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Episode 110: What Happened To Alissa Turney?

2020-01-05 | 🔗
17 year old Alissa Turney officially went missing May 17, 2001. Initially, she was labeled a runaway, but as evidence piled in to the contrary, the investigation seemed to point to foul play. Did her overbearing stepfather Michael Turney have something to do with Alissa's sudden disappearance? As the last person to see Alissa that day, he holds more answers than he is willing to give. Almost two decades later, the case remains unsolved and Alissa has never been found. Thanks to our sponsors!Daily HarvestGo to Dailyharvest.com and enter promo code MORBID to get $25 off your first box! 
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but it's kind of an Alina centric, many morbid, because this shit is six pages long ash. When scuba, diving guys, I went scuba diving and I came back to the surface and unlike how she doesn't even have the bends I job she did it. I didn't she did the dangerous Bolivar. Your laundry detergent, though so maybe I do have the buttons that's ok purchase. Is it a Sunday book? That's fine! I am very proud of you God, I'm very they might have. I am so proud of you think this is so excited, because this is a really good case, guided as a really intense case in a lot of people, Actually question is on some glad we're doing it doing the damn thing. We are doing the damn thing. But we have a little bit to talk about before we tell you why cases so what we want to take my first something:
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dream about it for share. I want to have an event in my life where any to Alice. Just ah, you is enough about me. Also. May crime com yes crank on his right before now. Well yeah crime quotas can be so much fun and we want to see all of your beautiful faces there on POD Castro. Actually, somebody involved in the case that I'm going to be talking about tonight is also going to be a crime, I'm so excited to meet her, and I can't fucking way it's gonna be amazing. Thirdly, me somebody called people at crime com. There are guys who came to see them so many Billy Jensen is gonna, be there. I think. Oh my gosh early. I hope I don't know. I don't have that confirmed what friends yet yet are you gonna lose your new policies there, always my damn noodle out lose renewed. I will be noodle less obi gluten free if he is there other, but none are now sweetie
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The nicest reviews everybody's been like giving some really kind words, because we had we had a day last week where we got pregnant bombarded by some nastiness. If but like the whole world was just Connally Shit and upon us all at once, and you guys just like came together were so sweet to us on the face of a page on twitter and insight ram emails all over the damn place, and we just want to thank you because you guys you awesome. People are the ones that we are doing this for, and you have been here since the beginning and even if you just joining why, come, we love you. We love you with our whole ass, morbid hearts in the trolls in the nasty negative, but heads that decide to spew their nastiness for no good reason at perfect strangers. We Do it for you, no undue shipper, YO see, could see yourself right now. You can right out egg, though at the door hitched up I'll get you
when the door don't worry no, but we do want a vague everybody. That's been so awesome because what we want you to know that we we focused way more on the positive awesome people than that negative troll. Sometimes you just got out them. That's all we discussed, the outen, but you ve dazzling great, and am I promise. I know that its neighbour veil, Adieu page now, Sir God, but dear God, of fires, exist police. We love you so much everyone who did the who told us that its neighbour veil, Adieu page ninety nine point nine, nine, nine, nine, nine percent of the people who corrected us on that were so sweet, so sweet and they were hilarity. Usually people like you guys made me, laugh by saying it wrong. Like people really sweet about it, we did get a couple of super nasty one city El brand ill bred and MIKE Uneducated, which ok
as a european, I did drop out of college but whatever, but I haven't been clean about it. It's just those are the ones that we're like our right. You have to do that, so you know we know it's nay prevail in do page, but we appreciate it so the eggs for everyone, let us now, but we know now. I promise. If you dont know now you know now, so they do so by hopefully neighbour Urville. Undue page will stay in two thousand and ninety four but as for the lot of its the roaring twenties- and this is our first case of the Rhine, twenty and its ash SAM track. So what case a week? ever and sisters had day. I'm gonna be cover in the case of Alyssa attorney, who this is such a crazy case. I don't really is so unless attorney was born April. Third, ninety ninety for her mother was barbarously forerunner in her father's name was Stephen Strong, so Barbara Heaven
older son named John who she had when she was younger. I think she was like nineteen when she how John but things in work his job. So when she met It seemed like love. Ah, but after all, so was born. The couple started to have issues on their marriage. Unfortunately around the same time that they started to have like these marital issues. Barbara meets a man, they might turn me. I know that name got so, MIKE describes their meeting as this like crazy act of heroism, were barber analyse our hiding in the park after having had a fight with Steve, like their hiding from Steve, supposedly, which is therefore like biological father right. This is a less as biological, either and barbarous husband, not the time. Ok, but Family members remember their meeting way differently. They just like met by happenstance and then MIKE started something Barbara flowers every single day,
seems like a lot yeah. Well, they started an affair and when Stephen and MIKE sorry, when Stephen and Barbara got divorced, she married might like almost the next day. You know, love is love, I suppose now so unless it was three years old when Barbara and might got married MIKE, three sons from a previous marriage so together, a kind of became this like Brady Bunch, Brent, blended, family homes, just can have in a lot of people, say that, like impair that yeah, it's like every document here everything you could possibly here about this because I thought a cat. That's almost thirteen three right so that the ads three into so five, so yeah yeah close a year or so after and actually perfect timing a euro, so out of varying Barbara MIKE had a daughter together, name, Sarah, officially the Brady about six cattle, like I said everything was pretty picture perfect at first, but done eventually they ran into their own marriage issues II. MIKE started becoming a lot more controlling
