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Live From The Wilbur Theater (Part One) | With Brian Tyree Henry and Alysia Reiner

2017-02-21 | 🔗

Brian Tyree Henry, star of the hit FX show "Atlanta," and Alysia Reiner of "Orange is the New Black" kick off Part I of our live episode recorded live at the Wilbur Theater in Boston.

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hm hm hm ooh that the EU from the New York Times and WB you are Boston. This is modern. Love live at the Wilbur Theatre, I'm your host, Meghna Chakrabarti, the!
I. Thank you and a very warm think you two are musical guest height or they go they're off the stage performing tonight's theme song our theme song for modern love, hear more from her later in the show, but first people in times there are just one I want to make no you'd all chose to be here tonight on backward and his day. Now, whether you love Valentine's day or dreaded or or it every year. I think we can I think we all agree that love itself is truly worth celebrating, and that is what we're doing here tonight: right
that was very half hearted. We are celebrating love right, much better, I am a Valentine's day ignore or no true I never actually did like this holiday to manufactured In my own life I most often confronted by the Fundamental irrationality of love, not Let's do my husband. He is a patients and balanced human being he's the ballast half of our relationship. but I am confronted by the irrationality of love by children. So it's parents here they're going to know what I'm talking about, because kids, I think, are there they're like these little stealth love, torpedoes right, they are our by an inexhaustible id, but
through whatever defenses. I thought I had with absolutely no respect for any of my rational adult concerns. Now their parents the audience here and you know what I'm talking about. The give me give me one just a couple minutes to tell you a quick story about my two year old. Go swimming every weekend and last weekend we were in the locker room, getting changed and that's already a fraud super judging environment, as it is and son right there in the locker room just decides to have an back tat drum all blow. two year old blow out so he's he's just one there on the floor, lunchroom screaming, like pauses, makes I contact to be sure that I'm I'm seeing
and then again for several minutes right eventually, drawing a small crowd of other small people. Dress Like the cutest, pink sharks,. Earth born swimming suits rival. Everyone supposed to go to toddler swimming class here. And they both on cancer kids are whispering to their own mothers that genuinely worried and concern tone that two or three year olds half right, because they take everything literally and seriously that they're like partaken on their minds, arm sing right there. There, like he's, there's something wrong with him. Can you Can we all be helpers here? Look for the helpers right.
So that little baby, my two year old, he's squatting on the floor. His face is red. There do ginormous tears rolling down his eyes as boys is getting. be with rage and you let's go one more. I. I hear this every day by the way you only get it to her four times tonight, so I like okay when they go low. We go high. Honestly, I guess times like this. We can all channel tunnel our inner Michel a little bit. she's an example to us all. So I try patience. I tried distraction and my. It's a hairdryer, I try singing a song. I pick him up I tried to give him reassurance for genuine at first I'm you'll, be fine, you'll, be okay, you're, all right and then honestly becomes hearted reassurance and then finally,
The flat out lie, because all I really want my son to do at that moment is just shut up and nothing worked there's more yelling lots and lots more. Finally, I just I kind of lose it in a yell, My god are, you finished yet, and there are other mothers, of course, and one Georgie, environmental and my son. He stands up and stops freaking out says we have done little embellishment. To be honest, it was actually that sniffily kind of sobbing half sobbing yes. that children do the kind where you know that that will be fodder for future therapy, both for you and your child the many years to come about
play the story because really was just another one of those moments daily moments where I throw up my hands. And look my children. I think this makes no sense. How did that just happen? Why why I did that just happen? I mean this two year old. He one hundred percent id right he's all id he's all unimpeded impulse. Sean irrationality he's resplendent with it in fact he's incandescent with it. So I think for me, actually that's Love is its impulse shoulders, aside, control its irrationality laughing in the face of logic and emotion. Taking the reins were intellect fears to drive. I mean
Genuinely I think about, how would we live without that? How would we even survive as a species. Is my love for my son makes me feel mentally irrational to I give up sleep food money energy time and all sorts of things for this child and I do so willingly. I would defend him against any threat I would lay down my life for him. travel to the ends of the earth for his safety and will be Oh, by the way millions of parents are deaf. trying to do even as we speak so in the coldest most passionate reading of what it means for an individual to survive such behave. It is not logical at all, and here we go.
