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Monday Morning Podcast 5-9-16

Bill rambles about eggs, politics and virtual reality sex suits.

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Hey, what's goin on his bill burned in his time for the Monday morning, podcast from Monday may nice, two thousand Sixteen. What's goin on how you, though, when the fog, freckles lay on his back. Wanna get rid of this. I attica it's much better siad, say oh, oh, oh, say a lot of people, don't that was the original lyrics to Panama. You know David Lee wanted to say you know sciatica and Eddy wanted to send Alex wanted. Panama and Michael Anthony's like come on guys submitted in a much higher voice. Can we fuck and just get along here? David ended up given into the brothers and that's what taxing enough He was on his own, I'm just a gigolo. So am I back one? I much better
slowly, but surely, if I've kind of found out, it's gonna sort of work itself out. If I just don't have to sit on my fuckin ass from here to Jacksonville every other week, but that's the life that I live. You know Since the weirdest injury, ever usually, if you're fucked up sitting down you know and resting, is a good thing, the sing I just got a kind of like a laid out I'm a mess, I'm taken that fuckin eyebrow pro utterly what the fuck it is. Some anti inflammatory thing I'm stretching like fuck in any child gully trying to get everything all fuckin undone I'll never know what's going on, but it is it getting better, but I am, I flew all the way back today from my Jacksonville. Had a great time and by the way you see, as somebody has some advice for,
You, when you're out on the road and you're gonna, get a breakfast aright Unless you're in some mom and pop place- and he could see over the counter, he can watch him making your food, which I don't necessarily re like to do if you're gonna water eggs, don't ever orders scrambled eggs, I know what you think and wider. Why would you do that? Because they got a giant fuckin vat that they ve made scrambled eggs, other fuckin, oatmeal of eggs, when you go to restaurants, restaurant, just it's like the trail azalea it sadly, as your fuckin, you know, is your fuckin eggs, especially like this morning, the place where I went to. Jack's affiliated to Chile's restaurant and Jacksonville floor? I know you guys you're jealous right. Oh my god, he gets to see everything. So for sure who murdered at all week. We ordered the the whatever the american breakfast
Something there and your only option on the eggs was scrambled. Okay, now that's the fuckin case. That means they got a giant that that was probably I don't know how long ago, whatever their health code violation is plus five minutes. You know it's been since you get the rubber fuckin eggs and the bacon they just make a bunch of fuckin bacon. They got that sit to the side. You know And then they had a bullshit hash browns, which you know those that was already all the whole fuckin thing was already made an argument. Really. Tasted good was the biscuit so clever at the airport. You know or if you go down to the hotel, you know lobby for their continental breakfast. Yours never order scrambled eggs.
Order, eggs over easy, get an omelet. You know, do somethin like that where they just now aren't gonna just had the shit already made, or you could do the gross shit with the syrup, but that's gonna fuck your whole day up, I feel I may not like I did, nor a big, salty breakfast, but for some reason salty breakfast is bad as it is. I can continue to function, but if, if you get a waffle, pancakes of french toast to that shit, you know you might as well. Just have somebody pushing a fuckin sleeper hold cause, could you go down and you go down early so when you were just look travel tip for either so any ways in all all this past week, the lovely near
my beautiful wife was away and I was telling you how immaculate I was keeping this place. Fucking immaculate are right and I leave it. There was no trash in any the barrels. All fuckin pillows rob. Stop. Look like. It was like a showroom, the living room. Right I made the fucking bad. You know it was spotless. I wiped out my side of the fuckin SEC enough brush my teeth and all that shit. It was ok. I gotta car washed in waxed filled it up with gas. All that shit everything was done, went through all the bills got the junk while a bull shit, the recycling, fuckin everything I did everything right. So I think it she's gonna come home, you know cause. I was Lee,
in writing. I was leaving. She was coming also just missing each other right. So I was thinking when she came home. She was gonna, be like, like you know what I might have to bring around for this shit. You know what I'm gonna have to bring our aid for. This hang on. One second hold on a second. I married so I'm back here so anyway and we keep sickness up. So my whole thing NEA was that When you came on this place, was gonna, be absolutely spotless, so you'd be, like all no. That also you wouldn't. Like I was this hopeless sap without you that always bugs me like when women go like J a collective, fall apart without us. Like I'm, like you know, I've never said that about you, nor have I ever thought that its I've never come home after being away in the place has been in shambles because you don't.
What to do so? I dont know why all out effort was for nothing now, but you keep holding on to some idea of of thing that are you carrying an eighty song man spreading all. I cannot I gotta beyond what couch. Now I don't know what you're still concerned about that for, like the place has never been disgusting grows ever have gone away. So I don't know why you have this big hang up about. You know, and I don't get it Do you know it? Now? I don't either well, I'm trying to think we, you fuckin, relax. She'll be worked through my shit now Hawkeye's, I jerk yeah tell this story and you're out loud rapid, so fucking wait I'm on the road on the road again, and I am in fact mean fuck in Hollywood. Back in Hollywood Florida right at all, again, is off the text message. I'm gonna get it looks
Oh graded, so wonderful, the come, although nice clean house, it looks like a fuckin shell room and what do I get? I get a fuckin videotape from you, she's in the pantry now, evidently something went bad in the pantry, some an NGO, bad. The pantry is just some shit. That's going down Patrick, listen, shit, go down the path you so here is India. What happened in the pantry I myself am right. Now the fuckin show every night till seven o clock at night. I come oh, my brain is fry. I come on. I oughta pizza, I poorest, I eat and stare at the wall. I go to bed and I get right back up. We stare at the next raft in the next script. That's what my life, so I didn't in defence of me, the one fuckin place. I didn't go into so chancery their wisdom
entry, stop saying that word. I just realized pantry pantry study. I went I dont. Why should we call it just gets up? I don't know it's too close to panties and I don't like good food in sex are combined. Ok now I know you don't that every year, that nine and a half weeks when I walk in there with all the groceries honour access was like either a fuck, not together So anyways so She said to me this video she's like baby, how did you not see this right adjust starts? Can give me all this shit, I'm like what the fuck are right and sheep pans up to Top of the fucking ceiling- and there what was it? There's larvae larvae low yellow mobs model. Why it's a joke inside with who,
the fuck it people listen to tell what are you gonna do? now yet a sort of larvae learned, I'm sure, there's more than stopped because sums like if there's flower that's been opened and not sealed up properly or grains of cereal bill create little more like if you have fruit out for two long and will make fruit flies, so that was what was out make from flies, attracts them. No, it creates From where I was to talk in the term relax guy about they just the flies come from apples, listen yeah like if you have four in step out to orange Apple and then, for nine months later you get a fruit fly you like now, there's no there's no woman. There, that's making it happen now bill. That's not what I mean. It's not floats, having bags nomination. We! Thus we you say you say I'm saying they I'd pleasant. I don't know I'm not a fuckin term next person, but he was mommy's those guidelines during mobs fuck on those
