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Episode 145: Lori Vallow Part 2

2020-06-07 | 🔗
What a story this is, guys. Lori Vallow's saga is still going on and we seem to be no closer to answers than where it all started. In Part 2 of this crazy tale, we meet her husband Chad, we hear about his shady past and we wonder where the hell her children Tylee and JJ could be. Why is it that people around this couple tend to die or disappear? Is it bad luck or is a death cult? The questions keep piling up while the answer pile stays thin. Hopefully we will be able to update this episode soon with some good news or at least some closure. Step into Lori Vallow's world on mayhem, but don't say we didn't warn you. Thanks to our sponsors!Best FiendsBest Fiends has thousands of levels already, with new levels, events, and characters added every month. It’s hours of fun right at your fingertips—and you can even play offline! With over 100 million downloads and tons of five-star reviews, Best Fiends is a must-play! Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play. That’s FRIENDS without the R – Best Fiends!Athena ClubStop using razors that underdeliver and switch to Athena Club! Sign up today and you’ll get 15% off your first order! Just go to Athenaclub.com and use promo code morbid. Stamps.comRight now, our listeners get a special offer that includes a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment. Just go to Stamps.com, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in MORBID.
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Hey weirdos, I mash and I'm Alina, and this is more bed a whole last morbid our whole big, more Beadle get your speed o. Actually you can get your speed all right now, because it is more sunni outside you, Beata wave out there, you literally good. So if you guys here some thunder some you know get which floating by the window earlier Dorothy calling for Auntie em. Don't worry about it. Just a thunderstorm happening right now, just a storm justice storm just two New England storm
So you know lots stuff going on in the world right now you lots of stuff going on in the world's lots of stuff go along with us. We ve got some business decisions that are really Syria, really serious business, guys just check. We decided. our many emphasise are actually going to just be another main up a sword, because they are already are any ways, and you know what I've gotten pretty good at making me up a soda you home here now here it is folk. We're gonna, keep the many theme song were we're gonna ten there? Many? You can't lose the many themes I access to fun, but they're gonna, the full ass morbid, so we're gonna have to full episodes a week. Are you guys yeah and we just kind of aid that decision and what we were initially doing for the month of June for pride month is We wanted to focus on cases that were affecting the algae, BT, Q plus community. So
We are still going to do that because we think it is very important for love pride month. So we don't want to just the abandoned that schedule. But now that we have to you no bigger, so it's to work with a week? We get fill that with having want. So we can still do what we ve been doing with the many episode, some weird things that lay kindness gear- yeah don't have another place, but we also need to fill those would just big ass cases now, the up so that's fun and what we ve done I didn't do because we think it important now more than ever to get these cases out there and into your ear. Holes is you're gonna start focusing no second ones on victims that our people color. So we are. We ve got a lot of feedback. We gotta lotta people requesting cases the last week or two with all the protests going on and ever since the George Floyd murder people
like one should cover this. One was carved out one we been taken at all in a lot of them. We already had on our scheduled caseload, send our just move and the many hours in a move em up, because it's not more important now than ever to get these cases out there, because people need to hear them. So we A few that we know are gonna be doing in the next few episodes and we're gonna be doing ten Laforce furred Levine Johnson Connect Jenkins in Dj Henry. Indeed, your Henry is actually from around our area, something it's important to get all these stories out exactly so those are the ones that we have scheduled for the next few episodes. So you guys have any other cases that you really want to hear us go into and dive in to. Let us know we to hear it. We will be doing listener stories and spooky roads in between there and all that stuff, but yeah. We just want to let you know that those are coming. We're gonna be focusing on some victims that our people of color, for sure, and thanks so much for everybody's, see support with us being broken.
