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Episode 37: The Watcher House

2019-01-15 | 🔗
On this not really mini Morbid minisode, we explore Westfield, New Jersey's infamous Watcher House. Would you still move into your dream home if your life there began with a series of spooky, threatening letters that claimed the author's duty was to watch over your home and family? In the Summer of 2014, Derek and Maria Broaddus found themselves faced with this very dilemma and the details were a real, living nightmare. Sources: https://www.thecut.com/2018/11/the-haunting-of-657-boulevard-in-westfield-new-jersey.htmlhttps://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/owner-n-j-watcher-house-admits-he-sent-some-menacing-n936661http://documents.gawker.com/the-watcher-lawsuit-1713657328Follow us on Instagram: Instagram.com/Morbidpodcast Visit our website: www.morbidpodcast.com Check out our Patreon: Patreon.com/Morbidpodcast
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Streaming. Only. I pick up a new original Tommy Me Punk Bank. We are lady parts, it could fees mixer sharpens sour girl, our repute, to eleven from where we are leaving all the so streaming now only arbiter. Microsoft teams is helping a bicycle company reinvent the way they work. We make bicycles for everyday writers once a pandemic. Here we started doing virtual visits us and we can open up our showrooms. You customers around the world learn more and Microsoft COM, such teams- hey we're! Does I Molina MASH, and this is many morbid many many many many many more bad. Many morbid many morbid made, more welcome to another many morbid, thank you for turning in we not going to banter. So don't worry, we are going to talk like this, the entire episode we will not saying we will not talk about ourselves. Nope
I don't even know who actually is? No, I don't either, and I don't want to know I don't even That's right? I don't want to know about you alone boy, you don't share personal information. Ok, don't you Airports or I'm gonna, go and give you one star rating. We got a pretty funny one star review that the subjects I was rubbish. We will go further into it, but it was funny and we're not saying their subject. Mine was rubbish in the actual subject lie literally the word rubbish which I like. I love you, I love I found it. I honestly that review made me like happy here so rubbish were today's many morbid So you don't. You wouldn't get a lot of banter anyway, because we like to jump right entities, but I just wanted to say that we are going to discuss the Jamie cloths case. in one of the other episodes this week we just don't wanna, take about a time for this fund, as it may be slightly longer than a normal many. We wanted some more information that come out yeah, I'm because this definitely more for me,
leaking out. So don't worry. We are going to touch upon that. We are following closely. We are also going. To be shouting out our new patriarch babies and our main episode this week, protrudes patrol but the truth is- and you guys are getting too many episodes this week, Anna full size episode. Why we just love you love your face. You do, I just deserve it, he's we're gonna, give it to you and we hope you enjoy it so that other business we gotta take care of ill. So, let's just I've read into it. So today we are going to be covering the tale of the watch. Your house, which I am afraid this is a pretty recent one, but it like fascinated me when I first heard it
it's from West feel New Jersey. So not like you know, some crazy far off land is just a lesson in New Jersey. This happen in two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and fourteen. When this whole, you know she Nan again started happening that we're getting into that year. The town that this happened in West fields, New Jersey was name to the country's thirtieth, safest town, so tat? The town was like. Listen, I'm just trying to bell again, apparently, and after this it still every blinked. Nobody seems too concerned with it, but will get under the hats. So the house that this whole thing revolves around sits at six hundred and fifty seven boulevard. I don't I don't know if it's a We are an avenue or what, but I ve, no areas if that was the seven boulevard. What if it is full of art, boulevard, boulevard, boulevard,
apparently, boulevard was a leg out neighbourhood that was like coveted, like you wanted to be in this neighborhood, the house's six bedroom for bathroom colonial. It was built in nineteen o five, these people, that this story concerns whether ones to remodel it in two thousand and fourteen and the home has a ton of fireplaces it as beautiful what floors it has tall amazing ceilings and a Gore may kitchen and is listed in listing. So this places
uniform skews me? Yet? It also has finished basement and a huge security system. Now it does. It didn't have a security system for this. Now these people that are in that we're gonna talk about ended up, perceiving, I believe, three letters altogether. During this whole thing. They came on June, second, two thousand and fourteen, and then they got to more letters June, eighteenth and July eighteen, the same year so June. Second, two thousand and fourteen Derek brought us. I believe that I say their name brought us here looks like to me Derek brought us was at the house. They hadn't moved into it, yet him and his wife and his three kids. He was at the House one night, like literally run like ten p m, and you just finishing up like painting like as you do, when you're gonna move into a house,
just getting it ready, so he was just taking a break, so he went outside to just clean out the mailbox, because again they had what they haven't even moved. In yet so they were just getting like flyers and when he went out to get the mail there happened to be a white card shaped envelope and on on the envelope there was this handwriting in black ink that said the new owner I thought so when they saw they were like ok, it must be like me now have you made me a tight, its attain a community, so maybe a neighbor. This Bingley to the new owner like welcome to the neighbourhood, if some skin here. Also just putting it out that this house was one point three million dollars bought it lets breaches. Are they pay the one point, three million dollars for the thousands about ourselves as totally getting us? I, like others, my bank account will inside the envelope. There was a type to note and it began by in dearest new neighbour. At six. Fifty seven boulevard,
