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Episode 21: The Toy Box Killer & All His Pals Part 2

2018-10-01 | 🔗
In the conclusion of our tale covering David Parker Ray and his reprehensible crimes against humanity, we brought some audio clips. I never said this one was going to be easy to digest, guys. But it gets....kind of better at the end? Come on in, you got this far and we are in this together.
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here we are back. We back for part two David Parker Ray I'm supposed came back. Actually I'm actually surprise you back. Why? How would I go about when you come back to the captor early start to feel about our homes? are not yeah, yes, ought also to whom I have had with you. You had captured me into the sea and I just keep telling you ve gone around abuse straight for ever and ever ass. Well, and I want to say this week- is it this week is gonna get worse. So good,
and it's gonna get like slightly better and then worth again me kind of I'd, say worse, better and then like media, like I like yeah we're gonna end. I note this is like ok. maybe next week we said that will do something a little. Yeah. You know how we can. I told you will do like a fun factor case. Something like something Lowery, Lop ear. You know a wee wee. I decided that we wanted it. We're gonna stray away from murder for a week No like I know, maybe we shouldn't say so where from Boston so where's can take them about what you, what you well yeah, just saying: it's worse, belong it in, and someone sector where and when I was hanging around some whimsical things some magic if he wasn't spooky whimsical thing or another
It's gonna be spooky we're not when I've. Given you anything like yeah, I mean this is a fine, we'll leave our philosophy. We mean like how like a werewolf, is fluffy, yeah hello authority- you mean like a fluffy puppy dog. Not so Thorstein Rembrandt, don't worry about it, yes, sir we're not gonna, let you know exactly we're doing but you'll be gettin. It fully. This episode is going to come out quick ammunition. Do quick turn around with this I'm hoping to get it on a Monday. So, if you're listening to it right now- and it's Monday hooray for me- should we talk about some happenings this week about some happenings? so if you re not radically to cry, but then it's it's kind of, I'm. So no s cry was almost attempted crime noticed her hearers Linsey Fuckin low hand for a minute. He I bet you didn't think that's where Roma, but I've gotta, it's so relevant. It's just so relish
and I love the yellow hen tried to kidnap two children on Instagram life. This and she did this all, while speaking in some kind of like version of an accident mash up like Middle Eastern Sky, european kind about, isn't that just kept flow in and out and her voice has become so deepen raspy that it's just became very frightening and she has following these people who she began first nobly, like she Lindsey Early Q, saying I know this year, the syrian refugee family, though living on the street. They have two kids. I want to help them. Let me outline she walks up to them with which I was like on Facebook lie. Those like ok, really do in charity lens like throw Cameron their face, thrown Iphone X on their face in Munich. How can I help you? I don't fuck violence, but so then,
like you. I know we're good, please go away once you owe him. She just keeps pressing and following them and that's when she started having like super aggressive, gives a little baby like take her hedge shit man. I don't know what happened to that poor girl. but in the end, what happens at the end? So at the end this mom finally gets fed up with Lindsey low hand, followed her internal. Take her kids away She punches are square and a face to which Linsey London falls back and discuss in this all she's like she trying to grab the kid and she was yelling that they were trafficking their children, but I think she was just broken. and it was like I it's like those their Catholic, how it was delaying their trafficking, their children by this week you began this very friendly at understand. It was a very weird videos, you so much
she's a part of Hungary, although she probably is MA, am, I think so. I was in the last biogas unless they have a whole a whole thing about anchor encounter really interesting. This Friday we are going to be recording lives right wrong per turn, podcast, using any episode with a little collaboration with them soon and then, The Saturday we're gonna be collaborating with whoops. We watched it again and we're gonna do a fun Halloween movie episode so stating for that. I don't wanna, give too much out, but yeah so that'll be fun, so stay tuned because we got a lotta little collaboration come up and is gonna be fun. It's gonna be watching it's gonna, be you want some in true crime news. We there's really. I mean, there's a lot of shit going on right now, everybody knows on, but there was other little see no story that came up on the news that was struck me
right away as odd and when I went online to Canada check out what other people thought about. This I'd seems like this is a general consensus and people who feel little feel the same way about this. So the sad story, it's this little, six year old boy with Autism name automatic was in a state park and North Carolina. When his one thing I read was with his father and his father's girlfriend. Initially it said his father and his father's friends. So I'd right now, I'm reading an article says it was him in his girlfriend therewith Maddox. They let medics run ahead of them, and then the father said that he got like interested in a jogger leg. Just started running out. The jogger Wiki wanted to catch up with them, so he just let him run and then he lost him like he couldn't find him only
literally doesn't make with. My thing is the first thing I think has no baby, don't let your could lead to far hers about you have an autistic child that red flag right there that you let an autistic child run that far away from you in a state park like a very unfamiliar, the other. So many a big thank you to open air. It's like that's just a lot and then to first icicle. You really couldn't catch up with your choice, fields like really that doesn't make any sense early. Other people asked him that in the father said he has diabetic nerve damage, so he can't run that fast, which ok when you were with somebody here. Why didn't they? So? Why didn't that other person catch up with your suddenly? None of this makes sense assists in When I saw it on the news I said to my husband, heated and John was like you are super jaded. Nobody, after a while, you learn like what seemed
just get it viewing. That's the thing in this just didn't seem logical to me and I'm really hoping I'm wrong in this, but I dont think I think you are and it seems like a lot of people, felt this way like right away. Let them you may laugh. The people never saw the boy come in yeah, the people. The people who worked at the park were the ones who called men on one like an hour later, because then they were informed until it an hour after you went missing and they said that they didn't even see that kid in the park and they see native worthy everyone come from what yeah from what I've read the FBI Caserne vested in it said they have evidence that he was in the park, but they won't release whatever needs, and then the people also said that the