About this year, because we wanted to be vocal. I have your saying silent right now, I'm just I don't agree with that. Personally, that's a day, we thought it was important to speak at least to say that we are, as you know, were here where allies trying were learning we're, gonna make mistakes, but we're gonna, try to fix them, and I think its import to speak up into listen, so we are trying to do that and you guys have an awesome and supportive of that Everybody keep fighting. Justice is common, yes Let us make an little small steps, so really keep the momentum going this too much going on right now that people have to listen, xo keep it up in just This is coming. We're gonna fight for you were gonna support you. So absolutely we love everybody. We love all I listeners and this. week. We're gonna be talking about another case where justice has not yet been serve, no way
we are going to wrap up with part two of lorry thou yeah. We didn't wanna. We didn't want to wait to do part too, because we have been like tell us what has brought up at the end. You know today that I read that she likes to be called lorry validate Bell said she marriage divorce. So I think it's even so great that we're just calling her my love, I can get the fuck out of here. Lorry known cares. Nobody cares what your last name us, because also She shouldn't be able to keep the hollow anyway, but why just its. It seems odd to just be tackled unmarried men in Syria, too much too much lady Gaga swap one over the other. If you gonna do it while the last week when we left off lorries, brother Alex how just shot her strange husband, Charles, oh that unit, suddenly casual time with what we left off with like I said he had claimed self defence and although everyone's behaviour seemed off, there was nothing police really could do at the time. That whole thing was strange, because that was the one she had like a pool party shed a pool part yet at night, and she,
didn't tell his kids like anything monsieur. She was. I told him so that instead of your dad's dead, my bad sorry not even my by just Emmy will let you know so then, like I said, lorry packed up the kids and she moves to Idaho so that she can be closer to Chad day. Bow So we didn't really talk at all. today by last week, so guess who were we talk about, we won't talk about Chad, we all normal dram, so Chad is a well known, Elsie S author, he actually written more than twenty five bucks thou so That's a lot of books to be right and a lot of them are fiction, while I'm actual that's crazy, while his brain is like wild, and so I understand how he could rate on many books. Your brain is like only like diet, while it's like, like we out with professional Wild India, so the up twenty five bucks, while According to this woman named Suzanne Freeman
Chad was a pretty normal guy. In her opinion, his faith and Ideas all aligned with the tea, the teachings of the church of the Jesus Christ of LAW everything's, ok, cool now and with a church of that and she actually works on a couple books with him herself. Most the books, like, I said, were fiction, but how did work on these books and surrounded himself with people who had experiences where they died, claimed to have seen the other side and came back to tell of their experience statutes, always wild boar. Wild eyed. Oh, if I've ever known anybody that that happened to, I don't think ever known anyone personally, but I've definitely loan of unheard of that happening in some of the music some of them are like wild. Is that really is what's happening over there like? Well, while less
about what Chad experience all I bet Chad had an experience heated he had to actually, of course he did so. He claims that when he was seventeen years old, he was cliff jumping in California with some of his friends and he had dislike. Why old, near death experience where he crossed over into another dimension and he realised that this life were living is now The only one happening all like that other lives happening all around us all. The time. Ok, I mean like that the downward. That's almost Ilan Muskie a little bit laying hens, only a simulation kind of thing, which I like I can until the seller has a yelling parallel universe happening yeah, oh Have you ever seen the means that are like, I hope, parallel universe means doing good right now. He s, I hope, paradises. Honestly right now, I think everybody's, like I owe parallel universe. Ass me, as I just said, a paradise evidently as well.
Then he had another experience when he was twenty others, I'm using California. He was it with a super, intense wave, and while this happened he was being like thrown around in the water. It's like, I guess dry, Then you can. I dont know if he was drowning. It was just using like barrel world, probably add, ethically and he said that, while this was all happening, his spirit came into contact with his dead grandfather, and he said: is grandfather was able to show him all these things that we're gonna happen to him and throughout his life like in the future. He showed him his future wife. He showed in future kids, like all these different things that were to happen, a bed his grandpa and tell him that he was gonna, marry a murderer and potentially become one himself yeah didn't seem like Grandpa, said anything about that, but if he did, it seems like Chad was like well well get on with my limbs. Let's do areas like whole parallel universe, meares and do in my oh. My yeah, also like shit
It is just like based, jumping and looks underfunding. Look these worlds enough, but he also, I didn't look to further into this, but him it is like brothers or like siblings, used to grieve, dig click. They wouldn't what a great to make extra money he's an interesting fucker yeah he trillions of Finland as well? He claims that after Gramps showed him everything that he came out with a veil where this like heavenly world stays open and Chad can live among both worlds. Oh ok! So that's it they re, like all hallows Eve is one like the veil between yells is thinnest. So that's why I like spirits right now, so ok, so, what's up Pine reminds me of my Donnie Dark over that's again different causes like time draw the male like the delay, between world system yeah, so he returned he be able to live among both that's pretty cool, so, yeah came Suzanne that when we are talking about earlier, she says all decided around twenty four team chow
started talking about. New views and opinions that didn't aligned with the church and all firstly, he decided to leave the spring book company where he was president. and he said that he wanted to leave so that he can prepare for the quote call out, which is the end of times. Right fresh your summer. Why? Why beat that? with our handcrafted smooth these in repression or refresher handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea Berber cuban aiding burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors like mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes and a mixed barrier. Strawberry bananas smoothie crafted keep you cool, so repression your summer with our handcrafted refresher in smooth he's made brush your way at. Why? Why.
Whatever you're, funny peacocks, guided exclusively stream classic sitcoms, like the obvious boxing recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up original comedies like eighty by of say about about for all your exclusive comedy face. Could a peacock tv dot com get started? Hot is always really like time innocent names for these things, like the rapture to me when I heard that word for the first time as like the branding on this is right and duty to lend me of dinosaurs because of run hours and as soon as you say, rapture I'm shit like you know you're the violate in the back. Your had pr people for these like ended the world names on already artillery too, because the rapture and unlike the call out, that's this picture. God, being like you, ain't, like he's, calling you are with everything the call out allow no well
it seems that after child left the book company, he began to travel more and he started like relaying his teaching about the end of times. He's going to all these events and that's actually how he became connected with lorry in the first place. I'm not shocked so low These best friend was there's two melodies and the story we're gonna get to another one later, but I really this is Melanie Gibbs. Ok, so Melanie gives much met Chad first, at a quote religious conference. Where he talked about the veil, his visions and all these past wives that he had lived cool Melanie talk to him after the event, a man she introduced chat and lorry around twenty eighteen, ok, but. Laurie knew who Chad was before that because she was like pretty obsessed with all his books.
