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Episode 12: Australian Madness Volume 1

2018-08-10 | 🔗
Everyone knows that Australia does things bigger and scarier than most anyone else on this big floating space rock. I mean, have you see a Huntsman Spider??? Google it. I'll wait. Today's episode is the first in a series (not back to back) where we will take a look at some of Australia's worst crimes. Tonight's cases are Ivan Milat "The Backpacker Killer" and the horrific murder of Anita Cobby. Keep the Vegemite at home because, this is a rough one.
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What to do in China, glasses was any Threed virtual. Try on weight are those the act. Will prices. I think at all of them seriously. Why not right? How? Now I want you glasses, Zante, dotcom quality, prescription, glasses, starting at six. Ninety five good day we had ass. I now I'm a liner and these is morbid crooked. I've done day was not even a little bit australian. I don't I'll. Let you know that was a lotta cliche Australians. I hope you don't just lose all our listeners. Austria, comeback! Australians, we love you, I love you,
We can talk about something specific and I can't remember what Dead AIR Cameroon was maybe it'll, come to me, you're gonna, say on air about anything. God forbid happens to you. I got your money. No, no! I was not going to I thought so not at all either way it's been a minute yeah. I feel it has been a long time and has where a little late in the week it's like low came out.
All too easily her. Ah, I know it earlier your kids. It was first year fault, and then it was my kids far. That's true, but either way we're here. Do you out of your sight, cut the small talking to spill? Ok, let's go! Let's do this, no, I guess he waited long here. You don't you now. I will talk about our business that we need to take care about the end. So today we're talking about us, area. Australian killer is in also. This will now be the only australian killer. Episode, we're gonna keep on yeah we're not going to do him back to back, we'll just gonna, throw him in their willy nilly Miranda back to back and because surely a marathon just in Ulster, alien month, I'm sure some people above that do you know I always australian, but all astern sister, a australian
Australian, that's as all the stray alliance. Austrian fino, you know strains civil, I'm sorry I want it to end at that. I always has to other than my coughs and arms and my eyes on my sniffs than my pc is like I just peel and if that means your hydrated but Famagusta I mean we're gonna, we're gonna get this so many I mean strange is- brutal ass place, goes down now. I am sure everybody is seen those videos of all those crazy ass critters that live down there. They got some wild. She liked, Everything you air is just like super sized and Savage Alex fighters. The size of toddler yeah, it's no joke so, like all you Australians were listening, which I know there's some Australians listening, because I look at our analytics. a shoutout Australia, which I also have family.
Members in Australia. Why we have like we have legal like part of our ancestors, went to Australia Y know that now, because I know that I know our family getting one of us we have so I'm sure we have some family down there. I did not know that, but so yeah, so it's beautiful. I totally want to visit you guys around and you guys have some crazy s- crime down there, but though there so many that were definitely going to do a few more episodes that once a scanner sprinkle in some more you guys in Australia, yeah. You guys also gave us a lot of really good suggestions when I threw it out there and we grabbed one of them. So we're going to do that. I just grabbed it I reached out, and I grabbed it like, like Ivan Molest mustache looks like it would reach out and grab you,
That transition limit of out and out of ten trading across the ice, I'm like a news anchor. I can't think of a news, but I tried to Savannah Guthrie yeah. I like Savannah, go through Laura Spencer, she's unfledged, another that is Smith. That's your name will not positive. You should watch flea market not a news anchor jungle Morning, America? Oh, he spent the show, I think, she's a good morning, America. I don't watch good morning, America, I'm a today show girl. I decided This is a today show house, ok, war. We are Savannah Guthrie and photocopy local, also Willie most wearing Willie, Guys Taos. So we decided that we are going to start with, I ve been my lad. Because I don't think so. It was what was that was australian child. Then I will move that some touch me. It was a plant, the fire.
We're not outside. That's, not Alister Australian, they say like oil, then I ve been Mallette, may that's australian that's an australian leaves out of me. I think that I more strongly and as fuck, I think my ancestors and Australia just came through me and I became austrian for a second, that's pretty odd, hopefully at an offend. Anyone know why. I think it is listen. A case file. He has good Austrian accident, we waste the guy on doctors, has use New Zealand. We do not want to confuse those, I know very different amusing ass, their very different. So both really cool accents, there's ass. They are similar acts and says I people confusion, because the axe and sound like both totally rat acts and so good job, So even the lad He was known as the backpacker killer.
He was Australia's, most notorious serial killer for his moustache only for his moustache. That was it god without the mustache use superhero. You are not the, without that, must that giant, handlebar mustache So in very tiny shorts, all the pictures of him he's wearing very tiny short so that the aid its unsettling. It was that's why so yeah scary, but its unsettling. I don't like it s about to see as yet not okay and he's out now he just a great lucky, a great, so he was convicted of killing seven people between the ages of nineteen and twenty two years old. So you look pretty small demographic, almost is almost definitely more than the seven that they know about out there. So I feel losing my voice, a little I saw the little crack earlier on air. I get nervous and uncertainty sniffle and I started
so it s really- a million Airbus guys so nervous far NOS nine noise, like while those stupid do. I feel, like I was so stupid. Authors will alter its part by a love it there is an inflatable giraffe and Mc Coronary were actually. I was able to get a picture that ran just pod lot things just Pablo obtained tolerance to those people oppose that. We really should, I think, we'll, probably post a photo of this club giraffe. We want because we're not. This is my house, So there is definitely more than seven. I'm thinking marriage. There already try new tribute like a bunch of more cold cases to whom they keep popping up all the time. Now in the dna right.
It's going to happen. I just want to really quick the April two thousand and twenty case huge case from, of course, I'm not going to remember how long ago it was cuz. I don't have anything written down about it. It's a really awful case. I believe it was in the 80s and it was like an eight year old girl got abducted, raped and murdered awful awful awful. She was so adorable too, and the killer was like writing messages afterwards, saying he's going to kill again and meeting that he did it in like leaving, he would leave used condoms, hey grounds with a note saying, like I'm gonna, come get you again like he was a piece of absolute shit and they just caught him like thirty years later, through familial dna thing, so hell yes, for science,
and I am so glad that our family finally has closure. Oh, my god, I can't even that colleagues will will cover that case at some point just because they have the guy now in its at least there's some kind of closer and it's really awful case, but I think it's one that needs to be told. So score. One for DNA swear to score to yeah score for DNA, gathers scores but too that we are talking about China. So There is also one survivor of Ivan Mallette and do you know what his name is everyone? It's pretty awesome. I did it now, but I readily innocent ass. She caught as actually do all the damn time. Isn't it M is Paul onions and we will get to have later yes, but we just the thorough that there's a remember, Paul, onions, cohesion comp later Ivan
Well, that's killing. Ground was which we mentioned last podcast, because we're talkin about woods in shit. It was I just a really very unsettling dance. I rather like a subpoena. that is going on. Was the bull anglo state Forest in the southern portion of Australia between Sidney and Canberra Fun fact, the horror movie, Wolf Creek is loosely inspired by these events. I do. I saw Wolf Creek in the theater. I did it was a long time ago, but it's fucked up movie, so skies fucked up course. We want to see. Of course it is so Ivan Robert Marco, my lad law me right was born December, twenty seventh nineteen, forty four, which is a day before my birthday. All these calls
why so many correlations he was born in Guildford, New, South Wales, Australia, that's where you were born exact. We I mean this is this might be me crazy? I hope not, I hope not either. Let's see, we all know where this is going. There could be many down the path. Let's do this will go together journey with us. He was fourteen children? No not me, thought also way too many can legitimately thought way, tiny kids, they could have their own reality, show Anti Elsie For the EU is one of fourteen children born to his father, who was a corporation croatian immigrant named sorry, define Marco Stephen Quote Mallette, so there just like. Let's call you Stephen and his mother, who is an australian woman named Margaret Elizabeth Mamma. I like that nay Margaret on his acute. Let's keep me yet again
if your new fibres showed, although you Margarets out there, the MILAN that's where Sir Cooper Leg, you know backwards. one lightly. One might say they were very into rural living that a very hard words say very much like ass laurel ashes, so rural, I'm whirl as fuck. My fake second stocks make me Holloway rural, yes, very rural Europe with the very hard work to say. That's like the rural Jerome. Have you? No, you wouldn't be in another. Somebody's gonna know that, because somebody washed thirty rock and probably its referendum, Iraq Annie Rural. Just remember, that's ok will end out there, who watches the watched, thirty rock great show room, will know what I'm saying when I say rural juror ominous our audience. I watch it Siena no joke, so they were super isolated. So it's it is kind of tough to get like rely.
