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Episode 106: The Mysterious Murder of Jessica Chambers

2019-12-09 | 🔗
This case is one that haunted me since I heard it in 2014. Jessica Chambers was a 19 year old, well liked girl from Courtland, Mississippi. When she was found with 98% of her body covered in burns, the mystery of her murder began. Today, her family and loved ones are still searching for some of the most important answers. Above all, who lit Jessica Chamber on fire? And why?https://www.buzzfeed.com/katiejmbaker/who-set-jessica-chambers-on-fire-the-internet-is-trying-to-fCheck out our sponsors for this episode!Embr WaveOur Morbid listeners will get $30 off if they go to the embrwave.com/morbid that’s E-M-B-R-W-A-V-E.com / morbidCare/ofFor 50% off your first Care/of order, go to TakeCareOf.com and enter promo code MORBIDHelloFreshGet 9 free meals with HelloFresh by going to HelloFresh.com/MORBID9 and using code MORBID9
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like LISA Arena where owning it, we are owning it, so you guys are going to shut out so stay tuned at the end of the episodes. You can hear your name, we're gonna, be Slowly, chicken through these self, you don't hear your name right away. We are going to get to it were just doing you know, ten to fifteen at a time and chicken through thousands of you, which is missing. It's brilliant It is brilliant, so thank you so much stating for that, and I think we can dive into this episode. I think we're Oh yeah so unto nights episode, we are going to discuss a case that was actually sent to us. So this is a case. I've always wanted to cover, but I kind of forgot about it. until a listener named page old us and said I think you guys should cover this is from my home town, it's crazy! Everyone here is still all up in arms about it. She really wanted to cover it knows like shit. I've always wanted to cover that one
this is the case. of nineteen year old, Jessica chambers so in two thousand and fourteen in Cortland, Mississippi, which is a very small community of only like five hundred people, some absolutely mind. Boggling happened to this poor girl wait until we get into it fair warning. This is a really brutal case, so I just want to everybody knows that. I got a ton of stuff from different articles about this case on the internet. You can go in Washington, post all kinds of places buzz He did a really great article. On this case. I also watched a episode of investigation discovery which was called burned alive about this case, which is giving you a little hint about what's to come. I'm scared. You should be and it said that this community was one of literally by this community's one, the most like loving, carrying tight,
the community's. It's like one of those places where everyone knows everyone, but in like a good way like you, you just feel safe issues in its little. It's like the true definition of community and so sad, I know, so a nineteen year old, Jessica Chambers, her parents were Ben and LISA Chambers, they divorced when she was a little younger, but they still maintained a good relationship to this day and age actually ended up living like a couple adores down. From each other on the same street like they are still just right. There things really cup ascetic. They really were and the sheriff in some investigation. Discovery episode that I watched said that That Jessica herself had a ton of charm. He knew her like her again because everybody knew each other, so he was like. I knew her whole life growing up like as a little girl everything she was of super charming little girl. Very smart.
super energetic and she and everybody liked her shoes super popular in high school. This was one of those like everybody liked her. She literally like everyone likes her popular high school she was cheerleader shoe they go to nursing school after graduating high school and she was like on her way to do that issue. Smart caring, I mean to want to become a nurse? You have to be a special human being. I fully believe that a hundred percent- I could never do it. It is I mean, I think we ve been like in a situation where we had to deal with nurses, and it's like every time you deal with a nurse, especially like one of the great nurses Euro is like Hulu shit like thank God people. Wanna be nurses, because I could not do that job no taking care of people is very hard, especially sometimes you got like tough patients, oh yeah and legal just think of when I gave birth to the girls, the nurses that would come in. I was like I want lake. Just take you home with me or amazing, so think, Nurses out there, you're amazing shadows to nurses.
Cs Jessica, wanted to be a nurse but on Saturday December six, two thousand and fourteen at eight p m that dream I came to a crashing halt. That's like fairly recent, it really was. This is a pretty recent case. I remember reading about this when it first happen, and it blew my mind how awful it is not I can't believe our recent that, as I think, I'm thinking of a different case yeah, you might be So, on December, six to seven fourteen at eight p m, two men were driving down a dark like pretty quiet, road called Heron road. that was in Cortland, Mississippi they come across. A car on the side of the road that is completely engulfed in flames. There is never a good sign. It's never good sign so they immediately called ban on one cause. They were smart and if I D showed up and they thought it was odd, because no one was around the car and no was in the car is for dark and just not a very heavy,
traveled roads that are likely to Hell happened here. It's not like it asked into another car and burst into flames like what is happening. I never, come across a seem like that ever know. I don't either so then they look up as their starting to cannot take over the scene and get this under control. They look up and watch as someone walks out of the fucking woods out of the darkness. We don't you shitting me, I'm shitting, you David, scribes this figure as appearing they said it looked like a monster walked out of the woods. I just got like full jewels yeah now Suddenly they realise that this is not a monster walking out of the woods. It's a Hume. Its young girl, we what yeah and big? she's coming is. Is it the girl was burnt? Yes, Oh my god. yes, it's a young girl. She was only dressed in underwear and
flesh, had been burned to the point of Blake Melting, I'm so fucked up right now yeah. She was in shock, bear breathing, but she just in just like clearly in the worst pain imaginable, but incompletely complete shock. So she was just dazed walking out of the woods are. This is really up already. Oh yeah now the m ts kept in and when she walked out she kept just sing. Somebody help me help me. We choose a saying it like, like a zombie almost just like help me because she's product she saw in shock. She can't even like yell yeah, I can't even like cause, you think of Think about burning your your finger. Unlike a pan, or something like that, I am such a little like was with that link. As soon as I haven't, I like it, it's the days urine excruciating paint it hurts with an end.
