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Episode 13: Torture

2018-08-16 | 🔗
Torture. It's been around since the beginning of time and it used to almost always involve a spike. Today, Alaina and Ash will discuss the various medieval methods of pain and suffering that could only come from the twisted mind of the human species. Strap in, because this is a rough one.
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We want to keep doing this for a long time, so this is gonna help bigtime. We love you long time. We love you law is part of the deal. Actually I wrote in there you get our love and devotion. That's part of your donation. Gabble hoods certificate, take that abortion. While there was another kind of exciting, true crime update the sweeper, a real guy. You know that you always say he was a bad guy, he's a real bad guy. a bad guy. I do feel ass by visa because if you had a bad guy, I'm just very simple. My descriptions and his leg add dude man, bad boys, boys. What you're gonna do we might get sued for Cinema it's nothing more than well. This bad guy is a real That is a bad Larry and he's the one that we promote our podcast were, but about open up until the angel, the golden Stay killer
who is also officially the azalea ransack or to beneficially said that he is that guy I mean, and what The big things this week was that he was charged with a thirteenth murder. Now we had mentioned in the episode that he there is a possibility that he was involved in the killing of Claude snowing. Who is shot while he was stopping the kidnapping of a sixteen year old, daughter mega and he died use Community College teacher Joseph charged that now so that's good, because that family deserves under the trial. Do they have a day I dont know I want watch it on tv, I'm waiting with bated breath believing that it will be televised. I don't know, that's all To be honest, we not only on my snapped out like something lady, I wouldn't
doubt about it later Fisher and will hear all the updates Nancy Grace will be ownership but gives meetings. I mean he unfortunately can be charged with any the burglaries rapes, because it's a fucking statue of luck, limitations on rape, which you can be charged with. Any of these are charged with any of them, the Sacho limitation of that it makes a tired it. Makes me so angry. Every time I see it cause he's charged with more than fifty rapes right and he's just I know he's gonna Goadings yelled until he dies, but its leg and he's like four hundred now, but it's like. I want him to be checked from those and I'm sure those victims of the rapes with want him to be held accountable. Warm. They she's not going some recognition however, judge about having like me. If I could, I would like a ceremonial charred sub.
like an honour. What are you know like judges? King see I oh yeah? If I could I will if I could have lived hours, I forget what case it was, but she was like if I tell you how its and see for life allowed the air, I can't remember, and she basically just I all in the jail Rifkin case, Amber yeah, the judges like you're disgusting monster, and I but make sure I think he said like. I want to make sure that you never see freedom in this life or the next, man. I gotta give some real area how Eddic and very, like your boy, I am not thinking, not one on thinking of a different one and unlike watching in my head, Are you thinking of the it had eyes, jotting woman judge from me on yeah, sites around. What's his name Larry doktor. Yes, yes, yes, yes member, she went on like this big long area and if you like the letter that he wrote, those bitching yeah just like welfare Wazir. Yes,
Where are you will do the? U S? Gymnast doktor yellows, charged for like a billion sexual assaults and rapes, because even his answer, fucking guy bear so that's exciting to crime news soya for today we're gonna bring, but today back we are taking a trip in the we back machine which are not always says that she would not do if she had a time machine. Oh, I would never to the middle ages. The threat is not. That is not viewer leg- I don't even think it's safer, like you'd slow Juno. There is going to say not safe. I almost just said I would only go back if I was royalty, but then sometimes even royal sometime later habitats chopped Ike, animal and yeah yeah closely. If your woman near really women are really not there, then go back there. I also go to the future.
I don't know. If you do not act now, I've got the seventies and eighties. I go. I told the nineties, Yeah thuggery than I go watch like. Are you afraid of the dark and his chill? Actually Realistically I just go back to when I was like ten, so I wouldn't have to work any more and I would just for awhile. Just check for a little while rising to the future, because maybe someday like all just like have made? you think I'm gonna can future. No, I but I was will change their land. I would take a sneak peak and then, if it was real bad I would go real step out. Yes sniffing around, see, what's going on and on I could be lazy in the future, I'm all about it. Oh yeah, I think everybody we all about, taught me there who doesn't want to be lazy. Yeah yeah, I wanna be lazy mail, the male man just can't,
and gave a shit out of me servers that you guys were actually recorded in the middle of the day, which is the ideal because we never in court. Daytime- and I love that we're like more spooked out during the day. I will again they are very much like moon as well as with the way the sun's out. I'm like what's happened. Why is it so bright, block currently worst supreme with age, which is on the television as per use literally, should we she would jump. then, why do you not just today we're gonna be covering various methods and devices used in torture yeah. So this is we're going way back, because these are not that I know of the least used I don't wanna, maybe one of em, but we'll cover that later, a kind of other animals just do it actually went away
there aren't surrounded by Sir the hour ashes gonna do hers and then I'm gonna do a list of my because guess what weirdos asked it research. This hush research at the top of the page, is the brazen ball the brazen bulls. My first what's it called my first sleigh torture device device tat, my first torture device and it was invented somewhere between five, seventy and five. Fifty four b c berserk so I went back. It was amended by parallels of Athens. Carlos is a great name. Perilous, parallel loaves, Carrillo slink goatee he's just like harrowing. It sounds perilous, so tumbling while just way actual dangerous dangerous. Again, yes, less, so paralysed those bronze worker, and he designed the brazen bull to execute criminals and a super chill way now sounds pretty chill. Sofa actually carry was really fucked up. Oh,
weird yes, so the brazen ball was a legit statue of a ball and it was hollow but made of browns. That's pretty I read an article on all that's interesting. Dot com in the article is really interesting. We than when we know that website has all that is interesting. Yet I actually Dorothea but it was described as a human crackpot, this light that sounds the wish and potentially the most fucked up torture device in history. Tat cause. I use a crackpot often for humans, but I don't normally play humans yards the guy like celebrate. Usually I send my English again, some better use of their right, but after this maybe I'll give it a shot. Yet I hope it's out with me, though cause you need a pot castest picture book will buy. I won't be free art, so basically, in ancient Greece there is a colony witches.
