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Episode 140: Liquid Matthew, Maria Del Carmen and Dorothy Jane Scott With Special Guest Christine Schiefer!

2020-05-16 | 🔗
That's right! We have the second half of And That's Why We Drink on as our extra special guest! It's Christine Schiefer on for a twisty true crime extravaganza. Tonight we talk true crime, severed heads in boxes, soupy mistakes and Ash tells us whether or not we are truly "wildin'". Come on in for some twisty, true crime madness. Thanks to our sponsor!Better HelpVisit betterhelp.com/morbid and join the over 800,000 peopletalking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional. Special offer for Morbid listeners get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/morbid
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for your thing, it together and then stopped after that it always turns out awesome. Clearly I made the decision for us, so I love I was God about it then go there got up this week. We have Christine on frown and that's why we drink as you all guest as soon as it is that this week, everyone off as everyone guest in demand well, I'm very honoured. When I first saw me they were like oh yeah, I'm gonna be on morbidness like white, like the fight Would you about that? Like I just got so like possessing a sector? What and then you go. Text to be immediately and I was like ok, I guess I got to do it to grow further away, as I can. I just like come and watched of being very weird, should I probably should have you now have a zoo master. There's gonna be madly, but if you decide to go, but we may have to be created,
honor, I'm so excited I've been looking guys first, like since October, I think- and I started listening because those using new for research for some of my stories and then I just thy hearts or it was as you know, like Elvis's, even research leg just fun to listen to, and so then I got a little bit addicted to it so so on and makes us so happy. I know where honoured that you came because everything even brought wine like I'm ready to girl. Here I have a decaf coffee, Hell yeah. We were just ready, I've water We covered all basis, oh you're wild. That's usually what they say about media. While then me as well, you know me against that all the time I am constantly wild in but I never thought I'd here. No put this episode,
there's gonna be while Loon, because I twisty turning up. sound yeah I did about, and the best thing about this is when I texted ashen was like it's gonna, be fine like a twist The thing on my dad you out of my head. I was just about to say that I was like see. You mean twisty, the clown right. so I'm gonna. Let me know if I'd known, oh, I know I had a full blown idea. I thought that Christine was gonna cover to see the cloud and I was like oh cool algae crops, either twisted close real. Like true Kate, I knew I was confused, but I was ready to so earnest when new texted me relax a twisting the credibility and crumbs videos. Like me, sense Ray. I wouldn't I mean we should keep that in mind for a future is like an actual Emel bums. We didn't go with that by now and always next time. Yet
A working party, exactly twisty was, invented, Alex you in the morning. That's cut, probably the word I use, which show that israeli my fault but yeah like two in the morning I like, I know I'll, make it twisty journey and I don't know if that's even a theme at all, but that's right. We as members, we remain on. It's a u rate at lunch, maybe ready- and I think so I think we're gonna do- is working to start with the main events We see cresty, I'm the main event you're the shit. So can you in Hamburg assault yeah dad you're welcome did I now know people right like any other who the hell is that chick no people psyched Marceau, stopped for that, and I think we have a lot of the same way dinner, I think we do, and today we did emanated like ATM Instagram live stream and everyone was like you find
We did a morbid calot, like people very excited about the crossover Beata people's right funny. It's been a long time coming, I think it has. The law Israeli, both Israel and finally brought us all together, that was his during Kismet during quarantine, disabuse of story, Olitic was a pandemic. not about the aid- will have like lasting consequences in the world. Everything will be fine about us and our. We're fine, we're friends, man, ok, also show just tell you this store. I've too little like to reassure you, can just dived into this mess these, if you will to twisty term, is didn't. We may be only one bids They argue with you anymore, many morbid. I did see that powers on purpose. Look at that the twisty not so much, but that's that's just a happy accident that was a happy
accident thinking, I like to look at it, so I have to like little stories the first one I I like had heard of a long time ago, and I want to do and that's why we drink those too short, too many, and let me know I showed you like four hours long, each say it actually drive exactly communing, which we don't do anymore, but that's a good sign. I have too little many ones, but the first one is called the liquid Matthew case Ass, sound, so disgusting I gave it does foul, doesn't, have you avoid Lou do you guys know about this? I feel, like a lady said he had heard of it are united heard of this year, but I hearing of it, but I dont yeah details, ok, good I intentionally didn't look at the details. This. Why are you surprised? You gotta know them you got away for the twist twisty locate. Whiskey I'm so nervous. I'm gonna tell you this now
we have a guy greener. You look like you're killing they already the lighting re. If everybody could see it, it's behind, I am absolutely sure that sitting under it skylight It's really annoying and I recognise sounded got it looks shades I'd like all the story of MAGIC, our lighting. I love it happy accident likes to say so. Many do so quit Matthew Montoya. Does this happen in Miami Florida in nineteen? Eighty, three It was December sixth, and to jog were out for a run and they came crossed the body of a man who had been torn apart and wrapped in plastic under The no dumping sign which wow the fact that Sir, that's a bad joke
great bear the badger that groaning dad joke and he had been strangled to death and was wrapped in plastic and the officers that were there the effective found, a note that had been taped to the no dumping sign and it was wrapped in plastic. and it had a riddle on it, and the note read once you're back on track. You'll travel in night so prepare your old self for a terrible fright. Now the motive is clear and the victim is too you ve got all the answers. Just follow the clue please be so excited. I would investigate I'd like their legs exactly like this, like eight year old me got into the police like was wanting to be please answer for this type of situation like sounds like a hunter killer. Bartley eyes like a real life, read all exactly, and so apparently there was is gaining sergeant Miller who was like hell yeah. This is my and got all over Ailer Sgi Miller was like I'll take it and he is solved
first Cluett took him in our apparently I know he was on top of a really good. I thought so, and it led him to a second clue and they found the second clear on the back of a speed limit sign, and this clue said yes, Matthew was dead Buzz, but his body not felt those brains were not mats, because his body did melt for Billy through Matt in some hot boiling oil, too confused the police for the mystery. They did toil shared rules like a power, but also like peace, while why everyone is while I'm thirty Miller is like shit, I didn't not economic ones. I think that your wild and turn them so they found the second clue, unlike at first, they really hell, yeah. We are on the whole, we got this figured out, but after include, they really completely stumped, and so they
well. What do we do now? I guess in all the traditional like true crime stories. What you do is you go to the public and sours much like the Zodiac. They put they went to the Miami Herald and they ran a story about the case and put the like creepy riddle in the newspaper at four, like the public to kind of trying to figure out installed and see if they could find us. Clue? Basically, my dream. I know I was like this is like a real life. Sorry that you just imagine and like yeah, fictional Netflix show. Why am I not alive reglazed kind of things like? Why am I ever happened to me? I want only you pay we're, never gonna. We solve a little This argument is: go from my clue, one until an attempt at me, like you, got the sergeant Miller love again, so they really