all information about his childhood or they like survivalist kind. They were just I live in their lives in the backward the Australia who they are just like. We don't need you, but there have been interviews with his brother Boris. To help you know peace. The pieces together lie. My thinking of a duck in war is not a thing. I don't really know a duck named bore a duck. Boris. I can't hurt you and I'm show the duck neighbor ass. I did not want virtue, I don't actually losing you might be losing it, but it's not in so someone. Someone now. So, according to Boris, not the duck, the brother allow Ivan appeared to exhibit psychopathic so see a perfect tendencies pretty early on, but all the other member so his family are like no, he didn't he's great solely was policy.
Mallette was described as good. Looking muscular, he loved hunt, being and he really loved guns. He was one of those people who loves guns He took, and he was also known, to take very good care of his appearance which shows in about lawless mustache of his his parents, hard working and super strict, but they also had fourteen fucking kids, so the lad and his brothers were kind of like free range kids, we live in the fourteen. Do you know, I honestly don't know I didn't write that down, which is weird, usually do but I don't know he was in there somewhere, but they had reputation for being troublemakers in the neighborhood. They were just always visa exemption in the parents could watch Ok, so the kids just ended up being, you know, running a mock among the marked about there,
did it being a lot of police visits to the farm. Has the children and grow there just became our morally wrong lodge There were like little dicks. There were little deck dick so from the age. You know that little little sidetrack here, I didn't want to call someone a deck in front of my kids. Their daily call so called them a porch and it took a minute, but we you got there when I explained to you really why they're gonna ever made that reference by myself, though now you wouldn't know one. What will I get my head? It made sense because, like that person in sea, could you say that's that guy's a porch because he's a dick, but you don't say Dick and you wanted to see deck like he's a deck, but you also thought that might be interpreted as debt by your kids So you goading, porch mom life brought EU by Elinor civil tip for me to you, misunderstood by moving on.
so from the age of about seventeen Ivan was constantly in trouble at the police here various charges on his record from housebreaking home invasion, car thefts, unarmed, robberies, and when I read housebreaking it made me think of like he was like a dog and he had a charge of like housebreaking. I don't know Nineteen. Seventy one at the age of twenty seven years old Ivan was put on trial the alleged rape of two female hitchhiker. Oh no, yet they testified that he threatened them with a very large hunting knife to attack. He was acquitted on the rape charges when the prosecution fields, basically to make of compelling case against him. That's a shitty which is such a bummer because thing about it, if you'd gotten convicted for that
knows. Maybe none of these people died sinks. Lot prosecution, pressure, crucial juncture, needs partial, crucial condemns when we're on air. I just can't talk. You just malfunction. so his known killing spree started in nineteen eighty nine, he was forty five years old and its spanned. Until about ninety ninety, two from what we know I was in love any of those years, dear God to talk about when I wasn't, I was alive. All those people feel all share. Ashes, basically, embryo. While if I was around back then in it. I was right now. I would possibly be one of his victims because I'm twenty to twenty two you have it. You wouldn't be the act backing down here like you retracted through a forest yeah, I tried to come up with like argument, Bio totally. No, you don't you be Charlie, Manson's victim yeah. I be
policy on a bus. I stand by that sire Papa I've, never lsd and a bus. I've never done ass now, but you would have if your back Bedfordshire fresher yeah. I'm glad. We just know that absolutely except that so obvious his victim profile ranged. He was not one that, one after women. He didn't just go after men. He was asleep if you're here and you have a backpack strapped to you, John you're you're, my do, and in mostly seemed his murders were of just convenience. He would pick up ahead shaker or sea, like an unsure, often foreign backpacker, and he would take advantage of the situation. So as always, we cannot just here's a kind of yes that he only has lately. Marriage is fond of. Latvia is fell right into stash trapped, exactly which very easy to never trust anyone with them stuff, you know with that kind of mustache. No, my purse,
my opinion, is most moustaches. Unlike boy, you very minor, sometimes moustaches, but then again, I think of liquidity. K had a moustache and he can literally, fuck himself, so there's lodge hate integrated I desire of been dead, I'll meet you. There is like all thing like that: Guy's whilst ash. That's true, I don't trust me. we must have Ansari all I mean some of them are America, I don't know honestly I feel like all. What's it called good at all, Other moustache and beard and inside chops puts the fridge what does a lotta goatee again? To put the rugged fastened arose the level goatee ago tee. What kind of drink a goatee
isn t I go tee is when it's like a mustache, be like just chin, weird so circle around one of those sites will be I've made very uncomfortable circular motion around with this report, Just like you know, I'm just another hour bipolar roused by live. I dont know why, following just wrong, I know this sounds like the one that is its go to issue a gouty, I'm crying marketeers, Alright, I love making people warm and Lake Ivan Crime by making. And turned back, but not too much that you crash yup, I really don't want to. I went airborne fire so Paul in his moustache. No, no! No!
I find it is. Must movement is not politicians. Yet we have not got him Well hurry. Whatever you're funny peacocks, guided exclusively stream classic sitcoms, like the obvious boxing recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up original comedies like eighty by of say about about for all your exclusive comedy face. Could a peacock tv dot com to get started so, all in all, he killed two men in five women so you could say had a little bit of o a thing for women I think it was just they were there. So most victims were found, which is just like a weird little thing. Most victims are found with the zipper of their pants concept, but the top button so button so use trying to make it look like you did something I don't know. I think he did I'm sure he did, but it was just weird that, like he always kept the top button button cuz, it was almost like he didn't cuz somewhere on dressed, like some didn't have pants on. So it's not
was like shameful of lake taming hands as I've? Another lazy. I think it is literally a laziness thing, electors, unzip, fuck buttons I forget to where you need to get too, which is he's a dick, usually the female victims or found with their shirts and broad pulled up like a round their shoulders now, which is like really aggressive rose in indicates obviously that they were molested sexually assaulted and am he often killed in Paris, which is crazy, yeah, like that he was well to subdue ya, to two bottle allowance in any one. After two people, I once you always think when you're in a pair that you have an advantage, the nobody's really gonna wanna go after you, if you're in a pair. But what worries me payments, I dont know what is monsieur source thirty to buy what really nobody's use a big dude. He was big yeah using ok, that's all I need, and he was pretty like both to the UK.