Apples out me orchard now and they planted seated there in that it comes out like Alien, ok, there's, not any fruit in the pantry, ok study holding it. May we have grains. Staring at your crusher. It's so comfortable with my lower back is so comfortable. Oh you know what I figured out a thing to get for you for that, but anyone will go back to that. But if you have grants and cereals out expose and like the subtle clothes environment, word gets warm, it produces these larvae and little flies and mobs, and so that's what the guy just told me is not saying right. Well how you saying, and are you some day boy? You ve like tell me how you explain things and how clear it is when you explained ok, what I would say is, like you know, if you haven't cookout and you leave food out almost. Flies and aunt show up, but they don't come from the food. That's what he told me
Why do you keep saying that they come from the apples and its confusingly? If you set it came from animal? I said nothing about how I am line this forum. What I would never say, a cable you bizarre throwing out into the mix. I was trying to explain to you about grains and shit you're right? Maybe I was saying it's like fruit flies. Why served in school? I can't hear you say it because you don't listen. That's why you goddamn eighty? You, don't you don't listen, and these are saying things and you said them in the future. We have to the other person like it so confusing to talk to you sometimes because you don't little so fuckin hard in part, but we were just watching this incident and you was the entire episode and midway through eager like. Why is that happen, I'm late. Where did the blueskin like a major plot point that had been explained not even five minutes earlier, but you don't pay it's a lot about this about my father
back is out- and I was in Jacksonville Florida this morning about the what does that have to do with anything that we're talking about what maybe I'm a little fuck and you know focusing on a fuckin cartoon you're such a baby, when you dear able to whenever you travel you fucking for like day like? Oh, my god, I don't know how you do this and then it goes right out your fuckin head and then the next next summer come back after Roger Go let's go well. Susie Freakish she's, having a fuckin who hung down the Fuckin street. You wanna go to that. When I say no, you flip out at me away attacking you should do you know exactly what you know who she is too Susie Frigates area? Is that nothing so whatever so she comes home and evidently this some sort of bog, horrible and you know what infestation infestation. You know how the Ladys react. They don't like insects
They don't like anywhere, not have enjoyed. That way, walked away. Men, don't like cats. Those are the bargain bags, there's nothing better than a cool care. I like that chills- lays large Watkins son yeah. I like my own careers and upon you. I don't like that and when it practicing killing with you just look over in this there are you from corner now than they stop and try and play it off. I don't like. I don't stand on your chest in the morning right. Can you up like this shit in a box, and now you gotta pick it up. This is too much too much. Cleo sets just outside with others I, but we have not got to pick it up and opening up the lights in the house If you get a shit and house gonna toilet, I think some people can train their cats to share in the end, the toilet- and I know how, but why can t I communicate with other EU.
The banks, so they put other energy into yeah like day they got like that. Give they like Asperger. I see what you mean. Asperger's were cat with some sort of was setting that always talking about. Nowadays, autism is merely a tissue with people, but ok they communicate with each other. To start with the member. You like play an instrument now out with no wonder the diagnosis of the mental illnesses has to stop. Finally, in plenary and get angry tweets, I'm not me king marking any that are making fun of people. That put you can't fucking, say anything why everybody gets I'm worried. Oh, I know me. I do benefits for all of those things all of those things. I know that free fuck it on your best browser black. Christ.
I remember when things were funny, it was those simple back in the day we hear was you could JANUS Asia Jangling nowhere and everyone working jerk off didn't have some way they could just spout about fucking annoyed. They are, but everything else, Is fine, as always it doesn't come around in my world? Can I just ask what this situation is here? What does a block bag but about it and how you keeping Europe Whitman store? You bills got this cord and the little foamy part that you put honour the windscreen the windscreen a couple. A battery is an old, zip, lock bag, that's ripped and just doesn't even zip anymore. So I'm just wondering why basically because it is still holds the things and if I just throw that thing out, another one's gonna break in that thing right, there's probably gonna end up on the nose of a porpoise, sunk and we're gonna die because everything
ends in the ocean, yellow, say that put litter in its place. It's like the second all this shit. Throw out the same. You dont pollute. We all pollute. If you do take this rather than go to Heaven and that good I mean so I take it on the role that you're just gonna be like having something that you don't really know about me now. Relic lets the charter and the ban on any behave. So you take this on the road with you. Yes, Can I be you a nice never help or leather satchel, really, skin of Aachen cow, as I already area one you know last longer than putting it in this ridiculous thing. That's now we're gonna lie degrade. What's thus that think that thing, while biodegrade, that thing will be here somewhere in the dirt somewhere hundreds of fucking years saying you can have a nice away to carrier things that doesn't
like you, know those guys that we use for sandwiches. What is your fascination with just like buying shit? What do you mean that a nation with buying shape session. I mean look at this It does not sharing this thing and I really wish you guys could see those that block back right. Now. It's it's a mess, a man of stature should not be carrying around your podcast equipment and in oil. What what did you really zip, lock back a man of my stature for two seconds ago? I was a fuckin moron you can be made now now. Could you. To shave from needy. So do you tonight Hu Louie got Lois blows, meet me in Saint Louis Louie, I was stars, formerly the minister
not stars, are these hockey teams. Yes, they are there not like the kings or the ruins really know. Yet. What are your feelings, but the kings of the brook well became to end. I would be a Bruins man because I'm from Boston saw just entering a route for, but those of the rest of ammonia. Those thirty like I like boltons, but I just I started Poland for the blues, because the blues abundantly since nineteen sixty four, whose get hookers the ruins and make the players so outlay. I gotta pick somebody in MECCA jump on the black oxen kings bandwagon Khazar, always in it I'm gonna go for certain under dogmas like while the blues they been around since nineteen sixty seven saw the Minnesota nor stars, but the people in Dallas haven't been ruling outline blood. I really like the players and shit like I like Dallas, but I will ever forum a ban