allow me to welcome you to the neighbourhood, I really hate, but to him he's like. Oh, it's a neighbor like that's a nice thing to do is being let alone. We d like to welcome you to the neighbourhood. Maybe they're gonna have a barbecue anyone starts by saying. Allow me to allow a yell: that's actually that's actually true, nope, do not allow you to do shit. Unfortunately, when he can
reading the letter it started turning way creepy way fast. He started the letter started saying. How did you end up here? Did six fifty seven boulevard call to you with its force within force within Europe, and then it said six. Fifty seven boulevard has been the subject of my family for decades now and as it approaches it's one hundred tenth birthday, I have been put in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming. My grandfather watched the house in the nineteen twenties and my father watched it in the nineteen sixties. It is now my time. Do you know the history of the house? Do you know what lies within the walls of six fifty seven boulevard? Why are you here? I will find the fourth Europe now as if that is not scary enough. The person who wrote this had already been watching the family and they had only been there for land they weren't like yeah, they weren't bullshitting, like they were being legal, were watching you like they started giving actual details of the family
like, but they were able to identify that they had a hand in many then, and they also identified that their workers renovating home which they were renovating. The inside of the home, oh good The letter also said I quote: I see already that you have flooded six hundred and fifty seven boulevard with contractors so that you can destroy the houses that was supposed to be Tisk, Tisk, Tisk, bad move. You don't want to make six hundred and fifty seven boulevard unhappy I don't even have words for the world to house like who was organised within the walls. No earlier week Derek and his Wife Maria had gone to the house. You know often on doing little things checking up on the renovation, because again they had not even moved India right, I wouldn't have ever moved and will in a couple of times
they had come. They shouted with some neighbours and while they were talking with the neighbors, their children who have the time or five years old, eight years old and ten years old, we're like running around the backyard, so it seems like the person who wrote the letter. had been watching this he is, he wrote quote you have children. I have seen them so far. I think there are three that I have counted more on the way was the lady brought no, but he was like it sounds like they are being like. I need to know how many kids you Why and then it went on quote: do you need to fill the house? the young blood I requested better for me, was your old house too small for the growing family or was agreed to bring me here. children once I know their names, I will call to them and draw them to me. It's also allows terror shut up in the audio, my
das, radiator just it does the fine clanging banging thing and adjust boomed right after that, like bike drought moment for real, so school he so the letter continued saying who am I? There are hundreds and hundreds of cars that drive by six. Fifty seven boulevard each day. Maybe I'm in one look at all the windows you can see from six. Fifty seven but guard. Maybe I'm I am in one look out. Give the many windows and six hundred and fifty seven boulevard at all the people stroll by each day. Maybe I am one welcome my friends welcome, let the party begin and then it had a signature typed. That said the watcher I would now would be the end for me. I believe Europe. This was cool. We're gonna, sell this house like I'd, really nope, not even in a play with this. If you have enough money to buy that house, you have enough money to stand and mortality, wait for your new ass, how sick? No! I would immediately be like no were selling this house right now, I'll fuck and I really
so again? This was after ten p m and night in darkness found this by himself like he was just like we did. He skirt the fuck. Does. Oh yes, so he ass soon ass. He got the letter. He read He said he raced around the house. He turned off all the lights because apparently was like somebody's. Why? she made any immediately called the West Feel police department. So an officer came down the officer read the letter and according to Derek, he just said what fuck, is this my, but I probably would say to like what else do exactly, but he also there is there was like there's not a lot. I can do it's a letter. I dont know what to do like what are we doing here? no use like do you have any enemies, and he was right now that I know Oleg not that would do this. Like. Ah thank you, police officer. I believe thanks a bunch dry, couldn't they like put surveillance on the house. Obviously somebody came up
put that in the second mailbox, but oh and note that wasn't put in the mailbox by this person. They sent it through the male, oh so vague. They covered themselves their interesting. Now he went back to his wife and kids, who were still living at their old home, because I guess they were in the process of selling the old Tom, so they weren't livings they're, getting everything out there to move into the new home slogan was a process, so he ran back to them. His wife was like holy shit so that They sat down and they wrote an email to John and Andrea Woods who were the couple that sold them the house and they were like. Do you have any idea? What this is like did this happen, like he's claiming that he's watched this house forever so the apparently in the letter he had also stated quote, I asked the woods to bring me young blood and it looks like they listened author DE named the previous owners threatened them like basically put them out. There is light breeze war along.
