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2019-09-17 | 🔗
Audioboom presents A Life Lived, a podcast that chronicles the lives of some of the most famous and fascinating deceased celebrities. Each Monday, journalist Stephanie Okupniak will speak with those closest to the star to get their most personal stories. Be it Amy Winehouse, David Bowie or Stan Lee, no one is out of reach. Check out A Life Lived on Apple Podcasts or anywhere you stream podcasts. 
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As Red Robins voiceover artist, I here to explain bottomless: how do I get across to free retails on fries and drinks? Well, here goes bottomless at re. Robin means free, unlimited, recalls on the fries inside that come with every browser or voluntary. That means free refills on state price. We potato fries Yukon kettle jibs, garlic, right, Brocklehurst, Thysel, it's after his eyes, these vital lemonade and even roquelaire flouts operate at the next tyrant. Your appetite does my brother Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be David Bowe, his neighbor? Yes, I have. Or to get into a water gunfight with two part. Yes, I have from audio boom and muddy knees. Media life lived reveals how the lives of the biggest stars were truly lived with exclusive And her views from the people who knew them in life, journalist, Stephanie Coop me out- tells the story of the dead. A life lived as a tribute to the eye. Hans, who change countless lives and continue to do so even in death each month,
Stephanie will tell the tale of another deceased celebrity through interviews with relatives and friends of the deceased, sharing their personal stories on a life lived. You will hear about the lives lived by any wine house, Ma Allie carry Fisher and so many more Europe. And all about stand. These relationship advice the queen of souls favorite food and which hard core rocker fought Kurt Cobain, I'll fight them This audio boom original. As an unmistakable lesson, a life lived is out now and has new episodes every Monday. Just for our morbid listeners, we have exclusive audio from an episode of life, lived. Did you know that Sir Roger more hoof famously portrayed, James Bond and seven films had a dream job that wasn't acting while you're listening, be sure to search for an subscribe to a life lived on Apple podcast or wherever you got your podcast do now, I'm so excited it's a bit
responsibility being an icon, people have expectations of you, you're worth is constantly tested. And what do you do when you become an icon? It's not something you can put on your cv or your business card. There's no icon handbook to guide you, you can survey people and ask how your performances cons are made overnight and without warning. If you ask how they feel about being an icon. They wouldn't have a clue. What you're talking about welcome to a life lived, I'm Stephanie, recouping Eric. He just was one of those people that whatever he did, he wanted to do it as best as he could and he was a good painter. He wrote Well Rodger in South West London, the son of a policeman, his father also dabbled in amateur dramatics and magic, so Roger
we had an appreciation for the arts, but acting was not his dream. He wanted to be a cartoonist and his father tried to help and get a leg up into the industry. It was a very talented, sketch artist. This is Gareth Ellen Sir Rogers Personal Assistant in close friend. He said that his father help getting this job as a junior animator out, he said not involve really making the tea in getting the sandwiches from the bakery down the road on taking film to the processes unit taking firm to the labs, and he got five because of a couple of things. First of all, he discovered the by taking the film on the cheap
broad and going in a taxi? He could save money now. The thing was you: we want allowed to take firm on this issue because it was nitrate and explosive, so they gave him money for taxi, but he never took a taxi. You took the tube pocketed the difference and after about three or four weeks, of course, are quite a few pounds profit in his pocket. So they discover that and were very happy, and they also have sent him off to make the t one day, and I think it was a leaky tap or something in the kitchen and blew the whole thing up says so: combination of a couple of things- and they said you know we set you better go live in my die- was the first seven legendary bond from Sir Roger Morbid STAR in
filming in New Orleans in Jamaica. We wanted to keep his family. It was around the time trickle, free and some reason there had been a spat of these awful people. Putting razor, blades and apples and just doing stupid thing said that when we came back to the hotel room with all your bags sweets and things that at its touch anything because he said you know, I want to make sure- looks fine me why he was light jumping through law, cookies and sweets near this is. This is all right isn't that these funds ok. You might know there were no apples would raise the plates in them, but he had a really wicked sweet teeth. Films that would become a second home to Roger and the crew is extended family. If there was ever so the size and answer the cost would look quite scared when they knew he was on certain those who so desire and the crew, and you know when, when they finished the tape,
He got the soda siphoned squirt everybody, but he knew they couldn't get him back because they were moving onto another taken he yet to be immaculate in his opinions, outfit and his costume, so he knew he could get them, but they couldn't get him. You know you can't touch May on the star. Roger more became synonymous with double of seven, with a hefty repertoire affair. And television under his belt. He couldn't leave the house without.
being stopped working demonstrate. It would always be us, the kids that would get annoyed when people would stop and cover all do what you want. You clean water and contact one and he would always stop always sign an autograph even in a restaurant. If somebody came over me take a picture. Of course you know not a problem and I remember he turned round to a vague, a friend of ours, and he said you know it's these people that put me here you'd be surprised that cabbies wouldn't like charge him, so he leave them a tip. There was larger than the blow If that Sir Rogers Portrayal of James Bond would come to a close with a view to kill in nineteen eighty five, he was the oldest and longest raining James Bond and he would continue to act over the next thirty years refresh your summer it, while why beat the heat with our hands, drafted, smooth these pressures or
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