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Episode 44: The Seattle Excedrin Poisonings

2019-02-08 | 🔗
Ash's mini episode will have you thinking twice about grabbing something to cure that headache. It is a wild story with a satisfying ending that includes algae destroyer. What could be better?
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We are well got a many morbid episode. That is ass. It's a shame. Turk assent bogey will be quickly. Maybe we should apologise for a miss happen that happen. And last apis. Yes, so we got a couple of messages and I feel a fool because the Alina me accidental accidentally miss gender. I am from, and that's why we drink when we discussed how awesome they were in the last biogas, So I want to apologize for that, and I want to plead my ignorance speakers. It I'm a new fan of in that's why we drank leg ash, Joe It was the one who got me into Uncas, I'm an orgy family Oji. And so I am working on the back catalogue great now, some a little behind on everything and everything surrounding the podcast. So I apologise and I hope everybody can forgive me for that in
thank you to the people who mentioned it to us, because I would never want to do that in just blissfully, be ignorance and there super nice about a two year. You guys are super nice. So thank you for letting us now, because we are always ready to correct ourselves. Absolutely expressively, borrowing about it, I'm not sure if I suddenly thing last episode, but am, I think, you're I apologize yeah, some again thanks a lot. Thanks for being nice about the correction, because we respond to that how about the benefits? Now, let's I've into our patriotic. As Paramus Patrone says this week we don't have any weirdos. Oh man, mother, all weirdos in their hearts, so in the window watching covered, we have Cheyenne Tobin Cheyenne, Toby Limb you are the tents if you hadn't week without you, gonna come up with something around, but I'm tired. I didn't sleep a lot less than five kids, I don't have kids, so thank you very much. I am think should unite in rhyme. I appreciate you know.
is Laura picture. Skew Laura Present Petre Skew. I think sorry, if I fucked your name. I just love you or a picturesque. You you are. Who had a vague you so much to take a big with is Hannah Walks and Hannah Watson. Are you related to Sherlock Holmes is friend I want some. What certain? Thank you so much shanks Hannah thing. Family next is Madison, Bolts, Madison Bolts, how both of you to donate so bold to donate, to operate a prey to young. Thank you so much I don't know if it's bolder bounds, either way your bold ass near the best next is Tommy Gun to make a night. I would pick you up. On the road in the middle of the night and give you a ride while because I trust you to make a yeah
Thank you. Thank you so much next, is Lonnie Arnold Lonnie Arnold. Your name is cool. Yeah. I don't even want to say that's a great name. Are you from Hawaii feeling Lonnie is as well? I'm lonely seems like a hawaiian em. We seem like a super chilled tropical person. I've ever mentioned it, but I was born in Hawaii. She was I'm a native he's, a native I don't remember you happen to be from why that's super add if you don't happen to be from why or have any connection Hawaii stilly Sid. I love you and that's cynical named. So thank you so much money. They you next is Holly's nay Holly Shea Year, the year, my bay in flour and thought I'd, never would hear you say that I actually hate the word bay, but I'll use not only or no thank you So much thinks Ali next Diane, Dirt Der warning, I'm dyin to airline, yet Europe like us, sirloins stake o, which is too low
shows the rarest unless you're a region, in which case I'm sorry unless airily men, like you, I think well done they do aroun sick death to all people sick. Thank you so much time. Next is Bree Raleigh, Bree rollings. You are named after a really great. She spread. I can't even Experts tell you how much I love breaches energy end. The name Bree is very nice. It's nice into my to my senses. I get a good feels good Thanks briefer blame get along legendary. Your delicious, text is Madison Wolbert Madison Wolbert will wolbert Wolbert what whoa whoa whoa They got so your. What would only make you feel much welcome to the cabin? Thank you next is Francis do Delian princess, delian ordeal on deal on to get there wasn't a teacher, a good man,
you're, fuckin, real international. Maybe, like sorry, everyone in my closet, red, headed kinda. You hear that. You so much Francis you belong in our coven agent. You belong here, thinks that it next is Benjamin Pray, Benjamin price. Benjamin is one of my favorite name, my name to Benninschein. So thanks Benjamin thinks, thanks for having a nice name. Do you think you can do that as Janine Styles Janine, styles, you stylin yeah! You just stop. Are you style in America, when you made our new made our coven more stylish? Yes with yourself thank you so much girl next is Chloe each ass Chloe H S? Do you have your high school go Chloe, high school, good call, YO and also ash loves the name Chloe. I do clean. I also dig than including thank you so much clearly. Thank you.
