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BONUS EPISODE: Discussing "The Invisible Man" With Johnny and Tyler from That's Spooky

2020-04-23 | 🔗
I wanted to name this episode "Leigh Whannell" but alas, I went a different path. Tonight in this special bonus episode, we talk about The Invisible Man with the always funny and always beautiful Johnny and Tyler from the That's Spooky podcast! It's quarantine, so why not just do alllll the content! *******WARNING: Skip to around the 16 minute mark to skip over banter/discussion of RuPaul's Drag Race/Us discovering our drag identities. Your loss but we will understand if you just want to get to the meat of the episode! This was so much fun and we think you guys will love a little fun with the spooky! Enjoy!Thanks to That's Spooky! You can listen to them anywhere and follow them here:Instagram: ThatsSpookyPodTwitter: ThatsSpookyPod
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This summer. Let's get back to her, she part, let's get back, to most her hair. Let's get back to splashes really splashes. Let's get back so milkshakes dinner. Let's get back to happy plain. founded her. She fucked up. Hi everyone on Johnny, I am Tyler, I'm Alina and I'm ash, and your listening to the hybrid of that spooky, morbid Vodafone Cross obey the Abbe put them in a blunder, and this is what's coming out of you and it's eleven is,
delicious green juice, it's good for you too. You feel good so well we're here. It's a very joyous occasion. We're like meeting over the powers that are zoom, we're working with technology, were putting our hands across the board and we're doing a cheer together like creating a little space in our hands to throw you the listener up in the air and just see where you go. I just They did the most beautiful picture that, like spaghetti, that you throw against the wall, you gonna become weaker flooring, spaghetti monster next that that's all we want anything. Eddie idea is like an experience like literature, cinema, rejection and beauty,
yeah, it's gonna be many aspects. It is- and I am sorry to like steamroller everything on an open up the floor, because we thought that the best way to start this whole thing off would be to talk about drag race a little bit, because that's a little bit of a common thread that we have between us share is yes absolutely and it's up to my understand that Elena and has recently started watching drag race, but we overran our tacky little program that spooky talk about drag race, basically, like every episode, I'd say which we love. In four hundred to the point now where we don't need to say it, but we watch just about every episode and it's kind of pathetic, so we thought we would not. We would ask a few questions, may be decent icebreakers and get to know each other aluminum better, because our listeners mean I know exactly who you are. Your listeners may not know exactly who we are, and you know we're a family now
the drag created DR races going to unite us on early on that is making ends across Amerika but withdrew queens yeah. It's the glue covert times, So it is since raw fanciers, since we're all shouting since we're gonna, spend like ten mins, Hockin Madrid, Greece, before we hope into the main event, I got some questions for the room is Eichel. Yes, definitely so a lame. Tyler Alliance unresolved. If you were frankly on dry grace. What can a drink would you be on the show I mean personally, I'd probably be a busted queen, even though I think I would even now so we should be comedy- grew Gallagher Dollar Store prince. I love that dollars guidelines. As absolutely I know This was easy. I'd be a spooky queen controversy like sharing animals like
exact. Yes, our agency psychedelic I'll be a little better than eight in four weeks, selection, yeah that's all you have you ever watched regular now drive you're, never like triangular, thou, I've heard good. Something together is Annie. Actually do this, together with the shadow to ending my girlfriend of into every drag. Show that exists in view of a spooky queen, you'll love regular, and they have performers of all gender. It doesn't discreet language. I feel it, I would be a super glam queen just cause. I love that I'd have like some articles and sequence everywhere, but then my girl, and said? I would find out along the way that I was like a comedy queen to she said. Allah trinity TAT was like a cat or know that means we have got to have seen a lot of the journey for you
male like a glamour queen. The colonel, like seldom nationals interest you know like fill in the gaps and mix, should go like there's something to her a little damn venal, depth and beauty see you man. I think I will probably like a speedy dollar store queen. To be honest, I'm into at I love, yeah I'll, be like a hobby law into that Polly Party, Colonel Club, knowledge of everything meteor. Why now want to see that? I think I really need to upload to work. Well, I mean, I guess it's ties perfectly into the next question, which is what would your track name be than if you were gonna be on this or that he's gonna, like drop everything tomorrow and become a drag performer. Oh shit, that's a hide y know,
this like twenty twenty, like Barber Walter's interviewing you but the gayest. When perfection I could say, like you're listeners, don't know we are gay as hell we're a couple weakened single. That's our word! well, because I've, given this so much thought over the years. I have my answer right away, so I would be cool Tina I am content now. I love because I loved and if you just at eighteen on the end, you ve got a beautiful name or death, and I love her team. I really I love that to end. The possibilities are endless like he could be, put Tina Turner, you could be patina, regularity could be patina, avalanche of, and so many door
Guy reformed. So many Madonna could be like the Madonna Drank Queens budget protein from Canada rise to dislike recipe for success, it'll be patina, drag race cancelled out by the end of it. You know everything about all that I didn't mean miss hard. I know I didn't actually think of admiration. I should have put thought into this earlier. What goes movie here? The question was originally upon name or would you be like a serious name? Would you go Nicole page Brooks Rout or wood be like keys car keys. I feel it Would one upon name thou be great. I think you need upon me my right. You need like us, Yogi quit like yeah spooky, queen seed upon name, I feel like a spooky pon, but it should have
vampire in the maximum. Like something haunted house, oh yells, something Langley legs like just K. I love that. Thank you, though. The grain kicked the light as a further two sovereigns just knocked over assault. Boxes of excitement goes any gods, the Light Flickr early and you were born You are so you're like a glamour queen you're like funny
Glenn are you can be plenty you're going to be real, isolate Veronica do pre school. Ok, I like that. I won't like a rich sounding name. Southern I want. Maybe your legs are something, but I'd want like a barn. Last name like that starts with long what, if it's like a violent and then another first names, so it could go backwards. If you want to do to bring mix some young men to gallic phone be across all young, that's what she wants: Savannah Vaudeville Republic. Definitely southern Beatrice Johnny's missed his calling us like a drag mentor like this is who you are. I need to be like the rocky codes of like the drag world royal, like throw you and the coroner spiritual with water and, unlike your family, your wonderful hitch math, and to place your nails and put back on the reality. Unlike the pageant mommy, really I ask you just created and really what we just created your dragged. I dare say that you're just bore up. You know somebody needs to draw
Oh yeah, somebody please around eyes. Please drowned. I think I would then like cake Bush A lot is for all loud either like perfectly reference, because you know critically for it could be, like you know, like a trinity Taylor Ass out reference where it's like cakes books. She now. Yes, yes, that's perfect, works on embryo taken there were the news, drag your Audrey, but we're here to rule this phrase since we're cementing our Drake careers here. Who would you play snatch game. I know you'd have to IRA, oh hell, yeah, I mean I don't I don't have the boobs for it, but I can get them so
you can buy between dotcom, easy problem solved later there is a will. There is a way that we can make it happen. I think one I was thinking about this. For I was like I'd, want to be like launch El Ray or something, and then my girlfriend was therefore she's, not funny. I was like, oh ok, so that I settled on either Ramona singer or Sonya from the real housewives basis. For me, I mean you make monitoring of wanting to re marries? Lays down like controlled by the Illuminati, yes exactly, and she so unfunded that it will be funny to make ourselves funny and have like a ridiculous. Our crown and like humor, long red nails. You do like, along its already into Carol Baskin thing
God. Ok, that's! You really are dried by their bows: it just seven years a theatre man investing that they can be to shoot a pilot re yeah. Let's do it began like we're in isolation, we're on zoom there's only like one second, so we can make now to carbon. yeah we really god this is going on either. Someone like me are a fur or Lorraine. More guy came in to both of them,
So hard is our great option because billions nutrients to wear shoulder paths and given that now more than the other option to be like, why lie used to accept a buffalo nickel per ghost. We accept a bachelor day and just Turner into like an old age. You choose, like oh yeah, lots of warlords who, just like some vague, peons civil war, dried hair, like I think, would be online. Oh yeah, I'm voting Lorraine. Maybe you should just? U bow wow above the drag queen half and have vibrant, because you can kind of do like in Lorraine, reveal into would be Urca she's got the shorter love and then which do matter, throwing not a calf to yeah. I could do tat, you could do it that way
do in those today. Absolutely we method leg. Why are we even here tat? We were rather like we have a whole drag empire to start right now we have to do go guys like this. Do that's with areas like it seem like slow to go at the beginning of this? It's not resume its. The fact that the wheels are slowly turning in our heads and we're all kind of like we could actually do this. This is magic. Bogey need to follow that this other Baxter boys start, and I think it is exactly how it started zoom before its time in Tyler. Who would you be understands, came over me, I think it would be, at least today I would be Jennifer coolly. She's dead The maize, that's Jane S together, her roles are all sort of similar. You can pick from every kind of quotas quota still create one singular character, absolutely fanatical really
I really love for underfoot. I'm looking at you across the table, like that's the man, I'm gonna marry in over their horizons of likewise real bad. Now, ok, let's say that you didn't do too well on the snatch game. You had the Leipzig. What's Would you slay the lips? Think they keep yourself in the competition to die another day just the court Madonna, because we just how Madonna challenge is that we gotta keep down I. This was high, I would say for me I would say, and thing by Lady Gaga, obviously or go the other way. I would go with raspberry Bray by princelings. That's what I think you could act
mine is similar in the sense that it's like my one karaoke song and be total eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler YA, then I wouldn't have to date been do splits and things like that either we know exactly where you could just like Park and FARC. I wouldn't go for the flips index either. I just want to go for like full on Prince kind of moves, smoulder like very theatrical yeah and be like yeah because I'm small blueprints, so I can lead to the whole whether in their down the runway, you pay the venture that undermines absolutely, I feel like. I would have to do it see by saving Ex, because it's like my favorite song and it would just be so emotional. I could like pretend to cry a little bit like lay on the minimum.
A shawl, logger, vs, lithography, beautiful hair. It be great, yeah, absolutely love, I think- But how do you like labour tango? by Grace Jones. I experience have always just like pose and giving like lots of face like human architecture. Yes, yes, I love that Taiwan's we're off, while just like staring the judges down exactly be sending the message like you, and I meant at a french cafe, you were smoking cigarettes and does not second directly. They say it argues that today, when I know each other from another load from what I was doing is walk way not now.
Just a matter of asking like who's gonna make into the final for whose spinning wheel, tulips and good guy, I guess where the final for we have today ACCA it's a faraway tie action. I never loved. Why not? I mean we have all stars for taught us anything. It is that the rules are at the window baby. We make the rules and I think, for anybody listening who doesn't know what the hell we're talking about like fresh congratulations for sticking through this far but second of all, like I want to watch the stray grace thing I would say, watch season for first, like me, spoil the first three seasons of winners That is such a well rounded season to kind of start off with that's when I started with that make sense, because, like the pilot and any show that anyone, the violent you're like what the fuck was, that he eats up is totally different one, but that was a mistake that I made trying to introduce Johnny to Buffy is restarted from the beginning. I should have done
the seas and three other bumpy girl, so I believe you're speaking too early and saw it can be tough. in the beginning, but not specially like fifteen years out of its original area, real raw yeah, it is look open and I say not only not don't worry about it. It gets back like what the opening wait for spike to show our board will be good. We re so there's somebody the buggy, don't start from the pilot. The aim now leave you alone. They who are bad did When you went from the pilots, the musical episode, like oh you're, inferior school you'll love this like what are you like polyglot? There's, no steps, not my own, the pride and plain any light up. He's gonna love this. You know what I mean like notion we ve got to let you know the glare. School. The episode like hush Hush is oh yeah yeah. I love her,
is a good one. I lay flat laundered Buffy season fires, my favorite season. They send a negative season for me, yeah. That was a great when I get it because of the all day hours ago I mean that's. Carnage remains the conversation and, if you like, that's like a nice bridge into over here to talk about because we're we're here to talk about stories that focus on powerful, blind female character and it's like gas the exact, exactly like surprise ass. This is your life. The injuries man today welcome to your life retrospectively. Oh god, that we provided the episode at times we live in it for five minutes to start this? Actually, because we had to put all the folds of her round the walls, partly proportional tonight's programme,
if you'd, rather that we can talk about the movie. I absolutely yeah amends you if you haven't read the episode description or you on our dislike starting this episode. Twenty minutes- and we are here today to talk about the invisible man which just recently came out on streaming due to the covert pandemic so dead. I love this amazing gap. Watch it three times actually side and theatres that we can now when people did that's that's the thing like came out like just a week or two before social isolation was starving without true members was a very tiny. Miss them I like pre WAR, Berlin for the gaze. Oh my god remember when it was warm.