Into it all the time. So why do we do this? One answer: when we're talking about my kid, my kids, I'm going to talk about my parents for one second, because one Answer for me comes from my father. He is intense STAR Trek fan. This is a man who, when I was like eight years old legitimately told me daughter when I back in my legs life. It will be as a Vulcan television series Little Hinduism mixing with STAR Trek Lore is favorite. Movie line of all time comes from STAR Trek, three, the search for Spock. Can I hear it for star I know it's no rapid com, but it's an unheralded. It's an under visually classic. anyway. This is the movie in which Spock's Father Sarek says, there's a line. He says he's speaking to some Vulcan elders and he says Forgive me to lie
my logic is uncertain where my son is concerned. Now the first time I saw this movie of the totally tantrum prone tween myself and that line never really had any impact on me because I was like yeah yeah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Let's get to the part where we hit like you are firing. Phasers again, but my later on, when my dad would often say daughter, this is my favorite line in the movie and he would say it to me. It suddenly became obvious. Saying that your logic is uncertain is the it can dad way of saying I love so there That is my two cents on love. from it. What you will just It's a little warmed up for the reason why we are actually all here tonight, because this evening, we're going to hear three truly gorgeous meditate
Shinzon on love. three modern love essays performed live complete with B. The full sounds gaping that you hear every week on upon cast. So John Perotti The producers of the pod cast is going to be like mixing all the sound design tonight. Let's go, now out here, John truly a master, and we are very lucky to have him our first piece, peace, I should say, will be read by a leash, Reiner You know her as Natalie Figueroa or fig from the hit Netflix Series Orange is the new black. We'll see if we can t some hints from her about what season five has to hold she, appeared in the ethics series. Better things and ABC is how to get away with murder and she produced and starred. In the film equity.
She's reading Laura Wilkinson Sentence essay the maid die of forty thousand feet. Please welcome. Alysia Reiner. On Christmas morning, eyes, good waiting to board an eight a dot m flight from, dont to San Diego, with my fourteen and twelve year, old sons. Two years had passed since our move from Southern California to Suburban Atlanta and had been a painful extraction. Uprooting my boys, from their schools and friends, all for the love of a man, John who then remained entangled with his previous marriage and hesitant to forge ahead with me.
I own? First marriage had dissolved nearly a decade before when my boys were little and in John, I knew HU. I had found a shared future, yet it remains stubbornly beyond my grasp. so. Once again, I was traveling on Christmas day, sparing Us having to endure another Christmas morning that didn't Jibe with the tv version we were, escaping to San Diego TAT, find comfort among aunts and uncles and cousins in the familiar sun and sand. while waiting to board I spied a beautiful young woman, wrangling two small boys, toddlers who look like they were in orbit around her running and screaming and spinning, I guess immediately. She was also a single mother
with rare exception. Women flying with small children by themselves on Christmas morning are mothers sometimes life circumstances are just too raw to pretend we're happily celebrating something I'm treating the day like an average weekday, as I was doing, is the path to take so my boys and I had spent more than one Christmas morning on an airplane. after meeting John, though think would be doing this again that there is something relentlessly compelling about the kind of love that causes you to change your life in ways. That friends insist is Insane and causes your family to winds and ask: are you sure this is a good idea.
John and I had agreed about having me and the boys move east. So we all could be together and blend our families, but after we arrived. He booked. His divorce was still too fresh, the Ex wife boundaries not in place, and our engagement was broken off twice. He had only pretended to be ready, so he wouldn't lose me and I kept pretending to be patient while he worked it out. after two years of waiting. I was readying myself to move back to San Diego. I was angry. and disappointed. The holidays were supposed to be a family time. Yet here we were. Still not a family Of John and and he loved me, but love was not conquering our blended family obstacles or or making him any more ready.