that he or she had read basically all of them and was like super into misguided misery. Yet you're right. I was trying to think of what means value your biggest fan, while she is, while so at Angelo differently, but for like only Specifically, I honestly so eventually over time. They they really hit it off and then over time they became closer and closer. In fact, they wouldn't podcast together ocean not ours, no, not ours, this one. I welcome, though, no thank you This one was called time to warrior up. That's that's a mouthful of Applaud Kazaa who I feel like or two years into here. I can give a little feedback on what works and what does not like twisting your handlebar. Must I like that in a it's that all our that's a large large name, hey I'm Lena I'm ashen. This is time to worry or up it's hard to say yet. Is it doesn't have a large one by one who knows maybe they're killing it
pod fast was like a podcast put out by preparing a people which is like an end of time, prep group again preparing a p which is also airing disciples, Papa Papa preparing people buy So yeah than they were on that podcast with some other papers, Copa oddities talking about the end of the world, to other casual things like that, you know and for I'm pissed, because, unfortunately you can't listen to this episode anymore, because preparing people down to warrior. Ok, let's We heard sale, though still they take it all that, like the whole thing down or just the episode of glory in Chad, good question, you should look for they rallied data. Maybe they take it down just because they're probably you know? Probably there are like this hurts. This harsh is our mellow their links with that didn't age. Well, so they talk to other worldly yadda, yadda yadda careless into anywhere
Melanie says that Chad and lorry we're getting closer and closer quicker and quicker they bonded over all the past life experiences that they had because Chad told lorry that he had thirty one past lives, wow, that's a lot of baggage, which, how do you keep track of all your life has so much bag. All your lives, alyosha. That's that's a lot. It's a lot, and she was pretty impressed by not because she herself only had twenty one lives. Oh so she was like. I am a rookie year, yeah, I'm not I'm not up in the life of a new born bay, their fuel, the game of life, a game of lives, the exact dates a little different than the game of life sure is well Chad and lorry new than in pre. His lives they'd been together of course, ice. John all the time or do you
all I can to make it a joke. You don't really sweet, though, if, as I can another life I mean, I told you, we would find each other, you totally what we do and I believe, even like past lives, but I this is a stretch. I, like the kind of spooky pass, live lives thing. We're like a kid will be like that time. When I was on the Titanic, like those are the things that I love these get a little more much for me but I'm willing to listen. It's we're that to me, like the titanic thing doesn't seem not far fetched, but this does right. It's all the same parallel cause. I'm here I remember, we did a listener, store, realities, childless, I know, and I was on the titanic. I believed I was like that kid was on the Titanic rang. Then I hear this and, unlike thy skull shuts up a simple, it is weird that were like accepting that it because it's not spooky, gets, maybe at all, and that its wild, so They knew in previous lives that they ve been together Melanie. He said this is where it gets. Fucked up,
Chad actually set up a portal and lorries closet so that they could communicate with the other side together, like yeah, I want to know the step by step. I want the IKEA step by step booklet on how to set up a port old. Let did they use a Youtube video, because if you can set up a portal together, I think you're gonna say together forever yeah. Means the true test is like building in IKEA bad. I was, I must say I thought I thought I was, but now it's important, but if you can build a port altogether, I mean no stop a new high me and no stop and me in any are going to try and in our new closet. I'm gonna give it a shot as to throw all the stuff that you are able to portal. It's perfect. yup zoo. They did that together, which is a true act of love, Shirley a man Laurie had a separate phone where she communicated with Chad because remember Laurie
still married, oh shit. I totally forgot about the point that they had met: yeah, ok and also eighty challenges married. The shady shaving. Do you imagine if you found out John was set not portals and other people's closet? I see this would just be fuckin confuse first of all by shit. I only real man had been not open, that's a truly intimate experience and that would bother me. truly intimate. Of course it s like they weren't sleeping together, but they were building portals idyllic. That's almost worse. They were probably sleepy together. Let's be reasonably well a lot of people. Remember thinking much out in his wife. Tammy had a beautiful relationship, they admin other like of super ass long time, autonomy now you just She was a librarian and they had five children together. She helped him write a lot of the books that he wrote. Some of them, they even wrote together, like some of them, are like tat try Dubell fuck that guy they were together
twenty nine years. Do the twenty nine but we're gonna get into that allow, but later so now we're gonna go back to lorry packing up the kids and moving to Idaho a few weeks. before they just up and moved can and Larry were able to face time, J J basis. was like a super fast call and it seemed like he was being coached. That makes me upset will, in he's just like this little nugget, like you will even early eighties and like you, I want to keep you and protect you and love. You and Meantime, those kids being coached in these scenarios and like that, just like fox me out because, like manipulating a child's right like really behind me and remember, this is an autistic child that he's like high energy. Like he's a little adorable nugget of makes me son too, kept like looking up past the call and then suddenly he was like. I have to go like by oh, so They said it was literally like a thirty five second face time. That makes me sad.
