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Episode 15: Richard “Stanky Chops” Ramirez AKA The Nightstalker Part 2

2018-08-24 | 🔗
Richard continues on a path of unimaginable mayhem but don't worry, his capture will have you applauding in the end. Trigger warning: There is a lot of mentions of sexual assault and one mention of sexual assault against a child. I mention this when it is about to be discussed during the episode too, so don't worry...you can skip that part if needed.Sources:https://people.com/crime/richard-ramirez-night-stalker-killer-murder-made-me-famous/https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-xpm-2013-jun-07-la-me-ln-east-la-night-stalker-20130607-story.html
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What to do in Tirana glasses, was any Threed virtual trial, loud the goal that those guys. those kind of man, you look like your uncle Bob. Oh not Secondly, the look I was gone for, ok, how about these clear, glasses or these round once very on trend. I, like both on you, you know. I also like these aviator sunglasses weight are those the actual prices. I think it all of them seriously. Why not right? How now I want you glasses, zany dog quality prescription glasses starting at six. Ninety five, hey weirdos Billina I mash- and this is more of it-
tat you see We're not, as you can probably here, snow crickets, there's just creaky rocking chair, Only a handful of you didn't like the crickets, but were catering tee where catering to area, because we care about everyone's exactly and its less editing for me, letters that words revenges here the birth I did inside of my mouth. I didn't hear it side, but who knows cause us? This on his own tents. In fact, I'm sorry, if my name,
rocking chair, creeks, weaken added about me I'll ended up the creaking of my old lady care. So before I say anything else, I was waiting to tell you something you do you know how. Last week you asked me: well maybe not aspect book ass. Some time recently, you asked me if I went on a murderous killing spree. What would at once on what I do a yes to that was like a thing on like yeah, I decided to change my answer to tainted love o because I heard it on the way here. That's funny endless. Some reveals a especially when it like deed, Denny. Being the oh, my god I and that would be a great wonder- does for sure my answer that thank you, mine is still Halloween spooks. If anybody doesn't know lapse, God look at this go about new, should answer the club only Post radio, plus the cliff onto the Instagram yeah that'll, that's aloud. I can post whatever one and Instagram rules so that the rules are due to the rules
so I hope you you guys, seem to dig part one. That's why we're give your part to before the week is over because we recording, obviously right now The fact that again on Sunday and then tonight I am going into the morgue and I'm gonna edit- this broad cast so as to be offended. Gonna go to bed, so hopefully it'll be out on Friday, which will matter to you because it already I consider even Saturday the week, if you I'll try to get it out, you try. I'm gonna, try my heart assume. If I don't do him away, no really tries so hard for you. I do I try law. I try really hard one where recording that had been a funny and present and other than that I knew succeed. You know I do what I can you do it man we need help. Call me a mule just really take a la thing thanks, and I just want to know,
thank you. We could. You know what it would be shit all without you yeah be like wicked Really like, if it wishes me talking, I myself so, and it really animals. Anybody else, fuck everyone here no one. I think everybody can agree that, if anything happens to me, this punk gases to see us he's gonna have to be over cause. I don't think I could errand monkey this, I'm not era monkey. No, I can't make a good by myself or I'm not Alison Horrocks from the strange, an unusual by gas, which you should listen to do right now, cause she's great, but I don't have that charisma. In only do I get hooked on one podcasting, I dislike don't allow myself. Listen to other ones, cuz it feels like cheating, see. I listen to a lot of fun for us. I really guess until like one or two and I like rotate like I got through the mall and then I start over cuz, I always have a new episode to go to cuz. I have to go through all of them
yeah like hit all the new episodes, and then I can to circle back around and I got all new episodes waiting for my mind. Can we do it? Do you know what it felt like today when I feel I fall like? I said it so many times at work and all my friends at work at the location of that today I really love summer justly who are these people as a guys? It's follow its fall and the night, if I were there, so tell me how fuckin awesome the sounds: a dirty chai. Oh I've heard of that. So it's just like a child like a nice, try with a shot of the special, and I got one Diana, try that cause I've heard of them just never ordered it. Do you want to know. I have enough, so is really really good, but then I was putting on my sweater because I was wondering to work today and I just really like I don't legged screwed myself over, because I wiped my sweater on.
And me whipping at a junta knocked my dirty chai off the counter better bad ass day. Religiously. Can my serving size and stormy universes like take it out? The universe was that you are really going to raise your sword, be bitch with your trash cereal. I'm never getting. One of those again I got so Sector GM, just gonna, leave it at that. Meanwhile, I feel a key words for two like if you were like. I felt great after that I do it you're superheroes. I was sick for to day. I believe area I mean it was called the captain crunch slushy and I got an at seven eleven, not lady, at nine o clock at night. So I really to stay here and tribal. Some trash thing ever try to some trash. there's been a lot of true crime. Exciting losses week why missing, citing this will allow us to cry.
An awful thing I mean in our world as exciting as exciting as its things but they're off of the horrible yeah certainly not for the few answer, but first one that he got caught I was going to say that's some one. Good thing is in Mali, Timmins case, which I following that filling she viewing autonomy about. Yak is John. Was the one who brought it up to me and he was like: have you heard of delinquents use first missing and use what the hell's Goin on here in a free tomorrow, because should they brought up that she was jogging alone and that that was the last time she seemed jogging? I don't, but I used to really used to younger on the neighbourhood by myself. Now adopt forever. He only do not leave afternoon. I didn't know I don't I don't. I don't exercise I don't have those who does in the I'm so glad that he was found
oh god that he confessed. The only thing that really I mean there's a lot the peasant may offer the biggest thing. The pisses me off is that he was saying that he was driving by her. He saw her. Her jogging, so he looked around a few times to stop her while she was so showing a fucking creep they go way street and then he got out of his car and jogged. Next to her and behind her, and he said eventually, she said to him get away, for me or I'm calling the police and he continued. So there she started running like away, and he said he chased her with your fucking piece of shit. But then he said. The next thing he remembers is placing her in the corn field where she was found. He said he blacked no, you didn't. You remember how you thought. I'm gonna convenient that you don't have to such an easy way for them to take complete responsibility away from such a black. Don't you know what
I can say that I hope that they think of every single night, but there will ya jail. I hope you re in the inner. Why he's gonna have fun time in jail? Oh yeah, wake up worst worst and it's like it. I was just us, I mean most crimes are senseless, but that was so fucking this senseless tracking down the street. And you know what her, but her crime was just being a woman nightmare pretty well, he lay here she was beautiful here, just being a woman jogging down the road like that, that's the issue and that what we are saying last week with Richard or mirrors how he like learned. If you want something you take it exactly men today, yeah let in so many of them but like it is not all now, obviously, but like it's a big problem and I'm sure, like a lot of men, even agree with this that you know this is a big problem that sought to come in
just taking away want, and that's in one thing I want to say to people is like tat. You take women, especially in Ben leg. Except defence classes. Like I wanna take one. I do too because ways they do karate. When I Merci and one thing that is good too: how is that, if somebody of our tax, you from behind bend yourself word and slammed the back of your head against their faces hard as you can cause a back. Your head is very thick wickets or anything take a really good hit and it can fuck their face up. and it will at least fuck them up enough- that they might like all of you and yet is oriented, and you can get the fuck out of here. So if somebody grab from behind bent forward, and then slam your head back as hard as you can into their face? I love thought just given Is that why you never use it, but if it's a dude, the kicker foot backed up kick your back,