For what I needed. so I used up my flight miles and bolted with the boys for Christmas. I re read the second marriage divorce statistics to justify my decision In the airport terminal, the other woman's boys looked to be about two and three. A five hour flight. That is a tall order. And even taller in this case, as the older boy was wearing a halo, neck brace. Evidence of some recent trauma requiring his spine and had to be immobilized is energy, however, was unimpaired.
on a plane as soon as my son settled and with their books and portable electronics, the woman and her boys found their seats to rose behind us and sixteen b and C the younger on her lap and the older in the middle seat. Next to a man with a look of unmitigated dread. Both toddlers immediately started screaming The one in the halo was loudly protesting. The mandatory seatbelt aspect of airline travel, the other did not want to sit on his mother's lap. I knew that rodeo well only Five more hours of screaming to go, when we hit cruising altitude, I exchanged a knowing glance with my boys unbuckled my seatbelt and went back to rose.
Offered my seat to the ashen faced man in sixteen eh, he looked specs a killer, lie really every time wish them a merry Christmas and sad, to the woman and offered what every mother traveling alone, with small one once and action. pair of hands the next three and a half hours I read Dr Seuss allowed. I walked up and down and up and down me single aisle of a seven hundred, seven, fifty seven first with a three year old in a bulky halo than a two year old im use them with hand, puppets and change, diapers and doled out goldfish. crackers and bottles. And channeled every kind, stranger who had done the same for me over dozens of flights Taken alone with my kids.
I gladly down anyone who attempted to say anything unkind. God knows I had endured the jerks who had publicly pass judgement on child rearing skills. While I held a crying infant the record. No, I can't just keep this baby quiet on the airplane and you can't either if five minutes from San Diego one in her arms one in mine. They both finally fell asleep. I looked up you rose with my son's, deepen their books and music and spoke of my own sing, parent challenges. I reassured her that it all turns out okay and that air travel does indeed get easier. A lot easier. She asked me about their father.
He moved out of their life when they were not much bigger than your son's. I told her. It was a slow break over time and family history of action. They see him once a year for a week which isn't enough. I. I thought they were going to have a new stepfather, but now I'm not sure I have the patience to wait any longer spoke to her about my struggle with John ended Lambda about life's messy nature, and how I was uncertain, I had made the right move, how I wanted him to hurry up and get to it how I was that he couldn't seem to close the deal he opened by luring us to Atlanta and now here it is the holidays and are incomplete, awkward, family situation.
Your sons where's their father. I asked gingerly. She spoke softly. Six months ago my husband was killed in a car accident. I at home, with the baby and my older son, she pointed to the three year old what the halo was era. Did in critical condition from the scene. he had a broken neck and severe internal injuries. It was Touch and go for a while. He still has Go I fly for Delta, I'm on leave and I have to decide whether to keep the farm we live on in Florida or whether to get back to and that's only the beginning of it. For now the boys to see my family in San Diego. She smiled wistfully
You never know how quickly life can change. He said that life you plan and voice trailed off as she smiled at the sleeping boy in her lap. My troubles withered I weld up letting her know how sorry I was for the difficult hand. She had been dealt. Of all this in areas I played out in my head for my life, with or without John that one was and on the White Board job I was trying to find a way to love me the help when Compromise his children, while I was trying to find a way to love him that wouldn't compromise mine. We had painfully wrestled over this to the point where I was just about through with the struggle, but It honestly never occurred to me that he could be gone
one in an instant. She, and I both those for about ten minutes awakening to the pilots voice, announcing our final approach into Lindbergh field,. Banking right on approach with the Coronado Bay Bridge Sunlit on my left. Wished each other a merry Christmas I hadn't intended to be the generous one that morning, my gift to her was an extra pair of hands to wrangle spirited toddlers on a plane, but her gift to me was of the Magi order. It was the gift of perspective, I'm being able to step back and appreciate what I have. However,. Straining John loved me. I knew that his worries about joining our family had complex
we did our love, not extinguished. It struggles and patients are part of the deal. As soon as we hit the tarmac, I dialed tonnes number and told him I loved him. I thanks to that. Stranger on a plane. I discovered I had more patience appreciation in me. the next year John And I married and finally spent Christmas morning together as a family, as we have ever since-
at least the performing Laura Wilkinson Sentence and say the magi at forty thousand feet. Thank you. but we're doing mad. You don't know where to get your actually and along the modern world.