Then they oven move to Idaho into the town house and guess who moves with them? Oh Alex the brow there I knew you were getting US child, but member here I was gonna, get you lived in, Idaho dies, wide, eyed, Olympiad, good Caso Alex moves with them and he ends up living right near them with the kids and he's with them all The time- and this is just like her brother and she had other brothers like this- is not our only brother, but they seemed very clones. FR, I don't know about that so They all move their hanging out with each other all the time, and this is where things are. The really start to boil over here and it's time to turn your fuckin pot down gonna helter skelter, no one is really sure. The last of the last sitting of title there's like different reports of the last citing, but the last known picture her was taken on September eighth at Yellowstone National Park. Oh yeah, I've seen this one. It's really
cute. Like picture her lorry and J J and I think you can see a gulags than the coroner alone, but I'm at our member that's the last known picture of her and Larry and K capped reaching out and hopes that they could talk to J J again and have lost more than thirty five seconds, but they were constant, is constantly constantly. Lord. In the last time anyone saw J J was on September seventeenth. So that's like one too weak after the last signing of Thailand, the last picture he you can see the video and just knowing that that's the last time anybody saw him. It's really hunting to see he's playing in the front yard of lorries townhouse with another kid in there just running around, like not anywhere in the world, are little seven year old Eric he doesn't know what his mom is up too crazy person so kids out of it man, that's the thing will be fucked up on your own right. No one cares re, don't bring kids into
one, especially this isn't even like he is her kid because she adopted, I M not saying not but like if you dont want he care of a kid. Don't adopting it s a thing, don't take on a kid in your ninety two lays out, I will say: do not adopt a child if you are not ready to adopt a child. That's just That's just us is that our backs manner, so that's less than anybody saw J J September. Seventeenth, and then, on September, twenty fourth Laurie, J J School to unroll him. per reason was that she, that she was gonna start homes, schooling, him, and she was already home schooling tightly, so their work? This is going on too tightly now there were tax sent from Tyler s phone to friends and actually Van transactions to that started to seem suspicious smear. It seems like an actually her brother could be said that he was trying to get into contact with Thailand. She would text him back like super busy like can't talk right now,
and it didn't seem like she was writing area because you always know what happened to your sibling on. Do you like your billing? Are you mad at me? If I don't use like eighty seven exclamation earns cause, that's just how I tat exactly so like what you could tell it like. I can tell you tat, like you, can tell your friends to clear so Oh in her friends were saying like one text El Uv. Why a seller, Colombia and it was like tightly didn't- write like yeah, so they were like that's weird and another way they point out. Is that could be the brothers that whenever he was trying to get into contact with timely and asking law, about her worry. Would she Super Bessie, Oh so she sang it to him and she's writing and from our own ghastly yeah. That's definitely what's happened right. The then mug transactions can be explained because lorry wasn't like down the technology, obviously based on how she texts and she would often use Tyler's Ben Mole- account to send money to copy
So those where we are at first, but then there were glance now right, so the Van mug transactions get explained, but that Exciting does not, which it stresses me out so now. Laurie we're gonna go to lorries, family back in Arizona, there's like so many players and ultimately that out euralia some trying to take you on no yeah, I'm following that. Ok! So, worries. Family back in Arizona was also going through a strange time. lorries, niece Melanie, so another Melanie. This one Melanie Polanski was going through divorce and a custody bottle began with her for kids and her then husband, Brandon, Bore, do Bermuda. On October, second, a sniper shot at Brandons car from a cheap and shattered the window. Luckily, Brandon didn't get her, but his window was completely shattered. That's strange and
did get a look at the jeep which was weird and we'll get to them, the second, so that actually wrote. arena that cheap belong to Charles Valla words So it's like who was in that Gmos in that exactly right, so All this is going down Melanie herself packs up her kids moves from Arizona too and swear. She moves right into right next door Laurie get us a half dozen within arms reach of Glory Valla litter right next door.