Barbara, knew that he had been recording in an outgoing phone calls from the house what the fuck yeah. Just gonna save tales. All this time lag starts being super controller of that. That's like real, that's that's it, that's what you're starting out- and I was just gonna- say: that's net! That's when you level up lower. You start right! Well, that's where my started. Jesus MIKE and Barbara. Try me her friends for coffee. If she really needed to talk about something, I should look. Why don't we go get coffee, since this line is recorded line, so it became clear to her friends that she also might have been being physically abused at home because one time she said the holes in the walls weren't always from the boys. That makes me sad. It's really signs. That's it! That's a lot of kids in the house with and whenever beauty is happening period ya. It's off all the like. When kids are in the house. Seeing this wouldn't look, it's just not a good environment while in Cps, became involved on multiple occasions and for anybody who doesn't know Cps just stands for a child protective services,
once they came when a very young Sarah somehow got out of the house and was hit by a car. and then they had to come another time when Alyssa somehow got into her fathers medication and had to be taken to the hospital to get her stomach pump God. Yet none of this should be happening now, children, Jesus things really just started to be like unravelling up the seams and quickly when Alyssa was seven, she had to be taken to the doctors and it became evident but she may have been experiencing sexual abuse. Oh my god. That makes my stomach turn Yeah there's like really shows that I dont know exactly how all of that works, but it became evident in her bad animal tissue and usually damage the issues here. Exact inflamed damage that may my they literally makes some seven years old, baby baby, you oughta be bled Isabel media so that plant barbarous was ready to get out of it
there was so much funding going on about how she had her hands full with six kid. She was baby sitting, other kids to make ends meet. She wanted out of this, She started saving money of her own and she started plant like planning a new life with her children away from MIKE, because I think she was scared of M good for unfortunately, that never happened because Barbara got diagnosed with lung and bone cancer and the aggressive cancer at that man, while barber was going through radiation, make moved the family to a place called riding in California, and he told everyone he was doing this because there is better doctors out there, but friends and family argue that no there actually better doctors where they were in Phoenix yeah. I mean that would make sense. I think so one so even dislike and such a scary time and barbarous life? Why would you move her away from all her friends and family? Will that's the thing it's like that? That's a very intense time as late as we know
We have yet government a mother whose going through like cancer treatment and in that's really intense time, and you need to be surrounded by people- you love yeah. You need to be as comfortable as possible, surrounded by people. You don't need to be moving to another place in them, and move in general is like Hell even move when you have fucking cancer moving when you are perfectly healthy, as mobile dress is one of the most stressful then said, and when literally is and then add on cancer to that and six children yeah now not crazy. right now Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and earn two times the rewards on your purchase, build Europe big burger in fries or get a fresh big possible poor girl, your favorite Hobbes salads in more
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That she was gonna. Leave him with all these kids like it was her fuckin choice or something, and can you imagine you are struggling at the end of your life with cancer in the motion that supposed to love you and take care of you is blinking- reveal bad for having cancer with, while already issued style. Just work just like hurts my heart for her me too, which assists handling offered such and that must be like such a time where you feel so alone anyway yeah and then to have like somebody verily trying to help you, I'm sure, is like all you need, but you ve already feel alone and there to have somebody there, but doesn't want to help you it's like. Oh my god, that just must be the pits of despair. I actually and then like all these kids are going through losing them. Either in this horrific way, because cancer fucking socks is awful and their lose their mother, in the search for a horrific way in in an earlier, have varied Addis this guy, who doesn't give a shit and right only concerned with what he's gonna have to deal with after she's dead exact. I think what Ya
He allegedly started looking for another woman to remarry and help with the children Ah, he started talking about barbarous sister le net, focusing in on her as if he actually excuse me as he had actually with some of his previous sister and laws like this. Not like a line of Succession Brown agreed, one doesn't just move into the spotlight under one leaves. Lower limit was married. that wasn't gonna work anyways, but he had a history of doing this. Actually, if you listen to Sarah attorney, she has upon costs battle. Talk about more towards the end, but she goes into depth. Would like the different by family members and everything I didn't want it. Too crazy into it because of her family and it's her story to tell yeah. I kind of just wanted to tell like the surface of all good call Fisher, and you guys should follow her on twitter because she is constantly getting her sisters case,
I actually just retweeted something of hers on my personal twitter yes ago, follow her gun indefinitely up up up her toilet twitter handle at the end of this so it came out later, while Sarah was digging through evidence that her father actually had sexually assaulted, let it was reported because during such a crazy time when President Wanna call upset in the family or anything like thought, but it allegedly dead how so he sexually assaulted the cistern lung, oh my Then you got again, you can hear more about that on Sarah start Ass, her Punkahs Amazing Jesus, It also came out that might quit his job toward the end of the barbarous battle with cancer, knowing oh well, that he would lose all of whose benefits, including health insurance, I really dont know leg who you're not a human, be here monster urine legitimate non. so, unfortunately, Barbara passed away on February, twenty Eightth. Ninety ninety three and MIKE turnover
western that no autopsy be performed, which is just a little, trains and my own, yet totally normal gaps, illusory again, if you want to hear more about that whole beginning set up story really do have to go lesson: OSIRIS Podcast. She feels and a lot of the blanks and a lot of questions that you have heard her pocket It's called voices for justice I have heard of I've been meaning to listen. I really gotten gonna. Have that listen to read after this line open as an ominous, get forward a little bit and tell you about. May twenty seven two thousand, and one Unless I was seventeen and Sarah was twelve, was though last day for school last day of school, for kids in Arizona but Alyssa, Picked up from school early and unfortunate, disappeared. Later that day, and still to this day, has never been seen or heard from again. like us on her sisters. There is now a huge advocate Virilis. She host the podcast voices for justice, like I said before, Want like a wildly informative, deep dive and first hand accounts like phone calls,