and try in the band your leg but into them cause it's a very odd position. Lincoln bend yourself forward and cut a push yourself forward within them, so hopefully now have to do it but hit them. So the back, you have chairs and far too happy to pick up. That's my strategy. You're! Welcome can't catch me, but you know why has it not, then think about that? story of that was in the murdering a group, a couple more than a month, Go of the lady, those nine months pregnant. I don't. I save wild still attacked her leg, you're, not save anywhere, honestly, true crime, woman, you get. Some answers. Everybody is notice, tie appointed the person. Making. Everyone is paranoid, as we are thus far. I loved
Nevertheless, I am- and I cant remember the guy's. Oh my god, his name is robber. Yes, Robert, I dont have as user name right now, but Robert Zero. I laughed so hard. I was like I had tea. I show nine higher than that causes like this is so it was, and I love the shade at the end. He, How does that enough? Anyway, everybody side, but he too Thus, in his story after you listen to the rear, Richard Ramirez ever said he just tagging. In a video of him latching his window and then like violently playing all the area radically like thought, and it was just all EC. No words. Does that herself on hand, it's exactly how I feel about the situation and then today the girl How does when she slipped out, and you like well shirt, so I'm sorry that we could serve as valid Fink about we're going to help you out there International pressure is for dead people, sleeping on the couch and retired people just turning
you and your daily activities and offered their people honestly sleeping or about people. You're really is you thought, honourable honourable, but only Saki, doors and windows if you can give it a shot but the other bomber. The crime story. This that we totally we talk of touched on briefly last last episode. Yoda is like that I don't remember the name of it and I don T care to look it up because factor but I was not more things focused on the big yams. If you're, not another big problem in society and the victims, the machine man and Bella last and endless leaving eco in this, so This was the one we talked about last week last steps it keeps saying last week they can have a long term view and it the guy who killed his entire family and then for the floor He was caught and committed to doing this. He was on the news begging for their return, but it was such
If you knew from the second he was another was bullshit. Is he couldn't, even in almost without you smiling, link here, for many years stuff and it's like normally, I don't judge people's reactions because, unlike ruin, I don't know react. Sometimes I laugh in very inappropriate situations like you know that you sure do like I have. When I get nervous, I laugh so I can totally judgment. But now knowing what he did unlike some stuff, but what makes it worse is his confession. Now is that First of all they found out. He was having an affair with this coworker, of course, with his pregnant. look seriously so he's claiming that but they went missing and were murdered that he came home and told his wife tat. He wanted to separate because he such We told his pregnant wife, you we're just enough claiming back there. I should think you super pregnant, battues pregnant and he's got. Then he told her that he wanted a separation and that she flipped out and then he
looked on the baby monitor after awhile, and he she was strangling the children to death. So now let me just I'm gonna put so you see you murdered you're pregnant, wiping her two children and now when she is not here to defend herself your claiming she did the worst thing that a mother could ever do you absolute blocking monster, It made Danone, because you know how I know: that's not what happened and how he definitely killed those kids, because you know what They found their bodies now in an oil tanker that was filled with crude oil, he dumped his four in two year old into a fucking tank filled with shit oil, my god, if you, give if you are apparent on any less love anybody. You know that that is never ever something. You could ever do with mere children's bodies. I'm not
even apparent than I Joe Exemplary, like someone could have a gun to my Temple and tell me to do that. I would never know key would die before it never do that. You do not disgrace you children's bodies. If he really give a shit about them, like he's, not he's a fucking sociopath, he killed family because he wanted to be with this new check. The site check. That's what this is all about, pews having an affair. He had a family too much he wanted a new life just run away, exactly just get the fuck out of their lives. They be better off without you anyways, but inside you to sit infuriated me, though, that he's. for India claim that this poor woman did the unthinkable but her. children when she's not here to defend herself and he claims he strangled her because she strangled begins so he's the euro and it's like, I hope you get such prison just because when they find out what you did too little time seal, by God, you're gonna be someone's,
favorite snack imprison. Then I can't wait I want to hear about. It goes a great I love that. I just see here. But there was a very depressing and it's only getting worse does o guys talk with future? Oh, yes, this is a happy thing. I mean, let's bring it all up again to swim in all back, that's really outlived their souls, We have been absolutely over fucking what by the support you guys have given us unpatriotic. I can't believe it this active already. I never. I honestly didn't expect any US, like you know of, is gonna put the sabotage shot. I can't We cannot be getting tired. I saw my yeah we're how much we appreciate because admit now: it's really making us want a pump out more material for end were too
and improve our audio as we go here, will totally your hearing a little bit. Each time were turned personally like that we sound so much better. Oh, I can't I'm not even with some of the first of the noise I wish they would disappear, but, like you guys can keep them. Definitely keep that I mean they were great. Content was good. on was already, so we really you want we're gonna, stop it up for you, because you ve really stepped up for us, really really really appreciate it, and we want to show you guys out. Ok, so we have I think there's four tierces. Therein is right, but only three are active right now, so the window watching cabin evil, onion and jagged little bitches ones that are active tall start with window watching coven Rubul shot up to Ashley Oxley her Oxley not was seriously allocates learning. Jennifer. Madame For man in your last name is Richard Man's last name and he's super hot so that your secret
Joanna D, YA, Joanna D love it Kelly. Ass. You know what I was ready. Don't Kelly Bass named Sinhala? That's really cool me. It's your actually set waken, actually loved your call, for he had a moment about your name just into admin is also part of the window. Watching come hell, you to centre, and I thank you window etching coven off you guys fucking. Also, you guys keyboards cloud the corners together. Some shit, fuck yeah carbon, but now for the band evil. in Sarajevo opinions we have for members of this ban. So it actually can you be so really is like a ban, and we have one in your favour. People lily turn my turn your voice, also low. I always call her little. I love well and well you're. The best for supporting us. This names like Hell, a fancy and I'm spontaneity that girl who grace
to allow grace to wear related. Allow EU such like fancy. I am look away. She had. I am what's a thing that they don't go. Girls that I wanted to do our coming out, Do you like? What's it called fell like debutante? taught Jessica debutante. You know what, if she didn't have when she should have one- and I have one now there is also Lauren Sutherland. Thank you, Lauren, my little sisters, neighbours Lauren, think that she has also spoken, but this Lauren. I gotta do if you do and then Our last member is John, be lucky. John John, it was actually the first one Jove Special up to join them right. So, thank you, John! That's, not I know soon. I love about ok. I think it's good to see this it S. A literal draft, also my husband's AMOS John, so rock on. the moon. Ok, alas, group that is active right now- is that you
little bitches any wrote. I feel it touches reminds me of pink because of banking. Inside or jack and little Pearl guilelessness Martha. Yes, that's death, sniffed relieve, really intensely It is an heiress three members of the giant, little budgets that are like a missile trio of jagged little bitches. Yes, I, like you, girl, Psmith drop some man. HU, I feel like she is like my friend by RE association. You should be friends assent because she's amazing, I think, she's really just like little she's a little and SAM you, I think, we'll family to meet each other to I've ever met somebody. I meant Alec once a target. You then yeah yeah target there, both amazing people about their. I love them. Thank you, SAM. Yes, thank you MA am. I really hope I don't say her name wrong. Brandy, bell, check, fell. Sick
yeah I'll, see, ok, Bell sick, I think also she's after Runner Instagram. So I recognize her name. Thank you so much brandy, ear the year that heads brandy and then the next one is like my middle name. So but she's really cool your. What was we're inside and better scared me having over I think it was John closing the door downstairs when John closes the door. He does it with the authority of like a thousand hunts. Bosun tonnes fell, accuse closing the door up here. That's what it feels like anyone else, I'm sorry Nicole. We discover that, after all speck in yeah, Nicole, Second, so thank you. Gotta tell you some guys seriously like a word in awe, This is not even realises that this paper number so guys seriously. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can't even appreciate how much