And the evil I mean category, we just have to Mister Johnson twisted Johnson welcome to the evil, and you know what she's enough here you know what you are enough. Thank you more than enough you're them stuff you're, the most I love you. Thank you. Laszlo just love you Then we have a jagged little bill, what Jan Vincent Jen Vince. All. Thank you, sir sure being a jag and little bed. Thank you, John. I'm, your name really pretty data look nice. She took time on that idea and I read it with a pretty plasma color funds. All he did, I presume collar colored puzzling. You got a pan and she's like I got these prisoner colors overcome just written people's. May I, like adult colouring books, ok get off my back. I don't that's one thing that I never got behind I haven't had grown per one and it's pretty fun. I have like six, but I dont I only about them in the theater but one and I like it, it's very soothing, when you ve had a bad day, it's nice to color. If you have time or drink wine I got mine are not always taken minutes allotted windbreaker yeah,
then we have because it a bit later and she actually already was Peter rabbit. She added to accustom and she's in Rome Category and her name is Caroline J Loop can the girl and you move. I remember you you, through a squirrel, loo and she's done it again. You just keep doing Lupin in loop. Thank you! So much Caroline, Let's get to the case, my goodness so many amazing paternity cuts. Thank you. So much seriously we re you're gonna, well rewarded foreign. I promise every damn week you blow our minds. I do a lane and I are getting together to Morrow night work: hang out and we're gonna put yours. shit together and send it out to you pretty through we're, gonna get it together and we got big plans that were gonna be working on tomorrow night. We surely so Maybe we'll live stream areas like some. We should
Guph Venus, I'll. Try to look good tomorrow, I'll announced that if we fail, if we compare the life, I like like horse shit, don't gotTA ready, I'm ready, I'm really I'm gonna? Do that thing right just start reading my no! I love you. I love that sell on the day of, the end or night of June Fifth, nineteen, eighty six, Nick all came home from work with a headache I mean that's one often does according to his wife, he took for extra strength, exceptions and collapsed only minutes later. Who, yes, I think I might know this fuck, I'm not sure just getting its great effective, either way, it's great of the sort of thing in groups some exceptions and he collapsed after and then he died. Unfortunately, at the harbor view, medical center, that's terrible suicide, whose come home of a headache and your dead Wall
First, his death was ruled to be the result of natural causes and emphysema, but his wife beg to differ when she heard about another death had happened only about a week after her husband's death of her, she was like. Maybe it was up to see me about, seems weird, and then she was like the other person just died, so so that, with an iron coins, and you think it would be like aneurysm or something that they think it would be right. So the other person that unfortunately died with Sue snow She was a mother and a wife and actually a vice president. At a local branch of the Puget Sound National Bank Damn go girl. She was. Helen it. She was. She was forty years old and had recently been married for a third time. Her new has been recalled, the pair being madly in love, always just getting a deliberate madly in love places us always.