Can you saw so that's it? That's why? If I can find his measurements I'll put them up under Instagram, captured it? What were his measurements yeah, what This budget rents, his victims will be gagged, tied up and sometimes held on, make shift leashes what yeah. So it was very important, MILAN to feel in control. That's really part of his like psychology is that he needs to be in control. He has a very real need for complete control, so he would make makeshift leashes ETA Blake sash cords like those little foot cords right and you, use those two literally dry, controlled that like dogs are, which just brings so many awful images yeah yeah, so he had multiple methods of murder. He did not have one thing that he stuck to then just shoot them with us, but you know he had some things that, like he kind of seem to like more than others, but he didn't he would stab.
Strangle you'd shoot or he would beat people that are a got, some times. He would even killed two people together in totally different ways. While so, if one person he would shoot in Colombia representing strangle other person, but all his victims were stabbed in the torso at one point. So that is one thing he did strictly with every every single one was stabbed in the talks, So here are his victims. The first and second victims of Ivan Mallette were Deborah Everest and James Gibson. They went missing in nineteen, eighty nine and they weren't discovered until October of ninety. Ninety three: oh shit, yeah. This happened a lot because they were in such remote areas,
so in October, ninety ninety three, a local man named Bruce prior discovered a human skull in a femur in very remote section of the boiler state Forest. I literally never want to find human remains. I can't say that I know and that's why you're fucked up it's just like a thing. I dont want the Nazi and I want to understand that it will be cooled saw in like them at an object. I think I just what the half full of having to be questioned after that I just saw the hassle, and I think that I, where I work here cause I don't think that would be my issue. I think it would literally Billig shit now now automobile We have to be questioned Lincoln, I wanta hassle. So this I burst prior, they found the human Scotland Femur here to to the area with police good on him and two bodies work very quickly, discovered and identifying those Deborah Everest and Jane.
Gibson Gibson skeleton showed eat stab wounds. A large knife had cut through his upper spine homey ball, which would have caused paralysis only in this happen. This was another thing he did. He would cut two paralyzed, so they couldn't move, which is so you re on following me because he hunted and he knew if I just seven desires- and it's like that, whole thing like see- five stay alive. If you cut below the Sea five Vernon, you'll stay alive but you'll be paralyzed. So it's one of those things like anything above that if you suffer the spinal cord you're in trouble, because it controls. What we're helps you breathe? So you'll start, you know, don't be really difficult, if not impossible. For your brief but below the sea. Five vertebrae, you can you can still survived unnecessary, paralyzed, it's pretty low, so they would basically cut. He probably cut them in the lower back and
So this is so. He had allowed so Gibson had a large knife cut through the upper spine, which would cause paralysis he had stab wounds in his back and chest that would have punctured his heart and long. Yeah Everest had been savagely beaten, that's the woman yeah and he seemed to like beaten the women lawlessly at that, I saw her skull was fractured into places. Her job was broken and there were knife marks on her fucking forehead like yeah, so she hadn't stabbed in the fuckin head and face she had been stabbed once back as well. The presence of Gibsons body and bowing low state forest was kind of weird to the investigators because they had found his backpacking camera like previously. When they went missing they
the backpacking camera by the side of the road at Gaullist Engorge in northern Sidney suburbs, which are like seventy five miles to the north. So you took up my yeah. I guess you must have Dumdum somewhere else. They now you'll see tee. He does a lot of things with people's stuff, like that. He likes to keep things from people he's a trophy guy which makes sense because he's a hunter economy since with the psychology that he would want to keep trophies from his kills. So well. That's third victim was Simone Meidel. She was the only victim to be murdered alone, which is sound. and she went missing on January twentieth. Ninety ninety one, which is my brother's birthday and was found on November first. Ninety. Ninety three skull was founded in like a clearing in the forest police sergeant, Jeff, stricter the skull was later identified as that of Simone in.
It was from Regensburg, Germany. He let you do get a lot of tourists. Which makes I understand exactly there, backpacking in their unfamiliar with their surroundings. Further their connally right. For the pic and she was last seen hitchhiking on January twenty. If ninety ninety one the day she went missing and clothing founded her scene was not hers but matched that of another missing bagpiper paper back a bang it in matched a bagpiper Scotland. This we are not, but we will go there. Hell yeah, because Scotland rules, West Gaulish, whisk Irish, and now we have like a fucking clam shit. We plan, we have a target and we have a castle again. Will we have a thing I mean Scotland has thistles yeah sure we have
I saw them. We have those us all over the place and ass. I am bagpipes, but what they found here was not a bagpiper, but they power hunger. There found clothing edge, Simone's seen that was not Simone's, but actually was another missing back packers named on ya. Have he'd? Did he kill her too? we'll see what we must have a clear, so Simone's skeleton showed at least eight stab wounds in two had suffered her spine. Others had punctured her heart lungs. Sounds like a really knew where he was going, but these samples, so the fourth and fifth fourth and fifth victims: we're former german soldier Gabert Nag Bauer and his girlfriend on ya have achieved So they were missing since December, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one when discovered on November. Third, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three.