you think imagine that all of your body, no a girl I work with recently ma- am picked up a curling iron that she thought was like not hot anymore, and it literally stuck to her hand. She was out of work for the day is just from fucking picking up a curling iron. So imagine your. Fucking body. No, no! I don't want to think about that. So the aim to use kept asking her. Who are you you know, what's what happened here? She could bear, speak. Finally- they heard her whispered Jessica and all realised this was Jessica chambers because remember Everyone knows everyone in this town, so these Mps were like we recognised when she said it. We're like this is fucking Jessica chambers. Can you imagine, like you know the like? I don't know I just like makes a difference on a whole level like you're like holy shit. This is that girl that I know- and I have known forever exactly like they watch. This girl grow up and now they're looking at her, and they thought she was a fucking monster. Walking right now what
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A new danger familiar face. You can find a sense of comedy, gets on. Peace got get started for free at peak on Tv Dhaka. Now, sir The focus became determining what the hell happened here. Delegates was so she didn't come under the car on fire scheme and the woods on fire exact. and she came out of the woods wearing only underwear, no top, no bra, no nothing. Just walking out of the woods and underwear completely burned. Jesus Christ, exact, so now. They turn to figure out what happened here and she said quote: they I said that she said quote: he sent me on fire o o and they were like. Of course they were like who, who sent you Fire and she kept saying he sent me on fire, he did it and they were like who did it now? They all say that they heard either Derek or Eric. They heard her say one of those things. So Eric Derek did this to me exactly
so now that's going dead. That's a huge thing in this. Yes, and its both helped and mostly hurt this case. To be honest, because she didn't have. I mean she and her lips were basically burned off her tongue was singed. I mean she was you can't talk correctly in that situation, if you think about it like, if you hold your tongue and then try to say words, they don't come out the way they should. So people are thinking. Yeah like it's great, that she said that maybe she didn't say darker Eric, maybe sits at set a name totally different. I just came out that way because of all the injuries to her mouth and later that kind of hurt the case not really sucks button. All the people that were there like. No that's what she said yeah, who almost all of them said they who thought they heard Derek or Eric, and then a couple of them are like I don't know I don't like you could barely hear her. They kept saying like it. We can't be positive, you could bear it. She did say name. We just can't be sure what that was.
At so frustrating when things like that happen in what a bad boy to an her last. You know too, to be like. Let me get out who did this to me like good for her guy you're, like avenging your own death, exactly so called Hayley was one of the first responders and he said he was like, he and most all of them- but he said specifically, he was legitimately traumatized by her appearance like a district. He had like PTSD from looking at her. I don't know how you couldn't. I can't even fathomed at now. Add the guy who later would be put on trial for this, which we will talk about later. His name is Clinton. He legit this call Hayley the first responders. Logic cried on the stand and testified quote. She had her arms out saying help me help me help me. Her hair fried like it had been stuck in a light. Socket her face was black in her body was severely burned He said that when he saw her come out of the woods and only her underwear, his first
Instinct was just put a blanket on her any said quote to cover her up because he was she came out there she's only wearing underwear. She sitting there thing help me she's this little girl that I know look silly. Nineteen I've seen her grow up. I can. let her walk out here completely exposed. So I have to put a blanket on her, which I, like, oh my god, like that that kind of in thing to just like preserve, dignity. In that moment I was like you know what could on new coal. Like that's why there are people on this earth like that, like that's what our first responders slick he should be. A first responders is like to be that kind of person to think that is like you, you should be an empty fuckin snaps for coal snaps coal no it's worth noting that during the trial later CALL Hayley said quote she kept asking for water. I did not pass finally, here her say Eric. Ok, so he's one of the ones who said. I definitely heard her
because they all said we could hear her saying what sounded like water or thirsty. And then some of them would say I heard her say Erik the other ones would say I don't know. I didn't hear that. So that's like a big thing here. so she was airlifted to regional one health hospital in nearby Memphis. She had deep thought mobile burns and by the way, this is the third time that I have had to say this, because I keep saying deep thermal bones and I dont know what it is the earth. There were its true. It's hard to say. Deep thermal burns is what she had. Yes nailed it deep thermal burns are when I mean in UK, it's hard to come back from that, basically is what it means A flammable liquid had been poured down her throat what the fuck Yes, that's one of the things and it was also put up her nose and all over her body Jesus.
crisis. I feeling ok, I'm already like fuckin investigating. Unlike two people I fell to people are involved. Really I mean it's I'm shake one person could do it by like holding her down, but that's quite a fuckin fight till I called somebody down and shove something in their mouth and then run and then let them on fire with something that is very true. And you might change your mind later when you hear what the theory is on what happened, because it makes a lot of sense that its one person will like ten out of ten times, I'm wrong so yeah. That probably happen. then again. This case is still not completely solved it slightly. Everybody's enough to make their own decision at the end, so tempting we could be more than one person and it does make sense. That is another theory that could make absolute sense So yes, if she had the flammable liquid down her, throw its that part of this I remember hearing in the original news report when it happened in two thousand fourteen that right
There was like what the actual fuck like who d Does that who hate someone enough to does do that? And I said like sadistic in its own. Like way unbelievable and believable. That someone could do that, an up her nose all over her body, she, his burned over ninety eight percent of her body, according to the coroner MIKE so she would have had to have like an entirely like like skin graphs. Oh, she does wasn't coming out of that? That's so sad yeah, that's just that's what she had was that the deep thermal burns that were ninety eight percent of her body- you just come coming back from that so dizzy. I because of like all the pain from or how does that work Her body to shut down her body probably was immediately shutting down even ass. She was walking out of the woods her body was starting to just because you it's just too much. It's too much and the amount of infection that would happen there, that you be like susceptible to, which is way too much
and honestly. Unfortunately, obviously this never should have happened. But when you look, the injuries you like. You know what it was a blessing that she didn't have to suffer through. Dealing with the rest, I mean she suffered, suffer but I'm really glad she didn't have to suffer for very long and you'll find out later it happen. Pretty quick, thank goodness, because if she had lived days and days in this kind of asks excruciating pain, I cannot fathom like I'm so glad she didn't have to I can't imagine ever having like you said: you burn your hand on a fucking, pan and you're, like other sucks about. I literally can imagine it's true, it's crazy, so the police, let her father and Stepmother Debbie now Debbie literally ran down the street when she found out to leases home, which is her mother. So dead The stepmother ran to the mother's house in screamed. Someone set Jessica on fire
and her mother was like it in the thing I watched her mother was like wait a second. I just talked to her on the phone a little like an hour ago like what do you mean someone set her on fire? She wasn't with anyone like that. She was like what the hell is going on like what the fuc like set her on fire. Like can you imagine hearing that sentence about your child and that's the thing it's like it's your child's so they all went to the hospital together and when fur formed that there was nothing they could do any more. They were like we're just going to try to make her as comfortable as we possibly can and then in just one her pass away. Basically, her mother said she went into the room. She told her that she and her father were there. She was like I wanted her to know your mom and dad are here and then she told her if she was in too much pain, I'm totally about to cry the first I'm about to cry because it's this is like. her mother. This is her baby. I just she's- But if you are too much pain, it's ok for you to let go thought was heavy right