Turkey is even on the pod cost me a phone call, need to go. Listen to it. But here the rest of the story from like my understanding about everything that I've listened to similar, it was picked up early from school, in Arizona on mate, seven two thousand one by her stepfather MIKE Eliza and Sarah were the only two kids left in the House and MIKE was apparently crazy, strict with the less likely mean that she needed to be more protected and looked after, because she had learning disabilities, which was not true, He even went as far as to sue the school and set up an I e pay for her because he wants her to join the classes for kids with learning disabilities. How's the end game, but the teachers were like she was like an average student leader is no indication that she had any learning disability whatsoever like why why this
go and formed him that, if illicit dead join these specific clauses that she would have to ride the bus with the children who also had learning disabilities, meaning she wouldn't be able to be on the bus with all her friends from her other classes, where she was doing just fine, we'll nets. A thing that's like there's, just no reason for the thematic. If she had learning disability sure right, then yeah like oats but she or a dozen. But if she does in the school, was like? No, she doesn't know if we kind of do this whole thing where What are school kind of our job, we kind of know about my car. For today, it's kind of like our thing I mean to me. It seems like he got some weird enjoyment out of making it seem like Alyssa wasn't as smart as her other siblings. He had kind of like just making it so that she had negative attention on right. One again at some kind of isolation linking to take her with my friends are putting her in these classes where she doesn't need to be held out so that food good point yet really is another abusive form. I fully absolutely, and it's like fucked up
according to Sarah Alyssa sister might made these big charts that were rules for a list of that. He hung up in the house to quote remind Alyssa, since he said she had issues with her memory. Ok, shit, it's weird late, so we are to take his all uncomfortable, because even if leg you have multiple children and one or two of them like needs more attention. You make So all of them, you learn gather yeah, like you, don't make it so obvious that one of them needs this. Metal attention are needs to be told because they're, not, as you know, on the ball as the other one right like it just seems like, even if this was the case, which is obviously not right. That would be the complete wrong way to go about this one hundred percent making her feeling and outside it again isolation. Wrong, that's exactly what I said I was like to me. It sounds like you just wanted to isolate her from her family to and what better way to do that and bring down her self esteem. Oh yeah hundred percent? There's like videos of n. He claims that no one was allowed to use the word stupider idiot or anything like that, and then there's fucking
own videos of him going or losers stupid more wrong and she turns around in the video and calls him a pervert good for her, which is higher loud variant. You don't just call your father figure, a pervert, no number for no good reason that something was going He also Sir veiled Alyssa during basically every moment of her life, especially when she became a teenager. You make me it seemed like a less. I was like this crazy, while child too did drugs, skeptical stayed out late, but her sister, Sarah, so that she was pretty typical for routine, like she tried smoking, weed and maybe drank here and there, but it was just experimenting. She was seventeen years old, which of us didn't try like some alcohol at that. You know. Wasn't Jasmine Richardson, not sure unlike blowin lines african domain and strict labelling, I was just leaving a seventeen year old life. That's exactly what I was doing, that seventy might didn't feel the same,
had video cameras set up invents around the house to keep tabs on her no wrong. Now you re my kids, economically gps, trackers on them, but I'm not gonna serve watch them like linger in other similar recorded the phone calls like. I said that when in the home or out like in going or outgoing phone calls it surveyed everything, that's insane and He even went as far as to follow her to her job at the jack in the box and tape her there. What would be the purpose of that I would like to make sure that she was there. But it's like, why are you ve, like you, can go and make sure she's there you don't after videotape it's one thing to be, like I don't know she's going to her job, like whatever kids do supervisor and you want to make sure she's going to her job every day in you follow me. She got there she's in their mother, fucker you videotaping she's already. There is this. Is there and there's videos of online and it's like chilling us fuck Sheila's like like shit
we doing something and shall see him. I think- and she goes like away like out of camera frame, which is crazy because that makes it seem like that was so normalized to her. That behaviour, like he just films me, oh more, if you go on what happens, if you have the facts, if you watch the video, it's fucking terrifying, because At the end, she comes out of the jack in the box and she's like dad, like you got in trouble and he's like what you mean and her manager was like. Your dad can't do thou, but she was a you know, like I told him like your dis excited, because it's my first job like ok, let me drive like this- was so fucking normal teller super casual, like I just told them that your filming me for this reason right. We all know it's like now. Normal at all fucked up now horrible that you're to grow up. That way, like so sad, this poor girl, You know my legs kisses, poor kid, that's all! a kinder reminds me of the Susan Powell case with videotaping yeah. I was actually thinking about that yeah. It's weird,
so back to the last day of Swell MIKE picks up Sarah from Paradise Valley, high school early, but now ever told anybody that he planned to pick her up early. Ah, he later says that he picked up a less early per her request because she was planning to break up with her boyfriend that day and was avoiding him in the meantime, that wasn't true, because she had plans later that day to go to a party and her boyfriend was going to be there. So I know she when she was leaving school. She Doktor had into his classrooms. Is only been early like see later doesn't matter we're fine put yeah. She wasn't. She was clearly not trying to avoid and anyone who knew them said it's just not true. She and her boyfriend we're doing completely fine, so MIKE says that he took a look at a lunch and that they got into an argument about her wanting more leniency with the rules, and this is so gross He said something along the lines of you have to live by.
