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Episode 150: The Tragic Murder of Matthew Shepard Part 2

2020-06-22 | 🔗
In our conclusion of this extremely difficult case, we discuss Matt's last days and the aftermath of his passing. His legacy far outreached the crime that took his life. We discuss the absurdity of the "gay panic" defense and also explain the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.We also cry. It's a doozy.Thanks to our sponsors!Hunt A KillerRight now, just for our listeners you can go to HuntAKiller.com/MORBID and use promo code MORBID at check out for 20% off your first box. Pretty LitterGet the world’s smartest litter without leaving home by visiting PrettyLitter.com and use promo code MORBID for 20% off your first order. 
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Open healing, close to home. or university health care. A complete a dynamic health system from Prime every care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advancing cancer care at MIT Anderson, cancer, Cetera, Cooper, with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries- people Trust Cooper as their first choice Cooper committed, compassionate, complete here, weirdos, I'm ash and I'm alina- and this is a Mamie morbid but like we don't do this anymore. So it's Many many many many many more bad, many morbid, many more, but many more citizens like a morbid I don't know about you know it's not gonna, be many because one, my many are never many. No, no you! It's not a many morbid anymore would just calling at that big
nostalgia, nostalgia and we don't want to get rid of the theme song because building because some people most people of it. Some of you will really make it like a son. I message me and was like: where can I get that ringtone again and I was like only four put uttering planking lady S, maid ringtone, that's ringtone it for you for phasing out on Monday that an end to it, I'm into it. Well, we are in part two of r D put dive into the tragic, tragic torture and murder of Matthew Shepherd so part one. I was kind of who we all. I was right in the fields half, but I just wanted to say again, like I said in part one. This is the part of the episodes where there is gonna, be some hate speech that I am going to repeat. I'm only repeating it because it's on signs why?
into because it's part of a confession and I think censoring it will take away kind of the brutality of what happened in this case. But when I say these things, I'm going to tell you, I had a time so you're not just getting it like slammed into your ear holes, all of a sudden you're like wow, and I think but he knows these are typically words that we would never say exactly, I think, important exactly and I everybody knows the word it's one word in that is going to be. I think you can tell probably the word that's going to be used I just don't like it. I don't. Like a word, I don't say it: it's jarring to me when other people say yeah, so I do agree with you that it would take away their yeah everything that happened. I don't want to make these people seem any less heinous than they aren't. I think bright Nino We should say what came out of their Martha. You can be like, while one a bunch of a horrible horrible horrible gross human, exactly which you will
so when we last Lefty guys Matt, was beaten for no reason at all by air and Mckinney and so Henderson afterward voluntarily handing over his wallet Angli wasn't robs no and just just for existing or he wasn't robbed. But this was an just a robbery. No was certainly not a robbery. He was driven out to a fence in La Near Laramie and he was tied to that fence beaten again, with the butt of revolver, repeatedly eighteen blows to the head and neck and face for skull fractures and boom beneath her behind his right ear was crushed in his skull and it was crushed into
brain stem which damaged his brain. Some, his radio was also almost torn completely off his head. I cannot imagine awful what has to be wrong with you to do that to some awful lay and what is wrong with you know: it's it's beyond my company. That's not human. Now, it's not Aaron Mckinney and Russell Henderson are not. You know, particularly Erin Mckinney is not a human being. I don't know what he is, but I don't think he's gonna glad he's locked up somewhere because no thank you, but one of the things that really struck me about the first one was that the first officer unseen said the only skin she could see on mad or to trails where his tears had cleaned his face. That's always like just stuck yummy because, like that his face was so badly deformed and beaten and bloody and dirty that there is only skin were tears. Had just Roma
his face where he had cried alone. That's the thing: it's like the haunting its. If a leg may lay like a clear him. It's the thing that like really cause again, I suddenly the first part that I was thirteen when this case happen. I remember very vividly and we talked about in school. I remember just like them. I remember my mom and dad talking to me about it. I was very interested in it. I wanted to know all the details and umbrage seeing horrified by all the details like, and I remember that detail coming out and I remember just being like home. I caught like our people like that
never understood it, and so after they left Matt, they Henderson Mckinney go going back into town where they promptly picked a fight with two mexican american teenagers. Eighteen year olds, Mckinney ended up getting a hairline skull fracture in the fight and ended up going to the hospital. Where handed going to the same hospital. That Matt was brought to once first responders picked him up. They were sat for rooms away from each other and they had no idea. So doctors are working on this comatose beaten boy and they have no idea that for doors down, says my else's murderer red assault her at the moment, so that's horrifying. So when Henderson arrived home, Henderson went back to air. Their girlfriends were chastity paisley and christian price. These
You are both ignorant foxes. Well, armed arm deserve whatever they got because he goes home he's clearly upset, unlike his girlfriend says, like he's upset, he saying he did so. terrible, they ended up releasing Mckinney, he goes home. The two of them are discussing getting their stories straight because they know now that their proudly getting caught right, and so there discussing it the two girlfriend and I decided it was probably best that they help them invent an alibi. Yeah totally lie about that. things that happen. I eventually tell someone who will in meanwhile the girlfriends are told by these two fuck heads they are really like. Oh he's dead like we left him he's dead right. They told them that, and these two girls weren't like.