Yeah, I'm an avid reader of modern life, and you and you read- you read one of the essays for us last year- Laura Mountains, yeah. I was in what was it about Laura's essay that really the first this one I first read it when I was a mom of a little one. I was in my thing my daughter is about three or four and I remember like Sobbing, like deeply sobbing- and I was actually worried because in both cases when I, when I did the podcast, You guys sent me ones and they happened to be some of my fav the ones you sent it to me. I was so excited, but
At the time I read it at home, tried to practice. I would start sobbing and my biggest concern was that I wouldn't be able to get through it tonight. So I'm so glad the my my sweet husband is in the audience and he brought tissues in my pocket. True love! Well, thank you! So much And, as I hinted before, you came on stage season, five of orange, Blair are notified, contractual obligations that were were dancing around Europe gives us even it used ye you might see, fig yeah and I think it's been out in the press. Now that it all takes place in three days. I think that has been announced by Dan.
Inbox not being first and an I. So I can say that so that's exciting and I did the one thing. I really want to say about this story in this in this world today now I will start to cry, and this is a story about the kindness of strangers and I think it is deeply deep Important in our world today that we are kind to one another, let that we take care of one another and more than ever, kindness and love and and being love as an active as love as a verb. strangers to the people you love. It is so deeply deeply important and I feel so honored
He heard a knight to talk about that too, to express this beautiful piece of writing about that so thank you Alicia, so so much the Alicia. We look forward to losing a lot of sleep starting June. Ninth when season five of Orange is the new black gets real. It's on Netflix. Now, following the reading gorgeous reading, Yes is this is the point in the regular podcast where we get to hear the author of the essay that we just heard and we're going to do the same tonight. So it's been five. Since Laura's piece came out in modern love and she sent us this update. So let's listen. John and I have been married for a number of years now, we've been together hard to believe for twenty and the struggles of the early days. You know there are
in our relationship but they're. One of things that make it so sweet now. The woman that I wrote about on the plane, her two sons I think of her. Often I carry her in my heart because she really help me get to a place of gratitude I don't know where she is or where her life has gone. I hope is the phenomenal places for her. She, She certainly had a rough go of it, but she also had that place of gratitude to. Any marriage or long term relationship is difficult. but I think a lot of it is is loving people for who they are John, and I we love each other for who we are, and to be really loved is one of the greatest human experiences. We can have that's Laura, Laura Wilkinson, Sinton, author of the magi at forty thousand feet. She and John still live in Atlanta
Brian Tiree Henry of ethics as Atlantic reads for us. After the break.
The I love spelling my boyfriend and I often play spelling bee together by together I mean sitting next to each other playing individually and not cheating. Sometimes when I open outgoing d- and I see that you have completed a few words on your own, I feel a little betrayed in theory. It may have happened against the year. I have one friend who I will send screenshots from spelling bee of inappropriate words that I always get nervous or assented to my parents, or something like that was my dad was like the first time together and help each other out. I think I got it to see it. J, a c k, p o t jack. We hit the jackpot, panicked, yeah, Elrond, nice, I'm same as earth's sky. The digital puzzles editor for the New York Times. You can try spelling bee and all our games at n, one times dot com, slash games.