I appreciate, I can't even appreciates how anyone can even understand or comprehensive blame. Yes, how much I appreciate we have as it were, so we're humbled safely like people want to listen to us. This is amazing. I am that's another thing we do want to start cut cause. We We asked you guys from our ideas like goods, and you guys gave us fucking amazing thing like I love that people in crabbed on so many things that I didn't even realise that when I came out of it, I do say that I'd like bananas, save a lot yeah we're going to try to get some merch together. For that try to get some t shirts try to get some buttons and stickers that we can send to our patreons to and we are, I believe, the first of the month is when you will be built for your patron donation and when we will start gathering up all the fun stuff to send. You guys and forget, allows bonus episodes freeways, cause, we're gonna, get those wrong so mommy and look after them
and I think that's all I e the business we have to attend to centrally twenty minutes and do something already of ship turn until its people talk. Forever. Monies are already whatever funny. Peacocks got it exclusively bears beats the office on pick up stream every moment from the donor, middlemen and export bonus actors, an exclusive plus. If you're, looking for more classic kids, you can stream every episode of parts and recreation, tuna Van and every season of Estonia in the mood for something brand. New Zika, peacocks original comedies, the Amber rough and shell and say about about whether you are creating a new danger familiar face. You can find sons of comedy gets on Peacock get started for free, a Peacock Tv Dhaka, so part two of Richard or mere tat. Another done so I mean things are going to get pretty rough. It was already really rough, but there's a great year after year we ended on la belle. In her question. hasn't Florence Lang which, by the way,
what I've noticed about this cases. There is a lot of conflicting information about names, for some reason, victims names get twisted around her. Name totally different things, there's someone so I just kind of picked the ones that I can find the most and if I get if I couldn't find something that I was confident enough to say, I don't say it. So I'm not going to give you the wrong information here. One of the other things are just add in here is somebody hell they're, so damned us about the young, the pen, to Graham thing, we item because he uses Penta Grams a in there. were kind enough to actually explain the difference between Pentagon authentic room. and so it made me want to do further research because I love to research. Gimme anything and I'm gonna research. It felt like three hours. and so I went into the whole history of the Pentagon Conventicle because
Like always said, pantograph this whole time and everything I've read about him says Pentagon. I've never had a tentacle. I don't think we are technically wrong of her I just made it I'm not turn away like one wrong enough, but I think these, it is, what you a tribute demeaning to it like his back and like the for it. This dates back to the fourteenth fifteen centuries when, like a cult practices started taking over. There were rooted in judeo christian Symbolism mysticism, so they started taking christian symbols and turning them. Ok and so the pie, to go and Penta Grammar kind of interchangeable. Nonsense where it's like the meaning. You a tribute to it. Ok and like it. It's like it doesn't really matter if there's a circle around it or not. It's kind of just the meaning really is the meaning behind its yeah? It's kind of look. You can put the Pentagon without the circle or the a without about the circle whenever the holidays and if you're, attaching a
Terrible meaning to it than its it is what it is. So I think We're gonna continue, calling it in a pentagram just because from what my research that's what I found to be ok, but we're not trend to anybody so I don't know, reserves held so we and I think also Ec Hollywood has something to do with this. To me they ve called it and to grim sorts become a pen to Graham kind of thing soothing, enriched Ramirez. His eyes is depends a gram, so I'm just saying pictogram cassettes what use using but we appreciate witches Starling, what's happened, healthcare which is trying to give and whoever I'm sorry. I can't remember your name who damned us we're tired, but thank you for bringing my attention, because it was actually interesting to research. So I appreciate it. so we're gonna start off, after the marble and Florence Lang, terrible terrible murders rights are one if you want to hear about that
Now, during this whole murder spree Richard was living in and out of the Cecil motto when she's, what you mentioned and acid, The one who brought it up there we need to do a whole episode on that there we could do multiple opposite pressure. We should do in entire episode jets dedicated about things that have happened in that hotel there. So many interesting things yeah and during these these, he was basically he would do you go back to that, placing when he could scratched the money they either by stealing shit for people's houses, because every day murdered on he stole shit from their house like use of fucking thief, he was Richie the collector and tat. He would come back to the Cecil Motel and he would dump his bill The clothing in the dump stern, the pact's in the back to the hotel, was vain, such in literally the place with such fuck. An unmitigated chaos that like no one noticed enabling Walker to his room like half naked. I want Oh, who was open letter while they were not
what I know other serial killers like worked out of place because of the association with Richard America to also godlike. So that's fucked up. Is that what I am hotel was they suffer. was. It was like a loosely based after the whole thing. So we're up to now the more I looked between like the names and the dates. The dates summit asked I fucked up to its leg, Dick timelines, indifferent things showing up save a date. I'm saying the dates that I have. I have cross reference with each other and feel confident about, but some dates, I'm just leaving out not seeing the dates cause. I'm not gonna sit on your own sprint autonomy from information. so we're up to May 30th nineteen. Eighty five now in his next victim was forty one year old, Carol, Kyle he broke in he and he basically just raped inside, I still owe you left her alive Carol. Does she live
she did. She left shoe you. She was left alive in. She described him as quote good, looking, which we usually, if you like, if he wasn't at garb person and you take care of himself. He has a beautiful cheap I was actually share. Your picture advocate that I got your advice boy than he looks. like? If you clean up and not a garbage person, he he would be a decent living. Look. He could of models like actually like he is. A normal looking translates vary so I mean it's a lot of them described. Him is like somewhat hands. in the end as you'll see later he had a lot of group peace so we'll get about later, the guys he didn't precious tee So that's it was. She was the one who said that he smiled like wet lever. She described it as wet lever that justice. reminds me of a white dog right. That's what I think I think of the white dog smell anomaly- oh god, and its because
his fucking hell? It shows us that was caused by him all held her. Like that. So that was issue. He's he's racking up like descriptions now cause he's, leaving some people live, which no Reimer reason he's just some people into and he will say later it made feel more powerful to decide whether on his side like you could walk out there and leave you live and he was like God cause. He just saved you but like he was like New York excited. So so This is one that the data is very clear. It's some sixty six year old, Harold A and sixty two year old, Jean Lou, husband and wife. He went after so many elderly people and like makes me crazy. he broke in and shot Harold and had immediately as he slept Maxine. That was his thing. That was one thing he did do. The time was, he would show the husband in the head
so Jean was bound, and she was very, Willie punched and raped Jesus. He left her alive. and he leader said that this was one of those times that he left the person alive because he could, because he can do it every once. He can choose to reveal fact. So this is another one. The data is unclear, but the next one was forty one year old, Ruth Wilson. He broke the her home in the middle of the night Disciplines scary, but here is a child in this one that the child was left unharmed, so just know they're going it he, found her twelve year old Son and he Him as bait for her to show him worldly valuables were in the house, so he like held the twelve year. Old. So when I say unharmed, I mean physically unharmed non emotionally, eventually, probably not, but he would take took Krim him around the house and was like show me: where are your fucking valuables are or I'm
