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Episode 29: The Lawson Family Murders

2018-12-04 | 🔗
It is Christmas day in 1929 and Charles Lawson is feeling some type of way. Unintentional poetry aside, the mystery of one man's actions that left his entire family brutally butchered, save for his eldest son who he intentionally sent away from the scene before the carnage, has fascinated and horrified true crime fans for decades. Why did Charles Lawson annihilate his family on Christmas morning? Why did he sent Arthur away before the rampage? Why did Marie put raisins on the damn cake? The questions and the brutality are overflowing in this case, so join us while we speculate wildly.  Sources: The Meaning of Our Tears: The True Story of the Lawson Family Murders of Christmas Day 1929 by Trudy J. Smith https://www.news.com.au/news/secret-behind-photo-in-lawson-family-christmas-day-massacre-when-seven-people-died/news-story/080cd6dcee54a210d70098ca45dc3851
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Is more by hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo holiday season removed. I said Molly, a kind of his maladies. People at the mall hasn't my us again. I went into murder everybody. I haven't into the mountains so long and I like the guy. I I decided that I'm gonna finish my Christmas shopping online. That's where I do all my Christmas shopping yeah, I'm all about online. I got
That is where I got a huge dent done in my Christmas shopping at you really did because Armand Adult this year and I'm not gonna- do what I did last year and do all my shopping the day before Christmas. If you have a snow go, there was a fucking nightmare who know it's full, and I feel like I always want to do it earlier and earlier the opposite never happens. I wished allows one of those people that are so many kinds milling all I just like things out during the year yeah yeah fuck, you general yelling early like come on man like now by that they actually because- finds Europe had things up, I end up giving them to the people early, because I get excited and hold onto it like I'm, an awful gift era. That way I know, I know a lot of people are now, so I think there has been too many children grimy things happening this smoke this week and I think that that is really popped out at me. No, I think it's a placid time. It is a blessing
Bless up, I think I saw something under John and our watching tv last night and we saw an Netflix movie. That's coming out cause You know it's weird that Netflix as having movies now would like Sandra Bullock in them. We're going ST relax. It's weird loaded with this one. Andrew Ball. Again it I think it's got burned box, I'm pretty sure sounds weird, the whole thing is a very apocalyptic e aunt, but now in that way of using a different way. It's like these Sandra Bullock, inner two kids have to get to the sanctuary, because these, like evil demons that take the form of your greatest fear, are falling, them, and they only take the form of your greatest fear. If you look at them, so they have to stay blindfolded and get to the sanctuary without looking that kind of sounds like a quiet place, the kind of I, like the whole lake. It takes the form of your greatest fear. I think that I have to
well. I don't want that, but this let us in John and I into discussion about what would what form would it take for you and, of course, both of a city with which John was adorable. He said it would take the form of believing awe and then he said or something happening with girls. I cry and I was like actually that's exactly the same thing and then we're like. Ok, let's get rid of that one in doing a different one. Yes and obvious thing, it has like what we might be as like. I don't know- and he said the greatest answer, and it was so off point. He said it would take the form of an empty pint of burning Jerry's ice cream That would just follow me and every once in a while, we come to me like I'm, full nope of Ladys ended. I was like. Oh my god, you are correct. And he said either that or empty sleeve of cookies are like one that having that's a limb Well, I'm will agree John would be someone standing there with either take out
an use and asking him to pick a place to eat or their justice me standing there saying. What do you want for dinner? We up. That's his greatest fears have entered the side, what proved to be able to everybody's biggest fear, but adding real. It would probably be declined. Credit card, or would be like somebody with like shavers like ready. Sugar had a fact. I think that each unclosing phobia Whenever I brought up like an interesting conversation yeah, I think one of mine will just be like a bunch of clients, me that I gave them. Should he hurried forward bigger than that nah? I don't wanna be feature. In this movie? What's your post, invest can combat airs would be yeah, that's an eight because they really was such a fund conversation that, yes, we just got a ridiculous about it, but it likes to makes you think.
