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Episode 30: Santa’s Dark Helpers

2018-12-07 | 🔗
It's the holidays, weirdos! Time to get freaky, brutal and murderous. Tonight on our first mini-Morbid episode, we are covering Santa's scary helpers who will beat you, eat you and maybe steal your candles.
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is a many morbid mania, more bad. We didn't play on land, I went rogue fell so you're. Welcome to the it's kind of like many morbid episode. That's what our second episode of the week will be yet from here on out. I think these are gonna be astern Lucerne, there's not going to be the housekeeping or anything so we're just gonna dive read into it. Let's go do in our food first episode happens to fall during the holiday season, Maybe we recited merry Christmas, happy, Hanukkah, Mary bonds are happy winter solstice, all that stuff
the panel holiday. so we're gonna be hitting some creepy ass holiday traditions and today we are going to be talking about not say a clause, but his dark ass helpers, the dark ones now, I'm just gonna come out and say Europe has scary, ass Christmas through the they do. I respect it. because they are all about teaching kids, to be good or they're. Gonna, be like this imbalance or eating or beaten with branches lick they'll programme, as I american kids such assholes Gonna learn into not being assholes wheedle have enough demons. The are in our legal holidays to scare you Maybe that's where we went wrong, it's one of them and even if, as we went wrong in one of the many places, this is so basically what centre
thing is most of these traditions that we're gonna talk about there. of earlier pagan traditions that have just been adapted to modern use, so they can the change throughout the years, a lot of them get less scary, like they started out ways scarier and then they can turn into something better with I think Santa Claus himself which we're not gonna cover tonight, maybe we'll cover him in another one. But Santa Claus himself started off as like super scary and fucked up. then you, when anyone you're sleeping any knows when you're awake yeah? That alone is scary, so yeah like I don't even get the point about. Why does he need to see you when you're sleeping, I know cause, What do you do in that's bad when you're sleeping you're, just children? So if I'm fucked up yeah Santa doorway says a calm down certain? Why don't you have any chill? he's like Poland, a night soccer, because I don't think so
Most of these traditions, like we said before they really focus on me king, your kids behave, sets me the main focus, for it seems european households during Christmas pieces, hashtag, german parenting. Is this a scare, the shit to make them being hey? I respected man the first one I'm gonna hit tonight for Santos Little Helpers is arguably the most infamous, probably the one that a lot of people know about Grandpa's, its crampness good old crampness from Bruce crampness roots, actually, don't really have a lot to do with Christmas. Now we ve turned him into a Christmas thing, but they dated back to free, germanic, paganism in the region. So his name was. It was originally Crampton, which means claw and
Basically, the legend was that he was the son of the nor Scott of the underworld. Hell fire like with like just help which it he kind of, is. He's still is during the twelfth. three. Actually, the catholic church tried to banish any crampness celebrations or any kind of like having him to do with anything, because they said he was basically the devil, and actually one thousand nine hundred and thirty four. As recently as one thousand nine hundred and thirty four Austria's conservative Christian Social Party also tried to have him eradicated, but none of these things have and Crampness has lived on group is lives on he lives on, so he traditionally is seen visually to have a long way, gross tongue, Jean Symbol, ask yet literally in its own: it's like a forked along tongue. It's like creepy key, whose China, if he's like half demon, Half goat same Serbia too, but the second