we both this. We both just looked at each other to collect the deep it deep is breath like we're both like, and it gets even more she said it's ok to let go and then she said I will get you justice. yes Mamma he s like it's just who that's when she took her last breath at two thirty, seven, a m This is like a really fucking, sad movie. It is the vat in its in its legitimate, the doctors are set at her mother. held her hand said that to her, and she let go because she, I just wanted to know that her mom was there and that it was ok exactly. you just need to hear your mom say it's ok to do like. I can't even go to find that act as I can feel the ball in my throat like about to cry her mother. In this episode it destroyed me industry could she says I think I mention it later that, like see, she doesn't even like to close our eyes to see just pictures it like it. Just
now that same afternoon that she passed away. A man was walking down a road about an eighth of a mile away from the scene of the burned car and he found Jessica's car keys on the ground. Ok, the keys were sent out for DNA because it weird. Why are the keys an eighth of a mile away like what why she, which you can get out of the car and like throw the keys like that, doesn't make any sense. So the the keys to the car that was set on fire. Yes, her car keys I couldn't remember if it is her car that could set on fire that stupid, no was. There was a guy that got set on fire. the keys are sent out for DNA now they have Her phone calls or phone was found under the drivers side door so they said either some we tried to take it out or it fell out because it was right the door on the ground they. Quest id and received a search warrant for her phone, but only got one for the last twenty four hours before her death. That's all
in crazy, it is to get phone warrants. no it's funny, because we just have this conversation recently in its. I just think it's fucked up. It is, especially it's like this woman was murdered. It is A clear that she was, she stated that she was murdered before she died, why would you not be able to what more do you need to get all of her phone records of like? She would want your fault you to get her phone records? It's like, I say something, you're my phone and I get an instagram add. So if I die, I'd like you to fraud and Instagram, add to whatever I died from exist. Gladly come on guys, so they got the less, twenty four hours before her death. In that morning, she had texted with her friend Quichua first thing in the morning quiches said she picked her up at around ten thirty a m and that she had Clinton I was in the car with her. Tell us didn't, have a history of violence, but had some running with the law of you know a vainly drugs. I think he had like burglary thing on em
he said that I say that, like its nobody, I gave you know he just send this. Like fuckin burglary thing out, you stole shit from someone tells no big deal. I was just so. You know you know burglary, like its cheerless fuck, all the kids by lowering you know burglars everywhere, but This is always on everyone's rapture when they have a rapidly burglaries, always on their somewhere. Some Bulgaria burglary. Like everyone else, you got something burglary burglary at last, I mean He said they drove around the three of them drove around for an hour, and then they dropped him off at his home, which was across from the Eminem store. Now it's not the Eminem store like the Eminem Candy, it's just like a canoe in store slice gas station. That's like the place to go Oh and Cortland, Mississippi. It's like everyone goes there. You know it's like the local hang out. You thought Eminem candy. I thought Eminem Marshall Mothers, it's fine, everything's cool! While you sat there was used there was, like a slim, shady store. No, I didn't
I'm an m to me means that and like it just in my mind, I knew there wasn't a store, but you said I'm phenomena like that. Guy ticketing, slim shady? That's why you? Yes, I was like what the real slim shady please stand up. Well, right. So it's neither of those it's not the candy. It's not the wrapper. It's just. Local hang out. They got his cell phone records, Clinton tell us and they went to the store they got. the cameras there, while there were cameras outside of the store- and they were pointed towards his house, because he was like diagonal across from There- look, they re able to look at the camera records and they confirmed that he went there for something to eat that morning and then story of being dropped off at his home. At the time he said was correct. It checked out. The cameras also got Jessica on film coming to the store a few times that day, because everybody did that's not weird, like everyone hung out there, you got your like snacks. There
it was like you drove around at night like any kid teenager does and you stop and get gas you stop and get snacks. You meet people there, all that good stuff yes about when these and get a fava exactly Jessica then went home at around twelve thirty in the afternoon and took a now in a chair in the living room according to her mother. Now I'm for forty five or five fifteen sometime around there. She got a phone call that woke her up from a nap which I was like, damn Jessica, that's an app that is an app that's a real that she got woken up guys can hear all of these sirens just flew by my house, and they like Google, so we're bringing you real messier. I love when they don T like the wee wee eloquent like the wall, but what? What? What? What what it is makes me think of our stay out of the woods. Yes, when you thought it was already cop, the guy Hooty. That is why through the woods got what bought what I think of it, like I don't know
you're you're sleeping on some captain counselor. You say you were feeling it never again. Never forget, so back to the solemn said, because people were matters because her she left say they after she got the phone call that woke her up work programme for forty five to five fifteen, she left saying that she was going to get something to eat. She was gonna clean out our car and then she would be home later ceremonies, I'm cool. Now, she's on camera, at the gas station at around five, twenty four p m, so everything is check it out. no using cell tower records. They saw that she then went to Bates Veil and got there around six p m, so that's a nearby town, then she went back to Ireland, around six thirty, so she went to bed Spilett six came back on six. Thirty, no one knew what she did there as there like a car gleaming place there. No, not
they can find or have her recorded. As I do the random shit. If I ever disappeared, they built first, she was here. Then she went there and then she was just like overhear instead, they will never be able to find you they built out another man. so at six forty eight she called her mother Her mom said she was very. She was quiet and there was no background noise and she said this was weird because normally when she calls me there's a lot of music in the background noise, especially if she's in the car there's always music. It's always like a high energy situation. And she said I don't know something seemed off yeah now at seven thirty p m she left Cortland, Andrew to where she was found set ablaze on Heron Road at seven. Thirty five p m now there's no more activity or signals from the cellphone phone, nothing on earth, gps or anything after eight o, four p m and in the ideal discovery episode burned alive. The investigator said they believed that is when the heat became so great that it broke her phone. That's. Why
that signal stopped. That's because the heat was so crazy, make sense at eight hundred and ten p dot m. The fire was called in to nine hundred and eleven, Now there was when they looked through her cell phone records. There were no Erics or derricks in her calls or text or any communications they call in every Eric and Derek around the area in further out and let the surrounding counties and they were like- we talked all them. over a hundred ericsson derricks were interviewed. Can you imagine being named after dark at this point around? You know, but that's crazy, and I love that they did that yeah they were thorough, they checked there. Cell phone records and no one was near her on that day. At all. None of the Erika Dogs final They got a better search warrant for her phone records and they were well to read her text messages now so before they can only see that she had sent tax now they can read the actual messages. Ok, that's got so much better so they found one tax that was received by her phone mere minute.