we're? Not here? Look a little bit yes, sank, lower they're gonna be relaxed as they're gonna be a kings. Ghana. We can go to cause. I really enjoyed going to that those two kings games. We went to the bigger bout. Stop that done would remain bound stout bigger bit by bit. Susie Sharks, so they're, not in it it's over. So for the Stanley CUP play off sago they get they lost in the first round. What about the bush? Is we didn't make it we were? Well, then we we over to where we over achieves throughout the year, at least as far as I was concerned, beginning with the fuck, am I gonna me with the players that we had never that we got rid of? I thought we would then be trying to figure out who the fuck everybody was for half the season, and then maybe you know I don't know. By the Toronto Blue Jays LAB was, we were gonna, be making the playoffs everybody's all bunch together, we look a fuckin third c than we had a ass coasts trip and we gonna fuck and ass. He kicked and
and all went away, and I flyer and redwing fancy talk shit about you know, hide and make the play us and they both got the right there friend the first fuck it round. Enjoyed that ok. Well, that's run. A blue jeans is that it is at a pocket in not the Spaceboat O the Toronto Maple Leafs tomorrow, Maple Leafs got the first pick on the ground of the raptors. They are getting. No. The multi cheetah heaped keeps EVA ship and then I'll do. But you knew you pick something else that I don't know anything about. We'll see who's more right Will you do to you know about it? I just say when you know about it now: fashion, ok, good, oh Jesus was enabled
I was gonna show people he used to be said. Is that this does not Alexander Wing is now Michael Richards? Is it Michael Michael course now he's german? Is it Paul Mitchell and he is the head of a very, very like the most famous fashion ass in the world, not research, because he's got shot by their guy? Yes, now it's not additional cause. I was a chicken she's dead. We re by She has an apartment at Paris that you can go to your skinny enough, the right, but here you are closed or getting nationalities right signals. The right Fashioned House Harrison who you're talking about is the cat creative director fortune. He looks like a war criminal right chairman of the girl,
and why would they war criminals caused a lost, would add just as many people going to fuck it Nuremberg rule would Dresden, Carl Logger. Remember. We saw him and the last time we were embarrassed in the cab and I serve Freaking out clause It's law, they re walking down the street in Paris, and I thought is a cool look. Do manage a vampire looking either vampire war, primarily the old queen, looking dude yeah pretty much. That's him name! A sports do good. How much money you tell me what it is. They yellow jackets somebody Mc that yellow check. I feel like I was a high school. I was a fortune You should have
but wait a minute. Love no wasn't is its wake. Foresters up! That's a college passport to some sort of jackets, grizzlies grizzlies to right now, mystic at someplace called that would have Grizzly bears rats and its neck envious I'm gonna him good guess what they moved. They were waiting to be able in ITALY and Ass Lord. They mean western kind of thing. They were nationally Vancouver and then they went to another Memphis out said the man prescription for some dumb reason. They, kept. The name can like when the New Orleans Jazz move to Utah the widest fuckin place. You touch ass, they are you'll, never see any jazz. Are here any jazz, and you too, I wouldn't mind so there are no jazz clubs and use Yes like in New Orleans Mormons now,
more. Like that name better or will we enjoyed you here near oh, I'm done. I don't know. I found syrian alligators. I know I got a call back. Are you down with me? Are you wrap in at the back ass? You answer questions now, but you come back to that. You're, gonna, tired, so Emily nice reversal. I should like now to come back and they told me to go myself. You know what I enjoy that our respective, so I did reminded tell the larvae larvae larvae and then leave it at that and get out so I can straighten out my legs and forgive me I feel it
be right by you even able to do a bike ass in a bribe position anymore. This is why a marriage you, this is the type of compassion that have come to expect from you such a fucking baby. I tough my way through all this shit. I never guy, never see doctors. I don't take medicine? That's cause you're dumb, if not hundreds of its hazard downwards, criticising their authority highway. Can I don't go to the hospital they don't do a dog or they'll take medicine now you're dumb, we have advances in our sit down. You don't I obeyed. I'm gonna talk further. You you're a baby, so fine beat up. Are you want, but like be smart and tough, go to the doctor if you're
oh tat, s like they have earned more like after school special yeah. Why I'm gettin there be a doctor in hearing what they had to say. That's real toughness! That's real talk rooms, oxen armada here, meaning out of sight I enjoyed when you come out like baby ha ha. You heard me was I wouldn't in all you know. I don't got a fucking doctors and all that shit. Why? Because doctors they practice medicine, they practice on you.
Shit down in one of the one of things that I still don't know a lot of actors, but it's not like they don't mean it like their practicing. Like you said in your practising drums, you know that's not the same thing. They went to medical school, I understand. So why are you? U like taken that words are literally. Have you ever seen Lars Ulrich play life practices. Now he fucked up all the time with Metallica near the I'm tellin you that's what it means you practice medicine and then you learn of other people just How much better here plugs I've got the college better. They get in what the fuck you know, Cuttin party. I then you can see better. You told me you were going to go to a doctor to figure out what was happening with your leg. Ok, so I noticed I know you, I know you think you know what it is. But can you please go to a doctor doesn't become chronic agent. I finish so and then, when you're, you know fifty which is calculated for our way.
We even have some sort of handle on one of the things that they know. The least about is the back. Ok and I've. Just I'm just not going to just go to a fuckin chiropractor. I'm gonna find somebody. You know who has a good reputation of not just fucking open up people like if it is in fact, as I wasn't done talking, he always jump in Does your suggested that I just want you to go to some random ass clinic? I was just joking around I was joking around. Holding you to this because you said you were gonna? Do it so? Are you gonna? Do it so pretty I don't like- or at least I don't go to the doktor when only gonna fuckin, more just the whole idea. I went over the parking it just a whole. Fuckin thing I now here. We shall make sure you show affinity minutes before I'll. Be there see that I now, but once it's done it
and you need my first show. In Hollywood Florida there was a couple of Ladys in the front row were asking. If you were there needed relationship, advice area? You know, How can we don't have boyfriends now they didn't say this. That's what this sum actually wrote me and asked me about you proposing an actual, that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to talk about this email. I got, she would do it today. We do it now who the fuck is. Writing you were out of fucker. They write a new because they write might because of my website. Tender headed films that come so they were ready makers member, I wanna, do apart ass all those years ago, and I just never did it now. They wrote this whole thing about. How did you get a guy who was so anti marriage to propose and.
All that kind of staff and how did it happen and did I propose now? I did not propose little proposed to me and all that stuff it as they would you authority I didn't round. I did use me were now now see. This is why we have to talk about it balls in any doubt that out is gonna joke we relax down. You love me, you missed me, you told larvae story. No one thing about showpiece is, as you leave him once more to get you. Can Cuba Saudi here I write back. I want to talk about that. Sorry. I want to. We all want to do things in life. Bade it by hit the row Jack, don't come back, no more! we know about the road. Eighty years.