Yeah look lovely, I found a here. They were like. Let me help you cover this. Can you imagine if John came home well, like put it like, you could never know just billing? Oh ok, I'll help you let me help you get. alibi together and now and I'm sure, there's gonna be people that are gonna. Tell me, like you, don't know like they were met him scared. They didn't see. scared. Why don't? I lay were scared and I'll tell when a second, why, I don't feel bad for them. I can stand. You know these guys might have been abusive. There haven't, they are clearly not been properly were. Particularly Aaron is clearly a violent individual. None is without a doubt. I doubt that stopped at Matt on shore. There was other instances where he was probably scary partner to have right. They had a young sun and like an infant son, I'm sure she was maybe I can maybe in some like thing thinking of her being like. I just need to lake figure. This
before egg, because I'm scared that he's gonna do something Amir. My son right. I can almost get buying leg and not give. I can almost like understand in a weird universe right, but that's not the case here right, that's not the he's here, and I'm tell you in a second because when she talks to twenty twenty later she's a garbage asshole to write, this was not I'm scared and I feared for my life and my sons, and I did what I had to do as a mother. That's not what this as this was her being laid out. While I agree with what he did so I went to hide. It causes exactly what that was So they get their stories straight. They agree. They both help them get rid of the bloody clothes, help them say they got the story straight and said that they were gonna lie and say that their boyfriends were home, watching movies with them all night to give them alibis while pray.
later said wanted so one of the girlfriends said that they were so upset. The boys seem so upset about what had happened and she told twenty twenty later, that their boyfriends beat Matthew up. To quote, to teach him a lesson to come on to ST people. She's legitimate fucking guard gee. I don't feel bad for her at all now and Matt didn't come on to them. He no shame in also fuck you right leg g. They had to teach him a lesson right. who are you to teach us handling either you are a letter bag boyfriend to be teaching another groaned. Man, a lesson rightly fuck off exactly as she's. The kind of garbage that's been sitting out on a summer day during a carpet a strike, the kind of gee else so mats parents were currently back in Saudi Arabia. I've totally forgotten right to exist. did I, when I finish, reading
oh, my god, so they couldn't just jump on a plane at home, ready to go through the, though like the stages of get across a serious five, a m there in there wondering no. Now his dad was like Matt called all the time and he called early raise like I assume, there's just Matt calling and waiting we re, so it was actually hospital staff at the hostile. Laramie telling them that their son had been gravely injured and they weren't sure he was gonna, make it through the night. Oh no, at this point they didn't know what had happened, Where are they just said? He was found gravely entered so his parents were like? Oh, it must be like a car accident or something like that. The first thing you think of you, don't think somebody beat him to death with a pistol right, so they were liked. We don't know You gonna make through the night you have to get home, so they were like are so they went through the whole process to get home. It took them fifty hours to get all and and they know, and they just don't something and they don't even know what exactly is there's like he might not make it. I have to get home so when they
or to the? U s his aunts. So I think those Dennis sister, I M, not sure junior Dennis a sister told them. You know this is what happened in it's all over the National NEWS right and they were like what like they relate. I thought it was a car accident like what're, you talking about beat hated him, and not only that but they're like oh yeah, its national, it's on every new station and they like what For one thing, I had no idea right right. Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earn two times the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in Fries get a fresh, big possible poor grab your favorite Hobbes salads and more your next reward twice as fast just by shopping, your dinner favorites after four p m, While rewards members earn two times that rewards now give June thirtieth get the Y Y App and joined today pizza
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so they said his only bay. They was basically only basic functions, our keeping him alive. They were like his brain stem is barely function like he won't be living here, if we say and what they said when they walked into the Hall Hospital room. You couldn't even tell it was him and the only way his mother said she could recognize him was by his braces, which he still wore straw. So his face was stitched up and multiple places. There were tubes everywhere, his head was bandaged, there is a boat o in math. Shepherd is a friend of mine. They show like small, like pan up of his face a little bit of him lying there and its horrified got wrenching entire fine ends and again she said I couldn't tell you said. The only way I could tell it was him by was like he has certain like scars or like little things that I just know are my son and she said, and then the braces right thing that may be
like that's Matt right, so he was. He was comatose at this point in hospital staff said he would really only survive and vegetation of state. So they said it that was even a longshot, but they said if he does survive. It's really just gonna, be his body that survives and not really I figure so's panzer like now. We have sit here and they also were even though legally if they took him off of life, support that doesn't effects like a murder charge or anything like that right. They were worried about that because, like you, don't know rebel suitable, you don't want a damn good play into it. Yeah and you don't want to be the thing that stops these people from going wrong. As you know, I mean so they had to deal with that and in their dealing with the obvious of taking your own child off of life. So Some are trying to figure out, so they just holding vigil at this point just seeing what