ok, we'll see if anyone in the public knows what this is about and pretty soon to people came forward, and they were both members of a local church and they were like those notes. We wrote them where the police relaxed shit. What they were like well, thanks for coming related, like that's real weird soon we get our like weapons. Oh, I don't know who exert are, and so they re really with what I think You did something bad and pretty soon you pulled, the we wrote those doubts, and at this point too I will say that the case of become known as the liquid Matthew case because of the hot boiling on the new Matthew in the note- and they were china- is like very cryptic Amira. Like is this guy Matthew like we can, I guess so I don't know where they were. Let me make this is grow something of the ethical spreading at people interested in which I can the word Matthew Soup. Let's call it like flowers I unable for about it,
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the only ones who experienced the impact of our starting wage neighbours like Sylvia and Francoise of Silvia CAFE in Opal AKA Florida. feel the impact of that extra spending money see their story about Amazon dot com forward, slash fifteen. So these two people from the church cabinet, like those are ours. We wrote those and it turned out that back in October this church they were members of heads, about hollowing murder, mystery style, scavenger hunt for the kids of the congregation to solve and they had put reprimand plastic bag to protect them from the weather and that night had stormed, and so a lot of the notes had not been picked up after the scavenger hunt was over. Oh so it was just like a total coincidence. This no had been hanging like literally above the dead body, like the person who dumbfounded by their had nothing now with the know, and it just
that's a very intense note for children, how the most metal church I have ever actually, the charitable how you off, because I really that's what your church would ride out loud and solve their right away. I can speak this language I would hate the one who would have the chosen, those notes for scavenger hands for the church and they would been like yeah. You can't you for your actually no longer by you ve, been negative and so they were like while okay. So this would like a totally two months later. They just happened to find a dead body underneath this sign taped to us. You know it's a sign, and so as to a total coincidence, and actually eventually,
now that the murder victim was a guy named Francisco Patino Gutierrez, and he was a colombian national who had actually recently smuggled, are attempting to smuggle eleven pounds of cocaine into the United States now, and so they it turned out. He had been. old for drug related reasons and go yeah Francisco escaped was not happy, ending, but it also was not as dramatic and fund as the police. Without it. probably wasn't not really what you did a case. I felt really sad bird detective Miller Sergeant Miller, whose lake I really thought I was going to be interviewed at like my netflix in thirty years in, like you, know, that's the that's the moment, hurting rare where you're like so I'm gonna have a movie. And I can't wait to see who plays linking Morgan Freeman will be in this film. Someday is what skills like yeah well, it will play me. It'll, be awesome, It was exactly so. I felt a little sad for home cause
leave you now the got that pull out from under him, but they did figure out that someone was pissed enough about his drug was that they strangled him and left him. the no dumping sign and yeah, in other words, is murder had nothing to do with the cryptic notes. It was just a co, total coincidence and other real life. Mystery kind of just by the wayside and got sub. So it's kind of the anti like huge twist like it's. It's like an anticlimax that you have an ironic to us exactly like a real life to us like that. Wasn't as far as we thought versus go just got unintentionally, wrapped up with the metal church in things just people, always warned him. You know there are still here.
this metal join. The church of Alain AIDS will serve only have you heard about the scavenger has for the children in your life in order that, for the youth of the huge amount of that's a too, I would like TAT, I was a group would like the catholic Church and I went to category verse, fifteen than we never Danny, Cormorant high stuff, but never I was like this is such a bummer are mysteries are about like the crucifixion which I guess it's kind of my own, where I go faster but I need a murder mystery with a church on like that's all. yeah like next love. All ok, I forgot, were made so that the first twisted case liquid metal is really like it. Oh god! everytime I say in my book:
It is really rapporteur, like my skin color, turns inside out really yuck, but like but I do think I do kind of hope that they looked into whoever wrote that one about like boiling someone in hot oil, because that's the thing tat these from experience tat so to specific, I got. It also was unloading some emotional. Yet that's like deal like. I wonder if they left them up on purpose. Like I want my poetry, I have one finds it in my pocket, so I've finally been discovered. Well, I have one more for you and this one actually is like it does end up. fucked up. So this is a real life twist. I wanted to make sure we actually had like climactic twist. Not just like act was so he had one that was like a twist that was like one. And then just getting yet so end on this one now this actually took place last.
you're, not like less than a year ago, this past false? It is the very new and unfolding case, and this is the story of Maria Del Carmen in Spain, who so I know this guy I've never heard of it either until I found it on a list of coal, which is usually where, if I'm things that doesn't it The two in the morning, meeting, we would, I do a deep, diving ballistic holes in the middle of the night, That is why I believe that's what they're meant for, I think the hidden job it is. Who is so this took place in northern Spain in last fond this one's name, Maria De Carmen- and she asked her name
one day if she could store a box for her she's like alms, they cling some stuff out you mind. Storing this box animal meal later is now they answered all window. They resemble. I don't have any red for about Mary. I haven't you Dave average shock of block full think no room whatsoever for you. Why don't you get you a storage facility like a normal human yeah? I know it's so of course assumes like will within it. And Maria says. Oh, it's just my sex toys we owe I will. I will definitely help. Look. I don't know I guess that was the convincing virus, like oh sure, ok, by uniting and I'd, be like a. Why didn't you say so you gotta be more power plant I got a whole room for though we got a place for the special special, special though, as it for getting this woman literally did have a special closet. She seemed to me, I mean, maybe she just like. I personally am so bad a boundaries that like, if someone asked me something to my face. I just like say yes, cigarettes
seem to contest it later and then I think, like. How can I get myself out of this? So maybe you with more of one of those areas which I like to think as I feel that this would happen to me I don't know I just that he s. Ok, she seemed so earnest. I guess, and this woman is like yeah, I guess I'll take your sex toys and she put in her wardrobe in her special closet, you put this assorted over six minds, yeah and like to just forgot about it and then pretty soon after that she sorry to realise that the box had a terrible stench coming from it never good, especially when it said, look. It's has lately nodded slightly toy stench about. How do you like the report you give not really, no! So about salted you really. What are you gave me this about yo stinky sex, the smell at all, now
Israel idling I'd like created my own unknowing theme of like just really growth topic. I don't know how this clearly them all and very like twisty leg. Just foul rank its offices allow all I'm Tina, I love outward pretty on and I guess yeah always kinds ends up somewhere growth. I mean you're, so she liked will. This is grows. It has a nasty smell and for a while she ignored it has done, but then, after while she was like now, I need to like either get rid of this or like see. What's going on so she lifts about our lives. The lead of the box opens up, which must have been the most like stressful moment of honestly. I d sounds discussing to think about, but so she lifted the lid on this box of gross smelling sex toys and inside