Craig S progress. I love it omits, now's grievously, so hurried back just purposes. I gotta go and it was ruined. My at named philosopher s throat yourself wheels to honour their Carlos there's, fuller for peace he rural and iron, for waste? We I just got confused. one or two and Belarus perilous for Laura according to it, and we don't need a pop filter on this issue so that exceptionally well, yes, I whipping up. and it's like piss, you off your eyes, got wicked while his eyes, like kind terrifying, so far, says a giant asshole. I felt like he would but pair Bellows was like, oh, my god, I'm going to make this brass balls work your voice and my masterful Aras is going to take it super. Do because he's a big dick. Yeah he's a dagger and I'm gonna make medicaments inventions that anything goes on. What a fool, so I see who's train of thought on women are a small step in and
How are you design? Is the person gets put inside the bull and then a fire is lit, underneath the crackpot yeah, so basically, the portable phone, like Burns Alai, fun now It's it's really chair. I wonder if they have like a low and high setting like a crackpot where you can like simmer them on low for a little while. Why think? In that case you just make a small fire. Oh there, and then you could keep adding good advice. Then you would get you wouldn't get more tender me into this was BC. It was like the way I did just work with what they have, but I feel they are on it. No. This is like some like modern day. Shit like I was like parallels. How did you come up with a fool? You be paralysed, how'd. You know this He designed it so that the pipes and whistles that he like put inside the bull, convert the screams of those inside to sounds of a bull snorting and so this poor. I, as obviously the people on the outside world.
Like that. Without this horrible opposes Walker, our goal, Can you do your best beloved version? Then I like that We all know they often synonymous picturing Bulls Walker only like but also about other justly grunting. I like that he festooned it, though legality, that fund He did he literally added the bells and whistles onto it, while also You know he made a really fun, but supposedly he was the first damn I saw that common. I feel he told fuller asides. Totally authoritarian thought was so supposedly he told her home. fuller, he told backer. So we said to this guy he's screams will come to you through the pipes, as the tenderest most pathetic must melodious of bellowings. Blue and flowers was really disgusted by that because he was master, but he was a that's messed up. He was like, I have a line yeah and you just
way tat. Every tyrant, dictator person has line, and this was part of Belarus is line, so he was so discuss that he threw him inside her and find hopeful into my notes. Era. Flowers were so disgusted that he threw Ferraris in time, but he her lesson blow, does they got job dreaded there, the rule himself again, our level of good by cruel world like that fire. I hate that people like you, exist unjust, jumping and he had no, he threw parallel said side to test out the sound system. Distant just tested only wanted to know who is given the shot is what are just the sound yet like ledge other than in the tempo, a little bit right. Jumpin there aren't you notice that cliffs, let's see their working life, so is unclear if he got pulled out before he died inside or if he was killed after, but either enforce had perilous killed. I imagine he probably did it in the brazen bulls
because they were like poetic as fact alone, and they were like. Oh you made some argument burn you in it. Well, either way he died, because I just thought of something really gross the snow. Will that, but also Can you imagine me the person that's like clean inside of it between people? Do you think they even did, but it's like when you open that thing. It's probably just like people juice all up in there Now, that's nasty, maybe they don't like emptied it out until I I'm imagine, meal Edison was empty. That shit. I will do little to row their poop industry, like I just you decide to we had the other way and toss it out the window. You know what it is. I have with this weird thing where I don't like wet food another we are like when you know, when you put a plate in a single example, could apply. I don't like that in a rude gets soggy yeah that, like the suffer captain, the dream foreigners me out my hand, so I just mentioned like soggy people and that's that's real bad.
That's kinda like how reasons remind me of old people exactly exactly I just I don't know you said soggy people, so I thought of it really old people handling and the thought of his sad people three, where the maximum of acts. Why is the iron made an remaining on the man when a man in a world of ourselves, that's definitely one of their. So I dont know cyclone just slow down at an end, a very bad idea, as does really good, arrogant, tired out of irish voters who are viewed. It was like an air violet, always like one of those people. You ought to tell us if I love to cello now, but they could cover in mail that an end is education really have covered in aeroplanes on nobody think about it. They covered uneasy deasey them. some thought
Well, that we're not over the banned. This is the torture to my yeah. When it comes to you straight from the lights, of Miss trembles, the Choky now bringing back to mental, and if you look at our efforts and get on my face, I also other you're gonna say it come straight to you. Good God. It's time somebody rose that right now, like well least it does that. Normally So it's an upright confidence to get started with spike already sounds okay, so comfy you just go and take a nap inside for unused avoid the sleigh, except once dear place inside and the doors are closed. This strategically pay laced space. The Federalist snakes peer, several of your vital organs. I mean. Was there an ant on your something? No, I thought there was something it's things are happening right.
where's the daytime. We don't know how the reader function and I need the moon periods of bats fluttering by I feed off the energy of the moon feeder energy. the moon, we have an exciting announcement, and now you have to listen to the whole rested podcast cause we're gonna, announce it at the end, ha ha, ok here you don't like what a year idle org is the moon covering up? Yes, we're having an astronaut upon the actual moon is cooking, would forget it has the your kids. Like he's, got eligibility under item and a half year olds are obsessed with Scott Kelly, so there's that, but am vital organs. Spiky had no good bye know this begs for long enough to make your organ shut down immediately that some four to say, you just bleed out: oh yeah yeah. No, I just rather it all beak, yeah we'll take land. I mean, I'm sure you also you Jake stand there there eating low, while your king organs pulled down, and
One of your leg juice flowed nastier running. I couldn't you loading waited floated in from when you gonna like like when somebody hit you move back so narrowly within your Marvin and another like, and then you try to move forward so maybe because phobic etc. So this may make you feel better? Oh god, sometimes people argue a fire and made him his factor fiction. I kind of bombs meal yeah, I've Emmy either way like it was a little thing, and if it was a thing back, then they used it well and where the species have ever so, I'm certain it was used because it all these other ones were done than I mean this. One is an even ass bad ass, some notes with a lot of what these are a few accounts, some seventeen hundreds, german philosopher,
is your Han Philip, your hands? You Ben Geese, whew Europe come like aero about a coin forger which I think is just somebody valid, makes fake money other make them or like just forges coins out of metals yak, as it gives you think, like she forged a Czech like here about Jack linkages, fake aspect here s how bake ass bare, so he was eventually was so the guy that word about this, your humble motorcycle, disturbed by the well, you know I just can't stop the outside my neighbour got a motorcycle and I'm so happy forehand, which neighbour Windham three only to have this nay room. One hundred percent shortly does Elizabeth upon Cast empire there. He is. The nicest sky of you so funny and his laugh is literally a minimalist contagious. Laugh you ve ever bellows throughout the neighbour. He almost
Ok, I started watching. Does a bounty hunter again, the other day began after downloading. I don't know if I can support support it. It's a great shout monogamous. I was raised watching dog money hunter while we're which says a lot about last round up, but as hi mom Anyways accidents like dogs, body, others laugh. He I've never heard dogma bending her lap, It sounds like the impact going to say that the guidance correctly so far out of that I might be, report of yesterday's episode that I was watching with better Lycosa? That's a big daddy! I hate this its system the signal. I hate she calls in big daddy. I hate it again the law where there was going with their need Now. I think that I'm very happy for my neighbor, who got a motorcycle recently yeah and I dont know if, like the sarcasm, is ready,
stirring, she's, happy owner the podcast waves, but not super psyched about it. So the coins, I bet you got executed in the iron maiden in the city of I think using Nuremberg number, Karen Bag, which seems like an unfortunate punishment. Yeah, like the government deprives gotta did some time and there was a thing where they put your head in the near the stocks of stocks at home in their efforts, couple days are its around that time. Ire maidens began to appear in museums around the. U S in Europe was accorded to one article, irresolute a man by the name of Matthew, Peacock, which seems legit, Paula, New Orleans and Matthew Peacock RE book. They hang there yet nothing hunter
it's here will now. I live on incest transported through time, yet he scenes and share. He escaped to even the lad had to travel through space and time probably won't have you got the eating hundreds collecting, paintings and tortured. says the same. He had a wide variety of other interests, so here She D pieced an iron maiden together from pieces of other tortured vices such random devices, any gifted at two museum or people went crazy over because they thought it was a real iron maiden. Yet they believed I want to turn yeah here's my favorite one, this man, ok, you know I like folklore, isn't always true. Yes, I feel like this is true, but I wanted to be true.