Their bodies were in shallow graves about a hundred and sixty feet apart all out of sight. Now that hey that a mad she's a said mom. She had emotions right now, my dear she said, and I feel like that, killed in general, Yan Obama, separate yeah, that's no good, so fucking, we'll Garber was likely strangled because I may know this because that was the man and he was a former Germans short soldier. That's it. I was thinking. I am using comment on them, so they know this because he had a fractured high oil bone, which is like a free floating bone in your throat that it's a very hard and basically, when it's broken, it shows that there is real pressure, on that part of your throat and it's really only broken from straight, like very specific pressure from strangle strangulation top point: seven
so they always look for a broken hired bone and in cases where they think someone strangled got it s kind of like the one thing they force like the smokin bone noted here. Did you see I do that nerd hungry? I so. Those shut up, so he also had six bullet holes in his skull. Oh man in one bullet hole in his upper body Jesus. I wonder if you tried to run away while three of the bullets entered at the base of his head and three more from the left side, so Maybe not feeling well, no shall casings or bullets were found near his grave, which was a thing with I've him there was no, he would never leave. Bullets are, shall casings around this. This kind of indicated that he was either murdered elsewhere or that he brought them or that Mallette was savvy enough to pick up the casings Jesus. So
over the whole area. One point there was ninety shall casings found. I one point, so he really used a lot. I knew had been decapitated oak, which was a first, Experts say that my lad had likely had her Neil with her head facing the ground on the volume, and so she was alive. Her head, her head has never been found. I hate now, that's so awful yeah like decapitation freaks me out. Them is both like fucking medieval dude. It is her pants were found near the crime scene of Simone, like I said before, Simone Schmidl, so she was likely raped to experts. Believe he kept on your on a leash made for
a sash cord for bit before he he killed her so fucked up he's real fucked up. The sixth and seventh victims were Caroline Clark and Joanne Walter's do this. Is this is pretty fucked me? two were backpacking in Australia. They had come from England and they actually met each other in a hospital in a hostile in Australia. They know each other before this and they met in. This was an April of ninety nine to that they met and they were like YO. Let's back back together were both from it. One more time do this, like I stood, so they were gonna backpack around Australia together, and they were hoping at this time that they disappeared. The to get seasonal fruit, picking jobs, which was apparently thing,
they were discovered in an area of the forest called executioners drop war on September twentieth. Ninety ninety two: they disappeared from inner city me suburb of kings cross in April of ninety ninety two, which is when they basically when they met with great when they started out. So these were the first of molasses victims to actually be discovered out of, They were discovered, they were discussed. Their bodies were discovered for over two runners discovered a decaying corpse, well Orient hearing in the boy NGO State Forest in New South Wales, Australia, the fall
day after they found this decaying corpse, police, constables, Roger goes in Suzanne Roberts discovered a second body ninety feet from the first. Damn police quickly confirmed that the bodies were those of Clark and Walter's Walter's noses where Walter's had been stabbed. Fourteen tie holy shit four times. Heart and lungs, one in the neck and nine times in her back only God so violently that her spinal cord had been cut. Clark had now that was Walter's. Clark had been shot in the head. Ten time was look that's overkill and had one stab wounds. She also had a piece of fabric that was wrapped around her. That is thought to have like D personalized. Her, oh and experts, believe them Lilith and the lad had he used Clarks Head for target parent practice because of the different angles that the bolts entered
her skull. Whites now might, while she knows I've yeah, like the tighter openness shot in the head and used her head for a time practice notion. She they say it like everything I read was like all the fabric must have de personalized her, but personally, I kind of think the fabric was used because it him to see where his bullet right? That's what I was thinking. It's like a target right like without it, he wouldn't be able to see it has blood, would have mixed in everything, and that makes money than before and only bought that vat break. He could literally, aim and see where he was heading. It's like. I thought I was living with advocating contiguous his like fucked up version about this is me personally. No because I thought that two agents, I didn't find that anywhere, because people to think it was must have been anti civilization. but why don't they works as bowl? I dont think that though, but I dont think, can you need energy personalize right? I mean why, when I don't think he was the taper killer, that needed to you didn't, have any
even do you the other now, so it's like now, I'm gonna live. I agree with that. So. No more evidence was found in the surrounding areas and since they were the first of his victims found at the time period, police didn't think there was really any reasonable, That everybody else around the little did the new, but then they we're gonna find all the other it does seem that Mallette derives sexual gratification from the control like the total control over his victims. He was one of them, Now this makes him at least partially a sexual sadist. In my opinion, yeah, like TED Bundy, key lights, I feel I got I could only you could only get it up when someone's in pain and completely you know in his control. What is same as Sunday and always comes back to Burundi, ok, bye sire tells us Erika over now.
Did you even tell me that parliament and those on the pursuit of doktor, oh yeah, I forgot about his friend- This morning I was like super all about him again. What's that show guys although his friend literally reminded me so much of it how he did he really did and its watch dark tourist. Netflix for rate and there's a then that I got to say, because I was so insane about that haunted house one, but there is a guidance. I think it's the same episode. They argued the United States twice yeah they go to visit Charlie Manson's pen, pals lush friend. got. His passionate body was left to so go check that out research, it's crazy, sorry for the random, and now that was good. Everybody watch that so obviously gags in restraints were used in most of the murders, which proves my point further, and it shows that the lad did have the control. Here.
Through these things he was able to get it, so he would also spend a lot of time with the victims. These work, quick, like boom boom you're done I'm leaving bodies in the months now. Will you do? We not only the actual thing. I think it was because, like you spend time before, during and after their murders near each grave site, there were makeshift fireplaces cigarette butts in sometimes cans with bullet holes like he was so there is only so tat you may. After the like him, he thought he might have because there is a cans with bullet holes. He would just sit like shoot the shit while there are probably tied up in pain- but you could paralyzed them with a shot took legal stabbed, Band is done and then just hung out well, well like arriving in pain. That's like super Falkiner wraye, like he's a fucked up dude in that means he was confident enough to stay around
victims for long periods. Eleven this with our ear of anything happened, wicked secluded, you're, not even afraid, cause. I don't love, he paralyzed all of them right away money, going afraid that one who's gonna try you often times he would get to people at once but like another back packers example, I done something needs like he wasn't afraid he's fellows. I can't kill them two year. Damn accuses scary. Motherfucker we'll make sense in the control thing like use. He probably had some kind of complex offer: sure he had to thy? Are you like and at all levels- and I hear he totally do and he did dispose of all his victims in the same manner, so all these victims are dumped. Obviously, in the same area, develop blameless, state forest and each victim was placed face down with their hands put behind their backs, and then he would make a pyramid out of licence ferns on top of their bodies. Why almost like a grave marker gets very weird but doesn't signify any kind of something
No, not really! I read out face tat degrading. I a grave marker, though, almost like even very high they are like animals have been, was kids just fun for him. I don't you now. I can't even think of something that makes sense there. That's very strange laughter, developing a profile of the killer that they got from all these bodies. investigators applied link analysis technology to roads and traffic authority, vehicle record's, Jim memberships, guns, licensing, licensing and internal police records, so they were trying to come up with any list of suspects that could so the lists of suspects did narrow because of that from a list of two hundred and thirty people too, and even shorter list of thirty two and this list of thirty two included Ivan laugh now. Let's talk about Paul on ends the sole survivor, onions, onions, onions, onions on
science onions means audience for its own needs by the band evil. London yeah, oh my god, oh my god, folder go love it and it's got how so Paul onions. Paul onions was visiting from England and was hoping get a ride to go through picking, not virtual cooking everyone's go and fruit. Picking because it's a thing who picked up by Ivan Mallette on January, twenty fifth nineteen ninety afforded Jalalabad while away while about what's happening to you all a bee road Sidney. Is that finding me my yes I also do not die in the middle of that wall. The wall so unhappy, you, U malfunction! This wasn't malfunction. We have two reports
sure batteries walpi. I dont remember while a by allowing guideline, during this whole thing, where Ivan Mallette picked up Paul onions, so many names but are awesome and MILAN, was initially very friendly. He introduced himself as bill, which am I dont, know if you're keeping score, but that's not his name spoiler. Doesn't bill Simon Malaria, oh, my god, sorry was ruined for you. I told you. They had no idea sorry, if you guys we're just like look this You on the item. You say you were. I was I I found my lads personal questions about his plans. A little nerving Lebanese excited started, don't know activities as he has a really were available, but he said he just became like weird: he just
giving off a weird vibe which good for Paul onions for like yeah, some gladness and migratory. What's my fair reminders right, fuck politeness cause if you get a vibe get the fuck out of it. I don't care if the cars moving just get up any sense. Became really concerned for his personal safety, because mountain last started ranting making races. in xenophobic remarks and just be likened Dick, so they oh for a while, and then began to get like the heaps from bill when he was like. Me where advise, because our energy Ivan accuse like, I think the life and you need it like, I think by then you need to Joe Biden, Joe Biden so uses. Ghana leaves given bad vibes and after about an hour of this bad vibes five in stopped the truck low rhino, where any pulled over any claimed that he was going to the back of the try to get some Cosette tapes because he won
listen! That's how you just keep those and about your truck you fuckin. We have noticed that there were like a ton of cassette tape in the front of the track, and so he went tell bill that awake. It was cool and they can keep listening to you. Like the highly men that was playing, I just picked a random australian musicians from nine. Well when he went to get out of the truck, because I think he was gonna like tiptoe away of use, Similarly, like I wish you good bye that shit and when, Try to do that bill pulled out some ropes and attempted to tie onions by the hands and pulled the gun on him. Oh all, some hot Did he got away now at the boy he manage get the hell out of the car while five and shot at him was he just like zigzagging across Alien Alba use like serpentine eating and Paul jumped the hell out of the truck what was moving in ran straight and on humming traffic and at first by stayed in the truck just grinning.