That's what I came up to she fuck. It shows me this big goddamned thing about other fuckin me granted them as much as I'm gonna bitch it. It was a bunch of can larvae. I swear to God. She says that comes from apples in flowers, flower, in flower being left out and grains You know if you agree with her even go. Fuck yourself support that are less read a little advertising here for this week. Challis, oh, my goodness, envy T watches. You know it's better. Three weeks now. They started advertising movement, watches boxes, Ed. What the irish standards copy as promised, the quality of these watches are therefore an awesome. In the style department. The compliments that you'll get wearing These things are really unbelievable
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just stop and glide Ike anxious amaze me some people like tat. They cannot hear you can hear the engine. Kenya, the fuckin, our pm's, going through the roof. You don't understand that is wasting fuel. I know you know how bad those cabbies get fucked over take tat. He would be concerned about something you think. If you drove for fucking living you'd have an understanding of how fuckin engine works. It was so fuckin annoying it actually just kind of just became funny and he was a really nice guy, but I am now some people like it's almost laid sector driving with a fake foot. You know or mechanical foot like Prototyping, it's either on or off, there's no worm consistency. Speed this guy. He just kept going up to like sixty five seventy miles an hour and then glide back down like do you? No fifty two course. I'm looking at my fuckin phone substance,
sixty and it was? It was a shit you, an absolute fuck that shit shop or when I went to Florida by the way I landed in Miami every time I landed sum up. My Emmi are immediately start seeing all these beautiful women and every time I go there, I just hear Tony Montanans voice gone. The city is like one big pussy waiting to get fucked and I was trying to beat me into those two women that was sitting in the front row to get into that fuckin conversation, but she did by debate She did take debate because they were like. Why don't we have boyfriends You know when you should have seen a because you I know. You guys. You know where close, let that be the one dig as beautiful as you are no guy wants to put up with that. Gonna walk down the street like some over protective dog. I keep in everybody away. Everybody
One of them was barely wearing a short granted wasn't complaining for where I was standing front, but I mean it just seemed kind of obvious tsunami together. Why? Yet to cover up the goods a little bit. I would say that to Madonna, don't she's currently dating somebody right now, but modalities and fucking unbelievable shaped for her age and if she would just put on something elegant, you know what I mean stood a rolling around with will have a fuckin pussy lip hanging I don't know why she does it. She said something like as she did yet another thicker I'll fuckin careers, but like one big publicity stunt after another, you know I'm wearing a wedding dress, but fingered myself at the Fuckin award show right. You know from there with it Jesus bodies, African American and now I'm trying to fuck em it's just paper numbers shock. Parties. I actually like your music box
just keep it all its. Actually, I threw up my back. Do in that Molly Ringwald Dance anyways and then she goes out Letterman. She says fuck fifty thousand times she does stand up tonight show is just one big fuckin thing after notice or latest one. Was she showed up to a movie. Theater am about Movie Provera, whatever the fuck fuck knows where it was some fun razor get too precious to us. Some fuckin gods forsaken place, so she shows up literally hazard, Teddy's and harass up like a sea through dress and she course as well. What I'm doing is I'm challenging the boundaries and dumb up what you know. Of course, women you don't get drag all that bullshit and then it's like now, your fifty seven. Ok, nobody wants to look at that. Ok, you like, It my age, I am, I am well and to put on a fuckin sport coat
but he wants to see it it's just yet. You not pushing any boundaries, Just say you know you have been a little bit of, midlife prices. I think she looks like a great but she'd look way, but if she packages of pollutants perfectly dress fucking it, though I don't know, but then again I saw Ikey pop was aware an assured, but idle five guys like attractive. It was just sort of funny to me. That's funny. I just was just him not give fuck, so I guess, if she just said look, I don't give a fuck. I just the cabin my ass tidies? Hang it up. I wouldn't have a problem with that, but for the fact that sit there trying to save it.
No wait a bit. I think she might be right. Maybe she is right, hey there's a chance Until she comes here or sing sing, some of my favorite songs by her bad boy, no bad girl home by six a pick up the MIKE I gotta question for you now you want me back. That's like that street joke. I told you right That's what I heard Jackie the joke: Mental, the one about the gorilla. Now the war with a fucking like that, the merry guys working out of the house is, why shown em don't get the fuck out?
get the fuck out. I'd never want to see you get always walk and when she goes, I hope you dial a long, slow, miserable death. Turns around it goes. What now you want me back? That's that's stupid joke, remind me that anyway school, I could have told it better. But I gotta I just got a plank Jackie Jump, Mantell, sweeper itself, Madonna recently Board and she showed up at some fuckin. You know raise awareness thing, I don't know what it was. There was a carpet she showed up and she had a but cheeks out in a tidies out. Ok, this is the map. Happened every year, New York City, that's for the Mets, yeah go mad, but it's just for one of them. I know it's for the Fucking museum. Yes, they're, happy day every fuckin
and in a twenty goes on in New York and Madonna. Let's go to a museum to Big Gala day the crime that a crime darling I invited so rough Lauren, pretends to follow me snifter, but on the way down. So what happens with super rich people? There are freaks again wasn't at the point of eyes. What shut I don't know what the point of selection or almost daily Cooper guy he died halfway through. I saw great Fuckin movie, monoplane called the insiders, a Turk, made by some korean director, my every fuckin phenomenon, really enjoyed had one of the best Fuckin fight scenes, the eyes I've seen because the guy was missing. I had you not so he had like fuckin kill. Everybody knew what had he was throwing right,
I was multiple attackers. It was this shit. I almost gave it a standing ovation on the plane was three nine eleven. I could have done it, but I started, They like Sir, I sit down than another freedom lost. So I was so fuckin, but data shows up the ass, I'm ok, so she says that she's trying to forget pushed the boundaries of or whatever the fuck, its sex and outside it. Ok, so I was gone like documented. Fifty seven, no want to see me without assured I grant she's in better shape, and I, like you know, I've been, must my sport coat years, like you covered under freckles sort of say it is here in your work, yeah you get to a certain point. You're getting you forties is up like that. Dress elegantly, and men dress like gentlemen. Yet another word like them. You cover
you know the fuckin battle scars, of which event Europe can do when he fucking wage he's plates without borders and is so us in Barbados, put on a nice dress. She could look really elegant guy. That's not really her piano, I know, but you know something: it's like you look even whose can who Michael Jackson, if he were still alive, to eat the short pants with the glitter socks. Like minded some point, you gotta, data, look. What is and what is your point, what this whole Madonna thing and I so I will do ass. I was saying that, but then also waiting it, but when I saw Ikey pop, No short on, I thought, was bad asset that he didn't give a fuck site. That's that's bullshit! I should be actually plodding Madonna, wow, look it's! You will see that that's not does not ask How can you say you were like, while the girl you really not as dumb so my apologies to Madonna they use.