These rules are daddy will be a nervous wreck of another. Her you ill gross gross graphs. It just doesn't sound Reich. I hate it in that context, I hate it wanting to make Alyssa Dinin like this answer and when they got home, she stormed into her room and he left to pick up his other daughter. Sarah. Now Sarah who remind you was twelve years old. She went like a water park for the last day of school and she supposed to be picked up by her dad. Ok, like four I dont know. If she was, we picked up at the water Parker Sky. but he was supposed to be there at a certain time to pick her up doesn't show, that's fucked doesn't show up to pick her out. Are you kidding me? no she's like a hollow confused when he didn't twelve twelve, when he didn't show up to pick her up, but she was in seventh grade. So she went to hang out with their friends and smoke cigarettes because that's what you do with your parents are get about. You trust me, I'm an expert she removed. Is being really nervous when she did get into his car when he finally did fuckin bugger up, because she was
was that he was gonna small cigarettes on her it was like a number one rule in their house that, like no smoking was allowed because- not idle hands urgency, but he was too preoccupied, he had hidden noticed at all. He was telling her about him analysis, fight and how he was worried because she wasn't picking up the phone He had Sarah call illicit multiple times, but Alyssa never answered pursuing a back home. Sarah runs to elicit room, finds it a fucking mass, would who completely unlike less Alec. She was very me, I don't know if it was like the rules but like she was very meat and tidy her back I was open everything that was previously inside the backpack was strewn about on the floor and a no, was left for them at one hundred percent, analyse as very distinct handwriting, who, the note said wasn't dated by the way the notice not dated ok,
but it does say dad and Sarah. When you dropped me off at school today, I decided that I really am going to California. Sarah, you said you didn't want me around. Look you got it, I'm gone! That's. Why saved by money dad. I took three hundred dollars from you Alyssa, but that was not dated now data which I think is important yeah. to allow the actors I have ever thought. I have a theory, So they call you see hurry. I have a theory who watched Buffy once again I was, I was singing people money it's not my lot, but as they call you sell again, and they realise that its sitting on her dress her so wherever he ran off to she didn't bring yourself, oh yeah, that doesn't make them or her make up, or her hair brush or her fuckin school shit. She left with nothing said. Literally, everything was left. Everything was allotted to thrash out that everything she didn't have anything on her yeah, that's weird
yeah, no toothbrush, no hair brush. No, nothing. Also. She had a bank account set up and in the bank account was eighteen hundred dollar where's, which personally, my might not like a lot of money for such materials. Can I like good for her save an average money? She didn't take a penny of it. Yeah and it was remained untouched until I think MIKE touched at some point, but it was remain untouched from like any outside source. Ok, that's usually a bad thing: and while we're on that point, why would she have taken three hundred dollars from MIKE if she had one thousand eight hundred dollars of her own exactly right, so Microsoft just to set up why that bank account isn't being touched right, just put it out there, fact I sell my call the police, and he told them about a lesser while he was in calm, cool and collected. He didn't make it seem like a big deal just that she had run away left to know and was probably going to had to California to stay with her aunt,
which had originally been her plan for the summer. She was supposed to grow and stay with her maternal aunt, but then I don't know makes I'd like she could or if they were still working on that, but something fell through So no no formal search party went looking for illicit. That might know Amber ALERT was put out. She just vanished and law. Foresman, seem to accept the fact that she was a runaway that always makes me in saying she's a seventeen year old girl, no matter what so what if you're wrong and she did run away, expend all the way source. One find her and have her tell you that herself exactly. I would rather them overreact that under react and when they under react. It goes up my ass sideways when she is a seventeen year old sure she could be a runaway, but overreact expenditure. That is because you know what it's like. Well, ok, we spend all their money in that time, and here she is right, it's better than being like well, she's, probably fine and then having so many murder. Her exactly drives me nuts,
go back to the back to the no. If she it makes, a lot of people wondered if there was no date on it. If she wrote it at a different time and then never acted on leaving that's what I wonder, and maybe MIKE founder in saved it used it to his advantage, or maybe someone made her right that note like in the midst of one whatever was now going on there. I could believe both of those things. The first one makes me feel like she was with all the ship going on in that house. I could see her suddenly being like into what today's the damage a hundred in writing that never giving and then, if alignment lines it because he's in all her shed any ways and then just hold onto it. Think- and this is a perfect perfectly well by Europe, because he's a douche bag Wolf so about a week after Alyssa, quote, ran away, might call the police and said that he had received a phone call from a lesser peace
The phone call was scrambled and that, when he said is this you Alyssa, she replied with a few cuss word said: leave me alone and then hung up the phone convenient. Why would she even bother calling if thats all she was gonna, say and its link? If this all went down the way he saying it did that they just had an hour a disagreement over. You know like the rules being slacked. A little is: is this really how it's gonna go down right, she's, gonna, call use from a scrambled random phone and, like you know, Berber like Bp Beep leave me alone. Like you know, it doesn't make any sense, not a proportionate response. well. According to him, he told the police what happened and he asked them if they could trace the call and they were like nope. Sorry can't help you no good. He says the police were no help at all to him, not. He had to take a less his case on himself to hopefully figure out what had happened to her interesting side. Note.