Did you just love the feeling of that sticky pop on your feet here and you didn't have to worry about a la yes, I miss that, unlike getting like chocolate cookie down, however, my sweater, I want to go back, I can hear photograph by Michael back, please why we have this beetle Bulgaria, invisible man actually like, given how short of isn't feeder it actually cleaned up in a hundred and twenty five point: eight million on a seven to nine thousand or seventy nine million dollar budget. Seventy nine thousand groundbreaking while the profit margin, the unwittingly molested it as a complete fever, but she actually kind of du du affair
to the movie like this was something that Tyler found out when we were looking into this little bit more, oh yeah, so I guess the director leave when all I believe me one only one hour now who Alina anyone only no one s wake up, yelling Lee One else, name gal. I guess he only if there is already for this, so I guess he consulted with Elizabeth MOSS a lot in the creation of the story, because he also wrote it and I think that's the great considering its a story from the perspective of her character and to get that narrative into it to make sure he wasn't like speaking as well given the subject matter that the movie covers where it's a lot about, like domestic abuse, its very reflective of the ME to movement, so the fact that she had have control over their conversation, and the presentation that I thought is really kind of cool. Now that it's called. I love that I actually read, and I think it was like a vulture interview that he did that he said
Elizabeth would read some of his words and then she would be like you know what this whole paragraph I can just do this with my eyes are like a look. I don't need this seems like like. I can't, I rode all that's like I'm a writer. Maybe just let me do that and he was like that. I let her do it and she now that every time- and I was so happy she would like turned it would be like I have the power of Zanu on my side. Just remember, I am poligized like reality, too feeble behind her and he was like a right. Ok, you know that whatever you want Elizabeth everyone, but this movie was actually going to cotton production and for a while because they tried to start ready in two thousand and eleven I was reading only I read that teen. I didn't even know that, and so it turns out. They tried to write it like history lesson: they try to read it in two thousand and eleven the dude
bandit dead and then was picked up again and twenty sixteen to be part of this, like dark universe, bad universe, I did not mean to do right. Oh my god. Oh yes, the movie, the invisible man was supposed to star Johnny, dare I say, ah imagine the depth of it all I win out over this. It's like, I can't really Johnny Depp stepping be like. I can give the woman's perspective when that guy we're both roles in tonight's performed and would have in a very different movie, their rate of so many tar pads. So many so many bracelets, all them right away of the members of tool or like a perfect circle. Remember that, as he was one one basically supposed to do that and then the Mummy Reboot came out and then they basically just heads the digital gap.
Lion honestly worked out a lot better, their alike by ITALY Vondra. There, like fuck, that shit now hope into a trot, came and hamlet split. Actually, you can actually went up and down she's in bloom. I am said: Jane Bloom can ignore blossom salon. I think it is like glum house. I think it's like kind of blood house, I think of it. I think you're, oh yeah yeah totally make science but I had on the had over here, make it fancy of an idea that all, but it doesnt have a lot over the download things all the time I make them sound way. Fancier and our listeners, I like yeah, you don't have to do that. That's like early language learning, we're like science you're trying to culture. You ok thing is. I find that I do that sometimes and then, when I tried like play it down, that's my girl called out for not doing it lay out on those working out a uterus, theater and
working with someone whose name is HIV and AIDS on like hey Hannah and she's like it's. Actually you're like I have to do that. Every time based glee adjacent bloom. I picked up the film and then was just like: let's do this dance and called up, we want now who had directed like insidious, two and three and then had like acted and written some stuff in yeah all desiring me, you group, like so desired result. He did Andy ended in it. We want our guy Jacques, about raids, theirs Actually I saw Easter egg in here. You can see how every wind defined it, but I was like, although all die whatever to the jigsaw jigsaw
I was really hoping that it would be like leaving now coming by, like a little try skull with a mask on that. He can't you and me both. I was like Wellesley Break of any. I missed you, please Stanley cameo only one the movie did haven't a lot of other opportunities, those maybe the nosegay mail to what more we want. Ellen aid, like maybe you'll, be able to say she ate your first gas and other than calling you thirsty at all. No, you are now I'm just going to keep the alien not easily have ended in Arizona started yelling should I TWAIN we're yelling into the universe. We're gonna manifest something I don't know why I love it's going. I was just listening to your episode when you guys, like you, know we're actually just get to impose an agent in TWAIN. We're done here
and we do a lot of impersonations really really good impersonation. I love that the title does Egypt border man he's been doing since, like day one? She said it's we're in the middle of the Lord, during reticence right now, I'll order, Amazon like you
also do heavy metal Susan surrender in were she's like person of a death middle band, Valentine God, I love her so much, which is an offer sideways just going to say, is that apparently, though, I resent just like he's pretty heavy metal, if you have you seen stepmom, but now I feel like that's just civilian, and at this point and later the thing we used to start offer. Episodes with those kind of like impressions of anybody ever goes back and like I'm and listen to that spooky from day. One noticed that, like the firstly fifteen episodes we really worth is gonna start with something stupid and whatever that ILO Lake, I would say, fifteen episodes of season ceramics, impression that later and a good began devices turning people who were not began was: where do you guys got? One was incredible that I mean the edge Adele
nice guys look like and where did you get back remain the only gonna gonna pact about worried you? He said I ll never get to experience to gaze at the moment and I got her bar two's gaze and everybody swear wigs and get drunk. It began its exactly like these It is exactly like. Well, here's the thing if you really want to compare the two, the invisible man truly is just about a stunt queen like gaslights his axe, yeah, yeah, absolutely that's exactly insure kid wild way possible. Yes, and you know what's eating the area where we were talking about this could see my axe doing this slink while we are watching the movie. I was like this is really
freaking me out a national economy actually afraid for you and I'm gonna leave your house now by. I was like world coolly optics having come so far, raise motive fully anyways Felicia, because we would know about t only exists, sunlight, rich people's houses and he's gonna walk around like throwing paint into the abyss, rage poverty grounds. Fragrant sticks to Jackson, Pollock, that's what I said have a big last sue. You know get around it really on their everywhere and do it. I knew it so this peace cinematic Marvel is lead fearlessly by Elizabeth, my spaceships
Cecilia Sea can so we know is about Mars. We ve seen her in her maids. Tell us here, a madman we singer and west wearing us all that kind of stuff. I urge, isn't girl, interrupted how she? Oh she s. I think that is a question. I just thought that she is the ideal wicked you told me really are today. Do we know who she is not that I can picture her in it. I just can't number one of which she plays, but I don't like
as you and she really kills them in this will be like she doesn't really great job only able to access. I was going to say, like there are certain points when she finds out about Adrian staff on that kind of stuff where you're just like. She is a mix of confuse scared, now really trusting the moment, but then also going through like legitimate sadness like sheep layers on so many and its interfaith like she can. She was right when she said you can just like eliminate all paragraphs of dialogue. Kiss her face is so expressive and it's a nice idea. Ireland, like my lack of dialogue in certain, seems like it's gotta, have a naughty absolutely will I think she spends about eighty percent of the film of her lip curled back. I'm pretty sure. I think that's what made them maybe so effective as well as it wasn't a lotta mislaid. It wasn't tied down by exposition, like we did
To see, I see a build up to the fact that she needed to get out of a relationship, and we didn't need to see how this invisible technology really worked. For you get that along fine movies, whether just trying to over explain how it's possible- and this movie just didn't. We it's time doing Now- and I love that- and I like to that, while we were watching it, I remember saying TAT show in places like I wanna know like how bad he was to her for a second and then I was like wait a second you don't need to see it, you don't need to see the abuse aegis bulletins. Almost stereotypes are part of the whole thing. Like I don't mind, death actually does you just how traumatize she is and how terrified she has even to walk out to do. You know. Marks, and it's like not only to see what he did read any debate me down with a whole scene of him abusing our like, I get it. I believe it is our glucose and reducing its low, DR plot, or anything like that. I feel are even by the end of it up until the very last moment, you're left in this position, where you're like the regardless.
You believe in all languages kind of laughter Macleod me. Maybe that's a bit ambiguous there, but I just I feel, like vat notions carry forward until the very last moment. In this we re you're, just like believe it Paris, absolutely like this is warranted. At the end of the day, he added- and I mean like props, to Oliver Jackson, colon for playing Adrian Griffin. He was extremely on likeable. Very he was, I would say, did a great job by between him and like the guy who played his brother, whose Jean LINEAR that's a character but Michael Dormann, who played Tom Griffin. brother who just had like the sweetest little eyes, looked like a child actor but was a complete like feel like they embody
be trapped in a really believable way in this movie thing really when they revealed the brow there. I was like political areas of legal rights. Cyril sale, apron nodded the early. It's like you, a puppy dog eyes, but it's like a puppy huskies over also permit dead, began very thankful lot to it totally this hodge, please dreams, LINEAR James Lanyard, whose leg sees confidant like a long time, family friend of her and her sister, who will talk about in a moment she s a tree. I got her sister and I, like his character, t like I like that for one they made it like, because- and I like, that they made it like a male friend that you staying with, but there was no romantic intention and there was never a question of it. It was like will they won't day? It was like no he's just this good guy, that's her friend, like they never do that and movies tv. Shows I feel like they always throw in like what's make them
oh, have sex or let's make them have this we're intention to them and they never debt write which I like to think when you're an elementary school and your friends with somebody of the opposite gender than all this on your automatically dating it's like yeah, logically exact idea, can we just be boroughs? Likewise, we are like. I feel that there is a lot of attention in their relationship, but just none of it had to be sexual, which I think was like a power. The things out there, the artificial exactly they did. There was enough tension everywhere else. We didn't do that. One hundred percent- and I know we just cancel out before- but I won't take a moment to appreciate Harriet Dire, who plays Emily, cast the saucy sister Celia who gives my favorite line and the whole movie. I love shares incredible Alina that would be using on that's a lane or through and through that, just like standing in the doorway like I'm not going to tell you how to live your life.
Or on national control. I loved that of ass. I love. We said that she spoke kind of like a beatnik poet or something you know. How is she really? They almost owners. Sister Alan Ginsburg, just rolled in love and she's strictly speaking with grace, she really oh really have this movie was shot in Australia. Ash ya know now that you're like turns up issues in a bunch of comedy too late. I, when I was looking through Wikipedia page, I found a project called sexy Herpes, which definitely me interested. Ok are themselves. I now themselves, as I do on, follow up and those are really can we, the major players in the Caspian Sea, storm red who is in a wrinkle in time in euphoria and twelve with and she was grey has she was playing Sidney, LINEAR, whose James S, daughter and economical? I don't buy the characters beyond that. Clearly, thought of you
before we get into this breakdown now I think we nailed already let stamp this baby move on our. So I guess there's place to start at the beginning, so restarting like in the head of a night. It's the witching hour. Actually I wrote that in my notes, all areas ready to a man can do so because this did you watch the entire universe movie. Just waiting for a fucking goes to Papa, yes or hinder wake up. Yes right or like when she was looking at the cellphone footage, because I hears the t if you haven't watch the movie again. I commend you for listening to this, but then be like she's, basically getting up in the middle of the night and leaving her boyfriend who she has drugs. He's sleeping. She turns the cameras on him, like sneaks out of the house, so she's like watching herself on the whole time, and as I was dead, like I've, been condition by paranormal activity to be like the sheets. Are going to move on their own or he's gonna, be like drug by the ankles and pulled out of the room? Yes, a hundred percent here waiting for jobs,
ere the entire movie, but especially in the beginning. That's exactly what I thought with you: don't really give it to you and I think that's one of the powerful things about the movie because they use the camera to kind of play with space in this way that almost like it follows, does in a stationary way, you're always checking the corner shop to go like is someone there or like when the camera moves. Always very. It's always knew for a damn good reason. So, like those that shot at the beginning, where Elizabeth MOSS is getting out of the house, she's creepy head in the dead of night, she kicks the dog. All it doesn't wake him. So much that I need you saw in the kitchen for a moment and then the camera pants off her through
wall into a whole. We were expecting Elizabeth must be, then she doesn't come there and homesick paranormal authorities style, but the pic camera Manning where it comes back to her on the path that had just followed and she's just about to leave the kitchen, and they do not a lot throughout this movie. Yes, that's way more powerful, I think and having all these jump scarce absolutely, but then it also makes me go. Is the brother there? That's really got yeah yeah because it is always arise that yeah, that's again, point is really the only time that this convention is ever used in an empty way in the movie. Otherwise, whenever the camera moves it's to indicate that he's there in some way the up EU rights, I feel like they're, probably as a reason for that. I also think it's like to get you in her kind of like panic mode like almost like you're waiting for someone like she is absolutely. I guess it's this whole idea with the brother where We find out in the end that he's in in on this whole plot, maybe he's
a lot longer than just the moment which she left has. He we ve, been there like page ass by the Algerian to keep an eye on him. I never thought of another forehead, pointing their endlessly giant mansion palatial, like Oceanside Property, the coldest man check very set out they pull out. I was, I think, is this you on mosques error being years, something that's not so that's exactly like Elon Musk LIVE fitness for inflexible, fifty shades of great created at the beginning. When I was watching this being like this, is that of a man who was how to Skype answer up is but lay no joy like going to its highest. Oh tariff distant. This house is so terrifying, absolutely you! So it goes down. There came a gorgeous home like it's, it's just so cold. So like palatial, just like a compound yeah yeah,
his name and sleeping with the enemy with Julia Roberts now beginning of this movie, is like so similar to that end. It that's like I'm sorry, I've like an abusive husband tail and they have like a waterfront property. So it took me right to that movie. Tail yeah does its isolated is only one way and only one way out neglect unless you go into the ocean, the enemy light, that's kind of what we are seeing with Celia earlier on, where she's, like others, one way out he's watching me everywhere, like we come to find out he's like this optics genius. You know she has in drugged, but you know she essentially has to go and disarm all the cameras, unlike turn everything off before she can't even leave, but that's when we first get into his lab and we see all the random suits letter there, which are just like a weird kind like red herring, because you're like imagining one of them is gathered moving, oh yeah, but you get the colonel exceed like is set up, and you see this weird chamber that kind of eyes for a moment which kind of tells us like she's, not even fully aware of all the stuff. It's in her house, which is just like
I'm sorry for you, because there can be like a really good sound system that you're just not aware of like blue to connect. Beauty in every room. You don't even know this shit, but basically she knows enough fuel to turn off all the cameras and then make her escape, which is when we need another low key star of the film who I Stan. Yes, why can? She just bring as she didn't. Wanna leave em, that's the thing, and it's like she's like the car park. You think that she's, but to make it and in this dog, shows up, and then you know he's just as bound to the fuckin land as she is, he's got a shot collar on, so she decides to take, with her, but then he hits the alarm on the car. So her whole plan goes to shit and then suddenly, Cecilia is like running across the front line trying to get over offence before, might start. Turning on back of the house and paused, sadly, was unlike run around thinking about climbing now Ya'Ll gave me the most anxiety of the entire movie I was like. I just want to be able to do it.