Oh it's just a little to advance for the time of one hundred BC have another were pretty they're pretty on it backbone. So this account comes from greek historian. Pull Libya see and I know him and he always tells the truth. Ok, wrong, believe how do I pronounced name sack. We hurried, Philippicus, exact knowledge and a hundred BC, like I said, Anne claimed that spartan tyrant, neighbours or now be oh yeah. I know now. I know Becker NEA what did you know that you constructed a mechanical likeness of his wife, a paper that is really advanced fur but it was an iron maiden version of his wife. Supposedly so. If a citizen refuse to pay their taxes, he would like turn them into coming to his royal courts or whenever it was my arm and then heat, they would think TAT. His wife was come and join them, but she took him.
yeah how'd. She had like we'll over some I idyllic first give away on real is laid, sounds like the returned to us, the wheelers well it's a secular Linda, so he they would think that his wife was there. Could there really focus zombie merrily but evidence somehow it. Basically, he would like spring them into her embrace where they'd be entailed by the iron nails that covered her arms hands. breasts? I mean that sounds of jet I believe it three hours something is off. Maybe I missed something I don't know, It sounds like it to me. I believe it I believe, pulling in Alaska
Well, maybe it isn't any major benefits seller out, but this fucking crazy stories are still there. That's all some ice allows the army and the metal iron made him. My next one is the boots. O das boots man. Ok, so there's two methods that I found in both of them out of it like fortunate or unfortunate retro, either die. Oh, it's never good! When an area like this is just torture. Now that you're not gonna die you're, gonna, walk away for or you're gonna crawl away from this are slither away from the seriously over seven. The first method the victim has boots place on their feet, made of spongy leather nature. Since nice, I just sounds like it sounds like saudi food, Lou, spongy, leather, soggy, food, moist, old people, reasons fuck you, the word moist doesn't bother me Miss outlay, keep saying moist cake, that's what I think of my
It's a bit about the US. Look, I'm your faith, earn the outward. Only bothers me if people say I'm like a yucky wailea. Moist for being outside were long ago. Twenty moist, yes, but that really offer that Brown it somewhere. But I didn't mean sweaty it, nor that's what I mean India, anything for you just brought up. The majority of the boots does boots spongy leather. There then tied up with their feet by fire? Things get pretty serious, pretty quick as what you say. No, if they're just Turley make them relax, steer symbol one year three up by a firewall, yet slick hang out here, but that are minimal. Is boiling water onto your boots, that's going to shoot us going to quickly seven, that water seeps through the leather and dissolved the flush loo, and it said it is,
the bone till. I am really hard to get rid of bone and then, in some cases what was placed inside the boot like probably like on the top and bottom, and then they would pour oil inside to expand. The wood cut off the circulation to the foot. What so they like smash it? When I saw the elderly cuts, it all off Lula, yes, evasively, feeders, rail, gnarly growth from then on and then in the second regulation. Long enough, it'll don't die soon, simply peace, the chronic nasty together feet what they will be added some say: eight will by growth, dead feet and is looking at my feet. Ouch, unlike cradling my feet, written my hand, unlike massaging it like you still there you're, not going any mood story but of yours second version, colonel. You feel a little Anderson's, a little tired. I owe cell
would place the victims legs between two planks of words, and then they were tired, together with cords remembered between the cords, the tortures would place wedges, which they would an violently hammer into the ship so thus creating them would boots learned boot. Weapons, not cool. It's awfully gradually licence ugly hobbling leg from misery. Yeah, that's even king, normal law, as one of the great movie with can be made they will each time a wedge was hammered. A small portion of the ship bone shatters awe and then they would hammer at least a dozen watches up and down the level. My deal so like your whole tibia near your tibia would just as it has done for legates
It falls apart. So then, your level just like Jello like Malta, would you just some bone shards floating around? Would you die, which would eventually get an infection and die probably cause at any time an infection back. Then you could think of nothing to vex. That wasn't and anyway, there are unable to walk after that they're going to see it also withered away and then dug from infection sums good says the boots does boots. Next Ryan is gonna. Piss you off the scolds bridle was a gruesome torture instrument. More to prevent women from gossiping condemned, and to think a big fuck. You two guys via like gossip. If I want to talk shit, if I want I gossip all day every day, that's you are a hare stylus, nor the heart of your job. I mean you're, not so. Basically the term speaks for itself comes back in the day. School was like a derogatory term for women, like a woman who is constantly displeased like nag tomb,
such so, like you say, the empty just getting, and then the bridle is ahead. Peace, design for a horse of innovative Melick, a horse yeah the bridle already, that's that's nice! So it's to direct it when cool like right, The debates is an iron muzzle. close. An iron framework that would surround the head of the accused sounds like bad things. So the intention was to prevent the person wearing it from speaking and sometimes mother. Riddle Bet would like go in your mouth and one. Sometimes they would put a spike come a brutal bear. The bridle sees me so that if the woman the talk like the movement earlier later, tamper come and like, then, if you would just where your data like there's somebody had like a man, of surplus spikes? You know there was a spike all the time and they were like what do we do with this mountain of snakes and they relinquishes make some fuckin shepherd rips people, apart with it yeah, that's exactly the bikes on every
So a thousand bout enough. There is also a public humiliation. Part of this. I thought that was the problem with leafy simpler, but then husband, would drag you in the streets on leash malware. like hell, didn't you asshole where people were encouraged? insult spit on you and like inflict more violence on you. Maybe that's where they got it in game. Friends who guards closing of the holder, the shame about she found exactly like it an early record of this practice took place in Scotland Lou. Bali was on anything to chair about it Leave him. I was also the method was also used in England and Wales, yes related to every measure, but Bessie Tralee, fur, Bessie, Bassett, I'm sorry
this guy named Bailey, which is your dogs, ailing, Bailey Hunter because of false measurements in a land dispute. So I think someone was turned by land and he was I get this big, but choose acknowledges this big and then she got there should put on cause. She was a woman who was sentenced to it for one hour of one s, weird walk one hour of a reputable damage. If it they have the added tariff. Your tongue rang also in Walton on fame switches. Down in England sure I think a school. I like looked on Wikipedia really fast. Now I research it buddy scolds bridle dated sixteen thirty three is displayed and the vestry of the church. That's how I say: vestry asking the wrong person
a valid, wasn't even baptized inscription reads: it sounds like something that would be in a church. I think it s very elegant, ridden ah, but it says, Chester presents the Walton with a bridle to curb woman's tongues that talk to idle, necessary and also poetic. Love that it's a problem. You know I didn't realize that until I saw the writing at nothing politically, the sun so flowery, I don't know why. So the story goes that someone named chest at last, a large fortune because of the ladys gossip I, but it was just a small. Of course it was with the ladys gossip, but he lost money, and then he presented the town with the bridle out of anger and Spain. So here's like here, you got real pests. My last one do you wanna, guess what it's called its call? Ye are as the initials the Barnacle Repairers nope. It's the breast ripper also close so rip off utilities,