Like I was watching him run into early, and then he made an attempt to wrestle Paul in the middle of the street up so poor managed to get a woman named Joanne bury to stop her car and he drove into her back seat in the fuckin So do I forgot awake, went to the nearest police station Yes, Joanne! Now why Is this all very important because after all, started going crazy about all those bodies being found in the Woods Composite sketch. No, I tried her with those good bye The woman who saved Paul's life in the car Joanne very called the hotline number for the time. Course. One days later it I know who by then it was like. I guess I got this do name by then that I think he fits your bill in, but the hotline was overloaded do through the amount of calls that the hotline was receiving. Did you just noticed that is that if it's your bill- and I dont even mean to oh mamma- do upon not entail
clever- and I didn't even fuckin- know I've loved a thing I loved it now it, even though I loved my lover, sorry to see you tell during this There is also the girlfriend of a man who worked with Ivan LAD. Who was like, I think you should question let the girlfriend of like a guy who referred to so the girlfriend ever dude who worked with I've been more out was like. Maybe he did it. She thought he should be question over the case and called the hotline as well, because she that he be GB, so they got to calls from two different like to very like intense calls that were like. I think he them they were. Making the hotline bling. You know my favorite, I don't even american horror story bright. Without one scene were hotline, bling plays over secretary, lay hands some people of locking the low light it every fibre,
Maybe I was writing for cause. I was a tv writer for bustle done, com which is reliable, and I used to live right for american horror story in live writing for that. Seen the all the writers we're going welcome banana Ohio like we're going nuts, although everyone doesn't live or any kind of sound a little bit like hell, it is how the it's pretty inhalation cause you're, not really watching your dress frantically, trying to get him article out as fast as possible. Vienna Lena like to watch tv together and I was never invited over when she was library yachts about my. But I'm not doing nothing more than our own game of thrones comes back. I can actually watch games socking way, for two seasons. I have not really watched in I've had to just frantically right through. I literally cannot fucking we give throats so bill. Ivan Hotline bling during November thirteenth. Ninety ninety three Paul onions heard about the body is that were being found in Australia and he was like ha. So you
Any did that he was like her and then he decided to call the taskforce number. Also, I'm making a lot of hand gestures right now. So many I'm afraid I'm a very intense rider he so he decided to call the taskforce number and give them information about that. Situate cause. He was like yeah, maybe my attackers, this guy fuck, what he was like this guy named bill for this guy member, so the responding officer thanks for the information and hung up in that was, it that happened at first so come April thirteenth. Ninety ninety four detective Gordon founded note regarding Paul onions, call, ok, and that was five months earlier. Our nothing was done for five months and then all of a sudden detective, Gordon finds us no sounds a lot like superintendent, Clive Small immediately calls for the original report from Bow role police, but it was missing from their files. Of course, it was, of course.
so, fortunately constable JANET Nicholson. So many names had taken the full report in her nope fuck agenda. That's right, rained down shouldn't, know, Alex all the way now. This note book provided even more details than the other than anyone like these. She had the whole original statement. Genet knew what she would like good job, Jana Hell, yeah fuck yeah, JANET damage, JANET Lava, that's fervid, Ben him, it's it's! a rocking our picture show reference. I make a lot of references right now, then I think, I know you're not going get signing. I but I know a lot of people go about your favorite pastimes it as references. I don't it's true David chairmen, people get it, I'm no sooner yes suffer under any me, so JANET police confirmed that islands brother. Now I think his brothers, like his whole family,
this kind of getting looked at here, because people were like you're, those small land wilder's. So they started looking like his brothers and ship, but they firm to his brother Richard who people really like thinking, maybe could advance you. They confirm that he had been working the day of Paul onions attack, but Ivan was not. So the file. Oh, he was, he was not ha. He was violently correct, so the files for both Paul Onion and the woman who saved his life join very were placed under the lead file now, so they finally got upgraded. Don't you think it's gonna, while that everyone is trying to pick fruit and then Joanne very save the day were just that's crazy, I think so. I feel it that's like the universe or something fuck yard, all now full of the universe Well, like I said the police were already looking into the more at family based on. You know, Mallette history of
be an allegedly raping and kidnapping two girls teen. Seventy one of you know he had been acquitted for the church large, but it was still arousing quite a bit of suspicion, show Lee after the notes for his attack were found, onions, fool, to Australia, so he came to Australia from England. Ok, ok, he flew back to Australia to show the officers exactly where they took place and on May fifth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four he was able to pay. The lad out of a video line up others. Now. Yes, yes, and so it was because of possibility to pick out no out all the warrants were granted in evidence tying. The latter the murders was discovered now police learned TAT. The lad had served prison time before for his bullshit he wasn't charged convicted with the rape and aside those limousine user charge, so he did serve prison time in nineteen. Seventy one.
they also. So that was pertinent to other than he was capable of that they also and that he and his brother Richard MILAN work together on road gangs along the hide what highway between Sidney in Melbourne, ok and that he owned property in the vicinity of blank Anglo and had sold a Nissan patrol four wheel, drive vehicle right after the discovery of the bodies of Clark and Walter's gonna make sense that you need a four wheel vehicles together, not forests, so acquaintances also told the police that Mallette had a fucking obsession with weapons and he had a ton of those like pictures of him. Fuckin hold in seventeen, guns and should follow this running huge moustache and is tiny deck so salvage. Sorry, sir. after a
very lengthy negotiations. Now Wayne Gordon was the negotiator trying to get even out of his house. Ok, you know that, unlike in mind, Heroin called opening rosea many shoot at hand here that didn't happen here, good, so it was a very lengthy negotiations. Milan was arrested on May twenty second nineteen, eighty four at his home at cinnabar, St Eagle veil after fifty police first so surrounded the premises only ball, including heavily armed officers from tactical operations unit, and also Holmes belonging to his brothers, Richard Alex Boris Walter and Bill bill. He had a brother bill There were also searched at the same time by over three hundred police. Always why our smoke. Now this of molasses. Home revealed a lot Oh, they reveal the cachet of weapons, including part,
of a twenty two caliber rifle that match the exact type used in the murders, Sol plus a shit load of trophies that he recollected comes from his murder. Victims include now this included clothing, camping equipment in cameras belonging to several of the victims. There was even foreign money belonging to victims found among his shit, lady Indonesian, Ruby banknotes, which friend of forensic and two gaiters found among australian cash on his bedside table in his bedroom and what they found out was there german foreign soldier, gay bird, no bower, nag borrowers, as I said before, I'm sorry, formerly bartering the same as if age, an egg bower the twenty one year old, they found in the forest in his girlfriend on yeah. That was thereby couple had been on holiday in Indonesia before arriving to Australia. So So both matters somewhat.