Really taken down on my own upper bodies, strand right stress of that whole scene was overwhelming light by the end of it. I was I gotta, give or take a deep breath and what you see is like I felt like I was. There were absolutely because then she makes a no to the road to breathe a sigh of relief, but still the whole time. It's very goes really horror movie for a moment where you're suddenly, watching the words really he's gonna jump out at any moment. Now she gets in the car. You have some sense of reprieve, but then he basically shows up before they get to leave and a break the fuckin windows. So it's like the expectation, is mad island status, the scariest thing ever savage when he broke the window. I was like oh Dan and that's interesting goes its really like all the proof that you need as the view in the movie. It's like. As soon as you see him react to her in a running away from him like that and expecting her to come crawling back in its like what is his end game like? Does he think that he's gonna break the window of the car and then turning to stop and go? We see You know what I miss you.
Yes all happen again coming back because, like she gets out It turns out that she's like arranged with her sister to come meter or something like that she gets in the car, drops the pills, drug team with and then Adrian shows, but then she's free suppose, also during the whole time I was like Emily, calm down just drive the car stop asking questions what's going on. I know it's like this is not about right now, but I feel like the fact that both the movie doesn't all of this. Supposition. It makes you wonder, because the relationship between her and her sister, Emily seems kind of test. seems kind of strained. It seems like maybe no wonder, skipping a headache, into that email that she supposedly that it You said it was. Who was assented smelled great, but there is one line that they cut too, and it is like I wish you had. Instead of doing so.
My mind went to thinking that maybe it was their parents, so they were if they had. This kind of, like two against the war zone will also come to find a little bit later that they just hadn't been talking for awhile like when there are changes, had us a little bit later on. So there is an obvious strain there, but still not enough to make it be like a lion. Picking you up in the dead of night, as your escaping here abusive boyfriends, have excuse me like the gaps. She was quick to accept that that email was written by her stay in, makes you the cop. She has to know that people can hack into things in it it's like, but she was so quick to believe that she rode all that. I was idea. There's, a weird dynamic here, the other some shit we didn't see. So what has he done? An exactly because I've thinking of like ash. I was like, if ash, if I got an email from her like that, I have always been very bad feeling. Babbage hates confrontation exert its leg. You would think that she would
I take a moment to be like ok, we're all this other weird sheds happening she's been telling me all. The southern lack reduces of me de. I should actually believe tat moment, but again now Emily's world and estimate Dorothy. So I Emily gets her tinted windows. Punched out, Cecilia dropped the pills, Adrian's left in the middle of the road like leather phase at the end of taxation are carrying out a deal. I read that we ailing the chains. We got here did that's kind of where we leave that whole scenario and she's gotten away, and then we pick up two weeks later at her friend genes. This house, who would come to find out, is like a family friend and she's been living with him and his daughter and again not leading into the exposition. We don't know, if he's you know how he became a single parent. What exactly that story is, but we just kind of fall into this dynamic It turns out that Elizabeth MOSS is like
or a Sicilian is like super scared of you now going out like you, because of you, my colleague, Clarks and Mass afraid to go and get the male jogger coming by scares her before she can get into the box which, like I don't fuck and blame you if you ve, got somebody who is like this abusive to you like I'm, not making light of it. He's here, but like she's issues, obviously freaked out and then she's googling articles about being lodged in blotting, utter webcam lands and all this kind of stuff, and it's like its paranoia city, yeah and because she knows that he was an object stream. So it's like anything is fair game for am totally but the thing is when I started out this movie, I was at first like optics. I thought that was just lighten lenses and stuff, like that, like I didn't realize, confessed all that a truly encompass I didn't need. First, I just thought they were like blinding us with signs lay like he works in optics. You know is extremely worrying and we, like dams contracts at the end of the day,
I was reading a bit about optics. Take us one of the real world things out there. Trying to use optics for is to redirect earthquakes are no. I have no idea how that works by their apparently able to manipulate like the vibrations over something I can't even to explain it, but that's something they are considering. be a reality. Some days will be able to like diverge those things away from like he's in places where people live only by local awesome. Brilliant and I wonder if he be able to will people to come to my birthday with the optic think We are not there at everything on organs: everything's, cool, everything's, not really cool, but then Emily arrive and again is Emily. His world, how he or she comes in and serious conflicts, Shatner Bounds doesn't really wanna hear she's, like I told you not to come, find me anomalies.
probably ok, and then we get the best the movie, which is why I'm not trying to control you, but here, too, he's dead. whom read those stems This line comes spellings mouth and believe such a power move world back. If you know Emily is just like honey, I'm not going anywhere is doing like z, snaps in the air. Basically, and then we come to find out that Adrian has allegedly committed suicide, a ledge and This is one Elizabeth Mosslike really shows us about six different emotions. At the same time, like shadows on Lady Asher needing over
Like you come, we ll find out there like sitting around the table that I have spoken in a while, and then you this is kind of where Elizabeth MOSS is finally explaining to people exactly how controlling and horrible Adrian truly was to her yeah and in a short period of time to like they make it seek. As I can They say they met in late, two thousand seventeen or something right. So your aims, it was very small period of time that he got really abusive, really she so that you are controlled. She wore in what she aid, what she said where she went and he was physically abusive and ultimately, he wanted a baby which is kind what drove her away and we find out that she's been secretly taken. Birth control, and you know she just realized that you couldn't live up to that facade for too long and then that's kind of what led us to these events that were in right now. Absolutely this does
lead Elizabeth Master finally feel empowered and offers a person to God and get the fuck en masse yeah. She now seen gains that mail and slams that ran on the table, which is then when she gets they eat the mail. The letter that she's got all this money coming to her, which is so scary, thou because they're like did they know she was there yeah exactly Bob. Kind of the thing, and then it's also just like in this moment were eager really excited for Elizabeth Mosses character, but then at the same time, you're just like well, this is just another form of control that is exerting over her oh yeah, huge. it definitely, and we also, if they're not married, then she's not necessarily entitled to any of the money that he has an. So why is she being given this money exactly it's all in another form of control. Just feels really grows, so she like sets down at the table. She looks at this letter. You know she goes. I've gotta go to this meeting and the next thing we know we meet the brother,
and we're in like an office building, some high rise at a table she's there with her sister who's kind of acting as her representative, and he is reading this letter from Adrian, which is essentially reading, Cecilia to dogshit and being like. All of this is your fault, and I, even though I'm giving you this money, I need to let you know how horrible you are a victim of abuse. he's like so enjoy bitch, essentially currently going through it. It's a really awkward meeting. They kind of shut this shit down right away and their discussing light. The logistics of this are basically Cecilia is gonna, get five million dollars. It's gonna be dispersed to her. I think a hundred thousand dollars a month for you know a few years or something like that, which is a really great d out. That's enough to kind of get anybody. It's definitely an anti that gets under the stipulation that she's of sound mind. She doesn't commit a crime, any of that kind of stuff and
you still don't fully understand why she's getting this money like you can tell like at this point, Elizabeth Mosses character is like we're really excited, but she's. Also, just a mix of leg as the other shoe gonna drop here and you see the urn in this room where Adrian is, which I think is really weird as it is, because it's like wearing a business now and that burn Just I know isn't said Mary, so it's like yeah, but did you put him there to be a thumb? is to be welcomed. That argues that are holding back. We want it's almost like two. Like look he's dead, there lay trying to prove it also just trying to prove like. I think he kind of knows that she wouldn't look in the earlier nobody's going to cross the line to be like all. Well, let's back and see where they made it. Ash is exactly what I want to take that action. Should I get enough funding issues like I mention other Muslim,
So I think it was an episode of my strange addiction where there is a woman who was addicted to eating her husband's. I ask you re yet she was getting a lot of anxiety over the fact that they were almost gone and she didn't know what she was going to do when she's even long atta go kill a man, like watches family work. her eat. The ashes like there is only one way to cement yourself as like, be worst in law. The out seriously ITALY slowly sitting there like look at them in the eyes deeply ashes licking cannot aligning their families. Iraqis are only nine now exactly it's. Why really is- and I mean speed of wild now, like Sicilians, walking out of this meeting, not only with you no confirmation of in all this share. Buddy now with quiet for banking, is she is flush
cash she's back at home and she is planes and she's. I wonder yet here she's like, sugar, Mama sound, like you want to ladder baby I'll, give you a ladder. You want. A bank account for ten thousand dollars a month to go to Parsons School, James's, daughter Sydney. You got that from your childhood best right right, homesick words, my Cecilia, there is also really, I think, sweet seem to see so that we could see that other side of her, because we didn't really get that and you could see like what a joyful person can be when she's, not terrifying Would you not completely under Adrian's Tom you're, going to see her being like dorky and fun and like bringing out the bottle of champagne? Kindly fooling around, I mean it's like a really good time. We meet in an open, and I think it likes further per shows you to how much he like brokered down as a press, absolutely because when you first meet our she's just so traumatized, and so like
in this one spot of just like being on alert being terrified and then to see this in your like holy Shit, He really did a number honour when you are I've come to light, find out about her, like she's, like wearing like a cow Polly like Architecture hoodie at the tat like there's a lot of. Occasion here- that, like Elizabeth MOSS up to this point, has lived a very full. Why? Yes, like I think she mentions that she was like living in Paris or something my daughter's like somewhere in Europe yeah, I think that's like where they met or something like that and yes, we are seeing a glimmer of light who she is like, even after, like all of this time of being with him, I kind of tamping her down under his thumbs. So it's nice and she started to feel more human and she's, like occupying space in the house, a little bit more she's making breakfast the next morning ass, actually on jumping the gun, because before she is making first she's in a room that night we have to get the sense of like oh fuck, he's very
look there's something going on yeah she's in the room. Her room looks like a street. or partly have led to believe that its area like it's gotta, go from coming off of it like a very sweet but essentially she's in their she's partner, stuff away, she's feel uncomfortable and she's nesting. Like that's the key, and in this moment of comfort, you started he's weird sounds in the background and she hears breathing. That's like this in body and it suddenly plays into this idea like oh something, isn't as it see spoon and then that scene, I was like trying my you're saying that shows like sums there are going to see a ghostly ossing staring at the screen, trying to find anything out of place if we those kind of a funny thing about the movie too, because I mean we're coming into its the invisible man. We have a sense of what's going to happen, so really does clay with your expectations and you're. Looking for all those little clues exact, I didn't notice it until the second watch, but when she is making breakfast, I think like that, stay, you actually see the knife like yeah appear me up
I notice that the first watch I gotta watch it again and I was like oh shit cause you told me looks like it fell off the counter, but you never hear it dropped to the floor and totally you can also here, like the burner being turned up liking here, the gas being let any adulation system very delicate stuff that they're doing body like we re sets the mood phasing you know. Who does that we want? Now there. She is. We want all unknown, as there are setting a move that you were right around on his tricycle with boombox around or set me man say You are now and all over the place You ve got enough money, not a word. Now we get a tag, This episode, Can we really ready? We start the club right. Maybe that's what we call. This episode is not like spooky morbid slowly, one area, just what I want
I want the loop I'll doesn't make an appearance in this way. We does he unfortunately, now I don't think so. I think that finally going to seem less. I don't know they focused a march on the guy that goes by in the hospital just jumping. I had a little bit once a year ends of an honest but on a guy is ruled by her. They make so much of an effort to focus on that guy do the bandage. I wonder if that was in it could have been more. I think of me, do this in other parts of the movie to where they put these local Easter eggs. You ve watched the invisible man. You get these kind of images scared you get that moment in the hospital with the bandage covered body, where it looks like the original interpretation, visible man yet in Rome to skip ahead as well. You get like the top hat and the code beyond the contracts or whatever. So you can
get that silhouette of the invisible man in the dark room. If you re like in the bed as well, so I mean like Lila now I mean you're me: the vapours overrides Lee wanting homage to the emergence of Lena's. How to do it now has slowly share that, although I will say if I had to say one thing to be won over this movie, it would be that they're just earning pranks and I feel like invisible man. I've done a lot more to fuck with people on the tabs. That's it I'm in your place. I am am I a freak for thinking. My wife has now good, I'm glad, because It would be like serene robbing people's toilet balls and stuff like that, oh yeah. Well, I mean if you're looking for the prince, Sir out into the invisible person story, you need to wash invisible mom in a visible and invisible syrian that, Inter available on Youtube, actually probably idea nobody's cooperating
hell. No, I can tell you is those kind of movies that everybody just use? Pseudonyms? That's like farming, movie up I'll make. I know, but there's a lot of you may say, and it's about this guy that loves farts and his girlfriend thinks that stupid and he's gonna farther Larry S, and then he takes a nap and he dreams about like being in a world where everybody thinks that parts are like the funniest thing in the world, and it was such a bad movie that, like not a single person that was in it used their real names. Tat is not behind me. That exists, just makes me up, I gotta watch. Mary, the bits of Bart them, knowing that it's out there- and this is like in the analogue days. So it's like their multiple people involved like this. Just wasn't like somebody like sitting at home on their Iphone wow.