so Andrea Woods replied and she was like oh yeah she's, like that. Never happened until literally a few days before we're moving out. We got a letter from the watch her and she said the note had been odd way, quoting court odd, but she said wasn't threatening to her, but Andrea, said that she and her husband literally never received anything like it in their twenty three years in the house, so they just through better way, because I think that their letter basically said like thank you for taking care of the House so there is a desire to like a lessening there. Anyway. I, like they weren't, like I'm angry you they will. I thank you for TAT, which it sounds like this person was wanted. The house, the way it was in the renovation were standing pass them off right. So I don't know what that's about
so that day that Andrea replied to them and told them all. This, though she and her husband went with Maria to the police station and a detective Leonard Lugo told both of them. Don't tell anyone about these letters so of course, the broadest is whereon highlights now I wouldn't move in there. I think I'd move out of the state to be quite honest, like I wouldn't feel I wouldn't feel comfortable in that town. wanna be anywhere near it s in Maria said every time, because they did have to go back and forth the house every now and then to cause there was renovation happening that they were paying for and they were like. We had to keep an eye on make sure everything was going, like according to plan summary, is set every time she would go there. She sometimes she would have to have the kids were there and she said she would be like crazy, like yelling at them. If they wandered to like corner, we aren't and stuff, because she was so nervous now
Two weeks after that first letter arrived Maria stopped by the house, then she went and check the male. Of course there was an envelope with thick black lettering on the top of it. That's I don't. I don't know exactly what it says on the taboo, but she immediately was like I knew that was the same one that we got that reminds me of. I know what you did last year is open the same, aiming at everything, so this one said quote: welcome again to your new home at six fifty seven boulevard, the workers have been busy, and I been watching you unload car folds of personal belongings. The dumpster is a nice touch. Have they found what's in the walls, yet in time there? Well, what's in the fuckin wall right, they still have never found it, and I mean like this. Whoever this person is, a gift from the creep factor. They should write a novel or something like a creepy asked Novel Erlich screenplay. I ve got everything they got that so this one was particularly
instead of settling, because this one addressed Derek and Maria directly. Oh, don't like it said, Mister and missus broadest it it misspelled it. New light. Ass, any in so the main them think that was this per of this thing, this person, this whatever it is where they close enough to us at one point two here, one of the key contractors say our name, and so they just spelled it wrong, but they knew the EU that will aim in that alone is absolutely terrifying, The letter identified the brute promises, three kids by birth order and by their nicknames the food in nicknames that Maria had been yelling when they were running around them, the back I hate that in he's in the letter it says quote, I am pleased to know your names now in the name of the young blood. You have brought me, you certainly say their names are often and then the letter referred to one child, in particular
and they said that they had seen this little girl using an easily inside and enclosed porch and they wrote. Why is she? The artist and the family? Ivy League were now That would be. That would be at that kid would never be anywhere near that house. They would be out of that town. I don't care what it took. I would get our family out of that is so scary. I can't even fathom somebody mentioning details about my child's not like what they're doing at a given time. This gives me like the right so dismal this, is a little long, but this is what this letter, basically the rest of. It said it said, quote six fifty seven bullets. it is anxious for you to move in. It has been years and years since the young blood rules, the hallways up the house. Have you found all the secrets it holds yet? Will the young blood play in the basement or are they too afraid to go down there alone? I would be very afraid, a fire them. It is far away from the rest of the house if you were up
there's you would never hear them screen, or will they sleep in the attic or the or were they all sleep on the second floor? Who has the bedrooms facing the street I'll know. As soon as you move in it will help me to know who is one in which bedroom then I can plan better I want all over the windows and doors and six fifty seven boulevard. Allow me to watch you and track you as you move through the house. Who am I watcher and have been in control of six fifty seven boulevard for the better part part of two decades now the wood, family turned it over to you. It was their time to move on and kindly sold it when I asked them to I passed by many times a day. Fifty six, fifty seven boulevard is mine my life, my obsession, and now you are too broad brought his family. Welcome to the product of your greed. Greed is what brought Pat the past three families to six fifty seven boulevard, and now it
brought you to me have a happy moving in day. You know I will be watching. I would like myself on fire talking about if the kids are playing in the basement, normal hear them scream week. What the fuck that is like a straight up no, that's literally like these are straight up in saying I can plan better ones. I know where you kids, actually Bingley and leave us straight up threat and how did sadly move in there. They didn't end up moving in nope really he'll come on this I mean this this after this letter, Derek and there were like no, never bringing the kids to that house again, so they stopped to bring the kids. That makes me happy. These people are smart and this is when they were honest because before they were like what the hell are we doing this is weird, but when they got this letter they were like yeah. I don't inquired in a move on its own back there like super interested in the kid yeah exactly so after that