and he's also seem to have one human foot and one Cloven hoof were, but I couldn't find anything like. Why I don't know just to make him even croupier at another. In a nineteen. Fifty eight article about the crampness legend ends Dearie are, which is a state and southeast Austria. They said. Their crampness would deliver. Gold paint bundles of birch sticks to children. These things, these gold painted bundles were actually smaller versions of the switches that he uses to beat people with. So how are you now and what the family, these would do of these children once they would get these little bundles of me, birch branches. they would hang these birch branches in their house all year round us decoration to remind the kids to stay in line or you're gonna get your ass beat by Crampness yeah he was like hey, remembering cramp has brought us his beaten sick,
gonna, stay out our Wall Year. That's a heavy liberal line, Crampness himself come around on the night of December fifth, comes around with Saint Neck, but again he's like the Anti Santa I'm excuse me what today's December faith. Holy shit did not plan that did not realise that hope we ve been good. Crap is down, But is this come in a town so touchy he's bring in a branch he's beaten you twice, he doesn't give If you ve already, I know he does now. He gives a huge. I don't think he does, because he's gonna beat the kids anyways. I don't think crampness cares if you'd been good thought. It was We, the bag, kids, I think that's kind of like support, so be it, but he seems like he's just kind of an asshole we'll go on
so well Santa is you know handing out can because in a lot of these countries, kids will put out shoes on these night so that that's where their goodies are left in. It's just like a tradition. I don't have a shoe big enough for all the shit I want so saying they could put candy in the shoes of kids that were good, and I guess in Austria they'll do, and I think in germany- I'm not sure, but some our german listeners can tell me if this is this happened there before, or if they do it. Now, a lonely ouch twigs in the shoes of kids that are bad. The less go tell us so soon. That's what that seed Nick just leaves, like you know, twigs in your shoes, and it's like you, ve, been naughty. Here's a twig
create. This is like. Oh, you ve been naughty. Are it I'm gonna? Take you at your bed, I'm gonna, be you with this birch branch or with this fucking it's called a switch, which is basically a whip made out of branches, and then he's also going to take these kids ain't gonna. half a minute sack that he has and then he's gonna Hall, their asses off an easy they're gonna take em straight to hell or ease. Dump him in a body of water along the weighted around their asses. He stuff feminist, sack, yeah, that's fucked up I like that all you got out of that was stuff them in a sack. Would it finished with and takes them to her? offered to while drowning Woodstock, I feel empowered to again now love the yearly way he puts them in a sack. Applause
I mean that's fucked up the planet's factors. Is them the cycle by now? So so also on December fifth, they celebrate Crampness night, which they call Crampness knocked, which is really cool and metals, but crampness night is crazy. It's like public celebrations. People dress, his cramp buses, so there's just at shit, technocrats purposes walking the streets and stones also in it, like german deeds in crampness costumes, and they don't just walk around, and it's not like this celebration that everyone's like this is no, they literally beat by standards. We is walk around and they hit people with branches. They literally be. You is not allowed yeah rids illegals, yeah, and so it sounds like a purge kind of a kind of is
except so I read a couple of like people who have gone to these things and have come back at midnight. No seriously like they will be. You like, you will be beaten and ass. They be, they mainly go for your legs in your shins, but they literally your legs and chains with branches and they will chase you into places try to beat you with bread. What's with equivalent it, I'm not I'm not interested the lot. So because of this there have been injuries and people, obviously getting terrified and my term it is so big, of this? They kind of how to reform and a little bit? And this tat. There is some places that require all campuses to wear numbers, so they can be identified in case of violent creepers number, six hundred and twelve crampness number. Fifty three was the one who struck him Shin Service for external down, subtle their Christmas.