I thought of women, your head nope, it's also known as the iron spider or of the spider rule, and you guessed it superfluous. death super. Also, if you are real friend, had offended actually by this clubs Brandon, more frightening render live. I those rights that we delete. Your facebook, you get there and this one you should just set it out because it was found tat. If I may, I preserved like special ass torture for girls, Nice of them, you so really short in Sweden to the point it was a colleague device, ended in spikes and they either he did it or left it cold. Let me know which one is worse. They would just put it on your boobies and rip your boobs right off or they Like hang him on a wall and then tat your boobies to it and then like a yank, you away so that the wall ripped your boobies off kind of a hop off.
Ah may raise their job. The video still like having a moment about that. Are you yeah yeah? Maybe it's a real bad luck, thinking about that after I've, like research as a lie, my tongue, her because of the schools bride, or I feel, like everybody's gonna- walk away from this feeling really sore my organs. Her began the iron maiden now that's not okay and I felt like I was on fire. Because if the pretty simple will sell STAR mine off with one, that's like the breast ripper, in the sense that it just gives you everything right up front. You don't have to gaps with this. One is all about. Ok scrub, head crusher later said pretty straightforward speck in many times
Of course. Sorry, I was actually throwing things, so what it was was there was a bar that you would place your chin on two then, on top of your head was a cap like device. There was a little screw on top that they would twist and twist and twist- and eventually it was like advice in your head would go crunch. Pop boom is Eddie awesome say had, would basically Cobb Newbie Crash in this happens, super slowly super painfully and the first thing that would happen stresses. We analyze it your teeth. Your teeth would shatter in your mouth folk. I Haiti Thea and then, after that your eyes would pop out of its sockets. No, no good, bye, pop goes, except once in a while. If
a lot of these were like illicit confessions or just for punishment. So if they were doing this to elicit a confession, they might stop after they popped your high eyes out of your head in the early halfway. Have pop your eyes in your teeth of shadow, and the like. Ok, thank you for confessing, like the guy from heading. I walk away with no teeth in your eyes are like garbage, Yanks tyrants, you're, the guy from Harry Potter. With that big old, I yeah, that's exactly the same a lot of these no over the ones I'm going to go over we're done for such heinous crimes like homosexuality by. blasphemy by witchcraft, yeah
my head glowing red job, nothing any, and anybody who do great so the first big one I'm gonna go over is called the blood eagle. All this rate band locked up, I know about the great blue card like dark metal bam, that. So it's probably the most nightmarish thing. I've ever heard happening to you also happy play. It was popular among vikings, the Vikings artists, fact their known as a very mellow bunch. So this is a departure and its people. You have to buy some scholars to be something done as an offering to the nor Scott of or Odin. Before and after battles solely for good luck or something like you know, some people like maybe just where you're lucky socks yeah it's it's the same, rather rabbits, finding much love Andy and, according to twelfth and thirteenth century scholars, it was most popular in school,
Navy because Vikings and it was reserved when it wasn't being used just as like a pump up thing firm all this approach as a pre game for battle. then it was used for literally the worse than the worse people. I don't think anybody service by now. I don't think so Basically, the bloody eagle went a little something like this. No, the unfortunate captive would be kneeling are laying on their stuff. It was now already from their yeah, not a good position to try to get an obvious They would be restrained in some way to prevent them from getting up or breaking free or trying to get the fuck about her close, bad, giving up, and so first the back was carved nope. Sometimes it would be carved in the shape of an eagle, but that was not necessary, but either way back carp. A thing that was the most important was that they opened up your back in some way. That was the main purpose when they did that the victims ribcage was then cut
from the spine, with an axe and subsequently pulled out one by one away from the spine and out through the back and the ribcage was then pulled up to slightly resemble wings. Which I have not seen a bird flying around with a rib cage shot out of its back, but I'm not in Scandinavia. I don't know- maybe earlier you address in her, stick abandoned avian with listeners. Let us know screw. You have crazy skeleton birds floating around. I dont know what pictures I'm not gonna guaranteed something picture didn't happen, you would really have tourists like suspend reality or give a lot of artistic licence for this to resemble an eagle, Bordeaux, mother, so to make the wing Nino causes. This looked like a bird obviously, but we could get it more. sent a great suited to take it to an entirely new level of suffering. Now
The victims, lungs, were then pulled out one at a time and laid over the ribs, because What our wings, without fleshy air bags, IBM amended dark place at dark place, who hasn't seen a bird flying around with flashy airbag ready reason tasked with several among us who, overruled so off, but obviously the victim managed to some o lived through this torture, which who no stranger things have happened. They would just slowly suffocate to death after their lungs were pulled out through their back on top of that, they would rub salt in the victim's wounds, because, throughout the whole time, or just after at the thrust, a whole time because like if you don't season who, as you go then the unresolved and you can throw them into grandpa yeah. It's not any. I want a lot of food network and they are always San Caesar met me you. So it's important
So what was this for like? What did you have to do that? You're, just a bad guy, probably so real bad guy, zero, bagger org, our normal? Fifty eight, I don't see any records of it happening to girls, but Vikings man, major yeah, so that's the bloody go man. Now, let's take a little trip over to the strap Udo Stripy Duels Repeater also called Korda. No wonder why Korda yeah I'll extrapolate better yeah! It was used to your heretics, witches and anyone else that stepped out of the very fine line of living in medieval times gallic. What could you do? Basically, it's like. Let me you had a bad day in that year in the strap enough. It was used a lot during the spanish Inquisition thousand fucked up time. It was the time it was a moment,
was the day. There were three main ways in which this was administered. The first one was the victims. Arms are tied behind their backs with a rope, also never got possession yeah now and then the rope is attached to a police system and the victim is lifted into the air with their arms inverted, which they then dislocate violently behind them. Now. The second method is basically the same as the first except the victims would be stopped in mid air several times to increase the pain and suffering they would also cause the victim to jerk around. They would effectively break the shoulders because who need shoulders like Diana Snow, Joe, that's pain and then the third method was kind of the same as the first to accept this time, though, you know just add, await dear ankles, so that you really get your joints ripped apart. All MIKE had four that's fun. Now, usually this torture was completed within an hour and it was not used to cause death. So these people than let down
Our way you go come again soon and then you just can have rotate or cuff problems lie. That's exactly reassure. You grab some busted rotate Urca. So that's a strap it up. The next one is key. The rack, oh, no, I know about the shirt, assumes fun so in the rack. A victim would be secured to a board of some sort by having their rests and ankles cuff to it No one ever good when you're secured to a board, as you will see, when we cover John Wayne Gacy, it's never good plastic. Nothing good happens attached to a poor. She soon also dean, coral I think used aboard lotta boards, this was no. This was along the same lines as robot.