me for a look. You don't know, I'm through an unfair on you for a girl on the morning. Juno events, you woke up and started her regular routine. She went to the bath to get ready and took to etc, capsules which she did every morning, while I some site said that she suffered migraine, so she just took them in case, but then other sites, and one documentary that I watched said that she liked to caffeine from the pill instead of drinking coffee. Okay, I mean I get migrants take centre migraine yeah, I'm not every day or no. I in fact, I only take them when I feel one meaning when you play one intolerant, I wouldn't want you. I wouldn't want to take one every day This will want to take like an over the counter pill every day, but he ll have to. While some people said that she likes the coffins, That's what it was. I remain at my greatest either way so actually in my notice as accept either way this morning- did not go on as usual. Her fifteen years,
daughter, Hayley, heard a thought in the bathroom and she went to check on her mom also. Did it happen like right away like a few minutes so she went in, check on her and she discovered that sewers like on the floor. And she still had a faint pulse and her eyes Ben ominous Jihads nine. One morning she said she looked at except her eyes were open and she had a faint pulse. So Sue was rushed to the hospital, but because the doctors like couldn't figure out how to treat her based on or sometimes she died quickly and must send to the medical examiner. Oh my god. I know this isn't a nightmare. Is it really taken pill that you like normally just take? relocated area, cramps medication. These kind of thing scared, the shit out of me and I wanted to take up opium- must enable the line- and two I was afraid to take so while the autopsy was performed, JANET Miller realise that she smiled the scent of bitter element.
Oh, I know what that is, as I say, maybe, Alex Ecology test was performed and the results confirmed the bitter common sense oh no girl so actually didn't know this before, but only between twenty percent and forty percent of the population do not carry the gene to smell cyanide, that similar some people can smell it by some people, can't bouquet of its interest and also, if I would want that dream, I'm Maybe it s kind of the railways so investigators, a search of the snow home and discovered that cyanide decided came from the eccentric capsules that soon had taken my morning so fucked up and more fucked up her husband. Also, who took etc from the same bottle that morning, while the EU is fine and he was fine
So it was determined that three capsules out of the remaining ones contain toxic amounts of cyanide and she happened again and it was just like my draw wow so a news in Seattle spread quickly after another temples tempered bottle was found at a grocery store in Kent, and point Bristow Myers who is such was the manufacturers of southern amongst. I think they are. I don't know, bristle Myers, whom they were manufacturers of, etc, publicists, publicized, a recall of all its southern products in Seattle and a group of drug companies came together with an offer of. three hundred thousand dollars reward for the capture of whoever was responsible for tampering with a broad scud missiles, no hard to ginger and out task, and so in the meantime, Stella ensues husband Paul both pointed the finger at Irma Bristol
Myers filed wrongful death suits against the company. I would in one second do that absolutely and then This is all happening. The FDA went out to the plant, which was in more peaceful North Carolina to Ec Inspector. Tat girl were now Eliza. Hey night was come. How far reaching is this now exoticism nationwide so they inspected it in. It was. The the tainted lot had come from that branch. so, but when they there. They were unable to detect any signs of cyanide whatsoever in the book in the branch we're out like nothing so. On June, Eighteenth Bristol Myers recalled all except during capsules. In the U S, s belly It's happened. Warned consumer is not to take any that they had previously purchased to task, as the only thing that helps my my Now. Can you imagine that these are very bad? They Polly lost like billions of dollars. So
two days after that the company announced to recall of all of their non prescription. Capsule waited products so like everything- oh my god and then on June, twenty fourth cyanide contaminated bottle of Anderson. Three was found at the sea, store where Sue had purchased the etc. I killed her. So it's like a somebody doing it in the store why wait. So, as I know, I know this case, but I don't know the details, surrender. and twenty seventh Washington state declared on ninety the ban on the sale of non prescription, medication and capsule social like any,
fucking MA. So if you had cramps is gonna, be there you're heating pad. If you had a headache you had to go to bed with, you said the deal that yeah that sucks swiftly for people with chronic pain and stuff that have to take like yeah. You know just these like over the Counterpane pills. Just till I get to work day, it sucks whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream classics, conflict, the obvious boxing recreation and soon have meant plus pact pick up regional comedies, like eighty bio say by the back door, you lose the comedy based. Could a Peacock DVD Cobb get started at any you get the same quality frame and lends options that you'd get from an optician for one tenth of the price, including blue blockers, progressives prescription, sunglasses and more the best part trying on any frame it. anywhere with our Threed virtual try on zinni dot com. I wear for everyone, like, I said, Stella back to her hudson.