was not sure whether deal now are you end up told you you could twister's there's note, because if we do this, just a nasty lady suffer smelly sex toys that the two tier today grows up up up up up, come check out my show but weird, but not so we'll be back. I got built for that. I've been so inside. She actually finds a severed, ha ha. I had going for a head, which is like pretty much the only other possible option. I think that would be in this box in the boat and something that's worse, the exactly worse than the only thing you're right, you're right,
a severed had arguably like equally is bad, but you have only worse for promoting lately, worse slightly, so she finds his head, it's in an advanced state of DE camp and she pearly suffers a panic attack like that in the news, like she had like a full blown packed. I wish I was like mingled. I know you're like saying me to examine, though she rarely called please read away and they came and they looked at this head. It was an advanced state of de competent appear to have been boiled in water and then wrapped in either foil or wrapping paper well, is slightly different materials, but no and I said yeah and they were like? Well, where did you get this box so obviously she's a while I'll tell you. I got second box and if they determine that the head belong to Maria her neighbours partner and his aim was sixty seven year old, haziness Maria and he had been missing since February
and I guess he soon they had found him so innovative way. I was really hoping they would show up and the like. What's in the bar, maybe they did thinking of what that's actually, where that originated ego little known fact according to his is cousin quote: first she told us so tat. He had gone missing in peril. in the sky and Maria, had told his family, like all sorts of excuses? So apparently quote? First, she told us he had gone on holiday when we called his cell phone. I got no answer. She told us that the phone had broken after it fell in the bath. So then she gave us another phone number from which we received text messages, but we didn't think it was him given the way they were written. So they ask the person on the other, into this new phone number like can you suggest audio message or call us like prove that it's you and the person just kept saying now. I like don't have time to send an audio message. They were like woke hey. This is definitely not him really catfish
exactly exactly and they were like. We know. That's, not. You so is with super sketchy and so they got no response and they actually reported him missing earlier that you're. So when question Maria told the spanish Civil guard that she had contacted her partner through what's up- and she said- oh no, his this is before they found a hadn't she's like. Oh, no, like I've, been talking to him through Whatsapp, like he's fine, and they were like oak Can you like it with your phone? So we can like look at the messages and see if we can trace them and she's like? Oh, actually, I just dropped in the toilet and they were like okay, real can be at work. All you guys are really clumsy. Both of you has so they were like. This is clearly something fisheries going on southern. Obviously they finest go ahead and that, though the woman who found it there were like well, why did you take this box, and which is a very clear know where to send it all like. I know no boundaries, I don't know how to say no.
I dont mean I get a lady. I get lessons learned later with less than ours, her lesson and yeah. I know for sure now and honestly, I'm like maybe next time I'll, just think of historical, be like imagine the possibility. As of now, it's like outline its like exposure therapy. Yeah say that goes due to the worst scenario, and now you like, in our analysis that never again their promise eyes the apparently she refused a lady in June that attains you and they do not. She refused to put her name in any of the articles, and I was like, oh god, poor lady is probably like far methods of Victor up in anybody's, like not named anywhere. She Anyone shown up and are genuinely amongst the sex. Oh yeah. I know I just subversive finally it'll take these, then the good boy accident. They were thou. So soon they were like we'll. Let you take this box and he's at a wall. Maria said that she needed me to hold on to this box of sex toys quo in haste. Police searched her home in relation to the disappearance of her partner and she's like oh. I would just be embarrassing if the police found my sex toys
Can you hold on new? I like those poor lady. They know that was like literally the remains of the person they were. Let me now No, and so sixty one Euro Maria Da Carmen was arrested Tralee thereafter, as she is now facing homicide charges and she like created this whole. story after this silly explain herself and she says that his head was dropped off at her door step after he went missing in February and they were like will then why didn't you call the police and she was his head was the only memento I had to remember him by spoke low. I gave it to my neighbour, I think I'll, let you know I love John, all amendments. Until I have let it go,
Yeah I'll, find a picture I gotta photo. What's up will be enough for tat? I am not one that once you put your phone in some rights just down the doping that there's like a cloud, I'm sure for what now what a romantic. I know and so they were like well, we don't really believe that he also gave it to your neighbour for six months and sought. Ok, the police, and by like that? I don't think. There's gonna fly in court for obvious reasons and unfortunately they ve never found the recipe raises his body, but the latest up day as they are searching his property, the properties he owned to see if they can find the rest of it remain so on our next toys. Part too I'll. Let you know if we do not want cheap hard to seriously, because now I want you to redeploy name. This episode twisty lit a period a period
its army at all. It is, can the wrapping paper retraced or something like that and look into that shit? Would you have given that the unlike in Dubai? Let me tell you what it that's a good but she would. We should probably tell you, like I wrapped in beautiful paper, because I just it was some of their love to me and I wanted to prisoners. It was a gift incredulous paper right because it gets don't you get it? That's the guy, meaning la all. Those way we're late night stories that I stumbled upon logistical. Those were perfect, though. really good, I'm glad you like them at the person is going to so I wanted to make eventually climactic, unlike the best way exactly what I was going to say. Yeah anyway, we were all wrong. I feel like I'm glad, though, like I was happy for demanding that we are not happy about like glad that nobody got boils as we just you know it,
sure there's no liquid Matthew, yeah, but I'll leave over like tat. We know of. I still think, whoever wrote that little scavenger hunt thing was loading, something I think. Maybe they need to check underneath that church there might be some secret citing down. There is a point. I think they need to look in the church kitchen. see what the movement, those big like all of us, that pile, because those feelings being put on paper there. No thanks guys does again since, like a starving artist, struggling you don't know that I address my art expressed very well well, I'd heard understand now you say you, I heard her Allan POE hurry up for children for the youth boy, I'm nervous Follow that up now those we're gonna know. Now. I want to hear your green electricity, you
My wine and listen up, ok, perfect, so I together. It's like two pages, so it's like long wish, but not really at all to her map, Christine you delight you have right now is making you. I know I can it's like you need to take like a little photos. You barely a shoe. You guys, I am so sweaty, unlike others, feel silver us right now, so that use every day say that, unlike are you sure it's today, you look great you're glowing. I just can't live in my arms khazars. Definitely slight going on so I was free is really really still thinking. If I didn't have a tank top on right now, I would be that I appreciated thank you so much so I did murder of Dorothy, Jane Scott Dorothy. What this sense million, but I don't remember it. I had never heard
