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Episode 18: Katherine Knight Is The Worst Nana

2018-09-12 | 🔗
Australia. You may have bested us with this one. Hold on to your butts because this lady is bashing people over the head with frying pans, leaving babies on train tracks and skinning men like Buffalo Bill. Katherine Knight is a woman so evil that words have failed me here. Just trust us, this one is bananas.Sources:https://allthatsinteresting.com/katherine-knighthttps://www.investigationdiscovery.com/crimefeed/murder/katherine-knight-slaughterhouse-worker-who-skinned-cooked-her-boyfriendBeyond Bad: The Life and Crimes of Katherin Knight , Australia's Hannibal by Sandra Leehttps://www.news.com.au/national/crime/queen-bee-cannibal-killer-katherine-knights-life-in-prison-where-shes-known-as-the-nanna/news-story/e6f5e013f7be2c6328eb40029e0715b2https://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/mar/18/story-of-australian-woman-who-skinned-and-cooked-partner-to-be-told-in-film2020 update!This book is great, so for those of you looking for a good dive into this after the show, check this book out. Man-Eater: The Terrifying True Story of Cannibal Killer Katherine Knight by Ryan Green
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Streaming only. I pick up a new original Tommy Me Punk Bank. We are lady parts, it could fees. Mixed hash happens, sour our people to live in front. We are lady part, all the so streaming now, only arbiter Hey weirdos marsh and I'm Alina, and this is Abed doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo said here here we are and
We have some business to catch up on and I have a little correction to make before we start anything also foresees get us out of the wagon fucking correct. I want to make sure that everybody knows I'm correcting this right, where we make sure that everybody knows the idea. The right, not research, whatever zero. Last week. I too, we were doing what we did the vampire I like lowers fight. Where was the vampire count killer, rod, feral I said that this happened and Murray Kentucky, which it did, but I also incorrectly said that that was the same place, but TED Bundy turned to kidnap Harold around ro? The thing is, he turned it cannot per and Marie you outta. So I this didn't look correctly. I wrote down wrong stupid me, but one of our listeners corrected me on that, and I appreciate it because it makes me
upset that I got any element of the TED Bundy case, roundly visa waiver kid I know so So we decided to correct that it was Mary, meta, not very Kentucky. So thank you too. I don't have your name because I have your user you're handle on Instagram Jeweller cod T worry J, Oh a c o tv is Georgia, but are also writing a book on the TED Bundy case YO, while plug had shed for you when you write it yeah in writing it. Thank you for that J O a ceo tv every day that failed. He also that's a correction for today. if you have any more yell at US studies and tomorrow by other than now some update. We're gonna be getting a website up and running soon. I almost got my path to do that. we're, gonna have a website get up and running soon is right. Now we kind of have just like her.
Very nice, but simple, word: press one site, but Up on square space were not sponsoring of. Will somebody fun. I feel safe or just gotta. Keep begging. People respond to youth for Europe to get that up and running, and let you guys know where that is because that be a good place where we can kind. I have all our information on one spot because we are also getting march. Go in merchant emerge very shocking and my friend Vasco Vaska Love, who is an amazing artist, and it's gonna be helping us design some stuff, so that's gonna, be exciting. Will keep update on that and some of that we have some, new p tree on. We ve got two of them. We have to know. Did you write them down? For me this air was. I just wish to remember now. You are supposed to do. Well. Ah, me got my gmail monsieur inhale, though we have
a custom patria on she gave us a custom amount of money. It was fun five hundred million dollars. Thank you. So much more than just kidding, that's pretty red. Its grey Stuart thinks. Thank you. Grace you're. The best steer the man, I'm gonna name, something wonderful after you, yeah and then run marks, which is a cooler uncle, is an evil, onion yeah, evil eye. In where have we have like a huge bands, yeah evil onion is our biggest one. I think it's like that, what was a huge banned when they all really copies and wearing like flowing robes. Charles Man and his family is like an actual band. I'm gonna come up about bad name after next as everything but yeah. Thanks also. I love your name and that is actually the character book that I'm writing In writing. A book plugging when applied to book is actually really good. That isn't done yet.
I have already awhile, I know another new swifter and more to it. I haven't had time to write in awhile, but and winning back on it. Why are you so busy? my feelings, listeners would actually like this book here. They definitely one can ran his theme. examined, agreed riches Fox someday right. I'm not gonna be like Oliver twist tonight, you're house, I've always bear have someday. I finish the work Sunday we're like two years into its tat yet like halfway down get on, But yes, thank you so much for new patreons, you guys around as fuck and we are actually going to be recording the bonus episodes for you tonight, so those are gonna be out soon and by the time you hear this little priority be up. shit, we're just either way.
If you feel it thrown a couple bucks hour when seen some bonus, hippies go for it. If you don't, we still love, your vessel was still below your guts. Yes, all your guts eyeballs to entrails my sweet. I love any about a sombre vessels from Buffy. Oh It's a still a quote. She said it out to the hamper, wait. No, it's a spy quote! exposure to Drusilla Sorry, I'm running my first kid you're Scylla and will then endless random, knock and any my first Kinshasa. She be crazy. Kissed. Her soul was crazy, so were taken trip to Australia again to be out back we're goin down under again, I come from now on. We already hit Ivan Molasses CM we're taking a trip to Australia again And I know we have a lot of australian listeners which is kind of gold at a school, so hey guys, I wanna go to us. I want to go.
straining wicked man. I want to see a kangaroo, a kangaroo with a jelly jelly that was stallion. If that was british They are now thank I demand everything's by think they're good sort of similar there'd similar, but like not at all but yeah. Exactly then, that airline those aim but completely living really islands are very reaction I was listening to last pact. On the left. One of their australian episodes in Henry has been trying to perfect. His australian accent. Lay lotta he's getting he's really good at accidents. I wish I could. I am. I know me too, and they were talking about how and I agreed to completely express leaving from Boston the australian acts. That accident would also be very early in hand. Has a lot of lake bostonian elements to it? Like you, care
You know they re like it's like it's almost like the J F K expert, but I'm not gonna accents, but I'm gonna doing other voices were the party goblin linked apart I go to a party and a valley girl, that's just. Fucking voice. Damn you I'm gonna talk Lord her know what book form of early girl, so, let's just carried into it today's case in one case of Cameroon night. Why nothing? It was Christina a referendum. Catherine nights also by some as the black night, like she's intense yeah, she is fucked. in doing so fair warning. It's fun. in brutal is through TA
brutality to the maximum like this is wiles in I first got into this case and suddenly diving into it. I knew the big crescendo case. What there's somebody little courage. It ends in a murder. Let's say that mad, but there's so much leading up to this to its She was such a bad than she still why visions that she's a real bad, she s, oil, bad gal, she's, broad bad in and so many things just failed. This lake Lake, the police failed. The mental health system failed. Her family failed everyone's, a big old failures failure, so we just kick rid off. So in Aberdeen, Australia. Forty nine year old Catherine night brutally killed her common law, husband John Price, on February twenty ninth Leap Day in the year to
thousand. We had another weekday murdered and may we, unless somebody was born on a lady of some one, was more narrowly day. We're like that's a relatively little daughter was it I think you are I think that were like article three good luck, but it's not. There was apparently it's not good luck, so the details of how she committed this murder. We will get to Indian in a little while, but it's gonna blow your fucking mind. So you know now, let me hold onto your mind. Hold her. We should put that on a sure, we're Ocean, Poland, your so the crime scene where this happened was apparently so bad we're just I'm giving you some some thing forming. I thank you for the rest of the Sultan It was apparently so bad that a lot of fun officers straight up quit they really. You know what I dont think voluntarily. You know I know not gonna. Do it and police officers who act We were the first responders. There have
complained years later of still being affected by what they saw. I would be a few Officers had to go through years of therapy to try to wipe this vision away. That's the thing I don't know how police officer see what they see and don't go till they hafta syrup it must assume, is like medical examination shit why you're bananas it seemed to set a separate yeah We have to look at gives really good other guys have to be like. This is a job we can think too far into like this is a person with family in this is, I think, I'm alive. I'm peoples has reached when used. Only let me leave you could have had a family isn't like all. Ah here a lot of pressure, the commanders liquor, hookah, fuck, you're gonna, come back next week period of actors. It we can. I can't do that. We're going to close the very similar prohibits the same thing same vacuuming totally. So
active sergeant Bob Wells who was called to the crime scene, one of the first responders flow, bad quote: it's an image that I'm still trying to come to grips with today and that's a detective like a sergeant. video footage of this crime scene is actually locked away. All I heard that it's so bad that they believed anybody who views these tapes would be forever damaged and that's well. I would never want to, but they had to show it to the jury. People Jerry Pool had happily Farrabee afterwards, Jesus and she's, not a household names in Australia, really which is crazy, because you would think she would be because in the end she ends up being the first woman and australian history to be sentenced to life in prison without pearl. Now The reason she is not a household name is because journalists,
literally thought that it was right for the public to hear these gruesome details. All they were literally. This is too much like taboo. So, according to the daily telegraph, it was left out of a lot of newspapers and off news, because it was just bad now. a journalist when the Australian and Peter Lore said quote we had to make a decision whether the story was palatable for people to read with their breakfast in the morning. A decision was made. This couldn't be reported. It was to her effect, so how to people we find out about it? Well, they do some people dance pour it on airport on it, but it just wasn't as widely reported as they think are. Maybe they just in report the details as much in the details are really what makes a legendary gave so Catherine Nights born October, twenty fourth, nineteen, fifty five in tenter field, New South Wales, Australia. She was definitely.