happening. Not only are you just like replaying the horrible thing in your mind over and over again, you know this happened examine you have sought on top of you, oh yeah, and it's like at this point there just getting bits and pieces what happened to him and his brother Logan his younger brother Logan at first, I guess, couldn't even go in the hospital room, he literally couldn't see him like a rat catches, big brother. He said they said it like really affected him ram. Luckily, he did end up going in the hospital, he was there s actually holding his hand in the end, all yeah Only I can Vienna she looks like it's starting to come on. It's gonna, be there were Maria Cry, so Erin and Russell were picked up by police the next day, because they're fucking idiots and of course they got caught right. So when,
Erin when they interviewed Erin, he showed what a bigoted asshole he is. He was very nonchalant about. What do you use? I guess that's what we did and he at first in confess, but I think they let him sleep for a couple of hours than he was like our idle talk. everything. Why wasn't so and asked? If Mathieu said anything or asked him to stop, while he was beating him, he replied quote well yeah he was getting the shit out of them know my gun like just whatever, and he also said quote most of all- he was screaming and you kept going well somebody screaming for their life yup what kind of monster. Are you in the police officer ass? The interviewer asks him several times like. Why did you keep going Why were you still doing? Why are you not done airing keeps saying I just lost it. I blacked out he's do here. You can see exactly what his lawyer has told him too lightly and blacked out. You went crazy or gay people just make it
not see? You know how I go how about in so he did the whole. Like I just went nuts I saw read. I don't even remember what I was doing. I just I couldn't stop our buyer derisory again. No, of course I knew exactly what you're doing, and so he also said, like I said earlier, that Russell was giggling throughout the assault. That's according to and that's disgusting iver I mean I believe I can. I do to you earlier you're. Obviously not your gunning I'm kind of enjoyment, or else you won't be able to watch that he stated many times that rustled did not hit Matt none. He remembers, he said at one plenty says he very well could have, but I didn't see him had him. That's our globe. Weren't! You blackout, lack out, see it on our behalf. So he says: Russ was going you smiling, he was laughing throughout the whole thing they were living. So weird, you remember knows details, but you don't remember
of course anything else and Aaron says at one point: he could notice that the way that his truck was positioned when they were tying mat to the fence was that MAC could see the license plate. So he said suddenly I got scared that he would be able to identify me, and so he said to Matt. Read my license plate and so Matt read it aloud, He said: that's when I just hit em again to make sure that I knocked him out to men. Shall I e he knew my license plate, so he tricked him. He told them read my license plate me dead, and then and then he made. I one point he made Matt say his address out loud so that they could find his address single rob his place. Are you kidding you get. The fuck is wrong with you: they're fucking, evil language, is wrong. I don't even do evil pieces of shit seriously hit. his friends and family immediately at this now that they brought in Erin and and what the same result rough now that
therein, his friends family. No! This is a hate crime movements very clear to them that this is hey cronies, spelling out for a they new that police we're going to cover it up like it was a robbery they were like is that they're gonna try to make it go away so that you know we're not gonna. Them good, and so they were like his friends and family fuckin did dams, because he loved them so much, and obviously he was like such an incredible person. They knew I mean they knew its like this in a small town, they knew this was gonna, be one of the things where Aaron Ross, we're gonna say it was a robbery gum, bad errands already using that whole I blacked out, I don't know I just wanted money. Meanwhile, by the way what they got out of his wallet. Twenty bucks re twenty bucks, so this is over twenty bucks, you're telling me and you just gotta k of scenes debt like I don't believe you
don't believe you know so his friends and family or leg we're not letting this go. We're gonna make sure the world knows. This is a hate crime. That's what this is. This will not be reported as a robbery, not letting it that's not. There would have been awful if it had gone down yet a complete opposite. Why so? His former guidance counselor, who turned out to be one of his best friends Matt, was named. Yeah was named Walt Wolden and he was the one I mean he I e bay. He came out to wall. I may first yod of anybody. He was the one that he told him. I dont know if my parents are gonna disown me if I tell them, won't help ten, because he said he himself was gay and he had a lot of trouble coming out because he had kids Stephanie was like. I was worried, Michael. we're gonna disown me like I get it, so he was very close them very close, and so he was the one who called all the surrounding towns to make sure. It said in the newspapers that this was a hate crime and not a robbery gone wrong
called all the different newspapers and it was like this is what happened? Do not reported robbery. That's now when I was in Ireland everywhere after that, I'm glad he woke up the next morning and like the Washington Post was calling him like he had any damnable. So at this point, Matt is in a coma and is not expected to pull through errand Mckinney had told his so Aaron Mckinney when he had when he had gone back to his house. This is what's really gonna like cannot put a ranch in their whole, like it was robbery gone wrong thing because he stood saying to leg investigators during the interview he saying that when you, when you went home to his apartment at night, he told his girlfriend who govern confirmed this, that he said, he was pretty sure and by the way, when I say the word, he was quote pretty sure he killed a fag. Oh no. He said that to his girlfriend and his girlfriend admitted this brought him saying this is a robbery gone wrong?