Then change would be attached to the cuff and the other into the chains would attach to wheel. There was a crank. There would then turn said wheel, and this would cause the chains to slowly tighten. Oh, no, no, as has happened, it was pulling your arms and legs and stretching them good bye, but not just stretching the joint sockets ligaments tendons would all completely snap and crack now sometimes they would even go way past stretching and just pull the fuckin limbs right after about a fuck you now, if they didn't take it that far, the muscles would completely lose the ability to contract and at some point this person would be completely unable to move and likely unable to control like basic bodily functions like their bowels I feel like at the end of this. They privileges like left them to die lean and always know what I mean like there's not going to totally go you by his annual leave because you're gonna die anyway. Certainly it's gonna be slower. It's gonna be
Tivoli Quick, so there were other variations on this method. There were common like along with the stretching. Sometimes the rack would include a bed of nails. Spikes, so the person would lay upon the sharp objects while they are being struck. What if they disharmony spikes left over Maybe I have really elderly light if they were next to a pile of spikes, they just throw few on there and they were like. Let's do this on their respects everywhere and yes do you want to waste? bikes to was made by those now this clearly to a lot of fact, up noise if you ve ever cracked, her knuckles, cracked, her back heard anybody else doing. I wrote my palace when I was like in summer going into eighth grade and that pop that you hear people yeah across my summer camps are that they and it was like growing s. Note. I can look still yeah, it's a disgusting and that's just like a small portion of what you'd here here is so many things would be crackle Achan
this. For this reason, torture wasn't only used for the unfortunate person attached to the rack is also used as a method of eliciting confession from accused heretics by having them watch someone else be tortured. On the rack, the sound inside of someone's tendons ligaments enjoys just buck and tearing apart and popping all over the place was actual love, torture that it turns out that this was a pretty effective method for eliciting a confession, because, if you think about it, you fuckin watching somebody pulled apart does low, so must the sounds? Would try be mad? so yeah. That's the rack! Oh that's the rack. That's a web server called the wherever the rack ripper algae. That's what the breasts ripper should when called the rack ripper Olaf's funny.
That's funny with all my god. Thou Ellis funny could job incredulous your legs sometimes Larry. I am sometimes only a little bit on to the next and onto the next. This one's called the wheel. It's also called the Catherine Wheel or the breaking we'll my Catherine because fuck you know Often you know what she's all about. I know this was used during the spanish inquisition. Ok, it was the cousin of the rack Zack and it was intended for the purpose of capital punishment or for torture to elicit confessions seemed So there will be a large wagon wheels were the accused would be stretched out all over his hanging out they'll be attached to it some way, restrained and then they would be severely beaten with clubs, thick branches, and you know stuff like
add nothing and because they were stretched out on a wheel with open spaces between over spokes, their bones, with fuckin break because of all the animals, and it was used for the purpose of torture and then, while the towards after the torture was complete. In that respect, it would continue because the person would then be either removed from the wheel before deaths happened, or you would be straight up. Bludgeon to death and left on the wheel for everybody to see and then there's other ways where you weren't bludgeoned the death. You were just left on that fuckin wheel to die after they broke all your bones. How long do you think that would take? They said they could leave beaten, broken body on that we'll for days, and they would just slowly infection would set an end. They go starving and hunger the other they honestly, they probably die from the infection too quick cause
all those words and shit and I'm sure bones were pop him through skin and stuff I'll go about South DE yeah. So if they were gonna, if they are using it for cap, it like to kill you right and they basically would leave you up there and just keep administering beatings until finally just died note from the US and not interested and no matter what you are on public display during all this, the sheep. Like a watch shit like that back then she was mayhem back like people in settling join in and stones and stuff on stone. Stoning. stoned back the averages jury below. I think they are needed to bestow returned, because these really kid still public hangings and guillotine My first college English assignment back before drawn Diana College back in the Middle EAST was like a short story about somebody going stoned and then where's MR right of a paper about morals Committee instead
leg smoking. You know like a further seventy. Getting like look. It's like no wasn't stone. It was like a book about like one one so a year. They would have to like pick a name out of like the town and person would get hung. It's called like the election or something like that. Games, yeah litter that if only to write a paper on- and I remember- reading- announce a climate college, my goddamn annually for the danger of doubt epithet- love the next one here like back to reality of unfortunate reality is called the heretics fork fork sign for good interrupter dang. Now this was specifically used for people who spoke out against the catholic church during the middle ages. Sigh. You know witches heretics over
it's done, you jump. Basically, it was a double ended fork. Both ends had two very sharp prongs on them. Now it would be attached to a leather collar device that would go around the victims neck. Now this created a situation where the victim could not move their head from a strained upward possess. an increase drop their job even a little bit. If they did, then prongs would pierce their neck and prongs pierce their sternum area, and it wasn't like they would just be like book that hurts a little. It was like no you're gonna yelling impaled status in Latvia PAN he was very simple. The very effective and the whole thing was very poetic because it's like you spoke out against the church. So now you have to look up at your god that you don't believe in. Like those the whole thing, you have to look up to Heaven and we're forcing you to look up into the sky link, but it's so not that I don't see anything except the ceiling fleet. Please take this offer me God either. It's me, Martin fits
back in the Philippines suitable. That's where intervention hatred, Next one has a little better but a religion to a two. Oh, it's called the cradle of Judas Judas again Judas is. I know this Judas is the guy that betrayed Jesus to be honest with you. I thought that was Caesar holds the same system unlike Caesar had Brutus oh, you did. I brought us like a to brutal means. A new Brutus like he turned around was like owned. You you're, my friend, I thought, and so Judas did. The same thing, though, is the actual Ethel, I'm very theatrical. I went to Fyodor Camp. and you had a nice, so I'm just getting. I cannot actually does on fun. I wanted to be an drama, cub Club, My mom worked. So I can it be. I was in german com for a long time until senior eyesight graduated deteriorating by exactly