Gun shot off by me. Take a look at my back and forth deserve your role to gps teeth. She's, my age would turn she's ten years were ten years apart. So she's fifties we were done. I pity seven years away. Yes, she is. She was born the same years. Prince oh shit, now seem years. Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson was fifty eight prince was fifty Eightth Madonna was fifty eight. I never know how old madame.
And I was like in nineteen fifty seven. Oh, my god, you I can be fifty eight right had no idea, and I guess you shall be fifty. So nineteen fifty eight as far as music goes was kind of like nineteen, forty, three nineteen forty three was Janice. Joplin Jimi, Hendrix Jim Morse are born nineteen, forty three and then they all died and ninety seven and then people started understand drugs. You know bring a jump on the road and maybe becoming a vague, and so now they they live longer. Michael made, its fifty prince made fifty seven but down still going ok right, so all of them in their own way kind of one on stage with their ass hang outright. Ok,
growing up in a way I gotta go. I gotta let our am. I gonna forget Lord you some questions to say you around me and to show me that youth. Evolved and senior. Oh no. I was trying to hobble stay out here that it was a damaging women in showing their bodies and double standard also works with women. The way they look at guys in certain situations to you guys like perfect, no one, no one is claiming. Ok for the media just seems to cover your complaints. The votes should, when are you ever have a voice? Thank idea. This podcast I don't know him, he doesn't mean you don't understand. The world doesn't live with me. Didn't have the privilege of living with me. The way you do so I need to do this and what's which it's a fucking, beautiful watch, gotcha that you, dear
right asshole real response to stinky German from last week, so this poor bastard is german right and is so. Those in Germany is all school. He didn't leave and triangular K. I wasn't part of that Hitler thing right. Right, he's those his grandparents said. You know our off it's me, but this guy's make a lot of sense. So so, because of the mistakes of others for fathers and mothers. The gods have cursed him that he just sort of smells little musty and east he's trying,
showering. It has all this shitty does know what the fuck do. So evidently, this does this other musty guy, formerly musty, guy heard about this? Ok, that's you look India's diet, therewith. We talked about that and how a toast, maybe ever fuckin sinus infection and honour what? But he just like major smiles bad then a man- and I know how much he shouted disguises yeah where's the odorant air was quite is quite a mystery avoids. Are you? Are you so this since in response to this is a formerly musty person. So I hope this helps the the sauerkraut is That is my best fucking prime. Ever I'm sorry, but that was great. There was
now again, how? God knows I'm gonna, I'm gonna. He said I'm gonna and keep this simple because we all know of your reading issues. Would I admittedly have I been affair for years, but this is the first time I feel the need to China may not something. Last week you read a question from a job I'm a guy that at a musty body order and did not know what to do about it. He said drawing up, I dealt with same bullshit that poor sap is going through. I owe you smelled, musty did not wash away no matter. How often I shower this brutal, I feel badly Israel. I tried every and finally realized it was. It was anti perspiring. For some weird reason: my body reacted when I put it on and I smelled musty I should we stop wearing deodorant for a few weeks in the winter? So I did not smell like a complete savage after that period of time.
I began wearing deodorant, only skipping all brands with anti person. I happily this stinky. Musty odor went away hope this works. You stinky fuck love the purchase, your comedy and efforts for family and go fuck yourself. Yes, Basically what I got from that is. Maybe his body is having reaction to something that is using. I don't know your body shed sweat. It's the way to keep. You call right. That's the whole point of swearing, so anti perspiring. I know maybe people who sweat excessively didn't want to be swayed through their clothes or something so and nobody Sunday that person to go to a doktor or their many will figure out. What's Goin on
These Germany, too, in those guys, don't fuck around over there in their very efficient yeah. I'm cars trades rocket side. Trickier. Everybody could just forgive him for that. One crazy! A ten year period they get, will sideways they'll, never they'll, never live it up again. You know what it's on video, nothing like the other countries can do shit and it happened before like a certain something that happened in nineteen fifteen, that we are, we see advertised my vote dear bill on Capitol Hill and I know you're talking now. You should know what. If there was movie cameras around, you would move, became motion picture have you ever heard of Vermin supreme Ease bent on I don't I don't. I don't believe that this is somebody's name. I'm gonna look this up, for you guys make a fool of.
Which is not hard to do. When I read it first cause than I start commenting and then halfway through, I realize it's a prank phone call, vermin cream. It's coming up It's an armored supreme, Vermin Supreme is an american performance, ardor artist and activists who is run as a candidate and very low various local states. Ok, let me see what this what's up at the sky, ok Never to this guy he's been on the ballot in New Hampshire and his platform has a lot to do with dental health. He also has a plan in place for the zombie apart. Which involves setting up thousands of treadmills to put the zombies on to help power the new world. He wears a giant, on his head. I've seen this fuckin guy, the boot. That's right carries around a rubber toothbrush. Here's an article
on him. He also has promised free ponies for everyone, so he is aware, job I dont, know if he's a whatcha, because that's a really funny joke, though the zombies on a treadmill. Are you looking to morrow you next thing? I was looking at Madonna photos, ok, worried we really back here and we have now moved on. We moved on, but I just was still looking at us. I mean don't preach, I'm in trouble days. You know an Amber Don T know any New Madonna songs I just said I thought I did. My fucking up did even easier. Your router, your local, warm ups. Yet this was not a good look at the map. All it was just a year, Ladys? Can we stick together? First of all,
a woman is actually via the internet. I've just got so bad. You right yeah home, but now is not I'm not being caddy. She just as so thirsty assist, and I love Madonna, but this is just too much. Are you don't? I'm done with me sure kids enjoy wife's family is a bunch of dramatic babies, God you're the baby and we go pay bill sick of this election. I hope Trump wins. I know he's a jerk, but I hate Hilary. I think Bernie he's a nice guy without a clue.