I mean to get back into like the invisible man. Lay there basically in this world now, where Elizabeth MOSS is just starting to get these hands, piling up all around her that she is in fact being washed. I mean like share that view.
The bedroom the next morning she is in the kitchen everything's good. The knife disappears. The burner gets turned up so that a fire is started on the Fucking Stone, which Elizabeth MOSS has no idea how to put out, and thank God we have Sidney their Yanks tenure all to re, not throw water on agrees. I don't know what I'm gonna tell you Elizabeth Momsey up. I feel like it would be. Your natural instinct is like oh firewater, let's put it out with water, and then we buy now to house. That's how my house all kept her down. I also feel it is a great moment for James one hour, because you know he's always thinking of a kind of be like you know. Elizabeth mosses character is right for, like ninety seven percent of this movie, let's have or make one Rony like a meter, more human humanize area.
Nuclear malware and then basically we're just like following Elizabeth Mosses life. You know as clues are starting to stock up, so the next shots are at night, and this has been a really started like ring level. Yes, I was Gary because she wakes up, the middle of the night to footsteps all around the house, she's like her own private room, and indeed ugly. She goes to follow these footsteps, and you know these sounds that she's hearing throughout the home and in everyone's first fear she's in late, the living room, open concept, kitchen, whatever she has her back, turned to another front window in the door and then all of a sudden over her shoulder that fucking door just open on it's terrifying absolutely terrifying and it was so built up to absolutely and she goes out there and I try to figure out what's going on and then you get the shot of her.
Just like sitting up there looking at the neighbourhood- and you think you know, like occasion- doesn't see anyone she's in the clear and then the breath behalf dad was like shafts casts perfection it was so spooky and I think that's what like they did so well with this movie its. It takes like those aspects of a horror, films, a paranormal hunting, but then like centres, it is like the real world, so it's like a mix of paranormal, but then it's kind of found it in like true if you were to kind of create them with those categories, Keziah Actually what you're saying like it's like it's a ghostly, but it's a real man. I mean I mean so its leg. It gives you both of those like this is not ok. I like this is too real to real every sound. I hears the invisible man. Why that's cool too, because the invisible man kind of always existed in this like workers like when I think of horror I was think of Lake Pre
ignore horror in a lot of ways like very gothic. Very you know like other world and then, after a kind of Norman that whole moment in the seventies, we start to get like this a stressful yard and slashing suddenly be the scary person is no longer this, like Doth, a guy, a monster, but it's the person next to you or a virus and down the road, and I feel, like you know them Oh man, always kind of existed as a real world person to devious things using mystical means. In this light, a kind of more gothic era and it's kind of cool to see that character moved in to the current day, and still not still, but actually become, that kind of handshake between these, like more paranormal key spooky stories and these real world monsters that we all know in our everyday lives. So me, because its aim is he using instead of like magical, mystical means to do this. It's like he's using technology in science, it's like it. It's all melting
together. The still make this spooky is fuck, like this treaty ebbed, right, yeah and he's using like science and human logic to Gaslight. Somebody oranges strike fear in another way, which is a super, powerful and just fucked exactly so after this moment outside we come back in the house. Cecilia, is for really scared and she goes in bed with Cindy Sidney This is when shit of pops out Maria, because you see them live peacefully in bed together under the covers sleeping, it's all good and then you start he's flashes, which at first you're like somebody turning the lights on in the room, but oh no honey. The invisible man is there as a floating cell phone out of her bed, taking photos of even the very Sunday watch this they didn't even notice the flashes and enough. I like looked away or something and then the second time I was like. Oh shit,
So the really, unlike that's the thing, such that's, not enough to wake her up. So then she's just like laying their and EU kind of you of this moment where Europe is he wearing the top hat and jacket, because this is the moment where you see let the foot of the ban that you know they're doing this thing, that a lot of horror movies do where you're in, like a pitch black scene and their slowly, introducing a little bit more light to kind of like make it so like your eyes, we ask how it feels to wait that gas. Will you go from being like utterly confused than trying to find a form in the darkness which causes all this anxiety and Elizabeth must get out of bed she's trying to figure out what's going on, she's got a blanket enter hand and throws it on a chair, and you think she's about to catch the invisible man. But no one and I followed me- I thought we were gonna, get apparent Ahmad Tiffany moment, absolutely Billy. Also if I replied that shit on somebody, this would not be my moment alone. Now. Definitely
Definitely not u predictable, and it also makes you go like when you hear the chair, squeal yeah, that's true like there was reading something somewhere and lay. I don't think he's takes the piss out of things, but there was something about shadows right, yeah, saying if this invisible suit was possible, which is why I appreciate the movie doesn't go into this kind of like exposition. Livin invisible suit was possible. It would be able to reflect the world around it, but it wouldn't be able to eliminate shadow. Anyone think that its content, for my fears at night, yeah, that's a good point. We do one minute, but then here's the thing like she's in the room. She throws the blanket he is not caught inside blankets, she's like all right going to go back to bed on her. Their guess cool stuff. And on the blanket now in the morning, where she can like very clearly tell that he's like, on the other end of the blanket panting it behind her. She done by Paul
and unlike this is the moment where you throw that blanket out the actual european values, but it doesn't really go there. She essentially just watches the footsteps come toward her than calls for James and he comes into the room and is basically just like. I feel at ease in this position where he is like trying to believe his friend, but then at the same time, he's not running scared. The shit out of his own, whose raising a bad position is just like stop letting this asshole haunt you to this very absolutely he's in about you like we caught between a get a hard. He asked because he doesn't want to dismiss her paranoia, he doesn't want to just Billig, well you're crazy. So, let's move on like he's, he probably knows you know: she's been a victim of abuse. Let's try to delicately about this- and I do not say that this sounds crazy. But at the same time, please try not to be like yeah near excess, proudly back from the dead and silently haunting you to my great in front of us,
another moment with the pepper spray where she had and here's equity will you take up is like what are you doing with that and she's like you not for this, like not very miserable people as thing I've kind of things We cover lakes and spooky shut on our pod cars and every now and then somebody will be haunted and they trust the ghost and suddenly I marrying that's, not only works. If you have goes, doesn't work that way. Sorry and basically you know James just kind of comes in and he's like. Sorry, Cecilia, don't know what to tell you. It looks like the invisible man has nope to the fuck out of there and they go by sleep with no other occurrences that night, we believe, but then this time. We jump into Cecilia, live she's out a job interview, and this doesn't go so so she's there with like this guy.
intervening her she's at some architecture. Firm. It's like really have really cool he's like a two dollar Rhine Gauze share. I call him Brian guys. Nine he's also super creepy dying, a whole interview. You're, like a very like. Are you sure you want to work here? He's like Stephen God? Don't do it John Ass one, but one thought slipping So it's like rain. Sweden is just kind of said, Mary interviewing hurry. You think everything's, ok and then she goes to pull at her portfolio and nothing, their everybody's worst nightmare, like aside from having no pants on when you looked absolutely and
he's pretty understanding about he's just kind of like what you can email to us, afterward all that kind of stuff. Then it gets further complicated when an Cecilia just start zoning out out of nowhere kind of that so Raven only first and then you're like something really wrong, and then she passes out on the floor, which is what do we? Do? We really come off. Look like a message. Your job interview, yeah illegally, really didn't now the sun sincerely I didn't like if there are any different circumstance, I would say if you like, forgot your homework and passed out of the job interview you're, probably at you, and I can call back for a second. I am not blaming Sicilian. This moment, yeah exactly because as we come to find out like when she gets home than their charge. She gets a call from the hospital explaining exactly what the deal is, and this is one discovered that she has been drawn with exactly she had drunk Adrian with before and she's getting the call from the hospital she's in the wash firmly brushwood either. Whatever turn,
around and that bottle of pills that she dropped as she was getting away from Adrian at the top of the movie is now sitting there on the counter staring convey swindle, blood smear on it and everything just thought and weekends thing. It's, like my mind, automatically went. How does Adrian know that she's getting this phone call to like set up this dramatic moment like this is how you know he's a stunt quickly because, like he's coordinating the ship with phone calls and like my other question with this point- is like a gay Adrian is essentially Lake star. in her in this invisible suit. Does body odor come into play at all? Where I? How do you get that close to somebody and have them not smell? That's a very good point, especially when it's like a second skin suit Maybe some dozen brain and it's like lay tiger? Maybe it's like that. Far under where that locks in the smell
makes it off at the end of the day it just on visuals, like cloud of staff. Not anything feeding outlier needs that big open house so to take up and run through the eyes. Louie lands are violated, and did you guys years they rode after a shower at the end to like on the phone call. You can hear the woman on the other line say, and I also wanted to talk to you about, and then it totally goes blank. But it's like four shadowing for what happens later, o rakers, we would have known she was pregnant. I caught that today I had caught at the mercy of times I watched a whole delete internet. I feel it every time lesser, like oh shit, that yeah definitely the Thursday moments upon re watching? Then you try to Lake break it down. like a well. Maybe this doesn't make sense, but then, when you think about it, everything lines that even things that seem a bit shaky plot lies always something that leg can kind of speak for me
that happened along these lines. It away so smart move, my God, words for you, we want out there and there is any doubt let not not to over talk up. We want now, but if it like the soft elm like the first software and when, like he stands up at the end, you like what the fuck Nearly that doesn't make sense, but then you go through the whole thing and you, like all of that banks, like he's a master like those little think, as I remember watching, not and being like nope now and then watching and being like shit. Yes, nearly all of it makes sense to move we cheese browning like he gives us a lot of moments where you're just like doing nothing, we're your arms or does it looks like you're looking for a table to flip? Yes, absolutely it does such a good quality in a movie. So late you smell addition aside. We now know you know he's like super fuckin with her he's drugging her rape and
like Cecilia Eyes, just like. Well only one thing to do about this: let's go the sea is weirdly to night now weirdly killed on gone back on that one, his brother. His brother is a cannibal rather arise, yeah Theodore Child actor. the french relinquish dummy, that's what it is. You look very different from goosebumps nail debt. Absolutely mail should see that now. My wants a moment where I was what is this image or ensuring the parcel in my head and we are doing? Is he also an ape like a Van trailer quest dummy? He literally, we largely I was symbolic Adrian little poverty is man. Thank you are all Stein. R L Stein enslave now we're back with a brother, and she is basically just like listen here. You child actor. I know that your brother is fucking with me. I don't know how she's
Legato a stranger in season sex and talked of repulsion migration, adored Olano. I know you were coming for me. I don't know exactly how or when you came for me, but I just feel like he did. Love is one of the situation really length and basically she's, just like what I remember when he was still around. I was sitting there not saying a downward to him and then suddenly he's repeating my thoughts back to me. She had been like sheep. It says to the brotherly she's like I know this has to be something because I was sitting there one day, thinking about leaving him and he is just like hey. If you ever try to leave me, I will always find you and Sunday. I will just walk up to you without Yuvan, realizing on there and give you a sign which is exactly what he just fuckin dead, yet exactly sober. she's just like this is the reality, and then the brother is just again like given big Emily energy he's just like well I do not tell you, I hate my brother just as much as you hate my brother, and then
they start just enjoying the crime scene photos together for a moment, even those who were busily. Let's take a look he's just sitting there in like a random, potentially rented office is burnt. His ashes and crimson photos of a suicide, exactly the very gruesome crime scene, Sicily casually and his top Castro. Is this? What people If you have one who's been brutally murdered, you just need I'll. Let you have those crime scene, photos on hand, maybe I'll eyes he's dead. therefore, my spouse, you really like you know I'll, take a look at this and I ll make you feel better about. They got their declarations. We were at least you're, not Adrian. You dislike turns on family portrait. By about, let's look at some pictures. Whatever
let's, have a journey together. I've I've really feel like I'm just creating a new soundtrack, full, really airline burial really wondering why, everywhere to me by Michel Branch, wasn't included. Oh my god, I'm here for your version of the music unitary right. Therefore, invisible by Cleon, my guy Z, visible man, the data we have a lot of projects to work on and without or that ninety degrees song were there like baby to you. All I m is the invisible man. I forgot that existed. Shit, you bring it back. They were a lot on our agenda. Everyone. We really do what, if Nicholas Shea Worthy, invisible, Galicia is the invisible man. I don't. I wish she was invisible. Maeotid like an idiot Hezekiah newlyweds by the invisible out they could like redo this in quarantine on Zoom. I would love than we watched a little bit of daily lads recently, because we just randomly wanna tail and holy. Shit yeah, that is