You raised in a dysfunctional and unconventional family to say the fucking least wall. Here is the thing with all the Fuckin Vienna recovery lay. This one is really bad, waiter Robin. So before her birth, her mother, Barbara. I can't r o you g h and ruin me around barber growing english proper. Whatever her, their barber was married to a man named Jack Rowan, who was a pig farmer in they let in they live together in a small town of Aberdeen and New South Wales Hunter Valley, which is small town of only like two thousand people. its well known for its work. Our house industry no that reminds me of my sharp objects, which you should fucking large. I need to get on it, but I didn't. We ve been turned to finish the good place, just fuckin wash our hands down the good places very easy depends.
so objects, I'm gonna get answers, and all of you should to assign burger and I M also start tourist oranges Sabre Island. I do think it I safer because I sprinkle it in here and there I want I wanted I wanna a one on a season to Canada. season two for share great saunter. Us no lawyer, sponsors aren't you know what you're doing go watch it serve proper, so Aberdeen news known for its slaughterhouse industry, like the whole town, a lot of fun. That was their family business model. Pork, Barbara Jack, had for sons together and after These four sons were born. Barber began having an affair with amendment can night, citing Jack's drinking and gambling as a problem for can was worker at the Aberdeen Meet Works, a slaughterhouse friend of her husband Jack. So she was like a fuckin peach clearly so here,
having for more children with can holy shit yeah. As you can see, my kids are popping out everywhere in the school is fertile Myrtle. They have twin girls, Catherine, enjoy oceans and worn away. No! Fifty five, yes, was the younger one. Persisting with joy just give me any of her, namely when Catherine was for her stepfather Jack passed away, and the two boys who had lived with him moved in with Barbara can the other two. and from what I read, because data for kids Makin, Barbara, the others, Kids? I read in a couple places they went to live with an ant and Sydney, Jack and Barbara Cannon. Barbara jet Ok, some job passed away yeah, so there to Barbara their first kid. Kids, two of them went to live with an ant, and Sydney of them went to live with KEN and Barbara, ok, got it. I am not aware- and I want a family tree yeah so now
this kind of seems like dysfunctional, but like the kind of dysfunction, that's like whatever like like. Ok, whatever I know it's it's not bad at all. You're like you're gonna care link like ready So can was a piece of actual shit he's a big pilot down literally, was using Alcoholic and he openly used violence and intimidation on Barbara, oh good. She had bought guys, all the time one affair to have Barbara like wasn't, everyone should be other than the young woman. Was it worth it, and eventually the king saw these black eyes and bruises is just normal. if you look around battered and bruised and they just didn't even ask their legality mom and they didn't ask because this was always in full view of the kids where he would be didn't ask because they knew they know He would also re per sometimes ten times a day who, in front of their children you with a yak so Not only did he abuse are in front of the children all the time, but you also raped her friend.
children, so these kids are getting some onboard. viable the gist here- and this is completely desensitize and kids to violence. Rape and its pudding at hand in hand with Sir exactly because now we're gonna do the same thing that happened with which arise and with a lot of these yeah. fusing sex and violence, and that's gonna fuck them up for later in life.
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This obviously misstep up mother, Barbara as well, and she making a habit of telling her children the intimate details of her sex life and how much she hated men, thoughts Unemployment which is trying to do is just that's compounding on top of each year already shitty things billig. If you hate meant so much, why don't you leave cannot just be be alone, man, our like just lake, put this in further at one point later in life, Catherine complain to her mother that one of her partners wanted her to take part in an act that she was not comfortable with. Ok she's, like mom. What the fuck do I do here. and her mom was like just put up with it and stop fucking complaining. Ah, Ok, mom thanks for your motherly advice. Just as a mother, we advise slight were so that's good now Catherine claims. She was frequently sexually assaulted by her half rose but another father, pretty believe claimed by her father.
She says this continued until she was like eleven years old. People have minor doubts about the details, but psychiatrist do except These claims, because family members have confirmed they happened. It's really sad. So she's sexually abused by her own brothers, which is super factor. Father is abusing her mother in every imaginable in front of her and then on Part of that her parents. Took turns and beating the kids all the time within from an electrical cord to a dog led lights. And there was a big wooden plank that they left hanging above the kitchen door as a warning to the Olga. Now when she attended must will brook high school, I might have gotten that name wrong must, while book you try high school arm, Kathy, was kind of a loner and she's remembered by classmates as a legit bully. we stood over smaller kids link was routine intimidated,
social unrest which you fuckin, knew how to do exactly and chiefs issues a huge asshole and her sister joy was basically the same. So the two twins, her decks, and actually they would fight each other. A lot lately, and a beating the shit out of each other. But the latest one person step to one of the twins, the other one would come to their defence and, like a second tilling, kick someone's ass for the twin per suits like integrated, so he assaulted at least one boy at school with a weapon and was injured by a teacher who was found to have acted in self defense. That's when you know it's bad teacher to choosing sounds eternities. Soft events are young aches, so around town everyone knew she had these dark moods and that's when you would keep away from earth, but they also claimed that she could be really sweet and polite and, like happy and wanted to trusting now, there's a reason for this and gonna get into it in a minute now She dropped out of school at the age of sixteen.
Haven't, learn to read or write and choose basically considered illiterate. This wasn't super weird at the time, because in this town, a lot of kids just inside. to be in school until they could go into the meat industry. A while, so this wasn't too, they were never able to really there to learn. They were there to surpass the timescale day here, sorting yeah so after, killing her first audition into the abattoir, watches the slaughterhouse job, He finally mailed it in which he referred to as her quote, dream job Pulitzer mounting Yemeni for at the age of eighteen. I would not want to slaughterhouse job fiscal No, I'm saying like you are my yeah, you of a slaughterhouse job. How can I say something, though this is gonna, be really sad, but I've just like fur, Your knowledge pigs are even smarter than dogs, and they know what's happening to horror they get slaughtered. And this in a sack to hear once you know that
so you just don't work so do I was going to say it say it. Like maybe Johnny Porn, but I still need some poor, but just to educate people. You know what I mean. Good to know where it comes. yeah like sometimes I actually times let have like shit. What am I doing mean I made, but I really like to naughty me me to say that its difficult he had some well. So She did finally get that dream job. Put in the awful room. It's called the awful room. Awful is the end trails and internal internal organs of an animal used as food. Oh good. Now she was in their scraping blood and bone marrow from the dead animal carcasses. Lou.