You're using that word, that's out of robbery. Rights are already showing that you have a bias and his friends and injured just Bingley, I'm pretty sure I killed like. just nothing. I'm gonna show them. That's like saying, like I'm pretty sure I ran over a skunk, flacon yeah. Why ITALY's whatever's casual the holes are now being poked because they brought the girls in the girls are now giving a little bit of what's going on in there just admitting it from Selden are Mckinney sang like a fuck. If he's like, I don't give a care, and so one night while they are in the hospital mats. Father was like just going crazy beyond just sitting there waiting for something to happen, and his father was like his father drove four hours back to our home and Casper, and he said he drove to storage unit that they have any like. I just decided to pull out anything I could think of to make Matt pull through in his words quote, be met again. Oh man who write so he wanted particularly to find his favorite stuff.
bunnies hop named Oscar who he said he was never without. He has a child and he said he couldn't find Oscar. I'm with little I'm right in honestly. This partly really got to me because one of my Daughters has finally Bunny named fuzzy bunny, and she now goes anywhere without any tat thing is, is her thing when he said I just think of it. I just wanted to find Oscar so sick. I have him and he said he couldn't find him in the storage unit. He ended a finding him later. Jani said he's glad he has it now and that he can like hold it for like to think of men in good time yeah, but I just keep thinking of leg flatly what I would like to make a reliable it does. A leg. Trying to Cyprus are the bunny that he was, but he said he did find some other things he
Let me just tried to lie so wish that he had pulled through, I know, and so he added I mean nothing was moving. He was obviously not going to Burger any further in his family were ready for him to say goodbye, but they were. They didn't want to pull the plug on, but they wanted him to know that it was ok ram to Lego because they were worried. He was hanging on for the verbatim young in so his mother actually pulled waltz. The guidance counselor, who was like is really good friend yet aside and said. You go into thy, see you, and would you tell Matt that it's ok to let go of? I know this is like so awful. This is like yeah. This is hard
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And so Matt was air. So Walt said, you know as well as hard as this was he sent for her to trust me with that in mind. I put that with me was like I meant a lot so Walt said he went he like sat with Matt, and he said I just explained to him that you know you need to let go and he said any said. I even told him you can't put it on your mom and dad to pull you off of here like you need to do it when don't put that on them like pleased and narrow cave. They want you to go and they want you to stop fighting and they know your didn't want you to suffer, and so then he said- and you know he was still alive when I left, but that night at one thousand two hundred and fifty three a dot m on October 12th he passed away and his family was there with him. His mother and his brother were holding his hands and his dad was also there. So he heard
No one can tell me he had been surviving for day right. He would have held on it. He will tell somebody told them. It was a there's. No one can tell me that wall not sitting down and telling him it's. Ok, let's go in your parents want you'd like oh, yes, not the thing they made him go care. Let go right so October, twelve, that twelve, fifty He passed away in mourning everybody a terrible turn in a terrible storm, really tragic and so disturbing Matthew. Shepherd was beat last weekend title wooden fans by two men who met shepherd in a bar, Laramie Wyoming, eighteen hours later, a passing bicyclist summit held after almost mistaken, shepherds, bloody body for us. aircraft. early this morning that here upper passed away. The story captured national attention and sparked the debate over the necessity for hate crime legislation on too
eighteen. Ninety: ninety eight was his funeral at Saint Marks, a fiscal church, hundreds of yellow came. They had to open another church across the streets for people to sit and watch it was it was that the good and it was including people who didn't know him personally, but it had wanted to show support yeah. It was just like people who felt compelled to be there for him. It was fall, enact obviously not toper, but there was a normally snow storm really, and people were still sitting standing outside leg didn't bother and much like shows, like obviously like what kind of person he wasn't. Oh yeah people knew him to be exactly now again. I'm gonna, there's gonna, be a little bit of hate speech right now, because but don't worry, I'm gonna, I was going to say I know what's about to happen, and this is gonna be like so angry. I'm gonna go completely opposite direction where we were. This is one of the first appearances, big appearances and unrest appearances, but one of the ones that rely on them in the public eye of the Westboro
Optus Church, a group of I don't even know how you call that a church don't worry. So they came with about a dozen of their fucking putrid horde of hemorrhoids with legs that they call fucking congregation, I'm not a church. They were corralled by the city until it a little area because they wanted to keep them away, but they were allowed to protest, because, obviously your your amendment rise your fuckin right. They held signs. That said quote their famous signs, gods, hates fags. They had one that said Matt in Hell with a picture of Mount on it. A child's can be seen in a photo holding a sign that says I hate sailor unavoidably effigy yes, anal sex, equal sculling, crossbones at a child, and that's just the dumbest fucking sign ever like what the what's that doesn't make sense, links, anal cycles. Duff like anal sex does not equal that no like now, we all know to hate.