bleakest show you will ever watch. I used to think it was so. Do I headed funny. You watch it now. Gillig, while this is depressing, is shit like it This applies to all. Who is each other from day one? He was so mean for you, while you absolutely no reside or you suppose that episode? Where he's Can she stands out so much to me in my memory. It is period? You watch it nearly while this is not enjoyable, and I know you're like I feel it should not be watching. May I shouldn't be seeing these moments to intimate, early reality tv or you mean like us around the same time that we had Brittany and Kevin. Oh my god, that's trail just trying to figure out down there
push the boundaries of the early reality tv show. I remember there is one where they get people to do a lie: detector test in front of a lie in front of their spouses and just get interrogate it from when I remember that there was one that we must find out about called kid nation where they took leg. Forty kids, under the age of fifteen, put the modern legal West Village and how to build a society. Lord of the flowers. I remember watching that as a kid it's on my lot. I need to relaunch. Stop that's so bleak. That was a man when, in time MRS lawyer dark a quarantine, podcast series, everything I want my money back,
are actually stimulate, imagining that, at the end of truly turns out like flies and there's like one kid just piggy under their own homes, meeting that somebody's come to see me, but it's actually like Mark Burnett and, like a reality, criminally I'd yank, while speaking of gas lighting. Actually that actually can leads us perfectly back into where they really done at this point after the little meeting with you now the husky I'd ventriloquist, I'm your father. We then, about to undergo check. You blew Emily's house She is not happy but these allows, because now we discover that somebody has hacked Cecile Easy, EL account and is sending incendiary emails to the people that shallows she is displeased
and this is the moment in the film, were I finally notice that Emily has chunky Kelly clerks and their real bad as a hare. Stylus today made my stomach, it turn its true Ashraf, like dear God, It's like they were up right to me whereas on likeable is playing games it's really, unlike all, allowing later on, but this is the point where you're just like. Well, you don't believe your sister, because she's I don't think these emails do and she's I well sorry blue, and basically it turns out that, like in this email, Cecilia called her suffocating, but all t Emily seems kind of suffocating Extraordinarily. Does it she's, like weirdly likeable, sometimes and then like super eatable other times, yeah like nobody deserves those, but it's like well, maybe take the crew certainly in gas and then at the end of the day, she's. Basically, just like Cecilia Union medication get off my doorstep clothes. The door in her face and then
Cecilia, goes back home and confirms that, just as you know, was sent from her computer at six p m and she just breaks down to tears. The sad butter Sesar is so me interact. She's like appear to Lake stupid, to realize, through the good guys are too weak to get away from them. The knots on you you're, like what I'm already harsh boiler. Specially to like a victim of the aims yeah. She was understanding none of those sitting at all in this world, of like internets, bam and stuff like it's just totally, believable, that somebody would hack an email and send Harry. I e mails to people in your contacts leaving you just got confirmation that Adrian's brother is extremely unlike rice or like, even if you don T, Adrian he's not dead, you might be able to believe
but it was definitely do you really think. Cecilia said all of that to you like. Let's take a look at Cecilia, like she wrote that Eu Rail and you just like major, we hope to road. It's like, I don't think, given the character, we ve seen so far that she would be low. Turning on the people that have helped her no way, but this is what he does. Unshaven says it in the movie. It's like he does this shit to isolate. I just like clarity because we also don't know what he's may be done to Emily behind sincerely. back, that's a ceiling is unaware of to make Europe react. Diana, that's absolute! yeah, because then we come back to the house and, like Cecilia, like our saint confirmed, the email is in a ball crying, and this is when Sidney James. His daughter comes up as I hey. Maybe we can like do girls, and I, some cake it'll be Q and asked he's going to help Cecilia off the floor. This in the boy hand, slops or across the knees further gasoline,
audelia and making it seem like Facebook? Sydney right away like didn't, have enough time to react, so she just assumes it's Cecilia and then suddenly the thing to deal with is you know James, removing Sydney from the home- and you know just being like Cecilia, get your shit together or get at like. I don't know what to do with you right now and a tariff,
because this when she says like this, is exactly what he does like. He does it to isolate me and then they literally just leave her whole. Now and, like you know at this point, it's like she's home alone with his mother fucker. So she basically goes for. I know what you did last summer and starts being like what are you I'd, like your man and creating in front of the tragedy of crabs she's, just like Poland, more and more crowded out thrown upon the floor to create like a trail for him, the brain I wish tat. She had done that because, ultimately, she and simply wasting the house's family around, not not the best. I was like they're already manner you, maybe don't waste out on an paint lays actually it's like if anything out, brew yourself right now, because you're gonna be avoided and also like they're, just better things to do exactly yeah flower, let me of things the flower or to integrate on earning else, just crowd used
the floor to fully that's our rewriting agonizing call, it will perhaps that'll be perfect and then, like will have stagehands off stage, is throwing more more crabs onstage as you go the eyes of all remaining at least like five crab wranglers It would be like for drag queen, and the stage for what else does anyone really let's move over his humanity Vegas. Here we so simply said or not Sidney. Cecilia is alone in the house. The floor is covered in the good coffee and she is just standing there being like coming got me and she decides to pull out her cell phone and call that motherfucker there's phone and of course you start here, the vibration I wouldn't hear myself in that mobile I'd run out of their homes. I would not be going anywhere near that fanatic, like bad bachelor,
sissy out exactly he saw a party. The calls are coming from inside the house, and now you gotta tiptoe overladen ass, cafe that you just fortified the housewife and yea leggy base. Please she and going up to the attic to figure out. What's going on so big thing that you just bought that latter, hats, foreshadowing and I ran live now, really cause she's gonna waste that motherfucker real soon will have it so Cecilia us up in the attic, and then this is when it's almost like a horror movie when the house is haunted and they look in the walls, and there like. This is the first the little girl in the wide? Yes, this is her hair, lock it, and this was urgently found everything exactly it's all conveniently placed in one corner of the attic at this which are kind of like, is he's sleeping in the attic. Or did he just like creed like a little installation forever like experience. Yet I think it is an installation, VERDI, very artsy. I think I know Jack and like the exclusion up to it and it's like a phone, a knave, that's in a bag of someone, went missing from the kitchen. So this is a perfect
for her to grab it and examined it can get her finger prints all and she also has Oliver Architecture stuff that was like missing from her portfolio. So it's like further confirmation that, like yes, everything is action, happening to you and now you're up in the attic- and this is the moment where again we go back to the conjuring and I'm just like get out of here yeah. You are trumped up there with these pursuing get out of the attic, and so she goes to leg, make her way out, but then she kind of discovers that she's, not alone so she's getting a weird feeling, and then you see her kind of like looking over the edge out of the attic and I don't see any one, you think she's in the clear and then she grabbed a bucket of white paint and dump set down the attic hole on the hardwood floors, to the new ladder that she just bought her friend, which she's not going. well to afford later? So you really just added, I guess it now.
But a ladder undecided really matter, but then she also happens to paint. You know all over the invisible person that stalking her. So that's going to vat is an amazing moment when you find. again, Zena formerly quietly and he's. Man It's so sorry! I kinda thing is you you know that, like she knows that she's up there, because she's looking at the fall in the text comes in that says, you re a huge which is like a little bit of a game that he's playing with her, throw you out movie where it like. This is kind of. I think this may be the first instance of it, but he and simply dropping surprise the kind of indicate his presence. Every evidence of this is like a big moment of that's kind of websites. I think so. You know we ever little Jackson Pollock moment Pinkos every and the invisible man just noakes out there, like Cecilia receipts back in the attic, he's, obviously run away. She sees a trail running down the hallway, so she feels it saved a kind of come down Elisabeth Maws holes here,
down from the attic like a bad, I ask as the latter's Bernard over. I would have broken. My ankle finger, but I believe it is alleged imaginatively, was ever we all know the power and that fail exactly american Gladiator Elisabeth one hand it lowers herself. Friends erratic, does a triple Ok, it's the absolute extra layer, dang cracks a fair and just like death is perfect. That's happening in our version. It sure is just like comes and would like a fan out there like weaving over, like yeah yeah times across the board. Dilation survive. I love it vaguely suddenly at Paris, Berlin, oh, my God, but it's called the invisible man there it s in light of its four baby dry Queens a stage the crabs.
we can like live podcasting, let's do it so Isabel MOSS, just like back flips out of the attic she gets done in the hallway and starts case in the joint for the invisible and weakens the kitchen where we hear a sink on, and we see it filled with white paper that Motherfucker had to wash his hands re showing how does not even work? How does that not ruin your fuckin? Soon? Now great? is about that. I'm gonna Wonderingly too, then that we think that maybe the person that was on the latter, which we don't know this at this waiting. Time was Tom, so he got full pay switched washed up as much as occurred and got out of the ash shared or took off the suit
get in water, put it in a bag and like lab that ended Adrian Missus Lowder, like bopper. I cannot sponge bath without getting the bathroom so yeah or a bird bath. Sorry, that's Leslie, for no other mean so basically he gives a celebrated bath and Elizabeth MOSS is just like sittin in there with a running. Far said, why paint everywhere holding on the floor and she's just like come get me, and then he it's just not out, and suddenly Elizabeth MOSS is off the ground getting like choke slammed into the wall, reading dance and being thrown across the tape. what we actually know before she does there like fighting. The flowers like breaking dishes over his head, really smart that have already utilised her surroundings absolutely and, as soon as this starts like ass, soon ass, she that, like because she's building the knife in her hand and he like slowly leg, moves her hands over night falls out of her hand, and then he like brings or up by our neck. The muse
that happens in this scene. It's like this, like law like this chaotic leg just horns and shit like all at once, and it is so dress fall like at that is mine. I love a good like well place like warm in a hard man in London, this chaos music. That makes you almost Billig, oh shit, what those it's very land dramatic, it's so good. Like I love good music in a hurry movie. I think alike is so am I Orton to the whole thy billiard like sets up and breaks tension. Yeah I mean you know. Who does it really well? Who tell us leave? now where we started the bandwidth snake by two other major scale, thousands of years ago, with cinematic to inflame used by gory genius,
We want elderly stories with music man eater We those toys, Finally, one our world by they re now, basically were just like its mash mouth. Where lay hidden people. It's the melee I gotta go about, she gets thrown across the table, what do you say that the ads and ten and it gives you a little glimpse, two of how he was easily swimwear like? Oh shit, ok like this is what he does that truth, because I never thought about like up until that point he's just fucking with her and he honestly walked away at this point. But something has just gotten him like viciously. Fighting like he's he's just shown us that, like he's willing to slap a kid- and I think it was the paints, the paint I think like set come off. It was like she threw pay.
on his beautiful creation, exposed him when he was never supposed to be exposed. Seen in this thing. he went into a rage and it's like he's so comfortable with how violent he is with her and then moment that you, like he's done that before. It was speaks to the point of that it was too all those other times like an especially right before when the paint was turned on him, and then it's like Adrian is and you can see what Adrian NEA because these times in the movies like as we start to get through it new start to learn that, like there definitely is more than one invisible man like. I guess we haven't explicitly said that yet, but if people listening, they probably now but like yeah, definitely drives at home, because there is like that inconsistent action, but ya. Like you're saying in those times of aggression, you can definitely feel Adrian's presence, and then basically, there like reckon the place their fighting and
that mass is able to get out of there. She gets out to the road and causal left which, thankfully, for her is right around the corner that poor left jack, I know, Shiva, given five stars in retrospect tube Europe be a hundred percent, but the thing is too: it's like if I were a lift driver and picking a really scared person up at four in the morning whose just drive get me far away from here. I wouldn't take a fifteen point term now I'll make on Alex lavish falcon molasses. Here, like a yak on yeah It's like I'm waiting for a window to get punch Stan or for the car to hit somebody or just something like that. But it seems the silly has been able to get off Scot free on. That's, got free but get the hell Are there and It looks like they're, not following necessarily or they're getting out do, respectively, right yeah, it takes an almighty overdrive because she gets a hundred thousand dollars a month baby and she can afford it.