MIKE himself had been a police deputy in the seventies. I M shock shocked. I tell you will answer you would think the police would be eager to help him like a fell only one of their own, of course right. But apparently they weren't also keep in mind. Maybe might just knew all the right things to say to make it seem to the police like this was just a runaway case. That's all it was somebody who is a former law enforcement officer would know these things up, but then he knew that to everybody else. He had to make it look like he was this grieving father and he was so sad and blah blah blah blah blah. Of course, that's what terribly if she said whenever he spoke to the police, it was brief and he really helped on the runway thing, but and when he talked to family members or friends, he played the card of the grieving father and said he thought something awful happen to Alaska and how convenient of a former police officer, knowing that by using that. The old, the police are no help there not doing any
many people are gonna, go of course, for example, they gonna believe that, because he knows, as a former police officer himself he's probably dealt with, it would rival under estimating what you do. It's ok latest the wake up very convenient, yet he has on the Fuckin ins and outs. He d, was so back to that phone call that happened a week after Alice abandoned. Yes, I'm interested might actually ends up he's been in like a crazy amount of lawsuits messages. other one. He ends up suing the phone company to figure out where the call had been made from an interesting. We enough it did turn out that the call really did come come from a pay phone in Riverside County California. So that is weird. That's very weird! Nothing really ever comes of that. Oh, but just like a weird kind of thing that happened, but
and that's all you think that would be like yeah really harped on Somite says that, after that he went out there and handed out flyers of Alyssa asked if anybody knew anything, but no one in California or Arizona that had any answers for him. Okay, so the case really was, at a dead end from tooth from basically want to fucking started until two thousand and six okay and finally, two thousand and six any family thought that they were gonna get some answers. Oh shit! What happened? A man already serving a life sentence in prison for murder, confessed to killing Alyssa. Oh Jesus, so this man's name was Thomas hammer. His nickname was apparently psycho very cost.
Awesome. He was arrested in Georgia for the murder of Sandra early Goodman, who was thirty years old. Her body had been found, unfortunately, under a bed in a motel and Fort Lauderdale. Oh boy, I show you translate. Familiar may know that case you might. She had been stabbed in the neck and strangled Lee an error psycho cyclists fuck when they arrested Thomas Hammer, who is twenty six at the time of this murder ISA, he was driving her car, the victims, car summits that's just fine words of dumb criminal, impose, Andrea, isn't very smart. So after being sentenced to a life. So after being sentenced to life in prison hammer convince. Can fast to killing twenty one woman He also this isn't funny, but it's fucked up. He once confessed killing J C. Do guard Was there anything like Sir Wrong Wrong
go, but on the other hand I was under the US. Let us very enter our aid, so we can really take everything. that Psycho says exactly as Bible here. So when he confessed to killing Alyssa Detective say what exactly happened that night. And also they show a timer a lineup of women were, he does successfully point doubtless picture so here claims that he analyse a mat and that they had sex in some hotel and that she had quote usual sexual traits she the heroin that already fees that she was a heroine, abject and after you murdered her. He disposed of her body in a way that ensures the heat that she would never be found. He dismembered her in a bathtub and dumped her body and some like recycled place holy shit. He also claimed that he stole jewellery off of her and gifted it to some of his ex girlfriends. So the detective start talking to people to confirm that there was an. They are detective,
you're talking to people and they confirm that there was absolutely no way illicit was a heroine object there. First of all, she's under surveillance, twenty four fuckin set absolute or downward one hundred percent knoweth. She was on heroin. up. There was no marks on her arm. She had plenty of friends like everyone was like. That's ridiculous, yeah, there's no way yeah, I feel it. Somebody in your life would know the opposite. They spoke to her boyfriend and he was, I know she has no unusual sexual traits. That's not true. And then they speak saw timers ex girlfriends and none of them remember receiving any kind of jewellery from him. So it's guys like a Henry Lucas tool can journal shedder that just decides to make sure your hundred percent casino prisons boring. I gonna fuck, those so detectives decide to give Heinrich polygraph which he fails and Wendy, active zero in on him. He changes historian. He's like you know it. Maybe it wasn't a list that I killed after all this time, probably wasn't. and police think that he must have like seeing her picture in the
newspaper for all of this, and that's why he was able to identify her that make sense wondering if thou is a possibility that the good thing about this is that it kind of sheds a little bit more life light on this case and it kind of gets things going again yet extra because it has brought it back. in the five years, a laughing and when this happens, so did had to start talking more and more to us as friends and family, and while talking to them, they find a little more out about MIKE Analysis Dynamic. and they find out about the surveillance in the home, the monitored phone calls, etc. And then MIKE actually sends them videos he had of Alyssa making out with her boyfriend on the couch. I hate that much like. Why do you have those videos that such a private thing that is creepy as from why're you, it's just so weird see your literally just virus Stickley watching her maid
doubtless her boyfriend rice and, in my opinion he probably gave them to the police to be like look at her boyfriend's, like maybe that's where he answers look. She has a boyfriend right that in as a former law enforcement officer, he knows that's one of the first places you looking them as the boy and when the police asked him about the surveillance from the day that illicit one missing guess what MIKE said don't have He reviewed it already himself and there was nothing suspicious on the tape, so he was not gonna give it to them. Oh good, ok, yeah totally, I trust you know that the elderly sturdily fine work essentially everyone, an attorney in the family, was telling everything they knew to the judge. The police, then, we're trying to their heart is to get a list of found, except for MIKE. He like what an fuckin say if Agnes just shut and shut down up, even with his friends and boyfriend. John, like men, were being cooperative during interview with the boy friend John Lackman,.