that's one. I looked on a list and I was like that when will work great, we love a good list. Oh my god. What? If I cover this and I'm just like I've, never heard of this- that's gonna, be where, though, I checked Spotify to see if you guys did, and I don't think that you'd, ok, good the name, sons really fucking familiar, but I could just be making it up. So I dont, like we re doing research to see if you did so, maybe and also like every sort of ever I don't remember so it doesn't matter cosy up saying out here for the first time right now, the people will be like I loved that episode you dead. Unlike sounds like I did yeah exactly our for their. There was one recently. I think it was actually the one we did that where we had Billy Jensen on. We cover the Korean about where I oh yeah. By the way, I meant a message you guys like holy shit, but about like fan girl. I covered that one awhile ago. That's that's all! I ask Somebody was somebody message out there is somebody commented on was like I thought you does. It already covered this, unlike what in a couple of people
those like. Oh god only knows what did we get it? We didn't we're good because when you get to like a hundred- and I dont know what we're out like a hundred something really, wait. I was like little round a year ago, yeah! No, I would this how this is like our biggest sphere that work working like redo a story, and it's not even necessarily like oh will do the same story twice, but it's like. Why did I just do then it's all about innovation swiftly, but I already planned nuts up. A guy can re God, while we did Corina Homer recently. Maybe that was like the similarity or something that might have been primarily, though, because it stressed to be in that area. That is really frightened. brief moment like well now we really wanted to do it just as valid just really like that when you have back to our well, let's find out if you ve covered Dorothy, I can't promise now by the end when looking at works you she was
thirty two year old angle, mother in this within nineteen eighty, her son Sean was four years old and his dad, like wasn't really in the picture they had shown, and then it seems like he kind of just dipped after that. So that's Africa Dorothy could honour and lived with. Dorothys ought shanty an Stanton California, so she by all accounts a super sweet lady would like a very casual life. She didn't really have an enemy that anybody could think. I like everybody, was like no she's, like literally the nicest lady ever, which is always the case, and it so sad. I know it's like that's not how the world should be. Who are here now. I I thought when you said she had a very casual life. That you're saying that sarcastic room, you thought he is actually a sword, slung our misgivings while then all over it, she was like Anti wild and whatever that means you have known. She was there tat wild and she was taken. Curbing sign and working
like went to church alarms, wilding light Diet Wild die, while, oh my that's what we're doing inquiry of diet wilder! That's right we would have only love that. Actually, London really relate to that right. I feel like I used to be sure I like, we need to make tamper empty, am yeah, you guys, you D say I was just liar we're into it. Yeah cross over marriage. So yeah, that's a grey. I actually wanted to buy. One hears sorry doubly saw topic, but I went on your march saying I was like Holy Shit summit collection, some of them on Instagram and I went lifestyles, iqs a fucking, beautiful stuff on that murder, apparently burnout amateur apparent. I want to buy one of those sweatshirt say, look so cosy. They also cosy cozy. If them like two sizes, bigger, you can wear them would like leggings.
that's what I'm gonna do. I was like that looks like the holiest thing ever so. Ok I'll do that after we get off the cold war yeah. There's a visit, the Roma go by their murder. That really do. Where was I? ok, so I don't know, I'm sorry you're fine. She was Anti wild. That's where we re right. It was really not Swinger Sanction Psych Shop, which sounds like a wild place by Golly. They just sold like lava lamps, unlike candles and stuff, like Thou, which sounds like my kind of place, for she was a secretary there and she worked and like the back office and then she also worked at Custom Johns Head Shop, which are, I think, her dad owned part of the singer psych shop. He always, I literally just remember this one from thy. Remember up yeah. I think we did this like really like a few months ago, but I don't remember what happens that? I remember
no, you doubtfully. Well, I dont mob. He will only get on Instagram, be like you ve already fuck. Until this, like your pretending, you don't know, I literally don't remember, but I do know that I've talked about it before This isn't, I love it it was not our anti. There was priority, and so I dont ever much that happened before it was a difficult time. It was different time. Everything peak envoy null and void of diet. P q is a different one. I'll, then this is business. Wary wreck, so very different attitude, us so yeah though her dad owned part of I've. I dont know if he only part of the head shop or if he owned part of the am the Swinger section. I think it was the same shop, but it was hard to tell, but also the doesn't that doesn't make a huge difference.
browser, but also at all potential Bosh. He ordered. Definitely reliable am ass whenever it's all good, so accustomed Johns with the general store in them, like I said, Lava lamp school beads at the sight shop when she was working. Her parents would watch her son because, and they only lived twenty minutes away from each other, so it was like a really good set up. Should they could watch your kid. She could pick him up and go home and it would be like to long term like essentially to going to church and all that stuff and she data here and there, but not super often so like she wasn't dating. Anybody seriously at the time of all of this stuff that I'm about to tell you don't I so ship goes down. I could always does and basically
How does it know where issues all the time gas nets? The fan flyin so literally like out of nowhere the cheese I started getting. These super like freaky calls from some one. Oh and eventually she tells her family that the voice does sound familiar, but she can't figure out exactly who was she's like I know. I know this voice, but I can't figure out who had us, which is my worst nightmare it's terrifying who is calling me. I don't like that at all and the guy on the other line never set his name. Obviously he just said the most what was it like, hates TED,
I thought they were who it is clear that these are concerned. I can tell a beer to scare you gotta connection and when the sun familiar so weird yeah, sorry, not she never found only was and one second, he would be telling our like how much he loved and adored her and then the next second he'd be threatening her life, so Christ, but their calls lasted for months and months, so yeah because lasted for months, and they got more groom every single terms and with what you said, Ray frozen or now she's? U god we loves us, you're lying all are getting more grim and at one point he and their lasting, like this has been going on for months and their starting to get crazier crazier any tells her at one point that he got her gift and to go look outside of
Now wait a box of sex toy now that fulfil either a severed head in wrapping paper, dildo right either way. It's never. Why? You are the nordic hymns, your horror mayor column be wise up a dead rose sitting on her car on her when shield, would you symbolic, horrible, rude? Take it back, but I think that if this is so theatricals out the outer door of yeah, I believe you're such a fuss. in my view, very, very life time movie when I was writing there is this real though like am I am I getting lies you right now is that it really islands like a lifetime of a new era, and it's like bro did you just like. Let a rose, whither and die like spaces
sixty. Fourth, that's entirely! No! No, my god! I literally just remember telling in this fuckin story because they were like, did they like to find a dead rose or did they like a road that, with the same question I got? I don't know where you go. I was like. Maybe they went through the trash unfounded, but also has a very romantic. I dont know this very same sounds committed to like watching, not rose die then swirling it on the when shielding like agile give at such a time. Jus cradle original exact, lied and she's, like that, I don't want to buy I was also that's actually direct quote from either by he was, I gotta go, he's somewhere, like ah nuts I'll try again the cardinal. This is pre, Google, you couldn't like Google romance most romantic gift list of legs ads. You figure it out by her side and he wasn't.