somebody. So much because a lot of I'm too what you hate and other people is what you see in yours. your site that you hate about yours. It that's incredibly tragic. You know that is the case. I thought I'd really like loathe them's. That might yet. There were also signs with stick figures having anal sex the issues that are ill, our stupid? Add a funeral at a funeral. a twenty one year old. Who was brutally murdered? That's just like it like immature. not the word for it, but it's immature and it's just like what you getting out of that that I have no idea, but then there also screaming terrible things. They make sure to be heard as well. They were screaming that Matt got what he deserved. No again, his parents are grieving, the loss of child nobody there have these people will the living breathing example of the worst kind of blight on our species. They are fucking cancer. There, a plague of decaying,
dog shit yeah. These people have zero redeeming qualities. They pick it soldiers funerals with signs that say, God loves dead soldiers, I'm not religious at all. No put it pisses me off that these half wits grow dams are allowed to bastardize the idea of God as some hateful beast, like fuck, Fred, Phelps FUCK, the ban, the West Bat West, whatever the fuck you fuck, you Church that Westboro Baptist Church you bull shit, I'm so glad friend Phelps is dead. We are better off without em fuck that just kui like fuck them only now just recruit like that was like slam, poetry, but it's a new car, new branch of Slam, poetry. These people have zero redeeming quality need to get you something other than a bongo needs to be efficient. I fuck that reading this researching this. I was so fucking hyped up like. I think, though I've
they want to hyper you up. Finally, do so it's I don't know, I just feel bad for yes, like I want to pick a diamond billy. You know what let's talk, what was the one the picture, you had a rough yeah yeah. She, oh my god. Okay, so came matters is, I hope, I'm saying her ass. They might she's a transgender, female and she's like a performer and she was having a cancer and the Westboro Baptist Church was picketing picketing because data that's what they raised under be because they just have nothing. They had an average like what it will do. You have something better to do. You know they don't like your paying an awful lot of attention to us. If you, if you don't like, I honestly think they wanted to be out the cancer, because she fuckin kills it oh, no. They they literally zero. Better anyway, she litter we went outside, unlike pose the data fucking photo shewed in front of them full bogey in, like a beautiful, like one piece jump sue and his like yeah like what's up like
I don't give a fuck. It is the greatest series of photos cause you just. She is just she's a guy. I dont care laying these photos and in the back to see these idiots- and it's like an I just love that, like she is fucking drop dead. Killing in these photos and their legs, surface and she's like Alec. Look at my photos, you and then these people cause. You know it's play their worst fuck a nightmare. Oh yeah, tv enough a photo with her. Well, that's the best way to combat these people is weird. Like love, yeah like peace and because it so it is wise and shudder day. I knew little Multi Arians that without a dislike, which is what she did she came out, was like I'm not gonna scream at you, I'm not gonna. Do anything. I'm just going to be me
the prison actually make for great photos. You owe thanks for coming well and what kills me is so the hospital that Nino worked with Matt and tried to save him and all the doctors they gave like a press conference, obviously because they are involved in all this in one of the. I think it was like the ceo, the hospital broke down in tears, when he said that man passed away on camera and its any really cared a Yahoo hospital care in the hospital and the doctors that worked on him, received death threats and hate mail male telling them they would burn in Hell fire for crying over an effigy yeah it sounds like you are currently burning in your own hellfire of heating yourself, and you know what I hope that you find love. Syria, I think they're just hateful fuck yeah. To be quite honest, I think they're, just hateful
garbage people. I just I don't understand how you contained somebody so much for no fucking reason. I think I honestly its they are just hateful some people I just hate evil me. I know it's here I mean look at all the fucking, Daniel killers and softly talk honestly, so I think these people just hateful and they can't be helps anyways, so mats, friends, family and the mourners at the funeral decided that they would hope hands to block these people pollyanna line, and they sang amazing grace how yeah, yes, which isn't it funny that the people claimed to be a church even claim to be spreading. The word of God and all that in saying that was hateful, evil shit known to man. I don't you name it or children, and then the people that their calling sinners and saying that they're gonna burn in Hell fire in that God hates them are the ones who holding hands and singing amazing. Great media interest is allowed funny the Westboro back. Discharge, I'm sure a lot most people at home, all people s angry is not a fucking
No, it's their hotter authority would like a topic that needs to be their debate. There not occur there, not a religion, their hatred, that's what they are, because that's not religionist That's our religion, yogi! So I'm with you on that everybody listen I shouldn't godlike, not hate anyone, that's supposed to be re, but I don't have used so meanwhile, errand guinea is going into court and he smirking he's walking into court. He winked at someone at one point, while he was walking in Dat dues face, is the most punishable. baby. You ever obviously his trial lasted from October, twenty fifth to November. Fourth, ninety, ninety nine he face charges of kidnapping, aggravated robbery and first degree murder, good. They were discussing the death penalty, which is frankly too good for that we need they didn't Aaron's attorneys tried to use, like I said, the gay panic defence. I had never heard of LA before, but that we are talking about it before
