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Episode 107: The Covina Christmas Eve Massacre

2019-12-22 | 🔗
Let's get completely out of any kind of holiday spirit by diving into a senseless and tragic murder of a family on Christmas Eve in 2008. Bruce Jeffrey Pardon was a true piece of human garbage and when he found himself divorced and unemployed, he took it out on those closest to him, in the most horrific way imaginable. EDIT: I mistakenly referred to Pardo's ex wife as Delilah, when in fact her name is Delia. Sources:https://www.ocregister.com/2018/03/14/survivor-of-covina-christmas-massacre-to-join-protesting-students-in-pasadena/https://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-santa-shooting31-2008dec31-story.htmlhttps://www.cbsnews.com/news/santa-slayer-planned-more-murders/https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2009-jul-11-me-santa11-story.htmlVisit our sponsors!UpstartSee why Upstart is ranked #1 in their category with over 300 businesses on Trustpilot and hurry to Upstart.com/Morbid to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate is. AudibleRight now, for a limited time, you can get 3 months of Audible for just $6.95 a month. That’s more than half off the regular price Visit audible.com/morbid or text morbid to 500-500.CasperGet $100 toward select mattresses by visiting Casper.com/MORBID and using MORBID at checkout. Terms and conditions apply.
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I'm stuck in the earth s hard to get out of it is, and you know what I as this is a special holiday edition.
It's the holiday season. It's gonna get royal shitty and hair its third shoot the seasons and massacre up in here, not funny it off. So before we start with the real brutal shit yea. Let's talk about really quick eye, we're not getting sponsored by this. By the way. I just really love this move people I want everyone to watch it guys on Netflix, their original holiday movie. Klaus go watch it. If you have kids go watch it with kids. If you dont have kids go watch it because it's great I love recording by I was just watching the beginning of it with your children, and I was kind of bombs that I couldn't finisterre. It's so good looks q and the end will have you cry and happy tears assists it's it's a nice movie and I feel like we're going to add it to our arsenal of Lake Chris.
the speculation ELF, the Santa Claus clumps. Those are every year that we have to watch the middle classes on top of it, and I just want to spread the word because this rope, you that's what I get anything out of this. I just wanted to clear. This is not an out. I just wanted to tell you that flax Netflix Sponsor Ass, well, see. I just wanted to tell you guys that, because this is going to be a real bummer of a case and you might as well have something to look forward to maybe go watch class today in the holiday spirit, causes is deaf or don't take you out of it. The other thing I wanted to mention was we are going to keep you guys, updated on that crazy case that everybody spin sharing right now that I'm hiding Broussard it's an awful tragic case. She went missing in Texas. They just found her early Serbia in the trunk of her quota
quote best fries entire. They were supposedly best friends really twenty years this woman MEG in fear a moose sky think it is, was in the delivery room when she gave birth to her daughter Margo. Margo, that's the kind of NATO durable and such a cue baby. Such a pretty girl like brand new mom out a six year old boy, too went missing when she dropped him off, and yet she so this MEG in Bitch is charged with murdering her and then taking Margo and pretending she was her baby. So she had some kinda psychotic than the others, some shit there in the worst part about it is. She was telling everybody that this is her new baby Luna,
Oh, I know apart. I know it gave me the heaps and ever but wait when were you pregnant alone? She pretended she was pregnant right alongside Heidi all, it's one of those Yeahs and yes, she basically in Chile, assisted in the bright lights, used there all that's always so fucked elegantly assistant, you washed. This woman give birth to their her child. You know she's a mother of two children and you took her away from those children yards and then I feel even worse, because everybody was thinking that it was the Fianna say I am because he gave like you know that the typical interview where your candle excite eyeing, unlike yeah, really and I feel bad because I mean again- we nobody has been officially cleared or anything
the whole story. We don't know if anybody else they did say someone else might have evolved, loom, who I am not blaming him by any means, and right now he's innocent until proven guilty. But I will say I feel bad that link I initially was like up. He did it like immediately so jokes on made merely Are you my hat on that one? If it turns out your. Why you ve never heard that before. Did you say harder hat? Oh, I thought we were all eat, my hat, if that's no I've heard that, but I thought you said her announcing ok boss in no. I won't be my heart. The gorilla golly. My Hadow allay my hat really ought to help women. You know.