The police find out that maybe there was some kind of sexual abuse going on in the home John tells them that Alyssa once told him about the time when she was younger were MIKE picked her up early from school, already upset about role, about to some unoccupied area and tried to quote fool around with her, oh my god, but she got aggressive with him and somehow got out of it good for her. He also tells police TAT Mike had once taken him aside to tell him that illicit was cheating on him wall that some jealous shit, yeah and that was one of the only significant fights that he and Alyssa had ever been in like why What you're fucking dad pull your significant other aside to tell you that, like oh, my daughter is cheating on you like, even if that was the truth. What the hell right, your dad is supposed to be the one do not know exactly why, but one he was probably jealous, or one hundred you wanted to cause some kind attention to break them up three ice.
Waiting her more yet off, that is one hundred percent. What he's a fucking, terrifying, individual shit, So with all this information, the police tried to start kind of talking more and more like, but its clear that he has some kind of paranoia when it comes to speaking to police. How can I wonder why we are so we're we'll community look here and there via email, because that's controls in Europe. but it's nearly impossible to get anything out of him face to face. That's not shocking at all, sir. thing he does tell them, strikes them as odd in the eighties he tells them. Then he worked in a union as an electrician, and during this time working here, he filed some kind of complaint about like unsafe or unfit working conditions. And he eventually leaves but like throughout his whole life he's always talked about this union and acted like they had some kind of vendetta against him. So he says maybe the union has something to do with illnesses disappear and at that point it becomes clear to police that their dealing with some kind of
personality disorder and little emotional disorder. Yes, and just the fact that the fact that might survey every last space of his home inside outside phone fucking everywhere was had surveillance, its so weird and the just the fact that he had to know Where was it was at every waking moment yeah they it tells them like this whole different story. Events like that's way beyond leg, had even helicopter parenting in writing. Like it's one thing to you of course, want to know where you're kidding using surveillance on them as Al Qaeda in the events is real beyond real beyond its it in a paint. totally different here than the one that MIKE wanted to betray himself said he wanted to be like I'm. This single father I'm a widower, I'm saw look Babo lobby that wasn't one it was in here I mean your kids. Your kids do come into this world with it right to privacy. Do you do it? It's like, of course you want to know you,
they're doing right. I'm gonna want to know what my kids are doing at all times, but they do have a reasonable right, the privacy and this unworldly you need to give them some kind of leeway. Earls they're, gonna, there. Never let your fate you or so you know, you're gonna, see stuff you, Wanna, see wrangling before your watch them making over there We know what part of you want to find out that there really smart, you know like the rain, gonna teach him things and then let him loose and hope that you did the right thing right. Exactly blade I was interested in that parliament, currently not so the police actually reached out at one point to a forensic psychologist and that psychologist agreed that like absolutely had some kind of personality, disorder or emotional disorder yet aims at two thousand, eight police get a search warrant for the tourney home Kobe, making get some kind of audio video footage that will finally get the answers, but they had no fucking idea what they were going to find money.
They did know that MIKE had a lot of firearms like he was into firearms, so they did bring a swat team, thank God, oh geez, so there and was to detain him get what they needed to go to the home. Like documents footage whatever may be, Some handwriting samples and dna from MIKE Simple Nope. they go out to the attorney home makers, walking to the mailbox they detain him and on his person, fine, Two pistols, seven magazines and a knife is, though, will you take them? mailbox. I mean I mean just on his person like that's what You never know what you'll encounter on your way to the ECB. The belt like that is paranoia to the emphatically shit. You are getting your mail, I walk around with May so my keys, and I thought that was pretty and half the time. I forget to put my fucking keys in between my fingers and appoggiatura. She like MIKE the lot is going on.
so they go inside to see what's inside. I bet they wish they hadn't because It is insane and the house there's like shit strewn everywhere. It's like a fucking mass and they feel and nineteen guns, two silencers twenty six pipe bombs. Oh and a manifesto entitled the diary of a madman, martyr, yeah, I'd, say something's going on here. You ah seems dark. So if that wasn't enough, they also found strange documents that were signed by Alyssa. Oh no stating that MIKE had never physically or sexually assaulted. No like this is real bad. He had written up all these, and apparently this was something that he did like. He rode up things and made people signed them and he rode up this, comments, stating that he had never physically or sexually abused, Alyssa and her shows our next to it like he made her for
sign. I am willing to bet that was signed under duress, oh hundred percent, willing to put a lot of money on a hundred percent, and it's like That's horrifying, can you guys? Would you ever ever feel the need to write that, if you didn't do anything why the hell, would you ever need your kid, the sign something saying it Do you want an address would never even into your realm of being an that's like another exit, There is another example of him doing something like that where it's like you don't need to do that if you'd in he also had at one point. I didn't write this whole thing down, I'm just kind of talking from what I remember he had called cps and warned them that, like a lesser, was gonna file, some kind of complaint or not that bad if she did not like it wasn't true yeah see any time she is going on. It's like India that needs to be looked into. Men way It's so you just think of what this this environment man, these poor kid. I cannot and they also makes bedroom, find a shit ton of bondage, porn videos, and I think one.