got it. I was gonna followers outta my schedule about, because you know what time of day, what time she started or day he knew when her day ended and like every detail in between he Billig. You went to launch at this time and like eight this, like all discreetly stuff, I may not like him. He knew d always try to switch up your schedule, and we always say would always be a wild always what? Then they won't catch because in your life, in its with a group in more good service at mighty, go that's how I lived my life meeting, you never why I dont know if I'm using correctly? I only knew there ever let I'll, never wilds the same way twice: I don't know- Is that really do we are a cue after quarantine, slow Well, there you go, you did I kind of wild and mid quarantine, not die a wild and- and
wild and zero, like pokes, arrange it like Crystal wild and owing super rare like a wild. Are you not drugs? Super rare, oh there's a limit, self employed. Love when I know a lot about drugs. Don't worry about. It is rather, while exactly Like a little bit of tears coming out of my up a candle The sweat and tears is probably the biggest we provide extra. My up. So it's a wonderful mixture, but yet great acidic, oh yeah. He knew her whole schedule knew what she was doing all day and at one point he called her and said quote. When I get you alone, I will cut you into bits and no one. Ever find you what the firewall knows that we goes mainly no logical roses die to be realistic and then being like, I'm going to kill you it's not a window!
in one or two glass? I found that escalated quickly and really very one article I found on medium. It was written by Kim L Past Squall Lee me sorry if I'm asylum, that call ask why leaning, what's that girl what's going on it, that was the called I really freaked Dorothy to the point that she started taking self defense class and say you did so. Why starts taking it'll do itself depends classes and she even considered buying a gun at this point just like for reflection and you know immediately all she never had the chance to get back on Oh no! No! No! This is where it gets. Twisty tourney. This is just crazy twists and the story solely on the night of May twenty Eightth Dorothy we got Dorothy was at a meeting for the site shop when she glanced at her coworker, Conrad and she's, like while Conrad does not look so hot like what is going on here,
like. Yes, this red like circle on his arm and it looks all swollen and he just looks very uncomfortable, unlike not good, so she's like what's up Conrad like, I think we should take you the hospital, so her in her coworker named PAM, decide to take him to the yard together, but remember on. Dorothys parents were watching Sean so on the way to the e r they stopped, because there was no cell phones up at time and they were she just like. Let them know what was going on. She like dropped and really quick was like hey we're going to the hospital, and while she was stepping outside, she changed the scarf that she was wearing So she changed it from a red or from a black scarf to a red scarf. That will be important, for at least is so ominous it, and so on she swapped out their scarves and then they're on their work. Their way. If I saw that in a movie,
that's too much in cinema cliche. I'd like I ride. She wouldn't do that You lifetime calmed, it's the royal scar, the rose to MA, and then this is. This is lifetime as fuck, because Conrad gets untreated for a blog widow, spider by thought. Guy, that's why he was an wild in Gaza. He was. You know I'd like I'm starting to remember this and it's just a scary as it was when I first heard about it, but the spider right thing to remember, because my husband works and our and leg. He always are these every comes in thinking may have a spider by its, never a spider right, always like dermatitis, something very like how could I then people would have us believe I wouldn't like phone. You only constantly thing its wider than you think, you're driving me crazy. It's like the one thing that, like it's gonna, come in all the time and I think so
rarely happens. So when I read this has like blaze, you wouldn't believe this actually was reflected good of you because he's like he's like. Why does everyone thinks spiders or just like waiting around to buy you also trying to kill everyone ones is getting bitten by say, are now because last night at lake everything it was like one. I am. I sent up super late last night and I crawl into bed and we learn Alec Upstairs attic. So you know how like ceilings are to answer. You can see this mono other fucking giant ass spider is just crawling on the ceiling over my head. I pushed Annie out of bed and ran to the other side of the room that what the fuck click what'd you do. What did you do? I made any kill it. we're gonna have like. One of you has to do with your areas as you have to kill it like so carefully. Earls has fallen, bad holiday in the bed on my money in San yeah. I don't know how I was last night. The length of time set a bonfire. on the back yard and burn everything a long procedure as you
like this big to end, it was around like woodwind Fuckin Coronado low those earlier no way does not help ya know those. I got like hives thinking about it, I'm gonna tell blades, madam. You like, I found another spider right, so I guess you're not always up its leg chosen by then. those very well that's like see, but I will take those spider no over there. How centipedes I won't take either I dont want to. Let him know. Do you remember the House Centipede in my house than I thought you were here than I? We almost woke John I too, am to kill a lane. I literally learning I was ready to pack my bags and sell that thing. The house not even sell it. I really like it's yours now just go with me. I was going to give it my kids. I was going to give it my anything like sacrifice everything what you was like, I'm leaving my love of yet we grew up with those centipedes and
like my mom would be like their healthy they eat. Cockroaches. Like I don't care, I wrote you write a legal issues like that's cause the centipedes them another like this is getting worse. Alarmingly, can both it and then, when you like one time, my friend was over and she put her shoe on in ITALY, crawled out like like I'm, never to this day like empty my shoes that would be as honest their day. I came home I saw should utopia firmness have you is that I wasn't even there are you just worked at the border So I came home. We have like a whole thing where I come in to like the mushroom and John like hands, be a robe and I like take everything, often put it in a plastic bag. I love their effect to the shower, so I'm not tracking Nino coded throughout the house? The answer I ran up there and John, so I got everything together and then John was taking the kids, I think just like out to a park somewhere in. So I go to pull the shower.
