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A New Season for the Summer

2022-05-25 | 🔗

We have exciting news: We’ll be back on Wednesday, June 1, for a new season of stories. In the meantime, we invite you to listen to a mini episode featuring Ariana DeBose, who recently won an Oscar for her role as Anita in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of “West Side Story.” A few months ago, Ms. DeBose read a selection of her favorite Tiny Love Stories at a Modern Love virtual event. Today, Anna Martin, host of the podcast, and Miya Lee, editor of Modern Love projects, share two of those stories, both with the themes of hope and renewal. 

If you would like to submit a Tiny Love Story, click here. Tune in on Wednesdays for new episodes of Modern Love.

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ray exciting news. A new season of modern love starts next week next week, very soon we ve got all line. the stories that we can't wait to share, search dropping on june. First, But we wanted to give you a little something to get you excited in the meantime, which is where you come in? Merely editor of modern love projects hello, lower. Thank you for having me yet today we ve actually got two tiny love stories read by none other than the oscar winning actress. Oriana DE bows the birds and carve obsessed with outermost region. we she was anita and west side story. She was incredible and Oriana. First read These tiny love stories at a virtual that we both did a few months ago. An area actually pick the stories she wanted to read and picked by MR bowe herself
the first one is called choosing a different future by just lock us take a lesson when I was twenty. I quietly foolishly aloud at twenty two. I thought you boy in a corner of a college bibles day his hack, although offers glasses, I was still unhappily secretly married, but I flirted with the boy his play when everywhere free I divorced escaping a miserable future. I read covered my face and the joy of a close friend group, a grew which included the boy in the hat I floated in there
henry and then one night, while watching a movie. The boy put his arms around me spend their for fifteen years and so sweet it's the beauty of the possibility of a happy ending, no matter how your story begins. Yeah, also really struck me about the peace. Was these kind of storybook visuals in the story of the boy in the hat, that kind of character, and then that final gesture, which is so simple by changed their lives him just putting his arm round her orderly? It's very cinematic. I guess he, these thing: yeah, yeah, yeah, so Oriana pick Another tiny love story, lipstick illicit, it's called unfiltered joy by Elise gibson. Only for her diagnosis, my report, Ably cheerful friend turns sour.
our most mundane conversations, became contentious Pessimism and frustration darkened her world. Eventually, as words alluded her and her thinking grew disorganized. The diagnosis came, early dimension, Terrifying, yes, but naming her condition, set her free. Her joy returned in force. Now, when I visit her in her assisted living environment, a smile lights. These complex sentences are out of her age, but instead she pours out pure love. Telling me I'm wonderful, beautiful and smart
Her sentence, her happiness last four hours after visits. I knew a few people who leave literature, and this is a beautiful way of expressing the experience of observing someone like that former finding the joy when I listen to this, I'm like there's also so much pain in this story. How the work of son, you know now a permissive caretaking for the mother of the work of of the author herself sort of re imagining what her friendship is. with this person, and I mean this is happening. Your words, but you and Unlike you, you have these with pain and love insurgents, cool amazing measure in this peace. So short, it's just so
Tiny began their tiny when you're editing. How do you make sure to sort of capture or world in such a small space. I really kind of approach them like poetry, I think that there is the structure. In other, so many different poetic forms with the kind of limitation. I think it's a lesson that you can say so much with Going on and on and on but like poetry, it's like I have to bring yourself as the reader into it as well. You know, like you bring, you know your request and you you bring her own kind of assumptions or imagination to it, as well as a kind of her two part pro yeah. Absolutely. so we ve got even more tiny love stories in our new season. New episodes will start dropping in one week on June first market. Islanders. I'm so excited. I'm so excited me a thank you much for joining me with such fun. If people want to submit their own tiny love stories, we're should they go. You can actually just google,
submit two tiny love stories and our submission formal, pop up, very efficient, Ok, so everyone go. Do that then come to this feed in one week for the start of our new season catch them. god.
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