so she showed him everything she. She brought him to a very valuable Nicholas, I believe she was a widow too, and I think the necklaces slick sentimental ended up after she got him. Although valuables he handcuffed the sun and locked him in a closet Jesus and then he sodomized and rape truth. Is it because of you all her? Yes, so can you just leave, and I think that was a thing she was like. I will give you everything like just leave here. slashed her once and then bound her and her son together slashed her, don't just flashed over the knife. And then found her to her son and then left the bull five like what. The next one was June. Second, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, and it was twenty nine year old, Admit Edward Wilkins. He was shot. Killed by Ramirez and his girlfriend was violently raped, but left alive, my god. So wasn't warning that he's just like leaving all these women alive like without the people that without this there,
horrible emotional damage and you killed there like theirs. I think, another because their human, exactly and ass the and I feel it. That's probably part of it I thought I'd love certain I and I was like well- do not commit war. I almost unplug the computer s so again, here He started these leaving too many witnesses too many people there can describe because he was wearing masks. He was just here Not yet Englishman was unstoppable thought he was got exactly now here, is always using stolen cars. For this whole, because that way there interaction and it's easy, and he just was really good at ceiling car say the same fucking sneaker exactly there was one night where he tried to breakin, home, but he saw a man awake, inconveniently cleaning again, so he built.
You know what fought so he tried to straight up kidnap a little girl, an eagle Rock but she started screaming and fighting home and someone called the police for her yeah and he built again. So gets back into his stolen car and he runs a fucking red light in the stolen car because he so like frustrate yes but he's just like he's everywhere. He said the cart, a cop pulls them over a frenzy of friends. he's in a fur attends. If he's in a fur attend. You know that that's like a serial killer frenzy is offer attends India, another kind of water. It is. I'm here as well so a couple them over and the, I had heard the description of the man who had tried to kidnap that little girl, like me, whence earlier years ago. Hey you look just like that funding in the description matched Richard. Obviously, because it was fucking him, let me guess: the cop was, I think so no
The cop actually asked him jokingly: hey you're, not the guy killing people in their homes, aria you're, getting L a p d yoke to lead her. How are things do why, through many security, ideally just like at this very moment- I could time travel. I will go back in time to the LAPD and I would show them all of the things look out gather Ya'Ll the article and all the dumb shit that they did and Billy look. How much you're gonna buy stuff you can just like you, can try or yellow so dumb. Thank you ongoing engineers, and even though it sucks a little bit more, I think that's a really good idea and I'd like that happen, because there's just too many cases like this, where it's like common time travel out relation of research. Just for this basic IST amount of time travel basic IST amount, but just it needs to happen I'll, give it a look because come on LAPD Jesus,
I just cannot and wanted to build a coin. He responded no way man when he goes going to catch that mother Fucker Horsey did because so. The corpses walks back to his car to read to you. You know like do a shed and he, then he ghostly call in the red light. Stop and the stolen car that he found out that usually go. This is stolen car when he runs the blades. Richard just gets out of the car draws up, to grow on the hood of the car and runs away lifted. The guy fall asleep. All costs was it noticing because LAPD I would like that he also just repented. Let me sure ok- and it sounds like leg just Look over the top he's like how does one draws a programme, as I believe, really legislate alerts off. Exactly that's what I think of it like you can catch me. Was it actually willingly twirling his master? Was it a really big Penta grandma? I just I don't know. I think it was like a fairly big one. Either way we can-
up into criminal but of a car. Walcott sticking takes time. We're unit was the other Terry wherewith chalk. Maybe facts on airlines. Are there either had to call itself? better or whatever it will our meaning attaching to it was not bad. I was turned pink once exactly. So I'm gonna end. All of these situations are just like because LAPD they fed sieges, really let you know it. Going on here. Sir couple of days later after this June, seventh, thirty, two, Patty Alain Higgins. He slid her. Throat ear to ear. While she slept like what the firewall now a few days later to lie second, seventy five year old, widowed grandmother who had survived to bouts of cancer. Mary Louise Cannon, he broke her home at night, he beat her unconscious with a lamp from her bedside table and then
stabbed her with a ten inch butter night. What Europe. like he stabbed her with a body with a knife. Butter knife and let me tell you it's hard to stab someone anyways like now nothing of stabbed where're we eagerly during an autopsy, even when I first started training they to tell me leg, you gotta put some force behind. It becomes harder than you think, with a butter knife, agrees sharpen blades, I can't imagine buttered, I M like Blew my mind and it's like this lady survive to belts of cancer in its region, Fucking Ramirez that takes her out like that answers. He really is willing, forgot him later so July. Fifth, nineteen. Eighty five, this once again three sixteen year old, Whitney Bennett, she lives but broke into her room, knew that her parents or sleeping in the room next stir hits
sleeping sixteen year old in the head with a tire iron, only DA rapes, her and then leaves she was left needing four hundred and seventy eight stitches to close up the wound. But you have to understand- I'm. Sorry, Sir legitimately almost five hundred statue literally and he raped her. A sixteen year old with her parents in the next room. Did she ethic brain damage? I dont know o my blood. I mean in things he hit her with a tired, opened her. Up enough that she needed five hundred statues of her she than in well. That was going on. He's raping her, oh god, you I like you, evil evil evil beyond, but it so This was that was joy, fast joy, sex, so he's really on monitor. Damn sixty year old Joyce Nelson. She was asleep on the couch when, He broken and violently beat her. She was stopped to deaths. What led
early. He stopped her to death, which is the most violent, aggressive phantom apparent. Even though that was a thing at the amount of rage aggression is home. This is the things like. He changes it up all the time and he gets worse slick. He comes out with different awful shit. To do I mean he covers the spectrum. Dozens there is very little, but he does that I mean this very little that he doesn't do I think there's any. I can't really listening to anything. I mean every serial killers awful, but most of them stick to one awful thing or too awful things. He literally hits everything he's got torture, rape, sodomy, I beat to deaf starving, to death starving to death, shooting to death, it literally every idea he has nothing, then he hasn't done so fucked up. So he left that a visa footprint on her face
while they were able to see the air like a literal footprint of that shoe on her face, which is they that's another connection? That's why now, the same night as east. Armed Joyce, Nelson to death Steve three year old, grandmother and nurse Linda Fortuna. Was it acting in her homer on three thirty m. He held a gun to her head and worker out of a densely so she was walking out of a dead sleep with a gun. I wear temper in He held a hand over her mouth and said, make a sound and I'll kill you. So that's what she woke up to sixty four year old grandmother: ordered her out of bed and brought her into the bathroom ransacked her house. Then he brought back into her bedroom, put a pillow over her face and a glove in her mouth tried to, ray per couldn't get it up tried to sodomize her couldn't get it up because he's a flask penis little ship bag,
In each time she said he was getting more and more angry that he was unable to perform, because again he entered great sex and violence and if that's not happening some things, owing to set off in him, that's gonna rage and him more than anything, and so he's she said. Could she survived? said he. She was getting more and more scared. First, while she thought he was gonna suffocate her cause, he put the two first Alongshore Anne. She was like this is how it ends, but he didn't and then she go She said every time he couldn't do it. He was getting more and more angry and she was like he's going to kill me just out of a job, but he didn't he cursed her leg called her bed. All the good stuff and then left and left her alive law. Yet again, leaks of sense so jealous twentieth, thirty, two year old. Now this one is the deep Sea
I would like to put a pretty big trigger warning on this one there, the child in this one? Now the child lives, but he does something awful this child. So I just want to warn you if you want to skip Blake. seconds ahead. If you don't want here this idea, where should I go? Will you have to you son of a bitch, So a strap him, thirty two year old. Now, I'm sorry! If I'd butcher this name, it's a really hard name chips, tat. So why him? I'm sorry! but you're that name. He is shot immediately with the twenty five calibre handgun, and twenty nine year old wife was beaten and formed forced to perform fellatio on Ramirez, which is so disgusting. Then he read. Sir. He then finds there eight year old son and he rapes him with a bottle of baby oil. Ah.