Father in his girlfriend didn't seem very concerned that their child a six year old with on which struck them as weird, and it was a few days later. I was like coastal week later that they did find medics, unfortunately not alive, and I think he was like half way in a creek lake I am aware something like that which is awful, showing us like yourselves, fucking, angry and adjust any was Nonverbal. Apparently it's like the whole thing. I'm I'm curious to see what comes out of this. No results have come from an autopsy or anything, but I'm I'm curious to see how this pans out cause. It's gonna, be a robot mirth comes out that, as the dad suggest really fucked up, I mean it's gonna, be a sad, no matter what I mean it's a kid: if, even if it was an accident, but it's like if this is the down, it's gonna be around bomber. So hopefully me no. I have an update on that whole thing, but will bring it back up a little bit too
are amazing patriots, or can I haven't? They were even back up a you dive into a quiet, we had a cough only patriotic that we want to tell how much we love you yeah. We have three new patrons this week, so vague three new people are, first, is Kevin Coop he as a counter coup de window watching cub and welcome to the cabin Kevin. Thank you cabin. We also have another window watching cabin crew
member Veronica Man, Tal Bow Veronica. I love the neighbour on account, venison, that's a cool name and we have to call which name it is for our articles about his child in the cabin fresher right may make sense. Thank you ranks Veronica you'd best, and then we have a custom patria on her name is Rebecca. I'm sorry. If I fuck your last name up, it's either C M per hour camper. Either way. I love a yes, and I, like I saw your first name. It's our aid, be K. H, highlight the name Rebecca to business. Nice names car. You know what I think you thank you cabin. Thank you Veronica and thank you rip
Thank you. Everyone has a bad asset. We fucking love. You really do no, actually really good things are coming behind we're going to get other fucking p, o box to MAR. We actually are like this is a plan and were hanging out tomorrow and we're going. I got one like we're, gonna be together, we're gonna go, do it well another account to be our we're doing this, we can only be used. We need to get these things some things out to you guys and now we want to have it there to make everything work he S. So that's gonna happen right. Let's just get this over with solar: let's get or to overwhelm I'm hoping. This will be a shorter episode. But who knows we did talk for a long time, and I do so. I have one little correction before we begin this thirty five man, I already fucked up, not a correction from the first part of the toy box, killing episode a listener, Sean Barber message to us after the first
the part he just wanted to. Let us know that it probably wasn't via grab that David Parker Ray had called when he was younger. I'm gonna city called yeah, who I think via griddle like say. Will this help me- not have to hurt somebody to have an erection. He said it wasn't viagra, probably because that didn't hit the market until one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, and he said he knows this, because he did like a whole research thing on it and he was correct and I had it. I had a half wrong so he didn't call Niagara when he was younger. He did it later in his life. So he did do it when it came out, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight cuz it was brand new, so he called to be. Like is Alicia going to help me like what's going to happen, they were like to know. Did say it incorrectly less time and he is one hundred percent right and when I researched it further, it was viagra that he called about, but it was later not one. He euro, teenager
Sean Barber. Thank you for pointing that out, because that was incorrect of me to say so I appreciate it and again we are always down for corrections in constructive criticism, so sending our little so where we left off was Cindy Hindi had started talking. Ok, I'm ready! Now she told police there. He had made it very clear early on that he, leaved, he owned all women, everyone around. Although women around him, and that they were around solely for the purpose of giving him pleasure like we said he was doing this really forty years or so. He started way early on in his life doing this, and he had actually told Cindy about his first murder all, and he said
it was when he was around like twenty ninth and she can wander relationship with them. Yeah she's, crazy, Hindi, girl. What's wrong with you, yeah she's, about to be possibly released any time now. Actually all fuckin awesome now about sleep tonight from an article from likes exactly a year ago. Actually they were kind of readying her for release, because she struck out I'll, explain this at the end of this episode that she struck a plea deal. So don't they always right exactly, and it says here that the Parole Board Executive director, Joanne Martinez, said that if and when she is released, shall likely beyond it. gps, monitor and will be under a high level of supervision. As sex offender will that's got at least, which is good, but it's like holy shit that we're gonna be roaming. Around town people fall through the cracks and closing Cindy Hindi. Is me, Roman aren't? Now I really need to what happens I now he told her
murdered someone so advice from her hair was around nineteen. Twenty years old, he said he abducted a girl randomly like a schoolgirl, good and tied her to a tree. He then raped her beat her and strangled. death, my god and he's told Hindi that he loved it. He became aroused by this whole process, including the murder part, so wasn't just like the new. No, he like weird torture games, light killing her too. At what point in your relationship. Is it acceptable to start talking about? I feel it gets like some people say, you're like finally comfortable when you can like fire in front of somebody. But if you can talk about a courageous, but I feel like talking about your first murder is that some unacceptable yeah. That's when you know you found your soul me for sure Truelove, I'm telling you it's a love story into Hindi and everybody, moreover, sending him so now from that point on he kept go and Zoellick he stopped and was like
That was nice. I'm not gonna leave out again sobs, he any, but he didn't strike at random again. He kind of land about he found that he liked targeting specifically sex workers, because you know the old thing where they are quote less dead because people always of what they do, people people consider it like they putting themselves in a dangerous position. I'm not saying is true to say, MRS. This is how gaze on how these killers work. They think we'll they're putting him in that themselves in this position that and their use we run a ways or there you know they had it I'll talk to substance abuse issues the out their estranged from these people are gonna, be easy to take, nobody's gonna be looking for them. I can keep them for a long time. Now is fucked.