Before nine alone scouts. It was from quaint and tell Us- and it said It said something along the lines of Kant. Hang tonight Bay friend coming. Over sweet dreams. It was like a nice message. it's just saying we can't hang out tonight. I vinos someone's coming over and then she he ended. It sweet dream. So, like a nice communication, ok so tell us never revealed to police that they had made plans that night when she said that she died when they interview Quichua and tell us, because they were in the car with her this morning. He just said They drop me off that was it He never mentioned that they had plans that night and that she was unable to make them because she was murdered. Shady business. Shady business they re interviewed him and they asked him what their relationship was, and he said well, we did sleep together once in her car, ok,
now, and then you just called her bay from that point. On yeah, it's like you didn't you failed to mention that when we does a murdered human being, you might want to say you have a bigger connection to them. Also, there's a murdered human being that you software, like maybe you make it sound a little more important than up whoops So now there like what the fuck did you, who after Jessica dropped you off because they were like now we want to know. What's your movements are so he's had he hung out with friends that day and then at night he went to his sisters House borrowed her truck to drive where debates will. What were you both doing invades well around the same time he said he went to friends. Dollar store invades, fell to buy it, green dot card which what that was, but apparently it's like a debit card like a prepaid, debit card kind of thing
He is buying that because he said he is his girlfriend lives and Monroe Louisiana and she didn't have money to come visit. So he was getting a green dot card to get her there. Like together, like a train ticket there or you, do that you're gonna kill somebody and you got it so that you can go on the run with no tracking of available. That's genius Thank you. I mean you not him by the way. I knew that just this clarify that I don't want anybody be like you asshole he was called imaging. Is now ashes, genus, not him I'm not getting better at guessing things I feel you are you're getting there. I appreciated. Thank you impressive. He then went back to his sisters to bring her the truck back then into the Eminem story again and then He went home and waited for his girlfriend. So that's his story. His girlfriend, who didn't have money to come visit him, not sure what that's about that's just what he said.
so tell us, was on camera at Fred's dollar store at eight hundred and fifteen p dot m, which was fifteen minutes after the fire was called in to nine hundred and eleven okay, He was also on camera at the Eminem store. So His alibi was checking out completely. What he was saying was lining up, ok, which is good. But the investigators asked to look around his place when they did that They found a shed containing a dirt bike in big things of gasoline. Ok, now that You know it was weird to them because they were like me. You have gasoline, but your near by needs gasoline, so that makes sense, but it still little lake we have to keep. not mind, but that's not something. We can like totally jump off of right now, right right right now, They then asked tell us if he knew any Erika Derek and he was like anyone that could possibly do this. He said
oh yeah, there's a guy named Derek homes that Jessica actually had issues with. Ok, now tell us said that Jessica told him that this guy Derek was stocking her. He lived five miles from her house and he was a fucking sex offender o perfect yeah. That's that's that checks out, so they interview Derek, and he said he was home the whole night of the murder and What was he doing? Just watching tell us Jane and that's it. Oh! No. He was in just watching television. He was also massaging his diabetic moms feet. We you, don't you without specific, Derek Eric, and you know what he is check out mammals like he was run, windows feats. I'm sorry, don't make your kids on your feet. It's fucking weird, but it was so three days of interviewing him and everyone he knew, including mom officially ruled out also itself
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Is actually said. She couldn't speak at all like barely thoroughly. She was getting words. Obi does know But the way you're gonna tell what you are saying and they set it down. Finally, could have been something else completely, but by now and in the end, by now there were billboards there are missing persons posters. I mean it olive international news. This was going everywhere this case, so there We need to broaden this out, not say the Derek unearthing everything so much now in internet sleuths, something do benefit cases in this one they did not oh no, I got really excited know. Unfortunately they took over in kind of a bad way. Suddenly suddenly became known that she was dating a man named Travis Sandford, he was in prison during the murder for burglary, C c. When his burglary every he's burglarize and everybody they started was burglar rise. That's terrible!