starts at her husband died from Emphysema and she told police that he had died after taking the eccentric capsules and that this must have had some connection here so she actually gave the police to different bottles of the except during that she claimed to have bought from two different stores and well, I heard how you said claimed So at this point, thousands of bottles from the Seer Seattle area had been tested for cyanide in only two came up positive for traces of the poison, and they are the ones that killed people right. I believe I was and still is, bottles were tested and shockingly both came up. Positive for traces of cyanide, so now that makes for an she has two of the four in the entire yeah her. Actually I dont think that includes I was gonna say so that pilot, I think one of them was sues to relaunch handed over in one was random stemming from, but then eventually five bottles total were confirmed to have cyanide traces in including the two that Stalin had that's a lie,
So two out of five you and then you bought them too print stores the odd of that. Like certain our mouth genius things to break out the odds of back yards crave, your I'm lucky girl, your real unlucky bob. so I always seem to run into bad luck. Stella? She was born in Portland Oregon and do say, ordered you say organ organ as whore. I dont know what I Just endeavouring, IRAN, a bigger, say, Portland Oregon, maybe when I'm talking as they organ, but then the sums which sounds like organ like organ So, yes, she grew up there and she had grown up poor. She was married before Bruce and hard. her first daughter Cynthia at sixteen years old she at another daughter years later, but there is not much information about that
she had also been into frequent trouble with the law over the years fry wrongs like fraud, all forgery, oh and being her daughter, Cynthia, ok, yeah, so little stuff forget what she beat her with, but she beat her so bad that she Bruce her cheek. I believe in God and when link when she was a kid, I think she was nine years old. I don't mean nothin, it's better to be your dull child. When you know will be set up, she said it was because she was jealous of her own stuff. It's not working. I got dot. She said that her daughter was jealous of her yeah. Stella is not looking at here like rural, like maybe maybe don't do that yeah, maybe her mother. Would you really like try to be her mother? so she didn't have the best reputation either. After all that so MR very weird people said that you like to wear tight dresses and go bar hopping with her husband Bruce, which, if I'd taken all that stuff. Only new. Do you, young people
We're like she was, but I think when you add on all the other stuff, you'll extolling what are you doing with the big sounds, accuses can't tacky yeah like seemly she'll live under her best life classes live. Now I really like the name Stella to buy due to all of them. I can't be likened anymore. Now, because I got on and think about, Is that she's just not doing well. Doesn't somebody else, I'm in a movie, still a street car named desire, while you so that fast sorry, sir gap? According Cynthia, her mom had been getting really annoyed with Bruce lately, because he'd been out of work a lot and he'd also quit drinking in stymied. It was a boy. I know that it really annoys me when people get sober like what is that why are you so? The bird boy come on get out of your fucking Ruth Lookin, sober so what first five years Stella had been talking to Cynthia about killing her husband. I mean mother daughter,
right, yeah. You know like bonding as yeah dinner and get your Nelson two guys, like certain they're, getting number even kill Bruce watching project runway another guy. I might your dad is cool, but wasn't it that was very extensive l Europe in your father, figure and cool. Then she just felt like it would solve a lot of her. Poems total you won't bring any new ones. Jail killing people. always solve problems. It never brings new for sure it is also clear that yeah, I'm glad that she watched enough Dateline Teresa Shit or Lydia. so another thing and that would probably several on her problems. Was these? Seventy? Six thousand dollar life insurance policy that she took out on Bruce in nineteen, eighty, five, guys life, insurance policies are tricky man. I don't think I'll ever going to laugh at this moment. I do in it together then there's a problem
one person is doing it on their own. You know, there's there is a segment on twenty twenty in your future and also sometimes, if you're doing it together, I know that through you don't know what you're your boy yeah man or a woman and a lady got it's like- has planned, I'm gonna bury it under an old treelike, won't run Swanton. Yes off the grew up. So the other thing that probably would have solved lotta her problems as if her husband died accidentally glaringly one: that's all the rooms, but what would really help her because If Bruce died accidentally, it gave her an extra hundred thousand dollars while in and also she was the sole beneficiaries to say so. She we would have gotten every single penny of that men. The bad luck that this woman has it's why it's just that it's really and refuge bomber it really is so simple,