This was at the Aberdeen Meet works Company and her coworkers claim that night would like to go over to the front of the production line and watch the pigs have their throats slip. Jesus they assumed at first that she was just trying to learn and link. but then she got out of it. Split some more like she spent a lot of time watching these animals die. and then she was at once she started to be able to get promoted in the slaughter house. She was doing it herself yeah, but There is a way to do it. I mean it's awful, but nevertheless off away today, dogs Usually they get cut quick to not let themselves That's the whole point of this is not to Archer Y know, you know what I mean here, but Instead of doing that, though, she wouldn't quickly slice there,
Instead, she would Slaked Nick an artery and watched them bleed out slowly Watts, which is so box. that's crazy in their budgets with earlier watching and animal just bleed out saluting other hurt her yeah. Now she was quickly promoted to boning and given her own set of butcher nights at home She hung the knives over her bed. As one that she would so, they would always be handy if she needed so listen. I'm off having a weapon next to your bed at night. because I have a weapon next summer, better by the lake hanging. Wholesome procured effects over your bed seems like too much like a little excessive. I normally does have like food like that, but I also have been elected, food and weapons next to my bed at night and social groups Always I'm so all I know the Nelson.
every sites are up to about these days, see I'm starting to get harbouring and my old age man, you know so she was obsessed with knives like obsessed I these she was obsessed with them. She loved them and she was really good at using them. You had a boner bitch, there's something called picker ISM began: the clinical term for someone who has aroused by the notion of cutting slicing or stabbing skin a person. tourism, fantasize about using a knife to peer skin awesome, so she definitely had that. Ok, Strength was also known. All over town like she was a pretty big woman, hefty lady. Like she wasn't fat, she was just big bone, egg. I think she was like over six feet. Tall says used I'll. and she was lanky like she wasn't knew the way she was like She was so big broad. She could take you out well she's wish you'd big. She was just like me.
Like she likes you big, she had not one. I would really want someone just leave me to see her like a lot of people said she had very masculine hands, very big sky hands and she was just a very strong who- very strong in your you'll hear later of things that she did with her strength, and it's like she was clearly strong, scary, strong. So that's also really scared achieves that strong began now we're get into her marriages and relationships now, which is the best fucking part she had for major relationships and early I told you that, like people around town said that she could go into these dark moods and you fuckin say away from work. She scary in those days, with those, but then when she's lashes, how and when she could be super gentle. The reason for this is, she was believed to have had borderline personalities or so, This illness manifests itself in like,
scary ways and his exceedingly difficult to treat so because of this mental illness. She was able to show a soft, probably warm side that that could draw people in but then she would and unleash should hardly ever since you would only unleash for a short period of time. So once that happened, she could draw the people back in with these sweep out terrorism. A way about right Then that's what she was always able to bring them back with the quote good Catherine, because it would always come back now. I'm just gonna give you a little information about called, be pity for Don personality disorder. Just working with her Characteristics of it are a fear of abandonment. There often tariffs being abandoned or left alone something as innocuous as A loved one, getting home late, makes these people go on Bernie, I see a blank, their biggest, so scared that this person is abandoning them
there's a lot of jealousy there. Next thing is, they have unstable relationships, they tend to be intense. Very short lived, they're gonna fall in love quickly, they gonna to think every from new person is the one. But then that's gonna quickly dissipate as fast as a came and they re they're gonna be horrible or amazing, and nothing in between them thing is an unclear or unstable self image. so your sense of self is completely unstable. Sometimes he'll greater by yourself. Sometimes you hate yourself and you dont have a clear idea of who you are or what you want life, oh as a result, these people frequently jobs, friends, lovers, religion, values, goals and even sexual identity so the next thing is impulsive self, destructive behaviour. All these people engage and harmful sensation seeking behaviors it's usually when they get upset lingo, they will impulsively, spend money, they'll Benjy,
they'll, DR recklessly those steel they'll be promiscuousness. and overdo it with drugs and alcohol lake dose avatar success by suddenly quitting a good job or ending a relationship long then there self, harm, suicidal behaviour and deliver itself harm stream emotional mood swings. So unstable emotions and moods are common. You may feel happy one second and then completely despondent. The next little things are usually people can brush off, will literally send these people into just Jupiter and very intense, but they passed very quickly. So they get very angry or very upset, but it can be gone. So it's almost it's like manic, very manicure and then his on feelings of emptiness, so they feel like a nobody and they try to fill this nothingness with me, not drinking drugs, sex Anything new thing, just anything annex in in excess Roca,
explosive anger, so they have a really short temper and they d explode. They have control, they have trouble controlling at once the fuses let its Sylvia the throw things completely consumed by rage, and then the lasting as they have a lot of feelings of suspicious. So they struggle with a lot of paranoia alot of suspicious thoughts about others and when their under stress they owe me like this associate and they kind of feeling foggy and spaced out like outside of themselves, so. This is what she was. She knew what was going on here. Can I go on to be clear borderline personality disorder does not cause you to kill people. You have to already that, thought you, but well. I'm personality disorder can ask, can help it along de I it doesn't help it at least do not merely to re. It adds to the edges. Compaq offices at exactly
and, as we see later, like experts said that borderline personality disorder is not the reason for this. It's just there as well, so her first relationship was what was with a man named David Stanford Kellet. Now, Catherine met David at work. He was in nineteen. Seventy three. He was known as a hard drinking and a fighter just bundling a good guy, you get, unlike our fistfight, was alone he's drunk, but he's like a good guy, generally known in the too quickly fell for each other because they were young there like eating years old Olaf. So this was a long time, but she completely dominated him David got into a fight which was like a lot. She would Stepan and literally like fight alongside him, with fits slightly sheriff eyes. She would literally fight with him now
She in Aberdeen she did. She had already become well known for physically fighting anyone that up to now, she was just what someone that you could do it next to now They did get married in nineteen, seventy four when they were both eighteen, but she will literally forced him and took it like wondering what fucking getting married. Basically, she literally one day during their lunch break. She literally told them we're getting married life, so she essentially did do that and on the actual wedding day they arrived at the servers on her motorcycle. David. Was the shit face, that's fucking of anything, but an on that day, after mother, Barbara gave David some advice, instead of waiting, marry her and she was like. Let me tell you something about my daughter. This is what, David said that Barbara told him the old. He said the old girl said to me: watch out
you better watch this one or shall fucking kill you who's there her up the wrong way or do the wrong thing in your fucked. Don't ever think of playing up honour shall fucking kill you and now ass her mother talking she got me. She told me: she's got something loose: she's got a screw somewhere here was her own mother, telling her new husband that that's. Why else now, on their wedding night ass, you can imagine their wedding night was beautiful room, mother, just everything you ve ever I feel that Bobby, now, on their wedding night, David woke up to Catherine, I'm going him and punishing them in the face. I mean that's romantic enough. Now, you might be thinking why I would say that the wise, what is she doing that
Well, she later explained it was because he fell asleep after only having intercourse with her three time. That's it in she knew her parents and consummated their marriage five times on there. night. Why did she knew? Why should know that? fuck? No fire brought chill. Why did it matter? I don't, but I can't I have to be Mama leg growth also, three time also five times showgirl later one, it done chill call you waited easier. So she figured you just kill his ass on the things you know I I can do better than is now. Apparently he let them go and they just one on what their also David said. Their marriage in the beginning was like. Ok,. which I don't know what he considers. Ok after like getting hunched in the face and strangled yeah there, their marriage eventually did get.