True, exactly Cindy said he did have a type and he liked to adopt abduct women that he found physically attractive. He didn't just because a lot of these pillars will just like anything that moves you know, but he liked to abduct his type, which is kind of fun me because his quote type was at NASA is not send a hindrance, Maybe that was good for her. I know right and you didn't die. He tend to like women of asian or latina. You know persuasion and he liked vague testicles. What's the deal like Sidney, you music blonde, very she's candidates like american Living language, very
Gallagher and if she won't try when Billy you and me to answer you wouldn't even notice that you act by until she took out a ball gag and try to drag. You know them, then you will know this very much for that lovely picture that Spain new down civically. When I noticed now, apparently here initially lived in fence Lake New Mexico, which is a Super tiny places like a population of like fifty people, and it was- only ranches and farms, and all that shit? He owned farmland and he raised catalogue such well. He
told her that while he was living there, he had been interviewed by the FBI in connection to the disappearance in homicides them like a tunnel women in the area where some of them has victims, while they were coming on a chip that he was involved in some kind of human trafficking. Slash flavouring slash like ardors and the Tipp claimed that Ray had been kidnapping, women and trafficking them out. It's a lead, that this tape came from none other than just awry, his daughter yup. There now lay there. You are going to see their Jesse re. Did this and then Hey there. She flew to the other side of the coin which will get into he didn't. Leave you smart when it came to what he was doing there wasn't any really tangible evidence of the FBI. Investigation can be halted is so he had told Cindy this proudly and claimed he had quote talked his way,
out of the situation. So basically he would say to her. I got away with it like I did, so he was kind of admitting to our linked. I did it. I just talk my way out of it who's, the guy. I think I'm gonna, know how she's, like you know what the so. I think we should move in. My hinge date. Nightmare right with you Are you she's, like? I think I shall move India, crusty old, trailer re now. I figures like on my friends: go on dating option there, like. Maybe I should I go out with this boy. Unlike but what, if he's a human trafficking? What if he has a toy box yeah? What that he spend a few hundred thousand darling, I can't even I went out with my friends the other night I made them walk the ought to make our all of them. Yeah I mean every single one May for smart, you're, all coming smart. They really your pod cast too much from the kind of Europe I get your like, while I'm gonna stay alive, ok, hopefully GSM, that's like all my head, swivel at all tat people are like what are your goals this year like stays one day and not getting murdered as Michael meteors as every year at the rear keep ago. It's only one
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higher wages with a sign on bonus range of real benefits in career growth. Opportunities in a top rating workplace, so earn more and see how great pay and sign on bonuses can lead to a greater life. For you go to Amazon dot com, slash apply, Amazon is an equal opportunity employer. So after this he moved around a lot after you left this ranch, he became a drifter. At one point, you lived in Alaska working on something drilling job, so he was like everywhere. He replaced this whole time. He was you, being a police badge to kidnap and torture women everywhere, where did he get a policeman? You dont like a fake one you can buy when it it's like TED Bundy used one member. He was like, as fact. Maybe we should stop selling those yeah, but I feel again
people's make em, but this could be why there aren't a lot of bodies are evidence because he was moving around so much drifters are tough to kneel down. It's like Addis Tool and Henry Lucas like they were able to kill a time which will cover later they were able to cover a ton of Ariane rack up a ton of bodies because drifters drifters man they come in they blow and they blow out now because he lived in that's what I'm wondering too. Is there not finding bodies, because maybe he fed a lot of these bodies to like animals on us finally takes like ones pigs get a taste for blood like they'll, destroy body. can feed bodies to pigs and nothing will be left. Phones. Are everything really guys? I know, and they all sounds to me like everything or began there. You can buy plague one way to do it. Man
I'm not telling you want my advice, so he told Cindy that he had killed over thirty people over forty years. I believe he said about eighteen of them had happened and see our county whereby currently residing he said the bodies could be found. There could be bodies found in Texas in Arizona in in Alaska, because he was drifting everywhere. Ok, but here's what I'm confused what why I need you Cindy Hindi assets like sex slavery, she was into it. That's why I gather as you can see, doesn't want somebody into it does Lester, shit. He know she's faking but why even ensure tends to be like in pain and some, because she was into enough that she could help him and a lot of these, which will cover more we'll cover more like couple killers too, because a lot of times and having a woman as part of it helps these men get it.
Asked about the women, because when you see a woman there, it does lower your guard. You think it's not Mr Mann, I mean not not me, none don't try me, I'm not fail drawing unfold on trust me. Don't trust me, don't try me You don't trust me, don't trust anybody still like I said. Don't I mean, don't trust anyone don't help anyone he'll keep yourself, those, that's our advice, She also until believes that he was incredibly meticulous when it came to removing any ties, a connection to himself from these victims.