they started, considering that this was a gang murder ordered by him from prison. I doubt that anti we're like. That's it that's what's happening in mainly it's like. Oh, these our black guys, so it must be a gang murder, so it was The total is racist bullshit because it was, this: is a white girl, updating and hang around black eyes. Of course it must be gang related or it must have something to do with these black eyes. That's what this all became gather thrilling shitty than people had to fuck. I assume that it became a bunch of racist bullshit now her mother said she was on the phone with him with Travis her boyfriend, that's in prison. She was on the phone with him Friday. Jessica was the day before the matter now a theory started online. That may be Travis thought she was cheating on him and that's that heap her Halleck ordered this hit because he was mad. Ok also
he's just it. I mean burglars big deal, but he's just in there for burglary, not like orchestrating insane fuckin crimes exactly Like really can we stop putting this on people like just generalizing in now the interview Travis and they notice that he was an absolute fucking mess about this murder. There, like he, was very genuinely just destroyed by her murder. that was his bay? Exactly they found no evidence linking them to this none and in March of this year. This is actually said. In March of this year, Travis was actually shot and killed with a buckshot from a shotgun in Cortland. on an accident. It was it was in a home and nobody knows what really happened, but he was murdered himself. This march. Actually he's Louise. I know it's really said no and August, two thousand and fifteen. They were like eight months passed this case and it was getting colder and colder
so. They decided to go back over the phone records because that seemed like it was going to be the place where they are going to get that information, so they called Paul roulette. Who is an expert at extracting information from digital data he's basically make an internet detective like he's a digital data, detective, that's his job yummy to same heat. Weeks and weeks and gathered all the gps information from every one question in this case, and he took this gps information and he compared it against Jessica's GPS locations or that from all the people use like we're, gonna get every when's movements and wearing a lighted up with Jessica's and we're gonna get who this person is. It's always mind going to me that people have a brain that can fuckin do that. I know that takes like special, showed a sort of brain so October shit went down the jeep Yes, data showed that tell us Quinton tell us was in
its fell at the exact time that Jessica went there from Cortland. I knew it. I knew it. They were also on the same road and left at the exact same time. Yeah they were together for sure which means Clinton was lying, now he had said they didn't see each other after she dropped him off that morning. So he's lying, they went his home to interview him again when they found this out, but he was in prison for burglary. No here is in prison in Monroe Louisiana, where his girlfriend was from. He had been around. did three months before this because he withdrew two thousand dollars from a student named Ming Change Sounds bank account she was an overseas student, those attending the University of Louisiana, basically he's stolen used her debit card, that's bad enough, so almost burglary almost much worse, because she gets darker
his other charge is for her murder, Mings Motor Mings murder. Ok, yes, she Ming was found, stabbed thirty four times Holy shit and torture scared to death state of severe decomposition at her apartment. On the day that and tell us got married and Monroe Louisiana too that girlfriend Her body was discovered on the day that he was getting married. Sure was this whole time and picture in containers like this poor kid that, just like God, implicated in their cities. Like you know this socks and I'm I saw jessica- and I want to say anything but now- he's fucking out here, murdering and stealing in marrying- You know, steel and marry him. You know murdering ceiling, marrying, it's not a gamble. He again. He was only charge of this at the time, but it this kind of coincidental that one person is being charged with multiple murderous that I'm sorry. That's just like you had
have killed at least one percent if you're getting. I know now The gods. Are you killed? One of a meter odds are so that was on August eighth day, but he got married the day that mean was found? That was a really bad day, so played guilty to using her debit card. So he you have a debit card. When you have dead woman's debit card. Care what the outcome is. It's that looks bad, no matter. What hundred percent absolutely so. He was seen on Walmart camera with with her with Ming and witnesses saw him at her apartment on July, twenty seventh July, twenty Eightth when she died and there were also my watching receipts from his apartment to one of the charges on her debit card so matched up. He definitely was uneasy and right. Now a man's name, Eric said that tell us told him he's
waste in stab dimming until she told him what her debit card pen was basically tortured, her in telling him what her debit card pen was. What the fuck Now I don't know if anybody notice, but the guy who told the police. This was named Eric. It has coincidental that sounds he didn't have any You do that. It looks like I hate when you got me like all round up and then your leg and they didn't do. I know I love doing. no, they interviewed Quinton tell us again and he told the same story he had been telling. Then all the data guy was like. Ok, well, that's nice, but there's a problem. See from five thirty p M when Jessica left the store diamond store both of your phone are right next to each other They could have been like in the same car exhaust actually like they were traveling together. Of course, this could be. Two different cars, but either way they were right next to each other. We I'm governance, each other on the highway next week in the car, you're fucked with each other exactly now,
Couldn't tell us is literally like oh shit. I forgot. I did see her. Oh. I forgot that I saw that girl by got murdered two minutes after I saw her and these, like, I love that he's like I told the story about a hundred times and I feel the same sorry but whoops. I forgot. I definitely saw her. So he said we met in the talk about parking lot and he said he initially forgot this with. You good bye. If they were interviewing him like years later about this he built oh shit, you know it you small details can be forgotten. I don't think you can forget that you actually did see the person before they were murdered. I don't buy that, but I will to play. Devils advocate on that irony, where every interaction I've got to talk about parking lot. So exactly, but the thing about this was they had interviewed him first, two days after she died and she didn't mention, as you know, for again two days not beautifully now like one year later. He remembers he remembers.
what she ordered that talk about one year later now like oh yeah. I remember she did this in this. but he said he got he did. He was in the car. He did go tackled out with her. I remembered she ordered, but then he said He got a ride home from big MIKE there always seems to be a big mike in these cases I fucking love big MIKE big MIKE. so now they have to go interview big MIKE, to check out his alibi and there would you gonna talk about a big MIKE said that that Saturday night that they're talking about the night that just goes murdered, he said I had tickets see the Titans and the giants play in national and he's like I. no this and they were like. Did you one of the game, and he said you up I went to the game they went. They confirmed that he, that that game tell us was fucking lying again, so he didn't get a ride home from big. My he with big MIKE was out the Fuckin Giants national game. giants national game. He was
and they confirmed that something looks like no. I did not give him a ride home. I was at this game dude. How happy was he that he was out that game when he was there and then, like a year later radios we'll get by. No one January twenty seven, two thousand and sixteen they interview Quintus, tell us again and there like hey you're lying sack of shit and he was oh yeah, you're, right Jessica picked me up and then we- debates fell together. I bill Clinton, I'm getting really frustrated. We're gonna put you in time out until you can tell us what really fucking happened. You do she Lord doing. de plug. U N, do you need a charge for a little bit? You seem broken. Tell us what really happened. Sure Then he said that they went to his house and they sat in his driveway, so I'll listen. This is becoming much more involved. He's like. Oh, you know, what you read. I spent multiple hours with that day so they sat inherent in his driveway. They talk to them. listen to music, and he said she left at seven p m.