He says a lot of great things, but he's going to raise taxes. He talks about making college free, but his taxes will make it. Nothing is free, but not yet us ever gonna happen, but I think that a free healthcare and others not free again. Some he's gonna fuckin pay for he talks about making college free, but his taxes will make it harder for people like me to pay my student loans. I make ninety five brandy year. I have a kid on a grand in student loans between me and my wife. We live comfortably, but if you Another twenty five hundred to four thousand dollars a year. I will feel it yet definitely. I am already only netting sixty what the fuck is. All of this was the plane. The family is a venture, dramatic babies,
ok, we'll get it will get to astronomy here somewhere, not opposed to giving money to help people who need it. But when is enough enough a trillion dollars a dumb shit every year and you need more for me fuck off Bernie. I love always blaming Bernie, you know it. Bernie didn't create the fuckin situation is trying to get us out of it. I guess I don't know if it's gonna work and other people work with the guy but got a fucking decision. The sheer. So I make this point to my wife, my wife's family. I didn't yell, I didn't say fuck off Bernie. I just said I don't think we. The people should have to give more money if their wasting the money they already get. Well, my wife family lost their shit. They said that I'm selfish and that if I vote for Trump of endorsing hate and
red and fascism really question mark. They endorsed Obama, and I have a problem with him: hate fully blowing up kids and wedding parties with drones. Why doesn't that make them hateful? They then went on to talk about for thirty minutes about hate and how this they were scared about. What would happen to the country and they're scared about how children grow up in a country with, and I quote, Hitler minus two counts. Training camps. I told them that comparing and egomaniac to Hitler is unfair to the victims of the Holocaust. It trivializing The actual evil of him Hitler and embodied her mother and father were both taken back and said that my way of thinking could potentially be dangerous to their grandchildren. What period the fuck period is going period on period.
Hell, yeah dope, yeah you fuck and opened up. I know I'll fuckin Microsoft exam to talk about now is in his young. He doesn't know that watch how you know we're not learn. How did you learn about it? I learnt by bringing it up by doing that. Yet this is the very last very I you know you can't talk about politics and religion and shit like those are saying they got really heated right before they said that ship. Well, you can't and also each is he here you gotta be. If we really are going to vote for Tromp AIDS, I think there's only certain sections of the United States or you could say that, where you're gonna yeah again, all we'll tell me more about your opinion. I feel like it. You say you know what partners on overcharge most people are going to be like. Are you looking getting me? Some not
prize at that, but now I got a lot of shit went on. I was I made fun of woman. You know I got some shit for for making fun of Trump knew from who people who support trump. Believe it or not. This people, who I know, has a lot more than I thought remember when it was first talk about running and we're both lights is never going to happen, the jugs ridiculous and now here we are, and he is like the only Republican left standing. So I mean, I guess, I'd. Underestimated him. Like the last hundred certain hardy he's like the Lesters city of polish politician, but he is a thing of salmon, but I think, like you know, Hillary Clinton is the Fuckin Devil, because she's actin like she gives a fuck and cheese. You know she's one of those build a bird p. I don't like her. I like Bernie out of all of em. I like Bernie Sanders. I just don't think anybody is gonna. Fuckin work well in California, primarily coming up so he's these
I'll in the towel D. Leave. I have you no matter what we got. I I am only heard the guy I have to vote for a person that I feel is actually I've always voted for the fucking third, we'll every four We voted for the fucking third, we'll every fuckin goddamn time. Well, when the primary happens, we gotta vote for him. That's the only way that hills, listen. I don't have to do anything. You say, but I dont know what I mean. The upturn: well, when the primary happens, we got a vote for him. That's the only way. Listen, I don't have to do anything. You say. I don't wanna murder, so basically his this. Eyes in law. You know we just did it have you? No, we just did what we just did, but this guy did, which is why we just four can talk politics. And gave endorsement to Bernie said we should have done, and I started made up my mind that I'm gonna do it. Why are we were giving endorsement by talking? by saying that you gonna do it? Well, I, like the guy that thought, like those those people easier,
Facebook- and you know me I like pretend to be Doktor soap, opera, and I think this is what you should vote for. I apologise for that people. I'd I'd, try to say that when she was not outdoor thing, anybody where'd roadless his leave Endorsing a nice fuckin called Budweiser when I sit down to watch game five That's what I will do. What is what does he want to know he's a sort of like what thou now my now my inlaws don't want me to have children with my wife because they think I'm Yvonne do they're gonna, I'm gonna rays of all evil trumps. My thing about Trump is his forgotten about lack of compassion for fucking people. You sit there to take his coat yet violent people up like that was just says. That's all
He says really really awful thing, but the thing I like a bottom is he. Let me know that they actually count the votes, because no super rich people want that Fuckin guy and I always thought for years. My conspiracy theories, itinerant counties, fuckin thing they jogged pretty fuckin clothes. They put the money on both horses and then a fuckin fine, but the fact that he is actually doing well. He speak in a letter. What they need is gonna, build a wall he's gonna have the people is willing to pay for these talking. Mad shit, I'm a now. I feel like I all those years of watching the apprentice and the celebrity apprentice are now. Coming back to when he tried to fly ceo for a company that doesn't exist. It's all coming back to bite me in the ass have been supporting in this whole entire time, partly to blame for this bullshit So what does this go, that he can't be clean? And what is this kid saying? What is this point ages is now you just say what what the fuck
I was just ass. You will not talk about politics anymore around your endless yesterday that much I look forward to seeing you in Dublin myself. So friends were becoming from Belfast. I will be dont Belfast to show you yeah. I don't you need to do that. You are putting together the dates like I'm deftly, dont Dublin there don't get excited here, I'm doing a little ten. They tore over their cause scares the time to go to Scandinavia. This time your cause actually of sunlight in its warm up. Ok, sir. Yes, when I usually quote because. They gonna wanna be outside ok yeah, but you have to go in December in its already happening, I gotta movies and stuff. Still, though, I would imagine, discuss it, sunlight amongst the time doesn't mean why
I listened to the promoters over. There are eight when this happening, I'm gonna go, it's gonna be happening. Individual, like think, is going to start in the thirty first, since gonna go on two August very excited about exciting things are happening. I love Ireland. No! No! I love the people of Ireland. Look for you with fatal face self advice with neighbours, mostly Germany, Almighty Billy, by actually doing another cause I've never done they hold you always were always lag a more german and irish, because I am german. Irish Catholic doesn't blogger doesn't get any wider, doesn't give our job as a there doesn't get any wider almighty, Billy Ball bags or advice with neighbours question I live in an apart complex here in the loveliest. Eight of Oklahoma, and I have this neighborhood. That's her dog out on our balcony every morning, somewhere between the hours of four and five