Though he sodomized an eight year old, with a bottle of baby oil. She said now the mother still alive, and so is the eight year old. she said that he kept asking her where the money is throughout this whole thing, and she said that she said she quote said I swear to God that there's no money and he Angry when she said that and see started telling her, you swear to Satan what the fuck then he raped her again and made swear to Satan, and then he left. No, her statement after this was quote dangerous beyond words, so brutal so mean so cruel his eyes. like an animal's? Not human thought Oh my god. I don't even know how to continue I know my own, finds that leg garbage rain. I actually just like. I was gonna, throw power is. Ireland was hard to get out like kids things man, it's not that
and when I read that in its like, I have to like a race that from my boy I mean you have to say, let us Because it's gonna go ensured in order to understand what I meant when I said he is, by far the worst horrible wants that needs to be said could need to see the doubts of depravity from that he sings too. I mean fuck fleet. Has somebody no limit? I just to understand who listen no like play leave I'm sayin. You know why. I'm just gonna guns! It plenty of people go through horrible shit in their life, oh yeah, I get that your childhood was horrible, and I am sorry for that. But other people go through that and don't do nearly ass, certainly they just go through life, and I get better that is and that's why what the is a very good case study for nature because, like yeah, nothing makes you do that now
nothing. It's one thing to have an abuse views of childhood and you turn into a shit, violent human being. But that's me that is so wild and like inconceivable in my mind to think that anyone could ever like even think to do that. Yeah. That's it it's like you just literally, can rightly worry, whereas the gloomy away long it blew me away. I mean that's like beyond, and this poor, this poor mother just had watched her husband just got shot in the head next to her out of nowhere where legislation must have been an and then here that happens while you're there and you can't stop That's what really gotten one can you do this poor mother? wouldn't stop about that's lad, I don't know how you get by after I really don't arrived. I think- and I am sing. and maybe not the smart- to be honest, but like this somewhere in his his brain thinking.
I'm leaving these people worse off than if I killed them. No, I think, like somewhere he's, probably sitting there being like this is worse, so I'm going to leave you alive empty without evil right. I think it's like that's what I think. I think he was that evil that he wasn't just going overland powerful, and I can do this. I think he was going. No, no, nine, literally leaving you with the worst fucking possible life. I possibly can so he's even worse. this, because you would be doing them a favoured, kill them at that point, I got that point a lot out. Neither are you feeling honestly shoot me in the face like that. Wouldn't how do you ever so it's like that kind of thing, its that's what I mean man. He is beyond his soul, gross like so gross beyond gross. And if you thought that was a crazy like he's not done then, and that was the worst ballast. That's the worst sucker yeah I'd say that that stuff,
That one stuck out to me as the word, because I'm actually elegant chocolate Alec, my brain is not saying that I can give an anomaly fuck. Will that same night of Joe I told you he was a die. He wasn't done, he went Sixty eight year old MAX Max on needing in his sixty six year old wife, Leyla Ellen needing he went to their house he brought a machete with him? What goes around? Where do you get a machete he's literally? He is everything you got everything he hacks, them both in bed with the machete and then she's most in the head. Any robs the home and chops them up more after death, so he mutilates their bodies. So again he has literally no fucking pattern, like you can't understand, what's going on fighting brain any explanation when they caught him about like what the fuck was wrong with him he's evil. That's what he said. He said I'm evil Mikey literally, is like. I am working for the devil.
This is what I legitimately makes me believe that, like there is some crazy force out there that like takes over, I feel it is like a demon. Yes, yes, they constantly, EC thing cause it's like he, he literally attributed to like I'm evil, I'm working for evil- and it's like here, you are, like one hundred percent like he doesn't give any no other exe and I I mean all fuckin chills- do want at this obviously like he's done multiple. In the same, knights. Everything like that, so the media was gone. Crazy but he wasn't even name the night stocker via this voice. Only recalling juvenile garages ocular those like that woman, landed on for a while, the walkin killer, glow this point, gun sales shot up and the area people were sleeping axes entire earns next to their beds, like no out no windows were open, even those a super hot summer and fresh air. Four dead people get on them, get an urban issues
even an air conditioning, and though it you know what I believe is this one. I don't wanna, the LAPD was a fucking less still, they had no ideals who were August. Sixth there, six year old, Chris and twenty seven year old, Virginia Petersen were sleeping embed. They were he. Came into their house. He shot Virginia in the face and then he shot christened the Temple they fucking lived and food. Him off after being shot and she got shot in the face and he got shot in the fucking Temple and he fucking bitch old like a little bitch, because these two people after getting not reiterate in the face in the Temple fought ass like not all heroes where capes did the bullet just not there. The way in like apparently it couldn't have say. I mean it couldn't have penetrate,
like far in certain parts of the brain, but they both lived and they were both able to give a description of em. What a bunch of mother fucking bad here also Chris. because like not only do you live through that which is like what are you, then you fight him. The point where he bales because huge, like Flickr your work and for a forcing through our european law, really that one may mean that was like a glimmer of good, good things because they allowed them to be my brother from another mother like I want to talk to that amount of it. Like you answer me seriously to speedily canoes talk to me about being a bad ass like hot, while Well now is August six about how the fuck do you ever falsely began Actually I was literally for the rest. I would just been drinking coffee at all ages. I would be a dream lining. Espresso,
whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream. Classic sitcoms, like the obvious boxing recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up original comedies, like eighty by of say about about for all your exclusive comedy face: could a peacock tv dot com to get started two days later because again he's on a tear August states, thirty five year old, this once said too, but they are really is they're all awful Billig, some of them this future, I believe his name is Oh yes, a bluff and his wife Sakina were sleeping in bed. He which immediately shot in the head and killed like that. His wife said that she was because she lived through. It oh god, she was immediately punched in the face and turned to the floor out of densely on so He she heard the boom next to her. She was punished in the face and thrown on the floor, like that's. Where you wake up too. He then threatened.