very violent, but it was Catherine as the aggressor shocking one time she was super pregnant because they don't have kids even exist Super pregnant Catherine, it all of David's, clothing and shoes on fire and then hit him or across the board. back of the head with a frying pan woods Why because he had arrived home late from darts competition after reaching the finals at a local pub. A darts competence now So he literally, he went out for the night to do this. Darts competition at a pub the pub closed. ten or whatever, and she called him was like you need to get home now. It's closed, He was like ok, but we're not down we're just finishing up issues like ok and when he showed up, she was like I've. Let all your shit on fires will get home by every few bash. Here's a fine panel head
obviously he was terrified and vigour. She was gonna, kill him somehow staggered to the neighbors housing collapsed when he got there, my god he was taken in the hospital and he was diagnosed with a very severe fracture to his skull. Awhile easily you as I this is not a fucking cartoon and you can just hit some one in the head with a frying pan like that's insane. Do you know what I am about to say? No, it's for who does anybody remember that, for me, a man who show for he'll be earlier now may not be true. Will Franconia Ellen mom was too hillbilly moment, but no police wanted a charge her. Obviously I should have so many wise, but she was now under best behaviour and she talked David into dropping the charges. now and then to the contemporary, never dropped the charges, guys if some
It has brought you to the point of having to debate charges. Do up, don't do that must go through them now when he came home from the hospital, that's when she had hung all of the knives over the bed. Oh lots and she drew a little hanging like a special hook. Now she was like fucking leading home and was like you will keep going with this, that censoring sense now, one morning he will got to see her like straddling him and was holding a knife at his grazing it and she laughed and told him how easy it would be to kill him I'd. Really. I actually moved out yesterday. By now David said, I never raised a finger against her, not even in self defense. I would just walk away and they said and he had a he did not. He was not a violent guide, her cheek. None of these things were now in May nineteen, seventy, six, they shortly after the birth of their first child Melissa,
David had enough of the constant abuse because he was obviously shit was bad right. He left her for another woman and moved to Queensland. Now still Australia. Yes, now, after this was abandonment, and she's saw her mind bad for her. Now, it was said that, after their she's threatened to slice up the baby only gone and also swung her newborn daughter around by the ankles was one next day after he left she would see in pushing the new baby militia in a carriage down the street by currently throwing the carriage from side to side and slamming it into fences, impulse legal scrupulously and said Now. After this, she was admitted to Saint almost hospital in ten worth liquor. Some may explosion and won't, but she was quickly released, because she's polyglot tricking people, an angel, sort, sure good thing. This is where the system fails, Spectre after being released
She then went and placed her too month all Melissa on some train tracks before train was due Now, while her infant lay on the train tracks, she wouldn't stolen acts, went into town and started swinging it around people and threatening the kill everybody a girl. He bore literally running around in hiding from her that's so scary. Luckily, a man known around town as old TED I'll turn was foraging for like food near the train. Travel found, Melissa, rescued her minutes before train, oh my god, I'm so scared, and this time she was arrested and again taken the saint, almost hospital, but signed herself out the following and her child was given actor Y yeah, Why can you imagine finding out that, like one year or two months on your long put you on lesser still to this day, defence, her mother, all her consent
Interest in Chile beat the shit out of them their whole lives and they still are like no leader started growing out of her hand I just been so conditioned that scary, a few days later, obviously recovered right both for sure this is so bananas she was living at her parents now, for the time being, point. She took her infant child walesa in went to and she'd say she told her parents. I'm gonna go home to pick up. A few things. To bring back to your house thing she picked up at her home or knives, including a giant curved slaughterhouse, bullied scissors and bandages normal. She took these things along with her infant baby than the home of a young teenager that have worked with her at the slaughterhouse, wins got there. The boys mother answer the door She told her that my baby sick needs, arrived clean lent to the hospital. So the woman is, like, oh shit, sure like, of course, I'm gonna help you in an infant
and Catherine was like I'm gonna go back to my house right down the street. You can pick me up. I just gonna grab a couple: were she just walking yeah, the woman packed up a bunch of her kids, because gelatin kids and in the car and went to Catherine sauce? happen so that there are a bunch of kids in the car she got super pissed pulled out there serve and said something to the effective like this is too many of you. I'm gonna have to get rid of a couple of words here. She then bad shit and started swinging the knife and everyone in caught, one of the girls cheeks only gonna end, Then they said that she seemed like shoe searching for something in her front yard league while she was holding them. Stage, one like what the fuck they found out later. That's that's where she kept her gun in the front yard, TAT. Her father had come days earlier and removed it problem we fearing she was gonna, kill her baby money again. So if
having done that, she would have definitely murdered an entire fucking family. The phobia Now, eventually, she holds them all hostage and tells them to drive her to Queensland, because they're gonna find her husband cause she's going fine day. Now all share Now they convinced the family. This woman and her kids convince her. they need to stop the gas station for gas or petrol patrol. Went in. She agrees she's like a totally and then Like oh good, I can go inside and cash. My check like she's, like actually the solid links I want. This is great because the civic and meat of things for being so comply, like you, guys, are great now well she's doing this. The entire family escapes and locks themselves in the office of the gas station because feelings they sing get too. So, of course, cap its super past about this? Of course, she does any show of incredible strength. Will he go?
in December the door downs, real Fuckin, strong. She used her bare fucking hands to rip the blade offer me giant lawnmower that had it was attached to the back of a tractor, what's here to one of these things up, it's like a big black. Lawnmower that attaches to the back of attracting the brains are gigantic. Oh, my god, you countries must have cut her hand to who knows she's a beast. Now she took displayed because she wanted a hack, the door down to get to the family and she needed a thicker boy that these wrongly Lucy laid in his hacking away at the door like theirs. an entire screaming family, behind the store, well, she's, hacking at the door all while she is holding her own infant good girl. Seek help. Finally, it's time you got into the office, she broke down the door,
She grabbed one of the little boy, no held a knife to his throat and was only stopped because the police showed up. She his disarmed when the police attacked her with brooms cause. You know, oh my god, one time with what are you a historic event was I I do because I worked on an irish pub, so I used to work out an irish bub in there was like this. I forget what the circumstance was, but I'll never forget what ensued. There is like a super drunk guy and we like how to use trying to drive a car home. I think of you are trying to stop him from it. In my boss, who is straight off the boat from Ireland, he was hiding in the bushes. The guy was hiding in the bushes merely outside of the restaurant, and my boss would hope there were the broom and we are all hostesses cyrillic. What the fuck are. You gonna do with a broom and we like one out- and he was just like- hitting the bushes with the broom any got the guy with the brain with birds apparently brooms. Our effect, they are, I think,
you're not really gonna, hurt anyone too badly to good use. The first big people- tunas grabber, you ve, got a quantity of a story about a broom, what's happening that he's reality of disarming some over the Berne, and I do love it. Well, she was admitted Morrison Psychiatric Hospital, don't say a little longer she No charges brought against her family dinner charge for my family and no charges or put against her, no idea how that happens, but whatever I think, she's is like slipping through the crap looked and told the nurses that she had actually intended to kill the mechanic at that gas station because he had paired David's car which allowed him to leave her. You know that makes perfect sense or plan was then to kill both her husband and her his mother when she arrived in Queensland, What do you want him, though? So why are you trying to murder him? When police told David of this whole incident? He left
Tis Girlfriend and moved to Aberdeen with his mother to support Catherine Gould, like what. What did what kind one is the thought process I have ass magic? Does this woman have that she is able to suck copies dunes back in after attempting to murder and entire family for them leg. That's wild its banana, as its banana is like. so did he moved back to be with her justice and be with her now Catherine was released on August ninth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six from the psychiatric ward. How long did she stay? I'm not really sure it wasn't that but she was released into the care of her mother in LAW and David O Thailand to kill they now move to toward range with, which is a suburb of Brisbane, where she is and a job at the din more meat works Goody now her family. As we know, is also lay Google crazy coconuts,
we do not man, and so they all thought it was David's fault that she was going crazy fulfilled, I mean yeah. Do they waved him because easy by Theseus thing to do and they just wanted to keep her away from him? because they all enabled their own shady ass behaviors, like they enabled each other to be too oh yeah, so Now remember this is the same mother who, on their wedding day, told this guy. That Catherine was probably going to kill him. You know she's colleague bitch. I warned you now she's blaming David for it. We are she wars and they are literally a little crazy people live there like it's insane now. at one point, David came to pick her up at her mother's house and her their Barbara stormed out to the car and cited given him. The business like stay know like with my daughter forgot here. She got pest, Reached in the car and started strangling David in his car, the mom, yet David just sat there then