Thus I wanna, hear what other people dying to know so will definitely posted on the Instagram. That's an interesting one! I'll do it at the very end of it. episode will do so, while you're listening to this you'll have already known because I have already answered Did I wish you'd guessing appointing everywhere? I did it and I think that's really though this week we have the new Patria highway without further ado. Thank you so much to James Turner who is in the weirdos category, welcome James Do you know who that is James Turner? I do not. I thought it was later friends. Gus! No, I hope not least because I dont know who they were all about your Iphone now genes. Yet now your boyfriend, thank you so much our next week, is Andy Jargon, little bitch categories. I thank you so much to Jordan Protocol. I believe, as I say it, Jordan, you are
so jagged and you're such a law that you love you George jagged little bash up and then after this we have to custom patriarch so they're category all on their oh mamsie. We have Courtney see currently see thanks thanks girl universe. You are the best. You are the chest to girls, We see trust, that's what the sea stands on board. Majestic and then we have Ashley just in and that she my favorite land spawning actually Ashley Ass, each Ellie, you ve a great name, The idea that away, I wanted my name to be small, like that, did you or when I was little and wanted it to be spelled as each hour. I e witches trendy who turn after I ask. so thanks everybody thanks guys you guys rock some serious socks he rocks on holiday socks. I hope
you're all rock and roll call it a fax guys were you guys are amazing thing, and I think I didn't. I been posting little blue sneaky pinkies above our designs that Vasco Buzz, going out with, and I'm debating whether I'm gonna put out my own to let you go see it. I had a time if I just surprise you guys with it. I like that, I don't know big things are happening. Two thousand and nineteen is gonna, be morbid. Take over we're gonna take over the world, essentially here we go by gonna, beat more like a new websites coming up we're running for president yeah. I just can't get on this, but also of all of us. I think they'll be great, that be flickering a lot too, but it also review very well, rounded platform viable, but we're not doing that. But it's a nice thought so yeah thank you to the patrons for aiding us in getting all the stuff going, because without
guys and use them for it. We be nuthin. Maybe she had always been talkin at a microphone in an empty laundry room for no fuckin reason and with, of course we thank everybody for listening and supporting and anyway but Actually it's just going to help us get the stuff off the ground. He already had it for you. I think we can just get onto our case this week, dive into it no. If this this one's gonna, be, I think, a little shorter than normal. I'm soon. It will be will never assume that it ends up being longer and whenever we there can be a long one and ends up in the air. So I'm I mean I'm going to say, is Europe and who knows sick with us? We're kicking our holiday season to holiday take over tells a holiday take over with some Christmas murders. So today's murder does your married there is the murder
the entire Lawson family. Well shit! Well! So this is an old ie, but it also goody, not the entire. Family. Now and now, where is so we're gonna, kick your right off. The lessons were a family of tobacco farmers. This was way back in the nineteen twenties. So when you were born, you know when I was born, we have actually sewed not too long ago, not long ago, So that the lessons were a big family, they were working class people they weren't super off, poor, linked to the point where they are like having to you know like eat dirt and stuff, but they were not at all wealthy there. Medium. There are definitely like lower class, but they were not like. You know, really really really struggling right just to put that other. So this happened in Germany in North Carolina. The father's name is Charles.
seven? Charles laughin, Charles lesson, is going to be an important figure in this whole thing, pretty fucking important importance in one might say he was born in eighteen. Eighty six, which is after my house, was built. Isn't that we're almost hospital? Eighteen sixty I now spooks fiscal spook is right. He was born in the town of Larsson will know just kidding, I would like to urge over I just pause The double check any really was born in Lausanne bill. So it didn't autocrat strange coincidence strange coincidence. I thought my by document had Otto corrected in some weird way, but it didn't. He was born, may tenth. Eighteen, eighty six in the town of loss Anville, which isn't Stokes County North Carolina. He had grown up in a share cropping family same. You know he grew up to marry. Fanny man ring. I believe your last name is pronounced in nineteen eleven.
Tween like his younger life, is not a lot known about that. I mean I mean it's hard, because what I was going to say cuz like in eighteen eighty, there wasn't a whole lot of records, so we can look back at so No, then, you know he grew up in like a farming family. This was kind of in his blood. He ended up meringue fanny in nineteen eleven on the two of them, like scraped together money to finally by a ramshackle two hundred Euro farmhouse close to his brothers farms and this would they had only bought this two years before this massacre happened, oh and yes, so enabling them to be close to his family and his brothers around there. So Danny and Charles had eight children fuck, that's a lot of children! No thanks! When my too. Many of you have children, goodbye arguable, Charles might say too many, no pun intended pretty bad joke, but it's
now. These eight children included one named William, who was six years old, who died of pneumonia nineteen twenty. Unfortunately, this was a pretty common occurrence for kids to die. Before I mean even getting into teenage. Let's hear it was kind of common. Yet it was very, very common tonight, especially like poor, more poor family makes I ass. The other kids were Marie, who is seventeen Arthur? Sixteen carry twelve May Bell: seven James for Raymond two and four month old, Mary Lou at the time of the murders fanny
Charles had been married for eighteen years. That's a long time, long, ass time, like John and I've been together for what, like twelve years suffered Lang asked. I have so a team as a lot. You know each other if you're in it to win it, you had eaten up by all accounts. This family was just like a pleasant working class family and, in fact Charles was said to be really well respected by the community. So this is a little different or- and this color reminds me of the solder family, how like the father was right well respected. There were just like a chill family then I'm from human rights. I was gonna say it reminds me of it reminds me of it, but it is a different way. Different circumstance exactly cause. You know the hinterland effect dad was not. What was an Andreas was not exactly where wars. What they do, they turn their learn at your figure that gonna say we're incorrectly
start later danger. Trifecta Lawson dont have a similar type vs exactly will they have one really weird persuasion and common blue will say statehood So Charles wasn't, like you know, exists. like overly like extremely religious or any. There wasn't anything that popped out about him as being extreme occurs. You know some, it's like you can point to a million. He was like kind of crazy like there a little extreme. No, they just were like super normal from by all accounts, unless you count having a kids as extreme,
Honourably cutter people like that on a lot if they did not have any Regan end up with day undervalue just kept going well you're. These led the earth's fucked. So there is a typical working class family of the era. There were very typical that are things changed, though, slightly after weird little accident on the farm, according to em, Bruce Jones and Trudy J Smith, who wrote a book about this case called white Christmas bloody Christmas. which is really good, and it's really hard to find it's like a very light you got after, but I don't have it off, but I got I downloaded like parts of it so, but I want to I want to find this cop because it's supposed to be really good They believe that law, since problems actually started when he struck himself accidentally in the forehead with his magic or make sense, which is an ax exactly like the one that was used in Turkey back.