These items MILAN was stuffing into the fucking walls. While negotiators were trying to get em, why would he broke holes in the longer term to shove, shit and the walls yeah? Now this is the shutters increase. Here's my falconers what you gonna do all this when you finally get caught, you know what you got caught. So that's it down like be began to me. I'm sorry, opening up to your share. It makes me crazy, no internet something so they and all this shit like belonging to victims and his house and he's gonna. Do it he's dead? Now I think, he's dead, so that's good purple now. He also took in war a shirt that was Paul, onions, la yeah. It was and in his garage and people said he literally war it around. So you like to wear ship from like people he fucked with now. This is even crazier, and I am sing a photo of this on the Instagram Hollandia scottish shirt back. No,
illegal, later discovered that he had taken a Benetton shirt from victim Caroline Clark and had given it to his girlfriend. That is so fuck your girlfriend shown Winder Hughes apparently had no idea what was going on, which likely story where's your boyfriend Ben shocks me about like BT, gaze, wife and kids too, but then I really don't think they knew what was going on this kind of crazy sergeant, but there is a photo of her. standing on the beach wearing the fucking shirt and there is also a photo of Caroline Clark wearing the shirt, oh and if you put them next to each other's really factor that poor girl- maybe she didn't know Infer runs Ec Psychiatry believe that he probably got a real thrill out of seeing one of his murder trauma of course, worn unknowingly by someone in his enough for his girlfriend really find we have they sexual now on May thirty
nineteen eighty four following a lot. police investigations No! That was charged with the murders of seven back packers and in March ninety ninety six trial started and lasted fifteen weeks now, his defence was lay. I don't know what to do here because they found all the shit's. Obviously they know someone here did it. They just tried to shift the blame to other members of his family, like, I'm sure there was thirteen. There are like. Let's give this a shot, didn't work, July, twenty seventh, ninety, ninety six, a jury found lack guilty of seven murders in is also which go Paul onions. He was also convicted of bees. Attempted murder, false imprisonment and robbery of pollen insular nature really glad about, because Paul deserves that yeah. So he received six years in jail for each count against Paul onion. So he received six years in jail for the attempted murder. Six four.
false imprisonment in six for robbery now for the murders of Caroline Clark, Joanne Walter's Simone Schmidl on your have she'd gave her name Bower James Gibson Endeavour Everest. He was given a life sentence for each count. Holy she has eight ends plus seven and all those sentences were going to run consecutively and he had no possibility of conferral because fuck you I that is the basic dismiss. My leg is asleep so he didn't do so hot in prison because you know he likes to be in control and with prison you're, not in control. Now, my lad has been known to cut off a piece of his own finger, he swore razor blades. He swallowed staples and other men objects to try to get hospital visits Two thousand and eleven the lad went on
hunger strike and lost twenty five kilograms and an attempt to get a play station. What you literally fuck him either way. There's a few more bodies that are possibly attributed to MILAN, and I ll just give you a few, so you can see so far. I've young women who disappeared over a twenty year period from the Newcastle area since New South Wales Hunter Valley region, are strongly believed to have been murder. Victims overlap according to wane Gordon the negotiator. He thinks that either it's weird that in each five case in each of the five cases the young woman were hitchhiking or walking to their homes and at that time Molly was working in Newcastle area with the dm our roads repair gang police.
said he is also the prime suspect for one slash: eight unsolved murder that have Peter David Lich Letter, who is eighteen years old and he disappeared hitchhiking from Liverpool and his parents, Bathurst home in November, one thousand nine hundred and eighty, So it's in the same time and area that he was going. He was also question in two thousand and three about as possible involvement in the disappearance of two young nurses from a western Sidney, hotel and nineteen. Eighty, these words one year old nurses, they were last seen at seven hundred and thirty p dot m on Saturday June 12th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty the toll gate Hotel in Church Street paramatta with a man dressed in dirty work, clothes and wearing a floppy black cowboy style hat, which he is known to wear.
At the time the lad was living in his mother's Guildford, home and working at the department of main roads depot at Rose Hill, which is less than two kilometers from the toll gate hotel, and it was also a that was a very popular drinking spot for DM our workers up time. So he definitely could have been there for sure. Sayer, so that's kind of crazy, some weird aftermath for this case his Michael my LAD, who is Ivan great nephew and his friends familiar with his friend, the Hague, this friend Cohen Klein, who they're both nineteen years old, they killed. Seventeen David actor, Loney symbol, Anglo State Forest in two thousand and ten is taken actors, Doktor lonely Aloni was hit in the head with an ax. Oh, my god, I left close to where some of islands victims were found, that's really fucked up and where there was a cellphone recording of the.
Sitting him no and it was played in court. Michael told the judge quote: that's meaning murder is what the molasses do. what the fuck my girl, received forty three years in prison, while Klein received thirty two years. We ve got our earlier decisions. Even acts is an Africa la yeah, so that's Ivan Mallette does fun red one, sir, I was just so processing, so even more so the next case we're just gonna hit rock we're going to have one more case. Tonight. It's going to be kind of a dude it's a highly diverse ones, a rough one, but I think it's important cause it's a very fascinating case and very often the case. This is the murder of a need, a copy, so I'm sure a lot of people from Australia. One though this case causes
like a really intense one. Anita Cobby was eighteen beauty pageant winner. She was on their trajectory for a successful model in career, but instead she decided to pursue nursing because she wanted to help people not so so she became a nurse. She had no, no, not in enemies and was involved with drugs or, like the party scenes, wasn't drinker and the year before her murder. She had just separated from her husband, John copy how old is she? She was twenty six years over time of her murder. She had just moved back and with her parents because she had separated from her husband and she had basically just taken to her job as a nurse. She was really dedicated long hours and we're Camp Sidney Hospital. She and John at the time of her murder were attempting to reconcile again all its awful now after finishing her shift.
The afternoon of February. Second, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six coffee and two friends from the hospital changed out of their uniforms and went to a restaurant called the Red Fern for dinner. One of the nurses dropped Cobby off at central station just before nine pm that night, so she could catch a train back home where her parents lived her pair. Were carrying greasy Lynch and they lived in black town now her usual practice when she got to the station because she would take this home all the time, her usual practice was to call her dad from the station and he would pick her up now. She often stated friends places in the city or if she had to pull a double shift. You know, but she had told him that night,
that she was going to be having dinner with friends. So when he's when she didn't call him, he didn't really think a lot of it because he was like oh, she must be working late or she's, staying where the French, who is twenty six, as well as on a teenager trusted. You know now: When the staff from Sidney Hospital called her father the following morning, in asking if they knew why need it didn't come to work, he immediately be and worry, obviously makes my heart. Her so when there was no word from Anita by that afternoon, he panicked and he immediately file the missing persons report.
So what we know is that she did catch the nine twelve training pm train from two black town in out an outer western Sidney. Now, when she arrived at black town station, it was just before ten p m. So at that time she had gone to find a phone at the station to call her dad. She was going to call her down when she got there. Somebody had vandalized the phone, so it didn't work. So she was like. Ok, it's a nice.