You think I should clarify it if not you Bruce, I guess I can't be colloquial right the same thing? Not only everyone suit here, basically like in what could be a really great commercial for lift, gets taken to his home like on the shores of wherever the fact they are basically again without the questioning of the lift driver should equally roles up to this. Compound of a home late, she leaves like a really residential kind of normal neighbourhood goes to lake. The dream or all goes out. front of a mansion and she's dishevelled at four in the morning and just be like hey. You just wait here in front of skate. I'm gonna go into this house and you know come back in a you're. Gonna drive me back to where I was like a virus is personally be like this woman is about to steal something yeah it actually or just bailing out waiting see. I was not expecting him to be children. There is neither can I
like now I'll, take the one star via the lift driver. I'd be like, I think, formerly wrangling and a complex one thing you because I wanted to catch me, yeah, but I mean hate leave women he believes are and he's just kind of way our there's. No doubt he fall was her lead and Elisabeth MOSS be able to like get back into Adrian's home and then suddenly we're at like sky, answer H. Q just out there on the water dust, covers everything really spooky guys. Think How do you just have does covers for everything in your home, like, as average people shared leg, Oh yeah, that's several calculation like you spend five hundred dollars and discoveries to save your like two million dollars and furniture, the brain Parker change but, like I don't know, I'm just try to imagine the whole time like what wrapper lived in this house in the late or like early two thousands laid nineties, because I'm sure this house has been on cribs Africa and fresh air and then
we get to re, introduce to you know the diva of the home movies lose Sue me little. Maybe I'm like here is our second chance to take him. My absolutely would, furthermore, I'm sitting there going we'll go my god he's left alone at the hose, but at the same time you're like oh, no, no, no, no he's not left alone with the house. This means, somebody's there. You're gonna, write, poetry, separate directions in this moment. Yes, it's true.
And that's the moment where you like. Oh wait, a second, the Alex something I'm on snow lives there, but they ve gone far to put dust covers everywhere. So this is just like a great deal and when I think our path, totally like it's, the long Khan and from their Cecilia starts poking around or she knows that she probably doesn't have a lot of time because you're half expecting the invisible. You know Mario Brothers, to show up at any point, but she is able to make it back to the lab and this time she ends up going up to this machine that she at first kind of looks at questionably in the first shot the movie. But this time she's like I need to get access to this thing, figure out. How is doing all this shit, because obviously this has to do with what's going on here. so it's their anniversary date, which it was you that there is still some kind of obsession at play and that's the thing that's mess up when you think about it like this. Is him pursuing wanting to be with somebody like its yeah insane see. That's the end game
he's energy is getting her back again. It's like that car window moment where it's like this agro due to just popping off and if they do, you think that by popping off this person, suddenly gonna be like you, ve abused, mean gaslight immune ruined my world. Up into this point, I totally get it now. You know when I write on clear now, let's play in the bottle. Like just the two of us. Back to France has actually lie she's to fight poverty in the house. She gets into the lab. She sees this machine, she pops in their endeavours three days and is able to gain access to it, and then she entered this room. This lake machine thing that, like has like a weird Ipad kind of thing, on the wall that has a road, in view of its got like essential thing, and it looks like a spray tat booth in Geneva video. They are very sorry ass. They really tiny virtual insanity. Broadly acted junior, prompt
one hundred percent, while the murder actually spray term junior problems. Miracle is like a perfect I'll. Think relations through the little one stop shop is like well she's in this room. You start to hear those like clicks and sounds that she had heard when she was in her bedroom earlier, so suddenly you're like ok. This has to do with the invisibility. He actually heard a little bit deeper and then she makes our own invisibility suit. Go girl in early in its because fashion is for everyone is of a lady suits, go beyond gender. I love it so basically must be informed stretch as well, because it just like magically fits everyone's body which again love a government that was going to say. We love that one size fits all the visible man. If nothing else is a lesson in the future of democratic, democratic yeah you got another frown, so
Basically, this is also become the kind to find out that he is covered in cameras. You got a really good, close view of the suit your kind of like this in the name of the game. Ok and then the thing is everything's are good you're having this moment realization and then suddenly, Zeus appears in the background and its I think he's reacting to somebody else coming in the home, which automatically tells Cecilia she's, not along, which leads her to go for hiding, and Closet with her suit in her hands and looks like she tucked away in like some like walking closet situation and just kind except in waiting to see what is going on right, because she puts the suit in this hiding space such in the closet, where she put her get away bag, how you re the same little, hiding, absolutely and then she's in the hut or the same high shore
the official name she's in there, and she sees a footprint on the carpet. We know that Adrian's, but then, thankfully, before Adrian gets a chance to fuck with her Zeus comes in and say this is the here. Everything has already been why she should be taken of the uncertain, usually is exactly so Zeus puts enough space and between them for Cecilia to get the fuck out of that house. She gets back into her, lift, which I mean I'm kind of like play dreams of kill the Lyft driver. But you know I'm kind of glad you didn't. She ends up getting back out on the road heading back towards James's house and on her way in the car. This is when she calls Emily and she's. Just like hey, we got to talk, I'm putting together, we have to meet up, and thankfully regard so the emails Emily is willing to meet we're. That's ancestor shit,
and that is when we come to the strangest rendezvous place. We I wanted their cell badly. I need to know what this restaurant, as we were watching Angelina was. I going would absolutely dinner there and I was like the area, one hundred wasn't interesting spot. It was kindly and like the client tell was like super yarn. Waiter was: don't worry, there's just to everyone's very hip. It was very fast in the furious and it was the Sebaste leader at the table and like Emily insincerely are there that, like we're, happy need, but then the way here comes up and Emily is a huge dick actively. Through the waiter. This is kind of what sours me with her around just like, not to know how you deal with customer service. People indicates how you are is a prison in so too. I get so angry when people I rude to like waiters or sales, people and of aid like it's one of our biggest pet
and immediately I'm like look off. I think it's really doesn't know their situation on your end, exactly it's not like he's like walking up giving anything but nice if he had walked up and even given you like a modicum of says it can make you gotta go gable. Maybe that's where it's coming from for really just Emily giving this young somebody real sharing and basically he she's just like I need space and the waiter Fox off their starting to have a conversation and Cecilia is just like hey. I know this, while that, but this is kind of what's going on and then out of nowhere a knife just up in the air and the knife that you know we saw earlier come out of the kitchen go up to the attic, and now it's at this restaurant sincerely his hand,
groups around it and its slits. Her sisters, throat there at the table and do within seconds everybody in the restaurant notices and, like the first person to notice, looks like tanks is extremely upset. Remarried round the world eggs heavily and their legs, ovulation Alec with responds and her boyfriend Russell brand to rely very able or like running around, look the extremely shocked and everyone's, looking out Cecilia, who stand there, just looking like a solid earth tone daily with in light of the shoulder always happened. Dad scene is one of like maybe two scenes in two movies in my entire life that I like audibly gasped when it happened, because it just happened so fast, and I was so excited to watch that with you like ashes, would may I literally gaff she did like always I have no time to know what happens when they, when it slits her throat you're. Just like more like what
that idea, because up until that point it was nine of movie our. So I dont think you are expecting things too. Godaddy I really had suddenly tangs still like the turning point. Absolutely no hopes that we will now work if we want our name on our power and then maybe this is because I just watch Tiger king recently, but part of me was expecting like a manager to come out and be like just so everybody knows we decide a situation. Customer have their throats Lydia. You know like wearing like a paramedic jack. If they are, you guys can come back and off. Apps they'll give you after me, I'd salary, so I don't know what we like crazy brash, this fusion restaurant we have crazy Brandon instrument represent it. Definitely with a good dipping song. Have we get a fluorescent lay to like jammed into? It would be like me later learned aside, so
she really goes down at this restaurant and Cecilia is dragged away to an institution where she is sedated, strap down to a table and is just essentially left there in a tiny room to black out and face whatever legal ramifications. She is about to face sign for allegedly killing your sister, and this is when we hear before she fully goes out here. The word surprise: he ass has just now that he's therewith so creepy. I did not hear that you didn't know oh yeah, just just as she's feeding after getting her injection it just like eyes. She's alone. I need to relaunch that sea. So good and look there's a moment where you can even go like issue just imagining this, but again in the on the theme of believing women in society are accepting it so essentially, now Cecilia is arrested strapped onto a bed and start so tat, so spooky anything anything about this movie. That was, you feel those feelings you're just like as a watch.
You feel like there's just as yeah total sense of helplessness annulling. What is she going to do now and then he was sitting there watching. It happened like what a mighty like, I believe her. What a fool! I thought, oh, how I see our entire sitting there really as men, and how can we make this about yeah? So basically, doesn't this situation? Sicilians aunt is bad news bears all around and then we are in two interrogation the next day, with her best friend, James or good friend, James and Officer George Harrison's, I like to call him to tell their essentially sitting there and genes is feeling really bad about the whole situation, Cecilia straight up like he watching me, which is just making her sound, even more kind of off children,
which is adding to their America. They at this point she's also like a day into grieving, the sudden murder of her sister Anne, on top of it all, she watched straight in front of an exactly and now they're in the room and she's. Basically saying like I think he's even in here and the camera starts to turn to the corner. You you're getting the sense that he is kind of in there, just like all laughing away in the corner area, so unsettling. This is what where I would have like red Rover. This situation be look, ok, we're in a small room he's here, let's just like, join hands and just make a big walk and we're gonna get him yeah. I Billy just humor me this red or over the edge rover that such a recent barred sense and it's like ominous art swinging. My arms and I'm gonna start kicking yeah. If you come in YAP eventually I getting him, there's nothing there. It is re. Have you come in my range? It's your fault. I didn't mean to hit you do
exercises, basically there in this room, nothing's good, it's just getting worse and then Cecilia goes back to her and this is where she finds out from a nurse that she's pregnant and that has happened within the last month- and she much like the tea you show No, no, she was praying now and this is just like blow after blow after blow for because now she's like super barbarously stuck to help me out super super violator workers in the address of the fingers. At this point in the story we find out in the next seen that he was a where she was on birth control and that he was fucking with it. But at this point in the movie like what must be going through Elizabeth Mosses Harris Cecilia Head is leg. He attacked In my sleep, yeah yeah exactly like a while ago and he's been dragging our here and now a child.