They have face if I'm wrong, but I will keep you has updated on that because I'm curious to see what happens in its just such a tragic story, and I feel so awful for her kids, Margo and her son in for her family. So that's just a real bomer and are a p, Heidi and fuck you magazine and yeah. So moving on from that, the one other thing we have before we dive into this case is some happy news, a little more uplifting news, You're gonna be out the grammar, see theatre in New York on January. 30Th can't wait to see you there. That show is sold the fuck out. So, though, we can't wait to see everybody who bought it's going to than April fourteen thought. The punchline comedy club in Philadelphia see you then you're a menagerie Philly umbrage, others still tickets available for fairly. I believe there is so go get em. and on the fifteenth we will be at the Dc Improv in Washington DC also pretty sure, they're still tickets. For that yup go get those tickets. We want to see your face as we do,
We are playing in early show on May seventh at Xenia Nashville, which is old out, which I can't believe that shocked, guess what? Oh, oh, yeah, that's fucking, insane but we added another fuckin show because we love Nashville Baby, even though you ve never been, we love, you really love you. Anyone as ordinary playing a late show there. So there are two shows that there are still tickets available, for these second show so go get because the more shows we sell out the more we can add. Let's do this where art working on some other hey. Let's let me the link is an hour by hour. Instagram. I'm also gotta be pushing it on your website so that it can be one central location and will be sharing other updates on that. But without further ado, let's jump into this case, shall we what beautiful Christmas story? Are you going to tell me tat I, so this is the casino the co vena. Excuse me
China, Christmas Eve Massacre, that's or will it gets already, should even kill people, but you really gonna. Do it on Christmas Eve yeah. This is a real bummer of a case, so everybody get ready because it sucks so excited I'm going to a Christmas party. After am I gonna wanna go to a Christmas party after us. If the holiday season rewritten also get ready this centres around forty five year old, Bruce Jeffrey Pardo Bruce, was the son of an engineer when he grew up. He immediately showed that he was pretty adept at mathematics any really liked it. So he himself became an engineer of sorts which sounds like a nice story. It's not don't be fools. He graduated from John H, Francis Polytechnic, high School and Sun Valley, California, and then he went on to a cow state, North Ridge and there he got
degree in computer science, so so far so good. He is on the right path. Right though it starts out that were always does. He was a super like center of attention. Guy use big. He was goofy use loud, whose Bundy? exact like he wasn't like a super withdrawn guy like Jeffrey Dahmer or anything like that or like an ed country kind of guy. He was, he was out there, he liked being the center of attention and in fact, that his cal state graduation, according to a LOS Angeles Times, that I wrote that I wrote. I wrote that really started Y yeah, easy surprise. No, I've read it. He carried a life size, Wait a doll graduation. Why? Because you just that it would be funny like he was one of those guys know a Duke stir. Just a big old joke stare sounds like a frank. I he can't yeah he's like that, he seems like the typical fraud. I ought hating on fraternize. I think you're funny don't out sometimes, but he was like the typical frat guy, but then add on like that. He also was
a murderer. Ah, there's that differentiates him from the typical franca yeah. I dont know typical murderous fragment. No, he was a man, I'm not saying this differentiates him of deciding this. He was very use. Brilliant use, very brilliant. Many franchise are brilliant. Let's be cleared up, I'm not saying that different, so he ended up getting a job at the jet propulsion laboratory in Flint rage. I believe it is sorry from saying it all wrong, but he became a software engineer. Obviously that makes sense after you get a job degree in computer science. He basically just kind of like fucked around they worked like he was not a good employ. Oh, he used his brilliance and knowledge to hack the system there to look at his co workers salaries. Oh that's not allowed, that's it allowed and that some cool do. Why do you care to everybody else is made,
fuck you, you don't need to see what I'm making like down. Just ask me I'll, tell ya gonna Dick when he was there, he met a woman named Delilah. I could not find her last name because apparently now she's off live in her life she's married shoes. She doesn't want to be associated with this. You know, when hey there, Delilah no MA am. even that radio station at night, like, oh, my god, it's like this very wicked, either Delilah what they like in New York City people already faculty. That's what I'm going to explain. Delilah like a radio show around here and she's, like its normally like a late night, emulate great into her she's. Like tell me, are you love lose a lot of sense, but he saw Colleen in its demand