You'd remove all identification, as well as like jewellery clothing. Anything that could be used later to identify them either way if they had any kind of like specific jewellery that had names on it or something or something that somebody could point to to be like she always wore this. He would you do with it and they I mean they found. Was it over four hundred one items in that yeah? That was, but that was not him or Cindy's. It's like, though, came from somewhere now he told some very detailed story, Cindy about other various murders throughout the years like shooting girls in the back of the head and such and in one instance, he said that he was dumping a body and you and tell her where
but he said he was out dumping a body wherever he did it any through the body intervene and he had talked some dirt over it and left, but before he got home, he was like her I'd really like to keep that particular girl skull as a trophy gin. He, and so he went back when he got there. There was a big giant. Dogged sitting on tat are standing on top of the makeshift great and he took. That is a bad omen, so he displayed a while, but he told her that were very specific story, which is obviously that seems like is telling the truth. You know, he's got rising, shut up with this, a very specific story to tell so that was a weird run. A lot of the device is found in the toy box were made by re himself because he was a mechanic. Accuse like a thing I knew he was really good and hands really gonna cut like putting things together. Making thing different things. Adam agree, purpose, different tools, and I mean, unfortunately, he
That can only for my mind for evil shit, but he got a gondola mit and they would have great, but he thought of data we mention in part one. They found a leg spreader ahead above it was exactly what it sounds like, but if the woman attempted to closer he's spikes what in hell into her legs on recital the fuck yeah, it's crazy, oh says the leg spreader at this time they found that he had a Freddy Fucking Krueger Glove that he made an he named it, the Freddy Krueger Glove. Your fucking with me nope. It was a glove that had blades on the fingers not kidding. Hide, I mean is even more horror vote movie billion that we originally paint him. Sissy literally like tried to be he's literal like he had a Freddy Krueger Glove, but he made that that's really fucked him. He made himself like Freddy Krueger. I
Who all I want to post to on the Instagram part of the documentary I was watching, was showing one of the sex tourism call it now and he made it out of pvc pipe oh and its gigantic, and he had marked the inches like how big it was. This one contraption, has also nails that he melted into the pvc pipe. So, oh, my clue in literally tariff someone's insides and outside what the fuck but don't worry guys post photos. I don't like what does so. This is the documentary that I took a lot of information from a kind of had the investigator going into the toy box in showing off some of the articles. Acts that were in there, and here is a little clip of the guy talking about the special little sex toy.
If you were the old fashioned out of cycle plastic pipe actually These are nails that have been melted into this. Lasting holler initially, inserted in Belgium, ok now we're getting working until he could get it all away, and then they would have these spikes here go and you're gonna get cold. This can be retained, their enterprise, who will even want to go in there and see all over. I feel even it's funny cuz in the in the club, the guys like sweating it's like you like a weird attract. It's like a very unfortunate police to be in its probably like rulers, demons and their body. There is. You can pay me all the money in the world two seconds done over even near Latvia now so just really
Cameron up some of you who read the transcript, probably know what I'm gonna mention here, just a fur in case you- in really know that this was like the worst stood on the planet, part of his true his audiotape, which I won't reed cause. It's really horrific. No was explaining to the woman that member has mentioned that there would be a dog involved, I thought we were gonna get out of it without the dog were not so I just really want a hammer and that no about the stewardess he would tell the one it's part of the audio that they would hear mediately getting there that he said Europe. Because you wanted to let them know what they were in four and he said of things I like to do is he said now in that he had a contraption in that toy box. That was meant to forcibly Benda woman over and keep them in a position to rape them. He said that he would like to have. He would have people over
sometimes for a party, and he liked to bring his sex saves out in front of the party. Put them in that contraption put a little like breeding spray on them from like dog readers, now bring his german shepherd in and have his dog rape, the woman in front of a party of people. I wish you could see Ashley space. What's yup, he did it. Did any of these people that were at the parties get caught. That's who kills me, I dont know what happened with that. It's like I, don't know he clearly hunger, with. I mean, like the degenerates into the earth dogs donor with there you learn. He said in the thing. That's. Why said like? We even know how to explain this like this as animals, animal abuse but like in a different way- and I mean like I didn't even know- how to How do I preface there's no fuckin book on so but yeah, so that was part of the
the thing anyway. He and I again those who have read the transcripts, know the details he will entail. And I'm not going to get into them, but he went into a lot of data. I refuse to every other how terrible it would be for her and it's the ape justly conjures up the worst images in your brain that you can possibly ever think of that. so well now she also corroborated Cynthia s statement about re, taking a ton of pictures of her throughout the torture you and also showing her photos of previous Swimming Cynthia said. I saw other photos he hasn't on the walls. He would show me the link. I saw this. I know he's done only now for three days and she saw someone travelling outside we'll Cindy said, re loved, taking pictures of the process, but he would often because again he's he's pretty smart
he would often destroy each set of photos after a particular amount of time, so that nothing could ever be found. We can keep this collection of arose in any telling someone new on any would destroy those and get a wholly one, because he was like I can't as much as which that's a lot of impulse control to re. A lot of these dudes keep this shit and that's how they end up getting caught, because they can't help the next items they did. They need to have it. We were handed even those photos developed. I rate I won Phyllis polarize something nice to ban, because I feel like it's like exactly like, where you getting that forget, can you imagine being that photo lab person My worry, because minimum wage really want to do this anymore, so,
side from the journals that we spoke about previously- that he really was into and those journals kept details. You no information about the dates of abduction, location, the details of torture inflicted on these women. He also kept something he called physiological forms, but that these were forms that contained like weirdly, clinical information about the victims. Like wait, height age, she was being and shit, use pudding doktor, it's like bizarre and it seems like he just like needed. He, like really like you, have actually brought her. I'm sure bizarre imbroglio ways to weigh them somehow Cindy said she was. She first said she was never present for murder, but then she confessed to helping ray of doktor torture. Some of these victims. She was fuckin, their farmer treasure yourselves, a new and in fact she came out with a pretty
big confession relating to that. She said in February of nineteen. Ninety nine, the same here only a month before abducting Cynthia Viejo. She helps re, take a woman. She called Angela, that's all she was the only name she would give know. This woman was really still alive, according to Cindy. Ah, she said they left are on the side of the right of the highway after her torture. In of course, the first thing your things like where the fuck is Angelo, if the doktor of alive. Why has well fiction out about this? What will get to that so Now re, wouldn't talk and police were like scrambling to get any information at all from him about him. Aside from what Cindy was telling them, so they found out that his co workers and boss were shocked beyond belief that he was even being accused of all this and called they all called him one of the nicest guys you could ever meet
scary how people can really lay totally one person in one situation and totally there from the other in his boss. One as far as to put him on pay believe during this whole thing, while he was away so dry, my little things like you're fucked, he was just so sure that he wasn't guilty, but he was like I'm gonna take care of him while he stealing my wonder how you feel about that now I know I can and I saw in a documentary about the gaze they interviewed one of his phone former coworkers this guy was just like a real nice guy and they showed off his car in the way they should though it gathers Dave's car, that we heard that he used his Like State park truck here and they showed off a welding mask about was his and has his name on it. A lot screw,
and they still have it and they still haven't news original tools that he made by his head boy by hands together. He made these tools to catch snakes around the park here and he wrote he like made them out of, like you know, different things threat and he had written on them snake. catch her on them and they still use them. That's fucked with their showing, like maybe don't waste that we may be. We make them again, don't use those. So that Was I now raise sister wasn't shocked thank you. She would not are you sure grown up here with you is not on the same level as these parks guy. She was like no and she's, like I found some weird
certain has exactly she referred right back to those sketches and photographs that she found when he was only that it is only fourteen when she found those. Can you imagine, like you, think you have a creep a little brother and then you find that should exactly in India at fourteen he flat out told her. I can't have sex with anyone without hurting them. That's really fucked and she was like, I don't know two decades ago, fourteen some, why having succeeded slick It's like you fourteen. What are you doing so his he did angered again. He had just awry. also had David Junior, a son. His son was not close to him, but in was raised mostly by his grandmother. He didn't really know David Parker. I didn't really see investigators actually tried to see if they could potentially try to use his son to get a confession out of them.