Are you sure you're on the edge cramp summer keeper you keep it together? God Christmas, so yeah then I guess it's called like a cramp is run where they just regular without simplifies, came like a Turkey trot he's running in the Epp knocked the critic robust knocked up so of course, the next day. So tomorrow is I'm going butcher. We're both can butcher alot of these pronounced the illegal yes, so everybody knows by all means, if you are icelandic german awesome, in any of these in you, Wanna cracked, us correct our asses, because we will totally listen and we'll corrected. We just got but we're doing the best we can so The next day, which is tomorrow after the campus knocked, is Nicholas Dog, which is Saint Nicholas Thursday,
In this it that tomorrow is the day for like presence and joy and like happy little girls and boys, but it's really just the ones who have been beaten to death by it. This oh yeah, they gonna, solitary somethin, I mean after the so so yeah, that's crampness. He he's somethin and if you look like a lot of the end visual you see him is usually him. I mean it's. It's literally like half, even half goat, the big long tongue, the crazy eyes he's always holding a sack, usually full screaming little kids in the visuals as fucked up and he's got chains around him he's got the big birch, which he always that's pretty stoked Oh, he is always right. aging like he is. Happy to be murder and children. It is like everyone here
of the tongue. Open he's got this like crazy, like yeah, I suppose you found it just looks like Coketown. He does that's exert Click Telegraph office, cocoa, Crampness abstain Oh yeah, that's crampness, the next one I'm gonna talk about. I mean this is gonna, be fun to pronounce the air, the actual word for it, but it's jeweller Katir in which is not how you say it at all, but in English, it's your cat, you without the? U cat, which sounds delightful right, really like cats. I dont like cats either, but I feel like a you'll cat. Just sounds like it's like I'm, the! U cat like, I feel it is wearing pajamas and he's just like ends. He's got a song to thing. He's got a story to tell he's ready to give me a lollipop. What is your? remind me of it, reminds me about video online. That's like that. The cat would like the rainbows coming out of its authors,
up to now I'm talking- and I was thinking of that word or I was thinking of the one with the cat playing the keyboard. Oh you, like legacies baby. it's all about the whole, unfortunately It's none of your cat is not like that. This is an icelandic tradition. He's not a nice cat. Mule cat will eat you so Earl. So that's the thing so he's tied with an icelandic tradition that basically says that everyone who finishes their work on time like servants, kids, anybody they receive new clothes for Christmas. That's like a big thing. The people who don't finish their work on time, don't get new clothes for Christmas. So now, as we're going to see, that is very fashion forward. Like he's very conscious of the latest trends and he's going to know
If your is not working brand new clothes and he's gonna do penance, so it to encourage children and just workers in general to work hard parents tell that their kids that you'll cat would be able to tell who the lazy kids were because they wouldn't have at least one item of new clothing on Christmas in these kids would be sacrificed to your cat literally so there's a poem written about yoga like a famous poem and it ends with then in this is kind of an eye. The least they say a kind of ends with a suggestion like children should help out the needy by giving them new clothes so that they can have protection from being fuckin devoured by your cat cheese. So it's like hey so nicely charity thought, but it's also like or you'll cat is gonna eat. What rise to those who work in it or you will be eaten by a cat so
the whole thing you get new clothes you safe and it met. You worked hard. You dont have new close. Your cats. Gonna eat your ass and that's just the way. There is no greater here, so nobody really knows the true origin of your cat, it's kind of unclear, but from what I can tell the old. known. Writing stay back to the nineteenth century, so pretty recent he's not that old, there is that Poland that also hear about is by your highness urine column, and it goes into detail about the Now, apparently, you cat is gigantic. It's not like this tiny little house capped the just like nibbles you to death. It's like a big old fuckin, terrifying cat, it has sharp teeth. It has glaring yellow eyes, and it's here to punish your ass, What do you think it's all about it lit it's like a Fisher cat from Hell Awesome, a Fisher cat. That's like that! That cares! What you
wearing, which is even scarier. It's like adults in Gabon Fisher CAT from Hell, yeah, basically an my post this poem, because it's like really terrifying hold on weight. Why it's Joan Rivers reincarnated in cat form for How was your welcome you just busted, this case wide open? That's the origin of your cat, Gub Heroical. Thank you for listening, hoping that weird by July was I'll be are appealing to errors. You look at the peak of used through cloud obsession with exclusive new originals John we'd case. Double in disguise called can get away with it and obscene shot, Delay MAX Machine heritage, every Epstein secrets, lest the most visible prime series snapped side of now. He got TB doc.