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received multiple offers above their asking price, because again, this is a beautiful house. Yeah now. This is when the Britain, when they heard this, the brutal promises were like ha Maybe this was somebody who put in an hour from the house didn't get it and his pissed. I could see that right, but that got debunked because cause the woods is said One interested buyer had already found another home, so they Sadly, no one was in the position of like being having ripped away from the mean only mean legs. They both had tobacco. Could the person with the medical diagnosis upset that they didn't have according to them. It wasn't that kind of situation. Ok, now still paying hundreds of doubt. for prescription glasses. Let's change that existing dot com are factory direct model me no middlemen or outrageous markups. Just the same coin Eddie frames and lens options, as the other guys for one tenth, the price does any offers description, glasses, starting at six. Ninety five, as well as a
portable sunglasses, blue blockers and more the best part try any frame anywhere with our threed virtual triumph visits any dot com today and change by glasses forever dreaming only on Peter a new original comic me Punk Bank. We are lady parts confused mixed. Sharpens sour girl, our repute, to eleven from where we are leaving all the so streaming now. Only arbiter, public and obviously the woods is in the broadest, where emailing back and forth throughout this whole thing that just trying to figure out what was going on. and Andrea Woods once they discuss. This Andrew Woods was like what the Mention of contracted tracks in your children suggests that it was some one in the neighborhood like someone who lives in the neighborhood yeah, not someone who lives away so they decided to start looking into Sk as, of course, the turn, a figure who anything of the sort,
when they looked at the lake them mailing lino where the male is coming here, like the postal stuff on the envelope there, it was apparently processing Kearny, the in the which is the Eu S Postal Services Distribution centre in northern New Jersey, the first one was postman June force, which was before the sale, was public that in the woods, had never put up for sale, sign interesting, which is crazy sketchy. So maybe it could have been someone that new the woods to just knew that they were selling the massacres egg like word of mouth. as otherwise they wouldn't know the cell in public, and there was no sign on there. So it had to be somebody that it feels like and again the renovation were mostly inside they weren't really outside and when death. and Maria walked Detective Lugo around the house. At one point they showed him that the easel on the porch was hidden from this.
So they said this easel on the porch that he claimed to have seen my daughter playing whether with which accurately he did they said it was. It was like not seen from the street like those vegetation covering this, so they said summer would have to have been behind the house or right next, or to see it by exactly. Interestingly, this kind of points to cause, of course, there's going to be suspects that people are certain appoint out now so a few days after the first letter came Maria Derek, were invited to a barbecue across the street. Ok, because this is a really tight knit community do this shit? You know I mean they have welcomed barbecues like this. Why exactly and at one point Eric was chatting with it. and in Job Schmidt, English Miti. It was Schmidt, he do it and she met told him that there was this family called the Lange for its Peggy Lang. Furred was in her nineties,
the time, but she had several adult children all their like sixties, who lived with her yeah, that's weird and they said the fish We was just kind of like just one of those weird families, but they said they were harmless slick. They ve always been here and he said one of your Lange for its named Michael, he described him as having a beard like Ernest Hemingway, as quote kind of a Abou, rapidly character. Ok, so describes and one is a boo, rapidly character- I mean that's, that's gonna, throw some red flags as like. Maybe that's our guy scary. Now he had if he had a brother sandy laying furred who lived in the house, and a brother, NEA Sandy said that Michael had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and he sometimes like in use just kind of strange like with, but they said you like.
We do because again he seems a useless slightly off. He would walk through people's backyards. Unlike look in windows like not looking in windows like just regularly like, but when we're innovations are happening. You like Pekin, to see what was happening. Ok, he just seemed like he wasn't very socially like a day like you just did anything sure, but everyone said that even those odd things he did just seemed like harmless cause. He wasn't a bad guy. I didn't see him as a bad guy. In fact Schmidt said quote: he goes out and gets the newspapers for me every morning cause he lives next door to him anyway. He literally goes out, and people like new, my going where, like I just don't, think they're capable of doing that legged. They just don't seem that weight him in what would the motive b but, of course, dare occurred that someone like that's the dude. He did it quickly, this iranian ass in on it and it's a kind of fits a little bit. So the Lange Front House was right next to the easel on the porch. Oh, that was a big like selling point for this failure. Him- and
in the Lange for family had lived there since the nineteenth sixties, which the watcher said that his father had been watching the house since the nineteen sixties, so it all just kind of figures ate heartily it does fit. It fits nicely it started. You know it's a good on one of those things that it's like you can really mash it together, make it work, but there is still some loose ends here. So The broadest is decided, tell Detective Lugo about this whole thing and they were like. We think this is what's going on. He said he already was aware of this family. He already had it had already popped in this house that they were close enough to have this agreement. That could happen. He brought Michael Lange for two police headquarters for an interview Michael obviously denied knowing anything about it, and he said they just didn't really matched what lake His his kind of like vibe match the letters, but he couldn't provide any kind of he did have that Annie said he can really be like you did.