and there are two house centipedes. What do they want? They were in it together, fuck you up and it's a ground, and I just took the nearest thing I had and I just pulled her eyes. Dit on the grounds like exist anymore, the dialogue, but then I knew I mean it watch the other run off to like pull the curtain back. So I just texted John and I was standing in my robe like in the kitchen texting him being like. I can't do it like. You need to come. even to get it for me. I only know tax I mean she goes on. Taking a sponge bath want to know why. We no doubt there is bad. There were just stood there like sponged myself up, Those like I'm dying out just like. On the one hand it's like covered, on the other hand like centipedes, this is all equally by they had Choi, that's usually on thin out there. I just still Jonah's, like I gave it the bath
so I don't have the time. Maybe that's the way it now, but really I don't have a shower any more, but we ve got this downstairs. Toilet got a spanish big. Now I can't go in the shower without having him check. First has now jacket eyes by it. I mean I'd. Ask you guys, I suppose a tasty Ernie episode, I'm lake on air will remain tourney. Like there's lakes, by which he, oh my eyes, just like, My feet are like on the floor and it's freaking me out. I'm like if I'm going to crawl in my foot now I just took my socks off so far as dangerous. They are all thanks guys we'll get back to the storage of veal butter. Question care. What you re idly spit I dunno Where was okay, so he had a black widow, spider writers, so he gets treated further. And they provide him like a prescription on. I know what you got from our Christine. Do you know of a blue
says it's nothing. I don't know. Maybe I ll. Let me tell you a good luck. I got some thick cream and go home you'll be fine. Will they gave carve out a prescription somehow he walked out of their with one. I'm sure you probably do have to get an actual black with it obligatory. Acting like I'm like the worst yea and let's get sued for malpractice, Africans everyone to cover these, like. I, your mother, PAM and Conrad, decided that they were going to go grab the prescription cause. The pharmacy was like like right there and rides. Dorothy was like I have to go to the bathroom amateur entered the bathroom, and then I will pulling a lot o er. I now know she should have been going anywhere alone, like not victim blaming, but like all bullshit, it been like no known joking alone and I'm pretty sure was late at night too, because I read somewhere.
I only run it in one source. Islet wasn't on his own pocket, bread and water fleets that this meeting was out like nine p M, because there's plenty after store closed, so that like our later at night makes so she's like I gotta pee, then I'll pull the car around so PAMELA Conrad go get the prescription and, like it doesn't take that long and then they come out. Then Panther Dorothy isn't very out with the car, so they wait like twenty minutes and she still not there so they're like thunder what the fuck are. They economy exhort like walking around looking for her and all of a sudden Dorothys white station wagon. It was a toy decision by incomes Zip being around the corner like flying. Full whimsical, tied beams are on and it Just drives very passed out and takes a right out of the parking lot and fuckin disappears into the night. I think those Dorothy Was- and I don't really know it's not like I told you she was not wild and like the rain, we know so well
Why are you to drive this? Even though we know it? We know it so there like what just happened for them there very well, I know, but then there like. Ok, maybe she had some kind of like family emergency. She is like a younger son, so maybe she decide to get there and she couldn't tell us so this like wait for her at the hospital for two hours before calling anybody which, unlike Ebro Amarillo, sooner he's like I'm dying of a spider by like I just want to go home, I need to take my prescription. I'd like to shower, like I gotta eat a piece of bread with empty Starbucks. no vending machines that this hospital. What am I gonna take us within a so of their like yeah like something's wrong, so they call Donna's parents and their like hey like what's up like what's the family emergency or like? What's what
tea and their electricity and their likely gwine there like what you tardy Melick. We thought that she was with you at the hospital like she hasn't come, oh god, so they call the police, and I reckon one source that the police were like. All it shall be home. Select school Algeria it if the police are does. I shall be added Let us leave it at that. They like they didn't treated like they were disclaimer yeah now still hold on. I totally lost my placing an ok, so nothing came not night like Dorothy, you didn't come home and they didn't get. Any calls are anything but the next day at four thirty I am Dorothy Station wagon was found and it had been set on fire and was marked in a back alley:
way and Santa Anna, her fuck. That's where so Van, not normal kind of food. I would question and not about enough Vieira, its Vieira Vera, its b e r S, Dorothys Mombi, that's very vera thereof. That's what I would say I just this is like so weird but late literate days ago. I was reading a story for you to think and it was sent in by summoning Vieira or Vera, and I kept saying in places like its Vieira animals, like we A whole conversation, aha pronounces needs veer. I've been going to think it IRA Open, and I said it wrong time. It's hard pronunciation is real hard as we can is you think, they're out hard. sounds radio know that pronunciation is not our sterner than stipulated. That just ask now Brazil now, oh, I learned how do you know why I listen to that episode in the nose like? Oh no, they got cause I'm from the men Westerners, like they got shit on. For that I beg your pardon. I literally went on Instagram to see, and then where's. Everyone was like three
king. Our way, we still messages to this day about that's why I need to put a warning before that episode. That's like, I know we now or ladle. Never. Thank you for your concern. Labour knows a lot of things wrong. I'm a college drop out, fine open. We all party hazards. We forgot it all the time it's normal spurt of merger bar it, so the car is allowed to fire like everything else in the world today then Vieira Dorothys mom gets a call and the man on the phone says are ye related to Dorothy and she's, like Europe, any goes I've gotta and things up- oh no, that's all he says shiver immediately on the phone severe our minds on her mother s, her mom that just hurt my heart,
though she calls were like right away to tell them what's going on, and the police tell Jacob, whose Dorothys Father and bear the mom to keep everything super quiet, because their worried about details of the case getting late, because, obviously that makes it harder like when you're interviewing suspects. Like oh shit, you know they don't want anybody. Hearing like minor details cause. Then it's like you could lie about it. As we all know, ah thank ye be close to the chest. I love and you say about our very Jacob debars infer like a little bad, but then nothing was happening and Dorothy wasn't coming home. So Jacob was like fuck this. I'm going to the newspaper like I want this out we were like. I want people looking for her chair so now, and also they kept getting these phone calls every Wednesday. The call I would always call on Wednesday and, like taught them and be like, is Dorothy Home only link which is it fuckin asshole, like so fucked up
he goes to the newspaper. Jacob go so the newspaper, it's the Santa Anna Register and they agree to write a story on Dorothys case so the next day they run the story in the paper and the editor of the paper pot. Riley gets a call that says I killed Dorothy Scott. She was my love I caught. cheating with another man she denied having someone else. I killed her, oh shit. That only makes sense if it makes no guns so very disproportionate response rest and if that wasn't bad enough, that's like a direct quote, but there's no other direct goods, but he went on to say things that only the killer would have no he knew the elder of this scar. She was wearing an scars, she'd ranged it. So it's like yeah, even if, like somebody had said that before that, if they were like our colours are scarf the product, they probably what a sad black, because she has raised the red one. Yet and he knew about Conrad Spider by which it's like the only
What I want to know about that was PAM Dorothy, unlike the doctors, and obviously, doctors give out so Pat calls the police and but unfortunately, the killer always hangs up too soon. So there's no way to treat these calls, of course. So then they they keep getting the calls on wednesdays, like for years and years and years they got. These calls on wednesdays years years, four years after Dorothys desist disappearance on August six, her remains were found in her remains were about. They are found by a construction worker who also fat who found them next to the remains of a dog, so she was like her remains and then a dogs remains right. Next to her like they were clearly it was related together. Oh Jesus