Scariest discoveries that they find is us not video which had been added to loop over one specific, seem like four times. In the scene, a woman is bound gagged and killed on camera? Only think it'll ecologists not fill a legitimate and like it is He admitted it so that its looped that exam very Siena's looped for so he would just watch it over and over. Ok guys, I mean like there, then the pure fact that you're watching someone to get like to get off being murdered like that's: where do it? It's like everyone has fed and we would never felt ashamed because, like you do you know you're, not a life is he's here in a consensual situation where nobody is murder is not consensual by getting off to murder like actual murder, watching somebody being murdered in getting off a let you have to watch it over and over again bloom you're, not act in the. You need to talk to somebody. If that should is your shit, you need to talk to somebody police,
Is that your own I'd forgotten, but that's a sign when you, when you get because think about it? It's like TED Bundy, all these sexual saved us. Yet I got on watching some earlier dying or dead, it's not ok. The fact that not even exist in the world like an hour makes my heart. hurt that scary, so other than the fact that that's just in and of itself, then find engine over totally fucked like dollar dollar. Saying that's weird at all about you. Do you that's why, as long as nobody's going murdered in your porn Louisiana films totally different situation, not ok! That's fucked! Fucked up yeah. Stand by that. I will never up. I will never moved from the podium. Elsner films are not yet I'm willing to say that everything else as long as no he's gettin murdered or like hurt in your whatever your watchin to serve your duty, has live your life, all consensual and all that fun stuff.
That wasn't enough in and of itself that there was that video there ought. I didn't know this Alyssa had told her friends that she one time woke up tied to a chair gagged and that make was on top of her. I my heart, just stop yup, that's her wrists and then, if that there's also a story where likes to nephew. David has been staying with the family between one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight and one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine and he was saying when I'm so he got home from work one night and popped in a video whatever article two VHF player I had to ask any I was like what is that called about what you said and I was ignore that doesn't sound right. There's the bears the generation like. What's that thing that play videos and ability odious, pops it into the vetoes, its label doktor do little, oh, no, it wasn't doktor do little note here
horrified to see what he was pretty sure was Alyssa lying on the couch with nothing but shorts on and her face covered with a newspaper. And then another clamp, there's so much another club directly after that of another woman in the same position, with her face covered and MIKE sitting in the room to sit in the run up sitting in the room? That's not doktor! Doolittle David. Active, shut up that night and laughed good. He was Dave thought goodbye. As you know, what I would do the exact same thing, and then I will call the fuckin police Why thank you tried to- and I think I don't know what he tried to do, but either way towards people get out there and MIKE was like no he's drunk he's like, like, don't believe him? Oh yeah, of course, there's no doubt that MIKE was gonna? Go to that union hauling commit some kind of terrifying, active domestic terrorism. It seems so yeah but was his motive actually because of Alyssa earthy, just a straight up psychopath. I would make a guess:
I'm. Not so, and then, if does he actually believed that this union hall has something to do with illnesses disappearance? Why is he just coming out with this seven years after she's gone missing, yeah, that's what doesn't make sense if you really thought that they had something to do. her disappearance. You would have said that seven years ago, absolute and done anything in your power to get your Supposin like daughter, home immediately you and so so, according to him according to make there were oh bombs and his home only fireworks and things to make a loud noise for when he blew his own head off. Now, like thanks Let me make myself a victim. Now I was outlining Isley killing myself. He says the police he's planted all the bombs in his home to frame him He also, apparently, at one point, said that he was going to the Union Hall to kill himself not too hard Anyone else and the reason he was gonna do this was to bring attention to elicit case. I feel it is better ways to do that, like ok body, but now
you are going to do. I don't know. I feel like you, that that will martyr thing is definitely fitting very well for him. One thing not like real, essentials down. My spine is there's this part in TWAIN. Twenty documentary were MIKE is being confronted about all the allegations of sexual abuse for one thing: he looks to the side a lot when people when he's asked a question very telling and like you, I understand why people react differently, evaluations by, but if you, into the sides, and my kind you like this smirk on your face, you Fuckin wire and also you not give people any reason to believe you when you are now shifty. Ah, but he says: there's only to people that confirm whether I did or did in one person is me, and the other is the lesser Alyssa isn't here, And I'm sitting here and all I can say it: how freezes over, as I didn't do a damn thing to my daughter to me. The way he words that is like I'm here to tell you analyse, can't because I fuckin took care of yet I made it so she can't be head
and this is the way that he says it. It's like. We are like I'm here, and this is not an technically illicit, not his biological daughter, cracked, no fees he's a very convenient way wording it yeah. Not! I didn't do a damn thing to a lesser. I didn't do damn thing to my daughter inside and it's like, maybe that's true. Right. Maybe you a damn thing to his daughter, but listen, say yeah, so it in his mind. He might lie here if they're right, so he he was sentenced to ten years and twenty ten, but only served seven years of that sentence and not whisper like the pipe bumptious Maria He still has never been tried in the case of a less attorneys disappearance, but he does remain the main suspect or a person of interest and other different. Yet the police are interested in him. The police wanna talk to listen hasn't been heard from since she disappeared, and no one has ever seen her again.