I a little music everybody please welcome. Back height
the. and I And and the EU.
Jack. It's raining and raining the sky is falling down.
No don't! You worry that I don't need paper in my pocket and I'm waiting for the taxi to, and I told the driver the crazy, but I have to do it. I've been waited and waited, and now I gotta try the SARA. Yes, you heard me right now. You can't deny that sending that to anybody the driver, the Schumer, got to surprise the fish cause you're up to the me and you.
You don't like the foreman go straight away. Thank you so much for you to hear from them again in just a few minutes, our next performer stars as miles or paper boy and the Fx Series Atlanta, by the way way, which just won the golden Globe for best tv series, music or a comedy Brian Tiree. Henry is reading Matthew, Parker's essay, a student of intimacy step by step. Please welcome. Brian Tyree Henry the
It is not true that women love outlaws, they may go for a guy with a few misdemeanors and a bad haircut, but about the extent of their interest in the proverbial bad boy, it comes to real criminals with actual felonies prison tattoos. Many will settle for the nearest mechanic with dirty fingernails and a japanese motorcycle. I have eight felonies at least twice that many misdemeanors I've been five times all for non violent drug and drug related offenses. I was basically a petty theft with a history of drug abuse, a past, I'm not a powder of north side. It made it to I am now a full time. Student the clean for eight years, but the D. New taxes on my arms are still playing to see the profanity point for my mouth is plain to hear: And I smell like a tobacco factory there Laws. Ladies read me simply soul.
It should be surprised that I seek love in an alien land my girlfriend on a website that arranges relationships and marriages with women from Cali, no, not California, but Cali Colombia I recently returned from visiting her my sixth trip in two years. I love Ellie, because it moves with a frantic purposefulness that would make army ants, envious, the traffic lights. There are more advisory than imperative. My girlfriend get a nice is barely five feet: tall she's, thin, and beautiful with long curly, black hair and lightly freckled brown skin. She appeared amazes the hustle Kali working for them for a condominium complex. She who studies, business, administration and finance on weekends. I love it when I give her money. Before meals, say in short, changes me. I pretend not to notice, because it reflects a survival instinct that I am quite familiar with
yet neither lives on about sixty dollars a week from this she must pay her rent. To wishes and all the things that provide a modicum of comfort and a third world country. Every peso counts two years ago I bought the email addresses of four women on the Cowley website for ten dollars each. I was forty. So I've been looking for women in their late thirties or early forties, but yet a any who was thirty. Three captives, Me especially her wide friendly smile, she was off the first to write back after I sent My photo are received an email message from her every other day for months, not a simple thing, Considering she had to go to an internet cafe didn't pay to send them. I was thrilled in prison, Nothing is more depressing than an empty mailbox for inmates letters via snail, mail or a touch of love in a place where its deprivation is part of the punishment. Also status. Symbols with bragging rights
It was devastating when letters from women who supposedly loved me were few and far between within Once I started calling get anything once a week. She spoke no English into my Spanish was mediocre. So conversation was difficult, but also fun. Answering between giggles to try to make ourselves understood. Three months. I arranged a trip to Colombia and book the room at the Radisson, just a mile or so from her apartment Our first meeting was in the hotel lobby dress simply in a mini skirt and high heels even more beautiful than in her pictures. We ate dinner the photo restaurant and took a taxi to an outdoor cafe to sip colombian beer in top a kiss in the cab on the way home the ride was too quick for me. a mere half mile from the Radisson after a final kiss. Front of the hotel. I watched the taxi driver away into the alien streets of Cali
I need her to maintain her usual work and school schedule during my visit so Our time together was limited to four hours a night. She would not, however, spend the night with me and my attempts to lure her up to my room ended in failure. upset me, but overall I was happy just to have her there as we wander the malls or sat in her hand. Resting comfortably in mine until kiss by kiss she began to fill the void inside me. When I got out of prison in two thousand and two I was narcotics free for the first time since I was a teenager and achingly. Yet I had never had a normal relationship and I was clueless about I I get myself into one. My living use of forced celibacy in prison and decades of drug use that left me inept when it came to women.