This doesn't link up. She left at seven Eighty, the investigators confronted him with that because they are like no. We know that she didn't leave, because we can see her on the camera. Now They confronted him with this and he was like they were like. So she leaves your presence and had no contact with anyone else and then third minutes later she's. burned alive, a couple of minutes miles away from your house. So she leaves you drives literally a couple miles and within thirty minutes, someone king came in contact with her and burned. Her alive does not make sense. To makes no sense to me no and it's also noted on camera so like it's so Clinton was like yeah. I don't know like that. Yeah, I guess that's. What happened is like Queen come on man, you're already in jail, you might as well be fucking admit it at this point it's like just say it It was also noticed on camera that he changed three times that day. That's weird yeah
Why would you change three times? I dont know now: took the dna samples that was on those keys that they found suggested keys that were how quarter sees me, a mile away from the burning car and it was a match to Clinton. Tell us the DNA mapped, couldn't tell us. The dna matched Quentin tell us. If the dna matches, you must put them in jail, you much. You must snatches them and put them into practice, I am aware, if I don't think, that's a snappy as Johnny Cochrane intended, but you know I will go with it. So now they got a search warrant for tell us is phone again now we're gonna look the urgent every text, the current and tell us send to Jessica the week before her murder was super sexual like wicked sexual like aggressively sexual three, separate times he asked her to sleep with him and she turned him down every single time now.
The day of her murder. She denied him several times through tax. and remember that exit he sent her so the couple minutes before the normal one came in, he was very sweet. Sweet dreams can't see you tonight Bay, but all these other ones are like these wrong. She lake aggressive sexual tax, not Secondly, lining up news now, she's. So they think the motive possibly rage it was. It was further seen that all these texts were also deleted off of his phone interesting Why would you delete all these tax but keep that one? That's like making you look like this nice carrying day by day, and even though they had texted a ton for weeks. He suddenly stopped texting her immediately after sending that one last alibi text to her after the murder, because of look at it coming
before nine hundred and the sweet tax carrying out love, you back sweet dreams, that's a perfect alibi use. that tax. So it looks like you were nowhere near her they use had. This is, the relationship in and then all communication with her stops right after that. How did he that wasn't gonna look at any more tax because she was dead. How did he that right. Why, when you send like, if she hadn't responded like a? U ok like where are you like hello, taxed exactly no legal, analysed, Beth Karras had a chance to ask, wouldn't tell us, now it was in the episode and speak. crime, the killing of Jessica Chambers, it's like a donkey series and is the easy she asked him. Why? Why? Why didn't you? Why? Wouldn't she send any more tax? After that? Why did all communication stop? Why was Why are all these tests was deleted off of your phone, like you need to of some kind of answer here, because it looks real bad Clinton like you look like shit when he
Said quote: I wasn't scared, but after we found out who it was who died there. I mean I just deleted my contact with her, I didn't want to have a deceased person on my phone with a number in my phone. That's just be no longer used. That's very like like by well that's a day. It's like so I've had many. I've had friends pass away. Their numbers are still in my phone and I keep all of their ex messages on my phone because it's my last communication with them. What yeah like what I meant to say. Why wasn't making any sense, because I was shocked, but its very dismissive and cold exact sounds like that. Doesn't that doesn't look good either way he's like he's dead. So I don't need her in my phone anymore, basically exactly weirdos, it's me ash and I want to blow your mind with some new age: cooking, realness, hello crashes, America's number one meal kit. Were you
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nine free meals with hello, fresh by going to hello, fresh dot com, slash, morbid, nine and use code, Morbid nine. Do it it's free, now he was charged and went to trial. For this, and now the issue there came back around was the Derek Eric issue up because again his name is Clinton and she said Derec Eric into according to all these witnesses, Now it was hard for anyone to discount this, and they were like this. This isn't you can't even pretend that those sound, even remotely alike, even when you try to lay hold your tongue, do anything, and even of the doctors said this couldn't be taken, as fact, because her tongue and lips were burned beyond repair, it was still in everyone's mind, it was just something that wasn't gonna go away. Unfortunately, now October tenth, two thousand- in seventeen. The trial began
date banked on his numerous lies. There were like he's changed story a thousand times and every time he got caught with something he would change it. Oh yeah. Now I remember like that's a pretty good thing: the bank on So what they were saying was that, after they went to tackle Bell, they went to his house- and she was found naked remember, so they think that he might have tried to sleep with her and she in her, might have even assaulted her. Of course they couldn't tell that, but they thought he might have. I was going to ask you if she had been raped now when she fought back They think that he somehow knocked her out in his driveway and I think they were thinking he probably suffocated her like choked her or suffer. Hated her and thought he had killed her right, but he didn't so he figured he had to dispose of her because he thought she was dead, so they think he does of the card aware was found and this is when they think he ran into his. He ran to his sisters home to borrow her truck because he did do. Remember they that they could line all that up. So they said they think they
drove the car to this place. He ran to his sisters. He got her truck. and ass. He is on the way there he throws or drops Jessica's keys on his way, because it was on the way to his sisters us that they found them now on camera. You can see the truck from his sister pulling in to his house. So there's a shed at his house with Gas Cannes in there and this is lining up now. He then wrote to the murder scene. Lit her car with her in and on fire poured the shit down her throat. all over her up her nose, He then sends her a text message right after the covers two ass in this. Taxes, noticeably noticeably sweeter than all the others, and they think- Reds dollar store where he was seen on camera when he got the truck was his attempt to place himself their buying that green dot card per
close to the murder, so you could do it allows all the way Bates will ever know you're talking about right, right, right So this is all this all make sense. It really does. I think he did it now. Of course, the defence says this is all circumstantial. And they call the Eric Derek thing as proof that this isn't him they'll know it's cool tell us that doesn't sound anything like Derek or air, can they just keep hammering at that, but the doktor said over and over. You can't use out as fact exist, finally in a medical expert, testified and said she was so burned beyond recognition ignition that she was not capable of actually speaking coherently and they said he could speak, but not you know she couldn't enunciate now another first responders said he ass death, Jessica, Eric who, in sheep this is big dislike to me. more like that. Erika Derek is nothing so this Responder said I asked Jessica Eric who, in she replied no so