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somewhere related and there will then we should probably be a little more command. Malaysia was I've had it, but she said that lorry always had an excuse about where the kids were tightly. She said with Super independent and she was always kind of like out with her friends and remember she was seventeen zero, that's a little explainable but like where's, your seven year old yeah, like your seven year old, doesn't play outside re exactly or activities nothing where's his stuff, like in the house where he had a house, She would say that J J without his friends house or something we should make up another excuse Eventually she changed the story to say that the kids were staying with a friend because Kay remember case is true his sister yeah Andy J Grandma yet K was causing trouble and lorry wanted to keep the kids out of it. So that was her excuse for why her kids were around you murdered them yet, damn near a murderer so that happens, the sniper happens in October and the kids start. The kids are gone at this point
yeah and then Chad's, then wife, Emmy has a strange event happened to her in early October. No, I never heard about this on the news yeah. I had just heard about her by passing away, but before she passed away, she updated. Her facebook status ten days before- and she said this is the direct facebook status. Ok neighbours. Something really we're just happened, and I want you to know so that you can watch out gotten home in parked in our front driveway as I was getting stuff out of the back seat. A guy wearing a scheme. Ask was suddenly standing by the back of my car with a paintball gun, he's not at me several times, although I don't think it was loaded I yelled for Chad and he ran off around the back of my. I have no idea what the motive was and he never spoke and after I asked him several times what he thought he was doing. I was about, to smack him with my freezer meets that she should allow for firm enrichment tonight. What
I decided to offer chat and stand which I had to leave that part in their cause. Yes, yes, I lost MAC him with your freezer me better freezer meals about those subsidies, but what the fuck so like it's got. A weird shit doesn't just happened around the one person right, if you, if you know lorry and childlike all this, always we obviously, and rightly so. Like I said ten days after she wrote that Facebook status Tammy Day passed away. She found dead in her bed at aged forty nine. She had no underlying health conditions and the families no to an autopsy worth of witches here. You wanna hear them bologna, nine year old, healthy woman using get an autopsy right. That's insane. They just said like she died of natural causes. Only gonna take out, went in fear. You don't know that. I know how much thou infuriate me to see that consent form and have them say no. I dont know because what that would be like if, like I'm trying thing of forty nine year old woman,
but why we're doesn't make any sense is young another weird thing: Chatham Lorry get married two weeks after Tammy died, why you know what, though, gets weirder, how, because Police, have now found out that someone ordered a pair of wedding rings using Charles Bellows Amazon account and you want to know when those running rings were purchased. Seven ten days before Tammy died Due Howard How? How will we not putting a nobody? Nobody offers together in being like quite clearly, she was murdered right. Well now we are don't worry because so yeah they used. First of all, it you're using Charles Bellows ammo, an account to order your wedding ring fer, you in your husband already married and his wife isn't dead. Yet now that's fine, ok. That nomes are totally at all
The wedding rings are the exact rings and you can tell that they use them in the ceremony cuz. You can see the pictures of them and they're they're really distinct they're, like blue bands like gemstones throughout them. I personally, I think, they're ugly as fuck. nothing. I'm not gonna lie that sounds heinous behind, so my eye MIKE. How did you know that your wife was gonna die seventeen days before she died if she died of from causes: major motor cars. You murdered her well on November, twenty seventh no excuse me November. Twenty sixth cake the police, because she's still havent heard or seen J J and strange face time, call like she kept playing it over reminded she's like something's up. Why haven't I heard from my grandson like why what's going that's his grandma, she no right in that grandma who took care of him for a while, like she hadn't whenever this a newborn. Yet when you have someone as a new born, it's like the modem right.
their habits. You know who the hell are. You know that when their alarmed can feel even as far away, you know what she was a mom, what she was ass, you are really fresher, and you know when something's wrong, no matter how far away so say that like I've, like I know, I'm like I'm telling you so she calls the police to do a welfare check, so they go out to lorries home to check on J J and in the front yard, who also they ve run into other than Fuckin, Alex Cox. Her! That's what and he tells them that changes with his grandparents. No, please! I Lydia that's real weird, because the grandparents are the ones that wanted to do this. Well, check what the fuck are. You talking about incorrect answer, a dragon you from incorrect key retried such an oh yeah. They go it and they talked a lorry and she tells them that the kids are in Arizona staying with her friend, but check in. I don't do that friend was, but they go
chicken or not- and it turns out- obviously they are not there. course not, and I remember seeing all this on the news like I remember they were like. Oh, like we're when a check on this house scenario now with the friend and then they never released two, it was, but they were like no they're, not there. Yet there like going on like a man who likes you sending them everywhere for these kids and I just don't think it's off what? If I know as soon as a mom or something in that kind of presented in these saying My kids are here: oh no, my kids are there? Oh no. I was wrong they're here they murdered them YA envelope under this, like we ve seen, in a million cases, and then, with every time with this woman too, like actually you're like the shit that she was like believing in getting into its like, ok yeah, so the next day, they come back with a search warrant, but guess was up and run to Hawaii. Yet again, a minute. Laurie Valor and Chad, O King Arthur newlyweds their newly s, and this
is just for me the seals the deal they were seen on security before they ran away to Hawaii, dropping off some items that belong to the kids at a storage facility. I remember seeing that cctv, but ass an I remember sea, because this is so recent, so it's like ironmonger waddling a little in the way- and I remember sitting there being like those kids or debt, a hunter believe they're putting things in store. It is just a matter of where they are and when they ran off to Hawaii for vacation. Everybody was like how do we not like, like that error? Very clearly, somebody who murdered their children very clearly very clearly so they, like you, said, were seen on security before they left for Hawaii. You can see it on Cctv and then in Hawaii they get this condo together. After sharing the landlord that they had no pets and no children that we're gonna live with them. and then the woman who saw them the house, like the landlord, I think they were running from her she found-
that shouted recently lost his wife. So she message to him and I'm so sorry to hear that you to send him like a sweet message, and he wrote back this like very cold message that was like when I awoke, Tammy had a piece. Look on her face and she had clearly died hours before but she's in a better place now, and I think she helped me and lorry come together. You know what I That guy, I highly doubt that I doubt that I can tell you right now. If I was on my way out, I would not be helping John Shack up with some crazy lady. Not that would not be my priority in so not with any man. I'm gonna go with and now when I die, I'm not one of those people. That's like. I hope that you find love again. You all good luck. You do ourselves because our ruined other side, Honcho Ass, Chrissy Teague and had the best thing when she said she always puts a piece of paper in John Legends Pocket. That says
John? Did it or something I got her? She puts one in her pocket. That said, John did I, oh my god, oh, that if she ever dies, they'll have to arrest him for murder, though what if ITALY said so he'll never get remarried. That is those of I'm. You should have ever heard. Let me warn you re inside out, superposed Billig, that's awful! It's funny! Creasy Deegan is fucking where I left for. I know that a controversial view, because a lot of people don't like her, but I dont get why I don't either we lover where progress is needed on the show what happened such little well, yet he was like yeah. She wanted me to find love, and I was I think so. So, That's just that's ridiculous. This whole story, I'd like you, try to make it line up in your head and you're like this doesn't make sense. There were lying on a lot of work. A lot of water will know it gets. can crazy irc. Are you ready, no be there On November, twenty ninth Alex com.