exactly see she's trying to hide the real route of the issue I wanted to use. Your honour in the Middle EAST was only a year later for one year, wow felt like it. a longer you're tellin me, I'm still dealing with the post, traumatic, stress disorder and not only the look, you don't make the woozy. and at the end of all your cheer seas, where you put me through so much hell, I did, I really did it was self prescribed, though I set it up, you just made it so easy, but I also plates off all I did too, but I wasn't good and the coach was also your coach and he was like. Why are you not Lithuania? That's gonna doesn't think as I played softball since I mostly whenever you can start t ball. That's when I started yet, and I played literally every season. My whole life one little facts:
one of us was cheerleader. One of us was dominated whose whose vous fagin tat you re totally pick us up, line up to one hundred percent, one hundred percent just glad. I think anyone is confused virtue, the cradle of Judas. Where did we go out of this is not going to be a popular banana son is a doozy in I mean dues effects they do say do that hold onto, robots. Everybody who didn't you, Minister, gave up. Well done dear, this whole that that wrap them This is another creation from Spic. Miss Ingram Vista, keeping single front bomb other I hope someone gets I'm not going to say words for whom I gotta keep signal from selling. Can she lives if intrude on?
Failure to rub, don't say warehouse, we don't know it. That's what I want to deal with one please, please, please we're begging! Okay, so continues, if you too, This device is a wooden pyramid. That's raised high on four legs and on time that pyramid is a theme the victim would then be strip naked and waits were attached to them. ankles, and then they were hung by their arms and legs high above this device not interested when the spare they would then be lowered, slow. Lee onto the period. A period you don't want to know actually cuz in my mind I was just like not interested like I'm not showing up to my torture day. How did they not run away before they would rip you out of your house? Like you weren't getting away, It's only. They were like on Tuesday out too
I'm gonna be lowered onto a pyramid middle ages. We're fucked up now do even though, just so afraid of everything, that's why they will never give you advance notice, because in the middle it is, they were dislike. Person into your house, be, unlike you, thought, an improper so we're gonna shaky wonders if you're wrong, sir, I believe breakfast, the cradle of duties for you so yeah so they be lowered slowly under this pyramid, which would cause the spike to penetrate their premium region, which is your penis yoga. Gravity body weight and the added waits would cause the person to sink under the steak, with no resistance. Now this torture would last four hours and usually the victim was left on this thing all fuckin. May natural instinct like, if you think about it, if you set on something that hurt your bum, your natural instinct is solid, rock back and forth to calculate alleviate the yet been pulled out her to try to get yourself off of it. Kind of
thing would like the iron red and like we're exactly like you're just natural instinct would take over, but doing that this case would just rip the wound: locked. in sync, you lower onto the stake. This is like the hemorrhoid from Hell: they should a camp, they should have called it the hemorrhoid homemaker they should have just called it the hemorrhoid fence too. Six line should ride like six. Why should not peoples? Because I want to know the kind of people that would go on my right. It's like dark children, exert that's a real departs furthest. I just gave their guide idea for his hair. I haven't, I don't even think he's prolific. No thank you. I do not want to exploit that you, so these people would often bleed to death or the infection from the spike. Never Fucking clean between torture sessions would definitely come. Oh that's, like dysentery, right, dysentery is puppy. Whooping alot link like
diarrhoea. Mccoy cause dysentery, It would cause internal that death. It's not gonna cause. You have diarrhoea, it's gonna cause your entire abdomen to explode, says poor. Are you? What is it you get like typhoid disease like people just like cause like there their waste was on the thing I got into off. I do this all where the old trail of smoke about a year. Do the event. Arenas bear tried very hard to get that no You know what I mean now. You know I'm saying like infection yeah Bali, poop infection is a different kind of impact I mean if you want it to be a perfectly good, be eat. It's you like
This is a spike, that's ripping into your internal organs. That's where the infection happens, not poop no I'm not saying they're moving off. If they haven't goes in there, but so a little bit approved gets on it and then the poop gets your organs for sure. So that's where the infection come, sir, and like other bodily ray, That's all I was saying cesspool like it When I met story of future up enough color. Here we are here. We set their lack of active colleagues, shit, so that's the chief, that's the guy Jude as the cradle of Jesus? I don't think the cradle Jesus would be as better I don't know man civil, this is the one that's used today. You know what I remembered which, when it was cause. I looked at your notes: torture by rats
that's the one so users and I still used today, apparently I'll- know where I'm not go in there, but it's used I almost somewhere do you like? I don't know where I'm not going. There were so it happened. Cesspool typhoid the victim, in this case a strip naked and lay on a table nope, which seems to be just when that happens. Just come here, be ass, good, a different spots, you're happy places this isn't gonna began, then a half cage with an open top would be placed on their stomach with the open top facing their skin and inside. That container would be rats next. What stinks of this? Not I I who thought of these things really must people yeah some really massive people. I mean yes, I guess I can't be easy because you just think about the worst stuff. That would mean
I was wrong and illegal sized out of you must do it to some exactly since you know serial killers, morbid Barrymore bed. So this was bad enough because it wishes creepy, but then the cage where the rats, where would be heated in some way of discussing so the rats, would desperately score scurry around and try to escape the heat where's. The only place they can go inside of your chair can only go down so this these rats would violently borough through the abdomen of the victim, while they were chained to a table unable to good. So basically, they would like tear through your intestines and once you tear through the intestines, forget about it you're septic. That's it cesspool now you're assessed for now you aren't, you gonna hit the pulpit kid. That's a line from a really good movie that usually tall this voluntary homeless just said called
Topsy called tat, not call that obsolete, but call pathology. I think I listen. I would like them to be assumed it. It's a good movie. Let's get move in a one point there during an autopsy and they hit the intestine, and he says you don't let him Papa like a head and it's a really good model for life. So there's a variation on this and times you hit the poop pipe in your life. You do who I really has suddenly went out of a weak and its scope to keep moving sire anyway, Caesar that should happen. People moving yeah, so variation on this was instead of placing the rats just directly against the flesh. They would you say, telescoping tube, to guide the rats inside the prisoners body through the rectum or the virgin gap white yeah they would guide the rat's ass if they were like black one end and stick the other end that way, so the only way they were going was up in rats will just like