Finally, I lost my eyes is life now, Catherine, saw this happening out. The window ran out their spawned her elderly mother around. Would you got unshed her square in the face and knocked her, the fuck out, no locked her out cold or elderly mother? What is and I they are, they are moved back to await Queensland and on March six nineteen eighty they had another daughter, oh good, southern nomes, put in train drugs like what the fuck dude why? What are you doing creating more life when this crazy? You are, I don't you are doing in nineteen, eighty, four, after more craziness, more abuse cow, three, the left David, she You know why I think I'm over Lake look at sink in after all of this is officially really fine anymore him what so first she moved in with their parents in Aberdeen
into a rented house in nearby, must will brook in returned back to work as an album, as at the slaughterhouse that's words, and I know what she disfigurement without intentionally injured her back the following year and one on the disability woven. You just lie about hurting your back and disgusting. Surely dear, could she could prove it? I guess so didn't need the rent, accommodation close to many more obviously so, because she was on disability, the government gave her a housing commission residents in Aberdeen town late. David would say about her quote. Shoe is the most wonderful wife you can wish for. What's her mother, perfect housewife, sometimes she just snap like a biscuit skip snap warn, you stop them This gets. Are soft well a cry here in Australia, Biscuit and also in your we're, like the only people who call biscuits like those fluffy
oh really, biscuits everywhere else, a creative crunchy, oh shit, so she snaps school another new. She probably wasn't a great white or a mother. That's the thing she manipulated and these these are abused, husbands, literally like Spain. What she wants them to say now she left. David but another poor voice here, David Saunders thirty, eight year old minor, they met one thousand nine hundred eighty six accords people who knew Saunders. They called him a gentle polite man who loved dogs oh and he was not prone to violence. so, a few months later after they met, he moved in with her and her two daughters, Melissa, Natasha how these kind of people get lay four hundred people to move in and proposed is beyond me is beyond my comprehension, but
so, although he moved in, he also kept his old apartment in school jestingly. This did not sit well with Catherine. She was not. She was super jealous and wondering what the fuck are you doing in that apartment. Meanwhile, he was just like keeping because it was. I don't know just I'm just you get now issue often throw him out. Could she get past unjust through its true: he beat it somewhere the Gus exactly so he would move back to his apartment and then to go back and beg him to come back, and that was it now from what I have read and heard she had very specific methods of getting back and all of them around around sex shoot apparently and legal. I alone the greatest ever in, apparently that so she could. Apparently achieves differ, evil in May nineteen. Eighty seven Saunders now he's testifying court later
and she did the worst thing she could do to him and made nineteen eighty seven all night. They had an argument, and she's stormed outside and he was like whatever I'm gonna call cool off outside, but then he realized we, my puppy, to know when he went out there? She had cut the throat of his eight week old Dingo pop in front of him for no more reason than as an example of what will happen if he ever stepped out on legitimately hope that she dies wicked. Eight we like, fuck you in just to get to this guy, because she knows he loves dogs like that so either, how do you ever go back to somebody that does not? I would literally murder her right, then one and she knocked him unconscious or the frying pan, Sweden, I'm fucking Channel Kronos, homer issue very late, malevolent Cartoon I dont know what her for killing a dog I feel like she is like this. Whole thing is leg, just
like one of those russian nesting dolls and just like it's just like a right, she's, she's, real bad malevolent. She soon all better whole life. It's just like you keep. Pulling out one in your there's another woman. There is more there's more literally, She wrote idle hurrying down, malevolence, that's what she is now You know the so pretty standard and really healthy right, but so sad, I would never concern here. I dont like how could you ever be with somebody that killed your dog? I'm not oversight, she literally bully he's in we just now. I just murder her. Instead, I do, I can well his friends said it was an unusual for Saunders to turn up at work with cuts in bruises on his face. Oh good Catherine, had even broken a couple of his ribs and inflicted such deep cuts on one of his wrists that he needs ditches cheese, thus carry cause. There's a lot going on in Euralia Now, in June nineteen. Eighty eight she
birth to her third daughter, but like was that necessary. Sick can we I don't think it was necessary to be sure this daughter, Barbara. After her wonderful love! Her mother blew him. She punched in the face here, because this relationship definitely needs to continue in this woman definitely needs to keep having children apparent. There was a breaking point for him because our water has occupied all fairly, not after an argument where she hit Saunders in the face with an iron and then stabbed him in the stomach with a pair of scissors, he moved back to his apartment, but then later he returned back, to the house lie because he was like? Oh, I gotta get my clothes, but she had cut up all his cause, which lay just by more closely the euro, your clothes like it's fine, nothing you have is that sacred now before their relationship ended,
aspirin, vandalized his car and took an overdose of sleeping pills to try to pretend to commit suicide. It was like a half hearted attempt ended up in the psych again Did she you gotta stay there? He left here and took a long service leave from work in literally went into hiding yacht, don't laid on him to go into hiding, don't blame him. These men couldn't leave her like when they left her. She would fucking fine. How are you going to hide an shoe so fuckin, scary and gigantic that they will? I'm with its, like all die like when battered women have to escape their awful abusive husbands, Amazon, reverse these more men were trying to ok regarding WWW with Julia Roberts. There are none that other movie with Jennifer Lopez I either. One of those one is called enough. on the other Lopez. Yemen, and one is the stranger that sleeps beside me. I think
under its with Julia Roberts dilemma. Julia Roberts has awakened good, really would be like many. I love Julia, I know who she is actually huge lifesaving side. I think a lot of people are from a bitch, sometimes the Nairobi I have my days well, so he Catherine tried to find him, but no one, tell her where they rely in several months later. He returned to see his daughter oh yeah fuck. She has a guide and she found it Catherine had gone to the police in and in fact, that she was afraid of him Oh god, they issued her and apprehended violence order against him, which is like a restraining order and right in the United States, so she's a real piece of shit, She literally took out a restraining order on him because she was like really scary. Meanwhile, she stopped him and stomach and his dog and hidden with a frying pan, multiple tabs, no big deal
I believe, an automated and I hope the iron wasn't on. I mean who knows well She wasn't just showing violent behaviour to the men in her life either. Did she had her kid she heard in our kids? There was one story that I heard. I believe it was on the last progress on the left episode about this where her daughter, Melissa was linked to the one where she left on that train tracks swung around by wrangles and lately chapter, Inter Alia, shoes twelve years old and Catherine was talking to her friend in one room and in Melissa came in and was like saying something like being an annoying I think, instead of just being apparent, being ok, give me a second. She just walk over the militia and punched her in the face and then walked back owing to her friend like legs. So what were you saying, literally, like girl how did you friends that weren't, like hey? I don't Please I'm sure lunch you are you kidding, I know apparently, should surrounded herself of assholes do so. What
night, when I most as an adult and could go out and drink with her friends She was at an Aberdeen pub with one of her friends when her mother showed up grew. Her by the hair and repeatedly hit her head on the table for why others at the bar, saw this link with his witnesses that we're like what the fuck, when she collapsed on the floor, Melissa dragged her by her hair took her to the car park. The garage! where she smashed her daughters, hadn't side of the car before throwing her into the passage? Was it she do that for early to take her home Isn't that what you would get your kid probable. I would say no doubt that the people at the bar were too scared to intervene, which is fucked. I stand or a fact that's. Fucked up this really fucked us are more, is literally beating the share of her child, like I'm care she's of adultery, could it be. They should not have any one. The he's dead is, though, Melissa supports her mother, where you come up with that,
it's about witnesses sent they saw this. Maybe it's easier to like defend her, that it would be a go out there very starched, their abuse children sounds like a view. Spouses they'll come to her aid, because that's what they're talk like bullied into a basic, that's really fucked up. It's really fucked up so say goodbye. You Saunders piece out the next guy she got. No relationship was in ninety. Ninety. She met a man named John chilling worth he's a forty three year old for Slaughterhouse co work is really just sleep now. I'm at the slaughter burial. you're singles mix between high whisky dating water. How difficult the slaughter of inside of the dean you desire annoying daylight caught eyes, love any personal honour in so
within weeks of their meeting, she was pregnant, oh good, yet fuck, Infernal Myrdal over at her ass. She, birth, the following year. and in only one to a boy named Eric. So someone give this fucking woman, birth control, literal area like please if this is not a perfect that add four contraception delay with a girl so she refused to let him move into her house Her mother had just recently died, Aren T, Barbara, I believe the boy she inherent in her house which she decorated. Pretty specifically, oh, I know you see She was a very skilled hunter and was actually really gonna killing and skinning rabbits foreshadowing and to show this off. She decorated the house with animal skins. Skulls horns, rusty animal traps, whether things old, boots, machetes, rakes, pitchforks old farm equipment.