gets married to this woman named Zoo lemme, and I might be saying that wrong. I'm sorry zoom past steams. Ok in Vegas now, according to the minister, this was a super quick ceremony. It literally lasted less than ten minutes Vegas and he said that they were strictly business. They just want to get married. It was a very cold ceremony they wanted in and they want to Know- and you think, would like Vegas wedding. It's like very spur of the moment so that all in love and no olive, unlike other, may be shipped phase yeah but like this was weird, and I mean this does happen, so I dont want to read too much into it, but because this cases so bizarre, I think it makes you question it Alex his wife's last name, which I mean it happens for sure, but it is weird in this case like you're, like my wonder why in this case, because normally it's like while help progressive right- that's nice wherever. But this case along with everything else. You're like now It turned suspect, zero, there's a reason. Yeah right, it doesn't seem, like he's, just being progressive right exactly
although he David, spend time in jail. So I wonder if you wanted to put a different name on like job thing, yet he just wanted to raise that identity. Anything I just wanted to explain. It Well so, then, you know going to find out about why that happened, because we can ask Alex anymore because he died on December twelve in his wife's home in his owner, what the fuck, so they get married. So he's Lebanon, Idaho, and then they get married in Vegas and then they go back to Arizona. And then I think it's like twelve ten he's layers and I got up and dies what so, hoardings, isn't lemme. She got a call to back on Alex from lorry, so lorry called him check on Alex. I talked in early to earlier today and he's having a hard time breathing. and she was like overall, it seems like he doesn't feel got me. Doesn't sound good so's lemme calls her son, who was home with Alex,
the time when she's I can you check in on him sorry and ends up calling the police because he walks into the bath. Germany finds out its passed out on the floor, so an autopsy recently. It was revealed in it does say that he died of natural causes, but his death is well under investigation. Well, that's weird, weird, thousands weird because he's like a pretty young guy too. It's like eulogists no like he seemed like he was like yeah, it's a strange, it's this weird, but all these people are dying in that's the thing it's like. If this was happening like in a lot I selected incident, it's like yeah young, healthy people can just straight up die much at how I love them. Related to all together is like to China it's weird and I remember when because I didn't come out at first that the brother was dead and his Ex wife was dead, not ex wife, wife,
I remember them saying it and they flashed to their faces in the court room and they both just look like oh fuck, like oh shit like this is this is catching now. things. I thought could never happen in a punk back a new regional calmly streaming only Antigua, confused mix of hash anthems, salad, go silent, locals Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute tunisian front. We are lady, puts all the sole screaming. Now all the peacock.
If you ve been diagnosed with cancer, you need a team of cancer experts by your side, every step of the way working together, coordinating care, empty Anderson, Cancer Centre, it Cooper South, jerseys largest and most experienced cancer team, personalized care for every type of cancer, with multiple locations close together and a full range of supportive care services. Empty Anderson Cooper, appointments available within forty eight hours. So We're gonna go back to Melanie lorries, niece. Ok, she he too was married the same weekend as Alex in a Vegas ceremony. Well, which is weird, yeah she had met in policy think as how you say it on a dating up
hold mutual, which fun fact that was actually developed. By be why you graduates, remember lorry wanted to go there yet so is basically a dating out for people within the Lady S church to meet people who were among their faith to entrust yeah yeah, there's plenty of those, so in an Melanie date for two weeks before they get married. Whirlwind whirlwind, unlike on I'm, not gonna, say much about that, but
It will do so at a hang in the air from your while you can pick and if you want, I want she's for kids living with her eye. You might want to get to know somebody a little bit better. I'm gonna go ahead and judge Thou girl quickly, because I wanted to all I didn't feel it people yelling at me able. I know if I'm sorry, if you have for kids and you meet someone and marry them after two weeks, that's irresponsible spot like you could find out some serious shit. You do not know someone and to leave, but do you know what she was already involved in shady shirt? So I think this is on him because, like you did the same thing dude he s getting see them kids, but work and final Obama lap because if it's just you and you want to do that whirlwind, you know he marries- I mean it's not like. I don't think it's the safest thing to do is I dunno, but if you're only going to harm yourself, lingo asked by all means, but you have kids, you got that right, possibilities, man wall, was divorced and he had been married to a woman named Natalie who sounds like a bad bitch utterly they had.