Even through all of this, and basically like abandon him as a child. His son said he he like burst into tears when they've asked him about it, and he said I just don't know if I on my father that way why? Even after I lead so slow, He had some kind of that's like a situation that you don't know what you would do yeah I swear I wouldn't like no, I would totally turned my dad and no place to tat happen there. It's like you want to believe you just saw them adequate. Do you know what was right for society by the site? But then this list still that biological connection, it's a strong connection. So obviously we have multiple victims and a huge shitstorm of, They are so this case, like everything, is just come on now. The journals he kept had dates, locations details about the torture, but no names it was. It was compelling, but not good for identification purposes with us. What he wanted.
he wanted that he wanted his own log, but not something that would incriminating yeah. I knew he could explain that away inside he if he figured it out book yeah and in those journals he wrote down and they show like in some of the documentaries like they have the journals he wrote down. The number of times eat tortured these one like you. I crossed them out like would take marks with the thought tat now, since their capture the news when bananas around the area, ITALY, national new stations coming swarming around in this. is actually a good thing, because the coverage led to a woman coming forward wall. That's the thing you Polly like what I want. You vizier afraid will end. He made sure about these women come forward. So this woman was Angelica Montana. She was a former. a resident of truth or consequences and He hung around the same HANS. That Cindy did She was wearing the same haunt.
She was living in Colorado now, but wednesdays February, seventeenth, ninety ninety nine? So this is the February. You write the Angela about sending reckoned like a month before Cynthia I was adapted share. So Cindy was hanging out with Angelica, like some bar, wherever Cindy invited, her back to their houses, to her house to hang out they ambushed her when she got there changed her up the same way. Cynthia was you imagine you start your going to hang out with your girlfriend yeah with your friend. It's insane He certainly cause she was literally just hanging out with her. She was. I don't come back to my own, so she came man ever everything twice in justly came into the house and they just ambush herself yeah. She was kept for days as well,
and she said, Cindy helped Ray the whole time right. She said it was four days. The two is kept: repeated, rapes, torture and beatings. She claimed that she started to beg for her life and told them she had a young child care for, and it was actually Cindy that seem to listen and like kind of softened that link on yeah and she could see de convince re to drop her off alive somewhere, so she was just dropped randomly somewhere and wanted to. She immediately was like I just want to get to my mom's house, so she started hitchhiking. I don't I don't recall she'll extended, I, how do you get in another case
how do you trust another human being my failing Russia's have to, but I feel equal to just wanna get. It only exacerbates exactly they just let her walk out. They just dropped her off and let her work where now she was picked up by an off duty police, a deputy awhile, and she told him the entire story, and he did nothing if he thought it was crazy. Use. Now, that's insane like no, that's not real, so he never reported it. What the far right, what was yet crime is crazy. Yeah yeah thought just made me so angry Oh that's just like he was literally like that's too over the top, which I realise that this story is like eight out of control. But if someone's telling you that this to see me just follow what bonnet, why not even just fall, if no wonder how he felt when he radio came out because it's like, even if she's, not telling the truth. oh up on it. Does your job ray
literally, that is your job, to follow up on things that get reported. That's it. I'm done yeah, so this obviously the Angela that Cindy was referring to the interview appear this let investigators to now start really believing that there was a lot more victims than the initially thought, the F b I decided to release some of the images they found among his items in the trailer. and in some of them there was a woman with a very distinctive swan tattoo on her ankle, all that one they found an entire video of her some of her torture. Oh my god and she's in the video she's, completely naked strapped to the Ghana, cordial chair, they'd, these bits and pieces of this video that they show that its horrifying. These Shelly words it's hard to explain like I know it sounds like it would be very awful in graphic. They show bits and pieces of it. So it's like green, you can see, someone strapped to a chair, and you can see him moving around her. You know
It gets very odd. It's it's just unsettling when the naked and you can see she strapped to the chair. She camp she's very out of it and he's a touching her as they drugs. The year which will get too and a little bit but in this video right before the video he Davison. They said they threatened because when the F B, I was searching these things. They found a lot of like nonsense. Videos that everyone on everyone recorded tat second, the asian states Thea, and so this one they found was him in his toy box and he was setting up the video camera. Unlike testing at moving over to the chair and being like testing one to seeing if he could hear him, HU. I welcome the fact that we use trying to make sure he got the salary yeah like what we do before later away like sound checking, and then they said it was like a lot of that and they really that's weird but the- but that alone there, like maybe he'd. This is just something you likes to do this partner in astronomy Chauvelin.