They am the dog barked aggressively for hours afterwards, of course, it makes me a poor thing, the dog that is about this poor bastard and a horrendous or lady Oklahoma in Oklahoma, in Oklahoma and wherever Oklahoma, sexual. No there's no one of the characters on your Nashville show. I won't raw disarm with EU will legs about. The gay cowboy global to get cowboys cutting edge character. That's the first cowboy ever in prime time in prime time. Yes, cried Dounia during the luxury which is littered with them. When I was growing those people, I kept a kangaroo right. Only a bird this at all
guys. I question: I live in an apartment, complex here in the lovely state of Oklahoma. Ok, the dog box aggressive four hours. It makes me up and I have to go. I have to work at eight, a m I filed complaints after and all tat occasion which I went out and scream shut. Your fucking dog up before I make you shut him up was at her opening line for something along those lines. My most, my message has not been heard by the apartment comes and she continues to let the dog out. What should I to sincerely a blue collar working man just trying to get some fucking sleep whose yes, soup, also Saint Louis Blues, gave the stars of Fuckin MA. We today. I hope you watch it. I miss that well fuck you're you're in Oklahoma man. You know what to do tat. At your side, iron, hey, hey, hey, hey, take the fucking dog out, bill
don't even joke about it! Would rubber bullets tony by that who's, your super know. Yet what rubber bullets in the gun dealt in every time? The tsar bar talking about resounded dog larder issued its as open, and it starts out when I bark and then allow shut up. You can do that. You would get arrested for that. So one and I would just go down. I would buy a month's worth a cube stakes. Why does it does a dog shit and pass on the balcony? Is that why she's letting it there could that's rose up that is so fucking not acceptable because you don't have a fucking dog. It's up at forty five m is keeping her up on him up, so they deeper. God? Now it's wrote, you gotta be that called on something away. Did he say that they are not paying attention at the? As we say it's not going over while with the people in the apartment
Oh, yes, she just as a neighbour. I can't do that African out an apartment complex, he ain't, gonna, say something to the management company. Look, there's no fuckin way he's the only person gets annoyed by this. Of course I would go around. I would get a bunch of signatures and then I would you know today everybody all get together and say that bitch needs to shut the other bitches way I'll knock. What's up. Be quiet time for dinner and probably to go out speaking about all right. Will you do that? Well, I will wrap up. The public has to take her, and I took my a jacksonville this morning. This Maya its most
he's all right, we'll that's gonna be the linen ways we didn't offer any advice, besides you're a horrible joking advice. Of course I just have to get a bunches signatures. He cannot say measures, not gonna. Do shit, you gotta, go to the management company and be like Dog is barking at forty five in the morning, every more no he said here. He did the unerring not paying attention you, cities in this fuckin. Anything signatures are gonna, do acknowledge to hear about it. I'll wait. I missed you. He said I have this nay. I live in a far more complex, the door box. I filed complaints, yet like nothing's happening that's,
well, you have to do this thing, I'm not going to pay my fucking rent Dago, I'm not pay! My rent to you. You get! This woman is shut. This damn dog cause, that's not fair! She lived there. That's all! I'm setting an older person would do to like put their dog balcony, and this letter bark all morning probably goes out, takes a piss takes a shit and their wants to come inside and meanwhile the owner has gone back to sleep, but obviously I was joking. You don't shoot doc. No, you John, I clear, as the other one or a virtual reality headset blow job. I know you hate check now
gee, but would like to hear your opinion on this. My girlfriend half jokingly, promised me a double blow job from my thirtieth birthday. I do not expect this to happen by have been joking with that the data is approaching and she should have a girl lined up, etc. I have also been talking virtual reality, slash Vieira headset as I'm thinking of getting one, what that is She asked me of a day. Would I be able to watch porn through it? I said yes, she then said instead of the double by Why don't you where they had said, and I can give you norm by watching a porno wait. What is what were you saying by o b J beer? Ah, you know it was underlined in red, so I couldn't see the boy. Classic? Why does is pie.
Oh, my god, you're really skip the requisite by what actually mean that there will be a guy in a girl I was, I was thinking about, like his girlfriend would be like by because she was down there with another check that that I am stupid, see these people, you too, successful livelier Damas me, She then she then instead, instead of a double beach yanks. Very this again. Well, why not we had said, like you, give your normal be J while watching a porno. Why can't you do that now the tv easy because I feel like when they add some like weird tron future will you put it? Is this opening pandora's box, or is this a way for visa be seen as a techie sex toy. You are really asking the wrong person that question you know.
Doesn't know what looked like you in the Dublin myself in some friends will becoming from both others. I was one. Ok, as is the same. Nor I read the ending to the other. One was weird because he ending was in front of the other one. Fuck? You fuck everybody else. You pay it's all party job fun and games till I stop podcasting. I've had enough of this sensitive deal. I'm not! I don't care, it is a slippery slope, but I think that could be really kind of cool too. She got to do it to like this. She get to wipe some porn. Why you like go down on her? Have we really trippy? It would be trippy, but the thing is than them. One ends up happening is. Is then you end up getting late The dead disconnect rain. Now you don't want to do anything unless one of you is wearing the helmet identity, goods. Weird, oh my god, I like see you that's a good. It's a dangerous
yeah? That's like one of those things like do you think I could do heroin once unlike be all right with that. No, I saw something traffic where I cite satellite and in one of those asian countries. Does Airways ahead but have better cell phones. There was a guy trying out like a virtual reality, sex suit, which I had a bit on this thing in, like the late nineties, when I first heard that they were going to do that by the way the do. You have an already called me outgoing, like more? How did you just stumble upon this, honest what I did, I would never have been waiting for the rest. The story because I like there was more, could have been while I was watching internet porn. Probably you have an internet advertising, advertising so that it was your on the side of the thing they have others. And how do you
that right back at shelving ran along so yeah, but they don't have. Our arab adds like that. Right, that's true! Well, this is what would it was it looked like a fuckin. Do what you like it like a mom so who's malaria lily was all wrapped up in toilet paper that I remember because who so horrified? This was one of those things whatever I was looking at. That then came up and I went Right and it look like, His hands were to his side here on the floor, can you know I'm old? I can't see anymore. Those glasses, both cataract, glad cataract glasses from the drugstore. That's all he had on those here I think it was all wrapped up because either anybody to see was. Maybe that's what it was. Ok and then there was this thing. Obviously his dick was in it.