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Since she was like I'm going, I dont want to marry. Aperient loves, love, love is blind, so June. Seventeen. Ninety nine was the wedding day. They all waited, and he never showed we here does her up at the altar. No after she emptied her savings to pay for this always gets better weeks, went by no one heard him until he showed up one day and it came out there. you withdrew the last three thousand dollars from delay was bank account. He took her money yup, and he went on a palm springs vacation and just blew it. Oh, what a fucking asshole! No wonder! She's like by libraries, there's a lot more that you would want to dissociate from the stood there I leave em like write them. What they never got married. He never showed up the wedding. how about that was that, so this is just to show what a fuckin asshole studios,
in two thousand and one he met a woman named Alina Lugano shut up Alina about the same, it's like Alina none, Alina Butts kind of the same, they moved it Together, they had a thirteen months old boy together on New year's. The child fell into the back yard. Swimming pool. Well, Bruce was supposed to be watching him and he wasn't launching him. Bruce was watching tv. Makes sense. First of all I mean shout out all the parents out there or really anybody who watched a child, especially a thirteen months old, first of other, probably just starting to walk in totalling around falling into shit and picking set up off the floor, putting it into their mouth. You literally have to follow that kid everywhere they got. You need like eyes, like a hawk for him to think he can watch any television
Joseph Cerda latest cuz they're like three and one slash two, and we can't get through like one slash four of a show. I have not John, and I literally took I think, two years to get through stranger things but we have yet to watch the second season of mind hunter, because when the hell are, we gonna sit and watch it right, and it's like for him to sit there and watch tv long enough for this kid to want outside. First of all, how did you get it get outside the fact that that happens is insane and then for him to fall into the swimming pool and you're just sitting there watching tv. What are you doing Murray? Will you have one job do right? Like I'm sorry vehement is the Coca well, he lived. He is so he's watching television. He was apparently when they got home. He was a fucking mess and he was like cradling the child. In his arms like he was a mess. He ended up sitting by his bedside in the hospital for like a week or two little yeah good. He sat vigil with him like really like state by his side, but then, when it was revealed that he would have brain damage in the apparel, Egypt
oh, no split, are you telling me? No, so you did that and then you're no abandon me again and leave within leave it up to the mother to take care. Obviously, the mother, I mean your mother of a child, you that would not be like we'll leave this for you. You know I mean, but you did this lake, and also it's like you are his father great. This is supposed to be no matter what you you are here, you wouldn't you take care of your child and especially when you're responsible, for it never mind that. So again I mean not cool piece of shit, absolute piece of shit, Ruby. No, I mean, I guess, he's thriving with his mother. You know me, let's get it, but that sucks still at sucks your dad's fucking negligent yeah that kid is like suffering because of him and zags into them. In an AIDS Sylvia.
Pardo was forty. Three years old, she lived in Colino, California, just outside of LOS Angeles and worked as an administrative assistant. She was one of five children in her siblings were James, Charles Alisha and Latisha. She ended up meeting, Bruce and marrying him why, on, fortunately, now
Sylvia around nineteen. Eighty eight. She was married to her first husband and he was killed in a car accident. The couple did share to children together in a few years later she met a man named George order and they eventually or married as well and in two thousand and two they had a daughter together. So she had three kids Boca they divorce soon after and he moved Oklahoma. So she lost one husband to a car accident than divorce in two thousand and four as when Sylvia met Bruce Pardo, which was a shitty, he was an aerospace software technician at the time they met through one of her brother in law, soon, I'm not sure which one they married and G. On January, twenty ninth, two thousand and six and almost immediately shit, went back of course
a deadbeat shit when real bad Mozilla degenerate. He was super shifty. He was just an asshole in they thought about money. A lot because he wanted to separate, like secret bank account away from her go fuck yourself. Yes, some money became a real source of contention for them like right away and the straw that broke the camel's back, however, was when Sylvia found out. He was cheating, know that Bruce had father to son from a previous relationship at an abandoned him and that the sun had brain damage and Bruce had abandoned the poor child. But what she found out was that he was still claiming this child as attacks right off from getting me now. He had not seen spoken or paid for this child at all, but he was claiming among those guys, are blaming him as a tax write off and when she found this out, she was like your grows. Yeah, that's her