It could be that alone is non fucked up whatever people do they won't it, but then all this Then they start listening people all of a sudden. This one tape cuts out, and then it comes right back in this woman is in the chair its. Spooky so yeah in this one video, this woman had a very distinctive and very specific swan tattoo. It wasn't her ankle. It was on her. Ah calf are on the side of her calf, so they were. They like were enabled the F B. I was able to enhance that tattoo and they were able to show it on tv and Billy. If you have this tattoo, these come forward come forward. So this woman named Kelly Garrett or Kelly Van Cleve. I think her name. Her Mary name is Van Cleve.
Came. Four came forward and said holy shit, that's mean the video. Did she not remember now she was a nanny at the time and she was friends with Jes Array of God, but had never been. She said she had never been to the park or re residents. So should this happen urge you didn't remember yup, so she didn't remember it completely because he had dragged her before he let her loose now There's a quote: I'm going to quote the video the audiotape again why this is as like. This isn't as unsettling. As the other. So this is what this will just explain. What happened now this is. Part of the audio table. Do you play for every single one of these women? It says quote I get off on mine games after we get completely through with you, you're gonna, be there Dep real heavy, with a combination of sodium Pentothal and Fino Barbara at all. They are both hypnotic drugs that will make
extremely susceptible to hypnosis audio noses and hypnotic suggestion. You're gonna be kept drugged a couple of days, while I play with your mind, while I play with your mind, by the time I get through brainwashing. Do you you're, not gonna, remember a fuckin thing about this little adventure. Why so he would literally drug these women up in, just fill their mind with literally just warp them brain and memory and then let them loose. So these woman haven't would be like. Wait. What does have eyes like how it is going on is exactly in this. This Kelly Garrett Urban Cleave that I saw I signed interview with her and she said that she for like a boy year. She was like. I have these weird nightmares where I would be like I'd, be chained up to something and I couldn't get loose and, like I have a gag in my mouth and it would like freaking me out. I wake up freaking out again by my having these random nightmares, and so
what the Hell's going on. She had no idea that it was actually real. So in July, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six she's been living in Elephant Butte with her husband. They had a fight and she left to blow off some steam at the local bars. Where one gesture I like to hang, there is where she struck up a conversation. Twenty nine year old Jesse right now, after hanging out all night Jesse told Kelly that she would give her a ride home on honour motorcycle. She said Oh, I just gotta. Stop at my dad's house, real quick is that cool Please answer now. To that always say: no, its, not cool. Tonight, I'm Peter inconvenience So just don't go home with people anyway. It's not a good idea when they got there, Kelly waited in the living room abhors well. Jesse went to chat with their dad real quick and she said everything was like, whatever all
sudden, Jesse and David come into the room with fucking weapons and duct tape guy she was incapacitated and put in the toy box. now. Luckily Kelly does a remember all the details after this, because David forced those drunks indoor that caused all the amnesia, but after three days of torture, he took Kelly in his state park, uniform in part Ranger vehicle back to her inlaws house and said he found her wandering on the beach all. My three literally dropped, her back off wearing his park, Ranger Uniform in the park ranger vehicle and just said- I found her wandering and it wanted to get her home went too far. She said she never reported it because she couldn't remember so much started believing it was a nightmare shoes, I may happen, this whole thing could have been. My brains are horrible. She couldn't believe it when she saw herself in the video I cannot imagine writer like you're just like what the Barton because they showed her the video in, but now
Obviously this was back and ninety ninety six, so Jesse re like enjoy doing this weird shit with her dad it's and that's what I think this I think there's like more too that I just think there's more to that in this way back in ninety ninety six, so this was before Cindy and he had even met a while so he was just using Jesse before her down as like his women. So this makes me think now because in the audio tape in the press part one, He says in their original tape that it was that the original one member he says like I don't know the details about Europe's action, because this was made. I'm making all tat the ninety ninety three yeah, but in that case as me and my lady have some weird hang ups and when I feel turn that I was like. The union have Cindy them in nineteen so it's Jesse exactly in Oslo. That's weird soon we are talking about Fucking Jesse, I think that's so disgustingly whore.
The guy looked pretty certain those incest where no there's gotta be. like sue certain, I don't think I've been more certain about that. But if anything happened to Jesse well, yet continue continue. now immediately. Jesse re was arrested. On April six that year, right before the formal, charges were announced. Cindy's lawyers offered the d some information if they agreed to reduce charges against her ok out of She now in this, because this was right- ass, it always overnight humming Asta exactly so. She agreed to testify against David, and she said he introduced her to his passion for abducting. torturing women destroy box pretty early on it, but she's in she said she was super shocked first, But you so obsessed with them that you like Falkiner Wraye, like others, go there. Oh shit, accuse us, unlike what? First of all, if you look at this dude, isn't nasty, looks like a fucking beat up leather shoe.
you look like a level hugely fuckin leather shoe. There has been through some shit Also, I heard part of the tapes. The audio to him, but I'm going to in his voice is like this little dink ass, heck voice, he says neck in MECCA. Would you like, gonna be cap naked and it's like, it is slow to grow. And she was like, I'm sobs faster than that, I just want whether its Though grouse well yeah he's a rough looking. Did I have a quick flap of David himself, this in the audio? tape that he would play for the girls and I'm not playing you a crazy clip. Don't worry, It's just. I want you to hear how gross his voice, so here's him talking about what happened to them. Although there are met
Kay tail detail why you have been kidnapped. What's going on. you are obviously her against your will. We're gonna be kept change in a variety of different positions. Usually, when your legs are knees forced wide apart, Omby Amby, no, no, no, no undone broken unbroke even sound. Like all other shoe, sounds like a leather shoe? We don't like sounds like going a little little shitty, whether she is a little shitty that has holes in it and it just in its day again you get rocks in it. It smells like, indeed, some gold bond and it smells like Richard Ramirez is yeah. This is bad news, so she claimed in the one month after she moved in. She helped him abduct several women, only in one month after she moved in.