You know I mean like earth like its yeah. Yes, he has that creepy. By than like he's kind of well spoken, so it s kind of correlate with the Weggs written yeah, but he was like that that sound enough to rest. but he so he basically told them. The police chief told the broadest after this, that short of an admission that really wasn't lot. They can do about that cheese because what can they do? They can bill. You seem weird our get around here. I mean us up. Last month the three got and travel, so we can do that. We can do in the hut. So obviously, at this point there frustrated because nothing's happening and what they want to live in their nice but they can't so they decided to prove Marine Derek decided to do their own investigations. They, you know they spent nights. He said he spoke nights. Crow
in the dark minds in if you like, far right. Nobody that was a global, even do yeah like there's something I don't know he city and maps of the whole neighbour neighbourhood with like who the neighbors were when they moved in, like you strike he literally this dude family had a giant cork board on the wall. With I raise a drown in Vienna. He was like pointing at its chain smoking, cigarettes shrinking like black coffee and enlightened red eyes and regarding the stuffily happened, I mean I'm not. I can't say that that definitely em but definitely happened. I've done definitely up, and so they ended up getting a private investigator, which is probably smarter than crouching in the dark waiting for somebody to come. Look at you. I death
say so it moves. Private investigator did like a bang up job. We definitely do. We need to do ok first, but he said he didn't find anything weird. Anything that would you know suggests that they would be people who do this without being up job as bad. Not being up. Job is a good thing, like bang up job I was I was. I owe you a fucking. Bring up job. Must everything up? Not let you get a bang up job. The dragon into every new private, investigator, no sly. and then that, while this private investigators do and all his doing, a bang up job Derek himself, started, reaching out to former FBI agent, Patricia Kirby straight up savage former FBI agent, Patricia Kirby was the inspiration for Starling and the silence of the lambs. So she was no now, the reason he was able to reach out to her was because they were on a high school board of trustees. Together, that's selling they kind of new it, they say? You'll help me,
He also hired Robert Lenihan, whose another former FBI agent, and he was like. You need to get on this. So this get I mean the stewardess so lucky that he has these resources and to lay come on man, so lend a hand recognise that he he looked at the letters and he was the one who like really analyze the letters and the envelope was addressed to em Slash M brought us which it that's like a very old fashioned way of doing it, and they said that they, their sentences all had double spaces between them, which is indifferent wave. You know it's. That's kind of more sophisticated way of writing yeah weight to double space between sentences and the letters had he, according to me, said the letters had a certain literary feel to them that what he said, it was somebody who he felt was like a voracious reader. Ok cause just the way he spoke then Lenihan and a couple of the other investigated started wondering there isn't. There is
movie called the watcher and its stars, Keanu Reeves, as a serial killer who stocks the detective trying to catch him major area and this they were like. Maybe this fucker saw that will be in a strange feeling, be this person like candy anyway, you cannot take this persona, like you think of all that stuff that people do like in the Germany Ramsay letters there were several movie quotes, give people of movie according to lend a hand, he didn't think the watcher was going to act on its threats and they said but it seemed like this watcher person was definitely upset about new money moving in the town. Ah, they seemed really pissed about the reservations that they were doing. This house, like they're, really concentrating on that, which I think is why they were targeted and not the woods because it doesn't seem like the woods, did any elaborate renovation. So one of the last letter said quote the House's crying from all the pain in disguise.
Through you have changed it and made it so fancy. I am. I love you stealing its history. It cries for the past and what used to be in the time when I roamed its halls. The nineteen sixties were a good time for six. Fifty seven boulevard. When I ran from room to room imagining the life with the rich occupants there, the house was full of life and young blood, then it got old and so did my father, but he kept watching until the day he died. and now I watch and wait for the day when the young blood will be mine again. What is now less person is saying like they were in that house. So did they lived. I've been there. Also saying that the father watched Thou sets like with age is breaking into them Alison running around, like they suggesting that was it like the daddy, gatekeeper LE yeah, something I was in this Well that in that's a good point, because then, when a hands read that and was like, you should probably looking like former.
