well from the west. Would one podcast network.
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