To kill her children if she didn't provide valuables, she had two children house p, made her swear to Satan per use, that's his thing now and he raped her several times. They had kids aged three years and two months they were unharmed, but this case is the one that finally gives the night Stocker name, I don't know why I just happened to be and I did read something that said that the three year olds did walking in the middle of it and he tied the three year old up and put them in a different movement. and so I read a CBS Los Angeles article about this one in her sons I, like thirty. No obviously and her son said no and her son said that their mother waited until they were older to tell them what happened to their father. She arrived really told him that he died of cancer to protect their. I would offer good added
One of them is quoted as saying she is such a good mom. She never wanted me to know about any of it. She held all of it and until I was sixteen one of em said, I'm not joking you I legitimately failure. it. She didn't tell them anything. What? Oh, my god like want a mom always elegant pursue there's, no reason. It's like she had to hold all that inside her saudi fucking. Do that disappeared, and it's like so What a and she never remarried like she said that lake, in choosing when she talked of her husband, she was like he was such a good person such a good father, like you're, trying to make me we'll just like it's, like that's horrible, like he's just walking into these homes in just destroy that every day Richard Ramirez Godlike Sodomized, like through his eyeballs, really fears. they would baby oil. Honestly, Well, I he it's. It's like I'm a great thing that he
in this awful way. But it's also like I wish. I d lives in ITALY was re. I think a hundred and twenty years ago exactly fucked up ever exactly and it's like. He really only have let anything it twenty three years under threat, which is a lot still not now. I would like more as burps areas easy, but am now? Detective Frank Salerno, who is a fucking bad you're here to legalise in other cases from here and out he's the one who knew this case he's fucking to me, and, like we said last week, I believe we send e caught the Green River killer too said this case was literally enveloping his every second when he said that it will not, and he said, Kids were coming to me. A young kids unwarlike, please catch the bad man daddy and he was like literally. I could not think of anything else, but getting this guy off the streets like
Look at tat using fucking detect. This is like animals is fucked up a safer. Can you imagine living through something like that and legally be like for we all couple. We have someone honour, Instagram, that's if they were growing up in LOS Angeles around that timely that fucking yeah, while I can imagine, my mom was my mother was in boss. in and was a young woman during the Boston, strangler stuff and she lived the bunch of girls in an apartment where you can open the apartment with a credit card- and I was like my house- fuck. You sleep like that. Blew my man. Crazy shows up in the wrong, but about my maid, so he's. The one Frank Salerno is the one who connected their visa footprints and all the pen to Graham symbols and stuff. He started connecting them on saying this is one guy. Thank you, Frank he actually went down himself to places like, skid row
in looking at the prince to his severe footprints. He would talk you people on skid row. He would get descriptions, he was matching shadow like he was putting himself in that chair, ass, LAPD, could manage to find him figure out what the hell is going on in the skies like in there. They talking to animals were inserted heavily and yet around, like, thank God, forbid, detective francs Lana so After this last case, he called a press conference and he told everyone that there was one serial killer, that this was one and that he was operating round the area and that he had killed almost a dozen people. By this time He literally told everyone by weapons your doors and try to stay safe. He was literally on a press conference saying guys by fucking weapons lock the doors. Can you imagine a seeing that I would be like I'm moving, no, I would probably I would leave I'm not kidding. I could in turn. Obviously a lot of people couldn't just pick up move. I would only say that, but it's like knowledge
go said Craig. Can you imagine not having the option why Now, that's the word has the option it's like. I can't even imagine so that's terrifying. Now his description was being passed around everywhere and there were sketches these sketches. are so bad, First of all, they get him with gray hair, which I'm not. I have no idea. what that's about because it was like the middle and they haven't, would like bulging eyes it just in I'm gonna, Post tsunami Instagram because thoroughly let's making look as evil that, like the TED Bundy ones, were bad. There those ones or so accurate compared to us on it. So bad, so now he knows that the heat is on him cause starting to see that their zeroing in another, connecting all these things, so he knows airways, bananas right now for him, so he leaves town from San Francisco Harrison Cisco, wake up San Francisco
I believe to be positive about them, so Well, he's in San friend he's like a marginal says, my vacation time. he breaks into the home of Peter and Barbara PAN catches, Peter PAN Tee all can he just take a vacation? No he killed. Sixty six year old, Peter PAN, with a gun shot to the Temple, would that twenty five calibre handgun. Sixty two Euro barber pen was beaten, viciously and raped before being shot in the head and left for dead I couldn't find accurately I'm pretty sure she lived, so he then through a painter Graham and wrote the words Jack the knife on the wall and lipstick. What does that jacket? he's from a Judas priests hung. So, but no, it goes by a lot further than that, but I'm assuming its heavy isolating till. I am sure he is listening, the Jews priest he was making all these bans or he was giving them bad press
taken their record sales down now. This is when the media finally revealed that if he a ship, shoeprints evidence and Ramirez was obviously very into watching the covered servers wranglers because he thought he was yet. It is so he saw this. He immediately through those sneakers over the side of the Golden Gate Bridge that night while yet so, then he returns backed away Were now ass when he goes to the probable you backed away expropriated like unknown to him like ran the pale ass, his this getting like a veto, generic version of India. So do you, backed away and when he got there here. did you break into James or marrow some who, and I think his family just returned from vacation now his thirteen year old son happen to be awake at the time I God and eel
at his parents that some creep ass was prowling around the house and hear him he was like. I hear somebody outside. In fact, now has terror. James scared, Richard off, how I think random side of the house would like a fucking gun was like get out of. My house scared him off but he was able to see the vehicle he left and I got a partial played. So Heath The sky was just cause, he just thought it was a burglary attempt so called the police within gave us in San Francisco know this was an ally, but I think he was just like. I don't know if it wasn't that late or foetus was like you just try, it was at her off the squid. He called for good police and gave them the description of the car and the partially well. So I believe it was the same night. There there was an engaged couple: thirty zero bill, Carnes and twenty nine year old. I knows Ericsson he broke into their house. He shot bill three times in the head immediately