keepers of the house right any descendants of former housekeepers, because he suggested that maybe this watcher was kind of peace, that the promises were able to afford this home and he, as you know, whatever he does, can't afford it roots, not in his public. He can't have it any spit. Failure like roamed the halls where I imagined lie, so that's why it's like. Maybe this person's parents worked, house. That's what I would have asked city. He was a child. He was roaming the halls at work with his parents. You know I mean, and now he he always thought he was going to own that house and now he's pissed goes again because one point three million dollars can move around. But even with all of this stuff, they kind of remained focus on the Lange ferns, which I think is a dead end. I think this is the same red Herring and it's not. I don't think it would go anywhere. And it didn't. I get a lot of time on that for those people. It makes sense
and they even brought my calling for an inverse second interview, but it went nowhere. Zoo, Judas, polar dislike. I'm kind of weird learn a lot in his sister, his other sister Abbe Lang, furred started, accusing the police of harassing them. Emily guideline when the fighting at any point, because they were literally like you- have no evidence, your literally bringing him and cause he's weird like that. rail, so venture the broadest is were ready to quite on this survey. Higher. A lawyer which I don't know, but I do kind of thing focusing on this family was not yet good. On saying, I don't blame them for wanting to know, but I dont think that they should have no I should have gotten went down another avenue, because what happened was This lawyer met with the link a few members of the Lange for family. They showed them the letters and then
showed they showed them photos explaining how their house would be one of the only Vantage Fort points from which the easel could be seen. But that's also just like I was like a huge scary thing in the letter, but there is one thing that they were really that I understand them. Focusing on cassettes, terrifying, watching her play on her easel that is supposed to be obstructed from the disease is really weird and they were like Michael's innocent, like fuck, you guys, so they kind of had to move away from this very minute I mean they were starting to legal deteriorate legs ass people, because more it was saying she was having nightmares. All the time must have some, like scary, do leading her children away from her. I don't believe her scream for them. She can't get them and ass. They move, and God that was feeling just nightmare- that movie come off right now. This is just very style. I know, and after this whole meeting with the Lange friends,
This is when there were, like the ECB became kind of obvious that there was more reason to kind of consider some other suspects here for the private investigator, the broadest hired, did find to child sex offenders within blocks awhile, which to me, is more like will in the end it was so far yes on the cat, exactly that's the thing and then bill would word who was the broadest his house painter said. He noticed a few weird things at dinner include the Lange for its interesting. He said the couple behind said kept a pair of long chairs. Bunny said one quote one day I was looking out the window, and I saw this older guys sitting in one of the chairs, and he said he was. facing his house. He was facing the broadest is currently this neighborhood sounds kind of fox, like the some weird really don't like this all these weird ass people living around here's looking in people's windows like staring people's houses link I wouldn't want to move here anyways, I believe at this. For me this is You can view rise,
so by the end of two thousand and fourteen when this whole thing had started and gone through the investigation, kind of stalls Wilma something that I just thought of this is a great like kind of like a crazy thought after the side, but they were, they seem to be annoyed. That they were new money. I wonder if a lot of people in this neighborhood, where old, money and worse and we're like annoyed as well, because there's like is that old money needs to that seems like there might have been? They basically were like we don't know what to tell you. This is because we can't do you're doing all we can keep harassing people, you, know the same people bringing the men for no religion in trouble here in Derek said at this point he showed letters to his priests and his presupposes the house. We didn't know what else to do at this point. They stir what stalwart completely sure that they will.
Moving in Yet- and I would be very sure has I think at this point- there are like what do we do? We can only like. I don't. I would not personally like no thank you. That would have been. I mean the first letter I got. I wouldn't like no way, but I get why these people, like I don't wanna just leave. This- would put millions house while the houses and bill would wear that painter. That said, he noticed that couple is crazy. He said quote these: they were so joyous about their new home and then within
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so you want to cancer discredit. Approval cartoon should logically monetary Spain, a member of the icy, so that one of the other letters had said quote six. Fifty seven boulevard is turning on me. It is coming after me. I don't understand why. What spell did you cast on it used to be my friend? And now it is my enemy. I am in charge of six fifty seven boulevard. It is not in charge of me. I will fend off its bad things and wait for it to become good again. It will not punish me. I will rise again. I will be patient and wait for this to pass and for you to bring the young blood back to me. Six. Fifty seven boulevard needs young blood. It needs. You come back, let the young bud play again like I instead, yet the let the young blood sleep in six, fifty seven boulevard stopped changing it and let him alone we saw there. He was so this to me says that they're getting past that they have stopped coming to the house with the kids and there being like bring the kids back to me.