Summer night I'll get a walk home. How far is the walk? I dont think I was crazy far, I'm not sure how far, but it was not something that would happen. Like oh shit, I have to walk home. I think it's like all of the sick and ice welcome, so as she did only God, a dirty white tarnish car slowed beside Hearns dislike. Stresses me out so badly too of the five men that were in that car jumped out and grabbed her God put bring her into the car as she screamed and fought like held to get away from. Oh my god, oh my god, now witnesses heard her saws. This happen tried to a lot of them, tried to stop at length, God, God in their cars or they would like running.
After the car, only God this distressing you and they called the police, and they reported this. But there wasn't a lot. You know they didn't catch them so is like nobody knew what to do so. They were looking for this vehicle, so in the car they stripped off her clothing immediately and repeatedly punched beat and raped her in the car. They pulled into a gas station at one point because they were running out of gas or petrol as it's called dumber had trail and they still fifteen dollars from her purse to pay for the gas fuck. You guys re later, just marking piss you off like seriously. Now it we found out later- and I mention it again later- that this car was stolen. Oh yeah,. so Anita was brutally beaten, raped and tortured before having her throat cut all life- oh my god so severe. Was this cut that it literally almost left her decapitated. So he can
cut it so deep and amusing that she was alive when they did it yeah. She was alive when it happened. So it's so awful. Her bloodied naked body was left in a secluded cow paddock at prospect not far from black town, and it wasn't discovered for two days so the way it was discovered it was by now. This was in a copy, back, which is like a little cow area on a dairy farm. This is one of the most horrifying its alcohol. There really is like I'm processing. This continue to talk luckily theirs guess, there's like a good ending because they find weeks boiler alert they find who did this? I hope they all got this she had kicked out of their homes about a real visa because- he was found by the dairy farmer who owned the farm named John rain on February for
So, at around nine thirty I am that morning he saw that his cows were like gathering in an area and he was like what the fuck, but he didn't, go check is using our cows. Are we where they like around her. They were in he said they were gathered in an area he referred to as the boiler paddock any kind of founded odd, but he was like our aid. He went to a cattle sale like you to set As I say you are so he returned two hours later in the cows were in the same spot, so you as I go what city was like you guys? What are you doing so he heard them That's when he saw the battered and Bruce body of Anita Cobby lying on her stomach, and he immediately call the police and the panic fucking gone now huge bruises covered this woman's entire body. She had several, but broken bones, including her shoulders fingers. She was naked, except for her very unique wedding ring all
it was a rushing wedding band that had three interlocking bands of yellow gold like old and rose gold, which is super unique, President's tioga our agencies. Had I don't think that's what day, where there were there to re per and kill her? That's all they wanted fuck them and there were signs that she had defensive wounds. points to her fighting for her life. No autopsy results would find that she was still alive when our throats her when her body was found, people and fuckin insane the new self, government posted, a fifty thousand dollar reward for any information leading to an arrest and in the hope of like getting people to remember that night in May, behold Lee, be like oh shit. I saw her and I saw these as a police officer, woman, police officer actually dressed like Cobby and travelled the exact path.
Genetically droughts and ones not just to see if somebody's like who shit I think they recorded. It was played it sorry, but excellent, brilliant tact, and while this was going on, her colleagues interviewed people around her being like to do remember seeing someone with them which is so fuck umbrella, unlike Estrella, were down anchor for her. It seems, like Australia has their share together we have to link investigations and shed, unlike you, yeah. They have their share together they are to translate all the murder american serial killer stories, yearly guys the car, I get a free ride deployed shit, but so obviously the whole of Australia was outraged of Belarus. There were flipping out even the police that were investigating said they were like fucked up over this finding her was one strudel shit, they ve ever seen in their careers. God
The investigation was led by detective sergeant in Kennedy and detective sergeant. Gram, Rosetta and Kennedy was like the leave now. Kennedy stated: what struck him most were her eyes on. He found her, he said. The look in that girls eyes. I will never forget those dead eyes. You could see she had gone through hell, you could see and stop the hurts, thing now, when the news was brought to a need, his family, it like her whole family, was there they brought her out her ex role, separated her strange husband, John COM, be they brought them all together and they basically asked who they are. It someone tearing down outside the body or late they needed there are like somebody needs to come to the more data and the mother was like, I literally camp No, I can't
and so the father stepped up and was like I'll. Do it like somebody has they do air, and so he went with her sisters, husband, so her sisters, husband, with him when the sheet was pulled back at the morgue, he it was said that he almost he'd like to his knees buckled and they had to like catch him and when he finally got himself together do said quote. I wish I could say it with someone else's daughter, but it's not. Is it oh yeah? I welcome that, Ryan, one guy- this only gets me because this, like that someone's kid I can imagine then pulling a sheep back in it kid I dont even know alike. I can't even so at first I mean the This way to go is to look at her husband, her strange husband, John Caviar, especially because there are strict. And she has obviously been recently separated from them, and you know husband always did it. so it's kind of always approvingly
so they interrogated, they brought him to the station. They interrogated him for a long time. They kind of started out slow, like just asking about the separation, See about this and then there are like act where the fuck were you that night in like what was this? What he heard it obviously now so, anyone pointy was pushed against a wall and accused of murdering his wife later, as has happened in the The point he said I must have done it in basically they found out, was cause that what happened later was he was so devastated by the end of it, I can download they found out that he probably said that because he said I must have done it because I wasn't there to protect her So I must in my view, this is my fault like yeah, because he didn't do it and the thing is, it was pretty clear from the autopsy for it that this was definitely not a crime. One has arisen and how could end that one person had not done this yeah? They were like no there's no way in this didn't have a crime of passion feel to it in
I mean I'll do like PETE like. I think they were focusing a little on him because after the separation he became kind of like obsessively trying to get her back seems like you would do anything to get her back and like her co, workers were saying all the lot news very like Canada, but it is just that it was just love yeah. Just, so they were like it he's not dangerous eustace, and it's really sad because after all of this he ended a moving out of Australia to the states at one point just to get away from it all and like he still to this day and he got in the leg, drugs and alcohol really badly hope in. to this day. He doesn't know the names of the people who did it because he does cause you fucking. Guy literally does honour now and it's like so sad. The state governments then announced that the fifty thousand dollar reward was going to be doubled. Two hundred thousand good. They really wanted information now week. After
copies body, was found in informing, came forward and said: hey. You should look at these people who was it now? These people word nineteen year old, John Travers and Michael Murder Murdoch and the Murphy Brothers, who were thirty three year old, Michael Murphy, twenty eight year old, Gary Murphy and twenty two year old, Leslie Murphy. Now it took just under three weeks for police to try some down arrest them and charged with murder holy cow like fuck yeah, Austria have ass. Yet this case was done like they did. A really good job This now all these guys came from pretty fucked up backgrounds and we're all of below average intelligence fuck them here and And there I dont mean below average and told his intelligence, like they had that as an excuse, for they were below enough to be considered, not understanding what happened like they're just dogmas,
fuck, basically like they were assholes or else have done so John Travers- was nineteen years old. He was the leader which is funny that's where as there is a thirty four year old, twenty eight Earl than a twenty two euro, but he was really fucked up. Like you, fucked up kid He was accused on his eighteenth birthday of raping a sheep and cutting its throat, while he was still far and then he cooked the sheep and ate it and later when the police asked him but this one they arrested even fast. He literally was like you: gotta eat, whites, yeah, so
we have to rape machine according them, you do apparently what the fuck now he had been accused of stealing a car that match the description of the one that abducted Anita Desert Island. Just literally wanna, go to Joan punch all the world. This is the crazy thing so well, Travers was in custody. It was learned that he was really close to one of his aunts, who was his like blood uncles, wife. Now, I'm not going to name her because she's in the Witness Protection programme. Now, I'm not gonna call her aunt ex, so she approached investigators saying that she had been having trouble sleeping. She was really messed up about this because she knew John was to blame. Now, can you imagine you and she and when she came to them she was like. I just can't handle this,
and no higher than you, and so they convinced her, which is bananas. They convinced her to wear a wire and get a confession from him. So her husband, who was Johns blood uncle actually like they went to him to cause. She was like. We need to talk to him, because this is his nephew like we need to tell him what's gonna happen here in his uncle was like. I totally agree that this was the right thing to do. and she, and he also convinced her like you're doing the right thing, really don't think that you're doing something against small. This issue was brutally murdered by like that is a hard decision to come to destroy. Absolutely and so she wore the wire in her bra yeah crazy in When she taught started talking to John Travers, he opened right up to her zuzu and Stew He even named all the other suspects alike.