and she was wearing a turquoise ring that, like that's, how they identified her and a watch that the time had stopped on May twenty nine that twelve I am- and I was like ours before her car- was found- damn, oh god, right after they found that their daughters remains had been found. Jacob Enviro got two more calls. That said, is Dorothy home. Why this is so twisted I've little fuck it up goosebumps uses, where do the clown yeah deb like beyond or sure extra so like I do that they keep getting these calls and then finally, I guess you could call it in the daytime like when Vera was home alone, which is even scare, and he would be able to say, like what vera with wearing and stuff like that So obviously you started stopping her to only God. Can you imagine being that when I was actually I went downstairs the other night together, like a madman snack and I never go downstairs without any cause, the brain, I'm out any house and only gonna one in an unstable
You and I finally got the courage to do it and, as I'm walking down the stairs, I got an unknown collar. who at midnight. I was like what the fuck and they called two lines that are out when I was like. Oh no. Thank you button. No thanks to they leave a message now. Thank God! I don't really live. I think my voice ah boxes fall. I wish I was like this is CBS click? Ok, but why would they validly illegally on night? And I I don't know that actually does it make? If I like, better research group, she worthy minority holds up a good I will do- is one of those things where you Winifred crews and it's like we are opening up. I don't even know that you ve. Never, I never call when you went and just as this like a foghorn oblong, that's your walking awful moment ran. So imagine You know it,
I've never want to free crews. Maybe I am, I want the Ottawa leg, set it up for your birthday or something that will be expressed by God. I wish that somewhat it wise man. I remember when I was bodies. They're gonna go again, now I just I don't know- maybe universal, oh yeah, so the her remains were found and then they got to MAR calls and the calls finally stopped one night when Vera entered the phone in the collar must decide like. Are you related to Dorothy and she was like? Oh, you have the wrong number and they never. Again as mapped out with it. That's what she had to do a bit like you. I don't know who you are so I read a one hour normal where they were like know. Maybe he thought that, like they moved to use their own number because of everything like I can't keep calling this I mean the guiding like, doesn't really make any sense, because if he was talking he'd know he's a watch by a vague how to change their Verona, but without him realizing that,
last year. The issue is that there was like no suspects that suspects in this case because, like I said before, Dorothy didn't have any enemies like she very much kept herself and did her own thing. Ah, Sean's dad was looked out like very briefly, but he had been living in Missouri and his alibi was like completely tight like theirs. They couldn't it. Wasn't him yeah, I'm, unlike other cases, gone cold, but a lot of dorothys friends and actually even her sunshine, now believes that the killer was this guy named MIKE Butler, MIKE sister worked with Dorothy at the arm, was, it called the Swingers Jha. So what basically like they think that that's how he always knew what Dorothy was doing, unlike what she was wearing your all that usually ass. He insists sir. I guess so
or maybe you want to stop by or something or picking her up or something because everybody said that he was like really unhealthily obsessed with Dorothy, like he was very that'll. Do it was go vague exactly and they said that he was a very unstable guy and he was rumored to be involved in called activity which is interesting, because if you think about it, you found next to like a dead dog, not happens a lot and animal sacrifices, but unfortunately again MIKE passed away and twenty fourteen. According to an article, I read by Brenda Thorun, low and dorothys parents of all also passed away, but our sun shone like really determined got just for Sean all saw what about ass seal extra time. Try no girl who did this, but he is he's really dead, said that it was that the guy MIKE
I like I, like that. I remember this vaguely now I mean I definitely like my reactions, very genuine cause. I remember I pretty imaginary migrate actress. I can act thou. I remember that the guy might, There were those, namely up there. So. I remember reading too that lake. That's why they think me his voice was familiar like if he had stopped by the river once or twice, and she liked it known well, but she's like I've, heard the voice before they got Isley bags so creepy. I think that seems to be the best case scenario, because not mascara, but like the best yes Lee Now I want, I want Sean to know for sure now yeah No, I want him, so I don't remember that action. Can we healthy? We know that there was no evidence and I think it obviously doesn't help that it was in the eighties because it's like, I have greater thing, and you know and like the car with some fires. They kick at any prince or anything and investigation and crime scene techniques Baxter,
democratically on a par with today's once or twice De Tournay stories. That was see. I got some shivers there and I, like I said I'm sitting underneath the sunlight and hot oil. Your stories to were like so good you're getting under that heavenly son. So burning, my retinas, but you look example thing guys I was so much fun. I know a lot of fun for a year and a half hour to yeah. We need apart zeal. Maybe with all four about I was gonna say we should do like a big, a big party. Yes, that was issued on your show next time. Oh yeah, that would be fine. If We were figure out how to use zoom. You know to record, will look
Italy lets them now, but we tried we record of yesterday and we like, where I dont want to exhibit like I'm pretty sure we finally got us all, because, as you know, I had some computer issue, so the coke fully we like figured it out, but I don't want to speak to you soon cause you know. You know you never tired. I mean this is insane man like John, was saying this morning. But if he had a job that required him to beyond zoom, he would it just quit on again like the guy goes on interest turns a screen often sits there and I'm like Andrews sensibly like on any like. I don't wanna, be lonely, he's! Ok! Well, I love what I see like feeling on ends and ASEAN meeting it, but you liked obviously not see their faces. Like I wanna do. Thou public were not allowed to you. How can I know it's affair mention it does not. When I told my story and like the kid don't look at me, goodbye admit it. Don't look at me above all that was like this morning by four year olds had like their zoom preschool clouded show cute
I pull areas to watch. I would handle ammonium Russia and Sarah. By with this, I usually just like set them up and then, like I go, take care of veto the youngest or such like our aid to stone say anything, that's gonna get me arrested right as well. I like it when a pop up has lower, but in his reply bad guys. I didn't really happened. A couple of weeks ago, I think she a thing, unlike the teachers, were like ok, ok, you're more than it has been an excellent in my best friend tax dream was like yeah. It says more about your crime broadcasts under your cue kids faces, my government, when, as a pressure, why my kids don't get play dates rate What about that someday bill? thank you and were cool now make us gonna, like I'm so sorry
Van Brandt. They did a thing where they went through everybody in their like you know little, you know Bob, I what's your favorite animal. May I say that if we were to animal- and so they get to my kids who Lights, a figure intelligent little know they are they always I'm sure they offer. One of them goes there like? What's your favorite animal and she goes along, men. Ok! Is that. Why can't giving Tagged on Twitter, I lay on average people. Cab key will have been like. Is this crisis, Christianity or child away like yeah. What is going on on Twitter, like I miss something Rasa. I was waiting all of those, and I was a good thing. We're gonna record refer to my other. I should close Union Ale ok, really. Ninety forgot about that. That is, we had a region that is a very smart child. If you ask me who I think,
I think you didn't like on purpose like if I know my nieces region and observers to be like I really where we needs. We need schoolbag good, so you dislike being silly. I like it I'm sure her teachers, all she heard former teachers was my husband being like no an animal! Well, that's not an air of one million loan, unanimous, your pat! Now that she said like she, there said they goes like Y Y, like how do you go from women to cheat? I just love both brain, so lazy like matters now, it's great to one The latter Zeilinger Mafia make savings. Unvaried around it was so apt for today was at I swear to God. I got some and I have you checked by Ghali's tags like Christine your child, and I was like what the fuck I very much doubt about me yeah, like what I do. I usually it is avoiding them. Like. I probably said something terribly stupid like this
I see you are like we pick. That's the plot to us for this whole episode. Therein I receive is actually my job, but the man you have had work, but it makes him off the might. Now actually, for we hope you know what we are doing, but I meant for a four year old about. If it ever before I earlier analogy M, causing a drunk toddler, all the time and his leg, so there you go and is thus a great compliment actually means are a lot of fun while the left and right, we should be measured twisty, while then, and everyone not only I had while the dialogue was crystal twisted, oh god, nonsense limit on criminal law while the light a crystal in one of my favorite thing that came out of a wild and light lacking incredible, That will never be money. Well, there will be four. We wrap this up Christine plug.