to what I believe? Oh yeah, now setting so much for ass? I am actually busy that, like no thank you and at this point, the broadest, is finally sold their old home, so they had moved him with Maria's parents house while they were paying the mortgage on this house in the property taxes It is worth living in it, so it was six months after the letters first arrived that the promises. Finally, decided to sell six. Fifty seven boulevard, obviously word had gone around a little bit and people were not hearing the full story, even though, if they heard the full story they stolen want it. When I'm sure people were like embellishing yeah waking up, crazies humor went hearing like sexual predators, stalkers like that kind of stuff that we're coming, which is as acts arms have been, but they didn't know anything else, so they were also getting like emails from like real is really. Matters saying that, like their client loved the house but wanted to know more about what the hell is going on here. So
broadest sense, a partial disclosure out too late potential buyers, mentioning the letters and saying that, intended to show the full letters to anyone whose offer was accepted, which to me I billing. No, buying a host of their really were initially bets of these creepy ass, threatening letters that we get sometimes and if you decide to put in an offer I'll show you the whole thing I feel like I'm telling you that idea. Age, a real estate agent, who hadn't read the letters they said like you shouldn't, be telling you don't even have to tell people can be done in your house unless it happened like within Lang really years, there's something else, but the bonuses were like. I could not live with myself. One example- is someone of into this house and have that happen, Parma now in this is what made the Derek and Maria think like? What would we
have done if the previous owners, the ones is, had told us that they had gotten that letter like would we have thought twice about him so what is really cute like that it was just strange: it wasn't threatening again. It was just thanking us for taking care of the house and they said quote: we met. We certainly never felt watched, that's what they owe honor said, but the Brutus is were starting to get a look past because they were like that letter. You got was still marked the watcher and it's still explained that they had been watching the house and you didn't think to say anything to be. I repeat this so on June. Second, two thousand and fifteen they filed a legal complaint against the woods is arguing that they should have disclose the whether their kids still didn't know about any of us trying to keep it is their kids? Were ten Aden fire, that's a little yeah, so their lawyer was like. Don't worry about it like this? Isn't gonna get out anywhere like this is going to be a quiet little thing
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Or you can use the? Why? Why, after order ahead or get it delivered, make your morning even brighter, with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time, gotta have a while. I searched the true nature of the time around. I remember watching this story on the today show. That's where I first heard about it. I don't Tammany Hall love. You terminal oft hammered home few terminals eventually they set of venture they had to sit. There could sounding explained the real reason why they hadn't moved into the house Yanks and obviously the Catholic. What the fuck does this mean and Derek said quote: can you imagine having that conversation with a five year old, your town as in a safe as you think it is in the bogeyman obsessed with you. I just got the chill re that aid Navy track. Thanking me, the children. I set it Lou one. We are worried that yeah right now.
People are suggesting like why? Don't you ground, penetrating radar, define whatever's in the walls and whatever, but nothing was ever done, except a home inspected said that they had already looked and said that there was nothing in the walls like this. They didn't find anything in the walls anxiously I think, that's what we expect of course, end like more suspects started being proposed, like guerrilla marketing for a horror movie, which is my favour. One off, like that's genius gazelles, like those creepy clowns that everybody seeing for while battle As for one of those, things was for a horror movie, wasn't really not all of them. The one that I thought was for a horror movie. That's like they cuz they do that viral marketing. With a like. Have that shit out there and people like have you seen this like random clown just walking around and he bore a certain movie so We all hoped for it. That's what makes us not allow. What's the, why things that's pretty often. To be honest, but this would be over the top
But this is a high schools. I know right right, creative writing. This is what a factor in height asked. You D, like you, know what Stephen taken you're not slots, I'm tired of you. You pass leaders plus Stephen yeah.
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mean roast hot coffee put any too for just two bucks. It's time to stop. Choosing between your favorites crested participation, every single item, regular price can be combined with problem. You saw one point. Interestingly, it was finally shared with the broadest says that investigators had done Dna analysis on one of the envelopes which I wondered as like you could do that great linked to not delay. It had a lick the envelope that there are some things you know late, but maybe there dumb enough the wick the envelope They determine their was dna on the envelope it, but it belonged to a woman. You know this whole time just like the way that it was written. I was thinking it was that it was a woman. That's interesting one, ass. Well, ass, easy ass, pearl, aware, Alessi, ass old money, fur wherein lady, yet the dust
it's only got loose pit. The really does that she's, like your new money, I think girls, men, wouldn't be like that upset about how sites also freaking. It seems more like a man to me- and this is the way that they're talking about the children that doesn't seem like a woman talking, but if you think of it, she didn't say anything well. Whoever was didn't say anything she did. She said what I find out where they're sleeping in the house. I can finally make my plan really free to me and said no one will hear them scream in the basement. Piano tat by another, I'm saying again on a saint like a woman, wouldn't do that plenty of women have done fucking, terrible things together, but I'm saying in general tendency in Bulgaria, maybe it's I'm going with. I definitely I feel like the beginning, one sound, but I saw you saying like the way was talking. It does have a kind of em. a wretch near his eye, ass, boozy, Lady Bab too. Sometimes just bushy Ladys, who I know not because of my job like the desk, area they scary, so you,
I've been all day by quite a few, never reach Ass Ladys, while the. investigators, because when they found that belong to woman, the DNA, the investigators decided to look a little closer at Abbe Lang Furred, which is Michael Sister, so invest It is to get her plastic water bottled. Oh shit, that's how they got the dna, but it does so which I didn't think it would be. I just got a willingness on our part of this. I just don't get them. You know I just don't get that derive from it. Now, after this, when the prosecutor's office said that they were ruling out the Lange Phronsie suspects completely They were alone. You got to lose either we'll leg factor this family enough, like. I think we need to step back to die. That's even since the sixties. You done nothing wrong in Davos and nearly getting accused of this
awful thing. So one point the broadest is: did want a tear, the home down and build to smaller homes on the lot and then sell those home I would point out that the neighbors were not pleased with this idea. Like all the other night. You don't want your small ass. How is it that literally what it was? It was like the idea of having two small homes on this law was like this guy judges and police just like mansion, so they were like we can handle having some creepy like possibly time, travelling stalker among us but too modest homes, good, bye, good bye centre like like somebody's clutching their pearls. They, like good knights, I said good night, sir, so they are like no you're, not gonna do
so they do. I wouldn't want to do that. Can you imagine this person, thirty angry, that you bought the house in the now even a ribbon? How did you know pissing would be inclined to ravage Judea and I'm not for that. Now, I'm not form somebody. During our, not forgetting the story at all well, except for, if I finally find out at the end you did it, you knock on fast. I dont like unsolved swell so the brightest suit, but they're not going and that probably your property, why can't you tear down I'm sure this some kind of legal mumbo jumbo? I don't know how any of that shit works like property and need that this neighborhood might have its own kind of shit going and what's interesting when you go back at the other owners of the house, even besides, the woods is No one else got a threatening letter, like the only other. People who got a letter with woods is like a few days before they moved out and it wasn't threatening. So it was. The house was.