It's so we're not only finds out that is involved with this like chaotic and possibly Myrdal. She calls him and she's like yeah I know all about lorry in Chad and their missing kids and her brother. I know everything and I'm good. to the police, to Morrow like yeah. I don't want my kids around that family. Good job naturally, not only but even decides to go with her, which is we like- I don't, I don't understand, can view of so eventually here getting connected with the FBI and the US May I ask him to wear a wire like I'll. Do it like so he, whereas this wire, while he's around Melanie and there like just try to get anything out of her like bring up the kids, bring up anything home, doesn't say anything and then he fucking it midst to her that he was wired.
that's wearing a wire rule. Number one should not make whereby wire never did ask about saving your where a liar like law, Have you ever see that media over the little girls? You hide a reads like who? That's that's what it's like what I said. she's fine with it like she's. I guess she was pretty tell about it. Cause they're still married like right. Current as far as I know, who I mean: speed mom, I guess but then we find this document on, in computer, like somehow his Ex wife obtained his computer and may find this document should kill him. I love I love LULU, so this document says that melon me was told by Alex and lorry that her then before member loan that almost got sniped they told her that he needed to die well. This document also stated that Melanie,
had been told by lorry in Chad that the key its Thailand J J workers. asked by zombies in they mean that it needed to be taken. Care of this a very sharp turn into like walking dead, and I dont know how to how to I also don't understand like what, because air form of zombies. Just sounds like. Possession by evil spirits, but it's like Damon for me. It sounds like diamonds must bear travelling at all only on bees. I think it's big. It's like the whole end of times thing. Ok cause, I'm Zombies, bizarre doesn't really make sense to make us like if their possessed by zombies- and they themselves are zombie right by and you- no, that none of us make sense so long, ass, well desirable a store trying to put logic to a lotta. Will, sir, I exactly ok. So people know that Alex wholeheartedly believed in everything lorry told him in that
he was gonna do anything to protect her and he was also like a very involved man. Faith, so he wanted to end up in Heaven. So if Lord He told him that the kids were zombies. He would have taken care of it plain and simple. Because he wanted to be in boring. good, graces and gods good graces. That's really scary, yeah to me personally, it sounds like he's a very mentally ill, a highly, and she took advantage of the honestly a truly does like when you pull it out like that. It truly does to me sounds like he needed a lot. Bright and she wasn't getting realised that he was almost like an underdog and she asked him and then personally I think she somehow figured out a way to get rid of him, because I don't know me
he was getting sloppy or she was afraid, he's gonna talk or what was the deal yet if he was mentally ill than he was unpredictable at probably and right. You know not somebody, that's you can trust to hold onto that information right to possible it hold it close to the chat exactly cell. She told him that the kids were zombies, probably and then she also said the same thing with Brandon, so I think was Alex. Who was this man? Were you up? I was thinking that too, and I think Alex was the guy behind TAT these car that day yeah, because who else who the fuck else would analogous was right. There are ex lives right there in Idaho either in invoking it's perfect. So I don't know its. It stresses me I'll ironing. She was using his leg, loyalty and devotion, Turner GUT her virgin yeah like she, was using him like a killing machine right. A kind of sounds like right- and I know
obviously like to be together. They had to get rid of Tammy. But it's like First of all, I am so confused about how they did it. Like. I chair, that's crazy to me, but it's like suffocation, maybe Maybe that's harness regulations can be tough, that's true! That's a good point or poisoning of some sort. If you do slowly, I wonder, but I wonder like why they really felt I've been using. It referred. I wonder if they just stop, they did or if she was catching onto the area, because just fact that there already buying riding rings like before her death not lightly or indefinitely planning this, so she they could have been like slowly poisoning her doing something they EVA resort Maybe a maid wall. They didn't want the autopsy, so maybe something is going about what that they go about. Islam almost done in January, the FBI search Chad and Tommy's old home, where they left they left with computers. So phones, journals and a ton of other stuff Tommy's,
body was examined in December and the toxicology report hasn't been really stay up all those concerned. Something's on that fucking report. I gotta see it. And shouted, are both under investigation for spirits, see attempted murder and murder in relation to Tammy stuff, but they haven't been charged yet they're. Just under investigation and wait for that reason that smoking gun exactly Lord he was arrested on February twentieth in Hawaii, because failed to meet the deadline for was supposed to tell the court where the Fucking cats nationality online knock your dad and the kids, and she obviously don't do that because they're dead, so awful, so her charges are two kinds of Lenny child desertion resisting are obstructing officers, criminal, solicitation to commit a crime and contempt of court. So she's fought gap.