and from what I saw she found out from his own mother. Oh because Bruce part of his own mother was on soviet side through all good yeah, so she was like you're fucking money turn when she was right. They separated on March Seventh, two thousand and eight Sylvia apparently asked. Can I stay in the house for a little longer because she had a kindergartner rang a four year old and she was like. Can she finished kindergarten here and then I'll move out red? I dont want to repair out of kinda garden wall when she was out one day he threw her shit onto the driveway, was like get out here. Douche bag like cool the ethical, definitely fashion typical, fuckin, Bruce Bruce Second Bruce rest in distress, because spoiler he's fucking dead fibres. She was like tat
work. Madame own operator was proves sagacity is a piece of shit June, two thousand and eight he was ordered to pay Sylvia one thousand seven hundred and eighty five dollars a month in spouse or support. His first payment didn't go through The Czech bounced makes on school not shocked and then the second one he just stopped payment on. It is never paid her any money, not shocked now, one month after that, he was fired from his job at I t T electronic systems for billing fraud, Gillian hours according to another, turning article yeah he's just an asshole in every sense of the word in June. He bought SIG Sauer. I dont know from saying this right: SIG Sauer, nine millimeter handgun. I have absolutely no idea. I apologize from saying that run. You know why you knows guns
No, you tried and you know what ever every time I ve been like. I don't know this about gone. Someone help me. We always get like really helpful people that are like I like guns, and let me tell you about it yet. I appreciate that. Thank you is at an all out about them. So thanks guys in August September, October and November, he bought for more of those guns. So you really liked them and he only space to them out like that, because the law says you need to wait. Thirty days between purchasing this kind of got boon. On September eighth, he ordered the Santa Claus outfit that will come up soon up. He ordered a Santa Claus outfit he rented at from Jerry's costumes and it was a custom,
Santa Claus outfit and he asked for extra space in it. Ok, you're gonna, see why? Oh, I don't wanna be adds not also, and when I say I don't wanna that doesn't mean sub telling the story, because everybody had Alexa and these they that they're like ashes. I want to know the details. Why did you have in your grand punkahs? I do want to The details of the figure of speech up up up up up dammit God, dammit collapse, sorry guys we ve had a pretty salty week. We got a lot of shit. This we gotta know why it must be like the moon or something I don't know.
Mercury retrograde, who we assign not the moose fucking straight up orange the other night I meant in textile. Maybe that's why yeah that Orange mood is casting a salty light on us, so when so, then he ended up visiting his friend, I believe in September or October he visited a friend in Iowa, a friend from high school, and he used. There are different laws and I owe a day you have different laws on like how many bullets you can purchase at a time or how many boats in a magazine, you can have
he used the difference in those laws from California to, by sixteen hand, gun magazines that held a teen bullets each. So on December, eightieth, one week before Christmas, Salvian Bruce appeared in court before a judge. The divorce was finalized. Ok, so this was a week before Christmas. Ok, let some one should be time to do. It is really shitty and it's really shitty cause. This is really just awful timing altogether. He ended up getting to keep the house She got the couples dog, which was a brown a kid I named Saki Saki. He was ordered to pay her an additional ten thousand dollars you near and when she deserved it, I mean daily order. You does you that ship at length I felt now ten times you never see it. I know that she is always like it.
its held up and make a sound, but then you're like the one actually fucking other ten thousand dollars from poorer six and what is Bruce, gonna pay that up so Sylvia moved in with her parents for the time being, at one one to nine east, no crests, drive and West Co Vienna Sylvia you haven't. Time saw, gets bad guys just so you know December. Twenty fourth, two thousand and eight, is where ship goes down Christmas Eve Christmas, Eve, Sylvia S, family gathered at the home of her parents. They did this every single year, eighty year old, Joseph and seven year old, Alisha Ortega stop. The couple was married. Fifty three years stop. They moved here from Mexico and they started, and industrial painting company together called industrial powder coding, ink only God, Cutie data.