so the you'll cat is going to connect with a of other now that I'm gonna mention there's like a basically what we get to see the end. This is bigger, old icelandic China. Murdering family that works around Christmas. I gotta see us so that Theo CAT, basically joy YO diversion conscious cat. The next time to talk about is called frau percha. So, throughout Stir is an ancient legend in Eastern Europe, but story was popularized by Jacob grim. The brothers grim. He referred to her as Frau Birch, and she was the female counterpart to Birch told which is the leader of quote the wild hunt. Now the wild hunts is just as big old procedure. seven of elves ferries and demons, just runnin around doing evil shit. How Ya
Where do I sign awesome beer and base? So what they say is seeing this wild hunt in passing, which can you fuckin emergency, miss it was thought to be an omen that would indicate great misfortune, which is like no shit it's an omen, letting you know that you're losing your dare mind, cause you're, seeing a procession of elvers fairies demons, Spock Nuptial, congratulations! You ve lost your leg. Well, so Frau Birgitta or Frau perched she flies around the sky with an army of lost souls around her, which is pretty metal up, to say the least but ass among her army of the nights are apparently supposed to be. The souls of unbelief ties Dron. Hale whips does access floating Europe, but let me get me:
Now the legend also says that if you hear the wind and thunder like rumbling around the mountain, the mountains on the birch till nights, which I'm not sure exactly one night's us out What you're really hearing is not thunder. It's the fuckin sounds of the wild hunt. So it's like all these demons and perched Frau perched. I just to neuron, do an evil, bad shit, now, which would be awesome. So the physical descriptions of Frau Bert Perched, a kind of very there's. A lot of different ledge Some describe her as being actually kind of crampness, like while other one say that she's a tall white, robed, lady, basically old lady. sometimes weirdly enough she's. Pretty, aid with one extra big foot, which
guess. This is supposed to mean that she's a shapes shifter that can take any form she likes. That sort its first indicate to you that wouldn't indicate a lot to me. I just did yet a club for a guy extra foot who are you gonna, get why you got an extra foot so in Germany and Austria, they sometimes portray her as a which name frau percha. How she, I originally said her name, because his birthday urged her and she basically just hands that she will hand out, rewards for good kids, but shall also handout. Some pretty severe punishments for bad kids, like all of these, do it's during the twelve days of Christmas, witches December twenty fifth, through a penny on January. Sixth, she, she's, possibly best known not for her rewards that she gives, but for what she does to the bad kids and what she does is. If you're not awesome, she will
Disan. You can replace your organs with hot garbage la that's the majestic whether shared and on the twelve, this all kind of happens on the twelfth night of Christmas, which is the feast of epiphany. That's when she'll creep into home, and surely there disempower your ass or shall leave a piece silver in the shoes of children and servants who have been good I'd take thy own. She also cuts kids tongues with glass. If they lie hey, so Ruggles, petals love, you evil, Ral perched. Now there is a slightly different version of this legend and its according to Lindo, ready, which proudly said her neighbor he's the author of the old magic of Christmas. Now she says that Frau perched. I was also known as Birgitta, like the original legend says or Bertha, and she can also be referred to as spin stew
been frau or a spinning room. Lady. I see now transition there. Obviously the sea, in this one, she's often depicted having a like beak knows that is made of iron, while which sounds a plague. Mouse click, a plague doktor mass inside picture, which is terrifying and she's dressed in life, super shitty like ragged clothes and she's, usually carrying like a keener staff, and she just looks like a decrepit old lady in this one, with a fuckin beaten do now in this one she's a judge, you bitch to be honest to sneeze. She says: she's, real judges like she's gonna, look at your house and she's gonna, tell you whether it shit and which she doesn't have the right to cause she's dress. In rags and has a big knows, but you ve himself right. Eighteen, o Re Amir perched on Bertha seriously take a long, hard look in the mirror.