She was extradited from Hawaii back to Idaho in March, and her veil originally was at five million dollars so shut. It did get lowered to one million. she has been trying to get not lowered so that cause remember she one. Seventeen thousand. I want you to have that she does have the means to get out of jail pad, say Jack Aver, some money in thy. Anybody regrets that decision. I mean Really I separated relegates. Ok, that's! Ok! I love you, you didn't mean it! Thank you even the company was homesick by so the judge won't lower her veil thankful gonna, because it and she right now, is using like corona virus as a excuse to get on it. a nurse. Her lawyers are saying that there
able to have like conversations with her like the appropriate conversations and like the contact that they need to have with her will you know what maybe don't kill your children right before a national global pandemic rule of thumb? Ok, all couldn't there's, no one else is fall exactly Chad. I don't understand how the fuck this mother fucker is still not facing any charges, and He is imposing any charges right now and he refuse is to comment on the whereabouts of the kids now metal, remember Melanie the niece, Ex Brad said that this is a cult where people are being killed off like flies and not Melanie knows where those kids are. He said let's let's get Melanie while she won't fuckin, say shit. you mail in her home, though, has been searched, but she's not cooperating with long for us of course, she's not and then lorries attorneys, unlike lawyers and stuff when against Brad, and
said that he has his addicted to pay born and he's involved and homeless, fuel affair switch? Am I can we just say affair slink? Does it matter if he likes? Do there? Ok, so you're telling me that leg he likes to jacket too poor and raise gay right, but you may I hereby obey right, that's what does that mean he's not credible discredit. Servants are no anymore. I think they said he was like violent against Melanie as well, like he watches violent, poor and they're, trying to sell their destroying to discredit, have sort of court because clearly he's onto something because he's like YO, it's a death called killing people. Yes guys So they're asking like any tourist that were around Yellowstone National Park at that time too, like grew view, your picture knows, in September rate, September is MID September on the seventeenth, If you have no excuse me, the eighth, if you were in Yellowstone National Park, cept him,
eighth or anyone anywhere near got time. Look at your pictures think real hard. You see anything. Where did you hear Yang, weird I don't know I don't know if they would have been done enough to light, can do it in publicly Nova. Maybe you could see Santino, there's always something some shady business. That's the thing that is weird to me is that Alex died, and Tammy died and then Charles Valor died so Charles Valla was self defense. Tammy was natural causes and Alex was natural causes. So it's like I'm not saying that she should get rid of her kids I was anxious to get rid of anybody, but if she was do it. She was evil to look make those other free. Look like a mistake, so it's like. What did you do to the other side? I think the guy is no matter what that would be question like thoroughly knocked at the other ones weren't thoroughly and Kids are like supersede blue, can't make two kids look like an accident, but it's like
I just don't understand like you were. You know that you were gonna, get investigated either way like if your kids die suddenly or if they looking disappeared, the thin air either? you're gonna get investigate. That's who kills me she's walkin around, like she's, like I dont know why everybody so like wrapped up in arms that I don't know where my fuckin kids are like a salary. Lady way. Of course people ordered investigate your ass. You, you haven't shit. two children into Seventeenyearold in a seven year. It just doesn't make any sense to me, and the whole thing is: I think that I don't think so. believes. Unlike this zombie shit, I think that she knew from day one she was doing something with those kids, because she fuckin loved that author dude. He was to her sister. he could remember, she didn't believe in any of Blake. She was a member of the elder s church before that. But this is not. The same thing is not the same thing and it's like I, think that she started talking crazy like that, because she had a plan and plan all along was to be with Chad
It's like she can go back couldn't, like me, be clear, but she's insane or something I don't know she could least tried, I'm just trying to explain like even in this case, but every time you think that something is nor Well, it's not one. Somebody involved in those knows where those kids are right. Melanie does Melanie a hundred percent knows where, in its like our speak, the fuck up. What is wrong with you? I don't know. What's up with her and but that it can. You imagine John told you that, like he was wired and you think that's fine and, as you know what I forgive you news like this. Just move on re should move faster and he says in the new husband was like. You know when I, like you, forget exactly what the court but basically using you know when you keep seeing like a creepy thing, like a shadow on your wall and then he turned the light on and you realize it's like a jacket like this is what that is, All these things are like crazy and stuff, but once they get explain to you, it makes sense now and
What makes sense to you in this case? Nothing has been explained, sir, no, sir, how absolutely not so that is my take on the warring ILO case, I I really hope that I hope and hope and hope that those children are found alive. I doubt that they're going to be, but I do hope that their found either way so that they can be either taken care of by family. That cares about them or lead to rest. For real, because I was talking to a couple of people like through Instagram dams about it is people look. What do you think tanks and somebody boy, like I think, they're like a weird like bunker, a bunker somewhere and is like dummies, tonal sense, and if that was the case, I did. I would not be shocked. I wouldn't neither but I dont think you could have like anything. It's pause, nothing to our, but I don't think there I don't I really dont, but then again it's like how did she do such a good job of the disposed?
of them if she did kill them. Maybe when there are Yellowstone made real easy to get rid of some one in the national park. In fact, that's an episode I wanna do is disappearances and in national parks me. I like that. I will do that at some point, but yeah. I think that. de the key here, because there's just so much ground to cover right, it's really hard to find. That is. That is a good point, so well. Let us know what you think slide into our demands on Instagram air at morbid. Podcast sit on twitter at a morbid podcast? What else do we have sent us? A Gmail bit odd, gassed Gmail mailed our and join
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