there's a symphony. He was doing work outside and I think you literally just like slipped in its slammed into his forehead. They said it was a pretty decent head wound in the book they say quote his wounds healed, but many people said that Lawson changed after the accident. His usual quick temper flaring more often and went the greater intensity, so obviously this eat. He already had a temper of tenderness YAP made at work, and this clearly made it much worth we'll get more into this later that this could have had a little bit to do with it. But I really don't think so. In the end, I think that either, but it just an interesting little side. Note because, as we know, head wounds tend to be an indicator of not awesome. Behaviour are usually that's in childhood, though I feel it. Why had interlinking that to be a mother and child take as its foreign to the honour his age exact
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Of primary care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advancing cancer care at MIT Anderson, cancer, Cetera Cooper with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper as their first choice. Cooper committed, compassionate, complete and now, interestingly enough, the authors of this book- that, as is taught me about our father, daughter team, which is gonna, keep the Father Embers Jones was eight years old and lived near this family at the time of the murders, so he remembers a lot about it. Thank you said he.
vividly remembered them in the way the crime scene, which we will get into later became a tourist attraction. I know that's fucked yeah the daughter in this that the offer us the daughter said quote. My father spoke about this murder case all my life. He recounted the story of the famous cake being baked in the cabin which was left just as it was on the day of the murders. The cabin became a tourist attraction in the nineteen thirties. The bloody pillows lying on the floor with Charlie had placed his battered victims were still left. When I was six, he took us up to the location and hopes of seeing inside when he retired in the mid eighties, he and his friends recalled the murders. Some of his friends had connections to people who knew the murder and his victims, so they have a lot more than two of them writing the spoke about the case is what you want. Third close to it, I mean this guy grew up right around it.
and in one of the things I read. He said that his mother, he was always mad cows, his mother, when let him go to the toward this tourist attractions with wondering eyes, he was eight years old, but its older sister has got to go and they all came back and I told them about it here on earth. So in nineteen, twenty nine, two weeks before Christmas, Charles took his entire family to Winston Salem, about thirteen miles away from where they lived there. He bought them a bunch of fancy new clothes. He told them literally, no matter what they wanted. They could have with this Christmas day. No, this was to exploit workers too easy. I then he had his family sit fur family fortress. He said it was part of a quote Christmas surprise, so it would appear. This fucker knew what he was going to do for weeks. Why is it huge deal for this working class family to one be buying a ton of new fancy clothes cause. We, I posted the photo on the instagram that they took two weeks
where they were murdered, arguing in everybody's in really fancy get up beyond our means. They look wretch and not a big deal for these people and also most people. There's societal rank had never even had a photo taken of themselves, so this was a huge luxury while, like you didn't just go to a photographer studio, half of portrait of oranges, often outside you weren't out selfies. So this was already like you know, eyebrow raising that he did this because it was seemingly out of nowhere right now. The photo is interesting itself. you look at it now, especially his face. Yeah there's a lot of ways there that make it very interesting no one is smiling. Everyone looks super pest and extremely uncomfortable, and they look the uncomfortable to be there, but they also uncomfortable with each other in a lot of them Arthur Marie or standing very far apart. Charles and Fanny Fannys holding the youngest Mary Lou is Annie. Look
like the most populous horrified in her and Charles, don't look like they even know each other, and then these people looking different direction, is just very odd. Marie, in particular, the sixteen year old daughter looks the most colds and angry out of all of them. She's literally staring daggers to the straight into the camera odin and browse finger waves around point. While I was just going to get into that, will in the end some of the other ones. Look a little softer and after the side, a bit like even Charles and Fanny, look like a little just more like after the side. Maria also like flapper, she does like you, look like a farm girl likes it. Just doesn't Warez BB, choked beautiful fanny looks a fine. He does vanity looks like a firm grip and in Irma Thing, that's it They have less glamorous, you know one. Wouldn't you think that she would. They would be position differently like I would
that Charles and Fanny yeah elemental insurer, Arthur excuse me Anne Marie, would be, I would reply either end, but instead its marine Charles in the middle and enormous locally there there, the parents Daniel involve very irony, very odd, and again Marie looks beautiful and she kind of physically embodies the roaring. Twenties luck in this photo. She totally like she's gotta flapper hair like the finger waves, the Bob that was supercool, then selling a flapper can address. I'm like a cool girl dress from back. Then it's got like them, his collar scattered necklace on she's, looks like a bad mean. Arthur, looks pretty dope tooth Malaga Peter you like zebra, dapper issues, and also, I think what would points more to Marie is, if you look at it, doesn't she look like she has more light on her? Yes, she definitely see just sticks out in that photo and legal motorways, and I think it's also just the fact that she staring directly into that camera ones.