And who is literally likes like floor to examine a ceiling was covered early feelings. Ass, nothing was left uncovered. That's the only way that crimes must also look into a giant the guy you fuckin rabbits on your singled out, as I think that was in his house. Different as different as though but still you, but I have a weird flavour of day, corn, my space by no ears like tasteful. Well in my asked, does not include flashing puppies throats and begging my ex boyfriend, some ahead with our Fleming bucking. I'm glad to hear that. It's just that I feel like I've. That's ok, ok, yeah! I've heard a lot of people. Listening probably like skulls, like bones lake, in a weird shit in their house I'll you, I had a full dolls. I've bones. I am weird shit, my house, so it doesn't make it weird. It's just
I don't know it's also in addition to her behaviour. Yeah, it's like a few dislike live in her life. That's what so, like slaves organise above her bad, even if it is not in your life, it's a little. Questions ought to sleep with knives of air passenger is yelling darkening earthquake. Actually, a german psychiatry best said that this particular behaviour, along with like this, particular attention for linked dead things in your house alone. With her violent behaviour is consistent with something called necrophilia us which is not agro failure. Ok, never branch of it so for failures, nickel necrophilia s does it. They don't want to have sex with then people, but they to possess and have power over dead people or dead things, even they reject the demonstrators yeah. So it's like he likes to display a lotta, taxidermy and bones and skulls and all other, because she liked that they were hers.
he liked killing animals because they were hers ugly. She could possess them horrible. So their relationship John chilling, whereas in hers there in this in three years time. Ninety ninety three, and ended when she smashed his false teeth in debates, his mouth or out of it. I don't know I didn't didn't, say that like either way the tariff situation but This is when she met John Price at a club,
No now all of these men can you take her out of political, like getting her dance on every picture. Father she was wearing like tweedie, bird shirts and shit. So that's all it lower very red face all the time it was difficult. She was a lot you see. I can just picturing this red face like we re bird lover, woman with a treaty berkshire on just been like love me baby girl, now John Price, whose nickname was pricey all His name was John Charles Thomas price. He was born on January sixth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five one thousand nine hundred and eighty five one thousand nine hundred and fifty five. the father of three children who he shared with his Ex wife Colleen, with whom he had a very amicable Sif separation and nineteen eighty eight his door, at the time and still living with his ex wife, but his two older children living with him now at the time he began dating night, his
this child was an adult and his two youngest children or like teenagers. He was referred to as a quote terrific blow and like everyone who knew him, he was said to have been a kind in loving man his Ex wife even insisted that he kept that he keep the home. They shared well married, so shoe when she was what you keep the home while so she obvious I respect him then later she said he was one of the kindest gentlest students out there. All she was like. I know he never put her hand on her, while in key wisdom, Clearly still in love with his Ex wife like he was not they never got divorced, they celebrated. sir. Why- and he was, I think they just because I don't think they wanted to get worse. I think they were trying out this creation, and he got involved. I just wonder why they got separated if they were like so I dont know they said it was amicable so tat I might have been some people just don't.
Knowledge and knocked down drag out thing. It's like yeah. No, it is not working at the summit. I must have been it now. when he was well aware of Katharine's violent repetition. And she moved into his house and nineteen and ok, you yeah, but I think he, kind of thought like. I think these guys think I can change turn changing, legislate, battered women exactly at first, his children were like kind of weird by her and were really fans voted. She was true to be nice. She was cycles, he was making a ton of money working in the local mines and they did violent arguments, but I first life was a bunch of roses as a warning to us I'd from violent arguments other than the argument protests its not normal or healthy, to have fun arguably suppose you know every rules has its thorn totally the length. So,
he consistently refused to marry. Her here yeah fuck, probably because I'm not saying why me wasn't unmarried will end. She got past because he had an officially divorces Ex wife Colleen, it is getting more in again. Jealousy is a big thing with her Eventually she stole some of his money and bought herself. An engagement ring. We too was really pissed after his kit, well, yeah. I hear you're not job, I wore earlier say in Australia, you're another, oh and Even when she bought herself and engage during he was like yeah nice. I mean we're not occurring. We were not engage, lay glad you, despite yourself a written hoe in ninety. Ninety eight Catherine and price fought over this period Can we subject his refusal to marry her and also over the fact that price had the home and all his stuff in his children's and aim in this.