so this one says that you'd better get all your flax spun by twelve tonight, which is January. Sixth, what's that me, and it says, quote for when the Christmas, and was over. It would be time to set up the big, upright loom, at which time you must have enough thread to warp it and start your weaving. So if you didn't do this shit fairly, viewed and start you weaving then the lazy Ladys in Germany, Austria and Switzerland would either their looms trampled or they would be set fire to buy, frau percha end. If you really pissed off leg, if you didn't, we, your shit and your house is immense oh in those, even if your house, the term ass, an you're supposed to leave a traditional bowl of porridge out for her on this night. Bitch gotta have porridge like I think you can do one of those things and she's, probably just like set fire to your loom, which honestly is the
Kay em. If you didn't do any of this well than she was gonna we set fire to your loom and then she's gonna come into your bedroom and now when she's gonna, disempower you but she's gonna failure and sides with rocks and straw. Ok, that's like the doping would you rather question ever bring IRAN ruby, dissembled and filled with hot garbage, or would you rather be disempowered and filled with rocks? Withdraw, I mean I'd, say hot garbage because it might have a soothing feeling, the heat, oh I'd, say, rocks and straw, because I'm not try to put no garbage M Abad up. Are you sure no, not garbage Taco balance cup of hot reference? Togo Bell is something that given joining us going up up up up. It is not garbage it's your heart!
each year by governments, took it up for saying that about time come up here. How dare you realize sponsor? Will there be also if we had sponsor my type of violence, not up announcer man, he's fucking turn that bridge will the moral of this one is, no matter what she's definitely going got some one and fill their thrash cavity with high garbage and rocks one way or another. So Frau person doesn't play, there is no please and perched on the ass she does, not play. So her story is thought to have come from a legendary alpine goddess of nature, which does not computer like that, but, And this legendary goddess of nature tended to the forest, most of the year and then just tell with humans. Just during the Christmas time and the holidays, in the modern day. Celebrations of Christmas, perched or lay close relation
Turkey is, of course, as always, variations of these people will show up in procession stirring faster, not which is the alpine festival just before land, so that is for our perched her now these next, you are kind of together because they are a far there, a mother and her many many sons and There are the people who only Yolcuat, so it s kind of your cat lives with them you'll cat has an owner, and the owner is just as big a dick as yoga while they get along with Joan Rivers the ass they do sell. These ones are kind of fun. kind of weird, but also kind of I think, you're gonna appreciate these ashes going appreciate these. I just feel it so the effects ones are called the you'll lads. Oh, I think I've heard of this he's some delight. There are also I'm an attempt, the other way to save them. your loss, Pienaar, but I'm gonna, say you'll ads,
The EU will enhance our thirteen icelandic trolls. They each have a distinct name and they each have a distinct personality kind of like snow white stores now back in ancient times. Apparently they just kind of caused trouble and mischief during Christmas Times They were used to scare children into behaving like all of these are the kind of like the? U CAC there, like the? U lads and you'll category common they're, gonna fuck your world up kid. Don't keep doing that. So now I when the children do get to enjoy thirteen knights of Father Christmas is technically That's nice! The your lads come for these thirteen night one of them on each day. Their pay only now known as the like very merry and mischievous, like their lake thereof, It's like elves. Now, instead of trolls, I would think like they're just they're, getting though they got much more chill
so on each of these nights. Children will place shoes on their window sill and for those You no good boys and girls. Whatever you will lead, comes the leave candy or like little treats in the shoe. If Europe Shit bag, then they just gonna, leave you rotten potatoes, rotten which do so just straight up garbage for bed. It's like telling hears here, sir. Garbage in jail, but I guess It's way better than being eaten or beaten or Disan bowed. So kids are like that's fine I'll, take these rotten propitious So, apparently, the? U lads used to be way croupier than they are today, but Seventeen forty six parents were officially banned from act. Really using. U lads to scare their kids league woke up and if they found out that you did well, then I guess in this in