This like stone, cold face, and then it's like we're. Looking at the photo right now and Fanny just looks misery. She's dislike fuck when we hear Charles almost has this weird little smirk on his peace definitely Moliere, but if we look at it so is Arthur. He has smirk to peace. A handsome dude is so That is so. That was a weird occurrence. That was the big major thing that happened before this tragedy occurred now in December. Twenty fifth, you may know that day as Christmas, you may not. Who knows either way. Some of us know it as Christmas. Nineteen, twenty nine seventeen year old, Marie she woke up early to make a Christmas cake,
you made two layers of cake. She was icing them getting them ready for the festivities, because I think they were going to having black Christmas festivities on the farm and then there are gonna be going to their like uncles, announce houses cause again. They lived near family side, no cheaper, king reasons on the cake, she'd happens. I was like a thing: that's like a thing man. I know about you, but it is grown Fatah. That's not the oldest son Arthur who is the sixteen year old. He wanted to go out hunting for rabbits that morning causing Their farm folk up later one is a worrying. We're gonna wake up, we're gonna shoot ceramic, so he knew he gets us. He gets his ship ready Let's do this needs like, oh my god, I don't have any sharks shells I forgot, so he goes to his dad Charles any sleigh, Katy of any shark and shells and his father was like no, I don't Spoiler alert, we know he had some, he just wasn't. Well, I'm getting away
He had a name on each of them, and so he said so Charles told his son, Arthur you know what go into town and go get some ammunition, so he sent Arthur away just know that sent him away only Arthur like this boy, exactly so we're gonna discuss next, is awful. In, unfortunately, Arthur was still at the store buying bullets. When news already reached him that something terrible had happened on the farm uh, that's five tat. Somebody had to whisk him away, only drive him back to the firm of share a So Lino Arthur leaves. He has no idea what happens after them or the first person to discover the scene of what does happen after that was Charles's brother Eliza and his sons they saw by the loss in farm.
their way home from a morning hunt there is gonna, see them they're, just gonna wish the family a merry Christmas on their way home see later. What they found was that the middle girls carry twelve and may bell. Seven had been found in the tobacco barn shot and bludgeoned to death. Fanny was on the porch with a shock and bless her chest inside Marie's dead body was sprawled near the fireplace James in Raymond Four years old in two years old had been beaten to death Jesus, even the youngest member for months old, Mary Lou was dead inside her grim and he bludgeoned hooray, yes and Charles was nowhere to be found now immediately. They went bonkers. Police and neighbours started swarming on the scene. Looking for Charles finally, his whereabouts became pretty clear when everyone heard a single Shaka blast from
inside the woods beside him behind the farmhouse. Now Charles had run into the woods several hours earlier after he murdered his entire family and he had spent several hours pacing along in the woods alone in the woods before killing himself. That's wild yeah, it's insane! Now it was the families to beagles who led investigators to the body. He had killed himself in the Woods Arthur in a police officer followed. The dogs do the body was Arthur, was one of the print people discover his dad's body on Charles's person? There were two now I found a couple places that they were addressed to his parents, but I'm not that's. Life could be someplace to say that some places dont do it is worth mentioning, but they both appeared to be only half notes that were left unfinished and it is confirmed that there were two notes. I just don't know if it was to his family
parents if it was TAT, one said quote: troubles can cause, that's it and other one said quote no one to blame, but that's it. It's kind of like morbid, lives, like filling the boy. Try to finish the sentence like troubles can cause farts no one to blame, but arts. it not created troubles king cause, rashes, headaches no one to blame, but the present It gives us a laundry detergent, guess we're in a larger thicker my floor. My toes, maybe all this you will put that on the Instagram, for I like the morbid mad little- and I am opposed to Charles LOTS and suicide. Note love so footprints were also found. Circling
three there were Charles's body was found. Was found with a pencil lincoln, was he going to finance? now, if he was found with a pencil actually that kind of money, he probably wasn't resume. In fact, a circular path had been born deep in the no, like around through various clearly, is Walkin encircled investigators. What I said this indicated that he has clearly been pacing around in a circle for a long time before killing himself. We are seriously now so now that they knew who the park perpetrator was. So is pretty obvious. They re able to piece together what happened exactly now. Some of them had been killed by shock on blast some by beating and then some by a combination of the two, It didn't seem to be like a rhyme, a reason to this. It was kind whenever he felt like now, some time after Charles deliberately sent Arthur into town away from the scene send him away. He definitely salvaged him. Yeah.