I experienced with various forms of dating including online, but most of the women I managed to meet could not come to terms with my past. Inmates typically suffer from what I called touch deprivation, It's not so much the absence of sex, that's so distressing, but the absence of physical intimacy. Yet feel this emptiness in me, even as she treated my entire trip to Cali as a first date she sheet he laid out the rules- to meet such was allowed. Sex was not We're not ready, she's, safe again and again, and so I myself down determined to make this relationship work. My second visit four months later was viewed by her as a second date. Although she would now accompany me to my room. Sex was still not an option. I was angry and showed it yet a was as lovable as ever.
On my last night there. While we watch the movie in my room, I coaxed. gently but firmly said no. I glowered I know you have women in New York. She said to me in spanish many women and always have women. Yet put her profile on the website because she had given up on latin men the idea of mistresses, almost obligatory for the colombian male mocks, her belief in traditional marriage, not have love without trust. She believes trusting men does not come easily. She At least more hopeful about american men, You have girlfriends, no, she repeated no. minted. Also, she replied with a laugh liar. I turned back to the tv, the movie.
In English, with spanish subtitles, although I barely noticed what am I doing here, I thought before I met yet and if I had come across many internet scams, most of the when I call responded with a foreign country, simply wanted money, one in so told me, her family's horse had died and she needed four hundred dollars to buy a new one. while others were ready to marry me sight unseen, both types became easier, because they would tell me they love me within a month yet and hadn't had yet To me, the spanish phrase, techie arrow, two hundred and ten months of e mail messages, phone calls and visits. I long for her to say it, though I value her restraint and seem to have an ulterior motive aside from her lips. Hustle of shortchanging me on occasion. She never asked me for a dime Sure she could be seeking United States citizenship, but even if that was her secret goal, which I doubt it I have my own secrets, I hadn't. Yet
told her about my past. If I expected some return, then she deserve to know she was surprised the story of the last twenty years of my life, but listen quietly, barely batting an eye over my years in prison. She was angry about my past drug use. in her eyes. It is the American lust for narcotics that gives Columbia such a bad name. She, also concerned that I would relapse. I explained that my commitment to education was how I stay clean. I urge my Ba in English literature just two months earlier and would be moving or to graduate school in the fall or about the more I was reading that clinical. My years uses an attic then not only was it a form of redemption for me but might help others? This was a crucial First, step in establishing trust between us on my third trip. six months later we met in the resort town of Cartajena. I was sick,
The nasty virus spent a lot of time in bed. unconcerned about catching it. She barely left my side and it was there all the romantic Beaches of the Caribbean that we, the of both love and loyalty. It would be nice to bring her to New York around Christmas, her favorite time of year. She loves the lights that great Khali for Navidad before for her to see Rockefeller Center lighten up our times square now, it seems the only way I can get her in the country is through marriage, but I offered to marry her to bypass all this bureaucracy. She was furious marriage is much more than a legal document. She said her fast floor. Spanish. It is a joining of our hearts and how, finish my education. Nothing is Important that our education, I couldn't argue, That, because I feel the same way, it would be hard.
However, with me now anyway, financially it would be impossible. and the prospect of moving here frankly intimidates her. I was encouraged, however, but her use of the word our presidency, Mattel. She counsels me when I express my frustration. Pass him. Yes, I'll be patient. I'll wait as long as it takes. Patience is a virtue that, for better or worse, I am all too familiar with
Brian Tyree Henry, Congratulations on you guys! Thank you. One of the questions that the modern loves staff most often receives is about how the casting process works.