they were all like surrounding towns, and she said they, let's let them go like Angelica Kelly, but all the others were killed. She said she knew of at least fourteen girls that he had murdered. She knew of so. Oh, that's all that young out her, for a few years later, not even a few years they only together for eight months when they got arrested. Oh shit, yeah. I forgot that so, in that whole span she knew of fourteen girl. I want a couple months use during the shit yeah. Now, He had told her, then he used Elephant Butte State Park to dispose of the bodies which is not shocking in which is brilliant process like fucking, say parks and their huge shark and their huge. The you just can't. We can't cover everything he told
and this is so smoky ADA. He told her that he learned throughout this whole thing that an ordered it. Then you know you can just dump a body in the water, even if you wait them down. Eventually, the air is going to shoot her up to the surface. So what he learned throughout this whole thing was to make the body stay in the water. You have to eviscerate this rate, the body cavity before weighing them down so like anti another organ, literally just empty them out because otherwise gases and suffered in a trap and in there and eventually they gonna shoot the service. I dont have words now elephant view. Lake is twenty three miles long three to four miles wide and at some places ninety two hundred feet deep on my god, so you can't even die So divers went right into this lake, after someone you can have died. You can dive in them, but one day what after Cindy said this that he told her this, that this is how he dispose of them. They don't. They went right in
Certainly I gotta find something they didn't find anything and they said we literally can't search at all. It's twenty three miles. Long right, it's huge, he picked a perfect unfortunately, my god, then she said this is like a bombshell. She said it was not just David Jesse and Cindy doing less whether there was someone else that help them pool. She said the fourth person had actually help David murder one of his victims. This guy was named Roy Currency and he was a younger kid and he was like a real piece of shit. Kid Clearly truth or consequences had to kill So how are we in one year when he and his friends were young because they were killing cats and destroying tombstones legal? So they cancelled out what we like little kids couldn't go up. That's so fucked up the deck, so they tracked downright Nancy and brought him in they tell him so These story Bam he disliked breaks Will you like boom any just kept vessels the whole matter? He said he
with one tat. He said he was not involved in all the murders and he said, but the one time he was forced by David to murder a woman named Mary. or why brilliancy and Marie had been dating. Ah, he took her to a fourth of July Party at David's house and ninety. Ninety seven, my daddy, killer. Everyone with super drunk and David had director in David, then forced to go with him and drag her back to his toy box. Only. He said had heard rumors of this toy Box Bay never actually sought. Until then he didn't think it was real. Heathen hell. the gun to Royce Head and handed him a rope, and he said you know what you need to do and he set him. He had to make a choice and he made a choice that would harm him forever. So he fucking does haunt you ve, said David, then drove he and Marie's body to monitor its cello canyon and buried her, which ITALY in the desert holy FUCK Clia. He just forced him to murder his girlfriend for no fucking reason just cause. He could just go
and what a leather shoe rattle a fuckin leather shoe like a shitty leather shoe. He thence Roy Yangtse agreed to leave them to the burial site and he did and they, when do, we find her well, they didn't find anything, but Roy said he. One hundred percent believed that David come back and I looked at her because he said he knew tat. He would never allow something to be a liability to him and even though he had Roy and see as the one who killed her Toby and if he knew where that body was, he was like you, nothing is gonna, be traced back to me like he's that hard core so there are gathering what they can now and now they have the testimonies of Royal Cindy with Oh bodies are first degree. Murder conviction was jolly tough, but they were doing three separate trial.