came forward and told police that, in the spring of nineteen, eighty six Herman became fascinated with the Chicago Tylenol boys. I was thinking of that one which is actually unsolved. As this in that's the one I knew was unsolved, yeah like weight and for a second, I thought this might be the like Ashley wrong. It's time nobody has like lucid and often with Chicago ass. You are wrong due to research, does I fuckin research did I'm variant of us, so she, He said that she knew her. Mom was capable of doing something like this, but she said quote when it's your own mother, you don't wanna believe she could only I can't imagine being like my mother's, very capable of poisoning a bottle, except my mama believable of literally murder, legged, being very confident that, like oh, no she's, very capable of my mother's, very capable of handling scion idea like badly
that's life. So it's starting to become pretty clear. Myself had been so adamant that her husband's death was not from emphysema. Oh yeah, she wanted extra money. Oh yeah, Journeyman Accident underground, like as a fuckin. Seventy thousand dollars is enough for you it's not a hundred and seventy thousand. I would shit my pants if anyone was like here. You got this so I mean, if there are like you, have to murder or some shit, my pants than to say nothing, you I believe you who are you Who are you shady vineyards, everyday romola? First, you have to solve it. And kill somebody earlier espoused by Philip whoa. I don't want across the bridge you and from riddle to murder your spouse. What happened here thinks so. Yes, she wanted the extra money from the life insurance policy and if her husband had been murdered by some crazy person, leasing eccentric with cyanide
that would surely fall under the accident has allowed eels greedy accidental the meal super accidentally. So the question was now: how are they gonna get concrete evidence that she did it again today, a girl she got. While all of this makes It's a lot of circumstantial evidence that are perhaps pointing toward they wanted all they gotta ask yes, so so you came forward with some more information Cynthia, what you think she got money reward for all for me. but, like all good on audiovisual tat, I had Stella told Syn de that she'd been trying to poison Bruce with Foxglove my saying right, glove phobia hit then capsules, but that it had been unsuccessful. Ma am can it also public digitalis? I believe detail and I meant to look more into it, but I didn't after this, she started going to the library to check out books on poison as one ass. Cynthia never thought to be like
hey. Stop, maybe dough or made She was afraid your mom is gonna, hear on the face again it is true, but rather be hidden face than be knowledgeable about my mother poisoning. Faster but who's to say that she didn't tell us seemed unstoppable. to have higher resurrected her so yeah. She had been tracking of books and poison which, like merely being a paper trail, if your checking out fanatics so voice handed over to the Auburn Public Library with a search warrant over all. The books itself had czech town, no one logic called human poison, like girl, be a little more nonchalant how to murder your husband for dummies. Exactly like you might as well object that out said. I have a lot of weird books. That would definitely put me on them like an f b. I watch list is that many like that, my library, but I am also not slowly poisoning. My husband sounds good to know my feeling that suit that's where she crossed that line. I was
again. Last night, when I was like typing in fifty million things like how to know, if you can smell science Diana Chicago matters, I was in fact, if anything ever happens to anyone. I think that all the time, while researching gazes cause, I by Google the weirdest ideology writing at the little details like like, like you were saying like how are you detect cyanide. It's like, like yeah, you learn who have big brothers watching my search engine rain, oh god, so they fingerprinted the books too and found her fingerprints like. All over the place is like love lumber. Wounding one page for cyanide winter S, leaving us specific page of sight. again what bad luck for her through just very coincidentally seven case that wasn't enough evidence. It also became clear while inspecting the contents of the except during the ones that weaken contaminated with
cyanide within the cyanide. There was also a little green specks all that they were like what the fuck is. This like a baby and applying the digital us nope upon further investigation, they were tested and determined to be algae? Destroyer, wow! That's very us if the investigators remembered seeing a large aquarium at Stella Home, oh man like fuck, you I love one. Ship connect flags, yeah law, while, like that's also wow, so they started to check fish stores nearby media like the fish stores, tunafish stores. I thought those buddy the fish store, the finger they come across one that Stella apparently frequents. Often we offer you gonna fish story, I mean. One blue doesnt have a first story, doesn't mind package worth putting a sponsor s body. They employ their remembered selling, her the algae destroyer, and he had told