in others refer via this, a birthday this who her and they don't know the difference that we get the Dark hall. Did the rats die to? Probably, I think, to direct awake is aging is going in? There will be fine, sir. You you would just die with rats inside you pretty much graphs. Now they were just like destroy your insides. So, let's see where do I want to end, because I have like too little, and then one big one another high now like a big mountain, ok saw go next to the Glasgow smile, oh yeah, since Scotland and our people- maybe we don't wanna, tell them now now, if you ve ever seen the dark night, you seem, one of you ve seen some shit. It's also known as the Cheshire grin among the London streets gangs and originated, but it originated in Glasgow. Scotland, basically
small incisions are made at the corner of the victims. Mouth and as the victim was beat or stabbed, muscle contractions and the face would make those wounds extend upwards towards the ears and make it this big, fuckin, terrifying, eared. If smile, If left untreated, some people would die as a result of severe infection or excuse sanguine nation, which is the cucumbers extinguish nation, sanguine nation, exciting one nation. Yes, I like that word, but all cigarettes were extinguished, earliness, a bad thing, but it's a good word until one famous example of this is the black Dalia, oh yeah, which in em it's terrifying and some people, there's actually actors or directors. something one of them that, like I care member his name, but he was a victim of this in the wake of barf like fight a marble, someone any has scars a blight like only guy at night, yeah, a care members name, of course,
I didn't write that you know what I'm gonna do, because he said the bacteria I wanna do not pursued on the seesaw. Tell em like all the weird shit, the top o ye will definitely be there's a visa for sure. That's really. Edwin causes all kinds of crazy connections to that were so much at this. The quick one, it's another one, that's exactly what it sounds like saw torture, so they would tickle you with a feather. I thought picture of this one as during the reserved for mine and the people. Just look so happy. He other site, there's linked up. Do pedantic the people do they produce some. The victim is hung upside down in this case by their ankles size used to cut them from the growing all the way to the surname? Sometimes the poor person
would stay alive until they had the midst mid section or even the chest and summoned since it has all the blood on your head ever while they that's the thing they were upside down, so they did that so Bludward Rusty had and so that cause when that happens, you're you're stopping blend loss, or so this person would be able to live, and if you're hitting certain spots in love, abdomen you're not gonna die right, way, oh god yeah, so that's awful, but now other one. I have two more ones, a big one, once literally one and on the big one drawn in quartered everybody's heard of this sum sure it's usually reserved for high treason and it began in twelve. Eighty three good, then name high trees,
my treason, elegant, hello, Philadelphia. We are hide your high treason, I like a low risk or have they got you weren't Boston? Nuclear clicked should feel Philadelphia, typhoid, though in drowning quartered victims were often hanged to the point of near death and then taken down. There already are haha like now used yeah, that's not okay, so that sex and then so they were taken downright before they died, and then they were tied to something and dismantled. Oh yeah. So really just disempowering amendment statue extra its law. You die from not then the entrails would be burned in the victim's limbs were then tied with ropes. The other end of the ropes are tied to horses, and then the horses arduous like lightly encouraged to take, take often run.
So my limbs, the victim, would then be beheaded and the head would be displayed wow extra now Van is one of the victim of this was scottish patriots, Sir William Wallace Hair. He was killed this way after leaving the scottish resistance against the English. On August fifth, thirteen of five he was arrested near Glasgow whoop. and taken the England to be killed as a trader to the King Edward, the first even though he never sworn allegiance to him. So it's kind of a technically it's gonna be a trade. So whatever do we have surrounding quarter now. This one will leave will leave on a high note or really low note. However, everyone will gather we're gonna end on flying. Oh
this is real and it's not just the schedule for House Bolton on came through open. I thought you were gonna talk to me about Bobby fly love, but before so, first enough in playing your skin has the tender the tortured me no want to satisfy. You know how would you like peel off like a face mask and its legal ones sheet attacks? liquid and, if those very for like when I offer sunburn exactly, I know it's like so that's what they tortured was going for. He didn't want to have to work for the ship you wanted. Satin thanks to the victim would either be left out in the hot sun all day. Well, if skin burned or they would be dipped into about a boiling water just until they were almost wildlife just until they write Christmas, got the skin nascent leaves- and it also just lake prolonged the experience which is always something that looking for now
they would start to flay you, they would usually begin with the face skin your entire face, peeled like a super, nightmarish chemical peel. Oh then, cuts would be made around your arms wrists chest neck and ankles, because this will make it easier for the skin, the coma in one satisfying peaks and made him on all kinds of little ones, because you wanted to be able to display the full all the sheets and it would look like a person's so going back to Australia like we did last year. I listened wants to a case like this. I'm pretty sure was Australia, and this lady did that to her husband and then doorway sparked absent, like he did some real Shelly. I did some show. Nobody deserves Niles factor the leg. You have to be wrong
she ashes, but that's what she was also like, logo and Dick a basis about him. She said a lot of work see a woman. The cats are only extended into the epidermis and stop toward the muscle begins. Oh so that hurts more Luke and they knew that back then, yeah in now, in the the ancient church of had stock in Essex actually had a legend of a Dane who had committed sacrilege, and he was flayed for punishment. His skin was then spread out and nailed to the door. of the church. Why a super subtle warning to us? That's far too when the door David Repair later they found pieces of human skin still under the males. So that's they'd like actually happen to you and then at another cathedral in England,
Believe it's there's a large slab of human skins like on display, and it was of another Dane who was a Viking who tried to steal the churches Bell. It's like I'm going to steal the church like use, trying to steal the churches. Balmy believed you could pick out there like. Don't touch our fucking Bell now. The reason I am sure all of your wondering like what it feels like to beforehand. I'm not one. not me, I'm sure everyone is wondering rail. I thought I was hungry and I'm not anymore and actually so hungry, but Of course you are you. What's that picture that Moscow drew you, Getting a salmon, oh yeah, my friend Vasco, was amazing artist and you should go find him by a whole picture. He drew a picture of me during an autopsy eating, a sandwich which is like a pretty well