Oh sorry, he's. Pissed, steady, won't merrier, he's pictures peace that is pretty much still Betty. Daddy's. His life revolves around his ex wife and his children. Rizzo he's just a good father and she's pissed about it. and he's pissed that all of his shit and his house to earn his children's name so they're gonna get it when he kicks now. In retaliation for this one night. Oh no, she went out of the crescendo yet, but this is really bad. She video tapes items in his garden showed that he had allegedly stolen from his work and sent the tape to his boss. So no rulings before we start thinking is a bee fear. He was not. The items were out of date, medical cuts that had been through away, and hence he had literally taken them out of the company's rubbish to take home, why he just leaves thrifty. Ah then, you just like these
quickly go. This is out of date. O organs are gonna. Take him homage for medical care, so gag in wines of sheep, these sent them to his boss. He was fired from a job he held for seventeen years. Oh my god, and he lost his pension. Why would they? fire him for that, because it is theft, apparently according to them seventeen years and he had a pension that he lost Toby cacti so the same day he kicked her the fuck out of Santiago. What you can leave and He returned her own house and the news and what she did spread everywhere. Now, a few months later price restarted the relations na. But now he refused to allow her to move in with him. Which I don't even know why? Why do you want to be with her yeah? So the fight became even more frequent and it became even more vital,
in most of his friends, were no longer even have anything to do with them There are plenty of free labelling. We know something bad. It's gonna happen here. We're trying to tell you you're, not listen. I happening here. talking in front of his friend Trevor once and she said, quote: you'll never Get me out of this house I'll. Do you in first, Then Catherine's brother Kenneth told the police that five months before the murder Catherine said quote, I'm going to no pricey and I'm gonna get away with it I'll get it with it because I'm make out than a mad lights. After one fight with now after one fight with Catherine, in which he ran to a neighbour's house. He said quote: she's gone for the butcher knife, so I had to get out of there. But how can you imagine living your life like fire like on edge? She lived. She stopped him. I believe in the chest overnight. on real arguments. Lucky in that moment? So this is what you should probably end things You ve stabbed me now, there's a lot of fish in the sea
maybe like about Colleen link right Never stop! Do you this anybody else, literally anyone, although many fish in the sea and most of them are not The bottom dwelling evolved from the darkness, prehistoric anglerfish take fish. There are there like pretty rainbow plenty of fish, please me of fish sponsor us. I mean here Answers sponsors her, so this is too so sad, so now David Kellet, the first husband, yes actually caught up with precis visiting rights as a whole, and they discussed her crazy ass behaviour. Price said he wanted to get out of the relationship, but he was scared in David kill it. So, end quote, he was so scared. He was almost shaking. He was really say
oh, my god go into hiding like the other dude. Now we are going to get into the car, again she goes by. Nay. I say one more time hold onto your back hold onto ever occurs. It is Cuba, get real, just wait. Honeys set the day before prices, murder, cash Prince behaviour was very strange. According to her children for She dropped by her sisters house her sister joy. To get him. the camera that she had left their like several months earlier. Mr Dimas, like ok liquid, so she went straight down. Natasha S, house in weirdly recorded a video of herself playing when the touches baby in the video, But it she looks at the Cameron, says quote: I love all my children. I hope to see, while again, oh
make sure to be videotaped playing with them all and just doing weird shit like she was opening her fur and, like black, perfect play, with the urge chess. The baby is unclear. Why were kids letting her do? I'm was leaked out. I have knowingly that's weird. Why you letting kids play with their testicles to now even so gave her. Why you let that happen with this thing, and it's like. I don't even know why I just got super uncomfortable ass. That's good grandma, stuff array among Sumter bawling, that's, ok! I wanted. I wanna go somewhere else. I know I'm very uncomfortable. This is just trying to I'm hammering in the point of health. are played with just a in our cameras. She also made a lot of comments lake,
had a pushing their kids into saying things that are later interpreted as kind of a makeshift will but you trying get them to leg. I think she was thinking deeply she pretended she's gonna kill herself. I think so. I think she was kind of planning on doing that or may be planning, or do you think that she was doing not to be leg. Managing like that hell, Terry, exactly about see everything I think she was also shoe. I think she was covering all her basis here, sir. He had a lot of thing. What is smart asshole, but China she's a deck all so very out of character. Catherine decided to take her daughter, Natasha out to a local chinese restaurant for dinner, and she said Could I wanted to be special? one? What has happened at work? Are you really dragged me home by my hair? Well, they kind of thought they could include into something that was going because so she ass. She then asked Atocha if she could leave her. Two youngest children were there for the night
even though they had no clean clothes and were without their school uniforms and other things they would need. Ok. Now, of course, this was because she needed to be alone that night in the house with price. so she can murder so Natasha set in a statement the police that she clearly sensed something weird was going on, so she told her quote. I hope you're not going to kill pricey and yourself oh, so she literally knew what was happening to us Why would you call authorities before has actually because all these kids, are brainwashed. Now it's insane so unfair. Twenty ninth price the Stone magistrates court on his way to work and took out a restraining order in an attempt to keep her away from both him and mostly away from his children. He was that afternoon. He told his co workers than if he did not come into work. The next acres. He got a new job It would be because night had killed him on linking literally told them US
Why did he know him he's gonna kill? She was gonna. Tell him that night. I don't know he had a feeling here now? Apparently we pleaded with him not to go home, but he said he believed that she would kill his children if he did so. He had to go out the kids were there. So here arrived home and she wasn't there and needs. Where the children, because she had sent her children to stand and Natasha and she sent there his children to their friends and their mother. Oh mother so he's and the evening with his neighbors at his neighbour's house and then returned home and went to bed at eleven p M Where was she? She was doing some stuff. She stopped at a threat, store and bought a piece of black lingerie bulk, thrift, yet that's groves real junkie. Is it like? You used likely You can turn your underwear falcons. Is there
then she arrived at prices house later, while he was sleeping level that diversity the firm few minutes before having a shower, then she woke price up. They had said in her thrifty interpreter thrifty, ass longer and then he fell asleep and she was probably put. This is when she pulled out her just in case, but your knives and stabbed him thirty, seven fucking times whites. waiting to the blood evidence. He awoke during this only gone and tried to turn the light on before attempting to away from her. She chased him through the house. He managed to open the front door, which was confirmed by blood evidence on the handle. Any time to get outside now, judging by the blood on the front door step he did manage to get outside, but then According to more blood evidence, he was dragged barbarian house this whole time, Catherine, Still stabbing him. In a frenzy.
MIKE until he collapsed in a pool of blood. In the end, you stabbed thirty seven obviously there was an insane amount of blood at this crime scene, it was found splattered smeared throughout the house, and there was up of blood that measured one meter by two meters in the hallway, which is three feet by six feet in diameter. my god. Yes,. The time police arrived the next morning, the blood leaving fully congealed. That's how much blood there was now prices autopsy revealed, and there is much more, but I'm just giving you I had a time. This is an autopsy revealed that he had been stabbed in both the front and back of his body and many the wounds extended into his vital organs, including the stomach, both lungs, the order, the liver, the left, kidney, the descending Colin and the pancreas. What the new order here It is the biggest vessel in your oh, my god,
yeah. If you get there like ear, I didn't fuck. Now, after He did this. He know what she did. They know what she did. She then showered she then too, and she stole his atm car out of his wallet, and then she went into a nearby town and withdrew a thousand dollars from his atm account. This showed that she was in control of our actions and aware what she was doing, which factor good, I'm so fucking loud. She did because if you have the wherewithal to still money for his card from him drive somewhere, a thousand dollars out and then drive back home. You know you don't write, in your showing that this motive fear is stealing so several hours after he had died. Catherine literally skinned, his body, in one whole peace, including his face ears, scalp and neck, like a fucking in one you literally jerking off in one piece now she
done this with a bunch of animals before she's? U sedulius you doing here. Used a variety of knives and she even lefty small square scan on his body that featured the scar from where she stabbed him previously, while at a con yeah. So And she was so expertly doing this that at her person, his post mortem examination, the mortician was able to do so, the skin onto prices body on my car. That's how like meticulously this was done. thing called, though, that they were able to do that and like make him money Couldn't look that Greek law, but once scanners that's horrible. Now she wasn't. I now the skin, was then hung up on a hook in the entrance of the house, where remained until he was removed by horrified
these officers can you imagine, being poor son of a bitch remove on. They first saw it when they came to the crime scene, they make. They were confused roylake. What the fuck is that in the name, recognized facial features, hair arms and legs and we're like that's a fucking human skin. That's a human pelts. So after she scanned him and hung his pelts upon her. She then decapitated price in placed his into a pot with vegetables on the stove girl, She then sliced off pieces of his buttocks and cook to them serving them up with a baked potato pumpkin, beat routes and keen cabins, yellow squash, and she made a special gravy. Now, where did she service and to whom? I now well, despite it being the morning she set up to four points. it's with his meat in the rest of us, do at the table on these plates no card and little, What's that have never been released?
which at where scary to each in his two children, so She was preparing his body parts for his children to eat and she lifted literally name card on both now she had also left a handwritten note on top of a photograph of price in the middle of the table. Gee spell a bunch of shit. Romana did read time, got your view back Jonathan for wrapping Chemin raping my daughter from a daughter you to back, which is prices daughter for Ross for Little John, which is his son. Now, please with little Johns deck. John price now the accusations and no worse found to be completely false, and, of course, they work has a stupid visa, literally the most evil human on planet earth.