colleague banning of the Euro lads and everything they also banned like using cramping scarier kids using any of these kids like they were legit using like you're gonna, get eaten and kids were scared to go outside during the whole because they were scared, they were giving it even or disavow. Older beaten are taken away and drowned leg. What a different like tat! of year than we have what a time to be alive. Maybe so the National Museum of Iceland has a list of the thirteen you'll lads and their names and what they do. And I'm a read this off to you cause it's pretty great. Oh god, some of these amazing. So the first you lad is called Sheep Coat Claude. What he does is he basically just bothers your sheep and trust. to suckle on the sheep in the farmer. I hate the word sucker,
They are simply too bad bad where the next one is named. Stubby in he short in steals food from crying pans, which too, that I say same Secondly, we have that in common stopped beating stubby, so the next one is called spoon liquor. on the left. You guess what he does. He hides your forks exactly know. He looks you're spoons sick for the next one is called pot, scraper or pot liquor, and he steals. unwashed parts in licks them clean. We I mean that's very helpful to me. I was just gonna say, which I my thanks. Thanks you I'm a girl. The next one is called bull liquor. He steals bulls
in this one's kind of weird. I say this one's kind of weird, like none of the other ones, that ain't right, we're gonna get weird. So this one steals bowls of food from under the bed, which apparently back in the old days. Icelanders use do sometimes store bowls of food under their bed, which it seems unhealthy, but ok and heed. This bull liquor would steal the folds of food from the bed and like them clean the next one is called door. Slammer pages stop surrounded swims doors and just keeps every quickly sounds like Papa when he was wake me up and when I really got it sounds like my kids does, X on his called skeer, gobbler or skier gobbler. I'm not sure how to pronounce it, but basically he its eats up all this kind of Iceland to Kyoto. That's called Schuyler skier earths, grr, nourisher, Somebody'Ll, Tommy
The basically he eats up this icelandic yogurt that's made would like. I think it was like Milkin sugar, milk and honey the use of all the ogre. So the next one is called sausage. Sweeper look up and look it's not as dirty. Is it sounds he just love sausages? today we are so I really mean sausages where your head at the next one is called Window Pieper. He sounds off putting he just creeps outside window and then it is so. He creeps outside looks in windows and then he still shit so he's a thief. The next one is called door sniffer gimme that door Super door sniffer sniffs your door is a huge, no
and apparently has an insatiable acted appetite for baked goods with the same way. I relates so hard to these are. Oh my different personalities. He's are off line Letters and early trail refer. You next lives. With this one's Cobb meet hook up what and Edith matches up all your meat. That's been left out how I feel that any especially like smoke Lamb same the last one is called candle beggar and he just steals all your candles, which thou investors rude. That would piss me off unanimously anxiously back in the day, those very many single yeah I mean I'm just mad, because I want my sugar. Could he candle? So you ever heard of Yankee Candle candle, stealer thinking here: the candle stealer so yeah. Those are the you'll lands in what there
What I am doing is I'm going to connect them to the last person I'm talking about, because the last person I'm talking about is their mother. Oh yeah, the these dudes have a mother. Her name is Greeley and she their mama, she actually pre dates them in icelandic lead, and as an ogress who kidnaps cooks and each children that don't obey their parents, so she originally was just used like hey obey your parents, all the time or she's gonna come down any time during the year and just take you and cook you in the, but she came associated with Christmas in the seventeenth century because they add the? U lads and they were like the? U lads need a mom, so just associated whisper with a simple I loved they relate to, they need a Mamma, so occur into the legend Greek Knox saying her name right, Greeley or Greeley. I had three different husbands get a
and she had seventy two children. Now when we talked about the loss in family and they had a kids, we're like one might say, that's too many. Seventy Two children is far too many. Seventy two that you that's a probable girl, even the Duggar stopped before that they did. I did they. Are they still on their wonder face it? I think we're trying to get in there. Now all these seventy two children ranged from just being kind of mischievous to just straight up, murdering people with me. If you have seven. two kids, there are bound to be a few hooligans and murderers among you. That's just math stood his eyes, the ice just the way it is so not going to judge her for that. Addison but he too you're gonna get a murderer to, of course, now the