because our horizontally lists on his own accord, the to Middle Lawson, girls carrion, may be left the house and they were going to go visit their own uncle Billy. The Taco Taco Barn behind its Falco bar and I want talk or where is that like. Taco Bell, but a barn to tackle barn, I like better forget so behind the tobacco barn on the property. Charles was waiting with a shotgun while that so fuck you literally waiting out his two young elegant middle girls, is twelve year old in a seventeen year old, like bonds, the forty four your old asshole, shot his daughters and then bludgeon them both to finish them off and placed their bodies inside the barn like what I can't I wish there was more known about this case. It's in it. That's the thing it's like. We know, though I am a chunk of it, but it's
those hell. We're very detailed. All much went with Charles insulate. You guys me not, so he then returned to the family home where Fanny thirty seven years old was on the porch immediately shot Irishman semester, b, seven and eight fuckin kid, I'm SAM, oh yeah. She is, she got immediately shot in the chest with a shotgun moved her aside when inside summary, and also saw her two younger brothers, the four year old in two year old chains and Raymond, the two little boys ran to hide an elaborate, let that thinking so Charlie Shop Marie just outright boom. She fell in front of the fireplace and then he
found the two boys and shot and bludgeon them both to TAT, lay on a two year old and they ran away all around and ran away from their father, who had a shotgun and legs killin everybody that so sad now. Finally, he got to baby. Erin Lu Lu- let's do this, for I found her death certificate. She wasn't even for months old. She was three months and like a like, however many days, economics, each difference, but still a three month, that's fucked you fucking monster. I hate that not just the three month old, your baby, you like this is your three month all. But what is wrong with you? He bludgeoned Mary Lou in her crib, her cause of death was a fractured skull. I'm on her yesterday we get it says, fractured skull and it says homicide. He then posed the seven bodies with their arms crossed over their chests, like they were, laying in a funeral, and he
rocks underneath their heads I heard, rocks over there eyes I do know is actually just gonna say some account say that stones were paid placed over their eyes as well, but nobody really know is not totally confirmed that definitely had their arms crossed only definitely add rocks under their heads like pillows. Why stones over the eyes some say there were some say they weren't yeah, it's it's like. I don't even know how to explain its one of those things that it's like the weird care ring thing. You know I mean when but her dress, I will die banning because it's all right we're not carrying it. Although I placing the hands- oh yes, like in a funeral position in its is very odd, so the entire family was gone besides, Arthur. Also, the entire family was buried in a single plan, so the victims alive lay now to their murder yeah. I think that's fucked gap in its in brown or family cemetery just outside of Germantown, nothing, it's just fucked up. Like I end any says, I'm one of em british ports as father on yet
in Europe by really We cannot exactly. Let's take that title away from him. I think I wonder who decided that I note that they would be a very honest because they are also very next to William, therefore six year olds, but it's like chief was the oldest technically action over five thousand people attended the family Fiona Hall share. Has the case just blew up. I mean this was the huge thing to happen. I think it was mostly people just being curious. I mean, but a lot of people also liked this family yeah Misa Charles. His brain was removed for analysis after his death, and it was
all down to Baltimore Johns Hopkins, because there were lake sums gotta be I want to fuck made him do than they were also trying to find out. Did that hit with the magic cause, something in his brain light that we can see riots. They said nothing abnormal about his brain totally normal and they said that it had injury did not cause brain damage. So it had nothing to do, but I have to do that now, of course, like I said, the talent knots about this case and Trousers brother Marian saw this as an opportunity. He decided to turn the crimes and in some kind of weird ass tourist attraction, which I would totally go to a judge it from afar he charged visitors, twenty five cents to toward the actual housing crime scenes, and now again this isn't like today, where everything it's fucking cleaned up right away. There was just Lud scenes in all. This was
now, even though in our own prime sees its growth that I've been, there was copious amounts of blood all over them. The only people about murder is at least one photo that our post that's like of one of the rooms, and it's just like you can see just a splatter of blood on the floor and all its Alot Americans body for talking about the same picture in front the fire. It's all who Omar Area Murray, Foul ye. I didn't like a lot, but then you see the crib too young for dioxins and, unlike those Pinocchio love it and Marie's Christmas cake had been left untouched in the house because the family was murdered before they could in any of it, and she had she had finished. It is like this beautiful little cake cinema and it just
and I was like this- it became this really grow symbol in Amy like the highly weird symbol of like look, this family woke up. They made a cake, and now my old age is a very odd thing. Now this cake, canopy came like a main attraction, like the other had raisins on top of it and people going by deciding to be cool. They take the reasons as souvenirs, and so you know so. The assholes running the museum had to in case the cake and glass event. only because they don't want people taking the reason I mean. I can't change because, like the fascinates me so canning, like weird assholes, like what Well, I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't I would eat attempted, but I would be tempted to be like I could to stick Do the five year run of the tour, the cake was taken home by a loss in relative and it was buried, interesting, which I don't know those dislike, burying it, because it's like a
of Marie likely that special, I don't know, and it became kind of again like a symbol of the spam re. Like a token now let in during the five five years, this house was a tourist attraction in Ireland, ITALY number any now and it through sightseers by the thousands and supposedly this included John Dillinger. You don't know who that is, do you love who I'd sounds familiar he's like a famous american gangster bank robber. All. I knew that forward. I mean, I'm break it. I've everybody Maria DA, see how that's it finger. Everybody listening will think. That's pretty interesting. That John Dillinger came to see this. That's fucking also raising wall. Now house was eventually demolished. but now the site is said to have, of course, tons of go sightings