to me that so No I'm not saying Eric or Derek, but she can't say anything else if she's going no linking only like no, that's not what I said. and so he was like that's all we got out of her and he was like. I don't think that was. I dont know his last name because she would have just been like veto I dont know or like just not so, anything, but she said no and to me That says no, not Derek or Eric or not Eric, and, I think, that makes it more like Quinton could be the guy. I agree with him. After ten hours of deliberation, they find him not guilty of capital murder, and the judge says: do you all agree cause? That's how these trot. You know, that's how trials go and one man on the jury says no, we did not agree. Oh shit, blue everyone's mine, so the judges like so Twelve did not agree on the verdict and the guy states. We didn't all agree on it. So the happens now, and this is on film in its
bonkers. You see everybody, unlike the said everybody such damning, like what legal, because one does that happened like no, you always supposed to agree before you come out. Like everyone knows that right, like that's the whole point deliberating well known, pull the jury right there, and this is on camera. That he's like they all stand up and they say guilty not guilty guilty, not guilty. they find out that it was not even a little bit unanimous. The jerry said that they didn't understand the instructions instructions. Basically they were like. Oh yeah, we didn't know that we all had to unanimously agree on a verdict which I was like where'd you find these people, because I feel, like everybody knows that as a jury is pursuing an end, they instruct you they tell you need a unanimous decision. Confused about where they got lost yeah, that's it that's a lot man! So now they had to go back and they were like. Let me make this we're to you, you all need to agree on a verdict before you come out well
Can you in here please don't come out until you all agree so, one hour later they come out and they tell the judge. We can. Agree on a verdict: deadlocked, mistrial fuck, I'm saying When that happens, if there's a mistrial, do they have to get an all new jury yeah they do get in all new Jerry. Ok, which is good in this case, because you're like yeah, you guys can leave now now on seven September, two thousand and eighteen, he was put back on trial for a second trial. There's another hungary and other mistrial. This is hard to Yes, it's insane here still serving his ten year sentence for the debit card, fraud and he's awaiting trial in Louisiana for the murder of Minchin sow as well, now waiting now now at this moment right. they are waiting for a third trial still, while
So that's why I say this is not a totally solved case cuz. He is technically innocent until proven guilty right right now, his bond was set at three hundred thousand dollars for the killing of Ming. Witches crazy to me that he even has bond for that, like a lot of people were really up in arms about that, as he hasn't luckily, what it is like, even though he was he got bail set even if they paid it. I think he can't leave prison. He would just be sent somewhere else. Ok, so that's good! Now, here's some some other issues that have come up Clinton. Sister has the name. Derek tattooed, on her hand, is contains rolling Quentin. It is but this was never mentioned anywhere. Lay police didn't really test. They didn't. look into this please. Didn't really test the car thoroughly because they say is being burned, recognition and it was just a total loss, so they didn't test it completely into. That's an issue we
Do your best see what you can get out of the car. Now, of course, which I think this is just another case where the police have done more. Who the fuck is Derek. well in the police, who told the person who told police that Quintus told him all about the torturing killing of meaning that kill, that's cool. his wife's cousin, ok, so there's just all these weird national to direct and Alex that aren't really looked into. I mean I think we looked into the guy that initially told them, and I don't think they found anything connected to him, but is stalling, things are getting weird here like. I think that more needs to be looked into here and I don't think it is being looked into. I'm like what's Clinton middle me. happening here and there was a I mentioned earlier, Buzzfeed article which are linked to cause. I thought it was a really good investigative. I know people are probably Buzzfeed go fuck yourself wigglin or what are you doing? I like Buzzfeed investigative articles- I think some of them can be really great and this one
happens to be really great in it In this article, Jessica's mother, LISA, says quote, and this is really gonna. This is the TAT. I was like, oh my god, this Europe's my hide out. She said quote I dont want to close the computer because I dont want to close my eyes if I closed I see them Bert. I see her burning lake That's her baby, I think I would ever close my eyes again, because I think that is what all I was all I could see was thinking about my child being burned alive and some pouring flammable liquid down their throats and then lighting a match. That's the the thing the accelerants of this fire was a match? Somebody lit a match and threw it on this thing. That is so personal and so like fuck, you like this, isn't this whole thing is so personal, there's no way. This is some stranger that did this is beyond
and personal, and it's like like what did you say? Maybe half hour before she was in his driveway talking to him it just it. It doesn't make sense that he didn't do it to me. Yeah, a really doesn't mean I do I don't wanna liked, because I don't want anybody like yell at me, saying on presenting only one side of the story. This is the only thing that's coming like I. I don't know what other side tourism, because no other person has been put up for this. Some trying to give all the information I can. But to me a lot of this stuff is pointing to him, because He lied about a lot of stuff and then he lied about a lot of pertinent stuff. Like seeing her that night being with her that night, I mean he lied about a lot of it and it's any deleted. All those messages. It's just If he is innocent, he did not do a good job of proving himself innocent and I feel the major thing that he lied about as the law. The very last thing was: what time she left his house yeah exactly knowing that she laughed and then within a thirty minute period,
She ran into someone she knew which cause we know. This is personal and we know it she ran into someone. She knew on a dark road randomly and thing occurred where they got so angry that they let her on fire stripped her naked and let her on fire because the The thing was that I read. I read this in a bunch of red at threads and a sudden one article, Sweden stated as fact yet, but I did see it in a lot of sources that her clothes were like outside of the car with behind the car so her clothes really taken out of the car. So that's weird, there's just a lot of weird shit. In this case there really is and then am Jesse guys know there is a justice for Jessica Facebook, page its run by her half sister. and the kind there's a lot of good people on that page that are just trying to help turns and well where she is a kind of like shows the best of humanity, and then they chose the worst.