a pretty great life together through just hardware, clear what they were like the american Dream and when Joseph- and they said I read this in an article that when Joseph spotted Alisha in their home town in Mexico, he was twenty three years old and she was seventeen. He said he saw her and told his sister, I'm gonna marry that girl, I'm gonna leave cause. I have to go cry, isn't it just like that so beautiful? I love love. Fifty three years together, I hate to tell you. This is not an end. Well, we'll just fifty three m swimming yeah, I've lived in three and it like hurts my heart cassettes. They seem like said this family like the or take a family, reading about them like they? This some articles are opposed to that go through like each family member, just gonna go through the life and nobody really shit. They did and it just seemed like they were just like wonderful, loving family who barely did they loved each other. Just like really
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a new regional calmly streaming only on pickup, confused, mixed and passions, sour go our silent, locals Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task than manager, and me a Mina led guitar. You really good to repeat to an open from you. We are lady parts. All besides grooming now only obstacles so neighbours who had joined the family for other events and holidays because they were like all about having their neighbors over Yes, the more the merrier. They said they were the sweetest most loving family Everyone says that in fact a neighbor named MID see Avery. I want to be legitimate, Ebay, Bell of the great man,
she lived in extorted them and she told the LOS Angeles Times quote when you walked into a room. Every one of the Artemis kids would get up and give you a kiss and a hug. They were the most respectful family. I'd ever known. It all started with Joe and a leash I loved, is, like top their kids to be respectful? They doesn't love each other. Just fuck man huh Power, no fuck him he's a did generate so angry with case- makes you so angry. As so. This Christmas eve, two thousand and eight there about twenty five people attending the annual holidays Weiler, how big a big, soiree, big swore I so later someone I'm sometime after eleven p m. Some of the family, including Joseph and Alisha Ortega, were playing a game of Texas hold them with some of their family, mainly like the siblings they were enjoying that it was after they enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve,
together NICE Party, according to the alleged times a lot of the grandchildren were kind of in the back of the House playing video games to in seventeen year old, Michael or take a was upstairs on the computer. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and they were like come on in its Christmas. Well, this is when she gets real. So just everybody hang on to your booties trigger warning, yeah kind of trigger warning for death. It's coming so when eight year olds Katrina Use of Polski peeked out window. She saw none other than Santa Claus, no standing at the front door He was carrying a giant nicely wrapped Christmas present. Obviously, she's psyched as any fucking eight year old, would be to see Santa on Christmas Eve, rice, standing outside their door with a Chris,
Mr President, right so she ran to the door like any child would and flung it open, yelling Santa, oh, my god. Now everybody it's bad, because no sooner had she opened the door and saw Santa Claus standing there. Santa Claus shot her square in the face. With a semi automatic handgun yup shot this eight year old girl square, Faced with a new. Now, I'm gonna tell you right now: the girl live. Ok, ok, ok! I just want, as always I wanna leave now I just thought I'd. Let everybody now she lived but like holy Shit, shot an eight year old in the face, what kind of
King might addressed is Santa Rosa as Santa what the fuck is wrong with you exactly now hearing the commotion in the gunshot, the home just erupt into panic and chaos on early family members were diving under tables under chairs their running everywhere they were grabbing each other are trying to save each other. I mean it's just pandemonium now most of the doubts were in in the front of the home getting ready to leave and, as I said, most of the kids are in the back playing video games. This allowed most,
the kids to escape? Ok, that's good, that's good! But still now during the chaos, apparently Charles or take Us Soviets, brother recognise to Santa was he held its Bruce and was promptly shot and killed. Gloomily, yes, Bruce Pardo was literally massacring his Ex wife entire family. Along with her like why, though, now family members who survived said they saw Charles and James or take us Sylvia brothers try to take Bruce down even after they had been shot? Oh my god they were. They said they got up pouring blood and tried to save their family God, but they were obviously overtaken bizarre tried until the very end till it take this guy down for their family. Now Joseph Alisha, there, three daughters, including Sylvia, had under the dining room table and were executed and killed. Heads only God. The only survivor of the immediate family was the sister Latisha only cod nullity
I noticed that her daughter Katrina, who was shot in the face was stumbling out of the home at one point after being shot in the fucking face by Santa Claus. So she ran out after her right now. According to the early times, relatives that were present said that they thought them. They saw Bruce Pardo of this awful lift up Katrina before putting her down, and shooting her in the face. Relatives literally said they could. He came and they set some of them said. I saw him pick her up and then put her down and shoot her Face like why pick her up like Santa would pick you up yeah. So this girl was excellent and then he puts her down and boom shoots her in the face.