I'm in dutch people say they see the dead children. I see Charles himself had I want that they see Charles in the world. sometimes I nodded to day out of the woods also a fun when alleging that says that whenever it snows its nose on everyone else's grave but Charles's, and when it when the leaves fallen autumn, that leaves fallen. Everybody else's grave, except for Charles's, but aren't they all buried in the same spot while they have different. Gravestones now a bull that so late, there's been boxes palms, there's been songs written about their solving because back in the day there was these things. Come murder ballots case would happen like this and uneasily beluga it's been so a bright murder ballads about aids, hurt like opening up their wash for yeah exactly and then my man, that's how one too
Like Mr Martin are measured men and you like, I know that case and unfeigned decades, including murder, about now No more! So songs which loses fuck. I guess they turned they like were used as where lullabies like parents would sing these their kids as like caught our nourish hailing me, no joke This is not making it up. They would literally thing these Leslie cautionary tale. Like inherited, I don't fuck your dad's, you remember the the office episode with Dwight. True! Singular your rules. You better learn your rules. If you don't you'll, be in your sleep. That is exactly what a value. Auntie em the office, they Dwight sure did Why didn't you say to them a cautionary all I have a couple of lyrics thing, so a blogger
Do. Oh, the Stanley Brothers Penda ballad called the story of the law, some family, which sounds so pleasant, yeah, LISA that's the Columbia Records and it actually became like a hit song no way down nowhere in like the third, users of that yeah. I think even like people know, and The song is fuck I'm, don't sure anyone, it's not ideal. Who did anything they dislike yeah, murder, Yanks solution, Some of the works better public really disturbing it's his quote. They say he killed his wife at first, while the little ones did cry. Please Papa! Won't you spare lives, it is so hard to die. those are some of the work I just catch hills. I think there are actually really fucking gross for taking like artistic licence. This, like it's not like their early and then, when we murder diesel family and that's really sad- there were like this- is what the chill
cried to him ass? He did it's like bid. You don't know that you made that up. Lincoln, that's really grow in. Why did your ring? Go there, a gross hate it People would think that it is. I mean if you do look at nursery runs as a whole. There alpha lit London Bridge is falling down at all of them. There aren't like there's some that we have a book of nursery rams, that someone gave us further boy, We shall never how sorry here listening to this, and you were the one they gave us a nursery, ran book but like what the fuck do to the other. They're. So racist, so an sang racist, so sexist. I mean there are like maids in the kitchen and yeah my page, please, but the rate. Since there is no way beyond I mean there's There is so many that, unlike I'm not reading, you that you, like I'm real, where I will change the words because I'm not reading embraces old poems are refunded. Ivy.
so weirdly in nineteen, forty five Arthur lessen the only surviving member of the family died in a freak truck accident and while not cold North Carolina at the age of thirty one others must up. He left me on a wife and for children of his own while and issues weird, that's a weird, tragic. In it to happen. You survived and entire family massacre. He felt like them, so wasn't until nineteen. Ninety that a book about the massacre was published that actually let out a few of the secrets that could have led to the tragedy, and I think I am Ash is gonna, get a little more into that here. I got because yak visit this there's a lot of theories. Better are ceramics is again we ve got here. We know we noticed. or else we know what happened. We know who don't? Nobody knows why the fuck this happened, no one knows and that the biggest thing that
but he's like ok, we know everything else about this. Why the fuck did you do that link? It doesn't make any sense so without further Ado, all, right so theory on one theory, you remember one. Next to it, I wrote yeah alright Some people believe that Charles had a medical condition. Lithuania was saying he had himself in the head with a max and people thought it changed the way that he thought and mediums now, but we can already cross that went off because he said they examined his very exact and it was fine and it seems like he already kind of had a slight temper, which I feel it Every father in the twenty seven that, like farmer, Father had an immediate temperate goes. Every father has a temper like yeah until Belgian, already much. The theory within very number one. The medical condition is that I read somewhere that Charlie how to growth on his chest doin. I certainly above which cost him a great deal of pain. So one day he decided it was time to end the pain he just didn't want to go alone, so we took everyone with them. That makes
Santiago, one like they would have no now when they found him into his autopsy clear to me. Why would he do Kelvin Fucking fell. I would just like to point out that, no though Yasmine, if anyone and the pain is going to do it,. Oh theory, number two. I wrote next to it that real shit, outta real shit, so the low down I'm very number two is that Charley was doing the damn thing with his daughter, Mary, oh did you bring your barf bag, suspicions resorting to arise. So he basically you just felt that he had to kill the whole family, because it's the way you deal with like your grown ass in such towards yeah and absolutely mean. Please take everybody down with the new decided, you know what's fuck my daughter. and people found out to kill them all I ll get its also
leave that Marie was pregnant with her fathers child. I found more multiple sources that sad Marie had confessed to her friend Ella may, a few weeks earlier during sleep over it that she was pregnant with her dad's baby and that both of her for her parents, now, which would explain why Fanny may look so like upset, I was just like she does Alexander, like she's done yeah. She really does. I heard that a cousin and the family said that she overheard her mom and a few other Lawson woman talking at the funeral, about how Fanny had found out that Marine Charlie we're having a relationship before Christmas Eve and that she was like completely sick over a short cut, a deal this all it that these seem like they seem legit, I mean outcomes, multiple people, multiple family members, Wall and then
neighbor named SAM Hell, who was like living by the family cause he's a neighbor set of wine. Charlie found out Murray was pregnant with his child. He cornered her and threatened her. That quota quote. There would be some killing done if she were to tell her mom or anybody else, so big yeah? So who knows I hears Agnes? I mean people make shut up after Fisher and then ask Venus. It's like They know if Mary was pregnant like it. I can't find anywhere that fits confirms that she was pregnant. I think me, The item four name heard anything that, like somebody else confirms, I've only heard that she herself told her friend but what? If they know like element or was it too? Can I mean in the twenties you just gotta, knew your body knew whether you I'm just saying like I it's hard to she could have just like mists appear.