And it just the same way, you hand would be going like Bang, Bang, Bang baggage it was. This thing is that was fucked up thing. Would you ever use one of those flash bought things? You know how porn stars I get old, so fuckin gross. Are you everything I or thinks it's so fuckin a long time ago I did somebody's podcast, I'm not going to say who, but people listen to park s nose. He had one of those things in it. Look like some Jeffrey Dahmer body, I think I had no automatically who you're just sitting. I don't think you do. Because I know you're gonna guess, but it wasn't that person it look now it just look like, and it did. You say that, like every, I can't feel like a real vagina, obviously, but like it, if it was just it's. I can't believe that it does like shit like that. Doesn't cause you to either be like we come again
for failure or some sort of permanent freely ag. Why would it make you feel better because you're fucking somethin, that looks, looks like a body parts and it's not alive who live women, have I dildos and vibrator and stuff, and it's like the same sensation. So why wooden one of those flesh bought things isn't that kind of like another Madonna, Ikey pop thing No, I'm looking at it the wrong way. May now! I don't think now I don't think you're looking I remember me back in the day you think I'm gonna day, don't like the idea of a fake vagina hats. Are you don't you're not comfortable just sitting on a table? It has a handle on it and holding it now that thing: that's not Europe, man you're, in that feels like Henry We should have a serious error back in day right when you actually have to go to a porno store to get your porn and they had like you know, I was always behind the counter they would have shut up there.
This is like what's it about. Whose lily ahead in a box, the chicks bottles logger like you, stick your dick at it like Silver gonna, buy that lose it like the same box like a basketball game and zealous ravaged by it's fucking ears that has stuck to the side of its head and then gotta go home and fuck ahead just ahead now, there's no fucking way that that doesn't fuck. You ups psychologically. Did you do that long enough, then you go out with her, he'll Parson it's already and knowing that they have to buy a dinner and that there is a whole
attached to it, and you have to talk to it. They always just grab you by your ears, water, water, water. That is why I still feel like we're going back to the question I feel like they can experiment whether like once or twice, but it can't be like a regular thing that they're doing all the time, because then yeah that'll completely fucked up your sex life, because then you will be looking at everything you do like it's supposed to be. This hyper reality dual reality virtual as this next year. I will just say that I wish you success for you. Ok now, so that becomes the thing which you know it's gonna people are going to do it and then you can become is porn. Stars will be making all of that fuckin money beak and it basically you have a girl.
In that. It probably just be like the whole suit, especially this can be the whole suit right. What are you talking about? What I'm talking about like in the future? Like when like everybody has like a virtual reality sex who is actually help the population programmes? the virtual reality, sexual, ok and then porn stars will then have their likeness they'll. Do appeal porn, and then they get money, and then you have to like subscriber while so you can do you think you can do a virtual reality thing where you, with any torrent stocks, that with like ass, a kid and then it is what happens? Yeah, ok, who's gonna be the fur celebrity. Crosses over it eventually right, because this doing superhero movies, and they don't want to do the groundwork of an independent because, like noticed now. They're all doing adds over here. Back in the day, all the celebrities did adds, but
get em overseas. Remember ways to go where we all look at someone. So don't fuckin watch thing or look at her doing this thing, but they never do him here because was that whole stigma If you did a commercial yourself out, blah blah would have fucker was ordered, like you do, in a commercial, your movie, star movies, does not even on tv, forget about doing it at that all went away. You know so I'm saying eventually, somebody famous would do it right. You gotta get sued in programmes You're having sex with like lending my or some right in the margin of Harrison, the first level will go that way. I got a reality. TV show stars, you know reality shows after a year Jersey shore. They, while fuckin huge, now just disappeared where the fuck are they write. You could probably talk coupled eminent doing it right. We pitching to show right now, I think, or some kind of like high tech concept, but I will probably make a lot of money. That's gonna end up
it's not like a movie isn't like like what is behind this is: what's gonna happen, you're gonna be self driving, fucking car, her you can have Of DR frock and cars and people will be laying in them in virtual reality suits, have sex with any famous person. They want to write a bill, have because you don't need a steering, wheel, gas or break or anything anymore. You literally I guess suit in there and they weren't you Your role over from that seem to like another like I get freshen up like tub or some shit, we're tired. I think we're totally going in that direction. I think you're right war whoop will see it in the next generation before I was just here. The flesh bought stop we're just the mould of the vagina or the deck or whatever, and then it's gonna be. This version will be super expensive it for it's gonna go to a complete automatic one flat screen tv first came out and fortune grants or don't buy that first, we virtually reality has an excellent virtual wages.
Like they come down like eight hundred bucks it best by then you get em right, so we figure out like made this technology is like patent I will make our make our idea, where we're going to figure out how to do that. I gave in red carpet or not call it that. What we now have already shown right now what these self driving cars like the interior of cars, what they're gonna have now they can have office ones, They're gonna have sleeper once people just want to sleep, go into work, they can have ones, the catch up on your emails and all that type of shit. Yeah two different, but even those that'll be like the different. But the social one. These social and office, one all of that type it in that event, she's gonna, be like why even gonna work dockers, everything's automated than these robots right and then one day the whole fuckin thing just turns on us. When it there is a company like someplace, really random,
no, really random, like Japan. By the way, neither one of us is high right. No, no, not at all completely that I, the middle of the day, never been more sober. What if there was a company somewhere and like animal, not Japan, but like Eastern Europe. That said, we want to do this deal with you, where we have these like sex dolls, with your fate flop now than they offered you like, and what made you insane amount of money now now but to do it and you can buy a bill birth sex, the hop do you realize the photo shops I'm gonna get and I'm gonna have to reach we now you asked all right up there going to be horrified when the latter is like a billboard. Would you do yeah? They come out of like somewhere random, like you know, Norway or just then they are like. You know,
one of those employees random, like Norway, Iceland and Norway. That's my random enough, like in turn to mimic stand or what luck and play that I'm not even saying you're right, but just a random little package that was just like you know. We have five million dollars said we want mixed sexier your faith up now, you can go for. Can you imagine a phone call out and no no, I wouldn't I will, and I can honestly say that I would now I know you win. I would think so had affected. We get all the way over here see this while the question square questions, because our guarantee, because the person in their virtual blowjob Luke Rowan, thereby, according to you I never claimed to be smartnesses. Beginning of these podcast I dont claimed to be smart and what that call for yourselves.
Sorry, the package was so late most flying back from Jacksonville. As I mentioned several times several times, I complained about it be checking it on your on Thursday I'll see you go blues.
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