I again she lives, but like holy shit now after the shooting spree, Bruce Pardo was not done unkind because he member he had a gift in his hand, a wrapped gift was that while he unwrapped his gift, then this is the one that made Katrina think that he had to be the real Santa whom you shown up with a gift. The wrapped gift was a homemade flame. Thrower well. What's yup a homemade literally Bruce Pardo put together a homemade flame thrower. What even is that Lit AIDS leg, things exactly. I know I know what it and it's got anything like what the fight have linked to tanks on it like fuel tanks and everything that he could literally just spray, Basically spray Meyer yeah?
and he unwrapped this gift and immediately started engulfing the entire home in flames. What we mean by Europe now this is this sucks, Michael or take out the seventeen year old upstairs on the computer. He was killed in the fire. Oh, my god, he wasn't shot. He was killed in the fire, my God nullity who ran out after her daughter Katrina called nine hundred and eleven first at one thousand, one hundred and twenty seven p dot m to report that her daughter needed medical attention after being shot in the fucking face. She also told the dispatcher at nine hundred and eleven quote. His name is Bruce Pardo. She said she could still hear him shooting and she ended the call by saying please I don't know who else is alive. I just got chills, and this is her. Whole family has her whole family in the end, nine or dead people in this family
either by gunshot or by the fire right now, Bruce Pardo had brought with him for semi automatic weapons and the homemade flame fur, Where is that? Why you asked for extra room yup and the suit to carry them? Does he carried all his shit in there now? Some of the victims were shot execution style, like you literally stood over these people, hiding from him and shot the execution other cowering away from him right. That this is so beyond psychotic its unreal. Now, the boy
These were so badly burned that cause of death was hard to determine like whether they are shot or died from the fire. So they ended up having to use dental records not just for causing death, but for I d purpose so sad, which is also always really fucked whenever they have the resort to dental records. Italy, a Wolf partners ex wife, Sylvia Pardo, was forty, three, her parents, Joseph Ortega, eighty and his wife Alicia. Seventy her two brothers James or take a fifty two and Charles or take a fifty, their wives Teresa, fifty one in sherry, forty five. So
a part of sisterly shower, tease forty six and her son, Michael thirteen. Seventeen were all killed, God Sixty a sixteen year old, that was, there was shot in the back but survive a twenty year old jumped from a second story. Window broke her ankle and eight Euro Katrina survived, but was obviously badly injured ya. They said that arm. She might have actually saved herself at the last second because she turned her head at the last second and he shot her basically through the jaw. Oh, oh yeah. It took eighty fire fighters, one point five hours to get the resulting fire at under control, whom they shouldn't. They said that flames were shooting up like fifty feet in the air when this was highly still in their like odium. It was just a less of fire. I mainly that flame thrower must have just cause lean goals of trafficked atmosphere for an insane bonfire to happen now Bruce had no priors re, no previous record
right, so this is just an insane. Why was he like so look. Why was at this time when he has no idea ITALY, because these conflicting things were some friends said that he was really upset over the divorce and then some said he seemed fine right, but all the time people didn't say that he would say like she's, taking you to the cleaners she's trying. I think it was money yeah. I think you just want to pay any money, probably now after them, sicker Bruce changed out of his Santa suit. He changed only left, oh yeah. He left he put the flame thrower into his rental car because he rented car week before this Otis he knew what he was going to do
he drove three thousand two hundred and forty miles to the San Fernando Valley, where his brother lived. He went inside his brother's home, sat on his couch and killed himself on his brother's couch with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He still had his wedding ring on. According to an La Times, article LOS Angeles, county, coroner's, Lieutenant Fred Corral said there was an exit wound at the top of his head, which meant he probably put the gun in his mouth dry himself, there's something so cryptic about. I really it's so like Willa, like I just gives me the lilies. It was around three thirty, am that his brother showed up to his own home and found his brother got on his couch. Just go fuck over one more forget her sombre exactly he. So the brother called the police after discovering him. Obviously, now it's widely thought that he did not intend to kill himself initial
and I don't think he did either know he had booked a plane ticket on Canadian airlines to connect in Iowa to go visit his friend again, and he had told his friend the one that he went to visit before earlier and got the the bullets when he was there. He told him he was going to come visit him, so he was ready to leave and he bought the plane tickets. Another. Seems like he was likely forced into taking his own life. Is that later the autopsy showed that he had third degree burns on his arms and sides and some of his legs. So he knew he was gonna. Get away with and so it was so bad that the pants, the Santer pants Haddock, He melted into his skin could so that I can This is why you killed himself because, like escaping at that point, is just not just wasn't. Knowing too, as you're gonna have to go dont adopt our waking. You third degree burns
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That check out terms and conditions do apply, so they also founded trace amounts of cocaine in his system indicating that he had probably taken some the evening of the massacre, which makes little sense. They also found seventeen thousand dollars in cash wrapped around his leg with saran rap. Oh, he was definitely not gonna run yeah, investigators gateways did you say seventeen thousand seventeen thousand dollars in cash investigators found his rental car dumped always away from his brothers home, and it had all the evidence in it. The flame thrower, the guns, the two hundred pounds of ammo, the costume delicacy. The costume food water MAPS of Mexico and the? U S a laptop a desktop can eat awfully. Was
had extra clothing. I mean he was ready to leave the costume when they found this car was rigged. However, so it was rigged to ignite. When you meet did it would ignite and then it would trigger the two hundred pounds of eminent ammunition to explode all and it did his whole car lit on fire, but no one was hurt because they detonated it like safely right foot. So this is what I think he got the burns Hugh. Initially, he was ready to get the fuck out of here. Now we realise, as you can see now, is like well, I'm gonna kill some more people may well, because why the fuck not so he sets that shit up now she is cuz, he's an engineer, he's a smart guy who knows, unfortunately, if you set it up so that it ignites this ammunition. He probably had. That is like a back up plan and he was like well got to do it now. Luckily, he didn't kill anybody with that explosion because they were smart in that day.