Sorry recording that is the dumbest shut. I've ever heard my entire fucking. This is a truly truly outrageous defence that exists. Still less according to algae, BT bar dot, Org, the algae, BT, Q plus panic defence is a defence strategy that ass the jury to find that a victim sexual orientation or gender identity. Slash expression is to blame for defendants, violent reaction, including murder. It also says that a Victim sexual orientation or gender identity not only explains but excuses, a loss of control and the subsequent assaults dis agree. Yes, so that's verdict loves so who came up with that lay? Well, it they can be used as a way to notes on it can note self defence or provocation. No, it can
used for the insanity, defence or diminished capacity, and this defence is used. it still used, and it was used as recently as April, two thousand and eighteen to mitigate a murderer? Do you have anything that doesn't make sense is like the whole thing doesn't fuck, it makes sense, but it's like How do you know that they were flirting with? You knows you dont will take. getting very differently. Of course, it was announced that a dummy shit ever and they're, not flirting audio everybody, very straight person needs to come to terms with the fact not all gay people think you are attractive or won't you please Is everyone just take a big biter that humble pie right in no that that came and does not always find you attracted to you, find every woman attract exactly know. It's like I dont under and that when every somebody like always gaze gonna, try to hit me, he might not think you're cute. I know right, he might think you're.
Oh right leg in others, even my girls like when you couldn't like, if you come out as a girl like as a lesbian, thereby or whatever and girls like won't, be friends with many workers diagonally. I don't like the way you make out. What would you think? I'm sorry? I don't want you Billy Lire and may knowing and I'd like to know flatter yourself, then you, though it's like it, know, they'll. Do, though it's just such an odd way that we'd, like wouldn't narcissist. I was literally just go: how highly do you fucking thing yourselves that everyone just wants that everyone just will as if they are into your gender, then they must be under their type near their type. it's like no. Are you everybody's, pointing out that I do not find a tract of it all young girl on three tweet, so they all gb tissue plus panic defence has been banned in California, Illinois, Rhode, Island, Nevada, Connecticut, main Hawaii, New York, New Jersey and Washington, not Massachusetts. Well, there is
you're like happy, you are very well, but there is legislation against the panic defence that has been introduced, but not yet passed in the District of Columbia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Massachusetts, New Mexico with constant Maryland in Iowa question. It was introduced in two thousand and nineteen and must use its water republic. What everybody waiting we're not sure what we're waiting for by you know. Hopefully it happened soon ITALY every month to get rid of it completely and all of America. A truly would it We ve got a lot of things on the list. I realized, but like. I hope that somewhere, honest toss, that on top of police, so so yeah, so they tried to do the gay panicked offence. The judge was not having a good note, give Errand Mckinney said, quote being a very drunk homophobic. I flipped out and began to pistol wept, the effigy with my gun and get some sleep. it cause I'm good. No, I don't I'm gonna you're, not saying it's starting to feel gross. Now saying it's annoying to blame.
So. He was found guilty of the first pray God he was and instead to life terms, without the possibility of pearl, and may he slowly wrought. Ah I want him to live like as long as fuckin possible, yeah in Russell also plead guilty, and he also receive to life sentences I'm so glad that heating anything less than because I don't Herr now, if you hit em we're, not your fully fuckin in Austria, you don't stop it good diet, well in maths parents. So when it came down sentencing the death penalty was on the table. Bright mats parents and his like friends and family, decided amongst themselves that they are going to fight to get a life without the possibility of her own, and they said they wanted. To be taken off the table. Now I'm going to read what his father, what my father died, May I again yes great this hit me like this hit me in the valley and a new, it's gonna fuck a bit head on me. It's gonna hit all you because things don't in this case really hits me.
and are you give your like? I don't know how this case. Couldn't you know we're not in this, like. I think this case has everybody with them, but I think it's also like it was one of the first cases that, like really sucked man and may me like really research it and like my mom and dad talk to me about examined them like sitting me down behind this happens, makes you want to be an ally inlaid give made- and I remembered that was like the first time that I really do that that happened makes people who were like it, and you know not straight cysts- why People like me, so I think it was like well when I was the first entered, Action in the world around us on your first wake up call, so I think it like this will really hits media, so his father said ready on a toolbar twelfth. My first born son and my hero died fifty days before his twenty second birthday with his mother and brother holding his hand. He actually died on the outskirts of Laramie when you beat him and left him out there by himself.