One for Kelly, one for Angelica one percent there. They didn't count on the fact, though, that David was a fucking charmer, even behind bars. Really he could manipulate changed. From prison and so five months before David's trial for the rape and torture of Kelly Garret Van Cleve, Suddenly they get reward out of nowhere. That roiled brilliancy changed his mind and refuses to cooperate. Was David allowed to talk too? Will, according to prison guards, role had received an anonymous note. A few days earlier that simply said, quote: rats die in jail, oh shit, prosecutors were sure it was from David make. Roy was fucking terrified, they said, and instead of cooperating, he just plead guilty. The second degree murder was sentenced to thirty years in prison, only gone so instead of certifying against the studio he was lying for thirty August. I'm gonna go to jail for thirty. Like I'm guilty,
so now all they had was Cindy in November nineteen. Ninety nine, the d: I got news that syn he was suddenly recanting her confessions. Woe When David had learned that Cindy was turning on him and was M testify against him. He started smuggling love letters to her and wooing her in prison. She fell for it like a fuckin, dumb ass. She was obsessed with and then she filed a motion to withdraw her plea agreement in here. He at one point got attach to imprison of her name yeah and we hope that said, Cynthia hinder access and end while so she but she fell for it. We ourselves fucking dog. He got exactly when you need a firmer for her to withdraw everything now getting real interest. I know so. Judge murder handed Cindy thirty six years in prison for the angelic abduction. Torture. Kelly does want a guide. I now Kelly,
testified at our own trial, which is bad us, said she didn't want him to get the death penalty because she wanted him to suffer like she had yeah. Now all they had was the video of Kelly's torture to really now the sky. For some big his lawyers just claimed in his words like one piece of shit, they just claimed it was consensual, media some I totally that video of Kelly, like literally out of it, barely awake and being tortured in the toy box. There are like those consensual, she's, not fucking coherent. Are you can Oh, my god, they said every woman he had in their agreed to it for payment or for exchange of drugs. Only God, some of the jurors, bought that shit yeah. Of course it and they came back deadlocked to jurors, ended up being whole doubts and thought it could have been consensual, so the judge declare mistrial only gone now now we're on the Cynthia S case, though
two thousand and one they went to trial and she was obviously coherent throughout her all day long, so there I know so they had that going for them. That Cynthia could tell them. This is what happened here: she wanted to be damn sure that that jury knew she was not a willing participant. She was like you testify. She did. so she testified against him. She was in tears and obviously distraught throughout Shiva because even yelled at him and call them a bastard in the courtroom good before the jury broke to deliberate sudden. David's lawyer stands up and says he wants to do apply, You see. Jes array was about two strands and trial of her own for helping him so his deal was. He would please the key to all remaining charges. If just was released. One time served lights, they agreed and you sentenced to two hundred and twenty four years in prison only got to an twenty four years,
good Glenda Glinda Dream re just awry is walking with street, pleaded no contest to kidnapping charges in two thousand and one and was sentenced to two and a half years in prison, plus five years of probation and connection to her fathers. Shit now re found God in prison. don't they are so everything was forgiven. Nowhere in May two thousand and two David contacted authorities and said I'll talk, so they like holy shit, so they scheduled meeting as quick as they could right before it? He died of a heart attack no fucking way up Do he died, he was gonna die. He died eight months after sentencing. He only served eight months after the sentencing wallet sucks see been held for two and a half years, while awaiting trial on retrial, but only eight months upper of two hundred twenty four years. My car.
makes me so angry yeah it using thoughtlessly vociferous size are an attack. Sometimes I wonder by now that I just think it seems like it was his last little boy, you like a guy who got out of it so fuck uneasy that didn't get didn't pay for anything. Now the David it's hard to find updates on this case, because there they have no bodies so that having trouble Kennedy, getting anything and one thing that they seem to be connecting to whom is in ninety. Ninety five Jesse raise girlfriends disappeared. Her name was Jill Troika. I believe it's pronounced shoes, Twenty three! She was last seen at the frontier, restaurant and Albuquerque with her girlfriend Jes Awry Rachel police that she left the restaurant after they got in a fight and that her father, David Carker RE, picked her up now, investigators suspecting that he had something to do with her disappearance. She might have been brought back to the toy while so, if I can find any updates all update
no uninstall grammar whenever wherever I can but yeah, so that is David Parker RE, Jesse written so relaxed color. I calcium threat is just a bunch of rough PETE. Looking people yellow, puss doing rough things, Ya'Ll postmarked! It's this case is something man. It's something good, bye, good, bye about who you we don't believe, broke ass, the doorway winging to bring it back up. Oh God burn the arena you're back up this week with some some history. Some spooky history falls for their lives. I mean it's gonna, be like shit, it's him! That's all toys gonna be some shit, but it's not gonna, be this shit. what action can be fought again, I say like a werewolf fluffy following a fluffy popular where what ire wall here like a fluffy, dire, wolf, so's gonna, have some some bite to it, but seldom be fluffy. I dont have work
left. I know it's a lot, redone we're done so again. If you have read the transcript, want you don't do it striving to a kind of giving all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether the guy you and all your people. That said they were like you know. What we didn't listen to elite is right. It they regretted it. So don't do it yourself if you could just the rest your life and not read that honestly, leaving the rest of your life not having the words of that turn. Scrupling hardly at all, is probably better for your mental stability because not reading it. I read the whole thing. I it's the most messed up thing, I've ever and by priority for sure, but not not interested. I mean it doesn't stick with me because I'm able took cunningly compartmentalizing well, I don't.
I don't know if everybody says removed. As I have said, what had I dont really amended yeah, I just don't, but am yeah. So It's that things for we'll be back in a couple days: women other episode, fluffy up, and they won't do Where do you live a column in your girl? We out we're gonna, be all open. Your ear meet rose. We got a fluffy up, then we got to collaboration. Come Natur, fuck yeah, so will keep you updated on a backward stuff, and as always, thank you so much for listening hope you key We're not this we're tell those don't get funny. I keep it this weird. Just listening to you. If you hadn't we had together, yeah fears it now. We urge to carve Agora call no do not call by hunger and call the hospital causal nine when one yes just
They go down. I want to end nine one one yet always always no moment fresher everytime, so we can find us on Twitter had a morbid podcast female asset. Gmail more than five gas that gmail back on followers on Instagram. At more reply, cask find us on Facebook. Morbidity Grandpa cast work each year we haven't, we have a facebook groups ago during that cause we're, few members JANET asking all chit chat and share cool stuff in China, so yeah donate to our patriotic patriotic outcome. Slash Mordred podcast! If you feel so in Flung I was just and we'll have or bonus episodes commonality assumes cheesy. I think I will and make ass watch house of a thousand corpses that'll be annexed to the thousands of fun Campi adventure of its real.
Yeah, but I don't like husband, adventure, said he. I should leave everything still, but so do that for my vocabulary, please, but yeah so piece, o video tapes do not love the toy box, yeah who's gonna say do not let the David Ring, thereby revealing wherever there I mean, don't do that either or the gesture. other Jes awry- and you know wizened, if you run into send a handy, Roger and run the other way whose approach is strongest fuck. So
and prison just makes about the exact issues, really popular, salient double jeopardy. Over the years, we ve called many important sportsman, scrape Grapewin challenges and comebacks, but right now is about all three. This is Merrill Reese and I might quick supporting it.
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