you'll cat, like I said, lives with this whole clam, so she's, the mother of these seventy two kids he's the Other of the thirteen you lads in their house pet is the Yoke tat. She was first said too send her thirteen you'll lads down to town to snatch up bad kids, so they could cook and eat them again by seventeen forty, six icelandic kids were so scared of this that the government stepped in and put the ban on using this lady to scare it's too. So she was part of the soil, like you can't do this male later a changed again because of this whole thing. And now she said to send her thirteen boy her yule lads down to town during the thirteen days Christmas, where they just spread cheer and arduous mischievous and shit. You know just stealing your meat ceiling, your candle,
was slamming your doors, not everything, murdering and eating you yeah. You know now just to end this, the onion so apparently she's like a huge elderly people this. Ogress is so the onion blamed her for the two thousand and ten, a russian of thee. A minute try to say this volcano, but it's Asia geology, cool the volcano? I budget that the basically she blamed by the union for two thousand and ten volcano obeyed. So that's how well known she s an infamous and death. is guerrilla, the ogress who will eat your kids. She is way too many kids, the other thing I read in other people's kids acknowledges eat something wrong. As some of you have like seven despair, you do a way to despair. That's me,
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Since honestly, I really think our listeners are perfect for the subscription box, and I know personally, I literally can't wait to receive mine and get to work again. Arc enter our code morbid two zero one, eight. When you order for a special weirdo discount of twenty four, sent off can't wait. Well, I also have a couple that I can't say any of them, so they should be revised in you. My first his bell. Sniffle, that is my favorite name, does actually I'm leaving. My first point very because it sounds wonderful like he sounds just delightful. Canada's Ermengarde Snickers. I bell cynical, okay, so big. Nickel is a man from south western german lore, always Germany, man, Germany, has the best dark, Santa's help us
yeah. They filling goes further, all from their cornering the market for real, but he travelled to the United States and he lived on in Pennsylvania and Dutch Customs neck ass. I was going to say now that name or Pennsylvania is that a thing. The other Pennsylvania doubts over he comes to children's on time for far Christmas anywheres like old clothes and like raggedy fur, and he carries a switch kind alike. Cramp s to frighten the kid always a switch, but he also has candy always says candy to reward them for their good behaviour. So, if you're like a low bet, she's gonna hit with the Swiss, and if you can t give you some, I bet that's a poem somewhere. If you are low bet he's gonna hit, you were the sweat she does it up, probably
in modern day, like retailing of the story. The switch is only used for noise to warn the kids that they have to be good before Christmas. Social dumping or appropriate. I feel a little, which air me into line just unlike the wall or somethin just that watch yeah. And the kids King candy from him if their polite about it I don't really want Bell: Snickers Candy, reader candy or the switch. So you pay you gotta pick. If you want the switch, the candy, I'm gonna take that candy and put it somewhere. Although I thank you, both nickel and then display a lengthy over here, mercury back in the Europe is good, is gonna, watch you and think that you're unappreciative and then he said drowned man a river Nokia, worse he's, gonna stuff! You in a bag
I should have in the river. I just hope he doesn't put me in a bag. I mean, if you were, in the bag. In the view of the river, you could just slow down the river and have you're, so maybe the old time I think, You know what I think part of it, though, is that he chains you up with his chains because he has changed all around him. So I think you James your ass up, so you can move his wild in his heart, he's very extra doom I'm gonna try to say these names, Vienna's say very we're getting author and Necked Rupert reproached Our similar later
Irish, and now I can't even say the word similar. Unlike their more law, the luggage, agone net reproach and root class are similar characters to Bell cynical and there also from german folk lore, and they also dole out beatings too bad kids. So I can't even read at this point However, my other line, I have three surveys like a one: HANS Trop he's like the Anti Santa Palms like congressmen play cards, asthma, HANS aspect was further forgetting it Isn T dinner. He hunts trap, hands out punishments too bad children in the aisle sought.