at his home. They found for shot guns, more ammo and more gas containers that he used to fuel the flame, for it was later discovered that he was planning to kill his ex wife. Sylvia is the divorce attorney oh gee, waiting to go to his house afterwards and kill him only gone up and he was so planning to kill his own mother Nancy Windsor. Oh, my god, daddy evening? He was going to go. I run their house to her because she invited to the Christmas Eve Party at the Ortega's? She was going to be there. Yeah he's out, you're gonna be there, but she felt ill even a faint, I did not to go Bruce Ray. entered her because she sympathized with Sylvia. In fact, apparently he was telling people at the divorce proceedings. She would sit with Sylvia Pham garbage hate. You
like europeans- is that no one? So obviously this was planned for a long time. I mean he built the flame thrower. He bought the guns, months ahead of the league, why you buying that many good, and it's like you, had to build that flame, thorough that you can just put that together. Unlike my royal now you gotta get. He ordered that SAM to suit pretty early. So it's like what the fuck are you trying to do nothing good, no, nothing good! Thirteen kids lost their parents and that Christmas So sad, thirteen kids, they're gonna, remember Christmas Eve. As the night they became essentially orphans. Oh my god, can you imagine? No Katrina was fuckin traumatized. Could you might like your eight years old and Christmas is the most amazing thing like you, would be triggered every time you saw Santa Claus yeah, which its languages closeness time right. You would see like perfect example,
of this wonderful whimsical thing that happened. That would be something that would trigger severe PTSD in this poor child. We were driving down the street this morning and I had my twins in the back seat. We drove down the centre of our town? It heard what the fuck is going on, but that we have a very like magical centre of I anti AIDS Malaria Christmas, it's very like Hallmark Movie and on the side of the road on the sidewalk was a dude in full Santa gear, a very good Santa to full Santa gear, walk down the road, just nothing in his hands. Walking down the road. Nobody else was around. It was so weird and I just looked at the windows Is it safe in the girls like lost? There has been so do you like? They were freaking out when we got home they were like. I can't believe I just saw Santa and I was like you had guys because he went behind a car afterwards and just kind of like this app
and I was up he's gone. He just wanted to show you that he is here and like magic is here, and you just wanted to put you on the nice less, that's all there relax so happy, and then I'm thinking about poor Katrina, if she was in the back seat. Oh my God sauce Buck Santa walking down the street that poor girl would lose her dear mine properly like something that was so often answer? My kids, like any other kid that having gone through something like that, literally a nightmare yeah, this poor kid and it's like something that so innocent women only for the rest of your life, like you can never enjoyed Christmas. No, and it's like her motherly teach us that she had to constantly remind her that that man was not the real Santa Claus on my heart, because this poor girls produce sitting there being like Santa Claus did that shortly? Seedlings understand Breyer. Eight years old, though this is a disgruntled x on of hers in like but
but her mother had to be like. That was not Santa, like I promise you that was not. Can you imagine no having to leg well then Polly Fuckin terrified on Christmas Eve that Santos come into your how exactly the rest of ever, because because no matter what its legs and she's gonna be like. No he's coming, yegg they're going to celebrate, Christmas again, I would assume I don't know. Maybe they saw I don't know, but it seems like it seems Her mother Latisha tried to like make it like going and keep it a happy thing, but I'm sure she, that's probably terrifying. Every single year, you're thinking like one of all naturalisation, like my whole family, was annihilated on this day. However, many years ago, every year, I I can't even your parents all siblings, urine and your heads that got left without parents, thirteen kids, how old everyone on thirteen kids not only lost to their parents, but with their when there and in the most brutal horrific, just tragic way,