And enhance knew the Thai is entirely right yeah. So she could. I just told a friend like I know, I'm pregnant, all that's fucked, because that's what it seems like a shoulder friend what elements that India will. I be really awful to issue like she actually wasn't pregnant. I now and then like the whole family exact, because he thought Was there that's fucked, that's really thought, and then the other couple things that I wanted to talk about was like theories regarding why Arthur was spared yeah that that cassettes fast? one. I just. I think it was done on purpose, yes theory number one- is that Charles and Arthur away, because he knew he wouldn't be able to kill everybody with Arthur there as Arthur was taller and he could have been able to stop his father, and I can say in any nowhere like now thinking about back. Is that as a good theory- and I think also seems to me like arthur- was a good shot himself. He was a hunter right here.
You have to use a shock, and so he had his own Shaka exact. I thought I think he was too worried that maybe he he had way too much like means to defend himself like you're saying it makes on the other. The theory is that he intended to kill Arthur, but in the time that Arthur was away, his like brother came over with his nephews, so he had to think fast and Arthur was spared only because Charlie, it killed Self in the meantime, near that one to muse, flimsy air because, like why send him away at all, few of you already planned on killing me. I you're gonna, get out. I find a ranch in your plan and you could have sent go later, yeah exactly like will hunt later rightly door or just hand, one sharpen jovially wanting the other theory that I found, which I know personally agree with an actual mayo.
The area and one this is lost when I found he heard by Arthur, didn't believe Murray was in a relationship or pregnant, whether dad's for baby, and he knew that he would provide a cover if it were to get out after the murders that worry. It was pregnant, yeah I mean I want a little shaky to you. I feel like my personal view, which I agree with this and I am they just came up with that. While we were about to start recording it just like popped into my hand as that he was the oldest boy of animal where the passed away, but he was the oldest voice and he could carry on the family. Exactly which I feel like is especially back then: oh forego import duty area. Now, a lot of people place a lot of importance on the boy being able to carry on the family and career and family name is apparently huge here, yeah, I think actually backbone. It was erase just what it was like you had to have a
Turkey is an important, and so I feel like that makes a lot of sense and I think it was even like bigger that one to carry on the family name into he's the oldest boy. yeah, so he was almost like I'd. Like a token try and I wonder if anybody we talked to Arthur after this and like I asked him I or anything that his kids, I think, asked him bout at when he would never talk about. I would imagine he would I mean I wouldn't foregathered. On my whole, family was evaluated and he I mean Arthur, probably doesn't know what he was saying and I'm sure he struggled with I'm sure like survivors guilt, not like the absolutely so wonder if they ever where like do you know if your dad was having and sexual relations blue, your sister I like you know if that was happening or any of you, and I want to know on what and talk about it, but it's like you just wish. He would have said something like yes, sir because every secret that you want to know time, but that failure First, I entirely like India. It really.