then he said to the woman quote: you know who I am dont show I'm the one they are writing about in the newspapers and on tv. Then made her swear to Satan and beat her. He tied her up with index eyes. He sodomized her while making her say she loves Satan. Once can kill her and then he said, tell em its soccer was here, as he left kin. you. Imagine. You all you know about this dude all you ve been warned and he walked and attitude walks out. As I tell him the night Sacco is here, I would throw up all over myself like knowing what he's Kay was, I would you? Somebody's aerial to energy or the rest of my life well bill survived no way out have been shot three times in the heavy up. Yes, he survived and I know could give a detailed description of richer emergency. You know uncle fuck you so police now had the descriptions that they were getting from everybody and they were able to take a what's. It called casing footprints case over. Does it later,
mould. Yeah mould, like anything I was like isn't that sounds like a fuckin case was a bold I'm making a weird gesture with my handed it somehow. You got that most of the footprint that was founded there, a marrow house and I think they were able to match it, at least with these size, a renewed, because this is the best we are getting illegal so and they found his stolen car abandoned the one that is flooding the one that they had already gotten a description of and the partial plate from James or marrow, and they dusted it for fingerprints, had wiped it clean, except for one partial print on the rearview Mirror Boo, positively identified as Richard Ramiro Vodka. He had been arrested before and drug charges and like traffic violations and shit okay, so they already had them. There's a mugshot there. I already had his fingerprints. So that's why he was so careful about leaving fingerprints cuz. I knew you was in the system wow well boom. He came
So now one night during this whole thing member, friend Donna Myers Syria, who lived with on and off. He said that you were going to say she was a ship issue because she was she did help. I mean it I think, a more and I was being like Genji upon her lifestyle. Food will overcome tat, but- they were sitting. This was his friend and ally. There are sitting watching tv together, one night and police composite flashed on this was before they had a mug shock EU measured sitting next to the knights to hold nationalizing, hey, I think you're, the night solar, the police, composite sketch flashed on the screen, and he said hey, I wanna do you think, I'm the night soccer remember, saying is hell no wreck. You ain't got enough guts to kill anybody in sheep like she thought it was just a joke, but he's she said he wouldn't leave it alone. So you said. Aren't you afraid of being alone with me in the house? Now I am in he asked and then he said He said what
Donna. What would you do if you broke into a home and found out people are home? Would you kill them or what would you do and she was lakes? the just wouldn't broken anybody's home, and she said he just that he was having like he's, Strange guy has a weird sense of humor is just like being weird, so she's agree, war on drugs Thursday August twenty ninth Diet, Donna Myers daughter, went to the police with jewellery, which was The pearl ring in a gold bracelet, and she said she got them from a man named Rick who sometimes stayed with her mother by then day Donna Myers had given the police or his name, so she helped ok for she Alderson was like you know what they're citizenry issue here. So there starting to close in now Now what is fastened upon the edge of my secret police connected at all, they have
the mug shot of Ramirez taken eight months, certainly so they're just trying to find out where he now exactly so. This was after the stolen vehicle in the prince were found along with the descriptions, the mug shod. They have everything. Now they literally just being like. Ok guys, we haven't, we gotta find them so police decided to release the buckshot terribly. It was broadcast on tv news shows Friday. Evening. It appeared in our newspapers Saturday Morning and during a Prescott and they stated we know who you are now in soon. Everyone else will there will be no place for you to hide in their wasn August. Thirtieth Remit as took a bus to Tucson Arizona to visit his brother. He now at this point they just released all this shit the night before he had no fucking clue then his mug shot was plastered all over Fuckin, LOS Angeles, no idea in my gets on bus. He had now
he didn't and of seeing his brother and Tucson. So he returned back to allay early in the morning on August thirty first again no idea what is returning to so police. Were actually staking out the bus terminal he came through, but he walked right past them. do in fact. Anyway, I did your thumb out of the Obama command cheese so still having no idea that he's plastered everywhere, Ramirez just stops at a convenience store in grabs, a copy of la opinion. Newspaper that morning and sees his photo on the front page as well as several other periodicals along Michel, so dizzy run. The fuck out so obviously starts a fucking panic and then she really gets ratcheted up, because some too What Ladys in the store were looking at the newspaper. Looked up, saw him and started screaming and pointing out him l Matador, which means that our meal pillar,
so they were all screaming omega tomorrow. Maybe by he's fucking know he's wearing a black jack Daniels T shirt and black genes he set off for my all, run through Elway, dodging through alleys backyards, and he stopped several times to turn a fucking carjack people while cause he just panicked so keeps running, reaches a cupboard street where he makes me really bad mistake of trade the steel, Astina opinions, Red Mustang Coup now about less sold him to the fucking ground. So you get away from him. He raised across the street and attacks a woman named Angelina Data, Tor. Was twenty eight years old she was. leaving in her own car to buy birthday presence for her daughter in Angelina surrenders the keys and his like fucking. I think that it was a horrid Granada. She was like take it, so she runs screaming Frau now this guy named Jose birds birds.
John, I think version. Sorry, if I said I was wrong: He was fifty five years old. He heard her screaming saw this whole thing. He promptly ran across the street and grappled with Ramirez, like no one scared of this Motherfucker Alec. I'm gonna take a busy telling you like a little bitch, his community isn't bad. There like this is my favorite thing. That's at work because they say Billy, you terrorized, our community like we are one will now, after Jose, is grappling with him. Now, Angela Venus husband, the one who's car, you destroy the steel and she ran away. He comes manual, daylight or thirty. Two years old he arrives. Will they steal rod that he has taken from his front gate? Yeah he's smashes Ramirez on the head
then Ramirez keeps running with an entire fucking community chasing him down. The street, like a parade manual, was able to catch up with them in fucking, beat him again with the metal. Wasn't kids in shit, oh yeah, that everybody literally, he caused him to fall against offence when he fell Jose son, the guy who first grappling with him. His sons, Jamie and who we arrived as well as the EU is literally getting the shit kicked out of him by an entire group. Like models is my favorite thing in the world. They held him down and mercilessly beat him good. A police officer was stated later saying: if we haven't got there, they would have killed them, which I'm glad that the yet there than they do now. What The police officer came through the crowd arrest him Richard Ramirez said to the police officer. Thank God you came
you mean think C n, you Johnny, you will see in our endeavours like thank God. Oh I'm, sorry, you go back now fake mother fucker, you're thinking God suddenly that Europe that you're alive fell. Somebody spare jus. Yes, indeed, no one spared you sweetie in Iceland and knowing that he looked up at a police officer some guy you're. Here I thought that's delicious. It still ass. I wished. I police officer, kicked him in the face was expert.