users and by somebody that you looked at as an uncle at one point in early mean like that's, that's so beyond, say. I just I can't imagine how triggering Santa in Christmas is in general now here I mean you got shot in the face: Christmas by Santa who then massacres your whole family and lights. The crime scene ablaze with a fucking the whole made flame thrower homemade flames are whereas like what the fuck do you drink beer, and beyond the whole, I the whole fucking thing is what the fuck dude. For him to use his fucking that brain for his eye evil. What away Stu man like what a waste of a mind I just I hate when I see the shit when like serial killers are killers, are brilliant yelling, what a fucking waste as you could do, some awesome shit in the world and you ve chosen to be this evil son of a bitch and nevertheless I said he told himself It really sucks that he killed himself because I want to. I would love to see the Skype fucking right away and the fat
he shot an eight year old and face the second that dude stepped in a prison. He would be like enemy number one and I would love it now. Pretty close, after this whole massacre as part Mother Nancy said, she talked to the remaining members of the or take a family, and they all assured her that they loved her and didn't blame her. I cannot you'd. Probably you definitely blame me for the EU to me and I will write and actually, she told the allay times quote. I will say this to you: it would have been so easy for that family to hate me and saw was just so wonderful. He said we love you in your family. love them so much in its very hard. This has happened, links really felt like connected to this family in its socks link and like a kid about it's like how do you even know up your brain around them? Is a mother yeah you fucked up so many people and its. I guess some Joseph had a sister that was,
that there was a mean he was eighty years old, so an elderly sister who he often visited like a lot. All the time and you please when he left to tell the family her family take good care. My sister I was just this. Is that kind of family there? I guess they didn't tell her. I dont know if they ever told her like what actually happened, that they are likely long. They were like she'll die like we cannot tell her what happened in those amount of lives he ruined or this in its it just rippled so far out like this awful spider web of just shit, but in in it didn't just goes to show how amazing this or take a family was that lake some by that, his own mother was like so concern that they hate her in that they didn't blame her yeah clearly and amazing famine because, like she said it would have been so easy for them to blame her, and I mean I can't say I wouldn't have some kind of like rose up and for bringing this guy
the world? You know, but it's not her fault. Now, Katrina, just as a little update, is thriving today, let's go she actively fights against gun violence in the family. Also rights, letters to other survivors of gun violence like the new town, the massacre they they wrote, all those the family members and they tell them to stay strong in their just like we're here as a shoulder the cry on in that like it gets better like progress. I know I did too. I got the chilly Willie's so that is the convening Christmas Eve massacre while and Bruce Party is dead. I hope he's getting tortured wherever he is, in others they constantly like throw a flame throughout him right. I hope you getting blasted with a flame for our area or secondly, I just can't
really putting another Santa suit on him, and I just melting it into his flesh. Ya, then just put in another Santa suit on, and he just got like five hundred layers of Santa suit, just melted into his flesh Yes, that's what I want for him correct, so I believe it's happened. and I feel good about it. Museum stoked. I love it so happy holiday is. I know it's awful, so yeah that was awful and let's hope there everybody has a beautiful holiday. That is absolutely nothing like this yeah I hope our holiday is absolutely nothing like that. You have and will be, maybe we'll be posting a few of our holidays and again soon morbid. But I'm going to be doing my many opposite this week as well. These are gonna be back to back episodes leg two days in a row, because this has been a tough holiday season. We ve been doing a lot lately anyway, we have, I think, we're gonna get moving to change up the schedule about, but we'll figure it out sated yet because I'm gonna be handing over
editing so, but my many is also going to be holiday themed, but not in a good way. So also data, for that so exciting yeah. Well, if you do the our holidays and again you can follow us on Instagram ACT. Morbid podcast hit us up on Twitter, a morbid podcast joiner, Facebook group morbid calling at your crime pod cast in its great in their. Despite what some of Nancy's, have to say who sent us a Gmail, morbid podcast at Gmail darker preferably not complaining, yeah, don't do have again. Second half ass. She got our work today. Morbid podcast dot com. Do we haven't? You knows nothing so cool we hope we keep listening and we hope you heap ET feared definitely not doing one for this now, diving, don't keep it anywhere near this we're Joe just don't
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