I'll have to post that picture and tag him in and you should integrate voter. So the reason this hurts like hell is that nerve endings extend really deep into the layers of your skin and that enables your sense of touch I think it's why your fingertips are really sensitive and if you ve ever had a paper caught. You know that shit hurts more than anything. This response is caused by nosey sectors, so those are sensory nerve cells that respond to pain, science, slime those are delaying involves, tearing the skin away from the muscle not cutting,
So it's the ripping motion. That means your nerve endings are just there not being sever severed cleanly. Instead, there just bucket torn to shreds, like us, are your nerve, endings industry alike, but large subsidies yeah. It's not like a clean cut that they can like recover from you're gonna, feel your skin being pulled off every bit of muscle. Only in your literally gonna feel your nerve endings die we're going to feel every nerve ending die. If you all, purple. Despite the fact that those administering the torture may also be hitting you or hanging you upside down to keep you awake and alert which they often did new may lose consciousness from blood loss from pain and fear. or because your brain is most definitely going to go into self preservation mode and just start shutting shit down right, which, thank goodness for our brains, floor, real or you could die from hypothermia
even if it's not called out to your number scan to protect young. Where is your skin is the biggest one of the big it's the biggest and one of the most vital organs in the human body and irregular its temperature protects all the other. Organs and systems in the body, so not only that, but are exposed completely to infection, whom you will definitely die because because of all that, without your skin does you can repair and regenerate skin without your school once you lost that much skin, your body can regenerate them of skin. Obviously, there's there's an interesting story that I heard from another podcast. It's amazing. You should also listen to lore, I'm sure Lotta people listen to yourself. Aaron monkey is amazed engineers, Michel on Amazon. No, that's what I was thinking of. He has the show on Amazon called Lore, and this the story of Peter Stew. He was a crazy serial killer in Cannibal who is caught after what they want.
to be a werewolf was killing men, women and children in Germany in the sixteenth century. I remember watching over the until he's got like a werewolf I'll use. Just so back and fifteen. Eighty nine Peter Stube was arrested and formerly accused of being an insatiable bloodsucker, and evidence was provided that he had quote gorge on the flesh of goats, lambs and sheep, as well as men, women and children for twenty five years, that's horrible! So when he was caught use facing torture, so he confess to having murdered and eaten quote fourteen children and to pregnant women. Jesus so use a piece of shit. Now you would have thought that he would stop there while he was like relatively heard, because he was confession. Convention, he was conversion. When you can furnish use guy got another, should I hope no. He then declared that he quote extracted a foetus from a pregnant woman womb and ate their hearts panting hot
Raw Jesus any also confess to having regular sex with his daughter and having the internet worse with a quote Sukhi best sent to him by the devil, so his execution was prolonged. Torture is apparently so. The lash was torn from his body in ten places, with red hot pinchers, followed by his arms and his legs. They also pulled so they flayed him with red hot pinchers. Then his limbs were broken with the blunt side of an ax head on oil, so they added in the wheel to this position. My signal really crafty. Further. It's like a casserole of torture, yams dollar, in the crowd thrown out one without buck and to prove that was now to prevent him from returning from the grave. They then beheaded him and burned. The his body on a fire was now his daughter and mistress were also flayed and strangled him
learned. Is that fair will lose as a preventive measure against similar wolfish behaviour, as if they were a wolf so they, but because they thought he was a werewolf. He hasn't they were like all they must be werewolves do and then they're all this was done. The wheel was erected on a pole with the figure of a wolf on it and topped by Peter Stube. Severed head were so that's the story of flying and also Ramsay snowed at. It came third member either memory says it about oh, the kid that they hung up. Romances notes, senses Lake nurse member. She was like an old woman and he says something like tough old bird, he was alive and illegal, or something like that. Nose like allow Ramsay Snowman
yeah. Can we tell them your announcement? Oh yeah. We have fun announcement now. We don't have a date for this year. Weren't sullen talks, but I'm relieved in order to some hope, though,. Well it s a bit of so we are watching directorate sneer watching that tourists and you're, watching the episode where he goes to New Orleans and we talked naval, who are vampires right now recognized. This beautiful couple, vampires that are married, are sewed up here and we are likely to second We see them, but I literally text certainly nomadic. Are those people that we're on true life would only where they are empty links to your life like two episodes Yak, they were episode back in two thousand fourteen therein. An episode respect my sect and it was fun. Knowing daily, who is the vampire queen of Aston, awe and and her husband
focusing on her, and then it was in another episode in two thousand sixteen true life, I'm a which, where leg somebody go, is part of this court still, so you get to see daily in her husband, Logan who's, the vampire king of Boston. They have a vampire court of Austin where they have liked more than fifty members. According to the truth, episode and I'm sure they have more now I mean now makes sense and they are vampires and we were fascinated by And they seem like features link so above and I've loved. relations there and stir grams are like AIDS, adorable and also like. We were kind of inspired by the fact that they are justly unabashedly. Who they are and was really. I am like it's like makes. You want to know them cause. I mean how many of us can save we just are tired, unapologetically who we are examined with them and they found each other, which is nice so
we were like stars. Have them and we reached out talk to daily and asked her if she would ever want to speak to us for the podcast, She was kind enough to say she with her in again with love to talk to us, so we are setting up, and in our view, with the king and queen vampire of the vampire court of Austin, Logan and Daily South, and we could not be happier we are so excited your dog is making those two sites like. Let me I'm really sorry we are so excited we're going the date, for you guys will let you know cuz, I think we're gonna. Do it soon, yeah, so yeah so get excited. We're gonna, be talking to the vampire king and queen of us and is not a big deal, will do, will Willem kind of measured in with a whole episode devoted to vampire ism, because it's really fascinating subject stopping here my dog, sir, are you sure you guys are gonna be super into its interests?
an awesome reactors. Look forward to that and take a look at our Adrian again with us all your mom very, very dark, patriarchal slash, morbid podcast check, sat on Instagram Morbid podcast check us out on Twitter at a morbid podcast check us out on Facebook. Facebook works, which just do it actually deactivated mindlessly. I am if spoke said Go on, but an downloader subscribe leave us reviews rate us. Tell your friends shouted from the rooftops, just awful on just don't play any one, but you can Bobby flay someone PEO say I hope you like term four, a to torture. We hope you keep it weird
ah ha mutton. Again, I don't know anything. Mediaeval foods potatoes, Grady potatoes at any rate.
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