Alicia said a little bit earlier that sometimes we send a bunch of essays to folks and then they get to choose, everyone they want. So what was it about this one that made it seem like the one for you at work it's so special about this. One is the concept of this long distance love that still endured the times. How love knows no race color, gender, any landscape, it's the most beautiful thing love is so not tangible is not. Something we can fill in touch is something that just is, and between the two were there, Even the language barrier or the distant is still didn't matter because she meant everything to him and I think that what is so important. It's in this life this world, and I think that is a blessing, when you find a love like that that just just it doesn't no matter how far you are, what time zone, what is just Love that matters so that one really stuck out to me
Thank you again, Brian Tyree Henry. The essay also really strikes me as an exemplary of perseverance and grit. We have a postscript now from Matthew, Parker, the author of the piece we just heard. Brian read: Matthews S. It was actually published in the New York Times eight years ago, and he and yet a neat have now been together for ten year but get theirs. I mean yet, neither still in Colombia. and man lives in Scottsdale Arizona, but does go down to visit her a couple of times a year, so he sent us this update relationship is on solid footing. I mean we love each other very much. The only problem is the long distance thing, but we CALL accustomed to it,
there's a level of trust between his status is hard to find in most relationships I think about it and she has total faith in me. She calls me one good, honestly thought which means where a great writer she tells me over time, and so Her faith in me gives me more faith in myself that I might normally have. There is no real translation for when my ship comes in So the way we translate it is my ship is, Those we launch as set by ship is. getting close That's kind of what we live on Matthew, author of a student of intimacy, step by step,
Matthews, taken big steps in other areas of his life as well. He got his master's from Columbia University in two thousand and twelve. He wrote a graphic memoir called larceny in my blood and he's currently finishing a novel. He teaches creative writing at three different schools, but he's hoping to land a full time, teaching position and finally bring yet an ether to the United States. Brian Tyree Henry read as Matthew Parker's essay. This week he will guest star on the NBC series. This is us you can to Tuesday, night or online it and bc dot com. more from the in a minute.
I love spelling my boyfriend and I often play spelling bee together by together I mean sitting next to each other playing individually and not cheating. Sometimes when I open up spelling bee- and I see that you have completed a few words on your own, I feel a little betrayed. Sorry. It may have happened again today. I have one friend who I will send screenshots from spelling bee of inappropriate words that I always get nervous that I sent it to my parents or something like that when my dad was like the first time together and I was out- I think I got it- see it J, a c k, P, o g jack. We hit the jackpot, panicked, yeah, Elrond nice, I'm same as earth's sky. The digital pulses editor for the New York Times. You can try spelling bee in all our games at n, one times dot com, slash games.
Next week on the pod cast part. Two of our lives show featuring Dan Jones, editor of modern love for the New York Times and Emmi Rosson. Star of the show time hit, show shameless here's a little too, What's waiting for you on follow him. My friends with roar, you never! get over him unless you unfollow him on all that stuff. But couldn't errors. Just something so enthralling about being able to track his social life Was he seeing someone else? I had to know? It's on following him was to dramatic, as if I were proclaiming. I can't handle this remit friends on social media, however, showed that I was unfazed. I was cool chill whatever, but I wasn't any of those things. I find myself scrolling through his tweets and instagram posts, which included photos of other women
My phone into my friends faces their noses practically fogging. The screen and I'd ask. Is she prettier than me? One drunk at two, a dot m? I was To decipher, if an innocuous Drake lyric he had tweeted could somehow be directed at me, as a possible admission of affection. Modern love is the production of the New York Times and W B you are Boston and PR station it. due to directed and edited by Jessica, Alpert, John Parodi and Emory Seabirds in special thanks to Taylor, Bloomin Rice, Matt, Baxter and Kyle Mchugh at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston,
here for the modern love POD cast was conceived by these. Until then, I was at those executive pretty soon Daniel Jones is the editor of modern love for the New York Times, an adviser to the show music for the planned cast courtesy of ape here. A magnet providing see you next week.
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