Just gave for everything and they, actually just released recently. The confession tapes, like some of the club, basically he's just like, like she sauce side, color, so he's girls here who, like maybe just do the now to kill someone onto acts here. How do stand there and listened, and just take this like it's normal, like they told her, just talk to him like normal, but that's not normal. How do you even reinforce some of the police even said while they were watching her talk to him, because he was just talking to shield in the printing the police station. They said she was like trembling and leg, clearly very up by this I mean so even with that she agreed to where another wire to get Michael Murdoch to confess as well, while in so she's about us and say what a gasping like she's, courageous as fuck. Now he confessed completely.
Like he. He was a little like he was less so than travers willing to tie actual. He gave enough leg. He gave what they needed now. The trials were a huge security risk, as is often the homicide mobs of people waited outside cause. They literally wanted a rip these out that shit like throw I'm sure they did. There was a dummy dangling from a noose that was tied to a tree prevent should and some helps leg. Like signs that were literally saying we want to restore the death penalty for them like they were like this is so and then some there were showing solidarity with Cobby like war, therefore lie police, their nurse uniforms and gone yeah. So Gay Mitchell, I know now. These tapes, along with the fact that Travers shocked everyone in pleaded, guilty everything which no
really locker this led to the convictions of all five of them good. They all try to blame the other people and they all basically blamed Travers, saying that he had the knife me, you did it like we're just their raping her. What's like I've, regardless of because of her all her wounds. No, I don't think I mean it's hard to say I don't it's hard. The sheriffs arrived. If no one found her for to day she might have in cash. You may not have been able to her self, because there is also evidence- and they then name confess to this- that she was dragged through a barbed wire fence. So she might yeah there's an autopsy report somewhere out there, that peat. That, as is said to be like the most relevant seeing injuries, is like the worst thing you ve ever heard and that despite them trying to Albany
Travers? They all got life in prison, good and all of their files. Firm, Brazil men were marked, never to be released, and the judge made it clear in the sentencing like I am recommending that you all be marked. Never to be really. I don't wanna hear your fuckin plea for a parole bar is crazy and then any the weirder thing with this one is that Gary Murphy, one of the Murphy Brothers, his defence attorney, who was a woman named Lee Johnson. She had got like a reputation during this trial issues very sweet to Gary and seem to be way too much. Basically, people fatuous sleeping, whether you yeah, and there was a story that I heard actually on the pod cas case file, which is a great podcast. Listen to it. You really should it's the site,
stallion guy, who has a very soothing voice, and he so detailed and very well researched and he's very respectful, and he s just a re. Picasso go case file, but I actually the sun there that there was a story where one of the two investigators came into the court room one day and she had placed chocolate eggs on the defence table and they were like what the fuck is that and she was like wolves, Easter time nation. was just for the boys of the murder as yet other fuckers, so lottery investigator when and smashed all the chocolate eggs and was like you cannot those in the courtroom and then smash your fuckin stared face in lake ridiculous, and I was reading an article that she was interviewed for recently. I think, like February, two thousand sixteen where she was like
everyone just said that we were sleeping together because I'm a woman now like no, I think it's because you brought him just. How did you ever you want to hear so this is some weird story. I said what the fuck so many times throughout this entire pot yeah today, so that, since, like a quick overview of the case, I want to go into too much, because this is really rough horrible, but yeah, so yeah, Australia. You did the damned. You do it and again that's the case of Anita Cobby and I'm really glad that they found those fuckers another, never gonna be released and he'd like a dream I know you ve built on sand and again going to cover some more cases, because narrowing the stone was really tough, but I wanted to get a little into both the cases I didn't want to just quickly review both of them all. So we can only do today, but will definite,
do more on a future up, as I only have two trillion madness for two tonight, because I want to cover the snow town murders, the bodies in the barrels, murders, cod, the crazy one but thou one world all needs, and so by itself, so we will cover snow town, which I'm sure some you're wondering about, and now I think next week I think we're gonna do like below that of a departure, and I think we're gonna do an episode. Where are you going to talk about crazy, ass medieval torture methods, because things are so. I think we're gonna do that next week. So look forward to that yeah and then will come right back around two serial killers will hit. Maybe we had a big guy heavy headed We're going to have you here who do you think we're gonna? Do, let's give them a small hand? Maybe we'll heads
somebody who works, I had, I accept and may be had bad breath. Stinky motherfucker, maybe smelled like what lover and maybe lights starships on his palm yeah. Maybe I had someone like that after a mediaeval torture, but I don't know, I don't know you decide Sophia. I don't think that gave it away. Ethics Susan Famous on Instagram find the Sun Instagram at Morbid podcast Venus on twitter at a morbid podcast. Somebody already had the twitter him a moment ago and find the sun Facebook and send us emails. Morbid podcast at Gmail Dark come flood into. dooms slide into our those in also keep
those reviews and ratings on Itunes coming because you got a fucking rather user, so nice and our river. I think next time I'll read some of their views from idly and do that because those have been really good and so keep reviewing on Itunes and I'll, read your review next week because, having Graham start doing that will read the top five. overview. Yes, so as many balsam unicorn killer rearing make it often with a great because you guys have been read and yeah subscribe, download rate, listen, tell your friends and we're gonna start our patriotic yeahs and what we're gonna. We ve been telling you this four weeks I know, but we want to make sure we are. We had something to actually give you before. We did it, but a few of our de our ideas are not. Maybe we will give you got some kind of bonus. Episodes Jaso tell us what you would want in a bonus.
We have some ideas that some of our ideas were, like you know, reviewing and just discussing fun horror, movies unsupervised, which will be found. I think how ya and maybe also letting you guys like as a patriarch gift, letting you guys pick an episode topic and then that episode is Europe's. We could call it requests the killer. Yes, request a killer. I just how to bring the love it level. so let us know if those are two things that maybe you'd like to poverty or patriotic donation. and I will let you guys know I'll try to get their patria live soon and knowledge. He has no one it's alive and you become our pay and do you know what enjoy their Astir week by Fire organization agreed so yeah? We hope you keep listening. We hope you keep em we're heard good day. Good. I might add that oh, there was good, An ancestor came through there
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