Third piece of meat was thrown on the back on for unknown reasons, and some have speculated shoes throwing into the dogs and pray his head was found simmering in a pot with vegetables. The pot was still warm when they found it and he was not fucking bad- that he smiled now some time later often had arranged the body they fly the body he played in headless body. an arm chair. When the left draped over an empty leader, soft drink bottle with the legs crest and they claimed in court that this was just defilement just demonstrated. her leg, jestingly fucking little tyres for him. At six, a m. The next day the neighbour became concerned that his car was stone. The driveway Keziah alike damn right and they knew here, he said TAT way, didn't go to work, his I sent a worker to see what was going on simple the neighbour in the worker tried knocking on the windows and we're trying to look in the windows, and
They saw blood on the front door and on the front door step, and they called the police police are at eight a m. They broke down. The back door and they found the scene with night come toasts in bed, from taking a large number of pills. So Her initial offer to plead guilty demand. Slaughter was rejected. Up is, of course, and she was arraigned on March. Second, two thousand and one on the charge of murdering price. She entered a plea of not guilty. When the trial started. Justice bury O Keefe offered sixty jury members. The option of being excuse due to the nature of the photographic evidence, while five accepted- when the witness list when it started the when the whole thing started, several more sternly dropping out and the jury ended up having to be like redone allow. Now attorneys then spoke to the judge and they returned they adjourned for the following day, because things are just going
She changed in that day. She chain, her plead guilty and the jury was dismissed, It is good that they were going to go through a whole big long trial and then, finally, she was like I'm guilty and me we're like ok, good, so it is now been made public by justice. O Keefe was the one who had advised the plea change the day before, like you, surely do this he adjourn the trail and in order to psychiatric assessment overnight, to determine if she understood the consequences of a guilty Billy and was fit to make. Bout maverick. Her legal team had planned to defend her by claiming amnesia and disassociation yeah Don't think so, but Ikea psychiatry is considered her saying. Tuk psychiatrist concluded that she had borderline personality disorder, but friends Psychiatrists trusts, Doktor Robert Della force, said he but to make it very clear that quote what,
she did on that night was part of her personality, her nature herself, but it is not a feature of borderline personality disorder, It is not even slightly connected Basically, he was just trying to say she was not insane when this happened, This was highly technical nature. no reason has really been given for the guilty plea for that change, but she did overnight while she was fucking yeah? Maybe she like? Maybe she come down and realise what she did was unable, although but despite giving it, she still refuse to accept responsibility for social justice issues can adjust her lawyer, is even requested at the sentencing hearing that she bees excused to avoid hearing some of the terrible facts I'll, be like no legal. You fucking kidding me the up. It was refused them online. You weren't, you did you re getting me fuckin monster self.
Forensic pathologists, Doktor TIM Lion said that there were no marks on his bones, which she was so meticulous, oh my god, and if so his her name, had to cut your muscles tendons, ligaments, a neuron vascular, bundles, not only did the knife have to be superstar, she Eddie so steady and so skilled and on this subject of the whole skinning thing line. This told the court quote: no how long it takes to carry out certain dissection techniques, which I do I mean I can say to you, I think it would have taken it would not have taken just a few minutes, but as something that probably could have been completed within thirty minutes. Sue Ann, our beyond that, and I would not like to say When he went no one after Timothy lines took the stand and was talking about all this and the decapitation technique. Catherine became hysterical. She was rocking back and forth clicking her teeth.
Lee kicking the partition and screaming no, no, no nearly, but you did so had to be removed and sedated she's a fucking maniac, on November eight justice o Keefe pointed out that hurt. lack of remorse and have blocked up this crime was required the most severe penalty he could think of so he sent insert a life imprisonment and refuse to fix it. For all period and ordered that her papers be marked quote, never to be released while so This really goes filling the worst of the worst. so. This makes her the first woman and australian history to get the sentence of life without pearl puts crazy. You now Justice O Keefe, said quote, the circumstances of and surrounding the killing of MR price can be seen to be horrendous. Indeed, there, go far beyond the experience of any of the professional people, including psychiatrists that were involved in the case, a number
these officers who are highly experienced in examining crime scenes found the need to take stress leave because of situation with which they were confronted with When examining the crime scene, I MR prices house the circle, since his mark the killing and its accompanying incidents as being the most gruesome kind. The more as being the most serious category of that crime here, so stated quote the law. Just a minute. Its of Mister John prices, life must have been attacked. Of abject terror. For him, as they a time of utter enjoyment for Catherine night. She has not. Breast any contrition or remorse, and if released, she poses a serious threat to the security of society in June, in two thousand six: she appeal the life sentence, claiming that this life penalty without proper all, was waiting severe looks so skinning a human eliah sending hesitating, and why don't you leave and trying to serve them to their children, like really justice
this Peter Mc Clellan, Michael Atoms and Megan Lassen, lay them effectively them dismiss this appeal in the New South Wales cord of criminal pills. September of the same year an justice, Mc Clellan right wrote in his judgment quote. This was an appalling crime, almost beyond contemplation in a civilised society. Now John Prices, brother Bob attended all of these awful core, though and he had to listen to all that terrible about his brothers murder. He can then suicide shortly. Our current sentencing, that's him. Hill and John prices. Children still suffer with, of course, the jail lay them they're still deeply deeply affected now asked for Catherine. She spends her time at silver, water, women's Correctional Centre and She is known to basically rule the prison, not shocked.
So there's a Sidney offer named James Phelps and he has a book on women. An australian prisons called green? Is the noble hack huh? That's funny, and it's like I'm like inside look at this. He said is a typical day for night starts at seven a m every morning, and she wakes to go to one of the ten most tedious jobs in prison which is making headphones aghast allow. Herself the same size as everybody else's inmates, describe her cell s kind of like a horse or sell it of knitting, knickknacks and art. Why did you get in MAX and knitting things. But she's known in the prison as the Nana. That's what they call her, why she's the most popular and made in the prison and she's? Also peace maker. I must have put her on some kind of fuckin medication, sorts of problems and she pulls girls in and try to get them to like fixed their issues before fighting, so she,
than ever recorded bones in jail. While they said even the guards respect her little bed, she just the boss, but she is a cat. Forty four in May, which is the highest and worse category a prisoner can be assigned and shall always be allow is always going to be classified as high risk and she'll never go to a place that allows her to walk outside and anyway, was so she can never go outside and now you're always have a job where she's in a factory when she's in that factory, this for guards on her and all time holy shit, so That's the story of castor, nay! I was a doozy, so Catherine it's time to go record our bonus of assistants. Lou you lot Schiller's at this I mean I don't know, I need a minute now, I don't need a little while So I think I'd backs weeks episode and I'm not going to tell you right now in the hinterland Instagram can respond to make headway
we know what it is it to be another unsolved, brutal murder, so stay tuned for that and if you feel like hearing our bonus episode there, we're gonna record right now then feel free to give a fool donation money, money on patriarch, which is doubly turvied, Ovida Patriarchal, Slash, morbid podcast. You can also I'm a finance or, Graham, at morbid pocket you. Could find us on the twitter at a more not cast, you can send us mail, no emails. I mean the morbid podcast at Gmail com you find is on Facebook. However, you do that because I remember- and I were going to try to make it so that you can send us mail, but is probably I started a big happy. We love the idea, I guarantee you know what. Next week we will have a an address for you
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we hope you enjoy, that awful awful fucked up story and thank you, Australia, volume madness. Thank you very much for listening to her. Will you keep a we're the good I might? Peace cried by she's, not a farewell I see you wouldn't want to bring Europe.
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