People send her family cards, they send flowers, gifts, they don't library, books like two libraries in the local area, injustice name like it's all, really cool and Joe LISA. Her mothers laptop was confiscated for evidence by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the beginning of the case. And she hadn't had she hadn't gotten back yet someone's. sent her a new laptop from that page. God I know, isn't that so sweet and she also broke her phone at one point and mentioned it. Someone sent her new phone as well when we call these people, so kind issues like the best of humanity and the absolute worst of humanity is like this case has the total dichotomy of it but Unfortunately, at this moment we are still waiting to find out. If he's gonna have a third trial, the family- once it the family. I believe that they are going to prove that he did it
and LISA her mother said. I promise tat. I would get her justice. I have to get her justice. I want how to get justice if it's not Quentin then corps when police find out who the fuck it is like, if it's not him hired and find someone else. Billig it does seem like me, he's the guy, I'm gonna be on us. In my opinion, he is the guy. I'm not gonna stated with absolute fact, but in my opinion, and if I have to say quite looks good for this. It's just I mean the evidence, yes as all circumstantial, but if you can piece together that perfectly it's like it makes sense exactly and I think the only motive I can come up with, because that's where I get hung up is washing motive. Do you have to do something that awful? I think it was initially rage. I think it was try. To assault her or re per possibly or her turn down or her stopping something in the middle of it. Getting him angry, he might have choked her suffocated her in that, and I think then it turned into
of preservation mode, and he was How do I get rid of this, and that was the only way he thought of TAT rid of it. I dont think that part was thee. was the main part of it. I think it's more to get rid of it, but but then again it's like what you pay. Fucking accelerant down her throat, so it alive if it doesn't add up any in any sense of where'd. You know I mean it's hard to find is like figure out, Nobody in the world who would do that but quince it's kind of good for it? Definitely my opinion but guys, let us know what you think if anybody has more information about this by all means share with us. I definitely do an update if anybody has won and I'll be keeping an eye on this case, so we can update and when and if they get a third trial, Thank you so much to page for reminding me of this case, because I've been wanting to do it for wilds, but they got lost in my list of cases so I appreciate it. I hope we didn't justice will definitely update again and I think now we're gonna bring it wave.
Up and we're gonna think some Patrone says. So, let's kick that off. o k, are you ready our first patriotic? Thank you so much to Molly Moons Molly moons. That is the best name. I have ever heard one. It has a liberation too. It has the moon. Thank you. So much Molly Moons Molly moves. You must be a which you must pay. Number two is Daniel. What co Daniel we co you probably bake a mean pie where the fuck did they come from I don't know it was just thanksgiving and I thought of pi cuz I ate a lot of pi and Danielle just seems like someone who would make a great pie. I wanted to say Whitco where the witches go. I like that better, but you know what
probably which makes a great pie. So thank you. Their new number three is Mattie Mattie, so hot right now. Thank you Mary. I misdoing number four is mad. Align Madison, Madeline Madison come in hot. Would that a liberation? I love it. Thank you, Madeleine Madison lots of aims in this round. Thank you, modest around airline Madison. Next, Kara Harris Kara here is you probably have long flowing Harris or short beautiful Harris either way? Even if you have no Harris, you are the heiress to my heart, While I can't talk, thank you so much carrier goddess love. You care next Ashley O Solway actually also way. That sounds like an irish name because it has an o in it, and I appreciate that so. Thank you. So much actually, oh Thank you next, Christine Eames, I think Christine aims. I think you,
The star of my best dreams Christine aims. I love you, thank you so much while those Poetry, slam herb happiness number eight is less gardener Skype near you, so a garden of beautiful wild flowers. In my heart you belong among the wild flowers. The gardener you do. Thank you so much less than tat. You know my body so means lot, anyways Kelly Anna's next. Thank you, colleagues in thank you so much Kelly em. You would never get into a creeper them kelleam. Thank you. Please do Colleagues, we love you next is court me monsieur Courtney, much clearer, Are you sure? I think you are Love you currently require. Thank you, I'm sure about you, corny Mclaren. I also really liked to say your last name. Leclere like feels fun. It does. It feels good, Next is lorry Cox, Lorry Cox. Europe My socks, thank you so much you're thinking lorry next is MEG Gregory
Gregory. You someone who smells good. Thank you may Gregory. I love you. I wanted investors, demagoguery. I love it. Thank you. but one of only around the same to me, I was like fuck yeah Miriam Randal. Now I want to let you know that she literally did say fuck yeah when I read this name, because that's a great name Miriam. I love you. Thank you so much seeing scenario then we have Nicholas I'm. So sorry, if I say your last name wrong, I think it's the lily. Oh no delight I tried the lie low, the well. I think it's a lie, low law Thank you so much Nicholas whatever your last name is Delilah Lily owed the lay low you don't have to lay low because we think your great new shelter from the rooftops. Thank you, Nicholas De La Giddy lie
last, but certainly not least, we started with the moon. We have to end with the moon, Raven Moon, wake, what the fuck, if that's your God, given Dame you're, the greatest raven, I don't even know what to say. I love that we began with the moon and ended with the moon and Raven. You brought some EDGAR Allan POE Realness in here, and I Thank you for it. Thank you so much Raven Moon wake. I love you and truly do you keep the moon woke thank you to all our lovely Matrona says, and thank you to everybody that listens anyway. You can find us. Instagram over at morbid. Webcast. You can hit us upon the twitter, a Orbit podcast. Yes, you who can send us a Gmail, Mordred, podcast, edgy, Melba com, remember, send those listener stories, entitle them listen stories and then something fun, an angle, about them in a facebook group after we talk about them on about guest, they
the group is Roger, morbid call in a true crime broadcast Facebook Group go. Do it because it's a community of beautiful weirdos and I love you so much and then, once you're done doing that you could check our website, which has a new merged store with up and coming merge. Morbid podcast, dot com. And then If you want to hear your name on an episode and you feel like you can donate to us, you can donate any amount of money. We love money, no matter what you can do, that Patria undergone, slash, morbid vodka wheel give listening and we hope you keep it. We heard, I feel it this case is too much to do one for yeah yeah
not so weird that I used to talk about this case, but not so weird that you fucking around a jury, and you don't know the point of being on a jury. Don't keep it that weird, but yeah! That's a good one! Not so weird that you don't follow instructions, okay, bye,. Summer is here, and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry buttery brown crumble vagrant, vanilla, flavors in every said. Stop indeed try this perfect summer cup
or you can use the Wawa app to order ahead or get it delivered make your morning even brighter. With a cup of freshly brewed, blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time got to have a Wawa things I sold could never happen. in a punk back was a new regional calmly streaming only on visa fees, mix of passions, sour girl site locals, Aisha Drama, Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute, turnover from where we are late reports, all the Celts feeling. Now only I'm peacock,
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