this coming out of this situation is it's. It's really heartbreaking scene and Elizabeth MOSS, Diane really really! Well sorry, I had a joke in here and I'm like I shouldn't put that in there I literally had she sitting. There is owning a planning at the logistics of agenda reveal from prison. May I wait? That's really inviting that is actually just about so ravens out of the situation and she's like how am I gonna get the pink egg and the blue egg to crack and are they gonna now this is gonna, be around so he simply like nothing's, going off as the ceiling right now, she's pregnant. She stuck in prison, and this guy is stocking her. She basically just dives in further to the deep and cause she goes into a meeting with Tom. The delight brother of you know her former boom. These details there, like as the representative of my brothers, money
tell you that. Not only did you commit a crime, but you're not have sound mind. Does you think somebody invisible stalking you so yeah, sorry about it? You can get your money anymore, and I really don't like doing this, because I know that your pain for somebody to go to Parsons Design School and in giving a young woman of color her dream, but had that that has about everything is just like about. I know your dreams are dashed, but you, like my ten, commissioner, please, like super, we'll worry as reveals ready, he found a way to make it about himself. The audio and re definitely did absolutely, but then he gives her. The ultimate ultimatum yes
This is a t because, basically Elizabeth Moss- I dont on we this moment without just recognising that she has a total about ass woman in here. She is like I used to pity you for being the blood relative of a sociopath. You are a punching bag tied to your brother's wallet. She refers to him as the jellyfish version of his brother. yes, feud, allow many of her an Oscar, please without is unlike drop Mama again Alina chefs kiss me I can somebody do like a shoves kiss and drop kick at the same time. That's kind of way. I just exactly what it is, eight absolutely, and so this happens and then basically the brother is just leg. Sorry, About it, you can sign over that your money, lake quietly and easily- or you can take me to court, but this is just kind of where it's gonna be and like the You know Siberian Husky, he is none of her words have had an effect on him. These we he's just like by
there is another option, and this is where he's just fully like here's, the tea we know. What's up brother is still alive, he's invisible. He knew. birth control, he's been swapping it. I was placebos, ha ha ha ha. So if you want to get out of this, which we can make happy, you keep the baby you raise it. As you know, yours and his, and you go back to him, and we just forget that all this shit happened as if she's gonna be like even totally. Ok, let's, let's get a like one. well, a baby makes three right. It fixes We re like well, we have used the dog it gets. You can have Alfred Daddy the baby, it's like fuck. No, nobody agreed. I can't know, of course, that has she full Teresa Judy Cheese, the table she d lips, everything is like prostitution. Horses gets those papers out of their grabs, a pen from his suitcase or briefcase. When he's not looking and like Piece of sticky talk off the wall and, basically, and just like us,
setting fire to the rain Adele moment. Just like I don't want your agreement and he is kind of like well, you can sleep on it. He's like like I entirely by further adding to the theme that these men are just like. I know you will do what I want and there's a woman standing right in front of you being like none of this reality and any site in its end, its basically I'm being likely you can sleep on. It goes right now, you're being irrational woman near being emotion. So, let's have you sleep on it right and I'm actually surprise. Nobody says the word, but at some point you expect somebody below go. You're does hysteria yup you wait for that which everybody acting that way anyway. So, We ask that already implied yeah without referring to share
Secondly, she leg just like Knox all that shit over Should grabs a pan, the whole meetings over and she is back in jail. Looking more and more like Eileen, more no says everything goes bottom. Where and reading I load she's, actually looking Leslie Guy, we mourn us and morally Charlie's their own, as I lean landscape, which is now the eight hour which is at the brilliant sciatica she's, the mother of a house of warm, I gotta precisely so she's out there are serving warn us real and then basically she is just like a time to talk the situation from the bottom and then goes into her like little shower stall in her prison cell gives this like novel. my child, but kind of the reverse moment life. You will not have this takes time, pen that she had stashed and she had used the sticky doktor put it above the door like I'm fuckin mug, virgin and just like Macgyver the pen and stops herself in the wrist YAP
scene, was so hard to. I lost my shirt, absolutely which then coaxes Adrian to come out of the shadow and try to stop her because he's like that's my baby. I because suddenly the name of the game now is that, even though he his band so rough and tumble with Cecilia. To this point he now and heard her too much the further. She goes into the rain easy it is for him, his game. That is is it. He wants this fuckin baby, so crazy handling, and it seems like for a moment the control Schiff Rain, which made even angrier that she has the control, thou she's like come and get it fucker and he comes out and has to be not
like he was in the kitchen. Where is thrown around to do anything else to be like a little more gentle like you, know, yeah, absolutely and then in this tussle that they have in the jail cell. She basically takes the pen stops imminent, suits malfunctioning and now we're really getting a sense that he is there and their kind of is now undeniable proof for anybody else that comes across the situation, yeah. So suddenly, for the first time in this movie, we now have verifiable evidence that there is somebody fucking with her. But the shit thing about this is that as soon as we are put in a situation where people can leave her those- Well then start getting killed, yes, which here like a superhuman momentum in these just fuckin, the riddle icing everyone that comes near him, people are taken Alice left in raw Herman, eight or does the guard comes in here like turns his tastes are onto him. They end up getting into a fight. He knows he's fighting an invisible man linking those it's not her and I'm sure all getting caught on camera cause. I'm sure
this institution, but I've limit how everywhere so like the whole time, unlike willowy Cecilia, has that in her favour, like there's no evidence yet weird moment of relief to be like okay. Now people are gonna start Billina S. It's true you're like here it is he's glitches right for everybody to see exactly are then you like here then like being like get down, get down or like got make sure she doesn't go there and it's like. Do you not see the glittering man looking coroner? Absolutely because it first everybody comes into the jail cell and is expecting her to be the attacker. She gets out into the hole is starting to finally be able to run away from this whole situation and suddenly another trying to apprehend her and then all of the people apprehending her and rubbing. Her up are now getting attacked by Adrian or the invisible man which adds again further interest, because in this moment you're kind of like sure you
attacking them, but why because like for him, it would be perfect for her to stay under his thumb and stay in prison. But in this moment it's almost like he's too bending her in a sick way or defending the baby that he wants from her legged. So manipulative. What's arming- and this is a hundred percent cause it's totally trying to lakes and protect that baby in it. Using her as a vessel to protect up envy. So what's it for Treating her like that, because you'll notice, like he'd, have physical with her up into the point that she up, you know and then all of a sudden she became a vessel. So, like I have to try to she's no longer useful for this baby. I need to treat her a little bit more like kid gloves exactly so now we have this power dynamic, introduced and there in this fight in the hospital there are workers coming around very getting taken down like flies, we're getting some really cool moments of dislike action and all that kind of shit here, there's a really great behind the scenes, video of how they did all this kind of stuff, with the Green Sally suit and like computers, cameras that followed the
in past, so they re shoot everything with links us the background. They are basically there in the hallway all taken each other down. The camera is just gone wild everywhere and the Cecilia is able to make it out into the parking lot now hydra. There's rain, she's, now essentially gone from the hunted to the hunter because after everyone's been stood in the hospital. Adrian has like gone at the front door. She sees in going out there. She takes a gun and she's like you know, brandishing it out the people at the front of the hospital, so she gets out into the parking lot herself, but now she's essentially chasing him through a rain. Storm in a parking lot, trying to get him out and the scene is genius because she can shout can rely on her side, but now, with all of the rain beating on the cars, she also can rely on like her ability to here. Oh, that's trail if she's just like the night, all of her senses and it's just this really dance scene but
given site in that sense, because now that there is real She can see his four. Let's turn oh yeah, he had a good change, which is exactly why you come to find out that he's hiding out under like the open roof of like hatch, back or suvs area she has been like searching the parking lot and basically, as Elizabeth Banks or Cecilia is searching for him in the parking lot she he's getting chased by the people from the house, and basically she ends are finally finding him and like the whole time. the being man woman, is like shooting the hospital people that are coming to her with guns trying to arrest her This is when they need underneath the code of the car and where he's just like look, I'm not gonna fuck with you But if you think you are smarter than I am and if you think you are getting an upper hand, you are not because I will take them. everyone around you that you love me before I come for you and I'm basically justice.
Listen to the mandate which you in immediately know what that means. Like oh he's gone to about one, he says like it's your fault, it's here at all. If something happens to Sydney like you, have your did you say the eyes of the AIDS again, you have yourself to think if I'd like little girl, blah blah blah so right away, you're like a procedure. Next, now it's a race to get back to the House and Cecilia goes for grand theft auto like a guy crashes, into a car because of the invisible man exiting. I keep seeing the invisible man, I don't say Adrian or tongs. We don't really know the activists high to figure out nazi point, but basically, like dude, gets in a car crash. He kind of comes out of his car leg. Shell shocked He just runs and takes. The car leaves hangs out the followed his wife and calls James, who was utterly confused and anymore and of like kind of role reversal, theirs
person would like real concerns whose, like I'm a cop uranium made. Why are you calling me now like? What's going on and she's like quite a pretty little now losing its right before? That is when we get the Jake, saw cameo on the fence in front of where the guy crash is our into. We adds really quick love that believe one out of every one else. Actually speaking, you feel like this was a missed opportunity for we want all, because this is where I would have put invisible by clearly again. Yes, yes, relieve attention that I definitely would relieve the touch you could have put it on the radio we're after she hung up like the wife there it is desirable. Ever was on the point of blasted on the radio and she turned out of limiting the whole over old she's, like about you, fuck it our dammit, that would have been per year and she would have, unlike our shit, like from like an urban legend yup when what's this
Joshua Jackson gets only car dont since Creek theme song sites playing music, but that they made I was totally thinking of the other part in the beginning when it's like turn around total eclipse of the herd, my lips so yeah, but it makes a second appearances connection who knew that there were so many references to binding they're all willing to look at every moment there. There are actually at least four references to binding time, something that one we look deepen its like six degrees of separation with Bonnie Tyler Ganis, and indeed Finally, we get back to the house and it turns out, even though Cecilia is like hot, on her way Sidney
bad and there's somebody in there with her and suddenly the maize, that's a sea or that Sidney had in her room comes in real fucking handicap died ass. She pumps that fucker into the room and this invisible eighty it falls into it. I loved side. Now her nails are on Fabienne fleet those yeah yeah. I was like ok, look I stand. Saucy teenager with acrylics Anna Dream is going to fashion school, especially she's gotta may set her bedside table. It's like, while we vibe that was me, make correct all male and she's dead. She really is there nothing but respect for Sidney. I love so here's the thing basically like this just turns into another knocked under identified.