her to soften it before she used it, so it confirmed, but still I must have crushed up the cyanide in the sea, container, that algae or like softening the algae. Oh, my god. I've imagine that leading to an issue that dumb who it was It was present in all five bottles that we're all challenges like every, so they had left behind all the bottles together. Yeah, oh my god, so on December. Ninth nineteen, eighty seven, the jury indicted, Stella Nick along five counts of product employees, including to which resulted in the deaths of breast neck by birth. Nick and sue snow shoes went to trial in April of nineteen eighty eight and was found guilty on all charges on May, ninth after five days of deliberation with Ivy League, it shouldn't take him up
I know, but she was sentenced to two terms of ninety years in prison for the deaths of soon Bruce, and on top of that three ten, terms for all of the product tampering by bitch. She's still maintains her innocence: oh fuck, off Stella and she's, like there's things that didn't, oh and they pay the fish store. Guy I'll, stop. Stella girl still, I am so glad that ended that algae, destroy early algae, destroy air and that it was in present in all the bottle. All of law. Can you imagine, being sue snows family now, but you would want to rip this bitch much firmer when because it's like not only disgusting, that you wanted to kill your husband reason just to get his money but This person. Now you ve, taken my loved one with them, because you're an idiot leg, ILO Fucking reason so sensible and she never enjoy cheap and she knew that you knew that was going. That was a possibility that was
up and get that bottle hundred yourselves bells. It's so messed up, fuck, Stella. I also get around like super deeper into that, but I wanted to be a letter I love, it was so vows great those like one of my favorite ones weird and such a weirdly tampering with medical aid that Tylenol poison cases really crazy. It's also more does that one is unsolved. They have no, it isn't it. I remember I want you to come home and I was like always home alone when I was younger thanks, mom, and I would watch like all these, like fucked up, shows that approach should have been watching at like twelve and fourteen years old Fourteenth about, but I remember seeing one about the Chicago cyanide, yet Tylenol poisonous island, poisonings online, number, like the EU crime, shows the guy you act like dollar Venza. I remembered the Chicago on watching because its
free its bonkers that they can trace their backs. Anybody yeah, that's the scary. part of that case, while the other thing is in this case, they didn't know where Stella got the cyanide from like there's no unilateral of how she got this. I don't even think about, like I couldn't find it anywhere wow. That's even scarier does Where did you get it? I'm like the Ethel. I got that like there's fuckin a trail of you getting algae destroyer, but not science, evacuating! Someone remembers you buying that weird shit, but just was, I told her daughter, like I've, been trying to fill your father slowly with foxglove, but its not working to shift our work. So. I'm gonna take I'm in the library real, quick, read up on some shit yeah, and update you re searching on a murder. How fucking premeditated is that I mean
when you try to maintain your innocence, but all your fingerprints were all over the fuckin place and it's not like you or take ailing true crime books like case but Mr Bildt, on just interested in human poison. Anyone literally looking up and then to have it connected. Like ITALY known these kind of coincidences, don't happen, they do, How will I they set out, especially that algae destroyed like that you're? Here you gotta. That was the best thing you ve got got Stoa you got well. There was a good one. Those really go centric more. I was ash after so, if you work I too follow us on Instagram. You can do so at morbid vodka, as you would like to send us a tweet. You can do so at a morbid podcast. If you would like to send us an email, you can do so moreover, bad guys, veggie mental dot com. If you would like to join our Facebook page, you can do so at morbid d call in a true crime, podcast enjoying the Facebook group, and if you will
to check out the beautiful website that Micro House Lovely Alina, does signed. You can do so at the airport. Costa com. Thank you for listening and we hope you keep it, but not so Where did you go to the library and check out and how to kill your husband and then accidently crush of cyanide in the same container that you crushed algae and then you get caught? And then you blame on your daughter, daughter.
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