Satan is actually pictures of him like being led away from this and in the police car at his head is like fuckin, violently bleeding labour. He looks like you got. The shit he's in the back of his shirt is black and you can see the bloodstains on the lack of a shirt. So it's great I'll put some of those to their great pictures. You wanna fuck with people thought right now he doesn't. This is literally my favorite wave of Assyria like knowing I have lobbied in all be taught in later. The police said they were like. We are soap, relate the parameters and you would think that, like me with the police and feel like they have to Billy, don't take vigilante justice in your new. No at the play came out and we're like, like all the investigators willing, we ears, proud of our community right now, like you guys, are frightening- that's just not like our procedure via the community for over a year by them here so, When this whole news broke Julie, Ramirez Richards Father was bewildered by the things that people are saying. His son had done
and he said he was quoted a saying in my heart. I can't believe he would have arrived at that, but the authorities. There have proof. What can we do? Yeah Julian, You must have zero idea why your son could do something so fuckin terrible ray. I believe me like you to know you definitely didn't abuse em. You didn't allow his mother to breathe toxic fumes while pregnant with them. You didn't. hang out with a sociopath cousin MIKE you definite and let him move him with his other sisters. Peeping Tom husband you didn't let him move to alight to have on skid row and sixteen yeah. You have no idea why he could have turned out to be a body. I re improbable. He can't use bewildered how, We were Sligo fuck, you doing things aren't like I'm not saying it was totally his parents Bob. What I'm saying like you made your player. regardless of what happened here like with him, it's like you created a violent human being sure because you showed him violence. So it's like fuck you for being like what he's a violent purse
That's crazy! We're going! I know I am. You beat his mother and his siblings and him on the rag like fuck, you Julian, that just pissed me off none of extreme anti. So now an interesting things. He called every woman. He encountered a bit sternly attacks because I'm sure there was probably pearly partly his I sure his father said awful things to his mother. While he was beating the shit out of her and then also cousin MIKE was teaching him not to give a shit about women. Some show that was put in there somewhere now, because this was such a prominent thing than he said when they had a line up that included with him over the lake for the survivors to pick em out. They had them all say, shut up bitch because they want them to be sure that that was the voice, but just interesting Tibet, but it creates now his trial became like a shining moment for him because he loved the fucking attention, of course he's all bets he Europe's Centigrams on his hand, and he shouted Hale Satan like out of nowhere
and then yeah, and then there was in some of these pictures. Man I like Subject, you want us to be got even worse with like aviator sunglasses on his hair all nicely flunked out Nice suit on He came in and was like leaning backwards, smirking like laughing, and they need, to the group. Is that came Keziah. What the fuck is wrong with and it was like a fair return. Monday's very we're stuck in common behind him, and now I have no problem saying what the fuck is wrong with you No, that kind of shit. It's like what the expression of riches near and having disrespectful to the family in the people. He will turn around and like wink at them and smile at them like that. Hosted one where he was waving behind this fuckin Croupier Hadley I'd? They actually do something with one of the jurors because he was like literally you like seducing her across the room and she was like getting into it like yeah. She go, he has held hostess and gradually sold illegally. I really so
later. We said he had tonnage, groupies spur. I want the luckiest, lady of them all was Doreen Leroy, she seems like a magazine editor like a freelance magazine, editor and people said she was a fuckin like she lived in a fantasy world and was like a recluse herself, She wrote him upwards of seventy five letters during her in his incarceration and in nineteen eighty eight he proposed to her and on October Ninety ninety six, they got married in San Quentin State prison. What is wrong with you? now for while she claimed that she was going to commit suicide when he was executed by them. They ended up separating before that happened because weirdly enough that marriage do not work out. How do you propose to somebody when you're in prison, You know like licorice than I could maybe turn into a ring. Would you like this licorice them? On September? Twenty of nineteen? Eighty nine he was convicted of thirteen counts of murder, for
attempted murders. Eleven sexual assaults and fourteen burglary cheese envisages the ones they approve, those, many more f, obviously, He was sentenced to die in California gas Chamber on number seventh one. Eighty nine when he was brought out after the sentencing. He smarted the cameras and its on tape. Will they play a little clip of it and said Deal death always went with the territory Seein Disneyland. What the fuck trial actually goes. One point: eight million dollars shoes, the most expensive in California, history until OJ surpassed in nineteen point; ninety six wild here And so well- and this is- this- is really interesting- actually well in jail in nineteen o, seven awaiting trial. He was actually in the same jail and Sean pen. who was in there for reckless driving and punching an extra set of the movie, like he's known for disease, known for being like a hot air,
they saw each other around and shit, and after about a month, Ramirez asked him for asked a guard for pens, autograph and Ramirez then wrote pen a letter later saying quote haste John stay tough and hit them again. should remain as six six shots. Back go! Fuck yourself quote: no Richard it's impossible to be incarcerated, not feel a certain kinship with your fellow inmates, while Richard I have done the impossible I feel absolutely no kinship with you. I Gas descends upon you before sanity does, which is an awesome response that is often serve about it. pressing, but unfortunately, on June seventh, two thousand and thirteen, the deep for my birthday yeah. He died at Marin General Hospital from liver failure due to complicate, from be solemn Foma. He also had several complications from years
substance abuse in chronic hepsey viral infection, so his body basically shit bed. Now at the end. He turned bright, highlight or green, because the reason for that is, liver failure is often associated with jaundice. a very severe case, so this is substance called Billy Reuben and builds up and causes jaundice in its created when hemoglobin, which is the part of the red blood cells that carries oxygen around your body. It's when it breaks down normally that washed out when you p or poop, but when it builds up, then turns you dream since himself. So please yourself, just three: the cell phone, just dirty, forgive toxic! he was evidently Reuben. My fear, bestow Althea richer. and I think he was only like fifty three years old. I wish that he got
spending twenty three years on death row. I like the champagne rhythm, and so I love as I favour, but as the great one so yeah that's, conclusion Richard remain: always aka doozy! Now, president doozy, unlike who, after your breath after that Anita Catholicam, slowly I know now I get to go in the Borg. about animal nerve. I know I figure University or Bravo Punch Fundamentalist straight up, saucy of illicit and watch. What happens? Everyone listening to this Lancaster announced politely who the fuck is star there, probably like what is happening about you, do have both just turned flick together like the other way, and sometimes you gotta heavily homage eminent shit. I ain't all sides to me, but I need to survive. The german- I have your talking about all this, but there's a lot of the circle. Is that a German as I now alive a ton of travellers are giants and Burgos. It's like a split personality.
Is on you so yeah, so that such measures, then I sacrifices, slowly enjoyed arena do next week, How about we hit the lake bottom murders sue from Finland's, because you just told me about that: yeah sunsets, I believe that sounds like the dial of pass yeah. It's got like that vibe to it. It's like a mystery to fund mystery from Finland, and I think- and it's like the biggest case from finland- occur while serving that's a fun one, giving serious fucked up, because his little doubt camping for sharing is all these and we fucked up, but it's less intense than this one, it's more like disengage. The day I love pass was intense in life. A different and a society where the earthly conspiracy theory he gonna shit.
Yeah, we'll do that will do the lake bottom, murders and societies for that next week, wool recorded on Sunday I'll try to get out early next week. Three and visit our patriarch w everyday video, patriarch com, slash morbid podcast find us on Instagram at morbid pot cast fineness on twitter at a when Podcast Gmail US adds morbid Lancaster, gmail dot com, you find a sun facebook. However, you find someone on Facebook, morbid, podcast, Sonny Poland or common, I'm not sure which one it is called your kind on serbia- and you know just Keep all the awesomeness coming on subscribe rate review, that concept, because honestly we're gonna start like shouting out people who ever Venus on Itunes Russia is a funny jobs every like me, to them. I keep having to tell my husband, like I didnt, pay these people the right this I'm like. I don't even know me
the Mai as well. This is amazing, so thank you can spend fucking awesome. Do you know what else we love you keep doing? We hope you keep listening and we hope you Key Bay, we heard Ceja bah, lock your windows closed door, but a shitty every day. Twice yes, floss to Reno At least his taste, ITALY. I mean you're, gonna fuckin, harsher t spend the time edges either because we face clarifying mommy hygiene. Listerine
Yes, thanks monster.
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