plug cause you all kinds of good shit. Now I know- and I think this is chaos on my end- everyone just needs to hear it. The main line like aura, like you know, are or were soul, Hoddan Partners. I don't we have a pot gascoyne, that's where we drink its similar retires, spooky shit and I'm goes and murder and you can find the on any cast up and it's pretty right, it's the bad say so myself. I am so honoured. also what else has a punk as my brother? That's definitely very deep. But I want to show you I really out they address enemy than anything else about it all the time I love really it so much smaller. I never know if you like actually know what it is known, that scobie she's any one or two, and we read one star views. It helps me get over. Like my issues,
global thing mean things on the internet earlier they go cocoa I saw a u to channel recently. Yes, good luck to make us again, I'm like a grandma, kind of fear that it's called the sixteen files, and I just read people's creepy crime stories like true crime, listener story sort of in I like to think as a committed fashion, but they are not working on it. Now it's pretty neighbours, but I'm yes up any those new. Now you can come find me if any of this intrigue you at all, but I dont believe. That is a good idea time to aunt. If I'm to wild and light to Crystal, while the might offer every by the life of wild and it's hard, Algeria ones our views on matters show and they I'll get over it. but seriously my favorite way to cope with that ever
It really helps honestly really cause. I would cause I descent of going in reading everybody else's one service that do like I'm not alone at her you're. Just like what is wrong. It yeah you dislike, stop trusting people you're, like lads, say that about this person ray. I certainly it like all the podcast that I look up to look at their one servies and, unlike we're, ok yeah I've been there too, and then I'm just like tat like, but then it makes it makes a nice has them off directly you're. Like do. I know you, unlike died, yeah, thanks to you by You know that I have I stop on your tell a one day. It's entirely possible will know that happen. Once with my brother lake. We got this really weird once our view that was like Alex, he had a girlfriend, but he slept with my. Runs wife, and we really, unlike my brother, you accept the most. This is likely to use dislike so anti conflict. Unlike would never age, you don't go anywhere you well. Sleep with one's. Why this is wrong and Alex round.
it was like so specific and others like in Charlotte North Carolina, we're like we ve, never even been there like. It was super weird and then maybe I like what who found that user name on read it. It turns out my brother had had- some ready argument with the sky like months before. And the guy like bound him, and yet I was taught guys and made a historian. reviewing ones are now like tonight. That's right. A one hour review like making up weird shit about my brother, cheating, people like one also has nothing to do with your party. I see black. Obviously that didn't happen, but what does it up, yonder and podcast just written like worse POG, ass, ever around a leg, he wrote the wild and to me I was like Elinor there's something you not likely. Let's have a topic he's like we
lived together. I've, given you have you like a very torrid secret life that yeah unpack summers by our. So I mean, after that I was like people can just gonna write wherever they want says yes, unfortunate, I'll, see what I got a lavish guy right. Well, it's tough, but oh, my good outweighs the bad most of the time exactly it always does it always does indeed, but everybody go check. those out because they are all equally amazing an eight year. Monody desperately needs to go check this out and Christine. Thank you so much for I know that you allow MIKE you made my and my life. Thank you so much. I like that. You have your fan and, where huge bands of lead in this neighborhood leg in saying that this happened, when I d only offers like I'm Christiania Gallic, we know you labour, illegal, hey, I didn't know if you agree, I dislike of the region
like a weird fan now we're like the only our dream to have you both public so well, it's it! It's a real live on or something you guys let on windows. Button re definitely have to happen again. For yes, we'll have to do a bit. group zoom. Whenever we figure out at an hour I and others in a month later ass can you are you gonna be able to do it, but not so where'd that for the sun? Yes, oh my god, oh my god God it's happening now, I'm nervous. I want to turn off my camera. Yet get up although we have to do you have to do to do her. Weird with me. Ok, ok, well we know you guys enjoyed this episode and we hope you keep listening and we hope you He weep is another in Amsterdam and you have a new charging. You sign up all these when all I posted Samson, it doesn't make any sense at all my gun,
who wrote those, because I'm pretty terrified of it, not so whether you bring a box of sex toy your neighbor, because that's fucked it up and its even more fucked up if they're not. So that is actually an effect that had it not so where they are columbine you're, like are you home, not home, because you know they're not home, because you killed them. So don't keep at that weird by up unlike amount, was really hard. I hope that sounded. Ok. Well, it made me I'd like to answer
I feel like I have to. I was eighty calf. I don't know no joke when I literally listen to the episodes I'll do that, unlike my God, my God, like a fucking actual weird lemon, were you among the weird. Whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream classic, but the office parks and recreation and two and a half men plus catch peacock original comedies, like Ap Bio, on saved by the bell for all your food to comedy phase. Could a peacock tv dot com to get started?
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