EL such Lorraine regions of you don't say I just regions too in breach of the re, do you cooked Anna? I get it. I love it cuts trap heads up, punished and two children and the is it all such else. It's french, so probably not as such as Al Saucy. The regions affected, Where did you're you're like Al Sassy, People are gonna hate us, America, a legend says that trap was an actual real man. He was rich, greedy and evil and worshiped Satan. While so
in whatever you got excommunicated from the catholic church, which I think happens pretty easily select whose body chill overall pretty good sentiment. the forest. So far, CBS, I don't know so they made him go to the forest where he preyed upon children undisguised himself as a scarecrow with straw jetting out from his clothing. Oh yeah, and one day he was about to eat a boy he captured, but he got struck by lightning and was gone, I hate when that happens, you know I m, but look at us back and I get struck by lightning and die a good luck, little child smack.
seriously say I he died, but still he loves on and he visits young children before Christmas, dressed as a scarce scarecrows, still to scare them to be good. For this, too, and legitimately, the ghost of like a rich Satan, were super fuckin, scarecrow, dress and mother Fucker died by giving struck by Lady Anne whilst eating a boy while eating a boy and now he's just back yeah. They rang. with a brand new set of wrapping paper. Maybe why'd you get a sound really should when I say it- and I bet this isn't- you say your name, but here we go.
Pierre Food, hard or food too tired the Tatars, like our ha, so these fridge His name translates into father wiper. Symbols is all just calm. Father Whipper this, The legend begins with an evil butcher who carved children to eat. You know, as most legends do as most unfortunate butchers. Do you know what I've seen Sweeney Todd, but him and his wife Lord, three boys and to his butcher shop. He was Eliza why he was a barber, a barber yeah. No, the Swedish,
oh, I was, I know, he's a butcher kill ignore. Looking out of us, like I did know, I'm in Sweden eleven seen many musicals, the demon Barber Fleet Street, while these a butcher to cause he butchers, Peeps NEA. They presented us, but he be in the kitchen cook and password, is baby. What has happened? You're, not gonna, get that cause you for the I do not there's this wrapper called fatty lab. These Ike Abbe, Licking cook and password butmaybe service really Dodd, ok. River. really that's where they got it for sure but anyway, the food hard at his way: flurried three clueless father weapon and its upper Weber and his wife word three boys into the butcher s shop. He killed them each of them and they sprinkled some salt on them, because you must seize in Europe
yeah but say they came to the rescue resurrected. The boys and also also he's a neck. Romance now said Nick is everything my doom and he leg just like fucked up Mister Fogg their Weber lay like you and he became Saint Nicholas his servant, and now his job is to dispense punishment to bad children on Saint Nicholas Day, just like all these other peeps la if they didn't have enough people to deal a punishment and it won't. I like that he was like, so you took it Little far with butchering these three kids in turn, I cook come up with some sort, yeah. But now I think you are good for this position I have opened up
dealing at all loud and just some light punishment. Instead of promoting the quick but his leg. Wow you haven't even get a job, Mary metal. So my love this year old man are better than mine dead, but you know what I tried years: one amazing All so, basically I mean a man, It is kind of made Christmas and the holiday season. This link, jolly, you know super chill time where you just getting society about buying press. In some material things and then over in Europe. There like keeping things metal as fuck, and they are just like we're gonna keep a real. The shit started dark as fuck and we're gonna keep it. way which are they going to stay here for the holidays, but I can I love that they like kept it in the straight up like this like the holidays, are scary are doing. I like that. They
They just went with it like they. Re nowadays are supposed to be magical, I'm good, I mean they are magical over there told in a totally different and honestly for our international listeners, we would love to hear any more You know, if any of you remember hearing about these store. Freeze or any thing You guys celebrate like this. Like totally tell us, because this was fascinating here, because it's just so different from what we do over in America. Why so? And so let us now we'd love to hear- and I know we have some international listeners that probably have some round story so by all means. We love here now so this was our first little many episode. We hope you gotta get.
We ve been getting a lot of messages lately and we're trying to answer them. So if we haven't answered one of your messages, I just wanna, let you guys know that we are going to get to it. So don't feel like where ignoring you, we promise. We love you and we love our messages. We love reading through them. So we'll get to everybody. I promise- and we hope you dig- are little second many suits. the weeks so and we hope you keep listening to them and we hope you to Heap s
we have been doing. Things I thought could never happen in a pumped back was
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