he's lanterns of the dresser. We got like a moment, slapstick comedy and then Cecilia arrives. I know she there yet known and James arrives J analyzed. Basically, as Sidney is running out of the room after he's like into the dresser, she then gets close lines in the hallway, which tells you that there is a second person in the house. So yeah horrifying, because whoever this is that attacked or in the room is still in their fumbling over her nightstand, so essentially she's fighting this person in the hall. At this point, James, who has been alerted by Cecilia, shows up and it's time for to try to fight these invisible fuckers, and I start get scared. I'm like no yeah. I can't I like him, he's a good one and you think I was so upset. You really think he didn't make it out of four, and I was so absolutely and basically like. He gets his aspect left out on the ground. Cecilia comes in with a fire extinguisher and I don T
down. You know this invisible attacker and shoots them a whole bunch of times, and then this is only the moment where we have somebody in an invisibility suit dead, on the ground and we can finally know as Ellis Edward, would say what the fuck is going up here on this good. It's the movies Scooby do moment we get to unmask the vague angli except in Scooby. Do the killer relate. The person is not usually bleeding out on the ground, not use, although in my scooby do they add jolly guiding, I mean the remaking gritty versions of everything we just need a greedy version of scoop. We really think that ain't the world needs that, and this really is like a stupid. Eighty, eight of a character that you're lying you're like out just like and video, is the garden The generally our course up. No, they always do like I like. What's new scooby do or like, like lay Scooby, do where you select? What would that be
girl Scooby due for girls, good color. So basically she's really going down the brother dies. We get this confirmation here. Genes turns out to be alive and suddenly we're getting into like what we think is the rapid, because right after this. It goes to Adrian's home and there's a swat team in their and our reading. The apartment and the whole time, unlike Zeus, is it looks like third down in the basement. Zeus is nowhere to be found, but they hear muffled screens and a wall breakdown like some sort of war, the basement, and there is Adrian tied up to a chair and guy like a little bit cheer the age. How did you do this right? End quote
frankly looks territory, which is why I think he smell he's wearing the same outfit. He was wearing the night that that eighty one voice thorough and like you ve, covered in, like not movie dirt. Like argue Lud lives like this dude is just like a walking ass. He felling answer, then that made me think like if he's pre meditating so far ahead. Has he been purpose leave letting himself become like you may see. Shovels. Thank you for this moment when he has to say. I think that such a good boy, that's a thing so basically leg. It just comes to be accepted in the movie that everybody accepts. Cecilia, believes that Adrian hasn't been behind any of this and that its bends brother, who is now dead on the Florentines, this house, you know Adrian, we spend locked up behind a wall in the basement, the whole time, probably for his money, you're something nefarious like that and it it seems cotton dry in a lot of people's minds. In fact, Cecilia in the next shot is like at the police station with Sidney and James there talking but
breathing and sincerely is basically like. I don't believe it yeah she's like now, he did it. And James, as I know about like listen, ABC Indian she's, like no dude, you don't know a jury, unlike idea actually and he's basically trying to say to her like hey no play along like this is: what's gonna get outta jail? Now the tea is, it's like. She has a whole lot of security foliage. That's probably gonna exonerate her from all this and confirmed recently outweigh, but it just seems like nobody's really listening to her still even after you can still verify all this shit she's been saying: yes, so basically he tells her to let it go and Cecilia just like. Well, I have to create my own plan, and then you see her at home later that day make a phone call, what we don't If its later that day, it's kind of ambiguity- egg I like how far along- because you probably was just like straight up: let jail. Now, there. I'm sure I said I proceedings they had to do before she was,
just do what they were like gear. You guys, but maybe she never had to go back, because there is so much go along with a reverie banana God like an injured along with its true. You just don't know yeah. So it was like ten minutes. Maybe she took a shower and got right into the walls of the jail fall down around earns. You are going to my house and then legs comes in and a shudder and severe like you were the invisible man, Cecilia doping, on net a black scale, but unfortunately, actually, fortunately that doesn't happen, because basically, Cecilia at some point in the near future, calls out Adrian ends dislike. Let's hash this out, I've got this baby. You ve got this house. Let's do now. This last seen
is not like a finale of mob. Why is she is going in? She's began ya. Goin endeavour sit down with Renee Graziani on shit that she talk in upper. So too, I have one huge problem of their seen. He's like I got while this food any got a pregnant woman sushi. Oh shit, I willing are lacking getting me yeah, yeah, kill anyone know. Anyway, goes to show how little he thinks a sight of himself raised, because this is his grand gesture. Yeah he's like look. I got you this food. You get happened, it's like you know he either, like you know, he didn't make it himself either had somebody make it for him which makes we go like. Oh do you start with this house like, but in second of all its leg, then you just ordered fucker and use a lot of, namely that great king thought eat this issue because I'm pregnant what you're nothing. But a g thing for him live about. Does cover love money like that,
hey Joe exotic go so basically Vera back Adrian's has he has lovely dinner planned for her, which is essentially a flags, and then she decides on stake which Israel good, because that gives her a knife, so this down and they start poking around at dinner and Adrian is basically just like honey. I love you and he says a one point like all burn every thing for you which, if I were Cecilia, be like I choose match. Thank you like I'll wait for you at this point. She's wired
James, as in a car listening to write, oh yeah yeah, that's kind of what she come to find out through the scene and it's like she's sitting there and she's like prodding in for information and she's, like just admit that you did and basically she's just like we can move forward with this. I just need you to admit to what you ve done, and he straight up refuses to acknowledge it and he's still taking it to the very last moment. He's saying, like you know, I'm sure you feel crazy. He like comes in, puts his hand on her leg, like all the slime bag, shit, Basically just like derives from the point of tears, because she's just sitting here, realizing that, after all, is said and done after playing the game with him to a certain point. You know like playing now
current quote she's back here, and he is still just as like talking to furniture he's, not gonna change, a story he's done nothing young, it still the cycle and abused because she's prison, like all the evidence, is right there and he still like. No, no, no you just do you just feeling crazy vans are just crazy, sorry, tat! Now you know you sitting there and he basically just like think about our life together. It's gonna be so great. All that kind of stuff, gonna, rule and Cecilia kind of crying just ends up excusing herself and she answered SK using herself at the point where he's like, I know, you're the best, didn't better than anybody else in the world. He says that shouldn't come ass, a pride. That surprise is. We won with so much emphasis on the surprise, and it's like his way of being like yeah you're right badge, but I'm not gonna, say they know, I'm on a camera exert grew yeah, that's kind of all the proof that you use. She goes to the bar formed a collector
serve to make sure that our lipsticks right before she does what she's about to do maize, and then we go back to dining room and Adrian sitting at the table and severely hasn't come back yard. You all of a sudden, see Adrian grab the knife. As you say, staring at her chair, very intently and in slit his own throat and fall to the ground and very shortly after that, Cecilia comes out of the bathroom hearing. All the commotion. You now completely absurd, not knowing what to do kind of your taking everything an end because she's lived at the home. She knows exactly where the calves are like a good model. She knows her angry x, ray. I spent so many about a word. She goes, and you know she sees that he's too far gone and then steps out of the frame the video and to take a quote from grew Paul. Her pussy
was on fire because she stepped out of the frame and all of a sudden, you know she's on the phone with normal. Much like. Oh, my god, my husband, I don't know what to do, gets off the phone with nine. When one takes two steps out of framing and sit down the huge green on her face. Can I imposed watching this mother Fucker die in front of him again, shafts kiss those lake? Yeah skirl and then basically she the next thing. C, is her outside the house walking way? and the whole situation to imagine that before he cheats is playing now, she had truly did take European to the side of his privilege. Suit, affordable, DR metaphorically speaking, dead, use their walking the walk away like a fuckin runway and guess who she finally has with her, boy James Zoos.
If I were you now, it's my greatest aggerawayter she's cartoons and what your transparent, which is what we wanted all I just love Jane. It wouldn't be mad and there s an end by Rihanna play. I wouldn't be girls black and you're, like that's all. We need to wrap this up. You re on basically shoes to flex driving down their walk. We were like it's this great image of just like Elisabeth ass light gleamed out for the first time in the whole movie, namely blue tinted, red lip, auburn hair slipped back with his leg, beautiful, like long coat and his dog next to her walking wind blowing outer James very rudely- interrupted her runway ADA, which you never do to achieve now, but he vainly comes out. He shocked and he's like. What's going on? Oh, my god, she's just like he killed himself and he was kind of like ball
ok. Why was this all about like James kind of knows, exactly what happened now and in the ultimate move of lifting her leg and keen on the situation she just kind of looks at an and to gaslights him she's. Just like I don't what you mean. Basically, as she's like hammer, I don't know it's dahlia she'd like sounded pretty on like unravelled than me, and he is like. I guess it's. I'm gonna carry these issues in its like their spoken agreement like yeah. He was crazy. What did it sound like to you he's like whatever you, queen and all played out just through, like an understanding. Look at each other the hour there just kind of like ok, ok, I'm going to accept this year and will accept this. Let's move on and it ends with just a very nice clear, shot of Elizabeth MOSS Kind of war.
loud into her world on her own straight facing the camera. Random gazing, leave on now such a good ending me la now, and where no man doing do in doing it. Well, you buy now is there, but I didn't even know that I needed we want now as much as I do so glad I could bring so yes, but that's me visible man and like it was, it was fucked up Endlich I think something that I forgot to mention before was. I was found a really interesting that, like supposedly the impetus for Adrian doing all this, is that, like the brothers as a one point he's like Adrian Can I do anything he wants any one he wants and he has. But you are, the four person to ever look at him and say I don't want you, he added that fact him up His mail, it open data which is truly what brings on this entire fell. Yeah because guys like that, that's exactly like they nailed to that guy, the guy that
once they hear no from someone there like what what thou- and it's always the guy that never years no from someone so take on more yeah. Absolutely we talk about it on our show what we say boring like men who think their magic. It's like Alister, cruelly. You know we can say that stuff tongue in cheek words like it's these guys, who feel that they have so much power that they just then that the laws of time and space and whatever they say, is the fuckin long. Usually there able to put all these people around them that are like get yet you're right. That's how they data creates these guys that don't bring much to the table if you're talking to them one on their land, they need a crowd of people to like pet, then the whole damn good. Maybe it's why those movies like me, everything you! Can we watch it seventy times, because, like me, sad you catch something every time you watch it. So it's like Vietnam boring to relaunch now absolutely- not the kind of movies like tired. You know, like it's a long movie about its report,
trouble and I think that's like really a testament to just kind how much stuff they packed any. They didn't feel long re all it fell. Like when it was over. I was well a few hours long and you're like air. It's because the movie has these breaks in it and takes these shifts like just when you think your figuring, everything out her sister dies and then it's like a whole new movie needs adequately, Inter Alia, set of circumstances. Loudly vegetarian point yeah. I guess we made it through the invisible man. I was the bath, what cinematic journey that we ve all about it in a demanding while we made it through, we wrote them. We have future plans. This has been agreed we realized our drag persona? We ve been able to translate them to move from media. I mean you ever cooking with gas rate.
the others, this brain trust and that we have formed is magical. I feel like everyone else, is going to listen to those. Many like I need to throw money efficiently. We need to put something I feel it is it we're here open our yeah we're here, I'm overweight and highly maybe he's the person we take the musical too, for I think he is maybe he'll want to MILAN Rouge it and just go straight to the cinema skip over the Broadway. I love that whatever, whereas an interrogation wishing early and give us a copy here, were waiting, you can even sliding towards these totally alone is like. Please get them to slide into reality. I love it. So how do you visible wigs? Do we give this metaphor the latter, for I think I mean what do you think given a four yeah yeah there's. No, what's wrong with it and give it for now agri definitely afore out of four. If not
I've out, oh my turn to eleven. I have no access There's just no point meant that I was like yeah. They should have done that different or like the US that up it was later everything's all right. The biggest criticism I read about, the movie is actually in regard to the ending, because people thought that this whole, like murder Revenge Yang was a bit and I can just right Candia exactly. I think it was perfect in the sense that when we ve seen these kind of revenge films in the past, we ve had to witness all of this lake. Bull abuse like most movies, that in that way, we have tabled literally see that this movie alluded to it yeah its chair, so I think it turned and revenge flick, trope and just elevated to something worthwhile. I think so too. Now It's like the criticism that we were able to find out about letting really the really outside of that the central credit
and the people of had just been like guys that hated the Ghostbusters movie, like somebody had said, like the turkish story, about a really interesting man whose just lost his mind in use been taken by his own brilliant boiled down to a bad boyfriend story. And it's like, oh my god, I'm so sorry that your tragic euro that you I dunno fire with, can no longer fucking represent you actually exactly that g mail ego, I'm sorry that they turned it into a real life flake stone, like I'm, sorry that they didn't make the invisible man more of an answer, and I think the ending is important, especially for like domestic abuse survivors to get that when at the end, because you know what a lot of people don't. So I can't we fuck and have it in a movie yeah you're supposed to be fantasy. That's a movies are supposed to take you where you want to go in escape rate,
one hundred percent. I think it also just opens up some really great conversations about belief and gas lighting and like gives some kind of examples to that, and you know even if it's just like that to be a popcorn kind of creature feature, I think one of the powerful things about this movies that it provides like a really entertaining movie. But then, if you know there is, for example, like I had a sexual couple watching it that can open the conversation the beyond. you know, just the content of the movie about some real things are happening in the world today. You know about the intersection points of women's bodies in politics, and you know bleeding, and you know what I can stuff like a sorry, I'm trying to stop myself so that I'm not just like your men, splaining feminism, but together they open up new clothes, and now it's true yeah absent. I think at some point in the movie, it's like something that every woman has experienced in some small capacity that you can look like. You said like adder of sexual, a couple: came in here like the about half way. As for sure
that's why you no like good on you leave one out for bringing in Elisabeth MOSS in that way, because I feel like a really added dimension to the movie that it may not have had otherwise, like imagine if Johnny Depp has Johnny Depp out, it's like, thank goodness he let her have that control too, like using just her face too say, certain thing would have been the same right believed her. You know yeah yeah. He set aside his mail ego that wouldn't tell him I'm the director, I'm the writer. This is my story. I recognise that it wasn't his story and he gave it to the person whose story it belonged to exactly leeway and it is near the movie that much more powerful as a result. So it looks great so excited tat. We ve been able to talk about this because there's someone like real world stuff- and we can talk about- there's some fun stuff that we can talk about and then it just at the end of the day. It's spooky you keeping system great moved, and I know that what we do on our part casts a slightly differently, but I feel like it's all kind of within
a member of speaking, is in the world is in reality our shared evidently hundred precise, and I feel for you, like anybody. Listening to this sorry, if we never fully explained before this buggy we're all by casting here, we are bitter we are, but this has been great. So thank you guys, like so much for advancing years like this, has been a really like one little friendship, that's been kind of earlier about this and it's nice to be able to see each other and can act in this way, and I love you and now we're all friends. His friendship is magical. Really some day while will move fast. The delay, Morgan, each other in person at once, Smith Rona has moved on getting.
Beautiful, and so I guess maybe we can take a moment to let people know where they can find us. If they don't already now absolutely you can listen to more bad. It's your crime, podcast on any streaming service, really and We are. We release it. What kind of a weird schedule, so we really two. We got some boy, not Hooper, because only by the end of the week Tippit. Maybe someday you'll have your two episode. There is a perfect way to do it.
On their toes six and fifty we invite and if you're wondering who the hell, we are we're that spooky we're about cars, the kind of covers true crime and anything, then they should go through that speedy and we we make it really game like a half watching unsolved mysteries and then have sitting at a drag show with your best bet, both where our who does allows you can check a so we're on all platforms were that spooky and you can find a social media through their own. We release every Wednesday and more than that, sometimes so anyway, again, thank you. So much for joining us, like this has been grave, is kind of like empower rangers where they all connect to make the big robot its can cool. So really why it s like that seriously. Thank you for having ass has been like south on really appreciate that are so familiar
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