He wasn't alone. There were his lifelong friends with him. First, he had the beautiful night sky for all gone shut. The same stars and moon that we used to look out through the telescope, then he had the daylight and the sun to shine on him one more time, one more cool, wonderful autumn Day and Wyoming. He heard the wind the ever present Wyoming wind. For the last time he had one more friend with whom he had God, I feel better knowing he wasn't alone: Mister Mckinney, I'm going to grant you life as hard as that is for me to do because of Matthew. Every time you celebrate Christmas, a birthday or the fourth of July. Remember that Matt! Isn't! Mr Mckinney! I grant you life in them. If someone who no longer lives, may you have a long life, and may you thank Matthew every day for it? How ya, whose shit that decides? has you killed the person that ultimately would have forgiven you,
and it's just like. Oh it's like that's his when he says my first born son in my ear, unlike who, like I just belated and I'll, only I'd like that. I and the sun, but what does moon that we have to look through the telescope? Unlike picture him as like a little kid, it's like eyes, dad we show the girls, the moon, all the tent, like their obsessed with the boon I mean like. We are always talking about the night sky, and it's just like a puts you it'll there because they show you in the position of like a horror. Your child has grown up in something how horrible happened to them, and then you have to look back at them is like a baby when it's like a who thou unjust, really an just like the selflessness that that his parents have but leaves at it. They did it further south. They did a prison. New Massey would want that right. Who said,
during their trials. The Westboro Baptist Church showed up a lot to keep trying to destroy mats family souls with disgusting hate speech, but mats good friend, Romaine Patterson formed a group called angel action yeah. This group is shown But a lot of places now and she was the one behind it. They dressed as angels with huge wings that had ten foot, were wing spans and were seven feet high and they block the church from their targets such as gave me like Yahoo and chill now they come out for things still there still at a group that people do it and they Shield Marge mourners from in an end like ignorant foxen. They did this at the pulse, Orlando Nightclubs, shooting memorials and funerals, they showed up and they hold hands and they just block from protesters, and they like sing, amazing grace they just who will sit there with smiles on their faces. They just do it. They try to peacefully
and remain said she was like. I just wanted to like combat their hate with love, was loaded just show that, like you're, not gonna, take us down to your level where I stand here as angels, even though you're telling us worse terrorism we're going to how right so Judy and Dennis also decided to make it their life work to fight for algae, BT, Hugh plus rights. She said she could have. She was like I could have head. I could have just gone into myself, but she's like I couldn't, and she said I had to make a change format ya now this exactly what that would have done because, as you know, like we talked about his wandering diplomat and I started Now- gb to queue like club at school here is trying to help people like that was what he would have done, so they created the Matthews Shepherd Foundation which accords to their website. The Matthew Shepherd Foundations Mission is to amplify the story of Matthew Shepherd to inspire individuals, organizations and communities to embrace the dignity and caught in equality of all people are work as an extension of mats passion to foster
more caring and just worlds. We share his story and embody his vigour for civil rights to change the hearts and minds of others to accept everyone as they are who so the Laramie project thinking you mention. It was created from this case, the creator was moist Kaufmann and it's a play. That shows the events right and it shows the ring Oh you know the real residents of laramie trying to deal with what happened era's character's, everyone involved in the cases, a character in the show,
There was also shown on HBO in two thousand and two, and it basically deals with the homophobia to homophobia aspect and like the hate crime aspect October, twenty Eightth, two thousand and nine Barack Obama signed into law, the Matthew, Shepard and James Bird Junior Hate Crimes Prevention ACT. The act makes it a federal crime to assault someone based on sexual orientation or gender identity. In Obama's words, it is to quote to help us help, protect our citizens from violence based on what they look like who they love or how they pray. He also said it would war. It was the work of Massachusetts, Senator Edward Kennedy that made it possible so shut out to our aims of la la. This was thanks to Matthew, but also because in the same year, ninety ninety eight on July, seventh, forty nine year old James Bird Junior, a black man, accepted a ride home from three white men who turned out to be white, supremacist
These murders were Sean. Alan bury twenty three years old Lawrence Russell Brewer of thirty one and John William King twenty three. He knew shown very for a lot of his life, so he wasn't concerned about taking a ride for them right. They beat James, they changed him to the back of their truck and they dragged him three miles to a brutal death. He was conscious Roma solve thus because he kept his head up to try to survive. They also found out in his autopsy that he was moving side to side while being dragged to try to alleviate the pain right. He survived most of it and was conscious for most of it, which is her effect until his head and are more severed from his body by a covert which is like a drainage pipe. They then dumped the remaining pieces of his body in front of a church now