Nineteen o, five like I said, and it had been it had inhabitants steadily didn't, have a time when it wasn't inhabited Boca. so, the West Field leader, which is a newspaper marsfield, interviewed former resident muggy bakes, sir, which Molly bags Davis is that I, like blues should I icily may have to be, like
as we know, and you got home, Ebay is Maggie. You better be jazzy as fuck. This muggy person lived in the house from nineteen sixty three, the nineteen eighty eight and she set out to see how she said quote. We had a wonderful time, no watcher issues or any other crazy stuff. She said she even held her running wedding reception in the backyard. Then nothing happened. We ordinary and the next person on the house was Bill Schaefer and he lived therefrom. Nineteen fifty five, two nineteen sixty three that was before muggy. He said he never experience any issues. He told Gotham EST quota refresh your summer it, while why beat the heap with our handcrafted, smooth these in repression or refresher handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea, Berber Juba Dating Burst of energy? Try are delicious flavors like mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes.
mix barrier strawberry bananas smoothie crafted to keep you cool so repression your summer, with our handcrafted, refreshed and smooth these made brush your way at. Why why things I thought could never happen me in that was a new regional calmly streaming. Only Antigua fees mix and passions, sour go silent vote, I shall Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute, turnover from where we are lady parts, all the Celts booming now only I'm peacock think it's all just a farce. Somebody's man at someone about something or somebody's in over their head. I don't know, what's going on, nobody's, been watching that house for a hundred years that whole thing's absurd. So it's like these people like now
You're gonna say that things are far. I wish that was the expression I don't think so far, and this could achieve they like a part in the wind so today bringing us to present day since February to in seventeen, a man who will only go by Chris. Has been living in the house with its three dogs and apparently he said never read any of the news about the notorious house and he knows about the whole thing but like go into any said quote: that's not my issue, therapies. If it was like one the Tyler hard. It he's really like. That's not my beata you're just killed some exactly exactly, and here moved in their February. First two thousand seventeen and he never
On the latter end in February, in February twentieth two thousand seventeen. Apparently a letter did come. Okay, the broadest family received a fourth letter that, according to their law, where is the absolute worst one year and they won't. It said what was, as this letter contains specific threats and was more derogatory and sinister than any of the previous letters. They won't disco. Schools that aunt and uncle at him, and I want to know so. I was saying it was delivered to the house are delivered to it. Just is delivered to the broader says, that's all I could find it. I dont know if it went to their new house, I I assume it went to the house and may be Chris got it,
like this is- and I are you open, it was like Hague and I also wonder since it was much more derogatory. Unlike angry indifferent. Maybe it's a copycat, maybe someday, trying to continue the moment. But who knows we dont know it's still ongoing. They have no idea what maybe they heard the idea about ripping this house down and they rely and they were like real in trying to do their war. They were hassling. Now the steel crisis just hang out, there were three dogs and they were like where's, my young blood or like who the fuck Its current doesn't seem like Chris is bringing young blood in there. I think he deserves three dogs decide dodges. It is just like this is not my issue. I like sufficiently creeped out for that's the watch, your house want to sleep on your couched in any trust me if there. If I get any updates on this, because this is always fascinated me this case- so did we get to updates on it will definitely up Davis but right now, that's where it hangs la pages. I hangs where it is.
is that so much I so yeah. So that's fun. Now even in many so join us in another couple days for another, many episode stand by your girl. Then ash centric episode, I love when you say that and then we'll do a full length episode, which may end up being a two parter. Are we going to say what didn't know that we're not going to stay out of this will give you a little hint hint amenities as we go through the week, but by the end of the week and going to get at least part one of them a full day full length episodes.
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