in two thousand, three hiker did find bones, while hiking in a desert in California, Strangely enough, this specific area mentioned and makes manifesto and Sarah had found a map in the home with the coup coordinates of this exact area. Where the bout the bones were found dude, I mean they were tested, but they were unable to be identified. O MIKE's daughter, Sarah at First believes that her father had nothing to do with illnesses disappearance, but after hearing all the other, it's against her father? She changed her mind and now she spends her time dedicated to Alice S case, having made a full time job good for her He was told by police that all she can do at this time is spread the word and get more people aware of this, and hopefully they'll be able to do something someday. Ah so, like I mentioned before, I listened to Sarah Podcast voices for justice, which you have to listen to what yeah
everybody, police, gutless internet. I just followed it on twitter. My personal lives are you? Are you ready? We actually already followed it on our baby. I saw that, but I wanted to follow my personal yachts. It's amazing my also watched the twenty twenty special. I listen to another podcast called voice of the victim podcast. Oh that's a great one and I watched to Youtube videos which were Georgia's mid, weak mystery episode and candle Rees. Where is video on Ellison Marie turn me nice. So those are my sources you like demolished that we're not thanks. I try I was riveted. I was just like so interested in that it so funny. I was on the discover page of Instagram, one might cause. I like foot through, I thought that I was on my personal account and I was like looking for make up video.
Actually I was on our account and I thought is tweet and it was one of singers tweets and it got me interested and then I started looking at her instagram and I went on this bucket rabbit, although, as like, I have to cover this case, really is and hurt us. Sarah attorneys twitter is sir. It's at s a are a h e t. You are an E. Why so? Her name and Sarah with an h e tourney go follow her because she constantly updates this case at hoisted as we follow or and morbid, and I always see it say, yeah go follow her, I'm wondering am wondering if they ever got a forensic anthropologist toward the boats bones. I dont know exactly what is it just mentioned. Briefly, the other twenty twenty episode and I'm actually still listening to thereupon costs to have yeah Phoenicia, but there are some wild. The ass case, there's a
I don't know it's a phone call, but Sarah mentions that she spoke to her dad and not he told her if she wants to hear if he's responsible are not to be there when he dies like be next to my all, I saw you and you'll get your an offender. You'll get your answer that to me, that's a fucking confession. What innocent person says the be up my death, but an I'll. Let you know what innocent person says, be it by death. Bed and you'll get your answer. No an innocent person is gonna go. That is the answer, and then there was another instance where he said he would tell them the whole story. if law enforcement agreed to give him lethal injection within ten days so giving the full story. You just admitted you having given the full story right exactly the fire, and why do you need to be killed after you give them whole fuckin story of because you did it and you dont want to rotten jail. This is her if it's horrible and if a must feel so incredibly, hopeless yeah, like Sarah and her family and friends like they must just be sitting there decontaminated screen.
Mama, because they know and that's like work, easier, walking around free ha and there's a bunch of other shit. That's in this case you have to have to have to go. Listen There are thought everybody go. Listen to that, because the more people who find out about this case- hopefully the more hopefully that can be done. and hopefully law enforcement will take it even more seriously. I yo I mean off this. That's infuriating, there's also, I know she's trying to get real money. Billboards right now, it at all or twitter. So if you are able to, please go donate to that she's, not asking for a lot of money, whatever you can donate. we're totally gonna, do where absolutely gonna do right after we stop recording, because this is a case that
has answers, and if lawn Foresman is able to serve reopen Eder got me. I believe it's an open case, but just give it more attention at a more people asking about it. I mean look, what being look what people did for Ronnie Reed, exactly like I've, just been able to allocate more resources to it and everything liked money is gonna, help that so a money attention anything we can do. I want to do everything so shit. That was the case. Of the disappearance of alyssum are returning on believable ash thinks you did great your school, but on now and I tried to see really suicide bomb idle unless they fund, like was so far, Looking out horrible illustrated like there's more there is more going down rabbit. Holes is fun. It's like you just keep branching off in a different things, but yeah. That's a crazy case
everybody go followed the twitter listen to the pod cas. Yes, all that good stuff and we can link some of it honour and yeah, Graham and Twitter, and all that will plug serious social media yet for sure sewed head over to our instagram and are twitter and all that good stuff you'll see the pictures that we can put the case and I again stuff but yeah. So in the meantime, you can follow us on Instagram at morbid. Podcast had us up on Twitter, a morbid podcast us and as a gmail, morbid podcast at Gmail Dotcom joined the Facebook group, morbid call an underground podcast check our personal website that Alina designed me morbid podcast outcome and by the way we have a sail on mercury. Now I put it on, social media, its twenty percent off using code, twenty twenty said, go on there and do it happy new year, John D that he's fancy her. We hope we keep listening,
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