because when I thought I'd like bats it right now, it's just speculation and people saying that somebody said there's somebody said that it's crazy Well, you don't know because who knows? Maybe she wasn't pregnant? I know, maybe was though I think its most likely she was in its. I believe the incest story me because one I know are. Obviously people now shut up all the time about everything that the company, the west is one, those things that fight if this family member saying it, then me either. It is not full blown incest, some weird spare, every bar insinuating that you are possibly having inappropriate relations with your child's freedom. Then something is there. You know me, like eight people are actually insinuatingly people dicks all the time like the biggest Pepe of mine. Is this new thing we're like celebrities or post photos of Emily? hissing their kids on the lips on feed and many others will go fucking. But
and be like you're, a pervert and staff. First of all, like here's, my ready, I'm stepping on myself box, because, first of all, if you look at a picture of apparent, hissing their child like young child and then let us first thing you and then first thing you think of is sexual icing that I met your fuck. You should be locked away yet because you're, a fucking, dangerous pervert. Yours, like you, if you look at children, kissing their parents and think that something sexual is there than you have sexual as the situation in your growth rate, like my two year olds, I will give them kisses on the lips until they tell me mom your bro Stoka me on the as soon as they say that, although I and other doctors, but until then I'm gonna give us many cases of their possibly can, and it just rising. It's weird to think. That's weird, it's very weird to think that we are so I'm not saying like they were lovey or something, and people insinuated that they were incestuous I'm saying of people literally like no other, definitely like bumping ugliness,
There's a seer hit. I've never heard about before. Having no that's an amazing pomp and I believe, all out, I'm gonna say that all the files I we ve, never heard listen. I know your bump an ugly so and so on. That's my name as my new a shit. I'm really glad. I couldn't do that You saw my view. Welcome hashtag, blessed had no John Bellinger was, but now I'm USA bump an ugly left and right up People are bump an ugly left eye shadow. I'm so glad I do thirty. I feel really good about myself, I'm so glad it off better than those of rising. Never never got a lot of people use it now, I've never heard about in my life of an ancient being, so I think, there's not much older them, but I feel I come into being,
You know what I think is that, along with the sometimes people tell me animal and an old saw that I am an old soldier I and sometimes a magyar totally, but then others handsomely yeah. What's who say? But what is the phrase? you just use through our kind of an old soul in certainly is your own old soul. In certain ways you are very much. I mean you're, young, eight millennium, I'm a gypsy, see. So what I was saying there was like a people, are really going into like the: u must be bump an ugly bump glue, you have put something out there that it's not just children, loving their parents, Ghana, one hunter precise so and it's just like the Hinder Kai back thing. It's like this too much where there's smoke this fire and there was too much cheaper chatter about this, Really simple: when you look at Marie that photo, you look at the way their position in the middle. Like there, the pair and this does whatever you can have a psychology field day really could so, unfortunately,
we will probably never now there's a sandy these questions, Charles Loss and killed self immolation. There he's the worst so so yeah merry Christmas and a happy new year. That's the first! Steve our Christmas holiday extravaganza yards are December. Festive us for all of us. We could take a couple. Recommendations for a virus mess case. we have some ideas but if we're not guys, we have. We have the rest of our mother planned out, but we have one week that we're talking with what to do. So if you guys have some recommendation so my way we're looking for Christmas cases and even Christmas, Sir, are not just Christmas holiday Ellen. Hanukkah murder, saying that you know those Hanukkah, Kwanzaa murder, murders, you know winter solstice, murders boxing day. Murders
from our way and will throw in them would because we have one week that we, just you know we're doin with give us your suggestions. Let us now we're gonna, throw up those. Morbid mad lips line of the army going out on me at the monotheistic accorded above them, where else I they're gonna, ask you guys what what will be the your worst fear. What what you're worth personified, personified so keep an eye out and We will be giving you you will be getting to episodes this week. Unlike last week on we almost I'm not talking about it, you know got haunted to death, so you know I had a little trouble sleeping man. I really just like a baby. Of course, you fucking I was a little smoke. I took some man pm. and then I was, but that was also fun doing alive.
You have? We should do more as you that more wished to do one unlike extremists, we shared where get willing bump one out every now, and then we are surprised so many people popped up in somebody interactions too. So those funds of ink skies for doing, though this will definitely do their more often because who I was scared, but we did it with, looks like shit no gave an elder. Then no one told us. We looked like you know, swamp beast, so I got that like a bird stroll that date, but it's fine thanks, guys, you're read so yeah, so you'll be getting a second episode this weekend. I, your second episode is gonna. Take a look at some of Santa's helpers and I don't mean else, I'm just put it. That way, don't want stating that I'll be updating guys about any merge. That's gonna be happening which will hopefully be happening soon.
and yes, men, the rate and review in subscribe. If you have a feeling like you want to give us a one star review, because you want to tell us that we are trying to be kept in Georgia for my favorite murder to begin our genome just go ahead and, like don't do that. We then go fuck yourself, maybe just like say it to the mare or something I don't know say to the person next year, but dont give us once our views, because you don't like that to women are talking about your crime, I can't help that I'm a woman, May. Like. First of all, I love when people lovingly compares to my favorite mariner. Yet that's a compliment, a huge compliment and honestly people giving because we ve gotten a couple people that I like that won't do the air there trying to be Karen in Georgia. I dont think we are were na, but second ok
even if we were like again. Ok, you wanna tell me that I'm a second rate care and in Georgia. I will take that like another excited. Thank you now know deterrents like a thing with women to crime. ass, though anyone paranormal Park ass an on going off on occasion. If I can do this are worth I listened to what you ve given quixotic. As there are some two girls, one ghost it's an awesome podcast. Two girls and one going what it actually one goes, so they they talk about like they do one topic, paranormal topic and they both do like stories in their great their great added and really well researched their funny their funding. Do they spoke you out there washing and am They and I notice that they get. I love a mirror views that there really trying to become an amicable, that's just dumb because they talk about goes the ninth time underground. So it's weird
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