king received the death penalty brewer also got death and was ass. The executed by lethal injection on September twenty first two thousand eleven very got life in prison, so he I just wanted to point out a very quick overview of his case cause. He was very much a part of that being signed into law, so mats parents were fearful that mats final resting place was gonna, be vandalized yacht were desecrated in some way, so they held onto his ashes good. But in October, on October, twenty six, two thousand and eighteen more that, like twenty years after his murder, yeah Matthew, shepherds ashes, were interred at Washington National Cathedral. One of the reference to lead the service was the right Reverend Jean Robinson, who is the first openly gay man elected to as a bishop, and they episcopal Church YA. In his
she said to the eligibility Q members quote. Many of you have been hurt by your own religious communities, and I want to welcome you back, oh Anne, to map he closed by. Saying quote gently rest in this place. You are safe now what Matthew welcome home well and then later this is the last thing of back later. He said quote for master you to come back to church. It is a remarkable step forward, its the cathedral, saying some churches are different, so churches have been on this journey with you, and we will not only welcome you. We will celebrate that's important and that is a fact to fool? I didn't tell us a little weird varies. So that's the story of Matthew Shepard, who those a doozy as one who has only been a couple. That of really I mean every case touches.
In some way, but this does only when a couple that had not stay voice. You bring me to like. physical emotion and like who demand shepherd. One always does No, it's just. I don't know what it is. I don't it's it's a jot of thing horrifying brutality of it all yeah and it's just that he was away. I mean I always think, of people as someone's childs, so someone is always someone's child because I think, if I think it so fourteen to think of the people that way, because it makes you a better person. Yeah. And it's honestly it's it's weird, because I was talking about this with John we're, taking a walk with like Bailey the other night, and I was discussing it with him, and I was like yeah it's like really getting to me like I had to take a break from Reese. the details close. I get started until I click, especially when the outcome apparent and he said cause. He said you know he was a criminal justice, major at one point news that he always loves the star. He loves her crime and he said he's had a lot of trouble.
since having the kids lays that I've had a lot of trouble listening to any he's, an especially kids he's like. I just won't. Listen kid Coronado won't do it! but now it's all Sudden brings me to o this person has parent in italy- and I know it sounds crazy, but like a really doesn't Raising are your child until you have your own kitten annealing, oh shit, like that someone's baby ya, like someone fed them bottles and someone held them in their arms and there I was sort of ITALY's like pride and joy, TAT ever league in someone like that they needed to protect in its The all the Senate incident limbs, I'm on the early hurt somebody else's like yeah everything and anything because his parents were so involved and because we have the whole story of him coming out to them and how is such as like hard but like really beautiful moment, and then we have like the story of them at his bedside
it's like it brings it more. Like close, I think to break you feeling you're. There were, let you get them like you are you like our part of them so and then they ve done such amazing thing since, with the strong given his friends and everybody Everyone in his life has done so much after his death. That is just one that I felt like. I was an important one to tell and needed to pay, for sure analytical like snuggled Franklin for the rest of today, I think it's like I. In fact, I think when these, like one of the hospital ceos when he was when he was when he broke down in tears when he said that mad had passed away, he said to the press that Judy had told him to tell everybody: go home and hug your babies, yeah, and it's like who, because, though everybody go hollow, go how your baby, he wasn't, they prefer babies real like human baby. All the baby is your friends, your family, anybody, you love, just came Hologram given me
It might even we all need her, not hundreds of not even hug, but do you know just precede, who you love and all spread hatred, no stop spreading any kind of faith arising, kids to hate people stopping race, this supping homophobic stopping to stop. You have the power to stop here and it's a lot of fuckin energy. Does Really bothering me that my job there night since your own hate your way more. turned with them than they are with you, it's true. It's like it. It's like a spider chill out, leave it a little more in that year, more concerned with it that it ends with a view to setting up a spider, go niggers, I've learned wait. I that's different story that doesn't work for yeah. So hopefully you guys appreciated this tale and I think on it a little but yes, and as always, you can follow us on Instagram. morbid podcast, send us a twitter, a morbid fine,
pick us up on Gmail. That is where all listener tail should go. Morbid podcast at Gmail Back come now, Where else? Thank you for listening and we hope view a key, The real forget how I think it would be totally Birmingham during my siblings my guide.
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